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Who Is (t Hint doca .not like smoking
hot biscuits for brcakfnit? Tlio Fame
Cook, utovo will bakothom In five minutes
time by tho watob. tf
. i
I'krsokal Our frlond, Jewelt Wll
cox, It In the city on a short business visit,
lis can't slay away from Cairo, and after
a few.months moro of tho stagnation of
Hi. Louis, will coma back to bis old home
in ordor to enjoy the excltomont of an on
Wprulng business city,
I do sot tlow sa other barbers do.
Nor keep my rasois Ilk Kb Williams tod
iircnno nis sword was rough I
I keep ray nun aharp aod keen,
CiipseedlVweie always clean,
Vorfmntrr, too, of all the bunds,
That' mad la this or other land,,
fJohia aad , 1 Ohio Uni,
""'" JiACHiNM. Attention of
Prson wishing a nnt-cl.M
wing machine Is callod to' th
i lato uiproted Wheeler and Wilson',
r Tliey cannot bo excelled for a family
machlnr.orTor light manufacturing pur
poss. ' All are Inrltca to call and exam
no the Imprornment. J. 0. CAK8QK,
apMdlm Agents, Cairo, III.
St, NiniioUa. Way boarder can iw-
cura good accommodation atthitSt. Nlch
ol (formerly the St. James) at ft per
wi-ck. i ne nousc U at Hit: ooriirr. of Ohio
Ir-vpe and Eighth street, a central location,
and in proprietorcd by Hany Walker,
who I alive to tb want, of his patrons.
I'artles' desiring boarding and lodging can
learn terms on inquiry at the oflh-e.
- - - i - ,
Fon Salr. Thei undersigned will mil
at ptlvate sale the following duscrilx-d
property: Four work hones; 2 nets
doubln. harness; 5 two-horse wugonsj
several plows arid other agtl.-iltural im
ploments. 1'artiei dc.iring to purchaie
will call at her reiidence or at Robt. Hri-
i ucn ", opposite the court house. Term
! of half cash ; balance on six month1
credit, with good security.
apr22dlra Mna. KATIK COOPKR.
Tuic Fkntox Coax Mill This eitab-
llshmtnt, corner of Commercial avenue
and Twentieth street, is now In charge of
Mr. 3f. D. Guntcr, who haying purchased
and thoroughly refltted It, invites the at
tention of the public to the fact that he is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with the yery best article of corn meal.
Orders left at the mill or sent through the
postofflce will receive prompt attention.
Fl . tf
1 Din'Yoc Kt? "So, I never," saw a
7 ana;compie Darber shop than
that of Anthony Kschbach, one door be
low the post office. The room has been
I newly papered, the floor newly covered
and the whole establishment put in flrtt
clais order. Kcbbach is one of the moit
experienced, skillful and accommodating
barbers in tho SUte, employs courteous
and expert assistants, and keeps just iuch
a shop aa.citiiens and strangers will tako
a solid satisfaction in patronizing.
I myl8dlm
I N'ashano Ics Crcau Halook. Resi
, dents of the Fourth Ward, and of the
l I city generally,- should make a nolo of the
I fact that Louis Nnus.no has onened an Ice
Cream Saloon on Commercial arenue be
tween I7th"and 18th street, that is hand
somely carpeted, furnished In the bast
style, atteV complete in every particular. It
Is just the'place to obtain tho cboisest Ice
cream, cakes, soda water, Lemonade and
confections to be had in the city.
I Families or parties supplied with ico
! cream on short notice, and nn reasonable
i terms.
V. T..-U.i if.. 11.. tt-!.-.l
,l may 19 dim.
School Tiaciiws. Applicants for
' teachers' certificates will be examined on
lj lieldin4he Thirteenth school bouse, and
P LUIiUUt.VU ij tJ A a H it cm j or, UVUID J" III)
er, and Dr. H, H. Ilrigbam. Tho last
1 nftiuuu Keiibiciiiau nrc uiu iivuniruKui'a.
ing lawyer; It may be expected, there
li'fore, thalhe examination will bo legiti-
U male anu inorougn.
a Klnpn under the law. no nerson i'n sn
, , ,
cure employment as. a public school teach-
0. J I 1 . 1.1. ... I... It,. I..
I "J ' '"I
nortance of .attending tbo examination on
:. . . "a: . ... . .... .1
taiuraay nexi win do appreciaiea oy ait
1who cxpoc'to losca In Aloxandtr county
during toe nsxt year.
, -
iUliyr JUW""'J ivii, (lio IUIIUW-
-jr.. fav 1 At 1 DTI il. it
ilng timetable will govern the arrival and
'departure of passenger trains at Cairo I
n.m-wl Mail train, ilnllv HMfi n m
w j.ti i). i n
, v-e'.,v"ri -v.i""",""". fi""
I ylrn Mall, daily .V 3:30 a.m.
