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i The fo lowing- slettnera leae Cairn
J on the dya and at the lio-ir bMow.narnfd
TALISMAN, Every Monday at 6 p.m.;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, nt 5 p.m.;
LUMSDEN, Every Saturday, nt 5 p.m.
For Kr eliht or I'eiease apply on board, er to
)an:W71lf OHIO I.EVBK.
Tlx beautiful and llxht draught steamer
ja-Meipisk:' jr
DORSET PNEBLET .'....ataaUr.
Learea Cairo dalle at Sp.m., aid Paducah dally
at 9 a.m. flaring superior aocommndalione ahe
olielti pubtie patronage.
Particular a tention paid ta eollettlou or In.
toic charges, bat the boat will not be repon
elble for lha earn nntll collecle1.
AWAIM.YMAK, Bff. D., PLysi
, clan, Burgeon and Accoucheur, for
merly ol Anna, t'nion Co., llllaoli, baa perma.
nently loflaied in city. 'OFFICE Commerclrl
Afenue, Utwron Itn and Clh Hretii Weil aid,
IIIKNCE-Corner Mnth and Walnut
v FFICE-Corner Buth blrtet and Ohio Letee
OKMCK IIOURS-Krom a.m. to II m., and
ifif.iiMit. K.mru,.ti. ii
KEUIDENCK No.21, Thirteenth ri
f.twMa Wihin(ton Arrnua and Walnut Slreei
OtPOK- Itn Cometclnl urn iiilti.
WAKUKEK, M.D., Cairo
. .S BEfHlF.NCB-ionir of Nlnetectilh' at.,
and Waahlgtob are. OFPICE-On Commercial
an-.,OTflf iha Po.lofflee OKFICK O0K8
from lo m to li m., (Sunday, excepted! and
from t lo 6 pm. r '
A Li. EX . Hlll,kKY Ai
William J. A Urn, i
J..hn II. HNlkat. CAIRO, ILt,
Maui a el P. Wheeler J
Particular atUatloo pid torlrand admiralty
bualneis. , , '
Otaae noalna'7 tt 8 Wlm.r'a Blaek.
. WW.
wi nam ii. ur.sa,
Will aaa n. embers
Specie! attention glvaa to Admlrallr and 9ieam
beat bnatneaa.
ORWa aai Oolatve. Rmsi 7 aaa g
orr ii ir Mat imi I .M.
yyoOD AJt 1 COAL.
.f. ward
la prepare! to deliver the beat
Fire Wood & Stone Coal
in any part of the city, tn an quantity drilled,
nu abort notice.
Coal BclWercd at K60 JPer Toa.
OWiCB-Orer Beerwart, Qrtb A Co.'s .lore
store, tvodoora above the corner of Eighth .treat
ana Commercial atenne. deceit
Cr. fitkSt. SggjffU
in tub PKMRV hoc sr.
karat Uaere;'r!erTawele aael Hklll.
ral Wvrkaieau
Ladiaa' and CKIISren'i Hafr Cnl asd Bbampoosed
uu.r ai in .nop or
Gentleraen'a WhukenanJ Hair Djed inaaeiao
tISo manner and atlafariion guaranteed.
Board and Tuition per annum, IiIO.
Inaugurated bjr It. K 11 t'riuca Arthuj. hnard
end luiionnfr.nnnm.liil. I'realdent. tbe Verr
K v l.tllinulh,I). V.. Veto of Huron For
partlculara apolr la UaJr Erana, London, Canwla
The Great Soothing Reined
i' Mr..
I Cures colic and griping Prlf t,
I, wniTl'ilKR'S In the liowrl'. and
hirup. 1 cimaie. mo iuwhivi i vent..
( teething
Mm. ( rtulxluei conrulslfna
Tl'UnC0B'81 and jretcompa all dls
tirral. raaea inoident to in
' Ifaitnaudahlldren.
f Curradl
.'8 J teryand
) plaint la
I. ei
uurraaiarrhra, diiien
I aummercom.
icblldtrn ot all
1. 1. K. rr.t Infanta and ChtlrlrAn. Hu!hln
Ramedr In all iliaordera broujtbt oa bjr TeeihlnR
or any "iher cau.e. Vfeped or Ii,, '
Hold it DriiKinita anu uraiera in Medicine
i .nowhere. ' ' " mrrawcm -
.-1 i if
boqi MMi urn
Bctweea Washlng-toH Are ft Poplar St
saata a Bhoea Made la Order, I'lne
mwww" Warknaaa SCmnluVMi. i.
