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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, March 14, 1871, Image 3

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i r s i-i : r a. i i ' .r i ii i r .-T- ij ii i i i -tvt- a. jr- a . , i in i '
Tim following teuneri leave Corn
on the day nnd at tlm hourc helow.tinnoil
TALISMAN, Every Mondny at 5 p.m.;
T i HONK, Kvory Thursday, nt G p.m.
LUMSDKN, Every Saturday, nt C p.m
ror rrelBht or raasagn apply en board, or to
TIio beautiful nnd light draught steamer
travel Cairn dull; at 2 p.m., nail radurah dally
at 0 a.m. .Ilarlng superior aci-ommnHationa she
Gliclte pul.llc patronage.
If,, Physician and Accouchour, for
merly of Anna, Union Co., Illiuola, ha, permn.
Benny locairu in city. "mCE-OimmrrcIrl
iseiiue, hciwrm sth and 5th directs Wen aide,
f w. jilviu, m.i. Km
IDKMCi: Corner Ninth and Walnut
JFI'ICB-Corner Sixth Street and Oluo Utce
OFFICE HCJUIW-Krorn a.m. t, 12 ...
ItKHIDKNOK-No. 21. Thirteenth rce
cta-een Wathlngton Arenu and Walnut Mrcoi
OPFOK-.-ltc Comeiclal AuMi,iipnni
WARD.VEH, M. U.Tc'iiIro
. .? I'U'ENCB-Cornfr f Mntleeuth .1..
i? UlK"n ,V- ,OTtm CoYnrn-rrl.
nr. oer if. iMai nfli.-. ivvhl n.t,.
I,. a,. "V .. v wifnrt
2 ft.iiHiufiA.n, m. ir -Homeopathist.
OHcp, 130 Comraorclal Aienuc.
umcenoura, 1U a na , 4k. 1 to n p.m.
Itt.ijrnce, Ao, U,.mtli .trtt, Cairo III.
WlllUaa J. Allea,
II. Malker.
Naaaarl t. Wknlw
I'artieulirattcailon ptld to rlterand almlratlr
uuataeaa. '
US Room Ui Wlutt r'a Hlork.
eVilllaai II. Ureau, )
,,0,lon R"n i Admiralty and Sie am
Ual.o oa UhlokaTer. Iloomi 7 and
er lily Nalloiinl Uaiik.
Cairo City Book Bindery
J piffiarrd ts
janaracliire lllaiih llnoka niid ilo nl
hide of Hook lllmlliiK ami ItiilliiK-
7t Wtlo lacvoe,
Well 11
T f
Thf iinderalsnfd nill furnlali
Hard and lry Wood
Aa Cheap, If not C'lieaprr
taan any woojljalr la Cairo. Leav ord. ra at
J!?,"on,l'l",', 'h'WrnrrofUiliHtrerianil
-"iii .u ,"1're koou uieaturi aitil
wmrvru in' wuun up. i..i.-lia l,l,;v.
februarr V-'nd, 171.
la ITfpurcd to.Ulher llielji'.t .
Ti 11 I o Oi r i I
Inanypartof the city, In an nnsntjtr dc.lied,
on ahoit nouev.
toai iiouvcrcu at If 1 oO Tcr Ton.
OFFICIJ-Orer IWrwart. Orlli A Co.V .tore
store, two dour aboro tliu eerier of Klgliih atreet
and Cummerclal amnne. deceit
Shaving & Hair Dressing
lanow openlothe elinrnanf Cairn. Wa.Ular.
anlce clean Share, and llr Cuttmglaii Ur h'i
UcdfordIVo. 10.utiiM(rve.
lam prlarelto do all ktndi of r mmoni.i
Halrwork-UtchKuarda and lra-ele oU'
. Hair IlreniliiK done iDlhelntoetandleatatvUa
1 will ko to the houses of tlioie unal.le to come to
my saloon
Call on Hie.
Cor. 8th St. aid Couuaierclal nv.,
'aki RasuiCl.aTowU nu4 Skill
rul Workuien.
Ladlea'aocJ Children' Hair Cut and Bharnpoonod
either at tlie ahop or '
Oentloinen' Whiakeraand Hair Dyed ina no lea
Vi1??r ' itlaf:tlongiiamite"d
(salad 11
iltfllU VI ntw will)
A l, A nonstock of furnishing Roods of
kinds always m hand nl 1'. Nell", No.
Olilo Levi-'C.
Fuiuk Clioiro Kmmly Klour in libls
half bid"., snH: A-p., fur enln nt tho Ktfyp
Inn Mllll. ,,u
Ciiiluiirn'm pictuccs ti eperlnlty nt
AVorthliigton'i! new I'liotngrnphlc Art
(lullory. fubl'Jtf
Xi:w .MfHic.-TTust rccvircd n good
election of new and popiilnr munlc of the
Intcitpuhllcntioii, nt the Agency of ,J. G.
Cnrton, No. 1 28 Cotumcrclnl nvcnui).
AV. T. "Woktiilnotox i doitlL' n hlr?
bniincn in copying and etilartrlni: old
iwgtierreotypcK, Amhrolypin and Photo-
grnpht, muking them look ni hrjght in
wiieti ur.t taken. fobintf
To Mr J'atko.vh. An it ii my inten
tion to go East for my Spring dock nt nn
enrly dy, I wl,h all persons knoulng
themieivea Indebted to me fur irooda nur-
chne(l prior to .fanunrv, 1K71, to call and
ettlo their bill, tf .Ml;. .Mi (iKK..
nt.ui.Nu jiACiu.NKH. Thoio wantiiiL'
sowing .Mnciilnei should remcmbtrr thn
Wliwjlsr & WINoji'. nro tho bent in mL.
