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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, July 06, 1871, Image 2

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A . WADGYMAlt, M. J).,
, ,U .HICIAN. l-nnrcon . A. - '."pc
1'of Anna, I ni.. ''"'"'y,,;,,, " -' it.r-t. 1
.'..ifnllr located in .r '
hirn.r, Wacen I.ikMIi " " ,,,'artv
WT i.T.f A.M JJ.S.MITJI..M. .
....,i.v..v. l Thirteenth Cert, bo
il '"'I'iW.i.iiinon all iiueand Malum aiun.
'..Hiw Commercial au-nue. up Mlr.
KonnKNCK-eorner Ninth ami Walnut fl.
cn'i.cr Mth street ami olno loteo,
.mcehouis-fro'" '" to H m.. and ! m.
. -1 - DSP
William J. Allen,
John ll.Mnll.eJ,
Nin.iHl I'.Wf.ei'lor..
IMKty I.M.N WS. '.
iJw(tofrlvS.I Hl
tf, ISrllenlur attention r
.it..- ..U(lnfr
in.rn i) business. J,
tliTU k KOOM! 7 AM) 8 WtSTKH'9 III.OCKi
V.tUim lt.tlfeen, ")
Willism It llilUrt, V
Mll.-i l'.t!ilt'tt, J
fAtltO, ll.UNOW.
BB-?).eelil nttentmn rItmi t.i A.lmlmlty ami
nvv.i!E GlliO LKVI'.K. ItoiiMS 7 AJCD 8 0VKH
TiiritM'.v .Mon.vi.N", .Ifl.v 0, 1871.
TlillS II.HHERLVniiTim m. I'i Mmini.
Tikm ee rnv Hiu llin.niv:
Onr i-f k, I'.v enrtler
On." immll. Ijr l.wll
Three innntli'
Blx in .i.ll ;
One )enr
. W
. 75
Si V6
, i 25
S (.
71i t,fiaiil ivrptTof A lernnler cvnl.v out 'f thrrtlji of
(turot thevnliitnuniingdailiiinSuHthcrn Illiiioiii
a vklwtakt jvuinal; tmall, but Jdirlrm out-nnJ-tn
on all tuljtttt of interetl lo Me pnUif ,
tal alarft an.1 vier cannij cireulaliun, the Jliitie
tin mJinti tht fintronagt vt intdli'jenl ralri ami
tnterpnnng ounnu mm.
John II. Ottly A Co. hnro rplueil Hie mb
icrlption price of the Weekly' ijnlro liulle tin lo
Ont fyJarptr annum, mMOR it the chenieit p
cerDuUlthed itiSouthern Illinois.
Wn V should not the Alexander coun-
tv democracy meet? What say the tho
L'cutlemcn of the county central com-
niittec? . V 1 I
Vim-.PnF.sii.KST Coi.vax suffi-
ciently recovered to agtiin dceluiu that
which has not been offered him the
.,v.i i '.u!..
Tin: Connecticut democracy arc
handling Doolittle and English prepar
atory to entering them in the next na-
UoiihI democratic convention.
v r
It is uutrue that Grant'.s .pardon of
ii . i! :. 1...
nowen, ine uigauusi, is u.nj.i.hih;ii
.1 . T If !......
iiieprc.Mdenisi-uuiansiiuaw iiiuiiuuyy,
ZlfZttiZiQt: rt-nlWlJ
DAVis.Toombs.Stephens, W(f,south, I
and llctivy Clav Dean, north, have. 1
forured a little political part, wliich is I
being run upon the you-ticklo-mo-and-
I'U-tickle-you principle. I
- - . .
t . . . . I
aha nnlr ftlm lifttlo .4f..i. hntwnrtll l'lL I
Halstead and Botta. , It is .exeellept
50, and M. W. knows how to
t,,' , . .1...
iiso it. Blood is what the occasion
culled for; UldodJ WreWoodhfill.
The St. Louis TYmnssays that all the
can raUicaisiu tne countrj are uon
engaged in abusing ex-Senator Doolit
tie, because that gentleman retired from
twelve years continuous public scrvico a
poor man.
Cabuondalk is; in tears, .lolru A.
Logan, with all his honors thick upon
him, has dcrted thaf hest of radical-i-m,
and in future will abide in cosmo
politan Chicago. Carbondalo will know
It in no more. Limited poker ginies
inn! unlimited Puritanism did tho job.
