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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, March 12, 1871, Image 1

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OFr4pK, ON.
Between Commercial and Wash
Inglon Avenues,
AKCHtH Iter Rock Itlvor Paper
t;uiapnaj, niicniii iiig rcit unu
cjiiMrtB cement.
II.W. Jehn'M luiprovvd toof
ItlKHlWIt) AB llHIld.
Ohio Levee, bet. -ttb and Oth SU.,
It alwaja aupnueii with the cholseit '.Ulnar M
h ain'ia aiiu excellent a.igare oi tier, brsmi.
Ulllmrct X'j.V1os
ralh ltin theclty
Call end foi jour'
Biles villi all kla( of
le9E. AlSi eSO..
lutaaen Khjntn and ralnlhHtreet,
thirsty, hJ lore rood Il-tnoi, .houlJ gl
him a rail, aud llto who waiit
Caa hart their want supplied at hi har.
Proprietor of the
BUlksrt Hale aa4 Bar Bmm
EiI Dorado
IN Cmmi
Caii'o -
lerclal Ave.,
The Complete!, Hlapleit and H
Sewing Macklae la Use.
Cor. 8th Si. & Washington Ave
Th atomandfor thaJlAVIS BKWI.Nd MAOIl
INK In the AllentleKlatea, where Uiey are l-l
known, ami where III nuppUnt ll oilier", la
retrthncao I supplied.
ItneTerfallalnany kiu l of work. It U simple,
coii.litins of a few atront xirti, and It, vertical.
fr. rtMi'Ica It to ma nier eeame and to turn cor
ner without clunso of atilch or tcnunii.
Clolliliij; anil l.lore manufacturer prererlt to
all nihera, ami Hut it lajuat tlio tlilnu for family
eewlnx cTfrybnJr wd I acknowledge ufier exam
'".Mr",! Under hare aereral an an-l ditlerenl
.tjlf. of flu !,. and ropectriilly Innto nllwlin
want Ik"
Manufacture! togito them call Uifgra ptirchaa
intt lP llOf,
Call uud et n Circular.
FULTON & BOSS, J- rearlet or
Are Now la rU esassrMlofj.
Meaara. Fulton A Born are prepared to lurnlah
.11 kloilaof Klourof the beat quality, d aleo
Mill rl of all kind. Oraliatn Kloiir, In.acka
or In lea! "iimntity, inaJa from tit 11 .Whita
Tlaaad Hollow, Ware, Clotlwa Wringer
Toilet Ware, Coal Hods; Flro
Hhorels, Air- tlraten,
Manufacturer ol
J&nieSisaa,aSi8S "
1 4 mm
u 11$ tit.
The llndicalM of Missouri nre charg-
111" that. Gov. Grata; Urowii h.n united
with the Democracy. ThiiisgoodnL'W.",
if true. Gov. llrotvii is ono of the lead-
cr.s of jiublio t-utittmciit in the Ttiitcd
Status, and lie would find congenial tout'
nanv auionir tlio ncinoerat". i nc uoor
of the party is open, and if Grntz i.not
yet inside, welioo lie may ,oon pnci
the thrcnliold.
Vikxn.v Dkmohkbt, a daughter oi
the 'a.!iional)!o inodiste of New York
cityhas made her debut as n professional
finger. A Musical Press soiree u pi v
cn b Iter, at I'hiclccriny's Hall, reeeutly,
by Mr. and Madame Demorett for (lie
purpose of introdueinK their daughter
to the favorable notice of the public.
Tlio lady is young, beautiful, necoin
pllMied, anil according to tin: critics, u
vocalist ol great promise. The wealth
and portion of her parunlt added to
very determined ambition, has enabled
her to make tlio mod of her natural
Misi Demurest i deseribod as "n
chestnnt blondu beauty, a typo of love
liness now rated as the choicest. Her
graceful figure was bowitchingly dug
gested through the daintiest of -ilk and
acc costumes.'
At the conclusion of the concert, the
reprc-cntativc.s of the Tress, among
whom were Horace Greoly! I'onicroy,
Ilmild and Worm reporters, etc.,
repaired to the residence of Madam
Dcmorcst, where, they were regaled
witli a euinptuoui repast. The fond
toother " teiuporod dulcet creams in
vessels pure," whit a view possibly, to
their aoftcuiug cflccfe upon the pens of
tho critics, in which she wiu uot diap-
intod : their roau-tinted proolifecic of
the future of tho dcbuLauto contalir but
few "ifs,,nnd " but."