I hey nro tunurptmoil for llirlit
ney will oul-wnro any in tuo. Cull nnd
oxatnino them.
J. U. CA MSON, Agent
m7'r' Com. Arcmio,
Wiio i it that doci not like mnoklnc
hot Micuiti lor brenkfmt Tho Fillno
isk itovo will bako them In llvo minutca'
time by tliu watch,
Goon Ai'i,oi.N-TMK.vis..Mrs. J. .M
J.rinidcn Imi been appointed onu of tliu
cutnmlttec on nyilcal Instrumenti which
ihall apiwiir on exhibition at thiniproaclr
iiigouuo rnir ui jiu thioin. Wo notice
alio tho nnmo of Mn. II. "Wat.on Webb
ou farm prwlucU, and that of Judge V
ii. (ircon on liogi.
AyTEU. 5s,00Q on fivo year. time.
for which u fair rutu of Interest will bo
paid and mortgngo on nniiKumbcreil
real ;itat.. given for iccuritv. Kodtilro'nt
Ili'Li.KTi.v Oflice, or addroM P. 0. Drawer
lliC, Cnlro, Illlnoi. mcli7dV:w3m
Ka.vcv Goous. Attention u called to
thu itock of fancy irooili and china tov
old at prlcei to suit thotimci, alo. dollar
articlci at the J)ollar sitore.
Call at K. II. Oawuld A Ca U ataiid
on Commercial Avenue. ni4tf.
Tin: enterprising tlrm of .Mathuis ie
I'hl, Commission mcrchanu, have re
moved their olilce and placo of buiiniss
from No. 135 to fia Ohio Levee, in tho
Hrst National Hank Uulldlng, second
Ir-you want n goo.!, .tyTlsh andvull
lilting suit of clothe, made to order, you
mail go to I. Neil", No. TU Ohio I.evce.:
Cait. Tnojf an n.TniU.ii, neurit-
tlmu resident of Cairo, hai concllulwl to
runiovo ln family to .St. I.oulr. Ho
now connecteil with tho IIou.o of M. M.
I'carce, hatter, No. 417 North .Alain Street.
Mr. Thilliji Is n Urst-rnto Imsineha man,
with n largo number of friends throughout
tho South, and will bo rcgrcttoil bv tho
hoit of friend he nmilo whilo re'liUnt
of this iltv.
(-'Itiiln'' Out Snips,
Twenty.tlvo thouaiid dollars worth of
ready-tnado clothluu'. hnt, o.ips, bootf,
shocii, trunks and valest s ere ollVed for
sale by P. Nell", ','J, Ohio J.evuo, at AC
TI.'AL COST PIMCHS, It UitiL- hl .inteii
tion to clo-it out in that lino, and embark
oxehulvuly nnd moro exlnivelv in the
n'i i K Koods iitul merchant tailoring
ttinity to iicruro clothing cheaper than ever
a ma vioaini; uui aaiu lurnuniNi nn iinim,.
uuioru oiiereu in inn market.
China Tors and Fancy Aktici.ks.
Miss Knto Carson & Sister desire to call
tho attention of tho pttbllo to their large
a,,d ulcctaisortmeut of china toy, nnd
"'at thoy nro constantly receiving articles
,oM for onQ doftr ,rjj ,o
givo thoso desiring faneynrticlci excellent
bargains. Givo them n call at .'. II. Oi.
wuld tfcCo.' old stand, Commercial Avo-
ntte. tncho.lw
Oudkiis to Mauch. Worthlncton or
ders ovorybody nnd their children to
march to his new Photographic Art Gal
lery, und leavo their measure for onu or
moro dozen of his now Imitation porcelain
card photograph, mado only ntJiUgaU
lcry. Tho lino of march should commence
nbout ! o'clock ti. in., nnd continue, up till
night. meliJdtf
Okua.ni,. Smith American Organs
give perfect satisfaction to all. Cull and
sco them.
J.C. CARSON. Agent.
No. 128, Commercial Avenue.
To Hoi'skwivks. Wo uso a Charter
Oak Stove, or nt least our bottorhalf doon,
and sho nays thore is nothing In tho way
of cooking that cannot bo dono easy and
quickly on that stove, and wo thcreforo
recommend it to all. rm'ch7,dwn.
Im thoroughly satisfied that Simmons
LIvor Rogulator Is all It claim to bo for
indigestion and llUioun Complaints. I
havo nlso hoard many of my friends speak
of It, and all ugreo that It possesses tho
virtues claimed for it. I
.Conductor M. A AV. K. M,
"rin: Illinois."
Mm Mmv Iltlnola Oiitrnt Itallronil
Iriuiari-r Iluni UTIie. llnmtaoineet
Hon i.f Her .! mi (lie Wemeru
Vlnte-i-"- III nrrlptlDii nrilio 'Tlilnir
or llftmly" mill her Oulllt.
