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clan, Surgeon nod Accoucheur, tor
nor! ot Ann, Union Co., Illinois, l.ns pernr
nentlr W.io.l in rliv. ntvii'.u Cummer
Avinue, between sen and 9lh btreets Wee'. side
t IV. i(i.v. i.n. ill. O R-
Ifll'.VrKf'nrnar Ninth ail I Wlllmit
t-'KriCECorner Blilh Street aad Ohio Uvee
nYFWR HOURS From a.m. W) II m., and
KKMDE.NOK-No. 11, Thirteenth res
etween Washington Avenue ind Walnut 8lrt
OrTOK-. 188 Come trial Avenae. iipsirira
HH'AKMER, M. ., Cairo
aREHIDENCE-Conier of nineteenth at.,
and Waahlgton ire. OFFICE On Commercial
ave., over tha Poalofflca. OFFICE UUKH
.um wibwii m., (nuaaavs excepted! aoe
from t to 8 pm.
Witllaaa J. Alius, I
JuhB M. Malkty, 5
Maal r. Wtf J
- ii.ih .kipaijvu i.-.iu iu river arm s.amirsiir
OSrlea IUvmi V A Winter's Bloek.
Q.KEEN & mi. BERT,
Wflllaaa II. OreiB, i
W-Uiaaa M. Ulltser,, I
ilea r. uiitrt, J
caibo, ixu
Hrnwiial attention glv on to Admiralty aad Bream'
t,ei buslnesi.
Unnoa ObULiTti, Kmi7 anil
ortrCUy Nallonal Hank.
The fo lowing steamers leave Cairn
oa tha days ami at the hoira bIow-oaro-i
TALI3MA.N, KTwy Monday at 6 p.m.;
TYRONE, Every Thursday, at 5 p.m.;
LUMSDF.N, Every Saturday, at 6 p.m.
For freight or I'uuj. apply on board, or to
JaatSTtif 71 OHIO I.EVgE.
The bt-aotlful and light draaght iimtr
Laava Cairo daile, ait a.aa., and ftrfarah daily
. Mavlag afirlar sameaaBssJations aba
ahetsa aaMHpatTiiati.
Particular a'tentton paid te -i.e-tion of tn.
voiea charges, but th boat will not M reepon
alUafor tb iam until collected.
Hf"',lp heretofore eifattnc between
D.Artai. Caat. li.jtrtarand J. II. Klttenhouie,
d.-lng bn.lana unaer lh Arm name of I). Arter
?."' "" ljr illM .trij by muti'ftl con.ent
ChM ll.AnrranU il.ltlitfnhoutawiilidravuni:
from the Bfnf. All paraona wtiu ate ioll.i-l t
aald Brm warrnrattxi to maV lllf mi-nt ,lln
Ihlnjdajaaillhfilh.rof mil firm. Oilnr
lhira.coaiiM will br it with tliv proprr or.tr
for collactloa.
Tha tHialaaM will hrraf!rrl- conducted by P.
Artr. - '
n. arti:r,
J. ii. KirrKMior?i:.
Cairo, Ilia., May ISth, 1171. tn lJ7t
Tha Wrrtif rhlp rxiatmg tt-tn Joa, It. ItctHj
andUuhM. Mann, so far aa the "Iron and Ma.
fhintrj, bupplinora" raconerrnrd, it thla day
diaaolfftU by mutual coaieul, Joa. B. K-d hair.
I(! bought oat the Ibe tnttr at ot II. M. Manu In
Tbevtoie will be cooJiicttd undarlba name of
. . J0S- D REED.
Tlr Oalro Jrn Woika will bo eondueted aa
uaual nndar taa flrm name of Rood k Mana.
, HUail M.MA.NN.
Cairo, Ilia., April SUtb, 171, apr2&lm
OaaaaaMrvtal Ati taMwaam 17tk a tad
'lata axraeta.
Uaadaomely and completely furoiabed, will
alwara aupp.' the beat Ice Cream, Cakea, O'D
fectiODa.LetDOBade and Hoda to be found In the
city. '
Famlllea or partlea tupplled on ahort notice.
Patronage reapectfully im.IiciucI. myldlm
M. KlaVGE,
VATlnVU nnAiu i ' t. . it v.. mmu
A." II UA1S, tTC,
Iti mt rwlTd a hear) atock of booN and ahoea
r'or aali for Caali at a wry low figure. Ha alo ban
a fine atock of
of eyary kind.
Cor. 6 Htreet ah1 Comnerclal Atbbu
Family Grocery
Cor. ropUr a4 Tklrteaath St,
(In the beiUIng known aa the Bmlth Btore.)
a doing a General Grocery Uuaiaau In Xirat-Claaa
ooda, naa Teaa, f ira 0)ile,Oanod and Dried
tulu, bmmad jal Ha.lt Meat, PisKled Pork,
ard. dmoked Beel, Butter, Praah figga. Klour
eal, iilt Ftab. Na:.0tiiaa, rlnot, and all kinds
gooda uotlljf Jal pl laflrat-alaaagwerr atora
AVhy don't tltn Delta lull cluli rim,
longo lomnbody ? rAdticuhlani arc prono
to bollevo tlioy havo n club Hut can piny I
Lot u, then, liavo 'cm down horc.
