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mxmn r a -r-cz.r "PTTt .t.liu i-r-n-r a -t t- r-
. . i iii wauj.vw - - - i i i i 1 j - i r-tr I j
-t : la-aa-a
The to lowing stemtri leave Cairn
roit.VAHiiv Lt.n
on the dy nnd at the hiura b-1nw,nmed
TALISMAN, Every Monday nt6 p.m.;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at 6 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, nt 0 p.m.
For freight or I n-tagr apply on board, or to
jui2S'Tltr 74 OHIO LEVEE.
cairoand paoucah.
The beautiful and light draught steamer
,ta.mesitisk: jr
llOUMfcY HMKniiKY Jtnater.
Leavea Cairo da Ir at A p.m., ajil Paducah dally
at 'J a.m. Having auperlor aecomraodation the
olicltn publ o patronage.
Cairo. ... Illinois-
lias um received a full anJ completeatock ot
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Of every decriptlon, which will b anld alp
that will not (all to auit all purchasers. Par net
flta gun-anteed. Ida atoik ot
Shirts, Hate, Caps, etc.,
la not axe lied Ih polst ol pric and etyla in la la
tr any other market.
May 25th, 1871,
TIckufsTtvo Dollar Each Halves Oaa
DalUr saris.
aMTThla enterpriM will be conduiUd In a pre
cll T aimllar mannr to that of ihe late 0rat.
0 ft Concert of the Mercantile Library Aaanela.
lion, of Man Francleeo. which gate each nniver.al
eatl. faction.
OacChanrela Every Thirty-Eight.
1 Cah Oitt M,000
1 Caah tilft 15,000
1 Caah Oitt. .......... .- 10.OU)
1 laah Oift ... . 0X
1 Caah GUI- 3,)0
1 Caah flilt .. Z,v
1 Ca.h Oift l.OuO
1 Caah C.ft l.
1 Caah Gift .'
1 Caah liift ;."
j c.h am
1 Oil) Uiil 1,U)
1 Ct.fl 01 t ........
1 Caih O.f ......... - - l."
1 Caah Gift ...... - .1J
31 Caaii 0 fl, liUO li .-. T M
10 C.htiifte, 230 eaei 2.VI
5l Caah Gift., tuo each .. 21"
M Cub Gin., So each . 2.0U0
ltfl Ca.h Olfia, yi each . .. S.uuo
100 Caah Oilti, 4S e.ch ...
lorxi C.i Gifia, 10 each ... . to two
IUM Ca.h Gift., 5 each-. tP
2310 Girt., amounting to ......... IIOO.OX)
Which will bndl.tnbu'ed by chance mo' g the
llcaat holder, by the Mutual Aid A.rociatlon of
Ktrcatacte M K. Prock, 0 H. Marakal'e iifllce,
Omahu Edg.r Zibriakle, U'e Union rustic Rail
road ofllc, inha;J Tu ner, lpuiyu. 8. Mr
ahl. Omaha; J. loyl. I'oatofflce, Omaha. .Neb.
Good rriii'bleiKent wanto. Libo nli'um.
ralaalonallnwot. Mm,
LTF01ttCO Huaineta Margera,
omahi, N'eijroka
Tlaaid UeBnr Ware,aothe WrlBjers
THet Wre, Coal Hods, Fire
Shovels, Air Urates',
KaaolMturfr ol
Tin, Zinc, Copperand Sheetlron
n.jmum. v -f -- r n ktaria i
lob Work Boa a ftkorteat Nolle.
AlltO CITY '.
O O A. Im
ire Prepared to Snpply Custom tr
Tflth the Rest (itallty or
IllInoiH Coul.
Urdr ln at Ualllday Ilro. We,
. Mo. TO Ohio JLve, or nt til Coal
Yard below the at. Chitrlca IIo
let, will Krrclvc Prompt
Ti. Tu "Montaak" will bring Coal alongside
touaera at any hour, day or night.
Calro.O"t. Wli. 17 f
(eacoeaaora to JohnQ. Uarman Co.,)
All C T I O If EE R fit
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEF
Cairo, Xll..
Buy Mid Soil Real Entato
ATSlsrKKl'.Jas COMytYAMt'X
Mcn'i Fino Seal aitln Gaiter), nnd ho
"I'rinco Alberta' at Elliott AHoytborc'g.
Sick. Officer Shta-han tut boon lick
for rcvoral daj and off duty, lut l again
atbU pott.
I.v. Tho largo iliow window of Wal
der'i clothing itore are nearly flniilied.
ALoll Is doing tho painting.
