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William J. Allen, 1
John II. Malker, I CAIRO, I LI,
isamnei , wiieciery
Par ticutar attention paid to riser and Admiralty
Uflit Itoouts 7 H Winter! Uloek.
Mllee r. Ullbcrt, J
Special attention fffvan to Admiralty and Sieam
boat business , .
USJee aa.aatat.a-eo. Kmi 7 aw
ova -Oltr Jfatleaal luk,
, dun, Surgeon 'and' Accoucheur, lor
merly ol Anus, Union Co., lllloula, bu perms,
hentljr lorated id eltjr. OFFICE Commerclrl
Araue, hHwn th an4 nth bfreets Wi Mae.,
i' W. De.VIIKti, N. I. Kea.
Ve IfJUNCP.-Corner Ninth nj Walnut
UKFICE-Corner With Mrvnt and Ohio Usea
orTICF. HOWRH-Hrom 9 a.m. t It m., an-l
EKBlDE30K-f. 21, Thirteenth reo
etween Washington Avenue and Walnut Rtreet
orrcK. lie. Comerclal Aseniie. upstairs
HWAIIUVER, M. 1., Cairo
a MaiDENCE Corner of nineteenth it.,
and Waahlglen ate. UFHCK-On Commercial
ate., over iha Poitofflee. OFFICE iol'ilH
rotn in m to 12 m., fjundats cireptHI and
rom 2 to a p m.
OUc, 1M Cennerclal Areuae.
tatosHaart at 10 a.at.aV 1 lalpi
sUelden:e, No. 14, Ninth atreel, Cairn III.
Tbe fo lowing stesmsrs Ia Calm
ou the dajra and at lha hoar utlow.natnea
TALISMAN, Krery Monday at 6 p.m. ;
TYRONE, Ercry Thursday, at 5 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Erery Saturday, at .'. p.m.
For Freight or Patiage apply on hoard, or to
The. beautiful and light draught t amsr
BOMIT aWKBLKV... Jaaatar.
Leave Cairo dally at t p.m., aad Padfah dally
at a.m. llaving superior arcomtnodatien al
otieita pablla patronage.
' vr.u.r.n in
Tla and iUlio w War; Ctotkea Wiiaftra
Toilet Ware, Coal Haas,
SkeieU, Air Gratet,
WaoiuVtursr ol
Tin, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron
HaB;. UalUrlaa mm all klstas at
lab Warai Haste at tssaarteat Valla a,
c o
ire Prepared to Supply CaitMarra
with ta Rft quality tr
Oratara left at BfallMajr Brat. OMua,
Ma. 'f Wale ve, ar at the taeU
"Tar aalew UseBI. Vtbavlea Ho.
ef, will aaealva rraaaat
11.0 Tiik "Mentauk" will bring Coal alougaidr
taaaaara at any hour, day or night.
aCalro, Ort. Via, UTO.-tT
BWMi Wariaatka Aye & PopUr St
Baia aa' aaoaa Haalaf aOralar. 'Viaaa
- ' katH SiaiBlaiaal.
-Satisfaction Warranted
Patmaff atoUeltd
Men' 1'lno Htn Hkln Uilterr, nd alio
"Prinro Allxirt"," ftt Klilott & Haytliorri
Miuci' Bcrgc and Kid l'ollib, icallop'
top, at tho City Bboa Store, cornor Com
merctal arcnuo andEiebth street. tf
Ladles' Sero
(l'ollib) French Kid,
fozod, at City Shoo Store, corner of Com
irierelal avenue and Elghtb htrcot. tf
Tho civil war in France bai been In
aogurated, and Alba li itlll enchanting
the men of bard beard with hi Una (bar
For Sai.k Clltir. A large Ico box or
beer cooler, In good order; apply to John
Cook, corner 12th and Walnut trtet.
Wuo la It that doaa not llko . mok.lngr
hot biscuit for brcftkfuit? The Fame
Cook store will lake them in lira minutes
time by the watch. If
Genii' Oxford Tlei,
nnd Opera Sllpptri, at
Frlnjo AlbcrU
tbo "-Cltv Shoo
Store," corner of Commorclu' arenue and
Eighth street. tf
LadlrV Sorge (Pollib), Mallop-top, for
from one dollar and fifty renti to three
dollar and twenty-five ccnti, nt City
Shoe .Store, corner of ('ouimurclal avenue
and Kii'litli itrcet. tf
a a i '
Tiik Uric patent moveable point steel
plow; ono extra point given with each
plow. For aalo only ay
Ctf 136 Commercial Are.
