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ffltw lutein.
Jack Fry Ii building a new homo In
tho 4th -Word.
For pistols and cartridges and bowlu
knives, go direct to P. Neff, No. 7D Ohio
Lovco. i dectjtf
Polios Cocist. Wo were unable yester
day to obUln a tingle item of Interest from
till quarUr.
Children's plctucos a tpocialty at
Wortblneton's now Photoeranhlc Art
Gallery. feblVtf j
Couhty Court. Comity Court will
convene at tbk city on Monday. Hon.
F. Brow, Judge, and Jams . McCrlto
and Severe Marchlldon, attoclatot.
Who li It that doc not like smoking
hot bltoulta for broakfaitT Tho Fame
Cook itore will. bake them In 11 to minute'
time by the watch,
N:w Church. Rov. Wm. Kolly and
MlngoSmith (both colored) are building n
colored Baptltt church on Slat tlreot. The
good cauiu It progretsiogundcr tho inlulori
of Hrother Kelly and hit friend Mingo.
Imitation Porcelain Photograpbt nil
the, go taken only by W. T. Worthing-
ton nt hit sew Photograph art cnllcry.
i,1 feblOtf
Ir you want a good, ityliili nhd well
fitting mlt of clothe, made to order, you
matt go to P. Wolf, No. 79 Ohio Levoe.
Ooli found In Cairo without pick or
ihovel, In buying tho bett wagons In tho
market, which an found at the wagon
factory of J. P. Gamble, cornerof i)3d St.
and Ohio lovco, at wholMale and retail.
iawui vox All. John Baler has
started a yawl Manufactory corner of 2Ctb
street and Ohio levee. He has manufac
tureU quite a number, and sold them. Ho
Is doing a smashing busings. Success,
Jobn I
J t'8T received by 0. Hanny, corner of
Eighth and Commercial, a large stock of
Prlntt or the latest styles.
fobJSdlw '
CARFRTtand oil cloth, new and of tho
latest style, Just received by Hanny, corner
of 8th street and Commercial avenue. Call
and examine. feb28dlw
Kiopr frota New York to C. Hanny,
corner of Xlgbth and Commtrcial, a large
stock of domestics, bleached muslin, linen,
c, Ac. feblBdlw
W. T. WoiTHIKQTOii i doing a big
DDtinttt in copying ana enlarging uij
Daguerreotypes, Atnbrtnypet and Photo
graphs, making them look as bright at
when Oral taken. feblftf
CuiLDRM'a pictures shvuld he taken In
the forenoon. Parent should remember
this, as It It more- to their interest than
Wortblngton'n, over Rockwell & Co.t
Book Store. mch:tf
Notice, A brown dog camo to my place
about two months ago, airl tlnco that time
ha been in my possession. The owner
can havo tho dog by proving property and
paying expense. Knqulre at Tiik Bul
letin offlcc. mch5-2t
Wanted. One Instrumental music
teacher, (German preferred) ; one ex perl-
riencea grammar tcnooi teacher, and a
ripe scholar, for the High School Depart
ment. Address, Box 31,
mch2d3t Mayfleld, Ky.
wot UEADrrii was reported, on our
street on, Friday etcning' that Charles
Cooper, Jiving about tlx mile from Cairo,
had died from paralysis. Wo are pleated
to state that the report It not correct; but
Mr. Cooper Is living, in a critical if not
dangerous condition.
I am thoroughly satisfied that Simmons'
Mver Regulator It all It claims to bo for
Indigestion and Bilious Complaints. I
have also heard many of my frlondt speak
of It, and all agree that it possesses tho
virtues elaiaaed for it.
" Conductor M. Jt W. R. It.
It Is ttrango what a length of time It
takes to wear out Boots and Shoes when
Blade of good material, and Wm. Khlort
utet nothing but the best of everything
ttock, workmen and all at his shop on
Twentieth street opposite tho court house.
Fersoval. We record with pleasure a
call from Wallaeo Ore well, lata tif tho St.
Louis Tims. He goes to Louisville, and
will ho connected, with the editorial staff of
the 14)1.
Mr. Kirkpttrick, of 'Anna, called upon
ut yesterday. We want "Kirk" to toll
out and come to Cairo.
Taubu Beotuekb, 83 OhioLovce, will
uereafter W eoMtoxrtlv oa .hand, direct
from mo xwiern invttKiercrt sao -ury
best winter strained puriflod sperm oil. for
sewing machines, and all fine and light
machinery. "Thhi olli hu ntvsr; yet btoa
uperceded byBypOhemaRufaetured
oils, asit nevergumt or it affected by the
weather. , dec28tf
I .I"-; 1 ' . . t
Wanted Do'Arderi. A limited num
ber of gftitljemen can bo, accommodated
with day boarding (a a peuntand con
venient part of the city. Terms'reasonablo.