Satisfaction Warranted
r,t l rs tv.t !
Fatrewtf kfclkltH.
0be ulli(tjn.
,atte'e'e'',al.te(tt(tatea,e,fe(,a(e, )..(
i lour. Choice Family Flour In bbls
half bill., tacks &c, for alo at theEgyp.
tlan Mill. au
Mines' Sorgo andKldPollihihofjIcallop
top, at tho City Shoo Store, corner Com
mercial avenue and Eighth itreet. tf
Oitt Scrip for 8ALE.-T30q, city jcrip
n imau oruers anu on reaioaabie- ermi.
"Who Is It that does not like imoking
hotblsculU for breakfast? Tho Fame
Cook store will bake them In Are minutes
time by tho watch. tf
CoKKynui.,Fr.LtciTr. Nothing tends
moro to connubial happiness than choer
ful and healthy Infants and children. Mm.
Whltcomb's syrup In tho great children's
soothing remedy. mylCdlw
Thk Urie patent moveable point steel
plow; ono extra point given with cacL
plow. For aalo only by
Otf 1110 Commercial Ave.
IIarclay Duos, aresclling more of Sim
mons' Liver Regulator, at r;tail, than of
all the others of that class of medicines
put together. The reason of this is be
cause till who try it recommend it to their
friend. myZdlw
A splendid assortment of bird cages
mots baskets, flower standr, flower train
ers, wire-cloth for window dcrecns, buth
atid foot tubs, &c, dee., just received at
aOtf 130 Commercial Ave.
Tkl'K. There cun be no doubt that
Baugh is, onr txcellcnet, the boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. Ho challenges com
petition in ills trade, and Atsurcs the pub
lic that ho will guarantee to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eluhth street
near the corner of Ohio Levee. tf
Vjc sco by our exchanges tbatthetickets
to the grand gift, festival at Omaha ro be
ing rapidly taken. It seldom happens
when one has an bor.est chance to win a
fortune in a legal enturpri.e, like tho one
n aid of u public library at Omnlra.
A Happt Family. AVe have ofteni
heard the remark that if you want good
sweet bread in tho family, you .must have
a good natured and even tempered cook to
toako it. As an additional aid. we would
recommend the unrivaled Charter Oak
cooking itoro, which will insuro the hap
py owner not only a well-cooked, palata
ble meal, but also a contented and cheerful
wife. mvl61w
Takk it, take it on, and keep a taking
it ; reduce the dose so that it acts as a gen
tle laxative, and continue it on Jfgularlj.
It is a tonic, and will strengthen you. .It
took a long time to confirm your disease,
and you can't get well in a day. Sim-
n Otis' Liver Regulator, If persisted in, will
cure the .nost stubborn liver disease.
There is no failure about it. mylCdlw
Siwi.so Machines. Attention of
persons wiihing a first-class
sewing machine is called to the
late unproved "Wheeler and "Wilson's.
They cannot be excelled for a family
machine, or for light manufacturing pur
poses. All aro invited to call and exam
ine tho improvements, J. 0. CARSON,
ap30dlm Agents, Cairo, 111.
St. Nicholas, Day boarders can so-
euro good accommodations atthcSt.Nlch-
olas (formerly the St. James) at $4 per
week. The house is at tho corner qf Ohio
)evco and Eighth street, a central location.
and is prgprletored, by Hany alkex,
who is alive to tho wants'of bis patrons.
Parties desiring boarding and lodging can
learn terras on Inquiry at tho office.
For Salk. The undersigned will sell
at private sale tho following described
property: Four work horses; 2 sets
doublo harness; 2 two-horse wagons;
several plows and other agtlrtltural im
plements.. Parties desiring to purchaso
will call at her residence or at Robt. Bri
bach't, opposilo tho court house. Terms
of sale, half cash ; balance on six month's
credit, with good security.
apr22dlm Mrs. KATIE COOPER.
The Fe.nto.v Cons Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, Is now in charge of
Mr. M. D. Uunter, who having purchased
and thoroughly njflttcd it, invites, tho at
tention of the public to tho fuct that hois
cow prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with tho very best article of corn meal.
Orders left at the mill or sont through the
postoflico will recoivo prompt attention.
