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Tho to lowing Urmtrr leare Cairo
on the. day an-J t (b ho'irs btdow-named
1 ALISM AN, Every Monday at 6 p.m. j
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at 5 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, at C p.m.
For Freight or I'satao apply on board, or to
JanM'Hlf ;j OHIO levei:.
The beautiful and light dranght ateamer
UOIWEY MKBbKY ....Met er.
J-Clro dally alSp.m., jd I'adueahdally
MVa.nl. Having aaperlor accommodation ahe
oliclta public patronage.
- Particular attention paid te collection of In.
?oi.hro, bat tli boat will noti reipSij
alble for the aame until collect!.
' ; $100,000
May 25th, 1871,
TUkcta Two Dollara Each IlnlTe a Out
Dollar Sach.
BtfThfa enlerpnut will Ui conducted in a re-
.ielv almtlar manner lo thai of I he late Orand
U.fJ Concert of the Mercantile Library Aocia
Hon, of Han I'ranciaco, which gaic such umreraal
Onet'hanreln Every Thirty
1 Caah Olit.....
1 Caah (lift
1 Caah (IUI...
1 lash (lift
1 Cuh ; ut. .........
1 Caah 01tt....
1 Caah lilft.
1 Caah Cift
1 Caah Olfl ..
1 Caah !ift.......
I Caah Oirt.....
1 Caah (iilt.....
1 Caah (ll't
I Oath Oi ft .... .
- Ift.UH
.. i.tjti
, !,(
,. 1,011)
... l.w,
...... 1,JU
... '..'. i
......... 2," )
..... 3,1V)
I Caah (ilfl
Caah ( (la, '" each..
u. allium, rf) each..,
Caah Olfie, 100 each..
un iiiua, w eacn.,
Caah Olfts,
art rach.....
V, ach.....
1U each.
J rach.
iwu uain uitta,
SllOGlrte, amounting to... ....... . IV"
Which will bodlatributed by chance aoior;r, the
ticket holdert, by the Mutual Aid A.tociation of
Rinarxcia M.H. I) reck, U H. Marthal'a of5c,
Omaha: Edxar Zabmkle, lata Uolon Pacific lull
road office, OtriaharJ. Tamer, Deputy L'. H. Mar
tha), Omahai J. Doyle. Poatofflce, tfnvdia. b.
Good re.ponaible amenta wantJ. Literal com.
ralaiioa allowed. Adlre,
LTXUKD CO., liuimeaa Manager.,
Omahi, Nebraaka.
Tta b1 Hollo w Vurr, Clothrs Wringers
ToHet Ware, Coal Hods, Fire
Shotela, Air Uratoi,
Maoufatturcr ol
Tin, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron
JCT JX. XI 33.
No. 166 Washington Ave
CAIRO, u.irs.
nonalnc. Clnttcrlnz and all kluda ol
Jot Work Done nl fltiorlcat Mutlcc.
c o
ire Prepared to Supply Customers
nlUi the Vest qnallty tf
IllinoiM Coal.
Ordtra Itft at Ilalltday Brot. Ofllcr,
No. TO Ohio !., or nl th Conl
Tard below the St. Charles Ho
ta!,wlll Becclw Prompt
Tl.e Tu(c "Monlauk" will brine; Coal nlongaulo
teatnf rs alany hour, daror night,
.Cairo, Oct. lUlh, l;o. tf
(Eaectfttfori to John Q. Harmon X Co.,)
AIC T x o Sf "e ebn
74,. Second Floor, OHIO LEVEE
Cairo. 111.,
Buy and Sell Real Estate
PcccuaouorArraaA Co.,
T -
General Commission Merchant
No. 113. Ohio Itcvcc,!
3lcn' Fine Henl Hkln Gaiter, and alio
"Prince Albert"' at Elliott & HnytbornV.
' ii i a - . i .a
Mia.ci' .Sergo and Kid Polish, icallop
top, at the City Bboo Store, comor Com
mercial avenuo and Eighth street. If
FLOim. Choice Family Flour In Ibis
half bbls., sacks &c, for sale at tho Egyp
tian Mills. au
Who Is it that doos not liko smoking
hotUcuits for broakfmt? Tho Fnmo
Cook stove will bake them In five minutes
timo by the watch. tf
Gents' Oxford Ties, l'rin.-c AlbcrU
and Opcrn Slippers, at the 'City Shoo
Storo," corner of Commorcinl avenuo and
Eighth street. tf
SLadlea' Herjjo (l'ollili) Vronch Kid,
foxed, nt City Shoe Store, cornor of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. If
Wanted Immediately, n girl to do
general homo work, at So. 67, Ninth
treet, between Walnut and Ceditr streets.
