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JVC O INT 33 AY. April X7,
Family Matinee. Saturday, April 22d.
i'nni,ini,i iIij t.lenl nt Loa-re nla. th Royal Con
lurer, tli Euniprn Troupe of Trained Canarlai,
JiR Hparrowa, I'artxiueta, Performing Whit
MIC mil litltaian vai, iiu mo
Cai-Blval mt Croraeu,
tir nreeent for trr on (hit tUnil. The
present runs In laluafrum 23 cent to ISO, cod
elating of goll an eilr wattb, Barrel of
Mour, nii-ar rwru ware, ruraiiure, tannery
rancy uooua, aw Misery i no sienae
All I'reeenta.
Admlaalno, rarouette, toccata) Gallery JS eta !
Children 24 ceata.
Cum lo tha Atheneum daring th da and e
UK preaeme w ua ;iy away a signi.
"Fitzeerald'taample room," lithe plea
ant name which ''The Alderman from Ibe
Third," ha chrlitened hii now place, at
the corner of Fourteenth ttratt aad Com
nercial Avenue. To tay aug httn praUe
r til nno wino. liquor ana cigar woum
l.fi altogether uDrfluoui. for nil aalooni
never contained any other aort 111
friend, while "on tho win" In that part
if the cily, are cordially invuca io urop
n ana seo mm. apreu
Thn tinilnnilirnel li nreoarlni hli delln
juont Hit for Bute and County taxes, and
will havo it In tho hand ol tbo printer
ly the lit proximo. All partloe in arrears
or taxes either upon real citato or per
snal property at that date will be taxed at
p-7-d td. iiikivk.
Krkiu Cob Mxal. M. D. Guntor
avlng purchased and thoroughly repaired
e reoion uora Jain, wunes 10 inform
saler and faml'lo that thev can alwav
lupplied with tha very belt article, by
plying at tha mill, corner of Commercial
renuaaad Twantleth atraat. tiiva him
ilL if.
occasionally a ooo; ana inoa maaer it
und who ! especially good on certain
nda of wnek. tut RativK la crwl In all
- e r
anchas of hli trade, and challenge com
.tit lf 1 11.. - ..I.I 1 I. Ml!-
ibiuu. lOTibca m .rial, hii la wiiiiuk
guarantee latiifactlon. liegivee good
ck, a iplundld At and workmanihip that
par excellence. tf
Tin new barber Arm, at the popular
tnd of rred. Tbeobold, are growing In
ror every day. The proprietor, Messrs.
awn Ac Kit ward. I well nnatiwl In their
sinus, and Gui Ilime ) a barber who
innt hii eiraliM in f?alpn Thn pnom
been refitted, and he who would en.
a line shave a glorioui ibave should
uvoiwr tot uiato-Qiaui iireek miwcrn
lo Levee and Commercial Avenue.
rhe annual meeting of stockholders of
i Calm and VInrnna R. U will hai held
the office ot the company, In
pa flU An TiimiIiv 'Set OAth nf Anrtl
1, fur the purpote of electing Director,
' uch other buiineu a may be neces-
. I). It. I.AItNKD,
Vhile a itranger wai patting along
iblogton Avenue yesterday, be md
ly became awaro of the fact that bit
rd wai long and that ho should have It
Dropping into Alba the expe
eed barber of that tonnrial pilace,
t made hit face at tmooth at monu
ilal alabatter. Ue afterward declared
, Itwatthe moitdellclout thave be bad
r had In hi life. tf
nvniu ri'NTHti. iitii.Mntn
Maw Tlaa) Tafcle.
n and after 12:30, p. aa., Sunday, Dec
the following tlaae table will gevera
arrival aad departure of pattenpr
all train leave at 3:40 a.m.
ipreu 11 " at &30p.Bt.
, Loo.1 and Cairo Xxproat
leave at 1:20 a.s.
ccomtaodatioa laavaa at... 13:30 p.m.
ail arrive 2.05 a.m.
tprett vrlvee '.!2:24 p.m.
xoui ana Cairo jtxprt
arrive 4:4i p.m.
io lait named train leavet Ht. Loult
):30 a.m. Trader can leave Cairo at
a.m., nach St. Loult at 7:Sa a.m., ro
i In the city tlirco hour, and return
tiro at 4:45 p.m., thu lamoday,
io 12:30 accommodation and Cairo
it. Loult expreta leave dally; all otu
avo daily except Sunday,
ay pattenger (bould bear in mind
th 3:30 p.m. train make only four
ilngt between Cairo. and Centra)!
Jonciboro, Carbondale, Du Quoin
Aihley. The li30 p.m. train tp
1 the itatlont along tho route.
jab. juunsun,
:3tf Agent, Cairo.
M0MD4T, AFML 17th 1871.
irt mt at 0 a.m, and wa called to or
v Judee Baker. Dn. Waod. Gordon
Evas wen exaaaiaan K aauefi leaitk.
rave thilr priimluil' ofialeu on
At the ceaiolMmt of St. Booat'
mce, countel cevclBaUd tkelrtettiaio
r plaintiff at 4 p.i. Dr. Wardaer
efeadant, wa oaJM to the tUad.
