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The fo lowing ate mow leave Cairn
on the Hays and at the h-iura Mnw.nnmed
TALISMAN, Every Monday at fi p.ni. ;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, tit 6 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Kvcry Suturduy, at ft p.m.
For PreiKlit tir I am, apply on board, or to
jauM'tllf ) 7S OHIO I.KVKK.
The beautiful and light draught steamer
I.eavea Cairo dallv at S p.m., aa l I'adutah daily
atSa.tn, Having auperlor aoeoinmodatlona aim
olicita public alrouai(e.
1- !,, Physician ami Accoucheur, for
merly ol Anna, Union Co., llllnoU, haa ierrna
nantly located In city. OKF1CK Cominerclrl
Annuo, between elh ami Srtli hireeta Weal .Ide.
1 W. DU..VI., W . I, K-
Vy IDKNCE-Oornir Ninth and Walnut
KHICK-Corner Slith Street an I OMo I,cvee
iimCK llOUItri-Hrom 9 a.m. In 11 m.. and
17 1 ILI AM It. h.TIITII,.U. I
" ItKrtlllK.VUE-.Vo. 21, Thirteenth ff
etween Wathlnston Avcnun and Walnut blre-
OI'KCK" 116 Cornerclal AliMif, i, nnr
HTVARI)EH, .n. !., Cairo
IlKSHJENCK I'orner of Nineteenth t.,
and Whlj;ton ate. OKKiCB On Uotiitnerelal
a., oef ihn I'oitofBr", 0KK1CK 70l,'H!S
from 10a m to 12 in., (suodaj eu'eiitcdj and
from 2 to t p in.
Office. 130 Commercial Amine.
OlteHoun, Nlo 10 it. ill, 4: I to .1 p. in,
lte.lder.ee, No. 11, Ninth atreet, Cairo III.
AIM. E.. ,hvlki:y
ft wiikelek,
William J. Alien, )
Jnliu II. Mulkry. CAIRO, II.I..
Kninurl 1. WunUr)
I'artsculw attention ald tonierand admiralty
Strata Itooiua 7 Wlnttr'a Blork.
rVllllaaa M. tiroes, )
(Vllliaut M. (JllkMi-l, y CAIKO,
Mllta r. Ullberl, J
Pluvial aUeolioa given Ui Admiralty and Steam-i-.n
buaiae aa.
IIAci oia Uklakavc. Hoonia 7 !
oar (lijr Kalionnl Uanlt.
Commercial At., Opposite I'ot Ofllrp
Th Houe i.iimly furnnhed and o-Tr to in
public r,rt'Cl xcummodationi. I f t.T.ltf
yyOOI! WOOD!! WOK!!!
Th underalgned will furol.li
Jfurd and jDry Wood
Aa Cbrap, If aol Cheaper
l.UA any wood-dealer In Cairo. I,eaie order at
ini Pci.t-nfflca and at the corner oil till Blraet and
Ws.htncton ATenue. 1 not inea.uri- ar.d
III cord th wood up, DKNNH 1IA1.KV.
r'i'brmrv Wod, 171.
-yyoou AM COAL.
P, 3s. WARD
la prepared to deliver tbo l e.t
Fire Wood & Stone Coal
in any part of tho city, In an quantity denied,
on thort tiotlev.
Coal Doliri'rcd at $4 AO l'cr Ton.
OrTICK Oter Herart, Ortli A Co.'a tov
ktoir. iKodoora aUivu th corner of Eighth treel
and Commi rolal aieiiuv. dciit
y au.mim: kesch n
Family Grocery
Cor. Slli St. A- Wiwlilnglon axe,
Cairo, - - - Illinois
li auppllrd with tho freMiett
Mrorarlti, Uraeai and Dried mmd Can.
nad rratlla.
Dressed Poultry, Fresh Butter
An lever) thins ! needed lor family aupply
It i In ah'irt olio of tho U't Htocked Krocenva in
,hA eoill'lnuaccof imhllo ptrona iarepcttiilly
.olloiteil itotlldlm
Family Grocery
Cor. I'oitlar and Thirteenth St.,
(In tho lmlldlnn known ai tho BmlthBtore.)
h doinu (Jenanil (I ro eery lliulnom In Kirat-Clax
o4. iiuTe, pure Cotlee, Canned and llriea
1 . 1 . ' rimika.l nn.l Hlt Meal. 1'iak eil l'ork.
rd. 'rlmolted Ucf, I utter. Kreah Kga. Klour
l !it KUh. Nutr, 0 andlaa, Hhot. and all klnda
$ht ultdut.
C'j.fj.iKD. Tiio storo of Davidson &Co.,
hits licGti cluiod.