Mis.1 Deuiorcst has tried her hand
in musical composition and written houq
Tiik death of Mrs. Maria Cleinin,
aged eighty-one year?, took place re
ccntlyiu the Church Home in Haiti-
more, an institution under the manage
ment of tho Episcopal Church. This
ady wo the aunt and mother-in-law of
Kdgar A. Pe, and bis fait and lite-long
friend. She was tho sister of his father,
and daughter of David I'oe, Quarter-Mailer-General
of tho Old Maryland
line during the devolution, and tho in
timato fricud of Wushiugton, Lafayette
ud the leading meu of tho time, Kdgar
A. Poc married Virginia, the daughter
of Mre. Clomm. Their married life was
very short, the wife being of a delicate
and eusitivo nature, which could not
bear the wounds inflicted on it by tho
wild and wayward habits of her husband.
However, flio loved and believed in him
o the last, and her faith in, and tender
ness toward him were shared by her
mother. Mrs. Clonnii wus steadfast in
icr devotion to the downward fortunes
of her son-iu-law, a devotion rcmarkn-
bio when we consider that tho early
death of her daughtor was .induced
partly by a brokeu heart, broken, too
likely by the erratic ways of her bus
baud, who wrote a mo't musical lament
for her, sold it, and drank the ro-
Thnt tho tyvo ami care of this good
woman, whien Mlloweil roe unceasingly
jo tho hour of his death in the charita
ble institution in which the hci-fclf
breathed her lust, was felt and appreci
ated by its object, is evinced by tlm (el
lowing nouiict written by him to his
mother-in-law :
llrrauio I feci thai, in tlio H'AtrRa nt'ikr,
Tho Hngela, whlapcriag lounouiiollier.
Cim flnii, amoDii th'lr liomlujjU-riiu of lore,
None ao ilevot'onal as that nf Mnllivr,"
Therefore by that ilrar name I long liuve cullol j uu
Von whu are inoro tnan tiiolhc r unto iut,
AmlflilPil liljf hr.lituf heart, "hero death fllktiill-
. ed you.
Ii aaiiipg my Vir(iinla'i aptrit frta,,
,l,..mo.t'M!,r-'-"'Jr niolrr,iwli0 diid t'ailj,
Waa but tha mntli.r nt nir.lf- l,lif,. '
irj uiolherto iho one I loved ao dearly,
Bt that Innolty with which my wife
. W dearer to my aou than lla out-lifl .
TIIK UAbicAtnoiv.
Mr. Charles Sumner has been doposed
from the positiou hold by.hiiu'for ovor
a decado of Chairman of tho Commit
teo on Foreign Relations. Senator
"Chawlcs" has been snubbed and in
suited ; tho " Hub " aud all Massaohu
Botta aro howling in tho ngony of des
pair and indignation; prominent West
ern Hadical. journals assort that the
whole thing is " going to the devil," and
every honest man uttcrs)u fervent Amen.
The blows inflicted by South Carolina
Jirooks on the back of tho then rna'rtyr
cui not half no keen as the piercing
thrust, so well and effectually delivered
in-his own pdrson, in his own political
household, by his. own politicalTcllowa.
Mr. .Sumiiicr's offending has been
iHsrsUtont opjiositiou to tho Presidents'
.Santo Dpmingo selieinc. In this bo
was supported by many of tho ablest,
men and journals in bis own party. Put
the same qualities of character which
wrenched victory for the cat's tail strat
egist from his foe we keen in tho dis
placement of Sumner by the president.
The fight however, has but fairly com
menced and will now be watchud with
greater interest throughout tho land.
What Henton described n the "cohc-ive
power of public plunder," has no better
illustration than in this decapitation of
Sumner. While it has not been proven,
it has been commonly charged and
never refuted, that the tbolc affair was
n htigo job guttun tip in (be Interests of
a few person, with the President of
the.'o Tnitcd States standing at their
head as its active manager. During the
stormy hoision of the caucus at Wash
ington on Friday, almost every member
present took part in the violent din
cussion, and it is curious to note the
character of Iho mou'raocd on cither
idc. For the removal we find Morton,
who. pcrhupu, was moved more by a
feeling of jealousy and envy than of
gain'; next comes Pomcroy, of Kansas
tho Dick Turpiu of the Senate ; the fel
low who ii "in" with everything having
a dollar in it ; after him that hoary
headed political trickster and knave,
Siuion'Camcroii, whucarrics Pennsylva
nia in one pocket aud Grant-in tho other;
following him comes "Pill" Nye, .lack
Hamilton, of Texas, Sawyer of South
Carolina, Kellogg, of Louisiana, 'Chan
dler, the blatherskite of Michigan, and
a, numlwr of others of that, ilk, who
have contributed "mot to brine; the
body of whicli they are tlio members,
under the suspicion of every honest
and intelligent man in the country.
Again-t Sumner's removal wo find
Scliunt, Sherman, Spr.igue, Kenton,
Triitnbull, the Morrills, of Vermont aud
Maine, WiUou, Windom and Ferry, of
Connecticut men of that stamp the
men who have for years occupied tho
highest niche in the estimation of their
partisans. To cap the climax, Cameron
was sub'tittited for Sumner on the Com
mittee, nnd the latter assigned, or rather
consigned, to a contemptible committco
created for tlm occasion.