Doctor gave hi e-rideae with much
it, UtUftad to tha aetiiag aad dm
f the arts, aad to taa pUlatiff pre-
K tv awai aiBiBaaieia a vvihi
. a. LI. tu.lu.u. a a. Aft.1. 1-a
ourt adjourned at fc SO until 8 o'clock
lay morning.
etlng will bo held for the purpot of
ranliing for an active campaign dur
ie pretent teaton, at the cigar Itore of
Saup, on Thurtday evening, B
k, p.u. A' full attendance deiired,
dr of the Committee.
If. J. HOWIdCY, Sao'y.
Men' Finu Heal Bkln (Jaltori, and alto
"Prlnco Allwrt," at Klliott dsllaythorc'i
Miuo' Scrgoand KidPolitb, tcallopH
top, at tho City Hhoo Htoro, corner Com
mercial avenue andKlchth street. tf
Ladle' Horge (Pollih) Fronch Kid,
foxed, at City Hhoo Store, corner of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth ntreet. tf
The civil war In Franco hat been in
augurated, and Alba it (till enchanting
tho men of hard beard with hi fine (hav
Ing. tf
For Salk CuKAr. -A larico ice box or
beer cooler, In good order; apply to John
Cook, corner 12th and walnut ttrcet.
Who I It that doe not like (m ok Ing
botbltcuitt for broakfatt? The Fame
Cook ttove will bakothem in flvo mlnutet
time by the watch. tf
Genu' Oxford Tic, Prince Albert
and Opera Slipper, at tho '-City Shoe
Storo," corner of Commercial avenue and
Eighth (trect. tf
Ladlot Sorgo (I'ollth), teal lop-top, for
from ono dollar and fifty cent to three
dollar and twenty-uvo ccntt, at City
Shoe Store, cornor of Commercial avenue
and Eighth ttreet. tf
I I I !
Tub Urle patent moveable point Heel
plow; ono oitra point given with each
plow. For talo only by
aOtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Parties doming to purchate or leaie
lot on reionable term can do o now
from thn owner of the Ilulbrook citato,
who can Ut found for a ibort time at
the offlco of S, S. Taylor, Cairo, I II.
We have been rcuciled to lay that
Elliott A Ilaythorn have now on eiliibl
bltlon, and for tale, everything In tho
boot and thoe line for ladlei, and gentle
men' wear; and that all their good are
new and ityllih. aprlStf
The houte heretofore occupied by Pat
rick Fittgerald, on Ohio Leve between
Fourth and Eighth atreet. -Thin home. If
not the b't builncu houie it certainly
oneof the beit itandi in Cairo. It fronti
the principal iteamboal landing and U
near the Uilnolt Central railroad depot.
Apply next dcor at Robert Smyth Si Cot.
wholeale grocery (tore.
Piamo. A good iccondhand piano for
nlo cheap for cath at the Conicrvatory of
muilc. dti
Thu WlnlerHnrrell-Scbuttor-UaR.b1:-
ton picnic promliei to be a big nu"r.ir.
Aldcn, now of the Maiiac Journal, wai
In the city Saturday, and went from here
to Mound City where be 1 attempting to
eitabliih a Radical paper In that vil
lage. He aikt a bonui of $500, and tbe
Itad of tho Mound are ttlrrlne about In
lively manner to raiie the requiiito
amount. Alden U a good newipapcr
man, but we think he will find that pub
lishing a pper In Pulaikl
it a "hard road
to travel."
Grand Picaic Exccasiox, Mav Ikt,
1871. Tbe fattiteatner.T. F.Eckert, will
liavo the Cairo wharf, May lit, at 7
o'clock precltely, in the morning, for thn
beautiful grove up tbe Tennouco river,
landing for excurtionltt at Mound City
at 8 o'clock, at Caledonia at 9, Metropoli
10, Paducah at 12, arriving at the grove
prepared at 1 o'clock, where the excur
tionltt will partrke of their dinner, re
turning to Paducah by 4, leaving for
Cairo at 0 and arriving at 10 o clock p.m.
preclMly. Bra and atring band are
engaged. For full particular ee imall
Mound City, 111.
Tub County Couht ani thk Vi.v-
css.nbh lU'AD Wo ure gratlllcd to learn
that Judco Droit ha informed the red-
dent director of tho Cairo and Vinconne
Railroad Company, that ho will call tho
County Court to conveno on tho 25th of
thl month ; that tbo court will mako tho
lubtcriptlon of 1100,000 to tbo capital
itockof tbo road; that liejwill ondeavor to
have the court lubtnlt to tho people, at the
poll, the (juration of donating tbe ttock
thu purcbated, to the company; and
that, in tho event the pooplo of tho county
vote to make tho donation, bo will en
deavor te have tho court promptly comply
with tha public deiire In thi regard.
TbiidecUiou of Judge Urou will meet
the approval of every penon in Alexan
der, aad (atiify tho raoit predjudlced that
au uonor doe not think more of bit own
opinion than of the withe of tbe people.
Give the people an opportunity to'ex
pre their wi.be ou thl lubjeot at the
poll aad we have no doubt of tbo reault.