T.vTowv. Mr. Thomii Lcvi vn in
tlio city ycitordny.
Tim: Minstukij. Skiir & UnyltrJ's
gront lonintlon Albino MinrtrcM nro con.
ing to Cniro. Seo tliclr odvortiscmenl.
Pmt jiittott and onrtrldyos and bowlo
knlvc, go direct to 1'. Nfli, No, "9 Oliio
Lovce. ducOtf
l)tr a.sij IImnd. .Mr. Llncgnr uy
ho Jim not henrd or rend tlio nows from
Now llfmijuliire. He is both denf nnd
Jryouwnntn good, tyllh tnd troll
fitting t nit of clothe", tnndo to order, you
limit go to 1'. Noir, No. TJ Ohio Lovi-o.
IlL'II.KIMI. .lltllltl'J U ptlttillg tip ll
building on the vnoatil lot betwtun (!lnn
cy' hottii nnd Clnrko'i buildini;, Ohio
Who li It tlint doin not liko Miioklng
hot biicuits for brvnkfuit .' Tho Fatno
Cook tovo will b.iko them in live minute'
time by tin- wnlch.
Wr aro indebted lu Mr. Kent, of thetcl
graph ollirnfor cpirial favtfrs. Hi-1 tin ae
commodating nnd rotirtcou'- gentlemen.
Long may ho wave.
.Sick. Mr. DiVls, of the Shu, ha been
very sick for n rewuiiyi past. nm
glad to learn tbtt ho I now recover his
health and we hope he will koin li conva
('hilihikn'o jiicturua eliuiiid bo taken in
the forenoon. I'nrant hou!d romember
thii, in it li morn to their micron tlinn
Wortlilngton'. ov-r Rockwell A- Co.'
Hook Stnri-. mrh2lf
Tiias kc Wo hereby return thanki to
the Hon. Win, J. Allen forbvmtid volumci
ofthe "Dclmti- of the Constitutional Con
vention' nnd the Journal of the Con vet -
W. T. WoitTHiNOTO.v i doing it big
bniineii in copvlng and enmrglng old
D.igucrreotype, Ambrotypi- nnd l'ho'.o-
gra)h, muklng tlu-m look n bright n
when tlr-t tnken. fvbltitf
IltlJi:. Wo learn with iIoaure that
HuJge Miller, forniarly of Cairo. I now In
one of the lurgou clothing itorei of St.
Loult, doing n thriving bulriou, nl proi-
pcrlng "like a green bay tree.''
HitCK'a. The great Napoleon only
criterion wa Sueceti, nnd this hai bwiti
HtUlne-1 by tho Clmrt-r Oak Stove.
Over '.'OO.OOO have been old Inoo their
introduction, and thu demand wuxe
itrongi'r everv Iay. mclil IdJcwlt
is .M -onh-. iteguinr .envoe;ion
?Vof Cairo Chapter It. A. M thli
(Tuoi-liiyi March "ilit, at 7 i o'clock, p.m.
Work In M M. degrw. Uy order ol .M.
Ex. II. 1. V. KOSMEVHIt. Sey
Wa.stkh. J.'t.VJ on live years' time.
for which a fair rate of inter! will be
paid nnd a mortgagn on unini-uml-erod
real i-itatu given lor n-curlty. Enquire nt
HCLI.KTIN Olllce, ornddreti I. . Drawer
J 1 70. Culro, Iillnoii. meh7dArw:im
I iiavk been u dyipeptic for year; be
gan to uie tho .SImmoni' Liver I'.egulator
two wars ago; it ha ucted like a cliarm
In my cn.-. Kr.v. .1. C. HOLMES.
mnr2IdAwlw Clayton, Ala.
t'lifCKtiNU. Tho (iraiihoppcrs aro
chuckling. They don't lee uny reason to
believe that tho now otlleers nro moro
terrible than the old. Hut wait tt llttlo while.
Wc shall lee what we ihall ice
l.o or Ti m K. 1 1 oiuekeeper. should
not esperlment with untried itowi, If
thev would avo time and money. Tho
Charter Oak has been totted by time, and
is guarantied or your money refunded.
Tin U n truth easily proved. Ask your
neighbor. msldwlt
Ci.aiuvovant. Mri. Levy, the great
Clairvoyant, has arrived nt Cairo, und
may bo eonitiltod at tit Commercial
Hotel, opposito tho poUollleo. Mr. Li-vy
can tell any person the most important
facts that have happened in hi or nor
life, thu convincing tho moil skeptical of
her extraordinary powor..