It Mrh. JErF.MAKTiy.
Citv Jam.. The gentle JIcHhIo has In
bis keeping twelve priions fivo men
and seven women, all Incarcerated for vio
lation of city ordinance'.
Ladies' Surge ( Polish j, icallop-top, for
from one dollar and fifty cents to three
dollars and twcrity-flvc cents, at City
Shoo Store, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Eighth street. tf
Tiik L'rio patent moveable point steel
plow; ono citra point given with cat:h
plow. For sale only by
aCtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Notil'K. All persons having articles at
the Cairo Dye Homo are requested to call
ond get them beforo the '-'Oth of ilay next,
or they will be sold for charges.
Kixioiouh The Itev. I. B. Muhan, of
Centralis, general missionary of the
Ilaplitt Home Mission Society, and the
liaptitt General Association of III., will
pretch In the Presbyterian church on Sab
bath morning and evening.
A splendid assortment of bird cages
moss baskets, Hower stands, flowor train
ers, wirc-clotb for window screens, bath
and foot tubs, ic, &c, just received nt
aCtf 13C Commercial Ave.-
Sekmomk o;.' Tmtkuvbuanck. Two
sermons will bo preached to-morrow, at
the Methodist Church, on the subject of
intemperance, by the pastor. At 10 J1 a.m.,
his subject will be, "Tho Evils of Intem
perance," with to ma interesting statistics i
and at 7:45 p.m., "Who is responsihle,"
with proposed remedies.
Tr.CE. There can be no doubt that
liaiiirh ia par exctUtncr, tlio boot ond
shoemaker of Cairo. He challenges com
petition in his trade, and atsurcs the pub
lic that ho will guarantee to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eighth street
near the corner of Ohio Lovcc. tf
Tunsr.K Picxio. Do not fail to at
tend the Turner rirtiic on Sunday,
April 3'), across the river, opposlto Gait
gher's mill. It will be one of tho mot
pleasing affairs of the season. Every ar
rangement has been mado for the enter
tainment of the largo crowd that will be
in attendance.
Wakixq Ut. People begin to realize
that our respected ancestors must have had
a very Inconvenient time of it without
railroads, steamers, gat, friction matches,
telegraphs, expresses, sewing machines,
and last, and par consequence not least,
Charter Oak Cooking Stoves.
Postponement. Owing to the absence
of the steamer Eckcrt, which is now in
tho neighboring of Littlo Ttock, the pro
posed picnic, on that Stenincr, announced
for the 1U of May, is postponed until
Wednesday, 10th Inst. Tho manngors
publish n card clsewcre on tho local pago
of this paper.
Gold Loan in Caiiio Jay Cooko Sc
Co. offer tho 7.30 gold loan of tho North
ern Pacific It. K. Co., as a s.fo and proflt
ablo investment, but a still moro profitable
way of investing money is in Urown A.
Edwards' barber shop, where, among oth
er excellent barbers, Gus Hime handles
his trusty r7.or. Koniomber tho place
Theobold's old stand, Seventh street, near
Ohio Levco. tf
Thf. Fenton Cok.v Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenue
and Tvcntlclh street, is now in charge of
Mr. M. D. Gunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted it, invites tho at
tention of the public to tho fact that ha is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal.
Ordors left at tho mill or sent through tho
postofllco will reccivo prompt attention.
I will sell, on reasonablo terms, my
threo story hotel and grocery building, and
lot, locatod on tho Ohio Lovee, opposlto
tho Central Elova'.Dr. This iaavcryde
slrablo property bolng close to tho now
manufacturing establishment now being
erected in tho Fourth Ward, and is par
ticularly adopted to tho uses of any jScr
son desiring a stand for cither the hotel
or grocory business. Apply, cither 'by
letter or personally,,
Will It Hold Un.lrr the Xfiv t'otittltu.
Hon 1 0lnlnii f.Htiitt Andl,
tor l,liplncott.