Looking at the row from u demo
cratic staud-poiut, we find ourselves oc
cupying a position similar to that of the
western Amazon, who, looking on at tho
struggle between her husband and n
bear, cooly exclaimed; 'Go it bus
band; go it bear." The fight between
the administration on tho one hand aud
tho republicans who stand by Mr. Sum
our on the other, only demonstrates tho
rottenue-'s of tho organization to which
they belong. Its doom is Healed. Tho
last nail ha- been driven in tho coffin of
Radicalism, and tho corpse only awaits
tho services of iho undertaker in 1SG2.
Mav God have iiiercvon its sinful soul.
Thu wheat crop uluut lu (2uoIi K.more
ll.ilterlng In appeurnnco than hns beoti the
case for years.
Charles Dewoodic, lather of Marlon
Dewo idle, who killed hi brother-in-law,
Jlroivu, s"a arrested last week und held
to ball in. the sum of .$2,000. Hi crtmo
was aisiiting hi son ty cicapa the hands of
Whooping cough, moaibn and chicken
pox aru prevalent among tho oliildren.
Tlio Tribune assures it reader that there
will bu a fair crop of peaches undun abun
dant ono of othor fruits, If tho frost docs
not Injure it within tlio" noxt thirty days-
Tho city U about to construct levee,
part of tho expenses to bo burn o by tho
city and' part by'tho 8prlngtlohl 'ajid Illi
nois .South Kastorn R. R.
.t .
t'lin UMini knnura Snrlni' la.comini!
becausotho gardoners aro clearing loll' the
debries of lust year from tholr gurdon spots.
Tlio itbovo named paper layai
In order to faollltato tho transfer liusl-
tho ovcnlntr of the uih fust, the usu of
front street to our railroads for the period
of six months.
Two bridges, ono ovor Rig Ray and tho
other spanning (Irand Tier, havo both
ness trom tho bnutji to tho hast,, nnd vie'
versa, bylway 6f baslwneato'w and LVdd
cah. tlie Ooiinell of oiir'eltv exteado4.'on
bv tlio lienvv rains of
tho Inst two week's.
An Incipient riot occurred at Floyd's
school house In Monro'o precinct, on tho
night of the -Ith Intt. Sovcn men, all des
perate character, wci.t to tho school homo
while a delating society wai In setllon for
tha purpoio of attacking a tnnnaojod
Wm. Mutlils. Fnlllng in this, they lirow
whisky bottles nnd othor rhlMos In a reck
le way, cutting ono man bstlly on the
head and forlornly Injuring n Infnntlnits
mother's nrifif. One or twouf the rowdies
wore well whipped. Thcy,wcrp all after
ward arretted ntid taken to the Jut! In G ol
efin da. 'f ' "' ' f
Donirollsns claim that they have liml
strawberries in bloom all Winter,
Wu.tako tlicrfulloiriii" from, umuni; the
Jjongom items in tou numi.-r yi mo
.Mnrrki, on Stind.sv the fth inul, at tho
rcMtlencu of K C'nhl.'Mr. Chn. Elchoirof
Cairo to MUsf (irucio Aden, of i)ongoln.
Tho hnjipy couple left for Cairo on tho
nltrht train stlonded by tho beit of wishes
of their numerous frlcndt, for their future
wvuaro anu nuppincsi.
A Xallonal Itlag-race.
fKrnm the Uuciniiatl Commercial of l'lJoy .J
Tho removnl of Charles Sumner from
the Chnlrinnnihlp of the Committee on
Foreign Kulntintii is nn unpromlilng lr
ginniiiKfor tho -Forty-second) .Con geese.
The selection of Simon Cameron to suc
ceed him Is still iji oro unpromising. It Is
not potrlhlu to, eomparo tho two' men.
Tlicy take their relative poiitlons .in tho
public minds' only bv contrast. Mr. .Sum
ner may be ssia'to bVwImt Mr. Cameron
is not. Tliostnttftnan and scholar gives
plocu to thojrufty olltIclnn nml trickster.
'Ill oro I but'oiui inirnllel eiisa'In liltlory
to this, and that was whon tlio .low,, in
amwerto l'ilittc, cried, ''Kch.uc unta us
Tim Senators who voted for this change
may take refuge from public indignation
under tho "coat-skirts of J'rcsiilant'Cirant.
They should make sure that thb sltlrts aro
ample i enough to hide them. " What Jiutl-
fylng plea can they put forward for their
Loon wnilioil nwny
action ? Tkut the Trcslduht demsnded flnd In thu ltd 1".
