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"r'l'W ii wiwii)iiiiDmioW.
r ; 4
Tub Missouri Legislature has ad
jca-ned to Wuduesday, December
The Cincinnati Commtrcntl asks for
harmony in thu Democratic party of
Unto. 1'cople who livo in glasn houms
should not throw slnncs. '
The HUtc Legislature orNcwlIamp
shire is pretty evenly divided in both
Houses the Senate (standing five He
publicans to six Democrat, nnd the
House lflil Republican to 164 Demo
crats, tho Inbor reformers being classed
as Democrata.
The people ofSpringlicld are hcconi-
ins alarmed and indignant at the l'eo
rian'n persistent agitation of the rotno
vni oi me capital question. In tmswer
to all remarks and interrogation; on tlx
subject, they point to the unfinished
cspito! building, with a jmt npprccia
tiou of its importance, when completed
lor it oirginal design, to the welfare
and prosperity of Springfield, and
to the grave of the martyr President,
with righteous anger in their eyes, and
ak, "can this bo ?'' And now tho time
has arrived when forbearance has ceased
to be a virtue on tho part of the resi
dent of the capital. A delegation of
citizen of Peoria, vested with author
ity to make a definite proposition for
the removal of the capital to their city,
has startled the Springfield people, aud
by request, the Legislature will
visit Peoria on Friday. It is to bn
hopd that Springfield will posset it
soul in patience, as com of much ado
about nothing are not at all infrequent.
The fact, however, that thero are art
two sides to the question, one of which
is that Springfield ii an almost bottom
less inudholc part of the year, and that
legislators and strangers are cotniellcd
to drink water filtered through unheal
thy swamps all the year round, has not
yet penetrated tho Springfield mind.
"Or;nSociTr"ithe name of oueof
tho nowNcw York papers, the 21st num
ber of the 1st volume of which lies be
fore us. "Our Society" is tho organ of
the crcame dc la crcame, of tho very
highest of the upper ten thousand, of
the real, no mistake, genuine aristocracy
of the great city of Gotham. It is got
tcti up in the finest style of the art pre
servative, on rose tinted, viuboaacd pa
jicr, manufactured expressly for the use
of "Our Society," whoso delicacy of
touch can by no possibility, grattt upon
the sensitive nerve of it nristoeratie
reader. "Our vxsicly" is an epitome
of fashionable life, u weekly digest of
balls, parties, receptions, etc., together
with whole columns of most entertain
ing "personals" about beautiful young
ladies and popular youug gcutlomeu.
As for instauce, wc rce, among other
equally Interesting items, that accrtain
youug lady, whose name is given, is a
tall, elegant blond, and is u devoted
worshipper in n fashionablo church, the
natufl of which is also given.
What food for thought is contained in
these few lines. What a vivid picturo
is presented to the imagination, of the
fair devotee as she, with the measured
walk befitting the occasion, Intakes her
self to tho altar of her "Blessed Jesus,
meek and lowly," nnd there, with a
heart beating.serencly under velvet and
point lace, offer up her prayer with
all the refined nolouinity of a fashiona
ble follower of Christ, aud with the
gratifying consciousness that half the
congregation are repeating to themselves
tho substance of tho "Society" personal
in regard to her graceful appearance
aud her remarkable piety I Aud what
sd incentive to other lovely blondes
and oUgant brunettes to go and do like
wise Turning from tho personal, our eye
is caught by a bit of news calculated to
throw tho readers of J'Our Society" into
nn ecstaov of dcliL'ht or euvv as tho
- "
case way bo. We are told that Mrs,
Blank, gave a delightful reception to
her dear five hundred friends, on the
occasion of the debut of a superb doll,
whoso wardrobe, consisting of fivo hun
dred pieces, was imported expressly for
the handsome toy. One can imagine
the high-toned oharaoter of the occasion
md U low. of wit, tumor, Mnse and
sentiment which must have been called
forth bv the merits of tho doll babv
and her clothes. It is not to be sup
posed that any obtrusive thought of tho
vulgar, half-clothed human babies of
the over-crowded city, disturbed for a
moment, tho well-bred merriment of
the genteelly hilarious occasion. Truly,
the "good society" of tho great metrop
olis must be a marvel, and he who get
loth therein must lie happy.
MIm Ncttlo Ohn, daughter of Chief
Jmltcu Chan-, U to "be married to-day l
Wm, fSpraguu Hoyt. of the firm ofSpragtn i
Hoyt A (X New York City.
Henry Lytton JItilwor has 1 een elevated
to the Kng'ish peerage under the tlt'o of
Haron Hailing and Ilulwer.
I linniin (till, n veteran
years, died
porter of Ito'tun, ngud 00
1'ev. II, Kiiton, for thirty ye-at. rector of
Trinity Church, Gnlvo'tnn, Texas, was
taken ill while delivering lit sermon Sun-
lay lust, nml died nt 4 o'clock In the nl-
President Gntntnnd family de.lgn visit
ing tho Pacific coail when the Joint high
eommlt'lon shall lmvu finished its lubor.
which will not 1 till May or June.
Thcr; arc 2I.M1 pupil registered In tho
common schools or Cincinnati, 1". ll'ier
whom are studying Gorman.
