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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, May 28, 1871, Image 2

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4lxt ttlkLtut.
Steamr Illinois, Columbus.
" Jut. Fil, .Jr., l'niliionli.
" Arkansas Helle, Kvuiisvillo.
" (ulcktop, tivantvllln.
" City ol ChesUr, Memphis.
" Abeona, Cincinnati.
" Pauline Carroll, ow Orleans.
" Samson No 2. Motnphl'.
" PoUitnuc. Louisville.
" Englo Moinplils.
" Jnn.GIItnore-, Meiiipli's.
M .1.8. Mi Dotinlil, MeniPhl'.
Bteamer Illinois, (J .1 rntn-
" Jhi Kink, .lr Pmliinili.
Arkiin-as Hell"1. KvhimvIIp.
" IJ.iickslpp, KvninvflN'
" City of CliP'trr. ft
" Abcinn,.St kouls.
Paulino Carroll. St l.ytii'.
41 niii So. 2. Louisville.
" Potomac, 'ow Orleans.
' Kitfllr. Louisville.
' Jno. Ollmore. Louisville.
' ,J. fj. McDonald, Louisville.
V Steamer A Baker ii also mlvnrtlfetl for
'the occasion.
J0" Tho new steamer 'Emma KUlot vn
to baro been launched yettenlny nt Loulf-
, B0" The Potomac remained until a lain
hftur ysvstorday and added about GO tons
for various points south.
ITho Illinois for Columbus and
Idlewlld for Evansvillo are tho regular
packets to leave promptly at 5 p.m.
10 Business Ss reported active in St.
jLouis and all boats out seem to corrobo
laU the statement.
i Tho Potomac added here 83 bbls.
whisky, SO bbls, meal, 60 sks. bran, 5
coops poultry and a largo lot of hops fur
Now Orleans.
"Tho Jim Fisk caino in lato venter
day evening having been delayed by bus-
inces. She brought fl hhrls tobacco for
the South and 1G for St. Louii.
I Tho Emma Floyd is aground on
llarpoth Shoals in tho Cumberland river,
and the Burksvillo has been cent from
t Nashville to relievo her.
I -Tho City of Cairo, last Friday, tc-
ccived 100 tons of freight for Vickslmrtr,
t being 100 less than sho expected to re
ceive. iWThe river has fallen fully 12 inches
linco last report. A most refreshing ruin
Toll yesterday ufteruoon which cooled tho
iitmosphcro very much, and was very ac
ceptable. Ifif.Tho Kellogg and barges, .lames
Howard for Now Orleans, Colorado for
"Vicksburg, Emperor for Cincinnati, Co
umbia, for Fort Smith, H. J. Lorkwood
l'or Shrcvoport aro duu to-day.
tfThe hat which wo spoko of as bo
ng worn by Mr. Marion right with
t . ,,. i
nericai grace, is a present srom .ur. iiick
Winston, and not the Head Ccntro of the
Tennesgco rlvor picnic, ai some nnu
sade us say yesterday.
M9Tho T. F. F.ckort, roomcy and itd
nlrably arranged for excursion purposes,
'idvertises to mako two trips to .Mound
2lty on decoration day, leaving Cairo at
"and 11 A.M., and charging fifty cents
1 r tho round trip.
I tjV An engineer named KuUm U about
o xaminu and report upon the practica-
lillity of crossing the Mississippi KIvit 11 1
Natchez byablldgo unil 11 steam furry
it' sufficient capacity to triui'fur loaded
Mrs without breaking bulk.
, QyTbe declinu still continues in all
b water courses except thoe in the fur
(Vest, which are rising slowly. Them hid
fttf innl.i,. tn tti.. I...r...l ... I,,U.
urg; 2) in the chute at l.oiiUville, and
fctt 0 inches on Ilarpeth shouls in the
'he Quickstep brought llTi bids
1 our for Chut, (lallgher, and 11 lot of
'arniture fur 11. B Ilarrell, and tho lol
owlng for reihiptnent: M bbls whisky,
ihhds tcbrccn fur t. l.oui, nnd 111 bbls
.our, 130 do. whisky, and a lt.t of suti
1 ries for the South.
It Mr Tho followinir U frniii thi' Cinciii.
;ti (jommrreial ot the With: "(ien.
teynolds, Superintendent uf Western
Iva. HnnrfiVaniimll ll .iitkhln. rurvniril
ho work of exiimining the variou1 rivers
3 his department, with a view to improv e
tents in navigation. Major Allen Inn
1st returned irmn tho Omichita Kiver,
aving examined that strcmn from ArUi
, elphia down to Trinity liar. Tfio river
'as lounu Hifccpiioiu 01 iinjiruvuineiii,
lough in place) full of snugs, lugn ami
ind-baie. Tho flhlt and utiu of the sna
oats will bo put to work on this ttrentn.
'ho water in tho upper portion of it U
om 3 to 4 feet above low-water mark,
'hllo In tho lower part it is from 'JO to 25
tt above it.
(Tri partnership e sliding Ijelween Jnn. II. Ilitij
ja iiugn n, Jlu, ho lar us me "iron unit .m i.
finery bupplifnt-tore" iheor.i-eri,ed, la this ln)
MOlieil bj mutUKl constat, Jus. II. Heed lui
.igbnught outttie the interest ul II. .M, .Mann in
'Iti stoie will bo conducted under the name of
, , , . JOs, II. ItUKIi.