It? That tho Secretary ot ."jtate desired Itm I llnd no wnrrnnft' ns!- for the
iff They mint, m Mioth, have nllbu head prv.rti'o thut (iod insplte.1 Uo aiithont of
of the Foreign Committeo a plinnt ihstru- j tho Hel-rew chrotilck-s. of thi- legend i of
jaunt that thuy can tjovetn.caalor thauihaItuth,.J-;ither, & . nor fc'rfi n-cnrdir.t;
itopi of n flute. An obedient .Sen-tto re-' Kvangelists. As I rend their narr-.t I vc,
iponds by selecting thn'oan'mau if nil th) Kvatii;.dlsts weni'.lionest. vt- rthy,
republican members of that laidy who, I' devout men. wh woro r!hirn l .I"us in
tlio designs of lh Vroiidout niid ucri:Ury 1 1 u witnc. i t ) nil fmuru ii.'jus of thu
what tliey tniiy, will ndcrtio-v no olilec-1 'mii ulitv w.jrks dctm. thu wundtoiittv
lions, nor unvari ineir prnjeeis, cpcciniiy v
if tlio scynt of corruption; or spcculatloit
linnet nmj, tneui. j
Sumner's oifento c'oiiiliis In hav
ing a mind of his own, nnd acting upon
conviction liitelllccntly und cousuian-j
tloutly formed. Wo niuv bu suru his
successor will not oiri-nd in llko liattlcu-
Inri. He is opposed to the annexation of
.San Domingo, and hat mrtdo no scretof
his opposition. 'Fatally bent upon it an
nexation, tlio I'roildcut demands thu du
poiition from one of the mot imtiortnnt
committees, o( tho nblcst ulati In tlio Sen
ateand an obieiptlous .Soiiuto obuyr. The
way Is uiado n'.raiht und broad and
smooth for tho rati Mention of a llabcock
JJacx concocted treaty by tho removal of
the most formidable obstacle to thu enp
iiimmatloii of tho scheme. ,
Though proof is not poiitivo that tho
scheme for thennncxntlon of .San Djmingn
his Its origin In tho speculations and ad
venturers, nnd that grants' of Immense
value aro conditioned upon its success, tho
appointment of Cameron will revivo ar.d
strengthen tho credibility of tho stories
thut have bcon afloat during the pait tlx
montlu. His record whilo at tho head of
tho War Department Ii not such as to put
it past bellof that bu would recommend
annexation nil tho same whether there wis
a job in it or not. '
Thu administration, disgraced wi h the
nepotism of favoritism shown from iu be
ginning, will he forttinato Indeed if, after
this outrage, It escape tho condemnation
which thop'eoido have nut upon Its prede
cessors, witn one, exception -during thoj
past twenty mm. Tl will be fertunnte,
indeed, if it does not sueceud fn creating u
breach In tho republican rirty. dating
from thlsday'a work, which will widen
with the years, and result In such division
astogiyotho Presidency In 137- to the
It has broti a Republican profession to
I tolerate diU'orencci f opinion. When Its
I represuntntlvu head at Washington inks,
and an obedient &unto inflicts' penalties
I upon those whodilse.it, unfrocks Us uiinU
tcrs, und clothe with thn olllcial robes of
its best men thou of modlocru talont, nnd
not above suspicion, tho day luu arrived
when tho dissolution or ovorthrow of .tin
party, if It sanctions such performance,,
will not bo regarded iu nil inauspicious
nvniit. It'i tlin ulmoat itiiinuitiirntiiu ill..
taneo" between Sumner and Csmurori Vf
resents thu uxtcnt of partUan decadence, it
Is time' to call In tho undoriaknr and hand
uu Administration that takes preferred
stock- In tho" Pennsylvania!!, over for the
measure Qfjt eolUn,
tea son lis lleltgloii-Ily Horace liree
ley. Knun tho Nsw Vort Culden
Mv roasou asiurus too thut thu visible
aud invisible unlvorso aro tlio work of an
Almighty Father. Tho oviduueo of wi.o
design, of intelligent purpose, which is
presented on every sldo', leaves mu no
loop to haugu doubt upon.
My strong belief in (Jod is emphatically
dictated byi reason.' H Apart from, this
faculty, I could not feel suro of 1IU oxls
tancoj When Robinsou Crusoe satyon
hi desert Isfu a huu un footstep not hU
.own, Ills reason assured lilin that tlicru
mint boorilateljvbavo bceu-iinoluer of tho
human family uu that Island. No other
than a rational being eOuld havo been
thus assurf.;!.Vu4,tolsiidt ,t(iy prqof was
conclusive.. i i
I kiiQ abut tbuj;'i"djjey.!l " attribute,
of tho Creator, because my souses atte.t
that ho has mudo tho happiness of lijs
creatures un object id' his "linfuilliig
solicitude. (Natiuu jopliitowitlulivves
and adjustmonta'desighed and admirably
cabsuluted to subsorvo this end, l'aln,
privation, misery,-, result from, Unpsrfsct
tons in thu working of tha complicated
machinery In motion nil nround us; nono
of It was fuihloncd to this on J. Fracture,
stricture, derangement, mutilation, aro
fruitful of ngony; but the-naturnl, health
ful, unconstrained, unimpeded oxereiio of
tho powers and faculties Inherent In sen
tient beings conduces to enjoyment to
plcniuro. My reason tells mo that God
must havo willed this, and that lie dcllhhts
In making His creatures happy.
