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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, June 07, 1871, Image 2

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ii" urn in
JV to1 '
tain.' i , .
J of Aider
, inber, In tlio .
" "a
r-mler, OnnnliiK-
fatfrJJl, ViUuer.-iM
. . .
"S'ldcrtnan Strnttt.il th
-J" .. . ....
iitct wa dispensed with.
immltteo to
met of .loli
A.I llm imn lini.b rofMllll
nont thereof, vlx: tl.c mini
l Winter moved to receive tlio
concur In the rocoinincndntion
nmlltoe. Carried by the follow -
e: Ayes Ihulor, Cunningham,
.', JlearJen, BcascijStrnUonSwiiynr'
, jrand winter 9. Say 0.
tie Committee on Claims to whom were
or red tbo following clnlmr, reported tlio
- mo back rccommondlnc; pnyment:
' 'owen & Miller, for sharpening
tooli S i 00
'N. A. Devore, labor on ildcwalkfl
' to Juno 2, 29 days at $3 a day, 87 00
'(T. Fitzgerald, labor on tldowulke
to June 2. 29 daya at $2 a day, f. 00
i Frank Bcmls, labor on tldcwalki,
to June 2. 11 dayi. at S2 a day. 22 00
Stratton&Blrd,3kegnaU, 16 00
Stratton & Bird, 4 keg null?
, Tho. Mehan, hauling lumber.....
Cloio & Vincent, 2 bbls. lime. . . .
Tho. Naughton, 27 day labor on
- itreets in May
M. Mahoney, 27 daya labor on
' itreeU in May....'.
Wra. Mcllalo, 23 days labor on
streets in May -
C. It. "Woodward, hardware, etc...
J. G. Lynch, rent to May 19, 1871
M. Silverberg, collector's book,
f index, dog tax receipts, etc...
. J. T.Bennie, lumber
Vfm. MeHkle. dieting nrisoneri
20 00
29 20
a 00
M 00
5S 00
128 19
25 00
. for April to the 28th, inclusive
309 70
' Wm. McHalc, dieting prisoners
I f for May ii
1 Timothy Gorman, building an ad
l dition to and repairing to the
U 200 00
f Alderman Stratton moved to allow tho
foregoing hills as recommended by the
Onnraittea. Carried, by the following
Ayes Budcr, Cunningham, Mctcalf,
lUardtn, Sease, Stratton and Swayne 7.
Nayi Waldor and Winter 2.
The following bills also referred to tho
Committee on Claims wore reported back
with the recomtnondation that tlioy bo not
allowed. Alderman Swayno moved lo
allow said bills. Lout, as follows :
AyM Ileardcn, Stratton nnd SwHync
Kays Budcr, Cunningham, Metculf,
Sease, Walder and "Winter 0.
Thoi. Kaughton, Iml. of duys
labor on streets nt $2.70 a day
in March last
M. Mahoney, bal. of 4 days labor
on streets at (2,70 a "day in
March last
II Of)
11 00
Tha same Committee to whom also were
referred the several bills of tho Calio City
Gas Company, reported the sarno bock
rtcnmmending their refcronco to n special
committee for examination.
Alderman Budcr moved to concur in
the recommendation of tlio Committee.
Tho Choir appointed as such committee.
Alderman Buder, Cunningham and
The City Comptroller, to whom tlm fol.
lowing salary bills were referred, ruportcd
the same back us correct :
K. A. Burnett, alary as ('(imp-
trailer for May ,. . ,
K. M. Sumner, salary as l'ollco
Conitablu for May
5-7." on
J. y. Veiruu, salary a l'ollco
Constable for May 75 00
John Sheehan, salary it l'ollco
Constable for May
M. J. Howley, lary, as City
Clork or May
John M. I.itn.'Ji'ii, iilnry
Mayor for quarter cr.diii.ltinc
0, 1B71
Jos. B, Taylor.iulury ui Treasurer
for May t
A. Cain, salary n Mamlmt for
L. II. Myors, salary a Chlitf of
Police for April
B. Klianneny, fnlury as 1'. M. for
7.J (V)
loi mi
loo no
f.o no
h:i :::i
L. ii. Myers, salary as Chief of
Police for May M 33
Alderman Cunningham moved that tho
saw bills bs allowed. Carried as follows ,
Ayes Buder. Cunningham. Ifetcalf
Bearden, Sease, Stratton, Hwnyne, Wnldor
Tba following UlU having been allowod
by the Select Council wtr presented for
i, O. Lynch, rent to April lu,
Morris, Hood Co., lumber
Morris, Rood Co., lumber
H. A. Hannon, stationery for
Clerk's, and Treasurer's offices...
2s oo
172 to
8 70
)4 ai
Aldorman Cunningham movc-d
concur in tha action of
tJaltct .Council. Carried by
WVowlBg vote: Ayes-Budcr,
tiliiglinm.Moti!...., .vav-.o.
