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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, May 02, 1871, Image 1

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J .". -niLlalPHACO.,
(8uccMQM to K. U. llendrfcka a Co.J
..l..AD HM
' Commission Merchants
VCria.ctirf - Boat
Nl MAIljKJiTfk
,. M'Aii iinitH lo receive, slur end rorwatd
freights lo nil jm'pU, end lut, md. II on ram
uarllnaine-.. attended to with Dromitnna
and dealeia In
lime. Cement, Plaster Paris
MsAKTfiltKlt'N IIAIIt.
Cor. Hlli .Street ami Olilol.t'rec
H. Wf MutsiT
Praa T. I'saara
Forwarding Merchants
Bto.i IHto.,
1 SB: 6k to Evee
. CAlttQ. IM,I,QlH.
'iSiHvotMr to Parker I'Mllia.')
Anil Dealer In
f lour, Ncul liny, Corn, Out,
Cor.lOth St.&Ohio Levee
And AeJnta o(
PAHKFrom -.rrioe,l, Londonderry
OIiwrow o' lMeialoe tm Cairo
AM aoJ
Nufl'urd, Mori'! & Candeo. AgV
Cairo, mL m . .IlllliolH
mi pun received a full and compltesUJck(ol,
dents' Furnishing Goods
0( f cry .dMerinlloD. which will be cold l P ici
thkt will nol tail to uit til purchMtra. ftfitct
fiuauwaOlMd. Hiiatoekof
1 .
L SMrtsi Hits, Cgs, eto.,
cr not zeUd la point ol prlea nd tljle id in it
Sold Since Their Introduction
The Mont fSucceMMfiil
Popular: und Perfect
Bt'IlliCOf the KInililf f.t fonKtriirflnii.
ere onttlljr nmnnj;cd ami (ruaranti-ed lo
pi re
Am nrt article In the ,ifi.ll.l 1...
Influence ID frfiniGllll Ilia Lallli. rornldtl and
ha illl- Of Ilia falnllr ilrrla llin llu. IWt
More, It l mw.m( a. aell n policy fo Ret Iho
very heat; ni In liiiyin th-i the Charter l)Mk
jou sn lely in laliluK the matt turro:iil,
lipiiiar ui (errrft 'ooklnff HoTf rtrr mulr.
-H01.t JIVW
k. ll 5. Ifatit Mntl,
... AND AU. ...
I anil f Mo.
Iive Merchants
, I.IKK..
Cairo, IIIIboI.
X.aaODtual wondar. rava&la lha ihAn.anJa n
hid4a woartar a( Natarai la ot iinimi i i tim
and prafllcal ,IU).llily, comblninn inatraellon
wiLiiainuinrni.wi otr lOdnK ll lnlil. it
a povrr -iial to othar mierortopaa of man.
umri n.co.i, iiriraueouniiaa lltlla woiW, all
anal p, Kvminx wlthlilr, whlcn in Iho naked
amu.t forarrr rrmalnaaaalrd book aarala In
TlnrMf.tuilrual inwalrr.chara inltaa, llsaraQl
Itch ina?ii, tnllkniobillf.clan inl halraola-
dol of a battcrflr'a wlnj. to I patfattlf formed
feathtr. Iho inuclt ulka of TrlochlDspirli or
pork worm, which BnlU.coterwJ in Amarica
with Ihia Mlcrotcopa.
It l of Inflnita t1ua to urofea.luntl man. to
toarhrra and to atmirntt. but nowhrro la' It of
Kmaiar Yalimtlian i n th ftunily iUa, althln
rthehui trtrj inamtK?r. It will Jelljtit jourKlT,
jourrliillra n an. your frlana, dunug tha font;
wlnlVr rvn.lnx". It wilt iliow jou idullaratinna
aod untflaanliua.a ol larlon. tlud'of fooJ,a an.
(tar, tea, l.taad niral, Ac.
It Is oflnestliriabel Value to tlio Farmn
fn aianilnlnc Imarta which lirar uiOn tua cront.
The powar of a IVJ mlcroacopc, and o a'.tnpla In
Id aunalruotioB that aajchllo i-an ii.a II under
ataodiafljr an-t wllli appreciation.
A lM.afif ll i. rn.nnt nt Iti.t rni.ii. 1 tun..
W, arul t hnii. UTerCO.iuu hare been add.
DurlUK tin- pM alx jraaia Ita worth ha bean tf
lined to by thouaanda of actrntlrln man, farmeri,
achool taa. tiara, itudtnla. phjraicltna, htada of
familira, undolbrra.
