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wretch -wrdwsrwiaramjwowj'ftrrats -"R"
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FH.Ft' -V.
wiaaxAD qua. mpa
S- luff
1 It
'1 JQiHte Ktr II lriTittfii
Between .Commercial and Wash
' Ington Avenues,
, AhcbU Car, Beck Klrer l'aper
UMjpirnBCMiW( t en HIMI
U.W.' J' Itapwed iiuol
Ohio Levee, bet. 4th and Oth Si.,
Is always ititplled aith Inn chil-l IJiUOn ftf
i amm is'i ricfiinii uiram 01 bft.au
ZULU 1 air cl Tnlslos
are the lectin tireliy
Cull aiJitel'-euf.
la a applied with all kind! !
Xleor. Alo. cSbo..
W"ViJbi.a4,HlBUHtorU, "-
T IMfttT," whs !o. food llquoi, .l.ouM tflm
Oastiani4rwnti eappli.l t hTaUr.
Ultor Salaaa aasi Bar Room
EI Borado
IN CeaiaerelIAve.,
Cairo Illinois
Thf GMiBlctMt; Maaiett and lie
Cur. Qtti-.t ifi-Washington Ave
AUSUIlia puna, vimni ii)y u.
I rnr thT'nDPlrtt ill oihtra. Ii
knoan. and
greater than eu t aupplled.,
II enter tail la eoy WinJ of work. II u ilmple,
roDilitlng vf r lrcu iirii. n t iu t.itiol.
f4 bkim ttu run ovrr mi uii u turn ror
orn wHhUtrhiMf of itluh or Uruum.
(.loiiiini; nn tiiuro mutuiwiurvra pinirii to
II oihr, Hint HiMlillif the ililnj; for f.irnlli
Miin.Uiidrii hkrfTtrt rnion u.l.liflornit
tr of flnitti, n' rpf JfHy iOTlte nllnbo
wtul U
Murafic tilled log) r tlinn cull Ufore purchnf
Call uutl liet a Circular.
l.tP Iti M'AOKKTH. '
TH totlawUiM . aUNUuera ( Cai ro
FOUK-ABllVlIll.i: "
on Ilia day nJ at the hour l.low,nmp.l
TALISMA(Tf fJ Woijdrfy'aS p.m. j
TYRONE,1 iKvery Thursday, at 5 p.m.!
I.UHDEN, KteryiSaturdayj at fl p.m.
For Freight or IWaao.apply pi bonril, or to
"" ttiAWt PACKF.T. "
BOHMET BNEDliEV ,.,....,.Jaltr.
J.TMi .Cairo Uad; ait pjiif a j-l'PadurJh dil
at 0 a.m. Having tipetlar . fccijmrot.lAtimn sb
(oliclls putllo patrooaae. ,
" " ' - ' " 1
Tba po.partaarthip heretofore cxlatlnj
this day dUtolrad by mutual content. 11 n
i ,;iM.;..j in. i ... ,
Tlia'btlfctiiVlht dSiight Meouiiir.
0tre Bull din.
I'ktiioi.eum V. Nahhv, in lii lec
ture 011 the ''Man of Pin naya of his
late houthora. experience ;
"I.haw cadoUhips 3old for dollars. I
met judges or court- in the southern
Mates who, ten yeaM.ngo, Acre hostlcrH
in 'livery ntablc.1 in the north, and
wlio.e kuowlcdgc of criminal law they
had gamed from tanding iu tho prison
crV dock."
,Tliif, no take it, l- rattier ilamagtli;
tetUmony an to the getmx carpet-bag
ger, but the credibility of the witne.s
i." not of a high order.
The total amount of money raised
iu lllinoi.i fir H?hod purpose, during
a period for six years wax a' follown :
In JSC) ? 3,010,73.1
In 18Ci) :,u:,,w
In IS07 r,TOT,filO
In IBCH B,J-C0,52S
In 1WJ
(ii iw
In 1ST0 Hfitil.Ti'l
The above figures i-hnw a Meady in-
crea in tho public su;hool. of iibout
$1,000,000 a year.
The following htatidtio chow tho
number of children who receive
:eived the
benefit of chool during four year.
No. of children atk-ndlnij, rVi, . . .(ist,07:i
o. orcitiiirrn nUonuiii;, ifrou n.
So. of children attondlne. lf;o. . . .1,52 715
A few hot-headed French republi
can like riuiro arc in favor of demand
ing from Germany tho surrender of
Napoleon, iu ordor that he may be im
peached by the French Ansombly and
punished forhWcrinio. Thii wc consider
very injudicious. There U little prob
.!.!!:... -p ti; 1. . .1 .
