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J W. rillLMPH Ac. CO.,
Uueeessors to E. U. Hendrlcka A Co.l
Commission Merchants
Whar JT - Boat
eTAre prepared to ricalte.atore and forwaid
freighta to mII point, and buy and xltouroin
mtaimn otrliuainei.a attended to with bromptnus.
u l dealers In
Lime. Cement. Plaster Paris
Cor. Nth Afreet and Oh la Lcree
It. W.UllLXS.
Dm T. Paaara
Forwarding Merchants
XBto., Xtd
No. 58 Ohio lievee
Buccossorlo Parker I'hllln.)
Ana Dealer in
P.OHr. Sfenl. TsTrsv. rarn. Oitffi.
is run.
I X M 1 1 . V.BIflAI A a f jea aS
1 11 ii. rvr 1 w-r i err
-v j 1 j l m u - w u -
And AJnt. ol
Dealer In
Utiles' FrnIJilBr Goods, ,
Corn Ninth fllraet.
11 MuJa of clothing fprLadJcV wsr made to
ler. or ready mid. Aloo, fu II air ortment of
saca' ni Ladle,' ahoea. inrrJU:
L inc.
r. nnniriui 10 uuta un men Mir nuinv or
ving nouses of any eiae or descriptlon,'or uny
erkiadofworlx.m ahelrlioe.
viug or ruislne; house, on short noti ce,nd m
,hii of publltniatmaaga. novltf
Sold Since Their Introduction
The Mot NucceMMful
Popular and Perfect
am: otfit' wlm, known
A0.!'lf .
I"lnir of the Slmnlf.st (.'nnttriietion.
arf onsllj" mauiiKotl nuil giinrnntci-il to
A. do article In the household Ima rrtatrr
lnnnnc In nromutinz !) d.altli, ronitort nnd
hppiu of the failly circle than tht lKk
btoTe, It Ii rconomjr a. well aa pollrr to gel the
very teat; and In buying lh the Chartrr OiaV
yon ran laly en iMIinr tl.d moat auoceaadil,
loulr and perftct eooklnR atoe ner rniule,
DU 4 61 JT. Main Ntrcet,
fit. Lonla, 31o.,
Cairo, UllaUla.
Iaanapticcl wondar, reieala th tlionaamla or
Ijldden wonHr. of N.tiir! 1, nf M-tnitnMt ti.
and prarilral availability, romlnrln)t inrtrnMion
wlih ainu,rntnt, and neter loa.nic lt Inletf-M. It
a power iunl 10 other inirrofcopi. of mini
lun'ja It. co.l. Kf-Tealacounllr.i lull irmlJa. all
around u, It-omiu with life, wlncli to the naked
eyemUit rurrTrrrrmnnaaraleti Look asrela In
rinegai, onun.il. in water, cheeae mite,, augar and
Itch inrect,, inillc Globule, clavr, and halraof In-
duitora iHittcrdr'a wiuuito l iwrfiitly formed
foatAer., thorn iirh ulkejof Trlnchinaf-piriili. or
"uiui, miivii nnnuii u.i;ovt' rru in America
mi tnia jncrotcope.
It la of lct!nat Talue to Drofe.aloml men. to
teaihera and to atndenia. Cut nowhere la It of
greater value than nn th family iM, within the
reach of every member. It will Jcllicht younelf,
yourchlldreu an.l your frieniia during the lonif
winter evening,, it win anow you auuitenuiona
and uiK'leanlinea a ol varioua klnda of fovj, aa an.
gar, tea, bread, meal, tc.
It Ik oflncstlmala'I Value to the Faruic
In eiamlnlnn lorect which rey upon hlacropi.
Theowero7 al'iOmleroacopcaniito aunpln In
ita cuntru;tioo that any ohila van uae it under,
atandingly ami with appreciation.
A bcaalif tl preaent, elegant, Inetnietlte; Ainua.
foil, and cheap Over CO,jo have been eoIJ.
tmnng the pAt tlx yeaia Ita worth haa been tea.
tifled to ty thouaanda of aetentlrio men, fatmora,
achool leachera. atuilenta, phyelrlana, heada of
familita, arid othera. '
PRICE ? OO.-Scnt by Mall, Post Paid
Everv inairument la tieitlr luiihl. .ml nin.l.
aotnely labeled with full direetlomi for inc. Thbii.
anda have heen ent by mail. ,
Ail'jrr.p, n . J, J.'jT a tUii
"The Miero.fiope, n inonuii) jourml of infor.
malinnlur the people the tn)aterie ol uature
eiiilaineil intereminir ii.lorinutlnn on tho un.
dera of rroalion tnnc, aketcheii, Ar. Tnrina
It w per yen, Thla Journal will he eent Freo
fur one year to any ouopuriduningu Craig .Micro,
ecrpo, at the regular price, $.1. (Craig Microscope
wllf be aent pon paid.)