Tl.o new railroad transfer packet, Illl
Tho new rullrond transfer
no!. will bo ready to tnko lior plnco tn a
nil j few ilnys. Tho following dilcrlptlon from
70 tho Cincinnati Commercial, of tho lOlhi
i wiii b nf int., r... i
Conilderablo attention for lomo time
past has been drawn to thn nontlv modeled
new trnnnfer ftcamor Illinola", recently,
ronitructcil In thlt city for tho Illlnoli
Central Hailroad Company. Competent
itenmboat authorities havo unheiltatlnglv
pronounced hor tho liandsomcst boat 0"f
her clart now afloat on tho AWainm
waicr, nnu ner builUon, H. II. Ilntnblo
iouivlo, havo been llattorinclv com
mended for tho ndmlrnblo tintonnd ikilt
dittilayed in her conatruetion. Hnrtnn.l..i
'Ii, aft, that of a rounded xvator lino, while
lorwarainou jomownat; LoiJowed out,
wiu oeuor to adopt nor for ipoedy Ik'h
work-, j celcrduy afternoon tho trial trip
win made. Ono o'clock win tho tlmo
named for tho itart, but It was nearer 3
noioro mo uoai loft her mooring!
nnd beiran to ncend thn itrpnm in
fow moments tho magnificent machinery
began to work with retnnrknblu facility,
and loon eighteen revolutions pcr.mlnuto
wcro being made with a prc!uro of ono
iiuiiurvu nrm itiiriy pounds of atcam.
una propenoti tno oontat tho rate of over
mucj an nour. hen tho machinery
Ii in full working order four moru revolu-
nous por minute will bo reached, incrcai-
iiik mo ooai s maximum speed to fourteen
iiuiej uu nour. j mi iniuroi Captain
Hnmbletoti s fulfilment of his contract to
fitrnlih n boat that would mako thotwen
ty.two miles di.lalieo between Cairo and
Ciilumbua on an nvcrago of two hour!
Tho trial was emincntlv aatlpfactorv.'giv.
jng unmiitakablo nvidetlint tho trim look
ng lioat will Le unmiullv fust. Tho
boats ilfmefiiions nro; length !20 feeti.
Doam u.i imaii niih f iiuia i) leet. Tho
diiUnco from wnlti toboilerdeck ii twelve
fuot e ight Inches, nnd from boiler to htir-'
rienno nut eight IVct. Six largo double"
itato rooms, carpeted willi lino Urusicls nnd
furnlihcd with home-liko cottngo fur
niture, open with two door Into tho ladfm
cabin. I-orward of tho saloon cabin nro1
tho mall room, poit-ofllce, bath shop, nud
other convenience!. Tho cabin is alio
clci'untly furnished with Mrussoln enrnet.
uenttr-tablc, largo mirror, snciablei, sofas,
easy chain, nnd at night will bo illumlna
ted by soven chandcllora. KvorvtbIni
that nrt can suggeit and money procuro to
contribute to tho comfort' and pleaiuro of
jiusctigors hia beu lavishly provided.
uiiiiiiu iuiiui rtiiipineni ts on u cor
responding stvlu of blcsant comfart'' all
the appurtenances for tho furnishing of
lrit-clnvt table having been provided
under tho supervJion of tho Cmnnanv'a
steward. Silver pluto is the leading
CllaractcrMic on thotablo waro, tho minor
articles bclntr of white cranllo.
Tho llailroa'd Co.i hivo not
1't tho contract for tho nro.
vuionihs of their patron. urcferrluL' tii
roorv that duty and perforin it well.
Ascending to the tuxas it Is found to Illl
. .i i . .. "
i-UlV fuel JoriL' mid contains twnlvn rnnmi
al ter ward to bo increanod to eighteen, for
tho officers and crew of tho boat. Snr-
inountintr tho teTns Is tho hnr.diometwelvii
foot iqaro pllot-hvuip. Tho two thlmnoy
have an alitudo .. llftv-two fL-et six inchp.
ahoro tic roof. Tiio machlnervof thoboat
s al! i f- Clndmiatl. n: tnufnrtured bv ('
T. Diitwnt. and hat I . n nut un under
tho direct Mipurvlaion of thu company s
enclnwr. who Is to run the b at. Kivo
toilers, tone moro than is nnllnarilv nlnml
In byaUiTtlii, !... i thirtv-ievcn inclus
in Un.jjiv'.vr, eiich toiitniuiug two ti;i rte.-r.
Inch Hue, will pVnsrnto tho propelling
iwwur. Tho cyliudur nf Uie en'-inesnrn
twPMy-tno Imh., In diameter, nnd have
lev, : t.'.-t trnke A notiecab'o apeclaltv
I in the aevvn-llich rrcelvln-- valrea iim'l I
tho eii;!i:-Inch exhaust vnlvi.. Tin, I
wheel has n illumotor of twnntv.ilvn r.... I
thirteen feet length of bucket j Inn seven- I
te n arm in a iianue. nnd is utn kd w th
ait cstra connection of hose on tliu boiler-d-ek.
which will alwayj bo attached. On
Moi.day evening Ills tho Intention to
Mart the b at down the river to Cairo, her
Captain. "W. A. I)th, coming up for
that purpose . to-morrow. Arrived nt
Cairo, she will bo ImmodinUly placed in
her rusuhir
trade bet vein Cairn nnd
Columbu, llnkln
Central with tho
Rtllrimd. Tho
tho Illinois
Mobile nnd Ohio
regular officers;
of th bont nro. W- A. Loth. .Can
'tain; 1). I, Person, I'irat Mutoj JaineVDe
sriiin, .-i-conu .tiate; j. ii; Jones, I'lerk
John Crowley, Second (Jlnrk; Charlos
muster, Third Clerk: 11. S. McGce
hngimcrj Alexander McGee, Second
Kaglneer; J. AV. -McKIunoy, Pilots James
Clark, Carpenter and Frank ANorris,
rjinxnnii iicorgo snanks, dock Watch
"?.". J-d.S)turillvant. Cabin AVatchman
Uillls .Mathows, ITnttCHl Statci Mall
.gent, n. .. winter, Ilaggago .Master,
nnMoYAi.. Tho popular landlord of
tho M. Charles Hotel, Mr. Jcwett AVilcox,-
will soon rcmovo to St. Louli. Ilo loaves
a host of friends behind him, who regret
Ida decision to loavo Cairo.
