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j 1 1 ii5iY'i WmTJ is
i iVSU Oil AttaJL
Turner Picnic
aoimh tri nivun,
The Turner SoeUly of the city of Cilro will
K"7"ruiaricntc alio trot pur.oathlTli
ai April.
a jawE e'txcu, a. n.
And Make 0e Trip Every Hour Dor-
us; ue My,
Aroal prtptimtlo&s will bemad en the itobpiIs
Will tola Mundane, and rrrirraAjtBetfor
A Chance to Wik a Foktckb. Tbii
legal enUrprlto in aid of a public library
at Omaha, comes well recommended, and
we haro no doubt It U gotten up In good
faith and will b carried out to the lcUcr
In short that it Is no bogus affair. See
advertisement in another column,
We have been requested to nay that
Elliott Sc Haythorn hare now on exhibi-
bltlon, and for sale, everything in the
boot and ilioe line for ladi.s, and gentle
men'i wear; and that nil their goods aro
new and stylish, aprlotf
TuennaTOF Mav, Iri. C. A.Meyers
will opeiv grand lunch, including Bock
Beer. All those who are disciples of King
Bacchus will partake of her hospitality.
Old Klof Col was a merer eld ti1, a merry old
HUfU hA t
If called ft ni Plt, h c&lld for hi br, h
vujvi rr mi caaif rn iar. u
TCTI. There can be no doubt that
Baugh it, par exttlUne, the boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. He challenges com
petition In hit trade, and an urea the pub
lic that he will guarantee to hii cuitomeri
MtUfcotioo, Hit ahop i on Eighth itreet
near the corner of Ohio Levee, tf
Wakibo Uf. Feoplo begin to realize
that our reipecttd ancestors must have bad
very inconvenient time of it without
railroads, steamers, gas, friction matches,
telegraphs, expresses, sewing machines,
and last, and par consequence not least,
Charier Oak Cooking Stoves.
The undersigned is preparing his delin
quent list for State and County taxes, and
will havo it in tbo hands ot the printer
by the 1st proximo. All parties in arrears
for taxes olthor upon real estato or per
sonal property at that dale will bo taxed
with cost.
p-7-d td. MtKRlFF.
' 2UM0TAL. Mrs. J. Oumminns wishes
to inform her customers and the public
generally that she has removed her mil
linery goods from her store on Eighth
street to the commodious room on Com
mercial Avenue, between Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Oswold'g
old stand. Mrs. Cummings has added
largely to her stoek of goods, and now has
cheap, seasonable and, fashionable col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which she asks the attention of old and
new patrons. mStdtf
-Fob Sauc Toe undersigned will tell
at )iivate Mia the) following described
property: Four work horses; 2 sets
double harness j 2 two-horse wagons;
several plows and other agricultural im
plements. Parties desiring to purchase
will call at her residence or at Bobt. Brl
i bach's, opposite the court house. Terms
of sale, half cash ; balance on tlx month's
I credit, with good aecutlty.
apr22dlm MM. JfcATIB COOPER.
0k gttltyiin.
Men's Fin Seal 8lln Gaiter;, and alto
"Prlnco Alberts,'' nt Elliott & HaythorcV
Misses' Scrgoand Kid Polish, scallop-
iop, at mo city Hnoo Store, cornor Com
mcrciai avonuo and Eighth street. tf
11 11 s
Ftoua.-Cholce Famllv Flour In bbls
half bbls., sacks &c, for salo at thaErvD-
nan JHiili. au
Ladles' Serge (Polish) French Kid.
foxed, at City Shoo Store, corner of Com-
merclal avenue and Eighth street. tf
Who is it that does not like smokinir
hot biscuits for breakfast? The Fame
Cook stove will bake them in five minutes
time by the watch. tf
dents' Oxford Ties, Priori Alberta
and Opera ftllppers, at the 'City Shoe
Store," corner of Commercial Avenue and
Eighth street. tf
Be of good cheer, thcro Is life and health
for you yet. So those that have tVn
Simmons' liver Regulator attest.
W anted Immediately, a girl to do
general house work, ot No. 67, Ninth
street, between Walnut and Cedar street.
Ladles' Sorgo (Polish), scallop-top, for
from one duller and fifty cents to three
dollars and twentv-llvo cents, at Citv
Shoo Store, corner of Commercial avenue
ond Eighth street. tf
Tun Urio patent moveablo point steel
plow; one extra point given with each
plow. For sato only by '
0tf 134 Commercial Ave.
Notick. All persons having articles at
the Cairo Dye House aru requested to call
and get them before tho 20th of May next,
or thoy will be sold for charges.
