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Suoeettors to K. U. Hendrlekt A Co.l
Commission Merchants
Wiiarf - Boat
OAniO, II,i7lNOIB.
XVAra prepared Ui Nuinlta.atoraanri forwatd
frelghti to All points, Mill Injy and fell on com.
raisnon .
c-Iluslne.s attended to with uromptnrtt.
and dealers in
Lime, Cement, Plaster Paris
Cor. tilli Street and Oblo Levee
K, W. Mima. Dull, I'litri
Forwarding Merchants
XZto. ZXto.
Xo. 58 Ohio Ksevec
Buceo.torta Parker A Phlllis.l
And Dealer la
Flonr, Mcnl, Hay, Corn, Ontu,
Cor.lOth St.&Ohio Levee
And Afitnts ol
JMo. 70 OIXIO Xj33XT3D33
Cairo, - - - Illinois
1U iu.it r ocel red n. full and complelcttock nt
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Of erery detcriptlon, which will be told l P
that will not lall to tuit all purchaiers. J'.rlect
nt guaranteed. His stock o(
Shirts, Hats, Caps, etc.,
It not excelled In point ol price and ttyle in in Is
cr any other inarktt. t
Are prepared to talis conlpactt for ral'rn or
niortQK houtet of any am or descriptionor any
other kind of work m thulr line. .
Thar hare all the machinery appliances for re
moTlng or run log houtet on short noli ce.and at
a sbste of public paironae. norSif
mm Mm
Sold Sinco Their Introduction
The MonI Kneecsfiiiil
Popular aud Perfect
Attn oun WHLti K.NOW.t
IlcJnirof llio Simplest Construction,
arc easily utaiinncd and guaranteed (o
An no article In th lioim hold hat enaler
Intlueoc In fcromctinir the health, comfoit and
haMinM of tli fainllr flrcle than th Cook
htote, It la Acoocmraa well aj poller to cet tho
joii can iny 01 retiinic the m)i niece,, mi, I
jipular and .erfect cooklnjr. tore eter ma4e, f
r. I.a.I t u.il In lilt Hr. Ih. IK. f'lil.l na.W
013 - 01 If. Jlnln Ntrecl,
Nl. Loula, Mo.,
AND AM. - ..
Live Merchants
11 K It
Cairo, llllnala.1
Is an optical wonder, irmti the thousands or
hidSen wooden of Ntture; li ol permanent dm
and practical availability, combining Instruction
villi amusement, and never lo.ag it Interest. It
a power equal tn other microscopes of man,
limes tin co.l. Itereat. cotintle! little wiill, nil
around ui, leemirnc with life, whlnh u the naked
eye must forever remain a sealed honk as eels In
vinegar, tnlmtls in water, eheese miles, sugar and
Itch intecit, milk Globulus, claws and hairs of In
sect, hundred, of eyes in lnnle ey of a Br.
duttnf u butterfly's wlnctto ;rfeitly formed
feathers, the much talked of Trinclilmt spiralis or
pork worm, which was flntd.ecsm-red In America
with tin, Miorocope.
It l of Inflnate value to professional men, to
teachers and to Undents, tut now here Is it of
greater value than rn th family -able, within tli
reach of everr member. It will Jellicht vourseif.
jour children and your frlendi during tho lone
winiereveninjtt. it win snow-yon auuiie rations
and uncleauliuetj ot larloua klixlt of f(Xd,aa ii
(jar, tea, tread. inel, Ae.
It Is of Iiirstlmaliol Value to the fantin
la examinlse lnntn which tirrr uion tm cri4.
iii power oi ajTmierox'opc, ana 10 umpio in
iu O'luitruction that aaYchllu can u.c It under
tatxllnxljr and with appreciation.
A ijeaaiu u prxieni, elegant, ini irnciiTc; Aims
injr. andcheap Uif r aj,uJliate en told.
Uurirurlhe it ilx teaiaiuworth hia been t
tiCv-d to ty tlionand of Ktentltlcmen, farmer",
ecnoui learner, hiuaeuiN, pujpicrin., jicau 01
familltt, un.l otneri.
I'JUCE if'.i OO.-Sent li Mall, I'ost Paid
Ererr ini'rument i, neatlr hoxr.l. and naml.
aoinely labeled with full ilirretionj forile. Tlioil
and, hare been neat by mail.
Aiareajit n.J.iiii.viikuu.,
"The Miernrropp," a mommy jonrnr.1 of infor
mation for tht Hfople tho iii) tcrlrx ol nature
explained Intereatlnjr. iulormatlnu on the won
der of creation lorie, tketchnt, ta. Terms
It 00 per yor. This Journal will bo nt Kree.
for one year to any onopurcliftMng a Craig Micro
acopo, at tho regular price, fJ, (Craig Microtcope
will ba aent pott paid.)
FnrsampleoopT.and ourbeauttfully illutrnted
andUciicriptlvevlrcuUr,anlclsht pRt ot tcx.
tlntoniaUuf Cralc VliorOMODi,l aend l cenla for
noitafOto W. J.I.I SEnUlt CO.,
Opticians, and Sole TroprletorK of Cralijaud .Nov
elty Mlcro.oopc, Clilaifo, III.