Thu Metropolis Juumnt is still agitating
thu .School Hfiiio question. IjVrever
anco, etc.
The nnrnml dltrlct conference of the M.
E. Church will bo hold in .l.inesboro, su
tho Advertiser, commencing on tho 7th of
pril. Tho HMiop of thU diocese, of
Nashville, will he present, also ubnut forty
preacher utid lnyrnQn from varloin pirt
of the dlitrict, n well n prominent di
vine from nthr tt-
A little son of .Mr. II. A. Chapman of
.Mound City, ai-d two yenr. Ml into u
tub of Imt wati.T Imt werk nmlilliil within
twcntv-fiMir hours after.
Tho lienton Divliion of tho .Son of
Temperance have lately given up their
charter and unnrid(!l operations. The
Standard attributes III domlio to the fact
that leading church inornbor" und tmnpor
Hccemcn lovo their Mr t' well to give
the temperance ioclety their undlvidfd
allegiance. The town now lxat three
Irinkini; talooni and n onlUv,., fur the
batemeni of which tho comiitftit ehrl-
ttsni of llunti'ii can otrer up their fervent
I'turla mill the Stnlr Capllal -KrKiiln-
Sins; Sl- nf I'm re on ItallroaiU- 1
Wilita iunkt MibcIi In It Favor ,
Th Ull In l.ra I ho li mini! lui j- no ,
KO, tie
prin,'tlld, March UTI. I
The absorbing ipiostion just now is:
At the fir,t thought one would hardly
think thero could bo any tpie.tlon about It,
but the IVorln authorities nnd the Peoria
peopb hnvo ml nbout tho mutter with tuch
curncttuui, and with neb an evident up-
pearancn of btlIne, that It I really very
much talked of. Ofeour.o objection tire
nude, but Peoria mevtt thum nil
wltli a I
Igor to which a simple denial I
, not a
sutllcient answer. Tho stuto hu nlrendv i
expended over f sU0,(XKJ on tho new .State.
home, hero, says .prlnglleld. Wo will
pay It nil back, ays Peoria. It would'
put oil' th? timo for its complutlon, savs ,
.Springllold. Wo will furiiUli riKimi for ,
tun departments und fur the nnutlngs of ,
thoHisembly for five years frue,niv, l'corla. '
Tho legislature ha ngrerd to build here, 1
,,(11,1 'i'tn ti, .,1.1 iitn.
III ll'l llli,SIVSS f i m ,
house for nothing and bo satMled, .ays tt(l,t rJmnvnl to .Soutli Carolina, it was al
Peoria; and udds, wo will glvothu flnot wv, brought out for tho ndinlrntlou nnd
slto In tho stnte, consisting of twenty broad
acres cnour health vbliltlV. Tho II.moof '
..iiii .i
Itcprcentatlvc has already accepted the
invitation of Peoria to go over thero next ,
Friday to bo feasted by thu publio nnd j
private m.thorlth, of that .t.rM..
ity. It Is probable that the hennte will
accede, und if nothing mere comes of it ,
lliait u cneernu vim ion ninny iowii, inui
much, all who tiro at all acquainted at
Peoriu, uro suro will follow,
Tho llouio ft lteprcicntntivi-s on last
Friday bad under consideration a bill f r
on tbo railroads of tho State. U difi'ers
irom tno Senate bill passed somo time ago,
- " m
in that It classifies ho roads according to ,
tholr gross enrnlni-n
'. at and 41 ennti nn...ti i. i .u
-ii . - l'" oiiiu oivo'no Ul lliu
iiiiuciiuiiiB iuiu ui o cents per mlo pro
scribed by tbo Scnn,tu bill. Tha bill
Introduced by Mr. Hlldrup, of iloone, wlio
mado an olaboruto und carefully prepared
spocch in It favor. H, was sutaln,od by
Mr. Webb, of your city, and his argument
was very highly applaudod by tho friends
of tho movement. Should this hill pass It
is probable that the views of tho two bouses
could only bo reconciled by a contmittoo
of conference, in which event so much
I timo ' bo consumed that no measure
will become a law before tho Spring ad.
journmcnt. .
The Governor hn? returned the bill au
with his objectloni. Ho holds It to bo Im
proper to allow nnyclty to tax its pooplcfor
any Improvement outside of the Ststc, and
thinks It nn nuumptlon of power wholly
unnulhorlxcd by tho schedule nfrompany
ing the now cnnitltiition. Ho makes some
technical objections to ono jOf Its. prcvj
ions by which Ibo lux is to bo lovlcd and
collectii in Recordation with a lwi pawed
In 18Cj nnd which now becomes a ipocies
of iperlnl legislation . prohibited, ,by lh
constitution. The Qulhcy lobby hns re
turned, and will do Its utrno't to secure tho
paii','i) of the bill, oTcr tho (invernor's
j veto. It Is inniln the special order for ;icit
1 hur'dny
Tho substitute for
r'lir. pr.Niri:s'Tr.Hr iiii.k
by which It sen? proposed to leave that in
atltution to It. .M. Hough, was rejected.
