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Kec tiler and Wholesale Dealer ta For
Lja m4 Dotsestfc
78 Ohltf Irevce,
tOAIRQ. - - - 3X1,.
U kMpton hapleonstanllv, a full stock of
'MKeatpekr losjriab. By Md Mon-
,wm eia nnimti, rruaea Bras
sues, hoi una uim. ku
and CallfcraU Wiaa.
Alw, keep constantly on hanil n lrio( com
pltt stock 1)1
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Catalan
W ar agent tor J. llelil 1 Co Olrbrato
Wa aell icliulfulj for t'Mh, lu wbu-ti im( .
hiriU in attention of close bargain buyvra
Special attention xlun to filllrx order".
Imfrntor and Wholesale Dealsr
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Wines, Liquors
Afeo. for baal bran), of
auto, illihois.
ffHBt Carbon, Qtieln mid
Okie Klver
Am4 Umpply mm Ilnnil,iMd dttivrrtd
la tLmf prl or lb Itjr.
Every Load of Coal Weighed, and fall
Meafiure (Jhcu.
((JiUn Miliiac Willi AIM imrnHIli;
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in Prepared t4 .nujiply Custouiers
with tho Jnt Quality of
IlllkVls Coal.
Orrs left at lialllday Ilron. emet,
No. TV Ohio Mir, or Ml III ('onl
Tmr bUw lltVtjjUJMM'le Ho
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' T'AtttSllKlH. .
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Ti. Ju''MonUuli" will Uinic Coil nInriKlJ
IftDirn tany lior.iUy or juglit. -It'llro,
Oct. Will. IbTO tf
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R,W.Mii.it. DiiiT. l'iunm
Fbrvafdihg Merchants
mo., xito.,
No. 58 .Ohio Ijovcc
Family Grocery
Cor. Poplar aid Thirteaidh St.,
(In the ImlUlog known .tl Sraltli Store.)
1J. -- T.l
M, ! uiwuJt kept lflritlMirocrUi,
Ii Soirnc earJ Oro;ry Bonnes, la KiriM5l
(loodOa Tm, prVitfre,f0Di(l nd Unia
lAid. Swaiuri aMr.Mr.trMk IiMj-riMr
Read! Read I! Read! I !
How Its Hunufneliirlng Intercut May
in imiir np itovr tiie PlMolulc
Element May he Crushed.
The following li the clrculnr that wa
distributed About tho city yesterday. It Is
worth tho perusal of any voter, ltcnd It.
The Manufacturing Enterprises..
Tlio future proj);cts of Cairo ware
never brighter than they aro nt the
present time.
There is now in course of taction,
au J about to be erected, five or six ex
tensive manufacturing establishments,
which, when completed, will employ
from two to thrco hundred laboring
men and mechanic, and givo to our
retail buiiies homes a large and cvy
profitable trade, while, at the wmic
time, they will enhance the value ofall
property within the corporation by in
creasing its hueine. And witii the
influx of the new population ncco.iary
to perform tho labor of tho new estab
lishments, will eoiuu a demand for moro
and better houses, and work will come
to tho hands, of our carpenter:', mason?,
brick .layer, paiutcn, and other house
building inechauies and laborer.
Who First Favored the EtTart to EMail
tlsh Manufactories!
The first itep taken by the city au
thorities to tndncv rnatmfaeutrrTs to in- I
vest their capital in Cairo wa taken in
1B09, when a committee on manufacto
ries was oppointcd composed of citiicns
m'mltfr of both lb- gr nt viiVm'
I Thi committee Hooded the land
with circulars settiug forth the peculiar (
advantages offered by Cairo to nil kinds
of manufactories, and received response
from overy part of the country.
lVlio Were the Opponents of the
Ajilntt thi rfiurt to tWmv ninniiif
jirers to cow to Cairo, Mr. lluiky S.
Jfarrfll, thr. pmtnt ctimluhtlc of the
Xm-Piijrr$rivt, and nearly all the
luon who aro now supporting him for
fclnyor in opposition to Mr. Lansden,
trniHtl a ymtt clamor and when .Mr.