Judge ISrosi has kindly pormltted us to
7 pf " Z I 8na 8th " 1871; and It I. the In
s tho following letter ,., ' , .... ,
T! . ,. tention of tho cxccutlvo committee to make
Jiipiiincott. it ex- ,, ., , , ,
lay beforo our readers
from Stale Auditor Lip
plains itself:
Mato of Illinola, Auditor'. Office,
Sprlnllcld, April 2Tth, 1871.
Hon. F. Dross, County Judge Alexander Countj.
Dear Sir : Your favor of 22d Inst.
It txiforo mo. Under Sec. 7, Art. 0 of tbe
new constitution, it is my opinion that tho
County of Alexander will not bo entitled
to receive any portion of taxes (donated
thereto by act approved April 10, 18G9)
levied for Stain purposes on assessment of
I have no objection to having tho mat
ter submitted for opinion of Supremo
Court, if the same is dono without Incur
ring cxpenso to the Slate.
Tho collector of your county, In his
settlement with this office, will bo ex
pected to pay into tho Stato Treasury all
Stuto taxes collected by him, unless my
opinion l raverted by Supremo Coutt.
l ours, truly,
Auditor P. C.
The tax retained last year by Alexan
der county under tho act alluded to In the
Auditor's letter amounted to about $18,000,
and Judgo Dross does not propose to allow
this revenue lo lm lost'lo tbe. county
through any fault of his. HAwill sco tj
it that the county shall hive its full rights
in tho matter.
We have been requested to say that
Elliott tb Hay thorn have now on oxhibi
bltlon, and for sale, everything in the
boot and shoo line for ladies, and gentle,
men's wear j awl that oil their gwxls are
new and stylish. aprlCtf
Mr. Scott Ford lost
his dwellin"
house In II all a rd county by tire, Inst wctikJ
It was valued at $2,000.
Lazarus Ilrachor shot and killed
Frank J. Burton, nt Brachcr's Lake, three
miles back of Belmont.
All our country exchanges express fears
thut tho fruit has been s'crlonsly Injured
by the late frost.
--Hon. Oscar Turner, of liallard county,
was seriously injured by a fall from his
A steamboat took from one of the Pa
ducah wharfboats, lately, one hundred
and thirty-six kegs of gunpowder. Tho
Ktntuelian says : "What a comfortable
feeling tho passsengcrs would have if an
alarm cf Arc was given on that boat."
The Saline county lltgltter reports
tho dopartute of Gen. Kautu lrotn that city
for, Cairo, and anticipates interesting
tallaoad iicws on his return. The snmo
paper publishes tho following: Mr. Joel
G-. Morgan Is about to start a Pcmocr.tUc
paper inShawncclown. Mr.O. O. Edwards
will, wo presume, alto be connected with
it, and they willmakouti excellent paper.
The woods in the vicinity of Paducah
and the shade trees In the city aro
alivo with caterpillars, riddling tho foli
age of the trees they attack. Black birds,
blue jays, robbins and others of tbe bird
species do not afford ncy protection what
ever. Hickman and vicinity is n filleted
with this pest, and tho forest trees of lial
lard county have been, in many instance,
entirely stripped of their leaves.
Caleb Baldwin, a citizen of Golcon
da, lost his lifts by being covered with a
mass of earth from a drift in which ho
was working. Borne down by tho irre
sistible weight, he exclaimed: "Lord, havo
mercy on ray soul!" and with the
last sound of Intelligible articulation ho
was buried from view. Three hours work
brought tho body to sight, when it was
discovered that his neck and back wero
broken, head and breast crushed, and a
picco.of spar driven into his head, under
tho right eye, a distance of two inches. A
sudden and terriblo death.
Tiik first of Mat, Mrs. C. A. Meyers
will open a grand lunch, Including Beck
Boer. All those who aro disciples of King
Bacchus will partako of her hospitality.
