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IiVE.A."Sr 3
Th fo lowing nloamers tear. Cairn
nn In day and at llio hour bslow.natucl
1 AL1SMAN, Evcr.v Monday at 0 p.m. ;
TYRONE, Erory Thursday, nt 5 p.m.;
LTJMSDEN, Every Saturday, at f. p.m.
For Prlr,hl or Pamgo apply on boat J, or to
Jan21hf J 75 0,0 I.EVEK.
- pa;ly packet.
The Ualu44JUh?dxana,ht .learner
JjTMC)reilaIly,i6 p.m., ad I'adueah dally
tffV.rn; rlatlnanrroi aywumroodationa Hit
phitmit'tmtiunfptiii,t. eoftrH of in
IMfr the same until collected.
tty 25th, 1871,
Ticket Two Ballara Each Ilnl w One
' i Bellas-! stack.
l,arThl enUrprM will b condnetnl la a pre
,cUaJv similar thamser to thiuof thn Ut a ran J
Uifl Concert of the Merciotfl Library Aaaacla
tlon.otKan Krannlaco. wuleh aire such uulveirul
MCklaMlaKTy Tklrty-Klajht.
i tun uin....r..
i etui nin.
H. uno
I. Urt
1 Cub OI!t.
l rR Gift,
i cuii ()itt...r.....,
cub ant
, l fruit oin
IV rv.K.iie,
1 Cuh (lift ....
I culi Oift,
I Cuh Jlfl
1 Cuh Olli,
i ch out ,
I Cuh Olfl.,
ichii uiri
Is Cuh Oifta. ivw rach .
10 UiahUifla, 1M cB ...
) Cub Olfti, 1u ucJi..,
M Cuh (iiru, SO each.......
100 Cuh Oirt, fcrh
io; cubfim, ch.i
low Cua Olfla, u tuh .....
1W0 Cuh Olfls.J 5 each
jtf - , - .
tSttafllfta-amoattitlna- In LT T
Which will 'U'dTalnhutal br'fhanr amnr 11,
tlcktholdri bribe Mutual AM Aaeociation of
braMxKM, It. Brock, U.ti. Marahal'a officf.
Oraahar Wgv Zbmkta,UU Uuion I'uriflelUII
toalASra, OmUikiJ. Tumtr. IJcpuit U. H
Omaht; J. Iiojrl. roilotTIee, (Imihi, tb.
I.ltMrnt cirri'
uofMi mMDiimeurDU wtnied
iiwoasiiowaa. ahi
bamllownd. Ad4rm.
Omaha, NbrukA.
i & w Bin
Aurjicr or
Tfce Complelcst, Simplest and Best
Scwlag XMkine IiUse.
or. 8th St, & Washington Ave
VT JT,- :
TT.aman.rroF th DVI9 nKWlNTI tACIt
INEIn th AtUntlt Htaltt, whr tlir ro lieat
knovD, aod whare tliey aupplaut all other, la
. tti.iMMIiln tnr kuiil orvark. Itlaaimi.lF
Kraier iiwd can am auiiniivu.
'coniililin; of K few tron jiarta,' audUTertical.
feed enaiia u io run OTrr wami ana in luru cur
n.rtw tnoniphsareoi allien oriAiiamn.
Clothing and Glbro manufatturora prafvrit to
BU OintM, ana WW" l If JU" wio mm ivr kiiuij
' aw(nirTTb'xlr il I aalinowlediro allrrrjaiu-
"'f 4 luiai. . ? . . . .
Maura. Bmler,liaTe,vYrai mc aniininerrni
atjlM of flnhli, and rffpcctfijlljr Inrlt all who
want me
Mai7iinu&irfl.t to pi re thvtn & mil be fori uurclinf
lKU nu nci n virrumr.
lluir, aUaomU at Co. In (lie rroxen Flcltl.
Tlio Ico wagons of Huso, Loorals & fo.wlll
commenco to deliver Ico about tho city on
Monday. Mav- lit. nnd will contlnuo to
iiuako dally rounds each morning (Bun'
I Aays excepted) during tbo present season
surucrj ieuni,iba omea or the company,
BcoTper Ohio leyio and Elgjitb street, will
recoivii.nromDt attonllon. IIuip. Loomls
i'Oo. l-b alio projfared to fill all order
In lie steamboat and iblpplng trade.
lYid tavo been requested1 to say that
Ellioti & Haythorn have now on exhibi
tion, nnd for sale, overytblng ,ln tbo boot
nnd shoo lino for ,lvdlct- and gcntlomcn's
and that all tbelr good are now
Picnic Excdbsion
May 1st. The
' uboyo , nam4'(pIcnio' Uxpoatponcd until
Mtm, IOtbo-&eounT of the
' stoamor Kckort having to go to vuo wrocw
of thftatvumq Dunham, ,sunk near Little
llni-lt. Arkansas, somo six days ago. On tbo
Vlay iiairtod tho excursion .wilU take placo
according tJ thq already , published pro
gramme', when It will be inuoli pleasautor,
for steumboat and rural on joy men t."
, i iB.S. 1IARBELL,
W. II. 8CUUTTER, Managors
0h tttlitttn.
Htrawiikhkiks. Thl .delicious fruit
was retailed yoterday nt forty cents a box.