IjATTKH-dav husbands should make
common cause against Both", the inur
doa'rof .".l'ct" Hitlstead. lie 'should
bo immediately sujiprcssed tho more
expeditious the manner the belter. His
continued oxiatcuco might i-timulato
inquiry on the part of tho wives of tho
laud, and the result of the inquiry
might bo many more "Pet" llalstcads
and BpU&'.th3tii(Hociety dreams pf. Sup
press Iiiin. '
VtfrWu wrner lots nro Iq he
sold atTfr'e'b'Ju,tJjis county, to defray
the cxpenso of tho construction of a
bridge from thai-. point 'into Missouri,
soniewhero. The proposed hridga will
dwarrthb little affair, oqw .building at
nt, l.ouiKj into the most diminutive pro
portion ) tlutt ili whrin le Thebes
structure is complete,
Somehow or
Iher, thw llridgo story explains tlic
ct id-'uebo v6tu Mondalast.
buly.two vtraight tickets against nil
WlTllotTiUuflratloim t'Atrn ,lr.
day wuuld b tinmireraWo for its un
mixed iusipidity, and without tho Ku.
r.ifM.fil. i1tituli.il...1 ... i
tllustratioiiB vould bo as Hat U3 u mat.
ler. The diletfaritclsiii which tk-ks out
of every lirm a plainly ui. feathers in
the plumage of a peacock. c,t ttrut i ,1,,.
cidedjy BoMonian, and .h hotl. amubing
and ridiculous. A few do.e3 ofcue
fldinlillstere(H.n.),.....l...... i... .
--- .aiiiieanyj lrohii air.
vifnrous cxcrciM. nt.il ....... ...
--o ' 1 --" uumui win. t.in
tno urowsy concern to mc auu umuli
Mrs. W55r375fln WeVc d6t"t''Wn" nnot be ascertatnecl ; but
TUB remarks cf tlic C'iticinnflli Com
Mrreuil miulislictl r-leowliero in (his is
sue, upon llic .r'ipiition of raising, in
tliat city, otto htindml fifty orjwo
linmlre.l tlioit'Inil 1,1 otliho
P.iinlriTptfrn pfjlic Citirtfiirld VinconitcfC
riilmfd. nro very favornlild coiiritlcrhig''
the fact that tlio (Amrtrrctttlhni been
n" fleadfast opponent of that nyslcin
which votes the monies of individuals
in nid of private enterprises. The rea
nns niunetl in favor of the proposition
i i t t. r.iii
arc futiiKi, ami win nuw, nu
weiuht upon the business miiul of Pork-
Vjmlifr , Tltc.propoiqd-OjOTjncction with
the biVio ftnd'l7IissiSimn road at Yin-
ceiuies, meets with approval hero. Jy
that connection Cairo merchants would
h.ivn the benefit of competing
V . . i i. i:..:....ni: f,.r tlieir
.tnrou!ii lines ai v.
eastern iruigutr..
TltR latest disjiatehes, published in
Hiis morning's IiUi.l.r.TiN, annoui.ou
the success of the moderate French
republican?, by n very decided
majority, in the general asscni-
blv elections just licltl. tm
is thd more remarkable when, we re
member that, election after election, for
the past fifteen or.tWonty years, tlio ru-
ral nrondiiCtncnts ol J-ranqe nave to
almost soliilly iu lavor oi personal gin -
priiment. or the late empire, which was
quite the same thing. The recent voio
is one of confidence in Thiers and in
the ministry of which he is the ho.nl. It
destroys, for the' prc.-etit, at least, the
hopes of the now reconciled Bourbon,
and permits the distinguished exile of
Chiselhurst to ruminato at will over
the successes and failures of his adven
turous career. 'Jo every lover pt lib
erty that liberty regulated uy , law
the result of these elections is full of
lope for the future of Europe. The
French people have decided in favor of
true republicanism. The empire and
kingdom arc alike condemned with those
acts of the leaders of tl.o Commune,
which will forever mar the priitciplcs
they gave battle for. It is a step WLiqh
rtfcst ardent admirers of Franco had
hardly hoped for, and in taking tt, the
"French mioitlo'havc n train risen iirtlto"
estimation of mankind. Its influence
imon the cause of reiuimicamsm tne
world over, cannot bo ovcr-estiniated.
If the, pormauoncy of, the, imT republic
bo secured and the 1'rencli people re
main true themselves by giving to it
their best Bunnort and best cfibr ts, then
indeed, niav. Fraueo-oinori'o from , her
sorest, trials redeemed and purified by
thp Eea of blood through whipu shci lias
,.r K .. .
icsolt. f. the recent railroad
I :.. 41.!.. ..I,, .a Annnti.l.i1i) 1.1 Ita
good oflects in all branches of trade and
amr)ii nil classes of citizens. There is
n wttor fcelintrunaondered bvthehono
ujjt, Xipon good reasons, of a new rliii
tnorc prosperous era in Lairo s history
The full extent ot tho stimulus given
. . i . t . ...