Flora Gardx.v. Tho opening of the
flora Garden on Sunday wa patronized
by a large concourie of citlreni, who en
tered Into tbe tpirif of the occailon and
pent a very pleoaant afternoon. Mr.
Iteet will continue to hold the garden
lubjoct to the order of tho public, und on
each Sunday hereafter, during tbe toaton,
will have pretent a band of excellent
i trill g music.
Yettcrdny vory pleasant.
Sam Slmrploy' Sllvor Show to-night,
and ovcry night thU week.
Tho Flora Garden "opening" on Sunday
woa lucce-.
Tho Ruuell-Waldncr cuic U still on tho
tapl In tho Circuit Court.
Tbo telegraph office Is putting on airs,
and a bran now kaltomino coat.
Go to W. B. Rockwoll & Co.' for lato
paper, periodical, etc.
Oflcer Sheehnn y police buiineu I
distressingly dull.
A number of Union county folks were
in the city yesterday.
The ttated monthly meeting of tho Hi
bernian tiro company was held lait night.
Tbo health of John W. McKco I Im
proving. Ourfellow-towniman, Mr. Scott White,
I lying icrioiuly til.
The Villa Hidgo pooplo ay they will
have ripe atrawberric initio uairo mar
ket within two weeki.
Loo Klcb, on Sixth street, I beautifying
tho front of hli builncu homo with a coat
Me Halo inuiten a ttrong chain-gang
now, and Is doing tho city good icrvice,
and they know it.1'
Will Murphy, who collect certain
Govcrnmct taxes, hai been In the city ter-
crnl days, and la ttirrlng up thn delinquent
fellows gently, but wltha long polo.
Michael Gannon, formerly of Dili city,
but lately of Unity proclnct, died in this
city on Sunday. 1 1 la remains were buticd
at Villa llldgo yesterday.
Lieutenant Mahonny, of the city labor
force, burled thirteen dead hogi yeiterday,
and hi a large number on band ready to
bo planted to-day.
Had boys porslst in putting tar on tho
ratling of the ddewalks, and the come-
quonco U the Urease of '-ladle fair" are
often ruined.
Our friend, Mr. William Stralton, bat
been elected President of tbe "Large Man'a
Club" of tbli city. Mr. Stralton will "nil
tbe chair," and perform the duties of tbe
offlco In an Impartial manner.
Tho muiqulloi made their appearance
In our vicinity yeiterday evening. They
are at hungry u the InmatM of a Paducah
boarding bouto.
Tho Mount Vernon Frtt Prtit loplm,
in exttnilo, the ciiay read by Mill Sallle
Shleldi, of our public ichooli, befuro tbe
late Tcachen' Inultuto of this county.
Ilevj. llradlcy and Rlx baptized nine
convent on Sun Jay lat. Tho ceremony
took place nt tho itono depot, and attracted
n large number of ipcctatori.
Tliero were two or three caici of disorder
ly conduct before Shauneny yeiterday,
but no money wai made out of them. The
unfortunutet wcro sont to McIIale.
Imogene Drown, n great favorltn with
our tinging people, propoici to delight
the Puorians on tho 19th and SOth Init.
Mr. Brown ii a grrat vocallit the best
wo ever heard sing.
There Ii In tho city a hotel regiitor
humbug. Theie fcllowt induco tho racr
chanti of the city to give them two or
three hundred dollart worth of advertlt
ing, and for thit they give a hotel a regit
ter worth ten or fifteen dollar.
Ellxabeth Morran, a woman proprietor
of a little mloon In the Fourth Ward, wa
arretted on Saturday for telling liquor
without liceme, and not being able to pay
a fine, wai tent to tbe calabooie for four
teen days.
Meiiri. D. T. Parker, Wm. P.IIalllday,
ana otoer citizens, viiitcd Du Uuoin yet
tcrday to be present at tho wedding of Mr.
II. II. Plant, Superintendent of the St.
P.I - I . m. ...
tionn coa i mine, ino nappy lady it a
nelao of our follow towniman, Mr. Kelly.
Tho Delta llaso Ball Club will bo ro-or-ganlzed
on Thursday night next, fur the
current ball season. If tho Delta' main
tain their prettlge, gained lait year, who
can bat ngalnit them in all tho region
around about ?
McIIalotook out two of hi 'mackerel"
prisoners yesterday. They workod two
hours, and blistered their dollvnto bands to
badly that they beggod to bo put nt more
agrot.-.l'.e labor. Mac informed them
that, if they prefurrcd starving to work
ing, ho could nccommodato them.
The Molropoll 7Vir says that "tho
Cairo people proposo having a plcnla on
tho lit of May, up Tcnnettta river, and
will be at our wlmrf about eleven o'clock
on that day, on tho Steamor T. F. Eckart.
Every convenienco and posilblo arrange
ment will be miido to secure the full en
joymont such an occasion should warrant.
Brats and ttrlng bands will be In attend
ance." Tho little .S'rur I prospering. ''During
the pait two weeks," it says, "wo have re
ceived over fifty now subscribers." The
Star is unique as well aa prosperous.