WjIhoiiJ (in whoe jicculiar idea of mu
nicipal government Mr. Harrcll fully
ioucur,) became Mnyur,jhe committco
was disbanded by lis oipositiou.
Since that timo nothing for Cairo ha
been done. Matter have been per
mitted to drift along without any band
to direct them. Hut tho good results of
tlio effort mado can bo n'cu iu tho man
ufacturing establishments now being
erected, and iu the better feeling which
exist among all classc of citizen", ex
cept that class which deprecate public
enterprise mid look upon energetic
men a their enemies who arc seeking
to bring into tho community other men
who will become competitor with
them iu their monopolized lauiimtie,
Tlic, Purpose of the Citizens' Movement.
! . .i ii...
"AniOUg Oilier puipures, tuj uiu jiui-
ppso of ro-inaugurating tlio effort to in
duce juaunfaetuver to invest in Cairo
tlm citizens' juovoment, which look
only to tho well-being of tho city, and
hs no boaring upon either Statu in
jjjjtural policies, was inaugurated,
The Character or the Non-Prosrresloii
(In, opposition to this movement, 'Mr.
B 8. Harrcll has. been nominated, a!
gontlomau who deprecated tho nttompt
tojbring manufactories. o Cajro who
haa. opposed all efforts mado for tho
'qiry's good who denounces all public
improvement who declare that tht
sidewalks may fall before bo wotdd
spoud, any money upon them -who
acknowledge ikt he ku
no information on city matters, and
boast that ho kas novcr been, present
at'anv mcctins'.of tho city council. If
elected, he will be -ilia advocate of a
Htand-fitill polloy i. policy from which
Cairo has harVsttcd a .silentifal caop of
evil results'.
'That ?rr(fce fact will bceomr ap
parent to any perion who will look at
the character of Mr. Ilnrroir irxtml
ncnt Biipportcra. Thtgrmt majority of
ttwnntrv ojijioiiiHti of cvrry viitrrjirite of
public twt, or elite arc o( that indolent
class, who aro only active when they
scent the savor of personal gaiun or
aro pricked on by political or personal
What U to be Dcddedl
t the polls to-morrow, tho people
mint decide between thee two par tic.
They must declare for manufactories
ami an earnest effort tq bring Cairo out
f the hand of the non-progrcsiuvcF, or
they must elect .Mr. Harrcll, and thus
proclaim their hostilities to anything
that hvom of energy toany effort toe
tablith manufactories to any move
ment that lookn to inerca-e of buincf
in Cairo in favor of htandiug htill in
the hope lliat ,-onio fortunate combina
tion of circuiiLsLmce may bring to our
hand-! that prosperity which we aro too
indolent to took.
We ask the citizuut of Cairo to taku
this matter into furious consideration
to decide between tho two candidates
for ilnyor between tlio 'OiJffens'
Movement and the Non-l'rogrchsive
Oppition without permitting either
personal or political prejudices to htep
between good judgm6ulVnd"lodeterr
minatiou; and, wo aro sure, if each citi
zen docsFO.evcry citizeu who is not of the
niiti'progrejloii eliijuu will vote for
M. I.audnn, who represents
tho men that diMiro to niako t!if.- (our
home) a great and prosperous city, and
not for .Mr. Harrcll, who siy ho would
have Cairo what it was fifteen years ago,
if he could obtain his wish.
Another Canst aeration,
lint there is another consideration
which cuter into the present canvass,
aud tlmt ha reference to public decenk
ey nnd the good reputation of Cairo'
Tne ConHdenco Xen.
During tho p.vt year but iu the
lattwo month particularly Cairo has
been uu fortunately afflicted by a class
of man, tho frequenter of low saloons
like l,Tho Clipper," who havo lived by
their wits, and, finding the city author
ities indolent iu duty, have becomo in
solent in their rascalities. With card,
nnd dice, and '-tricks that are
vain," iu way that aro dark, they
have plied their calling, and every act
they havo done has been magnified by
tho enemies of Cairo into great propor
tions, uutil now the reputation of tho
city hns received a shock which is be
ing felt iu injury to it business. To
repress theso bcouudrel a loud
outcry hasbeun raised, and iu their
condemnation tho nominee on tho
citizen' ticket havo boldly declared.