AKi'tittand Dealer", llila Microteopo tell In ev
ery family on Ita tneritn, when exlbite.l. Iirc
l'r'ilila, Oulck Balex. feUSwCin
3E rovisions
PDLTOX k SONS, - - Proprietor
Are No'n IB FnU Opertttlun.
Mettrs. Fulton & Bona are prepared to lurnlth
all kinds of Flour of the bent quality, ami alto
Mill Peail of all klndt. Graham Flour. In laokt
or in less quantity, made from the beat Whit,
! ;itc itUtfiitt.
VicE-I'nEstUE.NT Colfax is Kjiokon
of for governor ot Indiana.
Tin: Hon. jjcorgo IJ. PcnJicton will
not bo a candidate' for governor of
Anihikw 0. Cubtin, minister to
Russia, is about to rctiro from diplo
matic mmtSco and rc-Onlcr' tlie political
arena, in Pennaylrania.
Genera r. b'rlinner, hy llid adnce of
(lie Prwidcnt, in about to mnko a trip
to Europe for the benefit of hi? health
nml the new treasury loan.
Lo.Vd I) HANOI is to be the lieadquar
ternofthc administration during tho
ajijiroachiug season. Ileal estate thcro
in hold at fancy figures in view of this
(Sam.atin county, Tcnnceo, is tho
local habitation of an Italian Marquis,
whoac uamo in Incia I)i C'anioronc.
The Marnuin esiicu-ed u Tciincs.-co
belle, and recently imported a retinuo
- . ,. ,
ui Jiaiiau mrvaui.", inaie auu lemaie
for the ue of liU lioiHchnld.
The firet legal execution which ccr
took place in Wyoming, the hanging
of Uoyer, the half-breed, for the mur
der of IMo CIuky and Lowry, occurred
in Choyenne on the 21st inst. The
prisoner ahowed great composure, his
lait afiirmation being "1 nu cryj I no
woman ; 1 man ; I die brave and
added, after the mo;t approved manner
of civilized murderers, that he loved
the Great Spirit and wa. going to reek
Boston is having an agreeable little
excitement about the butcher.", who
would eem to be in the habit of tcrv
ing up diseased meat to their custo
mer?. One of thcoc gentlemen died tho
other day, from blood-poisoning "in
oculated into hU system while drefsing
a dead ox," and as it appears that a
portion of the animal was taken into
the city in a market-wagon, the pre
vailing question just now iu Boston
society i., Who ate that beef? Perhaps
a few lemons of this fort ire necessary
to convince people of the nccc..-tty for
sanitary inspection.
The Kemnio Seminary building at'uris,
liisouri, was burncl a few days ago. Loss
about 53,600.
Tho 1 lock ford Journal announces a
meeting In that city of tho "Heathen Wo
men's Foretell Missionary SocicU."
A monument is to bo erected in Triesto
for tho late Emperor Maximilian, of Mex
ico. It will cost 110,000 francs.
Gertrudo M. Davis, of Chicago, ha3 filed
a prayer for divorce from Oliver Davis,
with whom she lived llftoon days and then
left, becauso ho had a wife in Wisconsin
and ono in Peoria.
Thero nro about fifteen hundred Ameri
cans in Florence, and society thero has
been, and is now, very gay in consequence.
Halls and parties havo succeeded ono an
other in rapid succession, and every means
for plaastiro and distraction has been im
proved to tho utmost.
Kumlers of fiishlonnblopeoplo in Eug
land imitated the Queen's daughter, by be
ing mttrriod during Lent, to the unuttera
ble, cricf of the Hhh Church party. Ono
clergyman charged such trungrcsors n
double marriiigo fee for performing tho
ceremony, us a pennlty for their wrong
A largo number of proprietors and edit
ors of English newspapers havo arranged
to mako n tour through tho United States,
and will probably leave England in Juno
next, via Liverpool.
Vincennes bus it "Moral and Social
Union," tho ohjoctof which Is the general
improvement of tho young men of that city,
and tho cultivation of a tcntiinent opposed
to tho vices and immoralities of tho young
men of this generation.
Mr. LaurencoOliplmnt, after boinp; pres
ent nt twelvo of tho recent buttles in
France, which ho described in'tlio columns
of tho London Time, hits again eomo to
America, to resume his atrungo life in a
strange set of puoplo of tilings and itle.if,
which .souin to have an unnccountablo at
traction for him tlie Communiits' So
ciety, near llufl'alo.
Tho Methodists y( Little ek, L, I.,
luvo ordered, the. nrr!t':rf tbeir.clorgy
man for locking up'thojpaTsonDgo and fur
niture tosbcurohis unpa'td'sal'ary,
"Tl'piioo Siilb, tho hugo eUpliant boloug
ing'to -Van Amburg fc Oo.'s monagerlo,
died of disoasu. of tho heart at Connors
vlllo, Indiana, a few days ago. Ho was
, nbout sixty years oldkandwas Imported to
tills country from Attn about thirty year.
6go. He mcaiurcJ about ten feet in helplit,
and woighod nbout ten thoutand pound.
Hit value van climated nt $16,000.