Speaking of tho late famous excursion to
Paducah, It says: "We undorstand that
Phil Howard and hii nutihell wa along
with the party ; and if so we feel con
vinced that everybody felt happy, for
Phil's good look without his tunny acta Is
enough to make anybody happy.1'
A bachelors' club is to bo organized in
Columbus, Kentucky. Why should not
such a club bo foruiod in Cairo? We have
in our minds' eyo a gentleman a buii
neu man on tho levoo, between Sixth and
Eighth ttrcett a man who thould have
been married long ago who would mako
a first-clan proildent of the club. If a
committee should wait upon us with
cocked plstolt wo would, probably, di
vulge ht name In the strictest confidence.
COUNCIL PltOCKEDlNGM. j That ovorybody in Cairo niny enjoy tho
a ii .) , .... J, ' delights of lco crenm, lumonndc, and soda
Special meeting of the Select Council, Autlne .... ' wnntll ' u.,i!p, u
for special buslncs;, h.-ld nt tho Council
Chamber, In tho city of Cairo, on Saturday
ovening, April IS, 1871, Mayor Lansdon
Present His Honor, tho Mayor, and
Council men Hurd, Schuh and Wood
ward 4, '
Absent Uouncllmen Ualllday, Taylor
and Wood 3.
Thojournalof tho previous meeting was
read and approved.
Tho FInanco Comailttoo reported back
the bill of tho Arab Fire Company,
amounting to $102.45, recommending pay
mint of tho lame. Councilman Schuh
moved to concur in tbe rscoBimetdatlon
of tho Committee Carried by tho follow
Ing vole:
Ayci Hurd, Schuh, Woodward and
tho Mayor 4.
Nayi-0. . , -
Upon Its second reading: An ordin
ance, to amend section 3SCofan ordinance
entitled "An ordinance to adopt the or
dinances of tho City of Cairo as revl-od
and codified."
Councilman Hurd moved to adopt. Car
ricd, tho ayes and nays being as follows:
Ayes Hurd, Schuh, Woodward and tho
Mayor 4.
Nays 0.
Upon Its aecond reading: An ordln
Zico to amend section 377 of "An ordln.
nnco to adopt tho ordinances of tho City
oi" Cairo as rovUod and codified," and for
other purpose.
Councilman Hurd moved that said or
dinance bo amended by striking out tec
tiom 1 and2, and to refer tbo .ordinance
back to the Ordinance Committee. The
amendment was adopted, four voting nyo;
nay none. Tho qticitlon then being,
Shall tho. ordinance a amended bo
adopted 7' It was decided in the afllrma-
tlvc, viz.:
Aye Hurd, Schuh, Woodward and the
Mayor 4.
Nays 0.
Upon It second reading: "An ordin
ance to amend ordlnanco No. 97," also an
amendmont thereto. Councilman Wood
ward moved lo adopt the amendment to
"An ordlnanco to amend ordinance No. 97." 1
The motion was put, and toil as follows:
Ayes 0.
Nay nutd, Schuh, Woodward and
tbo Mayor 4.
The oueitlon then being, "Shalt tho or
dinance to amend ordinance No. 97 be
adopted V It wai declared In tbo negative ;
the ayes and nayi thereon being ai follows,
Ayes 0.
Nay Hurd, Schuh, Woodward and
the Mayor 4.
No further builnesn appearing, on
motion of Councilman Schuh the council
adjourned. M. J. HOW LEV, City Cl'k.
A wit akrd hU neighbor what part he
performed In tho grout drninu of life.
"I mind my own buiineu, and get ihaved
at Alba's," was tho reply. It
An exchnngo soys that bug catching Is n
diitinct industry In the fruit region about
Cobden, HI., and that omo of the most nc
tivo catchers make $3 per day. If thn
chambermaids of tomo of the Paducah
hotels worn to go to Cobden they could
mako a fortune catching bugs. They
havo probably had inoro experience In the
buil new than any other living persons. It
may be that tbo Cobden bugs and thn Pa
ducah hotel bug! nro not tho saino kind,
but no person who can catch tho latter
need be fearful that tho former can escape
from him or her.
At the regular meeting of the Cairo Sli
ver Cornet Band, held at their bend roon:(
on Friday evening, April 14th, 1871, tbo
following resolutions wore unanimously
adopted :
Resolved, That we, the member of the
Cairo Silver Cornet Hand, hereby tendor
toCapt. Dorso Smedley,ot tbo steamer Jas.
ritK, jr., ana to an tnoomcers orsaidboat,
our thank for thcli kind and gentleman
ly treatment on our lata excursion trip to
Paducah, which will bo romeinborod by
us as days of enjoyment und pleasure, such
a parties only can enjoy on steamers un
dor control ot uch officers us command
tho James Fiik, Jr.
Resolved, That wo horoby tender our
thanks to tho citizen of Paducah for tho
kind and libcrul hoipltality extended to
u. which rondorcd our visit to tboir beau
tiful city pcrfwHly enjoyable
Resolved. That theso rciolutions bo
publlihed in nil thn Cairo papors.
SiiAKri.r.r'n Troupe. TbeSilvor Show
did not come to hand last nlcbt nt tbo
Athenouni. A dispath from Sam. Sharp-
ley to Dan Hart man says: "Wo have
been unavoidably delayed, but will open
in Cairo without failure on Tuesday ova
ning. Please make thi fact public."