..iii. ..1 i.i.ii.arcK compniiig mi uic
demand, and were he to do m, tlio
French zealots would iitid tlictutelvcs
1 ... 1 .1 1
very much iu the situation of the man
who had tcminary pot.c-sjon of the
white elephant, if. indeed, tho animal
iu I.U mm would not make short work
of bin1 keeper.
Napoleon, notwithtautling his pres
ent condition, ha many warm odlicr
cuts iu France, and were his enemies to
attempt to persecute him, these would
be doubled and trebled in an extraordi
nan ?hort time. No, and wc rather
incline to tho oitiuion that the longer
Napoleon remain in Ccrmany, the more
fecuro will be Victor Hugo and hi fel-
ow jialriot-.
Napoleon has been condemned bv
the Nntlonnl AtsrmliK-nf 1-Vmpn nnd
has been stigmatized as tho author of
the misfortunes of Trance.
w I
Li I
Gov. John M. Palmer is 0110 of tho
most fearless and out-i-poken men in
lliuois. Ho does not hesitate to ex-
press Ins opinion upon any (iiiejtioii,
and when called to do so, is never eon- I
trolled by policy. Nut long sinco ho I
was anuounecd to t-peak at Sjiringfleld
nun .nit iinueri upon tnoMiojoet, I'rt.s
on Iteform. 1 1 wascxpecled by wuuo that
tho Governor would nut tako grounds
against inteinperanco, as the direct
cause and source of crime, but they
wore sadly disappointed. Alter giving
i.i.i;.-. - ii . j, ..
a mo.-t graphic and feeling illustration
f the temptation of alcohol, he sjtid :
I know thai within tho next year
thoru will bo committed iu this Stato
fifteen or twenty homicides I 1 know
it, beeaus-o it happened last year, and it
happens every year ; 1 know that thcro
will be committed twenty or thirty ar
sons, thirty or forty robbories, forty or
fifty burglaries, a hundred acta of per
bouul violence, with all its attendant
sufiering to tho innocent ; 1 know
that these will occur this ye.ir, ns thoy
occurred last year; and I know
and you know, what will almost inva
riably bo tho cause ; but 1 cannot help
it. fan you ? That causo will bo, id
coholio insanity ! What can wo do to
prevent it ' 1 do not know and you
do not know. Hut if wo cannot pro
vent, wo may at least do something for
tho victim of this torriblo evil. o
may tako tho license monoy-. for which
tho dealer is pormltted to soli tho in-
furiating poison, and build with it "mi
iasyluiu for tho caro and euro of -its rj
iVfotiins. Wo may uso that monoy for
tho wliy of striok'bit fcindrea'of tfic
who has been maddened by alcohol.
Shall wc(do it?"
At high noon on Wednesday last
the Pru-".siiiii army made its grand ti
umplial entry into Pan's.' The cvcnfi
tiroccdiii'' the entry the Red had
prcaa tuo f criotl whioU'gaiBca aUMtt
univergM' 'credence throuBkatho-eity
that the Prassintm hnd ahandoucd their
itilcntion t) make Uio entry, and Tor
8)ino tunc it hOemod tlmt-an cmciile
would be inevitable. .The coinini: of
Jiiorntji .dispelled all doub'ti as to tllo
iineiiiion m me coutjucror.',' nowever,
and an apritfiy iVit upon" tho people,
wnien, iiappiiy: pmatica iinnng tno
entire jmgeant, thn.i insuring from tho
pie a peace and tiuict th.t could not
hnvu been obtained by other meaim. ,
I'roin tlx to nine o'clock: am. tho
FtrccU presented a singular appearance,
from the alenec yf people, and thonl
nio.it entire desertion yf. the line , of
march, except by Mrpng bodies of reg
ular French troops, who occupied tho
triangle during the night, with,, ,thc;in;-
teiition of falling back, on the advance
n . I ! . . 1 . . ... .
01 ine 1 rusiian", ami in win'' ii(iMin)iit
I coiniii;iiidiD2 the niinroaohc'i to the
line. The I'ari.s prc., which arc be-
ginning to J'ear tlio couiuence of
their rash ultorancevnro'.niakiiig a la.t
appeal to the people to'abstain from an
net likely Ui bring terrible difaster.i
upon France, without improving tho
position or altering the re-till.
