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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, March 09, 1871, Image 3

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.Mtmrntncxtr-l ' uwufWWHWIlf
Dkad. Mrt. Matthew Clsrk, who has
been qulto ill for flvo or tix weeks, died
Iit nlgl.t. Duo nollco will bo given of
THE C. & Y, It. It. CO.
'A MM MM f Till. niRHOTOIIH KVtt.
r2 Tf S ! K
TM.on.iU I
Ir you want a good, atylish and well
fitting aultof clothe, made to order, you
mt.it go to P. Naff, No. 79 Ohio Levee,
Yitorday morning a largo dologation
f citizens tho mou or tticm heavy tax
paycri appeared before tho county, court,.
and, through Col. Taylor, presented a pa
tltlon ilgncd by over flvo hundred citizens
of Cairo, praying tho court to ncnulcsco in
)M plaififff Jlha Director! of tho C. & V.
Flouk- Choice Family Flour in bbls
half bbli, lack c., for sale at tbeEgyp-
Ian Mllli.- . , 1 su
" " ja.aa-.avv- m .viki. -- I i
Worthlngton't new Photographic Art I Jt.K.,Co.,forJcommcnclng tho work on that
i Uallery. feblutf I roau. TIM petition wai prepared in a fow
,' I noon.andtoHmanymoroilirnatnrci mlcht
have been obtained, but even In Its proiont
mmumrn v-., tur ....j.jr- . thw (u flit petition of citizen, uAa tiai
" I m - M m
j u I rum 65 fo 70 per cent, of all the iaxtt of
. I ? ' 1.7 '
W. T. WolTiiiWOToir i doing a big AUxaruUr. twnty. HJ to bo expects
bnilnca loojJylBga'nd enlarging old that a petition thiu oxtonlvoly signed by
DgueireMpi,'A.ntorotype and Photo- "oittlio'Half'ofBHthooloctoM'oflCajro,
graphs, making, thorn look ai bright aa bT " heaviest tax-payers, Ucke'd by
when flnt taken. ,. ..feblOtf I l"c knowledge, on the .part .of ,i,0 court
that threu-follrlln of till llm vntnri nf th
iianos. ino .wcxer women. ana countv .UM ....,., it,
- VT - VV" V r J P"!1! wwuiu tuio ni mo nocepuinco 01
. ,..,.r jiiioi ru iujcv ,nu rocoro- 1 the Director's proposition, ought to entitle
mcnuea dv ino Mil musicians. Xaey aro
tho bcit and cheapett. Thoto dciiroui to
purchajc, call on J. O.JCMiou. agant, N.
128 Comtnorclal Avcnuo. uich'dtf
To UovaajSr-WeYuio m Chart,
U.k Stove, 4tfMrUiterWf'dcWl
jeUJim commencing, work
quickly on Uut aVovt, and wo thcreforo
ricommend rtJAan. rrn'chT.dwlt.
OaaANd. Amith'a American Organi
give perfect latlifactlon to all. Call and
eo them. '-tOO II C . i
1 . JiC OAJWON. Agent..
No. 118, Commercial Ayenuo.
WAMTio.tt;oW0n iTe.yeari' time,
for which a fak ratf of InUrMt will W
paid and a mortgage on unincumbered
real ctUto given for Security. Knqulre at
Bullctik oiUi;-or addrciM P; 0. Drawer
1170, Cairo, Illlnolt. mch;4w3ra .
n 117 win our irMnoa run me ritK or, be
coming blind by wearing common Hpecta
clft, when ta.taaawiii the mdtfpar
railing ai our 01a ineaoa 1 aoer oroi' tne
wall kaown jewelart' a4rMta pair of
xsarui b jamro.-rHaciaa aaaeiaei,
Don't delar. faMdlvAlm
. s,Tij
Acr OooDa. Attention It called to
the itock of fancy gaaii ark(aa' toys
aoid at pricea to lull the time, alio, dollar
artlclaiattbaBslUrflisfs. "
Call at B. V. Oiwald ' Co'i old atajid
on CoMBMrsW Avasme. mtT.
Fob aale sMselMuigs, 600 acrst of ehotcs
land In Ffajiklla county on tke contest-
1.1-1 I!.. ' -- iw - .j--
m ... . ... . ;T. .. ;
jivanivui. 1 wiii'oicnange ror Cairo
property. C. CI.OSK.
Who U It that doea, nU Ilka imuklag
hot blicuiU for breakfast? The Fame
i.... . . ...m 1 1 Ai 1 a 1
tlmo by the witch,
For plitol and cartridcea and bowle
trilvx on ttlmrt In i' IVnlTa' 7(1 I
A few saloon keepars have discontinued
ickci. ana u aarretuas imsmum waoniwnm
.1... mi i . . it
t m " ' . . . aa.
t -n iriintlnnauttftad" aiulniMi. lln n.
Inn f i ,.v .hAuU mi Allnw vralt tiaa-
w w m
. f. I ' liJ il.t i
. . i it .
UUIIfciUlI'. all. L.IMMMI filial Hill I all 111
I. E. TAME iTlCEr-I(;E. -
iduct thm to follow alr bim
in oppoifiW o citizen
On tm Dry 4
now niHiciiifF iirraMirsBaniiu rai-ihAAiMn.
hit iji iiiu inr nrinuD. 110 inisnua niimcf
a a a - '-'-
foi tnndi. mntlln'- (Afilii Itrmn 'rnrnnt.
rtrv mftitlnir anfl all aWtntna itaiiallt nitni
o -
ii imiiiar vimuiuuuiDiiii.
