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nri-co en r a TT3.n P5TTT .r -r. n i it-nt- a i i i -t-t-
The fo lowing teincr leave Cairo
1M t'I'Sw J" nd ' l,,urj lw.nuird
l ALISMAN, Every Monday at 6 p.m. ;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, ot 6 p.m. ;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, at 0 p.m.
For Fr eight or l'Miti apply on board, or lo
Jn271lf :j OHIO LEVEE.
The beautiful and light dratie-ht steamer
Leaves Cairo dally at Jp.ro., jd Paducah dally
i.m. naving anperlor accommodation! ah
uncim puuuc patronage.
vjuro, ... jLiiinoiN
Has ut received full and completeatoelt of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Of every description, which will be sold aip
thai will not tail to ami all purchaser. J'
81 guaranteed. alock of rft
Shirts, Hats, Caps, etc.,
la not excelled in point of price and title In In la
cr any other market.
May 2.'lb, 1871,
TJekou Two Dollar Eaeh-lf alvta Ow
Dollar Kacli.
SHTThle enttrprlae will be conducted In a pre
elaely aimilar manner lo that of the late Orand
(iift Concert of the Mercantile Library Aaocl.
tlon.of Stan Franclaco. which gate such universal
Oaaafjfcautraln Every Thirty
1 Caah Gllt......... .
1 Caih Olft .........:...............
1 Cah aitt........ ... .,
I Ce.h Hlft
1 Caah Out......... ....
1 Cah 0111
1 Ca.h lfl........... .....
1 Caah Oft .,
1 Cah Olft ...........................
1 Cah fiiH.........
I Caah Gift . .
I Cah - - , ,
1 Ch Oil! ..................
I Caah Oift..... .. ....
I Caah (ilft.. .. ......
1) Caah ti ti, f v.j ..
10 I'lalitiifti, avo eaen ..
SJ Caah filfif, liJ each
M Cull l.lfla, M each.........,......
HO Cah Olfta, i each .
100 Cah tilfl, SI each
1UO n Olfta, 10 eah
1WJ Caih Oifta, i each-..
...... lS.O'U
, 1,!
....... 1,1 0)
4,0 1)
2310 Olfta, amounting to.. II'","-3
Which will be distributed by chance among the
ticket holder), by the Mutual Aid Aarotiatiun of
Riritiieta M. II. 11 rock, U.H. Marahel'a otAce,
Omaha: Kdgar Zabnukle, lalo Union Pacific lull
road office, Omaha: J. Turner, Deputy V. ri. Mar
hl, Omaha; J, !oyle. 1'oitoRlce, (Jmaha. Neb.
Good rraponalble agent wanted. Liberal com.
rotation allowed. Audreaa,
LTFOUD 4 CO., Husmeaa Manegcri.
omana, netraika
Haa4 HoUrrr Ware, Clothes WrlBfera
Toilet Ware, Coal Hods, Flro
Sierels, Air tirato,
WaBtrSMlurer of
Tin, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron
-W XI. 33.
No. 166 Washington Ave
oaiko, n.irs.
ItoaflnRi Owtterlni nnl all klnrta ol
lob Work Done nt Bliortcat Mutlce.
o o
Ire Prepared to Supply Customers
with the Itcfit quality cr
Illinois Coal.
Ordtri left at Balllday Broi. OMew,
Ko. T OhlolTee, or at the Coal
Yard below the St. Charlea Ho.
tel, will Receive Prompt
Ti.e Tug"MonUok" will bring Coal alongaide
taamera at any hour, day or night.
aCalpi. Oct. MOi. 1870 If
(Baccenora to John Q. Harmaa k Co.,)
'74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEE
Cairo, XXI. .
Buy and Soli Real Estate
virnmaH abhtiiactn or titu.
Jlcn'a Fine Kcul Hkln Gaiter?, nndnlno
"Princo Allcrti-,'' at Elliott &Haylliorc'.
3IImc' Hcrge and Kid Tollsb, ca)lop
top, at the City Shoo Storo, corner Com.
mercial avenue and Eighth atrcot. tf
Uomk Aoai.v. Tho Inlmitablo EdSIiioa
bai rolurned from hit outhern tour, and
I looking exceedingly woll.
Ftouit. Choice Family Flour In bbli
nair bbn., iack &c, for alo at thoEgyp
tlan MI1U. au
MiwiTitiLB. A number of small boyi
bave formed themaclven Into a minitrel
troupe, and will give an entertainment on
next Saturday night.