Thcro i an estato In Oormany, valued
at 1,6W,000, awaiting tho legal heir of a
certain Koyser, who it believed to bo a
resident of Illinois. Aro there any Koy
ten among us?
Thoro rill bo a great scarcity of
flower, for Decoration day. The annual
rosea, are out of bloom, and of tho month
lies and pcrpetualt thero are not enough
ti decorate ono hundred graves.
Tho people of Mississippi county aro
making preparations for an agricultu
ral fair in Charleston, tbts fall. It would
require but a little well diroctcd effort to
put a like association on a successful foot
ing; In Alexander county.
One J. H. Thllllrs shot an Irishman
namod Pat Jlehan, at I'oint Pleasnnt, Mis-
louri, a few days ago, tearing Pat's cheek
into ribbons. At the Instant of the shoot
ing Pat was engaged In the exhlleratlng
pastime of "stamping out Phillips' day
lights." Eichhoff Brothers aro removing their
machinery from their Eighteenth strict
planing mill to their new furniture etob-
libment on "Washington avenue, and will
be In full tide of operation in n couple of
weeks. Most of the rnncbinerv is new
and of the most generally approved stylo
in use.
Wo heard the Cairo and Vinccnncs
railroad project discussed in three differ
ent portions of tho city yesterday, and no
body ventured to indorse nr apologize lor
the action of the Courty Court. Just at
this particular juncture Judge Kross is
being most heartily censured by quite
Tho Lorctto Academv picnic will be
held in Caey'a grove In Mound City, to
morrow. The Cairo ferry boat has been
chartered and will leave the wharf at 0
o'clock, a.m. She will return about sup
per time. There Is not a prettier spot In
the country for a picnic than Caey's
The sidewalk on Waahington ave
nue between Fifteenth and Eighteenth
atreeU is giving way rapidly. Tho
streamers are broken In several nlaces.
and unless displaced by new ones, some
'avoirdupois" individual wiH be apt to
get hurt. Most of the plank are sound
and will do good service foi a year yet.
Tha editor of the Vienna Artery is
horrified at our reference to tire Illinois
Legislature as a "wheel-barrow" concern.
A repetition of the epithet, will, he says,
force him to "welome with inennrable
delegation, this orbit of ours from its sub
utruui, subcolestiul and subdolus mcKe
co.m. If that's so, of course we re mum.
Thern is a fcinulion iilmut thu git
p I ns promulgi-d by tlio liuvennd Jacob
liradly that hi fetn ! l.earvrs find it im
possible to resist. It 1ms become notorious
that if an un regenerated female sits nuder
the drippings of his cloquenco one Sunday,
on the noxt Sunday Jacob takes her down
into tho -atcr and dips her. Tell us not
that such a man, although unlearned as the t
orator of Hcpsidam, Is not called to
preach I Unlicensed as he is, persecuted
and reviled by negro who happen to
know how to read, Jacob washes about as
many sheep as any of 'em.
Cairo business men seem to under-es-tlraato
the importance of attending our
tobacco sales. It doesn't follow that they
should buy of tho offerings because pres
ent ; but they could do the next best thing
to that. They could assure plantors and
transient buyers that they feel an intorest
in the success of the market. They could
cxtond their acquaintance amonc the resi
dents of the surrounding country, and
tnus, no doubt secure new customers to
Cairo business houses. Let every busi
ness man, then, who can spare an hour
each sulo day, enter an appearance nt the
Hallard Tobacco "Warehouse.
Judge Uross, we aro informod, ob
jects to the discussiou by Tnr. Bullktj.v
of the action of tho County Court In refer
ence to thu Cairo and Vincenne railroad
question, and hns seon proper to regard
our strictures as personally offensive. In
a convocation with gentlemen thu other
evening, ho was pleased to say that our
course was not dictated by an interest in
tho public weal but by selfishness that wo
received pay for nil we wrote and said In
disparagement of tho action of tho court.
If the Judge has nven the remotest evi
dence that his assertion has in it n grain of
truth we ask him to rnako It public. "Why
should we bo paid for saying what nearly
every man, woman and child in this commu
nity is aaylng. Neither editors nor tho
members of courts aro often paid for tho
advocacy of popular measures; but vory
often members of courts as well as editors
are paid for advocating unpopular meas
ures and onforcing them against tho
wishes or the people and in destruction of
their prosperity. "Wo aro with tho pooplo
on this question, and tho reflection upon
our honesty and good faith in tho matter
comes with a bad graco from the Judgo,
who, without any apparent good reason is
defying the wishes of tho pooplo he was
elected to represent and not govern.