Parties demring to purchao nr leuie
lot on roKSonnbl'; tcrmi can do to now
from tho owner of tliu llolbrook ettstr,
who can U found for a abort tltnf at
tboofllcoof S. H. Taylor, Cairo, I lis.
"Vo hare been rciueiled to tay that
Elliott & Haytborn haro now on exhlbU
lition, and for tale, everything In tbo
boot and tbo line for ldl, and gentle,
men'i.vear; and that all their good are
new and ityliih. tf
Tie annual meeting of itockbolder of
tbc Cairo and Vlncennei H. It. will be held
at tho office ot the company, In
Cairo, Itli, on Tuesday, thu'Wtb of April,
1871, for the purpose of electing Director,
and uch other Imtinei! as may be nece
lary. D.lt. LARNEI),
"While a itraager wa parting along
Washington Annuo yesterday, he sud
denly became aware of the fact that bis
Uard wa long and that he should have it
cut. Dropping into Alta's the expe
rienced barber of that tonsorial palace,
soon made bis face as smooth as mono.
mental alabaster. He afterwards declared
that It was the xuostdclicious shave he had
ever bad In his life. tf
Occasionally a boot and shoe maker is
found who I especially good on certain
kinds of work, but Ilaugh is good In all
branches of his trado, and challenges com
petition, lie invites a trial, and is willing
to guarantee satisfaction. He gives good
stock, u splendid fit and workmanship that
Is par excellence. tf
Tuenew barber firm, al the popular
stand of Fred. Tbaobold, are growing in
faror ercry day. The proprietors, Messrs.
Urown & Edwards, is well posted in their
business, and Gus Ilimo Is a barber who
cannot be excelled in Cairo. Tbe room
kaa been refitted, and be who would en.
Joy a lltte shire a glorious shave should
remember tho placo-Sixth street, between
Ohio Lcrce and Commercial Arenue.
"Fitzgerald's aamplo room,' is tho pleas
ant name which "Tho Alderman from tho
Third," ha christened his new place, at
tbe corner of Fourteenth street and Com
mercial Avenue. To tay augbt in pralio
of his fine wines, liquors and cigars would
bo altogether superfluous, for his saloons
never contained any otbor sort. Ills
friends, while "on tho wing" In that part
of the city, aro cordially invited to drop
in and sou him. apr8tf
Police Court. Urosa presided yester
day. Tho following is a list of tho
1. Anna Adams, vagrancy. Fine, (16
2. Mollio Wilson, who ia a colored gal.
Vagrancy. Arrested by Shochan. Fine
S16. Send up tbiity-otio days.
3. Frank Boylin. Selling whisky with
out license. Fined $10. Committed four
teen days.
4. Mollio Dixon. Vagrancy. Fined $10.
Paid. Arrested by Cain and Shcebau.
6,0,7 and 8. Tho Mackerels. Vagran
cy. Sent up forty-four days each.
Tohacco Salk To-Day. Fifty hogs
head of tobacco will bo sold to-day at the
Ballard warehouse. Tho salo will begin
precisely at 11 o'clockfand we hope to see
present at t a large number of our mer
chant!. The tale of tobacco in this
market hat mado tho retail trade of many
businesses of the city much briskor than
it would bare been if there had been no
talet of tobacco in Cairo, and it it there
fore important that tho Ballard warehouse
thould ho tuttalnedi This can only bo'
done by giving to it the proper kind of en
couragement ty attending ltt tales' and
becoming purchasers of tho weed. Noth
ing rltkod, nothing made. Turn out, then,
to the tale to-day, and try y?ur luck at to
bacco buying.
Col Taylor Is In'New York.
Pcto.SaupV ico cream saloon was opened
last night.
Carl L. Thomas Is making tho brewery
look llko a now pin,
A dally mall from Cnlro I what tho
Metropolis people want.
JWhlch, noxt, boys a muslin dance or a
calico flirtation ?
Murray is the champion gas nnd steam
Sayt tho Metropolis Timet : "Commend
us to tho Cairo people as a pleasure-loving
and pleuuro-bavlpg eyt" : t .
Have you paid any attention to Irvln's
'Last Call," which calls you to pay your
John Rocs offers the JMora .Garden at
any tlmofor fartti" or 'picnic' on reason
able term. "
Tuo Springfield Slate Journal says tho
Prhsbytcry of Cairn will meet In this city
on the 27th Inst. A mistake, this, Tim
Presbytery will meet at Shawncctown.