At the 'appointed' hour. '10 o'clock,
the first representative cirp of the vie
t'lriniix army entered .witliin th) 'enci-
oute, under tho cyu -of ..his -Imperial
JlajOity, in .iccordaticc villi the pro-
ranime, favoied by ilefjd!d, weather.
The lllevonlh corpij inimbisriug UO.000
men, with ninety-six pieces of field ar
tillery ami the usual propnrfiflntlf ' ca.V
..iP..in,i,r ,,,.! . v-ri" lt,w.a
L.i -(jfwn' Ynmnn' VMA
du Jvur, the former . it a 'pictty rapid
paceup thuavcuuo (Jrand Armec. direct
r tf I'a- 1 Tt P Vi '
fur Arc tie Iriomphc, the I rench troops
vacating tho Mrcots aa the Sermaim op
preached. r i 5 T .
;Tho other columnentonug at '4 pint
du .lour, below Auteuil, commenced to
march along tho quay ,qu .tl'0, north tide
of the Seine, direct fur the I'lncu do la
Concorde, where the rendezvous of the
two columns is fixed Tho z'mu i-ur-
rendered to the (icrmaus was almost,
entirely free of French, Thin com
menced at tho oxtrcmo southwoslcrn
corner id' the eucieiite, which forms a
jioint and mux in the shape of an ir
regular triangle, of which the Seine
furni" the v-irftrido ; the onciciite, from
1'ont du Jour tol'onte ties Teruos. tho
s5lk' n,,d I1otirK llomire, Ave
aw Ml f V ' .
uue ies 1 crucK irom uuo uoyaie 10 tno
cneientc, tho north side or base. The,
only poiuts witiuu tncMS limits retuincu
by the French aro the baking ostab
lit-hmont of tho Army of l'aris, tho
Qa de A alio, aud-ront du Jena. Iho
inangio was iiumirauiy. cnosen lor
strategetio purposes, with ila right pro-
teeled by the fceine, and itn lett by tho
enceinte. Ton thoii'and men would bo
alilu to hold thu north side against
As the .troops proceeded along tho
line the artillery took positions from
Porto du Neuilly to I'laeo do la ('on-
eorde, and from l'oiut du Jour to tho
sanio point as n precautionary measure.
Nothing could exceed thu splendid tip-
po.1r.1ucu of tho troops, dcsplto tho hard
servioo thoy havo seen. The rest af
forded them during the armistico . seems
to havo obliterated most of tho traces
of tho campaign. Thoy turned out in
as perfect ordor us if on a parado-ground
at home.
Diuiug thu wholu parade of thu vic
tors through tho streets of tho conquer
ed city, hut littlo disturbance occurred,
and none of that appeared to bo leveled,
against tiiu t icrnian troops, wnotu niareii
of triumph may bo said to' havo boon
made to empty slrccfs' and closed win
dows. With thu ratification of (ho
treaty of peaco by tho National Assem
bly, and this display in tho streets of
l'aris, tho great w'nr wTiteh-linTidesolaled
tuo most licuutilul alJd prosperous coun
try of Uuropo, UKdhacn.tJiOYU"13'111"
ng powers, haooup ,pu$ll
iTho introduction, ii'ilo congress of
.il,i.lfiri(nV(;hionilli2rilU WrkuUdl
I rwj-rv.iiT:"t-i7T.:3ri!iinu,j fJi "
Hue pcoplo of tho wholo country to a
sonso of tin dangir thiiO birieta oat in
stitutiofififro'm'ira.'dlcal domination, and
possibly 110 other moauuro of tho pres
ent BC3sion has mot ntli such a heroic
oppoMtion from - dcniosrntie congress
men. Not forgetting ihe brilliant ef
fort of Senator Casserly, f-tkie "pccolt of
tho Ifon.S. S. Cox inUio house of rep
resentatives inhibited tho proposed law
in a stronger light than it had previous
ly been favored with,1 and that our
judging o(&iTor thmel ve' -mh-
join a few extracts :
If thodmocratiopafty of lliecty and
State of No, York, were less .patriotic
than 'p'arUtf;?the would" bp"gUd..to
have ttui jmiiurtof ifoTcjaKJ oitetioiiw
contiuiic iad become intcimiliod by tub
nronotcrl iiiw imr- mcci
would bo still-o increase: ;thcir' majori
ties. ' Jiitt I irould'notTal'dr nartv buo-
CCS.S at tho peril onmutilation of the
form, structmo and gciu'us ol' onr gov
ernment, v ' .1- '
Tho "bill is substantially tho hill of
last bCMiouwith "imnrbvoinenW',. It
makes "inprc officialH,di:puty-narihaln
and supervisors. .It gives them mora
capricious' powcr and uliicld them from
tiAnIIri1iK- far thnlr.ir-f.i II ivnrtiu
them Into the old lody or our election
laws unttl.f tlio matter will bccom6
uu iiiuiauonai iinuKinee; 11 niio
thc.-o olTioials to hrrest with-
.. .! t '.A !.l ..! . -II -II..- 1
out warrant anu , oviuonce, ami
thus bleaks' the "oldest constitutional
guarantees ot liberty. It is an unwary
ranted, cr jtnrtt Ufo ot power, without
r..z - . 1 X". . 1 . . . . . . 1 . .