Apply At residence on Twelth street be
tween CommeroUlaRi WMalxten'aVen
tMt, Cairo IU , r w 1 rtv
TitEU.ds V. It. Jt. Qon. BurntMo nr
rived In tho city yesterday morning, and
bus boen In consultation with .Messrs,
Raum, Mltchol, Smith, Ilurdatid Unlit
day In referenco to tho Cairo and VIn.
con mis railroad nrolect. Tho General
claims that ho has uiud duo dlllqcf.eo in
tho prosecution of tho enterprise, and that
tho delays lmvo boon caused by clrcum
stances which no human foresight could
nnttcipato nnd no skill guard against. Ho
has, wo arc Informed, evidence most con
cluslvo of his ability to Immediately rnlto
all tho means necessary to push forward
the work to speedy completion, provided,
the subscriptions and donations can be
put upon the tamo basis thoy were a few
months ago. What will bo dono wo can
not predict, hut what should bo dono wo
know. Our ptoplo earnestly doilro that
the road should bo hulltat once, and there
is scarcely any tacrincolbey would not will
ingly make. All thoy demand It an assur
nnce bated upon tho ability and disposition
to tuakoitgood that the enterprise will no
longor be permitted to drag its slow
longut naiuugiy along.
The early history of Union County is
being prepared by an old settler for the
Tho Joncsboro (Jatttte eloees Its 21st
volume, the ohlet paper In Southern
"If nothing occurs to spoil the present
prospects, wo may expect a largo yield of
fruit tho coming fall at Cobdcn." So savs
Opt. I. -V. Phillips.
Tho Germans of J)u (juoln have had a
pcacu jubilee.
Du (juoln Is Infested with Mip!cIou
looking fellows.
Dkaii, Vcstordny morning the body
of an unknown person was found on the
sidewalk, corner of 12th street and Com
murcenl avenue, upon being informed of
tho fact, tho Coroner, (lotiman, immediate
ly summoned njury to pnit upon the man
her. ho camo to his dentil.
TJio following persons were sworn
Jerry Riley -Sleeps nt Hibernian enelno
house, haw man stnnuing nt tho railing
on the sidewalk about I o clock. Thought
ho heard some ono como to tho door mid
walkaway. Then looked out and taw
the man.
i rJohnny Jonet Sleeps ut Uiburnlan
encino house. Heard iiolie between 1
andl.hu thought, looked out of window
and saw three men ruiinlui; North to next
block when they turnel West. Never
saw deceased until he saw him lead on
sidewalk. Heard no cries or anytblne
Samual C. Mooro Saw deceased dav
befor yosttrday. Saw hi n night before
last (Thursday) In il&or of McK nzlo'
lumber office. Saw him again last nieht
....ILI .1 . 1 , - . .
waiains uown mo levee, lowarus nrnot.
about T o'clock, thousht had been drink
ing.. When saw him tlrtt thought he was
veryurunk-. unuersiana mat no resided
is Alabama. Learn that hn win ilnnnlmt
at nab uuin uu.e.
. t, . . . ... '
'lhos. Murphy ver mw tho man
until this morning.
Edward Shea Saw deceased between
9 and 10 o'cloi k last night Came Into
ilockler t bearding hnusc, Hu aJ whuc.
Ing. Never taw him before or since.
relth Kxamlncd deceased's pockets in
presence of tho Coroner. Found no papers
yranywing inuicaung nis name or rviu
Dr. Wardncr Kxuminel dccuasel. but
cannot tlnd Uon his person marks of vio
Thojury returned n verdict that he camo
to his death from exposure. Mr. leith
took possession of tho body, nnd burled it
yesteniay afternoon:
Wk have been requested by the sur
geon in charge at the marinu hospital at
Loultvillo to publish tint following report
of patients In that institution for the
month of February, 161 :
White. Colored. Total.
Numberof patients
remaining last day
of January
SO 13
07 1S1
48 127
40 117
Admitted during
the month
Discharged during
tho month
Remaining on tho
last day of month
Fallonta remaln'g
and admittod.
Patients treated during the month.,
t. J. UKirnxus,
Surgeon in Charge.
We would bo much pleased to toe tlml-
lar enterprise ditplaycd by tho surgeon in
chargo of the marine department of our
Cairo Hospital, presided over by the good
Sitters of the Holy Croat, and will gladly,
publish such a report, furnished us.
A Mystkrv. Iast Wednesday evening
"Bob'' Owen and "Jack" Downing started
for Bird' Point in 1 wall tkiff. We aro
informed that they had been drinking,
mid when they started wore greatly under
the influenco of lltjuor. Tho skiff in
which they ttartod hai been found, but no
cluo at yot of olthor "Bob" or "Juok.''
Apprehensions nro ontortttlncd that they
upset tho skiff, and that both went
down into a watery grave.
Roiiuep. Tho Peoplo't Meat Market
wasentoreil on Friday night, nnd over $30
worth of hams, clear sides nnd other inciUs
Tho door was unlocked by tho
robbers, who, aftor loading thomsolves, do-
parted looking tho door carefully to that
others who bad koys of tho right kind
could finish tho work of "donning out"
tho shop.