Itce.llertlniianf Jul In llran, Mr. nnfT
and Oiarlen KcmiTIi Mncrel Hworo,
i'rom tho "Capital,"
Mv early Hfo wai mado nlcnnnt by n
retired nctor. Ho wai an old fellow who
hntl fallen heir to a .mall Incomo, and,
hnrlni. niirn Kntffittt blood in llU Veifll.
It and tho best of ivlo. Ho
tnlcnJid littcnor. I looked
up to blm a tho moU wonderful of men.
With liiy youthful imagination filled with
the pontic icencs thottagocrcntci, I poko
fen to fco with ono who had been on
fnmUlar ormt with kincl and queens, tho
tragic loven and tho beautiful beloved,
and All too rnylrioua paopiu ortlionmgio
I had a tuipicion, tinco confirmed, Unit
old Iluncnttlo had never held a very high
position In liis profe nor.. Ho hud a v.ay
of borrowing all my jnare cbaii(;o and u
tlncular hnbltof forgettiag tho litilo trans
aclton. When posncied of my mcani
through a loan, ho would change from nlo
to brandy, and then pnsiinij to tho ptr
ited irifluoncc. lot outmorotuan ha wiiliod
touching the tacts of hit former lifu. At
ono time, under thoio circumttancoi, I
learned, for example, thnt bis real name
was Hun James Hun and ho had added
the Cuttle fur euphony and grandeur. Tho
nnnr of pronouncing it, howover, rob
bed the name of much of its dignity. Ho
jammed it lnto"Runkae,'' with tho ilros
on the urtt tyniDie, very mucn a scalar-
inp men lay "f-jrutaie.
He retained in private lifo tho manner
of walking; andtpecch acquired in his pro
fculon, which wm exceedingly tlagey,
and imposing on everybody, aavo tho bar
tender and landlord" of our village hotel.
Thcs'j shrewd observers of human naturn
did not nwe a particle in tho presence- of
Id Uuncattle, and would call liiili to his
face old Forrest, or Julius Ctwar, or sorno
other name indicating their contemptuous
dcriiiontif his preteion. I havo seen
him s talk? up to the' bar with tho twins
!0 peculiar to that aisiinguitneu cnicn
murdorcr. Mncbclb. and in a deep, solemn
voice demand a glass of ale, when the ir
reverent bartender would seize a well
wcrn account book and respond, "Hold
hard old swallow-tail, till I see how v.e
This dealer in liquid insanity never per
mitted the old fellow to cot beyond a cer
tain allowance, well knowing that in such
a case u settlcmdntbccamc as dim and dis
tant as the day of judgment. He had an old
velvet-sheathed dress sword that he swore
had boon presented him by the "great
Kean'' after ft tucccitful performance of
liisro to the great actor's Othello, that ho
said was acknowledged by the best crit
ics to have been unsurpassed for excellence
uud effect. Ho told mo once, wbon some
what excited by liquor, that whon that
"blasted. old humbug gave him that sword
ho was so drunk that In didn't know him
self from a general muster, and for a week
after he was blowin' up his property-man
for lojini: tlie toustlnc-fork.
This sword tho old fellow sometimes put
in pawn, and ho never rested until it was
redeemed. It was tlio umbitlon of my
early lifo to posses myselfof his sacred
relic. I believe I coufd havo murdered
old Hun tn get it, but for tho fact that his
death would have put an end to my night
ly entertainments. On ono occasion I.
ming ueni oi enort, nnu couucieu uye
dollars. Somo of this had been given me;
somo of it I had borrowed from an old,
unsuspecting maiden aunt, and a part I
am ashamed to confess, had been intrusted
to mo to muko tho final payment on a
air of checkered pants an ingenious tailor
ad desiencd. If it were possible 'for a
pair of pants to become the shirt of Xessus
those pants bid fair to ho that classical
garment, l was nursucu oy me tailor, a
blues, heartless, consumptive son of n
goose, as an uvenger ; and my earliest
financiering talents cre developed in
preventing Iho wronged man of shears
from coming to an understanding with
my guardian. However, 1 offered the
immense sum to tho old actor for the
"Five dollars for tho sword onco worn
by tho erroat Kean I Hoy, thou dreumcsli
ITlio untold wealth of the Indies would not
nurchaso that sacral relic. It shall be
buried with me."
My heart sank into my boots r.t thi.
Hut old Hen ended by borrowing my
monoy and loaning mo tho sword. For
nearly n month I was Its happy pomcssur.
Hotirlng to tho dim lit garret, whero I
had arranged a stage, L tnvaigled somo
playmates to attend us actors and audience
to ait mu in a scene from Itichard the
Third. Wo had to speak our parts in
rather a subdued voice, on account of my
maiden aunt occupvini: tho room iiiiuiu-
diuttily boiuw us, und sho, poor lady, being
fiosaos'scd in her portly body of a perfect
lospltal of norvuus dlcases, quiet was nc
cossnrv to her continued existence. This
did not prevent our acting our ove
ral parts with great vigor ; and at tho
end of' a tcrrilc combat between tho
crooked-backed irunt and his stupid
Kiclimond, wo stumbled nud full from tin;
piano-liox or slugo, or n part of tho garret
whero the plastering alone made the floor,
und through this wo broke, to our own
horror and tho consternation of tho little
audience. Fortunately for in unfortu
nately for my poor old aunt wo entered
tho sucred privacy of hur i-tal apart
ment immediately nbovo. the bed on which
sho was rupoilng thinking us llt'.lo of our
coming ti3 sho did of tho aagel Gabriel.
