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J !1 YfllCIAN, Burgeon and Awntiheur, formerly
J I Anna, 1'IIIOa County, IllinoiP, linn irr
imir CnmirirrrlAl
tween Eighth ni Ninth street, West
mm tj
KESIDKNCB-No. 2t Thirteenth M'eet, Ik
twran Washington avenue and Wnlnut sire t.
mnciyo uommrcim Trnui', up Fiwirw.
. 0. W. DUNNING. M. D.
Orhc liourn from on. in. to 12 m., ni " p
wo arc not anv mow inlcresfcd in tho
.. .. -.... oilier citizen of
cutcrprifO man
Cairo. Wcw.mHohnvothoroadcom
1,-.l Waurt " ' inc,daFC 11,0 buS'
inw ofdio cUy-iMorcao our business
it will incrcn.o every owicr cium
buWnoM. Wo arc lliercioro no more
nforcsfctl in tlio ronll of Uio election
10 ,e licit! on iuonuay umu 'j
and li tho Hog
Lfour fcllow-citizcm',
.1 !i .. jlttttl innrA nT linVitiff
owners oi uio t" . .......
I thoir hogs run at largo uiau tncy uo 01
JIALLIDAY Ji0TIIJ3KS, I,1C prosperity of tho city,
all right. They nro Hie judges
'of their own conduct. Let tncra
I therefore lake tho responsibility j and,
because they have been deprived of a
email privilege, lot them, if they with
attempt to inflict a sovcrc, if not mor
Ifal. stilt unon the interests of the
KOKWARDING and COMMISSION wholo cky Thcy mv0 a right to
make fools of themselves, if they
wish. Hut this we desire to be dis
tinctly understood, that tho men who
I make this rascally issue should be rc-
Ml". It I'll AX TN.
Ami And of
Ohio Hltrr nml Kannwlin
mcmlcrcd aud injured as they desire
to injure tho city injured in tho
purses. For. tho man who says: "I
1 must opposo this proposition, bc
' eauso I bclicvo it will, if success
ful, work injury to tho city," we
can entertain a sentiment of re
spect ; but for tho men who, believing
tho railroad will benefit tho city,
declare they will opposo the proposi
tion unless an ordinanco on a sub
ject matter altogether loreign to tno
railroad proposition is repealed, wo
have no respect whatever, and we
nsscrt that they should he spotted and
70 Ohio Levke,
Sunhay Mousing, July 2, 1871.
JOHN , 0I1EUIY, Kiiitou am. I'i lamn k.
Tins" or the Daily IHixitin:
One week, by carrier, -..
One inontli by J.inil, .. 75
Three rnnntht ?- 25
Blx montl s 25
One year, 8 00
The offiticljtnpirtifAlesnniUr county wl nf the tity oj
uuro; me only mormn ttcuv in .xjurif nt vuinoi ;
n ttiU'Ovnkf 'frttrnnlt maU, but fmrUss ; out
rpoltn on all iubjteti of interest to the pnUie ;
mtkalnreeanlvicnannn eireutntiim. the HuUe-
Un mtinti tkepatromgeut intdtigent rtalcrt and
Hitrpnnny tirn.
Jo'm II. OlnTly i Co. naro reducpil the ttili-
orii i.n prl.-o oftlie Wvrkly Cuiro lliilk-tlll to
Out l.'ln ..v ii,iiiii4. tn iklnt; tt tlie cluniiPft
rcrpu'i l.lu.l msoiitlirrn lUinnln,
Prom onr Kxchnngcs.l
Tlio Tribune suggests tho holding of
a rep'ubhenn mnss convention nt nn early
Tho first shipment of peaches from
Du Quoin this Benson was mndo Inst Tues
Xow wheat, held nt eighty cents to
one dollar per bushel, is arriving freely lit
Du Quoin.
Tlio work on tho grounds of tho ap
proaching stato fnir will commence in a
fow days. The Bit Quoin Tribune enys
from five to ten car loads of lumber reach
that pinco daily.
Tlio same pnper says :
On fc'aturdav last. Hon. O. "W.Wall, of
this city, executed transfer papers for ono
... . !..!. r ! o...l..n Tilt
oi mo uncsi iruu iiiriiis in uuini u Illi
nois. Tho farm is locoted at Mttknnun,
nml consists of 140 acres. In its sale, tlio
present prospoctivo fruit crop was vtuucu
11 was OWI1UU UV 1 111. jYiiim
mcdlclno n good start. It Is pronouncod
by sovoral of tho most prominent physi
cians ol Washington and by medical ofll
cors of tho army and novy n pttro hum
bug. A firm In Now York hns obtained n
nntcnt on n cancer cure, having this new
ly-dlseovered Ingredient as n base, and it
Is known that prominent parties liavo sc
oured a virtual monopoly of tho t-"doln
the cundrango plant.
Tho cmporor of Brazil had tho picas-
uro of mooting at Lisbon his nephew, tho
king cf Portugal, whom ho had never
seen; also his step-mother, tho wlfo of his
father, I)om Pedro I., who loft Brazil with
that sovereign fcrty years ago. Dom IV-
dro I. had then abdicated tho throno of
Brazil nnd went to Ettropo to assert tho
rights of his daughlor, Donna Marin, to
tho crown of Portugal. Ono object of tho
visit of tho cmporor nnd empress to Eu-
ropo Is to tako chnrgo of thoir four grand
sons, whoso mother, their second daughtor,
tho princess Lcopoldinn, wlfo of Prit.co
Augustus of Saxc-Coburg, died somo
months ago nt Vienna.