Mluci' Serge and Kid Pollah, icallop
top, at tho City Slioo Store, corner Com
mercial avenue and Eighth itrvct. tf
Jvht rccolTud at Stratton & Dird's 10
tbli Silver Drip lyrub, and 100 kits No'i
1 and 2 Mackerel.
"Who Ii it that doei not like smoking
hot blaculta for broakfatt? The Fain
Cook stove will bake them In flva minutes
time by the watch. tf
Maubiki). Mr. Timothy II. Hahonoy
and Mils Maggio Stapleton wero' married
at the Catholic church on .Sunday night
by the Rev. Father O'Halloran.
Gents' Oxford Tics, l'rln;e Alberts
and Opera Slippers, at the "-City Shoo
Store," corner of Commerclnl avenue and
Eighth itrect. tf
Rux Away. Tuo team of Jas. Kynai
ton became frightened yesterday, and rap
away with bis wagon, dathfng it to pieces
Tho horrcs were not seriously Injured.
I'ovxv. Yesterday evening a small
dog, which the owner can have by calling
at the office of tho City Wharfboat and
paying charges. apr'JGdlt
Another. Frederick Netzer has
openol a new barber ihop, on the corner
of Eighth street and Ohio levee, in tho
rear of tho St. Nicholas Hotel.
Ladies' Sorgo (Polish), scallop-top, for
from one dollar and fifty cents to three
dollars and twenty-five ccnti, at City
Shoo Store, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Eighth street. tf
Dissolved. The firm of Reed &Mann
has bc-on dissolved in ao far as the "Iron
and Machinery Supplies Store" is con
cerned. Reed has purchased Mann's In
terest. Tax Urie patent moveable point itcel
plow; ono eUra point given with each
plow. For sale only by
uCtf 136 Commercial Ave.
Notice. All pcrionsbavlng articles at
the Cairo Dyo Homo are requeued to call
and get them before the 20th of May next,
or tbiy will be sold forchnrgei.
A splendid assortment of bird cages
mots baskets, flower itund", flower train
er I, wire-cloth for window scroens, bath
and foot tul'i, &c, ic, just received at
aCtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Notice. The next ministerial meeting
of the Colored Diiptlits of the State of
Illinois, will be held with the Second Il:ip
tilt Church of this city, on Friday, thu 9th
day ol June, 1871.
J. ROBERTS, Moderator.
O. Hickman, Clerk. apr21dstawlt
Rumored Fatal Accident. A rumor
prevailed on tho streets yesterday that
Monroe. Campbell, thu contractor for the
Southern Illinois Normal School building
at Carbondalc, had been fatally Injured by
falling timbers while engaged in superin
tending the work on tho bouio.
True. There con be no doubt that
Baugh Is, pur txecllenec, the boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. He challenges com
petition in his trade, and aisuros the pub
lic that bo will guarantee to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eighth street
near tho corner of Ohio Loveo. tf
Dry Goods and Clotiiino. A fino
stock of dry goods and clothing will be
sold at public outcry at the auction storo
of Dan Ilarttnan's, onSatuiday next, April
'JO. The salo will commenco at 8 o'clock
in tho morning or until 10 o'clock at
night, or untfl tbo stock Is closed out.
These, goodi will bo lold without reserve.
is Cairo Chapter No. 71, R. A. M, will
V bold a convocation forgonoral busi
ncis and work In JI. E. M. degrco, this
(Tuesday) evening, April 25th, 1971.
All R. A. Masons in good standing aro
fruternally' Invited to attend.
By order of M.E. H.P.
F. Koksmeyek, Ses'y. H
Gold Loan in Oaiko Jay Cooke &
Co. offer tho 7.30 gold loau of tho North
ern Pacific R. R. Co., as a tmfo and profit
able investment, but n still more profitable
way of investing money Is in Brown &
Edwards' barber shop, whero, among oth
or cxcollont barbers, Gug HI mo bandies
his trusty razor. Remember tho placo
Theobold's old stand, Seventh streot, near
Ohio Levee. tf
Going Ui'. Workmen aro very bully
engaged in clearing away the debris from
the site of the St. Nicholas conflagration
preparatory to tho erection on tho Rts of
three brick business homes. Two of tbe
bouses arc to be erected lor "Mrs, 8nuo)
Hulllday, and tho ono noxtto tho storo
building of tho lato Scott Whito for Mrs.
Uotto. Mr.Wickwiro has tho contract,
and expocts to havo tho buildings com
pleted by the middle of August next.