Men's Kino Seal 8kln Gallon, and alio
"Prlnco Alberts,'' at Elliott A Haytliorn's.
1 1 1 i
Mhics' Hcrgo and Kid Polish, scallop-
top, at tbo City Shoe Storo. corn or Com
mercial nvenuo and Eighth street. tf
Tlovk. Choice Family Flour in bbls
half bbls., sacks &c., for sale at the Egyp
tian Mills. au
lUdtW Berti' (Polish) French Kid,
foxed, at City Shoo Store, corner of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth atroet. tf
Who is it that docs not like smoking
hot biscuits for breakfast? Tho Famo
Cook stovo will bake them in flvo mlnuUs-
time by tho watch., . tf
Genu' Oxford Tien, Priiuo Alberts
nnd Opera Slipper, nt the -City Shoo
Store," corne'r of .Otmmercla' avenue and
Eighth street. tf
. r
Tut Fkuit. Notwlthitnnding tho late
irost in the central nnd southern portions
of Ihe State, no serious damage- has boon
dono to the fruit.
Goou Flack. All "trangeri visiting
the city call on Alba to get flno shaven
and have, thoir hair cut in an artistic man
ner, tr
Ladies' Serge (Polish), eallQp-top, for
from one dollar nnd flftv cents to three
lollars (and twenty-five cent, nt City
Shoe Store, corner'of Coinmercinl n venue
nnd Eighth street. tf
TlIE Urij patent movenblo point steel
plow; ono extra point given with each
plow. For sale only by
uCtf ISC Commercial Ave..
LtCTUBE "The Fat Contributor' will
lecture In Cairo's omo time this month un
der the nusplces ot tho Young Men's Chris
tian Association, Duo notice ill bopven
of the time, place, etc., through thciii col
umns. i
Notice. All persons navnig articles jt
thn;Calro Jye House :nru requested to call
und get them before tho 20th of May nett,
or they will bo sold for charge. "
Quick "Work. One of curcntcrprisine i
milliners, who knows how to advertise, re
ceived an addition of Ivo dozen bats to her !
stock of goods on Saturday evening nfij
yesterday ovcn'ng tho last ono, on the.' head'
of the wearer, left ber establishment. .
A splendid assortment of bird ictrges
moss baskets, flower tUMlf, flower train
ers, wire-cloth pr window screens, bath
and foot tubs, &c, &c, just received1 nt
nOtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Guh Hum will, in tho futuru conduct
tho harbor buslncM of Fred Theobald, at
the old stand. A full set of competent har
bors have been engaged, and customers
will receive attention in every particular.
Do not fail to cj.U and get a flrst-clasi
shave, "hair-cut'and shampoo. m2tf
Tukkek Picnic Tho Turner's will
repeat their picnic shortly, by request.
Owing to the extremely bad weather last
Sunday tho results were, of course, "un
favorable. All they desire U'a,' clear,;
plonsant day, and no picnic will surpass:;
theirs. . 4
JTotdixo venture, nothing have; Here
is a chance to aid in a good cause .and at
the sniuo time win a fortune. , This legal
enterprise in aid, of a. public library ut
Omnha' Is conducted by honorable men, in
whom confidence can bo placed. Buy a
ticket and win that $20,000. See adver
tisement. , my2duwlw
aiana iiia -
Tiik Fourth "Ward. Ono of he most
populnr institutions of tho Fourth' "Ward
is Ehlor's sdoe storo, whero ho makes to
order nil kind of shoes in the most work-ninn-liko
manner. Tim citizen who uses
his goods will novcr pntronizo nny othor
shoemaker In the city. HU shop is on
Twentieth! street, nearly opposlto tho
court house. tf
Hewing Machines. Attention of
nnranna wishing n . llrst-clns
ewine mnchlno Is called to tho
late improved "Wheeler nnd Wilson's;
Thoy cannot bo excelled for a family
machine, or for light manufacturing pur
poses. , All aro Invltod to call nnd exam
lno tho Improvement. J. 0. CABSON,
npSOdlm Agents, Cairo, III.
Thn bousohorctnfbro occunlcd by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Leveq between
Fourth nnd Sixth streets. This house, if
not the bct business .houso is cortuinly
ono of tbo host stands in Cairo. It fronts
the principal steamboat binding nnd is
near the Illinois Central raiiroau uepoi
Also the socond floor of tho tame building
suitably arranged for offices. Apply next
door at Robert Smyth & Co'i. wholesale
grocery storo.
, 1,1 a - a i
K vxAriTON. Jnmes Kynaston, the well
k.n6wnj)utcher ot tho. Fourth "Ward
oponcd his bronoh butcher shop ycslor
day, and now Invito tho patronage of tho
public. His "brunch" is on tho lot next
to tho grocery storo of Alderman Carroll
'oa Commorclul ayeouet and, will bi sup
piled with tbo freshest and best meats in
'tho Cairo "rnarkelf Kynaston , know? his
builnoss, and always furnishes good moats
and Rim fu" weight. tf
To.vsoittAi-ArrAins -TnouonAnsKXT
FAn to MEMOitT'DEAn. -Fred, Tbeobald,
inco his rotufn, has boon looking into his
ntTnlrs with n searching oyo and his In
vestigations were such as to warrant him
In foreclosing mortgagers Edward &
Brown, to whom ho sold his barber shop
beforo his depnrturo to Cincinnati, llo
based his action on tho ground that Ed
ward;, who bold tososslon of tho shop
during tho absence of Drown, (who is now
at the residence of Mr. Theobald, In Cin
cinnati, sick,) had absconded, carrying with
htm tho ready money of
tbo establishment, hit razors and bag
gage, and leaving tho Arm In debt.