nimcaa, um. ror s ni purnow,
he porpctuationof a, falling antf dis -
lonorcil party, nut it hest common-
. . 1 . ...
cifr3olIdateH4inpiro 'against . which mir
falircrs fltrrcS and provide'd. It is h'
blow to local independence and r-clf-goveriimcnt,
without which the union
is over endangered. It iuaipartof Iho
Ui.-oijooU ol .oxtj-cities, and 11s cither
iu thu intore.-t of tiiu territorial donioc-s
iirs..i. it i r ' ...11 ii . . .
iai.y jviuyii 4,u.raei tureioiu, oiiu which
is ii'il less iKinlous than its alternative.
. ..!!!. J--;..1..1.f. .. a . .1 '
ii niiiiuiry iciaiorsuii, ureisu, 11,1s ilia
dictatSrship Itself. The approach tt
Diiroacli to
either ofthesc end is Ihe approach
toward the ab- of our constitutional
I am nntrjrh a partisan but that I'
suouia iiKo to we tiiu repuolicau party
resior'cd'to that purity which it had iu
itn bcgiiiiilug. iM-ilio n'nm Itgnrohor.
jiitality 'to many noble ideas. " I recol
lect liowlt fia'ng ho battle F0iig. of tlio
republic. I recollect how "John
llrown's body " marched on to the mu'
sic of your JlarooillaUo. I remember
thr.t there were high-minded, liberal
men, who gave their labors and genius
to you in your anti-slavery movement.
Hut 1 know that thousands of such iitv
now with us, und more awaiting n more
liberal policy on our jwrt tode.ert you.
They perceive that your jwirty by iu
strength has dmwu to itself-tho :sblfish,,
grectly cormorants of tho couulrv. Tliev
jicrcetvo that it in inspired and moved
by ignoble and olfndi aims, by- ncjioN
isui,,bj oblwry, by i-clieiues "of, all
kiiids which aro ovory day lieing dovel
ocd in this house, us well as at the
otliepcnd of the capitol and avenue.
Tha Appraprlatloat Rlll-Noathat
Ma Out
nail vraiiMtiam atiatir iB
aatar Craaawall, ale.
2V iht.HlUor of, Tht Cairo RuUetin t
AVaiuWTov, 1). O., Fob. 2P, 1871.
Yestonliiy tlio llouto In their action on
tbo huge job,
boat thu lt)iniyl vnnitii J.egitlnture, which
a l'hiladelphhvpnpcruys li o corrupt that
a bll oiidortlng thu ten commandment
could not bo got through without tlio poy-
nient of a cunnidarahla stun of money in
bhtck-muil uud uriboi. hvery rudieul
mcinbor had an utiiemlmciit to oiler, or a
plum iu tho bill, In which thure uih a
irnull prlruto Job, and by thu time tho hill
came to 11 votq there weru twenty new
buildingi ordered to bo built at 11 present
outlay of t-3,000,000, but which iu tlio end
would utot ?20,000(0O0.
IIKSOI'XI KII nv Mil, ro.v.
Mr. Cox denuutieud this tit thu worst Job
that uver.cuiuu beforo tho llouo.
p,li: or vot.