Who ta It that doe not llkn amoklnt'
hotbticulta for broakfaat Tlio Varna
Cook itove will bake them In fivo minute
time by tho watch. tf
mmm I
HliiKKMANo. Tlio Hibernian admit
ted eight new members on .Monday night:
and awarded the contract for repair of
their engine homo to Tim. (Jormnn.
OcntV Oxford Ties, I'rin.-u Alberta
and Opera Sllppen, at the ' City Shoo
Store," corner of Commercial nvcnuo and
Kignin street. if
DicciiAiirj ed. Ernestine AValford, ar-
reited for vagrancy, wai discharged from
cuitody, alio allowing herself to boclf-iu-
I.adio' Serge (Pollihl, K-allop-top, for
from one dollar nnd fifty cent to three
dollan and twenty-flvo conla, at City
Shoo Store, corner of Commercial nvenue
and Eighth atreet. tf
Hock lirrs. The season of thU boor
draw on apace; but only a few of our beer
dealers propose to servo it to their custo
mers which is a very Improper course lo
Tilt Urle patent moveable point atenl
plow; ono extra point given with each
plow. For sale onlv Vv
uOtf 13C Commercial Ave.
Notice. All persons having articles at
the Cairo Dye IIouso are requested to call
and get them before the 20th of Mar next,
or they will be sold for charges.
Hai.lkt. Our friend llallev ha among
his wares a number of mouictaming
traps of uniquo design; and Hclmcr'a
bird cage, acknowledged to bo tho best In
itie; also all hind of pumps, Lady Gay
cooking stoves, etc.
A .meeting of the newly organized Delta
Hue Ball Club will bo held this ovening
at "i o'clock, at tho Hibernian Engino
House. All who desire to become mem
bers arc requested to ho present. II y or
der of tho President. It
A (plendid assortment of bird cages
moss basket?, flower stands, flower train
ers, wire-cloth for window screens, bath
ml root tuls, dec, Ax., just received at
aCtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Nzw Grocery. John 15 row n has
established himself in the grocery busi
ness on the corner of Seventh street ad
Washington avenue, where he is prepared
to sell groceries to all who may favor bira
with a call.
Notice. The next ministerial meeting
of the Colored Baptists of the State of
Illinois, 'rill be held with the Second Bap
tist Church of this city, on Friday, tho 9th
day 'ot June, 1871.
J. ROBEKTS, Moderator.
O. Hickman, Clerk. apr21d5tawlt
First Illinoih Stkawiieuries. Cun
diff, corner Sixth and Commercial ave
nue, received tho flret invoico of South
ern Illinois strawberrrios. They aro line
specimens of this luscious fruit, and much
superior to tho strawberries imported from
the South.
TitUK. There can bo no doubt that
Baugh is, par excellence, tho boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. Ho challenges com
petition in his trado, and arsuros the pub
lic that ho wU guarantco to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eighth street
near tho corner of Ohio I.oveo. tf
Moiiile Yeoxtiilks. ltcsch, corner of
Eighth and Washington avenue, Is in re
ceipt of new beets, new peas, carrots, cab
bage, cucumbers, potatoes, beans, etc.
from the city of Mobile, ahead of all oth
ers. Do not fail to buy from Resell fresh
vegetables from this splenc'id southern
Gold Loan in Cairo Jay Cooke &
Co. offer the 7.30 gold loan of tho North
ern Pacific It. It. Co., as a safa and profit
ablo Investment, but a still moro prolltablo
way of investing money it In Brown &
Edwards' barbor shop, whore, nmong oth
er excellent barbers, Gus Himo bandies
Uli trusty razor. Remember the place
Thcobold'i old stand, Seventh streot, noar
Ohio Levee. tf
Prodatk Couht. His honor, Judgo
Bros, adjourned his Probate Court yester
day at 11 o'clock until court In courio.
jjuring too term cousmerauio business
was transacted and tho Judgo voxed the
spirits of a large number of guardians
and administrators. Ho. issued forty cita
tions acalnst delinquents of this kind, nnd
brought them into court swearing liko
Mosquitoes becoming frequent.
Rain last night, and lots of It.
"Excolslor" will bo tho namoof Blan
ken burg's now saloon.
Tho Bros. Elchofl' nro rushing their
now furnituro factory.