Fitzqerald's Samplk Kooms. Per
sons bibulouily inclined, lovers of, tho ex
onerating juice of tho corn and julcoollhe
grape, or malt beverages, should call (im
mediately nt tho sampjo rooms, on corner
Commercial avenuo and Fourteenth street.
JBesldes everything in the drinking l(n$,
of tho purest kind, ho. has tho tnoit tfr-
a IT a . . .
gram siavana cigars, importations irom
Cuba, that land of narcotlo weeds., iHtt-
gerald,koep..it first-class place, and has
,witn mm Jimmy JSngllsb, who .knows ev
erybody, and knows the, wants jt overy-
oouy aim whu is u goniieman, every
inch of him. , i '
K liavo been requested to sav that
lllott & Haythorn havo, now on exhibl
Ion, and for sale, everything In tho boot
and shoe line for ladies, and gentlemena
.wear; and that all their goods afp. new
anditylUh. apriotf
Judge Marchlldon, of Thebes, was In
tho city yestctday.
Tho Cairo box and basket factory is
In full tide of operation. Its capacity is
60,000 to 00,000 boxes dally.
Ladles' Sorgo (Pollsh)shoos French Kid,
foxed, at City Shoo Storo, corner of Com
mercial avenuo and Eighth street. tf
Tho drawing of Rcilly's gift enter
prise is announced to come off somctimo
during the present month.
,ho religious furore among tho col
ored,.peoplo continues. Thero will bo
quite a number of immersions next Sun
day. OenU' Oxford Ties, Prince Albert
and Opera Slippers, at the '-City Shoo
Storo," corner of Commercial avenuo and
Eighth street. . tf
The funeral train that passod along
"Washington "avenue yesterday afternoon,
was that of Mat Price's wife. Price is a
colored man who keeps n family grocery
on Cedar street.
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dispen
sary, beaded JlooUs for the Million Mar
rlngo Oul'lo In another column. It
should be read by all. myDdwly
Two colored .blade;, named "Wade
Hampton and Steve Bradley, wero each
fined JO and costs, yesterday, for fast
driving along one of our principal thor
oughfares. The fines were paid.
Tho organization of a regular pnxo
light, between two down-town roughs, was
prevented by the police yesterday evening.
Tho affitlr created a perfect whirl ol ex
citement for a time.
Mr. Malliew Clark is an applicant
for a position in the city pollco force. Mr.
Ciiirk's friends urge his claims on tho
cround that he is capable, industrious and
scrupulously honest.
Musquitots were again troublesorno,
yesterday, in somo parts of the city. The
reflection, however, that tho petifer
ous insects were "taking" Paducah was
rather consoling.
A floating circus, on a small scale, is
being organized in Mound City. It would
be strange indeed if anything of that
kind should be gotten up in Egypt with
out tho assistanco of Perry Powers.
Bring your Ooodey's, Ballous' or any
other magazines or periodicals you may
have lying around loose, to tho Bulletin
Bindery, and have them neatly and secure
ly bound. The cost will be only a trifle.
There is an increasing inquiry for
dwelling houses in Cairo. Some of our
heavy manufacturing firms propose to
erect a number oi tenement bouses, wo
understand, fur the occupancy o'f their
Toe yilla Jtldge Horticultural Socie
ty baa. determined, we understand, that
nelthor prayer, benzine, nor swearing will
destroy the curcullo. Orchardist will,
therefore, bo compelled to rtaort to some
other means.
Yesterday was a pleasant day for out
door business operations, but there wero
very few operations to be out. Thero was,
In fact, an unusual quiet in business cir
cles. (The city wore n dull, sleepy aspect
during the entiro day.
"Wo aro sorry to learn that all efforts
to find the body of littlo Carl Thomas
have proved ineffectual. Twenty-four
guns were fired Monday, near where the
little fellow fell into the river, with the
hope of raising his body.
Belle Taylor, a colored female of a
most vicious nature, was arrested, yester
day, for using abusive and threatening
language.,. The flna was $10 and costs, to
pajr3lwhich baj will subsist. on calaboose
fare until, tho 2nd day. of June ntxt. 1
r-Thero was quite a sutler among the
demirep yesterday. Cain and Shechan
devoted a portion of the day to bringing
hem to their periodical account for their
transgressions. Quite a number of them
wore fined. The raid is not yot ended.