For Sals. Household furniture, con
sisting of carpets, bureaus, wash-stauds,
bedsteads, chairs, sociables, mirrors, win
dow curtains, ice-chest, knives and forks,
dishes, pictures, etc. Apply to
It L. H. MY KK3, Chief of Police.
A splendid assortment of bird cages
moss baskets, flower standi, flowor train
ers, wiro-cloth for window screen, bath
and foot tubs, 4c, 4c, just received at
130 Commercial Avo.
Tax Fouarrar Wau. On of the moat
popular institutions of tho Fourth Ward
is Ebler's stioe store, where ho makes to
order nil kinds of hoes In the most work-
man-liko mannor. The citizen who utixt
his goods will never patronize any other
shoemaker in the city. Ills shop Is on
Twentieth street, nearly opposite the
court house. tf
Sewing Machines. Attention of
persons wishing a Uru-clais
sewing machino is called to the
late improved Wheeler and Wilson's.
They cannot be excelled for a family
aaachine, or for light manufacturing pur
poses. All are Invited to call and exam
ine the improvements. J. C. CARSON,
ap3(Mlm Agents, Cairo, 111.
Tho house heretoforo occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Leveft between
Fourth and Sixth streets. This house, if
not the best business homo is certainly
one of the best stands in Cairo. It fronts
the principal steamboat landing and is
near the Illinois Central railroad depot.
Apply next dcor at -Robert Smyth & Co's.
wholesale grocery store.
Ktnaston. James Kynaston, the well-
known butcher of tho Fourth Wnrd,
opened his branch butcher shop yester
day, and now invites the patronoge of tho
public. His branch" is on tho lot next
to the grocery store of Aldormnn Carroll
on Commercial avenue, and will be sup
plied with tho freshest and licst meats in
tho Cairo 'market. Kynaston knows his
business, and always furnishes good meats
and gives full weight. tf
Gold Loan in Cairo Jny Cooko &.
Co. ofl'er tho 7.30 gold lonn of tho North
ern Pacific R. II. Co., ns a safo and profit
able investment, but n still inoro profitable
way of investing inonoy is in lirown &
Edwards' borbor shop, where, among oth
er excellent harbors, Gus lliino 'handles
bis trusty razor. Remember tho place
Thcobold's old stand, Sovcnth street, noar
Ohio Levee. tf
Thk Fknton Corn Miix-Thls estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, Is novr in charge of
Mr. M. D. Gunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted it, invites the at
tention of the publio to tho fact that he is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal.
Ordors left at the mill or sent through the
postofflce will recoive prompt attention.
t tf
I will sell, on reasonable terms, my
three story hotol and grocery building, and
lot, located on the Ohio Levee, opposlto
the Central F.leva'.jr. This is a very de
sirable property bolng close to tho new
manufacturing establishment now being
erected In the Fourth Ward, and is par
ticularly adopted to the uses of any por
ion desiring a stand for either tbo hotel
or grocery business. Apply, either by
letter or personally, to
May-Da r. Thousands of men, women
and children, in and nround Cairo, will en
joy a day that tubers in a month of blos
soms, sweet dews and fragrant flowers.
Prompted by nnturo this day has been eel
obratud from tlmo Immemorial, and will
contlnuo to bo ol 'erred in the proper man
ner so long as the seasons of tboycars make i
their allotted rounds, and fill their allotted
i i
destinies, and May, fresh and creen, laden
with flowers, gives tbo rich promises tbat
August fulfills with brown fields and ripe
fruits. This day of gladness' for two hun
dred years has been but littlo 'observed In
England ; but In the United States, where
naturo is lavish In her gifts, sad fruits and
flowers grow almost spontaneously from
mother earth, young and old go forth from
their homes to the green fields and delight
ful groves to danco and twine wrcathi of
flowers. Throughout tho Southern HtftfeJ,
where tho seasons nro advanced, and
earth, air and sky, remtnd'uaof the slum
berous tropics, this day is particularly ob
served with long procession of beautiful
children of all nationalities, sweet strains
or music, banners twined with garlands,
and silken canopies festoonod with flow
ers, A custom so innocent, evidencing a
lovo of naturo and her beauties, should for
ever remain to mark tho social history of
All communities.
The Turner picnic to-day" "wilfv'te' a
grand affair. ' s ' A
j ,
HUBOLARf. Tho IndcfallgableVChlef
of police, Mjrers, while on his rounds'Sat
urday morning, at 4 o'clock, met a man on
Tenth street carrying packages that war
ranted a slight suspicion that nefarcotis
practices had been indulged In during un
seasonable hours. A ihort parley ensued
between Myers and the matt of package.