A Foiiti si:. Who want it fortune'
Ho who does should lose no timo in pur
chasing a ticket in Vincent's lottery tale
of hi. valuuble property. Mr. Vincent
has commenced to canvas tho city for
tho sale of tickets and will visit every
houso from tho old fort to tho cross lovce.
So get your .money ready, every citizen,
and buy a ticket or two or more. They
nro only two dollars nnd lift cents each.
Skwino M.u'HI.nki.. Tho4u winning
Sowing Machines should remember that
Wheeler & Wilson's aro tho bcU in tin-.
They nro unsurpussod for light rnnning.
They will out-warii any in me. Call nnd
oxamlnu them.
J. C.CAHSON, Agent
mVtf. 128, Com. Avenue.
KxcuusioxiKTB A number of excur
sionists from I'ndiieah, arrived in tho city
yestordny evening on tho palatial stoamo'r
JlmFUk. Among tho restlvo band was
Mr.Jamoa Martin, of tho 7viKcAiuMvho
honored us with a cull, Of the balatico
of tho party we saw nothing. Wo hopo
all escaped drowning. Hut in being
compollod to return to Pnducah thoy meet
a moro lamontnhlo fate.
A Mirnll lly llliovu lii'o FrafCtnenla
Tlic I'lTeitHur rlnyliiK nllh a lr I"'"
ajunpotti! r,
(rt ecinl KiTIip D'llMIn .
C.unii.i),i,K, March 0. Ycftorduy
nbout l'' m., n most terriblo nnd heart
rending ticcidetit octtirred nt thi jilnce,
rwultifig in the inilunt ilonth of Edgar,
on of Frank .1. Chiiptmin.
Edgitr wm n liltlu ftdlow of three nnda
hnlf years -it bright, Intere.tlng child.
Mr. Chnptnnn for sotno timo pat hat
itorcd powder, for tafo keeping, In tho
privy belonging to hi residence. On yci
terdny but ono keg remained, and that hod
been opened. Little Edgar procured
mntchci, nnd, by lomo mcani gotting the
keg open, dropped into lift lighted match,
and in nil Instant tho child wan blown Into
eternity. Hit body was blown lomo
twenty-Uvo feet Into tho air, nnd v,m found
aouio thirty yard- from the place where
the powder wm aton-d, mangled and burned
almost beyond recognition. Tlio privy
wns blown to ntomi, nnd tho brisk und
rplintun scattered aomo diltancu around.
Ho great wni tho force of tho cxploaioti
that lomo of the lnrgr stonoi In thu busu
mcnt of Mr. Clinpinnn'a dwelling were
perceptibly moved.
Our wholo city mourn with .Mr. (Jimp
man and hU futnlly; none nrc more highly
reiijiectoJ, and no child wai more lured or
lovenblu than little Kdgnr. Tho funernl
takua plnco thia tifternoon nt I o clin k.
Oooii Ni:w.-. Tho Cairo & Vlnccnne
Kallrond will bo built in certain contin
gencies, but the fact is that Elliott A- Hay
thorn are now receiving their spring stock
of men'', women', inl'es', boy' nnd chil
dren' shoes in every stylo und of nil va
rieties. There good will 'bo sold lit thu
lowe-t irirr.
' Wo ak rill of our old and now patrons
to call and exumine our stock und :ucur
I tain our prices, but wo wish it to bo di.
tintt'y understood that wo want eaih cm
tumrr. No other kind need apply. The
credit system hu playod out v.-ith u, and
to avoid tnistitkfM that crento ill will and
troulle o bitve concluded to nllow no
gmHl to be taken out of the store on trial
utile's thoy nro llrtt paid for.
Thk Tt-fi. Yeterday Mtrs. Heed &
Mann, after atrial trip to Mound City
and return, delivered to tho owners tho
tug which they constructed lor the Wig
gin's Ferry Company. The trial was en
tirely satisfactory to all tho parties con
cerned. On the return of tho tug to our
wharf n -guy company' nsieinbled In the
cnbin, and while the cbnmpnlgn bottle
wore popping chri'tcned her tho "II. C.
Crevi-litig." In honor of tho Superinten
dent of tho Wiggin Ferry Co.
Wu dn not often boast of tlio (kill or
our mechanic, but vocatinotrofruin from
saying that tho 'Crevcliiig"' will compel
general recognition as the bet nnd faUCKt
tag on the rivers horculmut.
Ai.ua. William Alba, Commercial
avenue, near tin- corner of Eighth street,
hu the ni'i.t omplctt-ly furnished Ixtrlx-r
shop nr.d l.nir uroring nlo)ii in the city,
a in I p-'pectftilly Invites public patronage.