John Strickkr Shot. Our citizens
will romombor a follow who. for sovcral
years bummed about tho city, . earning a
precarious living by dead-beating on a
small icalo in woyi that wero dark by
tricks that wero vain. Ho was a public
nulianco, was John titricker, and lu an
unfortunalo hour beenmo a prominent
member of the chain gang. This was too
much for bli proud and sonsltlvo spirit,
and when thu shackles fell from bis limbs
ho left for parts unknown. Sometime
ago ho turned up in Grand Tower wbcro
he has been following thu business of run
ner for a hotel. On Fri
day lost a bullet perforated
his delicato hide, entering his buck,
and tho accident happened in this way.
A man named Morgan was at Grand Tow
er uttending to business and enjoying a
littlo pleasure Accidentally, of courso, ho
got into a row with a companion who in
sisted on cutting him into ribbons with a
bowio knife. Not desiring mcb a fate,
Morgan aimed a pistol at hii asiallant and
Bred. Uv tome miscalculation bo mined
his man and bit Strieker In the back In
Aiding a severe bit, of course not a fatal
wound. It Is not necessary to say tbr.t
Strieker was not a party to tho fight.
When last heard from be "was doing as
well as could bo expected."
Ladies' Sergo (Pollih) French Kid,
foxed, at City Shoo Store, corner of Cora
mercial avenuo and Eighth street. tf
RoniiED by a Siren. On Saturday last
a "limb of tho law," of Ballard county,
Kentucky, visited our city in search of a
"high old time," and found It. Hi first
business need we suy? was to take a
drink. After which ho took a drink ; and
then repeatod several times many timet,
in fact. A drunk resulted, and the Indis
creet dlsciplo of Blackstono was inveigled
into tbo bagnio known as tho "Flat-Top,"
and in tho morning found himself com
panionlcss and minus his cush and gold
watch. Tbo name of the thief a soiled
dove we did not learn. After relieving
her paramour of bis valuables she took up
her weary way on foot in tho direction of
Chicago, on tbo Illinois Central Railroad.
The Ballard youth, when bo realized his
penniless situation, railed a great distur
bance, and rushed after all tho officers in
town. Tbo landlady, Mattio Purkor, as
soon as possible, procr.rsd horso and
duS't7 ""J wcnt in pursuit of the dishon
est runaway overtaking her at Ullln. Tha
Parker made tbe thief disgorge tho watch
but tho money had vanished gone whero
the woodbine twincth. But Ballard got
bis watch. Ho is lucky. It is a wonder
he did not lose his head.
Be of good cheer, thcro is lifo and health
for ynu yet. So those tbat havo taken
Simmons' Liver Regulator attest.
Malformation. Tbo wldo domain of
Texas Is productive of cattle of almost ele
phantine proportions with horns of unu
sual length fierce and untameablo. They
range upon tho broad prairies, and rcceivo
nourishment from tho nutritious grasses
that rover tho earth as far as the eye can
reach. Many urn tbo strungo malforma
tions among them, somo of them being so
remarkuble us to mako them objects of cu
riosity, and it sourco of rcvonuo to their
proprietors. Tho latest that has fallen to
our view was landed at our wharf yester
day from tho steamer Robert Mitchell and
reshipped for Nashville. This strungo
animal, of tho long-horned species, was
possessed of thrco horns and three eyes.
Tho third horn starts fro.n tho top of tho
head, midway between tho natural horns,
and projects forward and upward, in n well
defined curve Tbe third oyo is in tho con.
ter of the forehead, just beneath tho root
of tho unnittural horn, and is almost closed
owing to tbo crowth of tho horn. It at
tracted much attention and was notlcod
by hundreds.
Wakino Ur. People begin to realize
that our respected ancestors must have bad
a very Inconvenient time of it without
railroads, steamers, gas, friction matches,
telegraphs, expresses, sewing machines,
and last, and par consequenco not least,
Charter Oak Cooking Stoves.
Gband.Picnic ExcnitsioN, Mat 1st
1871. Tho fast steamer, T. F. Eckert, will
loavo tho Cairo wharf, May 1st, at T
o'clock prociiely, In tbe morning, for tho
bountiful groves up tho Tohnosseo river,
landing for excursionists at Mound City
at 8 o'clock, at Calodonla at 0, Metropolis
10J, Paducah ut 12, arriving at tho grovos
prepared at 1 o'clock, where tho excur
sionists will pnrtrko of their dinner, re
turning to Paducah by 4, leaving for,
Cairo at 0 and arriving at 10 o'clock p.m'.
precisely. Brass and string bnnds aro
ongugod. For full particulars seo small
W. H. SOHUTTER, 1 Managors
Mound City, 111.