Thorultconfirined thechlof s suspicion;,
for no sooner did he attempt an exauiin-'
ation of tho preciou. burden than its tem
porary owner left suddenly, and at a gait
and rate tbat worrantod swift pursuit on
the part of Jfyers. Johnson, for tbat was
his name, ran through Walter's lumber
yard, making devious and Intricate ways
fur his relentless pursuer, and finally went
into a trap, under tho sidewalk of Bailor
Harrell's store, whore, unfortunately for
Johnson, a partition stood, and tvhero
Mycr came upon him, and whence he took
him to light and recognition. He proved
to be a man named Fred Johnson, and It
soon came to view that ti articles be had
in his possession boxes o cigars, a lot of
tobacco, and two bottled of .-u.'sky he bad
stolen from tho houso of PuU!n Smith, on
Ohio Levee whose premises he burgla
rioiulyentered, and whoso till ho broke
open with evil intent, but found mpty.
Chief Meyer placed him in prison, and yes
terday morning he was examined before
Judge Bros and ordered to tho county
JaUJinUfkuUuf $MO bonda to,anwor at
the next term of the Circuit CourV toMhe
chargeof burglary. Myornrrertod John
son some days ago on the charge of steal
ing iron. He was tried for vagrancy, finedi
andbolng unable to liquidate, pUced in
jail, and was released as late' as'Thursday
night. Evidently a bad man that John
son. Don't forget tho Turner picnic to-day.
Hr ! rplurcil la the Vlelullj- nfCalrtt.
John Singleton, in August, 1870, mur
dered his little step-daughter, aged three
years, In. Lyon county, Kentucky. After
committing the foul deed be secreted
the body of his victim in a lence corner, on
the premises his prosonce cursed,, where it
was found; plainly showing; evidences' of
brutal violence. It bets' the appesttaace
of having been terribly beaten, so much J
so tbat death proved an angel of .moroy to
the frail sufleror, whom, it seems, was an
invalid at tho time of her death. The cir
cuit court of Lyon county found John
Singleton guilty of the murder of Clom
ontine Singleton, and beforo tho officers of
tho luw could secure his body ho had de
serted his home, which should have ap
peared rombro and dark to him, and went
away to othor parts. Tho Governor of
the State of Kontucky offered a reward of
$500 for his apprehension and delivery to
tho jailer of Lyon county. Notwith
standing tho untiring and faithful search
mado for Singleton, stimulated by tbo re
ward, ho evaded tho mon of law until ho
concluded himself entirely safe, when, In
an evil hour for him, and a gain to justice,
ho returned to Kentucky, and settled near
Cairo. F. M. Hildreth und B. F. Cochrah,
of Kentucky, during this month, by some
strange chanco found cluu to the trail tlmt
finally led to his whorenbouts. They trav
ersed tho couhtry between Lyon county
and Cairo, and ciunoupon himon tho Ken
tucky sido opposite this city, pursuing tbo
avocation of a farmer; upprohended him,
placed him aboard tho steamer Lumsdeu
and took him up the river, and on tho 10th
Inst, delivered him to A'. J. Rots, Jailer of
Lyon county thus earning, by their
shrewdness and bravery, a handsome- re
ward, and bringing to justice a fiend who
boat unto death nn innocent and defente
less child, an Invalid, one to whom his
heart should have warmed, and upon whom
he should have bestowod sympathy and
filial caresses.
The Risitu of sb BcroriUck Opk
'Neil Monday.
Mrs. C. A. Meyers, ut her popular saloon,
cornor Washington avenue and Twelfth
street, will opon tho Bock Boerscasou on
Monday, May 1st,. with a grand froo.lupch,
at which all that can please tho pulnta of
an oplcuro will be served. Let the lovers
of Bock take notice, and bo prosent at tho
uncb. apr28dHt
- - t- ""f 1 ii' s hi 1 sua -iiiiiii 1 iv r-t-rnrv" nfmi ir n ri i sm i'hmmamKsmi','j'',,,' msi - ' -"r"
Regular Joint Sonion of tho City Coun
cil, held at the. Council Chamber, in the
city of Cairo,, on Friday evening, April
2. 1871. V A - '
Mayor Lansdetfpjtsidlng
Present (Joan ell men Holildty, HurJ,
'"""""i .iur, oou niiu huwiwhiu
I . . ,, ' ' . . ... . .
I Hull A i nrrrtan I nnnlnnhum ft A I. .11 ni.
calf, Sense, Straltpn and Swayno 12.
Absent Aldermen Buder, Carroll,
Fitzgerald,; 1orlcn,: Waldcr and Win
tor 0, !
Tbojournnl of tbolast special meeting
was rcau ana '
On motion f Councilman Halliday, tb
reading of the Journal of 'tho last stated
meeting was dispensed with.
Aldermen. Buder and'Rearden appeared
and took thelrenti.