Kip'resi, daily, except
. SiinHv RiSO n.m.
Although the. regular St. Louis train is
j i
laicen on uoiu iraius uuvui vniru nut iibtg
if . ... ...
ihrniivh can. lor Mt. Lau i. wnicn win rja
11 .. T 1 1 (11 I TM a I
nnnri Liuii nil. u u ..i . u mw m wmvi.h uiiu
f h IM Will UH 1 1 II U II K 11 1' U m l& I 1 1 (J ill
k.i.a n p... ilia nn i m 1 1 1 1 1 n v 1 1 1 ir
. . 11 . T . I mi . . ! l
naifn 'ii:ia 1 1 . 1 11 win uiin a luiijiil'u
- . . !.,.'. III .1 u
i sleeping w tor ov. liouw. ins aiiennon
..r ahinnars ishdbcisiiv cauca in mo net
thst tv Fruit Express train will leave
Cairo dally, Saturdays excepted, and will
i. V, JVii.K ,1,1. .U in riiti,a.A In
MiwnntTtwn hours.
ConscntAi, Infelicity. In ft thriving
young city, not a hundred miles from
Cairo, Hvo an Ill-matched pair, to whoio
conduct nro duo quito a number of
"sensations." A few days ago tho wlf,
who is about LJ years old, put on hor night
gown,unfmtoncd hur buir, and ran through
tho city, towards tho river, avowing,
with ovcry brcni'u, a determination to
drown horiolf, and beseeching tho sur
prised lookers-on, not to Intcrforo with
hor. Her husband, who is a man of about
C5, had, alio said, communicated to her a
horrid disenso that was rendering her
young life a living death, and of all mis
erable woman making her the molt mis
erable. Running from one street corner
to another, she cried that no person should
deter hor from drownlnc herself, which
dhagrocablo little job she proposed to ac
complish tho very minute she could reach
tho river.
It falling to occur to overybudy that tho
much abuied lady might have drowned
herself In her owri horse-pond or well, at
home, without Incurring tho risk or Inter-,
forence, there were thoo who tnado chase
after and overtook her on the very vergo
of the rlvor. Tho rcauH wn, a rMXtrtonn
merit or the drowning.
A friend of tho family meeting tho old
mini shortly afterwards, addressed iilm as
follows: " Your wlfu has been on another
one of hur tantrums. Now I'll tell vou
what you tan do. l'lay the drowning
dodge yourself. I believe it will euro
An hour later tho friend vUltiil t 1(1
wife, and found her "raviag, distracted,
- - -
I It f . if ....
I come, madam," said the friend to "break
a ad piece of new to you. Prepare for
the i'ns( Vrma Vi. I ... .1. .1 t
hlmsalf. I found I h.. ......
the horse-pond und his lrit rtoating upon
tho water. The most diligent snrcli
sinco then has failed to ilisclimo Ills where'
bouts, and the conclmion U inevitable:
Ho drowned hiniclf !''
" Well, now," said thu youn wilo.culm-
ly, " that's too bad. And to think of the
He I told on him. 1 can't think what
made me do it. Poor mun. He was real
ly good to me. Everything I aid about
being miserable nnd tho cause of mv mls-
ry wus untrue. Why Mr. , I'm as
pure as a lily. I don'l know what I shall
wear to the funeral. Poor man. Rut bo
uugu. uui 10 iiavo married sucn a young
creature as I am j und although I shall
nover, never, never marrv again Oh.
Mr. how could I think of doinc
such a thine altbouch I couldn't lm ner.
uaded to marry any man in tho world, I
muit tell you again that whut I said about
the cause or mv miserv was untmr.. I
m, as I said, as pure as a lily."
ot a tear was shed, and the serious re-
grot that was expressed was becauso of
her own scandalous uttorances. She did
not regret these because of their effect
upon the character of her husband, but
occause, manifestly, they would stand as
an ugly obstaclo between her and a second
The friend left. While turning a cor
ner about a hundred vards d itant. he
eard the pleadings of the "bereaved
wife" unmlitnkably punctuated by the
crack of a horse-whip. Tho drowned hus
band was taking matters in bis own hands,
and settling a More that bad driven him
well nigh to distraction.
rom that time forward the couple
lived together quietly, and as far as the
neignoors could Judge, contentedly.
