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The fo Jewing steamer 1mv Cairn
on lhi days and at the hoiN b-lo.nmnl
TALISMAN, Every Monday nt C p.m. :
TYJIONE, Every Thursday, at B p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, at C p,
, For Freight or IWaga'aepijr on lrd, or I
Thtlyqtiftil and ght dranghl steamer
aveeifclro daily etfip.tn., d I'a-f.teli dally
eA.'m. graving ttipVrlotw-vlTmrnmlatione tlx
,i.-n ...i ii ... .
..una patronage, n
0f PavlienUr a'tenttopgu j
tfrtocLaiga, tut fletVi
eollejetiou of Iti.
lttoi l rtKn-
aiMefor tbeaameiintil rolleeted,
May 25th, 1871,
Tiikrn Tito Dollar Ijtrti-Ilattra Our
. 1 .. vlloilor Kuril.
J 'anrThl enferprl'p will he conduct il In a prc
rlel similar Inaitntr lo lhatof Ihe late Grand
'I. ft Concert of the Merrantlle Library An.ool.i.
. lljn.ofriui Frocflcn..yulrh xtrq lchitnlvernl
SMI. ration.
One I'liaurelu x;er Thirty.
i ch oiii .,........ . tjii,)
i r-iii ;iri... n,'i
t Cuh (lilt. .......... -.......,.......-......- Iv
t CbU um ; L.i - ,
1 Cwuli (lilt...- .
1 Ch Olll... . . 1)SD
1 CmiU I lin ........,....-.. -...... l.")
I Oil l)in........J. M.hlMi'M.H.WUH..H Hwa Ml
i rii flirt 1,100
1 Cah f lift ,.. IJNO
I Cult Gift . 1,000
i cot fjnr... . i.
1 Cash (tt .. .. l.ini.
1 Caih Oifl
I Cah Mift. l.ou
II Cash (l.fu. f.vo kDm-... . T.uu
in C"h(iifl, 'ifO etn.. s.tiM
iffj cn nirtt, ii mch... .... z.uju
W !uh tllff, M tach:.. ,
100 Cuh Oirta, 30 fwh. . 3,(W
10 CmIiOIRi, nlr,..
lomcu.-inini, lo Vali. ..... lo.oi)
luCli GtfU, 5 rwti.,... &,r)
231doTrta,aniouDllDx to . I oo.i UJ
Which will Ldintrilutel lir chacemoK tfie
.tlcktt hoMM,toUhe.JIiJUul Aid A'rocUtloa of
UlXumtUM. K. RntrltiV.i! Xuabal-a ofl
Omaiia: Kdxar Zabrnkla. lata Union
road otter. OmitKJ. Tnrnrr. Imlr If,
H. lar-
hal, Omaha; J. Dotl. Poitoffice, Omaha
f Cool rapouitlc aoU Wanted,
.iroBaiMwta. . niitai,'V
l.TFOKO CO., DnrraMttr,
Omaha. NVItraaka
Alo. krfp rntiaUntlj en l)0'l a LlOft coin,
pine nlock tit
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Pod, Madeira, Sherry, Calabaw
We aHI irlullj for Caah, to which I act w
IqtiU the attention of cloae bargain bujreri
Special attention iTn to filling ordcra.
' - Si'7 Ohio Levee,
tt"-";V CAIRO, III.
Npjtil'BtteiitIon irfvrH to Conalgn
lacnta n4'UJliiH Order-
W. Blratton.
T. Bird.
STitAxroN a: iiiict,
uo;f mors to Stratton. umtaon A Clark.)
t.I J'WholeWnle
Ag-cnta ol Ainerlran FuwiUr Co., and
i iwwmwniri viayepii, ,t i;gaa nri.
i-jrr!;-; fr-? 4 '
k The imdcriilKnfd will furnlah
irard ami lry Wood
As Cheap If at Cttaepr
'"iiuVariy woodlealer Id Cilm. Leave order at
" tnf.Pqji.Qinceund at the corner otiitnatreet
U'rah nuton
Avenue, 1 Eire cood meaturo rlc
u 111 cor J the
wood tljl." UKJINIH HAUKV.
rVbrnarv WqJ. 1171
1-1- I .'
H prepare to deliver t tt
Fire Wood &"Stohe,Coai
in unjf part of tho city," in any quantity;. deu ;
Coal DeUjrfai.H MPer 10B
OKKIOET-PveriBeerwart,, Prth Oo.'a tov
I tore, two door aoove tne corner oi cignin airee
and Oommerclal avenne.
,',",..,'t,'(.. , M,.......',MM,,S,.,,(
l if
Mcn'i FIno Heal'Hkin Gaiter, Md alio
"Princo Albort," at Eiitott ftHayUiorn'-).