Old Kins Coin was a merry old annl, a merry old
koiiI wat b ;
lie called for nN lii e. he called for Iili her, ho
called for hia flddleri three. tf
Seiuouh Accident. Jim .Summerwell
had one of tho fingers on his right hand
crushed, yesterday evening, while engnged'
in tho work of removing tho stones front
tho dubris of the Egyptian block. Whllo
rolling a heavy stone, taken from tho
vaults, preparatory to putting it on a car,'
his right hand accidentally caught bo-
twecti it and a roller, crushing onuoftho
fingprs so that amputation may bo neces
sary. Hemovai.. Mrs. J. Cummings wishes
to Inform hor customers and tho public
genorally that sho has removed her mil
linery goods from her storo on Eighth
street to tho commodious room on Com
mercial Avenuo, between Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Osvold's
old stund. Mrs.. Cummings bus added
largely to her sloak of goods, and now has
a cheap, seasonable and fashionable, col
lection of lints,
which sho asks
now patrons.
bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
attention of old and
For Sale. Tho undersigned will soli
nt ptlvato sale tho following described
proporty: Four work horses; 2 sets
doublo harness; 2 two-horso wagons;
soveral plows and other ogricultural im
plements. Parties desiring to purchase
Will call at her rctldcncoor at Robt. llri
bach'i, opposite tho court house. Tortus
of sale, half cash ; bulance on tlx month's
credit, with good security.
apr22dlm Mn. KATIE COOPER.
Fourlceuth Animal State Convention.
Tho Sabbath school workors of the
j SUlo of IIHdoIs will meet In Convention
f In tho city of Galesburg on the Ctb, 7lh
It tho most interesting and profitable con
vcnlion that has ovor been held In the
State. Many noted Sabbath school men
j of tho nation will bo present. Tho follow
ing havo signified their Intention to par
ticipate In tho proceedings: Dr. I. L.
McKco,of Louisville, Kentucky; Dr. Ed
wcrd Egglstton, editor df tho New York
Indijiendtnt ; Prof. Edwards, of Normal
Southern Illinois should distinguish her
self In her seal to forward this m ovement,
and strivo tomako It an ovent long to be
remembered In the annol of Sabbath
Tho following Is tho programme that
will mark tho proceedings of the three
days of thoconvontlor.t
. "
t j . -,; TVMtat M0UIV1.
in to 12. rrTr Dlectlo,'- I
2 to 2..V). Opening Kxereiai".
2 30 to S. Appointment of ; urn ltfor Nom
3 lo t. Threo Minute' Koport..
4 to .I. SoeiaU-.
7 to S. Mreet Meeting,
s. A'ldree.
C. t- 7. l'rarcr Meeting.
t.lM to tf. Keportof .NomlnatlncCorntr Itlee.
0 to I'l, Neit Sunday I,on, National 7e.v;h
It to lo-.av noej
10-0 to 12. Art of TWIitaf.
1 to 3. Itcpotta trom Statistical SevrUryad
Trenautor. .
a to 4. Thi OmntMia
4 to 0. hundity School llurlo.
7 t a. hlret Meetmet.
. Addrc.w
n 1 1 7. l'rnver Metln.
f.M to '4. lIiMellanvou. lhl,llrl.
J to 10. Nrxt Son'lir l.etaon.llerran SrriM.
,1') to H':30. Itsccai.
Iihjii to 11.30. our Counlf Wink.
11:1 to li. .Next ria;i ut M toting.
' to :). IfuSniahH Huklne".
J0 lo 3.-W. Oh-., Ti.','.-!iIok.
:r.2n to 4. (Jueation lfrawer.
4 lo 0. Kcriiion to Children, Itev. lir. HcIC e .
7 to S, htret JlectmE".
i. CiOiic; Addract.
Arrangements have been made for a re
duction of fare on railroads leading to
legal cntcrpriso in aid of a public library
at Omaha, comes well recommended, and
we havo no doubt it is gotten up in good
faith and will be carried out to tho letter
In short that it is no bogus affair. See
advertisement in another column.
Tat License 'on tour Valcaiile
Dpas. Our efficient City Marshal, An
drew' Cain, notifies owners of dogs that af
ter tho 10th of next month he will com-
menco the work of destruction of all tinll-
censed dogs found running loose inside
the coiorato limits of the city of Caiio.
Ho will be at the City Clerk's office daily
from tho first of.May until tho 15th, tho
expiration of tbe time of grace Thoso
possessing vuluable canines should not fail
to see Mr. Cain and pay the lawful license,
and by that means avoid tho risk of los
ing them. His notlco will bo found under
tho head of new advertisement;.