Certain oort ltcsulU of the Citizens'
And the good result of iho move
ineut havo already become apparent.
77ic day on which thv pnmedimjt of
f; vUivni meeting were pidM$hed
' Tin' Clipper" itvis cosn and now it
bar-room, which eit rang with vile
oath ofibad-mon unjl ;lowd,wMH ban',
' been stripped, of itnfex'turea and relieved
of it poison-drugged liquors. A num
ber of tho confidence ineuplujo alsq
loft tlio city, aud thb rest Kavo bcco'mo
inactive at their work of pluudor,aud
aro patiently uwaiting tho" result of tho
municipal eicguuu.. , . . r)
If Harreli Is Elected-What I
If tho result ii in favor of the Citi
zens1 Ticket, they will all Icavo tho city
immediately, bat if it is iu condemna
tion of the amatBtmt ihay.wiU nil come
oat of tW d4 others .w fiock, in,
gambling stiooss .will, threw tfen their
doors, and thwr tiaiially)' sharpers will
poiat fc the assnksja ahetitette as their
Tindieatie. ? a rt
14 i vr
771 is iwt a gambler or a conjidence
mini in Citirn trhu tlwi tvt Amrttty,
and in huoicn tutored, Jeiire the. defeat
of Mr. Lantden, and, at a conxownee, the
election of Mr. IlarrcU. .This in. a fact
which even tho wayfaring man, though
a fool, may read as he runs, and it speaks
volumns in tlio cause of the Citizen's
Ticket, it should compel every man
who has auy regard for the welfare of
the city .to become the champion of its
candidates, for their success will bo a
triumph of thcpeoplo over tliat class of
citiicns whose lawlessness has brought
the reputation of Cairo into reproach.
Another Important Fact.
Again, wo desire to particularly call
the attention of the voter of the city to
another jmportant fact. A. few-weeks
ago, an outcry was raised agaiust tho
confidence gamblers, and the citizens'
movement resulted. It U .'regarded at
an ttttacl: on thcdimlute tlemrut'ol'
the community. This impression, right
or wrong, has gonc abroad. "rnm glad
to learn," writes n gentlemen from
Johnson county, "that the citizens of
Cairo are manifesting u determination
to- j, .put . down ; gafabcret; and
w 0 Je 1 ij ' ' s)
conldoaco-men. It is hiih time 'this
wire woikbeinir done.'' And this is
tne expression mat come irom every
lriut. vl.u,J!u!i. n 0,1 r .usttii nit
interest in our city. Now, if tlio news
goes out to morrow night, that the citi
zen's movement, organized as our friend 4
abroad believe, to Kccuro
mcnt to public enterprises nnd to' put
dowu tho dissolute clement of the city
ha been defeated, the assertion will
Income current, that Cairo i.s iucorrigihlc
that tht ghl citixmt organized for.
thr pnrioe of deflating the anti-pro-grtuivc
men, gamhlert and confi
dence men, and tcere themnche defeated
that the tland-ttill men, gambler and
thimble rigger arc n majority of tho
voter of Cairn, Do our citizens wish
such an impression to go abroad? If
they do, thoy can secure tho result by
defeating Mr. Lansdcn.
A Lie, Iterated. . ,
The Men J a of-Mr. 'Harreli, taking
hold of the fact that Mr. Lansdcn is
tho representative of tho auti-Clipper
clement of tin community, are saying
to the Germans that ho will not allow
thorn to drink their beer on Sunday.
Tho assertion is false nu its face, since
tho Mayor of Cairo cannot prevent any
mau lroiu eatiiig or drinking whatever
he pleases .wlionuvor he ploitse ,
The ouly reference to saloons in
connection with Sunday iu tho city
laws, is in ecction 183 of the revUcd or
dinances. This section provides that
if any saloon, or dry-goods house, or
grocery, &c., shall bo Kept upon on
Sunday for tlio purpofo.Qf pelljiig liquor,
beer or goods, thepewon selling shall
be fined not less than 815. Now, what
i necessary to bo douo under this ordi
nance to punish:s man-for tolling liqttoc
on Sunday? The perron who has seen
. i - - -
tho liquor-Cold innst-go before Bross or
Bhuuncsay. and .make bu,th to the. fact,
obtain a process of law, bring tho policy
loforo his uonor'f'ahd try and convict him
by comnotout'evideuce. What has the
la-yorloddVitKolf this?1 Nothing iihatH
overt, f hqpg in cijy mafTer,
that the ordinances doubt authorise daiia
to do, aud ho has uovauihbrliy'to olose
any saloon or tithe? place of business o'n
Suuday., The men .who usethbargU'
uient.wlth,tl(e Germans arc insulting
their intelligence.