.ir. i . r.,.nvm, anooi tno at. unaries
i , ... . ... ... ... .
Roto), wil shortly taku hi doiiarturu for
tnoeast. Jiogocsto Wllllanistown. Maiia-
chutetts, with the intention of opening a
hotel in company with .Mr. II. M.Slrectvr,
ot North Adams. Tho Houso I enllwl
'Grey Lock Hull," in cloo proximity to
Sand Springi, whoso wonderful medical
qualities have long been known.
I'll. Amiukiiit, Kq., who has been a
citizen of Cairo for tho last llvo yearn,
contemplates removing to Murphyiboro-
whero ho will cntcrintoa partnership with
.Mr. J. Illauehard, Mayor of Muriihvshoro,
nnd u vary euceessful Inwver. Success to
Albright and thu tlrm.
ill;. John Hiiown, who last week u'uro
tho records of tho city ovor to his succoi
or In tho Clerk' olllcc, has been looking-
for a location in Anna, with tho Intention
of opening a cigar and tobacco store. 'AVo
hope ho may sol! nny amount of cigars nud
ob ceo and get in oxebango any amount
Piaxus. Tho. Docker- -llrothors and
A. Sumuor pianos aro iu uso, nnd rocom
mended by tho best Initsiclans. They aro
tho best nnd cheapest. Those desirous to
purchase, call on J. 0. Carson, agont, No.
128 Comiuoreial Avenuo. inch7dtf
l(- V ' T ' - r,t'.
i'oii pistols and cartridge nnd bowio
knivia, go diroct to P. NotTs, No. 7D Ohio
Liiveo. .docOtf
" i
Judgo Oreon and Mr. Dyas T. Parker
worked faithfully to sccuro tho Ktato Fair
tobouthorn IllinoU.
Ifnrry Walker Is fitting np a restaurant
ftt tho cornor of Klghth street nnd Ohio
I rh3 appointments mado by tho Mayor
"l tho Inst meeting of thocooncll havo been
received with general favor.
The Itougln aro taking bid for plaster
. mg ineir new hall. They have now ono
' of the finest engine house In tho Stnto,
Mcllale, tho City Jailer, has taken his
i departure on a brief visit to Ch icago,
Mac is a Chicago property owner, Hnd hns
gono to sipjaro up with thu tax man.
OnttniiKN'R pictures should bo taken In
tho forenoon. Parents should remember
tbls( ai,ltt Is more to their Interest than
WorthingtoVe, over Rockwell & Co.'s
IJook Storo. mchltf
Tho Street Commlttoo hobl a mooting
on Saturday last and organized. Wo havo
not.been Informed of the determination
nt which tboy arrivod concerning Improve
ments of tho sidownlks nnd streets.
Taiikk IIkotiirk.s 83 Ohio Lovce, will
noreufler kvop constantly on hand, direct
from, tho Eastern inanufactururs.the very
bwt winter strained purified sperm oil, for
sowing machines, nnd all lino and light
machinery. This oil has never vet been
superceded by any of tho manufactured
oll, a It rtyvor gums or Is ftlfectod by tho I
wuuiucr. uecitt
Strultori & HlrJ Imva on hand all kinds
of grass seeds, cloror, timothy, rod-top,
Hungarian nnd Kngllsh bluo grasici, nnd
also onbn solts, all kinds of garden seeds
and tho celebrated Mnmsdoll Norwav gray
oi tr.
Itlsstrango wlmt n length of tlmo It
lakes to wear out Hooti and Shoes when
mndo of good material, und Wm. Khlers
uses nothing hut tho best Uf everything
lock-, wqrkingn and all at lilt ihop on
Twentieth itrcot oppoilto tho court house.
Vohuvo Iwjn shamefully abused for
luring to criticise tho gcntlo Ollvo lxcnn.
Hut wo don't enro; neither does Ollvo.
Sho don't protend to bo u success nt tho
"henvy business of, lecturing,, and ns a
.iprightly t'alklit she might bo a great
deal tatter than sho Is.
Why will our friends run tho risk of be
coming blind by wearing common Specta
cles, when they can procuro the most per
fect hrticlo that has yet been made, by
calling nt our old friends Tabcr Itros' tho
well known Jowclcrs nnd get a pair of
Lazarus & Morris' Perfected Spectacles.
Don t delay. febldawAtlm
Messrs. Devoro, Hilllngsly und Fur
rls nro applicants for tho position of Chief-of-Policc.
What is needed in the chief is
intelligence, courage and energy. If tho
Muyor. appoint man pouossed of ell
tbejo qualities, filipollco forcovlll not bo
a ruproaeh to tho city. Mr. Morria AVI ley
was decided on for the position by Mayor
I.utuden, but that gentleman reluicd to
nccpt tho posltton unlcsi tho salary wa1
rnlel to a living amount.