Swa.vn, V'nMerii n.. " , '
VRTO Mr."..
Thu Cltsrk lull tho
Jti.inl the
,. 11 or.1l.
1.111 lor nn .inli.i-.npr nimuc.. .. lQ
,.,l .inliwim
,...il.'..r with II,- M,.y..r's..hjccli..uMhcrctol
o - . . ... :..
llio following
silill i.lili-li-ll '"'"'K '"
J ,7 'u itl. ro.pcciri.1ly return to yon,
i.if, "An oi.linnnc.. t U'icn-.l r,,1"nn('
, n." :: r t. , ; ,, ,ll0 ,. retuct.
, bccii'i ol inylitivinV, L
! ";,(. by ihofelMl Council,
' ivcfif fitvurnblo to It adnptior
i 'u..f.vv..r. the. view I limy
'.Moroovcr.tlio view I limy cxire. or
..pin4. !. rc'iinli'il ti in
to whom was re- ' wln ,m',c)t 0f tlio nrtloii of the city gov
n Cithill aInH : ,.,.uuent heretofore tiikcn, mid In roiillict
,n l,nck reeoni. with ..t lea oi.io l tlm prcfcn of
1 pnni-cdlng
iK.'1'edlng of thorny council i" "'" "
termeJ iu joini ii"". f
No one Is less inciiiieu u" ."
Interfcro with established forms, U'ligcs or
ml,.,; kit in llii mutter, n m nil others,
! In Iw wl."? our duty Is, .ml hvlnff
,ucertnincil In our own stitlsinctlon what
tl.nnn vth nc we imvc to no urcu.. .u,
' it is then to go lorwnni in us pcrioriiiiuiL-o.
i tVa Hi... ciiarter of 1807 i.rcatcd a City
iv..in.;irmi3iliiif of tho Mavorimd Board
.,f Alilnrnmn. and conferred upon thosomo
corUln right anil iiowcrs set forth fit sec
tions 0, 7, , , Ac, nrlcJo 2 of said
r'i,..rf..r sid c v council so consii-
i,iinl exercised tho' whole legislative au
thority of the city government. It was
so lo speak, tx general assembly of ft slnglo
house ot ucicgnics or inomuors.
Tho nmcnument mauo to saiu ciiarior
n lfiGO. devested tlio old City Council of
tho whole of Us authority, and vested It in
"a liodv to bo stvlod llio city council
which snail ue composou oi iwo nranciies,
.. . i .. . , i
ono of whicli shall bo called tlio buicci
Council and tho other the Board of Alder
This language of section ono (1) of the
amendment is exactly tho same in sub
stance in that of tho now constitution of
the State, which provides that "Tlio legis
lative power shall bo vested in a General
Assembly, which shall consist of a Sonato
nnd House ot Jtcprcscntaiivvf.
Tlie amendment of 1809 makes tho So
led Council n soparato, distinct and hide
ncndcnl branch of tho lecislativo author
ity, and, in express terms, makes sections
C 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 11, of nrtlclo 2 of
tlio cliartor ot jbui uppncamoio soiu nc
lnet Council, lrlvinir It thorebv authority
to judge of tho qualifications, elections nnd
returns oi its members, to uciermino con
tested elections, to expel mem
l.pn. tnnk'n its own rule ot nrocccdini?.
keep its own journal making it, in fact,
almost coinplotoly what tho City Council
was under tha charter of 1807. It was, it
would scorn, tho creation of u now and on
additional City Council, with tho same,
powers given and restrictions imposed, as
thoso glvon to and imposed upon tho old
Citv Council.
Formerly thoro was a simple body;
now. there uro two bodies, possessing liko
powers, nnd controlled by liko restrictions
Kach body makes iu own rulo of proceed
Ing, and neither has tho right to make
rules of proceeding for tho other. It cer
tainly cannot bo that these two branches
can act separately whon they choose, mid
jointly when theyso choose, nnd their nc
tions'ln both cases bo valid and legal.
1 can And no nuthority whatever in tho
charter, or tlio amendments thereto, for
the transactions of gonoral or other busi
ness of the City Council iu it joint session
! of tho two boords, except lu tho tinglo
case ol tho election of otlicers, provided
for in section u ot tlio amendment. And
to my mind, this requirement of the
amendment, touching tho election of otli
cers In a joint meeting of tlio two board?,
strong evidence that without such pro
vision such joint meeting could not prop,
erly bo had or held.
IS'or can wo coiicluilo that becauso tlio
amendment of 1807 requires tho concur
rent action of both boards In tho pas.sngn
of ordinances, that, therefore, all other
l uilness may bo dono or transacted in n
joint meeting of llio two board'. W
might ns well claim that liec.iuv) tlio con
stitution of the State, in express term, rc
quiro tlio concurrence of a majority of tho
members fleeted to each Houso of tlio Leg
islature for tho passage of any law, that,
thcroforc, all tho other business of tho
Lugishituro might bo transected !u ti joint
siMsionof tho two Houses, as well as tho
election of Senators to Congress.
