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tKxl 17.
Family Mntlncc. Saturday, iprli 22d.
Combining th Ut nt of Logrenla, the Koyal Om-
Combining ilie tti mi 01 sxigrenia, m iioyai win
lurtr, Hie Kiiropean Troup of Trained Canaries,
Java Hparrowt, Paroqueti, Performing Wlilln
Mice and ltuttlan Cat, and the
Carnlral of Crsu.
Or present for erery on (hit ktttndi. The
tnmli nan In valnafrotn 23 centa to ISO. con-
al.tleg of goli and aileer walchet, Barrel, of
nour, miver rwimi wan, rurniiiire, (.-nuery,
finer flood, etc. No lottery! No Hlanitl
All Pre.tnt.
Admlstion, Farquetlr,COceuta Nailery Jict.
Chltilran M i-aat
Coast to the AtheMum dating the day and e
in ireini 10 Dcgiran away at aigw.
" epriaiw
Th fn lowing teamtra leave Cairn
on lb day and at the hours btlow.named
TALISMAN, Every Monday at fl p.m. ;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at 5 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, at G p.m.
Por Frolght or Pa.age apply on board, or to
iLBaiif 7i oiiio lkvek.
TM beautiful aad light draught iteainrr
MHHIT MCBIEY..... aar. ,
Leaves Cairo dally at i p.m., aad Padurth dally
at)aJa. Having anpertor accommodation! th
olMIM puMM patronage.
Wllllaaa J. AlUa, )
JokB M. Ikes'. CAIM, ILL,
Ml r. wsser i
Partienlar aite&tion paid to rim and adnlralty
oaa Ra
i T a winraaik.
Tllllaam H. (Jraaat. )
TllUam a. WlhMt, V
BIIm r. UllaMkrl,
spaeiai wnvta giTi i
lUAta trail aad 9t-
Ml IMU1).
Baaaa mm 0S !. 7 aMl
mrtw air
A I M,
kp too.Unllr on hand a li.i coaa-
pUU atoclc ol
Scotch and Irish Whiikiet
Part, Madeira, Shercy, Catabav
W tl iolaalvlr for Oaah, U wjh laet
MVIM UWWIOI Ol aumm imtfmiu mjwtm,
pMlal altnllon Itw ta Blllna ordtra.
" WWO'L'E.ftlA'a
No. 76 Ohio Levee.
Hlal altaatUa t3atalgN
W. Btratton. T. Bird.
uocMMr to Btratton, luaon A Clark.)
iniU ol AssMa-iesi Pewtei Co.,
wfrnfyva Asrasst ir tlss If sum
Tho undersigned b preparing his delln-
qstt lilt for State and County taxes, and
UiJuvUla thtiaMbi o the printor
bv the lit proximo. AU partial In arreara
rnrtuaaaUkerupott real aetata or per.
xmal prcfarty at thatdate will b taxed at
ip-MU. vmxn'
TU annual saaettK of stockholders of
t. Calm and VlMiMta X. S. will be held
U oo-ot t companv, In
atro, I1U, on Tmaxlay, tha th os April,
mil fnr ika nurnste of electing Dlrocton,
and iuch other business as may be necas-
All who flulre to beooma memben of
Jiaie Ball Club aro -requested to meet
it P. Saup' stors, Thursday ovenlng, at 6
-o'clock prompt.
r'-Tjigar ami lrrrr--
Peiuodicaih. Ilarptrt and Qodcy't
Magatint for Hay at Rockwell & Co'i.
1'nonATE Court. Judge Broil Is hold
ing I'robato Court. k
Men' Flno Seat Bkto Gaiters, and alio
"Prlnco Alborli," at Elliott & Hay thora'i.
Minos' Sorgo and Kid Polish, scallop-
top, at the City Shoo Storo, cornor
mercial avonuo and Eighth itrcct.
SorKo (Polish) French Kid,
foxad, at City Shoe Store, coraor of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. tf
Flovk, Cholco Family Flour in hbls
half M1., sacks Ac, tot sale at tho Egyp
tian Mills. au
For Sals Cnaar. A larice Ice bos or
boer cooler, in good order; apply to John
Cook, corner 12th and Walnut street.
Who Ii It that does not llko smoking
hot biscuits for breakfast 7 Tho Farao
Cook storo will bake them in 11 vo minutes
tlmo by the watch. tf
(iRKE.v Tho true, and tho buslnmi
men of Cairo who send to other cities for
their Job printing In the belief thit they
can get better and cheaper work.