IiAiioK Stock. Stratton & Bird, Ohio
Levee, havo now on hand tho largest
stock of grocorics over brought to Cairo,
of tho best qualities, which they aro sell
ing at only a small advanco on cost.
I will sell, on reasonable terms, my
thrco story hotol and grocory building, and
lot, located on the Ohio Lovoo, opposlto
th'o Central EluvaVor. This is avory do
slrublo proporty being close to tho i.now
manufacturing establishment now being
erected in tho Fourth V ard, and "is par
ticularly adopted to tho uses of any per
son desiring u stand for elthor tho hotel
or grocory business. Arr'j'i ollhor hy
letter or personally, to
Tub Brewery. Mr. Cbarlos Fcuchter
L& Co., with tholr proverbial oncrcy,
havo thoroughly refittod tho brewery sa
loon, making it m handsome as a now pin.
Tbo work was dono by Carl L. Thomas in
the most skillful manner. Ho has put on
dccoratlvo papering of tho most attractlvo
kind. The work is clean and neat, tho
colors aro solid, and tho taito displayed in
tho design and execution proves Mr.
Thomas to bo n master in his business.
Tho browory is now ono of the neatest
drinking snloons In tho city, and its pro
prietors havo proven themselves Cairo
mon, worthy of Cairo patronage, by pat
ronizing Cairo mechanics, who aro as
skillful as any foreigners, and can work
at figures that will throw Chicago, St.
Louis and Cincinnati Into the shade
Fob Sale. Tho undersigned will sell
at pilvnto ialo tho following described
property: Four work horses; 2 sots
double harness; 2 two-horso wagons;
sevoral plows and other agricultural im
plements. Parties desiring to purchaso
will call at her resideneoorat Robt. Brl-
bach's, opposite tbe courthouse. Tcrmi
"f sale, half cash ; balanco on six month's
credit, with good security.
apr22dlm Mrs. KATIE COOPiiR.
Gkbwan Theater. Tbo perform
ance by tho memben of tho German Dra
matic Association, on Sunday night, at
tracted a largo assemblage of our German
citizens. All tho characters were wbll sus
tainedand the leading parts performed
in a sterling and logitlmato manner. Tho
efforts of tho Association in tho delineation
of character Wero fully appreciated by tho
intelligent auditors and numerous wore
the oacorcs in recognition of truo histri
onic ability. Tho Association deserves
tho support of all lovers of the dramatic'
The Fourth Ward. One of tho most
popular Institutions of tho Fourth Ward
is Ehlcr's shoo store, whero ho makes to
order nil kinds of the ,i in tho most work-
man-llko manner. 1 no citizen who usci
his goods will never patronizo any other
shoemaker In the city. His shop is on
Twcntloth street, nearly opposlto the
court houso. tf
Peofle aro often surprised when told
that such and such fino articles of jewclry
wcro mado In Cairo.
Why should they not be, if tho necessa
ry patronage is extended to warrant It?
All who aro curious In such things,
or havo doubts in tho matter, aro invited
to experience our facilities and watch tbe
process by which tbe rugged rocks and
metals are fashioned into the most orna
mental patterns of jewelry. Call on us at
88 Ohio Levco and wo will soon satisfy you
that wo can make anything you mav
Goino to Build. Tho Arabs intend to
push forward their building enterprise
with all possible expedition.
Five Dollars Reward Strayed on
Stolen. On or about tho 18th inst., from
St. Mary's Infirmary, a red milch cow
with a whito face, having tho foro teats
longer thun tho hind ones. Any person
returning the cow to tho Infirmary, or
giving information by which sho may ho
recovorud, will be paid tho abovo roward.
. Sugar. Stratton & Biid bavojust re
ceived 28 bb!(, A sugar; alto, G hhds Dc-
mara sugar; also, 10 hhds New Orleans
sugar, all of which will bo sold nt tho
very lowest pricos.
The Fenton Corn Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, is now In charge of
Mr. M. D. Gunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted it, invites tho at
tention of the public to tho fact that he is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with tbe very best article of corn meal
Orders left at tbo mill or sont through tho
postoffico will rccoivo prompt attention.
Tns first of May, Mrs. C. A. Meyers
will open a grand lunch, including Bock
Beer. All tboso who aro disciples of King
Bacchus will partako of her hospitality.