Wo may therefore uxpect that tho Jtudl-
oalt will allow r.u change In tho jiolicy
which lm heretofuro governed tho iiinn-au'i-ment
of thu penitentiary. Three hun
dred und thirty thooariil dollarsof Indobt
'ln.it hn lnniu.y ii.inu, nobody kliuwt
where, i- not enough to gratify their in-a-tlublogrwl.
Sprlngtlcld, .March L'O, I-T1.
A HUIurlr Porlrnll.
During the .Senatorial term of Aaron
liurr I7fl und 1 717 ho was ono dnv
driving along r. lonely country road in L'f
iter county, New ork, when his horse
cast his fln-t and he topjn-d at a black
smith shop to have It rculaced. AVhllo
waiting the completion or thu operation,
ho happened to glan'u at the door of tho
rudo building, iind law there u truthful
und vigorous drawing of hi vuhlcle und
lentil 'done in charcoal, wh'cb mmt.htvo
len ezeeutiil in n very fjw minutes.' He
Inquired f-r the iirtltt, nnd u lm'f-grown
Ixiy, ilrced in eoarto L'niielits,lopH d
forward ntid laid: "I did It, sirt" , Burr
i'Qteredt Into i-onTorsntlon wjth the lad,
und i'U iiojrtained thut though whollv
uni'dacuted ba' .was yet unuiaaliy' .bright
und ititelllgiiai that hn nn bjrn nnd
reared in the neightorhood, and had hired
I himmlf to the blacksmith, fur ix month.
I Writing it few lines on nsllpnf paper,
' ltarr handed It to him, nnd remarked :
' "M v Ujy, you ur) loo smart ii fijllnw- to
May hero all your life. If you ever1 want
to change your employment and sec
s imcthlng ot the world, put n clean Uilrt
In ynur pocket, go to N'ew Vork and come
KraUht to that nddrets. Ills iuumnra
bletheme,nndtli4 cnrei ami dutlC of
jNiliiirail lifo eon drove the incident from
the' .''emtnr's mind, nMd he sva (irprli'd
onu morning lutnn months later, while
ittmj l breakfast nt his ri-lduncii at
Itiiliiiiond 1 ill, when a fervent cnlereil
and dlivi'jod hlnu imall liundlu which
lud hem brought br n bov who wn wait-
in,. ,,..!,!.. ii,, ,...i,i.,.. ,,...L-n.. i. I
found within 4 clumsily made clean .hlrt, 1
Thinking thcro imm be ii mUtake, ho
ordurvd the bov shown up, nnd in a moment ,
there entered the blackonlth iipprenllee, i
wiMi thu .lip of paper given him a a
gu.'ieittiii introiJuciion. liurr gave mm , , , , , .
ii h-artv wacome, lo,dc him into his fatn- , " ) it has been n sad, sad day to U.,
II v, .br.V t.it Ii". education, procured him , V' Immediately relapse 1 Into hi. thought
instruction in tho primary principle, f ! I'd mood and nttltudu. Ileing unwilling
drawing and coloring, nd finally assisted ''J-",1" t intrude upon his rellectlon., I
him to go u Lurope, where ho .punt live said no more. Attur n niluuto or two he
vear. Whm mlifortuno had driven tho I suddenly straigbtene. to his full height,
patron a trlcnuics, penniless exilo acru-,
the ,ea. the nrotegi was exhibiting his pie.
turos at tho Louvre, nnd gaining conipll-, na s-vr seen in mm ocmre, neau urs.e.i
ment nnd n gold meilnl from Na.)eoii. mo In a voice tremulous with emotion,
Ho did nil ho could to aid hi benefactor nnd said:
when they metln Paris, but though Van- "Ocuoral, I never law troops bohnyu
derlvr. ha'd won fame, monov was ulmost ! J"""" magnittMnlly than Pickett s Divls
us scarce with him as with Burr. He I iin of irgmlaiu did tMav in their grand
came back to America, painted thu "Land- charge upon the enemy .And if they had
Ing of Uohimbu..' now in thu roiuudu of ,,tfi'M uj,Ptcd, n they wore to havo been
tho Cupltol at Wwhlnctoni the portrait but. for.somo reason not yet fully cx
of .lackson In thu City Hall, Kow York. I plained to mOi they were not-wo would
nnd .iveriil other u-nU'.bnnu-n unrL-i .,n,l I HaVO hold tllO position they ,0 gloriously
,n,.,l ol onL. ,ir, cr tho snot whure hn '
received his llrst riieoiirauuinent to tudy '
thtiurt hLachievMiiicnts have ndornoL
Previous to his tonr abroad. Vunderlyu
painted thu portrait, of liurr und his
(laughter, winch have hocu mado familiar
to ml through thu engravings attached
to tho live, 'of the former, written by
.Matthew L. Davi und Joules I'.irtoti.
ThU portrait of Theodositi next to tho
idolized original, Iturr prlr.ed niuro than
nil uUn the world eotUalnvd. 1 1 listittr io
;-roomiit Kienmonu tun, :ini
IheiHlo.las 1'lrthUay came
, .
tnfiil nttnr Imr tnu rriit ss a ii faii Aiitntt
tn.in of the a..einbled guest.
, '; wm io r.urop; no carrteu .