Knraainpincopr.nnd oiirbeautifully iliuatruted
and deaenptlvecireiiliira, and eight pagea ol tea.
timonialauf Craig Microscope, send els cenla for
potae to V, J. MNEnS U CO.,
Upticlun, and Sole I'ruprieiora of 1'ralganJ Nov.
elty Microkcni, Chicago, 111,
Agentaand IeIera, Ihla Microienpo aell In ct.
ery family on Ita merit', when exlblted. Jirgo
I'roflta Quick bulea. febiJulim
On. It- o. tih-.-.,
PULTOX & JJONS, - - Proprietor
Are Mow In fait Operation.
Mtr. Fulton A Bona are prepared (o lurnlah
all kindaof Klourof the beat quality, and alao
Mill Feed of all Ulnda, Oraham Flour, In aacka
or In loaa nuantily. made from the beat Whit
Wheat. atrtlWU
JJkn Wadk haM poHitivdy declined
being a canJidale for irovcrnor of
TiikNcw York Hun ofieru onotlior
Presidential candidate to the helnocraey.
Thistimo it U Sepator, JTrunlbIl.
(Iov. J'almeh lias TCtoed Uie Houhc
bill 483, on act rclatint; to the adver
tiaing ofltalc'a under power, pasae'd for
the benefit of the Tsyiil jVra, "Mrs
Myra llradwcll'ri pajicr.
IllE strong-minded of Washington
city arenbottt to carry their ca.e bolorc
the Supreme Court of the 1'nitcd
State-. Their intention it to institute
three Miitu for the jmrnofc of testing
j the right of wouicu to vote tinder the
Fourteenth Amendment.
Tin: MiVch Uollin aro two young
and beautiful belles of South Carolina
They belong to the colored arintocracv
of that State and arc tho lcadeM of fah
ion and society. They have one riual
ity in common with belles and beauties
in other localities they "converse
and this proclivity has served them the
turn which it has frequently beer
known to do in (similar ca.es. Some
time ago a correspondent of the New
York Hun coys ho had an interview
with the young and beautiful Mii.-cs
Uollin. The circumstances arising
lrom that interview we will let the S'im
correspondent relate in his own war.
As an instance of the beauties of legis
lation under the new regime in South
Carolina, it is both entertaining and
They told rne inunv iiilcroilini. UiiWa.
all of which were duly printed by their
conicnt, nad excited much comninnt. Un
fortunately tho printed letter got back
hero Kxiner than thoy expected, nnd ai it
reflected upon certain of tho powers thut
be. and aa thev were to n irrent client nn.
der obligntion'io nt leat ono of those lumo
"powcr," they hajtcned to indlto tho rbV
lowinp; cpiitle denying their assertion, nt
tho interviow, and bogging that tho "pow
er" nforaid would entertain a better opin
ion vi uicin.
r Coi.cu,S. O., Aprils, 1871.
Gcm. t.J. Motet. Jr
Slit 1'leaso to do u tho justice to dU-
creuu mo icuor written oy tno reporter of
tho New York A'uri. No such convoca
tion, wo faithfully nuure you, wn hold
durini: tho ovunini:. True, vou havo ncld
in a most dUcourtuotu nnd unkind manner
toward ui, but wo have never resorted to
this method of allaying our disappoint
ment, by entertaining strangers at your ex
pense. 'While wo believe that every ono
understands that it was all written fo'r sen
sation, yet at the solicitation of a friend
wo write this, ns ho tells us you bcllovo it
all, and justly feel indignant. Should the
papers here maVo much ndo about It, it
shall be contradicted through the papers.
Verv repectfully, etc.,
I., and K. KOLLIN,
This denial was duly, circulated, nnd as
I had but one disinterested witness to the
interview, nnd ho in New York, It will
readily bo perceived that I was placed in
an awkward position, l'rovidcnco has
favored mo, however, for this morning I
received the tollowlng, which speaks for
iUclf, and tells a deal as to how tho old
thing worlu In South Carollnn.
Coliriubia.S. C., April la. ls;i.
Dkak Silt: How could you go nnd pub
lish ; II that conversation wu hud at our
homo about Speaker Moso;, .loo Crows,
Gen. Dennis, und others? Wo did not
suppose you would havo It published as
noon as you did. Wo would not Imvo
cared If you had wnitod until wo got from
Moses n certillcate for a suits of money wo
want. You sea w Ivltty and I have
llxod up a kind of claim for Sl.GOO; wo
call It n, school claim for to.ichlng. (iov.
