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VtllUm J. Alien,
ha II. Mnlkct. S t'AIKWf 1X1.,
asiinrl l, Wltrlr J
IVrtii'uUr ntlnn'lan paid lurlrorand admiralty
Oftltr Itnnmi 7 tt H Wiulrr'a Dlofk.
1 It EK.V
x uu,m:itT
'llilnna If. Ortt'u, )
IIUo 1. SJIIborl, J
r'pri-ihl Mti-nti..u j(iTtB lu Admiralty tad "jirMf,
ht tHi.lnr.. ' 1
lie an Olil lvs. !!) 7 mmU
1 r icy Nation! Hants,
14 WAIHIYMAtt, M. D l'Uil-
L. vinn, Surgeon nod Accoucheur, For-
forly nt Ann, Union Co., Illinnl, In. pornia-
ntty tnetiad 'in elty., OWCE Cmtnun"lrl
au, btwu MM nod Vth fcirwl Wrtlald.
1 W. DUWI.VU.M.U Net.
IDR.NCK-Ouraor Ninth aid Walnut
KIUK-Cirnr Kuth Mirrt and Ohio Iai.
I 'KICK HOUKH-rroio l a.m. i. It m.. r.o .
V Ifilil.l.H R. m.HITII.M.
nr.iiiir..ii;. .-in. il, i iiiritith irn
w.-n Washington Aranua and Walnut Mrl
YC K.ll. l on.m ll A.M'.. I Ml II.
IU'AKU.VEK, M. !., Cairo
ItfcHIDE.VOB-siornar of Nineteenth el.,
I Washlrfion ate. OrKICK On Commirrliii
... or Ihn I'u.tofftcn OKKiCK oUltH
mi l'),i m W It lu,, l.unlaya rictbU-UI iu1
n ; Intpin, ' '
OMre, ISO Commercial Arrnnr.
ac.U-r...... leas., I, ..,,.
Il.M.rvr, No. H,.VInih Mrr-t, Cairo III,
Tbr In lowing atoimrra Ua Cairo
oa la day and at lb boar balow-nainrd
TALISMAN, Every Monday at 5 p.m.;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at S p.m.!
-UMSDKN, Every Saturday, at T, p.m.
fur frtlnbl or I'aaaage apply on board, or to
Th baaultfal tad light draught tleamaf
1 .1IU lAltA MAill afnltaa at All KK4aa la -11 a
lft.m. lUTlDg superior Mworomo4liooa ib
In anil Hollow War. Clntara W rlarra
loiut mirr, i.oai noun, i-iiu
Hkerela, Air Urate,
Mufftnrr ot
in. Zinc. CoDDer and Sheet Iron
' ' IT
xxr k. am ja.
IVi ivy ii miiiiiuivii n f v
Wm WW mwmw am W
H alBallal . BW .
aar. oallariaa a a all viaaa
aft waral
, laaaa m akwUM Matlaa.
re Prepare to Bapplr CatUaiere
with the Meet qitllty tf
IlllaoU Cal.
Ma. TU Ohla lint, ar at tka Caal
Tara aalaw taaSt. chnrlra Ha
alt will llaralva PraaiBt
Tl. TuK"MoDtak".UI bring
Coal alonjfiid
n.l.. w-i. -Ath. laiu tf
amen al IDT Dour, uay or num.
w..ki-a. i.. a. a.k M
a law www aiaaa m aiairt m mwm
aaraaMa aaaaaavaai.
aaa .t
nTIII'lf 'I Kill WW ' M W W "1 K-t
PatlVaaft MHclU..
Uali lMVa
l'nrtlos desiring to purchain or )cnn
lots mi rrnioniill tennn enn do to tiou
from ttin owner of thn II ul brook cttiite,
Vfho enn lw found fur n fliort tlrai-at
tlm office of S. S. Tnylor, Cairo, Till.
PoMCKbuairiita wnt dull jftitcrrlny.
John Smith will rufllo off liU
at tlfty I'onU n chance.
S'k urn Informed that Mr. Lou! Jor
grnicn protorci going Into tlio grocery
builncm In u fw months.
Tli civil wnr In Franco ln linen ln
augurnt'.-d, nnd AIIm it atill uiiclinnling
tbo men of turd benrdu with Ids Ann sliav-B-
. tr
TllRCnlro Itonk JJiiidcry hat boon ri
rtiiiovi-d to tba Bui.r.KTi.v building curni-r
of TwMftlt nro"t and Wit'lilnglon Av
oniio. Circuit Couki It ttlll on tho tap!, and
cerluln catet of groat pith nml moment
nr pfif.'ing un der tho blind i-yn of cl
JiolJini,' Jutticp.