AratL. A Jacksonville poet Informs
tho world that "April roigm o'er all a thy
and fickle queen." She has rained very
Without Lickvhk, City Attorney
Popo hid John Curren up ycilerday for
soiling llqnor without liccnao. Judgo
UroM fined him only S10 and coiti.
Revival. A revival of religion Iim
been progressing at the Christian Church
In this city fur somo tlmo put. Tho Rev.
Mr. Friend officiates.
Gents' Oxford Tics, Prin.-e AlberU
and Opera Slippers, at tho -CIty Shoe
Store," corner of Commorclal avenue and
Eighth street. tf
Ost the Blow. The weather was "on
tho blow yesterday, and threatened seve
ral timet to become stormy ; but after
considerable wayward povIihneM bright-
rnod up and been mo calm.
OuivFellowb Notice. I. O. O. F. A
meeting for work In tbe degrco of RcIm.-V.
kah will bo held at Odd-Fellow's hall, on
ThuMday evening, April 20, 18T1. tty or
der of N. G.
Bcildiho. Mr. Louis Jorgetscn has
commenced on the foundation for a itono
houio which ho proposes to erect on the
corner of Washington avenue and Twen
tieth street.
Ladies' Serge (Polish), scallop-top, for
from one dollar and fifty cents to three
dollars and twenty-ftvo cents, at Uty
Shoe Store, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Eighth street. "
The Urle patent moveable point steel
plow; one extra point given witn eacn
plow. For sale only Vy
BEER V A in , uin u os to,
Ctf 13G Commercial Ave.
Partlos desiring to purchaso or lease
lots on reisonablo terms can uo so tune
from tho owner of tho Holbrook estate,
who can U found for a short time at
tho offlco of S. S. Taylor, Cairo, III.
We havo been requested to say that
Elliott de Haythorn have now on exhlbl-
bitlon,and for aale, cvorythlng In the
boot and iboo Una for ladles, and gentle
men's wear; and that all their goodi are
new and stylish. aprlCtf
The first ov May, Mrs. c. A.Meyen
will open a grand lunch, including Hock
llecr. All those wboaro aiscipics oi ning
Bacchus will partako of her hospitality.
Old King Colo was a nurrr old soul, a merry old
)l f alUd for nli! li h calltd for hla tr, he
callta ror nis naunn iuih.
Tun TlunwKM Tho Brown who wa
sometime ago appointed a policeman by
Mayor Lansden has not como to tlmo
has not rc'portod for duty.
John Brown, law uty uiorK, n m mo
city. He has concluded to rcmovo eacn
to Cairo. Thoro Is no place tiae nouic.
Fism vo. The flshlnc season is at hand,
aad thadlsclnles of Walton havo conciu
Jed to seixo on tho opportunity for flihy
fun. Wo underitand that a large party oi
flshormen, armed with ttshlng rods ana
chained lightning in bottles, will soon
see. the lakes of Ballard for a weeKs recre
ation In search of finny treasures ana iun
Thi Fourth Wabh. Ono of tho most
popular Institutions of tho Fourth varu
Is Ehlor s snoe store, wnero
order all kinds of shoes in the most work-
man-llke manner. Thocltlxen who uses
his goods will never patronize any other
shoemaker In the city. UU "P on
TwaaUeth street, nearly opposite wo
Tbk Jail. Certain members of the
Council propose to move upon McIIalo,
the City Jailer, and cut downbli allow
ance for maintaining prisoners. The city
I .Vould appreciate a food officer when It
I Dti on0( nd in McHale it has a jailer who
ami overy cent or money no roceivei
Petty spito or partisan feeling should nt
Aimda Into tho presont council, and if it.
does It should leek some other mark than
ar-w.u. ono of tho most faithful oRcers
.. .... ..... i,.d at which to aim Us
Ciuccit.Coumt YiTEnDAt-Tho vcaso
of Kutnlt vs. "Wardncr was continued
Dr. Wordner concluded hli teitlmony m
in tlm nature- of tho nractlco and tho
trcatmont pursued. In tho afternoon Drs.
Dunning, Wnggonor, lirlgbman and
Wadgymar then gavo their evidonco In
tho ewe, when tho court adjourned until
this morning.
Chromatic Wo havo now In running
order a Chromatic letter press, which will
print from Iwo to eight colon at ono lm
proilon,'and at about tho prleo of print
ting In ono color. Tho dodger of Hharp
loy'i Silver Show, Mye colon, distributed
about tho city yesterday wai printed on
thi nn fur 12.30 nor thousand. Send
In your ordori.