Through the rotten plaster, down upon
tho slender 'canopy, Willi a chorus of
shrieks and yells and a cracking of sticks,
wo tumbled onto, In, and ovur tho poor
old ladv. who would have screamed a ter
rific scream but for tho tact tliut ve had
knocked the last bit of wind out of her
fleshy fueblo body. f
.My aunt nover recovered. Shu inudii it
a point novor to rocovar, bhu went into a
decline, und declined for twenty years be
fore death cuiiio to her relief.
ltlchmoitrt had alt his' front teeth
knocked out und itichard 1 II an arm
broken. Willie bolng nursed, old Hun
came' to soo mo, and, taulng advantage of
my.klnd guardian's back, said to mo, In u
stago whisper
"Didst broak tho sacr?d sword, you lit
tlo cuss?''
I did not, however, sit down to toll of
mysolf, but of tho old actor, no was full
of entertaining stories of his lifo beforoand
behind tho scene. One day 1 called his
attention to tho i.oUo mado over Julia
Dean, and atked him what ho thought (if
licr ns nu aclrcM.
"Kot much," ho replied ; "young ami
pretty; got a rathcrhh sweet voice; not
much of an nctrc'j tliough. Compares her
to Mm. Duff. HyJovetlotco UulTcomo
on tho stae as Isabella, in tho 'Fatal Mar
riage1 ftho'd jut sweep In and occupy
tho whole itago. Her voieo was thunder
set to muiic, and her eyes chain-lightning.
Then for pathos: beat'hor in .Mrs. Hallerl
When she said ho loo 'had a Henry,' tho,
pit raised umbrnllasto keep dry from tho
tears that rained from the boxit.'
"Julia Dean is not up to that?"
"Devil a bit; she's young and pretty,
that's all. The fellows run after her and
tho critics puff her. I know Julia. I
know tho wholo family. Her mother was
n Drake, and a dc-vllth pretty (luck of a
Drake tho was. Young Vn41ck took his
wife off the stage, and himself otf tho iccr.o
or lire soon after tnroucn took much liign
illni;. And then tho widow mnrrioJ old
Dean, the nctor. Tliu llrst liuihiicd iitcd
up moil of tho beauty, snd tho Inst hus
band all that was left of health, l'vo seen
'cm many times playing third-rate parts;
aud while Dean was on tho stngo in prop
erty tiuhts, she was at the witics patch
ing his old pantaloons and nurting tho
"Julia Dean 1 '
"Nono oilier, my boy, and tho only mr-
vlvor of tho family. Old Dean trained
her ur as an Italian docs a monkov, and
she's making his 11 anted fortune."
Ill, ItoliHuf Iilfe, Diet, r.itrelie huiI (
from the Herald of Health.
New Yoax, March 30, U;.
To Josti'ii H. ltici!Aiui, Esq. Dear
Sir: I promised, somo time since, to giyo
yon somo n?couut of my habits of life,
so fur, at least, ns regards diet, exercise,
and occupation. I am not suro that it
will be of any uso to you, although tho
system which I have for many years ob
served seems to answer my purposo very
well. I havo reached a pretty advanced
period of lifi, without the usuaf infirmities
of old ago, and with my strength, activity,
and bodily faculties generally in pretty
good preservation. How Tar this mav bo
tho effect ofTtiy way of life, adopted long
ago, and steadily adhered to, is perhaps
I rise eariy, at this time ofthe yearnbout
5J; in summer, half an hour, or even an
hyur, earlier. Immediately, . with vcrv
little incumbrance of clothing, I bagin "a
scries of exercise, for the most pari de
signed to expand the chest, and at tho
same time call Into action nil tliu muscles
and articulations of tho bojy. These
are performed with dumb bells, tho very
ugntesi, covered wiui nannoi; wun a
pole, a horizontal bar, and n light chair
swung around my head. After a full,
bour, and sometimes more, passed in this
manner, 1 bathe from head to foot. When
at my place in the country, I sometimes
shorten my exorehes in tlio chamber, and,
going out, occupy myself for hnlf an hour
or more in some work which requires
brii-k exercise. After my bath, if "brcak
fmt be not ready, I sit down to my studies
until I am called.
Mv brenkfat is a simple ono hominv
I and milk, or, in place of hominv. brown
ure.iu, or oat-meal, or wneaten grlt. anu,
in the seasop, baked sweet apples. Huck
wheat cakes I do not decline, nor any oilier
article of vegotablo food, but animal food
i nover tttico nt brcai.Tast. lea ami collco
I nover touch at any time. Sometimes I
take a cup of chocolato, which has no nar
cotic eiltct, nnd tigreet with mo very well,
Tito Minir that llcrOluc nro ifaile or.
Tiio young lady who represented "Oer
mania'' in tho peace pageant in Now York
isn't dead, after all. Tho .S'fa gives tho
reliublo facts thus : "Throughout tho pro
cession with ono arm sho leaned upon a
liugououble-cdgeu sword, and tho other
sho distended, with n gesturo in strict
keeping with the artistic poise of her bead.