.The Oilro Iron Worln uiil be con fueled as
,uJ tn ler tl e firm nam, of Heed It Jlanri.
jh. ii. ni:i:i.
'cslro, III.., April -h, iWlUu" MlS',m
ft. ML'littAY.
itwe tommeirini astu aiiiiixtoll
MdM.ODBOill Wlultr'a Illuek.
htgr-t! iDcrewtdhUiitoeU.tntl hauow
'hand ailklmiiof Chuidelierf. Urw.ketn, l'nd
i t u-.it t . ni..Li.u Ulm.li'a Hm link
'.fried down Ids priees o tho lowest I ring
Joxh, nlluv)tetlie pstronsgeof Viej'ubllo.
j w inn I i rrr i iic niiui-iiimn,, , nm u ex pieas in aiv 10
' Has Bemoredfrom the Terry House to the AHcil wthi:i:i,1 I'liliadeiimiu,
nrnaan. niTTrflC
IJ,i;i:i I'. ; oilojrliy.ihin EMU
Hoofland's Greek Oil
Iloiillliind'.s ('criimn Kilters.
A llillrr. Without Alrnliol ur Sitlrltn
uf any It I ml
ttilldrrcntrrom all otner. Ii composed of Die
purcjiiicpi. or viirI (innciplo of Ruotx, IlerlnanJ
llsr.1:; (or mfilionlly lormoJ, rjttracti,) tho
worilile.-.. ninl Inert portion of tho InKrcllents
not lin ii.cil. 'J'herefore, la one Ixiltle of tills
Hitters tlicro U coutiimcl n much meJIoliml vir
tuu hi will lie found In cevernl gcllnm of ordinary
mixtures. Tho Uoots, etc., me,l in tills HltterH
aro grown In Germany, tholr vital principles ex
tracted In that country liv i acletitlnc Chemist nnd
forwarded to the manufactory In tin city, where
ihey arc compounded nnd bottled. Contalnlnu no
cpirltuous ingredients, this Hitters is tree from
the objections urged nuiilnnt nil others; nodcnlra
for stimulants enn he Induced fnim their tie,
can mnke no ilriinktirdM, nud cannot, under
ircuinitanuo , htiyo any mitn tiencflcial effect.
Htiollaml'.H tiuriiiiiit Tonic.
Va compiiiinded fur lhoo not inclined to ei
riinn hitters, nnd Ii intonded for use In caiei
uhen Houin alcohu'iicntlmulant h equlicd iucon
uccilon with tho tonic propertlen of the Hitter'.
Eitch hottle of the Tonic coutninn one iKjttleo
the Hitir,comhined with pure Batn C'rut Hum,
and flavored in mieli n muniicr that tho extreme
hitieinesi of the Hitters Ik ooicome, fornungn
preparation highly agreeable nnd pleas lit to tl e
palate, and containing tho medicinal virtue of the
Hitler.-. Tho price uf the Tonic l $1 at) per
bottle, which many pernon tlilnli too high They
11111-4 take Into eou.iiilerallun that ihu stlinu
hint ued Ii guaranteed to bo of a pure quality.
A poor article could he luriilhcd nt 11 chepir
rrice.uutM it not better to pay a little moio nnd
nave n ood article 1 A medicinal preparation
fliould eoninin none but the bent ingredleiili and
thej hn expect toohtilnn clieH) eoiiipound Hill
ino-tcetialnl) be clieulcii.
Tliry me llio Urcntest
l(n oh a iteiuo
Kor Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, ervoll debili
ty, Jaundice, iiineav, ol'iiix Mdneyn, Drop
tlent ol the Hkm, und all iln-eases
nrimng Ironi a dlf-ordeted
I.hcr, Sioniu..-li, orlm
1 uunly of Hie
Head ill. 'ollowlng Hyinjunnis : Ccnpstionvr
l-'lalilleiioe, lliwuid 1'ilew, 1- nlliiff h ol'tjlood to the
bead, Aenlity ot ihe Mouiach, Nausea. Hurl-burn,
disgust uf fond, tuiinestiiiruelght in the btoiuach,
Sour Kruclatiuns, lnkuii; ur llutteilug ut ttiu pit
of die stoiuacti, huiiiiiinug of ttie lieud, luirneii
urdlllitult lireathlng, lluiienngnt the e nrt.ehol.
nig ur sulloeiillng senintioiis when in a lyljg po.
tine, dtlunead ol viiiou, dutH uud webbi befuin the
tight, dull lulu in the liejul, di-lleieucy of perspn.
Ktinn, yilloiies uf the skin nnd eyes, p.nn in
Ihe mile, b.M-k, chest, limlii, etc, siuldeii llushe
ul bent, burning in ihu llrh, i-uustnni inugiunigs
id t Ml, nnd gie.it depression n snlriH, .Ml tin se
mdicile dls' uf the I, iter ur digestive oigms
eoinbiniil u 1 1 1 1 impure blood.
I'lieiiteol ihu Hiilt-iH or 'I'onlo uiil soon ciuit
ihenbiive Sjliiptiiius ti.diappeni', ami Hie patient
n ill In eume well mid lie.dlv.
S)r. Hniilliiiiil'.s (.'reek Oil,
MylillllK Cure lur nil KlmU or I'nlili
unil AWit-.
Aimin Kxtibnali.v. It will cure nil kinds ol
IMinsniid nchex', such as Ulieiliiintisiii, Neilinlgoi,
Tuutlmehe, I'hlllil.iius, Hpriiilu, Hiuisef, hnisl.