Mischievous boys are in tho habit of
breaking the gas lamps along the upper
part of Washington avenue about a fast
as the gas company can repair them. The
first boy caught in such mischief will be
marched right off to the calaboose, and it
Is to bo hopod that the first boy that rcn-
ders himself liablo to nrrosVwlll bo nr
re,ted. ' jj j
Tho slcnm tug flclie cntcr'dSIny-
flVM vcoU, n few d. ' - and nctltnlly
succeeded in roaih.ng u poi'lt nearly
twenty miles from thu mouth. As n num
ber of Invited guests woro on board, tho
otHcors did tho "Imnd'omo thing" by set
ting out a hot lunch, Tho lunch consisted
of crackers and poppor sauce.
Tho Sun, of Monday ovenlngvns
happy to Inform Tur Buliktik and tho
rest of mankind that Capt. Harry Fcnton
arrived on Saturday to tako chargo of the
Cairo Storm Signal Station. The public
was Informed of tho samo fact through
the columns of The Bulletin, on Sun
day morning. The first roports will be
received and forwarded to-day.
Mr. La Hue, 'of Vincenncs, has taken
up his residence In Cairo, with a view of
connecting himself with tha Eamea Man
ufacturing company. lie is a' gentleman
who com os among us highly recommended
by his old friends, and that he Is a man of
forecast is sufficiently evidenced by his
prompt investment of means in Cairo
property. Ho was formerly sheriff of
Knox county, Indiana.
The body of little Carl Thomas, who
was drowned last Friday a week ago. was
found yesterday, nt Island No. 3, and
brought up yesterday by tho steamer Illi
nois. The body was found by Forest
Kline and "Wilson "Wynne, who received
the $50 reward offered by tho Cairo Silvor
Cornet Hand and the Cairo Casino. Tho
remains will carried to Villa Bldgo for
burial, this afternoon. See notice else
where. The "calico hop" at tho St. Charles
was one of the largest parties of the kind
that over aucmblud In Cairo. About six
ty couple wcro present, seven couples from
Mound City and four or live from Mitsou
ri. The danco was keptupuntll the break
of day, and even then thero wcro
dozens that woro loth to leave. The sup
per was pronounced the best ever spread
in Cairo on n like occasion, and overy
participant we have met was lavish in his
praises of the exceediug kindness and
ccurtcsy of the landlord, Mr. F. D. Kox
ford. Isenbcrg's band did the fiddling.
A chap jvtio, in immitation of Bill
Lee, when he gets drunk "goos off and lies
down like a gentleman," took shelter un
der the Christian church platform, yester
day afternoon, and took a nap that was
greatly disturbed by a quarrel with Liza
Ann, who, manifestly, is his spirited bet
ter half. The quarrel reached a point
where be dared Liza Ann 'to hit him
with that skillet lid;" and as, a moment
afterwards he gave a quick spasmodic jerk
and waked up, it is highly probably that
Liza Ann hit him. He was In a vory un
pleasant framo of mind, and informed tho
school children who had gathered around
him, that if they didn't "get out of that"
ho would supply about u dozen families
with a small corpo for a funeral.
Mr. P. G. Schuh, druu'gist, Commercial
Avenue, near tho po.'t H e, proclaims his
ability to mil lr .. , Dusters cheaper
than any other dea.ir in too city. in'J4tf
Lai-t Cii.vnck. Tho time draws near.
Secure your tickets in the Grand Legal
Gift Festival in aid of a public library nt
Omaha before you have to pay a large pre
mium. It is said to be n grand success.
Everybody is confident it is conducted on
tho " square."
The Liver is more frequently the scat
of disease than Is generally supposed, for
upon its regular action depends, in a great
measure, tho powers of the stomach, bow.
els, brain und the whole nervous system.
Kegulate that important organ by taking
SI mons' Liver Regulater, and you prevent
most of tho dlsoases that flesh is heir to.
A Cure Quarantkkd. Kress' Fever
Tonic is universally recognized as the best
medicine extant for tho curso of fovers.
It fs for sale by P. G. Schuh, druggist,
two doors south of tho postotBce, and he
guarantees all who buy from him that It
will cure chills and fevers. If it does not
euro Mr. Schuh agrees to return tho
money. Can anything bo fairer than
this? may24tf
A New Circus. Porry Powers is in
tho circus business again, this time confi
dent of success. Tho company with which
he Is connected will sprend its canvass in
Cairo on Friday, and give an afternoon
and evening entertainment. Besides a
number of flrstcluss equesterians, acrobats
and general performers, the company
boasts of ono of thu best brass bands trav
eling, and quite a collection of wild ani
mals. "We aro assured, indeed, that tho
show is a good one, and well worthy of tho
patronngo of all who delight iu tho sports
and scenes of tho arena.