?. Off
MUca' Sergo and . JCIdl'olikb,' icallop
top, at the City Shoo ilort, corner .Com
mercial nvcnuo and Eighth atrect; It
VijDvn. Choico Family Flour In" bbli
half bbli laclu 4c, for tale at thaEgj-p-
UdlcV Sorgo (I'oll.h) Fmnoh Kid,
foxod, at City Shoo Store, corner of Com
morclal Voaue" and eighth attest. . tf
AVhoIi it that doei not like imoking
hot bitcuita for bruukfait? Tlio Firm
Cook atove will bukotliem In flro minute
time by tlio watch. tf
Genu' Oxford Tica, l'rln.-o AlberU
and Opera Slipper, at Die - -CUy Shoe
Store," corner of Commercial avenue and
Klghtlritieol. tf
IIk of gnodobeer, there N life and health'
for you yet. So those that Imvo tuken
Simmon,' LIVer llegulntor nltet.
apr2&d&wlw .(-
fiooii' I'I.ack. All ntrnngurii vltiting
the city call "on ' AlLit to vl lino ihav4
and have their tmlr cut in un artiitia man
n.;r. ,tf
WA'NTr.liImmcdiateli-, a (j'fl to do
grnoinl houiu work, at No. &7, Ninth
trcnt, betwitsn Wnlnut and Cedar flrceti.
It Miiri. J EH F. MAltTI N.
Ladlcji' Sergo (lollh), aonllop-top; for
from one dollar and fifty cent :n three
dollar and twenty-flvo crnl, at City
Shoo Store, corner of Commercial ivvcnuo
and Eighth (trcct. tf
'I'll A Urio patent tnovenble point alee
plow) one extra ipoint kIvcu wltlt -nob
plow. For ttlo only by
130 Commercial Are.
Fiii.iNO or Lots. Jojik flock 1 and
l'eter Neflf arc flllinir their loU on Ohio
levee from the debrli of tlio old
olai Hotel. Nctrpropoei to build upon
hit lot.
N6tic. All penoninaTini; article, at
the Cairo Dye IIouio are requested to rail
and get them before the 20th of May next,
or they will be aold for charges.
School Picmc Ono of tho moat Jnr-
Greeting and 'acrceabla affair of tbV.
month of Hay, the' puplic achooU picnicy
will certainly take place on Friday,; May
12th. Preparation are being mudofo ln
t ure lucceu in every particular:
A iplcndld auortmcnt of ,ltl jcagal
mosi batkeU, flower ttand, flower train
on, wlro-cloth for window screen,' bath
and foot tuba, &c, &C-, juit received !utr
aOlf 130 Commercial Ave.
Tun Founrn "Wakij. One of tho moat
popular Institution of tho Fourth "Ward
It Ehler! ihoeitore, whero he make to
order all kind of ahoca in the most work-man-llko
mannor. Tho citizen who uie
hi good will never patronlr.o any other
rhoemuker in the city. Ills ibop It on
Twentieth street, nearly opposite tho
court houae. tf .
Macuineh. Altentltfu
wlihlng a flrt-clau
sewing 'tnachino I called to the
late Improved "Wheeler and "Wilwit'i.
They; cannot be excelled for a family'
raacLlfte, or for light manufacturing pur
poica. All are Invited to call and exam
ine tho improvement. J. C. CAKSON,
npaqdlm Agentf, Cairo, 111.
Tho bouse heretofore occupied by Fat-
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Lcvoo betwonn
Fourth and Sixth itrceU. This bouse. If
not tho best business homo is .certainly
ono of tho best stands in Cairo. It fronts
tho principal steamboat I rinding und is
near the Illinois Central railroad depot.
'Apply noitdcor at ltobert Smyth & Co'.
wholesale grocery store.