PRICE fS OO.-SentbyMall, Postpaid
Etarr lntirumant la naatlv LoxaJ. and hand.
aomely labeled with full Ulrecllooa for ur. Tliou
aanda hate baan aant ly mail.
Auaraaa, , j, hhMvma lu,
'Tim MlomnnoDe. ' A inonliuv lournal of Infer."
nation fur Ida propte the myuri;of nature
zpUluod IntKreatlDK lutornmtlnn on the won
dcra of creation atonea, aketchra, Ac. Tartna
11 00 per yeir. Thla journal will be aant Freo
for one year to any one parchMing a Crnit; Micro
aenpe, at the regular price, 11, (CralR Mlcroaoopa
win oe aent poa pain.;
rnraamplecopr.and ourbraatlfnllr illualrated
andueacripllreclrculara, and eight pJK-a ot tea
Mmonialaof CralR UlcrDacnso, aenil alxcenla for
poattf e to Y. J. LI NX-W . CO.,
Optlciaoi, and Bole I'roprleiora of Crniirnnd Not
ruy .iiieruai;iipr, t.nivaaufc4ii
AaantaanJ Dfalon. lilts Microrcnno aell in eT
ary family on ila marita, when axiluted. btrne
I'ronia uuiCKBaiea. iruuuiu
umcs ci i, 2. SiiSIlJj,
423 North mjlitli til., Phi 1 1', iu,
Dobbins UJyKD)
A color and dressing that will
not burn tho huir or injure (tho
It does not produce a color
mechanically, as the poisonous
preparations do. - .
It gradually restores tho llasr
to- ita original color and
bv BubplyinK uow life and virion
' It cauaoB a luxuriant "growth
olwft.fino hain J' '.Kl
The beat and Bafcai artjclo
ever offered. (
fllaan and Pure. ifo Mdinjiin:v
'Sold everywhere,
Tub Ohio Scnito, on Saturdiy, rc
r. J ivit.i irkt...fl. .tl It
iutcu iur 111c Ullll lllliu, III IIM HO apa
propriation bill. '
, , IJjr.flMjji.
Tile Provident '! engaged appoint
log cx-cougrwmun to office. Ou Sat
urday there w.crej&nly .eleven vrhoxo
,It in probable that Oov. I'alaierV
proclamation for (lie call if ati extrn
fc.ion of the Jcgiahttirc will be ijMicd
to-day, and the csioti will begin on
the 2'ld of next month.
TllK railroad fight lu-twrn llie
Quincy, .St. I.oui.s.niid Alton railroad
and the city of Quincy, in regard to thc
right of way on Front rtrect. haK ecri
ended by the city council granting the
railroad company the ue of the Mrvct.
Xkw VtinK city ha an nwoeiatioa
called the Anti-lnciinie Tax Afsncia.1
tion, the object of which i to eonte.it
the collection ol the income tax by every
means known to the law. By joining
the association members yet the, bene
fit of the best legal countcl wlijcli cut
be obtained.
Til K Chicago I'oti, in commenting-;
ou the nncce. ot the fhunluh? expert
a . ' . - z r .
r "J i
mcnt of taking (he telegrnpb undr the
supervision ot the government ay-f
''The wires arc rented to. jiewcpaptlrs'
during the night at the rate of 82,500
a year, each." Kach what? Kacli wire,
each newspaper or each night ?
Tiik last Congress tnado.ao jippropn-r:
ation of $100,000 for Arctic explora
tions of which a portion wai placed' at
the disj)osal of Capt. Hall. A power'
ful steatdtug of 'iOft du th'e'Periwiiu.
lie, ana chmtcned the l'olans, lun
been procured from the JJi:ayaly1Vlpat
mcnt. bhu lias becu braced. A
whaler will be- Nriliii" master. The
company will coucist of twenty-two
picked men. An astronomer, jeoio
gift and n meteoiologint accompany the
expedition. Capt. Hall will sail from
Washington about the I25th of May.
He expect to make SO dcgroe north
of King William's Land this r-cason,
and winter there next .Spring, then
with pledge cros.s the ice for, the open
Polar fca. 1
Hon. Sharon Tyndale, ex-tecretary
of State, was foully murdered within a
utonu's throw of his home in Spring
field, on Saturday last, Ho his
home about one o'clock in tho morning
to take the train for St. Louis, ana had
ouly reached the front of a building.
adjoining his own grounds, wlie ii her
was assailed, struck ,bj; a' bludgeoh, a"
his appearance indicated, and then' shot
through the brain. The" murder wai
not known until day break, when his
body wad found, stiff and dead. 'Hja,
pocket book which had contiinod
about fifty dollars, was found empty
near the scene of the tragedy. A' vol-
uuble gold
watch was Mill upon
persou. No clue to the murderer
- i
been discovered
Mr. Tyndalo was about fifty
years of age, univoreally likod anil re
spected, and a mau of education ! and
fine addroxa. His eldest son, Julius
Tyudulc, is uow absent in Europe, hav
ing been engaged as surgeon in tho
Prussian army during tho recent .Fran
co-Prussian war. Tho Statu flag up
the Capital was raised at half inasUas a
testiirionyof respect to the deceped.