"Wo hopo tho company will make
money, and In a year or two Porry will
como back a rich man. I
Pitzoirald's Sample Kooms. Per
sons bibulously inclined, lovers of the ex
hlleratlng juice of tho corn and julco ol tho
grape, or malt beverages, should call im
mediately at tho samplo rooms, on corner
Commercial avenue and Fourteenth street.
Besides everything ia the drinking lino,
of tho purest kind, ho has tho most fra
grant Havana cigars, importations from
Cuba, that land of narcotic weeds. Fitz
gorald koeps a first-class place, and hag
with him Jimmy English, who knows ev
erybody, and knows tho wants of every
body and who Is a gontlcman, every
inch of him,
Particular attention Is called to the la
dles', misses and children's colored shoes,
of which Tery choice and stylish stock,
may be found at tho City Shoo Store.
Tnr. Tin, "Cache," ash Her- Pi-a-o.-A
paefcnsro nddrosscd to "Hnllldny
iionifr., ccrp I ipt
J. 15, Fu1ton.;vrwi.arl'
plu"el n-! V
tr-Ubo nvv tug, "f bj7V ' ,
T ...I . .
loly Hn.'V what i contnincd or whence
It catiio. It was finally rccillected thai a
wonlthy, wldo.ftwriko gontletnan of tho
city had bocn repeatedly sollcltod ,to pre
sent the tug with n plnnol "The package,
no doubt, contalped tho piano. In duo
time n number of gcntlomon whoind bocn
Invited to join tho excursion up Mnyficld
creek camo aboard, and among tho num
ber was Capt. Hambloton, of Mound City,
who, a;usual, know ail.about It. "Scalo.
off tho Iurnbcr," sad tho Captain, "and
I'll guarantco that the bowols of tho pack
age is made up, principally, V a piano."
It was immediately agreed, thorefore,
that tho piano had come, and it was unan
imously determined that Capt; Hamblo
ton should make tlio presentation speech.
Mounting the box, and drawing from his
pocket a manuscript, he read in an im
pressive voice as follows :
Gontlemcn: Being unexpectedly called
upon, and without a moment's tlmo fur
preparation to accompany the presonta
lion or tuts piano to tlio tue (Jacbe. with i
fow appropriate remarks, fmust of course
aepena wnoily upon the inspiration of the
If I am not mistaken,, it was Bunyan
who said
If mulc be the food of lore
OiTemeaurfeltof II.
It is manifest to every man of ordinary
intelligence that Bunyan's head was level.
He was a brick. But to recur. As tho
prow of the Cache cuts the pelucld wator.s
of tho Ohio at tho rato of ten miles In elev
en hours, the sounds of this dulcet instru
ment will swell out upon the wave, sweet
as the svren's a'nnp. now an ft anil Intu .
tho music ol tho Kolonn harp, anon as
shrill as tho pipe of tho Hichland hunter.
as plalntivo as tho song of the dying swan
so poetically described by George Fran-
cm j rain ana rarson urownlow. Tako
it, Meirs. OfllcoM of tho Cache, and with
it my bleaing. Grind her, romcmberlng
that, inasmuch as "music hath charms to
soothe tho suvago breait," nowhere in tho
worm is it more manifestly needed than
on board this tue. I retire, e-onllempn.
begging that you will not applaud me."
An admiring friend or two from Mound
City, gave a clap or two, and wcro prompt
ly stowed away in the hold, and were or
dered to stay there.
The rosponse was mado by Capt. Halll-
day. Ho said tho occasion was too many
for him. Ordinarily, be orated felicitous
ly. On tho present occasion, however, his
mouth rofusod to go off glibly, and ho
would therefore conclude by saying that
he acceptod the plano.in the name of the
officers ot tho tug, and would yield to
what seemed to be the manifest desire of
the party and produce the 'Bourbon.''
The concluding remark was heard by
tho Mound Cityites in tho hold, who de
clared they would, get out of the hold and
hold some of that "Bourbon" or die in tho
Expectant eyes watched tho process of
opening the box. "Sold !" was the gen
eral ejaculation, when an old second-hand
hand organ was disclosed us the contents.
Tlie organ was worth it bout two dollars of
Confederate money. It was put into op
eration. (Jiiily it ftnrted off, mid tho tunu
of 1) :.io gre-.-tcd tliu ears of the company;
but after three turns of tho crunk tho or
gan went off into a dolorous whistle, like
that of tho stcamor Tyrone an unearthly
nuiso resembling what we may inmgino
tho dying cries of a million agonized cuts
all commingling into ono horriblo sound
would be like. Capt. Humblcton looked
at Capt. Ualliday a singly moment in
blank dismay, and then with an expression
of unutterable agony on his features
plunged headlong into the seething river
and passed from our gazolike a beautiful
dream. Capt. Ualliday stood irrasolute
for a moment, and then with a mournful
plunge followed llamblcton. The organ I
shrieked on. Capt. Fulton after casting
an appealing eye to heaven plunged sol
emnly after nalliday. Then Safford fol
lowed. Then Jim Johnson won't down
ana imnning ana, well or an that gay
company thero was not a single soul who
did no prefer drowning to listening to tlio
detcstablo noise of that horrible organ.