Tho "St Nicholas iro(elv ha, been rc-
urrpdjt3j.an4'ls"loated ,at1he corner of
Eighth street nnd Ohio Iotcp. Hnrry
WalkirIi aiiperlntemlcnt.
There were returned to the City Jnllor,
on mlt'lmuscs, 010 prisoner in thu two
years ending JHarcIi Utn, JB7I not one
prisoner a day on tin avnragt. Law-nbld-
ng Cairo!
The Padtieah Kmtuciian ny .Mm
.School Weighs pounds, and stHr.di ;
Ix feet eight Inchc In his sock f'-et."
That's a Padtieah lie. No ultitlleugc,
Tho 1'uorU Ddnjiiat put us down
among thu capital movers. . That. eating
house at thu Springfield depot did tho
ork. Tho man who can eat tboc virtu
al and not bo in fuvnr of capital moving
has no stomach.
Wo with to bo understood its declaring
till the Suu U entitled to thu credit of ob
taining tho storm signal station ut this
Ity. Tho .S'lin I master of stormy as well
a of clear weather, and Darin is master of
the Sim. This Is an opinion we haro al
ways entertained, but the impression that
wo did not, has made Daris hangubovo us'
frownlngly, llko a storm cloud ready to
burst the cloud, not Davis. Let this bu
ifmlcrilooaVfor If Davis should bum what
light be tho dlfastrons cunsenucner-?
Tho l'ttducah Ktntuekian says the Sil
ver Cornet Hand, of Cairo, Is truly' one of
the best bands In the country. Ami
more, alio, a follows:
Th Cairo Silver Cornet Band liaved
this otlice tho compliment of a crand sere
nade last Tuesday nlcht. Thu music was
delicious, transporting, such music a
could only come from such master per
formers, as tiioso ot mo latro nana:
"Thlr touch cooMaoften ttaaland tont;
Malta liftara lam and huge lariatkana
Foiaakn uoiouodrd detpa to daact oaaanda."
Wn thank them acalu and asraln for
their elegant musical treat, and trust wo
may again uavo me pleasure pi listening
to tbeir entrancing stratns.
Everybody should go to a May-day pic
nic, and drink buck beer in small quanti
ties. This beer taken in large doses has
a peculiar effect on tho drinker, and Is
uroto injuro his reputation for sobrloty
and sound Democracy. It will so Dan.
Munn says make a white man drink
with a darkey, a crime which cannot bo
endured by any person who lores the
constitution as it was by tny pure cop
perhead. The cridenco of ono of our dis
tinguished ex-judges, and ot a celebrated
lereo clgarist, can ba readily obtained on
this point.
A MitiKar Solved. A gentleman ar
rived in the city yesterday, and Informed
the authorities that ho was satisfied tho
Empress Slipper was lust tho slipper-for
the ladle of Cairo. Ileconfldenttally in
formed the principal member of tho Select
Council that the chief improvement in this
kind of slipper consists in having tho
vamp or instep piece cut so as tocomo un
der tho quarter at the sldei, and In being
held down by an elastic attached to the in
step piece. "Tho clastic," ho remarked,
"yields sufficiently to allow tho slipper to
go on easily, nnd, when on, to conform to
a higher low instep, fitting snugly, and
giving support to tho foot, and making a
more tasty and desirable slipper than any
heretofore mado." When roquested tj bo
more explicit, tho mysterious stranger
vanished in thin nir, after saying in a cloar
and distinct voico: "Goto Elliott & flay
thorn's, and too tho slipper for yourself;
and, after seeing, buy u pair If you uro a
lady, and ifyou aro a man buy a pair for
n lady, and thus make her happy by
dressing hor feet in tho most comely foot
covering now made in this or nny other
A largo numbor of the delegates ,from
the South to the Southern Baptist Conven
tion, to be held at St. Louis shortly, will
probably pas through Cairo going to tho
convention. W. II. Stennett, General
Agent for tho "SI. Loult and Cairo Short
Line," has published cards In many of tho
Southern papers stating In his peculiarly
happy manner tho advantage of tho Short
Line, adding, bv way of a clincher, that "to,
encourago -your coming to St. Louis tho n
Line hat largely reduced .ilia rule- ol .laro
from Columbus, Ky., and Cairo, Ills , to
St. Louis.'1 can -assure our clerical
friends that they have i everything ; to,. gain
by traveling on the Short Lino; tbait
isplendld accomiuodatioiis, flno oau, Rontk'
ma'rily ; eonduMtort, anofQjtli(i0i, will
put them into a condition of mind so con
plaeent, that they" will enter theConvyn
lion in every way nticu to uonio;wurj, oi
the Church-la a firstlatiJDhijaUaa manner.