Wr auk ris-arrtnglng nnd minting the
lil'I.I.rTl.v ofllce, nnd inteml to kikhi bare
in Cnlrn tbo moil complete printing etttb-
IMinx-nt in IllinnU ouUidc of ('1jIcml.
Hay i Bfurco In th la iriarkut, oat'
uiutindy: butter dull, with priron down;
cgg in Auprf!uou unntHIei, nnd dull
and unt"i.ilv: oranci-n nnd Ifiimni In fulr
Who la it thai dour not like itnioking
hot bUcult fur breakfntt? Tho Fm
Cook iuv will bnki! thom in flv minute
time bv thi- ttiitch.
, , , , . . .. . ,,
1 11): meeting.. I tbeholect Council, heM ,
on n eiltie'dny evening, was not h private
meeting, but it took place ' without our
knowledge or content,' which it su:h a
pity, as it were.
'Our Olive" do not like babies over
much, but If she were a man and had a
benrd, and knew how to npprecbte ngood
thing, she would not fall to Im shaved at
Alha't barber shop, Commercial Avenue
Cairo, III, tf
Tiir. .Mound City Journal it mistaken
when it says Jack Winter resigned the
presidency of tbo Arab flro company. He
did not resign. Why ho did not stand for
re-election is a mystery It a matter for
'Squiai aUt.NOLija, a colored gentle,
man of leiture, wat arretted yesteriay by
Cblaf Myers and an another officer, and
taken before Sbanoetsy on tb charge of
ditorderly conduct. The old judge fined
the boitleroua colored cuss i and coett,
and tent him to McIIale.
Occasionally a boot and shoo maker it
found who It especially good on certain
kinds of work, but-Raugh It good In all
branches of hit trade, nnd challenges com
petition. He invites a trial, nnd it willing
to guarantee satisfaction. Hogivct good
stock, a splendid fit and workmanship thnt
it par excellence. tf
A thavklkk coming from Chicago to
Cairo It forcibly struck by the contrast
furnished by tho vcgeCatlon of the two
places. In hypcrboreun Chicago Mnch
treit aro just in bloom, and tho trcet are
leafiest, while here In Cairo the bloom of
tho peach tree hat long since passed away
and green leatei hang on all tho trees.
While a stranger wat passing along
Washington. Avenue- yesterday, bo sud
denly became aware of the fact that bit
beaiJ wat long and that ho should have it
cut Dropping into Alba't the expe
rienced barber of that tentorial palace,
toon made bit face at tmoothat monu
mental alabaster. He afterwards declared
that it was the most delicious shave be bad
ever bad In hlIife. tf
.STOBM-SiaxAL Davit, of tbo Sun, ai
sum ut that be hat made the proper ar
rangement! for fair weather, and that bit
meteorological corps will toon be at their
pott in thit city. He has bad General
Grant's word for it that the storms shall
reign and rata no more this icason, that
the weather thall bo lovely and its goose
bang high.
The now meeting-hall of tho Rough ar.d
Ready fire company is now being plas
tered in Una stylo and excellent taito by
Hlggint A Co., and will toon be ready for
occupancy by tho company. Tho work
hai been done undor tho tuperintondenco
of Herman Meyer and Jat. Swayne, who
aro very thorough-going gentlemen, and
allow nothing that thould bo dono to lay
upon their bandt.
The Turner's propose to give a grand
May-Day plc-nlc, and at tho proper time
will inform the publie of the particular!.
Tho tocloty intendt to build flno new
hall at the corner of Poplar and Tenth
itreett, and the proceed! of the plc-nlc
will go to swell their bulldine fund. All
citizens thould tberet'oro give the pic-nic
Ts a. . . .
a Doots, ana tavo an their spare money to
ipecd on the jolly occatlon.