CuiNA Toys and Fancy AnmE-.-r-
Mlss Knto Carson & SIstor dcslro'to call
thq attention of tho publlo to tholr Inrgo
and select assortment of ohltm toys, nnd
that they nro constantly receiving articles
I sold for one dollar. Thoy nro proparod.to
give thoso desiring funoy articles excollont
bargains. Give them n call at K. II, Oi.
wald & Co.'t old ttand, commercial Ave
nue. ' mchC-lw
- .Select Council. '
r Csiao, Ills., March 3, 1871.
'Present Ills Honor, tho Mayor, and
Counellmen Arter, Ilurclay, Urankle, Car
roll, Fitzgerald, .lorgi-ns.on, Klcb, Lohr,
I.ouergan, Meyer, Mendel, Tnylor, Wal
dor, Wlntor 1 .
Quorum present.
Councilman Taylor raovod that the rules,
bo dlspensod with, and that n commltteo
of two bo appointed by the chair to tn
VMS the return of tho la to chafte flec
tion rclatlvo to tho general officers, and
roport InsUnier. " " 'r
Carried. ( w
Tho chair appointed Mcttrt.BfrcIHndf
Winter at tuclf 0010(1' O
Tho comtnlttoo after examining iho re
turns of tho difTercnt Wards of tho city
presented tho following roporfto-wlW
Your committee, appointed to canvass
tho election return, beg letsTeto report:
maias snown in inonrti wara:
tor mayor, Votot.
John M. I.ansdcn lit "Ward... 161
" " 2nd Ward 290
" 3rd Ward 1M
11 itu tv.ji.-...;.".; 317
, Hit
-1st Ward - 70
2d Ward 72
3rd Ward.......... 47
4th Ward OJ
Iiallov S. liarrcll-
J. B. Tuvlor, First Ward Wi
Second Ward 203
" " Third Ward 130
" " Fourth Ward - 82S
Total i'.m
Jno.Hyland, First Ward '40
' " Second. WnrJ .-, CI
Third Wanl k. 30
" ' Fourth Ward 53
Total ......183
, fO.'l CITY CLr.tK.
M. J. Howlev, FJr.t Ward '157
" Second Ward 178
" Third Ward ,.8.
" ' Fourth Wiird.......:.... '32S
J.T. Thomas,
. '75
. 42
First Wa'r'4.
Second Wald........
Third Ward
Fourth Wnidiw.'..'.,
Morgan, First Ward
Joel G.
1. 1.
ii 11
' Second 'Word 94
Third Ward t4
Fourth' Ward....." 08
Total ..T............J 12
Prttrlclfll. Pope, rirsi Wnrd ."13T
" 2d " f;Vt9
" V 3d, " .......... 111.,
u " a lil " Jlh , " . .,'.r.A....VJ74
AndrjiiT CilnT First Ward.....T...V.. 153'
econu; varu....;.i.. iw
Third Ward
" '. Fourth Wunl
Wm. Tm Scott, First Ward
' " Second Ward
" Third Ward
" Fourth Ward
Jno. Brown,
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward r,
Tourth Ward ' r
Total I. .....;r."'o2
Councilman Taylor Introduced and
moved tho adoption of the following reso
lution, to.wlt: Resolution adopted by the
following vote, viz
Ayet Barclay, Urankle, Carroll, Fit-
eorald. JIeb, Lonurgtu, yer, Jetu-l,
Taylor, Walder, Winter nnd Wllion IS;
Nayt Lohr 1.
Council Ciiamuxr, Cairo, IllhI
Jtfarch 3, 1871. I
Whereat. The voto cast at tho election,
hnlrl hv duo nrocost of law. on Tueadar.
February 28, 1871, for the election of muni
cipal omcer show that John H. LAntdn
recolved tho highest number of votes cast
fur Mayor, Patrick II. Pope received tho
highest numoer or votot cati jor sjuy- ai-
tornoy, Michael Howley recolved tho high
est number of votet cast for City Clerk.
Joseph li. Taylor received the highest
number or votes cast tor uuy rreaturor,
Andrew Cain received the bigbett number
of votes cast for Citv Marshal ; therefore
bo It
Jtftohul. bv tho City Cuuncll convened
nt aforesaid, That the following named
persons are hereby declared duly elected
to tho office following :
John M. Lansdon, Mayor:
Michael ,T. nnwley, City Clerk j
Jos. II. Taylor, City Treasurer!
Patrick H. Popo, City Attorney!
Andrew Cain, City Marshal.
On motion ol Councilman Taylor, tho
Council adjourned U mod again In half an
hour. JNO. -BROWN,
City Clork.
Upon reasseuibllug nt the Council
Chamber, tho roll was ordered called, when
tho following tnombers nnswored to their
names: Arter, Barclay, Jorgenten, Car
roll, Fitzgorald, Lohr, Lonorgan, Meyor,
McKoe, Mondel, Taylor nnd Winter 12.