Her fine figure wus inclined slightly for
ward, expressivo of constant vigilanco.
Tl,!l trtii. I.. .itlllml.. Mlu n,nul.. ..rn.
served, afmost motionlcis for hours, wliilo
tho sixteen miles or pomp ana pageantry
slowly wended Its way through tlio crowded
streets, Sho woro on her head simply n
laurel wreath, and her neck, arms, head
and sandled feet wero expoted to tho pierc
ing rays oi nn almost torrid sun, which
lull with nn unusual fervor for tliu season
After undergoinir this cxccsslvohoat, tear
ful fatigue, and almost endless round of
excitement; tho blooming lady attende.i
tho grand ball at tho ('erman Assembly
rooms, nto a hearty, substantial supper,
drunk innumerable glasses of beer and
llliiuo wine, danced until broad daylight,
a lul 'went homo with tlio hoys in tliu
morning.' Yesterday, when called upon
by tliu reporter, sho expressed much sur
prise at the report of hor death.'
Itcmarknliln 'ive X .lluu (Jmftcil
I.IUo n l ree.
I'ioiii the Sedalla (Mo.) Tim.s, April '10.
The caso cf Ocorgo Gardner, ut tliis
city, who, our roadors may remcmbur, had
ids fool crushed on tho Jl. I", ami T. U. '.,
some tune sinco, bus titvon rise to an ex
periment nud a reault in surgery of great
interest to tho profession unit destined to
cominnnd the attention of sciuntillc read
ers ovtry where. A report of the cae
will doubtless find Its way into the nu-di
eal journal!, hut wo may, without Impro
priety, givoar. outunu ot tno experiineiit.
It lias ui way b been difficult to ciiti.u tliu
healing ot wounds where an v largo surface
ui mu tKiii wus gene, as nothing out ti.iu
will producu now skin, and this only 'or a
short dtstanco (less than an inch) around
tho mitrgin. llence, iu making amputa
tions, it has always been considered neces
sary to preseryo n ".hip" of skin to
fold over tho exposed end of tliu limb
in order to form n covering of skin and
n good "stump." Hut In (Jardner's case
tliu piillunt wait too weak to admit of am
putation, und it wis it ouestion oi mo or
denth tq enva the ankle-joint nnd to form a
skin covering for tho crushed and mangled
stump. This was dono by a wonderful
process, viz.: by Iraii'plantmy or grafting
on the ioountteit nart from tune to time a
imalt portion of akin from another part vj
the body. Pieces .of skin not so largo as a
grain of wheat woro taken irom tno pa
ticnt's arm and grafted on tho lacorated
stump, whero tuey toon root, as w wore,
formed a nuclotu for growth, and gradual-
ly spread till tho wholo surfaco was com
pletely covered with a sound and new in
tegument of skin, and tho young man has
n goon annie mint ana it beautiful stump.
Tha surgeon In chargo (whoso nn'mo we
aro not at liberty to use) does not claim to
oo mo uucovoror or this trcattuunt, the I
credit of which is duo to a celebrated stir- '
goon of Paris Mr. Itevcrdin, wn bdlcvc.
Hut tho present caso Is believed to bo the
most clearly defined and eminently sue.
cessful ono yet treated in tho I'mted 1
Ststcs, and as such will undoubtedly t x
clto much intcret in scientific circles.
va:s :i ,
4213 t'oitlt CI
Do'libins J
A color and lri
not bum tho hat
dll; taut t.lll
or injure tho
It does not produce a culor
racclmnically, ns tho jsoisonni:'
preparations do. ,
It gradually restores ILr 'uir
to Its origin:'.', color and lui
by supplying new lite utid vir i
It caused a iu:;utiitnl growd.
of soft, Jlue hair.
Tho beat rum
ever oii'ored.
Olcan t'.nd Pur'.
'.ft:.t nrHcia
Sold m'orywhci1.