Ileforo lcftvingi.Xheobald .states, .Edwards
purchased on rdit from Ike "Watter, one
suit of clothing; of Ilochucdel, ono pair
of boots; and that ho owes Frank Murruy
a gas bill of f20;. another. Individual ono
month's board, $34; Charles Brown. $150;
Ous llcfm, '$tO; aw wash bill of'tfvtra
month's standing, and many other minor
debts that wo cannot now enumorato. Ed
wards claimed to be a Philadelphia!! ; said
that his father died recently In thnt cjty
and that ho has a brother there who fcnr-l
ries on tho harboring business. JJo luft
hero on Inst Thursday for St. toills, with
tho oilciislblo purpose of xecuring bnrber
talent In that city, nnd did secure a hund
whom ho fojwardcdUBderiajjtjpulated
B(rcemet. If Mr. EdwartkYsKould re
turn ho will find tbo shop over which he
prcsidod with so much tonsorial graco In
tho hands of Gus Helm as tho . authorized
agent of Fnsd Theobald, nnd In the fu(uro
that young gentleman will, conduct it as
did Fred in u flrst-clou manner.
Tnt'K. There can bo no doubt that
Hough is, par esctlUnct, tho boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. Hq challenges com
petition In his trade, and assures the pub
lie that he will giarantoo to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eighth Street
near the cornor of Ohio Lovco. tf
Tub DuCiDiD CuRCUtio. TCc litv'
H. B. OlmiUad in speaking of the dreaded
Curculio, through the columni'tof tha
Mound City Journal, uses the following
i. ' .
These insects sling apricots, nectarne
plums, peaches, cberrlcf, pears and apples;
and thoy love to do it iu the order I havo
named the fruit. This year, in cense
quenco of the great nbundanco" of Ifui
mucn win remain unsung, it will nav--
county to defend bis fruit, against all en-,
mles. Tho reward will bo to him who
rises early and shakes his trees with n will.
It Is true pow ns It wns In tho days of
Soomon, "He becometh poor that deal
eth .with a slack hand.-but tho hand of Ihc
diligent maketh rich.
The reverend gentleman U bpposod to
betiSo" ofHqujd compounds or tho evcto '
eaedy?,of hard. Jarring, forjho 'dcitruc-'
p.oflth"iojJpoiionoas bectleij slnd o'd-'
Bri totM f!i i plan Ja'mng tho trees
with' tho band, or something ncarjy ns.
soft, and catching tho .Insects In jhcels
spread for that purpose. He says': 'It
one curcullo can bo decoyed kill him. Ho
might sting flvo hundred peaches, nnd re
produce himself that many;tlmcs." tMucb.
valuable fniltnud prolific trees could, per-
hapi, "bo saved, I four fruit growers would
follow the, practical ndvico givon by this
T '
"Tins Wk MAt.TiiM."-:Tiint Alba
never falls to do his tonsorial work in u
mannor thnt will warrant us.in snyiqg'that
hohasnosupeHur in bis lino ofbmincs-
Alba's everybody know A" ' on
Commercial avenue, near seventh stroet.
v jotK.,jifrU4$jtijj Monroe
iriboiij- coittractorfof'thi irfornal JJnl-J
iltbuildMVCBdalehtle sup
erintending the "h&lstlng-" of "rnltorlal at
tbo building on Monday last, was struck
bysomo falling joists, nnd died rDmth'flf
njuriesbo rcceivod. Mr. Campbell Svas
well known In this city ns n cotton factor,'
nnd was nt ono timo tho heaviest cotton
operator in Kow York. His opcrntlo'rts1
Tvurirau vivfiiaivu iiiki uunng ono ycur 110
Is suld to have controlled a larger propbr-1
lion of thb cotton cron than any sinclo in
dividual had or has ever controlled." Tie
wns ot eompnrativoiy numblo origin, bitt
roso by his own unaided exertions to nflli:-
onco." "When un individual makes his
marl; ns a business man in tbo great city
of New York, his boss must certainly bo
deeply felt in n small comigunUy liko
Cnrbondule. '
Success Is tho best teat of moororlly;
tho wonderful demand for SimuionskjLJvi;rj
Itcgulator Is one, of the convincing probfs
that thU article is npprucintnd nbovo every
thing olso of tho, kind. Howuvor mucli Its
jealous detainers in ay throw tb'cir lutfti,;
truth will prevail nnd so will this medi
cine. mySdnwlw
Cane Prukentation. Our frlpnd, Curl
, Thomas, was tho reclplont of n very
llntloring toHtimonial in tho shupo of a
cane, nt tho hands of tho Pnducah ladies,
on tho morning of.Mny 1st, Just previous
to the procosslnn, IMn Jiarlintin rcjire-'
suntnd the ladles in nn apf.roprluto speech,
which wus neatly .responded to by Mr.
Thomas. On tha cane was tho following
Inscription: "Compliments of thu Ladies
of'Paducah to Carl L. Tliomos, primo bas-
to of the Cairo Silver Cornet Band."