Tho authorities of Springfield have
offered ono thousand dollars reward fort
the arrest of the murderer. Mr. Tyn-
dale's remains were couvcyod to Belief
ville nnd interred in Harrison cemitery,
yesterday. , '
General Sherman-nt jpped-on-hisj
to Texas and tho Western frontier,
atV reception 'tendered lifm hy
American Unioft'Dlnb, made the
lowinir gnoecli :
l-t ,.. W.II'5....5-,'J.n'iK
nn naiint n lift
onUrtpAinoricinjJontluenbJiut In drder"
P4w4 w '
,Kln4t,Jnu',f','ro?-.9fi,' ,anP V
ot1republie, wo.Mvn g9kw"PW ) I
uoRKniAwiTVTriwiitns XACU OTllln,
I0babeen6MMked by ioai',htl(man
who bai 'proceded me, that It was' gener
ally concedod by the toldieri of both
les,at the clote of tbo Into c'.Vil wnr,
tat Iftho rilii.ttloli. nnd nil matter! of the
ottlcincnt of the dlflorcncc between Iho
Xorth and South worn loft to tlio nrmle
It would U iettla.1 fit otiee, and eVer.T(lilne
uvconin quiet anmuruarir. i au uviict.u
and, before algnlng tbo ngreemcrjt with
Can. Joe Jflbhttdn' 1 cfttllcd tocctlier all
Iho ccncrnli under my commarul, snd
without a dlalenting 'voice they tapreeU
with tno. I bnllovcd they urrotiord
In cood faith, and Would hare lWod np ito
tbo-Tv.lcltr.of't1)iitreraetitr and in
lir opinion iftjwM htwrMen. i I
u nucoNMTiiacTioKi axt ai'iXokoRKM
anu tno armtea nnon ton at too iimauiov
tie all queitloftl of dlfTorenco betwelon tlio
dlfforcntfMtfppAoMho country, ttjtfpco-
pU wnld hayo at oheo bcoomo quiet, ana
peaceable. I, probably have .as; good
uiuant of inforinakSon a moat peraoni in
ragard Ui whwtia ealred'
TntaVKllirfc. r j ,
and am perfectlt'.'iatbillad tlHttlb&tlitBe U
greatly ovr-etIuintJ j uuj i.Wr Ltti-.
nutz oiut rtrr Kept out of Vomjrr$, una.
tht armv krnt at their leaitiinale lriiiV.
there are enoitah aoarl and true mnl rti nil
ff-mlhern-Statni ir put drmn; all li-tluf
or otftrr LanJi (J maraiulcrr.
TWiuHiic, inoiuber of-ilao -New Vork
leffi-laiure frxiin l)ifnfeirfc. NoV. li'ork.
is Uie bef abused manTu th?'llnied
Statefljustat preent. '"WjuanS ,-ptcd
with tho Deinncrats to deteat a ineaa
ure of plunder put forward by the
lobby at Albany; lladinals sajf lio was
paid for it and would ce MiirnMihnged
with a Hoed uraco. .Some of 'thom
ecu t to him, from puukirk, lately, a
Biblo, a piecu if ropb and a note warn
ing Jiitn that 'if he ahall ever return
lo that city he hhall feci ,beinp
around bii ileck. In view of this
Ltarcumstanee. tho duty of- 'Pres
ident. Grant is, plain. The new
Ku-Klu-v law nays if anv threita be
!iOadi!.againtt any citizen pf the United
V?tatC! "to injdrc him in his pcr.-bu or
property on account of hw lawful dis
charge of .the .dutie of hw offici, tho
person or persons making mich tiireatH
shall, upon conviction of the arhc, be
punishetl by a, fine, not lei than five
hundred nor more than five thousmd
dollarSj or by imprisonment, with or
without bird labor, a the courl may
daierruiue, for a period of not leva) than
tux . months nor more than six years, ns
thq rnprt may determine, or by ' both
tmcVfiue and imprisonment a the court
shall determine.
Now whether Wiuaus sold his vote
or not, hero Lr a clear case of Ku-lvlux
which the Uoverumcut can make an
oxampleof. Grant should not neglect
the opportunity.