W illi lllin, aim w neiiier viiiiiui; mu uuu,e
, ' .t,...,,! .,..oni0 i Kncland. or
hiding uwav in a Psrislan garret, the
sweet faeo looking out from tint ilumb
,,;, ,vft. ... ,.it i,1.j,i1i0 w1Hl i,o died.
pri (ho dwuth-clmmber tho portrait
was transferred to thu keeping of Miss
t'heodosia Provost, daughter of .lohn II,
Prevwt, llurr's tcpon. Thuru It re-1
mttined for somo time, and waseairled to '
South America bv another member of
another member of u number of propilotor. who collect them ! tings. After a brief trial thev were con
.,.:,.... ..,..,,,, i . , !..,. (i.i. ,. i. ....... I , .. ,. . .. ."
the family.
Ilcturning from thencu It found tempo
rary lodgment in thu hotuuhvld of Dr.
Ilreckinridgc. of Pleasant Hill, .Missouri,
.whoso wilu was uiso n iinugtueroi iimm n
Tprj)vo.t. A few week since it passed into
WIIOMJ ,vnu Wli- Hi, J ii uiii;;iihi i...,,.. ... ,
the ..osse.slon of s Luoy Urcc k nrWgo
of Alton, Illinois, und uimw in tho tudio
of .Mr.
II. l, .llllll 1, uiiiiv, i on. im,
streoti, St. limis. Thl hUtorio
metiiro Is on Vanvas. rather under tho
ordinary sl.o for half lengths, and still Juu
tho same wooden frame, painted black nnd
Varnished, which it probably worcsQVonty
years ago.
It shows, evidence of ago apd travel,
but thu accurate drawing and careful col
oring for whloh Vundenyn was noted, arq
vet pluinly purcoptablo, and tnosoft brown
hair, liHzal eyes, clear cut noso nnd Hps,
chocks blushing with tbo palest, tint nf tbo
rose, und ssxcrulslioly moulded, nck ' and.
bust, rtrall In lifelike Teality, the faco nd
foru ofher over whoso unknown grave
tho ocean rolls, nnd whoso story Is ono of
tilt iddet and tho noblest recorded in
American nnnsli.
Lea Afitr the Dallte of Otllynlnira;
General (Confederate) J. I. Imboden
writes for the Galaxy an nrtlclo on I.co at
Gettysburg, Jrom which we take tno fol
lowing: Wben night closod upon tho. grand I
sccne,our.arniy was repuliea. silence unu
glwwh -porvadeil onr campi. Wo knew
thrtt the Anr had gon against u, but thr
oi tent of tbodlibstor was not known ex
cept In high quarters. The carmigo of
thtfslny'was reported to bnvc boon fright
ful,; but our nrmy was not In reirent, and
wo, all nirmlicd that with to-morrow' I
dawn would come a renewal of tho ttrug
caw tttoso who had not been in tho light
would have their full share of the honors
and tho dangers of the next day. All felt
and ' appreciated tho momentous con-
siijueneei of Irnal defeat or victory on that
great Held. Tlico ronsidorntions mndo
th.it, to us, ono of thoe lolmn Hnd awful
nights thut every ono who fought through
our long war fomotlmcsc.tpcricnced before
a great battle.
Few camp-fires enlivened tho i:eno. It
was a svarm lummsr't night, and ifcu
weary soldiers were lyln In groups on
tho luxurant grais if tho meadows wo oc
cupied, iliicusiing the events of tho day,
or svatchlng thut their horse did not
straggle otr In bronidng nround. About
11 o'cloek horcman approached and
delivered it message from General Lee, that
he wanted U tee me' Immediately. I
mounted ut once, und, aeeomnuniod bv
Lieutenant Mel'hall, of my sin ft", and
guliled by the courier, rodo about two
miles toward (letlyiburg, where half a I
doxeii imall tents on the roadside wero
tHilnlenl outns General Ico's heailquartcri
lor tho night. Ho wus not there, but I j
was'lnforuifd that 1 wonld find Jiiiu with
(Jomcrsl A.l'. Illlb htlf a mllo fitrUioron. I
On reaching jho place Indicated, flicker
ing, Kilalury cin lie, vLlblo through' the
0en roll t of n c.orainon tout, hhowed
w hero liqncrnl Ix.-e and Jlill .were, tented
on camp-stools, with u county map spread,
upon their knee, und ntiiig"eir In a low
and earnest conversation. They scacd
ipealilng as 1 .approached, und Jiflar.tlio
ordinary snlntatloni Gjnoral Ix. directed'
me to' gojo bis beadquarters And rW:drfo;
hlnfjf lie did not return until 'alMntlj
o'clock, when he camo riding nlonoat.a,
low walk, und'ovld'-nlly wrappcd'iii pro
found thought. i
There was not even u fcntlnel on dutv, '
onu no ono or ni can srnt nticut. 1 1
Mil. I III!
i i-i t .i i . i
moon svu high In the heaven, hHldlng
a flood of oft- allvi'ry Ihrht, nlmo-t a
bright ns day. upon tho scene. Whn h
appronrhed n1 sy u, ho pme, reined
up his i.or.e. ana .essayed to .ii-mount. .
