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THE CAXKO -B u LXjErTI-CsT, x 221.
for Mayor.
Editor limmx ! At the urKnl solicitation
of mimerou Irlonda, whose rcmiratnti the. preir.
!., lor ranaona both personal and political, I do
not feci t liberty to decline, I hereby announce
tnyaclf M a; candidate for Mayor at the. comltijf,
I'harler election. ' JOHN 'J- hahma.-.
We are nu'horle-d to announce IMNIhT
AUTCIt m a ranJidite lor .Major, nt the un
UK niuulolpAWlictruti.
far S'lly AtSeariaey.
We aruauthorlied to announce John M. I. ana
lf ii aa uiandldale for re-elcoUon to lb office of
city Attorneyat llii ensuing municipal rlei-llon.
far llr Marshal.
Wi are nutliorixc-J to announce ANWtKW CAIN
x n candidal for the office of City Merahal. "tilj
ret tothfilixililt.il of Die Democratic party.
W ro oulliorltixl to announce that 11KNHY T
MAHTIN will Im n c endldal for the office of City
Marahal, t tlm milling charier flection, tub
leel to Ihudeclaion of the Democratic parly.
Wo are authorised to announce JOHN BROWN
aa a candidate for City Marahal, eiibjawt to the
d'oialon of tli democratic cany.
W are aulhoriced lo ennouiioe WILLIAM T.
HCOITaa a candidate lor City Marshal althaea
allln hatter eleetion. u
For lllrdtrk.
Atlhn reiuestof many friendi, 1 am a covll
data for the ntlico of City Clerk, mhject to the de
elainnof the Democratic party.
We arn aulhnrlifd to announce O. I', I.VOM a.
a candidate for City tSerV, aulijecl to the decMon
of Ihi democratic party.
We ate autborlred to announce the name of J.
T. THOMAS an a candidate for the allic ef City
Clerk at the ensuing municipal election. Id
For City Treaaarer.
We are authorlied to announce JOHKI'll II.
TA Vl.Olt, aa a candidal for re-election to tie of.
(Ice of City Treaaarer at the enido munljlwJ
I'or ft a I act Caaacll.
We are amhoriied to announce N. U. WICK.
WlltK a candidate for the Wwt Coilticll
from Third Ward, at the enauinR munici
pal election,
far AUtiara.
We are aiitbb-Ied ta announce thai W..S1.
Caryla a candidate, for ineinler ol the Hoard of
Aldermen from the llrat Wan).
f1 W. HVSSISU, M. I. Ke
Va IDENCK-Corner Ninth and Walnut
UFPICB-Oorner Filth Street and Oulo Le?ee
OPKICK HUUIW-From a,m. to II -., nn l
KFJIiriKNCK-No. 11, Thirteenth re
etwaaa Weahlnjton Atenn and Walnut htren
OFFCE- IK t'oinaielal Asenue, upelair
HWARDVEK, M. D.t Cairo
aBBSIDKNCK-Corfccr of Nineteenth it.,
and Waahfcton are. OFFICE n Commercial
ar our in I'oatsfflce. 0FF1CK iOUH
from 10a tn to 1: in., ('aoilija excetcl and
from t to 6 p m.
R.BRion.t.n. n. i.
OMcc, l!Hi CoinmtTtlnl Annuc.
Offlcallaara, Nto 10 a.m., 1 ton p i
ltaiiiUnee,'o. Ut Ninth treet, Clrolll.
Wllllaaa H. Uraaa, )
William H. (llltxrl, CAlKt ILL
Mllaa I. Illllxrrl, )
Baactal atleauou K"n tu Admiralty and Siram
beat baiiaaa.
Uca an ohlalaTt. Roami 7 ai4
aitr Clly Nalleual Hali.
B. T. Llaeajar, )
U. W. MmaNf C'AIHO, 1X1,.
(iKKICK-Ou fcfcalh .ticel, WlntcjS lllock.
yoOl A.M COAL.
IF1, Jsfi.. WABD
l prepnre.1 In dfllTf r thelieot
Fire Wood & Stone Coal
hi any part of the city. In any quantity Ueaiied,
on abort notice.
Coal Dcllrercd t $4 50 Per Tm.
omcK-Oter llrarl. Oris Co.' atova
.toia, two door, above the . orner of KihtUatre
and Caiumarolal avnu.
At T1IK......
Cairo City Book Bindery
la prepared to
MaaMfactur Blamk Hooka mm ml
kluda of Hook Blaeiiaa; aa BmllNR.
7S Ofcl lievee.