Hurtiiiku retired amidst a storm of np-
ulausoVnrid tho solenin notes of lVtu
Shup's inarclu Sp jvr wofq informed by
Wnltor McKco. 1
A Handful, A veryslnnll quantity of
wood or coal, Jn n Chartor Oak Sjfjljyti
cook a plenteous meal for a small fumily ;
for iU whole arraugemont hot-air flues,
oven, firo-box, damper, etc., is so planned)
as to savo.atid apply all tho heat gororatcd
directly to tho cooking fool, without per
mitting it to escape up tho chimney.,!.! J .
DOARD of aldermex.
Regular meotlng of tbo Board of Aldor
mon, hold at tho Council Chamber In tho
city of Cairo, on Monday evening, May
1, 1871. , "
Atdormnn Rcnrden in tho Chair.
Present Aldermen Budcr, Cunning
ham, Motcalf, Rcnrden, Scaip, Strntton
and Waldor 7.
Absent Aldormon Carroll, Fitzgerald,
Klcb, Swayno and Winter 5.
Alderman Cunningham moved to dls
penso ith the reading of the Journal.
Carried unanimously.
The Comtnltlca on Claims, to whoTn were
referred' tho following tills, reported the
samo bailt recommending payment. Al
derman; Iff tcalf rnpvod that tho recom
mendation of jho Committee bo concurred
In. CarrledTby tbo.followlng vote, ti
Ayes Buder, Cunningham, Metcalf,,
Rcarden, Scoso, Htratton and Waldcr 7.
tr Al.t LalanrA dun lilm Aa clerk ol the
Ute flection 'idijra I 10 in
Joa Lchrnu, hauling drunken man to Jail "
imirruaTir. ror oa Jtrwivir a tui... -i u
Two Ml
aaioj,X!waTa ;wir miann,
wilVjf Ddrag ,th Mlhjal C2.W par
M Mahonry, l iUjo' Mr on atrpol, In
April, ending ir,r7th.al fJ.W nrrJay
Hiraltiiu allirJ, 10 ahorcli fit Ktrcrl
W W Thornlon.lurohrr pvr prder ot Comp
(roller ,.
Thoa Mrrlian, hauling lunilr
Wm MolUls, iMdaja In charge of chain
rmiRlo April fill, at 2 Mperdny
n so
il (N
'i'l 40
57 U
IiilHTnUri.rire Compsnr, nccvMMry tx
prnira on account apparatm, etc., for 11
luontbveudlng April . 1K71... Ill 74
The same Commlttco to whom, also, wcra
referred' thcrfollowfng bills" reported tho
sa'me tack, rcconimondlng payment:
J O Lynch, rf nt, 1 monUi, to JtpriUVtb,'
MnrrK lU.oci C., lumbar par "filer of
i5 fo
$1 70
Mrr1,1lood Co., liimUr perorderol
illll'.rour. raan ..
voniitiroiier,caiiM ..... .
II A lliunou, aladonery fur Clerk nod
Trttutir-r. nih ............
Ciiro Oitr (I ia Co., for A ,tbruuoiel In
Mri-t lamp, rrom March I to April 1,
1S7I .j. ...
N A lieiori-i tabor an aldcwnlkS 22 dajrl In
270 00
M 01
ninii a i IT O.J...hw.,mh(.h,,n.....m
1 nmnraiu, laiior on rtnewsiKa n
. til3,,i'?1Alrl, V A)pa day
Aiucrmnn Ljnmiiguam
saidjillls.be nllowed
tti niv nnlra all flu.
ratoof lilghfv cents on tho 3'ollar. Carried
na iuiiuwb . k
Ayes Buder, Cunningham Mctcnlf,
leardcn, Scaso, Strntton and Wnldcr 7.
Nay 0. ' ?
The said Commltteo nlio reportdd buck
city roc5WmcndIng nn' appeal, if possible.
moved' that a
icUlxomrtlilleo of three i appointed to
confer with said Cabill towards n ecttlc
mentofsaii judgment. Carried.
'ffhe-.blllKof;tio7l.!crnianliro company
not hutijlg' been ncted. upon by thb Fi-
narJio' X'ommittev, on motion of, Alder
man Melcalf, Hid action of the Council al
lowing the (samo was reconsidered, that
tbo bill might tako Its proper course.
Upon' tbejr first reading : An ordinnnco
in relation to ho"g also "An ordinance to
provide for tbo .appointment of a Fire
Warden, and to provide compensation for
his services us such." 'Said ordinances
linving been read, wero laid over, under
the rule, for a second reading.
The Bill of tho Arab
Firo Company,
amounting to $102.45, for necessary ro
pulrs on apparatus, etc, from Juno 30i
1870 to March SI, 1871, having been al
lowed by tho Select Council, Aid. Mctcnlf
moved that the samo bo allowed and paid.
Carried by tbo following voter
Ayes Buder, Cunningham, Mctcalf,
Reardcn, Scnso, Stratton and Waldor 7.
Nays 0.
The Select Council having allowed
James Quinn tho Bum of $313 in accord-
.nnco with tbo report of tbo Select Com
mittee on the publla cisterns, Aid. Cun
ningham moved to concur in tho action of
tbo Select Council. Carried; the aves
and, tays (horuon.bplng.Ai follows:
' Vrt. yes Budcr, Cunningham, Metcalf,
Rcarden, Sease, Stratton nnd N aider 7.