"Fitzgerald's sample room," it the pleas
ant name which "The Alderman from tbo
Third," ha chrittened hit new place, at
the corner of Fourteenth1 ttrcet and Cora
worclal Avenuo. To lay aught in praise
of hit Ine winet, liquors and eigari would
be altogether superfluous for hit laloont
never contained any other tort. Hit
frlendi, while "on the wing" in thnt part
e the aity. are cordially Uflied to drop
Uaadmhitt. pritr
"Jur Own Correspondent,'' whoaccom
ptntod the Cairo bund to Viducih tho oth
er day, stirred up'n hornets' tiet't with hit
blunt lead pencil. If ii description of tho
excursion um been objected to In noverol
quartern, und on his head nbuia has buon
freely beaped. "I should judge,1' snld one
gentloman, "that Inebriety hud prevailed
on tho occatlon." Tho corrcitiondcnt
wlaho ill to tay, tbnt be did not Intend to
mako sucli a charge, even by Inference.
He declare that not a person of the par
ty looked at a '-flowing bowl" from tho
moment the Flsic left our wharf until tho
landed hero on bcr return trip. This as
sertion will bu rcntlily accepted its truo by
allour citizens ln are ncquulntod with
tho late excursionists. Evan the penuu
slvo powers of Lett Fuxon could not bring
tliom to thu drinking point, and molt of
thum spent their tpiirv timo while in I'u-
duculi icurcbing fi tho routnt of' the
Young -Men's Christlun Astoclutlon of
that place. The fuci Is, they wero all t
aobur tliuV li Is nlloguther ptcbiible that
neither of them will ever ''smilo" ojjuln.
Our correspondent Is a Christian gentlu
man, and It It not truu that ho wus n lit
tin under tho "fnuuenco" when hrf wrote.
He do not drink.- Howai only joking,
ahd it is rathur hi utisfortuno than his
fault, tbnt ho writ 'ni Jokes in the milli
ner of it drinking man tvho hits taken just
u drop or two.
Kx it aumtiok. Invalids, broken dewn
in health itrd pirt by Chronic Dytpopsia,
or suirerlng from the terrible exhaiition
which follows the nttacks of acute disease,
the testimony of thousands who have been
mlsed as hyjt miracle from a similar state
of protratton by IlotfttiT's .Stomach
Illtti-r, Is a sure guarantee tltrtt bv tho
1 tame menns you too tnny be Jtrengthencd
and it-siiircd. Hut to tboo Vlio ,tjinil lu j
j peril of i pMemics, to nil who, by reason of
.exposure, privation, nnd uncongenial rli-
mnH it unhealthy pursuit.,
msv t any moment b- stricken
A ,,, pnrngraph It most particularly
nnd emphatically hddretted. You, who
ar" thus sltuatwl, are protli-rcd an abolutu
sfe-guard against the danger that menu-ci-s
you. Tone and regulate the tyrtem
with this harmless medicinal stimulant
und altiiratlve, and jou will be forearmed
against the' mnlndiM whose sowls float
around jou in the air un-i-eli. llostetter's
Stomach Hitters arc not only it standard
tonlonlid alterative tbrvughout the United
StuW, but they are accredited by tho
certificates of the mot dlstinguiihod clti
r.ent of the Cnlon, to the people of all
other lands
In Canada, Atiitrnlia, and
the West Indie', they arc gradually taking
the placo of all other stomachics, whether
native or foreign and turely nt truth it
progressive and demonstration overthrows
doubt,' they will eventually supersede
every other luvlgorant and reatorntlve
now employed In medicinal practice.
JSotici. All partlct itro notified against
trading for a note drawn by J. F. Alter
fur sixty dollars, running ninety dajt(
dated March C, 1871, and In favor of Mag
dalcna Ulankenburg, at tbo samo wat
stolen from my premises, on Tuesday night
last. F. M.ANKENBL'RO.
Cairo, IIL. April 12, 1871. aprl3-rt
Two n'aTY thicvet broko into tho
candy stand near the corner ot Sixth
street and Ohio levee, yciterday morning
nboa I o'clock, nnd carried otT eleven Jars
of candy. Chief of Police Myers met the
rascals at the corner of Fourth ttreel and
Commercial avenue, und being on tbo look
out for such character! followed them nt a
distance. The thieves soon discovered
that thoy were followed nnd quickened
their pace into a run. Myart wat two
fast for them, and came up with them op
potltn the Illinois Central depot down by
thoIvor behind apllo of wood. lie immedl
atelv arrested thorn, finding In their poi
aoiilon four jars of tho stolen candy, and,
with the aid of another officer, took thrm
to jail. Myers, accompanied by tho other
officer, tbon made tearch for tho balance
of the purloined goods, and In a small brick
house at tho corucr ol Fourth ttroct and
Commercial avenuo found them seven
jars of candy, a box of figs, a pair of boots,
the property of Mr. Black the boot and
shoe dealer. One of the thlovcs was recog
nized ns the robber who entered the resi
dence of Mr. Ulankenburg on last Tues
day night. The pritoncn were bound
over ycitorday, in tho turn of rftiOo, by
squire Ilrot i.