He ran pr-unlse hli customer the mot
eoiirteoii- troittment, and workmanship
that cannot bo excelled in Cairo. Hi
ruaors nro always in order, his towels
always clean, nnd his workmen always
eitdy. (live hint it trial. tf
SfMiAV win a plcainnt, gonial day.
The bright un and warm air tempted
many people to for'ako tho llresldo and
arm-chair for n walk through tho uvontie
nnd tho suburbs ofthe city. In tho after
noon, from noon till dusk, no less than
three thousand persons by actual count,
f men, women and children, wnlkcd tip nnd
down Wuhlngton avenue. Tlio procession,
for inch it might be called, of parent nnd
children, young men nnd maidens, nnd,
occasionally, a lonely bachelor or two, wns
no tuiluturo'ling spectacle.
- . - -OitnKii-
'io M. urn. Worthliigtou ur
dura everybody and their children to
march to lil new l'hotogruphlc Art (!ul
lory, and le.tvo their iiieii.uro for one or
morn do.i n of his now Imitation porcelain
curd photograph?, tnndo only nt hU gal
lery. Tito lino of march should commence
nbout o'clock a. m.,-ind coutinuo up till
niu'ht. mch'.'dtf
Thk ScituoL-. Mr. John C. White,
County School Superintendent, returned
Saturday lint from u tour through tho
county precincts of Alexander, nnd reports
the school In good condition, many of
them models of good order and scholarly
deportment, lu nnothor column wo pub
lish a communication from Mr. Whllu on
tho subject.
That IVter Nell', No. 70 Ohio loveo, l
clasing out his largo and woll-sclceted
stock of clothing, boots, shoo, hats, caps,
trunks and valise, at and
It Is hi purposj to embark more exten
slvely In thu merchant tailoring aim uir-
nUlilng goods bulneM-henco tho desire
tnelo,oout me stocK aoove ciiui...
Tin: election excitement is about ovor.
Hut Win. "Eliler continue tousothnvery 1
boat or stock und materiul in tho manu
facture of boots and shuos, lino and coarse
and employs none but first clsss work
men In his ihop, on 20th street opposito I
the Court
regret it.
Try him, you wont i
A I.AUQK stock of furnishing goods of all
klnda always on hand at 1'. Nell's, No. T9 I
Ohio Levee. dec9tf
Shall wk PuiiMiTCAino tomk Flavk
r.u. Eliowhoro wopubllih an nrticio from
tho Cupo Oirardoitu Argun which may ba
read with profit by our clti.ori!. It prove!
that n very determined cllort 1 being mud a
to flank Cairo and build n grand trunk
road from tlio East to Tcxn nnd tho IV
cine comt through Capo Girardeau. Our
neighboring town I to bo tho Emtcrn ter.
mlnuj of tho Cairo nud Fulton road, nnd n
link li to bu built from oppoIto tho Capo
to connect with tho Culro and Vlnconnoi
railroad at Harrhburg, in Hallno county.
This attempt would not bo" persisted in if
within a few monthi tlio f. A: V. H. It
company ihould begin work nt Cairo and
puih it forward to completion, and thcro
Is no doubt that Cairo would then bo mftdo
tho Eastern tormlnun of tho Cairo & FaU
ton road. Whether this condition of af
fairs shall bo enjoyed by us depends upon
tho action ofthe county courts along tho
lino of tho 0. A- V. railroad. They have It
In their power to build up Cairo or Cape
Oirardcau. If thoy renew their subscrip
tion!, the C.& V.nntcrpr'l'a wilt bo pu-hed
to early completion. If they rcfuio Jit will
drnp thrjugh. Cnpo Oirardcau under
stands the situation and In sub'Tib'-d
530(,00y to the proposed now route
A KKol-i.aii meeting of Poor -Man So
cial Club, to-nfglit (Tuesday i, at eight (Bi
o'clock, sharp. A full nttendanco re
quelled. .1. T. THOMAS, SVy.
I LI.INUIS ( KNlTt'a Tt A I I.HOAla.
New TIiik- Tali Is-,
On and nfter l p- m., Sunday, Dec.
ltd, the following timo table will govern
the arrival nnd departuro of paengcr
trains nt ('aim ;
Mail train loaves at.- 2: 10 ii.in.
Express " at 3:30 p.m.
St. Lou' nnd Cairo Express '
leaves nt 1:20 a.m.
Aeoommodutloii leaves nt... 12:0 p.m.
Mull arrives
Exurcs urrivej.
.. 'JOS tun.
-.12:2 ! p.m.
St. ImiU nnd Cairo Express
arrive 4:15 p.m.