J do not ovuriooi: nectian i t ot Anient
5 of the Cliartor of 1807, which provides
that "all ordinances snail navn vwo read
ings nt length tin ktiuarato days In tlm City
Council before thoir pnssagu.'' I'lldur
thu present city government, or under tlio
amendment of I8t;9, there Is nosingUi body
corresponding to tho Citv Council ofllm
Charter of 1807. This Section II of thu
Charier is sub.tnnllally compiled with, if
imleej it must bo compiled with under
till amendment, by reading thu ordinances
the requisite number nf times bef.ini each
Tim two hoards mav no doubt have
their joint mcetlngi, appoint Joint cojn
mittoc., hear reports, petitions, at.., nnd
do all other such matters and things as
will tend to inform tlw member... itinl nut
thu buiiness of tho council lu proper
nlripj ami condition for premutation to
and notion liy tho bcparatu board'.
This ordinance which in ellcct goes far
toward thu doing away with the bepurato
boards, and trai sferring thnlr busiuc" to
a joint meeting of the same, U for that
r.iat-on objectionable. Its object may bo
very do'irable, but that Is npooi-criterion
by which to judgo of iu legality.
Tl.u importuueo of the matter, lupechilly
in cenntetiou with tho contemplated rovU
inn of tho ortlinanccs, is, I trust, a sulli
dent oppologv for llio length of these re
marks. .11)11 N M. LAKSDKN.
Cairo, ills., May 19, lrill,
Tho quostlon then hilnj" shall the bill
pass notwithstanding tho objections of tho
Mayor?" it was docidil In tho negutlvo,
in tho following voto ;
.yes None.
N'uys Uuder, Cunningliiiiii, Mctcalf,
Jloardon, Sease, Stratton, Swayne, "Wnldor
and Winter 9
Alderman Strattcn moved to tako ui)
the usossmont lists fur 1871, together with
the resolutions .concerning tho same adopt
ed at the joltit nioeting .ol tho two boards
on tho 2d Inst. Carried.
The Clerk then laid before tho Board
thq assessment Hits for tho your lbll wlh
tho following resolutions nboyo men
tloncd. '
H'A1 r''('lr1 h Hoard of Aldejmtn
and tM StUtt Council, Otnaprhlwtfic CUy
CmeU o l),c(,joj fufro, That the mw-
ment lists for tlio j
sumo being the ncnionl tu .
personal pnperty In tlio city of Gaii
citv tavos for fho said year, made by K. A.
Burnett, the City Assessor, for tho said
voar, now beforo said City (Council, all
nlijoetloiis thereto having boen lienrd and
determined, be, nnd tho sanio is hereby
..iroved and emflrmed, and that tho
iiinin "lo m I'm City Clork's oillco.
Jle it lui 'vtcr rcsoivca, xiihi mo ioiiow
nff minis of n.onry be, nnd tho same nie
licreby levied upon tha said real and por-
sonnl properly mentinnod In, nnd accord
Ing to s.ihl nssos'tiiont, to defray tho ox-
pcn'C, nobis, nnu tiainiiiius ui ram cuy ui
Cairo, to-wit'. One-half ol ono per centum
upon tho a'ses'ed valuo of said proporty,
to defrav tho contingent and othor ex
penses oi' tho city not otherwise- provlvcd
for, tho same to go into nnd constitute n
purl of tho genernl fund j also ono-holf
,.r.inn ner cpiittnii upon tho assessed valuo
thereof to defray tho costs nnd expenses of
making Improvements upon tho streets,
.i,ml fiViinllt.'. nnd nubile crotinds of tho
citv not othorwiso provided for, includ-
ng expenses lor piibllo sowers, pumps
nnd drainage. which taxes snail
constitute the improvement fund; also
one-half of ono por centum upon tho ns
scsscd valuo thereof, to bo applied to tho
i.iyniont of interest on tlio bonus oi mo
ity issued and negotiated, or to bo hero
fter Issued nnd negotiated for Improve-
inents and other purposes, which taxds
shall constitute tlio intorest fund; nnd
ln. one-half of ono nor centum upon tho
,mi.(ml value thereof, as a special tax to
no v tho Interest on tho bonds issued by
said city to Fox, Hownrd & Co., under
section twenty-seven (27) of tho amend-
....... T llw. 1'l.it.lni.
Jle it further raohtJ. That tho City
Clork bo, and ho is hereby instructed to
preparo n proper warrant authorizing tho
citv collector to collect mo taxes lovicu
as aforesaid, and when prcpared,tho proper
otlicers of tho city aro hurcby instructed
and authorized lo sign, seal, and deliver
llio sumo in accordance witii me dinner
and ordinances of tho city.
iVlderman Cunningham moved to adopt
tho foregoing resolutions. Carried as fol
lows: Ayes; Buder, Cunningham, Mot-
calf, Bourdon, Seaso, Stratton, Swayno,
"Walder and Whiter, 9. Nays, 0.