An luroRTANT Truth. Tho excite-
ment throughout the country, occasioned
by tbe lato revolutionary movement In
Par!, has at last spread to Cairo, and has
been made manifest in tint anxiety of
every man of good taato to have his boots
and shoes made by Eher, who Is the boot
and ib oo maker of tho city. Hi shop is
on 20th ttreet, sourly oppoalto the court
bouse. tf
Bkuoval. Mr. J. Cummings wishes
to Inform her customers and tho public
generally that she ha removed her mil
linery goods from her ttoro on Eighth
itroet to too commodious room on Com
mercial Avunuo, between Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mr. O.wold'i
old stand. Mrs. Gumming has addod
largely to her stoek of goods, and now nut
a cheap, teasonablo and fashionable col
lodion of bats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which sho ask th attontion of old and
now patron. m24dtf
now closo upon us, P. Saup has fitted up
liU rooms at 102, Commercial Avonuo,
with all tho conveniences of a first-class
saloon. I.ndles, ladies and gentlemen,
and families can bo accommodated at all
hours and may visit tho saloon with no
fenr of being disturbed by Improper char
acters, as all such will bo rigidly excluded
from the rooms. Snup's lco crenm is al
ways tho coldest and tho best, hi lemon
ade lemonade delicious nnd his soda-water
beyond comparison. Thoio who don't
believe it will bo convinced by a trial.
People aro otlcn surprised when told
that such and such lino articles of Jewelry
. wore mado In Cairo.
Why should they not be, If the necossa
ry patronago is extended to warrant it?
All who aro curious In inch things,
or havo doubts in tho matter, are Invited
toexpcrlcncn our facilities and watch tho
proccis by which the rugged rocks and
metals nro fashioned Into the most orna
mental pattern of jewelry. Call on us at
88 Ohio Levoo and we will toon satiify you
that wo can make anything you may
A splendid aiortmont of bird cages
iiios baskets, flower stands, flower train
eri, wlro-cloth for window scroens, bath
nnd foot tub, &e., &c, Just received at
nOtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Flour. Choice Family Flour In bbls
half bbls., sacks vie, for salo at tho Egyp
tian Mills. au
Tin It no Intoxicating coverage or doc
tored liquor, to letd the tippler on to
drunkenness and ruin, but a strictly medl
leal preparation made from root nnd
herta, suitable to any ago or condition.
At a family remedy, Simmon' Liver
Regulator Is equal to an entiro mcdlolne
chctt. aprl8d&wtw
As IShTiTUTiON. A Charter Oak
Cooking Stovo it absolutely necessary for
lifo and liberty to all women, for it light
en their rabor, prciorves their health,
cheersand lootbetthelr temper, economizes
tholr time and atrenglb, and extendi their
leisure. aprlSddswlw
I will tll, on reasonable terms, my
three story hotel and grocery building, and
lot, located on the Ohio Levee, opposite
thn Central Eleva'.sr. Thl is a very do
Irahle property being cloo to tho nnw
manufacturing establishment now being
erected In tho Fourth Ward, and I par
ticularly adopted to tho uses of any per
son desiring u stand for cither the hotel
or grocery builncu. Apply, either by
loiter or personally, to
Take Notice. A meeting of tho Ger
man School Association will bo held on
Monday next, 17th Init., at tho German
school hoiisn on Fourteenth street. As bit
ilnon of Importance will bo transacted, a
full nltondanco Is requested. By order of
F. BROSS, President.
Cakl I.. Thomas, Scc'y.
A regular Convocation of Cairo R. A.
Chapter No. 71 will bo held at Masonic
Hall this Tuesday evening, April 18lh
1871, for work In 31. E. degreo.
By order of M. Ex. K. P.
F.Korhmkvkr, Seo'y.
New Mxat Snor. Mr. Jai. Kynuton,
the popular Fourth Ward butcher, has
determined to build on tho vacant lot next
to James Carroll' grocery storo, on Com
mercial anue, and open a branch meat
(hop In tho now building. Mr. Kynatton
intcndi to "rush thing" and will havo the
building ready by next Saturday, when
his branch meat mart will be oponed to tbe
public. Ho will koep on hand all kinds of
meat, of tho best quality, and respectfully
aiks public patronago.
A Practical Papkii. Our teachers
and school officer nuod moro practical
suggestions n to thn best methods to
adopt, in order that thoy may discharge
cuicicntly tho Important and responsible
duties devolving upon them.
Not only this, but a moment' reflection
will convince any ono that all ourcltizens
nro alike interested in tuo tuccops and
prosperity of our public schools,
Intelllgenco it always not only an effoc-
ttvo but a productive element also. Wo
aro led to theso remarks by glancing ovor
tho table of content of tho last number of
tbo Joukxai.ok Education. MIis Anna
C. Brackott toll "How to Toa'.h." Mr.
. Neely givos tornu 11 Import
ant Suggestion to Voters und
School Officer." Then there i "Tho
Teacher' Bureau;" a new design nnd cutr
of a suburban school-bouse ; a plea for
"School Visiting," by a country school
teacher, which all ought to road; bo
Mde a poem, editorials, oducational intel
ligence, etc., etc.