Ue prvparcd to take conlracti for raising
ovlng ho acaof any h te or deactlpllon, cany
ntlmr klnitof work in their line. ,, ,
Thar have all llio mithiuer applianoea for re-
mnviiifr or ruialng houaea unahort notice, ana I aK
nahaio of public patronage.
Boud and Tuition per annum, I26.
id tution per annnm, f 4e; PreaKent. the Very
.T.I.lfellmoth.I). p' Dean of Huron. For
particular apply to Major F.Tn, London, Canada
hews ut nu. mi.
1'KiisojfAt. .Tudgo Allou luft fit
SjirlnRncltl on Huntluy.
A f,AHiJlock of furnWilm; goo.U oftill
ktntU nlwaj" on hand nt P. XoITi, Xo. 79
Ohio Lovee. ilnc9tf
Kkvikmiikh the concert at the Atben
eum to-nllit. Mr. Drown, the great
aififjor, In nn entirely new jiroj-rmnmc.
Hatiufaltiox iruaruntccl nt W. T.
Worthlncton'i new Photoeraphlo Art
Oallery, over Rockwell & Co't. Iloolc Store
Ir you want a good, ityliih and well
fitting milt of clothea, made to order, you
tnait(o to P. NetT, ho. rJ Ohio Luvce.
Waniki). A fumalo servant, white or
black, to do chamber work In n nmall fain
lly, and tturae. To good hel), tho highest
waguflwlll bn paid. Aildrcu "Knijuirur,
at tbit office.
Tiikhk are from flfioento twenty hnnJi
employed upon tha ctulotu houia. Tho
work u proirretilng rapidly and from
preient Indication!, thi time of iU com
plctlon h not far diitant.
HiriuKii.Ti'inca. For Korman'i Clm
lyboute Ouh Syrup trmlo mark of
hlero(;lyphloi to to Humm, olo nejent,
corner Eighth itrcet and Commercial avc-
Ciicncur.n. Our cliurche were well
ttcndml on Sunday. An unutual congre
gation aiiemblcd ut tho KpUcopal Church
in the evening, expecting to henr Mm.
Imogeno lirown alng.
Iuitatiok Porcelain I'hotograph all
the go taken only by W. 8. Worthing
Ion nt his new Photograph art gallery.
OtiK friend Matthew Ountor, of Gooie
I aland, ia In the city. Mr. Hunter hiti
been dangerously 111 for tome wok. Ho it
improving, however, and will non t in
ttiual good health.
V. T. "Woiithijiotox ia doing a big
bniincit In copying and enlarging old
Daguerreotype, Ambrotypt- and Photo
graph,, making them look a bright at
whn ant takon. feblPtf
.Tacom O.Lr.vcit, N. L. Wick wire, John
Major nd Wm. J. Vot ltft for Spring
field yeaterday. John Q. Hartnan and
Judge nrti itart to-day. Theae gentle
men aro witntiaei in the caie of .1. K.
Friek r. Alexander county, to be tried
tbla week in tho United Statu Diitrlct
Court a! Kjiringflelil
V'k received a call yeaterday from
Henry PUnert, Kiq of Clear Creek. Mr
I'lancrt u deputy poatmtuior ami a
merchant at thu landing. Ho informed ui
that the lund owned by Sami ic Hunch at
tho landing will ihortly laid off into
Iota and offered for ale. Cora l telling
tber for forty cent per buahol deliv
ered. Why will our friendj run the ritk of be
coming blind by wearing common Specta
cle, when they can procure the mot per
fect article that hut yet been made, by
railing at our old friondt Taber Hro' tho
woll known jowelera und yet a pair of
Lazarut MorriV Pcrfvcteal Spectaclvt.
Don't delay. . fubldawAlm
Tnr. Hon. Mr. Little, Sonator from tho
Oalena Dittrlct, and wife, wcro tho guetti
of their relatival, Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Saf-
ford, of th it city over Sabbath. Tho Sen
ator came down from Springfield nn Sat
urday lat, and returned yettorduy.
Hknuv Saikokh Canukk. The only
child of Mr. and Mr. Henry Can doe was
baptUed in tho Church of tho tedoomor
latt Sunday morning. Mr. and Mr. A. J J.
Satlord, Mr. and Mrt. W. 11. Gilbert and
thu parontt, ttood at tpontora to tho In
fant, who received tho namu of Henry
Tahkr liKOTUKKK, 83 Ohio J.uvec, will
noroaftir keep conttantly on hand, direct
from tho Eastern manufacturers tho very
beat winter utraiued puriliudtperm oil, for
towing uiaclilne, and alt rlno and light
machinery. This oil haa never yet been
tuporceded by any of tho manufactured
oil, as it never gums or it affected by tho
weather. deCtftf
Coumtv Poouuoi'sit. Thero aro twelve
paupers In the county poorhouaound farm
under tho pononal niaimgcment of Mr.