That overybodv in Cairo may enjoy the
delights of leu cream, lemonado, and ioda-
water, during tho warm weather which it
now close upon us, P. Saup hat fitted up
hit roomtat 102, Commercial Avenue,
with all tho convcnloncei of a firtt-clast
taloon. Ladle?, ladies uud gentlemen,
and families can bo accommodated at all
hour! and may visit tho taloon with no
fear ofboine disturbed by improper char
acters, as all such will bo rigidly excluded
from tho rooms. Saup' Ico cream it al
ways tho coldest and tho best, hit lemon
ade lemonade delicious and hit soda-water
beyond comparison. Those who don't
believe it will be convinced by a trial.
Pkoi'LK are oUen surprised when told
that such and luch flnu articles ofjowolry
were made in Cairo,
Why thould thoy not bo, If the neceita
ry patronage it extended to warrant li 7
All who aro curlout in such thingi,
or liavo doubU in the mattor, are invited'
to experience our facilitiea and watch the
proceta by which the rugged rocks and
metals aro futbionod into the 'molt orna
mental patterni of jewelry, Call onus at
88 Ohio Levee and wo will loon tatiify you
that we can nuke, anything you may
- "-r L'; ,
Regular meeting of the Select Council,
held at the Council Chamber In tboclty cf
Cairo, on AVcdnosday evening, April 12,
Present Councilmcn Hurd, Bchtih,
"Wood and Woodward 4.
Abtcnt Tho Mayor, nnd Councilmcn
Ilnllidsy and Taylor 3.
Tho Mayor being abtcnt, on motion of
Councilman "Woodward, Councilman
Hurd was called to tho chair.
On motion of Councilman Scliuh, tho
reading of tho Journal was dispensed with.
Tho bills of tho Cairo City (Jat Compa
ny, amounting to $22 06, tor cm con
sumed at tbo several fire engine
houses for thrco montht, ending January
1, 1871, were, on motion, referred to the
City Comptroller.
Tho City. Comptroller, to whom was
referred tho several bill of the Oil Com
pany, amounting to $919 'J5, for gat con
sumed In street lempa from November ',
1870, to March 1, 1871, rcported;th(samo
tiack as correct and Just. Councilman
"Woodward moved to itllowsald bills. Car
ried ns fullowi:
Ayr Hard, fichtib, Wocd and Wood-
wanl t.
.Tho bill of P. Sweeney, for bnulitig car
rion for January, umountlng to $21 50, und
for hauling carrion for February, amount
ing to $01 I'.'i, having been referred to the
Comptroller, were reported back by laid
officer as correct. On motion of Council
man Schuh, said bllln wero allowed by
the following vote :
Ayes llurd, Scliuh, "Wood and Wood
ward 1.
Nnys 0.
Thn bill of M. Dumbrick, ex-marshal
I". ihiihuci uuo mm tor Killing nogs,
! amounliiigto i'J. 'Jfl, having been referro-l
to tbo (yonipt roller, ssero reHirteil luck by
liim, witli tho ilittumctit that hu bud no
menus of iMcertalntug whether or not tho
bill was in iieeordurcu with contract. On
motion of Councilman Wood, said bill was
allowed, the nyes and nays being ns fol
lows i
A4 Hunl, Se.huh, Word nnd Wood
ward 1.
The fallowing bills having been referred
to tho Committee on Claims by thu Hoard
of Aldermon, tald committee, through
Councilman Wood, chuirman, reported
laid bills to the Select Council, declining
to act:
Of Wm. McIIale, in chatgo of chain
gang 22 dayi
....$14 O)
Of It. Mahony, 25 days labor on
streets and sidewalks - C8 75
Of Thus. NaughUin,26 dayi labor
on streets and sidewalks CB 75
Councilman Wood moved to allow tuld
bills, at follows, and to refer samo to the
Hoard of Aldrrmen for concurrence:
Win. MclItJe, 18 dayt, at f 2 per
day $30 00
M. Mahony, 21 days, at S2 75 per
day 57 75
Thou. Naughton, 21 days, at 2 75
perduy 67 7.1
Tho motion wat carried, as follow! :
Ayes Hurd, Sehuh, Wood and Wood
ward i.