Moro murmurlngs of discontent may
bo oxpoctcd In England shortly. It is an
nounced that tho queen's second son, tho
duko of Edinburgh, is to bo married to a
daughter of tho king of Denmark, a sister
of tho princess of "Wales. Tho young lady
has royal blood nnd n great variety of
christian nnmos, but no dowry. Tho
duke, who on his majority wns mado a lifo
pensioner on tho British nation to tho
amoun'. of $"C,000 a year, will expect an
Increase of his pension whon ho is married i
nnd tho queen, who has a prlvato tortuno
of SlD,000,00O, will doubtless npply to par
liament to voto a dowry to tho fuluro duch
ess. Great dissatisfaction was expressed
when tho house of commons granted
160,000 dowry and $30,000 pension to tho
princess Louise, nllhougn hor marriago
with the Marquis of Lorno .was a popular
one. As tlio duKo ot Jxiinuurgn is tno
heir to nn Independent principality in
Germany, nnd is likely to spend tho
grcnter portion of his lifo nnd monoy thore,
it is probablo thnt any attempt to procuro
him an increnso of pension will excito in-
tonso dlsaprobation nmong tho working
and iiurcliasou ty .loini j. vyuuioj. n
. ' !.,. 1.1 11
in this city a few men
lucre are
whose peculiar hostility to the rail
road propositions to be voted upon
. r i i i
iiuii iuunuay uenianus more than a
passing notice. The.-e men, led by
u pcrsou whose motives cannot yet
be divined, are attempting to manu
facture capital against tho Cairo and
Vmccnucs road out of tho fact that
an ordinance lias been passed
by tho couuo'il prohibiting hogs
from running at largo in the streets
of tula city
"We arc well awaro that only very fool
'it'll inou, or fellows whoso hands have
bc'ii greased, could mako un issue so far
fetched and silly ; and, it must be ap.
parent to every one, that only natural-
b.irn idiots, or prejudiced scamps, could
be influenced by the talk of the leaders
of this movement. But in Cairo wo
have a conglomerated community, and
the foolish element is tlio noisiest if not
the fctrongest. We arc surprised at no
liinvement that this clement might
make. It is as destitute of biaius as
principle. The only distinguishing
features it has aro foolishness aud
Let us see. Here is an ordinanco
which prohibits hogs from running at
large within tho. corporation limits.
Here, too, is a proposition to subscribe
to a railroad, which, when completed,
will lrini wealth and business to the
city. What possible rolation can that
hog ordinance have to that proposed
railroad proposition? Nono whatever;
and yet thero are a fw lnen in ti10
city to say, We are in favor of the
'road, and believe it would greatly
'benefit tho city, but wo own ho'M and
iln i4 (. i -w . a .
'penning them; and therefore. !,
" there are members of tho council who
are auxious to have tho railroad built,
' if tb,t ordinance is not repealed wo
hall voto against the road J"
XT 1 . .. .
-,uuw.naii those men bo met?
Bhall wo coax thein-getdown upon our
kneea-tad-beg them to not spho their
(aoei by biting off thoir nosen? yot
one we shall not do bo. Wo hope to
wo the C. & V. R. It, completed, but
nrinn tMilil Wllfl S'
thn roto of $1C5 per nero. AVo should call
.l.ta n.niio .rnrul Inr Kf-vm.
v.. j .1.7.' "" !...! .,1,1
Ten yours ago, uni muiu
.imitating lmvo bctn bouuht for nbout ton
dollnrs por ncro. Verily, i'.gypi is yei io
llow with mm; nnu nonoy.
Tho orchards in tho vicinity of Jones
boro aro sutforlng from fruit thlovcs
Tho mnnatreH of tho Union county
niriculturuland inochnnieiil society intond
" .. .... i.
to build a fonco all nrounu tnotr grouim.
and propttro n half mile exhibition tracn
Ti.,. Union countv circuit court
nnveiu.d on Monday last. lion
AV. J. Allon. Uldi-o .1. Mulkoy, ana w.
K. Ollbort, of this city, woro in ttltenuanco
nt tliu b'tr,
Tlio Jonosboro dinette of yustordtty
contains tv very Interesting description of
a ro-unlon of tho mainnto fraternity hold
tlvu miles south of .lonosboru. Tho open
ing address was nmdt) by (5ov. Dougherty,
and ho was followed by Col, II. L. Webb,
a mason of tlfty-threo yor.rs standing. In
tho course of hi remark, thu venerable
colonel rcluk'd tho fullnwlng incident.
"During tho latter part of tho
revolution, Col. .MuKinstry was
raptured by a Inttal of Oneida
Indian?, under command of the blood
thirsty yet brave flilofliiln, tlio Iniif-breed
UrantIt,wlio at a former period had boon
initiated in a ludgn Instituted among thu
British otllcers. Col. .McKlnstry was
domned by the savages to bo burned at
tho stake. Tho faggot woro placed
around him, thu tiro applied, and thu heat
began to bo insutlurablo, when tho Colonel,
in view of thu presencu of death nnd tho
torture of tho tliimp, made a curtain sign,
known only to tho craft, arid immediately
Brandt rushed forward and with his own
hands scattered the lire und saved thu
Gatlicrnl from our Exchanges,
Pooplo in Washington nro already do
nouncing their Territorial government ns
a failure.