The seat of tlio two ICcpublican repre
sentative elect in Mauclieitcr, IN". II., nro
to bq contested on tho ground that th0
number of rnteablo polls in thoir ward
were iiuufilcicnt to warrant the number of
representative clioen ; nlo for nlU'ged
illegalities in the munnerof the election.
A negro national convention is called to
meet in St. Louis September ZlA. The
purposo of the meeting is to ndopt some
particular dny as .a bluck Ponrth of July,
as tfcOvncgroea. in' different loculities-nro
r1.0W bVservlnc ditTcrent days in com-
-mtmSftitlon'of their cnfrimchlsement,
Watbtngt(n'dipntcli6s'sny that Pension
Agent IlIakeryTw"rotC a letter about a year
ago, pjhlchfiie ilepwineod Grant in such
inucceni inngungo tuat it i unui tor puu-
lleallom A Mf rctjolrcs extraordinary
tlcilHo gjyeslJf Grunt and toll the truth
iVjV,i," 1,Ii,4 (n'tannnaiti. U'lilnll tulll tlllt tlf.
lend ihorenneJ, tno. pension agent ongiu
not to be severely-crnsurcd. His aoluof
fcniti'U'thall.o'wus ntftfible to treat u vul
gar istibject in .any olhbr than a coarse
Among tho numoroiiH iispirnnts for tlio
pquiocratiq nomination for Governor of
Kentucky, tlio Hon. Proctor Knott, the
anther of tlio celebrated speech onDulutb.
is beginning to be a good deal spoken of.
If tho question could bo left to tho citi
7xn of .Dultitli, tljero U no. doubt thut
)vnott would get tho nomination by ono
Unanimous acclaim.
Comuimiting on tho Ku-Klnx bill tho
Siition snyi T,h) statute violate the let
ter of tha t'ons(ltutlon by declaring that
to be a roool'tlon agaliist ilm rnlted States
rhlaiijs.nothrng more thiui violencutoln
XlivIiltiiflK, and by'pormltting llie writ of
Hibeiis corpus ty be rUfpemled in ,ime of
p;eitepjj bjj1 autliorixlng' tho President to
e'iuploy, fipimllitry -furcc in ruprcmlng
PJraiMW.tq?)tHt bVws without any mj
llcti6n.rf 6M ('Stater iiuthftrlt fci ;, by ox-
.tMidiiig tiiii.probibitioiis of (ho Fuurtucnth
.iiiiou'dbieot to ieM of- (irivnttv wrong ;
o!iy;lqlcithing.t,lie, national courts ,w'th
lutJrfdtjor'ovf-i1 brdlnary.crloicaud with
tlio fiinetton of-tmlinu'v iioico repression.
ItWlMntcsJth'Q'cnirrt'splrlt vr the, L'unsti
4tivTtt"iTiy ifioii f o??fne upon the Preslden
li- time' 61? 1 pcaeo ViTAUitttry tllcretlon
.hlbb'bolorigs oJ)jm only lueomuunider-In-cbf-.lfi.tiioejqfvitotual
war; and by
.destrolngiUio .:aepgrate--ltUoi5h'(ibor-
uwmuu-rrmilopenaanCO Ol auu dii" " i.unt
tboh? tftrcipijiWib'Kores, which was flrm
Ty MtaXUsha'ln tii'o Couitltution as an es
sential feature of our institutions.
ltumor.hu it that .Mrs.
Kulr ll endcat-
oring to commit suicide.
A man hatleon arrested nt Dsyton, III.,
billoved lo be tho murdcror of Mr.v Pe
ters of Ccntcrvillc.
Mis I,in a Gilbert bin surd tho Chicago
Kvtning 'osrfor' libel. S25,000 dainnges Is
whatTibe wanti,
Tho property of The 1'itptr, tbo defunct
Pittsburgh journal, was sold on Friday by
tho Sheriff. Abont $17,000 wore realized.
Tho Catholics of Bridgeport, Illinois,
Intend to erect a church which will cost
about ?2.,O00.
Co). Joaoph W. Scott, the oldeat mem
be.rof tin New Jcriay larithd formerly
I'Maitcr lfabn of that kinto. ilttd At Snw
ptdnMcli lai C ; Week, ngeJ "7JI Venn.
Tfi Denver'Cfly (5n Inaf. Friday. Ciinrlos
C( flu litte t, sort of lbs proprintor of the
IWii-t Iioine, Mmt and kilh-d Jlli-s Cyn
thia .Malcolm, ii young woman aged
Tlio eattti' plague' fm broken otithmong
ar-o droves of cattle in Westcliuntercoun
ty, New York. Tlio disease invariably
tormlnute. fatally nnd Considerable Marin
Tim Cwigregntlonallat of llo't'm and
vicinity lluve nded into hundred and lifty
tl.ounit(l iloll.ir. for lh. pdrrhn'e of tin
esUile in liiiMetm street, t'i h converted to
the.U4u if that drnnnilualioli, and called
tin C)5regttionnl Home. Fifty 'tbbus
end dollnrn additlonitl Is to be rMa'cd for
building purposes.