His Honor, .Mayor Lansdon appeared
and took the chair.
The following bills havlng'bcen by the
Committee on Claims, recommended paid,
and having been ullowtd by thn Hoard of
Aldermen, Councilman Schtih moved to
concur therein. Carried, the nyes nnd
nayt being ut follows:
Ayet llurd, Schuh, Wood nnd AVood-wurd-4.
Dill of J. II. Metcall.2 dayi judge
of board of Reeittration $10 00
Illll of O. II. Scase. 3 dayi Judge of
board of reuistmtion 10 00
Bill of J. C. Sullivan, 1 day clerk of
election C 00
Rill of Louis Jorgemon, 1 day clerk
of election - & 00
Bill of John P. Holy, 1 day judge
of electioi, H 00
Rill of C. F. Nellis, 1 day judge of
election r. 00
Rill of R. Fitzgorald, a dayi Judge
of board of registration und elec
tion - 1C 00
Rill of D. L. IMvli, 3000 blunk
stroet tax receipts 27 00
Rill of Peter Wuldcr, hauling I
drunken men to jail, In fulloi bill
for St ou 3 00
Rill of J. U. Lynch, rent to March
lit. 1871 23 00
Rill of Abell & McLuuglilin, tiso of
olllco i Uayi for board or regis
tration ana election, in full of bill
for $20 8 00
Rill of Wm.MclIale, dieting prison
ers for March 247 50
Rill tf Patrick Swoenev. Imullnc
carrion perordWr of Marshal Cnin
Rill of Patrick Sweeney, hauling
5 00
carrion per order or Jlurslml
Rambrick 5 oO
Rill of Kd. Sbannetty, t alary at
nigm policeman lor .May and purl
of June, 1870, &c, in full of bill
for $05 80 00
Rill of John Oberly & Co., printing 101 82
Rill of Patrick Sweeney, hauling
lumber, in full of bill for $15 75 7 87
Illll of Power & Miller, repairing
toolt , " SCO
The bill of I). L. Davii, amounting to
$25, for advertising notico for election in
June, 1870, having been, by the Commit
tee on Claims, recommended rejected, and
tho Hoard of Aldermon having allowed $8
In full of said bill, Councilman Wood
moved to lay tald bill on the table. Car
ried. On motion of Councilman Hurd, the re
port of thu Street Committee in regard to
public cisterns, which was tabled at the
last meeting of the Select Council, wut
called up. After several motions con
cerning laid report bud been inada and
Withdrawn, Councilman Wood moved that
an order be drawn on the treasury in favor
of James Qulnn for $313. Carrled,the ayci
and nayt being at follows :
Ayos Hurd, Sslitth, Wood and Wood
ward 1.
Nays 0.
Upon ltt tccond reading: An ordinance
fixing tho salaries of permanent officers
for tho ensuing year. Said ordlnanco
having been read, Councilman Wood
moved to lay It upon the table. Motion
withdrawn. Councilman Hurd moved to
adopt taid ordinanco at read. The motion
having been put wat lost, thonyei and nayt
thereon being m follows :
Ayot 0.
Nayt Hurd, Schtih, Wood and Wood
ward 4.
Tho following ordinances hnvlng been
adopted by tho Hoard of Aldermen, wero
presented for their first rnudlng In tho Se
lect Council :
Upon itt first reading An ordinance to
amend ordlnanco No. 07, alio an amend
ment thereto, wero read and laid over, un
der the rule, for a second reading.
L'pon their first reading ; An ordlnanco
entitled "an ordinance to amend section
377 of an ordinanco to adopt the ortll
nancei of tbu city of Cairo, at revised and
codified, and for othtr purpose,1' and "an
ordinanco to amend section 385 of an or
dinance entitled "an ordlnanco to adopt
the ordinances of tbo oity of Cairo at re
vised and codified, " wore ruad nnd laid
over under tho rule, for n second road'.ng.
On motion, the Council thereupon ad
journed. M.J. HOWLEY,
City Clerk.
Tin: Uric patent moveable point Heel
plow; ono extra point given with each
plow. For sale only by
uOtf 1B0 Commercial Ave.
A.v Alahh ol'llru wis occasioned yes
terday by the burning of the content of
an overturned kettle of pilch, in a yard
on Seventh street, opposite the Winter
Hlock. The bells clummored, the firemen
ran, tho peoplo skedaddled, and thou
everybody sworu a little and itilliled.