Congressman Bowen tninks ho should
bo sent to Congress in plaeo of tho
penitentiary. Wo don't soo tho difference.
Ho would bo mainly in Badicnl company
in oithor cose, nnd it is t matter of somo
doubt ns to which would bo tlio most re
spoctoblc crowd.
Tho dissatisfaction of tho old fogy
wing of tlio Democratic party, of Iowa,
with tho Now Departure recently taken
bv tho Stato convention, has culminated
in tho calling of another Stato convention,
to bo hold at Des Moines, on Agust 1.1
Tho call is head by tho notorious Lo
Grand Bylngton.
Hon. .1. Proctor Knott in Ills speed:
nt Standford last wcok said that n radical
"could seo a flva cent pleco further with
tho naked oyo than nn honest-hearted
Kentucky governor could soo tho full moon
through Lord Kim telescope." Ana tlio
"Lord did not cut Harlan out lor a gov
ernor, nor did n suffering Savior dio for
such sins as Harlan and his parly had com
The Savannah (Ga.) Republican now
urges that tho Southorn Democrats should
not tit present talk about political matters
It counsels a course of " masterly inactive
itv, " and asks, "Why quarrel with tho
Northern Democracy about abstract
theories and party platforms? Tho lotto
may not suit tho South, but a Democratic
ndminslration will, and that is what wo
nro oftor."
Of Calob Gushing tho Washington
Capital has this to say: " Ho Is ono of tho
most wonderful men of lliu day. "With
out oflleo and without ollleial recognition
of any sort, ho is yet a power. Wo hnz
ard nothing in saying that for tho last
threo years of our Washington observa
tion no Stato paper ha3 boon writton of
any importance, or movo made, or diplo
matic agont solectod, without calling in
aid thu pon or advice of this rcinnrkabin
agent has already-commenced negotiations
for iiuililing material.
It Is represented that during tho cur
rent montli, tho health of Bishop Simpson
lias failed to a degree whlrh croales deep
concern on tho part of tho wholo molhodlst
ohurelt. By ovor-offort In his various en
gagements ho has boon prcstratod, and for
somo ttmo confined to his room. It Is his
intention to rotlro to somo of tho wotor-'
ing-placcs for n season, In tho hope that
his strength may rapidly rocovor.
(luiKCr, Mass, Jets ft 1871.
DkakSiiu I cannot pass over, sllontl v.
a letter which gratifies mo as much ns
yours which 1 recoived today, and yot, I
fool shy of speaking to you or any citizen
of tho "subject Stutos." I disllko to earn
tho retort 'Oh, it is vory easy to preach;
but, sutrer as wo have, and then toll us
how you feol, nnd wo will listen." I do
try to tako it homo to myself; nnd I do
not doubt that, in similar circumstances,
1 should bo to day nil "unrepentant robol"
sore, nngry, beaten and deflont. And,
with me, it would doubtless havo been as
it hns boon with you, that "tho tendor
morcics of reconstruction had boon hnrdor
to bear than nil tho horrors of Invasivo
war. I should havo been called bv mis-
government, robbed by imported knavery
of tho pittance which tho wnr had spared:
exasperated by willful nnd persistent mis-
repescntation, ana cruelly condemned to
honolcss imnotenco for tho I in nu ted mtllt
of cowardly crimes I abhorred. I should
liavo boon condemned, too, to hold my perso
nal liberty nt tho nod of a mercenary car-pot-bagger
or tho whim of a miflltnry
sntrup. 1 say that I fear I should havo
boen an "irreconcilable" In such enso I
think I should bo sulky; but I know I should
bo silly if I yielded to tho feeling. Por
whence must my relief como if my last cs
tato is not to become worso than tho first?
Is thero a man outsido nn asylum who
thinks that by such a course tho "lost causo"
can bo rogalnod7 By whom thon? If by
tlio North, boliovo mo that tho experiment
of secession has satisQod us that no causo
is worth a civil war. That war has confir
med, beyond tho shadow of turning, tho
destiny which decreed that thero shall bo
but ono conicucnucu poopio ot mo jxorin
American union. Ho. ltcbelllous 1 nilglit
bo ; but weak onougu to nwait tno resurrec
tion of Eocossion. I do not think I could bo.
Vnn nnd I nnd vour frlonds and neighbors
and mine aro of ono blooa; wo woroonco
"fellow-citizons:" and tho old-timo kind
ness must linger yet in spots. Uur fathers
wcro "brctnron," anu inat must count ior
something. Tho wholo political problem
of tho futuro turns upon tho answer to tho
question : "Shall wo 11 vo together as frionds
or enemies?" Now, tho wholoiutornational
policy tf tho present administration says
war. Kcconstructlon means war; and tho
Kuklux bill declared war. This union is
now held together by force. Certainly, If
this is to bo permanent, it would havo
been hotter to havo parted at first. If tho
strugglo to cast out slavery overthrow tho
constitution, what chunco is thoro for n
"freo" government, if tho North is to rulo
tho South ? South Carolina is to day tho
most shameless parody on republic institu
tions sinco republican no mo oestrojoaii mo
nations of tho ancient world, put the sword
to their throats, stripped them bare, nnd
A correspondent of tlio Dn Onnln ,.
pnbliean writes ns follows from Prnnkfort.
uiiui'i unvu ut uuuu IV
,.,'.'?T,W0 y.VnP ,ftd,.os dnt'Bhtors of Jamis
Williams, Bring nbout olght miles from
bore, liavo boon nttackod in a singular
mannor by what is said to bo witchcraft.