Smiley. Ho it pronounced tin elllciont
ovorteor, and by tho holp of those confined,
yet able to labor, will bo ablo to cultivatu
tho land with but llttlo outxtdo assist
ant'). "NV. N. WOKTUINQTOS" icomt at llOWa1
in his new Photograph art gallery. He
makes every body and everybody's chil
dren feol at home while there, as his pic
tures of everybody and everybody's chil
dron will show. Call and see for your
selves. Over Rockwell JbCVs Hook litore.
Mitn. Imouic.sk Bbowk utd every
possible endeavor to reach Cairo on
Sabbath motplng, so as to be ahja to com
ply with the rcquwt of tho choir of tho
church of the Jtodeamer to slug with them
on Sunday evening, sho misted tho con
nection of trains u Odin on Saturday and
was compelled to hire a special train to
carry her to Du Quoin, in order to "keep
her engagement there. Under tho cir
cumstances, it was Impossible for her to be
In Cairo Sabbath evening, much (o her
Wtialeealc Dealer lu noma anilSlioea.
No fact hai hcen hotter citnbllilied In
the hUtory of Ciilro, llinn thai nil whol-
nlu cnlorprNM, ovor .tarte-l here, have
proven niccci'fiil, far beyond tho tnottsnn
gulancxpi.-ctutiont of their founder.!. Prior
to 1808, Cuiro Iind no wliolcnle deitler In
boot and thocii.
KM.lOTT, IIAVTIIOlt.'f .v CO.,
becumc convinced thnt juclx an entorpriio
would pay, and i-tUbllihed thcmielvei at
No. 140 Commercial nvenuc. Since ilnrt
Ing In their wholeialo enlcrpnio they hnvo
mot with uch ucccv that they will
greatly Increase their builneM tho coming
prlng. During tho past thrco ycart, they
havo aontgoodi into tho Hlntci of IllinoW,
Minourl, Kontucky, Tenncion nnd Mill-
Inippl, and in the!) States liavo secured
for the future, a very Ino number ol llrtt
cloti cuit'imcr. Their Mock U iitwaya
largo und cotnplotu. Upon the thortett
notice, they tan llll order, and
wo aro warranted In taring
at cheap, if not cheaper, than any llko
homo In thu wiitt. Tlmlf ifu'l hi pur-
chaaO'I nt crit in the beat mnrkel In tho
United .State.
tnorllj moro than a puuing iiulli-u. Owing
to their fuuiliti'M for piircliutlu-' fur it
wholvalij trade, they aro preparcil to
under-ell thiiowhi) b.iy i-xclii'lvelv for a
retail market. Tho bmiuos of thu Iioiimi
in till department during tho pat year
at ntnouiited to nearly forty thournnd
will bu added In the Spring. 'J'lioro hat
been n great demand lor nioli u homo In
Cairo, and we record with pleasure that
this demand ia toon to bo ilppllcd.
The gentlemen rcpreontln tho nbova
tirm in our city are Henry Elliott and Oacnr
Huythorn. Mr. Haythoni uttendt mottly
to the home trade und the management of
the ttvrv, while Mr. Elliott hn charge of
lit bulne in other .Stnte, and generally
In purcliRaing good. Hit thorough Ac
quaintance, in the South hat greatly nt-
Iatc-1 in ettabluhing tho great tottthern
trailo that it poaia.e. During the four
cart they have been engaged In the wholu-
tnlo and retail bulneiH In our city, thoy
have furnlthed abundant proof of their
bllitv to carry on a jucceasful buiiuoia,
and nt no diatunt day to establish In Cairo
whnlcnlo houae iiriiirp(l in thu
the couiirs?
Thi court convened at ! o'clock yeater
day hit Honor Judge) Hron presiding.
Letters of ndmlnlttrntlon woro granted
to Martha .1. Heno on the etnto of .Iule
(irc-cno II. farkor, guardian of Emarllla
Baacom, fllel arheUtile of property belong
ing to hi ward. Alio, Victor Trtitoll,
guardian of Cleopatra l.sne, flltxl fchedulo
I of property.
Tiiei of The People r. Moui Iir
ruiie and Win. Half was cullud for trial
yesterday inorning.nnd occupicl tho entire
day. John M. I.nniden represent! tho
proecutlon, und 1". E. Albright tho de
fence. The jury returned n verdict of not
guilty. Thu petit jurors were di'clmrged
until Monday next.