For Sam: CnrAi A largo ice box or
beer cooler, In good order; apply to John
Conk, corner 12th and Walnut street'.
Sty Time Table.
On nnd after 12:30, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
4th, tho following timn table will govern
the arrival nnd departure of passenger
trains at Cairo;
Mall train leave at A0 a.m.
Kxpre&s " " at 3:30 p.m.
St. Loc't and Cairo Kxpreu
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves at... 12:30 p.m.
Mall arrive 2:05 a.m.
Express arrive 12:24 p.m.
St. Louis nnd Cairo Express
arrives 4:45 p.m.
The last named trutn leaves St. Louis
it 10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo nt
1:20 ii.in., reach St. Louis at 7:25 turn., re
main in the city three hours, und return
to Cairo at -:4i p.m., tho same day.
The ,2:30 accommodation nnd Cairo
and St. Louis express loavo daily; all oth
ers leave daily except Sundays.
AVny passengers should bear In mind
that tho 3:30 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings between Cairo mid Centrallu
vix : Joneshoro, Carbondule, I)u Quoin
and Ashley. The 12:30 p.m. train slops
at all thn stations along tho route.
dec3tf Agent, Cairo.
1 will tell, on reasonable terms, my
three storv hotel and grocery building, and
lot, located on tho Ohio Levee, oppotlte
theContral Eleva'.jr. Thlt Is a very do
ilrnblo proporty being closo to tho new
manufacturing wtabliibmcnt now being
erected in the Fourth Ward, ond It par
ticularly adopted to thu uses of any por
ton dctiring a stand for either the hotel
or grocery buiineu. Apply, either by
letter or personally, to
Thu house heretofore occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Loveo between
Fourth nnd Eighth atrecti. This bouie. If
not tho best business house It certainly
ono of tho best i tand In Cairo. It fronts
the principal steamboat landing and it
near the Illinois Central railroad depot.
Apply neitdcor at Robert Smyth !c CoV.
wholesale grocery ttoro.
Stockholder' Moetlng.
The annual meeting of itockholdor of
the Cairo and Vinccnnei R. R. will bo held
nt tho olllco ot tho company, in
Cairo, IIU., on Tuciday, the 23th of April,
1871, for tho purpoao of olecting Directors,
and such other business at may bo nccet-
tVST callT
Thn undersigned Is preparing his delin
quent Hit for Statoand County taxes, and
will bavo it In the hands ot the printer
by the lit proximo. All parties lu arrears
for taxci either upon real estate or per
sonal property nt that date will bu taxed at
ap-7-d td. HiixRirK.
Frksh Cork Mxal. M. D
having purchased and thoroughly repaired
the Fenton Corn Mill, wlthet to Inform
dca'nra and families that thev can alwayt
be lupplied with tho very best article, by hracng Chimneyi, Chimney Tops, D rack
applying at tho mill, corner of Commercial eti, Medallion! and Tiling, to which be Jn
avenuo and Twentieth itreet. Oivo him a . vitei the attentloa ot builders And tho gen
call. tf. I oral public.
Court met at 9 a.m., and wat promptly
celled to order by hi Honor Judge. Ba
ker. Thocasoof Sellow & Co. vi. Frazer
was tried; vordlct $312.60 for plaintiff.
Judgo Allen appearod for plaintlU, nnd
S. P. Wheeler for defendant.
The next cite called wai Irvin vi. Brl
bach. Judge Orcen and Gilbert appeared
for plaintiff, and Judgo Allen and S. P.
AVhcelcr fordclondant. Counsel addressed
tho Jury In an nolo and exhaustive man
ner. AVo havo not loarned tlio verdict.
Chariot Thrupp vs. Aloxander county,
dismissed at plaintiff t cost.
The caso of the city of Cairo vs. AVm.
Parker wat nrgued by John M. Lansden,
Esq., and Judge Green. AVUllam Parker
was a citlzott of Tonncsseo and was arrested
under tho city ordinances for
carrying a concealed weapon.
Defendant was fined by Judgo Hross and
appealed the coto to thlt Court. Judgo
Baker held that un unloaded pistol was
not n deadly weapon, and found for the
Some other cases were disposed, mid
Court adjourned until! Friday at f o'clock.