T hero was a regular bargain und salu of
votes among tlio radh'nh; "You vuto for
my littlo job, and I'll vnlo for yoursi1'"
Notwlthi-taudiug tho immcu-iity of thnjoh
as it' "strtO'Ij'thtfro' Vro jiniauj' radical
members who?u littlp jubi were eait over
board, that they wcru;6trong enough, allied
with tho democrat, to defeat tho bill on
tho JhlaA vote. Tho dutermliied'thiit If
thoy could'nof.havi "
tliiit'otliorvt thuultl not, and tliui gppd has
eomo uut 1 evil, tor tho new bu Uingl
1 1 m s f 1 jo off l (ofrfro a roc'oiuldorutlon
will bo pormltted. Thls'ii ill's last fpotf
men of rudieal ee
1 T H II f I
Sertalof Bcotf.'cl
...(..... n. ..r Ihn tmltliarn
outrage InvwlWtlrtir c'Otiimlttco, dosnito
, VHUll lllilil u. -'
tbo obltffttton of cerey' jmposcdon hfi
eommltteo, went.luto u,rudicl eauouiaad
A OHE-tiinjtll STATKUlT ,
what twk place beforo tho
t.'irV 14.111 tlllt OV.'Mlltlllll III lilt) V.I'rt.Hlf
law- which' thin amends. Jlut it is . rrlcnd of t .0 I'residont, and ho imay well
worso than ihll It is an iinnccesfary ' clcUlm "Lct L,i'iu J" hul ho may,
and daner..ns i.ilv.n.cn Imvnr.K l!mt the Ilndicsl CaU will mew and 'carpet-bng'
oiioinv, aud should bo
nitttoc, and on this baU urged strong Ituatlylomoho ropr'csontatlvo of wW'to
partlan u.eamirci by Congrs , and alsol'uon. I do not, howevor, rofcr to this
gave this account totho radical mnmpapcri Pa"iui ana mortifying roverso in tnnior
that the minds of ih pebifc mlebt V lnV '""c',?L.ll,s,0Ut' Wfl.v, of "JPi0"?."
Ditnod by tho rrrUtat(!mcTits',fet forth tn
ndvancc of tho regular report.
in ordor to call the attention of the Senate
to this breach of privilege, asked, us was
bis right, that tho rWiune account of tho
radical raucut might be resi ; tho major
ity, with characteristic unfairness and dis
courtesy, rcfuiod to let him, bo. board. Tho
radical rule in tho Scnato now appears to
bo to gag oil they can, and those whom
thov inuit hear, to rccolvn their remarks
with incof?, irtlc's of dcfUloii'Viiugritcr
and Insulting annoyances, ucli ui aconver
iuiLh loutl enough to bo bciird by- tho
speaker, which tho vlcv-pretldent fails to
Jtlilo by reported culls ufordernnd rapping
of his gavel.
The l'relidcnt has, I fear, created dls.
cord whero till was harmony beforo, by
tho appointment of Henry 1). Cooko, of
tlio bunking llrm of Jay Cooko & Co.,
U. is. bond notoriety, to tlio now position
- - - . . . L . 1
orOovernorof tliis District. Mr. Cooko U
,,v mmulcr or tbo "Tickle mc, and I'll
I Ticklo You Club ' ofthlsnluee.andln that
. ' . .
brytliorhooU of luckv follow, who connti
luly lll0BCW u,ft caplUil. Then
rime in tlio oiniuii. inoro
aro at leiut two other tupiriints for the po
sition which, if Mr. Cooko uccopts, will in
the vory naturdof tldngj as they run hero,
break up tho moit harmonious of rings,
1 - --
u uaJ oleut. Troub,0
1 .. com of .... ,nnnolfllmvnt. M ,th(i
, ,, ,, , . ,, T
' ilflnlMi tnn n 111! flKL'Tn VAN ..lull' . FA
gor' dogs will havo tiiofr doy."
bi:.N.VTUU bt'UNKll
has Icon advertised to deliver .1 must furi
ous philippic in tho Scnato against Grant
to-duy. .Sumner find nut that
(.rant, in order to miuiih him
r..- 1,1. ..,,.MtiiV,n 1,. i,n Sun
Domingo Job, brought about tho'alf-aud
alf 'commluion o a to deprive him of tht
laurels ho expected to wlnlnthusi-ttlcmont
of thu.Alabttma claims. After ruuialuliig
at home for lomo days Mr. Sumnar deter
mlnef upon war to tho death upon Grant,
llasheaasnranccsof support from Massa
chuiettt? onloc bo throw hlintolfllke a
forlorn hopd Into the breach determined
to do or die? Tlin renult of an aitault
Upon Uralit will bo Illfloavur'tirte vflr'
muiithip of the committee on foreign- of-
fairs, which the r-lci-k hJmund, tho venge
ful Morton and tho President's "skip, '
Conkling, hiwvo already threatened. Mr,
.Suainor'Will chargo.tho President with
nepollitn." "Why, everybody knows that ;
and has Mr. Sumner jtutawakouod tothe
knowledge' lie will aluo chargo the
President with receiving presents '.' Thoru
Is whero Sumner will bo wrong. l'rtn
iltnt Grant dues, not receive prv'cati, at it
would not look well fbr tliw Pfusidont, to
Jo so: but (itntrnl Urant was never
known to refuso one, except thu bull-pup
011 which thu oxprcf charges were not
pnl. I. Air. .Smnnitr being a Jawyor will at
(nice percolvo that tho oxart UliTercnco be
tween tho Pra-il lnnt and General, both
being surnamcd Grant, i iho Uilfororicn
between tweedledum and twccdledco, and
ho will or should enlighten us,
will batllo thu cominHtca having chargo of
tho investigation of tho Keay contract,
whereby Crcuwoll paid them 110,000 n
year inoro than others propon-d to do thu
work for by bringing a string of witnesses
which would reach from hero to Now
York so that tho testimony cannot all bo
gotten. this soiiion. lie I superintending
the investigation iu person and If possible
ha will permit no report to bo mado
although tho uVIdonco is moit conclusive
ngnlust him.