Tho ordinanco regulating salarie has
not yet bocomo law, and under the new
constitution which providos that tho ants
ry ofnoelecli-d or appointed oillcer fihall
bo raLod or lowered during his term of
oflice, it cannot cllcct tho oulcor now in
place. This will leave Marshal Cain out
in the cold with a salary of $00 a month--50
scrip. Tho council cannot obtain
faithful services for this money. No man
can give all his tlmo for iZO n month in
scrip,nnd ainre Cain became a candidiuio
witli tho understanding that ho should
receive arVlncreaso of aalury, mhiio way
toujQt to bo provided to givo him the pro
pod Income. How can It bo done? '
That Peter Nelf, No. 71) Ohio lovee, I
closing out his" largo nnd wolbseleetcd
stock of clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps,
trunks and valises, ui and
it U his purpimj to embark more extcn
lively In tho merchant t.illorlng and fur
nishing goods builnciJ heuco the desire
to closo out the stock above enumerated
Qoon Nrv.s. Tho Cairo A A'lncenncs
Hailroad will be built in certain cuntln
Ceuoios, but tho fact is that J-Jlliott - Ilav
thorn aro now receiving their spring stock
oi mens', women , mines , boys' nud chll
drens' ihoos in every stvlo mid of ull va
rictius. Thcro goods will be sold at tho
lowest riisi jrkt.
A o ask all of our old and now patrons
to call and examine our .stock and ascer
tain our prlcei, but w6 w!h it (o bo di
tinstly undorstood that wo want ra.A em
turners. No other kind need apply. Thn
credit system has played out with tik, and
to avoid mistakes that create ill will and
troullu wo havu concluded to allow no
goods to bo taken out of the store nn trial
unless they nre Urt paid for.
' ' aiiiaunci; uiviiuuii.i.
mll.tf. '
Suci"iyiD.-,Tlio great Napoleon's only
critorion wa Success, and this has been
attained by tho Charter Oak Stoves,
vcr 1100.000 havo been sold slnco thulr
Introduction, und tho domain! waxca
itrongor every day. mchlldiVwIt
Foit S.tK, -1 JvlMsoll my housonndlot,
situated on AVashlngton avenuo, woitnldo,
between -1th a'id6tb streets, Cairo, Ills
Tho house is a two story frame, finished
throughout, and contains eight rooms, con-
enjonUy nrrangod. Cistern, outhoue, etc.
Tcniji easy. , JOHN SU-EKHAN.
SiiocKi.vo. A man intoxicated, reeling
nlong tho street, cursing and using vilo
langunge, is a spectacle that no cno looks
upon with pleasuro ; but to seo n boy just
out of his swaddling clothes, "drunk as a
lord" is a shocking sight. A largo nutn
bar of our citizens wore treated to such n
ipoctaclo Saturday night. John llrown, a
uoy oi aiioitt 13 years of age, In emulation
of children of larger growth, put himself
on tho outsldo of a largo quantity of tangle
foot whisky, and became frantically drunk.
Not caring for consequences ho purambu
latod Commercial nvcauo below Klght
St., swearing that ho was n bully boy nnd
could whip any man iu tho city. Uo was
taken lit chargo by an olllccr after a com
bat, nud yesterdny was fined $5 nnd costs,
which he could not pav and wont up toth
cnlabooso for oloven days.
l.vroitUATioN- anti;ii, of my son
J. (5. Hunt, who arrived in Cairo on th
steamer ''Mary Willis'' tho first week
December last. Howas 211 vears old, o
medium size, light complexion, light brow
hair, woro whiskers, had u cut on th
uppor sido of tho loft foot. Ho had with
him (porhnps) a largo oval trunk con
tnlning mostly lawks nnd pnpors Ac.
nny person can givo any information
him nlivcor dead, ho will confer n great
favor on his nfllicted parents by nddrois
ng W illi.tui Hunt, hurcka, Kansas.
A Vikit. Yesterday we had tho plcai
uro of a visit from W. W. Galon, Kq,, tho
rvlerau editor of thu HVs Ttnnttsre li'AiV,
published at Jackson, Tcnn. Mr. Gates
has bean in tho editorial harness many
yean, and his paper Is ono of tho most in-
lltiential in thu South. Ho Is a loader of
public sentiment in his Stato, and is far
ahead of tho mass of Southern Democratic
politicians who socm to havo uo apprecia
tion of the very Important fact that u great
sectional war has been (fought, and tho
South did not come out victorious. Ho
advocates a now deal In politics, and be
lieves tho radicals would bo beaten many
point in tho gumo that would ensue.
Mit. H. Hovrr. Among tho Carbondalo
news in a lato numborof tho Murphyiboro
.Iriw, wo And tho following In regard to
thli' gentleman. AVo welcome Mr. Houpt
to Cairo, in the belief that his removal
hither will provo an advantageous ono :
"Mr. Houpt nnd family, of Murphyrboro,
passed through our city" ou Monday eve
ning, en route for Cairo. Mr. Houpt was
a citixen of our town for four years, and
uo better. citizen could bo found. Many
regretted It when ho deemed it to his in
terest to leavo us and sottlo in Murtihyi
boro. Jackson county loses ono ot her
bust citizens. Dot what wo loose. Alexan
der county and CMro city will gain. Fare
well, friend Houpt, may prosperity follow
iiir. I-IKK. An alarm of Uro wa
loundod yesterday evening at about half
past llvo o'clock, occasioned by tho burn
lug ot a portion of thu ruaf of the barrel
factory near the Mifclllor House, on Com
mercial Avenue. Tho engines turned out
promptly, and wuro soon "whore duty
c.illed ;" but their sorvlcoi were not
needed. Tho lire had been extinguished
before they could gut wntor. Nevertho
less the Arabs nnd Uoughs put their ma
chines to work, nnd throw dellcato streams
for n second or two, nil for thy sako of
'llrst water.'' Tho Arabs got It. mil
Jack Winter was hugoly pleased.