Witchcraft, or whatovor crnft It may bo.
it DUZzlos thn hftut ntivilrtiina Tl, 1
. J- J '' -Ji JVUI1I
ladlos woro first affoctod about tho first of
April. I think thnt it wns known among
tho noighbors that thoro was somothlng
wrong with thorn; but any strangeness in
thoir notions wns gonornlly Imputed to In-nnlty-
Matters remained thus until lust
Wednesday. When thoir fithnr rnlln.1
n physician of this plaeo, nnd got him to
v iBii, mum.
"Since that timo thoir actions havo bo.
como generally known, nnd both men nnd
women navo gono to soo tbom. Homo fifty
or n Hundred persons nro thoro ovorv
night, nnd thoy sny it Is qultoontcrtolnlng
to witnoss thoir performances. Thoy nro
porfectly snno during tho day, but at tho
approach of night thoy becomo fronzied
nnd uncontrolable, performing feats that
tho best acrobats could hnruly perform,
Scaling tho house, thoy danco upon tho
comb of tho building, apparently with
pcricei ease ana impunity, uttering, at inn
samo timo, tho most hidoous and frenzied
screams. Vory frequently thoy tako some
thing liko fits, or spasms, and fall perfect
ly sun , but, ir tnoy cnanco to bo on tno
housotop, thoy never fall off, however near
tho oavo thoy may bo.
" Thoy aro nged, respectively, 10 and 18
years, and aro both rather small, bolng bo
low tho medium hoight. During tho day,
at which timo thoy aro porfectly sane, thoy
socm to bo ratbor modost nnd rosorved, but
will convorso rrooly with any ono. They
aro fond of music, and play upon tho dul
cimer. Tho spoil comes upon both at or
near tho samo timo. Generally hot woon sun
down and dark, and first manifests itself
by both of them breaking into a run.
nn. .. Ai..,.M. ra.iIi tM . i. a .n.AAitnn r
jl nu V nin nj n iuii iiuiiii .11 vwu uiiu.iuii ui
tho nouse or an old lady wno, tnoy say,
has beon practicing witchcraft upon them.
Thoy say shohasrocently put harder spells
upon them, on account or tnoir toning
something that sho had forbado, nnd that
sno and a cat aro witn tnem in tnoir nousc
top danco.
"They havo a languago which thoy tiso
In conversing with each cthor, and which
tnoy scorn to understand; but it a "Com
mancho' to everybody olso. lucre ato
somo strango things connected with them.
Thoy catch and eat all tho flies they can
got hold or, until nausea is produced, when
thoy both vomit at tho samo time. What
onodoos, tho othor it doing, meir cast- :-:, , j"(ti ,i ,(?
OWU .VJ Will .. J "UH'U
powor. i ou tan imaguio inuoiciioiiiuiii
nu: MOTitKii or r.Mi'Bitor. wii.bi...
r (.mm 1tirnra MnClltltlO for JlllV.l
Wnii .., n ,( dm flnenti's hr-otitv and
fascinations Aloxandcr 'thought sho might
ncrhnns hnvn nmn infliionco over tho
Prenoh Kmporor, and persuaded hor to
moot him, nt tho Tilsit. Though I.oulso
could novcr sponk of this man, tho author of
hor country's misfortunes, without ashud
dor, still for Prussia's sake, sho was willing
to sacrlflco her own personal fcollng nnd
dignity. It wns n soro trial to this refined,
sonsltivo w.imun to moot us n supliant tho
dosput who had drivon hor husband from
tho throno, and cast tho fowlost aspirations
on hor honor. Loulso says In hor dlarv:
"What struggles it has cost mo God only
knows ; for, If I do not luito this man, I
look upon lilin ns tho ono who has caused
tho misfortunes of tho King und tho conn
ano mrtiio two visits to tno naughty con
queror. Napoleon acknowledged that tho
ijucon oi iiussin was u.o most beautiful
woman ho hod ovor seen,- nnd ho declared
that whatovor topic of conversation ho
broached, sho manascd with tho most inl-
mirablo tact and dolicacy to como back to
her ono theme Prussia. Sho implored
Napoleon to prove hlmsolf indeed n hero, bv
showing mercy to n fallen foe, nnd, if ho
would mnko no other concession, nt least
to restore Magdeburg, .lust beforo dinner,
Napoleon gavo hor a rose; alio nt nrst lc-
fuscd It. then nccopting it with nn arch
smile, sho said, "Yes, but at least witli
Mngdoburg." "I must obsorvo to your
mat city," sold Napoleon, gruflly, "that It
is 1 who give and you only who must ro-colvc."
Tho Klntr was present, silent and deloct-
cd at tho sight of his wife's unavailing
As soon us tho Queen retired, Napoleon
sent for Talleyrand und tlio Kuislon minis
tor, nnd concluded tho trcnty on tho basis
laid down.
"Aftor nil, said he, "a lino woman and
gallantry nro not to bo weighed nguinil
affairs ofStute."
At tho earnest rcauost of tho Kusslaii
Ernpoor, Louiso paid a second visit to Nu
noleon unsuccessful ns tho first.