MArjKntLai?3Ghlcf ofPo'lce Myor ar
retted, opf hfo'iigy night, four Important
memlen 'of tbo cflobr'atod '"Mackerel
Jlrlgado'' Jos. Swift, Win. Andorson,
Martin Cane and -Thos. O'Brien.
Tlieio "bad toys," aged from eighteen
to iwenty-lw'o, are an outgrowth of tho
juvenility of Memphis, a city, tho morali
ty of which Is of a quality only a lltllo
I more acceptable to decency than that of
( old-tlmo Sodom and Gomorrah.
aro of a peculiar genu of rascality, and
hare in their dishonoity n dash or origi
nality that commends them to the admira
tion of thoio who study tho habits of
adroit rascals the delectlres and other of
fleers of Justlco. They go In bands ; lead
a harum-scarum life; what abed Is they do
not know ; flhVttta to'whlch a comb is
pu. In all well ' regulated com
munltlei they have not been
Informed ; a fight they never allow to pass
by them jintmprbvcdj.they visit the play
house and throw peanuU,and,by.tho way,
aro good judge bY acting j they lie, gamble,
drink, steal and.besltate at no rascalllty
which rests on the lovel below daring bur
glary or bold hlghwaymanihip. What
lliolr mission in Cairo I no ono knows;
but for tho next forty-four days they will
each do forvico for tho city under tho
charge of McIIaie.' Myers had tho'lad
arraigned beforo Broil yesterday, nnd they
wore each fined $10 and costs. In de
fault of payment they "went up." They
had in their possession gambling Imple
ments and n few burglars' tooli, and wore
no doubt looking out for an opportunity
to "go for1' somebody t treasury,
A Goon ItiiNO. Our attention has
U-on called to a new book Jut ptthli'hcd
by J. S. Goodman & Co., of Chicago,, 111.,
and to be sold by ngbnt, entitled ,lJtrijht
Side Stunt,'' Or.Ms or Ukautv i.h I'huke,
I'orTitv ash PlCTCitK. It Is really a
magnficent collection of Juvenile Litera
ture. Under tho gtt(o of pleasant" stories
just long enough to hold tbe attention
oflhft young readr unwearledly to tbc
end, us much valuable luformiitkn Is
gained iu woUld requtro many wc.-ks of
ham study frcui ordinary text-books.
These beautiful "Gems" of Prose. Poe
try and Picture, havo been gathered with
a discriminating hand, and no child can
read them without booomlng wder, letter
and liappler. A child's book it n new fea
ture in the subscription book trade, and
opens a new field of utcfu1ucs to nuenli.
Wo cannot doubt that both publisher,
and agents will reap a rich harvest, a'
every parent will cordially welcome such
wholetalo mental and moral food for their
children, and we presume agents will find
that parents generally aro more ready to
purchaso good books for their childron
than for thomselvcs.
Notice. All partlc are notified agalmt
trading for a noto drawn by J. F. Myer
for sixty dollars, running ninety daxs(
dated March 0, 1871, and in favor of M'lg
daletia Blankcnburg, as tbo samo was
stolen from my premises, on Tuesday night
last. F. BLANKI'NbURG.
Cairo, I1U April 12, 1871. npr!3-3t
That everybody iu Cairo may enjoy the
delights rf ice cream, lemonade, and soda
water, during tho warm weather which is
now closo upon us, P. Saup has fitted up
hit rooms at 102, Commercial Avenue,
with all tho conveniences of a first-clau
saloon, ladies, ludie and gentlemen,
and families can bo accommodated at all
hours and may visit tho saloon with no
fear of being dliturbcd by Improper char
acters, as all such will be rigidly excluded
from tbe room. Saup' ico cream Is al
ways tho coldest and tho best, bit lemon
ade lemonade delicious and his soda-water
beyond comparison. Thoo who don't
believe it will b" convinced by a trial.
People are olten surprised when told
that such and such line article of Jewelry
wero mado In Cairo.
Why should they not bo, if tho necessa
ry patroaago is extended to warrant it?
All who are curious in inch thing,
orharodoubts In tho matter, aro invited
to experience, our facilities and watch tho
process by which tho rugged rocks nnd
metals aro fashioned into the mot orna
mental patterns of Jewelry. Cull on us nt
88 Ohio Lovoo aiid wo will soon latlsfy you
that wo can mako anything you may
A splendid aasorlmout of Mrd cugus
moss baskets, flower stands, flower train
er, wlrc-clolh fpr wiridow acreons, bath
and foot tubs, &c, Ac, Just received ut
ntltf . K'-B Oommorcinl Ave.