Old King Cole wu a merry old soul, a merry old
soul waahet
He called fur nla pic e, ho called for hia br, ho
called for hia Hddlera three. tf
IIkuoyal. Mrs. J dimming! wishes
to inform her customers and tho public
generally that sho has removed hor mil
linery goods from her storo on Eighth
stroct to tho commodious room on Com
morcinl Avenuo, botween Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Oswold's
old stand. Mrs, Cummlngs has added
largely to lior slock of goods, and now has
a cheap, scasonuble and fushlonablp col
lodion of bats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which sho asks the attention of old and
now patrons. mJldtf
Floub. Choice Family Flour In bbls
half bbls., sacks &e, for sale at tho Egyp
tian JUlls. au
'Wo havo boon requested to say that
Elliott & Uaythorn havo now on oxhlbl
bitlon, and for salo, ovorything in tho
boot and shoo lino for, bulks, and gentle,
men's wear; and that all tholr goods uro
now and stylish. nprloif
Ick Cream. P. Suun's ico cream sa-
lcon has become one of tho most pepulur
Institutions of Cuiro. Ills rooms, at 102
Commercial avenue are now open to tho
public, and ladles and fainlllci may visit
them in thoassuranco tbattboy will re
ccivo tho bost of ice crenm and bo dis
turbed by no Improper characters. As wo
havo said before, Saup's ice cream is til
Ways tha coldest and best, ils lemonade
doliolous, and hia todatwator beyond coin
parlton. tf
In BitiKr. Warmer ycstorday.
The trustees of tho African Methodist
Episcopal church propoio to ontortaln tho
colored population with a nrand picnic on
i on tho 9th. of May.
Abraham Bon Abraham has not yet
found lit ion. Tho disconsolate old fel
low says he lives In Cairo, Egypt, and
deals in silk and such things.
Tho Hibernians nnd Roughs and
Rcadys a hold meeting last night.
A grocery keeper was fln:d$10and
costs yesterday for soiling liquors In less
quantities than a gallon without license
Ho paid and said ho wouldn't do so any
A step-father from Mound City was
In tho city yesterday In search of his step
daugktor who had- oloped with her lovor.
Tbo father was anxious to know whether
tho twain wero one flesh or still two.
Tho annual meeting of stockholders of
tbo Cairo and Vir.ccnnes R. R. will bo held
at the offico ol tho company, in
Cairo, Ills, on Tuesday, tho 2oth of April,
1871, for tho purpose, of cloctlng Directors,
and such other bulncs ns may be neces
sary. D. 11. LARNED,
oen rotary.
Kynaston. James Kynaston, tho well
known butcher of the Fourth Ward,
opened his branch butcher shop yester
day, and now invites the patronage of tho
public. His "branch" is on tho lot next
to tbo grocery storo of Alderman Carroll,
on Commercial avenuo, and will be sup
plied with tho freshest and bost meats in
tho Cairo market. Kynaston knows bis
business, and always furnishes good meats
and gives full weight. tf
A Chance to Win a Fortune. This
legal cntcrprlso in aid of a public library
at Omaha, comes well recommended, and
we have no doubt it is gotten up in good
faith and will be carried out to tho letter
In short that it ii no bogus affair. Seo
advortisemont in another column.
Tho undersigned ii preparing his dolin
qucnt list for Stuto and County taxes, and
will havo it in tho bunds ot tho printer
by tbe 1st proximo. All parties in arroars
for taxes either upon real estate or por-
sonal property at that dato will be taxed at
ap-7-d td. siiERiry.
The houso herctoforo occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Loveo bctwonn
Fourth and Sixth streets. This house, if
not tho best business houso is certainly
one of tbo best stands in Cairo. It fronts
the principal steamboat landing and is
near tho Illinois Central railroad depot.
Apply next dcor at Robert Smyth & Co's.
wholesale grocery storo.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" James Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
11 Idlawild, Evonsville..
" Talisman, Nashville.
" Julia, Vicksburg.'
" Robort Burns, Cincinnati.
" Dictator, Memphis.
" Simpson Homer, Now Orleans.
" Ironsides, St. Louis. '
" J. II. Blgley,
" Bollc, St. Louis.
' n. C. Yaegor, New Orleans.
" Sallio, St. Louis.
" Colorado, St. Louis.
" Lconldas, Cincinnati.
" Rmperor, St. Louii.
" Grand Tower, .Memphis.
Oceanus, St. Louis.
Virginia, Louisville.
Shannon, New Orleans.
Rob't Mitchell, New Orleans.
Sam Brown, St. Louis,
Doxtor, Now Orleans.
Gon. Anderson,-Mound City.
J. N. Kellogg, St. Louis.
Silver Moon, Memphis.