Nevertheless, evil suffering, wretched;
nets, abound. Disease ntlllcts and scourges
Idiocy, insanity, depravity, mako llfo a
burden to millions. Soma sf them have
dcicrvcd their woes , others havo not. I
cannot Onubt that innoceneo ofton sutlers,
.while quilt icom.s to riot in luxury and
sensual delight. Though tho connection
of vlrttt.wlth happlnc3, vjcu with mlsory,
Is verv goneral, it Is hot palpnbly"tinlvor-
sai. .uiiiions auuer woo uui huiiuu ,
other millions sin who do riot appear to
sutler. . hat says rvusou to this
Mtj reason says, "This mortal stato of
being but tho vestlbtildoi' human ciutenco.
All thnfwe sea ls hoi trroiniite traction of
nil that I-. (Jod shows us enough to eon
Vinto us Hint Ho loves t urity, truth, worth,
goouncM, nnd hates vice, wroni;, maiuvo-
lencc; hut. having explained JiiiutoJi ss
far, lie bids us trust Dim fur the reit
until it shall comoort with his fur-rcachlnt;
purposes to make nil plain. t irusi unu
wait. Tho problem of evil tests, hut does
not shake. 'mv faith' 1 lSo!r !t f triiilUr In
the face, itnd.'ihaitch iiot'ilnbcrplexed, nm
not cast down nor' disconcerted. As Ten
nyson says ;
"I aink upon thenlt.ir-at.iirs
That .lj'ethri)Ujjli diirknesa uptu idvl."
Nor does my reiou rovolt at what are
popularly termed miracles, or special In
terpositions of tlio dlvino hand. I hear
those who ay, "An All-Wlso (iod would
novor need to Interfere with the operation
of His laws," 1 do not ti'treo with tbom.
1 know no law more pervadim: und bcnlll-
cent I might add, essential than that of
gravitation ; I am sure tt Is n perfect law ;
nnd yet, were 1 to sea a child fulling out
of a tuvcnth-itory window looking upon it
liQnc puTcmcut, I should wish t arrest, In
tliis particular caie, the operation of that
law ; and I should net h i'. itc t ask
to interdoto Ills lnvluciblt arm to tins end.
I should- not (Ircaui.thut I lmoiclitd
cither IIIi wlidbm or III- hw In ( doing.
"Would you J
My ro!ton gives n ! -M-M p-orenei,
among nil tlio rolijiof:- Tvh.Sii ' have
any hnowlw'dgv, U tin.
, V I
wi'iwuly lormod ,
I t.'hrittlan, an I final it ' .ilnrw Va'tid'de
Iso and tendur savmirs uttcrinl bv him.
i ill. ,u'""cu U,UV "ncquui
II latll tall I 11 SI
ability und success, but with perfect In
legrity asid fidelity. Tboy may have mis
conceived some things, but they never in
tentionally misrepresented anything. And
their accounts, taken together, ot tho acts
and words f Jeiiu, the loading Incidents
of bis life, nnd tha circumstances of his
death, form by fir thu m ut interesting,
Important, tiu'hciitio biography vouch
safed to man. iud,
While my rcaion thus neixpts deuis ol
Nazareth u a teacher sunt fro m Hod,'
to save mntil.iti 1, not from punishment,
but from sin; and whilo 1 fully beliovu
that "He , hull se of tho travail of hi
soul and bo satisfied, through tho ulti
mate ingathering ot nil human souls Into
his kingdom of lovoaud life, I am not dis
posed to regard all other religion as dia
bolic, or eviiu decidedly pernicious. On
tho contrary. I Miovo that their authors
wcro cenorallv witn nnd L-ood man. who
sought tin make their disciples puror nnd
butter, rnrn not uru that thoy wuro left
entirely without dlvino enlightenment
and guldanco; and 1 Judgu that ft were
bettor to bo a Iluddhlst than worshipper
ofsomo loathsome serpent or senseless
stone; nnd belter to be a .Molmmtnodiu
than a liuddhlit. Hut, as Motes ranks
fur above Sitkya-Mnutil, or thn author of
llranmaulsm.'n a ninrallstand lnw-glver-cr.