I'pon their first reading In this Board,
"An ordinance to regulato the du
ties of the Chief of 1'olico and l'ollco
Constables ;" "an ordinance to amend
ordinance No. 29;'' "on ordinance to
amend ordlnnnco No. 49, and for other
perposcs:" "an ordinnnco to amend sec
tion 280 of tut ordinanco to adopt tho or
dlnanccs of tho citv of Cniro us revived
and codified ;" "an ordinnnco to amend or
dinnnco No. 00;" ''an ordinance to provent
tho running at largo of cows and goats
nnd for other purposes;" and "an ordi
dinanco to authorize Etay of oxecution in
certain cases.
Aldorman AYaldor moved to table the
foregoing sovoral ordinances. Tho Chai
ruled tho motion out of order. Tho said
ordinances wcro then laid over for n sec
ond reading.
Alderman Winter presented tho peti
tion and accompanying papers of (1. "W.
McKcalg praying tho Council to executo
a deed for tho following described real es
tate i 0 feet oil' K. side of lotnumborcd 11,
in city block 2.1; lot numbered 27, in
block -1G; lots 27 and 28 in city
block 33 s lot 30 in city block
70 ; and lot 33 In block 80, Alderman
Slratton moved to refer tho mutter to tlio
Committee on Claims. Withdrawn.
On motion of Aldorman Cunningham,
tho petitioner was permitted to mnko ex
planation in regard to tho petition and tho
atlidavits and tax'certillcatcs accompany
ing tlio snmc. Tho petitioner hnvlnjj ex
plained the matter, Alderman Seaso
moveithat tho prayer of tho petitioner
be granted, and thai tho Mayor nnd City
Clerk bo ordered to execute n dcod to Mr.
McKoalg for tho foregoing mentioned
property as prayed for hi snid petition.
Curried, as follows :
Ayes Uuder, Cunningham, Mctcalf,
Ileardcn, Sease, Hlrattnn, Swayne, Wnlder
"Winter 9.
Nays None.
On motion of Alderman Winter tho
Board then adjourned.
M. .1. llOWLKY, L'itu Cterl;.
Takk NoTin:. Timk Taiilk ok tiik
I.i.I aro'fl Ckntkai. Kam.uo ad. On ami
after .Sunday, May lith, J871, tho follow
ing tluHMiiblo will goycri the arrival ami
tk'purtiiio of passcngor trains nt Cajro:
DrjmrtMuU train, daily, 11:5 p,tii,
Kxpressj dally,!,,, 2:0 P,tn
ArrirrSluU, dally,,,,, , ;i;.10 tun,
Hxpruss, daily, except
Sunday , i):!!0 p,ui,
Although tho rcgtilnr HI. Loilis train Is
taken oil' both tralr.s out of Cairo will havo
through car. for St. Louis, which will bo
taken through from I)u(uolii by tlio trains
on tho Belleville road. Direct and cloeo
connection will bo made at i)u Quoin, and
Jlwiiu will bo no change of cars from
Cairo la Sj Louis. Tho train leaving
Cairo nt U;45 p,m .will ha vn a thrnuL'h
sleeping car for St. Louis, Tlio nftontlon
of shinner Is emeciilK- .nll.,,1 in bk f.,,,i
I li .i H T." t a
Cairo dally, Saturdays excopted, nnd will
make tho run from this city to Chicago In
twenty-two hours.
KlTZnKu.,i.V Kuin,K ItooMH. Per
sons blbulously Inclined, lowers pf t)o ox
lilloriiling juico of tho corn nnd juico ot
grape, or ins.lt bovorages, should cull Inir
mcdiutoly at thu sample rooms, on corner
Commercial nvctmo and Fourteenth struct.
Besides everything In llio drinking lino,
of tho purest kind, ho him the most fra.
grant Havana clgurs, Importations from
Cuba, that loud of nnrcotlo weeds, Fit.,
gcrnld keeps a ilrst-class placo, and has
with him Jimmy English, who knows ov.
cry body, nnd knows tho wants of every,
body apd tjhv )? j gentleman, every
Inch ofiim, f
niui, t nun xiirt,t's iriaiii will iniivn
F,i.ouk. Oholco Fiimily "FJpur in ,bbjs
half bids., ). Ap.,foralii nt'.thn.Kgyp.
.tlau Mills, an
Albtt'n. The barber ..r, . ) ?
on Commercial avenue, near tho comor o.