Hues, Hendaebei, lvdn-i III Hie Hack and Lnlns.
l'aiii the Joints, Limbs, htlng nl lneets, llnig.
norms, etc. ,,
l'ai.N lsriusi.i.T. It will euro htdney Ouiii.
i liiim liaelinelien, skk lieKilnehe, eulle, d tenter) ,
li iillioen, .clin.eru iiifuiituin, elioleru luorbur,
eriuiili-Hnd intlnt In the noiiiaoh, feer and ague,
(.ougliM, i-oliis ustliina. et.i.
Ur. lluollnnil'H 1'tiilupli.vlliu,
KtUtrilUTK l-'Olt
'I l'llls ii IlllJe.
7ie muit I
'itmrftil, yet hmoen
Cdtlmrtie Known.
ul i'eo'ntte
It H not neces.nr) lotnkealiandlill uf these pills
in urodiicu the ilulrod ttlect; to of tliein act
pilvltl) and poHHlully,clesiiiiig ihu liter, stom
Mi ll and buviils nf all iiiipiirilUs. The prlucijn'
mgied cit is I'udnpliyllin, ur the nleliuiiolle ex
r. tot Miiinliiike,..ieli la b) luiiny tunes mom
pouerlul, acting and searching t hull the Jlaiidl.ike
itself, lis roculiar lu'tiun la uuonlbu l.iv, r. eleun.
I lux It speedily from nil ubsliuelio s, witn all Hie
i merul Mucii-,yet freo tniin the lujuiioiis ie
, suliaKtiM lied tu the ueuf that luluend.
; I or all diseases, In whlcli llie Us u ul u calm rl
i is lu.iieatvd, Uieae 1'illa i I give enlile Mtist
nun in tun ci-e. ihev tvr.n I'Atl.. u
In cases of I.iureuinpl ml, Ii)siiepsia,iiiiil er..
tieiiic custitene.i., lir. liiioltuudr Aeunau luiters
ur luuio should be used u. eonneetion Willi lliu
fills I he luiii etttel uf the hitters or Tuiiui
I build, up Urn at stem. The linters ur Tunic pur.
idea the oluud.nreui'thciiB ihe nertes, iiiocLATts
i th I.ncr andg.iea urenglh, energy and nr.
Keep our bovielaiietne mill the 'ill., uud tono
up the ).u ni Kith the Hitters ul Tunu , und no
Uisenseeaii r lain its InId, ur eer again usaid It.
I Im so medicines am so'd b) nil Iiiuju sta ud
j dealers in In. ilpoiies etennheie.
i Uncollect that it i Hr. Huoliand'a Oerman
I Ketiieillea, that are an unnersully u.t d and recuui.
tnendull and do notaiim, iiiolirutglst to iudiitu
)outu tako mi) thing el tit ie may say Is just
m liuuui ,.w..rv .i s u lurger proui ur it.
I'ormerly U. H. JAUii-SH.V ii. VO,
TKf'ttM (KltLU.Iii.. . I. 1... Ti..,.....l.. lj, .
t, ami Mf!iuin If.ltT"( everywhere
V'uuhgut the l'nh..,i Kt .t,.- rannln Kmut.
Atni'ru-u unil ll.u U'.t I. ..ii.. 'i i'
bAtot.a-. .J,
, "-tVAl.C3l4iA.ir ZJXIOJS..
-117- tt. OAKY,
2 3 "
1. 1 "11 - r
1 -i
1 y,
$ 8
Cor. Washington nvc. ic lllh Street
np2J dlliii
CflARLn? A. DAN'A, Kdltor.
A Neivepnperol thol'rcseut Time.
Intended for 1'coplc Noit oa Earth.
Incladlnr; Fsrmcrs, Jfcchsnlci, MercbantJ, Pro
fessional Men, Workers, TMnkers, and all Man
ner of Honeit Folks, nnd tlio Wives, Sons, and
Daughters of oil such.
Or !c than One Cent a Copy. Let there be a
tj.0 Club at every Tost OfS.ce.
of tlio tame slzo ana general character at
THE WltKKLV, but -will, a xreiUr -.tUtr ot
miscellaneous rcsaine:, and furnishing tho news
to Its tuDicrlbcts with greater freshness, bcsiute
It comes twice a week Instesa of onco only.
A picfmlncntly readable iiowiparicr.wltli tho
largest circnlallon tn tho vfonrl7 Krec, Inde
pendent, and Xesriesi In politics. All tho news
from everywhere. Two cents u copy t by molL
SO cents a mouth, or 80 a jcor.
I'lve copies, one year, separately addressed,
Four Dollar.
Ten copies, one year, scniratclr addressed (and
n extr.icop) tothcectter up ofclun).
i:icut Jlollnrit.
T'vf.Hr copies, one year, Fcpnratcly addressed
(and nn extra copy s the getter up of cmbi.
Fifteen IlollnrH.
fl ft y rnps. one jcar, to one address und the
jScuu V, eekly one ) ear to getter n p of clob),
Tblrlv-lhreo Dollars.
I'lfty enpies, nno Tear.'epaiatelyarJdresscd (and
the J-cuil i eekly unoypar to getter up ofelnb).
Thlrly-llvo Dollars,
(ino hnniircd conies, ouo year, to one addreta
land tlio Jmlly for one year to tho getter unot
tIa?J- , ITUy Dullur.
one hnnilred coplea, one year, separately ad
drewed (and inoOsllylorono year to tueiicttci'
tip or club), Mxtr Dollani.
l'lvo copies, one year, separately addiened,
Elgltt Dollars,
Ten conies, one Tear, eeparmtelv aridrcatcd (ami
an extra copy to getter up or clnli),
Wlxtecu Dollars.