Tun excelsior painter, Henry C. -Meyer,
Is now fully prepared to do nil klndj
of decorative painting, cither In oil or
water color, In dining-rooms, parlor, bar
rooms, und on ull kinds of walls. Ho can
do this kind of work, which is durable, al
most as cheup ns paper decorating, Ho
also calls the attention of thu public
to the fact that ho can do n firit
class jub of graining, marbling, Ve of
all kinds, and will guarantee ant Is faction.
Now Is tho time to hvo your places fixed
uji In the best style, ut llttto cost, ami with
materials of the bct kind. Go and foo
his work ot tho comer of llth street and
AYashlngtoii avanuet and you will bo con
vinced that Meyers is nil he ami his friends
represent him to be, His shop Is at No.
IK, Commercial uveuue, next dnor to
Aran vtigluo house.
Goon Nkwm Tho Cairo it A'ineennc
liuilroitd will bo built in certain contin
gencies, but tho fact Is that Elliott .V Hay
thorn arc now receiving their spring stock
of meni', womens', misses', boys' and chil
dren'.' shoes In every style and of all va
rieties. Tlic goods will be sold at the
lowest eaift jjriett.
AVe ask all of our old nnd new patrons
to cull and examine our stock and ascer
tain our prices, but we wish it to be dis
tinctly understood that we want cash ens
tomtrt. No other kind need apply. Tho
credit system hat played out with u, and
to avoid mlstnket that create 111 will and
trouble wo have concluded to ullnw no
goods to b taken out of thn store on trial
unless thuy aro first paid for.
RuuorAL. Mrs. J. Cummings wishes
to inform her customers und the public
general) r that the hat removed her mil
linery goods from her storo on Eighth
street to the commodious room on Com
mercial Avenue, between Seventh und
Eighth streets known at Mrs. Oswald's
old stand. Mn. Cummlnct hat added
lareel v to her ttoek of goods, und now has
.. v. . .i.i. . .i r...i,t, ..,... i ..i
II rilflljf, Rroauiinuic miiu iniinuunvig
lectlon of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which alio usks the .attention of old und
new patrom. nr.'Idtf
Tin: new barber firm, at tho popular
ttnnd of Fred. Thoobold, aro growing in
favor overy day. Tim proprietor, Mesirs.
Drown A Edwards, it well posted in their
business, nnd Gut Ilium is n barber who
cannot bo excelled in Cairo. The room
has been refitted, nnd ho who would en.
Joy u flno fhavo n gloriouiihavc should
remember tho placo-Slxth street, between
Ohio Lcvcu aud Commercial Avenuo.
Day boarders can secure good ac
commodations at tho St. Nlcholui (former
ly tho St. JniMt) at $4 por weok. Tho
houto It nt the corner of Ohio Levee and
Eighth street, a centrnl location, and it
propriotored by Harry ANalkor, who I
all vo to tho wimti of hit patrons. Par
tlet dctiring boarding and lodging can
learn terms on inquiry ut the ofllco.
An Jmtortant Tkuth. Tho oxcito-
ment throughout the country, occasioned
by tho Into rovolutionury movement in
Paris, has at lnt tprcad to Cairo, und has
been mudo munlfcit in tho anxiety of
every man of good tusto to have hit boot
nnd ihoea mudo by Killer, who it Me boot
and thoo maker of tho city. Hit thop is
on 20th street, nearly opposite tho court
This U no apology for whisky drinking ;
it is it medicine that cannot bo used to in
toxicate;. it produces a tonic effect, at
well as acts as a cathartic. In fact, Sim
mom' Liver Regulator is pronounced Kn
unexceptionable medicine.
A tplendid asiortment of bird cages
moil basket', flower stands, flower train
ers, wire-cloth for window tcroein, bath
and foot tubs, Ac, Ac, Just received ut
K0tf 13(1 Commercial Ave.
AVantkd. $5,000 on five yenrt' time,
for which a fair rate of Interest will be
paid and n mortgage on unincumbered
real estate given for lecurity. Enquire st
Bullktin Office, or address P. O. Drawer
1170, Cairo, Illinois. mch7ilAw3m
To Builder, and alltue Would be
bide, AV. W. Thornton hat thit day ro-
o.Iva1 aamnlra nf Terra Cotta AVarn. am.
TitKrinsTOF MAY.Un.C. A.llijini
will open a grand lunch, Including "fleck
Beer. All thoso who are disciples of Kin
Bacchus will partake of her hospitality.