As. nt tho conclusion of this visit, Nn-
poloon was conducting her down thu stair',
tho tjueen pausau, anu pressing mo r.in
Dcror's hand as ho bade her furuwoll, snltl:
..... ...... . . . i i .,
"IS It posslbio inat nuor nttving ntiu mo
cood fortune to be so near tho hero of tho
aco ho has not loft mo the satisfaction of
being able to say that ho has attached mo
to him for nro f
"Madame," replied tho emperor, "1 la-
How fortunes changol A Padu
cab woll dlggor, who was oinplot d innnj
years ago by a cashlor In of thu
banks In that city, nstonlshcd h s former
employer tho othor day by niklng for an
oxchanco on Now York for 10,000 In
gold. Flo had boon gono twenty years,
and has recently bought a farm for
000. In tho moatillmo ho has given up
tgyTho telegraphic Intolligonco comes
from Constantinople, nt an oxpenso often
or fiftoen dollars In gold, that ''several
changes havo occurred in tho Turkish
ministry. " This news Is cortulnly valua
ble; but wo would much minor mo ten-graph
agent over there had sent us n pack
ago of Turkish smoking tobacco at tlio
samo price.
K57-OM forces In Cotinictlcut lament be
cause no longer Is to bo heard tlio drum
beat at sheriff sales, tho I.cglslattiro hav
ing dononway with a custom that origin
ated in tlio good old times when all public
meetings wcro summoned by tlio lop of
tho drum.
"Tli mill wliodl mot,onp oVrahndss the poul
In whose frail crjntnl cui It circle illj-K !
The Mrcnm, alow eurlllir:, wumtcri In Ilia mm,
Ann uritina mi xiftieit wnn tin niiTcr iij t
Tlio lilrchcsnoi! upon UssJimlovrliea.
Tho plltii'ii la.t titiblilo on tho wntor illi-x,
Tho wiiti-r-llly loo,s upon herglKs."
I'L AST Kit till H II A 1 H,
Corner lllulilli SI reel unit Ohio J.-w'.
.MlLI.l'Mt k l'AKKlMI,
mcnt If it Is so; it Is tho effector my evil R-RVTCl? AT
Tho royal pair returned to Momel,
thoi? only refugo upon Prussian soil "Let
us bo patient ana stoauy, anu wuu, anu
God will holp us." said tho pious King,
whon I toll you that, sinco I bigan to
write, nearly fifty pcoplo havo passod
through our littto villago on their way to
soo tno gins. '
From the St. Louis Dim. Juno 30,
mi. I'.-l ll.f.n.Mtn. rt t .nnnn
A.na r usiuru iiuumumwi ui .um in,,
for an experiment, some doys sinco wont by
wnv nt thn MWarnri 1'acIHg to thocxtromo
IO lllUir lliruilia. DVlliiu niwiu uuiv, miu i j '' 7 i .
it,r, ionVn.i wnnli tn l-ititl lm lnvelinrxa .end of tho Missouri Kansas nnd'lcxns
of liberty. railway, nt unetopn, nnu tncro causcu to
You cannot bo sunjoci, ana wo uo long uu nmuguwii'ii
freo. Tho untramtnelcd exorciso of local cattlo wero kiiicu ngni ou mo grass, anu
uiUnvnriininnt lie thn nnnnln nf thn wcro in perfect condition. Thoy wcro
v I,.,..,, .,.,., - , . , . .,,r,;..,.i.
States is tno salt which presorves our urussuu mm uuuB ur ,6...
wholo system. Tako that away, and our car, and tuenco transported, to nt. jouii,
Iramo ot polity win rapidly rot into ucspoi- 'uj ...-; ......
ism. Thoroforo it is. that, not as a part- tho callio wcro siaugnieruu.
Tho boof
isan, but wholly as n fellow-citizen of tlio
soccded States will frankly and honestly
accept tlio revolutionary changes wiiieu
I 1 .. 1 .,nnn 1,n rnn.(tl.,lir.
I1UVU UUUU luiwu liliuu biiu vuna.i.u.ivii,
nnd with thorn, chccrfullv adoDt tho now
relations of amltv ana political onu civil
equality towards the emancipated class
which tneso changes invoivo. Anu there
fore I nm glad whon I seo tho noblo spirit
of your letter pervading tho Southorn
people us it does, despito tho malignity
of tho partisan press; while tho sterling
sonso of Mr. Vnilnndighnm has reformed
tho Northorn Democracy. And it mat-
tors not what mnn bo chosen to lead us, so
lone as ids heart is largo enough to hold
his whole country; his soul brnvo enough )
to embrace n uonieucraio us u brother, and
his platform wiuo enough for ovory Amor
icon citizen to stand unon. To comnass
this end something of sacrifice is required
of us all; much of self-control Is deman
ded of tho South. You and nil 1 hoar
assure mo thnt tho attempt will bo mado ;
and if mado honestly and in earnest, it
cannot fall. Again thanking you for
your lottor, I am, very rospcetfully, yoyr
obedient servant,
J. Q. Adams,
To J. T. Tukzk vast, Esq. , Augusta. Ark.