1 he cttort to do 10 b-.-travea so much phy-I
ileal cxhausilSn that 1 steppcl forward to
aM him, bnt X!tore 1 rche.I him ho .
bad llghtod. Ho throw his nrm nem. ,
hi sadllo to re.t him'oir. ami iixing nts
eyes upon the ground leaned In illonrc
upon his cnual'y weary bono; tho two
forming a striking group, u motionless as
n slntue. The moon shouo full upon bis
masslvo feature, nnd reviibi'd an x
pretnlon of sadnets I had nt-ver fuen upon
that tine- countenance bnlure, in uny of
tho vit-U'itudoi ofthev.'nr tbr nigh which,
lie had pa-is.1. I waitinlfor blm to Sneak
until inn ucnce tiK'niiio painru nna cm-
l'rrsIng. when to break it, ond changn
tl10 eurreni ! hi tlioiights, 1 rcmnrkeil in
n sympathetic tone, nml in ullii'lon to hi
Br"i '""guo
" General, till In been n In I day on
" 'j ,, " '. i
'citeii,cnt of manner than
w(" t such n fearful lo-s of noble, lives,
nd tho day would hnvo been ours,
After a moment, he adde 1 in a tone al-
mn.t of ngonv:
'Tjo bud ! Too lad ! O't, too bad V
1 never shall forgot, n long I live, hi
language, nnd hi manner, nnd his appear
nnco und expression of mental sutlerlng
Altogether It wa u scene that a hl'lorlcal
painter might well imuiortnlixe, had ono
been fortunately ptuiont to witness It.
Ill a little Willie ha e.ilKil up u servant
prom lit, ,Kvii to tuko liU lior-e p.iL'.
mournfully, by nauiu, of several or hi
frletida who had fallen (luring the day.,
nnd, when u candle had boon light, invited
me alonv in hi, tent, where, as ooni n wo
werfe ncalod. ho remarked;
"Wo mu,t return to Virginia. A many
of our wounded as polblu must le tuken
home, 1 hnvo sent for you beo.iu'e your
men nro fre,h, to guard tho trains he -k to
o. --
nrlh i'arolliiii .Slamti I'uulo,
Along the sand b ir of which Cudu lint-
terns is tho salient point, which in thrown
up from thn restlcs notion of thu wave,, I
uro found marshos of coar.o grass. I'pnn ,
these roam a largo number of ponies in n I
partially, wilileondition. TJiey belong o
u number of propilotor. who collect them !
thu young foals, after thu manner of Tex
n,,,,;..., ru, ult ,,,,,,.. .ii-... i
as catllu breeders. Thuownorthip of each
coll l determined by' the brand upon its
, . ... ri-.l... .:i.i- . ! i i.
imm, ii ii;u owiiuraiiiii oi any annual i,
, . . . . . . . ,,,
1 '"i . " .it.Tti , "J?"
"t " I
die horses lor ladles and children.
Instances they ure used for work.
Tho practice of suspending tho rule
has become so common Intho Hou.e, that
Immediately after the. re'adiris;of thojour
nnl in tho morning Speaker Smith solemn
ly announces that the hiispciiilon of tho
rules is first In order I In fact, the only
business thus far. accomplished' has been
done under a suponsion of the rules, a
prsvtloo which Speaker Iihlue, in Ids con
troversy with Butler, so roundly depret
catd:-fV'. 1
A Second Reign of Terror
The Insurgent National tlnard Seize
Paris and Commence the Work
of Wood.
d'tsiM. Lecoiupte und Clement Thomas
IliiUheriid ut this Dictation of
Ulcottl .'arlbal.il.
- 1 Kerolullouary l'roclamutlosw Uj tk
mil Ice.
Tho Ked Flag HoNtfd nnd Commiinlnl
rinellnna ir.!..r,.,1 r., i'n..l.r
f-locllons Ordered for Tixlay.
The (.'uarils und the Hxcllod ropulari!
.Shofng "On to Versailles."
The Overthrown (ioYcrnmrnt nnd tho
Diplomatic Corps Ltnvc the
Riotous Capital.
Fears thut the Hosolutlou Will Spread
to l.jons, .Marseilles nnd nor
dentix. t'rritclt ltrporti.
tin: w.mi is i-Aiiif
London, Starch l'J. 1'rosldent Thiers
has Issued a proclamation appealing to the
reason and patriotism of the citizens of
Paris to preserve order. Tho gorcrmcnt,
following up tho proclamation of President
Thiers, at midnight on Friday sent a de
tachment of troops and gens d'urmes to oc
cupy thi positions of tho Insurgents on
Mont .Mart re. A considerable number of
cunnon were removed and tho gens d'urines
made some four hundred prioncri, In
tho morning national guards of JiclluviHe
und .Mont .Martre, with many unnrmcd sol-
.ii . r it !. i l
i uirr- in iuu ion-, nrrit in on imi- j-vi'O'.- noil
I . . , , '
I r.titn..l I tin tirftnr-itp.
At 11 ii clock .Saturday many Imttalllnns
national guards, fully organised,
,imr,.ui i,lt Mont Slurtro shouting
.... , , ,, . ,. ,r. . , .
vu a rcpubllque. . Urn district was
the" wholly In poscMion of the nnllonals.
tho soldier- linvlng deserted. Not :i gens
. iPnrme. not a lnirlc rrsulur was vlible.