Kighlli strcot, is tho placo lo which all
lovors of n good, closo shavo with razors
sharpor than tho wit ol twenty Jcrrolds,
wind llioir way. If
Meats. The branch m'eatshop of Jumcs
Kynnston, located on Commcrclnl nvenue,
noxt door to the grocery store of James
Carroll, Is now in full blast, nnd this pop
ular butcher Is supplying nil tho rcflned
meat eaters of that portion of the Fourth
"Ward with splendid meat. If you havo
not tried him givo him a call. tf
Himc't. Himo, nt tho old stand, oh
Sixth street, near Ohio lovoo, Is conduct
ing his bnrbor shop in n flrst-clnss style.
It is a model establishment in every par
ticular, nnd while in his chargo all its cus
tomers will receive courteous attention,
and tho benefit of excellent workmanship,
llnlr cutting, shaving, shampooing, etc.
Corner WnitiltiKton Avenue anil Four
teentli alreet.
Fred. Blaukenburg's saloon 'is nowly
nnd elegantly fitted up nnd supplied with
tho finest wines, liquors, beer, cigars, etc,
that can be found in the city ; and Frod.
has no superior as a dispenser of delightful
bovorages. Do not forget tho placo, cor
ner 14th street and Wnshlngton avenue.
Tho house heretofore occupied by Pat
rick Fitzgerald, on Ohio Levco between
Fourth nnd Sixth streets. This houso. if
not the best business house Is certainly
ono of the best standB lu Cairo. It fronts
tho principal steamboat landing nnd is
near the lli'mols Central railroad depot.
Also the second floor of the same building
suitably nrrangod for offices. Apply next
door at ltobert Smyth & Co's. wholesale
grocery store. tf
A sallow or yellow color of skin, or yel
lowish brown spots on faco and other
parts of body; dullness and drowsiness
with frequent hcadacho, dizziness, hitter
or bad taste in mouth, dryness of throat
nnd internal heat; palpitation, in many-
cases n dry tensing cough, with sore throat,
unsteady appetite, raising of food, choking
sensation In throat; heaviness, or bloated
or full feeling about stomach and sides,
pain in sides, back or breast, and nbout
shoulders : colic pain and eoroncss
through bowels, with heat, constipation
alternating with frequont attacks of diar
rhea; piles, flatulcnco, norvousnoss, cold
ness of extremities ; rush of blood to
head, with symptoms of appoplexy, numb
ness of limbs, especially nt night; cold
chills alternating with hot Hashes, kidnoy
nnd urinary difficulties; female weakness,
dullness, low spirits, unsociability nnd
gloomy forebodings. Only few of
abovo symptoms likely to bo present hi
tiny cuso nt ono tlmo. All who use Dr.
Picrco's Alt. Kxt. or Golden Medical Dis
covery for Liver Complaint nnd its Com
plications, aro loud in its praise. Sold by
all ilrt-class druggists. 667 jo7vlt
FULTON & SONS, - - Proprietors.
Arc Now In Fall Operation.
Mssrs. FiillnnA Bona are prepared to fiirnu
all kinds of Hour or the best .madly, and also
Mill heed of all kinds. Graham Flour, In sacks
or in lcs qnnnllly, made from the lcst While
Cor. 8Hi St, am Conimcrflpl arf
IJV Till; PEKRY HOlsi:
Sharp Uaiurs.i-IeanTowsU nnd 8UIII-
i.ii svoruiiicii.
Ladies' and Children's Hair Out and Bhainnooneil
oitlinr nt lim utiAi..ty '
AT Til Kill OWN 110MF.S.
Ilenllemen's Whiskers and Hair Dyed inasetcn
.iu iiiHiiiiri mm vniipuwiionguaranteea.
ire Prepared to Snpply Cimtmuers
irlth the Best (Quality tf
IIUuoIh Colli.
UrtUrs lft Nr Hlfltay ilrni, OIkr,
Mo. TO Ohio Lav, ot mt ti Ca
Yard balosv tit St. Charles Uq,
II,vjvI1I Beealv I"roniU
The Tug "Montauk" will bring Coal alongside
learners at any hour, day or night.
sCulrii.Ucl. itfth. 1BT0 tf
' I
Mill CUO
IIooHauil'si litoslijilliiu IMII
Hoofland's Greek Oil
llonfllnnd'H Mcrmnii Bittern.
A Illltera Without Alcohol or Hdlrlta
ur niiy kl nil
Iidlfltrcnt from all otners. Is composed of tbo
purcjuicpitorviinl principle of Hoots, Herb nnd
llari; (or as medically termed, extracts.) the
worthiest nnd Inert portions of the Ingredients
not being used, Therefore, In ono bottle of this
Bitters there lit contained as much medicinal vir
tue ai will bofouml In several grlloni of ordinary
mixtures. Tho Itoots, etc., used In thl Bittern
are grown In Ocrtnsny, their vital principles ex
tracted In that country bv n scientific Chemlstand
forwarded U tho manufactory In thUrlty, where
they are compounded and bottled. Containing no
spirituous ingredients, this Bitters is free from
the objections urged against U others i no desire
for stimulants can helndiiced from their ne.
can make no drunkards, nnd cannot, under
IrcuinHtnnco., litre any niitnoenencmi cnrci.
llootland'.i licrmttn Tonic.