Koroln suit IMmi'Mic
At the eorner-stono ceremonies at Al
bany, Saturday, Uiiv. Dr. Kbonozor Ho
ley prayed three-quarters of n column of
solid brevier. It was raining, too,
Iteccnt letters from St. Petersburg
represent that great rivalry exists among
tho young Kusslnn noblemon desirious of
joining thu suit of tho grand duko on Ills
vnyago to Amciicu,
John Olvany, of Michigan City, is tho
last hero whom fow will over hear nbout.
Ho was out boating with three friends
when tho cruft overset, and thoy tried to
shvo thomselvos by cling to tho boat. It
would only support threo. Ho said "good
bye, boys, you'vo got families and 1
haven't," let go his hold nnd sunk."
It is gcnorally believed that Normal,
ID., will secure thu location of tho stock
lands of tho Chicago & St. Louis railroad
which thatcompnny purpose erecting this
summer. Tlieso lands are to Lu n rintimr
..! . .1 . . o
i-iuwj jor tno immense number of cattlo
which will pass ovor tho lino of this road
to Chicago from tho West, and will doubt
less bo of great bcnotlt to Normal.
Tho Indications aro that till tho stir
muilo about tho now caneor rerncdv. cun
dri-.ngo, wi)l provo to have been part of an
extensive tchi-mo to glvo it now quack
(IIuiiiuhuu Kortinii.
needier has been so exhausted in his
work of saving tnuls that his church lias
granted him a vacation.
l'ollard Urquhart, an English politi
cal economist, is tlead. He wus a docend
nnt of tlio translator of Kabulaii.
Mr. Htv;h McCulloch, ox-secretary of
thu Treasury of thu United State, re
sponded to the toast In honor of Amoriea
at tlio Cobdcn Club biinquot, London.
Kov. C, II. Lombard, of tlio Unlver
salist church,. Springfield, has accepted n
cull to a church at Auburn, Now York.
I'uoobo Cary, tho poctrcss, is roportcd
to be in a decline. Hor usually robust
health has beon fuilng ovor sinco hor sister
Alice's death.
Charley Hull, of Indianapolis, will
shortly publish u biography of his father,
entitled " History of n pardoned Convict,
or What I know About C. W. Hall."
Tho crown prlnco, Frederick William,
of Germany, and wife, tlio Princess Vic
toria, of England, aro expected in this
couutry during tho coming autumn, and
will mako n visit of some length.
Miss Harriot Itrtinn Whltehousc,
youngest daughter of KIght Kovorend
Honry John Whitohouso, Episcopal
Dishop of Illinois, died euddonly on tho
:0th inst. Sho was groatly bolovod by n
largo clrcloof frionds.
Dr. Ilullis, tlio republican nominoofor
lleutenunt-govornor of Iowa, wus thrown
from his sulky at Docorah, a doy or two
ugo. Ho hud several ribs broken and was
otherwise sovoroly Injured. His physicians
funr that ho Is fatally Injured.
M'lle Nllssoti'itgoiit write to l'oorln,
Illinois, that ho has boon Instructed toob
tain plans of olegant French and English
villus, and that '.ha prima dotum U mulling
arrangements to build a handsome rosl
uonco on her property In Peoria. Tho
From tho Cincinnati Commercial.
It appears that Vnnderbilt's partner In
speculation, tho Hon. Dick Scholl, has
been playing his part In lurnishing rea
sons for Presldont Grant's consideration
why tho central railroad should not bo
conipellol to pay its tax to tho govern
ment. It is possiblo that Scholl did not
offer to furnish funds for tho next presi
dential campaign in caso tho decision woro
tavorublo to tho railroad. His own of ten -ropeuted
nccount of his falluro whon ho
ntUmpted a politico-financial trasnaction
with Andy Johnson, ought to havo pre
vented him from muking any such ofior.
Four years ngo, or nbout impeachment
times, money was very badly needed by
tho Johnson party in Washington for po
litical purposes. It was of tho utmost im
portance to Johnson himself that tho
moans should bo procured for carrying on
certain olections. and for othor political
objects. At this juncture Scholl turned
up in ushington and procured an inter
view with Andy.
"I'vo heard, Mr. President, that money
was needed to holp tho intorcst of our
"Yei," Bald Andy, "vory muoh hooded;
and I havo hoard that you woro willing to
raise somo oi it r
" Yos," was tho roply, '- perfectly willing,
;lud to do it. Hut now, Mr. Presldont,
et's talk business. There's fortv or fifty
millions of govornmont gold lying in tho
treasury which ought to bo Bold In tho
Now-York market ; and if you'll give mo an
order on Socrotary McCulloch. telling him
to givo mo tno sewing oi ton or twelve mil
lioi.s of that gold, I'll furnish all tho monoy
that s noodod for tho olections."
"Well, sir I" oxclaimod Johnson, as ho
rose from his chair, swelling up to twico
his natural proportions and towering
up to doubio nis ordinary height. "Woll,
sir," exclaimed he, with wruth on his faco,
determination in his voice, and n manner
which mado nis interlocutor supposo ho
would bo knocked down on tho spot, "no
such corrupt transaction can bo carried
on with me, nnd no such prosidontlal ordor
shall ovor bo issuod, elections or no elec
tions, political success or political posi
tion I Good day, sir I"
And ono of tho parlios nstantlv dlsan-
poarod from tho wlilto house at n moro
rapid paco than ho had ontorod it, nnd
looiing considerably loss important.