so .lesui of JS'szsrcth commends him
self to my judgment ns .ho wisest, purett,
noblest, and greatest boing ever born of
woman, und mv reason confirm" the die-
1 ' i;
'9J &JVIor of mankind
tato of my heart which halls Mm Sui of
Jai'Kioii'a I.uv.1 loi' HU Wire,
Tlio love of Andrew .laekmn for Ibiohel
ltubards cot Un i.i inon his life. Tho love
wai not tho.lu.ift remarkahb' f aturu of
ono nf'tha. most n murkulilo chitractori
that lifts over figured fn American annnlsj
and UNent a huo iilnui '. r. ,n mtli: tender
ness, nnd moru than chivalric davotion,
to thu career of it niuii ihi'Siiiiipris.supou
tlio nation isyui liroad and noep, mid uho,
tierhujis, as much as any ilur, has Infused
iU own individually into his politics, aud
bv thu force of his slui'le will 'ujiuollda-
ted tho power and lnllii-n" of thu uppub- i
lie nnd shaped its ikstiuus. A strange, j
iTiinderful love, which haix In early man
hood, and continued uiiulianged uud uu-!
changeable through joy nnd borrow, siek i
ness and health, adversity nnd prosperity, '
trial nnd triumph, obscurity uud fume, j
until death. j
Never for u single moment, or In tho
smallest possible degree, did Jackson i
. .1.1 . ..Il.w.l ... .1... !...!!.. ..II. 1
pivcrvi! in ins mihk1"11 l" mo in un' ui ill
youth; and whether fn tho bumble log
cabin on tho bunks of R lyc-u Piurro, or In
thoso glided salooni where tho mostu bril
liant beauties of tho land through! around
tho hero of Now Orlean. and vied with
each other fur tho honor of n l'l tldontial
smiio ho was thosamo nr lens enthusiastic
admire, th.iutn Jndj llobitriAi. hni-"
bind. Jolllp;, tills Wfitn m ir? KilhVc!l
utul in old in:" was tho ipi i,; i, . i,ii,
and thoonly h iiivin bcin uu tl.. fen of
tin earth wnuoe.faititost wish 'tf to lilm i
ktmromu law, A louli from I -r w. uld
cheek tho llerce-t' tortent if i . u; u ,
smile was lii' richest rtiviirtl: i
Ht'o lost nil It charms, wlwn '
ah.) had vanished from tho eene, ai.d lie
said upon Ids death bed, tu a friend, who i
Ionian fiverlo catch the gsnpiu rwlilsper--''
"Jleuveu will bono lfenv mi i i nii nnii-s I
meet my wif tlii'Vo." 1'm'iii thoiluy of his i
great barnvoment ho woro not 'to his '
heart a largo miniature of thu departed
one, unu u comnnn on wuo irnveiiM woo
him during hls'l'rcsldeucy rchdes that on
a certain occasion, when h'u'wss obliged to
visit tlio lienerat room iato - nigow "u
found him sitting at tlio table with th s
mlnlaturo lying beforo him, remllni; his
wife's uibio with streaming eyes. He
sleeps to-dy bcsldo her at tho Ilcrmltttgc,
ntnlilthosuacencs consocratcxl by tholr tntr
tual love, and whero the hours scorn ages
when death had stolon her away.
ntatwanatn an r.rtltorii.
Mtny of our public men, Colonel
rorney, In his "Anocdotes," iro capital
amateur editors. Ho glvos tho following
oxamplo: "
Thomas H. llonton was a maluallo and
vigorous contributor to tho (lloU In tho
war upon tho United States Bank. His
stylo wai trenchant and elevated, nml his
facts ccncrall v imnrccnable. Jamo tin.
chnnan was a frequent writer for my
old pnpor, Lnneanttr Intrlligcncer anl
Journal, and for the Vennnylvanian. His
diction wns cold nnd unsypathctlc, but ex
act, clear und condonsod. His pri:cli nnd
elegant chirocraphy was the dullht of
the compositors. Judge Douglas wroto
little, but suggested much. 'His mind
teemed with "points." 1 never spent an
hour with hhn which did not furnish mo
with new idea.. Ho wns a treasure, to no
editor, because he possessed the raro fac
ulty of throwJntr now IMit unon everv
subject in the shorten possible time. I'.x-
Attornov (ioll.J.S. Illnok u-nnlil hnvn Iikkm
a superb JournHlist, and was a vorv ready
and useful contributor. His stvleis tcric,
frc.lh nml JoWnrv tt'hat a ultv to tea
such gifts waited in a strife overtfiogrnvo
of it former associate and friend I Caleb
CuliltiL is another statesman who oneo
delightl-d in editorial writing, nnd still
occasionally varies his heavv professioiuil
toil by thosamo agrccnblo relaxation. I
havo known him to stand up to his tall
lesk, nnd dish oll'eolumn nftcr column on
forobjn nnd domestic politics, on art, on
finance, with astonishing rapidity nnd
tj rn i; a uelcoim, hut lint it inra-c. Wn
tlii iil I hi. a;ta. t ham ita I.Ijoiu ulthout Ita fog,
lis sapors, it. aiiilclrnchnriKts' t temperature, and
tlienguio, tits of Inilliseatmn, hllloiia nllark., nnd
other hnniatlmi iliaonlera Hlik-ls they engender.
j At tln rnniiol he, II Minnie nil nn Mi ".pli
tit 'l Iho he,t they enn to cwap sndi perloua
' ilruwb-h'ktnn tho poetry oflheaeason. A!j any
ph.v-l. an Mint thn tieak nnd ilell 'aio onlit to itii
Mlnitinlaw.ilnfoetalhc.nr. The aiii-werwi Hie.