Neither of the bodies has yet been re
covered. The organ Is now on exhibition
at the City National Bank.
The Globe Mutual-. Tho following
"cards" talk for themselves :
OAiao, III., April If, 1671.
J. O. Wiurr, Ei-q., tylro, III.
Deau Sir; I tako ploastire in ac
knowledging tho "receipt of $3,000 (being
amount of Policy No. 15,235,) this day
paid to me as thu administrator 'of Wm.
H. Schofleld (deceased,) by tho Globe Mu
tual Llfo Iimuruncu Company of Now
York, through your agency. 1 am moro
than over confident in the belief that tho
"Globe" is justly entitled to the wide
sprcd reputation she enjoys for fair deal
ing and prompt payment of losses, and
that she is worthy of tho fullest confidence
of tho public. Yours Respectfully,
. ... Cauo.Iu., May'.'i. 1H7I.
J. C. Wiiitk, Cairo, III. ' '
Dear Sir: In acknowledging tho re
ceipt of $2,000, being amount of Policy
No. 22,332 on the llfo of my lato husband,
in the Globe Mutual Llfo Insurunco Co.
of Now York, I deslro to express my
thanks, not only to tho company fur their
promptness In payment, but to you, as
their agont, for your kind and immediate
attention to, and manner of adjusting the
loss, goving me no troublo In tho matter
and no expenso, and I shall always foel
grateful for tho kindness shown me by
you. I am, respectfully yours,
Men's Fine Heal Skin Gaiter, and also
"Princo Alberts," at Elliott & HuythornV
Ft'NKitAi, Notice. Funeral services
over thn bodv of llltle Carl Thomn,
i1r nvtiad fr.i!: Hi - nlrnli' b.irt'cs Frldav
nn, wl'il-ov held at tho rcsldcnco of
Mr. Carl L. Thomas, corner of Eighth
street and "Washington avenue at 1 o'clock
this afternoon, Tho orvlces will Lo con
ducted by tho Bcv. Mr. Helblg. Tho
friends of the family aro invito to attend"
Tho train, which will convey tho remains
to Villa llldgc, will start from the foot of
Eighth street at 2 o'clock p. m.
Rooms to Bent. Four largo airy rooms
on socond floor, In the brick building,
corner of Uth street and Washington
avenue, opposito the new Custom house.
Tho rooms aro In complete order, having
been recently renovated throughout; a
wido balcony in front is connected with
them. Price $10 per month ; also, 3 other
rooms on' samo floor, in good condition,
and will bo rented for $C per month.
Tho whole seven rooms could be uaed by
one family, If desired. Apply to
may 20tf on tho premise,
Did You Kvjcr? "No, I never," saw a
more cozy and complete barber shop than
that of Anthony Eschbacb, one door be
low the post office. The room has been
newly papered, tho floor newly covered
and the whole establishment put in first
class order. Eschbach i one of the most
experienced, skillful and accommodating
barbers in tho Stute, employs courteous
and export assistants, and keeps just sucii
a shop as citizens and strangers will tako
n solid satisfaction in putronizing.
The Fento.v Cony Mill. This estab
lishment, corner of Commercial avenuo
and Twentieth street, is now In chargo of
Mr. M. D. Guntcr, who having purchased
and thoroughly refitted it, invites the at
tention of the public to tho fact that he is
now prepared to furnish dealers and fami
lies with the very best article of corn meal.
Orders left at the mill or sent through tho
postoffico will receive prompt attention.
Notice to the Trade and Public.
havo an excellent cutter who has cut for
many years on Broadway, New lork.
Being dosirous of seeing tho "West, ho has
mado an engagement with me. Corao and
try him. I only usk a trial. I havo the
best assortment of piece goods in tha city,
and prices which defy competition.
Sewing Machines. Attention of
persons wishing n first-class
sewing machine is called to the
late unproved Wheeler and Wilson's.
They cannot be excelled for a family
machine, or for light manufacturing pur
poses. All are invited to call and oxara
uo the improvements. J, C. CARSON,
apSOdlm Agents, Cairo, 111.
I do not I low as other barbera do,
Nor keep my razors like King William iiwoid,
Ileontiie lui (.rd a rouuli'
I l;Mp my raz r slinrp and keen,
fill nnd Tiiwtla aln)sclean.
I'etfuintTy, to,.,ofUl tho brand.,
Tlut'e made In thin or other landf .