Hy viitue ofnn order and docreo of tho County
Court of Alexander connty, Illinois, maJeontlia
petition of tho iindershtned.Tb.mat Mnrtain, ad
ministrator ofthe ettate of Anlilcy .N. MaPI,
deceatcd,iit the March Term, ISTl.nf tuiil court,
to. wd. on tho ilt rim of March, 1871, 1 Khali, on
tho Uth day of .May, 1471, between the hours of
ieu n riccK inino lorrnoon ana rouro i iocx in in'
afternoon of tiid dar, tell, at public ttle, t the
front door of the Court Hoiim. fu tlio city of Cnlro,
In taid county, the real ottalo described u follow s,
lo-wlt! llefiiinin; at the toutheatt corner of
claim CS1 turrevS'.'A, on aua-li and ttreetgum;
runnlnz south of u lilt the original line of
aid tiirtey, to the runk oft'io Mintitnippi nrer,
one hundred and elahly jole, four link vrott of
a bhek oak nlrx inche. in diameter: thence un
tho river fifty-four pole to a Mme, ttirc tlnloi
nonr.wo.'i om i uck oak eigne incnea in.'iinmcier;
thence nort.l of enit one hundred an 1 oiahlv
poles to a Hon on tho northcaat linn of aiid ur
v: tlicuco llflT-fcur nolct. eatt al eoutli. with
aid line to tlio l.cglnnlnf, containing tlxtr-tlx
ij-l'mii .;rH. Aim, ooainnins at a none, any
four pole north (.bearing thirty-nine desreea
forty minuted weit) irom the toufheatt corner of
nine tliei.ee wett (bearlm: south fiftr decries
twenty nlluiito went) onn hundred and o'zhty
poiea in a tioiic, tnree tinKt nortnwrtt ot a i.m 't
oak elglitlnche. In diameter, on the bank ol the
Mlellppl river; thence up with and on the
bank ol the till Mlfculiiippl river nl inly-four
polet to a toiiri thence eat(t carina northlllty de
gree twenty tiilniiteteai-tioiie hundred anil cishtv
pole to a moim In theonnlnal line of mM tiirrey;
thence kouth (bearing cut) with the cn'tem lino of
the till Hirtcy ninety-four iolet tn attono In
th" mid line, the l-ccliinlo; corner of tho Iract of
lnd herein lat de.'rlbed. oorlalninx oho hun
dred andtlvo7S-10inh acres. All of the raid tamN
atiotndesctiliwlbeinit the toillh part of claim No.
csi, eiirrry No. '-Jl, In Alexander county,
llllnoii', containing in the aititresato l i'j". and
!ji liithiicrttndkaoHnnthe Athley N.M.rey
farm, (.abject only to the riijhtof the pre.ent oo
eut.aat to mako n crop on raid Unda for tho year
Wl, nnd the tight of thn heir of laid Ashley N,
Mastey, de et.fl, to collect and receiro tho renin
ofeaiu land for tho year 1711; on thefo.lonlnz
te:m, to-wlti Ono half of tho purchafco money
to I paiil cash in hand, and the btUnca In
twtlrc niuntha Irom dateof t.ile. tho niirclmtcr to
iritonavla tnortKtfte on the ptrml.n. told to e
cur the payment nf the unpaid purchase moaey.
imiiii inisrjinuty ot .nnruii. in.i.
Adinlnlstralnr ol tliec.tnlo of Ashley N. Mas
spy, deceased
i.Krr.vT, (iiiiirnT, .inyi. mcii.uijjt
rrliif;o Giiliiu.
i:ervonc Ilia nvrit ISoctor.
A nrivmn instructor for married ncrtons cr
tho-n about to bemiirriod, both main nnd female
in cverylhlnaconcerulni; tlio physiology ami ro-
lationt ot our seximi ey.icni, aii'i iim prnmiciiuu
and prevention ofollspruiif, Includins all the netr
uucovenet never immofh given in ino r.uiisu lan
Kuaxe.by Jl,VUUMi, .m. u. this is roiuy A
vaiuai.io nni inieremngworK. it it written in
plain la'igua;e or tno geuorai re.iuer, anu is unit,
trated with numerous euitravluts. All youn
marrind people, or those contemplatlni; mnrrlaue,
antl navn tno ica.i iinprnuiieni, iu innrrieii .un
eliuuld rea I this book. It dlscloiea tevrrta that
ovorv onenhniibt be acquainted vtith I rtill it Is a
lioolc that must bo locked up and not lie uWitil
tho house. It will b tent to unr addnxs on re
ceiptor ficenW Addrem Pr. V.'JI. YUl'Nii, .
SlOjspruco atrcet, nbovu J-'oitrth, I'luIaJilp! la.
tinv. lUvio'm
T"illiT!v h 'v h a v o'iwi
j. TI()ii.
list. it. of John Vain! eke, D'ce.i'-cil.
The underslifiied havltit Im-n Miiniiintcd Ad
mlnlctra'.or of lit- o-H.ite of John Vundrckc. Into
of Iho County of Alexander and ."late ot Illinois,
deceased, hrrcti'v jtives notice that liu will nppt ar
Iwforo ihe t'Miinty t'.iurt of Alexnndee Counly at
3rd Mori lay lii Slay unit, nt ivhich liuti nil per- I
ll.o ruiiri iioiiNti ill ijA rn hi iih illov H'llll. oil II. 1
nont luruif claims n.ini i-nni I'linio are no.
linen aii'i ie'o.iri i. imvnn iov me iurjMiru u i
liavini; III "iitm-mIJtitol. All pcr.on.i ludebte l
to 'Ucl rtulH lire iiiucstid in muku iiumediatu
payment In the iiali'tnii!ii'd. I
1 ftieil 1111. n il ,' .'iniuii, s. 1. inii. j
iiicIiU-.vo; ISAAC VAI,lii;i:, Aminiitratur. I
or i ci:.