Old Kiii Colo was a merry old soul i marry old
soul was ho,
He called for tils idles. hecaUad for his br, ha
cnlled for Jits pcddlsrs three. if
Flouh. Cholco Family Flour In bbls
half bbls., sacks Ac, for salo at thn Egyp
tian Mills. au ,
Piano". A good' second-hand piano for
alo cheap for cah at the Contervatory'of
music. d4,
8tc.nier Illinois, Columbus,
' .lames Fisk, Jr., Paducab,
Arkansas Belle, Evansvllle,
Tyrone, Nashville,
City Alton, St. Louis.
Alatkt, N.O',
" Hellu St. Lou'u, A'lckibtvrg, '
" N. AV. O. Cusnyvllle,
" Rolli) MomphlJ.St. Lwis,
Gen, Andorson, St. Lou!1,
ldlowild, Euansvilln
' A nnii, St. Luult.
Illlnoi", Columbus,
" Jnine Fisk, Jr, Paducab,
' Arkansas Hollo, Kvausville,
" Tyrone, Nashville,
City Alton, N. O.
" Alaska, Cincinnati,
' HelloSt. Louis, Ut. Loult.
N. AV. C, Ciiseyville,
Belle Memphis, Mumpbii,
' Oen. Andorson, return,
Idlewlld, Evantvllle,
Anna, Cincinnati.
aWX-Tho river is againdecllnlngtlowly.
CnirLllowlM brought uhout 25 tons for
In,The weather became cloudy yetter-
d-ty, and so the day clutod.
Ctl-Tho Bollo St. Loult brought U-
balei cotton und C2 bblt oil for Chicago.
8fiy Thu Arkansas Belle 1iroiis't u
about 50 tons, principally lor roshlpuient.
efcrTho James Fisk, Jr., brought 12.
hhds tobacco for tbo South and a "
assorted cargo for other points.
CiS-The Mississippi lion a ttand at St.
Louis, nnd will probnbly rlw three or
fcitr 4fcctbcforo receding any more
HSr Tho old Nowtboy It Using dliman
tied at Nnihvllle, an A her cabin and
machinery trantferrod to the Gco.S. Kin
nev. StaVJohnny Harper, arrived and de
parted upon the Tyrone yettorday.
Johnny hat been engaged In the itoam
boat agency at Nailivllbi for montht past.
ItSrrho Ohio It falling at PtUburg,
with feet in thu channol, alto at Cin
cinnati and Louisville, with 0 feet 0 in the
EST Tho Paducab Ktntiiekian tayi that
John AV. MeKeo wat a part and parcel of
the excursion upon tho James Fiik, which
wo aro tarry to tay wat a mittako.
Molllo Ebcrt collided with the
Cowan nnd bgs on Monday night, below
S ilt river, sustaining comlderable dam
age. Sho repaired at Evanivllle.
Iko Cooper tuys he knowi of A cottage
by tho creek abovo here with about 40
acrot of bottom ground attached which
would bo Juit tho nlccit placo in the world
to start n nuncry.
aWTho Tvrone brought for J. Fulton
A Son 150 iki corn, and the following for
rethlpmcnt: 102 bdls iron, for St. Loud,
28 iki peanuts, 70 bbli flour, 17 hhdi to
bacco tortho South.
fgPapt. DusanoflhoT. F. Eckertde
parted on tho Arkamai Belle in company
with Capt. Barnard of St. Louli forCaiey
vlllo to begin operations on a barge of
Iron oro sunk about 8 dayi ago by tho
Friendship, and which ho hoi taken tht
eoctract to raise.
3x-X03M'Da.'Sr. JaWS"rlX IT.
Family Matinee. Saturday, April Sit.
Comblnlna lha lalrnt of Logranla, in wiyai coa.
lurt-r. ihoTCur praa Troupo of Tntmasl OtaartM,
lima Bparro; I'arcquon, Performing Wait
Mioo aud KU'siao Oal, and lha
Carnival ar Cvataai.
Or n irtrnt for tsaty on th t atttada. Th
tiirstnt ranfto in taluvtroin Si cesta to tsO.ona
.Ijlieg of Ku" ud ail vr waliboa, lUuiala of
Kiuiir, Hdti-r Plated War, Furniture, CuUary,
FaiK'v lluods. etc. Ho Lottr I No Hlanaal
All Present.
Adniia.liin, Parquette, WcitU ; Oalltry Jicls ;
Children 25 ceula, , "
Come to th Athrntum duriugth day aa
lh prvscnla to ba glyaa away at night.
And all kin

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