Come and w, 01 Ohio I.tcp,
d.vniul mmperts luuunumiop.
my I'M 1 m
True. Thero can bo no doubt thnt
Ilaugh is, par excellence, tho boot and
shoemaker of Cairo. Ho challonges com
petition in his trado, and aisurcs tho pub
lic that ho will guarantee to his customers
satisfaction. Hisshopison Eighth street
near tho corner of Ohio Lcveo. tf
Keei- Cool. Rcfrigorators, ico chests,
water coolers, I X L ico cream freezers,
bath tubs, jnpanned cloth for window
screens, etc., etc., at
myl8tf 136 Com. Ave.
To Theae tha Attention or the Public
la imperially luvlird.
AlbaH. The barber Bliop of Wm. Alba,
on Commercial avenue, near tho corner of
Eighth street, is tho placo to which all
lovers of a good, closo shavo with razors
sharper than tho wit of twenty Jcrrolds,
wind their way. tf
MeaU. Tlio branch meat shop of James
Kynaston, located on Commercial avenue,
next door to tho grocery store of James
Carroll, is now in full blast, and this pop
ular butcher Is supplying all tho refined
meat caters of that portion of the Fourth
Ward with splendid meat. If you have
not tried him giro him a call. tf
llime'a. Himo, at tho old stand, on
Sixth street, near Ohio lovoo, Is conduct
ing his barber shop in a first-class style.
It is a model establishment in every par
ticular, nnd while in his chargo all its cus
tomers will recoivo oourtcous attention,
and tho benefit of excellent worknuiililp.
Ilalrcultlng, shaving, shampooing, etc.
lluac, Looials A- Vo. Iu the Froien Field
Tho ico wagons of Huso, Loomis & Co.wlll
commenco to delivor tee about the city on
Jlonday, May 1st, and will continue to
make dally rounds each morning (Sun
days oxcoptod) during tho present season.
Orders loft at tho ofllco of the company,
corner Ohio leveo and Eighth street, will
rocolvo prompt attention, Huse, Loomis
& Oo. nre also propared to till all orders
in Mm steamboat and shipping trado.
Soo advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dispen
sary, headed Books for tho Million Marriage-
Guldo in anothor column. It
should bo read by all. myOdwly
A Little.M vstery. Tho Infant. found
on tho steps of n residence on Ninth street
a few wccki ago, was placed In the Or
phan Asylum, and, about n week ago was
"bound out' to a Mrs. Henry. On Friday
night last, nftor Mrs. Honry had
retired, a strango man knocked at tho
door nnd demanded that tho infant bo re
turned to tho orphan nsyluin. Ho snld
that ho was its father, and desired that it
remain in tho asylum. 3Irs. Henry re
plied that eho had logal chargo of the in
fant, and would not comply with his re
quest. A fow hours later tho samo man,
accompanied by a woman, aroused Mrs.
iicnry ana renowed tho demand that tho
infant bo returned to tho asylum, stntlng
that tho demand was now mado in tho
namo of both tho father and mother and
must be heeded. On Saturday morning
Mrs. Henry took tho baby tho asylum,
and related tho proceedings of tho previ
ous night. As tho managers of tho asy
lum had disposed of tho child, tho matron
did not feel disposed to tako it back, and
so tho matter rests. Who tho strango man
and woman aro and why they wished the
child to remain in tho nyltttn, nro ques
tions for which wo havo no answer.
A Cold-Blooded Murder. Mr. Kent,
tho obliging superintendent of the tele
graph office in this city, has put tn Into
possession of tho details of n cold-blooded
murder perpetrated on Wolf Island Mon
day afternoon last. On Monday morning
Mr. Nick Cayce, n farmer residing on the
Island, discharged from his sorvice a man
named John Morton. ,Iut before sunset
Morton returned to the house of Cayce in
company with a young man who worked
on n neighboring farm, ana calling Cayco
to tho gato shot him killing him almost in
stantly. Tlio murderers then coolly par
took of supper, and stealing a skiff madu
good their escape. Cayce was an inollcn-
slve man, and was not known to havo nn
enemy in tho world.
iv t mi oktant r act. nay what vou
may, tho fact still remains that whatovcr
may be our opinion of the Cairo and Vin
cenncs railroad, Goldttino and Roscnwa
ter, at their stand on Commercial avenue,
between Eighth and Ninth streets, aro
now displaying tho best and chcapost dry
goods, clothing, hats and caps over
brought to Cairo. These goods have jut
arrivod from New York, and having boon
purchased at a great bargain will bo sold
at prices beyond competition In this city.
Tho dry goods department is complete in
every particular, ombracing all tho latest
styles of prints, muslins, dress goods, etc.,
whilo in tho men's and boy's clothing line
tho greatest caro to have goods of tho best
quality was taken. All Messrs. Goldstlno
and Rosenwater usk is an examination of
their goods. Thoy aro suro that all who
wiah to tmy iU do ao if thoy wrltt Aiut look
at tho stock which Merssrs.G. and R. havo
just received direct from Now York.