Yr.A anu Nav. A cusu beforu squire
Rross, yesterday morninir. cave rlso to
hat Illifkins would term " confoundedly
tall swearing." An old citiren of Cairo
was brought up, charged with having sold
unlicensed liquor in quantities less than
one gallon. A negro was introduced who
swore most unequivocally that he had
bought liquor from tbo accused, by the
glass, and paid him for it. The accused
aworo with equal emphasis that tho negro
had done no such thing. As tho caso
could only turn on the preponderance of
evidenco, and there being a plentiful lack
of "preponderance," the city attorney
couiu uo nothing less than take a nonsuit.
Ilefore leaving tho house the negro recol
lected that another darkey had bought
liquor at the sumo establishment. Tho
city attorney therefore, as in duty bound,
renewed tho proceedings, lloth nogroes
now sworo that they had bought liquor of
defendant by tho drink and bnid him
for it, adding that defendant gave them u
crackor a piece, at tho time, and protested
that he took their monoy, not In puyment
for the whisky, but for tho crackers. Ac
cused was again brought to tho stand,
and agnin swore, with &n earnestness not
to be miataken, that tho negroes lied
that neither of tbem had obtained h drop
of liquor at his house at tho time stated or
at any other time. Hero was a flat contra
diction ; but there wore two against one,
and '.lie squire had no discretion. Tho
"preponderance" was with tho negroes,
and the old citizen was mulcted in thu sum
of $10 and tho Uxturcs,
As a sample of contradictory "swearing"
the evidenco in this case is rarely surpass
ed, even in tho courts of Paducah.
Thu Festival. Tho ladle of tho
Episcopal Church succeeded in making
tho strawberry festival given by tbem ItiRt
night the grandest affair of the .season.
Tho hall In Thornton's now building had
been ittod up in the most tasteful mau
ner, and when we saw it In tho afternoon
It promised to bo perfect in all its appoint
menu. It was our intention to glvo a full
and detailed description of tho grand
affair, but our roporter unluckily could
not procure admission and tbo necessary
information, and wo aro thoreforo com
pelled to be satisfied with this rather gen
eral expression of approbation.
Men's Fine Weal tikln (suitors, and also
"Prince Alberts," at Elliott ttllaythoru's.
Mayor Lnnsden visited the new man
ufacturing establishments of tho city yes
torday. Mr. J. O, Heyworth, of Chicago, and
n largo Cairo property bolder, Is in tho
FLoun. Choice Family F.ylir in bbls
half bbls., sacks &c, for salo at thoKgyp
tian Mills, au
The sidewalk in front of tho Rough
and Ready cnglno houso Is in a very di
lapidated condition.
Misses'Sergo andKidPollshshoe, scallop
top, at tho City Shoo Store, cornor Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. ' tf
Hilly Alba, the popular barber and
clever gentleman, is in St. Louis. His re
turn is looked for to-day.
Ladles' Sergo (Polish) shoes Fronch Kid,
foxed, nt City Shoo Store, corner of Com
mercial avenue and Eighth Htreel. tf
Tho Paducah Ktntuchian say that
tho Cuiro mail failed to reach that city on
Tuesday morning last, because It was not
delivered on tho boat at Cairo? Whv. Is
this thus ?
Gents' Oxford Ties, Prince Alberta
und Opera Slippers, at tbo ' City Shoo
Store,'1 corner of Comm'srcJa' avenue and
highth street. tf
Mr. Swoboda, mother of Frank, Joo
ar.d Ailolph, left Cairo yesterday for Ger
many. 'Sho was tho recipient "of a
fine serenade nlelit lmfVirn lt on.l
. lnft nii.rvtni utln tin ,1m I. .. 1
I , ,. . . , n mi iJi "iiv ileal," ITUUiJ
. . "
wibes of hosts of friends.
Particular attention is called to tho la
dies', mines and children's colored shoes,
. "f W,,,ch cho,r0 nn1 "took
may bo found at the City Shoo Store,
A number of our "men of families"
uro Improving their hoinetends in the
way of repainting, repairing, building new
fences, etc. Tho "music of tho hammer
and saw" is beard, In fact, in all prts of
our city.
Goldstine and Kosenwatcr have re
ceived their second stock of Spring goods,
and aro "up to their eyes" in calicos, line
dress goods, white goods, and the various
other goods that nobody but morchants
nd women know the names of.
The river has overflowed Its banks be
tween tho Cairo and Mound City levees t
a depth that interrupts land travel. Now
and thon a gentleman comes through on
horsebsck, but the trip can be made with
a great deal more safety by rail or rivor.
The Episcopal Sabbath school picnic
will be held at Villa Ridg on Saturday
week. A spocial train will bo chartered
for the occasion. This arrangement seem'
perfectly save; bnt it is desirable nevor- j
theless, that as many parants as can spare
the time to do so, will attend.