During the balnnon of thu prerent week
a fuw chancery cuaea will bo diipoted of,
und onu or two law cate will bo tried be
fore the court,
Wi:ye-terdiiy hud tli'j pleasure of meet
ing Samuel Albion, Esq., of Chicago. Mr.
Athlon wm practicing lawyer in thit
city twenty year ago. lilt many friends
will ha glad to inert lilin. lie now ruildc
In Chicago; ia a-lonulng iiiombor of the
legal prof(Kion, and haa mi extentlvo nnd
lucrntlvt' pracliro. Ilo leave for homo
Where llir((aliia In Dry (.notU Ma be
ailituliii U.
! now making arrNngi'inoiits fur thu open
ing of tho spring trade. He intend Ailing
his rommodloti' toro nKiia with a largo
variety of dry good;, t'omprltln ladiea'
drcti good, muslins, tablu linen, carpet
ing, matting and nil article's ii-ually found
in similar establishment.
Hit carpel'', two ply, three ply and
BnuaeU, aro of now and elegant 'patterns,
and chenpor than havobeuii brought to
this market. Mr. Hunuy Inlemls adding
to his stock in this particular, at mi early
day, nnd will show audi a variety In styles
and prices that all piirrhat.ers can bo Milted, i
In other article of dry good-. Mr. Hunny
stock will bo low in price, various in kind
und of tho belt quality.
Takk Not i r:. For taloor oxchungo
for Cairo property a farm of 40 neres, 42
miles from Cairo, near Anna, in ITnhm
county; healthy location, and good water.
The placo Is about half cleared, In good
running order, htwkfd, with good rango.
For particulars ml dress. Francis Kllcr, box
407, Cairo, or call on him on Cedar street,
botwoun Eightnud Ninth streets,
Rkmkmhkk tha concert at tho Allien
cum to-night. Mrs. Brown, tho great
singer, in an entlroly now programme.
For salo oroxchango, oOOucros of choice
land in Franklin county on tho contem
plated lino of railroad from St. Lou's to
Kvansvllle. I will evchango for Cairo
property, CLOSE.
io. for
Inriat t laveat t
Mr. Vincent, n Rontlcmiin well known
j to UlQ eteM outhorn ,,,
M a
strict business man and an old-timo rs
tdcnl of Cairo, Intends disposing of his
family rcildence by lottery sale. Tho
price of each ticket h the low sura of
?'-'50, for which the purchaser stands ft
chance of gelling comfo'rtehle home, the
cost prlco of which was $10,000. The
houte, pleasantly located on 15th street,
is to woll known to our cltUens that It
scarcely neodt a description. It is a hand
some residence, as comfortable within as it
is imposing without.
Uosldos Mr. Vincent's residence, thero
will bo live other prlxcs of city lots. Tho
drawing will bo as follows:
lit price: lots S3 and 81, in block No,
nd ndd. to tho city, with a flno 2 story
frame residence
valued at 96,009
and t.rlte, lot No. 34, in bit , Sd add to Cairo-. 50
an " " as, a. ,
sth " " ,- ' ...
-n " S3. .
Mli ' 17, Si, lulheelly aoo
Total M.M...as,M)
Tho number of tickets Is 8,680, price of
each ticket $2 60. The drawing will take
plnco nbout tho 8d of June, 1871, and will
bo conducted by the following gentlemen,
who wilt make arrangements to have it
carried on with falrnesito all concerned:
A. Ji. SalTord, cashier of City National
Bank; C. N. Hughes, cashier Vint Na
tional Bank: Herman Meyers, wholesale
and retail tobacconist ; E. Jf. Stockletb,
wholesale liquor merchant; John H.
Oborly,odltor nnd proprietor of tho Cairo
Ki'LLKtim; Cyrus Close, commission mer
chant, ami Geo. W. McKalg, postmaster
t or tho satisfaction or loose woo pur
cha'o tickets. Mr. Vincent addressed a
letter to tho urchltect of his houie, now in
Philadelphia, Ui which the following Is
thonnswer :
Philadelphia, I'a , K.h.Utb. 171. )
ia, arcnaireci. j
V. ViNcitxT, Esq, Hitt: In answer to
your rcquott, I, with much pleasure, fur
nlfh you with a goncral description and
oitlmatoof cost of your ridge residence,
Cairo, Illinois, of which residence I was
Tho ground or sito on which your bouta
standi, comprltes six lots, each 3S X 100
feet, forming a property 75 X 200 feet,
fronting on the struct nnd occupying tho
higher ground in Cairo.