""Nays 0.
Tim bills of street luborors for March
having been allowed as f&llows'by tho So-
Ifc , CounqJIj Aldv Cunningham moved
that tho' notion' of said bonrdbo concurred
In, Carried by tboi following vote:
Ayci IJudur)( Cunningham Mutculf,
Roardcn, Seaso, Strntton nnd Wnldcr 7.
Nays 0.
Win SIcHsIp, lSdnja nl riper day
M Jlal.oncy, 1 daya at Si.7a por day,...
Thoa Kaughion, Sloay.int f 1.73 per da
S 00
H7 7S
67 7S
On motion of Alderman Waldor, tho
Hoard nujourncd.
M. .7. HOWLKY, City Clerk.
I will sell, on runuonablo terms, my
Vlfrce 6tdry hotu) niid grocery building, and
lot, located on tho Ohio Lovftp, opposite
thoCentrul Elova'.ir. This is a very do-
jirable,propprty boiiig clmu to tho now
'in'nnfacturliigjcjtabllshi'ue.nt now being
. erected ,in the Fourth Ward, and Is par
tfciitaTly addpted to tho uses of nny per
son desiring 'n ntnlul for either tho hotel
or grocery businoAs. Apply, either by
letter or personally, to
maidlm "
"SW'NiwiWaK l)i(y boarders can su
ch n good accommodations nltliuKt. Nich
olas (formerly tho St. Jump) at $4 pir
wcoi Tho houso is at the comer of Ohio
levee and Eighth street, a central location.
fproprletored by "any alker,
illvo'tofthb.'wnnts of his patrons.
tlcTdosfrfni; boarding nnd lodgingcan
learn terms on inquiry at tho ofllcu,
&g Thu undorsigneil U jircparli-g nis,lelii-
,1.'... l'jUj,-;. :.'.. I .... :.. 1 11.!,,., ...v.. .,,,.1
f juuiitll ion piaii iin'i lV"l"'l ,
will havo it In tho hands nt thu printer
by tho 1st proximo. All purtlos in arreurs
for laxos blrlir tipon real estate or per
sonal property at that dato will bo taxed
with cost. '" i
ap-7-d td. HiiEltliT.
Action of tbo County Court,
Tho County Court convoncd In this city
yesterday, nnd paesed tho following order
rolntivo to tho Cairo and VlnconnesR. R.:
In tho matter of tho Cairo nnd Vincon
nos Railroad, It Is ordered that tho Clerk
of this Court notify tho Directors or said
Railroad that this Court will mnko a sub
scription as voted for by tho pcoplo ol this
County to the capital slock of tho Cairo
nnd Vinccnnes Railroad In the sum of ono
hundred thousand dollars In Alexander
County bonds, payablo in twenty years
fromtthcir date, bearing eight per cent, in
terest per annum, on tho following condi
tions, to-wlt :
1. That said Railroad Company shall
commence work on said road within sixty
days from this date, nnd shall proseouto
said work to completion with dispatch and
without delay, and shall complclo said
railroad from Cairo to Vinccnnes within
.two years from this day.
-1. When said road is cmnplotcd from
Cairo. to Mound City, and rogulur trains
run on said road, then this court will issue
fifty thoutnnd dollars of said bonds to Said
railroad company on delivery to tho
County Court of 11 fly thousand dollars of
pnld up stock In sold railroad.
3. "V hen said railroad is completed to
Johnson county, teu miles north of Mound
City, and regular trains running tliorcon,
then this Court will luo to xnfil rnllroad
company the other llfty tlioii'.md dollars
of paid up stock In said railroad.
4. Said bonds shall not bo valid and
binding on this County unlaw tho whole
road from Cairo to Vinccnnes il completed.
nnd In tho time specified, and no Intorost
shnll becomo duo until this Court shall
have amnio timo to ussess tho property of
tho. County therefor mid collect tho samo,
ana nn oruor snnn ua mauo io mat onuci
by this Court and shall bo indorsed nnsnld
l. Snld stock shall bo paid up stock, nnd
shall not bo llablo for any assessments
mndo by tbo Company.
S, Marchlldon, Asaoclato of tho Court,
objected to nnd volod against tbo nbovo
Nkw Huntinu Law. Wo call the at
tention of tho sportsmen of Cnlro and Al.
cxander county to tho following net passed
by our Legislature nt Its recent semlo
nnd npproved by tho Governor :
Ax let to prohibit prnn from hunting wlthlr.
tho lncloaurM of others without luae.
Section 1. lie it enacted by the People,
of the Slate of IWnoi, reurenenled in the
r. . . ' . .mi . , . i ,i . ,
Ueneral Aemviy, inai u snnu do unlaw
ful Tor any person or persons to hunt with
gun, dog or net within tho inclosed
grounds or lands of another, without first
obtaining from tho owner, ngent or occu-.
pant of such inclosed grounds or lands his,
her or-their permission to to do.