The Cairo Casino and Silver Cornet
band, jointly, offer $50 reward for tho re
covery of tho body of little Carl Thomas,
drowned in tho Ohio river a week ago.
This sum will bsupt to insure the recove
ry of the body as soon as it rites, which it
will most likely do In a day or two.
Alf Burnett held forth to a full houo
at Centralia last night, being thundered
oat three times in tho character of the '(or
ator frem Hepiidam." Ho appears to
night and to-morrow night before the
Yandlians, and on the 27th instant in
Two printers named Mullen and Con
way, known to the craft in Cairo, engaged
in an angry altercation, in St. Louis
Wednesday night, while under tho influ
ence of liquor. The quarrel resulted in a
fight. Mullen stabbed Conway, inflicting
a wound that Is pronounced mortal.
James Arrick, assistant assessor of
Utah, is In tho city on a visit to bis fath
er's family. He was tbo recipient of a
highly complimentary sorcnude about
midnight, Wednesday night, and gave
the sorenaders a most hospitable rocep
tlon. He will remain in Cairo aboutthree
The steamer A. Rakor, formorly the
property of Capt. Trovor, and run by him
in tho Cairo and Cape Girardeau trade,
was sold at Marshal's sale, as advertised
Capt. Sam Orr, Capt. J. M. Phillips and
Mr. John B. Pblllls, all of this eity, wero
tho purchasers. Sho was struck of 1,810
"cheap as dirt." ,
lly what process was the ordinance
prohibiting tho screeching of steamboat
whistles at our wharf wiped ovt? If tho
prohibition wus over called for, why not
now? Wo propound these interrogato
ries at tho instance of a gentleman who
lives ''by the river side," and swears that
ho "can't stand it."
Tho girls the Miises from 10 to Id
propose to hold a picnic, to-morrow, in tbo
bottoms near tho residence of Capt. Hal
lldoy. As girls of that ago "can't abldo"
the boys, it will of course bo h girl's picnic.
Wo should not bo surprised, however, If
they buflicinntly ovorcomo thoir repug
nance to tho boys to permit just a few of
them to go along to carry tho baskets.
The local of the Paducah Kentuekian
says ''a person might as well bo in jail as
in Cairo." Now that depends in a very
great measure, bow the person was raised.
If his scnsibilitcs are so blunted, and bis
habits und inclining! so depraved by a
residence in Paducah, is to render the de
cent society of Cairo obnoxious to him,
and tho companionship of criminals do
slruble, why then ho might. Otherwise,
"ho oughtn't.'
Narrow Escape. While Mr. Scifko's
llttlo boys, agod 4 and 6 years wero play.
Ing upon tho bank of tho rlvor yeserday
morning, tbe yntioger child fell into the
wator. Ills, litrto brother ran to his rescue,
but was soon earned beyond his depths.
Roth tho boys commonccd drifting down ;
tho river, and but for tho prompt arrival
of ft colored man, named John Jcnning, I
would Imvo passed under a pllo of dria
near by and drowned. Jennings plunged
in and brought thorn to shore, not, how
ever without encountering considerable
person peril.
Wo again direct tho attention of tho
publlo to tho fact tnat n Mrs. Jennlo Fer
ris li giving entertainments in this city
for a money consideration. Theso enter
tainments nro neither religious, scientific
nor charitable, and aro not, therefore, such
as tho ordinances of tbo city permit with
out license. Tho; fart tlaV Mrs. F.,docs
not demand the price of'admlsslon at the
door docs not rollovo her of responsibility.
Every person who nttendi hfer seances Is
expected to pay for his cntertainmont,and
the enclosing of the amount in an envel-
opo or tho. handing of It to a tblroV party
to deliver to Mrs. Y., shields her from no
responsibility in tho premises. It mat
ters not how tho money is paid, nor when.
If gain la tho object of her exhibition
she should bo compelled to take out n li
cense, and of that fact there can be no
Co m m k nci a L A v Jen v K.Th o ta x-pa yers
of Cairo warmly commend that economy
and prudont management on tho part of
our City Council that has brought tho
city's "promises to pay" bp to a par value
as compared with currency. They hope
and expect, nevertheless, that the '-system
of retrenchment" being pursued will not
bo found incompatible with the ropair and
improvement of our streets and
sidewalk. Commercial avenue, be
tween Twentieth and Thirty-fourth
streets, ought to bo filled, if not
to grade, St least to a point above the pe
riodical necumulutions of tho sipo and
rainwater that "afllict" that portion of
No street in tho city is more gonerally
used tliuii Commercial avenuo. It is trav
eled by all the teams coming In from
Jlound City and the country beyond, and
is tho only convenient means of communi
cation with the extensive marufacturing
establishments now in operation and in
course of construction above Twenty
eighth street. When tho rivers are "bank
full " or during heavy and continued
rains it is scarcely passable. Loaded teams
aro compelled to search out some other
route. We need scarcoly urge that a
thoroughfare of such great and growing
Importance to tbe business of
the city should not remain in this
condition any longer. Every citizen it
Cairo wjlb benefited to some extent by
the Improvement "proposed, and a largo
number of those who expect to contribute
largely to tbe general prosperity of our
city, will bo greatly benofltod. The cost
of tbe fill, compared with the object to bo
attained, will bo trining j but, whether
great or small, thoso interested will bear
the burden imposed, cheerfully. Lot the
work be undertaken, then, and put
through during tho present season.