Tiik oxveUlor painter, Henry H. Moy-1 OIt RENT,
or, 14 now, fullv prepared to du all kinds Tbo houso heretoforo occupied by Pt
.r,t,n.,,ii,. '.intuitu,, nlilier In oil or rielc Fltzuorald, on Ohio Levco between
Wrtter:e5lors. in dining-rooms, parlors, bar
- ' ...,.... " J I...
rooms, and ou all kind of balls. Ho can
do this kind of work, which is durable, al
most us cheap as paper decorating. Ho
also calls thu attention of tho public
to the fact that ho can Uo a llrst
class Job of graining, marbling, Arc, of
all kinds, and will guarantee satisfaction.
Now U tho tlmo tu havo your places uxcti
up In thu host style, nt littlo cost, and with
material of thu host kind. Go and seo
his work at tho corner of 11th street and
Washington nytnuo, nnd you wll bo eon
vlnood tua.Meyeri U allboaiiuhlj(Vjends
represent him to be. His shop is at .u,
11C LWmorclal nvonue. next door lo
Arab' engine, bpuse.
A AvniNTiow. Sill Kjilllltlxl A re-
gtilnrvrj0nclavo of Cairo Conumin
dQrxXc.13 of Knights Templars, wlllbu
hold at tho' Asylum In tho city of Cairo,
thi (Saturday) evening, April loth, 1871,
At tf. o'clock. Sojourning Sir Knights aro
courtcoutiy invited to attend..
J AS. S.REARDEN, Recorder.
Irl.lar, April lath, 1871.
Court met nt 0 o'clock this morning,
and wss promptly called to order by
Judge Baker. Huveral cases ol no public
interest wero argued, and court adjourned
till 2 p.m. At this hour thu cato of Russell
vs. Wardncr was called, Sorno tlmo was
consumed in enipannollng a Jury. Judgo
Allen, Messrs. I.lncgar and Munn ap
peared for tho plaintiff, and Judge Mulkey
and Messrs. Lansdcti and Wheeler for the
defendant. This is an action brought by
plaintiff against defendant fo;
alleged inalpractlco In setting
hi arm, damages being laid at
f 10,000. A largo array of medical testi
mony will bo adduced for the defence.
Judge Allen opened tho case for the plain
tiff in an ablo speech. Judgo Mulkey fol
lowed fjr tho defendant, introducing tbo
three bones tho humerus, tho radius, and
tho ulna, and with much ability discussed
the sciontiflc merit of tho case. In the
carlior portion of his address tho Judge
showed n thorough ncqtinlntanco with tho
anatomy of the arm, and throughout his
snoech well sustained his reputation for
earnestness and legal acumen. Court ad-1
journal at 7 p.m., till 0 o'clock, Saturday '
morning. j
Tin: Flora Gahdkj, This popular
placo of resort will bo opened to-morrowi
(Sunday) and it Jolly good tlmo may
bo anticipated. At 3 o'clock Isonbcrg's
string band, with its choicest collection of
popular music, will bo on bund. Mr.
John Kec, tho proprietor, Is determined
to mako tho Garden popular with tbo citi
zen of Cairo, and will theroforo spare no
pains to inuko his gtiusts enjoy themselves
and pats the hours in plcamint amusement.
No dNorderlVcotiduct will bo tolerated for
a moment, and citizen, with tliclr faml-
lies, may visit tim garden witn every as-
suratico of ljlng treated with courtesy.
Thu public aro Invited to be present at tho
opening to-morrow.
Take Notice. A meeting of tho Ger
man School Association will bo held on
Monday noxt, 17th Inst., at thu Gormau
school houso ou Fourteenth street. As bu-
slnoss of Importanco will bo transacted, a toxlcnto; It produces a tonic effect, a
full attendanco Is requested. By order of wcl a net as a cathartic. In fact, Sim
F. RROSS, President. 1 mens' Liver Regulator Is pronounced nn
Cam. L. TiioMM.Sec'y. ( unexceptionable medicine.