Jirpit pfflee orders, checks, or drafts on New
ork, wherever convenient, if not, tnen rezlttet
Vie letters containing money. Address
I. W. ENOLAND, Publisher,
Sun oBlcc, New York Cftr.
eeit-niy-flve to Ino hundreil doll.irs per month
cieitHliere, male and 'einale, to Introduce the
'cnuiiio Juipi ul eil C'ouimonHense Family Hearing
.Mncliini.. This inn thine Hill stitch, hem, fell,
tuek, Id rid, braid, cord, unlit and enibrnlder in n
most superior minner. I'nee only IIS, Fully
iinriiinteil for lite veins. WimiIII ,.ny l,(KJ for
any irischuin that u 111 sen- it stronger, mum leau
tll'ul nr mule el itlc seam than ours. It makes the
'i:iatie l.ne S-lteh." Kiel) seeond stiiclicnn
be ml, nud still Hie cloth einnot ho pulled apart
Hilhniit Itiirinai', We ji.iy agents Si.'i to f JKlper
llllilir'iil,l.ltl,i.tMrf.jd n-n nnmtn l,.lnn f ei, m 11 Ii i I.
twice ihu amount can be made, For circulars
a'ld lei-ins, niiph to or address,
U. HOWKItS .1 CO.,
l.ii.Sprucefctieet, I'hll.ulelphln, Pa.
l'Arii". Im nut be imposed upon by other
ii ties pilming nil Morthlei-seast iron lii.iehlnes
ill der the same naine ur i lif r ic. Ours Is the
nnl) g inline una lenlly priir tical iheuinnachino
luanllbiciiileil. apriiidlllil
Inventors hum it buir.cs with the I'iilled
Kiates I'.nent Ollicc will find ll to theiriidiitnlage
to tut I iii ii iu the ;ii;uiih of Hie uld eatublished
llrm "f
Mason, Fenwick 6 Lawrence
l tellt Au't lltu, 'Witslllliudni, ll, !.
Thev luve ilone mv liiisuu-sa 10 mv knii.rm,.
Iton, nnd I take plcasuro in leeniimieudliig them
to Western Inventors.
lnvcutui'ul Improved llevoltin;; Tiihul-r Wster
(ir.tte llurs.
Oaliu, April un, imi, nprJDd.'nr
Commercial Avenue, between 17tli anil
1 Mil Kneels,
Handsomely and completely furnished, will
alnnja slipp'y the heat leu Cream, Cakes, Con.
Itctions, I.emooudp end f.oda to bo found In tho
famine nr parlies supplied on short notice,
Pntroni'ijo icspeclfiilly solicited. inylWlin
1 :s
r c e
1 !i
! M
TiVrc PtZto nre an unfailing
Temule llegilalor, intended for
rrtci 1 rfljca J tViute obstinate one
i", a r. t.uer ana cheaper meat'
u .7.
r aro composed of tho moat
ac . 31
nndiiowcrfnl nrinclclca of
iilMiln. rootH nnu berries, ao
v IllglllV UUIIbUJltAKieU UlUI.
i "A pill contains tnoro medicinal
i li Irr iioth than a. whnln bov nr
l''fevl Imtllii ni" ortllnarv ilollar metll.
CA W ll c'uo m KCt. Although
"77 in thUr o'ficrcttlon that the most
fee'j ca i taUthan. irtt perfcet eafety.
J3 I'' S per box, told by all Druggisls.
!ar MliotterHtoekiiiKiiiformationoradvico,
viUbi luimiptlyanswcreil
C'urcit ail diseased caused
by neif-abuso, vizi Fperma
tonvhea, fitminal It'cufc
ticss, Right JCmhslvns,
losaof Memory. Unitertal
LattUude, J (tin in the
Jlaek, Jllmness of Vision,
Premature Old Ane. Weak
A'crm. lf!lcuUlireathlng,
Pale Countenance. Intan'
7 ity, Consumption, and all
F diseases that follow aa a
Boautneo of yuutlifnl ituliscretlong.
ljach pnclingo contalna ono bottlo filleJ vilh
f!u snr-euj ted 1'illa, and ono vial filled vrith
M -ilicntcd PnwdeiH, mifTIcIcnt tomako one
Ji vif p! it uf l'llcctloii; anil onoBjringo.
lys-Pi'lco, ti per packaBC, by msll, 13 50.
H i d bv Drucgiatu everywhere.
The qivni Indian Viurello
cures fill diseases oj me tnn-(ii-!
Organ, such as IneontU
in mre rf IMne. Inflammation
if the illaihler. Inflammation
of the Kidneys, Alone in the
jimuucr, amcrure, teracei,
.oonorricoa, utcct nnci is
I e s p e o i a ll y rccomni rn ded in
iriuor juui s tor tvriucs.i
l'.aclt packaco contalna ono
I ll.D, Ullll uuu ii.iuiioii nitu
Stcdfeated l'owdcra, Biifflcient
to malco ono pint of injection;
and ono Hvrineei
jfa Trice. 15, by raall. ij CO.
hoiit tiv jnugcists cvcryvriierc.
jTirV'o desfro to eeiid our thirty-two page
n&mrihlct. entitled "Man and Woman as
Invalids," to every reader of this paper. Send
address, with 8tamp to pay return poistagc,
ami auure-ij as touowa :
t Iacis Medical Association,
117 5onrn sixth sratir,
Saisi Lons MlMOTJi,
rn. klioe,
Ilai just received a heavy stock of boots and shoes
For sale for Hash at a icn
me. He iiNo lias
nllne stock of
of every kind.