Tho Council then proceed to the trans-
action of business under tho Title. ,
Counellmen Barclay presented tk re
ports of F. Bross, P. M., for the month of
January, 1871, nnd of tho Pollco forco for
February, 1871, nnd n report from tho,
Fiuanco Committee upon the destruction
of cancullcd Scrip, Cupont and Bonds,
amounting. in tlio iiggregtte to 2,071 71,
togothor with a report of revenue from
Joseph 11. Taylor, City Treasurer. Reports'
read seyerally, (and, on motion, received
nnd ordorcd 011 file.
-Report of M, Bambrick relatlvo to col
lection of " Dog tax " reported to Com. on
claims. J'
The Street Commltteo in conjunction
with the City Comptroller reported that
heretofore, under Inttructlont of tho Coun
cil, thoy entered into a contract with ono
Mr. llalletd flirtho.doprotsionjn Wash.
ingxon Ajonuo, wncro formpraliy tho .Mar
'ket'bousottood, for $5M-711n Cltyordon,
and that tald lUlly had completed tho
fliling, nnd.recommo'ndod tho adoption of
tho'followlng resolution :
ReoUlt That the Mayor and City Clork
be authorized and directed to lsue a war
rant upon the City Treasurer for S3S 71
llvo hundrod anthlrty-tf)1'ssid 71-100
dollars in favor of iald' WIIlWm'Dalley su
payment In full, for the, filling herein re
ferred to. ;-WIKTBK,!
i John irrgLrANi X
City Compile?, f &
Referred to CommitteVon Cklms.
By same, a roport In rolattnn to tho pub
lic Clster'on"r Cotomercjal ATonno and
coRtaining variosst rocommendationt, wa
on motion reforred to Com. on claims,
, 1 , arxctAJ. committer:
The tpeclal Commltteo, who wero ap-
pointed J-r irn',T"en.lcJ rc
.port togetoer wun a communication irom
Jfr: Irvln. :Jttr. Taylor moved to lay upon
tna.tanie for runner consideration. l.osl
AMormssQ.MoKce then moved thit the
Chair appoint a Committee) of two to
whom tho report and communication bo
.referred with Instruction! to report upon
tho matter and thing .contained therein,
to tho next mooting of the hoard of Alder
man. Carried.
Tho Chair appointed at. such CoimnllUo
Messrs. McKco and Jorgenten,
The special Com, to whom was referred
tho Gat Company'i bills foe gat In full' to
January 1st, 1871, consumed In Street
lamps, nnd Fire Companies, amounting tu,
1420 :;o, reposed ttho bnis back rccdm
mending thaf tho bills be paid. Report re
ceived and bills referred to Committee on
Cluims undertha rule: ay ' , 9-f4
Tolhollon Jliyor tii.l'Cltf CouuelH '
Tlie Drninago Committee would respect,
fully report that they have had tho valves
to all tliuhJowor'scArefuHy repnlrcd'ilurlng
tbu past scasonj nnd find that they work
tntltfactorlly. j d- r
Your Committcu would recommend that
Iron, gratebart'boMt upon tho etch
kbailut n 34th and 32h stroet Sewer, no! ut
rto prevenf tiio train fromgettIngliito
ln.Yalvcs when thjyrc openoduUoLout
(loo tino waicr
:.; YoaAwumfttfe' wciffi furfhrrepof
that In nccordanco with a resolution of tho
r Council, thoy, In conjunction with his
Honor, tho Mayor, have told tho Engine
nd machinery connected with tho Teotb
Street Pump to the gentlemen composing
ihb "Eamcs Hub Co.'1 'The salowamnde
the 2d day of. January,, lb" 1. Terms,
throe thoiiWnd' dollar-if which three
.blind rl ilAllpIClrm Mrt fntia f,alil down
and Uiebalanco S'J700payaM In two
years In emtb, with Interest atper.cont,
at tho City1 National Hanks, said notes
secured by mortgagij on tho .machinery.
An additional consideration being tho use
of said Engine, mnfchlricry, etc., two years
in the city of-Cairo fr manufacturing
purposes. Tho $300 wat paid to the Treas
urer In
Bond .'ill 70fi0 interest 20 1 7854,
" $220 100,00 " 403 104 03
t'i!7 KaO.OO ! Jfl.-t 1(U III
Cupon onS
10,1)0 111
Your Commltteo would again call tho
attention of tho. Council to thoaraonnt due
the City 'froi W. P.v)lalliday, for small
Engine told him by tho'Dralnogc Commit
tco last year.
The terms of nalo were, tho equivalent
In city Scrip jqf twohundrod dollars In
caah. Thit amount hat , never been paid
and It still duetbe cityV
Your committoe would recommend tho
adoption of the resolution hereto attached,
We take pleasure In acknowledging our
obligations to Mr,,Wm, Mcllale, City
Jailor, for hit promptness in carrying out
our orders during tbo year just closed.