Not Enough. A clergyman of this
city exprcsHd,latily, his contempt of
nlcklcs in his Sunday collection, and post
lively forbade any of his congregation
from contributing anything under tho do'
nomination ot flvo cents, "Save your
cents," said ho, "until you havo flvo before
you put your hands In this box. Tho
widow's tnlte Is not enough here."
WAWJYMAn. Dr. Wadgymar, tbe last
witness on tho stand yesterday evening in
the Russoll-Wardncr caot gnduatcd at
tho Leopold Military School, Vienna
Austria : was for somo tlmo Professor of.
Physiology In Ht. Louia, and lis hold other
Important public positions In that city.
More recently he practiced hli profession
in Unlcn county, but Is now established In
this city.
I.VMANE. Putzo, the sboomakcr who
lately shot his fellow-workmen at Ehlcr's
shoe shop, was yesterday examined as to
his sanity before a committee of six citi
zens Messrs. n. n. liawrenco, jno. i.
White, O. 06U'imlth, Mr. Albs, Michael
Malonevana Henry Elliott. Tho result
of tho inquisition was that Putxo Is partial
ly insane and is a fit mm to bo sent to tho
Illinois State hospital for tho Insane.
Shaiii'Lev. Tbls gentlemen, with his
silver show, came to tlmo lilt night and
was greeted by a crowded house. Tho per
formances gave general satisfaction. The
distribution of presents was not tho least
attractive fcaturo of the exhibition.
Eschbich got a barrel of flour, two gen
tlemen silver watches, Bobbins and other
gentlemen huge silver water pitchers, etc.,
etc. The show goes on to-night. Turn
- i i
'The Hachelor." We wtro called
upon yesterday by one of this ancient fra
ternity. Ha came in pcico and not in war,
but detirtd us to asture him that onr re
marks iu reforenco to the presidency of the
proposed Bachelors' Club were not aimed
at bun. Ho doclarod that no was not in-
corrlglblo that his state of single blessed
ness was occasioned by his tmd luck, not
by his fault.
The Fbmtos Coax Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, is now in chargo of
Mr. M. D. Gunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted it, Invites tbo at
tention of tbe public to tho fact that hols
now prepared to furnish dealors and fami
lies with the very best article of corn meal.
Orders left at tho mill or sent through tho
poitofllco will recclvo prompt attention.
It Ocoht to he Known That John
II. Oberly & Co. have tho only book bind
ery In Southern Illinois, and one of tho
most complete establishments of the kind
In tbo State, and are prepared to do all
Xitutt of binding in tho most tubitantial
and tUjant manner. Send In pamphlets,
magazines, music and everything in that
line, and have them made Into bmdsomo
books for the library. Old books rebounu
in any style, making them In all respects
equal to tho now.
a t i
Wooii in Luce. Our fellow-townsman,
Col. John Wood; has been appointed ono
of the commissioners of the Southern In
sane Asylum and Southern Normal Uni
versity. The ntuor two members aro coi.
R. M. Sturgess, of Fayetto county, and
Eliihu J. Palmer, of Jackson county. Tbo
fVrtnnM must watch tho Governor. That
centloman seems to bo somowhat preju
diced against Carbondalo, and will, If ho
mn. tl tho Normal School from timi
touR. Four low-down negro vlragoos,
who ply a nefarious calling In ways as
dark as their faces, wore beforo Judgo Bross
yestorday morning, charged with vagran
cy. Tho Judgo lectured them In round
terms of their ovll life, and told them If
they should ever ba brought beforo Mm
again be would flno them 100 and costs.
"To-day," he said, "I am Inclined to bo
Tory merciful, nudwlll therefore let Jano
go otr on pay mont of $20 and costs, and Sa
rah, Mary and Susan on payment of 15
and costs, each." But tho girls did not
"go off," and now they aro atming wim
the gentle McIIalo.
iinvn Picnic Excursion, May 1st,
1871. Tho fast steamer, T. F.Eckert, will
u. the Ca ro whaTf. May 1st, av (
o'clock precisely, In tho rooming, for the
beautiful grove up tho Tennessee
r.ir Tcursionlsti at Mound City
imiu .. w
at 8 o'clock, at caieaonia uv v, omwv""
101, Paducah at 12, arriving singrov
prepared at 1 o'clock, wnore ino
iiJutawlllDartrkeof their dinner, to
. . p.,iunti hv 4. Uavlne for
funs at A and arrlTlnt.at.lOJo'elock p.m
Ii -J. ft.... and atrlue bands aro
?L ' nartlculars see small
engaguu. i
W. H. BCUUTTER. Managers
Mound City, 111.