.Mate of Idmiis. Alex Older I'.uilitv. ss :
To tliu May Twin, A 1)., 171, of Ih'i Alcsacder
county 1'rolniM Court:
In the matter nf the ttuaidiaa-h i of minor
heirs of I'tter Slaplcton, dei a'.e.l Noticu ot
To nil persons oonci'rned Tk norce, that
tins ur.der. sue I, u'li.irluii of the person nml
properly of .Uiclniel Mpl"ton, minor heir nt i
l'elers'.ipl bill, drceiisci, Hill, on I lie third d'y i
ofllio Miy Term, A !., 17I, of ihu n id court, to ,
be lioMen .it Ihu court hou.u in the city nf Cairo,
in .tni coiiiii), on H f ttiuil Motiiluy of M:y
next, preei'iil to .aid court for eeep.anM, h.s
lesntualios ol tiHMifllcH of guardian f aid M'-
chnel Htsi'leto.i, aci'iirditit; lu the st itut lnsini, 1
ciii m idii and provided, i
(iiiariliiin of Miidiui I Htapleton,
I a:ed at Cairn, III.., this lTlad.iy of Anill, 1S7I. '
BlirlS l(lt.w4-
ITAA'TKO. .Vt'lO.V'i'.S,
l-e vent V. live In tun hundred dnllvr nrr i.i'.nih
evert wliern, ihiiIk and 'eiimlii, to iniro'lia e tlm
Uciiulne liuiuiited t'uiiiiiiuii huti.u 1'hioiIj muiiii;
Miichinn. Ihls in.idili.e u Mlli'li, li' in, f, 'I, 1
tuck, bind, I mid, cord, .poll and einbrnidcr in a I
iiin.i superior milliner, rrico only cii--. not
usiranti'd far fivu venr. Wnmll .ay l,ts" fir
any machine that u ill e u s!rio(i'r, inor umi.
til nl or mo.ro ili.iu' i'iimihiiiiosrs ll la.ikes v',
'KUsllo l.oeS'itili," Kiery scoud silluliean
Ia' tut, and still tho chili ciuuot Iw juitlmi apart
without tcarinu I . We pay aitenla S7A to i2ni per
moiitiinint eensrs, oracoiiiinlsslou fiom which
twice that itinoiiiit can be made, i'pje elrcnlais ,
a'.id terms, apiuy i" or mmre,
" C, llOWKIWi CO.,
I-i.lriituce Street, Phllnlnlplila, Pa.
Cautii'" I"' "at to imposed upon by other
p.ytles K'lriiillfiott wotthle.scitst iron iiihcIiIiU's
under thv Name inline or othr).e. Oars I the
only Krnulnenait really practical cheap machine
matuifAciurrri. tirlo.3iu
Golden Remedies.
I'tlV'"' s S "7' me lrIUian.i
itoner. il.VfJ i( K t An J fcr my cut of dlietK,
In any -tij; ' li !. '!' u.-e.
ja lii.iA(i iiii.",; UAL.
--AM", (S, i k S, are th
etci'ejf atttta'iTC-i lnon.
nr. juoiiau'a nni.nr.ji
r.i.i.viK n'Aupun u the-
Creitwt Tonl ar.l'Attrlafenr
In Ui" Ueilcal UtU ti ill.
crrAts cor.nrj.v anitdoik
Li ih only reliable, dturt&v
Tht U-ta.J' s are aot adrtrUied 3 Cure all
CtmpHI-.'t, ami bcr.eflt nmVt Hoi are (rnsrtntetl
r, elect a Ha llcil anil Rpccdy Care In all cates fer
U ' t. y i." n- vjmmemltd, hen all other treat.
ra!ntnti(Aiiet. Tent ctUion,an4s yearly recer
oy lii-ir n ... wt. t.iYe loit ail hope, and haerpro
notmeel tn lt.-.ruaUt by the Uit oftt medical'
IIAt.'V.!, No. I, yfet Ulcen, Ulortl
Hnte Thr At and Wnth. Bore Ryi, Cntane--tui
TrapiiBii, CoppcrXtUr.d Ulotehn. Sonnets
jf tho S' i!p, Frrofal.yl f. It ft Die Greatat Htnft-'
rtbtr, AlW-ratlre ratal I'urtltr Vtownj tM.
ihivm all raercar leia ths tyttcci, tad team
tli b'"'.. :.a.-o ai h"ilthy. '?)
T. jJgiiacs golden
JS' UXWAit, So. S. cures lfereurlil ACeo
tioti. ltheumaujci la all lit firms, and
elrei ImmnEttt relief In all cat&i.
M'rlct cf.'-iL'.cr .'.o. 1 aft, i or twlJf. or tiro
ANTMW'T1' a n-llcal cure fit alt nrlnifT
Cr..iftswniU, l'rie- W per btUi.
J1 J I ' . :.; ',H .'JU, a raJlcal cai lot
t r i -t (ienral Debility, la old er
yoTnv, lr.i,. .n 'P:-jy with wonderful effect.
Price IS ? ! ! 1 t two fjr ?3.
On rettipt i.( prloi, tUcto reraedj will tn
hipped t- i:.r 1 toe. Protapt attention ptld to
nil eorrer''i Nie prnnlni without the
nmf - nu. t.1 HAL i UvlUHS KUIUOIU,
Li. n. nilMAH.J. trOv 1'nprletor,'' blown In
clui ol b .' ..
I'ireiii.' tni. trait intttl at a liberal
lUo.' .u p '4
-.. r. b. ncn.tr.D3, z:i vorfet
tlf it. ; Verk.
A us and n' tel y-(em of Life Insurance ro
rcntlv Introduced by the
or sr. r.oi'iH.