Scott, you oo, don't liko to pay it right
out, ns It is so largo; but wo can nlwuyg
got out of him any small sum wo want,
say two or threo hundred dollars. Ho
gives it to us out of his contingent fund
or out of tho militiiry fund. Jiilt itotoi
has alwuys said ho would holp us, and wo
wero expecting to get him to glyc us a
certificate just the samo ns if the claim
had piused tho Legislature, and then your
articles tinpoared in tho paper, and wo fear
Moses will bo so angry ho will not sign
tho cortlllcnto.
Wo had to como nut and deny tho con
versation In order to save ourselves. Can
not you, in it future letter, say you wore
mistakon about what wo said about 3Ioscs,
and about his being a Jow, and say tho
printers got it mixed up? Say it was
Lovin, who Is alwa3-a about his otlleo, wo
wero talking of when wo said that about
lows. Yours in nflllctlon,
Tho dwellers of Stuten Island havo been
wildly excited over tho discovery'ofsllver
ore on tho Islund.
llo6ton is tolerably well oil'. Tho elev
enth ward of, Unit city paid, lust year, 9110
nineteenth of tho total porsonnl Incomotax
of tho wholn United Statos.
Tho lato editor of tho Loudon Obtervtr,
who recently died In hii.BBth yoir, Is,' said
to hnvo boon thp oldest journalist in' Jho
world, having booh an actfvo" momW of
the profession for over sixty years.
A farmer .named Christian was" mur
dorcd, lnBt.Saturdiiy, near Curlinvillo, by
iwo ot ins nolghbors, with whom ho had
a quarrel. Tho murderer, (Srcenwalt
nnu iinowio, nro lu Jail.
Major Powell, Colorado explorer, left
Normal 111., .Monday on his second journoy.
Ho goes under tho auspices nf tho .Smith
sonian, Institute, thoro being nn appropria
tion of $20000 fortboizpodition. Tho party
it well supplied with Instruments, boats
and all that Js necessary for a complete
and nrcurnte survey nnd exploration.
Patrick McQenoess, an insano man from
Pawtucket, Hhodo Island, has been In
Washington city for somo time, Insisting
that ho Is tho President of tho United
States. After the departure of tho Presl-
dentfor St. Loms, ho uccoedd,ln gaining
entrance lb tho oxccutlvo mansion, but
was captured by tho police nnd taken to
tho InsAne Asylum.
A spiritual circlo In Cincinnati has
learned from a departed shade nil about
tho next Presidential olection. Tho de
parted shade raps out that tho Jlepubli-
cans will nominata two candidate, (Sen.
Grant and n radical, and the Democrats
Chief Justleo Chuse, and that tho lust will
Imi Heeled mid wo shalldwtdl in pcur-e mid
good will ever after.
Thd Hnnnibal dtirirrof Thursday last
says that Mr. A. Glllrie, wholinsWnvis
Itlng his. brother-in-law, It. P. Hale, Kq,,
mysteriomly disappeared on Wednesday af
ternoon under circumstance which lead to
tho impression thul ho bus been murdered.
Ho was to stare tho samo evening with his
wife for homo at I.ookport, N.Y., and
on tho evening in question started out ac
cording to his custom for u walk, and wns
not soen iftefwnr J, '
Mark Twain threatens to abandon liter
O'Donoran T.ossa will be In Chicago on
tho Cth of 3Iy.
The Nathan murderer has been ar
rested at. Gettysburg.
Gen. S.,A, Hurlbut. leaves South Amei-
ica for home In September next.
Harriet Mnrtlncau Is said to have writ
ten more for thu press than any other fe-
nialo author.
The first edition of Mrs. Clement's
Handbook of Legendary und Mythologi
cal Art, intended for six months' con
sumption, wus taken up iu six days.
The lately doccasod Omar Pasha, com-
mundcr-in-chiof of tho Turkish forces, It
said has a wlfo in New York, support-
ng herself as a music teacher.
Dr. Wither Alport, u Chicago dentist,
has recovered 500,000 from the Liverpool,
New York nnd Philadelphia steamship for
injuries received by tho careless opening
of a hatcliwnv on tho steamer Citv of Par
Is. Tho liov. Jtobt. Col; or, of Chicago, will
leavo for Knglnnd .May 'J, to uttend tho
London Unitarian Conference, at which
hois invited to preach, and to visit his old
homo in Yorkshire.
Tho American Jllblo Society has up.
pointed Hcv. Dr. P.. S. Storrs, dr., of
Brooklyn, now in Europe, to attend tho
May nnnlvcrsary of the llritish and For
eign Socioty, in .London.
The recent resignation of Prof. "Whip
ple, of Hillsdale College, Michigan, was
caused by tho discovery of an adulterous
intimacy with a married women. Tho
fact has occasioned the grentcst surprise
and grief.
Tho Princcu Dora d'latria is said to bo
tho most learned woman in tho world,
reads and speaks fifteen languages, has
written novels, historical, philosophical
and philological worl;s,is an honorary mem
ber to ten academies and learnod societies,
and is still snid to bo quito good- looking.