A rowof buildings in Kvuiisvillc, known
ns " hi say row, burnwl to the ground
on last I-riilnv tilurninz. In its account
of tho fire the Kvuntvllle Courier savs:"
The phico has long becnme of the .great
et nuitniiccs of tho city, and nearly uvory
one wns gmu to tea it iiunicu. a wag
who was present and doubtlest hlid his
lieiirt made glad nt tin tight, expressed
himself thus;
"ll? alt tliat'a dlrin my ite.ir Mur.n.
We i Ve h.td anuther ueatruciite llr ;
Some one fiiM lidrneil down lilVy rovr,
lraie nod from whom all llaaina llii'."
How It. Ocanrred.
When the Ntew YorV nowsmitiurai hnvo
bf...ti iihuatinUv retloetiL in fi.'iril to tlio
tuisdolnt-s of-Oerir liawrenci. the late pen
sion ngont, a Now York correspondent of
tlio bpringuelu Uepubuean, who seems l
bo favored wlih peiM means f infornni-
tion, tells tno wiinto story as loiiows:
'Two metliods ol fraud huv been suc
ecasfully followed tho hitch- common
process of raising checks, und direct ovcr
drawels, or furgerius on the govuromciit
for funds with which to inakolho regular
pension dlstiursniucnts. Tho latter inado
uHPenrs to huvo been tho favoritu with
Gen. Lawrence, and the provisions of Inst
year's penion net made it easy and
safe. By this act nil domestic pensioners
weio paid In checks on tho sub-treasury,
payable each to tho order of tho recipiont,
wiiiio for all foreign pensioners, or whom
thero nro a considerable number, tlio agent
drew, on checks, payable, to his own order,
tne grots amount necessary, with winch
ho purchased bills of exchange, nnd mndo
remittances to tlu proper persons In for
eign countries. An excellent opportunity
Iur (lofruuufng tho government, with very
little risk of detection is thus presented,
and of this Gen. I.nwranco appears to buvo
lully availed himself. Drawing rrom the
sub-treasury on checks payable to his own
order, wlmtevur amount ho deemed neces
ury for tho payment of foreign pensioners,
any surplus, utter Iho claims of the pen
sioners weru satisfied, of eourso remained
In his hands and wns expended for bis own
ourtioscs These overdrafts wero never
very largo in amount, prob
ably not exceed! ni: four or
11 vo thousand dollars at anv ono time, and
uvcraging much less, though the quarterly
payment of pensions gave frequent oppor-
..... t... ... . . . ! n' I, ,1 ;
iuiuw wi teieui, viiu ujieriiiiuu. i.iiuvuid-
covcrv of tho fraud was only elfeclod by
careful nnd thorough research of nil tlio
papersanu porrsion roil in tne ngoncy, u
certaining not only that all tho pensioners
had rocctved tho 'full amounts to which
they wore entitled, but that tho govern
mcnt had paid no more, either in detail or
in tho nggrcgato tlinn its obligation de
manded. Attention was llret drawn to
the apparently largo amount disbursed mi
account of foreign pensions, and, on full
oxnmlnatloti of tlio rolls, the suspicions
wero continued and tlio wholesale frauds
on tho government demonstrated. Gen.
Lawrence had extended his o: orations
over several years, covering them so
skillfully that, had not other circumstan
ces directed public attention to his course,
bo might and would have gono ou with
Impunity for soma timo longer.
"Tho bonds which Gen. Lnwreuco gave
on entering tho office nro ample S'2iio,0oo
to save tlio government from any loss
by his operations."
A family Cecrec Made I'uli'lr.
It is thought that Governor Geary, nf
l'eiinsyivanm, must iinvo miuia up hi.
mind to cut loo.o from tlio Administration
when ho permitted himself to he Inter
viewed by the reporter of tho Now York
Herald, und consented to have what he
said about Grant published to the world,
ll will bo 'remembered that Cameron had
Grant up iu Pennsylvania last summer,
nnd that fishing was uno of tbo recreations.
Tho reporter asked Governor Geary if
Grunt and his friends caught manytlili,
to which tho Governor replied : "I don't
kiinw; but, to uso a slang torm, they alt
yot li;wk an fiddler, unit had to help each
other honle by turns." Wo nro glad that
no Democrat originated that statement or
.first mado ll public. It is a family affair,
and' should have been kept there.