All of which Is respectfully submitted,
Cairo, March 2d '71. ;
Iti$ohel. By tho City Council in Joint
Session convened, That the city Treasurer
l, nn.l l.n tm I.AWrtSl.r Ih.S.llAlAil Irt ll.MA ill
collection or tne monovuui ino city rnr
the small Kngino told tu W. P. llalll-
day. j
Laid upon the table. .
Whereupon Alderman Wlntor introdu
ced and moved the adopllou of tho follow
ing resolution, to-wltj:
Ilaoheil. That tho- Citv T roasumr be
nulhorlzedj toreelve in eailt I'mia tho'
Mayor tho turn otom liundnd und tlxty
three dollars; In full of claim 'of tho citv
against NY. P. llallnday, uld iimouut to
do placed in tnef.piorvii nina.
1 'AVVUl'M'tll ;
1 1 ' r
Billof Wm.,McIiilg dieting pris
oner to March. Ut,-
of Rockwall' A: Co..' HtutlonK. i
ry Tor Clerk', otllee,
WmvI)alloy hauling fdr city
Wm. M Davidson, locks tor
Il ,
;J. G Lydch,f entcivih,. . .
Joseph Mondol, sundries for
Jail '
P Sweonov. haullncr Msu-
. I
John Brown repamng.bMlQt
iboxes ,p"WiT 1
iii -uimuiioy, iiiooring 011 tv'
"street p 97,73
' ThovKtuighto! n sC IsTM
' W.icallnJeharo of,;3 H ?;
chain HMgstiM i ' 34J10'
' GatCo.for,vato Marahdst 2 881,00,
f Sundry perton.ToftorvlcV OO.OO
1 Judge nnd Clerk of ; election 's
Tho foregbingTnTi' wWnitntod'and
t r..t i t , . .
roferrc4 to theCosnBpjHMcB,jptf
mo rum. r(,f , xyA,,sioH
Bids for salaries at foltovit' '
Bills for Thomas Wilson, Mayer,
for February salary f 83 93
' 1 for John Brown,' City CHorlT i'iw 00
' for .Tos B Taylor, City Treat- ;
uror lOO'OO
'"r for John Hyland City Oomp. 7600
,i forA Cann, 1'ollco Constnblo 7fi 00
1C. Jno Shcehan do do 7." 00
for M IJatnbrlck, city Marshal 50 00
Wero presented und read, and on motion
allowed by tho following voto. viz:
Ayct, Arter, Barclay, Carroll, Flttgotahi;
.Torgcnson,I.ohr, Lonergnn,McKee,Meyr,
Mondcl, Taylor, Winter 12.
Nnyet none.
Potltlon of LowIs)Martln praying that he
bo pormiUed to keep a Fruit .and Confec
tionary stand froo of -Llceriso chargo, on
account of being a cripple. Mr McKeo
moved to grant the prayer Carried by 'R
un.nlmn... R-J W i . -J -
unanimous vote,
Resolutions by Alderman Winter,
JUiohed, That a Commltteo of throo bo
appointed by tho Chair, to mako a con
tract with tbo Cairo Bulletin for tho'City
Printing for ono vcar from tho 8th day of
March, 1871, to March 8th, MIX Contract
tor giving good bond to city In tho sum of
one tnouiatsf. aouan ior w to.uim. vr.
rvlhtfooi 'r contract.
A motion ly Mr-Taylor ti lily tho reso
lution on tho tablo was decided In the nee
ativo by tho following vote, viz :
Ayes Arter, Barclay, Carroll. Joriron
ten, Loncrgan,,Tyior--tr!
Nnyt Fitzgerald, Lohr, 3reycr,McKoe,
f.ll n'i,. -iv:i. -
A motion to adopt tho resolution a ruad
then proveiled, "Mossrs: Arter, Carroll,
Barclay, Lonorgan, Taylor 3 voting no.
Thoso voting In tho affirmative wero
Fitzgerald, Jorgenten, Lohr, Meyer, M&.
Kee, .uondei, sV intor and Y iltont).
Thcro bolnu no further hutlnea. tho
Council adjourned:
City Clork!
The Church of tho Redeemer (Kplsco
palj;ls located on 1 1th street, Rov, Mr.
Conn, rector; services nt 10:30 n.m., and
0 p.m.; Sabbath school at 9 a.m.; su.
pcrlntcndcnt, Henry If. Candco.
Tho Methodist Church, corner Eighth
nnd Walnut streets ; Rov. F, L. Thomp
son, pnstor. 5 services 10:30 a.m., and 7;30
P.M.; Sunday school 3 p.m.; superintend
ent'' Ii. W. Still woll.
?Jfnero will bono tervicet nt the church
to-iey. Tho recent repair upon tbo
church havo rondorcd it unfit for use. It
will bo In perfect order for noxt Sabbath,
nil tt-111 llA tflA. inAil 'nM.n. h. . . J I
s . t v wiuiiii. kumiiii mil-
ilea In Cairo. , Rov. Mr. Thompson will
rest from hi ministerial duties to-day.