Messrs, Dvmnioy and
U'Toulo tho parties ho beat out of tho con
tract will follow Mm next session and get
sipiaro suro,
Why lie S'oulil Xol Crlrlirulo HurHcr-
Mrptscy-a isiruiuu)-.
Thu eltlzuus of .Moomihlno rjummit,
OHIO, eoieiinnc'i iioropn itreeioy 4 uirth
uuv on tuu on urn. .vn luvuuuou was
uxtended to Jtr. 'lombs to bu present, to
which ho returned thu following charac
teristic reply:
AunrsTA, Ga., Jan. 25, 1871.
. . . ,
liKXTi.KMK.M 1 uuvo riveivcit your
iciiur iiiriiuig uiu iu )iiiriiuiiiHto in tno
Celebration ot the sixtletti birthday of the
Hon. Honlco Greeley,, flndbi for ,11 pjedge
IIKH .A niil iiiiuiu imi, 111 erys-l ,01,-son 1111(1
Dixon's lino until. I can "oill tho roll of
my Haves at thu basu ot Hunker Hill
.Muiiiimeuti 1 khould bo with you on an
occimlon which awakens toinu pleasant and
many oiucr uiciuories.
Georgia, you" will, rumembur, wpnt
quito reluctantly out dfltha Union, 1 was
enuliR'd to rush Iho orUlilanco OP coosIoii
through our LegMaturi) bv reading In the
uumv iuu euuuriais or tea rew xork
.-ifioune, upnoming tno right .ot tho
outlmrii Stata toaotun' fttcovornmont
;fqf tliomolve, nnd denying tho right of
ao i'euorui sjuvurrmciit toUfiej JiiLinJjia
.Uplott-ty- coTroT6n.""FoT this timely
v ce, sinen ener.saoaa W,ioei ng o,
awn.iuuo toward wr.urei,iri out
- L-iiaiigis iiai como over mo spini in ij 1
dream?' All things considered, taUi
Gooreia out of tho Union was the Worst
dav's work lovJrdid. r .r ,cy '1SJr
Instoait .f'nnr iliyrrolKeall.nO BUSloB
have trirrieel' ,0it ond fofVnii; .and Ji.one
slaves call' tha roll for their forrnst iua
torsl Tho negro' has been elovatod not
only to a personal equality, but has ae-
complaint. Mr. Orceley,- Jn-adfvocating
tho right ot iccenlon "meant well,"
Miougii 11 wa ..ft ,.ronl mistake," and
ti. irMnno.t forRot that I was cruolly
mUlM, I can lay my hand upon my heart
and cnc-fally say that 1 forgivo him.
Vary trulv voiirj.
Galileo inrontod a v.WniW u lm-i
RoniOBCo mat ncny uvurj cnoolboy ' in
tho land has momorizod, and j liow few
reaiizo tno granu results or mat ini titiun
and how mach selenco Is Indohted toim
"Old Florentino Philosopher'' for tho r.d
vancoment It bus mado ilnco that discovery.'
Galileo dlicovercd tho laws of fulling
bodies anil of tho pendulum, two vory im
portant discoveries in natural phllowphy ;
yei nuu 110 noi given to tno woria tno
tolcieoDO. to w ex con t men ofselcnca would
know, at thlsday, who Galileo was.
PtoJcmv. ft Grecian 0stmnonipr.tn11t.J1l
that tho earth stood still, and tho mm and
all tho heavenly bodies revolved around it.
i ins was called thu "I'tolemiiie " theory.