Thu last named train leave St. Lou!,
at 10:30 a.m. TrudoM can leave Cairo at
1:20 a.m., reach St. Louis at 7:''.1 a.m., re
main In tho city three hours, and return
to Cairo nt IMo p.m., the same day.
Tho i-:30 accommodation and Cairo
und St. Louis express leuvo dally; all oth
ers leavo dnily except Sundays.
Way pusicngers should Lear in mind
that tho 3:30 p.m. train make only four
Mopping between Cairo nud CVntrnlin,
viz . .loncsnoro. unroonuai.-, in ijnniii
and Ahl.y. Tlio 12.30 p.m. train top 1
nt alt the stations along the rout-.
vix . .JoriC'tboro, (.nrhondali-, Jlu t.'uoin
Agent, Cnin-
Ooorge W. Wall, AOmlnlstrator of tho
statu of Edward T. Koss, deceased, tiled
his petition for r.n order of court to sell tho
desperate ticeount due mid estate.
Tho last Will nnd to-tument of Charles
Copper, deceit. cd, wns proven nud admitted
to record and Letter tetnmcntary grant
ed to Kntio Cooper the tmrtv uutiied In
s.tid will us tho Executrix thereof. John
IVtric.JohnSackberger nnd Honry Whlt-c-unji
were nppotnlod npprul-urs of said
John ll.S.nn tiled his petition for Letter'
of guardianship, for Virginia Mc CI lire,
minor heir of .Mathow 31. D. .McClure,
This (March i term being tho regu
lar term for tho adjustment of claims
against the estnto or Sylvester Webster,
deceased, n numbor orelnltns were allowed
Orcemus Orcenloy U the Administrator of
said estate.
That Fn.i.. Tho Street Con.mltteo are
conlderlng tho proposition that Commer
cial avenue should bo tilled from 18th
street to the levee. This Is work which
tho peculiar condition of utl'alrs In tho
manufacturing region of tho Fourth
Ward loudly demands should bo done nt
Notice I hereby given that t io delin
quent lit of city tnxe- for the year A. D.
Ih70, is now being prepared, and coil will
bo added on nnd after Saturday tho '.'llh
hist. Thoso who aro yet Indebted forclty
taxes for tho year 1870 will Hud it tothem
interest to call at tho collector' oillco nnd
prevent thoir properly from boing ndvor
tlsed. JOS. II. TAYLOR, City Col'r.
Stockholder's Meeting.
'I'l. n .,,1,11,1.1 iiwi.tttm. if t.ul.'Tiiihlnri nt'
-, , . . , ... .. i, i, ...in i . !
inn v hum iiiiu inuviiiiva it, u. mil u iiwih
nt the oillco of tho company, lu
Cairo, Ills., on Tuesday, the 3oth of April,
1871, for thu purpo.o of electing Directors,
i nud such other bii.ltiesi as iiuty bu necr
I wry. I). It. LAKNED,
Sec rotary.
Rkauiikn. It is generally bclbved that
Mr. Itearden will bo elected chairmen of
tho Hoard of Aldornine. If ho should bo
hu will make both nu uble and Impartial
preMding officer, He hiis had a great ileal
o(. 0XJ,cr,HI1(.o , cUy t.RtuXoni der
.tnntg tllQ rouilno perfectly and U wnll'iut'
, pmHnmentary law.
Closing; Out Snle.s
Twetity-tlro thousand dollars worth of
ready-mado clothing, hats, cap, liooU.
alioes, trunks and valeso aru olVred for
sal.) by V. S'off, 70, Oliio Levee, nt S.Q
TUAL COST ritlQKS, It being his.lnten
inn i.i pin, a out iii tlnu line, und embark
oxcluslvely nnd more extensively in thu
... - i. , !..,.
lurnlilllllg guous nun iiiurcnunv innoriug
I Tills closing out enio lurnisnes nu oppor.
tunlty tOKCuro clothing cheajiur than qyer'
before offered In this market.
deolQtf. ,
Trip of Mehool it per liitenileini WhHe
' TiirnHK till- Ciiiuil--Vlint Klm)
Abnui i tie helinnl., nr.
C.uno, .March 18, 1871.
7b thr EJUnr of TV CmVo lluUtlin ;
Having visited mot of tho public ichools
1 of tho county, nnd lomu dhtrlct where no
schocls nro now kept, I tnku plcauro in
rndnnmlfir. mt- urnmlin In v,m t. ..innrl
mv obcrvatlons. "
I am hnppy to state that, with few ex- I
captions, tho schools aro much better than
I cxpictcd to Und them. Theo exceptions
aru in di-trict wheru thcro nro dllllcultlcs
liard to bo overcome. Tho great extent of
territory embraced In some, nnd tho unfor
tunato locality or tho school houses In
others, subject the scholars to great loss of
time, and muko It imposslblo for somo to
attend school in bad weather. Thoso diffi
culties can bo remedied only by setting off
portions of tho old districts and forming
new ones : nnd tho Interest manifested by
parents In somo of thorn justifies tho be
lief tlint tho remedy will soon bo applied.