"I' ne and regulate tho sj .tern." llnlliiwj That
the nnpnttant queatlon A it"en meilleal men
., ..Ai.,,. ..n.-,i . .n.r. .
mr-ill'!rts, Un the o'.h-r hau l, tho thouasnds
nil Ii iv.i teate.l till ilttavs ..f lln..tter'a Stom
mh Hitti rn ns an InWhOi.int mil nlii'-ntiie, will
recommend but one, tlio Mluili-mmo freientite
nnd ri-.totalitc in ululi thi-irownexpcriam'. lias
twiisht them t jtrust. A oourae of tti.a r.iru H';c
Ulln .timiilAiit, couiuienooJ aon, would anio
many a an to tho fcutilt and dunllitaled. It
wotiM liciilsHieunoiny ton, lor It would robrtbly
pre lu lc the neceity fir modi. nluJvl.c. Willi-
..... 1 ' . .. . . 1 - . ..l.l.i. - 1 1 I .... I
i. -
. j,, N,wlll,lfp.).,U,W,tokcopolltolthadolora
Hlj'IS Slivit liisn nuillVU iWni'Viv, !' lisji II, H
haiiil., nml they would have comparlltvcly lr
caios ofiever nnd ague, uyapepsl i, hlllousneis,
nerot:ne,, nni ccnenl 'tehllity to atten'l to, II
this nerecaMoan I hetlthful speelfhj were fn linl-
versid use. meh3.Uwtir
J V. Mithun. K. t I'll
. AM
Commission Merchants
lUu Ohio Levee, CAIRO, ILLINOIS.
Hj'i-cialalleutlouKlfeii to the purchase, and sale
Confection Merchant
Huh demoted tu Ills Old Stf.n
U iMmm Avenue
Wheie iMtmlfpt la u eontini snie ef iniionso
In. furinereiKlo mera, aa ii II ns ll sl nf na man
nua'iiiif nsmnyii.i'it prime);roi'erii .,'roMiouy
ele., remnrUnl.lv eheiin tor ivuli.
'IVrtnsi Htrlitly enh, lor nlilrh he will il
one- than the lOMeat,
I. WII.MAll.'iOV,
No. TU Ohio Levee,
Njieilut Mtteiillnii sjlveu So l'nlK
siirola tsiid I'llllilK Oracr'
W. s.trntton.
T Ihrd.
C1'i'A,t"i'0.'V aV USiw.S
uce..nr. loSiiait'iii, iiiki.hu .v la.ira.i
AVhf its:i lu
...a.Mi. .,....
commission mmm I
07 OiniO ZLi23Xra333
.Sriit ol Ainerlean I'owilir i:oH
Miiiturai'ltsrt'ra AicesitN lor :aVlau Vnm
TBItl. 'HEABk, . ' '
On and nflcr Monday, February 6tha
J87t, trains will run as follows:
Taiii ouim aotniEAiT.
I.en,oA.ilanl O CA A.m.........
' SnrimcnnM OilVt " J00p.ro.
. '.' T)lorlllo....Mi)::4 , 431 "
Arrlte at I'ana lliil ........J:W '
tatiM cKiiin soarnrrar.
I.' .a l
Ai S
1.' ie.ii
' Vresa Mall.
mI ' i Ml J:20 0.m.
. . . A JT 1:011 "
r - Jli-lu ., I , .. .,,MA30 "
.''"! S:W "
tri, wiiti H)i mmt.
I.en l .Itfiwoool (J lOn.m,
" I'lurn , n.r.i ,
Amu at clmrtiipptown.i.fip m..
...tO.30 Ii.m
.i.U:U "
.... ti.iJU p.ra
tutiNH owisii, aiinrnmut.
I.rno :hi',n"towa.... .7 la.m
" ll n 1W ' ,.
Arrow at I.'. 2rnol. . .I:U
.7il5 "
T'mC.'-i a in., irjln fron Kiljenooil, runa anly
.SI m ini s. V. ..Iiirs lats nnil I-'riiiav. anil 7.tla.m.
tra.n fmiu .Shnvinevtouii on TuriJaja, Thura
iliys ali i si-itiirlava.
OliiaXDflJIITir, flen'lfliip'l.
Joii-r h j-urr, (irn I I'r'rt ami Tn:ki Ag'l.
St. i.onf', LniiiMTlllo,liiclnntl
hk'HK, Kvvr York, Bottmm
...,iD IU.