Ity Ihls tytleci. I.da Inttrauco is furnished at
. IIP' -si iHlif H.k u-ual pisns, and the pol.
Icy bolter rcclres an annual interes. ot teren
per cent. t:;i"n n I tl.c tn ncy paid by him to tho
Canpanv: trt ni.nusl premiums thds earning
him a- iriuf 1( a a vtrnment liond.
Tlio p. an bat It, n thoroughly criticitrd anil
fully In lot-red br tho most eminent actnariea
and aliilfut mathemata.'ians tn the land; Indeed
It has not vet b-cn the siihjcct nf "lmfa'CoraM
montion In'any rcspcctatilo qmtttr.
orncK of fiii: company:-
Nurtlr.vrst cor. Fourth k Olive Sts,
AllTilUil Jl. HAHUETT, President.
Hks'j. Wtr.i.iAMB, Secretary.
Itanks hlitli In the list ol sound, thrifty Western
l.i Companies.
It ha.ianplernplt.il SIK.eOt).
It hntasseta lu-iro than euouxh to cover all Its
1 Utilities in nddllio j to tho capital.
It has oiiohundrci tliousaml dollars deposited
with theS.ileof lliHsouri iu a perpetual guar
nniee to us policy uoi,icrs
It hisciimidicd fullv Willi the new laws nf tin.
Ftate, which are qulto as exacting and moro rluld
lyenfoiced thnnthoeef nnstern states.
It invest ita funds In tho West, anion,;1 Un
people from whom they aro received.
lis laanteoinent Is vigorous, skillful ftnd pru
dent. , .
Its annual Income from tho Interest alone is
already moro Hum tulttcienl to pay Its losses.
It Issues policies upon the ordinary life and en
dowment plan', nt tho Miino nito as. other nrtt
cl-s companies. al ,
Tho policy holders receive all the profits in an
nus! dividends.
The stock holders can receive only ten per
cent, of Interest on their capital, by tha tcrmt of
th charter.
Theannuat dividends to policy holdert aro al
ready j..eoter than many old Ilutern Companies
luvo ever been able to pay.
Tho Statu of Illinois paid last year about foi.r
mill Ion dollars for Lifo Insurance.
Why feud so much money out of tho State
away to New York an I New Eontand for an article
that may bo produced utt as chcap'y (orinoro o)
at home J
vrooi fci.ow,
apr.'&Uw'.f AKOiita at Cairo.
CIUO.E3 A. PAS A, Zaitor.
!w SoUavWccWa Sun.
A NcvTupuper ol tho Present Time.
Iiitcnilcd for I'codIo Now on Earth.
iDcluilln; Farmers, Jlcchanlci. Merchants, Pro
fcutonal Men, Wotkcrs, Tainkers, tad alt Man
ner of Honest Folki, and tha Wire), Eois, sad
Daughters of all luca.
0X1.V one noiii.AH. x yeah i
Or Ion taan Ono Cent a Copy. Let tnenj bo a
830 Clu!) at crcry Pott Oflce.
HtUMVEiathV HUN, 83 A YEAIt.
of tho t.itno tlzo and cenenl character at
T1IU WCCKLr, bat with a greater variety of
miscellaneous roxdlne, and furnUhlns ths. newt
to Iti sabscilbctsvrlth ctoxtcr trcshnots, beoaua
It comes twlco a vrcck Instead of onco only.
A prc!mlnontlr rcadihlo nowipaper.vrltn tlia
hreeit clrcilMlon in tha world. Kree. InJo
psmlent, and fearlos In politics. All lh newt
from everywhere. Two cent a copy i by tnalL
SO cents a moutu, or 80 a year.
rivo coplot, ono yetr, separately adircsted,
Vouv llolUra.
Ten copies, oca vfsr.aoatratoly addressed (and
ua extra copy to the teller up ot cloo).
" Elcbt Uollara.
Tcenty copies, ouo year, ecparatclr addressed
(uuiui extra copy u tao getter op of club).
Fifteen Dollara,
riftr cnpies.ooo rear, to ono addrett lini tba
fcmJ.H ccWy ooo year tr KetUr up of club).
Tlilrty-threo Uetlars.
nfiv coplfi. ono rear, fepiratetv aadretted (aad
me Wml HccUlyonayeirtoccltcrupofclub),
. . , , TWrty.BTe UolUr.
,0 ,?Jrcd copies, ooo year, to coo addrectv
und taa Uatlyfor otiu year tothoKettiVSVoV
vfl V' . . Oollara.
ona hundred coplct, one year, teparatelr ad
iWlnVJf4 'Of no rear w I a" elleV
upotclabj, blxty U0llr,
Five copies, one year, scparatefr addressed,
Clgkc Bcliara.
Ten copies, ona year, teparatelr addressed (ant
an extra copy toreiterop of elJa)
suteou Dllara.
HE.VD YOtllC. HOpV, li
ftFott Ofllco orders, checlit, or drafts oaMv.I
' VtWfiWbereTereanraraeni. Ifooi. toen rjcUiei
lt letters coBtiloluiaioiusy, Addrm 71
I. W. E.VOLAKD. PnblUhee.
Saa oaks, Nev VorX Cjry. ,

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