Tin: Litti.k Coiti'oit.w. for May is nn
excellent number, full of pleasing nnd In
strticllvo reading rentier for boy and
girls, and older peoplo who have young
hearts. Terms, $l.0 n venr. Send stamp
for specimen 11 umber and Premium List
to John K. Mlllor, Publishor, Chicago, III.
Pktkiis Mimical Monthly. Sixteen
now pieces of music, printed from 3G full
slzo inuslc-platcs, aro contained in tho
May number of Peters' .Musical Monthly.
for which tho Publisher ttsks tho modest
sum of CO cents. Send 80 cents for a sam
ple copy, or $1 for tho January,' February,
March, and April numbers, und wo nro
confident you will thank us fur recom
mending it. Address J. L. Pk.tkiu., S'J'J
Broadway, Now York.
T1115 OiUCAflo MXfiAism:. Tins rnnga
zlno for April, after nn absence of some
months, again graces our tublo. It is
beautiful In upponranco as over, and when
wo suy this, wo prulsu it highly, for thoro
Is oo posalblu roqm for improvement In
this dulntiest of' all tho ladles' tuuguzines.
Its cut paper patterns are useful and sea
sonable , Its fashion plutos nnd designs, el
egant j its "fashion rovlew'' a complete
compendium, of stylos, for the month, and
Its "SQcinb.to'1 fUU of jn-valuablo hints and
suggestions. Tho May nuinbor will con
tain the Initial chapters of a sonal story,
"Anna Grafton, tho lllstory of u Homeless
Olrl," a story of foal lifo Tho Chicago
Magazine Is published for the extremely
low .price of, $2 por pniium, and can bo
hud, by addressing .Mrs. M, L. Itayno, Chi
cago, 111.
Tim Kcleotio Magazine. The f.'c
reliefer May is out, and certainly none
of tho magazines of that month can com
pare to It in tho number of eminent names
Unit contributor ita contents. In looking
down tho list we find those of Mar-zlnl,
. Charles KIngslcy, Professor Sooloy (Au
thor of "Kcco Homo'1), Kobcrt Browning,
W. B. Carpenter, P. It. S, and James
Greenwood ("Tho Amateur Casual"); and
tho themes thoy treat nro as vital nnd
interesting ns the nuthors.
Mazzlnl tells of "Itnlyand tho Itepub
lie,"' and announces his own course In tho
preont crisis of Italian history, in an ar
tide which Ii one of the ablest nnd most
eloquent productions of his pen. Canon
Klngsloy discusses "Tho Natural Tlicolo
gy of tho Future," with sporlnl rcferenco
to the tJicnIogIc.il mpoQl of the D.irwJnf
an Theory. l'rofesor.Secley reprints his
suggestive Iceturobcforo I ho Peaco Sarie
ty, on'-Tho United Stales of Kitropo.'
Ilervo Kiel," Is onoof tho mot masterly
ballads tliat Kobcrt Browning has yet
written; and Dr. Carpenter gives his coir
elusions with rcgnrd to "Ocean Currents,'
based on his recent roseitrchos in the Por
cupine. Tho Amateur Cit'iml begins nn
interesting series of "Studies of Street Life
In London, ' und a most curious article bv
a Chinese Literate, tells pretty clearly
"What the Chinese Iteally think of Vm
ropeans." Besides thcio, there Is n by no
means dull slory of "A Dull D.ty In a Dull
Port on tho Mcditcrancan," a flno bio-
gruphlcnl sketch of "Daniel Dafoe," a very
gool "l'etrospcet of tho War,' und sever
al other equally excellent papers.
Whoever gets tho May Ecltttit, will
obtain a fair idea of tho kind of literuturo
which thid sterling monthly presents to
Us patrons. He will nlso obtain a lino
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The Cavlnsr In of the Mla.Iaalniil Baiika
and Why It It All on One Slide.
From the Memphis Appeal.
Tho cavlnir In of all tho Idulls of tho
custom side of the Mississippi, from Cuiro
to ftow urienns, litis led to curious con
clusions. It la anld that tho motion of tho
earth on its axis or somo result of some
general law of nature must duvo begotten
this uniform and constant abrasion of tho
eastern shoro of tho river. Fort Pillow
lias wholly disappeared. Thoro is not a
vcstlco of the earthworks erected bv Gen.