There nro In somo localities other obstacles
moro dillli'tilt to remove. A want of hnr
mony on thu part of school c Ulcers
and iudill'erenco on the part of par"tits
havc. moro injurious effect upon tho
schools than long di'tance nnd bad
weather, nnd there tire paronts whoso
children would bo greatly benefited by
the application of a law for compulsory
j ntteud'tnee. A largo majority of the poo
I plo of our vu.f would rejoico over tho
! enactment of such a law.
Olio fractional township lot its town
hip school fund many yenri ago, und
has not since had n school, but tho people
there have recently elected able nnd earnest
men to their township nnd district offi
ce, who have purchased fur temporary
hi ij a comfuriitblo house for it summer
school, and have employed a teacher for
tlx months. They intend, to build nnd
equip a good school houso In time for next
winter's school, and nro making nn effort
to recover thoir lost fund. One district
in another township has had no election
for school director for two or threo yea,
nnd no school during that time.
Complaint have been mado to me in some
place that money nei-l and collected
for dictrict purpose, ha not been fully
paid over, nnd that tho pvoplo hnvo paid
tuxe enough to bring them out of debt.
They uru still owins coti'ldcrablo sums of
money, and they aro or course somawhut
ditcouragi-d. All then mutters will be
investigated without unv tuinoeciarv
A largo majority of the dlUricM nre
u,iIc,.ruJ hv ien .,, nro
,i.i, ,.,.. " .. ,,,
'? " ' "T 1 ,'
nre willing to do
arc satisfied
with their action. In nil Oiumi 1 Qnigoo
schools, nnd In some of them oliools
ol which lb pcoplu are justly
proud, l'rominent ittnotig these- are lllch
wood , Whltakers, Wnhoo, Moll:ivcn',
Clear Crock, Tliebe, and Jlrown's. Ther'
are other that 1 uotild not reach on ac
count or swollen streams, but rrom which
I Ip-nr good report'. Many or them aro
doubtless equal to nny of tho-u nlovonien
tinned. Tin- touchers nro nil plea-ed with
the pro)eet of meeting in Iiiatitutctholntl
of thl month, and will attend utile"
providentially prevented, My hope Is
that our Institute will bn ono of such in
terest und pro ill to teachers that they
will in ruture need no urging to secure
their attendatieu upon .imilar occasions.
Many or our citizen have kindly offered
to entertain teacher, rrom tho country,
and this will make their stay nmong us
pleasant a well it interesting nnd profi
table. I hand you herowlth our pro
gramme, which I beg you will publMi In
your weekly p'tper.
Very K'-spoctfiilty Yours,
County Sup't,
I'ia.vo. The Decker Hrothcia mid
A. .Sumner pianos are lu use. and recom
mended by tho best mulcinii. They aro
tho best nud cheapest. Those desirous to
purchase, call on J.C. Carbon, agent, No.
128 Commercial Avenue. tncli7dtr
SminvALK-. Tho sidewalk, are in u
deiperntnly bad condition, and the new
Council should tnko them in band as oou
n possible. On tho Levee there aro
several dangercus holes which a fow
boards, llvo or six null and the labor of
one man ton minutes might "mend," On
tilts south aide of Tenth atreet, west or
Walnut, thu walls I in it wondurfully
dilapidated condition. Iteanbu repaired
bv building a now ono.
TAIIKIt Hl!OTIIKI!, S3 Ohio Levcc, will
nereafter keep constantly on hand, direct
A ,, - , ,
rrom tlio Eastern manufacturers tin- verv
beat winter flrulned purified sperm oil, for
sowing machines, and nil lino und light
machinery. This oil lm never yet been !
niperceded by any of thu manufactured ,
oils, as it never gtlina or is affected by the I
Weather. dec'JPt'f '
Why will our friends run thu rUk of be- i
coming Winn by wearing common Speeta- ,
del, when they uun procuro thu mot per
fect nrticio that hn yet been made, by
railing lit our old friends Tuber llrm' the j
well known Jeweler and get a pair of j
Luzaru A- Morrh' l'erfecteil Spectacle. (
liou't delay, fublilaw&lm
Foit Sam:. 1 will. ell my liousuiind lot, '
situated on Washington avenue, west side,
between dth mid (ith street, Cairo, His
'The hJuo Is a two storv friiine, finished
throughout, and contain eight re im, con
venluntly arranged, CItK , hi;) i. ,u, ute.