Tho house faces the South and has a
frontago of '2H feel by TO feet, exclusive of
front porch, and is arranged into a saain
and back building, built of wood, aid tha
wliol.i ruling on a substantial brick Wse
mcnt, carries! up sufficiently high to afford
commodious baaemeut rooms, aiM elevate
the muln floor of the dwelling to a level
with the top of tho Ohio Levee.
The front or main portion of the build
ing is'Joxtta foct, two stories In height, re
apectlvoly 11.'-' and ln.o oxclutlvei of collar.
Front porch '.'5 feet bv 8 feet wide. The
rear or cxtenaiou It 18.C by 02 rct, two
torics in height, respectively 9.0 and V
feet of cullar ; a sldo porch faces the East,
A.d wido by 28 feet.
Thu tirrt Hour contains a front hall in
cluding itairway in it, 'J.O wide by 35.C
long; u parlor 10 by 20 feet communicat
ing by u large double doorway, with sitting
room or family chamber, 10 by 1G feel ;
dining room U fcot by 17.0; china closet
1 by t feet; lobby communicating
with klchcn and sidu porch and entered
from dining room, of 4 by 5.0 kitchen 1'2J0
by 14 feet, pantry 4 by 4 feet. Hack stairs
from coller and bsaenlent to'lst and 2nd
floor ; thero is also u stair to basement
under main front stair.
The second story contains in front two
largo chambers, reipectily 1 16 by 20
feet, and IS by M foet a room over hall In
front 7.U X 13.0, a largo linen room in
rear of ball, nn onchicsl ttalr from hall to
roof giving access to spacious lumber loftt.
Two chambers In rear retpoctlvely 10.0 X
14 feet and 11.8 by lit feet, closet 3.0 X 4
feet, and n room suitable lor a
Hath Rooms, 0 3 x 0.5, passage 3.0 wldo by
20 feet. The whole of tbesa rooms com
municate directly with the Various halls,
paagc and lobbies.
The cullar baaemont Is fitted with suita
ble conveniences and has two commodious
rooms, lor sumtuor, Dining Room and
kitchen. Tlioro aro two largo cisterns
lined with brick and cemented waer
i Thero is a plain substantial barn in the
rear of tho property fronting to the street
I on tho North.
Tho houfo is built In a thorough and
substantial manner and well furnish.' 1 I.
atuitublo and noat manner througho-'t.
Tho principal rooms and balls havo
moulded cornices in stucco, also orna
mented centre pieces on the ceilings.
Tho building was put up in 186.'. at a
cost of ten thousand dollar.
Very Reipt'ly, yourob't Servant
i'. A. NICHOLSON, Architect.
Tiik Patknt Lifk-Boat. W learn
that it It the Intention of Mr. Fisher, our
Commlsiloiier of Customs, to test th work
ings of tho Automatic Life-Boat, a descrip
tion of which appeared in onr columns
some tiuio ago. Mr. Fiihcrhad appointed
hot Saturday morning as tho time of
trial and intended to go to Metropolis for
that purpose, but for lufficlont reasons
....1.1 1 .TT l. I,. . ,
I nmi m uum tjoiiig. wuuuuia roiri i,
mado, It will bo forwarded to Secretary
lloutwcll at Washington.
Closing Out Hale.
Twenty-llvo thousand dollars worth of
roady-mado clothing, bats, caps, boots,
shoes, trunks and valyacs arn offered for '
talo by P. Neff, 70, Ohio Love, at AC
TUAL COST PRICES, it being his In
tontioh to closo out in tbat llnetand em
bark oscluslvoly nnd morsi oxtenilvely In.
tho furnishing goods nnd merchant tailor
ing business.
This closing out rtulu furnishes an oppor
tunity to secure clothing cheaper than
over boforu offered In this msrkot.
declOtf .
Mr. WpKTiiiN'ciToM'H new Photograph
Ic art gallery is continually crowded. Why?
somo may ask. Woman's reason! because
his picture are tho'bes't mado in ttio city
or State. No exception'. fabiatf
Wno wxn nut? Lait Thursday
evening, after the last trip of the ferry
boat, threo men, two of thotn oa good
horsM, and tho other on a mule, made
their appearance at the landing. The an
imal were In a foam, and their riders ap
peared much excited and very anxious to
make tho trip across tho rivot. They in
duced the person In charge of tho lrry
boat, to mako an extra trip to carry them
aero to Missouri, and, on landing, one of
them, a small man with light hair and
small mouitaoh, exclaimed, "Thank God,
I'm In Minourl ; they'll havea;hnrd rneo
to catch ine now"
On tho way accross, tha same one made
some inquiries as to tho recent shooting
affray at Metropolis, an account of which
appears on the first page of to-day's paper,
and it is not unlikely that ho may be tho
escaped Covington. At last accounts his
victim was In a critical condition.