The promtutn of Webster' Dictionary
for twelve subscribers is still continued.
Addros., J. B. MERWIN.
Editor and publiiher, 710 Cbeitnut
stroot, St. Louis, Mo.
Cool. At the "Sample Room" of Al
derman Fitzgerald, cornor of Commercial
avenud and Fourteenth street, tho best of
cool lager beer can bo obtained. Of this
fact let nil tho thirsty lovers of lager
take notlco.
The yiiusT op Mav, Mrs. C. A.Meyer
will open a grand lunch, Including Bock
Beer. All thoso who are disciples of King
Bacchus will partako of her hospitality.
Old Klnc Colo was a merry old aoul, a marry old
oulwaa lie!
II called far nia ili m, h called for hi l'r, he
called lor Matt'tdlw three. M
Steamer Illinois, Columbu.
" Jnmcs Flsk, Jr., Paducah.
" City of Vfcksbng, VIcksburg.
" Mary McDonald, Loulirlllc.
" Diamond, "
" Mollio Ebort, Pittsburg.
" John Kllgour, N. O.
" llollc, (tow boat) Memphis.
" J W. flarrctt, PitUburg.
" Argonaut, St. Louli.
" Champion, "
" Lady Lee, "
" TalUman, Nashville.
" St. Marys, Louisville.
" Hollo St. Louts, Ht. Louts.
" Sam J. Halo, Momphlt.
" Atlantic and bgs, St. Louis.
" Columbia, "
" Idlewild, Evansvlllo.
" Llda Norval, Columbus
" John Kyle, N. O.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
' James Glltnoro, St. Loul.
" AIIco Donn, Memphis
" Wild Cat, Pittsburg.
" Jai. Howard, St. I.ouk
" Continental, "
" Atlantic, .
Steamor Illinois, Columbus.
" Jm.Flik, Jr., Paducah.
" City Vtckiburg, St. Louis.
" Mary McDonald, N. 0.
" Diamond, "
" Mollio Ebort, "
" John Kllgour, LouUvIlle.
" Hello, (tow bout) St. Louis.
" J. W. Garrott, "
" Argonaut, Tenn. river.
" Champion, Ciaclnnati.
" Lady Lee, Ohio river.
' Tnllsma.i, Nashville.
' St. Marys, Ark. rivor.
" BolloSt. Louts, Vickiburg.
" Sim J. Hale, Cincinnati.
11 Atlantic and bgs N.O.
" Columbia, Ark. river.
" Idlowlld, Evansvlllo.
" Llda Norval, St. Louis
" John Kyle, "
u Grand Tower, "
" Jas. Gllmoro, .
" Alico Dean, St. Louis
Wild Cat, N. O.
Jas. Howard, "
" Continental, "
" Atlantic, "
A9"Tbe river has risen some, about 10
Inches In tho past 24 hurc
J9"The weathnr continues clear and
UrCuTho Mississippi it again on tho de-
cllno Htbt. Louis, as arn also the upper
.Tho Ohio is falling all tho way up
with .1 feet 10 Inches at Pittsburg and 4
feet 7 Inches in tlio elm to nt Louisville.
flkay-Tho James Flsk, Jr., brought a
very moderato trip, which, to save spaco,
w will not Itemize.
H3-Mr. Iko Coopor, of the Jas. Fiik, Is
continually placing us under obligations
to him for favors, tbo last of which was a
very line boquct, which ho sent us with
tho request that wo present it to our
sweetheart with At'i (Cooper's) compli
ments. Wn haven't quite mado up our
mlud, but we don't think we'll do It.
Would you?
fjrAn Enirllsh paper ys: According
to tho accounts recently publlihed of the
clghtlinet of European ttcain companies
to America, they own 100 vcsteli, which
during Use past year mado 00 a round trips,
and conveyed 202,148 passengers and near
ly i,tuo,oou tons ot treignt. Tho uunard
line, it It stated, consists of 21 steamers,
with an aggregato of 05,000 tons. These,
during 1870 made 125 round trip,
and carried 450,000 tons of merchan
dise Tho passengers carried
both ways numbered 65,101, of
whom 43.GH1 woie from Liverpool and
11,420 from Now York nnd Boston. Of
tho persons taken to America 9150 woro
cabin passenger And 34,!I25 wcro steerage
Of tho persons brought to Llvorpuol 0270
were cabin and MSO woro slccrugo. Tho
Anchor lino between Glasgow and Now
iork hat 28 steamers, each from 1800 to
l.'IW tons.
Tho flno steamer Ollvo Brunch loft
Now Orleans on tho 12th with 255 hhd
sugar, 250 boxes do, M pkg earthwaro
and 20 qr cks wino.
tT Tho James Howard added horu 200
bbls. flour, 20 tuns bridge material, 10 tons
sundries for Now Orleans, and 4 M foot
lumber for Natchez.
tY-Tbu Contironlal added 100 bbls.
flour, 100 bbls. moal, 30 bx bundles, 127
bales hay, fi hhds tobacco for Nov Or
leans. The Talisman lea with a slim trip.