The FocitTH "Ward. Ono orthomoH
popular institutions of tho Fourth Vard
Is Killer's shoe store, whero he makes to
order nil kinds of f hoes In tho most workman-like
manner. The citizen 'who uses
ills goods will never patronizo any other
shoemaker in the city. His shop Is on
Twentieth street, nearly opposite the
courthouse. tf
Go and See. Everybody knows that
A. Halley keeps a tin and stove store on
"Washington avenuo, between 10th and
11th streets, but everybody does not know
that everything in the lino of tin and iron
ware can be found there. Good house
keepers, whose hearts always worm toward
a nice, bright articlo of tin ware, should
not pass II alley's storo without paying him
a visit. They may take tho word of tho
Bulletin which is well known never to
deviate from tho truth that they will go
away enriched with somo household con
venience which appealed so strongly to
their housowifoly instincts that they wero
compelled to buy. Halley shows his wares
with tho greatest plensuro olways, perhaps
becausu ho knows that tho sight of them
always Induces a purchase.
Kvna-jTO.v. James Kynaston, tho well
known butchor of the Fourth Ward,
opened his branch butcher shop yester
day, nnd now Invites tho patronage, of tho
public. His "branch" Is on the. lot next
to tho grocery storo of Alderman Carroll
on Commercial avenue, and will bu sup'
plied with tho freshest and bet ments in
tho Cairo market. Kyuustoti knows his
business, und always furnishes good rncuU
and gives full weight. tf
Tho City Council mot In joint sunion
last night. No business of importance
whs trnnsnctcd.
Tho county courts of Pulaski and Al
exander counties met nt Unity yesterday
andngroed upon tho location for a bridgo
to cross Cache river ut that point.
Col. Taylor nnd Judgo Allon returned
from Bt, Louis yesterday, Tlioy report
tho'affalrs of the Cairo and St. Louis rail
road In n vory satisfactory condition. Tho
contract for its construction is ready to
sign and 'will bo signed la duo tlinu.
Tho County Court roueU to-day, as our
readors are aware, for the purposo of tak
ing into consideration the O. & V. R. R,
question. As wo said yesterday morning,
there is small doubt but that the decision
of tho court will meet tho wishes of tho
' people.
ltetour(a and in-mlnctlvtiicaa of
Noutlirrn Ill'itpla.
,,,:-!?Ta,,,,,iVV.''',MArK uu" Hinu
. d I'.vur.viii.oiT.n vi:as.tji.
Meeting or the Anrleiy on Tueailey,
T!.o mcmbors of tho Southern Illinois
Immigrant Aid Society, as well as all
thoso interested, aro respectfully requeued
to meet In tho Poor Man's Club room, In j
"Winter's block, on Tuosdayovcnlng, May j
2nd., at seven o'clock, sharp, for tho pur- j
pose of considering tho propriety of per
fecting a moro permanent organization,
and deviling ways and menns to carry out
its purposes, if found expedient.
"Whilo it Is truo wo havo taxed ourjclvct
to our utmost capacity for railroads, Slr.to
and county road, bridges and other Im
provements, wo havo sadly overlooked
thr very Important Item of encouraging
immigration and wealth, to improvo and
beautify our country, and aid us in
further enterprise.
It would be superfluous to suy that tho
southern portion of our. State, (and !r. par
ticular tho four or II vo southern counties,)
for location, roil, timber, rock, and ore,
water nnd climate, is not surpnsM-d by any
fc'tato in tho Union.
Nature has provided us with every nat
ural advantage ever vouchsafed to any lo
cality. Hounded by two of the most prom
inent rivers on this continent; centralized
by tho Illinois Central rs llrond nnd other
railroads in progress; timber second to
none; beautiful, clear, gushing springs of
water without number; qunrrics of finest
lime, sand and marble; Iron ore suiliclcnt,
if manufactured, to lay u railroad truck ten
times around tho world, tv.'ico told; while
our rich soil, If properly cultivated, would
produce enough to feed nations.
Owing to our genial climate, thero is no
country can excel ours for raising all tho
staples wheat, rye, oats, corn and to
bacco; wnilo our fruits and vegetables are
far in advance of any other portion of tho
State and of superior quality it only re
mains to bring this favorite c-u.itry into
proper cultivation to mako it a second
Eden, minus tho forbidden tree.
At first view, muny will be surprised
that this beautiful field of nature has
been so long neglected, whilo others,
not half as attractive have been cultivated
for tho last quarter of a century. But as
this is foreign to our subject I will dismiss
It now remain! for us to say whether
we shall remain pauivu and grope our way
under tho shadow of our more prosperous
surroundings; or shall wo not rather shake
on" this Incubui, end act our sight on the
hills to Invito prosperity und wealth.