"Pillow, and others, at Itmidulpli'. Tho
river ms cut cavernous depths lor Its
strong currents benenth tho everlasting
lulls, nnd these Imvo slowly crumbled
and fallen, a grain of hand a t 'a time, Into
tho abysses of ll.o mighty deep. Now
and then hillsides havo disappeared in a
singlo night, and curiously enough, this
work ot desolation goes on mainly upon
thoeastern side of tho river. Hero at
Memphis, ns at Vleksburg, Columbia,
i'ort 1'iiiow and Kumioipti, tlio resistless,
fathomless river, whose courso
nono may anticipate nnd none
can resist, pursues its appointed tasks with
a force nnd nortinancv which has lnsjcnml
property values between "Wolf rlvor and
Fort Pickering many millions of dollars.
Great as Is the dumago already dono by
by tho mighty river, tho calamity begot
ten is steadily progressive, and nona cun
toll when u defection of tho willful cur
rent may relievo tho anxiety of those own
ing property along tho river shoro between
tho navy yard and Fort Pickering. The
city onco imagined thnt in tho navy-yard
it had a basis of credit to be used In the
?crfection of its railway system. Tho
,lttlo P.ock road at one time was strength
ened In Its resources by a mortgage on tho
navy-yard. Tho. mortgage subsists, but
tno properly mis been disposed ol oy u
fiower against which chancery may issue
Is thunders in vain. 1'Iiiiiily enough
whllo tho river holds its present course,
thoro is no assignable limitation to its
destructiveness, It is generally
conceded that the direction of tho
current cannot bo cliiinced or
its forces restrained bv any local obstruc
tions. Several miles iibovo tho city, where
the current turns wcstwnrdly, it should bo
directed into its old channel, within the
conllnes of Tennossen. But who shall es
say the task .' No ono Individual property-holder,
directly Interested, will attempt
It, und It seems Impossible to effect uuy
combination among ripannn proprietor.
Those Interested, lazily look tojlho city for
relief, nnd thu city answors that thero is
snnco enough for suveral cities between
tho river and Germautown, and that it is
nona of thu business of thoso unaffected by
tho Hood to pay for or amolioruto tho mis
fortunes of those who speculated on thesu
very chances when they sought lots front
ing on tho river. If this were not true,
thowholo of Mississippi should be taxed
to replace tho losses of thoso whoso river
plantations havo recently disappeared be
nenth tho flood of tho great river. Would
It not bo well for thoso slowly ruined by
the abrasions of the bluff, and of the
eastern shoro to hold a meeting, A small
sum levied on each ownor of property
fronting tho river would probably savo
mniioiia oi inuiiuj. iiioiiiiiu proposed is
very simple and costs little, and cunsisls
only In diverting tho current by devices
lon used by British engineers in India
nnd Kuropu. Shall wo havo such a meet
ing? or at o these sluggish peojilo content
to sit quietly by and sen tho last vu.tlgu of
tholr wealth, from tho navy-yard to Fort
Pickorlng, swept into tho Mexican gulf.
Itelgo ofTerrov In I lie Mreete of Pari..
Hpec.al lHapatbhtothu Mlmouri Democrat.
NkwYouk. April 2t. Thn Loudon
Timet received by the last steamer has thu
following from Paris. Perhaps 1 cannot,
in a few words, glvo a better notion of thu
torrlblo condition to which poor Paris lias
ut Inst been brought thun by saying that
the Chumps Elysees Is filled with people,
and that almost every faco looks anxious
and sad.
Sholls nro fulling all around tho Arch
do Trlomphe, which again requires,
though unhappily It ,l0 i0gcr posaose, !
tho frame work which protected Its bund
somo carving during tno sWo. A Inrgo I
wiuto patch at ono corner shows w.ioro '
tho masonry has crumbled awuy by it
blow from a shell, and somo of tho houses,
in tho immediate neighborhood nro rid
died, nnd havo scarcely nn unbroken patio
of glass left.
It Is not without risk that ono enn pas
any whoro near tho Arch, nnd women
wero killed almost underneath It yester
day. Tho peoplo In that vicinity aro in 1
greater danger than wero most of the In
habitants of tho quarter bombarded bv tho
Prussians. Tho French fire is concen-
traloJ over ti smaller space. i
As wo got to tho American ambulance I j
saw one of its members run forward and ,
pick up a fragment of iron which had full
oil near him. Tho shell had ;probn
by burst In the nvemie Da La Grando nr-
meo, nut tho iH.slnnco to which these fr.i"
monts nro carried is almost incredible-. " !