His carpeU, two ply. threo ply and
. 1 f 111. t 1 a .
- - w
iv and will thOW lUCll ftTtnaLv In fttvt
.. .1 til. .11 1-- Iv. ...UJ
n nthnr irticiM nr upv irooai mr. iiinnv'i
. . 111 v. . i i t.. H..JM... t 1. 1 1
ImustMl MP
vbhi IHPWH awajH aaawassp
. a.1 V ' W C all'
for tho purpose of settling up the affairs
tho potltlou to tho favor of Judt'o Itrons
and his aJiocltttu,,Miidgo Mnrchlldon nnd
After tho petition luul bopn preontedt
Oen.Jtaum liroio, nnd read nu addrci of
thsj Directors of thoJ. & V. Kallroad Com
pany (lotbn court, letting forti In detail tho
J-huV for commencing work ort tliu road
berotofore itifcrrcl to In Tn: Bl'lleti.v.
Ho then nddrcsivd tho court In n fi)rclliln
speech of ubout flftocn lulnutcs duration.
ir was followed by Judge Mulkoy, who
endeavored to impress upon tho court tho
Importance. f acquiociug in tlio plan of
tho Directors, and dwelt at length Uk)H
tho nccesnity to Cairo und Alexander
county of iu,road und tho greait probu
blilty, that if 'thlseffort fuibid .the enter
prise would finally die out. Judgo .Mulkoy
in his argument, held ttiat Alexander
county had unconditionally .subscribed
100,000 to tho capita! stock of tho com
pny, and that if this plan fulls, tho crcd
iters of tho company can compel tho
county to pay Its pro rutn of the debt.
Ana in tun way, tola ttio JiKiiio, wo
shall bo compelled to puv ont
1100,000 and obtain, no road; white, bv
acqulmcing'ln tho plan Of tho Directors
.theru-U a atrong probability, that wu. shall
obtain the road. Hence the county haa
nothing to lose by accepting thc,prpl'sj
Man, whllo it way loose $100,000 ns.wdl
tho road by refusing ta accept lu The
Jadge spoka for about half an hour, and
way have had somo effect upon tho mind
of tho courts
Judge Droit announced that ho would
take the matter Into consideration that It
InvolvJBajdy Jalf a million of dollars
of 'tKetax-p'ayert; and ho would do for
them what ho believed best Judies Mc
Crite and Marchlldon also exprwsed their
.deslra.to huve time for deliberation, and
tho delegation withdrew
t a tlleiruliir,
K; Ciuo, . Mnrclifl, 1871.
'PreHent Messrs. Jlrnnkle. Fltzcerald'
hlob, Jiolir, McKuo, Mendel, Wnlder, Ti
i ncro ueing a quorumjprtsont tho Jloara
was nnnouncod rendy to proceed to.busl-
Alderman 'Winter appeared and took
Andrew Lohr and Leo Klobprasflt4,
and recommended psymwi iV &virt'
lowing blli.tc-rwltP' - b 77
Blllof J.JI.Oberly, service! jue' -
oi.eiootioB, ijUay, ib,w
Ward of thieKyattfco redearch'arrelew.'
tlon on'tha" S8th ult.'and aUsb.to.cftqoiro1
jinoitho qusliacatlons of the gentlemen
viuuu iiiumoora oi sam uoaru oi Aiaor-
jnen at said election would respectfully rc
"i.That, whllo said election returns for said.
ward aro dcfectlvo in omittlug.ld,Uto
or namo tho olflces for which tho praos
ll.nMa.ta. a... 1 a , . . . ' .
H1.-1U111 iiumcu wcro votuu lor, yet, inaa.is
proper nnd competent for tho Judges and
clerks of tho election for tho wordrn quoa-
Ilill of Waltoi' McKm. inrvlcca W
;J'.(,B.?lt?fj o'ocHon, ,1 dayct.,. ,6,00
uui oi a. r.-cnoacK, services judgo
of Klcctiob, S dnyi 26,00
uiiioi I., j. jyrne,sorvics jaageor
- election, S dayi 25.00
Hill of iJnorW.-8trabUirsrrvIccs"'-
tlon to arnond said returns by dolgnatf la,
7 uni, wiin. oiuccs mo pvmwaum
therein named wera vntiwl fnri andivaar
(committee rocommond that said retoVni
to0 amended by said judges or clerks. ,
'Tour committee would further roport,
that they havo examined into tho qualifi
cation! ol tho geatlena&AreceaUy elected
monsbors of tho Board of Aldormon, as
w. a..., .,;( j... i auuntwjTi oi mo uoara or Aiaormon, aa
ofJno. McBg.wylJudM, sc , 11 u tho tlmo and opportdnlUos would
of toetiohJl jUfti:,.l.i....J AOaJ.allow. and flndikatUeyarecUlaMt of the
SUtos, asJS ef thsfVequ I tU ago,
ildod In the city of Calro.and in t
, juugo or election, 6 days, t 20,
Bill, of Henry JUner, riervics'
' ' 'Judgo of olectldl.,,Ts5...,.., 20,
Jiili of W. H.Splller, service Judgo
United State, aaf thVnlaita'acaMcl
bavo rcaldod in the cltvof Calro.and in tbelr
respective Wards tho renuliita lencth of
time, and, although somo of thorn bold only.