Respectfully submitted,
" 1). ARTElt, President.
Hilar, I.ooinU A Co. In the ZVoien l'leld.
The ice wasron of Huc, Loomis & Co.wlll
commence to deliver ico about the city on
Monday, May 1st, and will continue to
make daily rounds each- morning (Sun
days excepted) during the present season.
Orders left at tho office of the company,
corner Ohio levee and Eighth street, will
receive prompt attention. Huse, Loomis
& Co. arc also prepared to fill all orders
in the steamboat and shipping trade.
BE of good cheer, there Is life and health
for you yet. So thno that havn taken
Simmons' livor Regulator attest.
Tho undersigned is preparing his delin
quent list for State and County taxes, und
will havo It in tho hands ol tho printer
by the 1st proximo. All parties in arrears
for taxes either upon real cstato or per
sonal property nt that dale will bo taxed
with cot.
op-7-d td. SHERIFF,
Jfew Tlmo Tnljlc,
On and after 12:30, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
4th, tho following tlmo table will govern
tho arrival ond departure of passenger
trains nt Cairo ;
Mail train leave ut 3: 10 a.m.
Express " " nt :J.30 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation loaves nt...l2:"0 p.m.
Mall arrives '2M a.m.
Express arrives .12:24 p.m.
SU Louis and Cairo Express
nrrives 4:15 p.m.
The last named train leaves St. Louis
tit 10:30 o.m. Traders can leave Cairn nt
1:20 a.m., reach St. Louis at 7:25 a.m., re
main in tho city threo hours, and return
to Cairo at 4:43 p.m., tho snmo day.
Tho 12:30 accommodation nnd Cairn
und St. Louis oxprcss leavo daily ; nil oth
ers leave dally excopt Sundays.
Way passengers should bear in mind
lluit tho 3:30 p.m. trnln makes only four
stoppings botween Cairo und Cmlralla
viz: Joncsboro, Carbondnle, Du Quoin
nnd Ashley. Tho '12:30 p.m. train stops
nt nil tho stations along tho route.
dec3tf Agent, Culm.
The (Season of She lire r or IloeU Ouriia
KtXi Monday.
Mrs. C. A. Meyers, at her popular saloon,
cornor Washington avenuo and Twelfth
street, will opon tho Book Beer season on
Monday, May 1st, with a grand free lunch,
ut which nil that can please tho p.llato of
nn oplcuro will bo sorved. Lot tho lovers
of Bock tnko notice, nnd bo present at tho
lunch. apr28d0t
Picm ExcuRsidx May 1st. Tho
abovo named picnic Is postponed until
Wednesday, May 10th, on account of tho
steamer Eckcrt having to go to tho wreck
of tho steamer Dunham, sunk nonr Littlo
Rock,Arknnsas, somo six days ago. On tho
day named tho excursion will tnko placo
according tj tho already published pro
gramme, when It will bo much ploa'aiifcr
for steamboat nnd rural enjoyment.
W. II. HCHUTTER, 1 Managers
M.H. Il.VJlllljniU
Corner Wnaliingtoit Avenue nUil 1'ottr
trcntli atreet.
Fred. Bla.ikctiburg's saloon la newly
and elegantly fitted up arid supplied with
the finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, etc.,
that can bo found in tho city; tind Fred,
his no superior ns a dispenser of delightful
beverages. Do not forget tho placo, cor
ner 14th street and Washington avenue.
ISialanro lo lie Itnti, Klie Hundred
A great rjee will bo run on Saturday,
April SOtls, ntll o'clock, h.iu., between
John Boepblu'r) r.m. ami -Uiirti;.
Cain's b.h., above 3lth street, on
the pralrlo near tho hub factory. Dis-
tanco COO yards. Tho attendance will bo
lnrge, ns much interest is taken in this
race. npr27td
Tho bouse heretofore occupied ly Put
rick Fitzgernld, on Ohio Lcveo between
Fourth nnd Sixth streets. Tills house, if
not tho bbt buini's houo is cortnlnly
one of the best standstill Cairo. It fronts
the principal steamboat landing and Is
near the Illinois Central railroad depi.t.
Apply nextdcor nt Robert Smyth & Co's.
wholesale, grocery store.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" James Fisk, Jr.. Puducab.