The City Attorney, to whom was re
ferred tho reports of Police Magistrates
Broea and Shannesay ; of Marshal Cain,
and of Policeman Shcehan, reported the
.sameback as correct. On motion tfyi re
port was rocoived 'and approved.
' Tho reports of AijCaln; Cify ifarsbal;
John Shechanj Police Constoblo: Jos. B.
Taylor, City Treoidrer, nnd B. Shannoisv.
P. M., for April, wcro presented, and, on
motion of Councilman Wood, received and
ordered on file.
Alderman Walder nppoareil and took
j his scat,
A communication from i' Bross.P. M
asking for further time In which to mako
his report, was rend. Councilman Wood
moved tbat further timo be granted in
prayed for. . Carried.
The Street Committee reportod that dur
ing tho month of April tbo chain gang
perforraod t!0 days labor on tho streets
and aowors, at au oxpensoto tho city of
iV-."0. ;j ,iid Committee also reportod
the bills of N.' A. Devoro for 22 dayb'
labor on sidewalks, ffiO.and Thomas Fitz
gornldffa dars'labor'ofi same, $3 2.50, as
corroct. Councilman Taylor moved to re
fer said reportand bill to the Committee
on Claimf. Carried.
Tho bills ot tbo Gas Company, amount
ing to $270, having been roferrcd to the
Committee on Olalmj by tho Board of Al
dormen, said Committco referred the samo
back for properactlon. Councilman Hal
lidoy moved to.jcfer said bill back to tho
Committco on Claims. Carried.
Tbo Coairajtteoyon Markets report,
that-inpurasincb'of a' Joint resolution
previously adopted, they had employed
Joseph MenJej to take charge of tho City
'Hcaleya(thflompeniatIqu allowed by .a!d
Tbo: Committee on finance reported
that tbor bad destroyed by burning, $2,107
ubi. tuuv uu ucourutu ojr ournmg, J,
ln'Trcaiury Warrants p City Scrip to
ainountof '11425.30 ; and Coupons to
to the
mount of $2,210. On motion of Council.
man 'Wood, Irild report was r-eeiv(vl.
The petition of E. A. Burnett, praying
the Council to allow him unfit tho 20th
day of May to file tho Assessor's Book,
was presented and read. Councilman
Halliday moved that tho prayer of the pe
titioner be granted and the time extended
as prayed for. Carried.
; Tho petition of sundry citizens praying
( that tho structure in tho Fourth Ward,
known ns "Ganncy's Ball Alley," bo de
clared a nulsanco and removod, was pre
sented and read.
Alderman Sease moved to grnnt tho
prayer of tho petitioners. Councilman
Wood moved to amend by referring tho
petition to a special committee of threes to
act in accordance with tho ordinances re
lating to such matters, and to report their
action to tho Council. Amendment car
ried. Tho petitions of M. L. Halliday pray.
ing permission to erect a two story frame
building on lot 4 in block 50 in tho city of
.Uairo, ana It. L. and M. L. Halliday pray
ing permission to erect trb brick build.
ings on lots 15 and 16 in block 2, in the
city of Cairo, wore presented and read,
and, on motion, tho prayer of the peti
tioners were granted.
Alderman Cunninchnm procntcd tho
petition of Aboil & McLaughljn praying
the Council to allow tho balanco of 12
claimed by thorn on their bill for tho use
of their otllco at tho lato election.
Councilman Wood moved to table. Car
ried. nn.i.
Tho bills of John H Oberly & Co., j
amounting to '$83.65, for printing, were,,
cn motion of Alderman Roaden, referred
to tho Printing Committee,
The following bills wero presented, and,
on motion of Councilman Hunl, referred
to tbo Committed on Claims;
U Able, liiiUnod ituo him aclorkof tlin
lato lclionidtjr j m mi
Jni I,linii, h-ullng drunken mn to Jtll 75
Mtiilvrr'inrjr, for one se.or's Hook !l at
Jtorrl, ltooil t Co. lumlwr por order ol
thComptroiler,ciuhor itsaiiulrnlent in
scrip , ..,...... ITi !)
Morrlt, Itond t Co.. I unber pi-r order of
vvniiiroiicr, rann or in eHiTirnl In
Thou rauiliton, W dm.' Ulwr nnnlrfHi.
In April, ending the SHh, at Si.M) pr
dy ;M
M Mlioney. a iy' Uljor on ireet, lu
April, endins th28tii,at J2.J0 i,rdy
atntton A llird, 10 slioirls fir Slieel
V W Thornton, lumber pf r ordr ol Comp
troller .i7 V)
16 00
I.' OS
j iincii, rem, I mnnili, to April luin,
le7l,rli ; ; 25oi
II A Hinnnn,. stationery fur Clerk nnd
..uni.nHu or. iis o.iuiTnirni in
ncrip ', ,
WmMullalo, 2I.Iy n ehurgfi of ehsln
U Oil
in w
r.7 :o
ilrnUn Fir Comoanv. ueveuary k-
IHinsos on account anptratu., etc., for 11
months, ndliiRAprflTw. 1S7I.