Ktnartok. James KynaMon, the well
known butcher of ,tho. Fourth -AViird,
openod hi branch butcher hop ycftor
doy, and now Invites tho patrpimgu of tho
public. His "branch," i on tho lot next
to the grocery store of Aldorman Carroll
on Commercial avonuo, nnd will b'j sup
plied with tho freshest and, best meats in
tho Cairo market. Kynaston know his
business, and always furnishes good meats
and gives full weight. tf
Ooi.ii Loak IK Cairo Jay Cooke ifc
Co. ofTer lho7.30 gold loun of tho North
ern Pacific It. R. Co., as a sofa and profit
able Investment, but a still mure profitable
way of Investing money la In Brown &
Edwards' barber shop, whero, among ptn
er excellont bitrhors, Gus Hlmo bandies
bis trusty razor, ltoniembor the place
Theobold's old stand, Seventh s'trcut, neiir
OhloLevoe. , tf
Pealnr in
UdlM Furnishing (loodg
Cortter Klaitla altreel,
in wi,iH.oflnthlo;ter Ladltk' wear made
orier. or ready made. Alio, a full Mfortment
MltteVani'lAdiet'sV.M. nrtf
FoRTtmR'is FiOKtB-Wo mot a mJn'
Sunday eronlngliu needy, etrcumttancoa,
whoj In 1859 wixj vory wealthy anc iur-
tinrta1 tf nit tIia a,nnllnrir-Al
comfort, and which are tho auxllllarieitg;
wealth coupled witti roBnomcnt. Jyrlng
i ... i M i.i . -A'V.J-T
ibo nuovo year no was a rcsiuoni uiivw
Orleans, and moved In the best ctrclesof
hhn society of that polished Southern me
tropolis. To-day bo earns tlio scanty
mean of livelihood by the uio of tho vio
lin, an instrument from which, In the days
Of till wealth, ho drew .exqulslto sounds
through choico and' a love of music. Ho
married In Vermont, arid for ton years
resided in New Orleans, In which blty ho
proaporcdluntflj"utttroro'' tlio wof, when
misfortunes camo upon him, and with il a
lovo of that which hnth tho dotnon In
It. lie Wintjftfuun&iA condition In
lifo toanothor, until hi soon found 1iimiclf
tho manager of a smalOUntrranircmpany
ofdramatlo pcrformerr, and his refined wife
the leader oftho dramatic talcnti This
company disbanded In AVcitern Texas,
anu i
tlon of toitbrette. She, riIn
vocation, was poon engaged at jcadlng
actres in tho Galveston theater, where, by
hftp IwmiiLw antl lniAll2in4i..halt.r!iptpl
...f. L. V.. J" i'i'i.L.i
hc alluring totigjif uritlict JflatUrcr and;
eat a I " I
villain, ami iiou no one Knew ..whito, ki
sue imt never i,eeri ucaru, incc. from
that lilcts hi! novcr recovered uim Sun
day I'Vunitig ciKild liiivu ,bee'n seen n our
landing pennllcs, hcutclesf, ifrloiidlcis
prcmuturoly grey, and a victim jo Jhc,
fascinations of the cup. Tlilrf U
nji Idle
mj that
u:h hII
fiction, but ond of tli'4u llfo '.tlrmii
csnhantlv Imi rbatijj. Tbrjit
hi ttlaU, povprty and vlciitudn, bth
t 7
never parteJ with the violin niround
which urn cluit'irrtt j tt- nmnl nnd bitter
. If.
doubt 'that
TniiK. Thoro can be
Baugh is,' pur txetllenee the .boit und
liwmakcr of Cairo. Ho chnllonge com-
Ptitton lii hi trudo. and utsuro the riub-1
lie tbat'he will guarantco to hi eustlimiira.
fatltraclIoK. Hit shop it on Eighthstrct
near the corner of Ohio Lerco. tf
TuiWKii's PtCMc The Turner s pjc--
nic, on tne Kentucky siuo oi t,i' fvfr
Tetterday, would nave been nicoiapleto
success but for tho rain. Daring the! iVrrWhbTdnav F ? 8 2 "
noon tne festivities commenced witu'great
spirit, nnd would have continued until n
late hour in tho evening had not rudriz-.
zling,ru!n aetln, which lastuntil aft.ir hvo '
o'clock in the evening, Notwithstanding
this Interruption by un clement that L-ou!d
not bo controlled tbrrlueh any human:
fancy, the daftelag was coa'jiuetl onjhe.
at anamst rcat hilarity aid good,,
to !ieixjiOslS f htcnWst'ti itring'
The. eo'ajtnitUe'iWm.'Budcr. Sic-:
vonr3chwanlt"x and ltoberfUrlbnch labored-
energetically in preparation fgr, tbo affair,,
as did alt thi "leading1 Turhen, among
,vfbom were Charles Sllnerrx-spcallcr'Sf.
.i in. .(.... ( . "
vuvriuuiuiiuiimuayauu, in'Uict, eyery.
Turner In the city. ' - I '
" i J i
"This W Iaistaik." Tbot j-Vlba
,nevcr fulls Jo do bis tonsoVial.'-work i in a
mauner that will warrnnt'us in"aylng that
he has no superior In his lino of buiinbs.
Alba' everybody knows lAlba in on
Commercial aventio, near soventh street,
tf '
FmaKXAipV Sauple RoohsJ jl'fir-.
sons bibuloutly. inclined lovers of the ex
hlleratlnt; jtilc of the corn and juice oi tho
grape, ot.mait.bevorages, sbould-call im
tBcdJatily.Vt Qiesamplo roobiVon' jedrner.
CcrnmerCiiil avenue' and Fourteenth strcetr
of "tho purest kind, lio bus the most fru-
grunt. Uavaua cigars, Iinportatop from
Cuba", tbat land of narcotic weeds. Flt"kwm ,10,,tC()rtftinbr. corrupt his -morals
gcraldkoeps n flrst-clais place, und big
with bim Jimmy English, who knows ev
erybody, and knows the wunts of every
body nnd who is a -Bontlcmanjerery
Incb of him.
"Waki.no: Ur.reoplo begin to realize 1
that our respected anccstors'mutt havq had
very Inconvenient tilnn' of' it'i without
railroads, steamers, gas, friction inatchci,
telegraphs, espresso", sowinc machines,
nnd ljit, and par contequenco not least,'
Charter Onk Cooking Stdves.