. I! Slreel and Commerclitl Atomic
Notice is heieby given that thcroullj boninect
ing of Ihe Hoard uf Al enil'-n and the t-i-lect
(.'onncll uf tho cityuf (,'mru at the Council Cham
her, uli Witshingtun Atenilu bvtueeu Teulli mi l
f-.leveiith streets, on the evening of I rnlay the Jd
day of June next, nt half past even o'clock, p.m.,
to hear nl.jeetioi.s to the iistes-luent for taxes
undo I,) nuCity Assessor uion the real nnd per
sonal property in the city ot Cairo lur this, the
)iir A D. 1S7I, the assessment list therelor hav
ing been reluined by said Assesior to the Citv
Cletl.. t his ullleii at the CiiunuilCh tnbor, wheie
said asi5suient list uiil rcinuin for examination
by nil parties Intciesteil unill the meeting of the
City Council above mentioned,
liy order ut Ihu Ma)ur.
M..I. HOWI.F.Y, City Clerk
C.ilio, Ills,, May ISTI. ni)21dld
An unllnarieo to restrain lugs fimn running nt
lirire wlthlnthn limits uf the chi
ne It unlitiiied by the City Council of the City of
Cairo :
pi mill 1. That no ho or ilg shall iuu at largo
within the limits of ihe said t-uy; and tho (inner
or keeper nt aueh itnlmn s, who shall knowingly
sutler nr permit lliem ao to run nl large shall tor
felt nnd pay to said oily a sum nut less limn three
uuiiars ii r more iiuui ien uuuars tor c.icn and
eieiy ullense.
."i.e. Jt shall ho Ihe duly of tho said Citv Mar-
dud nnd of in 1'olleu Cunstnhles nud' each uf
lliem to tulio up nil minimis luiind runiilug t
Isigettitliin the limits of sa d city contrary to the
ordinunce thereof, and confino them In some se
cure pen, pound or oilier plate, ami the oltlcei
taking up said animals shall provide suit tblo nnd
necessary sustenance for them, nud the reasona
ble cost of providing such xiutcuance shall be
pain in iuu uuicer neiuru lliu auupal shall he re
leased by him,
hie. it. Any snlinnl taken up under Ihe provi
sion of this ordinance, may ho sold by the ufticcr
taking it up, nt any time niter the expiration of
three days Ironi tho time of being taken up, uf
which unfa two days' previous notleu shall be giv
en by posting up willien or printed notices of ihe
tmio nnd place of sale, at the front door of the
County Court hoip.e, nt tho post nlllce und City
Clerk's otficc, describing the animals by their
color, aire, marks and bn.nds.
Hue 4. Tho otticer taking up nud impounding
any iinimnl shall hu entitled toehtngo niul rec lie
for the same lllty cents) and lur each twenti
lour hours tho same may tie kept, wcniy tivo
cenia kdditlomil ; nnd ll uld, lib) cents for each
nulinal sold, hut II nuy person shall nppiyuud
nay the ulllter's ties and costs uf sustenance and
impounding, at nuy tlmo liefuro sale of such mil
ti'iils, they atinll bu released by the udlccr.
Hie, 0. All acctirstn account shall bo kept by tho
nlllm, m.ilnm. Din mtln mid rendered to (he (M v
Council at uiery stateu meeting thereoi, and nil
' animal sold hy him, nud his lees ami charges
I thereon, and all niopeys received hy him lor tho
sale uf such animals, after deducting tlieiefrom
the fees iindcustsof mipumidliig, ale, and susie
1 nance, snail without deli), bo uld, na a special
I deposit, Into the City Treasury and tho Treasurer
shall receipt fur thu same ami shall keep it in a
1 separate account subject to the order ot tlio C'ty
I Council,
I Hi.c, u. If nt any salu of animals, under tho pre
visions nt this ordinunce, no person shall bid, tlio
itholo amount nl' costs for taking up, keeping and
. selling said animals, tho otliccr entitled to receive
the fees may, for himself, hid tho amount cl his
costs and chit ges,and ll no poison hull any mnro
I said animals n ay bo struck oil tohlmiiB iu other
, cases.
' Hie, 7. If any person rhall breok oponany pen,
l pound nr other incloaeuru, in which uny iiiilinsls
. liniv lineonllne.l nr kei.t under tho renuiremeutd
utthls ordinance, or shall directly ur Indirectly
iiiiiuruuet trie same nr escapu ai any sucu em
mills, lie ur thev slinll forfeit and lav to suld
City u Hiun not loss tlian ten dollars nor more
i man nuy uniiiirs lor eacn aim every intense,
I ere, . It tlio Citv Marshal or any Police Con
stable shall neslect nr refuse to take up and im
pound any annual known by him to be running
ut l.treo euninu y to tho ordinances ot tlio city, lie
shall forfeit and pay to wild city b sum not less
than llteilollars norniorethniitwonty-dollar fur
eaeli und every oltensu.
! Approved May Itfth, 1871. ' ,.-.,,
joun Mt A8lll:',
! Attest: Ma)ur,
Jl.J. llolu, Clly Clerk. injsiidiai
(in rnoM
iUTciii:i.oitH uViit iVvV:""
This nuporli llnir ll)e in tun hf.st imiiikWiiuiii
Petfeclly Hnrmleis. llollablo nnd Instli'inteons.