'I p i i i ii i
Filling an Okukk. A gentleman who
camo down on tho Fisk one day last week
informs us that the boat whs hailed at a
point about four miles below Metropolis
by an old lady living n few milos back in
tho countv.
" What's wanted, my good woman V
inquired Captain bmedlev, when ho ob
served that the old lady was making no
preparations to come aboard.
"I'm.enny most tuckered out," shore
plied, "with tho tarnal night swoats, nnd
I cum'd in hero Cappen to ax ye, wouldn't
ye git me, when yo go to Cairo, ten cents'
worth o' cammumlle flowers?
Tho Captain declared that he would,"
continued our informant, "nnd I havo
since ascertained that he did making
two landings that cost him five dollars, to
supply nn old woman with an ounce of
cammomilo flowers I"
Fitzqebald's Sample Rooms. Per
sons blbulously inclined, lovers of tho ex
hilcrnting julco of the corn and juicoof tho
grape, or malt beverages, should call im
mediately at the samplo room, on corner
Commercial avenuo and Fourteenth street.
Resides everything in tho drinking line,
of tho purest kind, ho hns tho most fro-
grant Havana cigurs, importations from
Cuba, that land of narcotic weed. Fitz
gerald keeps a first-class place, and has
with him Jimmy English, who knows ev
erybody, and knows tho wants of every
body and who is a gentleman, evory
inch of him.
We hnvo been rcquestod to soy that
Elliott & JIny thorn have now on exhibi
tion, and for sale, everythlnc in tho boot
and shoo line for ladies, and gentlemen's
wear; nnd that all their cooJs aro now
and stylUh. aprlotf
Bavtiht Ciiuncn. A Uuptlst congre
gation waa organizod in Cairo on Tuesday
night; Hon. J. P. Gamble being elected
Modorator and Dr. A M. Austin, Clerk.
Fifteon persons united themselves with
thn society, and it was ascertained that
thero wero a sufficient number of Ilaptist
peoplo in tho city to form quito an en
couraging commencement.
A vote of thanks was tenderod to tho
members of the Presbyterian church for
tho uso of their building. Tbo Rev. Ma-
ban is temporarily laboring with the
young church.
. . .
A Hai-i'v Family. Wo have, oaon
heard tho remark that if you want irood
sweet bread in tho family, yon must have
a good nnturod and oven tempered cook to
mako it. As an additional aid, wo would
recommend tho unrivaled Charter Oak
cooking stovo, which will insuro the bap.
py owner not only n well-looked, palata
ble moal, but also a contcntod and cheerful
wife. mylClw
Cur Scbi ioesIlk. $300 city scrip
in inull orders and on reasonablo termt.
To the Editor of the Bulletin.
Tho delusions practiced by Mrs. Fcrri,
ii reputed modlum, the denunciations of
them as mere trickery nnd tho dofenso of
thorn as gcnulno "spirit manifestations,"
has brought tho fact rather prominently
beforo tho publio that the really enthusias
tic spiritualists, whllo indignantly retuslng
to permit any Investigation Into tho phe
nomena upon which they baso thoir faith,
nro apparently earnest, nhd certainly In
dustrious, In their denunciation of bellov
ers of other creed", for their blindness and
Tho mcro suggestion that light bo
thrown Into the darkness In which, for a
week or more, Mr. Ferris and hor confed
erates have rattled bells, thumped tambo
rines and twanged guitars has been met
by almost Indignant denial. Wo have
been informed, indeed, that if any Inquir
ing citlzon should Introduco n light on
such an occasion, Mrs. F.'s masculine abet
tor, would physically chastise that Individ
ual most unmercifully. The masculine
abettor might or might not prove equal
totho emergency In such a cac, but that Is
not tho question.