Jtouurnv, Saturday night .Michael
"White nnd n man named Kuztln,; arrjved
ill mo cny irom .uimouh, jWiiuru wiujr uivi ji
f.. t... nr.. t ...t - .1.-.. l.Ut
ticcn working iur a inriuer, naaiaa Max.
They took loggings ut Johnny (iockol's
boarding bouso on 'Ohio, ltiveo, tdcupying.
tlui tamo bed. Toward morning white.".
uroo from tho bo J, us Kutzing was
sleeping, appropriated most all of that
gentloman's wardrobe pants, but, coat
and ull the money bo conld find lying
uround loose. Kutzing awaking sometimo
after, soon discovered hit lost, nnd un
folded hit tale of loss to Chlef.Myer. A
short search disclosed White in tile act of
donning tho apparel .of thj injurcd'Kutz
ing in the Gibson Houso. Ho was "hauled"
nnd put Into tho hands of tho city jailor,
whore ho remained during Sunday. Ho
was tried before 'Squire Shanncssy with tho
result as indited in the police report.
PJoniO HycoBiiioy, Mh ltrrr-The
abovo numcd plcnlo I postponed until
"Wednesday, May iOth, oii accbunlf tho
stoamor Eckort having to go to thvo wreck
of the steamer Donham, sunk Tier Little
iear Little
U6ck,Arknai aomo sixaayaago,
dgy.namdd, tHe'e'x'ci(rtipn" wll til
" 9
according t.i tlio ulready published pro
irramnie. when it will ba much ple'aiatilor
fot'iniiin1ifnt' nnd 'rural oiiiovmout. .
il.B. HAUltULL. .
of W. II. SOUUTTEB, Monagerg
' pXpu oaVi celebration
Padneahltee Celebrate May-Da In a
, .'? tuV,rt W W9 :
jiuwa.tiuin oar ejtociui.rvporier ui iin' j. u
rducah colabratloa. The procestion was
very long, consuming throo quurtcrs of an
hour In pas'sTtig a given point. In tho
procession there wcro two slx-horto vehi
cles, ten foJr-fioaio, sixty-four two-horse,
and thlrtj-tbrteone-horso vorjiclcej and
fifty-eight' noriemon draped In whlto;
thlrty-ftvodrnwand carta. Almost every
bujIrieyuWaV'fepresented on platform
rrotablo were, iron fur-J
rr an "tin j.li ,...ti.i v
buRders'rt'ifrliige-rnalors coopers, black
smiths jjyroj a ikw mill running by steam,
etc. A tastefully arranged tnlnlaturo
steamboat, named tho James Fisk, Jr., at
tracted much attention, The jiroceMlon
mfiied'itiirougli ftiO frirfc(paf)trtots Ac
companied by tho Cairo Silver Cornet
bund nnd the Pnducah band. r Tbeifiru uc
The JatenoisTbf tho hour precludes our
saying more, .except that all Cuiroi(cfi who
. .i-.;r . i. .i I! I.i . ir ...
p rirt'ipaieu in mo coinomtion pronnnnro
tlt.a - crand affair.
" rA nXS7)Vfb. A Very small quuDtlty of
ikt i-ronnl, in a CliKKer" Oak Stove will
cook u ptenUious.ui.cilfvr (a toialjj family
, iif it wliolo nrranowout , hot-air llue'
over., fire-box, daintier, olc, is so planned
a? to t'nvVnd apply 'WUIioTtetvt geroruled
directly. to th -Kking food; without lyr
piIulngttoHispotrp.the chimney) ' .
jr . i ...... . i
4i, un.i.i n its.
.Tolly tiiimbrinu.huliLliiUi'iirnival nil
.day .ycsterilhy.
4 ,!)..! j.JUkcrCi jcuit Judge.hat gno to
"Mefropoli to bold court.'
.-.. " -
: . Associate- Justice. McCrllc urrived In
tbo city vcstprdnvofternoons
Free liiieli were very popular ,yos
wrdny morijin', itnjl were well patronized
Commercial avenue nnd Obib lov'ce
presented u liveV appearur.oo Sunday eve
oliig alsrH'iu ruin)
A slighrrain fell yctcrdaynftermxm,
I ,nd the tkv remained cloudy i
td tiring the
Itev. C. H. Footc
e U absent from thj city .
ulplt. was filled by -tho
Kev,;Mr..MJihan. t
1 ;Vrthnf 'IJoyTe's mnle critcJ u ona-
tionypstrday-Jiji going -up Poplar, and
.iMpta'iu'cniietii .itrect t a-toAriair rale.
,rSEIcWtr!furn!tur6 fitory'on.AV'h-
iuwju aeuuu lAjriipiuiy auvnncing iqwnru
eompletipp. . ;
Tho ferry-boat; nt 6 vory' trip from tho
Turn or piuntc grounds brought legions of
taosqultogs to tha.Ulinois eidc.