Noillsappnlnlmeiit. No Illdiclilotis Tints or tin
pletsant Odor. The genuine V. A. Ilachclnr'e
Ifn r Die produces IMMIHH vTT.IiY a splendid
lllatk or nntur I Ilrown. lloea not Hmin tho
Bkin, hut leaves the Hair ('b an, Sufi and Heaiiti.
fill, The mill fcafc nilliilu- I
H..ld b) allilrugg.sl-., I-'nelo y In bond Urc t,
New York. Inni2l Itn.llwlv
lis Cure and Its Preventive;
Many ahuman being has passed array foV nhniv
death there was Mouther reason than tho uegletl
of known and Indisputably ruvcn moans nf cure.
Thusfl near Hint dear to iaiully unit friends urn
sleeping trie dreamless sluuiuer Into whlcli, bad
they caiuily adopted
D1C. JOSEPH 11. KriinNClC'rtHMIPl.r.
nnd availed themselves of his wonderfully clllca
clous medicine, tliey would not huvo fallen.
Ilr. Pchcnck has In Ills unil cao proved that
wherever rufflclent vitality remains, that vital
ity, liy Ills medicines and his directions lur thulr
ue. Is gulckcncd Into lie.tltliful vigor.
In this etatumnnt there Is notlilng presump
tuous. Tu the faith nt tho Invalid is Hindu no
rcprccntntlon that Is not it thousand times suti
staiitUted by living und visible wurks. 'I ho
theory or the euro hy Ilr. Hclicnck's hit-dlclin-t
la as simple ns tt Is unrnlllnir. Its philosophy rn
(pilres no nrguniunt. It Is self-assuring, sclt-cvn-
'I ho r-ea-wend Tonic and Mandntko Pills arc tho
first two weapons with which the clludelot tun
malady is usautled. 'L'mi thirds uf thu tuiss uf
fonsumpllun tirlglnaln In ilyspepsiit uud a func
tionally disordered liver. Willi this, condition
tho bronchial tubes " synipatldiii" with thu
stomach. Tlier resisind tu tlio uiorbluo uctlou
tif the liver. Hero lliun conies thu ciiliiilnatlntt
result, nnd the setting In, null nil Us tll'tre
lug symptoms of
ThoMnndrnko Pills nroeompoednr onnor Na
ture's noblest gifts thu Podophllliim I'eltatuni.
'1'liey isisseM all the blood-seal ctilng, ulierutlvo
properties ur culuiuct, but, unlike culuna-1, they
Tlio work or euro Is now tieclnnlng. The villa
ted and mucous tlepuslts In ttiulioH-!siind In tins
alimentary canal uro ejected. Tho liver, I Ik.s
n clock, Is wound up. It arouses from Its torpid
ity. Tho stomach nets ifsihinslrely. und the
patient begins to led that ho Is gutting, ut la. t,
A BUPI'LY OF (JOOD 111,001).
Tho Pea-weed Tonic. In conjunction with the
Pills, permeates und usslinllates with the food.
Chylltfcnilon Is now pnuresliur without Its pre
vIuub tortures. Ingestion becumes imltilc-s.iind
tho euro Is seen to be ut b-tiid. There Is no morn
llntulenco. no uxuccrbatluu ur thu Munutch. All
appetite sets In.
Now comes tho preatct Wood rurlflcrcvcryet
given tiy mi ludulirenl fnltier to i-utrerlng iniin.
pchenck's Pulmonic Sirup conies In tu perform
Its functions nnd to hasten und complete tho
cure. 11 enters nt tineo upon Its work. Malum
c-in not bo cheated. It collects and ripens tho
Impaired uud diseased putttons nf the lunus.
Initio form of gatberlngs.lt prepares them for
expecUiratlon, und lol tn it very short tlmo tho
malady la vanitilhed, tho rotten throne that It
occupied Is renovated uud luado nuw, and the
patient, In all tliudlunlty ut revalued vigor, step
forth tu enjoy tho manhood ur wumanlioud that
t'.IVEN i;p AH LOST.
The second thing Is. the pntlents niut star In n
warm riHoii null ther net well i It Is nlmorilm
Kislblo to prevent taklnr ctdd when the tunes
uro illea.eu, hut It must to prevented or a euro
cin not tie effected. Fresh air mid ruling out,
especially In this section uf tho country, Iu thu
fall and winter season, uro till wrong Physi
cians who recommend thateuurse luu their pa
tients, If their lungs are badly diseased: und yet.
ticcauso they ure In the hou-e they must nut
sit down tpilet I they must wulk about the risuu
ua much nnd as fast ns tlio strength will bear, to
get up it good circulation uf blood. The patients
must keep lngmsl spirits be cetermlned to cet
well. This bns n great ileal to do with tho appe
tite, and Is the great point tu train.
Tu desiair uf euro uftcr such evldonco of Its
possibility In tho worst case", and moral cer
tainty In ul! uthers, Is sinful. Dr. Hehenck's cr
sonaf statement to the Faculty uf his uwu cure
was In these mudest wurds:
"Manv vears rum I was In tho last states of
consumption 1 coritlned to my bed, and ul .'.no
tlmo my physicians thought that 1 could not live
n week: ihen.llkn n Liowiilrig man eatchtni; at
straws, I heard of nnd obtained the prcpaiattons
which I now offer tu tho public nnd they made
a perfect euro of me. It seemed to me that 1
could leel them tienetruto my whole system.