Haley, charged with tho murder of
Harrington, in Uie strcots of Metropolis,
a 6hort time ugo, and Grasshopper Sam,
whoso fame and deeds aro familiar to our'
readers, will bo tried in tho Pulaski cir
cuit court during tho present session.
It I. expeeted that Oen. Logan will
bo the orator of tho day, at Uound City,
on Decoration day, viz.: May 30tb. An
invitation is extended to everybody to bo
presont and participate in this annual
tribute to the memory of tho country's
dead heroes.
Alf Burnott had a good houso last
night, and dollghted everybody. Hi's
"lightning transformations" wero most
wonderful, and his entertainment gener
ally of the most amusing and refreshing
character He will make his last appcar-
anco this evening.
Judgo "Win. A. Lemma, a slmon puro
Democrat, was elected to tho ofiice of
school trustee, in the Radical town of Cur
bondalo a few days since. Ho was brought
out Just one hour and forty minutes before
tho closing of the polls, and beat bis,
atrongclt Radical competitor seventeen
Dr. Brigbam effected a purchase of
the Harnish farm at Villa Ridge, a few
days ago. The prico paid was I2.C0O.
Tho farm is one of tho most deslrablo in
that locality, and will, this year, produco
$1,000 worth of peaches. Dr. Brigham
purchased the place as a homestead for his
At an Episcopal fair, hold in Mound
City, last weok, a gold,rng w,ai awarded
"by, ballot to tho handsomest young lady
In attendance. The contest was between
Miss Annie Fair, of Mound City, and
.ilUs Thatcher, of Columbus. On Whops
land and thirty ten cent votMVr polled,
a small majority was cast for Miss Thatch
er. Tho ring netted tho church $103.
Eichoff A Bro's new furniture- facto
ry Is cnclojed and roofed, and nearly
ready to roccivo tho machinery. It Is
thought by tho 1st of Juno the now estab
lishment will bo ready to go into opera
tion. It is ono of tho largest, and will bo
ono of tho completcst furnltuto factories
In the Southwest.
The subject of a wagon road to the
Cairo cemetery is being agitated. A
"narrow path" will do, as only now and
then a traveler will uso it; but it should
bo provided nevertheless. Tho cxpenio
attending the conveyance of bodies thith
er by-Tail Is beyond the reach of poor peo
ple. The colored girl who, In a paroxysm
of religious excitement, fell over a bonch
last Sunday, and broke threo of her ribs,
declares that she sustained the injury
while "fighting the devil.' If sho speaks
the truth, the fact is qulto apparent that
tho "old boy" is "too many fur her." Tho
nexttusslojho may break nor nock.
The proceeds of a donation party got
ten up in Mound City, tho other day, for
the benefit of tho Rov. Mr. Van Trcas,
amounted to upwards of $200. Mr. V,
T. is well known in Cairo, as n kind
hearted amiable gentleman, and as deserv
ing of nil tho favors our Mound City
neighbors may feel disposed to bestow
The ever-bearing strawberry, tho
plants of which Bold for 53,00 per dozen
last year, aro pronounced a fnlluro In
Southern Illinoiso.whcn compared with the
"Wilson and Agriculturalist. They are
inferior aliko in size, appeuranco and lla-
Tor. It is alleged, however, that the size
can bo regulated in a great mcaiure by
The "country press" aro unanimously
of the opinion that "Dn Rico's Greatest
Show on Earth," now traveling in the
West, is tho most consummate humbug ex
tant. The members of tho troupo are de
nounced as a strolling bund of loafers und
dead-beats. It is n well-known fact that
Dan Rice never did proprietor any other
than a "one horse circus."
An old colored woman .who claims
that she is the 'seventh daughter of tho
seventh son, and was born under tho in
fluenoaof the seventh moon" Infortis ua
thai. on. tho III day of June a drouth will
commence that will not end until tho mid
dle of August. She therefore admonishes
her friends to husband their cistorn water,
and hurry up the crops, as fast as possible.
To-morrow evening is tho timo fixed
upon by tbe ladies of tUo Episcopal
church, for their strawberry supper and
festival. Thornton s largo new building,
which presents a hall 25 by 100 feet, Is the
place. Tho entertainment will prove a
delightful onej ilia MeeVwVerttlea, vtcBin',
oto, delicious, and tho welcome of the lady
managers uroaa enougn anu coraiat
enough for everybody. Therefore, go.