I.. . . . a !. I ll
leuvu ion or property, yci ii is Douoxce.,
thatj.Jn this respect, also, all of tho mem
bers elect potsess the proper oualHuSlJunfc.
Bill Of Jai.,UarlauslocviosM 4
r -ll.a.ljrka' 1 J. tlllli,
Hill of AndnrTxc4r!afcMIrVl
clerk of eloctlon 1 day $
U. Hnucnstein, cleric of elec
tion 1 day.,...., .....v.,. .
B. .McMkiiJi us, clerk of elec-'
tlon 1 dny
Win. Moore, clerk of elec
tion i uny;
VV'U twf.Ml. ti tun
LOit Biotion'ti.e' rcpo'ri was oc'oivcd,
1 '
J ft rh,
I,,i.7.W22'Ba nd Hlooil-AII About I
. ifiriTusid ay ntcht. about hulf.ndit inn
Wloclr, officers ,Caln awl Shoohan. who
bad In tholr custody two colored women,
aroused Jnor Mcllalo, who, whon ho
'took' tiiareo of tho. Drlsonors. found thni
(both were bleeding? freely from woundi In
halrSfacea and- ether portions of their
rbolw.'.TJpoft examination, ono of the
women namoa "jjucy" was nsccrtaincato
bo wounded in a inoit frightful manner,
She was cut in the breast ( from tte throat
down abeut ten inches and b tho right cheek
irora near tno eyo to under tne oar, max
Her Hshtarm was also sashed is s dread
ful manner, and almotVcsi fn'twl'neati.o
wrlst Tho
nartls wai cut Isf tliV forehead and right
hasd,ibssti.aC Arlously.
The difficulty between ttioso two
i "a.. r. nwiir r .iiiti i . - ....
Hi .i.C..X'Sfc occurred nt Scotfs saloon, and
tM cWn'mlltoo dlschargedO 3$ vV
CAMerman Winter then introducod nnd
5 00 Ijniovthoudoptloaofjk
Jj 00
& 00
& 00
j.iuui.11 nnu J. ii. livriic juuires ui' tn
II. Able, clerk of eloctloh.l jf 3 n
.day. ...SftitHsjoB-i
R: P. Klppenberft clcrk'or
else. Ion -1 dav
.Sundry, bills of J no, ii. Oberlv for
lato city olectlon for the Second AVard of
the city of Cairo, bo authorized to have
'olo of tho tUiU of tW laid ekctlo'n oiJ.
iiiq anii booki' in
jtad tho prcsenco of the
their presence."
a. a ..I
HomiM vi Amur-
man. said clerk name boliic cntorcdupon
tho minutes of the Hoard of Alderman. ,
JJiunlmously adopted. "fa.f
- Messrs. J&ibaeh. Lohr and 1
and -Jno. H.Strauhal clark.eifi
That Peter NelT, No. 70 Ohlu levee, is
closing out his largo nnd woll-sclceted
stock of clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps,
trunks and valisei, at and
It is his purjtoaj to emburk moro exten
sively In tho merchant tailoring and fur
nishing goods builncss hence tho detlro
to close out tho stock abovo enumerated,
BcstrurUea of
Life assl Property at
81. LobI.
Estimated t
of Dollars.
Oar Million
ft?- n;f.i'l,,,,flsM,w"J ti.o?yc'irV?
street i pretonca orpine isoaru, anu taere a
I71f.!9 f2ir 'tU-TrcAums of said ward, Wfiim
itc ji...i.:;J sn& oo'
" bills of W. B.,7loowciU.slaV ' j ,f
imr an
Bill uf.Calro City, Ods Company
- iur ki cmumcu in it!
lamps, to'MaVcUlktHiffl'
" Luiru oILv Gai Co. lor.wmt al .mtK l..u:.. ...w .'JLi-j .
cun.ui.iudi.bv Hre Co'Sta'"- : l,B t,T ' " ( v ' ..' m'v .
'.fan. 1 it, 1 111 22te" 5 r5 tncodwew.tW.reft.ed
" Jos. McndelU Jn'dflei 'fortr "Itr' sndfllcd. .
(alty JulL G20.lAliemnn .Winter Introduced and
J --i- k r it : i . a . ' .
avaevtuautioptiou ol tlio foUowinif res-
JliUnnvJ Jalior ntr
tfn.i.ll In M nrnli 1 it
M'iii:,iMvlUlff.ii Gifi&WW T.r?ow ln4n,.d?lrotho(7,,w!"irBcntor
chair. irat.fe t6'Mnfeh Irtf.'fll' 00 Y?M poascssca or an tuoquaii
WmaSLelUA4lytIng,ssri.. a W??mT:ttVWyt.'
uoar to Jlarch liUj;,. . ,O0: r. Sit"" .uu,ru .:r": ."l..rr.rai
ss t w .r t'j t . m m nn m -Kiiai-iiiiti ismi v. . wti a ii
iiaea owajae im. nuuer,
9 65 I ft TJoMlmously adopted, 0 votine in tho
ti .....w...a.