i a nlrnadv known that itnrtics. with
" " ' '
W. lu'. " Mo-
f n...ru-. . ,,.,, w... ,,u
once invest in new buildings ; font M a
motorious fli6t, tliat')ioues, iit to live in,
have not been available fur mouths
,,ast . nmi 0ll0 f t10 f01lr n)0M wl0 cafit
thcirv otes a-raiust the railroad actually
j.ivo as his reason 1'or bo doing that
' since the manufactories came JilCairo
1 his rent has been constantly incrcas-
1 ing, and if the proposed railrostds wcro
'built and. wouVltbruig mor'o' -people
' here, ho would have to sleep out in
1 tho weeds." These capitalists' do not
propose to lose this valuable citizen or
tho railroads either, lint they do pro
ppso to erect more buildings to meet the
increase in our population, mid to
cheapen 'rorils' ioi! those 1 already
hero. A new lino of steauiors be
tween this city and Cincinnati is dis
cussed very favorably in tho latter city;
parties arc uoWj engaged in surveying
a route for the purpo.-o of locating
the Junction railroad, which will com
pluto tho link in the .Mobile and Ohio
road and bring it to our doors ; this
movement will bring to Cairo, as a con
sviucjicothcHautJiernltc;rnliiiiHofthc.St. Louis and Iron Mountain, for Col. Allen
h not the kind of a man to indulge in
fifteen inije? pf uppr'flub'd'auUSxpens
ivc railroading Avlicn',tlf(? 'same object
can bo attained by cutting off that su-
'periluoiis ft tit! expousiya,, t mileage
Judge Uioss will earry-out-thorwill "of
the people us ,la,wv Mip.jivaironnnd
Ht. Jjouisand Cairo and Vinccnncs rail
roads, and will' fisfsV them, in every
ruaus, iiuu 'Hill inBiai- iiium, iu unij
liiaiiner possible in hia dfliciabaudpor
soual capafcity; wrfrk' on (lfp Cairo and
Pulton road fa' 'pr'ogrosiiig fiucly in
progrossihg fiucly
(wodiieotiout., aiid tlio' capital isitinpl6
a;nd ready to finish it; those jnanufaetur
or(( recojuly,cttled auioug .us, aro wit-
islied Y!'liho scleotioij they h;jye,
iiuiuc, ami express tne gieatcM conn
.1 ..... I-.........;.... :..
"ivu iii uur iitturu iiuuuiKuuuiiiiji in-
t;re,t, .All,lbee Tc1k iput togollier'
ou"ht to and do inspire 'confidence, and
we lmve now only to put ovcryhidivuU
uai shoultler to thu whoul n l-ilrlv
hturt Cairo in tho'roa'A lif'iroress. and
keep lmr uioviug.in it. 1 .
. -it'll. ,
HISliOI) IlllehoutO, thu remains of
p toso daughter was convoyed t New
city uttd' Interred in (ireettwood
t t-emttery, It ktuyiii(; ut tho house uf his
- , . .
uiyuior tlifct rlty.
(Tiirclcn nnd Domeolle)
Mr. Sownrd nnd party arrived In
Cotulnntinoplo 0(- H'o first of .Inly. Ho.
wn wootncl-y tho Amorjcnn legntlop,
tflnd Titrkliji ofl'lclnls of lilghjank. ,
ClinrliU Vrnncls Atlntnlinftj In, preis
i.Afmiiiiirn of.loLn Oulncv' AilHinf,' Com-
pHslng hii'dlary' from 1705 Id llJ48 (the-
year of his death.)
Emily Falthfull is about establishing
In London a trnlnlpc i(ntl(utm'fii,r glrlt
who doslro to Weoino perfcrt house
It fVroportcd Hint MIm Amy Scilg
wIck, tho dlillnguiiliod Kngllh iictrem,
encouraged by'ttio'jucccM of M1I6 Jflhsdn
nnd Mine. Sobnch, 1ms decided to conio to
tho United .Statos.noxt full.
M. Kossuth, who has been for years
living In obscurity In London, dovothtg
much of his tlmo to tho study of science,
has Just published a paper on'tlio "Karbcn
verandcruny; dcr Sterne," or "Variations
In color of the Stnrs."
An ctlort Is making In Philadelphia
lo erect a statuo lo tho memory of Martha
"Washington, In Chcsnut street, besido Urn
of (Joorgo Ynshington. The amount to
bo expended for tho purpose, $20,000, Is to
bo raised by Si mibscrlptions.
Tonnlo 0 Clnflln, Is out In a card
Shony: "What I contemplate is to ob
tain tlio lento of ono of tho largo hotels
nnd make it tho hoadquartors of tho' new
republican court, tho focus nnd center of
tho Intellect, science, taste, religion, fash-,
ion, nnd representative excellence, In all
spheres, of this country, nnd to some ex
tent of tho wcrld, ns tho nucleus of tho
higher nnd belter stylo of tho society of tho
A cable dispatch from St. l'etorsburch
states that tho grand duko Alexii will su
perintend In person tho preparations boing
maJo ot tho. Imperial navy ynrd for' his
voyaco to America. Tho grand duKO has
stated that ho Intends to carry to Amorlca
ono of tho most perfect naval soundrom
that over left European waters. In St.
Pctersbureh tho crnnd duko's voyngo is
tho principal lopic at tho united service
clubs, nnd thoso who havo miluenco nt
court nro exerting It to tho uttcrmoit'W
secure nsngnmonts' lo-liWhlghnoss' suite,
Prince Oortschakoff states that tho grand
duko will cortninly embark at Cronstadt
on tho lnt ff AugusttoArhorlcn.