' Under Bros' Did-Did Hb Mean
Murder or RonnEnT? During tho past
twolvo monthi a desperado namod
Sweeney ha bcon sovoral times arrested
for vagrancy and disorderly conduct.
Judgo Brcss has nlways found him guilty
and has sont hlrn up to McHalo on overy
occasion. Tho last tlmo ho was convicted
he said to Judga Bross, as ho loft tho offloo,
"I will 11 vo to dance on your grave,"' and
afterwards ropcatedly threatened to kill
tho Judge. Last night about 0 o'clock
littlo master Bross heard an unusual nolio
up-stalrs, as of somo ono "tip-toeing," and
immediately ran over to Budor Bros, and
asked William Budor to go with him
and Investleate tho causo of tho mystc-
rlons noli. Bader armed himsoif, and
went un to Ue bad-room of Judgo Bross,
and looking under tho bed saw the burly
for of Sweeney. He ordered tbe des
perado to "com oat" and was obeyeu,
but as seen aa he got on nil reel no At
tempted to disarm Budor, who promptly
clubbed his pistol and hit him over tho
head. This brought Sweenoy to a realiz
ing eenso of tho fact that ho had to "como
to time." Buder thon conducted his pris
oner to tho calaboose, and with Mcllalo's
assistance aftorwards to tho county Jail,
What Sweeney's intentions wcto can
only bo surmised. Ho intended to cither
rob or murder Bross, but ho had no dead
ly weapon on his ponon and must have
entered thehouso boldly by tho frontdoor.
Brois should bo very thankful for the nar
row escape, and Sweenoy should bo sent
to Jollot.
If I All philosophers and poets, indcod
all writers, havo moralized on this littlo
word. ''If' this or that had been donn or
left undone, this or that would or would
not havo happened. Yesterday wo had
pass under our notice a striking exempli
fication of tbe narrow escape a man may
make from Jfortuno nnd happiness how
the cloud of disaster might havo been
rolled back "if but, to bo brief. Wo
met a poor fallow broken In 1 health
and poor of purso In fact a
wreck. Ho entered upon a recital of tbo
misfortunes that had overwhelmed him
and concluded by saying that ho' would
havo been prosperous and hippy if ho had
always shaved at Alba' popular barber
shop, on Commercial annuo, near tho
corner of Elgth street. Ho was then pro
ceeding to tell all tho merits of Alba as a
harbor of bis per foe t razor and the skill
with which thoy are handled, when wo
wcro suddenly but go to Alba's and you
will learn tho real.
A "Clock Suavic." A friend of ours
a wall-known citizen narrowly escaped a
dangerous accident yesterday wliilo pass
ing along Sixth street, between Uhlo
Lovco and Commercial avonue. hen
he arrived opposite tho finely furnished
barber shop of Brown tt, Edwards tho fa
mous Fred Thcobold itand ho itoppod In,
and "taking a chair," was soon undergoing
tho delightful operation of being shaved
by that prlnco of barbers, Gus Hlnc. If
he had not dono this It Is altogether
probabla that tho fatal accident
would havo carried him on". From this
fact a reader may draw tho Inforenco that
their only safety from accidents on Sixth
street Is to step Into tho tonsorlal muggory
of Drown and Edwards and got a delicious
shavo. Every ponon who shall rcfuso or
noglect to do this will do so at their peril,
and we wash our hands of all responsibil
ity for tholr sudddon taking off. spTml
A Beautiful Thouhht. "I was read
ing tho other day," remarked Dr. Cum-
taings, "that, on tho shoroi of tbo Adriat
ic sea, tho wives of tho fishermen, whoso
husbands havo gono far off upon the deep,
are in tho habit, at eventide, of going to
tho "sample room" of P. Fitzgerald, on
tho comer of Commorclal avenuo and
Fourteenth street, where the whisky Is as
flno as over went down the throats of the
most fastidious drinker, tho brandies all
that fancy could paint them, tho wines
rlpo and grapey, and tho cigars of tho
most popular brands. Pat is always on
hand to dispenso tho "rosy," and will bo
glad to glvo his friends from tho town and
tho upper wards n cordial welcome to his
new saloon. dtf
Items. A printer, who 1ms boon vn
granting In this city for a fow days past,
attempted to walk on to a steamer at tho
wharf last night, and lastcad walkod Into
tho rlvor. Ho was drowned.
Dr. Smith has, we regret to say, been
confined to his bed by sickness for tho past
four or five days.
Mr. Scott Whlto, whoso death has been
exported ovory moment during tho past
two days, was still nllvo last night at
eleven o clock.