111 7
The following salary bills wore presented
'and on. motion of Counonmaii Hnlllday,
.ailowodand ordered paid by tho followlug
vole, via.:
Ayes Budof, t Cunningham Halliday,
Uurd, Klob, Lansdcri, Mc'tcalf, Itearden,
Schuh, Sease, Btratton, Swayne, Taylor,
Walder, .Wood and Woodward 16.
Way J6; ' '
JA,p,'ll'r,lor' ,,,,r' TrcMurcr for
Jo VvVrux, liy U NTRht iCic'emin
for Ai.pl
f ICO 00
74 m
7i 00
Jn velrun, rnlHtjr s
ljln lWiieh,Hi.fi),,fr,u 27 69
n hfiMrhRiT, Suluty 01 l'blrpm.ii tut
Apr I
M j II
1 H. 1
oTV "iV OiVyll.fk'ri'f
7S O)
n I ...... ....
B llurnnu, al r ss Cilj C 'mstrollcr
fur April M ,
A C t, fRl.u) a.. Cur Mrh I for At.nl
II Slinnpj,i.liry a I'. M., tot April
HP )
lb CO
in 10
21 00
Councilman Wood introduced and moved
tho adoption of tbo following resolution,
which was adopted, viz.:
Rttolted, By the City Council In Joint
Session convened, that the Printing Com
mittco bo and is hereby ordered to place
the contract mado by thorn with John II.
Ooerly ic Co., in the hands of the City
Clerk, and that said contract be put on re
cord In the Clerk's ofllco for tho benefit of
all parlies concerned.
By Councilman Taylor :
Hctalrtd, That Uio wages of F. Fitz
gerald, assistant on sidewalks, be fixed at
12.00 a day, in scrip, until othorwie di
rected by the City Council.
Councilman Wood moved to adopt.
Carried by the following voto:
Ayes Builor, Cunningham, HulIIday,
Iiurd, Klcb, Lhnsden, Motcalf, Keardcn,
Schtib, Snase, Stratton, Swayne. Taylor,
Waldcr, Wood nnd Woodward 10.
Nay 0.
By Councilman Woodward :
llttohtil. That the Committee on Po-
llco and Jail bo and aru hereby author
ized td have the roof of tho city lull re
paired or mado new. ns, in their opinion
they may considor tho interests of the city
demands'; proeMtil, however, that sniil
amount expended shall not exceed two
nunurcd and fifty dollar.
Councilman Halliday moved to adopt.
Carried by tho following vote, viz :
iVyes Buder, Cunningham, Halliduv,
Hnrd, Klob, Lansdun, .Motcalf, Itearden,
Schuh, Soaic, Stratton, Swuyne, Taylor,
Wnlder nnd Woodward IC.
Nays Wood 1.
Councilman Hulllduv IntrtKlucod a res
olution In regard to drainage in tho
Fourth Ward, which, uftorboing amended
and the nmendment cmied, was with
drawn. By Councilman Wood :
Ilcsolctd, By tho City Council m joint
session convened, that tho City Attorney bo
and is hereby instructed to proceed nt
once to collect tho balance duo from Thos.
Wilson on tho salo of the enginu bv tho
old Drainage Commltte.
Councilman Wcod moved to adopt.
The Special Committeo appointed at tho
last meeting of the Council to coitldcr
and report on tho petition of Marshal
Cain concerning an increnjo ot his compen
sation at Marshal, reported that undor ex
isting constitutional law thuy could find
no relief for him except by appointing
him to tho performance of Romo other du
ties authorized by existing ordlnuuces.
Councilman Wood moved that the re
port be received nnd tho Committee dis
charged. Carried.
Aid. Beardon introduced the following
ordinance and moved its reference to tho
Ordtnanco Committee, and also that the
blsnk be filled up so as to read ?25 per
month. Carried.
An ordinance to provide for tho ap
pointment of a Firo Warden, and to pro
vide compcnratlon for bi services at
such :
Jio it onlalned ty tho Citv Council of
ttio city ot Ualro, 'lliat for tho nurnoso of
carrying out and enforcing ordinance num
bered 87 of tho ordinances of tho city and
uch other ordinances as nro now in forco
relating to tires , tho erection of buildings
und tho removal of or extension or enlarg
ing oi ouiiuiugs wunin tno city, that
there shull bo appointed by the Mayor,
with the ndvico and consent of tho City
Council, a Firo Warden, whoso duty shall
bo to visit and inspect every building pro
posed to be erected or in courio of erection.
or sucn uunuings as may oe oxtonueu, en
larged or repaired, or in any way changed,
or such buildings as may bo removed from
one piaco to another within tho ,city; and
it is noroby made tho duty of tho Firo
Warden to see that all ordinances relating
to tho matter herein named aro properly
enforced and obeyed : ond for such ser
vices he shall recoivo tho compensation of
v uouars per monin.