If It Is true that the perion.who claim
to Ifo Sir Itokur TJohborno is not much
morortgrrorimruran ninny oilier Kngllsh
- U.lt-.i.IA i .m- ,.Tt..
men ot nnsiocranu iiuuuu uuu nnu, nni
atlno thing 'tho, old''Jii6blllty must c!i
ltoger Tichboino was educated at btonyi
burst CotlJgN and for'hrqo, years Was nu
dfllccr in tlio army. Hut In his cross
oxntnination tho other day ho could not
tell what chemUtcy was, anil .defined a
quadrangle 'to bo a thing. that went rouned.
ilIowiisBliown'it'copyorYIrgil nna belie
ved it to'bo 'Greek. ITo was nsked to spell
".Interest," and spolUd it 'i-n-t-r-o-s-s
Physiology ho said was about tho nppcur
nnqo of the face, b'ut ,'ortibeing corrected
lio thought it referred to tho shnpoof the
head. lie did not know what mathema
tics meant; and "Laos Deorempor". Tho
curious thing is that thosoi aro. just such
blunders ns thu real Sir lloger, judging
from, tho lettors presorvod by ,hls family,
would lio vury apt to mnkc, Tribune.
New York Tribune Mnv'31, 171.
Dear Sirs I know' of nothing in my
habits that deserves public attention. I
was formerly called a " (Jralmmfto ;" that
Is, I rarely ato meat: and it Is still my
con rlctlon.tluit meat thb'dld'bo oaton verv
sparingly.- T cat howevbr ilko other folks,
not having tlmo to nako, invself disbgrooi'j
nblo to overybody by Insisting on 'fpe'cinl'
food whorover 1 go, slnco I trnvel much
and cut In iildny1 places in thu course ofn
I teased to drink distilled liquors Jan
uary 1,1821, whon I was not ouitb tlilr
toun years oldf Iocenslonally drank boor
four or flyo yours thoroaftor, whon 1 aban
doned that also. I cannot romombcr that
1 ovor mora, than taftcd ,wino.
I stonned drinkini: coffeo .nbout 1834,
bocauso it made my hand tremble. I nm op
posed to norvca
1 did not drink ton for a qtinrter of a pon-
tury, onillng in iwu, when I nnd Oram
fuver nnd was very 111. .My doctor insis
ted that I should drink either claret or tea.
I chosu tho ten, which black) I havo
gonorallv usod sinpc, though not unlfonply
Ny fiivo.rllii'exercls'e is trimming up
truce in a forest with an axo, cutting out,
undorbrusli,&c., I wish I could tako.
moro of It, bill my farm is distant and my
family scattered. I sometimes lifrwclpht
nt tho Lifting Curo. I hnvo only lifted
2C5 pounds 'sinco-rbccamo 'sixty years old
February 3d last. Yours.
J'. A. llcechor, Ksq., Trunton, N. J.
imtKOTioirt' i'or.. i-iiKstuTtkY; Ivkokt.v-
To pretervo vegetables, It is absolutely
important tolako notliiiig but that which
is fresh from vino or stalk. If at all
withered or decayed, success Is impossible
Corn. Cut from tho cob, put tho corn
In thp Jars oc. cans with tbo Jiiijk of , tho
corn.- Very'yourip; nnd (endor com has
been presurved by boiling one hour.
Ilut corn generally" should bo boiled 4
Another. Cook tlio corn on tho cob,
as much its when it is prepared for eating
then cut it oil' and prcts it tightly into
the jars; boll ono hour, seal and sot away
Inja dry, cool, dark placo. dars'or catp
qhbuld bu temporarily shut while boiling.
It requires a much longer tlmo to expel
tho air from vegotablos, than from fruit.
This part not boing understood, 1ms
caused much failuro" in nt'tttripti to 'tyrb
servo th'om.
11'roin thu Ht. Louis Democrnt.
(itiided by tho tonorof our crop letters,
It will bo remembered that wo assured our
readers a few days slnco that potatoes
wore soon to tjedijio,, as the .reported, ties
t ruction ofthocropby the Colorado beetlo
'was without foundation. Slneo tliat prc
iltctlon potatoes havo dropped -10 and COc
on tho bushel, and tho now crop atraeted
by tho rtront high prices is rtishing-Mnto
market In heavv volume A sale of sov-
unty-llvo barrels now from Iowa was made
r. . . .... . i ,. p. a .)'--i
on Katuruay at 5-J.o aim ?d.ou per uarrui,
wlillo new htato irom wagons aro peouiing
out at st.'io nor busliul. A still itirinor
I - n,ltltu , , , imiu iiui;u. i.iium iiuiu uuuui ,
Heeoltiti in this iniirkoL to dntn li..vit Imnn
I .l...,l.. ...111 ...I C 1
1 lUl.t't snolts and lmrreU. jy jillo, for tho
1 i r.' V. . . 1....... V.1 UCK
1 mm uurruis t:uiuu vu i.iuiu, ououy rtood
I fuur a i.otato famlr.o or expect Unit
high pricey ,vV.V'Wva hero.