The Mallio Ragcn, driven from her re
gular trado between NashviUonnd Evans
villo by tho "open warfaro" of rival pack
ets in tho Cumberland river, arrivod yes
terday from Clarktvillo with 14.G lihds. to
bacco for rcsliipmcnt to Now Orleans. Tlio
Immortal Josh U. A. Vco Tliroop was in
command, and Ben F. Ivgan in charge of
tho Qnanciul department. Both aro good
boatmen, genial gentlemen nnd bully good
follows. Long may they nnd tho Mollio
A.v Advantage A great advantage
possosscd by tho Charter Oak Stove is that
owing to its capacity and draft, you can
ottrn inmost any kind of wood, and, on
account of Its substanco and retention of
heat, you can run It with erreenwood nftnr
it is heated, by having a small amount of
Kindling matorlal.
Those having to prepare fuol for ordin
ary small stoves will approciato this nd
vantage may221t
Mr. U. II. Williams has purchased
the Williams' saw mill and proposes to
enter extensively into tho lumber busines.
The mill is ono of tho Wccst and beat In
Southern Illinois, and can supply lumber
of any sizo or length at tho ruto of 25,000
or 35,000 feet per day. Mr. W. will re
pair and greatly improve tlio mill, but will
bo ready for operation In a week or two at
Flour. Choico Family Flour iu bbls
half bbls., sacks dee., for salo at tlio Ei vi-
tlan Mills. ....
Misses'Sergo tindKidPoIIshshoe, sonllop-
top, at tho City Shoo Store, corner Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. tf
Ladles Sergo ( Polish) shoos Froneh Kid,
foxed, nt City Shoo Store, corner of Com
mercial avenuo and Eighth street. tf
Who is it that does not llko smoking
hot biscuits for breakfast ? Tha Famo
Cook stovo will baknthem In llvn minutes
tlmo bv tlio watch. tf
Gonts' Oxford Ties, Prittco Alberts
and Opera Slippers, at tlio '-City Shoo
Store," cornor of Commercial avenuo and
Kip-lUli street. tf
We have been requested to say that
Elliott & Haythorn havo now on exhibi
tion, and for salo, everything in tho boot
and shoo lino for ladles, and gentlemen's
wor; and that all their goods aro new
and stvliih.
St. Nicholas. Day bourdon can se
curo good accommodations atthoSt. Nich
olas (formerly tho St. James) at $4 per
week. Tho hottso is at tho corner of Ohio
lovoo and Eighth street, a central location,
and is proprietorcd by Hariy Walker,
who is alivo lo thu wants of his patrons.
Parties desiring boarding and lodging can
learn terras on Inquiry at tho office.
Opposite Main la,bou u,nrt,M-
Whlto&Lyndo. Proprietors. T.rms,
52.00 per day. '
James O. Johnson, Oalesburg", Ills'. "
John Kcnne, Louisville," Ky. 1 , t
31. It. Kelley, St. Louis, Mo. ' 'lr
W. Ross, Now Orleans, La. -
G. O. Webber, San AntoriIa,l Tex":"1
Joseph Koblor, Louisville. Kv. r
G. A. Babbitt, I. O. R. R. ' '
M. G. St Vrnne. Ci'nclnaltr. Ohtb.
Samuel E. Bonvcan) Now York.
H. Black ridge, 3r0,
3Lf -Aj special communictalon of Delta
V Lodgo Ho. 0C8, F. & A. Mason"
will bo hold nt tho Mrisonlc Hall In Cairo,
this Wednesday ovcnlng, May"il, 1871, at
eight o'clock, shurpi Work in the'E, A.
degree. By order 'of thtf W. M.
' Soc'y. P.T.
Hamilton h Duclm and Dandelion, as
good an artl.-l., n Hclmbold's Bnchu and
for Ush o)i'i, fur sale at . V. G. Schuli's
drug store. myiuf
Grand Oi-k.vi no. Scott's new Billiard
saloon which has Jtut been newly fitted
up, and Is the finest in tho Western coun
try, with n line stock of choice llauors 6f
nil kinds, will open on Wednesday, Miry
- tth, Willi u freo lunch at 10 o'clock every
day, and a grand lmll nt night. I Invito
nil to como und sen iuo at No. 70 Com
mercial Avenue.
W. T. SCOTT, Proprietor.
P.ELiAiiLr. and Safe. Dr. Henry's
Root nnd Plant Pills ore mild and pleas
ant in their operation, yet thorough, pro
ducing no nausea or griping. Being en
tirely vegetable, they can bo taken with
out regard lo diet or business. They
urouo tho liver and sccrctivo organs into
healthy action, throwing off disoaso with
out exhausting or debilitating tho sys
tem. Try them and you will bojsatlsfled,
Prico 25 cents a box. Sold by druggists
and dealers In medicine everywhere Pro
pared by the Grafton Mcdicino Co., St.