" Idlcwlld. Evansville.
" Quickstep, Evnnsvillc,
" M. J, Wicks, Now Orient:.
" H. Ames, St. Louis.
' Hello Leo, St. Louis.
" Dick Fulton, New Orleans.
" Kato Kinney, Now Orleans.
' Mary Houston, New Orlcan.
" Storm 2, Memphis.
Robert Burns, Memphis.
" Columbia, Littlo Rock.
" Hello 1st. Louis, St. Loul.
' Frank Forrest, Wabash.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" Jn. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" IdlowilJ, Evansville.
(Juickstep, do
" M. J. Wick, St. Louis.
" H. Ames, Now Orleans.
" Hollo Lee, do
" Dick Fulton, Lcuitville.
" Kato Kinney, do
" Mary Houston, do
" Storm 2, St. Louis.
" Robert Burns, Cincinnati.
" Colnnibia, St. Louis.
' Argosy, Cincinnati.
" Beilo kl. LoiiLa, Vioksburg.
" Frank Forrest, 31emphls.
i3Tho river has risen about 3 inches
in tho past 24 hours.
HaT'Tho weather win elenr yesterday
and tho tcmperaturo mild.
CQi.Tho Mississippi is still slationarynt
St. Loul, nnd the upper river aro about
as nt last report.
CSyT'ho Ohio is stntionnry nt Pittsburg
with 32 inches In the channel, but Is fall
ing nt Cincinnati and Louisville with 3
feet 7 inches in tho chute ovor tho falls.
S&Tho Cumberland is rising with 12
feet on Hnrpeth Shoals.
C6yThe Jas. Fisk, Jr., will leave as
usual at." p.m., for Pnducah and way
tftafTho Arkansas Belle is the 6vift
Evansvlllo packet this evening on nrrlval
oflho train.
f"Tho Bello Memphis for .Memphis,
H. C. Yiigor for New Orleans arc duo tc
duy. CQjuTho Frank Forrest wns loaded to
deatli with corn in tho sack, and flipped
by without o.'cn whistling.
EOJ.Tho Knoxvillo ChronicU of Sunday
says: Tim steamer Hugh Martin has been
purchased by Messrs. William Allison,
lata engineer of tho Alert, and his broth
ers, who will hereafter mako regular trips
from llockport to Kingston und interme
diate points.
CrijTThu Bonnet Cnrriu crevasso was
eleven hundred feet wldo on tho 20th.
K3Buines still continues lvmnrkbly
CSTTlio Jns. Fisk, Jr., brought for Hal
lard Wiirehouso 1 hhd tobacco, C. R.
Woodward, 13 bars of Iron, Thomas
Green and Allien I pks sundries and tho
following for reshlpmcut South, 237 1U
woodwork, 2 hlult tobneco.
fifCThe Mary Houston brought fur
Thomas Green nnd Aldeu 1 crate ciibb.ige,
Stratton & Bird 15 kegs niolui', and 5
sks colToo for reihipiiioiit.
n?3X.The Sum Brown brought out sovon
barges Iron un and rsturned with a tow
of coal. 9 '
BiyTlio lloiiry Ames added about 75
tons here.
jo-Tho Argosy laid over until to-day,
fixing something about her machinery.
JMerclmnts will do well to.reud tho
advertlsemtnt of the Jame. Fisk Jr, In
unothsr column.
JS5TA Louisville dispatch of tho 26th
- w ..... ....... ., v. u ... uiu ruiai lays j
"Woikmen ate, buay moving tho Chss I
hodman t.r tho edof tho rock on which '
she lies. Tho dlstanco is about thirty, feet,
. null w 1 1' ii Tni.vAri v r . . i n . - t, , ,
sufficient to Boat her off than Is now re
quired. ays luvo ben built under her,
and she lies perfectly straight and easy.
It is hardly protablo theproso'ril'riso will
bo enough to iloat her off. Tho' crow r
tho Indiana jumped last eycnlrjg, which
detained tho boat until this morning."
rmTiio Indi.tua Is taking a water eoolnr
and stand to tho slcamor Katie, which cost '
n cool sis hundred dollars.
CfTUlf wo said yostcrday that tho Silver 1
Moon left Now Orleans, wo aro sorry for f
it. It was tho Suslo Silver.