' TholatcVdld sharIs liftVInga tenden
cytond ouf' trees tit the caterpillar. They
full to the ground,. and cluster together by
the "hundreds:
Thu alarm of lire last night at 12
o'clock, win caused by tho burning of tin
oldshed formerly ujedby tho colored folki
as a mectlngdiouse.
Uarry. "Walker it running the St.
Nlcliplas hotel in flrst-cluss style. His ta
blo is always filled with tho best the mar
ket affords. ' j
Ono hundred and fifty men, wmcn
and children cimo up on tho steamer Illi
nois, yesterday, from Columbus, on an
-Our river editor wont'away onUundsy
on bis favorite steamer, tho James Flsk, Jr.,
for Paducab, in company with Phil Ilorf
urd, of whom ho writes occastonrlly. Phlt
Hon'I Sharon Tvitdulo: an account of
wuose titsaisination appears cisewnere in
this issue of Tuu Bulletin, mada tho
flrstt Survey of the, Cairo nnd St. Louis
liailroad, and was, at tho of time of his
dually a jmdmbor of-tbo directory ot! tho
roa iV hV was well-known in tho city.
'iScccKsh it tlAi best trUof niporority;
tho wonderful detnhnd for Siiumons' Liver
Ilegulutor it ono of tho convincing proofs
that thUjarticIf jt apprcuigU'd'above every
thfngolso of thor kjiid? . Jlowavor much its
Jealous deraiiiers iiiay throw their elmfls,
truth will prnvail nnd to will t Ii Is medi
cine. mySduwl'w
""'Ti-Po(iitgpnT'.--Tbe folowlngjitrm:ted
from' 'th'o-tMe'griipIlic' reports" or the St.
Louis Democrat is tho most romarkablo
npecimon of typography wo have hod tho
bixdlfortunp (b lay oyos upon laycars;
JlEJirms, April ST. Weather atlll
hqworV, oticnaancei larco, track little
heavy, handicap ull ages molu quarter
dash, thirty dollars 1ml? forfeit ten if de
clared club adds throo hundred, banquet
(aula tiirrell wood born ttjla sumo order
tlmo two ton night huwk col Johnson Von
AioitKo unco roara torrelteu KvvucpstilKe
threo , Foitrs mlloihcats twotitj-fivo P P
club adds three fifty eight subscribers won
by senlinol bearing Sir Kufils Ludy Fulr
field and Hampton Jlf Davis Lizziu mor
rison forfeiting time ono forty uinu threo
Fifty half purnu four hundred mile heat
an ages Uortlcan ono ono ianglaloot uu-
forty eight hulf favorites won in every in
stance bolting light.
-j .
Tim Fento.n Corn Mill. This cutab-j
"Dmnti corner of Uominerciui avonup,
l.l.l , .... II.
mm luorouguiy routieu iv, iiiviwj mu 111-
tontlon oijbo,pub(io(tO'.tbelfact that ho Is
now prepared to furnish doalers und fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal,
rdergj Jolt-at tho mill or sent: through tlio
posiofflco will receive prompt attention.
ittnceu uorrtngsr nvo r,o.ur qimrtisr master
loun flVptEllul Jneksou Threo threo Sue
Douijlirtvilmrf-ene-fiirlv nine quarter
ZMjAg" 2
Pehsoxai.. Frod Theobold, our old
follow-townsman nnd cx-alderman of
tho First ward, is In the city, on a busi
ness trip. Ho will ronm n sovoral dayi.
Fred looks oxccedlngly we'll.
A. II, SafTord returned from Chicago
J. H. Findlay, ltobert Hunch, ltobert
Castle, Sol. A. Silver and Charles Kyle, left
Sunday night for St. Louis.
E. 11. "Wcakely, n former citizen of
Cairo, Is In the city looking for a proper
silo on which to establish a carriage man
ufactory, An ostballsbmont of this char
acter will do much to ndvanco Cairo In her
steady march of progression. "Wo wel
come nil such enterprising citizens to our
Barclay Bros, nfesolling more of Sim
mons', Liver Itegnlator, at retail, than of
nil ho others" of that class of medicines
put together. Tho reason of this Is be
cause nil who try it recommend It to their
friends. my'Jdlw
Mthtkiiious Dimaitkauakok. For
fume timo past a man mimed Lesllo bas
been acting In the capacity of watchman
to b.irget in tlio Ohio river oppoiilo tbo
box factory. Ono night last week tho
bnrgpt were taken from their mooring,
destined for Memphis. In the morning
after tlnjir departure It wut discovered
th.-it.Lctlio had alio disappeared, leaving
hit lantern on the rivor bank. Feare are
entertained thnt tie was drowned, a up to
thl tlmo nothing has been heard from him
by bin rolativ.es or friend.
LaUr. Slnco writing tho ubnvu Mr.
Leslie' body 'was recovered from tho rivor,
oppoiito tho factory.