orx. rtuhfrtiiiti: a.m. tiiecincix.vatia.vs
, , fTCimgnnmcrelftl jiy sj jk,
''PSRrtnnejiUornrfio Is hnvInFil
the presjj.nn.d ubs6r pl)ons to a modcrnto
CJUenr-wero mudo -lo Itrbutthoro has for
!?, 1.0, t. ? bcon,'J dl,rt-v ln 1,10 work, and
subscriptions of bonuses ttem-ln'.l htr lntn
a conneclion with tho.OhIo.naII.;i,iti,l
Ka lroaa nt-Vinoonnof, but It iyor had
ji.V(MirtMoWaMJ-tfr7oxpW( h would
nuiirvni' Kjnitr -anu iMissIssinl
Comivni-.tMarti-. doubtless. Imnl... r L
m,nbarrasd condlVioniot.rtat Company,
nnd partly,-porirapijibteauipKi UnaKrJ
wo'fo not'couvJhcadof.lU lmBhViU- ?.
road comiinndinir in limiMnt vi
."l" ,'tr,n.'!0 , wMlc 1 ,BaW
,vii iu unu fluMinjun.Bireaajri na from!
Ctiro'4, but tNo Cairo trada iwnt nl.v
had at a scrioui disadvnntago by , tho Ohio
and Mississippi' Iri-caiuo of tho pjrot' dis
criminations nrndo Ngiilfut U 'by ibS IlH.
nols Central road. Tho Ohio anil Miuui-'
slppi road was, hoWcvoi1, likely to bo itll),
further inlured In that direction bv tho
nrobnbillitv1 that this'1 Cairo nnd'VIncnnnri'
road would havo a connection ntVlneenhos
With tho lndliinnpolis'nnd yihccuncg road,
Ond thus a formidable 'competition cstiib-
(OtOiisucu tor uusuio&s Hint wouiu ue cpni
trolled nt Cairo, nnd possibly for a trnns
continental connection. That this connec
tion toward Iddlnnapolls would lo a V6ry
undcilrabld ono for Cincinnati is plainly
apparent, nnd nor; that a r.oviow of thp
worn on wio uairo nnu vinconnoi roaa is
in nrocress. It would bo well foroiir neohlo'
10 sco inio it note nanus or interests its.
management will.wotk.. . Th Indianapolis
arid Vlncofinei road it controlled by the
XI.... - ..1 ! T . I. .11 J
flu ajf k tiiii win )ni. . i iiov)mryauu
Vincennca road becomes. a nart of tlio' lr.-
diannpolis and Vinccnncs 'rond, of courso
its irauic wiu.noi no in tno interoHa.ot,
mis uuy, ,iico" nto; uiuo nnu .Mississippi
ronu is coniroucu uy companies in active
competition witn tiiQii'cansyiVnnta com
nanv. -1 .
Ucuoral Jiurnsmo, however, in his re
marks at tho oxihaMgo on Saturday, said :
" If. tho business, men. bf tho city mako
thisdonation, I can otilyasy thnt I b,oUcvo'
it Villi bo for their intercstl.and' assure
them that tho road will be built, nnd built
as a. connecting Toaa .witn tiiAUhto and
.Mississippi.roau. wuicii leads into this city.",
Thli wou)d. givo us to 'understand thai,
thd company, is an independent ono now.
waking" possible betiuccest 'oft efforts
.oCiiir cltlzens-to- -s!iroTirnn, -trib-'.
utary lollio trado of this city. Tbat'U'H
oi grcai'imponnnca innv jney suouiU-iOr,
curelt, 'needs no nrgutnetit; but theirbT
fortg'niust bo'prbnfip't,'and'tho attention lo
lwi iMVun.it lirilhft OfSmmitten called' for'l.v
r.. - r... ..e -ji.it j.-iv .ciA'
bo tomothinej'm'or6'thhri''tlio roparatIonof
tho usual rccqmnio.ndaUryjrosolutions.
Hh'fi.4 Oll'lil -liilio' mm tint hVA'Ieen
akon. to. retain n'sClnofnTT(itirynyi lair
tho lcadlDgoaflsccntorlna jliero .froni
Even, had this' nQtvbeonVdorio.lt'Svoyld1
iiiivu- uyuu ui Klunb wuifiiuuiui.u iu
i.i.i 'itlk m,:,.nnVi ki:..:i.inni n. r.
urcat'trunk road for tho accomrfibQatlon
of nil lines centering Imrb, 'from' tlio cast
and northeast, so that 'wo mitrhtMiold our
jusi piaco on ino grcni casv nnu wesi
tnoroucrninrc, -anu .sccurq our unao ncninst
tho unjust discrindnatlaris.Qf companion.
that aro intoreitoJ IntcVmtrolling traffic
over their entire lines, and only practically'
concerned for thd pr'ospority.ofi tho1 ettfes
and communities of their termini. '
Tha discussion of theso matters neewsa
rilv involves consldora'.ion of tho ottostion
whethor Cincinnntians hnve been ps 'alcM
nnd cntamrislnt! ns thev should ba to ef
forts to control tho great avenues of
froiirht and trnvel, or whether resllne.con-
lldontly on tho fact that 'thhy..:ur by
nattiro mgniy tavorea ns to tuo oiomonts
of a groat commerco, they havo not.beon
suninolv indiO'crcnlto whathas'becn L-oln
on around th'cm, And to ral so this ques
tion has been so generally rcgaruquyis ,nn
indiscretion, that It hoi soldOni been han
dled excopt,n yorprlvatojc'anversntlohs,
where confessions of dereliction . might be
kept Very .quidl. Nolwithstanillng' this
rulo. howovcr. and our steadfast thoueh
somtlimos rathor unwilling adhcrcdeo to
it. wo .will venture to'rbfer to' an Incident
luireestod - bv-4 - Ibo . "conslderatidnt
6f," tho; interest, iofoaour icityW Irii
the .raiiroadf s system "t-'f 'Southern'.