I had scarcely reached tli.j Americ.n j
ambulance when n mcssugo cum in thut
tho Doctor was wanted. Just nt that mo- I
mont Dr. Cormuck enmo up, nnd 1 went I
with him to the houso into which th -wounded
had been carried. On ono la d
luv n woman with her fun. i.jt,n..t mIi).
blood y xcars and ono leg roughly ban
daged up. In the nest room lny another
Woman badlv hurl in thn xhauldnr. nrnl
up ihu narrow stnlrcuso wns being brought,
with difficulty, n man blnoillef. frnm u
deep wound In iho side. A fnw doora off
my a corpse. Theso four victims, with
others, I was told, less seriously Injured,
had all been struck bv tho samo sholl a
shell sent aijulnst French tieonlo bv n
French gunner nt tho orders of a French
Horrible ns the sight wns, I should feel
thnt I hud no right to donounso thoso who
had caused It.'if their lira had been di
rected at a battery, but thoy kept on delib
erately tiring into houses, taking theie own
triumphal arch for a mark.
vctm si Ti. ro23nis,
V2e North Elyhth St., PhlU.-
A color aiid dressing that will
not burn tho hair or injure tho
It docs not produce u color
mechanically, aa tho poisionouB
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho htr
to. ita original color and lustre,
by supplying now life and vigor.
It causes a luxuriant
of soft, fine hair.
Tho beat and safest article
ever offered.
Clean and Pure, ltfoaedimenl.
Sold everywhere.
yyA.TKl, AttKXTii.
Huventy-flve lo two hundred doll.ra per month
everywhere, tnnlu and female, tn Introduce tln
(ienulcu Improved Common tSenao KunilySewinir.
Mnehino. Thla rnachlfce will atitch. hem, Ml;
luck, bind, brahl, cord, iiullt nnd embroider In n
moat auperior manner. J'rlce only JIJ. Fully
warranted for flro uri. U'wili : . i nm rnr
any machino that trill new n atrotiKer, more beau
tiful or more ela.tlc eeam than onra. It inukea tho
'I. Illtl0 Lock Hlllrll." Emrv uvnn.l .in,.
I"' Ut, nnd Mill the cloth cannot lie pulled apnrl
without tearinKlt. We pay aj;onta SJ5 trtj.'iiiper
month ami ex penaea, orncommiasion from tlncli
twice that amount can be made, For circular
a-.iJ lernia, apply to oraddreaa.
i;. iiuwi:ius .t ( ii.,
t'lOKpiucohttect, l'hiladelphia, I'j.
CAuriii l)u not be liupoaed upon by other
paitien inltnlUK ott wortlilenaea.t iron machines
under the anme name or olheruWe. Oura la tho
only Renulneanrt teally practical cheap machine)
OK N.iliU.
"Willliioik' Uourlion ami Illch U'lncn
la nllered for i-ile by the undersigned nn the most
reasonable terina.
'Iho Inillillng I. nevr and eompUte throiiKlicut
In nil the modern Imnroveinenu ami nonliiineiiu
rum mi n.iuuimiiuieni, ! ineomiiieie runnitif
order, but lin never been run. Tho engine.,
machinery. nd upnaratna Kfoerally are of Hi.'
l't man il.ictnrc.
The inniu hiiihlmx la 7 by II feet, an I throe
ioiieahih. Th builemheil i,tl byaireet.the
tub ahr-il i Why 12 ff ct, each ehod brln - one
nory hlKh.
'I he ciijiiio U 10 inch c) Under, uith :n im b
irokc.tn biilh-ra II inehm In iliamuter, I Kue,
and 31 feel long.
The cap.n- ty ul' the distillery la 7.1 1'lrrrcl. per
day. Citiii(-uoui to tho ifiatlllory are a liirae bru k
nrelioil-e, and pena lor .took.
It It Indie red that to any nnn doairlni; to carry on
the dlatillt ry bitaineaa, uu belter oppnrtumtt for
InveilmeiitCHIi benflered than is found hcieliotli
connnlerliithediiiillery bulldlnu and oppiratn
and thu In at on thereof at Cairn.
For further p-irt'cul ir apply to the under
aliened nlt 'aini, or tohiiiuli.UeimaSt Co., corner of
Main and JlotK.oitreet, M. Lutun, Jin.
Cairo, llliuoia.
Whcrcaa.JaiueaH. Uearilenand Mary V. Itear-
my ir
uru, ui iiieeuy oi iioo.couiii) ui Alexander and
fetnto of llllnoit, by their erriaoi hide Jlorli-.iue,
lienrlni; dale iho lllleenth day of February, A. I).