The dcslro of Mrs. F. to prevent, by
threats or otherwise, tho introduction of
light Into iior scancos, is proof which
many will nccept as conclusive, that an
unexpected light would lead to rclnous ex
posure. If sho employs no confederates,
if hor manifestations are due to spirit
agency, a light could mako no damaging
exposures. On the contrary, it would ro-
Imove suspicions of fraud, collusion and
humbuggcry. jt would satisfy her audi
ences that the clatter of tho bells, etc., on
tho tablo, wos io her own work, and that
tho floating of tho guitar was not duo to
tho assistance of a "flesh und blood" con
federate. Why, then, should spiritualists,
whoso object should bo to convince tho
world of tbo truth of their creed nnd tho
genuineness of tho manifestations upon
which it Is founded, object to xho applica
tion of tho test proposed. If the v .now
that Mrs. F. is aided by an invisiblo in
telligence, why do they fear the light ? As
wo havo said, light can expose nothing
If Spiritualism Is a truth. If it bo a fraud
or species of humbuggory, in Heaven's
name, let us know It. At all ovont, let
no spiritualist who objects to tho test pro
posed, who indignantly refuses to assist in
or permit investigation, and who de
nounces everybody as a "scoffer" who can
not accept tho rattling of bolls, etc., at
tho rate of from $50 to $100 per night
let no such spiritualist, we say, open his
mouth again in donunclntlon of whot he
is pleased to term "Christian Intolerance."
At maniinK of tio Oertnnn Dramatic
Association, May 17th, the following res
olutions wero unanimously adopted :
Retched, That we, tho members
of tho Germun Dramatic Asso
ciation, cxprcs our bitter regret for the
sad accident that has befallen tho beloved
child of Worthy President Carl L.
Thomas, Efq.; and",
WiiBnr.An, It has pleated Almighty
God to visit his beloved son with a nreino-
turo and sudden death, thereby Inflicting
n ueoper wounu upon llio toolings and af
fections of his father.
Be it further reolted, That we, as one,
cheerfully tender him all tho consolation
mat the expression ot our sympathy may
LOUIS HERHERT, IWtjiro tern.
Wm, KuruK.vnECKER, Scc'y.
Oppoilto Main nt cant boat
. Terms,
White & Lyndc, Proprietor
52.00 per day.
akrivals Mat 18th, 1871.
John Reck, Cash Creek.
Chas. L.EnglishJ New Haven, Ct.
A. Gallup, Lafayette, Ind.
Wm, J. Trice, Jackson City, Ala.
Mrs. C. Robertson, Kentucky.
Wm. MacRelmury, Relmont, Mo.
John Williams, Ind.
G. A. Rabbitt.
L. aiencr, Charleston, Mo.
Sam'l Rcdwick, Ind.
G. A. Andres, Leavenworth, Ind.
Frank E. Hill, Chicago, I. C. R. R.
W. Swnno and famtly, Waco, Texas.
To llinr Iho .lilriitlon of l!ir Iulilc
in Kaprnail)' xnviirtl.
Alba'a, Tho barber shop of Wm. Albn,
on Commercial nvenue, near tho corner of
Eighth strcot, is tho placo to which all
lovers of a good, close shavo with razors
sharpor than tho wit ol twenty Jcrrolds,
wind their way. tf
Meat. Tho tirunch meat shop of James
Kynnston, located on Commercial uvonuc,
next door to tho grocery store of James
Carroll, is now In full blast, nnd this pop
ular butcher is supplying nil the refined
mcateatotji of that portion of tho Fourth
Ward with splendid meat. If you Imvo
not tried him glvo him a call. " tf
llime'a. Himo, at tho old stand, on
Sixth strcot, near Ohio leveo, is conduct
ing his barber shop in u flrst-olas stvle,
It is a model establishment in every par
ticular, and wliilo In his charge all Its cus
tomers will reccivo courteous attention,
and tho boneflt of oxcollont workmanidilp.
Hair cutting, shaving, shampooing, etc.
Take it, take It on, und keep a taking
it; reduce tho dose so that it acts as n gon
tlo laxative, and continue it on regularly.
It is n tonic, and will strengthen you. It
took n long tlmo to confirm your disease,
and you can't got well in a day. Sim
mons' Liver Regulator, if persisted in, will
euro the Jiost stubborn livor disease.
Thorn Is no failure about it. myl6dlw
Iluae, l.ooinli V- Co. In tile Frozen fl eld
The ico wagons of Huso, Loom! fc Co.
commenco to dolivcr ico about tho city on
Monday, May 1st, and will amtinuo to
make daily rounds each morning (Sun
days excepted) during tho present season.
Orders left at tho oflico of tho company,
corner Ohio leveo and Eighth street, will
rceelvo prompt attention. Huse, Loomis
& Oc. nro also prepared to till nil orders
in lie steamboat and shipping trade.