Dl-cilAIKiKH. Tho two wenches who
Indulged in hucIi n bloody combut onu dav
last week, ti.lng razors and knives on each
other, wuro arraigned boforo'SqulroSlinn
neyon Saturday. Thn 'Squire concluded
that wenehes who would light nbout a
white mini ought not to be held to too
trlct nn accountability und dixclmrgrd
thvuibolh. Well, no matter. AVho cares?
Lot her rip. AVhy should wo ink why is
this thus ? Kazors and knives aro inorder.
So, cut away, colored damsels. You won't
bo molested in the amusement.
Xesv Time Tnlile.
On and nfter 12:D0, p. m., Sunday, Dee.
ttli, tho following timo tablo will govern
the arrival and departure of passenger
trains nt Cairo;
Mall train loavea'at I!: 10 a.m.
Express " " at U.30 p.m.
St. LoilL nnd Cairo Express
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves nt...l'.:!U p.m.
Mail arrives t!;l)5 a.m.
Express arrives . 12:21 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Kxpror
arrives I:4.' p.m.
Thu last named train leaves St. Louis
at 10:30 a.m. Trader can leave Cairo nt
1:20 u.m., reach St. Louis nt 7:'J.'i a.m., ro-
tnnln in tho city three hours, and return
to Cairo at p.m., tha samoday.
'Jim 1-';J0 accommodation and Cairo
and St. Louis oxpress leavo dully j all oth.
ers loavo daily except Sundays.
ay passengers bhould bear In mind
that tho 3:,0 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings botweon Cairo and Contralia,
via: Joncaboro, Carbondalo, Du thtolii
and Ashloy. Tho 111:30 p.m. train atops
at nil tho nations nlong tho routu.
JAS. .lOllN'SON,
dcelltf Afjent. Cairo.
Gkkkn & Gu.iiKitTi Tho .Mound City
Journal says :
Mossn. Grout) & Gilbert, of Cnlro. have
boon' employed todofend Haley, for killing
llarrlncton. at Metropolis They uro a
strong toam, and hard to heat In any part
of tho Slate. Hon. W. J ."Allen, who has
eon secured to aid In the prosecution, Will
find his match In Judgo Green.
AVhlch tho satnti wo would rise to main-
Stnmors Jns. 1'isk Jr., Paducah,
Arlington, Columbus,
Arkansas Jlolle, Kvnnsville,
AVinnnnta, Cincinnati,
Knto Kinney, Now Orlenn?,
-Alary Alice, St. LouI,
City of A'icksburg, A'lclcsburg,
Reo nnd barges, Now Orleans,
M. J. Wicks, New Orleans,
Vlorenco, Lslnml No. 8,
Hon Accord, St. Louis,
P. AV. Htrador, Louisville,
Nightingale, Cincinnati,
H. M. Hhrovc, St. Loul,
Sioux City, St. Louts,
Talisman, Nashvillo,
St. Joseph, St. Loula,
Hello St. Louis, St. Louis,
Antolope, Ohio rivor,
Sallte, St. Louis,
Oloncoc, Now Orleani,
Champion, St. Louis,
Grand Tower, Memphis,
Idlowild, Evnnsvillo,
Kllgour, Louisville,
Rovor, St. Loulf,
John KyJo, St. ImuIi,
Alice Dean, Memphis,
Sam Rrown, St. Loul,
AV. II. Rrown, St. Louis,
Jns. Klsk, jr., Vnducah,
Arlington, Columbus,
Arkansas Rclle, Kvnnsville,
AVinnnnta, Moinphis,
Kato Kinnoy, Louisville,
Mary Alice, Now Orleans,
City of A'icksburg, St. LouI,
Reo nnd bargei, St. Louts,
' M. J. AVieks, St. Louli,
" Floronce, St. Louis,
" Hon Accord, Mound City,
" P. AV. Strador, Now Orleans,
" Nightingale, Ark. rivor,
" H. M. Shrove, Shrovcport,
" Sioux City, White river,
" Talisman, Nashville,
" St. Joseph, Jletnphls,
" Hello St. Louis, Vlekhburg,
" Antelope, St. Louis,
" Salllc, Arkansas river,
11 Glencoe, Louisville, , , .
" Champion, Pomcroy, 0
" Grand Towor, St. Louis,
" Idlowild, Kvansvllle,
" Kllgour, Now Orleans,
" Rovor, Pittsburg,
" John Kyle, Now Orleans,
' Alice Dean, Cincinnati,
" Sam Rrown, St. Loul, ,
AV. U. Itiow n, Bt. lmta,
tSSTTho Talisman brought a ilim trip.
sWTTho Mississippi is falling nt
C3Rus!nMS was unusually
brisk ym-
lr2rTlio Arkansas Hello brought, out a
fair trip for rcshipmcnt.
tsarTho Cumberland is still rising with
six feet on Harpcth Shoals.