City Jull , . L. . ..i&A0.U- Aiilomnn ) Inter iooduccd nij
TluJ.-lTaughloii, ftIal-orIng mqvasltba adoption of tlio followlug res
onmeiutoJiafth: ltloclWJltiiiu V-.
ju jiauony jai.ormgson vjs-- ..i-infif x t j, ..l
129 25 1 o'ic-,1nav,uie uvttuAi mermen
. in. n, iiviuion: tyca, ipr. in
C tv Jul .TiaViid UaaVinanl ' , ni l is
of ''.;ri:' '"a., s i i,xyiui.wwfi
ii(.iiitt."..- o,k. vtrn rA .'... . i . ..iU. ewalfHCsMoMe
awaa..a .avv. ..V.WW,.H ' I.-. i I.. I y al ,
crow out or a war of vrordi about a white
kj .. . . . , . - Tl f - t T 11. . , -
UiW-iAnnM UdfH nsJoJ.fng that Xucy
whlto man would not havo hor ..arrested.
or If (ho wns nrroitcd would pay hcjr Unci
Lucy protcstod that Annie j was m -Man
and alter. felSaMcs ofpitliots out cam
J.uoyls knlfo nnd Annies rnror and to
jvork tliu;g44Uo f()mftlo, .wont. Tbo tgh
Was 'if xhort duratlnn. but It was contln
I . I a a ...... M m 2. . f 1
a-r rnn iin id., i,HMv..flnirAt taanN-na
probubly-rcyon'" fiifal Injuries. Tho
wound in her breast is bcllorcd'toibeJ
mortal. If tho corset steel had notbroken
tho forco of tho blow tho razor would un
doubtcdly havo penetrated to a vital part
and hnvo closod. Lucy's account, twithoMl
further adowi .1 '
Annlo;was thKenT Yo'tlibicouny',Jall
yesterday morning, and Lucy Is lying in a
critical condition .at. ,jda-onFttrth
SI 00
repairs, etc,
" "V in. Dniley-haulipg lror
ilcr'of Comptroller.. ......i.
Jfio. Brown, for rtnalrs for
balt . boxo1....T.?..?.f".Ty
P.Sweenehinirhlr-forcllv Vso'SO
1 " for badges for. special folIcA.-.i, 00.
' F.VIncelnHiaeWqifyJW $OoC
r. SmitiriftefiMaai4l I ;
$04 '20 cnsh.fL'ommlttto rw-
a... .. .. , I .1. a. a .. n ft I. n.ia
, fc V.Maa-l I'.J IIITH. Ill J V IP
Bill of Unrein y Jlros., mcdlcino'lur
city: Jalf.:..J. .,.........$ ,8
C li: oodwarU, nails for city
$10 (ch,ciuinIUfo recoi.iT-. J1
tnendjMytnent In scrip I. .58 00
J. (S, Lynch, rent to Jan. l
$21 ciltli, commlttco rccom
mendphysicrit and crlpto I.
suoat "OodntheSI 00.
sumo for rent to lob. 10,ro-
V. H. IIISTIUCX C0t!KT. k- ,
1 Tho court convened yoAcrday morning
.( 0 ,;'i.,ai. . ...
t Judge Tfeit, prcMng finls E5 llj
Jarni; ajrUocn, -Ulerfe-; Wuford
Wilson', Attorney; Peter Saup, Deputy
Marshal: Paul Allen. Aulilant Denutv
Vntrlrlr I!nlllni. f'nnrtrln-
ti.li J fe?'4ockct contains tyveo.caaeaj,
10 criminal cases, iievcsiteesjCcrvlUcasrt,1
.... . - . 1 1 1 Ul
nlulonlo; buiIW..tw?.'Sory.6rlsjafbull4i
ngon lot .15 In block C,.oKjr?S-K ,.oiDJ;
TJMrrodiA-t-tinlMaaaeVIklro h2
sion In compliance wltli the ordinance
iiPon tho subject. .Tr j srrv
J Aa ordinanae .adoatssh W. tbertBslot
Council andUMaosrita sMond'rMVM, la,
JtbU Bo'.rd, efi l4nrdlncnu
,apu wwnariuoaif ana mo' iransaciion or
n mercantile business thereon;"' was1 Adop
ted by tbo.followlng vqts.yU
Aycs-BraoidoFitxgernid, iRlsb, Lohrj
UIT.aa Tr.,lAt II'. I., -
commend. pymciiL-culi..i.i?.26'00 l-MeKeeMcndel. Walder. Winter 8.
On iliotlon' tho bllts were allowed as re" Nays Lonergan.f u vju1'
commended by tho CoinhiIttceoBtJWIms'"l An'ofdinaneo 'entitled "An. 1
f ' - l lorcDom a ori 10
I'll. .'ICHUt'l Cl.UirU 1IUIII lUHIIK. I a 1 . a. ., , - .,
aio, an sr..inanco upon,iu aeooaa rea
n or auction aot. c .was
ts-IlranklFIUgefaliLUkOrfhr.ll: tHakosted upon tho second-readlW. in.l.
Cec, Waldor an Wlatirf: ' . LliaWWtlon.l.Id unon the table.
Mendel excused from voting. . ., . ...