Sec. 2. Any person or persons violating
section ono of thU act shall bo deemed
rulltv ot n misdemeanor, and may bo
prosecuted In tho nnmo of tha pcoplo be
foro any jusiico oi mo peace, or uy muici
mont or information, In nny court in thu
county whoro said misdemeanor was com
mitted; nnd in all such prosecutions tho
owner or owners, or persons in possession
of said inclofurc, shall not bo required to
provotillo to the inclosurcs in contro
versy. See 3. Any person convicted of vio
lating section one of thb net', shall bo fined
In n sum not lees than threo dollars, und
not exceeding olio hundred dollars. All
fines collected by virtue of this act shall
bo paid into tho common school fund of
tho township in which tho ofl'cnso i3 com
mitted. Barclay lino, nro selling' more of Sim
mons' Liver Regulator, nt retail, than of
all the othors of that class of medicines
put together. Tho reason of this Is bo
cause nil who try It recommend it to their
friends. my'Jdlw
Tho Judgo of tho pollco court notified a
lighting negrcss vestoruay, tnnt It siio wns
brought baforo him ngnin ho would bo
compelled to banish her' from Paducuh to
gomo othor port. Wo trust, for tho prin
ciples of humanity that "other port" may"
not do uairo. Humanity wouiu uictaie
that a human being should not bo con
demned to such n miserable existence as
living in Cairo would necessarily entail.
Padueah Kentuehian.
We never banish thota who violatq our
city ordinances. It smacks too much of
past military rule. Wo keep them,. nnd
put them through a gentlo course of law
ful manipulation that lias a tendency to re
form. Banishment from Pnducah, a place
whoro tho inhabitants lack tho cnorgy to
"make fust" a sccond-rato barge, would bo
freedom to tho most abject, poverty-strick
en vagrant nogrcus that evurexiatod.
Thk Fenton Corn Mill. This estab
lishment, cornor of Commercial nvenmi
and Twentieth street, is now in charge of
Mr. M. 1). Giintcr, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted It, invites tho at
tention of tho public to tho fact that ho Is
now prepared to furnish denier and fami
lies with tho very host article of corn meal.
Orders left at tho mill or aunt through the
postotllco will receive prompt, nttontlon.
Fitzokrald's Sami'I.k Rooiiri. Per
sons btbulously inclined, lovurs of thu ux
hileratingjulco of tho corn and julcool the
grape, or mall bovoragos, should call im
mediately at tho sample room', on cornor
Commercial nvenuo and Fourteenth struct.
Brnidos everything in tho drinking line,
of tho purest kind, ho has tho mott fra
grant Havana cigars, Importation from
Cuba, that, land of narcotiu wend. Fitz
gerald keeps a first-class place, and has
with him Jimmy English, who knows ev
erybody, and knows the want' of every
body nnd who la a gentleman, overy
inch or him.
Removal. 'Mrs. J. iCummings wi.ho '
t'u'lnform hor customers and tho public
gonorally that she has removed her mil
linory goods from hor storo on Might h
.street to thd commodious room un Com
mureiul Avenue, between Seventh nnd
Eighth streets known as Mr. Ovold'a
old stand. Mm. Gumming li added
largoly to her slock of good, and now lias
,a cheap, soaaonablo and fashionable col
lection of hats, bonnets, ribbon, etc, to
which thu asks tho attention of old and
, now patrons. mJJdtf
Tho members of tho Dolta IJ.iso Ball
Club took possession of thoir old grounds
for tho first timo yosterdny ovoning.
Pottor, of tho Mound City Journal,
paid us a short visit yesterday afternoon
Ho looks well and Is becoming portly. Tho
Inhabitants of his little villages nro good
A mass of dark clouds swept over tho
city Monday night, nt wenderntl speed,
accompanied with vivid lightning, but no
audiblo thunder. During ill passago tho
air grew chilly, and ovorhend thoro wn a
sound as of wind whistling through tho
rigging of a ship. Ariel, probably, was
letting loose a tempest In the clouds.
Yesterday remained cloudy from
morning until six o'clock, when tho sun
made n momentary display of itself.
Tho County Court has rendered Its
decision in llio Cnlro and Vinccnnes rail
road appropriation. It will bo lound In
another column.
For Sale. Tho undersigned will sell
at piivnto snlo tho following described
property: Four work hones; 2 sots
double harness; 2 two-horsn wagons;
several plows nnd other agricultural irn
plomenU. Purtlos desiring to purchase
will call nt her residence or nt Robt. llri
buch'f, oppo'ltn tho court house Terms
of sale, half cash; balance on six month'
credit, with good securitv.
apr22dlm .Mm. KATIE COOPElt.
Corner Wnalilnjttnn A vrnne nml 1'our
trenth strrat.
Fred. Blaiikonburg's saloon Is newly
and elegantly fitted up and supplied with
tho finest wlnox, liquor.', beer, cignn, etc.,
that enn bo found in tho city; nnd Fred,
his nn superior as a dispenser of delightful
beverages. Do not forgot tho place, cor
ner Uth street and Washington ,a.vcnuu,
New Time Tnblp.
On and after 12:30, p. in., Sunday,, Dec.
4tu, tho following timo table will govern
tbo arrival and departure of paticnger
train, nt Cairo ;
Mull train leaves at 3:40 n.m.
Express " " nt 0:30 p.m.
St. l.ods and Cairo Express
leaves at 1:20 n.m.
Accommodation leaves nt... 12:30 p.m.
Mail arrives 2:05 a.m.