A nulsanco exists in tho rear of tho
Delmonlco that should bo abated.
Ward, of tho Metropolis Times Is In
tho city.
Devore, tho City Carpenter, is doing
good work on tho sidewalks.
City Treasurer Taylor has been con
fined to his bed by sickness for several
days past,
Cairo has worms caterpillars. How
would FAhncstock's vermifuge answer as
a remedy?
-Messrs. J. J., Bird, 0. W. EI11,J. 8
Jlnkcns and J. Gladncy, colored orators
all, will address tho colored picnic on tho
Oth of May.
Street Supervisor Ward's shovel brig
ade were at work on Washington avenue
yesterday, swinging their digging tool
with grcst energy.
Dan lliirtman sells nn extensive lot
of household and kitchen furnituro,'at thf
roldcnco of Z. 1). Mitthuss, on Thursday,
Col. Taylor, President of tho Cairo
nnd St. Louis Railroad Company, left for
St. Louis yesterday to attend tho meeting
of tho directors of that company to bo held
on Thursday next.
Grasshopper Sam (who has not yet
taken hie departure for Mound City) says
ho it compelled to sleep with a broom bj
his side to repel the attaoks of the rats of
tbo countv jail when they attack him at
Notice. From and nftcr this date tlio
steamer James Fisk Jr. will not receive
goods for transportation with invoico
charges thereon. D.SMEDLEY.
Cairo, ill., April 20, 1970. ap2dJt
Caterpillar. An army of theo
plunderers secnw to bo on tho move
through Southern Illinois, devouring in
its march leaves, buds, and everything
of a succulent nature. Many gardens in
tbo city and suburbs have been invested
and attacked by them, and much damago
has resulted from itleaves and tender buds
being, in some instances, entirely strip
pod from pear and applo trees. Tho dam
age these seemingly insignificant insects
can do cannot bo readily calculated. They
have been known to ravage fields, gardens
and orchards, in a short space of time, des
troying valuable fruit and all kinds of
vegetables. Many ways and means have
been devised for their destruction. William
Halllday saturated cotton with coal oil,
which ho bound around tho lower part of
the trees, and also built huge fires under
their branches, but uith no effect. Chas.
Thrupp, in order to rid bis trees of the
pests also tried theiu remedies ineffectual
ly, but finally hit upon n mixture which
did the work liko a charm. Ho took from
a pint to a quart of coal oil and mixed it
with warm water, and drenched tho body
of tho infested tree with the mixture.
Tho result was tho small pestiferous
worms folded their tents like tho Arabs
and as silently pas?sd away.
Ladies' Sergo (Polish) French Kid,
foxed, at City Shoo Store, corner of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. tf
The Odd-Fellows' Celebration To
Niout. Tho celebration of tho anniver
sary of Odd-Fellowship In America by
tho Cairo Odd-Follows to-night will, doubt
less, bo a splendid affair, charactcrized-by
good feeling and completo enjoyment. The
order in this city has among Its members
none who would allow petty 'spitefulness
or meanness to mar any social gathering.
The order is a family united by friondly
personal tooling, and all its incmbsri aro
striving to make the celebration to-night
n timo of real pleasure and social enjoy
ment. A string Band has" been engnged,
and what with good music, good outing,
and dancing there can bo no doubt of tho
comploto success of tho festival. It will
bo held in the Odd-Fellows' Hall, in Ar
ter's building.
11k of goodchoor, thcrois llfoand health
for you yet. So those that havo tnken
Simmons' Liver Regulator attest.
Death or Mr. Cauimikli.. In yestor
day morning's Issue wo spokoof a serious
accident to Mr. James Monroe Campbell,
contractor for tho building of tho Southern
Illinois Normal University at Carbon
dale. Ho received injuries from falling
timbers from tho building now in courso
of construction, Monday, and died Mon
day night. Hu was ono of tho most Influ
ential and activo cttlzons of Carbondale,
widely known and highly esteemed. His
death will bo universally rcgrotted by the
citizens of that place.
Tho funeral of thodoceasod will tako pluco
to-day at half-past threo o'clock. Wo aro
informed that the Masona of this city will
attend in a body.
People are often surprised when told,
that such and such fino nrtlclcs ofjowelry
were mado In Cairo.