NoTiiixit venture, nothing have. Hero
Is a chance toutd In n good causo and at
the tnmu time win n fortune. This legal
cnterprito in aid of n public library nt
Omuba Is conducted by honorable men, in
whom confluence can be placed, lluy a
ticket und win that $'20,1)00. Su: adver
tisement. mySdnwlw
Cuuitoii Projkct. Active step nre
now being taken for tho organization of n
Baptist Church In Cairo. A preliminary,
meeting was held on Sunday lust in Inn
Presbyterian church, ut which it Wns de
cided to meet again in two week from to
n ight, ut tbo place hereafter to bo desig-
unlsid, when thnt portion oftho Baptist el
racnt of Culro attending tho meeting will
be regularly organized into u Baptist so
ciety. Tho Kev. Mr. Muhan, of Ccntralia
will bo pru'ent.
Paducaii Biia8h Baku. Thu swift tun
ning steamer Idlowltd gracefully rounded
to Sunday evening, r.ud steamed slowly up
to tho landing, her duoka crowded with
passengers, nnd tho P.ulucuU brut band,
on a tour of pleasure, playing beautiful
and Inspiriting nlrs, to tbo largo and de
lighted crowds of citizens and strangers
on Ohio levee.
I will tell, on reasonable terms, my
threo story hotel and grocery building, und
lot, located on tho Ohio Levee, opposlto
the Central Elovu'.jr. This is a very de
sirable property being close to tho now
manufacturing establishment now being
erected in tho Fourth "Ward, and is par
ticularly adopted to tho uses of uny per
son desiring u stand fo either tho hotel
or grocery business. Apply, cither by
letter or personally, to
l'OI.ICK B V f I S KKS. S A N.N Khrt V. T WO
men were arrested yesterday afternoon,
by officer Veirun, for firing n pistol on
Tenth ttroet, near Thornton's building.
Shannctty discharged them.
A negro and white man for engaging
in a fisticuff, were each fined $5 which
they paid.
Michael "Whlto was committed to tbo
countvjall in default of 12(0 bonds to an
swer to tho chargo of stealing money and
National Bunti.no. The imtionul
bunting was unfolded to the breezo yester
day morning from tho cupola of the Itough-and-ltendy's
beautiful building. All day
long it displayed its bright colors as tho
May winds tossCd it about. Fow cities
have few such engine house.-, in point of
architectural finish, from which to unfurl
tho national staiidurJ.
Kkmoval. Mrs. J. Ciimminga wishes
to inform her custoinnrt und tho public
generally that sho has removed bur mil
linory goods from her storo on Eighth
ntreet to tho commodious room on Com
morcial Avemie, bntweeu Seventh and
Eighth streets known as Mrs. Owold'n
old stand. Mrs. Cummings. link milled
Inrgoly to hor slook of goods, und now linn
)i oheup, sousonablo and liishloiuiljlo col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbons, etc., to
which sho asks tbo attention of old and
now patrons. , m'Jliltl'
An Affiiav, A difficulty occurred
last Saturday night between n whlto mail
and negro on Twonttoth titrect. During
thu meloo a pistol was fired by unit of tho
piirtlirwith no erlous result." Thu eon
buttants, were both' under tlio Influeiico of
that olTectlvodlitllUtlon coiumunly known
tit chained je;btning.'
H' h jj" iyg, lyE. , '
at'gialpleA i. la Use fUlit.
'fCluiKttvagons or Huso, Loomi & Co.wlll
ooniipencrt to.dellvor ice about thu city on
Monday, May Jtt, and will oontlnuu to
niuko dally round ouch morning (Sun
days oxcoptod) during tho present (cifan.
Order left at thu ollleo of tho company,
corner Ohio leveu and Eighth street, will
recolvo prompt attenllon, Huse, Loomlt
& Co. aro alto prepared to fill ull orders
in tho steamboat and shipping trade
At tho meeting of tho Hough and BcnJy
Firo Company, held lust night, tho follow
ing officers wore elected to servo the en
suing year:
President "Win. T. Boer wart;
Vice-President Hiram Bixby;
Sccretty Hnrry Schuh j
Treasurer Herman Meyer;
Foroman of Engine JnmCs S. Swayne;
Atsistunt Foreman Frod. Decker ;
Foreman of Hose J. 0. Taylor ; AU-
tant Forcrnnn, Frod. Strati.
Bonrd of Directors YT. T. Beerwnrt, J.
H. Oberly, Vf. "W. Thornton, II. Blxby,
A. Marx.
For. Salic. Tho undorslgnod will soli
at ptlvate sale tho following described
property! Four work horses; 2 sots
double harness; 2 two-horse wagons;
several plows and other ngrlcultur.il im
plements. Parlies dealrlng to purclmto
will call nt her residence or at ltobt. Brl
bach's, opposito tho courthouse. Terms
of sale, lialf cash ; bnlnnofl on six month,'
credit, with good security.
aprlSdlm Mr. KATIE COOFEK.