City 'Attorney Popo continues to bo the
terror of porsons who will soli liquor with
out license.
Rklioioui Pictorial. The Christians
havo resolved to "right the devil with
fire." Seeing that wlckod doctrines aro
propagated by tho pictorial pipers more
effectually than by any other agency, thoy
nave refolvcd to "fight tho battles ot mo
Cross" with pictures, and havo according
ly issued the "Illintrattd CAnsUan it tth
fv. nrlco flvo cunts. -Tho engravings an
spirited ann tbo matter inwieswnK i"r
religious Journal'. Tho question is, "Will
Christians patronize good pictures a tney
do loc ofiM ?"."Wii shall oe. Tbe papor
may Do round nt tho book sioro oi
well Co.
Occasionally a boot and shoo maker I
found who is asuoalally food on certain
Undnnf'wm.lr t.nt llaucll is Kod III all
hr-HncW of hla trade, nnd challengei com
tiotltlon. lie Invites u trial, and Is willing
to isuarantee satisfaction. Ueglves good
stock, u splondld fit and workmanship that
Is par excellence. "
's' - .v 4 -
That evorybody In Cairo may enjoy tho
dellirhts of Ico cream. Icmonado, nnusoun'
wator, during tho warm weather which Ii
now close upon us, P. Saup has tltloa up
his rooms at 102, Commercial Avenue,
with all tho convonlonccs of a flrst-claia.
saloon. Lndlcs, Indies and gentlemen,
nnd families can bo accommodated at all
hours and may vUlt tho saloon with no
fear of being disturbed by Improper char
acters, as all such will bo rigidly excluded
from tho rooms. Saup's ico cream is al
ways tho coldest and tho best, his lemon
ade leraonado delicious and his soda-water
beyond comparison. Those who don't
bollevo it will bo convlncod by a trial.
PeorLE aro often surprised when told
that such and such flno articles of Jewelry
woro mado In Cairo.
Why should thoy not be, If tho necessa
ry patronage Is extended to warrant It?
All who are curious In such things,
or havo doubts in tho matter, aro invited
to experience our facilities and watch tho
process by which the rugged rocks and
metals aro fashioned into tho most orna
montal patterns of Jowelry. Call on us at
88 Ohio Levee and wo will soon satisfy you
thnt wo can miko anything you may
NEw3lE.iT Siior. Mr. Jas. KynMton,
tho popular Fourth Ward butcher, has
determined to build on the vacant lot next
to James Carroll's grocery store, on Com
morclal avenuo, nnd opon a branch moat
hop in tho new building. Mr. Kynaston
intends to "rush things" and will havo tho
building ready by next Saturday, when
his branch moat mart will bo opened to tho
public. Uo will keop on band all kinds of
meat, of tho best quality, and respectfully
asks public patronage. ta
Removal. Mrs. J. Cummings wishes
to inform her customers and tho public
generally that she has removed her mil
linery goods from her itoro on Eighth
strcot to tho commodious room on Com
morclal Avenue, botween Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Oswold's
old stand. Mn. Cummings bis added
largely to her sloek of goods, and now bis
a cheap, scasonnblo nnd fashionnblo col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which she asks tho attention of old and
now patrons. mUdtf
I will sol), on reasonablo terms, my
thrco story hotel and grocery building, and
lot, located on tho Ohio Levoo, opposite
tho Central Kleva'or. This Is n very de
sirable property being closo to tho now
manufacturing establishment now being
erected In the Fourth Ward, and Is par
ticularly adopted to the uses of any per
son desiring a stand for either the hotel
or grocery business. Apply, either by
letter or personally, to
Casino. Mr. Schlch has sold tho
Casino saloon, located on Eighth street
between Commercial and Washington
avenue, to Mr.MIsner, who will hereafter
conduct tho buslucss ana use overy en
deavor to sustain tho Casino's reputation
as n placo of popular resort. Ho will
furnish tno bar with nil tho finest liquors
and clgan, and kocp constantly on hand
an excellent nrticlo or ico cool ligcr beer,
Call at tho Casino when you aro dry.
Titiit is no Intoxicating beverage or doc
tored liquor, to lesd tho tlpplor on to
drunkenness and ruin, but a strictly mcdl-
Ical preparation mado from roots nnd
herbs, sultablo to any ago or condition.