Sands gives his wonderful performance
in tho Athonoum, on Wednesday and
Thursday nights coming.
PuxiRAt, or thk Latr C. A. Mry
mm On Sunday last, the Arab Plre Co,
and the Casino, to which organisations tho
lato Charles Adolph Meyer belongod, con
veyed hi remains to their last resting
place at Villa Ridge. The procession,
.which made a very imposing appearance,
passed along Washington avenuo, from the
residence of tho deceased, headed, by tho
silver cornot band, to sixth street, and
along sixth stroet to the Ohio leveo, on
which was th special train awaiting tho
arrival of the procession.
Mr. Meyer was born at PrankforUoa-the
Main, and removed to this country tlftoen
years ago. uunng tne late war no was a
captain in tho 20th Missouri regiment, and
served with great credit to himself through
several of the most memorable campaigns
of that momentous strife. He leavos a
widow and daughter to mourn his loss.
The Bail or tnr. Hijikrmian, in
School's Hall, list night, waa well at
tended, as it deserved to be, and for real,
downright enjoyment was one of the hist
of tbeieaaen. The gaetts, not being gov
erned by any ultra-fashlonablo notions,
gathered at an narly hour and without
waste of time proceeded to enjoy them-
telve in the quadrilles, the walls, and the
sholtish by turns. Isonbergs band mad
the music, which according to it habit,
was delightful and tmposlng.,Th upper,
under tho auspoci es of mine host Scheal,
was a collection of appatlsing viands, made
pof substantiate and dsllcaelea In such
m form that th most rtojld anchorito would
have frgo4ton bis vows and indulged In
the creature comforts sat bofore hint.
After supper, tho company again nngaged
in dancing and kept up tha feAtlvitlut until
the clock pointed to the "wco short hours
A SKKr.NA.D. Warren's Crcacent Sil
ver Jiand of KraoaWIJa, Indiana, arrives!
in tho city on Sunday ovontng last, tn
routr for New Orleans. Yesterday they
favored several , of our citizen with
seronades, and attracted groat attention by
their excellent playing. Tmk IIim.lktin
office was stirred up by their musical long
poll', and hereby return thanks to the
band for the compliment. Tho Crescent
is known far and wide as thv best bund in
the West out of Chicago. Its preient
visit lo New Orleans is for tho
purpose of playing, by invitation, at the
grand firemen's paradu in that city on tho
4th of March next. . .
TiiKOiui.n. .Fied. Theobald, known to
all our citlzsus and at present onu of the
Alderman from the Viral Ward, has sold
out hi. butino's to Charles Brown and
Henry Edward, two very popular young
geutlomeu, who undorstaud th butlnest
thoroughly. Mr. Theobald proposes to ro-
move, at leail temporarily, to Cincinnati,
whare ho will go into tho confectiontry
and ice-cream bualneii. Mr. Theobald has
many acquaintance and friends in Cairo
who will regret to see him leave the city.
A splendid day wasyeatorday glorioua
with atinshine, and balmy a day of Into
kwvtt Wlllcox will not removo to St.
l.ui. until tho first of April next.
Tho Hibernian ball latt night was in
every respect a fino affair.
We make freo to remark that tho gra.s
hoppur candidate for mayor la already on
the wur-path. What do the decent peo
plo of tho city proposo to do nbout it'.'
That's tho question.
Tiik Sunday Bullktin will bo a first
class pjvr, and its udvertlilng and sub
scription rates at cheap as dirt.
Hakvak. Jlr. Jobn'Q. Ilarmsn an
iiounces this morning his determination to
run for Mayor. Mr. Harman can devote
nearly all his time to th office, and will
do so If el acted. Ho would make an ex
eellenl Mayor,
A KxnuLAk convocation of Cairo Chap
tut' No. 11, It. A. M., will be neld at Ma
sonic Hall, this (Tuesday) evening at 7 1-2
n'clook: Business 4' importance to be
transacted. By ordr of
M. KX. If. P.
M. L. Duxnixu, Bacrotary.
Hanhh is tho Prlneeof Magicians. Take
tho last opportunity of seeing on Wednes
day and Thursday nights, j !
MHii'h- u ,
.Irhkudkr tbo coneart at th Athsn-1
oum to-night. Mr. Brown, the great
singar, In an eutlrly now programme.
It U strange' what a length a(im h
takes to wear out ools and Shoe when
mado of good mat rial, and W. Kblar
uses nothing but )he bjst ofvrythlngrr
steikVJworisAi. aadfSA hl'UsV
TweutitHk atrtat ofMite.k) mrtsVwMaV
f.bltf. 't-jr.