Tun ClTV Jaii "Wo wwrq rhown
through tho city jail by 'Squire Mcllnle,
nnd must say it 11 tho cleanest, best kept
Jail wo Jin rn ''been In for many dais."
Mack Is a model jailor, nnd tukes good enre
of hi prtinert. The promIe gpmirnlly
aro tidy nnd fresh-iookinif, arid speak
loi-filer than word in fnvir of the perron
in chnrgn.
A IIakh CitANUK. A large u.rtment
of Iiouki furniture, carpet, chairs; Ul1:i,
bedtteadt, nuiltruAsc, wardrobes, bn renin,
standi), buoWiino, elc, will bo olferfd Tor
salo to-dny at the residence of JoM 0.
Morgan. Those in wunt should r.ut I'm)
to attend. Sale from ! o'clock n.ni. .to
la ni. ' It
("oriifr WKllliston Avrntie nail 'mr
teentlt street.
Fred, llla.ikenburg's faloon is newly
nnd elegantly fitted up and suppliod with
the finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, eU.,
that run bo found in the city; mid Fred.
Ins no superior ns a dispenser of delightful
beverages'. Do nut forget tho placo, cor
ner 11th street and "Washington nvenue.
Tim undersigned it preparing his) tlellrt
quent list for Stuto nnd County tnxc-, and
will Imvo it in tho bunds ot thu printer
by the 1st proximo.. All parties in arrears
for taxes either upon real estato or por
sonul proporty ut that duto will bo taxed
with cost.
ap-T-d td. j-iiuntrv.
Stew Time Tftliln.
On and after 12:30, p. m., Sunday, Dec.
4tb, tho following timo table will govern
thu arrival and departure of pasenger
trains nt Cairo ;
Mail train loaves tit u:40 u.in.
Express " " ut 3:30 p.m.
St. LouU and Cairo Express
leaves ut 1:20 a.m.
AccomiuodHtion leaves at... 12:30 p.m.
Mail arrives t!:0& u.m.
Express arrives '.12:21 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
arrives 4:45 p.m.
Tho last named train loaves St. Loulj
ut 10:30 a.m. Traders can lo.tvo Cairo at
1:20 u.m., reach St. Louis at 7:23 a.m., ro
main in tho city thrca hours, and return
to Cairo at 4:45 p.m., tho samo day.
Tho 12:30 accommodation and Cairo
nnd St. Louis express leavo dally; nil otli-
crs leave daily excopt Sundays.
"Way passengers should bear In mind
that tho 3:30 p.m. train makes only four
stoppings botweon Culro and Ccntralia
viz: Joncsboro, Carbondnlo, Du Quoin
and Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m. train stops
at all tho stations along tbo route.
dee3tf Agent, Cairo.
The l.lie or Ilie Kniprera i:it;eute nt
Krnm tho Court Joumol.l
During tho last six months 11 plrinly
dresscd. crracoful lad v. uccoinimiiitd bv
three or four attendants, might Imvo boon
met nnviiiiy walking in tlio lutic in und
about Chisulhurit. Few ol'thoso meeting
hor Hint lining to recognize i familiar face,
would hiifo suspected that 0110 short
twelve months liineu aim wuu nn Empress
and wife of tho ruler over 11 great nod
powerful nation. A.'ith tho resignation of
royalty fho has abandoned uvory nppear
aueoot" stale. Every Sunday aim walks to
thu little Cuthulie chapel, whatever tlio
weather may bo and it U tho
rarest thing In tint world
to ten her riding in 11 carriage. Her at
Uro I of the simplost, und she sometimes
may bo eon wnlklng in a plain cotton
ilrt". Sho neither visits nor recelvu vU
itors in any iiuinbor, anil, indeed, :arrlcs
licr seclusions o fur that when solicited to
bo present nt it concert in tho neighbor
hood, given for tlio benefit of her dressed
subjects of former ycur, sho declined.
For yours thu KinpriM lnii been tlio lead
er or fashion, nnd tho leat peculiarity of
manner or dres, whether intctitltinul or
not, bus beiiii faithfully copied by uvory
ludy who pretuntU to bo
long In the llgl.tet degrou to
the world of fuhion. Evun now her man
ner of walking, with tho body slightly
bent forward, und tho iiiu11 stick widen
sho frequently carrion, is imitated by the
ladies of Chitulhurst, und a rollux of it
mav bo traced fur beyond that excluded
district. 'IV fouling.! of tho iiihiib tnnts
toward tho Empress mid tlio yoiui! Princo
lm Hrati'lirill.ltV. SlllUuIod llltO
respect for her wish to keep ber.iilf quite
private, unu nium' """ "" " "
tontion than uny ordinary lady. Tho only
.,.. Imi. Irton to bring (town 11 tuw peo
ple from lymdoit on Sunday mornings,,
who visit tho ohupol for tho purpo4u .of7
gazing 011 royalty.
flrMIss Mary Kylo Dalliu, the New,
Tork hnigtr story writer, is soon vo 00
I marriod to Irving, tho rich Now York ar-
1 Ut. 1U y a matter ot lwnas ajni sensa.
4 i
A special convocation of Ca'
Chapter, lio.TJf iU bo hold nt M
nic Hall, tbif, Tuesday etenin;?. Mnv t
1871, for work in if.in de-fia, By ordl
ui ma ia. a. U. J.'.