Jno. Gilmorc, St. Louis.
Mary Ann, Memphis.
II. C. Wilson, Louisville
Olive Branch, St. Louis.
N.J. Bigby 2,
Illinois, Columbus.
Jus. Fiik, Jr., Paducuh.
Idlowild, Evansvllle.
Talisman, .
Julia, Vicksburg.
Rob't Burns, Memphis.
Dictator, St. Louis.
Simpson Horner, Pittsburg.
Ironsides, St. Louis.
J. H. lllgley, Memphis.
Hello, Pittsburg,
U. C. Yaegor, St. Louis.
Snllie, Arkansas rivar.
Colorado, Vicksburg.
Lconldas, Now Orleans.
Emperor, Cincinnati.
Grand Towor, St. Louis.
Ocounus, Red riyor.
Virginia, Now Orleans,
Shannon, Louisvlllo.
Rob't Mitchell, Cincinnati.
Sam Brown, St. Louis.
Doxtcr, St. Louis.
Gen. Anderson, St. Louis.
J. N. Kellogg, New Orleans.
Silver Moon, Cincinnutl.
Jno, Gilmorc, .
Mury Ann, Louisvlllo.
II . 0. Wilson, St. Louis.
Olive Brunch, Now Orleans.
N.J. Bigby 2, Pittsburg.
jgrThorivor ms fun somo thrco
Inches in tho past 3 J hour', baring cotne
to a sudden check In its dowmyard career.
Jjs3"Tho wcathor yestorduy wu. cloudy
with Indications of a storm.
BuThe Mississippi Ii still filling nt
St. Louis. Tho upper Mississippi Is ris
ing and tho Missouri is on n stand.
6rTho Ohio is stationary at Pitts
bjrg with 3 feet 5 inches in tho channel
and is fulling at Cincinnati and Lotilsvllla
with 3 foot water In tho chuto down falls
and 5 foot In tiio canal.
ttSuTho Talisman Is tho regular Nash
ville paokot to-day nnd will leavo posi
tively on arrlvol of tho train.
JeTTho Jas. Fiik, Jr., Is tho regular Pa
ducah packet dally (except Sunday.)
!65Tho Quickstep is tho Evansvillo
packet loaving this evening on arrival of
tho train.
iSTTho following U tram tho tho Cin
cinnati Commercial of tho 23rd: "Cap
tain Goorgo W.'Nitaro 1ms rolurnul from a
visit to tho Charles Bodman lodged on tho
rocks on tho fulls. Ho reporU that sho
lies on a rough ledgo of rocks, with alout
twenty of her tlmbor. broken. Sho has
been wedged up to us to lay smooth. It
belnp; impossible to launch her, alio will
bavo to remain where sho is until tho
river rises sufficient to flout her oil'
tho rocks."
"Biulnos opened outyesterday morn
ing a littlo more active, but by evening
had returned to its normal condition.
fc9The Hornet has 15 barges of coal
and 3of ico for Helena, and tho remainder
for New Orleans. Mr. John McDonald
is to start a coal yard at Helena.
86yThe Julia discharged bore 07 bales
cotton for Chicago.
SfiyTho Colorado brought for Grcoley
& Partlor, 39 pkgs sundries; P. Koolor, 1
bbls vegetables; J. C. Carson, 0 sewing
machines; 11. Lattincr, 10 kegi beer; A.
Lohr, 20 do ; Bristol & Slllwell, 1 tlcrco
lard; II. M. Hulcn, :!5 pkgs crackers;
Chas. Feuchtor, 1 keg soda; Barclay Bro".,
1 box gloss; 0. Flihor, 0,000 stuve, and
tho following for rcshipmcnt, 49 pkgs for
Mound City, 40 do Mount Vernon; 5 do
CSyTlie Idlowild brought out n rather
sllmrip, tho principal item of whMuvas
1C hhds tobacco for' New Orleans.
CS?Tho Grand Tower discharged 39
bales cotton for the railroad.
CST'Tho Talisman brought 2 cars and
3000 foet lumber lumber for St. Louis, 33
hhds tobucco for tho South, and tho fol
lowing city freight: W. A. Smith 203
feet lumber, G. D. Williamson 1 bbl lard
oil, J. B. Metcalf 1 bbl vinegar.
SS-Tho Dexter discharged hero 392 sks
coffee, 120 hhds sugar, 22 bbls do, 9 bbls
varnish, 795 hides for Chicago.
xX-Tho Sam Brown took 2 barges coal
to St. Louis.
flSS-Tho Gonoral Anderson has a tow
of woodwork for St. Louis.