Why should they not be, If tbo nccess a-:
ry patronage Is extended to warrant It? '
All who aro curious In such things,
or havo doubts In tho matter, aro inyited
to oxporlpnco our facilities and watch tho
process by which tho rugged rocks and
.metals aro fashioned Into tho moat orna
mental patterns of Jewelry. Cull on us nt
88 Ohio Lorco and wo will soon satisfy you
that wo can mako anything you may
Kesource anil Irni)ncl veiiei
KoiiUieru Illinois.
"EA'-TiiPur. cMMAri:, men son
.Meeting of the Aoelely
May Hd.
on Tueailaj-,
Tho members of the Southern Illinois
Immigrant Aid Society, as woll a. all
thoso Interested, aro respectfully requeued
to meet In tho Poor Man's Club room, In
Winter's block, on Tuesday ovening, May
2nd., at seven o'clock, sharp, for tho pur
pose of considering the propriety of per
fecting a more permanent organization,
and devising ways and means to carry out
its purposes, if found expcdlont.
While It Is true we havo taxed gunelvcs
to our utmost capacity for railroads, Str.to
and cotmty roads, brldgos and other im
provements, we havo sadly overlookod
the very important Item of encouraging
immigration and wealth, to Improve ami
beautify' our country, and aid ui In
further onlorprlioa. -
It would be superfluous to say that tho
southern portion of our State, (and in par
ticular tho four or five aouthcrn counties,)
for location, soil, timber, rock, nnd otc,
water nnd climate, I not stirpns'cdbyaiy
State In tho Union.
Nature has provided us with every nat
ural advantage ever vouchsafed to any lo
cality. Bounde'd by two of tho most prom
inent rivers on this continent; centralized
by tho Illinois Central rsllroad and other
railroads in progress; timber second to
none; beautiful, clear, gushing springs of
water without number; quarries of finest
lime, sand nnd marble; iron oro sufficient,
if manufactured, to lay a railroad track ten
times around tbo world, twice told; whilo
our rich soil, If properly cultivated, would
produce enough to feed nations.
Owing to our genial climate, there i no
country can excel ours for raising all tho
staples wheat, ryo, oats, .corn .and to
bacco; whllo our fruits and vegetables aro
far In advance of any other-portion of tho
JState and of supcnot.quallty it only re
mains to bring this favorite cvuntry Into
proper cultivation to mako it a second
Eden, minus the forbidden tree.
At first view, many will bo surprised
that this beautiful field of nature has
been so long neglected, whllo, others,
not half as'attractlvo have been cultivated
for the list quarter of a century. But as
this Is foreign to our subject I will dismiss
It now remains for us to say whether
we shall remain pntsivo and grope our way
under tho shadow of our moro prosperous
surroundings; Or shall wo not rather shake
off this incubus, and set our tight on the
hills to iuvito prosperity and wealth.
Respectfully submitted,
1). ARTE IS, President.
. -
TiieFenton Corn Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenue
and Twentieth street, is now in chitrgo of
Mr. M. D. Ouster, who having purchased
and thoroughly rcflt'ed it. invites tho at
tention of the public tu tho fact that ho is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal.
Orders left at the mill or sent through tho
postollleo will receive prompt attention.
Cairo and Vincennes R. R. Tho
meeting of tho stockholders of tlm road
convened in this city yesterday, but tran
sacted no butiness. Gen. Raum and Dr.
Mi teli el are expected to-day.
Removal. Mrs. J. Cummtngs wishes
to inform her customers and the public
generally that she has removed her mil
linery goods from her store on Eighth
street to tho commodious room on Com
mercial Avenue, between Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Oswold's
old stand. Mrs. Cumtnings has added
largely to her stock of goods, and now nas
a cheap, seasonable and fashionablo col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which she asks tho attention of old and
now patrons. mlldtf
RoiiniiKV. Mrs. John P. Gibson was
robbed on Sunday night of it trunk, valise
and gold watch and chain. Tho watch
valued at $50 was between two mattrasscs
in her sleeping room. Two arrests were
made, but In tho investigation nothing
was brought to light that would Anton tho
guilt upon tho parlies in custody. Itob
berlcs nro becoming so fequcnt as to at
tract universal attention, giving evidenco
that there is an element In the city that
should bo looked after and their business
inquired Into. Tho Btnto should bo re
ceiving benefit from tho many ruffians who
nlmost nightly commit depredations
In tho city.