MafBuilnesi yestorday was much tho
saino as at last report, which was very
tT!io Idlowlld brought 300 skt of
barley, 20 pgi sundries for St. Louis, 40
pgs for Capo Girardeau, 110 ski corn, 20
bxs bitters, 100 sks bran 188, pgs l'urnituro
for the south.
JflrThe llettlo took a bargo of coke to
St. Louis.
ja9Tbe trading boat Lillio lay here all
day yestnrday discharging a lot of furni
ture. flBTMr. Greenfield' forryboat, hitherto
propelled by mule power, it hereafter to run
by team. She l now here rccolvlag her
machinery from tho th work of John T.
JsB?-The Tallsmun brought (or Stratum
A Bird 17 nkgi sundries, rulton dc Sons
376, and following III rolls leather, 00 pkgs
sundries for re-shiptnont South.
19-Tho City of VIcksburg brought 100
cue corn for thipment East by rail.
I 86TTho Atlantic nnd bgs addod hero
, ! car wagons, 10 hhds tobacco, SO bbls
j flour, 130 sks corn, 28bxa bttter.
r It Is reported that an attempt will
bo mado to launch tho Chas. Rodman frora
hor position on tbo rocks, at Loutsvlllo.
WSf A Mcmphl c ii,iatch report! a If.
foot riso coming out of tho White river.
BcBTTho Hello Lco and McDonald left
Now Orleans on tho 15th.
JaijrTlio steamer J. S. Dunham, belong
ing to tho Memphis nnd Arkansas river
Packet Company, struck a snag In Arkan
sas river, six mile below Ltttlo Rock, on
tho night of tho Mth, and sunk in 13 fool
water. Sho was loaded principally with
salt, sugar and molasses, which is a total
loss. Tho boat may bo railed. She Is In
sured for $10,000.
&Tho Illinois brought up 00 balei
cotton on Saturday and 21 bale yestcr
dny for tho Star Union Line, and I hhds
tobacco for Paducah.
o.sot i in:.4.vri:R it. it.
On mid after Monday, IVbruury i?;(h,
IK" I. tralnx will run an follows:
null uomn -octismr.
... . M'1' 'Kiwui,
I.c.iso A.liUnd TsS'in.m
" Srlntli-.'(l.... Biln Jdipm,
" Txtlorfllle IImH " hal '
Arrive at rami I.'.uj m. l:7 '
iais ooiMU xoariiMMT.
Eitiron Mall.
UiH I'.mn .l:no n in ..TMo.in.
" Tulnr-lll" Ssir s-ta
Arrive t ."prlnRilrlil.itA " mii
lrn Mmlniflrlil.... C:l" 11
Arr(x nt A-lilnml
thiix oui no m-iiimT.
Lent Kdgnooo'l .VM a.m 1D:I0 a.m
" nnra H "
Artl nt HIiHantrlowul&lp m
Mi p.m
Tai.a ooi.xa suKriiiriir
l.rr "hswnfctown itl'Vn.m J.dOn.tn
... 7:i"
Atriscnl l'Mgewool......t:i' "
ThoG.l1) in-, train from IMjimoo.1. tnn only
.Moii'lv. Wtiliuitilataftiid Kmiair. aiul i:ti a.m.
train from Sliawnp-etown on Tnedaye, Tliur
linn and bntunlsya.
C-iiinfct. at Aahlnuil with JackiunrlUfl illtl.lou
if Uhlrai-n and Alton Riilrnail. for J M.-kton-lllv,
I'pirmiiuii:, N'S'oni.iiy. nnn an noun., wrm.
At fnrlnirflpM. with Clilcneo and Alton, and
Toledo, Walwh and Wrrlern llallroad, f.ir
lllonmlngtrn, Chicago, und all point iortli,norlti.
hp.C and mpbi.
At rana Willi Ind. ami :. l.nuie. anil llltnon
Central Itnllroad lor all points ciul, loulh aud
At IMcwon.I Willi Ch caio I) . nn I innla
Central lUllroiul.
At Kloru, with Ohio and MiMinlppi Ilailroad,
Athharncrton. with tijmhoata tot I'lnrln-
ntl, raclMouh,C.ilronciai.liili.
UlUtAilW I II, ! i nop I
Jdiin Koontr, (Jpn'l Kr'gt and Tn-krs Ag'l.
Nollco I. hereby ln tn tlm follnwing niunpd
rron and all othrro intrrrMrd. vlt.i Amna
liitty, Matopra' I nlra or IliPir rorri'nUil--,
John tH'hroder'a hrira or thrlr reprrvotatiirrs,
and ftimucl llnltiiUy, that Chnrlf r'orrrn iIiohI
ii pitUlo le ot land, nnd town and cliy Ion f.ir the
lap,lnt re-t nd oo. lu thprcon io thnHtatA
of Illinois and County of Ah-xamlpr, leiird,
..ulihd taxed furtopji-nr A. t, li'tc, held t tin.
r.inrC houpn In ihHcily of ('lm, In ptid ronnty
nnil Hlatc.on thn 'Jili iI.iy of Julf, A. O. IttJ,
pureli the f dloaln ibvnuiil tractaor par'
crl.nfl.ind pltiuiti In paid county lorlhn .nun
pot oppoailo .4ld traola or p.irc. ol land rc.pecl.