Thk mwr or May, Mrs. C. A.Meyers I nprlldAWtw
will open a grand lunc", Including lloek
Jleor. AIIIUOIO Wliou-r uiuu'li-i ui Jmg
JI.VI. .... ' ' - . - ,
Itacchtts will partake of her hospitality
OM Kln Col i a mt rr- M sntil, a merry oM
tout uiwlu! . , , ,
II cilti-l frnl llte, herallcl for III" i"T, he
called fur hi fiddler three. tf
Flour. Choice Family Flour In bbls
half bbli., sacks &c, for salo at tho Egyp
tian Mills. au
Piano. A good rccond-hand plauofor
aalo cheap for rali at the Oouervntory of
music. dtt
,iv Time Tislile. .
On and after 12:30, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
4th, tho following tlmo table will govern
tho nrrlval and departure of passenger gnard against tho danger that mcna
tralns at Cairo; , cos you. Tone and regulato tho system
Mail train leaves'at 3:10 a.m.
Express ' nt 3:30 p.m.
St. Loti's nnd Cairo Express
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves nt... 12:30 p.m.
Mail arrive 2.03 a.m.
Express arrives '.12:21 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
arrive 4:15 p.m.
Thu last nnmed train leave St. Louis
at 10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo at
1:20 a.m., reach St. Louis at 7:20 a.m., re
main in the city three hours, and return
to Cairo at 4:4u p.m., tho same day.
Tho 12:30 accommodation nnd Cairo
and St. Louis express lcavu dally; all oth
er leavo dally except Sundays.
Way passengers should bear In mind
that the 3:30 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings botweon Cairo nnd Centralia
viz: Joncsboro, Carbondnle, Du Quoin
and Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m. train ttop
at all tho Stations along tho route.
iloc3tf Agent, Cairo.
I will sell, on reasonable terms, my
threo story hotel and grocery building, nnd
lot, located on tho Ohio Levee, opposite
tho Central Elova'.ar. This Is avery do
sirablo property being close to tho new
manufacturing establishment now being
erected In tho Fourth Ward, ami I par-
tlcularly adopted to tho nses of any per
son desiring a stand for either tho hotel
or grocery' business. Apply, olther by
itter or personally, to
Fourth and Eluhth streets. ThU house, if
not tho' best business homo Is rerlulnly
ouu of tho best stands- iu Cairo. It fronts
tho principal steamboat landing and U
no.ir tho Illinois Central railroad dopot.
Apply ncxtdcor at Robert Smyth A- Cos.
wholesale grocery store.
The underslgneil is preparing his dilln-
quent list for Statu and County taxes, and
will havo It In tho hands ot the printer
by tho 1st proximo. All parties In urrears '
for taxes either upon real estate or per-
sonal property at that date will bo taxed at
C0,t;. - ALE.',U,IRV1N.
ap-7-d.tdj' " hiianiKK.
' Frkiu Cohn Mkai M. D. Ounter
, )itivug purchased nnd thoroughly repaired
'tho Ponton Corn Mill, wishes to inform
.dealers and families that they can always
be supplied with tho very host artlclo, by
applying ut the mill, corner oi coinniorciai
aveuuo and Twontioth Btreot. Glvo him a
call. tf-
Tiik Cairo Axp Hr. Louis Railroad.
This project ha been revived, nd tho fact
hai created qulto n "ripple'' In tho city,
but tho other fact, much morr Importnnt,
that a flno now stock of boots and shoes of
all kind has been received nt tho City
Shoo Storo and Is now boing sold nt re
duced prices, has attracted universal atten
tion, nnd nruah to Black's cornor of Eighth
street and Commercial avenue, hm been the
consequence. Tho truth l, babies and
children of all slzos; ladies largo and small,
and gentlemen of all dimensions people
with all kinds of feet can bo shod at tho
City Shoo Store, whero boots and shoct
aro now selling at tho lowest prices.
Removal. Mr. J. Camming wishc
to Inform her customers and tho public
goncrally that she has removed her mil
linery goodt from hor storo on Eighth
itrcet to the commodious room on Com
mercial Avenuo, between Seventh and
Eighth treets known as Mrs. Otwold'a
old stand. Mrs. Cummlngs lia added
largoly to her sloek of goods, and now nas
a cheap, teatonablo nnd fashlonablo col
lection of hats, bonnots, ribbons, etc., to
which she asks tho attention of old and
now patrons. m'JMtf
Day boarders can secure j;ood ac
commodations nt tho St. NInholas (former
ly tho St. James) at per week. The
houso Is al tho corner of Ohio Lcvcu and
Eighth street, n central location, and Is
pruprlctored by Harry Walker, who is
olive, to tho wants of hit patrons. Par
ties desiring boarding and lodging can
lunrn terms on Inquiry at tho ollkc.