For Sale. Thn undersfgnod will sell
at ptivato salo tlm following described
property: Four work horses; - sots
doublo harness; 2 two-horso wagons;
several plows and other' agricultural Im
plements. Parties dculrlng to purchaso
will call at her residence or at Robt. Ilri
Inch's, opposite tho court house. Terms
of sale, half cash; balance on six month's
credit, with good spcurity.
apr22Jlm Mrs. KATIE COOPElt.
Bulletin Joii Orrio:. No offico In
tho Qtdtw Is bettor prepared to do.finojob
printing than this establishment. Our
presses aro of tho latest Invention, and
among them is the chromatic press that
prints in various color with one imrprcs
slon, thereby reducing tho cost of colored
printing to one-third its former price.
Besides tho machinery, wo havo lately re
ceived 'typo and bordors of tho most oIch
gant stylo adaptable to ovory variety of
plain and funoyjoli printing ; and havo In
oporation a first-class book bindery, whore
all manner of binding can bo dono at mod
erate rates. Send In your order'.
i A Daxuejiov Ridk. A novel but dan-
gcrou way of freo transit wa piosontotl
j to view yesterday morning as tho 3:4fl
train passed up Ohio lovcoon Its routo to
I Chicago, Two young men, with baggago
In hand, wcro seated underneath the head
light, and as tho train sped nlong under
tho influenco of steam, seemed to vlow tho
surroundings with much complacency. It
requires nerve, or an Intenso doslro to ac
complish a purposo, to occupy such an ad
vanced position orr on engine when mak
ing its usual time.
Ice Cream. P. Saup's Ico croam sa
loon has become one of the most popular
institutions of Cairo. His rooms, at 102
Commercial nvcnuo aro now open to tho
public, and ladles and families may visit
them in tho assurance that they will re-
eclvo tho best of Ico cream and bo dls
turbed by no Improper characters. As wo
have said before, Saup's Ico cream Is a!
ways tho coldest and best, his lemonado
delicious, und his soda-water beyond com
parison. tf
Northern Illinois and Immkiiiation
and Aid Sociktv. Wo call attention to
Dr. Arter's (tho president) nolllcatlon of
a meeting of tho members of the nbovo so
ciety, on tho second day of May next. Dr.
Artcr in his call speaks of tho undeveloped
resources of Southern Illinois, Its advan
tages, productiveness and healthful cli
mate. All persons Interested nro invited
to attend.
I will sell, on rcasonablo terms, my
threo story hotel and grocery building, and
lot, located on the Ohio Levee, opposite
tbo Central Eleva'or. This Uaverydn
sirablo property being closo to the now
manufacturing establishment now being
erected in tho Fourth Ward, and Is par
ticularly adopted to tho uses of any per
son desiring n stand for cither the hotel
or grocery business. Apply, either by
letter or personally, to
Ktnaston. James Kynaston, tho well
known butcher of the Fourth Ward,
opened his branch butcher shop yester
day, and now invites the patronage of tho
public. His "branch'' is on tho lot next
to the grocery storo of Alderman Carroll,
on Commercial avenue, and will bo sup
plied with the freshest and best meats in
tho Cairo market. Kynaston knows his
business, and always furnishes good meats
and gives full weight. tf
The Fourth Ward. Ono of tho most
popular Institutions of tho Fourth Ward
Is Killer's shoo store, whero ho makes to
order all kinds of shoes in Uiu most work-man-liko
manner. The citizen who uses
his goods will never patronize any other
shoemaker in tho city. HI shop l on
Twentieth street, nearly opposito tho
court house. tf
A Chance to Win a Foistunb. This
legal enterprise in aid of a public library
at Omaha, comes well recommended, mid
wo have no doubt it Is gotten up in good
faith and will bo carried out lo tho letter
In short that it is no bogus affair. Seo
advertisement In another column.
The phut of May, Mrs. C. A.Moyers
will open a grand lunch, including Deck
Beer. All thoso who are disciples of King
Bacchus will partako of her hospitality.
Old King Coin wan a inrry old until, n merry old
roul w.ik he ;
He called for nit pile., he called fur 111 ber, ho
called for liN fiddlers three. If
Waking Up. Pcoplo begin to realize
that our respected ancestors must havo had
a very inconvenient timo of it without
railroads, stcamors, gas, friction matches,
telegraphs, expresses, sewing machines,
and last, and par conscquenco not least,
Charter Oak Cooking Stoves.