Bosjdegj r: Iiansdcn, is not. a
straight jacket religionist, who wishes
RSjfSlsBsJbtt aia jssjjsjsjiiisjsi 1
IjMtt Sis. wSvsMiHtaviisi' llsjjer
to niako every pcr6nj wakhi tho path1
of sober looks and sarifclc deport
mcht, Ho docswhat'ha, pleases when
ho pleases, taking care to not infringe
on nuy man' rights. ile is willing to
let his neinhbor. be ho German, Irish-
man, Italian, Spanish or American, do-
and drink whatever he wishes todo or
drink, and whenover the 'spiritmoyes
him.' whether on Moudav ,v Tsiasday,
day or Sunday, provided no other per-,,
iiioriiy of iur. naiwuvu """.-"
Ori)ii of Cairo: Tho Citisens'
0 r t 1 i.:.nir
Ticket is in favor of manufacturers and
opposed to thieves, and whiio practicing
economy, will seek to introduce into the
city government energy and. enterprise
Its triumph will bo an encouragement
to those who pay taxes and have fam
ilies, while iu defeat will inflict great
injury upon the city and cause the dis-
solulo clement to rejoice nnd be exceed
ing glad.
Every Ux-payer should vote for it ;
Every citizen who desires to sco the
city built up should, vote for it;
Every citizen who would put down
sneak-thief gambling should vote
for it;
Every citizen who docs not dctiro to
give bawds tho cause to throw up her
bonnets rejoicingly should vote for it;
Every citizen who has a family should
voto for it;
All good citizen should voto for it.
' So, tarn out friends of tho prosperity
of tho city turn out and 'cast your
ballot for tho best interests of the city
voto the Citizens' Ticket I In it
triumph is onr only hope of present ad
Xw Stlinol Ifouo-Imog BroWM
Joncabaru JInilnt'f, t vie.
Axxa, Fob. 25, 1871.
To (Ac Editor. 0 TA JlutUtin:
A good suggestion Vtn recently been.
iykna; ahoBfupon- tw- Hwift Mim
of rumor, and, Imvlne; cnuglit It, I hero
Mfrt2l 1. 1 ji.fwih T1.1 rrf(ton Is
to tlm i'ullowlni; report:
on sr.w school uot'sR,
a largo nnd j ictull.ily llnUliisl building,
itands upon gronnl l hut U wholly unim
proved. We . t y pruiul of this edl-
Oce, but It mi idiiiR urn bnro ntid un
Tlio brick for tlm toliool bou'o wuru
made on tho ground, nnd umlgbtly holes
wcro left in which bogs wallow and Mir up
foul oJon In tlio hot tumuiur duyi. Tbcru
woro no tree, 110 fenccj, no (JirubUry, no
external Improvements. Tho great cost
of tlm building, nearly JO, 000, hns ex
hausted tho fund of tho district. It Is
therefore uggositd that tho good pooplo 6f
our towji shall meet at the school home,
so mo flnu day, r.nd dorlie way and menns
for Improving and beautl fy!ng tho grouuds.
Viirinni committee will bo appointed ;
money, lubor, lumber, trees, ibrubbory,
il."., will bu tolicltod, and, knowing bow
liberal our people usually uro, we have no
doubt but that wo ihall soon havo this
wilderness blooming like tho ruie.