As a family remedy, Simmon's lilvor
Regulator Is equal to an cntlro medldno
chest. nprlfd&wlw
An Institution. A Charter Oak
OooklnK Stove Is absolutely necessary for
' life and liberty to all women, for It light
ens their labors, presorve their health,
cheen and soothes their temper, economizes
their tlmo and strength, and oitends their
leisure. . oprlBdiwlw
A splendid assortment of bird cages
moss baskets, flower stands, llowor train
ers, wlrc-clotn for winuow crocn, pm
and foot tubs, Ac, &c, Just received nt
ftCtf 130 Commercial avo.
Tim houso horotoforo occupied by Pat-
rlok Fitzgerald, on Ohio Leveo betweon
Fourth nnd Eishth strocts. This house. If
not tho best business houso Is cortainly
ono of the best stands in tairo. it ironvs
tho principal steamboat landing and is
near tho Illinois Central ranroau uopoi.
Apply noxtdoor at lioberi nmytn v co i.
wholesale grocery storo.
Hew Time Tublo.
On and after 12:30. p. m.. Sunday, Dec,
4th. tho followlne tlmo table will ijovcrn
tho arrival and doparturo of passenger
trains nt Cairo;
Mall train leavcst 3:10 a.m.
Express " " at U:30 p.m.
St. Loula and Cairo Express
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation loavea at... 12:80 p.m.
Mall arrives '05 a.m.
Express arrives P "'
St. Louis and Cairo Express
...i..nJ 4:45 p.m.
Tho last named train leaves St. Louis
at 10:30 tun. Tradon can leavo cairo nv
1:20 a.m., reach St. .Louis at v.m '"'"
main In the city throo hours, and return
Tho 1V!:3U iiccomuiouanw"
and St. Louis expres leavo dally; all otb
i.. ,,iiv except Sundays. , . .
Way oawengon should bear in mind
vlPiP oncsboror CaTbondalo, Du Quoin
llV Aililev! .1 bo 12:30 p.m. train .top.
do3tf ABt,Clre,
I Tnv k'rvnxExs. A cotcmporary calls
attontlon to the Important fact, that tho
season for cleaning houses and taking up
and putting down carpets, 1 at hand,
adding: "Don't beat your carpets. Try
kindness nnd llrmnoss, and, If thnt don't
keep them down, sond for a policeman and
havo them taken up." This advico, wo
. . a fiitt
commend 10 tno nousecieuur u
Steamor Illinois, Columbus.
" James Fisk, Jr., Paducab.
11 DIcUtor, St. Louli.
" City of Cairo, VtcMburg.
" Emperor, Cincinnati,
" P. W. Strader, Now Orleans.
" Ironsides and bgs, Pittsburg.
" Colllor, St. Louis.
" J. N. Kellogg, Now Orloans.
" Joo Fleming, Momphis.
" Quickstep, Evansrillo'.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" Ja. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" Dictator, Mcmjilili.
" City of Cairo, St. Loiil.
Emperor, "
" P. W. Strador, Cincinnati.
" Ironsides, St. Louis.
" Collier, Pittsburg.
" J. N. Kellogg, St. Louis.
" Joo Fleming,
" Quickstep, Evansvllle.
10" Tho river Is about on a utaml and
is perhaps falling a littlo.
10 Tbo weather was cloudy during tbo
better part of yesterday with a strong,
warm southwest wind which portended
almost Immediate rain.
r Tho Mississippi is going down at a
rapid ralo at St. Louis and will havo
reached Us old mark In a day or two.
Tho upper rlvors aro also falling.
19" Business is reported actiro at St'
Louis and Evansvllle. At nil other points
unusual dullness rolgns.
t9 Tho Ohio is falling with 4 fo.it 4
In tho channel at Pittsburg, nnd 3 feet U
in tbo chuto over tho fills at Louisville.
9-Tho Jamos Fisk Jr. brought for C.
R. Woodward 2 slabs steel, and following
for rcshipment: 8 hbds tobacco, 2 cattlo
for St. Louli, 100 pkgs woodwork for Mem
phis, CO bxs handles, nnd 5 hh ds tobacco
for Now Orleans.
tguThe Virginia loft Now Orloans on
tho 17th.
at"Tbo City of Vlcksburg for Mom
phis, and Richmond for New Orloans,
will bo horo to-day.
(Business continues very dull, in
docd. aTThe Ironsides discharged horo for
W. ElchorTifc Bro. -I bxsglass; Amos Hub
Co. box iron ; and tho following for re
shipment: 84 cases lye; 100 pieces Iron;
136 kegs; 70 bxs chimneys; BOpkgsglsss
.123 bbls ; 014 cases oil.