Was compounded for thoie not inclined lo ex
rime bitters, nsd Is intended for uic in cases
when somo alcoholic stimulant Is ciulred In con
necllon with the tonic properties of the Bitters
Each bottle of tho Tonio contains ono bottle o.
the Bitters, combined with pure Sata Crut Bum,
and flavored In such a manner thai the extreme
bitterness of tho Bitters is overcome, forming a
preparation highly agreeable and pleasint to Hie
palate, ami containing the medicinal virtue of the
Bitters. The prlce'of the Tome Is 31 fill per
bottle, which many persons think too high 1 hey
must tske. Into consideration that Hi" stimu
lant used is guaranteed to beofn pure quality,
A poor article could bo furnished nt ft chepr
pnce.lutls it not K-tter to pay a little more and
nave a good article, ? A medicinal preparation
should contain nono but the best ingredients and
they who expect to obtain a cheap eumiiouud will
mot certainly if ciicateu.
They are the CJrealest Kiiouii Itetue.
For I.lver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Nervou. Deblll
ly. Jaundice. Diieae of the Kidneys. Krun
tlons of the bkin, and all diseaei
arising from a disordered
l.Hcr.Mninach, orlm
purity of the
Head Ih. 'ollowlng symptoms: Conpatinns-
Klutulence, Inwanl Piles, Fullness of blood to Hie
head, Acidity ot tho Stomach, Nausea. llort-Lurn,
disgust of food, fullness or u eight in the Momach,
Hour Eructmiom, sinking or Muttering ut thejut
of tlie stomach, swimming of the head, hurried
or (IlllicuU breathing, tluiterlng at tho Im.irt, chok
ing or suttocatlng sensations when in a lyiog pos
ture, dimness or vision, dots and webhs before tho
fluhl. dull nalnm the head, deficiency of iieMtdr.
Ation, yellowness of tlie skin unit eyes, pain In
.the side, back, chest, limbs, etc., sudddii flushes
or neat, burning in the nesn, constant luaglmngs
of evil, and great depression of spirits. Allthcjo
indicate dlseusn of tho l.lvcr or dlgcttre oigans
combined with Impure blood,
The use of the llittcis or Tonic will soon cause
the above symptoms In disappear, ami the patient
M ill bfCDjnp well and hi-altv,
Dr. Moorland's Greek Oil,
Mft-lttliiK Olire for all KlntU ori'aliis
anil A .'lies
Ami in F.XTKBNiiLr. It will earn nil kinds ol
pains ami nulies; such ns Kheumatlsm. Neuralgia,
Tootlmt-lio, Chilblains, Siiralns, llrulses, Krost.
Bites, lleadaclies. Pains in thu Hack mid Lolas,
l'ulns thu Joints, idiubs, Btlngs of Insects, Hum.
worms, eto.
Takm IsrrRXALL'r.-Ii will cute Kidney Com.
plaint tiacliaches, sick headache, c-ollc, dysentery,
diarrhon, cholera infautinn, cholera rnorbiii.,
eramnsnnd pains in the stomach, fever anil ngue
cnsigis, t-olds. asthma, etc.
Br. HooIIiiikIVs I'odophylllii,
Two Ila it Hose,
The nwt I'owcrttl, yet Inn(,cr,nl ne(,iLle
Oiilinrttc Known,
Ills tint necessary lo take ahandlul of these pills
, -."ii.'. iiin-i, i" "I iiieiu not
'!,.' k.l,i f uJ J',0w7"'lly. cleansing llio liter, atom
fn im'i' '""Ifofal linpiirltU-.. Tho principal
Ingredient Is l'ododiyllin, or tlie nlchnliolia ix.
irueioi Manurake,Hnlc-li Is by many times moro
powerful, actlngnnd searching than llio Mandrake
Itself. Its peculiar notion Is upon the Ltvtr, clean-
IniS II uhAa.lilu nil .1 jk. ' . .
... ey-ij ..uiii in, uuniriiuiioDs, witn an inn
ponerof Merctiry. yct freelrom the Injurious re.
fcullM fittuhed tn Ihnll,. n.,1
Is Indicated, these Pills gyo entlrn sttlsf
.,,v...ui i4,i iiuiiiui-iint, I'ysiiepiia.nnd ox.
tremecostiveness, Dr. lloolland'sGormuu Hitter
Sm" .p!'l"JI,IJ,,je i'se:' ,n ''onnpotionwllh the
Pills. Tlie Tunla eHect of tlm jtuter- or Tonlo
ttlV,MtA.vf 1 era '""liters or Tonlo jur.
Hies tho blood, alrengthcna tho nvrvos, niaciin:
;"liui, energy anil V gor.