All the nntlonal guards wero amply sup-
plied with cartridge, nnd appeared deter
mined to retain their cannon nml hold
their poitlon on tho heights.
Tho purpoo-s of the Insurgents are llll
In lunate. Their main object Just now I
reslstonoo to tho government. Tho crowds
in .Mont .Mart re nnd Dollevllc, however,
are unanimous in theirclnmorsngainstthe
u"rmbly nt llordenux, their demand for
its immediate dissolution, nnd tho election
of n now body which shall sit in Pari'.
At si o'clock Saturday evening the agi
tation and 'uncertainty continued. Gene
ral I'nron was surrounded for sovernl
hour by the mob in Mont .Mnrtre. His
troops proved faithful, Charged nnd took
thtec barricade, and finally cut their way
, , ..,-., , ,i
"1 1nu llcul'c
General Locutnptu und
other, were not o forttinnte. Abandoned
by their men, thiy wore made prisoners by
thu rioters, mid are now dctaim.d in tbo
Chntenu Houge.
Sunday morning tl.otrwopmueceudedln
capturing forty niinou in .Mont .Martre.
Of these the people retook live without
The government bn, is, nod another
proclamation repudiating any Intention of
ol a cotii) d'etat, warning tho i-outmuniils
i who seek to pillage Pari., that they will
ruin Km nee, nml appealing to the nation
al guard, to put mi end to the condition of
( auurchy into which I hoy hnyu plunged thu
At 9 o'clock p in- it wit, reported thut
Gnnorals Lccompto arid 'fhoina, who Mere
captured In the morning, had been hot by
itir tiiutcnt, ftfli'T t -ttmtm.r-r Srinl. The
i nuw, i.proad cunrterntttioii through the
Genural Vnoy and the stall', till troops of
tho line, und thiiculi'c. force of the
d'armcs havo retired to thu left bank
tliQ Seine, leaving tho national guard
restore order on tho right.
PA nn, .Sunday, .March lis. Tin, jour
nal. thl, morning contlrm the report of
tho exeoutbn of ticncral Lccompto nnd
Thomas. After their capture thuv wore
taken to the ga
.... v ,
'',H")r0j"i -''oui .us
revolutionary con
tings. After nbrl
garden of tho Ktui des
Martru, where thu central
commlttuo hold their sit-
(ii'iucni'it (Dsuper iieatn, una wore taken
out and hot. All accounts nv thov illed
rho.Totirnnl Des Debuts 'iavsi Ye.ter-
day wjll bo considered asono of the gloom-
Wnda.vsl thohistoryof France. The revo-
lotion' tiniler the banner of plllagn I mis-
tres of Purls. T'tls tcrriblu day has
wrought maro danger to the republic than
all tho llotiRpartcs.
Tho F.cho of Purllmeiit nv Inccii-o-miouco
of the di(urbar.LH, m I'uris, tho
Kmperor Vilirmu has 'provisionally
.topped tho movements of tha German
Pahu, 3iarcb;tt. Tho National have
placarded two proclamations. Thi irst
oncsnys that tho French pooplo waited
calmly until tho nn attempt was mado to
touch tho Ufa of the republic. Tho armv
did not raise Us bands against tho arch of
liberty or tho icpublls. Tho people uro
convoked for communist oloctlons. Tho
proclamation Is signed by thi Central
pommltteo of tho national guard, and da
ted nt tho Hotel do Villo.
TUB swovn i-non. vm.vtiov
is as follows t
"To the iiconlo of Paris : You have on-
trusted ns with the defense of tho rights of
Purls. Wo report that wo have driven
out tho government which betrayed us.
Uur mission is lullllleU, nnd wo now re
port to vou to nronaro for communal clec'
tibni. Give ut as our onlv recompense tho
I Il.Oi 1. . - . l I 1 ' .
eiinoueiimeiu oi u real repuuiii;.
Tho same signatures, thirty in number,
are appended.
The Ofllcial journal contains tho follow
ing proclamation from the central com
mittee ; It hai been distributed throughout
Purls. Tho men of tho barricades have
token possession of the ministry of Justico
nnd usasslnntcd Generals CliimutiiTlu)inu
und Lccompto. Who uro the mcmbors of
the committee is unknown nnd it Is uho
unknown what they want. Deliver Paris
from the crimes committed by them, lie
move all cxcuo for support by their fol
lowers. Let all who have nnv regard for
tho honor nnd interest of France separ
ate from them and rnlly around tho repub
lic and tho Assembly. (Signed.) bv tho
Imlnl'ters nt prcent in Paris.
n r.u yi in IIHISTKK.
The Hotel do Villo issurmonnted by thu
red ting nnd barricaded. .Shot have been
henrd but no conflict is reported. It?pect
able Parisians aro stupefied.
General Lecompt" Was abandoned by
his troops and arrested on tho hlghts of
Mon .Murtrc. General Thomas was ar
rested in plain clothes. Tho hitter's hit
word wa "coward." He foil at Ih" third
THIERS ami vi.vor.
Thiers Is firm but full of grief. Gen
eral Vinoy's Indignation is boundless.