Tho Chair stated that in accordance with
the deslro of tho Council, expressed in
connection with tho "ball alloy petition,"ho
would appoint Messrs. Wood, Seaso and
Mctcalf us a committco to inquiro into the
facts contained in said petition.
Tho Chair instructed tbo Council to pro
ceed to tho oleotlon of u committee to not
upon tbo resolution puscd ut tho lut meet
ing of tho Council in reforoncn to ctreet
filling assessments.
On tho first ballot, Councilman Hnrd and
Aid. Ilcnrdcn hnvlng received it majority
of all tho votes cast wcro duly declared
elected members of said committee.
A second and ft third ballot wore taken
for tbo romainlng two members of ?aid
committeo and no election had. when
Councilman Hallidny moved that, lium
much ns Messrs. Taylor and Mctculf had
received tho highest number of votus oust,
they bo declarod elected members of said
committee. Motion carried.
Tim Mayor nominated Thos. Fitzgerald
fcr tho position of assistant carpenter on
tho sidowalks. Tho nomination whs con
firmed as follows:
Yo'aj m.
Noys 1.
Tho. Mayor nominated Thos. Mahan for
tho position of city teamster. The nom
ination was confirmed by the following
vote, viz:
Yeas 13.
Councilman Taylor Introduced the fol
lowing ordlnanco, and moved Its refer
ence to tiio Commlttoe on Ordinances,
without being road. Carried.
In relation to hogs ;
Be It ordained by tho City Council of
tho city of Cairo:
8iCTio.v 1. Tha. no hoi; or pTrf sb M run
at lanjc witliln tho limits or t ie m. city;
and tin' owner or keeper of such anlui ',
whoshallknowinly sutl'eror imftllu-m
so to run t largo sloill f rfelt fid pay to
said citv a ' j' t not los than threo doj-
lars nor m 1 mn tendollnr tor onehnw
tve v offei s
Szc. 2. It fh1I bo tho duty of the sutd
City Marshal nnd of the Police Cm Mbli-s
Htid cneh of thorn to take up nil ut' mills
found running at largo within the lm.its
of said city contrary to the ordinances
thereof, and confine them In some securo
pen, pound or other place, and tho officor
taking up said animals shall provldo suit
abln and nccossiry sunenanco for thorn,
and the rtaionablo colts of providing such
sustenance shall be paid to tho ofllcer be
fore the animal shall be released bv him.
Sxc. 3. Any animal taken up under tho
provisions of this ordinance, maybe sold
by tho ofllcer taking it up, at nnv titnn nf
ter the expiration of thrca days frtm
the time of being taken up,
of which salo two day
previous notice shall bo given bv posting
up written or printed notices of" the tlmo
and place of sale, nt the front door of the
County Court house, nt tho postofilco and
City Clerk's office, describing tho animalA
by tholr color, size, marks and brands.
Sko. 4. Tho officer tnklng up nnd im
poundiug any animal shall bo entitled to
charge and reccivo for the same fifty cents ;
and for each twenty-four hours the sumo
mav bo kept, twenty-fivo coins additional:
ana if sold, fifty tents for each animal
sold, but if any percon shall npoly nnd
pay tho officer s fees and cost of siute
nnnco nnd Impounding, nt any timo beforo
salo of such nninmlii, tboy shall bo retailed
by tho officer.
Six. 6 An nccurnte account shall bo l;upt
mid rendered by tho ofllcer making tho
sale, to tho City Council at tvry WU:d
meeting thereof, of all animal "10UI by
him, mill his fees and charges tnoroen. anil
all moneys roeeived by him for the salo of
such unlmuls, after deducting therefrom
the fees nnd cost of impounding, sale,
nnd sustenance, shall without delay, bu
paid, as a special deposit, Into the City
Treasury and tho Treasurer sha'l lccoipt
for tho amo und shall keep It inn sepa
rate account subject to the order of tbo
City Council.