Keep your bowo s actlvo fth Iho Pills, and tone
up tho system with tho Hitters or Tonic, nnd no
disease t-ap r tain its hold, or ever again ass i l it.
! Tnoso medicines ar sob by nil Drlieg tts ind
drtileni in' medicines every where ? '
iwwuiiwi iiih n is iir. noonanu's Oerman
Uernedfos, that are so unlversallytued and reborn,
mended! ond dpnotnllow iholirutgrsi to In. line
i.rnlll en
MlJ'y.upfln PplCttllon to tlfc flllNcfl
eso itc meuies wii be sent by osnreii to are lo.
r i.;r, itn.io ..cii.iiAis Ai,
AltCli UTItivJiT, I'hlladel
dphia. .i.i r
VUAH, 9t. liVAAjS, rrourlplor
Formerly O. M. JAOKN. CO.
These remedies aro for tale by Druggists, More
keepers, and Mediolne Dealori, every wl efe
IhroUllhotlt the United Slates. fJn.,lI. S"..T
America ond tho West Indies. ForrMlo by
ery vih'nre. i.,r own una
"""JL irc.ii, niio cont no Ifipni III umiin .o.
euro pen, pound or other i,iro ,. .i.- -.n p
laklns up .'.id anlmali ifiM
tifcemsry su.lenanco for tlici,,. nn i . - ...J? n.n.'1
necessary sustenance- for them, and li V..n..i
tle..c"'. !'E?7W'.. -""it" ninee ,?:
u iu ii i iJiiicnr iii-imrn iii . "
tbyhltn. "-"mnisnsiiiwre
e.e n).?.nn8' 'SI" ."P"?' !h" P'otl
. M. ! in rum riv tha . . ni .
sion of tin. ' the t mo or I. lnC.,tlr,,on of
J?EC. . i ana . . . ..s Vllli.ff
lliteo .lays fnun , oi 'nrlni.,; i u,.,.r
which sttletwo dayk n P.r hr'n''j n0'.'? J 'h
en by posting up wi ItU ' I oost nflieL2r
tune mid place of Mle. k P..?e, .ndipi'
County Court houw, at tin. animals by ihefr
Clerk's dike, describing thu .
color, slie, marks nnd brands. impounding
Hcc. t. The ollleer taking up ami id rectlve
any animal shall be entitled to chuge a. "ly
for the some ftlty cents : and for each -nve
four hours tho sarno may le kept, twenty 1,n
cents sddltlonal : and if sold, fifiv cents for eoc
animal sold, but II any peron shall apply and
pay llio oWeer's lees and costs nf susteaanee and
iniiiounding, at any timo before sala of rucli nnt-
tnnls, ihey stiall be released by tho ollicer.
Hi.c. 5. An ncctiralo account shall bo kept by the
ollicer tnAklpg the sale nud rendered to the City
Council at et ry staled meeting thereof, and all
animals sold by him, nnd his fees and charges
thereon, and all money s received iy him for the
saleot such nnunals, after iledtielViig therefrom
tlio lees iindcostmir unburnning, sale, nnu suste
tunee. si.sll u.th.iiit delv. Iioinid. a. ft sneclal
(le,oli, into tho City Treasury and llio Treasurer
Minn receipt lor tlio sainn ami snmi Keep u in a
separate acvounl subicct to tlio order of tlio Ctv
fr.c, i. If at any sale of animals, under the pro
visions ot this ordinance, no perton shall bid, thu
wholo amount of costs for taking up, keeping and
selling saidntumiili, the ollicer entitled tu receive
the fees mar, for himself, bid the amount ol his
eots nnd cli'ges,and li no pet son bids any more
said annuals n.ny be struck oil to til in as in other
Met. 7. Ifany ix-rson ejiall break open any pen,
pound nr other incloseure, In winch any animals
iii.iv lcconilned or kel.t tinder the renuirementi
of tnl orilinaacs, or shall directly or indnectly
nld.irnbct the same ur esonpoofany suoh ani
mals, lie or they sli.il I lorit-it anil pay to said
City a sum not less than ten dollars nor more
th..n tilty doi at l-jr eich and ecry oirenu.
li. It the City Marshal or any Police Con
stable shall neslcrtnr r.-fii'O to lake up and Im
pound any animal known by him lo be running
at Isrire conirsry to the ordinances of thecity. be
shall forfeit nnd pay to said city a sum not les
than live dollars nor more than twenty-dollars for
esett and every ollenso.
Approved May l?lh, ll
Allot: Mayor.
M. J. Himtrv. .'.ity Clerk. mtZWK
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO..