Wo loarn !from Mr. Kent, tho gentlo-
ii t u n I - f . '
manly Ulegrnph.'opiratQr iaUlhisf etltou
that tho storm nt Kail St. Loiib v very
severe, buveral Uenota-and round houses
... . . 1 ,
... a a - ... r a
on tno isiana were .nemoiisticd, ana it u
reiiorted that sevoral ltv'os, wore lost. Ac-
curate particulars cannot bo obtained, but
that tho duniago was great thoro caa bo
no doubt. Tho damage to propcrty is es
timated at one million dollars, Tho storm
has been widespread, .and tho tolegraph
wiroa arodowain ail directions rincohs
above Information was obtained
Cuina Totk asp FaxoV AnTici.Kii.'2-'
Miss Kato Citrsiui & 8lter desire to- call
the attontion orlho piiblld tit Hiclr larco
select Safiorluuini'ojr'cblniv toy; nnd
that thoy aro constantly jcceivloj; articles
sold, for one dolluj. T)Ioy nr prepared to
givo thoso deilrfng fancy urfiqles excellent
bargains. (Ilvo tliem j call ut E. II. Oi.
vld & Co.'s old stand, Commercial Avc
nuo. .nicbo-lw
It Is strarico, what a length of time It
toko to wear out Boots and Shoci'whcii
ado of sood material, and Win. Killers
&n;hjnigbt tho best of ovory thing
ll!tA.or6idn nnd all at his s.iop on
Twentieth atropt opposlto tho court house.
roDiotr. r , a t
Obdixs to MAM-Uinkthl
.a'.lf .lia-U (1
nr. nvrvhV.Wl "trial - kH
iimruii iu ut. uvr a auiainaai
lmrv. ana leave r..
1 istiit- rrmi-iTiTnr.r"
moro dozen or &u now foliation porcelain
card pnotograpus, jnaae only si nis gal-
l.rv Tha Una of marcMakiM.MMaVarf
aVnnl A n'ilftAlr K. BB,. .Ulll m llll HIT Oil
night. mcH2dtr
AH Gal,
yOTW?1 sjouge, no. 229, I. O. O. F,
aro horehy noiflod that tho Lodcu will
penrtWs.fftr'B t 7 o'cjMjiiRfl
order to get tnougu witn tbo buslnesa In
time to atUnd tho lecture of Miss Ollvo
OBiivRiN'a pictures should bo Uken in
the forenoon, weikslhwrldiaiombo?
Hbi.,4s 'U is nloro to thoU3iitiUt baaU
Worthlngton'f,lovor flskwelUrrrco7s
Book Storo. ' tncb2tf
The samo committee reported the bill of
P. Sweeney for hauling 246 dead bogt
from city llm!t, aniountlntrto $(11.25. back
to this board for their action.
On motion the bill was allowed by' tho'
following vote, vU.;
Ayes llranklo, Fitzgerald, MeKee,
Waldcr nnd Winter S.
Nays Kleb, Lohr and Mepde 3.
Sold committoc,ito whom was also re
ferred tlW bill' of M. Bambficir, relative
'VDoprTax," Ac;, reported tho samo back
recommending payment of 9-I,SS. Report,
concurred In, bill. ordered paid by a unan
imous vote, 8 votlni: aye, nays none.
Aldcrmun Loncrgan appoarod and took
bis seat.
ThoCommlttco on,Ola',ras to, whom olio.
was referred tho Bill ' of Mr. Dalloy for
filling market ,bouso holo reported the
samo back; the. 'fiction of tlio Board upon
said bill; tflt wit $335,71. Bill ordered paid,
by the following vote, viz :
Ayes Uriinkle, Fitzgerald, Kleb, Lohr,
Xoqorgnu, JIcKeo, Mcndol, Waldcr, Win
ter-. v S ' .
Nays no no.
Tho rypoj-t of tho Street Committee in
rcgarditothu public cUlorus, wbloh nn tho
3rd fnstwas referred to the Committee on
dins In this board, entitled "An OrdI
nance fixing tho salaries of permanent of-
nccrs ror tne
la. motion
viz: Aye
Adjourned. JNO. BROWN,
ensuing municipal jrir,was
ir-v. Noes none.
Claims, nnd recommending to tho Couucll
U..cau.e,a warr.uu to to drawn upon tno
City rTrcasury for $3o0 OQ jn avdr c-Lrnnd St. Louis express
saltl Committee on Streets to bo used in
purchasing mixtorlal and paying for ma
terial nlrcudy purchased, Stc.(
was reported buck by tho Comiultteo ou;
Cluiint. rccomnieiidlni thut an order for,
$366 00 bo,dr(nwu upon tno Treasurer In
favor of said Mrcot vorautlttQo. itecom
inendations coocurrcdjn by the following'
vote, viz i '
Ayes Ilrnnklo, Fltzgorald, .Klob,
r'nlu. LluialiHii. McKoo. Mondel. "Wal.
r- rt :
jrt,n iuii to uocomoer ju, loioaajfing
been allowed by the Select Council, was
. - i e - 1 .. . 1 1
presenieu sur . on omb.rkod, and aaunterod
iiiuviuii, vuiivui ium iii it vi un, .nuujri.u if
voting in tho nfflrmatlTopaayi swaiao. L
. .iwr.'l
(In m''A . A 10. -Ifl ... ... . C.v.1.... 1. .
W airia.,-.lftCI .-..!, I'f III., " UUI.i.J, 1 'MV,
b, thrfollowil'Ao?t.lio! UillovWn
the arrival and depnartbre'fdf fplisoijger
trains n( CAIroj
Mall train leaves utr..K : if: rounn.s
Express " " nt 3,30 ii.in
St. Louis and Wf.,!-
leaves t..;.vrt?f;liao1i!ni '
Accommodation loaves at.'..lJ10.p.ui
Mail arrive. ..idiJVOa lur.2
Kxpress arrive.. ..'.....!m,i,;.,12:)I4 p.m. J
St. Louis and Cairo Exprtaa :-" i'
' arrlvei. . J?.1; ! ..""tllS i',n, 1
Tho last nnpicd.trAlp loiwcs S(. LouU
at 10,30 h.nf, Traders can loavo Cairo at
1:20 a.m., reach St. Louis at(7i2y.iu., re
main in tho city threo hours, and return
iu tiairo at p.m., tup jamo day. , ' .