Express arrive .12:24 p.m. .
St. Louis and Cairo Express
nrrives 4:45 p.m.
'f ho last named train leaves St. LouU
nt 10:30 u.m. Traders can lcavo Cairo nt
1:20 a.m., roach St. Louis nt 7:25 a.m., ro
main in the city threo hours, and return
to Cairo nt -1:40 p.m., tho tamo day.
Thu 12:30 accommodation anil Cairo
und St. Louis express tcavo daily; nil oth
ers leavo dally except Sundays.
Wuy passengers should bear In mind
that tho 3:30 p.m. train makes only five stori
pings between Cairo and Centr;alln viz:
Mounds, Joiie.boro, Carbondale, Du Qubin
nnd Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m. train stops
at all tho stations along the route.
dcc3tf Agent, Cairo.
Stoamor Illinois, Columbus.
Jai. Fisk, Jr., Pailucah.
Quickstep, Evansvillo.
Sam J. Halo, Memphis.
Colorado, Vickshurg.
Sam Brown, St. Louis.
Ajax, Now Orleans.
Kuta Robinson, Cincinnati.
Lady Leo, Red river.
MolHo Kbcrt, Now Orleans.
City Chester, St. Louis.
Illsnols, Columbus.
Jus. Fisk, Jr., Padueah.
Quickstep, Evansvillo,
11 Sam J. Halo, Cincinnati.
" Talisman, Nasbvillo.
" Colorda, St. Louis.
" Sam Brown, St. Louis.
' Ajax, Loulsvillo.
" Kato Roblnion, St. LonI..
" Lady Loo, St. Loul.
" Molllo Elicit, Cincinnati.
" City Chester, Cairo.
B.Thorivorlfalllngallttlo but not
JteJyTho weather wa clear until noon
yesterday. After that It bconcio omc
whut cloudy with promise of rain.
Bgi.Thu Mississippi I reported falling
at St. Louis, and there I 10 feet t, Cuiro.
Tho IIIIiioIh nnd Missouri nro still falling.
Six fuel is tho extent of thu rise, nt Pitts
burg, and only four steamer, with 400,
000 bushels conl succeeded In getting out.
Thuru aru 17 feet in tho channel ul Cin
cinnati and rising. Lrmlsvilln do., with 3
feel 0 incite iu tho chute.
Ef3ulluslnc dull as usual yot'ierdny.
tffJX-'The Sushi Silvur brought for R. J.
Cundiff 4 belts bananas, H bids potato?
nnd onions; I. O. rnilrond 706bx Jciiiols,
200 bx oranges.
83.TI10 Jus. Fisk, Jr., brought 7 hud to
bacco, 8 bx handle for tho r-'outh , 13
bhds tobacco for St. Loui', nnd tho fol-J
, lowing for tlii cllv: A. Fruzion i. roll!
I r
xlnc, O. P.Lyon 7chulr.
ri.Tlio Kntu Jliibliiseu. brought ,for
VTT. .. .tit ...!.(.!. .. i tt, r .
JlnlllclKV JIro. I vol wmmj, siviuiiur iiun-
ols 3 pkg suudrlo, Stratton & Bird MO,'
bbl ceuiuut, Close & Vincent 300 do.,
Bconvnrt, Ortli & Co. 1 rofrigorntur.,., ,
SJuMr. Thomai Brrahear -uiul ,' fanilly,
arrived ovenlng beforo, last.from LHtlo!
Rock, which cityWbeen his h6d'quar
tors to omp nwnlhs past, .TotTtmi not
put In on .appearance In "these wkibrs be
fore for nearly twdcars. IHs luno hss
been whjlad away upon tho besom of tho
muddy Arknniluv "wfiioli stream he has
oxplored to tho source, and In Little ltockj
Ho Is looking well and contemplate, lol
eating in our city.
BGUTbo Cincinnati' Commercial b the
1st has tho following: A car-load ofwbale
oil, a through shipment from California,
arrived on Friday, and was sold Mtttiwlth
nt n roasonablo profit. Tiore were 4,000
gallons in tho )ot shipped1 in bullci '
Tho hugo .towbont of thb' issfislppl
at tho Marino Ways'' I nearly 'all' planked
ttST'Php Quickstep rpngt fyrulton
it Soo,i70 kg .whout,and Cjllowjn'g for re-
shlpmeut, CO bbl hiskyt(and njcft fur
niture and eunqrjes foif tliQouj
CtiTTho Jas. Fiskillr l.jthereguhir
Padueah packet every ,eTen,log,,.8undays
excepted. ..- ,. I.. tt,t,t
tr Tho Tyrone wIll'Lo ilitlWmo timo
this evening and will return? tc 'Nashvlllo
to-morrow evrnltn. .ft.
JTTlio Arkunsas Rill 'U-iht Rvnni
ville packet this 'cfvonlrig, nnd niually
leavcs'il.'i lime, 'promptly'. (
jGy-Grccnlleld's ferry boat, after scrcam
nir for'ball an hour or so yesterday morn-
Intrdeparte-I' for her field of labor above
the city on tho Mississippi.
CQrFrom 2 o'clock a.m.. until p. m.
yesterday there were no arrivals.