BoyVcry little chnngo is noticeable lu
tho condition ofthotiver here.
J2TTho C. W. Garret has
railroad iron for St. Louis.
lili'.S bars
The Alaska discharged here,
boxes lemons, 5 packages sundries.
aVari no weather was clear una warm
yesterday, tho thermometer ranging lit tho
neighborhood of CO.
sMT-lJio Ohio Is rlslntr at Pittsburi:
with n feat in the channel but is fulllnir at
Cincinnati ami Louisville with Ti foot iu
the chute.
ttaSfTho Mary Alice udded ono barno
of trolght heru and has two barges from
AVolf Island, a whurfboal from Metropolis
for Vlcksburg and two freight barge
from St. Louis.
ta9The (Rencoo had a very slim trip
for tho Ohio river. Sho had tho celebra
ted Kvansvllle Hand on board, who were
returning from their southern pleasure
STTho Grand Tower discharged 100
bales cotton, fit) sacks peanuts, S2" fur
packages for tho I. C. It. R., and for II.
Mover 2 packages, Stratton A: lllrd 'J fur
- i .i
afTho Hover, with the Little Giant
lashed to her and towing a barge tow of
iron oro for Pittsburg, ami '.WO tons pig
metal for Portsmouth, pased up.
tfiTTho Idlowild brought for Chas.
Galaghor 01 sacks wheat, and following
fur re.JiIpment, 7& bill splU for St. Louis,
22 case ldtters, bbls whisky, 100 bales
hay, 20O hoop polos, 1077 nacks corn for
rushipmont south.
sl5yThe Jus. Fisk brought four hhds of
tobacoo for reahipmont south, 11' ltliJs, I
caddies for Now York, nnd followlng for
t?alro F. Corsmycr fl caddies tobacco.
Jno.Prlts7 packages sadlory, Ilourwart
Orth tV Co., .'I bdls alio.it iron.
J. 1 1. Matliuo,
t. C, fill
Commission Merchants
ASOfclo Levee, list National Rank
8ecial attention glren to tho purvhase anc1. sale.
- " I'.rviiis ni llllinilH n
i-auuuf a man loeuo atotnk. .
. .. .... , mwipayairnnomdigut 0B blllou
early aprln? Is almost ure to dcrloj on
umT wi me, fl i m.ni. inuiMii,... .
ano morn proraieat m the aprlng months than
any olhr aenaon exeept atttumn. Iarlew otlhe
fiicta. thin acerna to ha a n.At nm. i. ( ,. .
. """'Ul ICTfrS
peoiMftitontion lolloslottor' Stomach Ulit.f.
- r.i- i.tti w lariie
nioiiiuine, wnicnior n long; lerlei of yeir h
nratn.l anrwiflA-1., all .Mk... . . . '
nttf9n n-mn.l .II.M..t... ..J .
th minima which rronuanil. r,..i.,-..
atirnva .mM.t.. lli.m ft. .
, 4 ..v
praotlcofo nro rlolcntciUuirOc..,".
Iclnes," nor Is th octtstom yet entlrtly obaolet
Nothldff, howcrer, enn he more ifldudi-d ando
t onhlloa)ah.rcal. Tho ehtlttnff tnnl.ti,, uv, ,..
(he alr'ls'loidfd it this breaking up of wlnt
presse heavily upon tho ntal forces of thehd
and reinforcement, not depletion, la what It r
(tiil.n. T . Iilii... r. . ...i.i .. i ...
IU I I . -1 .f . . . . i
.-rlnt to regulato nttheut conrulslng tl
..... i.t(.w..v....v i.itciuuiviiiuiijuiiuuDiiunui
il B. iiiriej'urp. n inpririr nflllinr
t l-a m a . .
niHaaa ft-1.e. 111 . .....
w v - , ... an 'ii un m iiiiennp siaan h 11 i bit
Hints' Un,
And-r.ion, mrs I;
f tot tf , rhrs Adrllna
Koitlcr, Catollno
jllarust, mis Carrie
Flannagan, mrs 0
rillhrenth, inf-i toul Oillr, inn Mary
llaller, Carolinn
J.w-t,inls O
I'ucVelt, Nancy V
l'iirkvr, mlaa M J
Hay, mra.M K
fiulllVAii, nil." Faunlo
Price, ran Jlary
ltobertson mlaa Kllsa
bulllrao, mrs Ellen
Taylor, mr fl W
Walker, inl Jlary Wright, Catherine C
orMtiMn.'.'a inr.
Allen, M (J) Armstod, Geo
Illaa, Anderaon Hallny.U
Itouar. Kton Unit. Jaa II
Uruwn. Col Jo
llroirn.Joa Hnnton, W A
Connor, Jno (I) Cl.itl, II A
Caldwell, Jiu
lielglman, It
Hills, fIr-0 W
Dillon, iiiJ.tlni & Wail
i; -
rorr, rMi '
Koley. H ('
darn It, It, . ,0aliKhor, Tho Ocodln, V S
Ilnwi. Allen
Howie, W II
I Haaalon, Tim
llotlinid I'rtcr
jicru, a i,
lluol, 1
I, U,.v, UuttUluauA, CH
, wauV JohnswO Mrfl
Mauia, Wau. JohasqnOr-ldlarkaon, K
jonvt, r.iiaii. ' Jonn-oii, ja,
Koua, Michael "
l.ee, M (3) , Iiyd, Kills I.uman, Jume
Mnlllcn. J.x 11 HeAmtm. Jaa Miller John
Jl inner, M - Millar. W .11 -JteCradr, Will
Mciloaelln W Mv!o,CriAX
votiii.'ii w aswo.i-na.A: igaiai
. . . i r .-.-ii .