TIVAL. A supper and strawberry festival will
bo given by the ladles of tho Episcopal
church nt Mr. Thorton's new building on
10th street on Thursday ovenlng May
18th. Supper will bo served at 7 o'clock.
Tho building has been tecently restored
and placed upon a now nnd vory secure
foundation. Tho room Is spacious nnd
cheerful, nnd will bo pleasantly fitted up
for the occasion. Lot every onn obtnin
supper there on Thursday night, mint
Tiie houso heretofore occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Leveo between
fourth nnd Sixth street. This house, if
not tho best business house is cnrtalnlv
oncoftho best stands in Cairo. It fronts
tho principal steamboat landing and U
near tho Illinois Centrnl railroad depot.
Also tho second floor of thn amn buildinir
suitably nrranged for offices. Apply next
door at Robert Smyth & Co', wholcsalo
grocery store. tf
Corner Wnahlngtnti Ascnitc nml I'oiir-
Irviitli alrret.
Fred. Itla.ikcnburg's saloon is nowlv
and elegantly lilted up nnd supplied with
tho finest wines, liquor, beer, cigars, etc.,
that can bo found in tho city; nnd Fred,
hw no superior ns i dispenser of delightful
bovoruges. Do not forget tho place, cor
ner 14th street and Washington uvenuc.
i mi m s i . i ,
"A New Sensation." Tho largest
stock of flno gold and silvor watches, jow
elry, etc., wo hnvo evor seen in tho city at
onetimoisnow on exhibition at I). Hart-
mam's Auction Storo. Tho stock is con
signed to Mr. Hartman to bo sold at auc
tion for whatover thoy may bring for tho
benefit of whom it may concern, and will
bo sold without rcservo or limit, nnd war
ranted ns represented. Tho ladies pro par
ticularly requested to call during tho day
as goods will bo rotailod at nuctlon prices.
First nuctlon salo to-night, nt 7:30 p.m.
and every ovening for ono woek at snmo
hour. Call around andsco for yourselves.
Sea advertisement of Dr. llutU' Dispen
sary, headed Rooks for tho Million Mar
riago Guide in another column. It
should bo read by nil. myOdwly
Connuuial Felicitv. Nothing tends
moro to connubial happiness than cheer
ful and healthy infants and children. Mrs.
Whitcomb's syrup in tho great children's
soothing remedy. mylCdlw
Kr.zr Cool. Refrigerators, Ico chests,
water coolers, I X L ico cream freosers,
bath tubs, japanned cloth for window
screens, etc., etc., nt
myl8tf 13GCom. Ave.
Barclay Rkos. nrosclline moro of Sim
moW Liver Regulator, at retail, than of
nil the others of that clnss of medicines
put together. Tho reason of this is be
causo nil who try it recommend it to the!
friends. my2dlw
True. There can bo no doubt that
Rough is, par excellence, tho boot and
shoomnkor of Cairo. Ho challenges com
petition In his trade, and atsures tho puh
lie that ho will guarantea to his customers
satisfaction. His shop is on Eighth streot
near tho corner of Ohio Leveo. tf
Notice. On and after Monday, May
22d, tho meat shops of Cairo will close nt
half pest ten o'clock a.m., daily, and re
main closed until tho next morning. The
will close at 0 o'clock a.m., on Sunday, nnd
win do oponod at 4 p.m., on Saturday
n,sm. myl7dlw
We sea by ouroxchanges that tho tickets
to tho grand gift festival nt Omaha aro be
ing rapidly taken. It soldom hnppens
wuuii uiiu mis nil uunesi cianco io win fl
fortuno In n logal enturpriie, llko tho ono
In aid of n public library nt Omnlin.
Reliahle ann Sake. Dr. Honry's
Root and Plant Pills nro mild anil pleas
ant in their operation, yet thorough, pro
ducing no nnuscn or griping. Being en
tirely vegetable, thoy can bo taken with
out regard to diet or business. They
arouse tho liver nnd sccrotivo organs into
healthy action, throwing off disouso with
out exhausting or debilitating tho sys
tem. Try them and you will bo 'satisfied.
Price 23 cents a box. Sold by druggists
nnd dealers In medicine everywhere. Pro
pared by the CJrnfton Mcdleino Co., St.
Louis, Mo. myOdwOm
Floater Found. Tho dead body of u
negro dcck-lmnd was caught In tho Ohio
river yestorday, and brought to shoro Just
ueiuw me m. uuaries iiotei. a coro
ner's jury was enipannoled, and decided
that deceased hud niot probably camo to
his death by accidental drowning. Tho
body had evidently boon In thownter o's'it
or ten days, as it wos much swulhrni nnd,
In a measure, decnyed. No papers woro
found indicating deceased's namo and
placo of residence, three dollars in cur
rency being tho only effects found ubout
tho body.