Mits. iuouk.sk ukqwn
ling hero cn Thursday evening, to a
"iniall but select audience." For some rea
son 0 jr peoplo woro not highly plcaicd with
th performance It may bo that tho
trlbo of Egyptians that aro culled Anna
Itesnro not educated up la tho proper
concert pitch, to appreciate high flown
music. Our people have sumo old fash
ioned notions of equity aud fair dealing
that conflict with tlio ltrown code of
ethics, and one or two of them feel that
thoy lmvu been done Jirown," Tho agont
liorrowoJ a piano from MIm Livingston,
promising to return It In good ordar and
pay for tlio uso thereof. He did neither
but went away by starlight leaving MI11
L. to get her piano homo from tho church
iu auy mannershu might chooso, Even tho
bcndlo wont unpaid for llghU and Janitor
servioo. Whon Mrs. ltrown sings ugli.
In Anna, she will And a very small
amount of caloric lu our shoulders.
Tho Joncsboro QazezUevory Justly says
are nolo and onergetic .busliiois mou, fully
competent to conduct the busipMS now In
the hands of the live comiiilvioncr, but In
omitting Dr. Owou froiu tho list of useful
commissioners, tho Oir.etle does less than
Justice. Ilr, Owen U tlio peer of. any of
his confrerei and lias boon an earnest and
active member of tho board." '
' j The Stato could not tmtruit, tlnj,iiiiixu t-i
nuiiiuuresis invoivca 111 mu asviuiii nun
torj fojottpr jne.v limn Kingsbury, WHff ;
andO;(J $ . VV'J. J
TlwreWms' to Uvni .oomplulnt ol'sfr.
Mali oxeont that ho pay no attention to
any part, of tho work, vjsoopt . tus uraw
lng. Lleiit. Gov. ''JK.Ucbqry bly"
opposed the location uponju pr.opentj
ita and lias novor lost an oppormmiy.os,
trying to prejudice tho publio mind
against it. The stately old gentlemen I
alwsys polite and dignified and gives to
tho Btato stono for bread, and living a dual
lifo, druwi tiay as Presldont of tho bonato
and ciinirnun of tho Asylum Commission'
ors aay nrwr ay, uh perfect snavlty ot
Manner. 'Iho stono mcd In building tho
Asyl.tn is quarried in tho Dougherty quar
ries ncarVio anclont city of Joncsboro.
THE OtlCAT tors" oi' TUB ASC1EST C1TV,
aro oxercised aboa. tho center of our county.
Xou know tho now co.,tiu,tl0n requires a
Ikreo ttftk vote to remove a county teat
further, from the center of thounty. Wo
cMra Uat tho center lies ran ot Knna
A.. . . . , mm
Meswit una wiseacres 01 jonu.
bot)'ar-tyiBg to fix an arbitrary center
for tho countv a certain distance north of
their town and a certain grcator distanco
northwest of ours. Wo nronoso to '-let
naturo tafco its courso'' feeling certain
that tho truo geographical center of our
county Is nearest to our town
Joseph Levy & Co., ofCarbonihile, havu
routed Harwood's building and will open
therein a grocery and provision storo
within a few days
Korrls fc Son havo tlnishcd a large
livery stabio Kastoftho Wlnstcad Illock
and will commonco buslnos soon with 11
large establishment.
Childs lirothors will resume work nt
their extensive draining-tilo factory ns
soon as tho weather will permit. This is
a Urge factory and turns out many car
loads of splendid tile every scomiiu .Mot
of them aro shipped north, where tho
farmers aro beginning to appreciate tho
ad vantago of thorough draining.
Tlio extenstvo steam brick manufactory
of Dan Davlo Si Co. is to bo repaired and
put into llist rato condition for spring and
summer work. There will bo u great de
mand for Its products, as a lnrgu number
of brick buildings will bo built this sum
mer in our town.