Tho examination of Prof. "Wirschlng's
(the German) school will' commence this
morning, and not thia afternoon, as stated
yesterday. Tho pupils will undergo a
thorough examination in the branches
they have been studying, and those who
know tho Professor can testify that he
practices no delusions. Tno actual pro
ficiency of every pupil will bo put to tho
test. Parents of tho chlldrcu and friends
of tbe school are invited to attend.
Madam Ferris, the " medium" grave
ly informed her audience here, that
money had nothing to do with her com
ing to Cairo. She visited this city simply
to please the people of Memphis. It was
observed, however, that tho madam never
failed to exact a dollar from each niale
member of her audience. "Wo aro fully
persuaded that a little light on her dark
scenes, would divest them of much of their
mystery, and, most likely, rob the madam
of hor occupation.
If wo could forotell tbe base ball ac
cidents that the usual devotion to tho
3amo in Cairo, will insure, quite a number
of our now enthusiastic baso ballists' would
beg to bo excused." Already an arm and
a flngor havo been broken ; a knee-cap
crushed ; sovcral eyes havo been blacken
ed, and, yesterday, a littlo shaver narrow
ly cscapod'sculplng. Tho bat slipped from
tho hand of a young man who was butting
for practice, and striking tho little lud on
tho back of the head, knocked him, for tho
time, senseless. Nevertheless it's "anoblo
"A man of sin" is amazed at tho di
versity of opinions and creeds prevailing 1
among christians', who claim to found
their faith on tho Bible. This wretched
man remarked to tho editor of a neighbor
ing journal, recently : "I attended two
church festivals last night. At one, the
crowd was singing hymns and praying ;
at tho other they wore fiddling and dan
cing. I can't understand it hang me if
1 cun; for you soe in both cases "
But tho newspaper man would hoar no
more, no turnod sorrowfully away, mar
velling that tho sinful man did not know
that " whero reason ends, God begins 1"
Mr. Davis, who enmo down from the
mouth of Cach', yestordayj informed us
that about four miles above town ho heard
the whining of a dog, but for somctimo
was unable to determlno from whenco tho
soundi'prycoeded, Continuing his soroh
a fowroinutcshe .discovered that somo
heartless wrutch had chunked up a dog In
.the bUpwpf'ftjl'pij . lying near the rlyer
bank, and left jijtn, tbero;to starve. The
poor creature had evidently been .Impris
oned a week, or ten, days, as ho was so
weak from starvation, M to be scarcely
bJo to walk Tno less than man, und
wrse than beaW'guHty;,,of,,s,vch cruelty,,
should nj3WfDo t'olognaizrd for the starved
dog to fatten.' on.
The Tricks ok Trade. Tho. effort on J
the part of somo of our httckstors to socuro
tho "first pick" from tho vegotablo wag
ons coming into our city, often gives rue
to ?cry splrtyijjeontcntion. About threo
o'clock yesterday morning an cntorprlsing
member of thnt class tf traders posted
himself on tho sidewalk about a hulf milo
abovo tho court houso, with a view of
"way-laylng" a load of green peas that
wero expected to arrive in town about
daybreak. Ho felt quito suro of his prizo,
and felicitated himself on the advantage
It would give him in tho trade of tho ear
ly morning. "Whllo waiting on tho side
walk, and congratulating himself on his
promised success, n rival' huckster was
stealing by him, underneath, tho sldo walk,
determined to gobble tho samo batch of
peas. The "dodge" was a good one, Tmt
not qulto sacceisful. No. 2 finally stole
beyond the eyo and car-shot of his rival,
and emerged from bis cover. Thtnklng
it possible that a third huckster was still
boyond him. ho mado up his mind, as
Uotts once did, "to head 'em or dio." and
actually visited tho garden from whenco
tho supply was expected. Findine a cou
plo of busheh of tho coveted vegolablo
already gathorcd, ho dumped them into a
wheel barrow which bo found at hand,
and actually wHcclcd ttio load, a distance
of twomlloj, tohisplacoof business, in tno
city. This he thought "sharp," though
somewhat laborious "practice," and it
was ; but the result scarcoly justified tho
effort, since, on his return, he found his
competitor "up to his ryes" in peas, nnd
measuring them out by pecks and half
bushels to a perfect crowd of customers,
and manifestly Ignorant of tho offort that
had been put forth to "head him."
While No. 2 was under tho sidewalk the
market wagon passed him, nnd with it!
entiro contents, fell into tho hands of his
cntcprising competitor.