Tho 12:30 'nccoiiilailiiij'anilLcJro'
i leavo daUy'i nil oth-
ers leavo dully excopt SutuUyn.
Vtiy c"tWdftftr In gj'ml
that the 3:30 p.m. trnfn makes only JTypr;
stopplnss betweont (Wro and- 'ent'rnll..
vl'tj aoncsbMo,rWhaileDuQi9ln '
deo3tf i 1 Agent, Culm.
X vVOMPaixV of dismounted' caval'r
came down irom at. Lou t
thoRIcbTnond, boun
tvrclvcT'nnd admiralty cases, thlrty-olght
rioo ioiowingTura wa saopiea ty tno
court yesterday:
"It 'slmir bo lawful to tako tho.deposU
tions of wltnciscs in any admiralty cause
pendifur in this court upon clvlnc to tho
opposlto'party orl-ttorduy, ono day
aotlco of tho UsjaaalsjaLwacu of Uklne tie'
samo, nd'ln MHHhMrotO, if the. oV'
.aWskaflAall la' at a place oih
than Wli-ero tbTTBjVfjt: which tho cauls
Is to bo tried, Is held, ono day (Sundays
.1.1.1- '.. . . ".. -a
itexeiuaeajfior every imriy nines travel
frotdCthsjplaco of holding court to tho
piece wjcro tno uepositton is, to bo taken,
but In no ciuo shall Anoro' tlmrivtcn days
nntlri. lo mnilriul. iinil 111 rutin wlmrn
proerty hu been seleUindor procivsfof
this court and not roleused. and no claim
hasliJch illcd therefor, such notico may
bo1 served upon tho person in whoso
custody such property may bo, and shall
havo tho same ell'ect as if personally
served on a party or his attorney. ' Such
depositions may bo taken before tho Judgo
oi uny court, justice or tno rcaco, cicrx
i a court or record. Notary rublic or
united Mutes Commissioner.
Tl'KHIlAV, UABca 7.
Civli2, 3, 4, 5, 0, 7, 8, 0, JO, ll. iulo to
plead by Wednesday morning.
Crlm. 1, 3, 4, 0, 12, 10, 17, continued to
iQctobo'r Term. f. ,
" Crin.-U, Mj Ji;m!ssflJjUnltca
States. '
will dlscourso
UBOn Ihtl tnln.lti,n ..iia
rM . ..,..,11,. M
Jecton B
Jtosday Enen'i, 'March 9th,
f .
Admlssloa i..-. .......... ... COconta
Reserved Seats....,..!..,... ,....N7& "
Rescrvod soaU will bo sold nt tho A tho
enm oi? Thursday; from 0 to 12 nu nnd
from 2 to, 5 p.. TickaU can bo had for
four days presndlng. tlie lecturo at W. B
Tl I I . a. , 1 . ... . a a .
ntCKwou uo. a anu is, a. nnnnon s
-A nc id an go jays :
tOsj' Loi:nn's lecturo In New YorK
City win a grand Inovatlon. Stoinwny
KalK lioldlliL' C.O00 nconlo. wns Dnckcd
Or hor lecturo nt tho Academy of Jiuslc,
n 'Philadelphia, tho Prut says i
"For an hour and a half aha held n vnt
aUdIol.ee fiirlrlnell-liounil.virer'stvlfl is
of th'eihlghcst llnlsh of emala olocutlon,
nndhorstorv a raro nilni-ltnr nt lmnior.
, . - , a o I
guuu boiibo nnu pantos.
Tho Now York Tribune snvs:
"Hho Is alwavsfbrichL clear and menial.
loindthinir ilin hut In tnll. It
rUoriglvj com monded to good tasto by her
unuiuaiiy uriuiani manner or tciiimr it."
Tho Chicago Evening Journal says :
"Farwcll Hall waa crowded to Its lm-
memo capacity.
ino icctura.waanot merely a succession
"mart savinn'i tartlv.exnrenml. but
It was a brilliant essay, eloquent with tho
Imagery lof thought sparkling, always,
nu loriranpaTDfOraS. t,perroctiy
ror.r list.
Steamers Jas, Fiskjr., Paducab,
" f Arlington, Columbus,
Indiana, Now Orleans,
City of Chester, St. Louis,
B. B. Church, Cincinnati,
Quickstep, Evansvillc,
Richmond, St. Louis,
Bcllo Memphis, Memphis,
II. S. Turner, Loalsvillo,
Northwestern, Cairo,
Robert Mitchell, New Orleass,
Dexter, New Orleans,
Jonnlo Brown, Cairo,
Colorado, St. Louis,
Jas. FIsk, Jr.j.Pnducab,
Arlington, Columbus,
Indiana, Loulsvillo, '
City of Chester, MomphW,
P. B. Church, New Orleasa,
tlulcktcp, Kvansvlllo,
Richmond, Now Orleans,
Bcllo Memphis, 8u Louis,
II. S. Turner, Now Orlettis,
Northwestern, St. Louis,
Robert Mitchell, Cincinnati,
Doxter, St. Louis,
Jennio Brown, St. Louis,
Colorado, Vlcksburg,
Colorado received 30 tons
ay-Tho Richmond filled out herewith
300 tnils,nsortcd freight.