Tbo Presbyterian Church is located on
Eighth street, Rev. C. U. Footo pastor ;
services 10;30 o.m., and 7:30 p.m. ; Sunday
school 3 p.m.; superintendent John M.
c TSt. Palrlck's Church, corner Ninth
and Washinrt'on Avenue. X.
O'Halloran, priest; service 8:30
a.11)., nnd vcjport ut H p.m.; Sunday
school 3 p.m.
Lutheran Church, on 13th street, Rev.
Kobort Ilelhlg, pastor; servico 10 am
and 7:30 p m.; Sunday school 2:30 p.m.,
superintendent Rov. Robert Ilelblg.
Christian Church, Elghtoenth strcot;
servlres i.t 10:30 n.m.; Sunday school 3
p.m.; superintendent .To soph B. Ileod
Wbin Harcalts 1st Dry- UooiU Mmy Ih
w wBHUAra,
is now making arrangements for tho open
ing or tho spring trade. Ho intends filling
his commodious store room with a largo
variety of dry goods, comprising ladles'
dress goods, muslins, tablo linen, carpet
ing, matting and ull articles usually found
lu, similar establishment!.
His carpets, two ply, three ply and
Brussels, aro of now and elegant patterns,
and cheaper than havo boen brought to
this innrkel. Mr. Hanny intends adding
to his stock in this particular, at an early
day, und will show such a variety In styles
and prices that all purchasers can bo suited
In other articles of dry goods Mr. nanny's
ttock will bo low in price, various in kind
and of tho best quality.
RrxTKK.v Yeaim Ami, Rov. E. B.
Ol'mttoad prctrhed in thit city sixteen
years ngo In n log sohool house.
Tho Cairo Postofllro was mado a dis
tributing otllco nnd S. S. llrooki wns
A. O. Jones was town attorney.
Tho salary of the town clerk was $260
por your.
Tho Illinois Central Coal Company was
organized und sold coal ut Cairo.
y-DUho'n mid Standing began to build the
"Cairo City Mill," now tho property of
Charles Gallagher, Esq.
CD. Finch, D. C. Stuwart, und J. C.
Beilow wero elected school directors.
Tho first ndditlon to Cairo wat turyoyed.
Samuel Wilton, C. D. Arter nnd other
built jmsinojs houses.
' Good beefsteaks sold for llvo cent Dor
poiirid'. ,
Tho county or Alexander bad 11 white
population of 2927j ticgrpet 31, valuntion
pf taxable property, $1,1 70,494.
Ohpkkh to 'MARcir.WoTthlnsrton or
der everybody aud their children to
inarch to bit now Photocranhlo Art Gal-
leryf iiul leave their nitiuuro for ono or
moro-dozon of hit uow imitation porcelain
caro W'ptographt,, mado only at hi gal-
-.lrirr',--'ho lino of march should commence
tVouttt o'clock a. 111., and cdntinuo up till
night. ' mch2dtf
Why will our frlond run thq risk Of be
troming Hind by wearing common Specta
cles, when thoy can procuro tho most per
fuct article that, hat yet been mad, by.
calling nt our old friend Taber Bros' the
woll known jewolert and get a pair of
Lazarut & Morrlt' lVrfectcd SpecUclet.
Don't delay. febldwIm
If iiirs, Morris, Roode 4b Co,
,ho mammoth saw mil. of Messrs. Mo,
1rIa,Koodo&Co. Tho mill it undor tho
rtOn n recent trip to till In wo paid a visit
personal supervision of our Into and much
'ettoomed fellow citizen, Mr. Jot. 3. Mor-
To one who hit not had nn opportunity
toknowtthe working of nn ostahlish
nnt of thit - charactor, it it. worth
tholr tlmo nnd trouble to pay it a visit.
!tdatcd about one and a1-fourth'
m -,!rh oflollllnolt Central railroad
noar Ul In. it i.tn tmmon,4 ,.tuclur
iwottorlea blgu; and hulit of :tho,most
tubsUntlal maten.i it u bulJl ln ft
very convenient raannef,.,na stincoMt lias
PAtJed undor tho tcoptrol ot v,, Morris
naf un'dorgorfe'thorough repairs. '
At tho, mill thero aro in almost consit
operation tU or toven taws, of which
j, ' rnr. "mulat"
Is tho chief. Tho logs aro takon into tho
tslll by meant of machinery, worked by
tietrni. pRco ln thd rnlli; thfTlog ore
placed in position and cut into such dlmon
slons as con bo
worked up on another
and tmaller(saw,
Herb 'the' timhor, is Tt comet from tho
"mulay,1' will bo cnt up into lumber ready
for shipment, or Into -'dimension stuff," to
bu used In tho .uanufauturo of wsgan
spokes,. felloe, plow-beams, bolsters,-etc. -
Thcro aro in tho in 11 four or llvu, other
saws, used
for as many special purposes.
manulactitrod at this mill is principally
shipped to Chlcaco, Blootuliiirton. and tho
central an'd'Norlhcru niarkott o'fiho Stato."