Louis, Mo. myOdwGra
.Notice la hereby Riven that there will be a meet-
ins of the Hoard of Aldermen and the (Select
Council i f the city of Cairo at the Council Cham
ber, on Wellington avenue, between Tenth and
Eleventh atreoto, on the evening of Friday the 2d
day of June next, at half paat seven o'clock, p.m.,
to hear olijcctluna to tho ussessment for taxea
mauo oy rno uy A9ea.or upon mo real aou per
sonal property in the city or Cairo for this, the
year .. ii. i9ji, iu nsieNtincnt uai inereiur nav
Intfbeen returned by said Assessor to the CitV
Clerk, at Ilia ctllco at tho Council Ch niber, where
said asessnicnt lint will remain for examination
by all parliva inteicato.1 mitll the meeting of the
City Cuncll uImivu mtnttloned. t-
lly order ot thf Mayor.
M. J. HOWLEV, City Cleric,
Clro, Ills., May a.', Hffl. myMdld ,
(QKDIXAXC'i: XO. 113.
An ordinance lo retrain lirgn from running at'
Mrgc within the limit, of the city.
l)n it otcl.uncd by thn City Council of tha City of
SxrrtoN I. Thnt no hog or pig shall run at largo
within tho limits of tho aid ciiy ; and itso owner
or keeper ot such anlma's, who shall knowingly
suitor or permit them ao to run at large shall for
feit and pay to said city a sum not less than three
dollara n .r more than ten dollari for each and
every otlenae. .
Szc.J. It ..hall be the duly of the said Cify Mar- '
shal and of tlid Police Caustablea and each of
Jiini to tako up nil animals found running at
l uge within the limits of aa d city contrary to the
ordinance thereof, and confine them In soma se
en ro pen, pound or other place, and the officer
taking Upaalii unimaN shall provide suitable and.
necessary sustenance tor them, and tho reasons
Me cost of providing suoh su.tonance shall be
nald to thn olllccr before the animal shall be re-'
Ic!U'd by him.
bic. 3. Any snlmal taken up under tha provl-
sion of this ordinance, may bo sold by the officer
taking It up, at any time alter the expiration of
llueu dnya from the time of bciog taken up, of
which sale two dajs' previous notion aball be gir
.n by posting up wtitten or printed noticea of ihe
time u'.d place of tale, at the front door of tha
Coiinlr Court house, at the Dostolllce and City
Cierk'n oiUcp. ilesu-rttiini. the aniioa a bv their
color, site, murks and brands.
Htc.i. The officer laklns ud and impounding
any a"fmal shall boenlltleu Co charge and rec-lvo ,
for tho same titty cents; and for each twenty
four liuura the sumo mar be keot.iwenlv.flva
cenia .dditlnnal ; and If sol. I, fifty cents for each
annual soiu, uui u any person auaii apply ana
pay thn officer's tree aud costs of auatenanoa aad
impounding, at any tlmo before sale of audi am
nuils, they snsll tw released by the officer.
Hr.c. A. An accurate account rball be kept by tha
officer inikintt tho sale aad rendered to the City
Council at ewry stated meeting thereof, and all
animals, soiu iy nun, ami nis lees auu cnargea
thereon, and all money-, received by him forth
rulo.it piicU uulmnls, after deducting therefrom
tho fees ami com of impounding, sale, and auste
nance, a alt witlwut delay, be ,nid, aa a special
ilepoitt, into the City Treasury and tbeTreaanrer
atmlt receipt for the same and shall keep it in a
separate account subject to the order of the C ty
fKC. b. If nt any sale of animals, unoVrthe provision-!
ol tlil-i or.llnauce, no perion elmll bid, the
h nil,, amount of tosis for taking up, keeping and
selling sAldanliuoN, the officer entitled to receive
tho left may, for himself, bid tlw amount ct his
co.u and chu gen.san il no peiaon tads any more
said animals may bo struck oil to him as la other
Htc. 7. If nn v person rhall break open an v sen.
liolllld ir othor inclosetire. in which aov anim in
may ho confine. i or liei.t under the renuiremrnta
hi tins uruiuanci, or snail uirecuy ur indirectly
nidornbot the aiime or escaped any such ani
mal, he or they shall forfeit and pay to said
City a sum not less than ten dollars nor more
thin fifty dot ars for each and every offense.
i-EC s. It tho City Marshal or any Police Con
stable shall neglect or reluse to take up and im
pound iiuy animal known by him to bo running
at I iri; com rry to th ordinances of the city, he
shall forfeit und pay to said city a sum not less
than five dollars nor tuoro than tweuty-dollars fur
eui'li and every oltenie.
Approved May l'Jth, 1P71.
Attest: Mayor.
It. J. Howlky, City Clerk, myMdlvt
Is prepared o do all kinds of

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