Gcnorul Vinoy lias lcen mobbed. Tbo
mob is triumphant, nnd virtually possesses
Oiu cUy. Only Out wlio. .opu nre OpSll.
Drunkenness is rnmpnnt. Kvrn women
are armed.
Genorat Chauzy, upon his r.rrival In
Paris, wus arrested nt thu station hy tho
.Mont .Martl'ts, nnd it is said will be shot
to-day. All per'ons of prominence- nre
living from Paris.
Veumii.i.e, .March ltth. Tho Oillclal
.Journal announces that tho whole govern
ment, all tho nutboritic of Paris and AO,
000 good trsopi, under General Vlnoy, nre
here. Tho department authorities have
been Instructed that thoy must obey only
tho order, from Veriiille, othorwi'e thoy
will forfeit their poHIon.
i'ito(iit, or thi: iir.voi.uTio.s.
The Insurrectionists hold thu mayornli-
tlo,, tho otllee of the miiiiters nnd tho
.Municipal elections aroordered lorTue,
day. Thu P.ir.ilini mayor mid dupntlcs de
mand tho removal nf Generals Pullndlncs
and Vlnoy, and of thu prefect nf police.
uleiitluu Terry was itiggestod as tho hit
ter's successor, and tho government gave
its consent to tho clmugo. General Lsn
glen,, who tueceuded Goueral Pulludlues,
after the latter win tnken prisoner, wont to
tho hotel He Villo, but the Insurgent, re
futed to recognUu him.
the excitkment stukaih.ii).
Hot ks, .March
nreh 20.- Tho peoplu hero aru j
si over tho news from Paris,
,ard demonstriillon has been
deeply s-xclletl
Put no outwaM ileuionstriiliuu has been
m ii do. Tin- .Mobile, tiro prohibited from j
crowing to the right hank of the .Seine,
i., i .1,. -oi ' i " .'i i ,
I AitiN March 2'. Jim Insurgent hold
T1IIIMI1I fll-Ylll- iv.lMiiivvr.
thu I'alaU du.lutieo, thu Tullorlus, und I
thu Place ile Veudnme. Comptetu upathy I
t .iin.iaT,! t.y si.u ii...HxU. X-
was perpetrated by order of Khottl Gar
ibaldi, who directs tholintirrectlon. They
weruthotiu h garden of tho I tno des Ko-
sictn. Tluiiiius reltt-d viguruu-ly, but
Caiibihll ordered blm hold against n wall
wlillu hi body was rlddloil with bullet.
I.cCompto died with the utmit (oolness,
smoking n cigar and refusing a handnge
over his eye. Many other murder have
Titoor fAi.ti.'ii i'un.
I'lie government hastelegi-nphed lor the
ao.tiOO men nt citnp Nirtory to comu to
Purl. Thu Prii.siniis at t. iJounls will
enter Paris If the garrison i Increased 1k-
VOtxi 4O,0t(.
XAl'OI.KOS' Al' Wllllk
The city is full of Honnpartist agents.
1 hsvii seen Chevrall, I'onti, Itouhl nnd
Jlognler. Tho insergeuts far kuinu days
jmst have rceeiveu nvo jrnnces tinny,
which i uppo--ml to bu furnl.hi,! by thesa
Klillsli Ktporl.
Loxiiox, March 20. Tho Kmperor.
Xupoloon left Wllkoluuhobfl Sunday for
Knglnnd. Hf was escorted to tho rail
way station at Csssul by n guard of honor.
compoiod or two companies or the Eighty
tblrd.PrussUn rogiovtnt. He arrivsd
D)Vr at I o'clock this afternoon. Im-
menco crowds were waiting at tbo landing,
including n large number of French rtfu-r
goes,. who cheered enthusiastically , as "ttsj
mado his nppenrnne on. tlis
It is thought tho revolutionary mors- .
mcnt now in progress in Paris wiH'oxtotstO
t Marseilles and- Jjyons, arid eren totBof""d
deattx, and the Thiers.' U Is sold ifint tfis? i
Germans deelino to Intorfere with afftslrs; 3
In Paris. . r -'j 'e
A report Iront the French' capital "Hy '
tho gon d'nrmej collected ; from (ho.'prSyfp-?''
cos by Ganoral Vlnoy kxse daorfJ ' jmL'
joined tm Insurgents . i ci c;
T;iE l!tTCATIOX. ' 7l- 1
Lo.vuos, March -SO, C p.m. In l'sri,
this morning tho situation rvasunohaBgtd.'.e
Tho national guards, In obedience- to thsi- 3
order of tho Conleral TlapubllcarT'Corn
mittee, hnvo tnken up posltlorte In various
quarters of the city, mooting with no resist-.
nr.ee. 7 ho majority of the tiattonilgOsriWo
aro passive and nuict. Preparations re
massing at -wi voting places tntougUastt
the city for ' 0 -
ordered by tho Ccntoml Ropubllcan Cora- 1
mltte. According to tho nppoinemcnt
mndo there U onu rcprsientatlvs .to -be
chosen for every 20,000 voldrvTlio" elec
tion will be held Vednosday Instead of
Tuesday. '
condeins tbo assnsslnntlon of the generals,
recognize only the authority of tha assem
bly, and declnro the present situation un
endurable. RUMOItH.
ofovery description aro In circulation.