Tlllnnli. Rliortlr-ftor'fli(ri(?rAl Biillm firL
J,vislte'd our,clty In rVgaVdiothn CMronridr
Vinccnnes road,, n comjnjttoo.visitca'rifcro
to awaxen nn interest m.a.projoct, lor .tuo
constructloaof-W-.road from 'Vinconnfis to
Faducnh, JventucVy.' Tho'committco (it
wns supposed' for tho ptirp'dsoof awakening
a littlo whplcsomoi Jealousy y stated that
Chicago had been approached on tho sub
ject of hnvlng connection to Taducah by
tun construction of a road frpm KJgewood,
Elllngham county, JlliTiois, a point on tho
Chicago branch of tho Illinois Central
rond, and hadj-cspotulcd favorably. This
rond'has, vlo aro informed, boon completed,
and Chicago given a direct Jino toPaducali.
Tho rond that It was', thought Cincinnati
might desire, to 'secure tho .samo impor
tant connection, 'remains still to be built;
but, then, porhar)?. ItJs.'rioL'nccdod.
" Kei'lhoCiiTro and Vinccnncs project bo
Investigated thoroughly,' ?hnd intelligent
action taken in regard to it.
Kro:n tlj) New York .Suri.i. , 'A
Dr. Louis Do Silva, alias Cardo'za, d
noted bigamist,- lecturer, nnd'p'ractic&l
romancer, "was kllldd on tho COth of Mav
at Jort Hddgwick,' kbo'ut four' '-hundred
-..1. ' .. i ...!... Vtll - -' . '
iniiua WL-avut umiiua, iJU piivn'.ysns an
extraordinary character, but 'nothing is
known of his early hlitory-oicopt whit
ho himsolf choso to tell. Ho was a map
of varied acquirements, talked flilch'tlVin
;all tho modorrt htpguajgcs.'wa'fuWliir
wiiu j. uia uuu too writmRS oi tno
Itotnan Catholic JathcrsJjnJ traYollc'd-la-
many counino( nini was rr most reckloss
nnd unconscionable (isc'aU' T is -said
that ho wasonco sentenced to -bo parroted
in Havana, and that ho was with Maximi
ilri.,D&xir;pj it isi'crtiiiithatJ hehirT
(loiorted four timQSi from thu Fodoral
army, and had rnarriod moro wives than
any ,jnan- jn, Americiu except llrlpjliam
Young,. Shut up4n a cell, with' Tiobook
within reach but a (Icrman Bible, ho lias
written for tho press columns concerning
his porsonal advcnturti't.wltli;j)ii. Prim'
in Spain; nnd though tho wholo story, bo
far as ho was concerned, r was nrobablv
puro fiction, every circumstance coniiqotbd.
with I'rirn'a.riiot-oinentj' Would bblfo-und la'
to bo historically, correct, oven fto'-tho
distanco given uy ju biiva betwogh trio,
.n.i. m ... v.-.1'--r:l -TT-. i tr1 V .
uiiicTL-ui. i:sit nnu pinees inomtonyq in
hia'imrrtttivo.'iln Jrarcfi hrrJornpoU .from
n train of cars wlillo; .heavily, Iroiifld, and
broko-hhrlcgV 6ly tlilftcon 'da'vV aftor-
Ward.ho-.MtpedJFt.'in lVrt ficdgw'lcl
ins cru.iMu i;u(iuiWui, unu was tU0J(;qr,
tiontly fWrid lylng holpk-sb on tho pralrlo)
covorjetl'-tMlth Hiiowjinnd. with bpttf'feel
badly frozenf After 'being, fffton laclc'
to trjO'grw. haying, his foct proporly,
drcssed,-.ho remained tolerably qulofuntft
tho 30th tfl'-,Mny. when Jio woijt Uftllor.
guard "fo?thq.tHlor'ii ihop, becamo. Iritpxlc-atouV-got.lnto
a qurrell, nnd warnqATy
shot' 'by- 'tho 'soldier who, 1md hhac in
clihrco. Do. SUva. was woll known in
many jiaru of the, country. By l0ompu'lioJ
was Dciicvea to pe Hitanp j , uuv ,.Mtt0,;
totnUacU ini.moral nrincinal it InsantW;
thro appoara to- ImvtJ 'bcotl . H9,
tjun tvr iWn tt uotici. ,
hatch ixott'N ii.mt iyi:.
Jhh unperl. Hair l)joiilhf kit iitiiuWoniD
-rirlecllj; Ilnrmlss, Uclinhli kmUntlhiiBtpout.'