.Tho James, Fill: Jr. brought 3 hhds
tobacco, 18 butts do for St. Louis; 20 rud
dies do for Memphis, and foi C. R. Wood
waid 2 slabs stone, Jas. Fildnaglo 1 mtilo.
t"Tho Cincinnati Commercials' spe
cial from Louisville of the 21st Inst., says:
Tho canal improvements aro in pro
gress, and tho water will' bo let out of tho
canal next July. Now contracts for stono
for the side wails aro to be let noxt Mon
day, in flvo divisions. On .May 1 con
tracts will bo given out for tho completion
of tho busin ut tho head of tho new locks
and for building an outor protection wall
north of tho canal, and on M.iy IT, con
tracts for a dam at tho foot of tho full
from tho Indiana sboro to tho head of
Sand Island, to throw tho channel to tho
Kentucky shore. Tho dum is to bo 6 feet
fcsTbo wharfboat at Skipwith's Land
ing, Mississippi, 100 miles abovo Vcks
burg, was blown, to pieces lust Friday
night. A terrible hailstorm passed ovor
thttt part of tho country, tearing fruit or-
chard to pieces and destroying property.
At Mlllikcn's Bond a number of houses
wero unroofod.
86?" It is reported, says tho Baton
Rouge Journal, among tho knowing ones,
thattbo Kuttai3 to mako a run somo time in
Juno, against tho t'.mo mado by tho R. E.
Lee from Now Orleans to St. Louis.
Jgy iho New Orloans Uullctin, of
Wednosday, says : "Ab jut 0 p.m., ycstor
day a collision took pluco botwoen tho W.
8. Piko, Henry Tolo and Ella Wood, all
going up stream, a littlo past Julia atrcet,
which resulted In sevoro dniuagi) to tho
Ella Wood, and tho loss bv droivnlnir of
one of her men."
i s
Cor. Washington ave. A 11th Street
mm i i
An I all l-
lXUAl. AND caaaiKui'iAi J Oil
ill i
Tho undersigned will icll at public aacticn, on
A slock of SUpIo an 1 Fancy Dry Goirt,, Cloth.
Injr, Underwnre, Ho-lery, ic ,0, Theno,i
wil' be sold without remtje to the Uche.thi, .
dor, i.a ihl m f!i remnnnt nf n itock of (tooda 11
...... ....... v. ui.,r:il ... .,,u r.B Will COm
tneneo at t i 'clock, a.m., and nontlnne nnlll 10
oVIoi-fc, p.m J). HARTMAN.
npr.'MM . Auctioneer.
Th?tmtnu hlpexislitiir between Jo. n. Ree.1
apllltixli M.NUiit, aifiraa tho "ron and Ma
chin. ry Supp..ea6ioro" is concerned, l thla day
dla.todbymntnil consent, Jo. n. Kce.l ha,
inabmisht otuttia tholntereatot 11. M. Mann in
ttv .line.
Thesioio will be reminded nndcrthe name, of
. , , , .!. It. ItEED.
x,.,JfiI?.,S Wotk wi" be conducted a.
ttiual unJr ll.o Aim uama of Heed A Alann.
JOJ. n. rtF.ED,
IZlig" "-awl
Homes for the Homeless
fKi tar. cab or ma
i.awiu:ni:i: ani
From linvronri) and ICtwiona City and tl.lt
the cle'Mtcd Oinfre Country,
Tho (.'anion Spot of Kansas.
jx ixirii::;ir.AT
It cn bo ui c by m nwlo kno jr hour to do bun.
ccini thei)iiirt vi.icin keep A ecret. Noc-im.
HiuniuHiuu. i"-if.ii t imijip.i win oj an
awrrod. or particu n' aiidreM
npr2flU 300 IlriiniUva)-, Ser York .
jpoit s.iiii:.
Vltllnc' Bourbon and High Win en
u ollorcd for a le by tho undcrilRce J on tho most
reaonub! terv..
, 'Jl1.'. .''"b"vv l.nnw .nt con,rUt-.throaK'nt
Initll tho mo lern ImprotemenM and applmacej
of -.id it a.tablithmcut, la iac-miplete running
order, but ha. never bet-n run. Tho engine.,
machinery, nnd upi.rntu generally are, of the
bent man Inciurr.
Tnn .olu bulUluR la 67 by II feet, and threw
aiorlca hi'i. Ttw tuileralicd i II by gtfart , the
tub xiicl Ii A7 l y Vi feet, each ahed nilag one
tory hlRli,
in-" eiiaino i. men cylinder, witu ju tncii
a'toUn.iwo Lolb ra II luehi In rtiamater, 4 fluea,
and '2) feet Ion)!.