8kSr-Vnnltf lteam has completedji bust
or Farracut, and Is going to New lork for
other subjects.
MaTa?a)isToledo has a two-year old
colored baby that can ropoat tho alphabet,
and spell words of four yllables.
Kiom the l'hltndclphfft Tell graph.
Dr. John .IosimiIi Ignatius Dollingcr,
ngnlnst whom tlm Pope has hurled tho
major excommunication, was born in
Bamberg, In Bavarin, on tho L'sth cf Feb
ruary, 1799. He was educated fcr the
Church, nnd, immediately after bis ordina
tion In 182'A was nppolnlcdchnplaln to tho
diocese or.hls native town. In 182C b0
mado his first Appearance ns nn author,
publishing In that yenr a work on The
Doctrine of tlio Kucliarlit during the First
Thrco Centuries." This brought him Into
prominence, and tlio same year bo wns In
vited to lecture on tho history of the
Church before tha Pnivcrsitv or Munich,
a Korean Cithollc Institution, with which
ho has remained in connection until the
present tlm? Professor of Oliurch Hls
toryv Tho substance of his lectures was
published in 1828, undor tho titloof "Man
ual of tho History of the Church." and in
a more oxtcr.ded l'or:n in ls:!H. m n ''Trent.
iso on tinHistory of tlio Chtirth '
Turning hit iittoiillun In iwillticnl nr..
finally, bo wal. iu 181, elected to lepre-
cnt tho University of Munich in tb tin-
Varlan Parliament. 1,i'i.(mitm- in lf'.l. n
delegate to the Dieluf tlia GormMiic t'oii-
leUeriitit.u nt Frankfort. Hen' li. gave
full vent to his extremely libeml oniiiion...
and east hts vote for thu absolute sutn
llnn of the Church from the State. Ho
then utlnck'xl tho temporal power of the
Pope, the abandonment of winch iiendvo
cated In it crie. of lectures .delivered in
l'll. '1 hrutieluul his lotisr career ho has
treqiieptly nppeured ns an author, a" bis
works ImviiiL' a direct benrine tiooii tt e
history of the Church ami it rotations to
blaUv. His oruilition la ns nociirato ns it is
extended, and ho has long stood iii the
very front rnik nf tho lilstotliius of th')
Tim netiou of tlio Into Kcuuicnicnl
Council on the question of Papal infallibil
ity served to lully arcue tno venerable
theologian, nnd during tho discussion in
tho Council Dr. Dollingcr assailed tho or-
guments nf the Papal jiarty in n masterly
manner, s''.:ctual!v exposing their ubsurd-
ity. and bringing down upon himself tho
fall measure of Papal wrath. He t-sus-
pecfel, also, of having been one of tno uu
ncknowlodged authors of "Janus." the fa
tnoul ntitl-infalllhilist tract which' ap
peared the year before the nffombling of
the Council. This suspicion tended to In
crease tho disfavor in which be was held
at tho Vatican, and his final refusal, when
called upon by tho Archbishop f Munich
to give In his adhesion to the obnoxious
domn has resulted in his excommuni-.
cation by tho Pone. But Dr.
Dollingcr still holds his professorship In
an orthodox university, nnd ilia grave
question which is now protctitcd involves
Ms retention or removal Irom Hits' post.
T. .1 ! .. 1. .. Ml . w
lb ia unuoraifHKi iiinv uu win uo aupporuii
fully by the Minister of Worship nnd tno
other lay functionaries of the. .Bavarian
It is scarcely poslblo that. In opposi
tion to thorn. King L'.mi will succumb o
the demand for his removal ; and all the
event of retaining his professorship, n
lively nnd necessarily bitter watcfiiro be
tween the Liberal und I'ltramontuno par
ties in Bavaria is in prospect. AVhittever
may no tlio result ol the strugglo, the high
reput ttlon of Dr. Dollingcr is beyond its
reach, and in tho end tho cause of a liberal
nnd enlightened Christianity will not bo
apt to suuer.
III Journey Acrtua ludin.