Mrs. Imookmf. Brown's Concert. Wo
believe we do not exaggerate when we
ay that our citlten were- thrown Into
rapture last evening by the singing of
Mr. Imogeno Brown. Wo wero propared
to hoar a sweet singer, and we ware not
ditappointed. We wore captivntcd by the
flood of music which foil upon our ears
when Mrs. Brown sang her first song,
"Chant Hoi, Dormcx," and the delight
increased with every song sho sang. Hor
voleo -sweet and molodlotts Is under
perfect control, and cultivated to tho high
est perfection. Sho may not bo tho equal
of the great singers who aro now reigning
favorites, but sho Is and wo express all
wc mean In tho words the Is a delicious
inger, and an actress of raro merit. Tho
oftcner sho is heard, tho more sbo.lt ap
preciatedthe strong become tho spell
in her voico which enchain the hearts or
her hearers with tho witchery of sweet
sound and the uniqueness of acting that
appears to be tho natural impulses of Vt
Mr. A. Barnard Furlong, tenor, became
a favorite with the. audience, and was
loudly and rencatodlv annlattdcd. UI
orig, ''SwooY Love, Good Night,'' wa
rendcrodsplcndidly.and, with Mrs.ilrowti
h delighted tho audlcnco in the "Ilnntin
Tower." and "Una, Notto o Venozln."
Togothor they gave us u feast of niusic so
complete In all Its dotails, that wo shall
not soon again partako of anything half o
And wo mutt not forget our own Mr,
W. H. Morris, who supplied tho placo of
the troupe's baritone who Is detained in
Chicago by sickness. Mr. Morris sang
throe songs with fine effect, rocoiving tho
long continued npplauie of tho audience.
Mr. Ledocbowski, the planlit,was abovn
our criticism. Everybody teemed unwil
ling that ho should leave tho piano.
Taken all In all, tho concert was a
grand success. The audience was select
and appreciative, and will doubtless avail
themselves of tho opportunity to hear
Mr. Brown, who sings again to-night.
At the conclusion of tho concert, tho
Crescent Silver Band, of Evantvillc, sere
naded tho troupo In front of the Athene
una, and dltcourtcd soveral pieces of their
fin music.
Mr. Peter Neff will consent to become
a candidal for Mayor, ho will recelvo the
support of many clttxons, Irrespective of
poll t leal disTercurrs.
p. . scuuir;
and many others.
For pistols and cartridge and bowio
knives, go direct to P. Ne.tr s, No. 79 Ohio
Lovee. d-eiMf
Krukmurh tho concert' at tho Athoti
um to-night. Mrs. Brown, tho great
singor, In an ntirly new programme.
pictucos a spcllty at
new Photographiu Art
Flour- Choico Family Flour In bbls
half bbls., sacks, Scc, for sain at thoEgyp
Man Mills. au
Tha following uliamer leave Cairo
on Die tlajM mill at tha hourj below. nauic.l
TALISMAN, Jivery Monday at 5 p.m. ;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at 5 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, at ' p.m.
For Fraliht or I'aasag apply on IxurJor (
Jan'Tllf 75 OHIO LCVF.i:.
Iltll.V FAi'KKT.
Th tHutitlful iiii-l lli.'lit ilr.mpia W .in
.TAMER FIft3v,
I.fre Cairo daily at t p.lil..
a ui I'a.lui ih duly
am a.m. llatnK auportor acoommodirmn alie
aolicita piiblio patroiUKe.
Family Grocery
Cor. Poplar ami Tliirtptnth St ,
(In tha bullallni! kufliina.4 thaBiiiitlinloie.'
l4oiox aOeiieralllroi'cry llnnine. in FiriM-wn
(iooila, Hue Traa. pure CnhVe, Canned and DrO'U
Krulte, Smoked and iilt Meat, Pichli'd I'nik,
l.rd, Hinokeil llcri, llutler, Fre!i Kkx". Klour
Mi'.I.Soll Klli. Nilla, Candies, Mill. I, an. I all kind's
of m"""' u.uall) kept in ftratH laai;ri'try atme.
Tin and HaUew War, Clothe Wrlngern
Toilet Ware, Coal Hods, Firo
Wwrels, Air (irate,
Manufacturer ot
Tin, 6opper, Zinc and Stefta
BJ 4c9 lir.-l.l lrt A
NOa 100 WafSninfllOll AV6 I
.w. .ww '""'" 9. .