The remains were given In ohargo of
Mr. N. Faith, who buried them at tho ex
pense of the county.
Ono thousand dollars city srlp for scale,
ftN In small orders.
Stenmor Illinois, Columbus.
" Jns. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" Wananita, Pittsburg.
" Rover. St. Louis.
" Belle St. Louis, Vicksburg.
" R. J. Lockport, Red river.
" Eagle, Pittsburg.
" Raton Rougo, Pittsburg.
" Anna, St. Louis.
" Tom Roes, Pittsburg.
" Grand Tower, St. Louis.
" Ajar, Louisville.
" J. H. Rlgloy, Louisville.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" Jos. Fisk, Jr., Paducah.
" Tyrone, Naihvillo.
" Dnxter, New Orleans.
" Wananita, St. Louis.
" Hover, Pittsburg.
Relle St. Louis, St Louis.
R.J. Lockport, "
" Jury Davidgo, "
" Eagle, Whitu river.
' Hton Rouge, New Orleans..
" Anna. Pittsburg.
Tom Ri-es, St. Louis.
" Grund Tower. Memphis.
' AJax, Now Now Orleans.
" Miirv Ann, Louisville.
J. If. Bigley, Louisville.
Day-Tho Rlvor is still rising slowly.
t6f Business Is still reported lively and
still improving nt St. Louis.
PaST The weather continues nearly clear
nnd is almost insufferably hot.
CSyTho ilnmes Fisk, Jr., brought 88 hhds
tobacco for N. O.; 2 ditto for St. Louis;.
3G bxs ditto lor this city.
E6T dipt. Samuel Harman has so' f,r
recovered from his lato illness that he ex
pects to take chnrgo of tho Tyrone on her
next trip out.
86?A private dispatch, yesterday, from
Clurksviilc, stated that tho John Lumi
den was sunk, nnd that no lives wero lost,
but gave no further particulars.
daf Tho Mississippi is steadily falling
at Athens. Tho Ohio is declining at all
points from Evcntviiio up, with 7 feet 4
inches in thn chuto over tbo falls at Loufo
rillo and 23 feet in tho chnnnol at Cincin
nati. Tho Cumberland Is falling with
12 feet on Harpeth shoals.
f3yMr. John Spain, clork of tho great
Bismarck, sent a vory largo and beautiful
cako from Memphts to tho managers of
tho Episcopal Cbuch festival. Tho Jos.
Fisk, Jr., was represented in a cako tho
ahapo of n boat, and tho Arkansas Belle'
interest in tho occasion was exhibited by
two of tho largest and most magnificent
bonuou it tm uYcr been our pleasure to
Tlw partnership heretofore exinllna- telwten
I). Arter Clia.i. Jl. Arler in.l J. II, lllitenbguae,
iinln tm.-inosj under thn firm name of D. Arctr
& Co,, in tluw ilajf iUs,iye by mutual convent.
Chut II. Arif r ami J II. Klttenbouit) withdrawing
from the tlnn. AU persons wno are indabted to
al'l flrui aterpiueiiil tumaVn nelUemtnt within
thirty tlaja with cltlwr of said tirm. Oiherwiaa
their accounia will be Islt with the proper officer
for collncUim.
The buaiueas will hereafter be conducted br D.
Arter. '
Cairo, IIU.. May 15th. 1STI
Commercial Avenue, between 17th and
If til Nirceln,
Handsomely And completely furnished, will
always aupp'y the -best lea Cream, Cakes, C"U.
fections, LvniODade and .Sula to be found in the
tamillea or nan!? aunnlled on short notice.
ratron.go respectfully aolit-ited.
IIaj Just receded n hear) a'.ock nf boots and a hoe
Kor sale for Co.h at a verr taw figure. IIk also haa
a nuu atock or
of every kind.
Cor. (I Street nnd Commercial Atom
The fo lowing steamers leate Cairo
on thn day and at the ho'irs brlow-nimed
TAL1SMA.V, Every Monday at 6 p.m. j
TYRONE, Evory Thursday, at S p.m.;
LUMSDEX, Every Saturday, aV6p.ro.
Kor Kreinht or I'asaagp. apply on board, or to
llioas & MALLOUY,
JanWTItrj 78 OHIO I.EVE E.
The beautiful and Iftiht draught steamer
Leaves Cairo dalle at p.m., ajd I'aducah dally
at 0 a.m. Having superior accommodationa arm
ohclta publlo patronage.
IVticular a ti-ntioii paid U cidlectlou of In
toico charxea, but the boat will not l rtapoa
alhlefor the aame until roMeoled,

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