That Calico Ball. Arrangement
aro maturing for a "calico hop" in tho St.
Charles hotel, on Monday ovoning, next,
that will eclipse all re-unions of that kind
ever held in Southern Illinois. Gentle
men havo tbe affair in hand who are ait
fait managers, nnd aro putting forth their
best exertions to bring about tho result wb
have predicted. Cairo is somowhat noted
for the uniform success and brilliancv of
hor social ro-unions, btxt, to borrow a
phrase from an eloquent divine of the
city, we shall expect the hop of Monday
to "clap tho ciimato of all former successors
in that line of intrusting amazements.'
Tbo members of the Committee of Ar
rangements will bo distinguished by
badges or bluo ribbon; Reception Com
mittee by red ribbon ; Supper Committee
by purplo ribbon; Floor Managers by
white ribbons. Gentlemen from Mound
City and Charleston, as well as from Cairo,
havo been selected as committeemen. rt
will doubtless be present to assist in tho
TheCdstom House Grounds. Seven
thousand cubic yards of earth are yet to
be placed on the grounds of tho new cus
tom house. Tho job will be let to tho low
est and beet bidder, and since we havo tho
men and teams in Cairo' that need tho
work, wo hope tho best and lowest bidder
will be a Calroite. Tho work must be
performed under tho direction of tho cus
tom-bouse superintendent and bo com
pleted on or beforo tho 1st day of No
vcmber, 1871.
We publish a notice in anothor column
over tho signature, of G. H.Sease, inviting
soaled proposals, and furnishing all need
ful information. Road it.
Mrs. Fxrbih. Wo havo bcon informed
that Mrs. terns' raasculino mediumistic
assistant proposes to utterly " wipo out"
any individual who shall dare to throw
light upon or into her dark sccanes. The
madame's mortal fear of light is evidence,
almost conclusive, that her "manifesta
tions" are simply trickery that Is liable
to bo exposod at any timo by the flash of a
dark lantern. Tho littlo wonder sho ox-
cited by her first seance here, has been
turnod into disgust by tho subsequent oaes.
fainco madamo J orris exacts pay for an
entertainment that is neither litcraryt
cnaritauio nor religious, why is it sho Is
not compelled to tako out licento 7 Wo
again ask tho attention of tho polico to
the matter.
A Card. We, tho undersigned, passen
gers on Capt. Doxtor's boat, tho Quickstep,
from Cuiro to Mound City, on Friday,
.Way 12, tako plcasuro in horeby express
ing our sincere gratitude to Capt D. nnd
his officers for their kindness to us during
our Bhort trip, and tako great pleasuro in
roccommending tho Quickstep to tho trv
elling public as the boat for oomfort
and safety.
Chas. Cunningham, Will L. Norman,
Will Ucoiies, James A.Phillis,
D. Carter, O. Haoey,
And Ladieh.
Reliaule Aifji Safe. Dr., Henry's
Root nnd Plant Pills aro mild and pleas
ant in their operation, yet thorough, pro
ducing no nausea or griping. Being en
tirely vcgotnble, they can bo taken with
out regard to diet or business, Tboy
arouso tho liver and secretive organs into
healthy action, throwing off disease with
out oxhaustlig or 'debilitating tlip sys
tem. Try them and 'you wjll bd'satlsfled.
Prico 25 cents a box. Sold by druggists
and dealers in medicino everywhere Pro
pared by the Qrufton Mcdlcino Co,, Si.
Loiiis, Mo, myOdwCm
Particular attention is called to the In
dies', misses and children's colored shoes,
of which a yery choice, and stylish stock
may be found at tho City Shoo Store.
,. Men's Flne'ral'Hkin Gaiters, and also
'.'Prlnco Albert,"' at Elliott & Hay thor'fc
PARIICUIjAK .notices.
To These tho Attention or (lie Vnlille.
In j.pecl.Ur Invlleil.
A lia's. Tho barber shop of "Wm. Alba,
on Commercial avenue, near tho cornor of
Eighth street, is tho placo to which nil
lovers of a good, closo shuvo with razors
sharper than tho wit of twenty Jorroldj,
wind their way. tf
Meats. Tho Drench mcatshop of James
Kynaston, located on Commorclnl avonup,
next door to tho grocery storo of James
Carroll, is now In full blast, and this pop
ular butcher Is supplying all tho refined
meat caters of that portion of tho Fourth
"Ward with splondid meat. If you have
not tried him give him a call. tf
ime's. Hlmo, at tho old stand, on
Sixth street, noar Ohio lovec, Is conduct
ing his barber shop in n first-class style.