501 llltOAUU AV, .KV YOIIU,
Invite the atl.rtiou of ttf Trade lo their exten
sive assortment of tho above Roods, f. tiirta oss
:. A- II. T. A.NTIIONV Utt.,
Ml Hsoadwat, .N'tw Vokk,
I Dpporlti' Metropolitan Hotel,
F. ,s
ISuccessnr to Pohle A .Sloe kit. ttil
Ilrcllller nnd Wlinlo.inlit HcaliT In l'nr
I'igu mid llonicsl'.-
78 Iiio lacvoc,
Ife keep on iian Iconsl.mlly, Rfullsocl: of
Old Kentucky Jloiirhon, Itj e nnd Mon
cngnlieln IVhlMkicH, French Jlran-;
dies, Holland in, Uiilne
nnd CalU'oriilu AVlues.
Bar Fixtures
i.vii coons,
Cairo. Illinois.
y shiou sioici: "
'flli'olaskl'n'i Ciistoni-jraijo
iShoes & Slippers
Coiuiiif t'dnl Avilltiit Corner nrKlirlitli
Nlreel, Cairo, ill. " "
i-.irticuinr ntlcntlon r d to
HOOPSKUtTri and bllljll.s.
ft! I trdcrs
William J. Allot, )
Jrollli II, .lullir S t'Alltfl. 1 1. 1.
Hiumiel V. Wlieilorj
bl,shre's".ln'tl'n,I0ll ,lft'a 10 " v,'f"1"1 ni''lrHy
Olllee Ilooms 7 &, 8 Winter's Illoclt.
" IiAi , I . ,
!','!!!"m Ween, )
rt llliam li. nilberl, l Cairo. m .
r. oiii.cn, ' ii.in
"I.. on uniol,evee. Itooma i
Tl li ....
Prr,ity JValloi.,,1 jk.
aujl q
( V. UVSSIXU, M.D. Ite
Va IUi:.NfK-Corner Ninth nnd Walnut
-KKICK-Corner Sixth Street and Olilo Levee
flKyiCK HOUIW-Krom 9 a.m. U II ra., and
W Us MAM U. K.lllTII.M. O
ItKrflllKNOE-No. 21, Thirteenth r
etween Washington Avenue and Walnut Street
OFKOK.lno Cometclal Avenne, upslslra
JT WARDVER, M. D., Cairo
ivm oliL'L00 .WlOWn Commercial
(romo"?!,0 9odV xc.pt.dj an.
( mt. William U. Ham.uhky.
( 'irwiiM
caieo -ft-ruT1 2:x. city
Lkavk CAino,
roor nr rinntii ns.r.r.
At ........,.. 7 A.M.
At 10 A.M.
At ll P.M.
At .'..5 P.M.
LkaTiMd. Citt,
At 8J0 a.m.
At 11.80 a.m.
At 2.30 p.m.
At 6.30 r.M.
xioi'tii or cachk, MAmrtr. -at,
The tollolng pickets leave Cairo
on the days and at the ho'irs bslow.named ;
Kvi-r y Monday at 5 p.m. j
Kvory Thursday, at 6 p.tn. j
Every Saturday, .nt 6 p.nli
For Freight or Passage apply on boarJ, or Id
anT7llf 1 7S OHIO I.KVEli.
The beautiful and llght-drsngM
IS.axrS HvrtilVT, ...-.Mstf,
at S o'fLoca, r.. j
S. AT 0 O'CLOtI, A.K,
"irltaTinz superior accommodations she so
licit, public patronage.
RTParticiilsr attention is paid lo collection of
Invoice charges, but the boat alii not be rupon.
stble for th" aatne until collected.
lal It furnishes water and does the scrubbing '
and lnopjilng at the same tlmo.
l!.l-It will dgtits work In one.fontth of th
time required in tho ordinary way,
.1.1 It will do the work of the scrubbing brush,
es, that cot75 cents each.
-lib It will save the price ot itself twice a year
in brooms,
mil It will not raise adust. .
lllli Therubberesn be replacedfor 15 cents.
7 III -The head Is malleable Iron,' an will last
ft lire-time. '
Nlli If you wish to use mop, or cloth,-to dry
the corners, remove the tin, and insert'yourcloth,
nnd you have that additional advantage.
1 nni prepared to furnish them by tingle down
rgross, on short notice. " Address
my!Md)m WM. HENRY, Cairo, Ills.
James Kcnnody
is prepared to do all kinds of
Repairing of Eerw n.crl.tUn
On (he mnst reasonable terms. Orders left at Ua
'"idence of Mr. Kennedy, on Cebt.r r.ViVt
door lo the new school building, or ddradW
tho rare of I n. nn i, ;io.5HK!"ff
Mill receh-i rJnmm .u.V.,1 wp.
Commercial Ay., Opnojlc post OMet
CAIRO, ILLlWpig. -
siosHfii iiaxlims, Proprietor.
i ",' ! ,
The House isnewlv (nml.ti,i ,j
iabllcrrr.claliacconmod.tronr V f.M4
jioaru ana i union per annum, Ml
Inautrurateddiv It. III! i.i,,. . . ..
p.rtloular.s.D(,ly to Major KMloadoCw '
I ! k ,

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