Calcutta, (.Murcli IS) C"rrepnndence of the I.on-
iion rimes,
Mr. Seward and hi two daughters
(adopted daughters, I tolieve), left Calcut
ta on tho 13th for Benares. They will
visit Allahabad. Agra. Delhi, and several
other places on tho way to llombay, and
will in all cases bo met by tho heads, or
representatives of tho heads, of govern
ment. At Allahabad they will bo tho
guesls of tho lieutenant-governor of tho
north-western provinces, at Bombay of
tho governor of that province During
the main part of his stay horo Mr. Seward
was mo guest ot tne govornor-general, and
l oellovii that every means was taken to
add to bis comfort,' and, npart from public
utspiays, to uo lilui Honor, inure was no
display of any kind, hut Mr. Sowurd was
not any tho less an honored guest f the
viceroy. Ho left Calcutta In a special
carriage, placed by tbo governor-general
at his disposal Tor tho journey, to ho cut
off from the train when or where he
pleases. Kvcrytlilng was quietly done,
but I believe that Mr. Seward wns much
gratified with li Is kindly, unostentatious
fiyA correspondent from Brazil of
tho Boston Advertiser writes : "Tho no-
gro 'totes' everything ou his head from a
small paper parcel to a grand ulano. mid.
ou this 'head,' n lady spending tho hot
months in Tijuca ordered hor piano sent
out from tho city, a distaiico of about"
twenty miles, supposing it would bo sent
by steam. But on tho day appointed
eight negroes made their appearance nt
Wliilo s Hotel, in Tiluca, with tlio said pi
ano riding aloft on their woolly heads-
having drought It the entire diclancc, in
cluding tho mountain road of three miles
heavy up grade," without once flopping
for rest on tho way. Before totting It
down thosn Jolly negroes paraded It about
tlio yard with a" slug-song march to show
tlutt'they wero not in tho least done-tip by
their perfiirinaiic."
tayln ItfU'.l tlio number of living births
In Massachusetts was 30,141 j in lf!il3, liO,
li:i; fn 1XCU, 3i;,0,V) only 01 loss than in
I81V.I, when tho population of that Statu
was -0,011(1 greater than In 1W0. Tim In
crease of population Is almost exclusive!
duo to emigration, und thu foreign-born
population huvo more children tluin na
tives, although the foreigners nro fuwur in
number. Alluding to this reinnrkablo
fact, the Boston VVrtrrtViv says It fears
that tho lack of children among A marl-
cans III ew-1'.ligiuild, as elsew here, i
trneenhlu to it sadder cause than tlw rll
iniitn a i.- iu.o which need plainer llig I
about than it Iihh yet recuiviut.
USX. Aterribleaeeiduat occurred t.i Mrs.
Gertrude Togiiuior as slm was alighting
from tbo passenger train nf the' St. Louis
and Alton railroad ut. Eighteenth street.
In some way slio slipped and fell between
tl)o cars, tlio wheels of opo, .paasing oVer
both her .llmls. Sho.was , removed to her
htimo, - No. 608 'South' "Knitted "street,
whoro medical nttendsnco was procured.
Drs. Vrasar and Peauga decided that both
feet must be amputated. Chieago I'ott.
DAILY Ijffft" KfffPT.
.( - i ft II s-
. . HAVE' A. . .. .
l.nnJ Jrnn' ttlrrct rsotn the Oorcrn.
. ( .. ,',,,.c,' J
.OP THE- .
licit Fanning mid Mineral, tnnd.i In
America, ' "
' , '
U.nuo.noo anm ehhiee' ' lariAm land
on I!.- lo i.r the xrA'U n Jl
' WrtH ! v i
uttnXT 'fnr-ri: VAt.t.fiv '
! rurMIr, lortwan.'rrcldlut low ..t i...
vrr'i. jni' mnl' , n.ar Uie .Jt tru
.Nqrtfi lrfK.jfilmta, n-..',n,b ritl-l lif-altjTei
I I Ml
hiiu .M'.init .'1,1 PI'-.,
f-i'i lfMliv r,n . I'pUMFr'tS.
.sani"ilKrrhf,t IjoiIi esstvui kc-si.
rtriM froifl 5! Ta sin at priiare
Y, . enter, vfirU't ir'sV't ms'ini'.
2i3OO,OO0 V.oro
tt.'-h''i''.entii.MH.inia.6lliut. ilu'j-i u.i. .,j
n.n.tii . oVt'h cutt
Hnrreyn I Slid r ,f Mii-jr lin'e .
sli'vl I't'J.sTlir'I'Joliws, amlean li ,j(r t
Alfft'A l fiV.t I.RIW, ONLY-.
AlioppottuM'v patei U.i'cire p-awnlni f, r
,im-e w nerval, nuuiuvi Willi nl
-In til'l ...fM-il .Huh I.
oddloiioi dneni rinililitt. win, itim,
. .-..,,( I ,
ready .m.t . at if I.i nil ojil. of ne I
Hiales, l'nnala atal Enr p. Aduresa
, il. r. lavts, Lurid .vinin,.a.i,
mildlln vvSin I'.l'.lt r..Cf. Omaha N
QuitMicvr e:oi
mil CEflTBIl-B. 1.