Galileo lxllevcd this theory, becauso lio
had novcr heard of nnv other He va
teaching In tho university of Pus, when
ho first heard tho "Conernlcan" theory.
tho ono that ovory school girl known now
to hu true, viz: That tho sun is tho
centro, around which tho earth and other
planets revolve, hoon after Galileo luul
embraced tho Conernlcan thr-nre lm
beard Unit 11 watchmaker bv thu name of
Junsi'ti had invented an instrimcnt whlcli,
wotdtl iiuikcl distant objects nnnoar clo?i
,.. ir i..,.ii... J.- .i
construct a telescope, with a nieeo
lead plpo and two glasses. Ho
Seen luul an instrument which
would magnify thirty times. What
his cmutioni wero when hu turned his
glass to tho moon and behold its moiin
tains and valleys wo can scarcely Imagine.
On tho 8th of January, 1C10, hu discov
ered tho moons of Jupltor. As soon ns ho
Was suro of their motion aroUnd that body,
lio announced his discovery. Tho cry of
'heresy" was railed. Tho church uf
Homo uedarcd It to bo contrary to tho
teachings of Holy "Writ. Guliloo was
chargodwlthdoaling with tho devil, and
lie could got but few lu look through his
teloscopo, and those who did look, declared
It tho work of magic. Finally tho oppo
sition uocamoso strong no was oruoroa to
Homo, to appear before tno inquisition
and ubjtiro hi '.dungoroui and horotlcal
doctrine?' Ho was soren, years old, but
ho 'was comiiolled to.ondure thojournoy to
Itome. and in 1(U3 he knelt beiiini tho car
dinal", and with his hand on tha liibln ui
Jdted tho doeirinu that tho oasrtii moved.
uut iu 110 pavsod rrotu tbo presume 01, tpuiu
cardinals' Uw was heard to sav. "vet It
iriovo'.'' llutlio-wat compelled to desist
1 rum nil icacmng tuo theories, or even
proctalmlnghli discoveries. Hut thu dlo
wus cast. Tho grand truth had boon an
nounced, and sclcnco can tako no back
ward steps. All tbo cardinals and poHi
of tho world could not destroy tho ull'veU
of that discovery. And with that rudu
imperfect Instrument, and iu soita of
all opposition, Galileo revolutionized tho
wholo $cifeo of astronomy, and placed it
011 the (olid foundation of truth, which It
now occupies.
Tin UcoloKlcat I'olUctteii-Ttae Stale
Uoard of Agriculture,
fjI'lllNOriKLO. Ill, March I. Tho re-
niovul of thu elate goologicsl cabinet to tho
I nited Mates bulldinir liavim- boon com.
plcted, it Is found to bo vory littlo Injured j
incocd. as it is now in u 11 re-Drool' buildlm-
it muy bo said to bo in a bettor condition
than avor. As soon us officii room 1 nm.
t iuwu uiu ivotk ui sua ouico can t tin iro on.
.1.1.. .. ..t.- ....
iiim j. rui. it o nil on inionus to uso Ills In
iluenco not to chanra thu collup.ttnn
Its present safe location until thn
siuio-uouso if so fur mushed ns to supply
ivviii mr ik.
Tbo oxocultvo eommltteo of tho Stato
Agricultural society mot this morning,
pursuant to adjournment from yesterday.
Tho claim of thu Adams county society
was referred to a committee composed of
of Mciirs. lloicusthal and Vlttuin. Tho
board then took up tho premium list, and
has been busy iu discussing souio minor
charges. It was decided that thu gross
amount of thu list should bu tho soma as
lat year, but lomo changes aro necessary
(0 nioro fully adapt tho list to tho relative
various classes and
MiirvloutCupyortlie ltllile.
A few yuars since, thero was oxhlblteil in
New York n most marvelous specimen of
handwriting, it being no less tlisu a cum
pletu cony of tho Holy Jtiblu on a surface
ubout the tzu of au ordinary maiitlu or
plt-r glass, thu words of th titmo boing so
lugciiiourly arranged and grouped in to
form thu repreaeiitutoiiof u beautiful
temple, whllu at tho same time not ono
word is iiiuitted, no siintaneo transposed,
ti'iil the rcveral chapiurs liillow raeh other
ill proper nnler. At first vfw tlio pe
tator pcrcelrtsonly a well-arranged arelil
teetural drawing, delicately cmnpsot, but
on a elonooxainlnatlon (o,ne psrts requir
ing ihn use of a, magnifying glass) uvbry
part of thu elevation, each window uud
doorway, ouch apparent line ami curve of
column, cornice, and entablature, ovury
thine. In thurL about tho liieture. excent.
pui'hups, u siiglit shading, is resolved Into
dlstiuet aud regular haii-l.writing. Tho
wonderful production was executed by a
Polish gentleman by tho natuu of David
Davldsun. who Untuned his taslc alter two
years and aeren months of constant labor
and application,
At tlielVklli'llouM-.