Terms cuiy. JOHN rdiKIIHAN.
Flouu. Choice Family Flour in bbls
half bbls., sacks Ac, for sain at thoEgyp
tlan Mills.
Dnow.VKD. Scrk. Thern i no longer
nny doubt In tho minds of their acquaint
ances that Hob Owon and Jac' Downing
wore drowned. Tho Inst scon of them wn
in it skill' otr tho coal yard at tho "point.''
It was lato in tbo evening, and tho wind
was blowing sillily. They woro engaged
In an nltetvation, and their angry voice!
could bo heird on tho ihurc. Tho noxt
morning thr !r skiff wu found empty, and
neither of them has boon seen since
Fascv Ooons. Attention is called to
tho stock of fancy goods and china toys
sold nt prices to suit tho timc, nlso, dollar
article at the Dollar Store.
CallntE. H.Ov,ald Si IV old stand
on Commercial Avenue. m-Uf.
Br. (iuii)Eii nv What You Know.
There Is an old proverb which lays . "Ex
perience is tho infest guide." To this
guide tho tick nnd ailing naturally turn
when casting nbout for tho means of relief.
Thoy inquire what a mcdlclnu has done
for othors, before they ndopt it themselves.
Or nil tho remedies nnd preventives In use.
Hostetter'K Stomach Hitters meets tho test
most triumphantly, and hence its Immen."
popularity nnd vast sale; Tho sufferer
rrom indigestion Is suro to find oine one
nmong hi Mends who has been cured of
that nllment by thofnmnu vegetable stom
achlc. Tho victim of fever and ague, liver
complaint, constipation, nervous prostra
tion, or general debility, hn only to make
Inquiry In the neighborhood where ho re
side in order to discover what this stan
dard restorative ha oUVcled In case altnl-
larto Ids own. In the published testimony
to its merits ho will llud i volumo ol
proofs of Its sanitary properties, which it
i impossible for his common senso to re
lit. Ho tries It, nnd the effect It produces
on his system adds another to thu host of
witnesses in it favor, Thu, its reputa
tion, founded on fact', not assertion, con
tinually grow.i and spreads. Charlatans
j nnd impotor. lotnu of them meru local
j tricksters, nnd others who take a somewhat
I wider range, attempt to thrust info tlio
hands and down the throat. or invalids,
J ihclr hnphazard concoctions, as substitutes
. for the tonic which for so many years has
been a medicinal taplo throughout the
United StHte, Spanish America, Canada,
. and thu West Indie, but only succeed ton
very limited extent. In this reaoning
age, the people, having ascertained what
I really deserving or their confidence, de
cline "running after tr.mge gods."
Oiwanc Smith American Organs
give jx-rfect atlfnetinn to nil. Call nnd
iv them,
J.C. CAltSON, Agent.
No. 12:i, Commercial Avenue.
A lilt I VA I.-.
Steamer Jus. Fisk Jr., I'aduciih,
lllinoi, Columbus.
Ark. Hello, Evnnvlll.
Hobt. Hums, Cin.
Ilelle Memphis, St. Louis.
Itobt. Mitchcl, t.'in.
Julia, Vleksburg.
Commcnwealth, N. O.
Suslo Silver, N. o.
HUmarck, St. Louis.
Mary McDonald, St. Louis.
" Liberty I, Pittsburg.
" Colorado, St. Louis.
Talisman, Nashville.
" Edlnburg, l'ittsburg.
" Hon Accord, St. Iuis.
" J. F. Frnzor, St. Loui.
" St. Jooph, St. Louis.
Idlewlld, Ernnsvllle.
" Orand Touor, .Memphis.
' Jus. Howard, N. O.
" Fainter '-, Memphis.
" Wananlta, N. O.
" Molllo Moore, l'itt.burg.
" AtlanttSt. Louis.
" Anna, Cinelnnat'r?
" Silver Moon, Memphis.
Mary Houston, N. O.
II. S. Turner, N. O.
Jas. Fisk, jr., I'.tducali,
' llllnol, Columbus.
" Ark. Ilelle, Evansville.
' Itobt. Hiirus. Memphis.
" Hello Meniphls, Memjihls.
Itobt. Mitchel, N. O.
" Julia, St. Louis.
- Common wealth, St. Louis.
" Snsto Silver, Louisville.
- HUmarck, N". O.
' Mary .McDonald, l.ouNviile.
Liberty I, N.
Colorado, Vlck.burg.
Tiilisiiian, Narlivllle.
IMInbiirg, Ked Hivur.