Tho annual meeting of stockholders of
the Cairo and Vincenncs R. IS. will bo held
at tho o til co of tho company, in
Cairo, Ills., on Tuesday, tho 2Gth of April,
1871, for tho purpoio of electing Directors,
nnd such other business as may bn neces
sary. J), it. J. A K.N I'.U,
Wo havo been requested to say that
Elliott & Hay thorn havo now on ovJilbl
bltlon, and for enle, everything in tho
boot and shoo lino for ladies, and gentle.
men's wear; and that all .tholr goods arc
new and stllsh. nprl.'M"
Grand Picnic Excvkmon, May 1it
1871. Tho fast steamer, T. F. Eckort, will
leavo tho Cairo wharf, May 1st, at 7
o'clock procisuly, in thn morning, for tho
beautiful groves up tlio Tcnnosseo river,
landing for excursionists at Mound 'City
at 8 o'clock, at Caledonia at 0, Metropolis
10, Paducah at 12, arriving at tho groves
prepared at 1 o clock, whero tho excur
sionists will partrko of their dinner, re
turning to Paducah by 4, leaving for
Cairo at 0 und arriving at 10 o'cloek p.m.
precisely. Jlrass and string bands are
engaged. For full particular seo small
W.H.SOHUTTER, "i Managers
-Mound City, 111.
A tiraail Time on Sunday Ja'eil.
Tho picnic of tho Turners noit Sunday,
on tho Kentucky shoro nearly oppoHito
Galighcr's mill, will bo a grand ittfair. Tho
committee of arrangements urn making
tho most complete arrangements for tho
festlvltloi. Tho ferry boat will ply be
twocn tho city und tho picnic grounds
during tho entire day, a 'splondjd dtring
band has been, procured, refreshments
will bo suppliod in abundance, nnd a splen
did timo may ha anticipated.
Sale of Klite I'arlor, Iletlrooni, ami
Ultttieti Furniture.
otTAvr iiosi;u ioi ri.t.vo.
I will offer for sale nt tho residence of
Z. D. Mathusj, on Seventh street, between
Washington nvcnuo and Walnut street
on Thursday, April '-'"Hi, at 9 o'clock a.m.,
a general assortment of household nnd
kitchen furniture; consisting of sofa?,
chairs, mirrors, carpets, whatnots, burcoit,
bedsteads, mattresses, lounges, stoves,
kitchen furniture, etc, etc. Halo possitivo
nnd without reserve. ap2",-td
DAN. HAUTMAN, Auctioneer.
Tho undersigned Is preparing his delin
quent list for Stato and County taxes, and
will have It In tho hands ot the printer
by the 1st proximo. All parties in arrears
for taxos either upon real estato or per
sonal property at that tlato will bn taxed
with cost.
op-7-d td. xltKIUlT.
Tho hotio Iioreloforo ocrimliwl l.v lui.
rick Fitzgurold, on Ohio Leveo between
Fourth nnd Sixth street. This hotiif. if
not tho best business hou is certainly
oneof tho best stands In Cairo. It frnnta
tho principal steamboat landing and is
near mo Illinois Lontral railroad depot.
vppiy noxiucor at Robert rimytli A Co s.
wholesale grocery storo.
?eiv Time Table.
On and after 12:30, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
1th, the following timo table will govern
tho arrival and departure of passenger
trains at Cairo ;
Mail train loaves at f!: 10 a.m.
Express " at ' 0:30 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Expres
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves nt... 12:00 p.m.
Mull arrives '-'.OS a.m.
Express arrives ,12:2I p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Exprcs
arrives - A: IS p.m.
Tho last named train leaves St. Louis
ut 10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo at
1:20 a.m., reach St. Louis at V'I'j a.m., re
main in the city threo hours, und return
to Cairo at 4:i!i p.m., tho sumo day.
Tho 12:30 accommodation and Cairo
und St. Louis oxpross leavo daily ; all oth
ers leavo dally except Sundays.
Way passengers should bear in mim
that tho 3:30 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings between Cairo and Centrnlta
ivhs: .JODCtboro, Carbonualo, Du tjuoin
I and Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m. train stops
at an mo stations niong mo route.
dcc3tf Agent, Cairo.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" James Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" Ollvo Branch, St. Louis.
" Valid, St. Louis.
John Gilmoro.
" J. S. McDonald, New Orleans
" Bcllo St. Louis, Vicksburg.
" Anna, Cincinnati.
11. C. Wilson.
" City Chester, St. Louis.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus,
Jas. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
Ollvo Branch, Momphi.