11 Frido goeth before n, fall." Uarwood
was too proud of bis now drug store, and
was suddenly reminded a few days ago of
the fact that "all l;vanlty and vcxition of
spirit." Verily, Van was vexed I A largo
ornamental clrclo that surrounded one of
tho chandeliers, broko I0010 from Us moor
ings and fall with a groat crash, demolish
ing a fine show cae,AomWlng Innumerable
toilet and fancy artlole, filling the-show
casa with tho debris of the d , I mean
dasaagwd, circle, and to complete the
mulange, breaking tho lamp and empty
luff ,.1.m.' wMttH-. milmm W Aervwttr
into tho show case. Loss 50 "no Insur
ance." The plasterer' name is Holden, but his
plastering is not worth a cent. His " cir
cles" are built upon a 'sandy '.foundation,
the attraction of gravitation overcome
tho attraction of cohesion nnd down thoy
.Snow fell hero last night to tho depth of
an Inch, but undor the tunny smiles of
Old N1 it is fast disappearing
and will vanish by noon. Tho warm,
spring-liko weather of tho past ton,
days revivified nature's unfeathercd
songsters, tho nightingales of tho ponds
and they sung and sang how thoy did
sing.'' Thoy did It up Brown I Jiut now
tho little nlmblo groen backs (wouldn't
thoy bo legal tonder just now In Paris)
aro uuuor tlio snow and tlieir muslo has
suspended for a tlmu.
ouu muir rnosi'itcT.
coitlnuo good thus far. March will soon
bo hero and the oldest fruit grower says
that the fruit was never killed In March.
That't something Uka Sam Waller's asser
tlon that "no man over saw a dead don
key.'' Ho also says that It U novor killed
'In the light of thu moou never gets
moon-struck. Olad to hear It.
Business continues dull, tho roads aro
very bad and wo havo four or live Sabbath,
per wouk. Hut brighter and bettor days
aro coining and wo wait patiently, An
reeolr, H.
TU Amrrioau Ki-I'rruil.r InintUil In
Tlio China pnpori recoivod by tho ovor
land mall report an iissuult made upon
Mr. Soward, the Into American secretary
of.tato, and hi party, during a visit to
W'oo-cluiiig. Tlio vlitors, tho forth
China HeraU says, went over tlio rlvor
from Haukow t Woo-ehang, and then
pruuiK'dt.Hl tip the hill to tho pngdila. On
their nrrlvnl, they found tho usual crowd
of boys and beggars, all of whom woro
clomorous for "cumvl.aw'' ofcath. The
parly wcro not provided for such a de
mand, and, after enjoying tho view from
their position, commenced tho homeward
On tho way down, howevor, tlm bovs
Soitod tho chairs with stones, considerably
itinaglng ono of thorn, but discontinued
their amusement on being yelled at by
the coolies. Mr. Hobson. the commis
sioner of custom lias slnco recoivod a
lotler of apology and regret from tho
taotal of Hankow for tho oeuurreneo.
A memorial bus won preientou ity tho
I'roteitaiit missionaries in uninti. to, tno
diplomatic body at lVkln. deprecating itio
policy of allowing 1110 ;n(n.o auiimnii"
ueonpe from their treaty engusowenu
In t.mnt nroluctlon tu Christina mu-
Ulonarius. Thehestllitvtownnl foreigners
Li,' tho moralist tay, not Hkfly ' Ubslde
Lwithout further vloJuntdoviilopmeut unless
'tho utmost fUmnass and energy bo cm.
jnloyed by foreign powers wr y u-Vio..iou.
tradesnian who had fa,lied. lu thp city
of Bangor, wroiD on ma iroui uoor.
tiPivmunt tusuended fur thirty dsvt." A
1 noiBhbar aswlBghlt-St)I4.s.a,You'.iUlv
net daw tho notice." f''Jip," said ho, "I
don't intonu 10 uo to. 11 would run om
if I did I"
a ,
... . t
Cmio. ZUinola. ,
111: ;
4 V ' '
Ticket Agency '
Memphis & Si loi EaciEi
- j IKC -I S
Uompntiny; lit following Hrst-cUfta
BelVaHenphis, I Belle MXsiili, , ,
City of Chester, J Wraael Tewer."
Vicksburg Mail Line i
0ItyorAUont''W; '
C'j jy or Vicksburg, Marble atft
flty or Cairo. Itiibleosu
St. Louis & New Orleans
Pncktf Uke. ;
Ollvo Ilraach. I.Theaasen Be
Mollle Able. ranUae fttm' -7
(Ireat Itcpublk, M UldtBsassdTTl
t.oiitiuentul, I CossaMWsskHk.
SCeinpliiM jPackeU,
Will L,t oa u'
Tuesdays, Thursdays, BatanUys uA
Sundays. ,
Will Lcaro on t
Wednosdays, FrUaya aid Bindayi.
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