It is a model establishment In every par
ticular, and while in his chargo alt its cus
tomers will rccelvo oourtcous attention,
nnd tho benefit ofuxcollent workmnnidilp.
Hair cutting, shaving, shampooing, etc.
AVio Barter Shop, Tho razor is might
ier than cither tho sword or pen, and
Frodorfck Notzor hiindcs his razor with
moro skill than William dou his sword or
Dickens did his pen; uni! boyond nil
doubt, ho has the most splendidly fur
nished shop In tho city. Ho may bo
found near tho corner of Ohio lov.ee, on
Eighth street, tn Iht rear of the St. A'iei-
'efnt Hotel. Glvo him a call. myCtf
Iluac, I.ootnU A- (Jo. Inllie Froxen Field
Tho ico wagons of Huso, Loo mis & Co.wlll
commenco to deliver ice about tho city on
Monday, May 1st, and will continue to
make daily rounds cach morning (Sun
days excopted) during tho present season.
Orders left at tho ofllco of tho company,
corner Ohio levco and Eighth street, will
recoivo prompt attention. Huso, Loomis
& (3c. nro also prepared to fill all orders
in flic steamboat and shipping trade.
Corner Waahlugton .tvenne and Four
teenth aireef.
Fred. Bla.ikenburg's saloon 'is nowly
and elegantly fitted up and supplied with
tho finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, etc.,
thHt can bo found in tho city; and Fred.
hus'n'o superior as a dispenser of delightful
beverages. Do not forget tho place, cor
ner 14th street and Washington avenuo.
A suppnr and strawberry festival will
bo aiYen by the l&dlne Hj.Wjt
church at Mr. Thorton's new building on
10th street on Thursday ovoning Muy
18th. Supper will be served at 7 o'clock.
Tbo building has been recently restored
and placed upon a new and very secure
foundation. Tho room is spacious and
cheerful, and will bo pleasantly fittod up
for tho occasion. Let every one obtain
fiuppcr there on Thursday night. ml43t
Tho houso hereloforo occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Loveo between
Fourth nnd Sixth streets. This house, if
not the best business houso is certainly
ono of tho best stands in Cairo. It fronts
tbo principal steamboat landing and is
near tho Illinois Central railroad depot.
Also tbo second floor of tbo snmo building
suitably nrrangod for offices. Apply noxt
dcor at Robort Smyth & Co's. wholesale
grocery store. tf
To occupy a very pleasant room, (fur
nished or unfurnished), on Washington
avenuo, opposito tho new custom houso
suitable for man and wife or single gen
tloman. Also a limited numbor of day
boarders. Torms very reasonable. En
quiro at this ofllco. . mayWHd
Take notice. Time Table or the
Illinois Central Railroad. On and
after Sunduy, May 14th, 1871, tho follow
ing timc-tablo will govern tho arrival and
departure of passcngor trains at Cairo:
Depart Mail train, daily,... 11:43 p.m
Express, daily, 2:30 p.m,
Arrive Mail, duilv 3:30 a.m.
express, daily, except
Sunday 3:30 p.m.
Although tbo regular St. Louis train is
taken off both trains out of Cairo will havo
through cars for St. Loulf, which will be
taken through from Du Quoin by tho trains
on tho Belleville road. Direct and closo
connection will bo made at Du Quoin, and
thero will bo no change of cars from
Cairo to St. Louis. Tho train leaving
Cairo at 11:45 p.m will buvo a through
sleeping car for St. Louis. Tho attention
of shippers is cspecislly called to tho fact
that a Fruit Express train will leave
Cairo daily, Saturdays oxcoptod, nnd will
mnl;o tho run from this city to Chicago in
twenty-two hours.