Dunn Piatt writes from Washington:
"VYo aro getting to jio Just tho least bit
imperial U our ways, herts and, havo the
eoiiiitonmiuo. r or tlio tlrst I into in ino
htspiryof Uio'Kxecutlvo'iMansh'ri th Wx
nts appear in uverjr. His ;
77 X'"f" "nli cinhk 0f
- ; VVrai-aKSif ttuliori.r
.i.. i... i,,i ,i, ,..,,!
PWipu ot mio,,.i sw , vir,
. '-. . .1 : . . I ...
aurroundeu ov nor muioi 01 uunor, ana ma
liuudtoweVTjOliy sjoae mfot ton lt-bls ael-aBct
uius'ter of corenionlcsfciuidi presents tho
viilgarcrowuto tr.eirexciusivo excellencies
4 - ti- U
a ' ' w Jo w
(flily-wnr to Poh)Jk ffgfa
KcctlhYr nnd WlMlwwlfi Wfalff Hi Fo-"'
eljjn nnni itmesVc
78 Ohio IttVce,
CAIRO. u-rrf'lfcX..
Hn ltpon han't eonitonUr, afollaaoek f J )
2 SMYTIi; dc CO.,
ohio levee; ,-,
fM'o, ki rp coniliintlr on,'hnn'A'14try)-t com-
. ..... ..... , .
Scotch and Irish Whiskies "
Porf, Madeira, Sheffyrlafa
I a r
Wn Ktolii.lnlv fur rah. In ahrKli 'lail m
htilv the nlUrnlion df clows ,lirla Iniyora i
filial Slltutiuu jlrcn to (Iltlnjf orJMH.-
, 1 1 i
Importer and WhosaJlflMf;
W 120 Malal-il w
nsTo fTtf it
FT ll MLco
"-s. Hollana- lfni Rafao " 5
oiAt!aliromlaTflac8 ' 3
5 .... - CJ
0T.3 ten
r 1 ; - 'vji;! '.--.1;-.:-.-.-
WAIiTEU sV lftlifNY.'hci ti.rf
ff . . .i :arr Uj.'iic; fi is
Eighth St., between Waihlrif toa 1
CommeroUth Ave fit OTJ
AiUolntna; KltltahASl S pty J
Kopptholx-stiif 1W, PorkTMiitton, Vl, Lainh.
Ktu.HKw, rti ami ar prrparnl to rtt ritisana
iu the ino.t o.-crtiilU niuam-r. ocUSdlf
Sausage ,
Ga,xrct, - - m m XAaIxxoIbTS
ey Orders filled promptly and
ho fullest satisfaction, attsirran
teed. ,
opl-M3ni .
iluiuo mm mu
CHAK. (AYKR st CO., Pro
l.'ieiionstDtly on hand Ihs U-.tof jUatl
Mutt r, n, l.niiili, imii.i:. I'Uildlnc, etc
1're.liw' itiUr lin au nuAutiiyornH Iwer, ele, ,
lny on hi.i l. . . 1
iirlurt fllltd rroniiitly uml tatliraeUon war-
rsnt-M. rutt "
A.N1) DKAI.UR lit ALT. A
I'm'. I'.illi mill Poplar St.,
IUlviM).l Uiu;hten tn- thw'l-jfvawrii.isw
and hti'p.and Upia'-arrd lu HU Say daniaud lor
fri-iili iMemiU irmu uuo i.uund l trn Ihoutaatf
iiOimiU. d.t.M.111
BOOT iDlf.m.
lltittveeii iVmhlngton Atp st Poplart
lio.-i. hii.i ii.im ivUi&iAU tMti J.
Satisfaction' "W'itanTeu
llourd ami Tullldn rieWisSi. SttM. .
tutinn 1 1 n sjie 1 tyss ifSr
iHrtlcuUr apply to Mki Kraas, Lsdoo, Caaailss
IV 1 4, jjvuiiimui .... E 1 v'

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