1870, nnd ri curded lu hiolc of liuirlgnea,
pao I'l, in thu rmoider's oltlce nf Alexander
eoiinly, lllui"l, did cpnruv In fen to the under
nned A. II. hatrnr.l. Truntce ror thu Coiiinieicial
tiinninieC'.,ni Chfonjro, tho Indendont Inau
nuirii Co., of Ito.ton, nnd H. JI. il mm k (Jo ,
CliiciKo.lhu fulloning lu-erlbed lotanr parcel .it
land ni-iili: Lot mimbtred eleven (111 In Mock
tiumberkd lifly-lao to.'j ym nnd belnir in Hie
I'livofCilrii, Alexander county, llliiiola,
I'toriileil, however, Ihut In cau of defult in
Cio payment ol three certnid proinHnury notes ol
the aaul Jamea H, Iti-ardon, eaeh bearlnu even
dalu with the h ud a.ild morl'iie, enuh beluuror
the aunt of (sua u nu) itirco hundred forty-eljtht
and ll-ll ihiliura and U-ltiir more fully
decrilM-l liieiild ailn inorlrme, dun nnd piiwl.lu
t the iiiidernijjneil A. II. tjallord, iru.Ke,
at the City f,Hiiiil Hank, CtUn, with Inter- et
at ten nereem. pernnulini fniiu dale, tlu' thn
uiuleralsned a. U, Hittord, tru-tee, l.i lexd
repieaeulutlve cr alturuey, ahuiil i ;rii td und
aell Hit -id eremite, a. by aaul a.de montane ,
provided, and execute to the puiclm.er a nood
and aiillieicrt deed, conveying all Iho riuht and
title of 1 1 in anld Ja-ue. H. litardeuund ilnry V,
Iteerdeu, by tu anlejiiortjiaize, conseyed tn the
iloderalKned. And w herea.,ilrjultlu;s Vn u U' I"
in the puviuent uf.ild uoleaand the entlro I ruu-i-pal
and liiteri.t of eaeh olialil noun, icmuln
due and tinpt d.
Now, therelere, notice la hereby given, that hy
virtue of the term, and conditions nf raid aale
morlK";'. I dl, on 'Ihutaday, the (th ,Iny ot
Slay, It'll, u the -ild premUea, in thu eity nl
Cm io. Jllinola, ul the hour of ten o'clook, n.iii.. i(
anld day, aell thu prrinUe. afoie ealil, nt publlu
viiiidiie. In the liinhet bidder fur cuah Inliand,
and wilt execute and deliser to the purchaser a
deed therefor. A. II. HAFIXitl),
llotteanee and Truatee,
Oatas X (in as ut, Attya. apr-d3W
Golden Remedies,
I (fir, i ,x,y an t save Tlrte, Hesllh aad,
Mon. y.
7i,w ii-.irjiiiu nr any cut er disease,-1
la any atiiri vrnl h -r fall to enre.
in wi'ii-sins tjoi.riE.Y HAL
MAMM, .Vo. i it f, ar me
rrcib-it alleraUre, known.
Da. KICflAtl'fl noLDKN
Orealeft Tonic and Astrlntent'
In the Medical UiU , Da. IU
It Ol. nnt. rell.KlA t..i:- i
Thee li-melln are not advertised to Care all
Camjilalnlo, and neneftt noosi bat ar guaranteed
"tJ'i ''"""I nd Spetdy Cure tn all cues fori
which they are reeoramn!m, when all other trtat
rnntha fiM-l. Ten. ot Oiooiaarl, Tturly reetT.;
by their U'e who he loat all hove, ad J,wT!ro
nosnceil as IncaruUe by Urt tttt 'ifIrniWltal
IIAf.'AM, :,o. I. ytfn Vlcerj, Lleerte4
'',r Thr at and Wuih. Sure Eyes, CoUne.
ooi rrupiiin., G'opiK'Cs'ored IlloKbea, Sortnesa
ilih i"h.fentalr.e. It Is theOrutcit Reno
ruor, .trttrstlro ni Cloorl J'urlder known, re
ti" . i.l tn rcurfrani the syitcm, ami leaves
in" . i'i-m iiare arn n-nny. i
Jl UVI.SU. No, 'i. care lltrcurUI Affeo-
ti'int iinenrnMiim la all Its rorma, ami
ch-j Imme-jUb! reiki In alt ca.ea.
Trl utMAvt .Ne. 1 or 2, ti per bottle; or two
ANTIDori:, a mlleal cure f.jf all urinary
linn. niiifmtlm In all lit form.. ml
r. 'iv. t tic per ixui",
nil. KirirAU's golden
2-J I.I.TXK: i-AM )Vr., a ra.llcal can fr
Xetroaa or (iencral Debility, la olJ cr
joun j , l.a,.rnur -vtjf with wonderfal eject.
l'rlee !5 ie MtH-. ir tiv j for S)J.
Oi rl,.t ul price, time remedies will b
.hip; "il ' a . , , U : Prompt atteoUnn paid to
all i -trair &Ji :ri. N'nns irenulne wlltiont tit
nimeof - ,IP.. !.:"!'.AV.-t OOLDEX HKMEDIE3,
II. II. Mi'KVHUr. :-! Vr-rrIelor,' blown In
glan "f Ii H k.
t'lrerlae s.it. fride mpii;-l at n liberal
Adlr -a, ml, V. D. mcrtAniiS, Varlek
Hlroct. N-.r Vark.