- ,! SM . kluda a I
r h rrui
tickets' m sale
-j. . -i , sri
",BBreoatl naal.I.aaataailf i ir,
Imogene Brown
Respectfully announce TWO
Aaa,!e,, ),r th, wiowlas; eminent talent
N.LEDOCHOWStCi, Pianist,
Mi, LIMIT, Director.
Admission, including
SI. Tickets for salo at D.
Hart man's
The feeble and itelloate dread the winter, tad
wllhgooil reiton. Theweatherat thl, seston has
a deirialngenVctuponth Tltalo-faa tad lb
animal apirlta, and Ihey haae nojTltallty or naea
tal nnltnatlou to ,pr. Tha aged and Infirm, la
whomthn flamaof life Is waxlnf dim, are always
unplcatantly arlccted by th temparatar el wla
ler, and ehoiild fortify their syslssa aaiK II.
Tho ettia vlynr and reaiatent power which UI jo
feeMed ayateiu :cUirca to enable It to meet.Vllli
aafot) the aaaaulta of eold and damp, mayaoaa ba
aciuirel by Uj-i'rf xular use efHosUtieaSllem.
ach Itinera. The tonlo anfect oMhla wond'erfal
mediclno iaaoon ppornt,ln aalaeraaeestanpe
tltc, a in ore actlteidletion, aad a brllhter, ban
I'lcr frnmoofniln.l, Foodie tliefualof, the body,
and If Ilia not properly digested th fiiWafllfe
burn low. When lata is tha ca,thdlelllty can
alwayatnremMI't wlltilnaahort space ef lima,
Ui taklnn, a fulMoae of tho bitters twice a day.
The tomacli will toon begin lo perform lis si
lolii.l tank regularly and alcaallly I lbs food, being
tliorouihly aimillatel,wilysld the smeutlof
of Mialheataednourlahmcnt whlehlhe body re-
stfil' r.tenul prcsaiiro of cold, and
' ' ' -' l alllfh are apt to ataall the
r n I lytieo will I avoMeJ.
WE at, LM AN
HaarmoT,J from the corner of Flfta sirt sad
Commercial avenue, lo
The Second Mense m Ftflk Street,
atwaea Caaaaterclal a 4 WakSat
And keeps conitaatiy on head a rail lapyly ef
Cl reccrlcts, NellaBsTrt sc.
Alio, Dry Oo.vli, tlothing, Freeman oast Can
fSolioat, at thu very lowest nvkea la Ha eiw.
Uon'l fofKct Dial .Mr. Wellmak ha ckaaeat aar
reel I
j.l:cf bus'neaa, ami don I lorxal th laeallaa ef
irr neie etauj. Mn. We Iman will alwaea h
loiiO'ltt homo If not In Itan aloro room. In ike
dwelling pari of the houae. dl-w
j n. vriiiAAVH co.,
(euccoors lo K. II. Mendnck C.
"Vlarf - Bout
miikiUI. AiiVaXI'IW nah OrCM.
uAro. Pr'lresl l recela a, flora aad fot-iuU
frelfhta to all points,' sad boy and selleacesa-
miaaioil - ' -
turlliilui'as atlcjulwt to with nromiitnaa.
mill riralert Ih
Lime, Cemenf, Mtt Paris
i'ur: Hth Birtrtmn OhlLa9Tse
I'mied Hiatal of America, toutherb Ptstrlct ol
IlilnoM-aatj . ; a j ((f , .
Whcrcaa, on llin llili day of February A. D.
17I. Matllnlv I'lntif rr..u 1 I'a lll il.K.1 I.
.llwrmlKatriet c.lllToou. atocT asaas-
1-011 fxiolaViller hor beat, tackuT. aMual ka ray
niiuie, prajriuuihiMlhaaaiueiuay baconiiemaad
.iredaodtwealyBoUsw, audfcaaraaei r trrtua of
HMi.n III uh. mili uilM, . ... I W
K'lmHl Upiu "il laken the aald ateaa 1
ville,' her ri.at,, etc., aloreaaidaad tytfethe
urn iioniuqu.ioiway inaiaronieu.iaw
Niuira ia kreabr alvea. tkal a. IMaSnat
ilia Culled HlattM will hahal alllia Palled
Court, room o the oily af Cairo, oa ral Mev,
""y .wa'i pi"5 ",!TTr2JrM,r',;'v"
aatu,v)tiiQweaue, ir"7 iimf aaaaww yaoea ee
kii,wiiOw cuui, maiiy uwj
. f.iiiv i. un,'.a T
Mv;laarH.ni JMnnlvi
l-n atitaaal1
CutfVa ll-. February II,
170. Mtm ' '

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