An Important T num. Tho excite
ment throughout tho country, occasioned
by the lata revolutionary movement in
,m, nt j,t sprcaj to Onlro, rnd has
m!uI(J miln,-0,t in tbo anxiety of
( omy mnn 0f g00,i tastu lo Lavo bis boots
, ftn j ,i10CJ m(ulo by Enlcri wj, ls (he
nnd shoe maker of the city. His shop is
I on -0th street, icarly oppoMte tho court
' house. tf
This is no apology fur whisky drinking ;
I Ills a mctllclnothat cannot bo used to in-
ExiiACBTlo.v. Invalids, broken down
In health nnd splrls,by Chronic Dyspepsia,
or suffering from tho terrible exhaustion
which follows tbo attacks of acuto disease,
the testimony of thousands who have been
raised a by a miracle from u similar stato
of prostration by Hoitctter' Stomach
Bitters, is a ure guarantee that by th..
samu means you too may be strengthened
and roslornd. Rut to those who stand In
peril of epidemics, to all who, by reason of
exposure, privations, and uncongenial eli-
mate or unhealthy pursuit!,
may nt any moment bo stricken
I down, this paragraph Is most particularly
I and emphatically addressed, lou, who
aro thus situated, are proffered an absolute
with this harmless medicinal stimulant
and alteratlvo, nnd you will Iks forearmed
against thu maladies whoso seeds float
around you In the alrunsocn. Hostcttcr'a
Stomach Bitters aro not only a standard
tonic and alterative throughout tho United
States, but they nro accredited by tho
certificates of tliu most distinguished citi
zens of tbe Union, to tho peoplo of all
other lands. In Canada, Australia, and
tbo West Indies, thoy arogradually taking
tbo plucd of all other stomachics, whether
natlvo or foreign and surely at truth it
progressive and demonstration overthrows
doubt, they will eventually supersede
avery other invigorant and restorative
now employed In medicinal practice,
IECTVSjIR; stews.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus,
" .lame Flsk, Jr., Padtieah,
" Quickstep, Evansvllle,
" John Lumdcn, Nashville,
" Richmond, Now Orlcan,
Belfast, Now Orleans,
" Gloncoe, Loulsvlllo,
Glasgow, Arkasas River,
" Potomac, Louisville,
" Julia, St. Louis,
" Common wealth, Now OrU-atis.
Steame r Illinois, Columbus,
" Jus. Flsk, Jr., Paducah,
" tiulckstop, Kvansvllle,
John l.umsden,
Richmond, St. Louis,
llelfat, Cincinnati,
Glencoo, Now Orleans,
" Glagow, Louisville,
" Potomac, Now Orleans,
Julia, Vicksburg,
Commonwoalth, St. Louis.
sY" Tho rlvor has fallen 2 inches slnco
last report. Tbo weatlior uecamo ciouuy
yesterday at noon, and there was a ery j
Hg spnnKio . ... , t., b.
a-Tho Arkansas Hello is the Kvaus-
gi-The Arkansas Hello is
villts packet to-day.
a9Tho J no. l.umsden will b off for
Nashville this evening. i
giSrTho Jauics Fi.k, Jr., Is tho regular
Paducah packet every day, except Sun
days. ,
ai)-Iliuine was moderately active
ycttorday ; but hore, as at ovory other point
from which wo receive reporta, business is
laboring under a fit of depression of unu
sual severity.
ftaV Tho James Flsk, Jr., brought 10
bxs handles; 20 pkg, waon material for
rcshlpmont South; 12 butts of tobacco" for
St.I.ouls; and tho following for this city;
O. It, Woodward, 8 pkgs sundries ; John
Madden, 2." bundles shingles.
a' The Mississippi is twolllng very
slowly at St. Louis, which will keep tho
depth of walor thenco to this port good
for somo tlmo yet.
ftp Tho Ohio Is falling slowly with 4
feet " inches at Pittsburgh, and 0 feet 11
Inches in tho chuto at Louisville.
ir Tho Cumberland ia declining, with
5b on Ifarpeth shoals.
Tho Ilolfast brought 300 ski salt for
Nashville, nnd has n big trip for tho Ohio
S&Tho Richmond discharged hero So
hhds sugar for Clnrkevlllo; ditto; 47
pkgs sundries for Chicago, and a fn,W lot
for other points. ,
Bi7"Tho Idlnwlld brought fdr 'ChMk
Gallgher. fiOsks wheat; Thomas, flrccn ic
Alden, liliJ sks corn; John PruosSj 3 pkgs
sundries; and the following for thu South,
32 '.' oats and 7.'. this liquors.