A r.cir mid n-I io-lem of Lite InsuraBCO re
cenllr inlmduced bv f lie
mmm mim life
P ST. I.Ol'IN.
Hy thlaa)atcin, Life Insnrancnis AirnUhed at
as Id'le '"-'M us by the uaual pinna, ttnd Iho pol.
Icy hoi ler rcceivex na anctinl Intercut nt aeren
tier cent, upon nil the money paid by him to the
Company i Ida .innu.d premium, thtia earning
him aa mucha. a government bond.
Tliu plan hat Ucn thoroUKhly criticiaed and
fully Indorsed by tho moat eminent actuarlea
and skillful matlieiuatli-ians in tliu laud j indeed
It has not yet lieen the anbjeet of tmfavorabla
mention In any respectable quarter.
Northwest cor. Fourth & Olive Sts.
A KTIIIJH 1!. HAltltKTT, President.
IIij.vj. "nVilmam., Secretary.
Ilaaka hleh In tho Hat ol sound, Ihrifly Wcsfern
Life Companies.
It haa ample capital-?l25,OnO.
It haaaaicta inoru than enough to cover all ita
liabilities in ndditinj tn tho capital.
It has one hundred thouiand dollars deposited
with theHtatoof Miaaouri ai a perpetual guar
antee to Us policy holders.
It liascnniolied full V with the new lawa of thn
Stale, which aro n,ulto aa exaetlnnand more rigid,
ly enforced than those of Kaatern ritatea.
It Invests Ita funds in tho West, among the
people from whom they are received.
Ita management islRoroa, skillful and pru
dent. Its nnuual Income fioui tho interest alone la
nlr.ady more thnn aufilcienl to pay ita losses.
It mill's policies upon tho ordinary lifoandem
dOHtncnt plans, nt the earns rate aa other Aral,
class companies.
The policy holdcra receive all the proflta In an
nual dividends.
The alocU holder can receive only ten per
cent, of Intercut on their capital, by tho terms of
tho charter.
Thonniiuid dividenda to pol ley holders ate al
ready greater than many old L'anlern Companies
have titer beennble to pay.
ThoMtaleof illinola mud last venr ubout four
million dollar (or Lift) Insurance.
Whv aend eu muchmouev out of tho St!
awuy to New Vork nn 1 New Knitland for an article
that may be produced lust a.s cfieap'y (ormore ao)
at homer
Vt tllISS at LOW,
april'idawtf AKenta nt Cairo.
CUADXI23 A. DANA, Editor.
A NowNimrierol tho Preaent Time.
Intended rut- I'coplo Nosr oa Earth.
Includlai; Farmers, Jlcchanlcs, Mcrcaants, Tro.
rcsslonal lien, Woritcra.Tauiker, and all Jlaa
nor of noncat Folka, aad Ilia Wlrci, Sons, and
Daughters of all such.
Or Jqii than One Cent a Copy. Let there be a
830 Clab at every Post OOce.
ME.MI-WEEKl.'krsCN, 83 X YEAR,
of thq same alia aad goneral cuarseUr as
TIIR WEEKLV, bnt with a sreater variety of
mlacoliaaeons readlntr, and farnlstdai the neara
to its subscribers with eroatcr frcsaneu. heasaie
It comes twlco a woet Instead of oaceoaly.
A prcCralncnllv rcadsMo nowinsiier. with the
lir.vst circulation in tho world. Kree. Inde
pendent, ana learloa In politics. All the new.
rrpm everywhere. Two centa a copy i by taall.
30 caau a mouth, or 80 a year. ' '
Five copies, one year, separately addreaaed.
Four Dollar.
Ten coplei. ono. rear, eoirately addressed (and
an extra copy to thecotter up or clnb).
sat ilalloravo
T?ntr copies, ma year, epartelr"addreied
ud aa cxim copy w the letter up of einb).
a'ttmen Dollars,
rmy cordea. ona year, to one address (and tha
Seinl.H eekly ono y tar la tetter up of clnb), -
Thlriytliroo Dollar.
iefT t?.K?"V?..Il!ar "Psratclr aodressed (aod
tail tcmlW ecklyonuye,,r to cetter nn of club).
t . . TUIrty.avo Dollara.
Ono hundred conies, ono year, tn on ,i
td the DaUy for ungyirfcthaVetleVuiTS
One bandred coplea, ono year. aenarot!,!! '
Kite copies, one year, separately addreatod, tr
ElaUt Dollara.
Tea conies, one rear. iaparateir addnsaeU Und
antxtracopytojetternpof clabL
hixieca Dollar.
ftPt OOee orders, checks, or drana onKts
K?r,.7B,reTr convenient. If not. men rs2u3
ae letttrs contalolos money. Address IvSUMr
I. W. ESflLAND, PablUher.
Hattecicc.tJiTyeniCiTr. ;

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