Points a.Ht and North
l'itscni(nr Trnln-i Arrive at and !;
Cairo isa foil uire:
Mali Eijireaa.
AititiVK-aion ,. .i simo p. n
HKI'AUT-!4lt)3 A. i ....3l30P. M
HoCi IraiDx connect at LVntrnlia with trtlnaon lb
I'.inn, lleentiir, lllnnmtnatou, Kl !,
l.n Sialic, .HciiiIuIb, Kiteiiorl, fSalesaas
Iiil)iiiiir, nml all polsila lis llllnale
.illa.oiul, .Sllisiscaotn, Wlaronila mm
A i l .''. lilies ;unnlnc Kut and Wrat for
SI. l.utils, .Sprlnlleld, Louisville, Cln
eluiiiill, Indianapolis ,V Coluinlins,
an!Hlii.H.i w.ih Miolsan (Vntrnl, Mlcaln
s )iiliurn, nail I'lttshura, KnrtWlyn
m f Cluciso hnllroail to
Detroit, Mngra Falls,
Clt'Volnni), Frle,
. DtiiiMil;, lliillitlo, .
Allniiiy, Now York
Iloston, l'Ittsiurft,i;
AhSliiilelphlii. llalliiuore,
l'. ilirmis'i t1cl(t3ninl luformMloo, 'apply
lUliiotii.Vr.'.r.il ltailroad pat.
flner I P-issnKer Ap'itr, Chu-ai.
M. lirwn i',nrnernlHii(M'rl jUniUnt
J. Jf liti.jii. Agent Cilro.
I.imiiI (Irani Ulrrrt from She Qoversa.
iiirul ol
12,000,000 Aleves
.Ul-- TIIKm.
Rest Funning and Mineral Luadi
11,000,000 ai'tea choice lurmin, lands
on the line of the road. In thx
In the
Son- fur le. lor ca.li or credit at low rates of in.
tereal, The.e Ian. la are near the .Mat parallel ef
North IinnKiluiie, In a mild ami healthy climate,
and furs' nun (jrowin nnd nvls raiaiog are uu
eimillail hy nuy in the United State.
Convenient to matk't both east andaeat. Prices
range from $1 H) to 10 eOK racfc.
To ettlersMllhlimtit'il means,
S3. 000,000 Aaron
H..'h Oorennment Inml alonK tho roa 1 betee
Hiirvcirt I anil open fnr enirv umler the Home-
ah .J iii.il I'ri' a npllou lau auilvan l taken by
.' .1 V ir.ZTl.Ull ONLY.
S' r.. y ft I. ri- iirraciiteil for a.
e. ., r .'i. ir. i !' uli mi. I wilh all th
i. 1 1 i llniili'l enunlry. New
i i - ) ' inni hlei with map, now
i . , . iv hi nil put, of thn UbIIc.I
hi .ia . . ' ' i un.1 Kurope, AitJreaa
ii. I', IiVVIS, Laml Uoinminloner
mil Un. in I .1'. II. II. Co., Omaha,. Neb.
( HAS. d'AYLR X CO., I'rop'r.,
Kienconstjallv onhand the U'stnf Beef. Pork,
siiucr, ai, I. tin)'. Niu.'si", I'tiililiiii!, eto
I're-'iMl.neUr.l in any iUaut'.ly,corued beef, etc.,
nli'4.1 "ii I. n I ......
Sir (a r-a l.lh I pr mril) an" awaucimrs w J
Head Dispensary
Klabhnlul in IM), ami chartered IW1, Ivr th
riHimeut of nil Uitenses of a private aaturo,
Ol. li nt in Imth aaxca, A cure I guaranteed
vrv eiiae undertaken.
Dewm1 Female Begulalors-
Ker frimles. Warranted torcm'o'e obitruelv
,'.. ,i mil a,i irniienlof Un.laee.n;t Tru.ae
a m..i r ..r niiiiluv ul .Vsle tl.eiiliiia; SI forlna
on" t J pa r half unlet, it t per iloien.
A Medal. I'aiplil?t eutaiu liju ao elahoral
lrit.a'n .alsii' ilie'e,isilliafewprelio
r. ... .rki iii-iiii Hie ra.i.e, eilect and treatment
ti e . .e Vonl4""ii i larse paea ano St) e
ai I i,kriiii"a,i ahJtt ms the ilitterent atafioa,
e, . . i ti rapper oil leca-lpl of
Can. - .1
Gatk'n's Head Dispensary,
a.., ft aiA... . . .
.'7r .Wla'Oia"
,.ai. ... nr., vaill.l.uu aarw
. n
ecij.v i.s.'riiix.
frills nisal Orssasuesstal Tree, afcrstSj),
Sirapai Vlsiea. Ure.BkaH
licUdlua 1'lauta, ate, ..
Villa - - Ridge.
N. n.-Karly orders olicited and promaily

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