" Valid, Ohio river.
" John Gllmorc, St. Louis.
" J. S. McDonald, Pittsburg.
' Hello St. Louis, St. Louis.
" Anna, St, Louis.
" II. C. Wilson, Memphi.
" City Chester, Memplii.
ligl.Tho river rose t inch yesterday,
nnd tho quc'tion is whero 1? tho rise com
ing from?
EayTho weather was ulcar until noon
yesterday and very warm. In tho even
ing it clouded up with ovcry promio of
D5!A,Tho Mississippi U slowly on tho do.
i:line at St. Louis. Tlio .Missouri is station
ary and tho Illinois falling.
CSJ-Tho Ohio is stationary at Loulsvillo
with 2 feet 10 inches in tlio chuto over tho
full, and has risen 2 feet at Cincinnati;
and U falling at FitUhurg with 3 feet in
tho channel.
EST" Business was vcrv dull yesterdav
JKJTTho H. C. Wilson took 3 bargos of j
hor tow of salt to Columbus yesterday uvo- i
ni ng, and upon her return received ordors
to take tho remainder of It to Memphis,
which sho did Ht 4 o'cloek tills morning.
EcdrYestcrduy wo reported tlio Star
light from Arkansas river to Cincinnati.
It should havo been tho Nightingale
rjST'Tho Anna discharged a few pack
ages hero for rc-shlpmont, ,
BfflrTho roporter of tho Paducah Ken
tuckitin, who accompanied tlm excursion
to our city upon tho Idlewild lust Thurs
day laments tho loss of a stick, which ho
says ho brought with him t tisslit him
ovor the many holes ho expected to find
here, and asks any ono who may havo
found thn samo to please etnl it to him.
As ve can find no ono who has scon tho
stick above alluded to, wo think It just j
possible tli at tho owner may huva swal- I
lowed It Initio of lliejmuny lumouudcs in j
which ho Indulged whllo hero. Wo un
derstand thoy nil had "sticks'1 In them. I
EaTLittlo old Joofleld of thu month of
Smtthland, has appointed Colonel John C.
NoblohU McCracken agent for tho pur-j
, chaso of large stza walnuts In c .tuldorallo
CTho Cincinnati Commercial of the
1 21th my, t Capt. Peppers now steamer In
ouuilloti to hor fino model and good pow
er is to havo tho ftnost cabin aver con.
structod on northern or southern waters.
tSuTho neat and fleet liuio Ja. Fisk
Jr., is tho regular weok day packet to Pa
ducah and way points,, leaving hero
promptly on nrrival of the train. Re
member that sho will tako peopld lo the
May-Day colobrntlon for half fare starling
from Cairo on the evening of the 30th.
KQuTho Jloratd of yestereday in speak
ing of tho Increasing business be
tween that city nnd Cairo through the In
strumentality of tho Jos. Fisk, jr., says:
If wo only had n largo manufactory of
pump, wo could do well by thAt city. But
If pumps provo tuolc In saving iho
Egyptian city w will havo to persuade
our friend Iko to coop (h)qr jn or else sho
will be inundalsf. Ike fins boon trying
to coop (h)er for'soino tlioo"' we' believe,
but as yet has got no farther than" Tenth
V3fThe Atlantic and Imge left
.Now Orleans op tho 2 lib.
Unry Ames and Belle Lui- for Now
Orleans and Julia for Vicksburg.
DTTlio Arkansas Belle, Captain Jack
Grammar, Is the regular Kvansvllle packet
leaving this evening on arrival of the
rj2fTho Tyrone will arrivu this eve
ning from Nashville and will dtpurt for
thai out-of-the-way place to-morrow oven
ing on nrrival of tho train. That sho Is
nn excellent boat to travel upon needs nut
to bo told, us everybody knows the Ty
rone. Guided by the hand of Fate (a
kind fat), presided ovor In the offico and
ladies' cabin by a clerk who is. A. Hard
one 1 1 beat for gentlemanly bearing
towards thoso who havo entrusted them
selves to his caro and in his solicitude for
for their comfort, and having a represen
tative upon deck who is ulwoys JOlly,
matters ulways progress HaitMON-lously
upon nnd about her.
"Orrirror thi Ohio Um kr IrovxriT,
I'iit..b. no, l'i., April 10, 171.