They soon ripened tho matter In mylunxi. and
1 woald spit up more than u pint uf offensive
yellow matter every morning for u long time.
"As soon Its that began tu subside, my couch,
fever, pains, und night sweats nil began to leave
me. und my uppcllio became so great that It was
with difficulty that 1 could keep Imm t-atlmr too
much. 1 soon gained my t-lrcnglh, uud huvo
grown in flesh ever since.
' t wsji weluhed sliottlv lifter mv receiver..'
nililcn mo Doctor, - men looking u
Ike ii mere
skeleton t my weight
whs only ninety-seven
pounds; my present weight Is iwn hundred una
twenty-tiro (?i'i pound, nnd fur jeurs I have en-
)oyoa uninierrupieii neaiiri.--
Ilr, Scheuck has discontinued his professional
visits to New. York and ttoston. Hour hts son,
Dr. J. II. echunek. Jr., still continue tn sen pa
tients nt their utllco, No. l' North hlxth Mreet.
Philadelphia, every Saturday from 11 A.si. toil P.M.
Tliu.o wlio wish u thorough examlniulon with
the Hesplrnmeter will be charged .'.. The Ilia,
plromeler declares tho exact uondltloii nf the
lunus, and patients can leadlly learn whether
they ure eurablo or mil.
The directum for taking tho medicines nre
adapted to the Intelligence even nf it child. Fol- .
luw these directions, and kind Nature will do the
rest, excepting that In some eases the Mandrake
Pills are to be taken In Increased doses t the
thrco medicines need no other neeoniimnlraeiits
than the umple Instructions that uccompany
them i First create appetite, of returnlmt
health, hunger ta tho most welcome symptom.
When It cuiiies, as It will come, let the despair
ing ut onco bo nf good cheer. loud blood ut unco
follows, the coiikIi loosens, tho iilnlit sweat Is
nhatod. Iu it short tlmo both ot tlicau morbid
symptoms ure (.-ono forovcr.
Ilr. Schcnck's medldnus mo constantly kept In
tens of thousands "f families. As it laxative nr
purgative, the .Mandrake Pills nru u standard pre
paratlon I while the Piihiioulu Syruit. us it euro
ut coughs uud uulds, muy be regarded us u pre
phylactcrlo ugatnst cuusiuuptlun In uny of Us
Prlco of tho Pnlmoiile Syrup and Pca.weod
Tunic, SUV) n bottle, or 7.1,0 n half doieu. Man.
Mrako Pills. cents u box. I'ursxlo by all drug
Ism nnd dealers.
.DEAl.GIl ,
Between Commercial and WAsr
Inqlon Avenues,
AkuiiIh lor Itititk lii'vur latr
Coiiipiiny'hSliciitliliiie l'ult ami
QiKtrlx Cement.
II.W. John'H Iinpi'ovt-tl lEool
in;: always) on Iiautl.
Tin and Hollow Wire, Clothes lVrlugcf i.
Toilet Ware, (.'mil Hotls, lire
Shovels. Air Unites.
Manufacturer of
'Tin, Zinc, Copper and Sheetlron
W jOu XI. 33,
No. 166 Washinqton Avj
CAIKO, ll.l.S.
Iloollnit, Gutterliis snil ll .klmU ol
Job Work Done lit wliorlcstt Jotlce,
?to! Oil!
)VIHTK.STANI)AUI),i, pi linr.
LINSI'LI) OIL, Haw nud llnll
ptl. WIUTi: Ll-AI). unil Cnloiv.
H 0
i:ic, i:ic,
X:r. yy. 3TL O TLs X. "V ttTKt-ytt.
James Kennedy
Is prepared to do till ll lids uf
norsi: jiovtsti, not'fii;
ltepalrliiK uf livery Ilrst rlptlim
On the tip st rcisonable terms Orders left at the
riHilctiee of Mr K nncdy, on Center street, next
door t the nrw , Iciol building, or addres.e.1 to
the ,-are ot r. ii. IP.x 110, o-ihe uuiletin otll i
will itsene i n int. .i lenlion inilitf
Cor. lillli niul I'ojtliir St.,
j Cairo, - - - - Illinois
I lluvsnnd slsnghter cniy tno Iwat esltle, nogs
! and sheep, and Is pre-ared tu till any demand lor
1 iresn ineuhts lrom nut, pound to ten thousand
I "iiu'i.. 'I.eisiti
CHAS. (JAVJ:U & (JO., I'rnu'rs..
Keep constantly1 on luind the bestnf Heel, pork
Mutter, vea, l.iiinh, hnusige, I'lidding, etc
I'resh wnitniard in any quant l,-orheil lieef,cle,,
nUnys on hand.
Orders tilled promptly nnd sal isfietlun war
rvited fel,7dtl
I Eighth St., between Washington &
1 Commercial Ave.,
AiUoIiiIiik llltu-nhoiisn X. Ilniiii)-.
I Keep tho best nf Heel, Pork, Mutton, Veal, I.nmb
Piiiisitj;e, etc., niul srn prepared to serve cltuens
I in tho most iiccfptnol inunncr. octsdtl
jy-EA'A'! MtlATI
llns Jlcnuivt'tl 1o winiur's Illock, nnd
is. .1 f SI A 7
He will keep always on hand tlio best of Meats of
every Mirlety.
NmuUeil.neiit, I's t-Nli .Mrnt , Nausn(;i, etc,
A' r lo"CBl I'riees. tiivo him a call.