JTho Emperor discharged hero 100
bbls cement for points along tho railroad
JSTTlio now steamor Mary E. Poo,
built for tho Carter lino of Red river
steamers, began loading at Cincinnati on
tho 17th for St. Louis. She Is 190 feot
lonir. 34 feet beam. 32 feet floor, S feot
depth of hold and has a capacity for 600
tons and trims on 21 inches water. Her
cabin is noat and has accomodations for
CO passengers.
1-Boats and barges have a rough tlmo
In tbo upper Ohio and sovoral are reported
aground at various places.
fA dispatch to tho Cincinnati Cone
tncreiaf, from Loulsvlllo, April ICth, says:
Tho Capital City mado a trial this morn-
tng, her machinery working well. After
returning to tho wharf, tho Local Inspec
tors tested tho bollors, and tho flues not be
tng ablo to stand tho pressure of steam and
water, one of thorn collapsed. The flues
aro of English manufacture, and wero Im
ported direct from England by Captain
Gould. They aro mado of ono ptcco
molted, Insload of sheets riveted, and aro
nine inches In dlamotor. Tho Capital City
has been lying at tho wharf so vurul weeks
waiting for tho fluos, and by this accident
ho will bo detained ono or two wooks
Br The James Fisk, Jr., is tho regular
Paducah packet overy day, oxcopt Sun
days. tST Tho Arkansas Hollo is tho packet
for Evansvlllo this ovenlng.
ll-Thoraducah JsMfweAiausay: "J.
Crumbangh doos tho thing up brown in
tho offlco of tho Jas. Fisk, Jr.," which ii a
sllaht mistake. Mr. Crumbaugh his not
3 . . - i ,
officiated In tho offlco or tno risk tor at
least llvo weeks. Has tho river editor of
tho Ktittuckian beon asleep V
M.TI10 Quickstep brought out about
80 tons for roshlpmcnt.
srCapt. Duganof tho Eckort roturnod
home Sunduy evening naving swweu
men to work to ralso tho Orr sunk by tbe
Friendship noar Casoyvillo about 13 days
ago. t
-I.IIflADE NO. 113.
An ordinanco lo amend aootiou asj ol an "finance
nilliea "Anoramancr to "ri-rr,r-.,f
tl Oltv of Cairo us revl.ed and uodlfled."
He 11 or Jalned by the CHy Council of the City of
ttjctio'a l.That '.! section 3t m aud thy tame
is hereby iuiended toKldlpitM In end theraof,
1I1. foilowtna. Tin Provided red edar lumbr
r?"?w?.;r.'i,.i.l for white or bur oak In th
.111. oro..ti. .trliixer, A'wto, d the
DUD tat OI IHU irvitl "Via ssisaj jv v
LoirJ U iiwho uiur I aid on ih BUrfactt ofwe
.1 a tuaillsanfc In sin an.
To Marmvliike H. Knstiilngtr. Ton arn txrcbl
nptlBdcltliatat a sain nl rar.lt. maditbTthl
Of thfl f OUrt hnn.A. In tlm nil v ntrn I'nn.l. .1
Alexander ami filmn or Illinois, on the 77th ilay
July, A.lMMithn un.jcrslKiiB'l purchd ihj
loiiomog iiewrmeil nal f (nt, ultuatod la lil
Countv. for thn ti&f ... IkI, .n.l .ml. .ImJ
thereon, lortho j.r A. t. 1S'J, to-wltt Uia(Sll
twenty-one and 122) iw.nty-two In Mock nnml
uciru ipi ininj. in mnoiij ui liitiro, luen in ina
nam of Mrmliika H. KniminfteC and thai thi
time auowod by law ror the miemrtton of as
real f mate will expire on the 17th d of Jaly,
D. 1871.
mujAQ n. iiauuiiijii,
May S.-.tb, 1871,
TlektlaTwro Dollars Caah-HstUea Oss
Hollar Kcctl.
naThU entprprl.o villi VicondncUil Ina pre
ri.elv nlinlUr manner to Uiatoftli lat Oraad
(lift Concert of tho Merenntll 'Library AmocIa
Hon, of Men Prsncl.en, which gar iuch universal
One Cliaucc lu Every Thirty
1 t'Ah (ilft.....
1 cifh tun
1 C.1h (lilt -
I Ca.h (Ilft ...
1 Cali (Jilt -
I Ca.li (lilt
...m. m.oon
..... I, (Mi
...... 1,1100
. 1,000
...... 1,(4)0
, 1,010
..... 7,400
1 Cl.h (lift -
1 Ca.il (!ft ..
t Cl.h I lift -
1 UiMh (lift m
I Ca.1i Ciift... ......a................. .....