No dlsipnoTnlmnniivo UMlclllo'iM Tlnta or Un--l,l,rlnt
iWbr.iflfhBentdrfy.. n.icholor'i.
llnlfilijeljgp'liHM. Iiai)lATlfcY a aplcmlhl.
IltasjiSo tiQin-af DwWiirflWt"iot Hmin tl.o
Hkln, tat Icnvos tl.o llalr Cl'eaiirBdTt nnd llenutl-
fill. The only Hnro mil rerfect Dyo.
Bold y nil itriiRKlsls. Knclory lfl llonil fltrcet,
New York, Wn3Idefi.lwljr-
iRPisjSM sciienck, m. ur
3? ( Ail i
.1 -njiBaxiiT-evoivjaJuanT I
KetHtiK laaaawincu liamnerini
nit. joskpu ii.-sciikvok'h himpi.k
nnd arnlfeil tbemMlTH of hUwondorfullrefflcn-
tClQui mexllelnt". ther ve.BlditotT.iiTi) fuller..
Ur.tirhlf modi
lIclnM and Ma Alrectloni or their
iod Into healthful rlror.i i
uko, it quickened
In- thl'tcinent Uiero ts notblns. nreiamp- '
iiiuM. ii-oMnm ori inrollil u made no
MantlaUKl br llTlnranit vltlblo woru.
repmenutuun ini is bos il tnouiuind tlnos sub.
TvUeurjM.fi tlie cufolr lr. Hchmtlfs medicines
ua Bin.p.e hi ii ia i
ThoSea-W cod TpnW and Mahdraka mis art tha
rat-two weilaona villi which tho cltadi ot tha
, malady Is aaaolled. . Twd thirds of tba aan of
wM.. .,,v,iv..Kiii.Mi in uyi.n'iinauu p. JHno
tlonally disordered llrcr. Willi thft ofadltion
tho bronchial Ubo tnmpptkW wkh'tha
uimaoli. 'They respond lu.lhu inorWfla aetlon.
uf ll.a llrcr.. flora than cotnn tnocuRulnatlas
reiull, and tho cttm tn.vilUi all lUd iuni
Inf symptoma of i I
-s i CONHtJMPTlON. .i . . 'i
Tho Mandrais Tilts aro eompoied of tajoof H-
Tha work ibf mra
tod and tnaotnlidet
alimentary canal a.ro. wiaotedj
a clock, la wound ud. ltartiuaa
ItT. Tho attmalfcitfcu reininaUeli, amt UiOi
v paUeot boina w.fettibe(iilig.alUt. '
' A HUPPI.VI FsCMds'-BLObb. ,
arrjuaea irom iia uryia- v.
r Tho eaa-vaad.TdhUt; Inleunett'wli. tho
T'hfi Jrmcatcs and .aaslndkHta-.tTiUi tbeTf ood.
ChyilrTeatlon Is now proitreiilnjt wltioat Jta pro-
vlnna IMttiffM. IklMatkin bmnlmum Mfi.lah uml
r the cnruia aoon to ha at liand. .'I hara la m.knona
natuieneo.-no ezaeerDation or tuo Sluoiacni 11 ,
annntJfA anta In. t. t m I. i J'.m1 Ik I'
Y ' Row comes tho trrcateat Blood fgiUfrrlr jot '
arlvanibr an' IrKluhant-Tatner Id auffiirfna kiMti..
Hchrnck'a 1'u.monTa Hirun ntamaa amjtalta.nrrirfn1
I Its functions and to liaaUn.ajd conpfeta thai Jl
f luce, i, n.i.Mf b . unci, uiwm ILM W, 1 1 . niium
.n not .bo ck anted.. H ooBaeta aaat-rWni to"
'.mparrea ana aiseased portlona of
In tho form of aatberlnES.lt prepay
cx Doctoral Inn na lol- liiiaf. Mr.
Mtlent.ln all the dljjnltr of rcKilnect,nT1itprt j
iaWMi., -iHll r ;(wll f
consumpthMl. eonBneato
tlmo my physicians tliousbt that lyJd hot llral
a weea i tnen.-i.re a arowninv man can
like 'a drowning I
of and t.btalnoil t
.n rjttrhlad nt.
siraws, i new
which I now
ws, I hcurd of nnd otiuinoii Uuv pttpirallona
a-pnrfect cure of me." It a(.vmeir 'id (no Uia I
r oner to tuo nubile iu4 tltvr tnaile
ptTcr to tuo
Ther "oon rluucd tho matter In my lunas. tuid,
1 would'aplt.uiiiaoro'than-H-pInt uf iitTcnsrVo
could feel thcm-penalrqte ray Kkolo tfm.