Ilunrd nud Tuition per annum, tiln.
InaiiKiiraied hy ll. It II I'nuco Arllmy. Hoard
and tution poriuinnm, K.i,, Pieshlent; tho Very
It v I.Mlmutli,i II.. lienn ,,f Huron IVr
piiiticul.irsapplv lu iliyor Uvans, I ondon, Uanmh
2 co
A m Cam? -j slT
"ZZ rsi p. Vis
I EL N , O
? I o gas 7s
, cp s 1 ; m
k ;d O
ess? O
' . m s:
llllil, IIIUIIS,
i.ii'PiKit ju:aii.,
V. II. .11,11 I M.
Nntaty 1'id in .
II. ll.Snmlr
Notary I'nbllc slid
Asm-Is, H5,5IU,.'OI (I)
AO Kill A Ml-; It I OA. I'A..
AsselH il.7s:,
HAKTioitu. ;omv..
Aixt-li 2,544 210 7'J
AHsetH.. l,tdl,l4H MO
i.ti:u.atio.aIa, s. v..
Ahnuin i,:tn:i,:i8 i?
A 'set 70(t,tt:i7 VU
UM,vi:iiA.i, cIaU i'iam).
AasClH .-ir,U7:i HH
iiomi:, coi.iJMiti h,
Aaavts. Hi
A.ni:itlCA K.TftAI MO..
AhhcIh . 5UO.OVU l
t... IHIiTlJAL 1.1 FK,
Assteisi ao.ooo.ooo Oil
HtAVi:i.KltN, HAKTFssltO,
MIM.dc ACt:iIK.M
AHHels 1,5UO,OUO 00
AnhcIh OUO.OOO Oil
ANses, J?):iO,f6!J UH
Safford, Morris & Candee
City National Bank,
Olro. XU.
Jllti: A.M .HAItllVE
rVi:i ni'ii, IV. Y. :
assi:ts. 8i.i3e,'4i j,
Ci ei-mii.M in, IS". Y. ;
Iliiimver, IV. Y,
ASSKTS 170,783
I is-'publ.cj, IV. "S'. ;
ANi;is , jji,iai s,.i
CoitiprlsInK the t'nilerit r llera'Ac
VotilierH, IV. Y. 5
ANSKTN.... 9J7tt,i6ft l
A.lla.iy City;
AsSKr.S .ta33,la ut
Pirem'n'h F'uncl,
AssirrN .. . s7N.oov uu
Socni'ity. IV. Y. ; Marine
ANSKTN 91,438 N4 00
fjy-Htores, iwelllncs, Furniture, Hulls an
I'arjroes insured at rates a. favorable as aound
permanent sccuriti will warrant
1 respectfully ask ol the cltuens ol Cuiro,
share of their patronage.
nftlee l First Nutlnnal Honk
T.Ti:ui:ST PAYIXG I'l.A.V:
A new and novel system of Life Insurance le
eentlr Introduced bv the
Ily this system, Life Insurance is furnished t
ns little coat ns hy ihe usual plans, and the pol.
icy hoi er receives an annual interes ol seven
per cent, upon all the money paid ay him to the
tj.'inp.iny ; his annual preinuims thus earaiun
linn as inuchns n Koveinmcnl bond.
The plan has been thoroughly criticiacit nod
fully indorsed hy tho most eminent actuaries
und skillful mathematicians in the land i Indeed
It has not yet been the subject nf unfavoraiie
mention In any respectable quarter.
Jiort Invest cor. Fourth ic Ollro Sis.
AllTHUIl JJ. IiAKKKTT, President
J1j:nj. AVilliams, Secretary.
ItaBlts tilgh In the Hat ot sound, thrifty Weslerr
I.tfo Companies. '
It iiawamplocapllal-SIJS.tiOO.
IlllllUHUkAfM m,,nl.nn .. 1 1.
1 1 nl.l Mllaa In o.l.l I, l . . . .1 . " "I'1. 10
' I A': , I,, " "1,L"?V'I
laid Ides In nddllloj tnthe capital.
J '"s ono hundred thousand dollars deaniileu
Willi inentltto Of Missouri na nemntn
. - -.-."v " "its tuoiiaauu uo
I, ., it ii "nsauuri an a perpotuai auar
v. , ' i'"'iuv uuiuers.
It hascpiiipllcd fully with tho new laws ol Klie
pinte, h hlth are quite as exacting and mare risld.
lyenfoiced tluin thosonf Eastein Htatea.
It Invests Its funda in tho West, anions the
people from whom thoy nre received.
Je" l"iioment Isvlxoreus, aklllful and pvii.
lis annual income from the interest alone is
nlrsady more than sulticient tu pay in losses.
It Issutw policies upon the ordinary life and em
tlowinont plans, at tho samo rate as other flrsU
diss companies.
niwhiildenili?1'''" rfCelV8 8,1 the prom ,aKa'
Tho stock holders can receive only ten per
rent, of Interest on their ospltnl, by ihe terms ot
'Ilieunniinl ilivldcnda to policy holders are al
ready Kieajer than many old Eastern Companies
Imio cier been able to pay. r""'"
TheUialoof Illinois paid last year about Im.r
inillloiiilollaraiorLlfoIusurntite. r
Why send so much money out ot tl-o qi,i
away tu elv i or t nu lew UiiHland for an aitlula
at hoTim? I,roJlltcd Jusl ftH chej y (ornioro so
: fJ G m vir la H 9s
apr20dsivll AgenUMt Cairo.

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