II. m Accord, St. l.ouL.
J. F. Fra.er, Ouohita.
St.Jotcph, .Memphi.
Idlewlld, Evansville.
llrand Tower, St. I. mil-.
Jus. Howard, St. I.oul.
I'ulnter -, Shotwell.
Wiinanlti, VitHburg.
.Mollio Moore, St. Loui..
Atluntle, N. O.
Anna, St. Louis.
Sllvnr Moon, Cin.
' Mary Houston, Luulsvillo.
II. S. Turner, Loui.ville,
SjrTho wciither contlnn?
verv warm.
i-L-ur and
ItjTThti river has fallen about un Inch 1
'nIiicu litt report.
toy-The O.uicktop will bu tho Evans
ville packet this evening.
JQT The Idlewlld brought Ua bales hay,
4,000 hoop poles, 22 coops poultry, for thu.
Tho Orand Tower discharged 316. '
' bales cotton for tlm Ktar Union Line, 182
ditto for 1. C. lt.Mt; , , v
KQuTlio Jan. Finijr;, la tho Vftducah
packet overy dav.
VaT" Tho AVurner hud a tow ef 3,560
bars railroad Iron and l,00iXkiialt,'ror
St. Louis.
EST Tlio Arkunsa liulle brought tO
bbls men), HO bbls apple, and 290 ski oats,
for rcshlpmcnt South.
1 i
55yTho Talisman brought 42 hhdi
tobacco for tho South, 10) pkgs cedar war
for St. Louis, and 310 flour barrels for Ful
ton and Sons.
&3j-Latest roports show tho Mississippi
and Its tributariei rising slowly.
CttTThj Ohio i falling all tho way up
with ! foot in tho chute, and 5 feet 11
Inches on tho rocks at Louisville, and 11
feet in the chnnnol nt Pittsburg.
CrTT Tho Jas. Fisk brought CO bbl meal,
6i bx handle, for rcihipmont Southland
nnd u Urge exeur!on party, accompnnlcxl
by tho htlvor Cornet Hand of Paducah.
Never did the pretty little steamer appear
more elegant than to-day. Hut tho' groat
object of attrnetiun seemed lobe "Cooper"
nnd Ills plug hat. .
rmuMesiri. Itced it Mann raised sUaaa
this morning on tho new.tug vrhleh they
liavoJiit completed for tho St. Louis
Ilridgo Comdany, nnd in a littlu trial trip
through the hnrbor iho boharcd splendid
ly. Slio was to have bt-cn delivered to
tlio owners this morning but thoy did
not nrrlvo.
Two Nights Only
March 21st and 22d,
ThoOrljflnal and Wor il tenonl
SKIFP &z 3-A.-X-XiOE,D'S
Alhirxo Minstrels.
Fora cr.ow.v i:.vi .mk.v
I'm I'ir.f T.irl will nppe.ir m
!ir. Chmif nrur U-foo- riloerl h)' Mortal
... v..
Till- lVlllldcrllll DlaiiOlvlllg PltHonaWS'
if the Krmeo I'riiaa an Uar, l -till with thl
Moiiinoili Org.mUnioit. -
.HIP. rSAn.Oltn.l.'en. Aent.
I.IIV.' (i.Wl.QUI', -i)!e l-top'r. mf-ut
MA,5ri s sh'vki?"i,"(i!'
at iiii:
Cairo City Book Bindery
I prep ued in
Manufacture llfank llooha nud do Hi
Mint, of Hook lllmtluf: anil Kullog.
7H Ohio iLevec,
xTtf '
yflT .11. JF. SOU UT TEH,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer s
Wines, Liquors
Atfen. for tt brands of
xmpoi'tocl Alo ofdifs
foi-out ls-iiidus,
lo. To mttO XiEVEE
3i. kto'Iti.tii
i w,.,.., l.i I'.ihle A Sliv U(!etM
Itci'tlllfr nnd Wholesale Healer In For
eign and Domcatfc
, TO, ETC.
78 Ohio Iievee,
CAIRO. - - IlfL.
lit- Ueeiwoii Inn le.imlanllr, r. nfllatoeV af A '
Old Kent uck v Itoitrlmn. Hyc nnd Mob
oiig.iht'l.i tYhlsklex, French llruu-
die, Holland win, Kiiine
mill Cullforiil.i Wins. n
HU .If
ilali'o, - - -J fllliioln
ll.i iit -ecelred a foil and'coinjile'teatook
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Jt every ilfcriplian. which will U ailsS, aiprijej f
Slilrts, Uu,,(.Cs4j,
not exoa(llliolas'il r tjK '' th 1
litthia rr any other marital .

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