'Vv'. G. Drown, 4 Co., KrnniTillo, Indiana:
"Gentlemen 1 expect to havo a snag
boat in operation on tho Ohio river dur
ing tho low water of this autumn and
thcroforo request that you would notify all
pilots and rivor men generally to pruparo
.. 1t rtf .:1l n..nAfr lllnnl nml nth.! nYi-
11 IHk UI Uli HlWftli ....v. ...y...
structions on tho Lower Ohio which they
wish to havo removed. I would liko to
havo this list forwarded to mo by tho J6th
of August next, nt my offico In Cincinnati.
I expect to remove to that city in about
one month. Respcclfu'llv, vour obedient
servant, ' vVM. E.'MV.RltU.L,
"MuJ. Eng'rs and Brv't. Col. '
Tho Lonlsvilio Ltdgee says : "Capt.
Dorso Smodloy is master and Clerk of tho
James Fisk, Jr., and wears a cap marked
"conductor." Tho forgoing mistako of
tho ledger man scarcely needs an oxpla
nntion; As ho v.tu being brought homo
from n distant part of tho city upon tho
"last car,'' by n friend tho other ovening,
ho Imagined himself a wealthy gentleman
making a pleasure trip upon tho magnifi
cent littles Jas. Fisk, Jr., and so tho mis
take. Of courso Capt. Dorso Smcdlcy con
ducts things on tho square, as his popular
ity along tho river attests ; and Iko Coop
er manipulates in tho office after tho same
A new and novel nystem of Ltfo Insurance ro
cently Introduced by the
lty thl ayatem, I.llo Insurance is fUrnlthed at
a litilo coit a by the usual pinna, and the pol.
Icy hoi ler receive au annual Interest ol seven
wr cent, iijion all tho money jmld by him to the
Cimpnny i hi annual premiums thus earning
111 in en much as a government bond.
'i'ho plan has been thorouRhly criticised and
fully indorsed by the most eminent nctuarlea
nnd sUllful mathematicians in the land i Indeed
it na. not yet b-cn the uhject of unfuvoraUo
mention inany respectable ijuarter.
N'orlhwest cor. Fourth & OHvo St?.
ARTHUR 11. BARRETT, President.
Be.vj. Williams, Secretary.
Itank high In the lint ol sound, thrifty Western
Life Companies.
It liMiimpIo capital 3l!5,000.
It ll1-inBL'tl more than ennnili In pnr.r .11 It .
lkibilltiea in addltloj to tho capital.
11 nni ono nun'lrea tnouiand dollar deposited
with tlioHtatoof Miouri na a perpetual guar.
ftutco to Iti policv holders.
It haa complied fully with the new lavra of the
State, which are qullo as exacting and more riKlJ
ly enforced' than ilio.eof Ka.tern ritatea.
It inveaU ItH fund in the West, aiming the
j-onpio inuii wnom tney aroreceie.i.
It management Is vigorous, skillful and pru
dent. Ita annual income fiom the Interval alone Ii
ulrtady more llian.ulticient In lay it. lotnei.
It laiuoapolicie. upon the ordinary life and en.
dowment plans, at tho same rate a other ftr.t.
OnH companies
Tlio policy h"I Jers receive all the profits in an
nualdtridenda. ,
The iocl; holder con receive only ten per
cent, of interf t ou their ipiUil, by Iho tertna of
tliucharlvr. ii
Tho annual ibvldenda to policy holdex are ab
I eadyci eater thau many obi Klern ComrAnlwfl
lute ever Iwcn able to pay.
'I'liedtatoof Illinois paid but year atoat fosM
million dollars lor 1.1 fo Insurance.
Why aend o much money out of th fitite '
away to New York un I New HoRland for an article
thai may by produced lualaocliexp'y(oruioreao)
nt homo! 1,4 '
Agent. at Olro. ,j
Tho partner-hip exulinj between' Jot, ll. Heed
nud Hugh M. Mann, o farm the "iroa nod Mm,
chinery Supplies Store" Isconcerued, la thl day
disaolvod by mutual conaeut.Jua.il, lte.lhvf
Ingbought oitino thoinUnKul 1L,I, ltann'ln
the tame, ...
The stoio will bo conducted under the name of
. JQrf, Jl, UKK!.
The Cairo Irbn Works will be conducted aa
tiaual undo.- U.e arm asma "of lierxt X Mana.
JO. 11. HEKU,
Caito, Ills,, April SOtli, 1871, a.rtilnj

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