Tbe c pae ty ui tho rtl'tlllery Is 73 barrrela per
d iy. Coniiguoua to tne li-.liltery aro a largo brick
nnrcliniuy.u ,t pen tor .lock.
It la b' liercd th.it to any .in. dewing to carry on
ttieili.td ery bii.in,--. uo better opportunity for
larMlmentCKii txnCurrathan ia found here, both
cona derin.t ie li.tilUry building nnd apparatus
and thi locut on thereof nt Cilro.
For further particul ra apply to the nmler
alined ai Ciim-o, ir totiiinlli.l)eiH A Co.,cornerof
Main aud Morcau itrect., St. I.,.ui, Mo.
Cairo, Illinois.
fJJU9JiiTi,fc.'S S.1I.E,
Whereas, Jiinca 8. Iteirdcn and Mary V. Rear
dcu, ot thoctty of Clro,couaiy of Alexander and
f-lnto of llliuoli, tiy their c.rialn Salo Mortgage,
bearinn itaio lh fifteenth dny of February, A 1.
IsM, mid recurdvd In book "7-" of mortgagee,
ji.io J, in tho recorder'a olHce of Alexander
ciair.ty, Illinois, dM conreyinfen to tho under
a gn-i! A. II. B iir.ir.l, Truatoe for tho Commercial
lii.iirunco(.,ot Chiengo, tho Independent lnu
rnnco Co., of lloiton, ami H. JI. Sliors Co.,
Clucajjo, thu following le crlbed lota or parcel ot
I in. I hi l! Lot numb, red eleven (II) In biock
ntiiulard flfty.tuo 16J) lying and being m tha
ci'vi.rCairo.Aloxaadcr county, Illinois. .
I'rotlded, howrrcr, that lucaae of default in
tbo pi) meat ot threr tertald promlaaory notei ot
tho aud J.mea H. Ut'iinlen, each bearlnir even
li.itu wilhtlie Mkid ajle mortgage, each Uflngfor
tho Kiim of (MIS It-10.1) ihrea hundtd.forty-eight
aud U-tOo dollara and being more fully
den'rib-d In -aul lo mortgice, uu and payable
t . thu undersigned A. U. Saffurd. truatee,
ul tbo City Nuitonnl Dank, Oil to, with Interrat
ait ten ncrceut, per annum from date, thai the
uudcr-igtieit A. ll, Sattord, trustee, hi" legal
repicaeutatlve cr attorney, eliouli proceed and
toll inn aald preml.e, aa by a.tnl salo mortgage
providnd, and execute to tho purchaaer a good
and aulliulctt ilecd. conveying all the right nnd
tula of Hi nal.l J.nie. a. lteardcn and Mary V. 'I
Uuarden. by said aalomottange. conveyod to the 1 1
u. deraigneil. And whervaa, default liu been made
in Hid p.nincnt ofaald uoti-sand the entire prinri
pal and lntcrt't of each oftald note?, remain
dun nnd n ii 'ii d. , f
How UuTi'lfr,', notico la hereby given, that by
viruiu of the Irrnn nnd conditions of aaid sale
inurtg.iir,', I Bill, nn .1 buinday. tli )' -ia" "I
Slat, ipti, in liiA .aid pre iiu.ea. fn Hie city ol
Caiio, illlnolii, nt ih liour of ten o'clook, a.m.. of
Ml. I day, at ll tho prcinlaea ufoicaald, at publio
von tiie, tn tho h'giiu.t bidder fur cash in tiaud,
nnd will ,'jtcciuo nnd dclucr to tbo purchner u
died therefor. A. H. SAVFi.'KD.
Mortgagee and Truatee.
Gatri i G noccr, Attya. apr3d3Ql
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
Invlle the Hon of to Trad lo llielr axteu-
aivi-a.ai rlinent oi ins uouvu aonca, uiiuiia own
rrautATiov, yicmni. titr-oaTAiiov,
J. A II.T. A?.THOxy ti 'cy.,JJ
CJl'llcoatiWAV, Ktw Voaa?,
0('i().io.yrtiop9liJu Ijobt),
imiviVih aku Mix'jafti'u.aB j,qr'
I'foynotpr el tin
Hlllliml Suloftnaurl I Mr R
I Bdradloi
100 CuimucrclHl Arc.,
Cairo lllinoi!
aT..M-ll,i..rai-..i-.aa: - i w . g "f- ' .
ia, mm

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