JCsay'Whilo ut Prtdueali, th'j otliur day
l'bll Howard purch.iied to mutial in.
strtimcnts of it newnnd peculiar character,
for tho iim) of tho serenading band of
which ho Is thok'nder; ulso a very linu
dog, which, In addition to a very sagnclmw
countcnanco, posicsses n voico of remark
able sweetness. Ho wears "specs."'
tr)t.Tho .1 no. Lumden brought 12K
hhds loljaceo, 00 pkgs codar ware, OObbls:
flour for tho south, and 22 pkgs for St.
Louis. .Shu reports the Cumberland fall
ing rapidly and that tho supply of tobac
co is about one-half exhausted, Now York
being the favorite market, and the rail
roads from Clarksvillo and nopklnsvilln
tho favorite route.
BQi.Capt. Sutton Is a condldato for falls
pilot nt Louisville.
SnA dispatch from New Albany of the
12th says: "Tho Wllion sunk e barge on
tho falls. Tho Sandy broke hor throttle
valve, and was delayed a short time. Tho
Comet, as sho was starting over the falls,
blow out hor cylinder head.' Wonder if
anything cho happened.
texTTho election for falls
wlmrfmastcr took placo last' evening.
jcjJ.Tho bargu sunk ou tho falls by thu
Wilson contained 1028 bbls of salt be
longing to tho Ohio River Salt Company.
lS-The river of tho Cairo .S'tm did not
; uppear yesterday. It 1 a small rivulet,
whoso progress very
small obstacles im-
PSt.The Quickstep brought for B. S.
Hurrel a lot of furniture. Tho following for
rcshlpmcur: 7 hhds tobacco, 10 sks wheat,
54 bbls whisky, for St. Louts; 06 sks corn,
IC coops chickens, largo lot of furniture,
25 bbls gritts, for tho South.
toTTlio Richmond dischargad here 3
hhds sugar, 20 bbl molaiies, 60 bides, for
Cairo; It) bales mos, 30 bxt aluun, 1C4
hhds sugar, CG pkgs sundries; fur Chicago
and ha a big trip for St. Louis.
Bright Hide StorltHi
Uidii of Beaalr Praee, Faatry aaS
Gathered by
t in- matsrial for this beautiful volume has twsa
tlrvtod with tho graatast ear and pmdance
from lha ImxI jiiTcnil wrltars in this cuuatrr.
srran. spsrxung, ana msiruciifa aau
iioimi. llrautitul, appro pi lata and hlijhlT.no.
WhedenKraslngs. Tinted paper. KleganlMsd-
Ing. U will not only entertain, cnaiio ana in
struct ma cniiuren, uutua wnoia Hsonrr win um
to tnculcat lesson ot vtrta aad morality. SM
nuarto sgra. hold only by subscription. Price
only li psr eony. For (arms, etc., addrass
J. K. GOODMAN fc CO.. I'ubtlshart,
No. oCnitom Houso Placo, Chicago, Ills.
!! Ilvitiored (rom the Perry Houso to the
lie I tree Caasinerclal sail Wasalaatea
a venuta, Oppaalla Wlalar'a JHacac.
Ho ha greatly incraatril hisatoek.aad has now
mi hand ail kinds of Chandeliers, llraokets, Pend.
ants, Hall Lights, (.lobes, Hhsiies, w. lie lias
innrke.t down his prtcrs lo lha lowest Using
Ii2ttrii, and Invites iho palronsi; of the public.
3Vi:03NrXA.Y. JkvxlX X7.
Fuuiily Mat luce. Saturday, April UN,
I'Qinutniux the talent of Kogrenla, ths tloyal Con.
hirer, tho European Troupo of Trained Caoan',
Java Hnarrows, Paroquets, Performing Whi
Mica mid ltusslan Cat, and ths
Carnival of Orestas. ' '
Or a present for srery ono thit altsnds. Tha
presents ruuci In value Irom 'ii eeats to tso.cnn
HiMtlDC of gold and sitter wtttches, Parrel uf
KlourrHllT?r riatcd Ware, Wroltura, Ouilery.
Pitney (loodi, oio. Q. lottery) Jia llaalss(
VII Presents. "
Admission, Pariuttt,&Ocenla; (lalleryUcU ,
Children W .cents. .... ,
Couie to lha Alhrneumuuilngthe day and
the presents lo bo Kirsu away al night.
.vaprliUM si 4V4.i

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