Tho wigon utaterlarandv plow.boamt arar
thipped prineljinlly to Chicago and St.
Thero nro in .dohilnut employment nt
tho mill from thlrfy.fiVo'to forty lmndd.
constructed n wooden track, tho rails
of which are beech wood. whlch, It Is said,
will last much longer than uny other kind
of timber,- , , - !
yi 1 'TtJB.CIIOPHxpi.. . I L ;
At the chopping thoro aro 111 constant
omploymont from thirty to forty hands
in getting out logs tlnd hauling them to
tho places of loading. In all, tho compa
ny 0 wn between 3,500 "and 3,000 kjmT of
wood land, upon wfllclf there it an abun
dance of timber to run tho tnlll for many
year to come. Tho log aro transported
to the will on er,-ortrtieks,- drawn by-
t6am nnglne, familiarly knovni aa'Hho
or, thit city,' to tjt'wsgo.or tho entire hmsj,
chlnorv ofUeWl. ll'lt n well knowtT'
Ami si,. atr; in-ono o, tno foremoTT
workmen in hit line In the West.
The membors of the firm are Mr. Jat. S.
Morris, Mr. T. V. K. Tcnycke, and -Mr.
Roodo. '1
Mr. Morris was for many years u resi
dent of this city, whoro ho hat Inumera
bio friends ; and In a buslnost light wat
looked upon at ono of our mott tubttan
tlnl and enterprising citizens. Mr.
Tcnycko is n resident of Willhiratport Pa.,
and Mr. Roodo of Bloomlngton, In this
.V.sv Time Table.
On and after 12:20, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
4th, tho following tlmo tablo will govorn
the arrival and dopurturo of patseniror
trains at Cairo ( , , ,. v
Mail train leavct'at.
. .. 3:40 a.m.
Kxprest " " at....... . . . 3:30 p.m.
fit. luls and Cairo Kxprest
leavct at 1:20 n.m.
Accommodation leaves nt... 12:30 p.m.
Mail arrive.!.. ' .05 a.m.
Express arrives..... -.12:24 p.m.
St. Loult and Cairo Kxprest '
arrives 4:45 p.m.
Tha last immod train leave St., Loult
nt 10:30 n.m. Trader can loavo Cairo at
1:20 n.m., reach St. Louis at 1:iU n.m., re
main In tho city three hours, nnd return
to Cairo nt 4:40 p.m., tho tamo day.
Tho V-';30 accommodation nnd Cairo
nnd St. Louis express leavo daily j nil oth
ers lirnvo daily except Sunday.
Way passengers should bear In mind
that tho :t:30 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings botwecn Cairo nnd Centrulia,'
vis: Jonesboro, Cnrbondnle, Du'QupIn.
and Ashley. TliO 'l2:a0 p.m. train stops
nt nil tho stations along tho route.
dce:itf 'Agent, Cairn,
Fanl'V (luoiiri. Attention U cnllod to
tho stock of .fancy good, and china' toys
sold at prieo to suit tho times, also, dollar
articlui at tho Ilollnr Store,
Call nt K. II, Oswald & Co'a old stand
on Commercial Avenue. m4tf.
KuK tale ornxehange, A00 acres of oholoo
land in Franklin county on Iho contom
niated line of railroad' from Ht. Lou's to
Kvansvlllo. I will oxchango for Cairo
property. ' " O.CLOSK.
1 fehlldlm
V (rtH.Tho Kvenlng Star is'ho most
beautiful sheetdron cylinder wood ttovo
made. It Is durable, economical, and tho
poor man r fr.'eni., ''Everybody thould
have one of thcto cxcollcnt stoves
i. .i i.
IIIUU1UWI. . I vf )
i'Loutv Chplco 1'amlly Flour Jiv bbl
half bbl,'ck c.( for sale aUhoBgyp.
jtlajMlll. '
ALABOKtloctof fumhhlng goods of all
kinds always on hand at P. NetTt, No. 70
Ohio Levee. deedtf
Mr. KniTon: At it b. v.
by certain persons, for tho purpose IST
1 jurlng mo, that t did nottupport teoltUw
zen't candldato for Marshal, I de.lt; U
I JSSd ) U '
I n ms's.Ttrsum,,il
ww.. M.uu ,j jivaio.
A special communication of Catm
Lodgo.No 2 37 A. V. & A. M. will be hell
at Mntpnio. Hall to-morrow, (Monday )
ovoning, March Cth at 7 o'cloek, fo wot
in M. M.'Degroe. VlslUnr Brothtn are v
invited, By ordor of tho W. M. ' - "J
' W.B.KKRNEY,J3ec'y,
rnM hln hrn snnolntwl AralBiaSMinx at
'1 fi1 0' lniaoMrtet,iiwetr- a
10 th tinilernlKne.i. ""
lUIIUIili ,Uy ofM.rthA.D.lSTl.