This would bo a good anocdoto for too-
rotary lloutwoll to toll prosldent Grant
wiiim ho gots buck to Washington.
wm found to bo in perfect condition, ro
taincd all its rich juices without taint and
without drynoss. it was lurnisncd to tno
various hotels of tho city and to many
nrlvnto families. A largo amount was also
. . . .. i i" i .i t
given to tno orpuan-asy mms nnu oinor cunr
itablo institutions. The certificates furn
ished bv the proprietors of tho botols and
private citizens attest tho cntiro success of
tho ontcrpriso.
Thoro is another pnnso in which uio
advantages of this invention nro to bo
consldorcd. Tho transportation of livo cat
tlo has always boon shockingly barbarous
und inhuman. 'J. no pncKing oi living
animals in cars, withont food or water.
their oxposuro to dust, sunsmno, rain and
cold, anil tho silent, patient sufforlngs
as, smeared with their own filth,
is. oven with the latest and bcBt inven
tions to nlloviatc, barbarous nnd shocking.
Hut tho condition in which beef trans
ported in that inannor must como to our
tables is oi itscii unucaimy, as it is ui
haustcd bv tho long transportation or its nu
trition, nnd tno animal nas bocomo levered
anauiscascd.tromiis maltreatment, i no re
frigerator! car will transport twico tho
numbor.of cattlo dead that could bo car
ricd alive, and bring tho meat to market
fat and healthy, tresh Ironi tho rich grosses
of Texas and tho Indian country. It is
hoped that by this process tho poor as well
ns the r'ch mny indulge in tat, healthy nnd
cheap beef.
MSr-"Chcapur than dlrt"
any price.
-good soap, at
In hor ret remcnt at Memel tho liuoon
devoted herself to tho education of hor
children, six in number. Tito crown
prlnco, Frederick William, was then twolvo
years oi ngc, anu a uoy oi mucu iironuiu,
Sho sought to animate him with her own
. . . .a ... . . 11-..
patriotic spirit anu love oi country. i ou
soo mo weep." sno said to mm uuer uiu
battlo of Jena. "I weep for tho downfall
of my houso and country KcchIi tlieso
unnappy hours wncn i nm no moro, anu
weep such tenrs ior mo as i now weep wr
mv countrv. Hut do not bo satisfied with
tJftri;uct,dovclopoyour strength. Perhaps
you may bo destined to doliver your cou n-
try. uo not let yourson no carneu nwny
by tho degeneracy of the age. Ho a man I
court tho famo af a gcnorol; of a hero; and
if you cannot ralso your fallen country,
then seek death, as princo Louiso Fer
dinand has done I"
This son lived to seo his country great
among tho notions of tlio cartli ; but to tho
to;ond son, William, It has been given
nwny to repay, with intorcst, tho Ignominy
nenncu unon x-russia oy .luiiuieon io
nvengo tho wrongs of Germany's lovlicst
nnd bcst-bolovcu but most unnappy queen.
Tho cantain of or.oof the largest steam
boats running on tho Potomac was astonish
ed ono day lately, as his boat touched the
landing at ono oi tno rivorsiuo watering
places not a great distsnco from Washing
ton, to seo all the guests assembled with
their baggago rendy to tako passage for
tho city. In making inquiries as to tlio
caucs of this sudden exodus he sou discover
ed that theroby hung it talc. A cat s. It
appears that tho faro at tho hotel had
disagreed with tho boarders, nnd not satis-
tied with complamng thoy took i-rencn
leave. A bach ol uougli una necu prepar
ed for tho oven and placed on a table. A
playful kltton thought It would bo nlco to
run over it, It iookou so snowy, warm nnu
tomptlng. Kitty tried it, anil soon found
hor dolicato little feet sinking into the
dough. Sho struggled to escape, and, liko
liovornor lorton in the stolen treaty ousi
bess. onlv strucpled to sink decner until
this youthful cat disappeared cntirly, and
so, liko young Lochinvar. went into tlio
yeast. Shonovorroso sgain but tho bread
did. It cloecd ovor this tinfoatunato spec
imen, not leaving n hair opnnrcnt. Cooky,
of course, was not awaro that, instead of u
loaf, of bread, sho Had kitten dumpling,
and put tho mass into tho oven and b
Oats, Hay, etc.
58 Ohio Levee, CAIltO, ILLS.
In ovory portion of Europo Americans
havo tho namo of being tho most extrava
gant peoplo in tho world. British opu-
Ionco und llussian macniflconco havo paled
in tho presonco of republican grandour.
i.vorv great continental city uas somo in
cident to rolato which Illustrates American
lavishncis. An incident was recently
mentioned in a loco houso in Paris, which
lias becomo historical. Tho proprietor
called attention to n photograph hanging
upon ins wall, no romarkod: "That is
tno picture of tho mcmornblo laco pur
chased by Kato Chaso, daughter of Chiof
Justico Chaso nnd vifo of Senator
it was unacrstoou to oa tno nnost point
laco ever mado. Tho Quocn of England
and tho Empress of Franco considered it
too oxpensivo, but tho wlfo of an Ameri
can Sonntor did nothositnto to pay $18,-
000 in gold for u 1-2 yards, ui course, a
woman of such artistic notions is Immen'
solv admired in Paris. Tho Western poo.
plo, particularly Californians, aro consid
ered tho most lavish in tho uso of thoir
monoy. Two of tho fair sox from ban
Francisco rocontly ordered 85 drosses.