Tho Tdlewild Is tho regular packet
for Evnnsvillo this evening.
monoous from beginning to
JThs'Jollct Signal, of February 28th,
Tho lecturo of Ollvo Logon, at Walsh's
Hall, onl Thursday1 ev'ealni.'. undor the
auspices ef tho Historical' Society, called
together the largest audience ovor soon In
this city on a like occailoa. Every inch
of.svailsble room in tho hall was occupied,
the mostl Deifect arramromenti havlm.
been made for seatins the multitude. Tha
lecturo was delivered in oloouont itvlo.
tha fair apeaksrkelna wnoatedlr applaud
ed. It wisjyelfj wiSrth' the' price of ad-
a , I
Soy-Tho rlvor hero
Inches slnco last night.
has fallen thrat
Business Improved a 11 ttio yester
day, but wns still far from brisk.
fttarT.i3 body of Captain Bowmab,
clerk of the Arthur, hns been found and
burled btlbw Memphis.
fair Tho llttlo stoamor Try Us sunk in
.Wnlssh river nday or two ago, but can bo
raised. Her cargo was partially saved.
ftsTTho Mississippi and Ohio are both
fulling rapidly nt all points above Cairo,
and tho bottom" lands will soon, bo clear of
, Crlni. 13,, pica guilty fine $50, and)
Crlm. 16, tried by Jury Jury disagree.
Adm, 1, continued on motion of claim
Iftntiwith leavo tocrosi-examlno witnesses
Adm. 4, motion entered by respondent
to supprcsa depositions.
'Aflm. o, continued by agreement to
Octobor Torm.
AdinC, dismissed by libcllant
v Adm. 7, continued by.agroment to Oo
touer lerpi. .,
Adm-23, 20, 27, 2H, 20, .10, 31, 32,
ISOVoMiisilisodbv libollnnt.
t6-ai - ...
Civil 1, tried by tho court nnd, judgment
r i . t . i ... . . ' ,
lyr pijiillilll.
-CIVll-ft, Judgment bv dofaiilU
fivllrf'l. 5. (1. tried by Jury verdict
it. .ii o .1 fin ii . . .t-i. i .
v-)vi i, r, v.
tobo'r To
aJ . mi,. ... ...
docW'ot'wItlf leavo to reinstate
Crliu. 15, continued to Octobor Term.
Court mcotsthis morning at 0 o'clock.
iTw6b"ty-flvoi thousand dollari wortVof
mady-mrto'cloUiint:, hat, eapi, .booti,
hpos trunks aiJvaloses Ujr.jJ oefWdA.r
1-7, ij9, 11, .oonllaued tojPc;
Mr fill ill
i.-'A 5 7,'!, 0,strrckonfroi.ftiie-
WVy,rvIV,ni 79 0hl ovcc.at AC.
VVJLVaStn plilCm, it being hUJnten
tlon (u.ciosq out in tbat-lIi'astdiV.ntbark
1,1 L..A . ,... -
about our cily,
alKiyeo 1 P.Mit!jWli.o(tlro day.
of the great robelllon. It was thought
W07!W" ton,
135 band single
n the 3d Insts
on tno 3d Instant, to oxamlno into the reg
ularity of tho eloctlon roturn of the Second
harness for sal a cheap. Enqulro of
mar0.8i DELAY & LOVKTT.
idVOlV Will
J 1 . I ' I "".a
uoroaltor keep iqnstantly on, baud.- direct
ttpnrjUn aEaitorn waBurioture'rthe -yqry
best winter stralrfed "puVlfiodapeBi oiLfwt
tmpi W'aqWnouhd1 all, tfifr a.id;liht
rtachlnery,; lli oll'yMjrft; jjoen
suporcodod by bny of tbe manufactured
oils, aa it novergiims or is afl'ectod by the
woathor. dec28tf
f&AM'new city government will step Into
policial. spocjjio-Kiorjoir. .
Ollvo liogan will lecturo to-night on
"girls" at tbo Athcneum.
There win a fearful storm yesterday
cyenlng rain, hall, wind, thundor and
i Dn. Wood and Newman dressed tho
wounds of tho wenchos who howed and
hackod each othorjon Tuesday night.
John Jack, formerly of thts .city, died
at Chicago; on tho 3d Inst., of consump
tion, aged 24 yean and 8 months
Tho steamer Loulsvillo, lyint; at our
wharf, was blown from her moorlugs yos
terday across tho river to tho Kentucky
Tuie first atory of tho Ames Sc CVs. hub
and apoko factory It nearly comnlotod.
There are from forty to fifty
ployed Jipoi tha.bulldteg.'
vAaiwiiiancu auouia oe passod by tno
Council requiring tho ordinance breakers
to pay .their fines In cash immediately on
conviction, or Jsbw, go toi the enlaboow.
The credit systtuji bus beeii unprolltabla to
.iia-iaity i
A negro nurso girl of Mcllalo stolo $24
froti) him the day beforo tlio eloctlon. Slio
carried it to her mother with tho stalo
"I found it " storj-. Yesterday Mac and
Constable Cain got on tlio trail and dis
covered tho money in thn old lady's stook
ing leg.