MAIXTJIA J, KKSOj kim'i. V".
List nf lollor remajnliiiuiiolalmsvj Intharaat
OfHc, it Cure, nf.'oTl HatiMty, b. '4,1171.
AlMamler, mra I1
AJrn, tnlt Hasan
llrotrii, Dim Imoeno
liatknr, mr0 J . 1
HaulV.llkrmlM 4
. ,o. z -
(temenlt, Mtrgnet
(.'otton, mrt J.
jt'rawfortl, mtn M 11
'O iris, mitt M'J '
Hill., mlssJennl
Crttlev.'mrn Mftrv
Cuntarbcrry, I,
DrltcxilJiariP '
ilitm. Ill ri L'ella
a ..
nrorerjmitsLoiM Uonlrin, 'mr'Aatmdi f
llcn.li ron. ml., lTollle ltrrit.nr.r'i)a '
llowii miss Mullln .
JolmS'D, mi Annln Jone, mm Kdward
Kerl.y, miia Currlo .
r.Moiule, I.olilu - -
McurlrO'l, nilM L V (:) McOlonghlin, art kttry
yi.foril.initi Amanita ritect.'inltCarrl
MlioliTmrs.Miry jemjs, mist Annie'
Tbiiroua, mNs Il.llo Hk'-l "Jh &JLAS
Wilbur, mrt M I, K William, mrt Jam
Vil.tIl, mr Mary William, mlM Mollis
iion,;oir nn i p"j :( t
hi s? u
YcnrgaB.lmls X
onintmiVtrtrr --'
Hr.iwn. W A
Arthur, J , ,
AiHlei6d, V B
llean, C
llurain r, C f
llcM, J
CMin4VIno? 3tiW,JB
uoronn, aiwiiv i.ieDi, u
Cgllliu, Jnu 0lr,'rho
Crtrtl, Ko Wm J,r
utuunsa I
.llewty, J B
DuuUp, J
UUowi, Jno
uvj w uu
'Til, tt A lil
i i
1 rri
olllno,orj Orml, L-i
Hiiiniihrir.TWmlloeUhu, Jno
Harris, J - llo.lms, Cbw
Hcnr,JaA lMr, HU
Jnck.on, I Jic.n, F.
John, Wesley. Jus, J'Ml.lp.
aarrotf tL
,1 urn m
nm, w u
Kmc. ii
Krpiingr,-i iimarto,
Kcu.ltsr. lt M
Lohr, Deo lwltr.J M
Urnt. is L
tlel'otkt . Y. MuruJf r. H O WmT. Job-
Milt i, W A Moremi, John Httim7 CJ ' -
Miller, Henry MltctMll.UW
O'UtUlhitn, W O'Conoell, John s
Paroul.r, YA
finchln, A IV
i:llly, lir
lii, j a
PlelT.I. D It .
btiaw Wm (I
lmon, Jnnu
Sclol.r, O H
Psrker. rtol Porter. 1 W i .
iniricic. imu rowtr, rirrj . ,
Itoulntoa, RO Beusdstsw, teat
ItueUe.JU. ..RtotyytTT
HeynoUs, XK
Hpdlr, II Htewari, I) O
Bchtcfer, U C
Vtwlter, J W
L.tl 11-. .1.1 M I u.j.r
Turlor, Ueo- . .Thoairwon, K Tnraer;' t Hl'1
Trp, CbM : vf i Tr5r ; Tajlor, Uowtje I ; , k
Thker, VJ3 'lWaBtJhiC .L ii , 'Jt
wrrini.TK-- wajaotr. ja JVaUtn. 'Ale -
rertODicAlUnzforaar ef theakeraUtUiawll
lileate ask for " AdTeitlt4 LstwiV a4 ra tts
lafeofthl list. O, W. MtHZHO,.. H.,
Mount CurlMtit. Du iala tutel
Ohl Mlver
A unoil Nuiiy ois Hand',vuUilUvr4
lit isny part or tlto'eUjr.
livery Load of Coal VTthN, f '
Jtcaiituro Glvfa.
I'Kti UAH I.OA0.
Orilnwlen Htlhottlce willtolllleJ iramedlll"
ept'illf " ' '
rW4 -
llaVi l4us SI
.stt,nsiitNix n.aM 4 mt
Kst. in (MUa ltrMar S4littAi.-t,Nlrc
Vara ltir tkofM. CtMrtt ti,,
. Ml.wtUltswvrMtBtt4 JiUtV
ASt.sstloj. , , .jj t
mm ' A Jt
T... Tii OM.lnlAUlc11 Kill bIBC COl alOBCtliU
ttimtu at any hour, Jjr or sight.
clro, ki. aiia, nro if
" 1
IT .'I

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