Evon tho agont, though an Aroorican,
was astonished at such an ordor. but it
was faithfully oxocutod. With such ovl
denco of American lavishnoss it is not
surprising that tho Kusslam and tho Eng
lish hnvo become secondary to tho Amor.
leans in all tho marts or fashion.
put tho mass into tho oven anu uatccu
it. When tho bread was opened at break
fast noxt morning, tho birds did not begin
to sing, but tlio boarders did. Thoy fairly
howled with wroth. Thoy know that there
had been a family of kittens, and as hnsh
had been served for brookfust beforo this
extraordinary loaf was opened, tho conclu
sion was natural that tno other part oi tno
family bad gono into tho hash und down
thoir throats. Thoy woro first taken with
tci-sickncss, next with homc-slcknois, and
then ensued a genornl packing-up. 1 ho
fashlonablo summer resort was left with
no inhabitants but tho cook and bar-keep-
cr nna what romninou oi tno lunmy o:
It sooms thut tho supply of subterran
ean gns is gradually bolng dovoloned west
ward trom, ririOji'a. At rainisvuie, unio,
gas sufficient for n steam ongino was found
at tho depth ol 35 icct; but tno uniting
was continued until at 550 feet, n lnrgo
voin was struck, of such forcoand powor
ns to stop tho work. Tho volume of gas
is great, ft is estimated by good judges, that
it would light thoonliro city of Cleveland.
It comes up through tho plpo trom tho
"great deep below" with a rush and a roar
and a grandeur which ono must witness to
approciato. Tho farm on which this woll
is located is on tho east bank of tho river
nearly opposlto tho Geauga furnaeo, and
about too miles from tho lako shore
.JOHN 1$. J'UlLJilS,
(3tiiceiior to I'arkrr li I'lulli',)
dkai,i:h in hav.cuh.v, oath,
Flour, Meal, Bran,
(Surcofors to II II. Ilcndricka A Co.,)
Forwarding and Commission
C.viltO, ILL.
rVTSj.I'dx'ral Advances made ti-onIfr
Vyifir" UonniKninentit. Zsl
Are iiretJireil to r'eelve, tnro nml forward
Crr'liN to til pointiaml htiy and
i,(ll un i'(j;iuiii-iuii.
WHanlm-Sii Attended In promptly.
(Sncrcs.or ol .yert A Co.)
General Commission Merchant
Caiho, Illinois.
lluv ami Sell Heal Estate,
Ami prepare Conveyances of Kind.
IfiyCharlos lloado, has invented another
woman that strides "liko a camoleopard1'
whon slio's in a rago. Thoro was ono of I
tho sort in "Griffith Gaunt," and now ono
has como upon tho scono in "A Torriblo
Tomptation.'' Mr. Keado appears to bo
Spoaking of tho nuthor of 'Lothair."
and tho whilom (and perhaps prospoctivo) 10 "IBllon-nPnoa" "
Premier. It is iimusW to seo ho suave ?1lVto.l,"?on'0 '!8 of 1,10 possi.bl t0".0,
and calm and self-possessed ho is, in theso
aays oi trouble to ins crotcnty-tcmpored
rival, who for tho moment occunlos his
old plaeo. Disraoliovidonllv docs not foci
nis years or long iiiooi strugglo in tho least
Ho walks up and down Parliament stroot
with tho samo jauntv. snringv ston that I !
romombor years ngoj comes smiling into
tho houso, shaking ovorybody by tho hand
and sottles himself for a comfortablo treat,
which tho baiting of tho Promlor bv his
own fractious followers always is to this
saruomo uoconuani oi mo oows. vvnen
ho has a chanco, ho lots fly ono of his qui to,
Koonougeu inrusts ol irony, wuu an utr so
complacent, and a mannor so confident of
hitting a soro Bpot, that ono has a sort of
malicious ploasuro in watching both tho
coolnosu of tho assailant aud tho writhing
of the victim. Ho has mado moro thai
ono triumph of this cort within tho past
this sort of thing nmong our imltativo
lasiuonablo young womon. Tno "urecioii
bond," Tho "Alexandra limp," and tho
"Boston dip," havo boon bad enough; but
if thoy aro suecooded by tho "camoloopard
lonotho novelist must bo stornly cau
tioned to abstain In tho futuro from zooiog
teal illustrations. N. Y. Tnbune.
U piepnrcd to do nil kinds of plain and orna
mental PAINTING,
BIQN WlllTlNfl, ETC.,
At figures which defy all competlon, and 111 tlio
highest stylo tf tlio pnlntor-n art.
arTho Chicago Tribune asks and rccol
voTf22,000 for a column of advortlso
montsono year, Tho buslnoss mon of
Ohfcago akoontopay it. Thoro Isono
housoln Cincinnati that pays $4,000 a
week for advertising. Thoro aro sovorol
in Clovoland, ovon who pay as high as
f 10,000 a year. Somehow thoso men
orft break up; a liberal advortlsor novor
m7"w a "it d"
1 M. WAHI) m prepared to deliver thn beit
, t'lro Wood mid stono Coal
And In any unnnllty desired, on short notice.
COAL DELIVERED at 1.50 i-eu ton
MtV The song of tho rivor
in my littlo bod.
AL'LMnU" fiuam tlnAHBH.t r.S I. . n I- .
.iceop mo (W0 doors AboTo tho corucr of Eighth utreot ni

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