Tho subscribers of Tub Biili.kti.v
tho lower part of tljo city complain that th
paper f . stolen front their door knobs nn
door stops nlmost ovory morning. Oomo,
now, stop that I If you tiro too ungry or
.topj.cii to.subsoribo tor TllR Buf.LRTiir,
become as loon' as possible too honest to
steal lt.ri x
J tMiVl'lerco.of Viemiu, Johnson county
Wln theoity. .Mr.l'lerco was ono of tho
"heaviest contractors' on tho O. & V. R, R
Ho was tho lust man to stop work, nnd ox
peiujed, thuusandi of dollars which ho 1s
lid bclqve that, tho
uloiced In by tho nu
. .HiTTiio Jonnlo Brown, which has beca
laid tip hero sovoral weeks repairing anil
painting, left for St. Louis yesterday with
a load of cedar lumber.
- . C , T
V Salk Thn Tni1tavnn.'ilLt'.i..!,0ftii tiaM 1VA
hbdt sugar, 240 bbls molutes, 300 baadlaa
bides for reshlpmcnt to Chicago per, rail
and to Cumbcrlad river per steamer.
b7 Tho Simpson Horner, with a largo
tow of coal, ran Into tho bank near Ocoola,
100 iulks abovo Memphis, ond sunk .eight
boats nad barges, containing 100,000 bush
els con! for Vlcksburg nnd Now Orleans.
aha?" A now skylight has beon added to'
tho ofilco of tho Cairo city wharfboaf.
which not only makes tho ofilco mora
comfortablo nnd lighter, but adds to its
appearanco from tho outside. Marloa
Wright not only doslros to be comfortable
himself, but wishes to mako others so.
lOr Tho Quickstep brought out 73 bun
dles wagon boxes for C. R. Woodward, IS
stoves and 31 packages storo ware for
Boer wart, Orth &Co., Cairo; 93sks castor
beans for St. Louis, 100 bbls potatoes, 180
bbls flour, 22,000 hoop-poles, forreehip-
nunt South.
.... .
aiuiQiM tc-'got back.
thoritict) of tho different counties, will clvo
, . i j. 3- ax "aii Wai'iu win, on mo fuuu a iren aiars.
StiiS Malau I
i.oi. i.. ji, i.ow, oi riiiaaKi county, uas
cmureu jniu. i. ouiineu pnnnersnip Wlin
MrJ H.' M.jt Wood, of this clty.'fihd.Pro
poset to mako Cairo his hcudquartoni for
some timo to come. Wood it Lotw,,gen-
V.V Ln!uil,ieo agents, No. 182 Commoclal
avenue., is too card or wivso gentlemen.
I.ASS man
stivei cwHful and enerajetio husi.
Mam thoroughly saisJlacltbWt'Siurnsoiis'
Jdvar.Jtegultr is all it claims to ba
Indigestion and Bllloua 0nisl4t. I
hwvsiUtfklail tnauy of mylVfehds speak
of It, and airiKreatwl. ipoUtna' tiia
;Huc!PiuTOHi ior it. "(it,..)
ucltldwlw - u...5l
A lasok stock of furntshing goods of all
kinds always on hand at P. Neil's. No. 79
Ohio Levee. dec9tf
19 Tho Doxter brought fiOO tons frost
Now Orleans, and camo up in very lltUs
ovor six days, agalmt a rapidly rluttf
river and through rough and windy
woatbon Sho discharged hero 26 hbds
sugar, 13 hhds cocoa-nuts, llOscks coffee,
20 bbls tar, 33 pkgs mdso.
iTTlio Jai. Flik, jr., brought out a
fair trip yestorday, notwithstanding tbe
rouah weather which caused her to roll
nnd pitch! ikon ship at sea. She It so
staunch and tough, however, that aba asa
do such things when Another boat wosld
bo compelled to lay up. Sho brought 13
hhds tobacco for rc.hipmont to St. Louis,
22 ditto, 25 bbls meal, 2J cadiUcs and butts
tobacco, lot sundries for r.Mbipsiant
r Messrs. Rood ft Man a raited ateaai
yesterday on the nowtug which they are
bululiug hero for parties in St. Louis,
and found every part of hor machtnory in
exccllont condition. As St. Louis papers
aro praising u tug which was built al that
ppt;t, nnd say sho can run " sixtesa miles
an hour up hill," wo assert, m our tug has
contidorably moro power, that our boat
can make twenty miles an hour vpa rnoun
itfirTlii wim.liar was more or lew 1
oloudy all of yestorday, and culmjnijiij
In a heavy thunderstorm, 'with all taAC;
cessoriesof wind, rain and baiL Tbe
outlook, fo ;a short tlmo about the coia..
moncemoBoftho storm, was some what t
fricbtAil, s the sky becamo of inky
blAckun4i-auslng lamp to' b llgbtedla
i)iq kouw, 'and all tbo Indications ware of ti ,
a dangerous storm. Tbo only damage of
eonscquonoo, however, p was. tho fbiewnf . ,
looso of tho stca'mci Loulsvillo., wWcb! wfcii ) i '3 ? i ,
carikid from oursrf WabeiKentueky' ' v J
ino'ro, sustaining vory little damao. -1
Skwinu HAiAilNibk Those wantlns
Sowing Machines should retnomb'e'r that
Wheeler WJlson's 'aro tho best In use.
Tliev aro unsurpasaail for Hzht rnnnln.
Th'oy will out-waro any in uso. Call and
examino thorn. '
J. O. CARSON, Agent
rnltf. 128, Com. Aven
-a 1
r "

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