Isvly. Tli" paid trita or parrel, of Und hiivinv
been aase.-ed, tax-d anil p-ild In lhnaiiieaoflliu
perpon. a et ("rtliln the lilt Ulnu prrcejiij(
thndepcnplloa of .aid tract nnd parcels nflanda,
Til I
1 i
Anioi I)itty,..,..l7ndf'd 1V II Ma 3 SO 3 .11
Mlhcia'hplra..t;a tT'leWae.'t M ltla in 10 1 feu
T'dHuenn 'it ICi Iw 2
ic'l nw'i li 1a 3ml
nc-V II lis 3w 1
JO S 71
J Schrodrr'a h'r Krac
a.itn'1 llnldday.
GUI 31
That tho aeserelcertirlcatei of iiurf liaao for aald
Uods huso Uea duly a.slKned by tald Charlea
Korreat. nurchtcr. to tun the uuderaicne.1, and
that III time, lor the -ademption of aald land.
from paid aslx will explro on and with
tha 29th
day ol July, a. t. nil.
Atamtiaeel Charles Korreat.
Cairo. Illinois Auril. 17. 1T1. aprlMJl
Notice la hereby iihlntotlio followlnif named
perami., ard all other Interested, vit.i Wm. II.
Ili..-11'a elate or Ita repreaanlatlse, Taylor A
I'araon and Vathera' helra, or thvir repreaenta
Uvea, that Ctiarlt Korreat did at a public sal of
lands and town and city lota, for the taxea. Inter,
patandcoatadue, thereon to I ho HiaUof Illluoia
and County of Alexander. Ielrd.ate..e I and tax
ed lor tha vear A.U.l)4sheld at the court home m
thoel'y of Ciln, Inaaid County and State, on the
twcut-.alxthl.ith) day of July, A. !. lM.,pur
cha.'d Ilia f IIowIiik doacnhe l Jrwta or parcela
ot land altuated In paid County, for Ilia uiua act
opposilii to aald tracts or parcel i of land rts
peftiTely. Th" aald traota or parcela of land
lias iiu loen aaietaed, taxod and aold in the name,
of the iieraona aa aet fo in In tha Ilal lielow
preceding tlie. le acriptlon of aald tracts and par
ceia in iuuu, u.t
i i
ifi ! 1
a be
1 el.
. ii i. !-, h ki, w -jUT t ioa iw liai w io
TaylorAI'araon.M J,inr fJ IU Iw e.1 17 oa
Mathera'h'raumlr'IUw,nw.M IK Iw 40 4 U
Matnera' h'ra.undr'd V, nw 3) is Iw 104 io 3.1
iv ir D i i - .
w'inw 7 IDs Iw ino 3.1 in
Jiainrra-r.-rs iinur u j bo ail lu Iw au I II
Mathera' n'ra.undv'd k. !.e si 16. Iw in lu
Miliers'irr.uiiJr'ii;Lar las lw 10 ( It
Alas, tluii iho several cerllflcitra of purchaae for
ad laud, h.vvo bn duly a.lne.l by aaid Cuarle
Korreal to me. the tiudiriik'ned, and that the
timefortlie redemption or aald land, fiom aald
ciliMull explroon and with ttiu uh day of July,
A. I). U71. C. WINSTON,
Asaienee of Charlea Vorra.l.
Cairo, Illinois. April 17. 171. aprisdat
ToCliaileiKiutai Tou are hereby notified, that
at ii lu of .'eat estate made by tho SherlfTof Alex,
under County, lllinola, at the door of the couit
louse, in the city of dlro. County of Alexander
and Mate ol Illluoia, on the VTth day of July, A.
IJ. 18, iho undersigned purchased the foilowinc
deacrll I real r.tate, a tuated in said County, for
the taxea, iinerv.l and coata due thereon, for th
yoar A. Il IW, to-wlt I Lot 10,'UloflU , City of
Cairo, taxed in the nam ol Cturlea Kurla, and
that the time a'lowtl by law for the rodciupilun
nfaald real e.tate will expire on the 17th ilar of
July, A. I. l7l. WM.B. GILBERT.
tiro. Illlnoia, April l, 171. Irchalir.
Htate of lllinola. Ale..n,l..
To the MarTerm, A. I)., 1871. of tHi Alexaider
county I'mbita Curt: " w
In tho tnatler of the guardianah p of minor
realgnJilon. ' 9uPUton" ". Vrtwlt
To ll peraon ooncerned i-Tak notice, that
the underalgned, guardian of th person and
Property of Michael tJtapleton, minor hair of
IVIerHupl.ton.deceajed, will, on the third day
of the May leriii, A, I)., UTl.ofiliea I.I court, la
be hoidcu at tho court house in the city of Cairo,
in aald county, ou tlio third Monday of May
next, preauat to .aid court for accep'tace, hl
realunatloi ofthoollko of Kuardiaa of aaid Ml
ohttcl Supletnj, acenrdintltothe atilut, latuvh'
ra made aud provided. '
t, . i .e. , .9.UMjj!la.of iohel Bupleton.
Pated at Cairo, 111., thl 17th day of April, im.

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