Ht. s.oviis, Louisville. C'tiu'.iiiiuil
Chh'i:, Sw .Yorlt. lto-ton
0s '
fr , ' a ' . f
t'usaenifcr Train. Arrive iat'nntt levt
imru m luiiuwii. i
.Hull " Kaproa.
ARklviii-tiioo a. si .........!ai'sii p. n
ij.i'AitT-sioB a.. ai....(..-...ataoi. ju
lioth ti,..io e.muKtt nl On.lrslia ilh triDaon
I'ann, Decnlur. Illoouilngtou, Kl I'nan,
l.n Snllr, .Hrndot; Krreport, Oalcmt
IllibiKinr, unci all iralnca In Jlllnnla
Mlaantirt, .'dlnilr.oln, tVlarotialn ami
low it.
And wiUi lines running Rit ami Weal tut
SI. Iuils. Sprltiglleld, LonIs Hie, Cln
elniintl, Indianapolis k Columbus,
andaidilc.igo alth Mleignn Central, MiohJfau
tioutlitrn, id Pittahurir, Fort Wijn
mid Chienfto pnuroails to)
Miigrn Falls,
New York,
n nsningion,
l'o. throuch tlefcets and fnfarmsllon. anrlv
Illinois eVntru. lUillroad Srpot. ,
r. wuiiui.
nenersl PassenRor Agecr, CbtcaKo.
M. IIUWITl", (ienerul SujK-rlitendent
J.Joliiumi, Attent Cairo.
CI'I12riGl'IEI.l Jt ILIil.VOlM
On nnd after Momlay,Febrnnry27lh,
1ST I, trains will run ns follows:
TnstM ooino annnsAST.
Hail. Kipre.
I.' ave AkhUnd 7: 0n.m .
" HprlDBtlr'd - IMU " -S.0npni.
" Tajlorvlll" tl:W " .... 1:! "
Arrneat I'nna l'i.tO in. ...5;1T '
TUllMIOI.in soaTiiwsaT.
... AM u.in.
...4:i0 '
...i!."0 '"
...0:111 "
.-8.IO "
Lose I'ani l:oua.m
" Tii)lorTillo I:S7 "
Arrlro at .'-iirlriilcM...0;l.1 " .
I.eavo .Mnslnztlafd
Arriro nl Asfiland......
trains ooikd aovTnctsr.
Invo Kdgeroood 5:30 a. m 10:10 a. la
' Mora :.' " M..,nuu
Arnse nt th.nrneetownS:Mp m .1:1.1 p.m
Lease J-li.twtieetown R-.IJ n.m ..OOn.in
" Hor.i S:.W " - 7;ur"
Arrlvo ut UdKewood UO " S.iO '
TheS:30 a.m., Iraln from Kdsiwood, runa ooij
JIuii'taya, V dues, lays and Friday, and Sill a.m.
train Irom Shuwneloa ou Tueadaya, Tluin
dya andhaturday.
Connects at Ashland with JarkaoiirlUe dlrlsion
if Chicago and Al'un Itstlroail. far Jscksonvllle,
l'eterHlMiri;, Mnson City, a nd all uointa wet.
At Hprinstleld. with Chicago and Alton, and
Toledo, Wahuli and We.tern lUilroart, r..r
Iiloomlnat'.u, Chleagv, and all points nortli.uorlli.
we.t and w.-s-. .... ,
At T.inn with lnd, and SI, finis, and Illinois
tVntml U.ulru.i.1 lar nil pumls ensl, aouih and
At lii(!riH)i '"' Chicago PivIkIou Illinnla
Ceiurat R.uir"sd. ...... ...
Atrlom.wlih chin asil Ml.sixlppi Itailroal
Atiliiineeiinii, Willi ateamlai.ti". vt Cincin
nati. I'.iiiur il), Cairo ami St. IjiiiIs. S
nan, I.' (JiI.ANI BMITII. IWI Hup't. "
J-'KN I'm iirr, (iiii'l Fr'Rl andTifke' A,i;'.
yx i,s:."S's n ii uiScipn
Family Grocery
Cor. 8tlt St. n'ltshlngfoti in'e.,
OaLrct, - - rs J Uinoia
Is aupplt (l willi ttin, Ircsju'il ,
flrnccrlea, (Irr'eu and Dried aiati tan.
'' neil S'riilta; -- -
Dressed ' Poulfryi - .Freshb iBlitter
Aii l eyerytliuig ehy . niC,J tor timlly aiipplr
It is in almrtnuaol the best stocked xroeerfea la
the ellf.
A contlnuaccof public patronaje u repoUnll,
solicited dertldlm

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