Krc. 0. If at any salo of animal, undor
the provisions of this ordinance, no poron
shall bid, the wholo amount of costs for
taklni: up, kocping and selling said ani
mal, tho ofllcer entitled to receive tbe
few wuy, for himself, bid tho amount of
his costs und charge, and if no person
oiusnny moro saiu utiimau may 00 struck ;
otf to him ns in other cases. i
Skc. 7. If any pereou shall break opon
any pen, pouna or oiner inciosim, in
which any animals may bo confined or kept
under the requirements of this ordinance,
or shall directly or Indirectly aid or abet
tho saroeor tho escape of any such animals,
he or they shall forfeit and pay to sn'd
City a sum not loss than ten dollars nor
moro than fifty dollars for each and cvurv
Skc. 8. If tho Citv Marshal or nnv I'a-
lico Constable, shall neglect or refuse to
tako up and impound any animal known
by him to be running nt largo contrary to
tho ordinances of tho city, uu shall forfeit
unu pay 10 laid city a sum not less than
uvo uouars nor moro man twenty-nvo dol
lart for each nnd every offense. "
A copy of tho judgment trom the Circuit
Court in the coso of "John Ciihill vs. Tho
City of Cairo," action of iiumpsit, dam-
ages being usscsscd by tho court at ?12G."0
and costs at .$12.85, was presented an 1 read,
and, on motion of Councilman Halliday,
referred to tho Committeo on Claims.
Tho ofUclal bends of John Shcehan, day
policeman, nnd Geo. Lohr, special police
man, wcro read, and, on motion of Coun
cilman Schuh, approved nnd ordered filed.
Couucilman Wood moved to refer tho
matter of drainago in the Fourth Ward,
heretoforo mentioned, to tho Drainago
Committco, with instructions to report at
a special Joint meeting. Alderman Mct
calf moved to amend by requesting said
committco to report tho probable cost of
tho project. Amondmont carried. Tho
oriitinal motion was then put nnd carried.
On motion of Councilman Woodward
tho Council then adjourned.
City Clerk.
Corner Washington Avenue anil Four-'
tceiUtk irct.
Fred. Blaukcnburg's saloon U nowly
and elegantly fitted up nnd'supplled with
tho finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, etc.,
that can bo found in tho citv; nnd Fred.
his no superior as n dispenser of delightful
bovoragej. Do not forgot tbo place, cor
nor stroct nnd Washington uvenui'.
ItUtaiirc to he Knn, Klvu Ililililrril
A greut r.ieo will be run on Saturday,
April :20th, nt 11 o'clock, 1..111., between
John lloophlo's r.m. und Martin
Cain'ii li.lt., nbovo ;Mtli streot, on
tho prnirio near tho hub factory. DU
tanco (W yards. Tho itttondaneo will bo
large, in much interest Is taken in this
race. tiprl'Tld
lliisi-, i.ooiiiU A i'n. In tin- I'ro.i i) I'lclil.
Thf i' wugoni of Hn.e, Ioomls A: Co.wlll
commeneu to liollver ico about tho city on
Monday, Muy 1st, mid will cuiitlmio to
j mako daily rounds oaoh morning (Sun
' days excepted) during thu prc-nia season.
uruer.- ten 111 tun oitico ot tint rompany,
corner Ohio lovco and Jvighth tret, will
receive prompt attention. Jlme, Loonils
& Co. tiro nUo propared to fill nil ordors
in tbo kleanibont hikI shipping tr.'ido
I'lcvif KxetntsioK Mav M. --The
above niimud picnic is poitponed until,
Wednesday, Muy 10th, 011 account of tho !
steamer Kckcrt having to go to tbo wreck
of tho steamer Dun hum, unli iii'iir Littlo
Rock, Arkansas, some tlx day ago. On tho
day named tho oxcurslon will tnlio place
according tj Uio already published pro
gramme, when it will bo muuh plcasaitor
for steamboat and rural unjuymont.
B.3. IIARRKLU j . .
W. H. SOHUTTER, 1 Mauagcri
- r , , ra
UltAh 1) ,,',T'.Jlj((),
T'Jt X,v iibIj ,t or Mr. 11
UO.tl. ATklil.
Yesterday WvTWcTi he dry gooihes
WblMimiwi Of Mr. K. n, gmnlngh, m.
Ai our ront'ers aro mosttif them awar
Mr. Cunnlnjhnm has recently removed h,s
goods from his old stand ori tin lovco to
tho hsndsomo building on Commercial
nvcnuo put up by tho lot6 John Hamilton.
.Tho first thing which atlractcduj atten
tion was tho display of handsomely ar
ranged goods In tho 'large windows on
cither sido of tho entrance Drcii goods,
shawlf, lncc, etc, etc., aro hero shown In
tho greatest profusion. Passing Into the
store, wo looked about Us ,w(th admiring
oye. Mr. Cunningham ' has Mi shelves
and window filled with n
trehly selected for the new establishment
anil comprising all tho necessaries and
nov: .ics of tho season. In, tbo Jirie of fan
cy nrtivdc, such ns trimming lingerie,
fans, parasols, gluvrs etc, Mr. Cuning
hini h.11 displayed unusual Uslc. His
nitraa oood.
are elegant mid include an Itifinito variety.