CgrClty of Cairo for Vicksburg, City
of Altou, Boo andbnrges, M. J. Wicks for
Now Orleans aro due to-dny,
l33yThe Jno. ilyln and Ollvo Branch
left New Nrlcans, on Sunday and the
Sf"Tho following froiu.'tbo MomphU
Avalaneh' of tho 20th gives a history of
tho crui'o of tho GrandLakoi
Thn sly dodgo played by tho towboat
at tlafnV Iake night before last
was all tho -talk in thn river
circles ycf.tordny. Piracy on, tno high
scaA was ono of tlio- mild terms by
"which her performance was designated.
After lying out of sight alljday up behind
Paddy i Ilen.and Chickens, about an hour
after midnight sho slipped qaJctly down
l) whoro tho boat lay. ordered the vatch-
man nt tore, milled tntf Donts out Into the
river bv breaking ropes' and chains, sent
them ail adrift, then made up her tow out
In tho stream and sneaked oil up tho river
with her. prize, liko a prjyfltoer in war
tlmos. There wqra tcnbpaU, barge
nnd flats ill tho lloet sho carried
awav. .Ouo fiat nnd a iburgowoo full of
wator: sho couldn't handle, them and thoy
aro still horo. All that1 saved thb little
tug Laura frc,jolng,annkcd offwith tho
rest was tho fact that sho' Is In tho service
of lilgloy iiMellcrsh, and liappenrd to bo
lying, dowti'bolow tho city.. Pbilllpa & St.
John' to whom tho boats belonged, had a
contract with tho Mount Carbon Conl
Company to supply njl steamer's south of
Cairo. Through somo misunderstanding
tho coal supply was stoppod' nta time
whon it was most Wanted down this way,
when tho Ohio river waa Jpw.. and tho
Pittsburg supply exhausted.- Tho result
was almost ,a. coal amino Anion g con
Rumors, litigation,bctwo'ea Iho coal com
pany and tho contractors, and a flnalo as
above. .Upjijif Avalanche, April 29.
On Mid after Monday, April 24th, 1871, trains will
run m tollows:
t , tii cotMO sociunrt.
1S.34 p.m.
, 3.00 "
, 4:M "
.6:17 " .
Leavo Virginia......... U:40a.m..
f " Tajlor?llle......-tU:OJ "
Arriva at 1'ana ...U:ltf ra.
triixj aotxa otuwut. ,
Express' Mall.
Leave Pans... .4n.m.....-...J34u.ra.
layiorriue .i:ai (
t ! .1 Mnrlnvapl.t. BIS C.0II " J
Lonv apaliiRfleld..-...C:23, " -...-..--BilU
Arrive at Vlrjjiala S.23 " r..".-r...:15
Leavo KdzewQOd 5:30 u.m 10:10 a.m.'
l-lora 8.25 " -....I1:I0
Arrive ut bbawneetowu3:53p m . 5:15 p.mi
Taaiaa iiuixu auatTanuT. g.
I.earo Hhiwncetown......5:45 a-m .........8:!0p.m
vior a " i.ii-
ArrUa at KdEowood. V.JQ . ....8:20 '
ti.a r. rji n.tn. train from Kdircwood. runs only
Mondays, Vdasdays and Knuaja, and J;t"a.in, I
irillll IIOIII RUUKunwnu l ...U.V. '
.lay and Saturdays. ,,,'
UnnuKta al Aahland with Jacksonville division
of Chioaao and Alton Ktllroad, for Jacksonville;
IVtaraburir. Maaon City, nd all poluU weat. yA
Toledo. Vabsh anil Weaforn Railroad, foj:l
i. u.,..,.,tl.l witti llilacfn anrt" Alton, and.
llloomlBRton, Chlcajo, nnd all points north.north
Kt and urral. . . ,
At IVna with Ind. and Bi. Ixiuls, and Illinois
Contral Italiroad for all point euat, south oar
aotitlirast. ... i
At IMaeirooU will) cnicago uiviaion iiuuuii
Coiurul Kllroiwl.
AttihawuootuKn, with ateambona.for Cincln?
ami, l'aliicah,C.tlronaJBt.Loula. K
' mtT. t Nil MMITI! fi.n'l Siiu'l. I
Jons TooJiTT, Gen'l Fr'at and Ticket Ab'i. f; I
lti co.partncrahip heretofore exlalna; IkIm
l(u...u ll'in.) .n,l IIavIa In lliAmunn u,tH Im
ins; bua'lnraa, l hereby diaaolvrd by.iuutual coil
pout, KiIIiit of tho purtiei are authorised toae?
tli any ontimnuinn Claim ior or;nainn aais
tlrrn. Tno
p.irinaraui, oiianiix uj hwvu uu,'
;idH and provision Imslne-as will un
) tli. lArtliini nnd ti
r.ialiAf iiArlmt rnmain at hori(ofor
ISIeurdl J(tlN WOOP
YLE, t
ArtliurllovW wlllronhnncln lhqljMlldniK butt
filler, and bem tluokful UUls WUnda for iw I
rntura. howl io receive continuanca.of tSl
Kiime. filtltn. A. HOTLc.
ESw, JIN.. April -JJ, 1871. n.yi-3
(SriMvaaiirK to John Q. Harniau A Co.,)
;l I? a r,n
Socond Floor, OHIO LEVEE
, II1NISII . AMSTH'AiTr4'."y
- . a,.

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