Tho says the nationals intend to march on
Verialllet. Another that tho assembly
will remove to Orleans nl Uirtt'lJiey aro vj
abotittonppolntGencr.il Faldberbs gtslST
ernlisdmo nnd dlctstor. All papers at tho
prefecture of police htve been dentroyed
by tho nationals
NrnpTi s.TinvH MTir'TilKnfifrlisKO'3f
Lonuqn. .March W.0:lJ0 P.m. Tho Gnu-
lots ruporU.that'ftvc'rt2Vcs,ba.vobcon,madoi(
to tho government by .-tho MontUrtro jsv-ut
urgonts, and that La lllshe, rnlrrhternof
tio Interior, has been fully empowered to
grant liberal btit legitimate wncokssoni.T
Lonhon, March 20,,IQ:J0 p".m. The
Kmlle Ilelgo hajjadvlcs deriying thst ne
gotiations havo, been' 0li"-tsiei'lrJ3jV
surgents In Paris, 'audr'arrcprVik?
that tho rioters, duihod with tholr success,
aro In full po'sossion of this city. rThu
windows of the Hotel do File are erowded
with nrmcd nationals. Chasssspots aro be-j
ing distributeil among tho ptopls. and tho
oryof tho mob I "A Vera'illes.''iiIho.
center of the oity remains nndltnrbeinX
Thn king of Saxony goes to rjorlla ojn tho .
20th Instant. l
riUNCi: and LuxfMnouuo..
Lo.vno.v, March 20. Tho,J.uxumbourgs
Avcnlrssys tho present unfrindines-sf jfl
tho French Is exaggerated." 'Th"ej"dld n3r
I expol tho Ltuumbourger frjnn Paris,
I but sect them home at their own requests
Tho French consul absolved the Luxum,
botirg council from all responsibility for
tho withdrawal of his cxequater.- 'fit J
.,..-"H J
Coiiiiiit rrlal ISriuiirutralu ba Ulpait4S
Many Xcw York morolmnls aro. think- t
ing of illspensliip; svlth ilrummers or, trsr ,
oling ngont. of wham not fewer1 tb'an' '
twenty-tlvo thousand, it Is siiidaro-sont
from that city alone. whuioTsal.-uio com
nilsloti, nnd travailing expenses amount
in tho aggregate to between five nnd Six
mllll. ,ti ilnlhir. n ,-i.nr. 1'hu torn Tt nrni..
I tically a tax upon tho retailors throughout
the country, each of whom pays i
lto ttuil tsi maintain tt. ya-i
t. J" 1
m wbloW
oxpendlttire of mony. S-iwral largo
iiou-es (lint, navu UKcnargeti tneir urum-
mors nroreportol to bo doing as well a
I buforo thuchantrn was niiule. and In hnnv
Incurred fowur losse. In hiseagcrneM'to''
..,. i,i ,,..(t.,.. .,,..,,1... .),,! .....r
will lerco upon tho retailers nood that uru
not actually wanted; whence It 'follow
inat tno nn vers oitens suuor, ana lit 3
greatly illinlnlihcd br tho abolition tl.n
whole ytem, in place of which many of
uur iiiercu-iiii, imveiiifitittitei moro OX-
it " . " ,,i. ..(. . v .,i,"iiiiiii:ii oioru ux
tuivo advertising with very avoraWi.
suit. HWn'fofi Ga:r4tc. , -Ju
A SUrrltit
U'uniin Whn
Tha love of learning in some mlndsdos'A
not die after marriage, and perhaps nt f
.1 i. nn i. .. ii.. i . : ..- ......
I long llaxen hair, a straight, tbilMiose,
" ' . M ...W , 'X,. '., ,W
-!... -.i... ,i. ...1 i .. i -...--''
nuii-ry omu yiu, aiiuiik'iuE O'lUIOIIi
ii iv ,enooi, who mi oeeu married uvor a
year. Herself and herdeitroldniari'thelr
combined ages about thlrtyTllyAlr),
fame hero from Alabama ortlyLuTler
thoy wero nudu onu. Thoy' wero fpnsH.
eraldy annnyed by tho bulky charVrei iof
unseruptiloii boarding bousekiwpsrs;
and were kept knocking around like'-'li-
cloud in it gulo of wind ff .
somo months. Finally, however, pesco
settled upon thfm In 1C tWoTtooajl cot-
iago in n uuck ulloy wlioro thoy eatL,ll?o
cheap. Shu bus been going to schoolox
a couple of ruontlis,nnd wliima'feVSbAi
weather Is flnu her ifttlonegr&ioYvairtf
j - - . 1 'iy ) iws S) S 1 1 VU
o.clock In tho afternoon; It Is as ctuiou
us lotorosting to pbiervqf vlfi
iiaircu:moiner axcaanoMM
slate for'ths) WitillJof4Mlr3-J
pooping pf,t at the strpe
Is also ats'ditlne tofobs'ersrO'tri
grow red uidur the mulllplicorklssji of,
'tno sch.ol. as'theyW'anprts
diminished farfor, sUMtot slay. JsTm-
r 3

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