Ainonir.thi'so n noticed somoof tho
wJifWt. nrouow.io, universally admired;
The !ook of mttIIn, '-rheotings, etc., a
bir-jo and the prices remarkably low.
Mr. Cunningham sells tho best of 10-4
sheetings ut GOc nnd some very good qual
ities at ir.o. On this counter wo noticed
some toilet quiets in elognnt designs.
Passing up stnlM to the S"cond story we
name Upon tht
c.vni'tT iiitrARTMsar,
vshluh contains tho largest assortment of
carpet- ever brought to this market. The
pattorns are excoodingly beautiful. We
notiml several pieces of Brussels, which
we havo uovcr wen surpassed In beauty
of dmign and rnro combination of colon.
There aro also a tlno variety of twe-ply
and three-ply carpets, which nro of ex
cellent quality und handsome pattorns.
On this floor thcru aro alio a good as
sortment of UonU and shoes.
of the building Is filled with unpacked
goodi, intended to take the place of the
goods on tbo counters below as fast as
theso aro 5i!d off. AVo havo not timo; to
do justice to all tho beautiful things wo
haw In Mr. Cunningham's handsome
establishment. Wo can only add that ii Is a
model store, tho clcrki are obliging, ind
we bopeak for the proprietor an, increase
of well-dcscrvcd patronage.
. '
Uoatlcuvci Uiolanding ovory hour "jo
day lor the Turner picnic.
Pcnur Schools
Ficrfic The public
picnic sometime bc-
j twoen the Otli nnd IStu of 3
nito tlmo has been sot.
scuoois win gtvo a
May. No dell-
ra3)Tho rivor hits risou 7 inches in tho
past - I hour'.
3t.Tho woather coutlnucd clear and
pleasant yesterday.
CSL-Tbo Mississippi is still hesitating ai
to tho next movo at St. Louis.
BGUTho Monongahela is rising at
Brownsville, and thera is 3 foot 7 inchos
in tho channel. At Cincinnati the Ohio Is
'falling with 10 feet C Inches in tho chute.
riSfTho Cumberland la falling again at
Nnshvillo with 10 feet on nurpoth shoals.
BPJuTho town of St. Aubcrt, on the
Mississippi, has boon shut off by a bar so
that boats cannot land thoro.
BcrjuTho JobnXunudon'was dotained In
adding a largo lot of tobacco In tho Cum
berland which goes forward on the Com
monwealth. C3.Grccnficld ferryboat was steaming
nround In tho harbor n little while last
evening, trying her now machinery.
Everything performed satisfactorily we
understand. Shu will bo ready for work
' on Tuesday next
I CSS-Tlio John Lumsden brought 240
j hhds for tho South.
fifeiV'Ilusiness wa3 exceedingly dull yes-
terday worse than usual In fact matters
along tho wharf wcro painfullyqulet Tho
only btistlo wo saw was nt tho forry land
Ingnn her flMt'aftornoon trip, whilo tho
unusually uumborof passongui-ii who had
como over to witness tho horse race wero
embarking for homo. Ono boat was al
most black with people.
A Memphis dispatch of tho 27th says :
Grand Lnko citmo down quietly last
night, took off all flats and barges latoly
used by Phillip St. Jolm, former agents
hero for tho Illinois Big Muddy Coal
Company, and slyly wont iip tho river'
with tbo fleet, much to the surprlseofpovc-
! rnl hero.
Tho hllcwlld Is tbo regular Evans
vlllo packet, leaving this evening prompt,
ly on arrival of thu train.
B3.TI1u.Ino. Lumsden leaves for Nash,
villa nnd nil way points to-day.
P3.TI10 Paulino Curroll loft New Or
Iwun on tho 2Sth.
Tho Itov. I. 8. Mnhanof Centralis, of
tho Baptist Clou. Au'n,, wlU.preach. In too,
Presbyterian church this morning at U
o'clock. ' I
Immtdintoly uftor morning seryi'co tbe'ru
will bo hold it meeting 0 tbo 'Bapiis.s o"t,
Cairo, und of nil pertont jiitorwKd In Uisv
orgunizutloii of a Baptist society. Tbo ob
ject of tho mooting Js 'lo determine i course'
for tho ucconiplUhpenof'tbayurpo&t'.
It is hoped that al, persons who. bare beaa.
members of B.ipttst churches In- other
places, undid) who urn interested i In ibat
toclcty, will lond llioiiSncllon'aiiil'encotir-
I sgoment of their presence nt the meeting

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