Marniiiliika Sc. llnmu
IVrrr.Uml .M4Ul.'lt
Itiuor.'Jno Wt nueker,nir It
' n
Simpioo, A ymts.JC
trlmonuser, J UtanleyJaoA
Tierce, Frank
Koundtiee, It
Stephens, J Ti
Thorftlon, WA Teller, II
Wmdretn, T l WAMr, fl'm
White. Clmrllit WooIii.r.C K
Taylor, a W
iiinirfon.j I.
Walkor, Hiram Wllllm.-, II If
Aaon, Iri
a. inu .1. ii
.lato. f this UV. ,. . y.W.McKEAKI. P.M.
Il-a llllil'ir 1111. IV VI IUM.V,a If Ml A ,.IltIBl,ri
ill s iuy uiKPisaa uy mutual corneal.
Csito, March 12th, IS7I. d.'w.
IVinrlnu Inol Pi Qachi Unlrlor
Without a arriniri
la Pi-npt and I'ur
Me. a wen aa orn
meat.ll, liK-ka win
prerents rattl.n o
ino sain.
.... . ...
.r.i. ...
.a, all.aa atklTlaaaa . (Ill -"aV A BJ I blai
mI.YA.CE XO. Ill,
"All Orlinanca in relation tn Whirflwat I.iceme,
auvi iiiu iiniim-i,u ui II IlierviUlllie DUIlae
iii-oii the " iiup."
Iln ilnrdainedtiy the City Council cf the o;ly of
.r -ti'ii i, -niat llcenao may Le granted U
noun-, rcnu jipiuj anil lorwar.ling-uiaiuex with
in tho lillllta Of tliouity ofCulro. unon naimaal
l.v thn nu nun i.r nr npniiriiili.,. lh.r..r in,.i l...
( ity Treiaiiry of tho aiiinuf lire hundred dollar
per annum tur unchaud i-sery wl.arfoojt lying at
nr neiHinvint? tho lndink- lu lh c.tr i.nd piu.
mn.-i in tliu uuaineia uiDiaiau, a aim uy nua
or ilu-iii.
hies, i-.re-y person, coparineraiiip oi persona,
or Uidyc.iporute owning, of cupyiniror'ioenlnj
any Uu.it, veaa-l, llout, d k, wMritMl or other
. t v. ...... ... , , 1 1 ... I 11.11.111 np iinrllOrMil nn IIim
wutor of either tho Ohio or Ulaaiaalppl rler
uithiiilha liiuita id saiJejtv, lfljrfeut oraer
santa.who shall rimeire,- forward or More or re.
ahui any uoods, w.m or nivn4uudli on auid
Uat, veiael, flat. , wniu-Nn or oiner atrae
...... .1... i i.- ,i..,mJ urn ty or flotation ol luia
nrdinaiica, """ i . q-i iur
..U ii.l r IV U SI1I11 tlOtll-dM than llllw
iloll in V,i') nwiipvmiian euiiautture.1 uoliar
in ii,-- u iui.'-' v. i : . .-
incur in o" "'0 wharftioai luauiran afor-4ld
iuhoullicenie, rroridcl, tho proriloua of tho
forenin '" hU uok'apaily! 16 steainouata
rlll"" "U"r ela iiet fomaTtgaiiog tho
ai,.i niirVirr i. n ami ctitj ni
i.i (niror' i. n nu-i - - z. " mt -'j i- ru.'nuaa
Ddlj an t Missis alppi river engaged lu receiring
anil illav-IUWl-iK 'ivili.
.1. It ahall not tio lawlul for urn lki.it. tea
.1... .I....L ..l...fl.n .. ... ...I ... I.
Ill'liu MITii.ij i,i,ivhiui yifiifii aiivtlvirH wm a.
or ner In llioahuio urJUiartae Oal.i or .Mu-if
sipnl rivers witla) tltt-Uisitaif ih ejlyuf la r
fur hourposo of kecplug nny lATi'ru, hotel or
i-mi-tin. r.-..vi- mnnv rnr lh rnti-rtmntnenl of
uny Kue-ie or ooar.iera or 10 iciia or 10 am uo
Hpintuoua, rlnous or fermenled tln,ui r, or any
projuce, KOod,- wan,-mrrtiuid-i,li.i.ioie,,
moats or uroflstuus setthoiit tint oUainioi; a li-
ccmo then-tor trom tuo my cuunyu vr meir au.
lllUTlzeu uuiceia, iuki n,fyi r-o .i
shipofperiun or io.iv eortMim-aaja auau i.
lato tho prutlalon of tho prreeding aition aha
IrtrfetS.aoa Ml Saantf (.! u of the cilr
',,.:, ,;! 1...VV. ii l.n .lo.larn nor more In:
ono hundred dolUrs for lachaodostry oirn
aenuor iunn ar not mor ....-.. .. ..
r fl I r-.fiBaaaa
ttft Juuw liaowt, oty s-w; -WlIM
aValUNU,' A
iKvrmn nwk9Mf
r 3

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