1 Pa.h (fllt...... HHH.....M. ...
1 Caen nut .
1 Osh Oifl..
I Gull (lift....
Cnh ((ins, vn eacli
(!h (lin.. iV) each
Ca.h nine, tm each
oun (iiiui, t" eacn.
1 Aim
Ch (line,
Caah (line.
30 each
23 rarh ......
10 each
luuOCesn Olft",
IfU Caih (lift,
, to.aw
. a.ouo
& eeeh
2310 Gins, amounting to...... 100,000
Which will bo (ll.lntmlod ly chancoamoaf the
ticket holder, by thd Mutiul Aid Asioclatioa of
RirX'.i--M. H. nrock.U. H. Marjhal'e ofllo,
Omaha: Eduar Xabriskle.latn tJnlon I'aolBc Rall
roal office-, Omaha; J. Turner, Denuty U. B. Mar
shal, Omaha; J. Doyle. 1'o.tolTlP, Omaha. Neb.
mieslonitllnwed. Aditrcit,
liOOil re.poniiuioMwu, .wwi, 1.11.11
I.TKOHD W llosinesa Managers,
Omaha, .Nedra.ka.
Nntln ! herehe siren to tlio following named
ereoo and all oilier interested, vls.i Amo
..kA-. I.mIm A. IhAlr .ntirt-.entatlTA..
John jihro.Tcr'1 heir or their representative.,
and Homiiel Hollldar, that Charle Forreji did at
a nutillu sale 01 lanna ann rown anp ihj iuj;
..... ...1 iIiia ih.ron to tho Htate
of lllfnole and County of AUznniler. Ield. as
.e..e.t nd taxed for tua year A. It. 1CH, lifl - at the
court hou,K 10 thaelty of Cairo, In aaidCouniy
ami Bute, on tno ui unroi juit, a. v. c-.,
Mirchased the following ile-cnhcd troctiorpar.
cel.oflnnd eltuato In eald county tor tho aumn
.ct npoltfl saiu iraoxe or iicaui !vf"
Irely. rne .m iracia nr paiva i u;i n
been aueased, taxed and eold In the namotof the
ixir.on. a et torin in no . uiiyiing
lliede.crlrtlon of .aid tmct and varccleoflandt,
. Am., Ct. ZtflSH
.old for UoU. a.-"-
Ho. Acre.... . ! J lJ J
""g" " Xf.XHZ
! 1 1 1 1 1
Action. Isan's
Part of flection
1 p
n whos
nam as teased.
That th several certlllcatee of purchase for said
lands hare been duly asl(ad by ald Chart
rorresi, purcnaier, iu id. m uouirii.aw, ana
that th tlm lor th redemption of ald land
from said aale will expire oa and with th 2th
day ot .uiy, a. w. wis. ,
Notice Is hereby sivlntotho following named
ner.ona, and all other Interested, via.: Win. H.
Uleaeir u.tato or li representative. Taylor a
Parson and Mathers' heirs, or their represent,
tlvot, that Cbarl.a Portent did at a putlio aale of
lands and town and city lots, forth, tax.., Inter,
eat and costs duo thereon 10 th Slat of Illinois
ami County of Alexander. Ievled.as.eete I and tax
ed for thn rear A.U.IU,hldtt the court houMin
the city of Cairo, in taid County and fltate, on the
lwenty.Uth(SSth)dayof July, A. . l,pur
cljiiivj t tio fnllowiog describe!! tract or paicels
m land aiiuiis.! in ..id Countr. for th turns att
oDDo.ua to id tract or parcels of land rs
pevllvrly. Th aaid tract or parcele of land
Iiaviutf aoaetted. taxed aadtold In th names
of the pertoua aa aet foilri In (he list below
nrocrdlnn tho detcrintloa of said tract and oar
celt of land, Til.!
Am't a'- S2SHS3S
told for Dolt. J5S-S--
No. Acres It 3 I I
lUuge-.-. .......
I 1 11 I II
Township........ 3333553
M0 ''jg't!ia
Part ofSecllon. 1 S5iC
la whos jfiiicis
um.aiaa.eed. ,V.Ve-B
Ali, that th avrtl certldcatet of purcha for
aaid landa lutvo been duly assigned by said Chariee
Porrvat lo me, tli undeMltf&ed, asd that th
time for the redemption of ald buda from aaid
aiewm txpireua anu wiw i..avrieuiii
A.D.Wt. . . ynHW, ,
Aulco of Charlet Jforr!.
. Cairo. Illmolt. April ir. its.
I IX CAs8,

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