F,K01tSMEYEU, Sc'y.
Momrn. WoO'lnnillloylelnlliemaionanltiui! '
Idr LuiilnnM, la hrreby dissolved hy mntnites
aent, Uilhnr of the parties are aiilhorlaed loi
II any ontntnndlnK clSim lor or anlnntM
Hrni. The lurtnerahlp nl.tln by tVnud A Do
in iiiv jijwkiuk wnu. prvTii.iuu uiisinria mil nr
uriiier nonce rnn.am nnr.iorori.
(Slgne-U, , JOHN WOOti.
autiil'r niiti.E.
Atil'iir tuyl will ooulran In the Jjiill lm M ,
sine, and belliq thankful tihlslrlenl, for H
lll?ni!, nppcf .JO-jeccur n ciinnuunnrn ni I
tame fiitnrr. . A. IlOTI.ll
CAlrrIII4-ApTll'.,1Tr. mtJ-li
I nrr
A CA.HH. t - m. t
' 1 1 w "at h
I.iraiUora luring i.ljtialtjet I vwithitlie Unit
Put, I'alcntOl'Jco.niU (lnd,ll.toheirnIvnta
Masn, Wick & liaivrencf
1 l
I'm cut AKent,-ri1:ilnjri.(o, !l. f.
They havf ilonn ray Ltislirfv. (Ii . 'Hf
It ti, andjutto pit .is 11 ro in r.ni.in, ih
t' wertrrn Inventor. VI
Itn'-nlorof ImitroteU nevolifnj 'filhnl r WiL
jrw. JUrfl. ' " " !
C.iro, Atrt W, 171. .fi12mf
('lin't-- 14 to Johnl). )lJ(fHi A 1 j , 1
A flJ V WKfSW2?T& 5.6 1
7i, Second Ftorfr, OHIO 1.)-VEF
i5uy und Sell ItcaEstuI
k.M) flXtJI'AUH :or)VyANl t
ofi t.i.wiis ;
ire, Prcpnritl td Supply Cualomej'
vrlth the. Scat (JnaUty t,f (
Order left nt ISnllldivy (iot,. Odlc'
So. 70 OI1I11 Levee, or r.t. tto,CoHl
Yard belnvr the St. C'liar'lca Ko
cl,vvJltnoceIvc,VrJ.iint" Attention. . (.11
Tne Tim ".MunLvik' will bririiC WM Mmia.n
Miilro, O.'t. SJtb, JiiTO.-;
ir;itiiL'fj atunv xiour. onr orniguvs t
ltoar.l and Tuition per annnm, JE6. ''
Inaugurated bv 11. 11 II Priuco Arthay. Bo.v
aud lotion iieriinnntn, Prrsuloot, the Vet
Iv.I.elhnuth,I). I)., Dean of Huron Fi
partlunlarHiipply to Major Evans, London, Can
1, 1 if an
Tho Complctcst, Simplest and Bcs
Setvlntr M&chluo In Use.
Cor. 8th St. & Washington Avi
Vim .I.MM.m.l for the DAVIS SBWlftO JtACiliJ
I.S'niii tho AtlHntlo Htaton, whero Uiey are bee.H
known, and wlicru thcr autiDlnnt nil others. I 1
greater lh.ven bo supplied. 1 " S
It never DU In any Uimlof workc.UjtImpl"
feed en'tlilei ii to ron over uraini ami to turn cot I
in rn without e!i:uno of stitch or tonnun. il
Clothlni; nnd (llovo minufactliretii prefer It tfl
all othira. and thit It Is lust tho thina for fJmll .1
hewing ovcrylmdy wit lttuknoulpdgo niijr ei.am'J
ining. . 1 Xt
Messrs lludera haro nevend i nd dilterer."!
atle of finish, and rexpeciruliy lurllu Mlvrfvl
nans iko ;
llinuf.ictureJ togtre tbeina call bijforo j.u:olia
Ins risen here.
Cull nnd (let ft CltrularT
I. ..EX. HlIbKHYi.
ATT01tiSEXffikl!sSl.5V A
William J. Allen, ) . , .
Jolin, )l. Mulkey S ioAlRiHt.I?
I'urtiv'iibii tuteniion psu,iv,"''t""i'l adrairaiH
blHlllllfJ. ' " f
UiUee llooma T K Wliiler' HlotjkJ
.A'sllLniu It. tiraesa, r.ai
millnnt II. aiberi,V'4UIIM'II.IA
Hiiea t. tinners, j
Bpeeial attentioa given tu AdouraJty and St.
beat uusineaj.
OOUe on UbloAieve. Iloosna 7
over Clix NallosuU Maxhu
I mmammmauM

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