New Custom Home, Cairo. Ilia,,
May mill, i7i
Sealed proposal will be received at the office of
buperimenueiit ui inn now u.iuni uou-e, ai
Cairo, Illinois, until 4 o'ebok p.m., tlielltli day
'of Mar. 111, lorhllui and amdlng tlie Cu.loni
lloufe Block. Tho prop,, ml. io bo made fur Uia
,ubla yard delivered, and will bo mewured afler
ttlling by the dui.enntendent or an autlioiKou
gent) and 10 per cent or all payni"' 10
bo retained until completion of ilieoonirl I lie
eaith required will bo bIui T,i ;ibieai-ila,
nn.reor les, and tbe til'lug in be completed on or
b.forethv UtUy of Noteuiber. All bid.
rout be accompanied by a loa lot tv? rtsuonal.
hie peraona In the .am of ou thousand dollar
that tna bidder will accept and perform the con
tract awarded to hlui. , .
The Ueparimeut rriervc. the right to reject
any or an me piopoai
frODoaala m beBdorseu.."t'ropaaaiafor Filling
and Uradlog"enaauureseu u. ii, aeate, super
latenuoatof L-aaiom uouie, uuro, iiiiuois.
tnyiaaei aAMafwp I.
:R;rv:EyR, n'iu ws.
Steamer Illinois, Columbus.
" Jas. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" Talisman.
R. C. drey, Louisville.
" Wild Duck, St. Louis.
" Painter, Pittsburg.
" Gloncoc, New Orleans.
Peytona and bgs, New Orle.tni.
Liberty 4, Pittsburg.
City Alton, New Orleans'.
" Simpson Horner, Pittsburg.
it n t .J. m f
uuu. ixiiutnuu, Acnnesieo river
" Littlo Condor.
" City Chester, St. Louis.
" Mary Alice, New Orleans.
" Mary Houston, New Orleans.
" Illinois, Columbus.
11 Jai. Fiik, Jr., Piducah.
" Tnllsman, Nashville
" R. C. Gray, Arkansas river.
" Wild Duck, St. Louis.
" Painter.
" Gloric6e, Louisville.
" Peytona and bgs, Louisville.
" Liberty 4, St. Louli.
City Alton,, St. Louis.
" Simpson Horner, Now Orleans.
" Gen. Anderson, St. Louis.
" Littlo Condor, Memphis.
" City Chester, "
" Mary Alice, St. Louis.
" Mary Houflon, ,L:oulsvule.
Opy Tho Talisman didn't got off as soon
ns sho expected, though her prolonged
stay did not add much to her freight.
E"Tho weather was exceedingly hot
yesterday, with just air and clouds enough
to mako It bearable. Thero will certainly
be n storm soon,
OST During tho year 1870 there were
4,4S5 arrivals in steamboats alone, being
nn nvcrngo of about twclvo boats per day
Can any other river city beat that ?
tQrTho Mississippi is falling again at
St. Louis. Tho Illinois is dcclilnng rapidly
and will soon bo in a bad condition. The
Ohio is fulling all tho way up, with' 4 feet
10 inches in the channel at FlUburg, and
13 feet in tho chute at Louisville.
CfifTho river came to a stand yester
day, Hnd will bo on the declino to-day.
Largo quantities of drift wood havo teen
floating closo to the wharf for throe dayi
past, much to tbe annoyance or boats
moored at tho landing. It is now float
ing farther out in tho stream.
10 Tbo Citv of Alton brought 11 hhds
sugur, 20 sks salt, 10 sks coffee for Nash
ville; 180 hhds sugar, 10 bales moss, 100
slabs steel, 200 bbls rosin for Chicago acd
following for Cairo : R. Smyth, 30 bxs, 1
CasV -win. HinnVftotVl, 1 V ivluu'f 2uo.
Lcemmer, 2 crates cabbage, 10 bbls pota
toes. Wo havo heard it said that tho Robt. E.
Leo, Kutio and Natchez propose to leave
New Orleans on tho 1st of July all bound
to St. Louis, and as tho story has been
often repeated wo almost begin to consid
er it a fact.
Tho rumor further states that the stage
planks onco drawn in al N. O. are to bo
launched only at St. Louis.
Ono your from tho date of the old race
would bo a first rate time for such a trial
of speed.
(Successors to John Q. Barmaa Co.,)
74, Second Floor. OHIO LEVEE
Oalroi 111.,
Buy and Soil Real Estate
Also, keep constantly on baad a noil com-
plete stock of
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
3-I2J. ,
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Calabav,
We tell exclusively for Cash, to which Irct we
rarite the attention of cloae bargain buyeie r
Spec!! attention Riven to flUIng ordtra. 1
Proprietor of the
BtHlar'd Saloon and Bar Room
El Dorado
IN Co:
: Illinois

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