EGt.Tho if. J. Wicks discharged for the ,
I. C. R. R. ',0 bbls oil ; 8 1 bbl rosin. 1
A c
At: I).
Inveu.o. a Im.nn buficf.i w th lb United
Plate. l'.v..ntii. e mil tiixl tl tothHrndrxntag
to mtri,! it mi hand nf tho old nlablnhed
Arm of
Mason. Fenwick & Lawrence,
I '.Kent AS'i)t.-V.';i!ilii;toii, I). '.
T7i.y haro !on my bn!nea H tar aa'.afac
lion, an'l I tte plinHuro In reeqt!iiindii,?ihem
to We.feni lurenlor.
v.3i tr. r.iaitii,
Inrentorof Imp ore I UivjItiii Tub't! r Water
.iiy, pi 13". 1371. aprSil-2in
All owners of Iga nlf. he-cty n ' .1.-1 ".at
fr ni (.lid afr lli Uih of .May, I- i, I in k II
all itnlicenM-d duga fniukl tunning loo-e tnanle ,
he corporate limita f f lh-e ty Cn ro. I ean
I foiin 1 at the City Clt-rU'i. offlT ilaily durlcn
ot!ioe ti.niM, from Ihc 1 of llaT '.iiiiltlie 1 th of
May, mi. AMlltEw UI.V, ,
CltV Ma .hit.
Curo, April l), U7I. aprJWt.l
Sl a
L .i ll 111 ' ) 11111
s liuliaiiia aaa la w w a w . a j
AcnuRs tin: ItlVKB,
'Iho Turner Soclelr of llio city of Cairo will J
Kno Hiiraml l'len-.c atthcaboo placo on the ioin !
AT XIXi: O'CLOCK, A. 31.,
Ami Jfnkp One Trip Every Hour Dur-i.
lug me Jiny,
mstc iTCDar.itlons will bo in ado on the rrotinJ
Will Uj inallendawc.and e.vcry arrangement for
r.onT. nittUACii.
Committee. )
The- under.Igned mil cll at puhllo auction, on '
HATl'ltOAY, APKH-aoTnT,"1 j
t .,n). ui.rl. .....I I'.npr Drv riruvi.. r.lr.1), . !
lair, fndcrwere, lioicry, nr., e'o. The goods 1
...i, knL..i.i u.,iiniiiri,.rialn tha l,l.n.t 1.1.1. V
,ior. ... iln. m ihH mnnantofn atook of Cvoda S
tMiit mut be t'lo.ed "Ut. The aalo will com
inrni eat i i.'tlu -, a.m., anil continue until JO
o'clock, p.m U. HAltTJIAN,
aprJ-'xiid Auotlone-er.
1. llilHina hiiihuuh auu atiuia lYiafll
t iiiii'.n n.i ivnu i
, l ottered for iloliy tliounderalgoed ou the mo it !
' n-anwiahle leiKla. I
lim DiiiiJinj; ii new ana complete taroaencut
(null the modern improvement and appliance,
of "U0l. nn oatabIIIiineDt,Ifnoonipleto runninj;
older, but hs never beeu run. The enplnea,
tnacninery, ana appru generally are oi ine
I'i'.-t, Iiuuiilaelure.
Hoilcs tiili, Tin tKiiior shed 11 It by a feet . the
inu irniu ihuuiiiis i &t uy ai leei.ani tnre
tuu s
1110 kucu n ( ij- I. Itci, cavil tJi4 Ufn-Kjonat
jry hlah, J.7.d . i
trokc.wo builtrA 4 lncl" lOjdiarnater, 4 Aue.,r
ami 'Ji feet lonj!. '. . i
Th,, mum tv i' Hi ill.llllerv la Tl Isirrrela tier!
1 no eniino la iu int'ti cyunaer, wna -v. im it
day. Com! juous t Iho ilijilllfry a a UrK brick
M Iirt'llflll Id Itlltl lV II4V ..
It la IklloT e.t trial to any one "tsiriqxioc.rnr on
Ilia uiamirrr piiinr"i, nw .'.mij. " .
liiVMlineulfan tiaeferrd than U found heie.Solh
. .i.ti.4 tn,IUtitl.rl)itlt.!lnL. aftrf'annxri.i,.
nnd the- bwariun ibereuf at Cairo. .
For frtrthwr i.art colctn apply to tbjjOBrter.
Main and Mor,.n

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