"As soon as l
, , (erer; pains, and;
id nbcM'amoUU'aUbamo la re nro
me. ami mrappoUto baenmaaoi
wiib aimcuiir uiai i cou.ti accp i
Iim aailnjf tbo "
grown In tlcsb cTeralneo. . .j, . .,j - .) I .
i .-Iiwas velirned nhortiy nerIrirri6TC-',,,
aaaea uia JJof wr, r-uimi lounnt-ilia mvra
vauii'ioni wj. irt;iMiib wilb uuij. nuiair -aTfn-
Hjundai myjn-c-sent weight la tno ruin
cikui is iironunt.riHl anu
1oti.1 iinlnLrrru
Tonipbunib..luid fur years 1 baro ct".(
Interrupted nealth." i a
ur.8cbBnck.haa dlsconttiined.hb. profssslon
Tlstts to KsW.-York.nnil Ilotton. Ilo or his sod,
Dr. J. 11. sciwnoi, jr.. sun oxniinuu to aeo p
tlunu at their ofBco. No, U KurtU ttuib.. fctrvt-t,
1'hlladclphla.cTcrr faturdar.irohia A.n,tyJ r.J.
1 'rhotpwho wlab'ti lhu.-ut.tttl csamlnailoit'wliii
I the ItcVplromeu-r wilt bo crmriiod 14.1 ihe IU 4-
rtrometer doclures tho cxuct-aindltloii of lhe
lines, and lattlanla.cau rcudllj luarn wbelhur
thny are curnblo prnot.v ... ... t I
'I'beditcctlona far-taklUjritlio.edMne ark
adapted to the IntolUxw.qu onin gfScWIfl; Jft.lt
, low tneso airecrions; nna run
Pst, asocpalM ibatla nacase.aM.snriWk
Ills are lo be taken .Iflr lncrfuuwd.daaeaiisii
three BieqiolneeDeed no-other aceompaaiAenU
.rban tha aanDla, lnatluetlonaauasi.acaDai
1 them t - Klrit croiitj apptte.., Ut. ntwajnai
jteaituikuaitet lath4-monwek1efiwPaproml
lomutu ooaan iioaaeneiaiMiEBS -a
fr.,V In . .hurt. tlm...ji uf.rahaM
yroroinareamforeer; Vt
"tens qf JbouMndT Sf-faoitllea.,! ksaJaHfa'ir
l mM cqaai w nes. aa oonasaawiT bwf in
iUttndaqf,faoitllea.,.4l alsaalue'tr
inrvmiTO.inv asannraav t-inaarBastanoara Mr-
or-cRh and oljMs, mar ba reitrdML aa Br
PkytacwrioaKMnsl cvniintSrFinTuSy biW
pflmflhn 'PalmAnlufiTn.D and.Sea.weed
. Tontc.lliOKlMiUlH.or MJOahalfiloson; -Mall.
uruao s'um. jJCCOLaskJJ.il. .qui ujai.urua'
slauand-dualera. -. . , , .
Cjlt-T KSTKltt'MlSK,
V '1
tie.-'- ft
' Siqq ooo ;A
GIFT jrSTvtt,
at QMAiix,rasK a-:",1,
O.-VI.Y 00,000 T1CKETN IN AM..
. ivf ni . u'a l" '
TIM?tTr Dollars) KiicTi-Ifalvci Oa
. r I - L. r. . j il ... . n.t.Jk.. I I J J' '
(B-JIl enlejrprise wiu iMoiuunioteil mjpre
:iuiy- sua.mr niuuurAiti.wtt vi mv ia.1
Jrft Concert-of tho 'Mercantile T,lbrary. 1
tU)n;ofriairVnincIsett. which RSYe such til
satallon, I jji . li ir 'n la '
Ono Chance Iu Every Thlrtylghi.
:i cash tiiit...,....,yy.i..A.,lJMULL.,
1 Cash (lift........!"..:...;..
, 15,000
,..... 10,009
m VjUBII tlllttMUt'letHMiUf Htttn
H...I. iiiit
cati on,,t,r,-.:. .
t Coali (Iitt ,1 1.
u&sn uiit . ,uv ....... f,,.,
Cash tl.fts, fiOO l'iu;h
U1HII lilIU, V tftCtl.-.
i.H.l 1. 1 1 is, I., encu..,
I0O CaSti fflrts, SJ.oat'lbuuua. .-. 2,U)0
1UK) L'usn Gilts, 10 rMhr....,...r- - 10,000
WW) Cas h O fts. 6 enelil.,.:iJ,.,d.:.'...-. 6.0U0
... .tlVl. 111,1 jr ...V','. '1 ,. 'J- ..M, p.,Y,iu
lldkekboMis-, by Ul JMuUiuP Ai.li1
Oiiiaha , C4. . l r. ) H'u f
wuciaiion ui
I x m .
lUveBrN.-ft-M.'n.'nroek., U.eJ.-JIaraiiarHoniqe,
Omulmt'riierKnr)ri9ii.ii, late lipion I'uojl c,(ll
rokoiufe.tnsanWJTuiriurf iwpMiVi'H;'Ji
likl,umalia:1j, lojU )'ghtplfti)o,-iLpmhn,'(N
u.lud'A'. L'JIar'vAy, .H(ij!ao.llrt,,Iltii., i, ,
llocul retr.onall)IeH!!ntii'uraia)M.' 1Linli
iu allowed, t.tf'in- (iitl;rarttViITatraiT niiarcH.
UYr'Oltrj JiCtl.VniismcHi Mnnajicr.
i 't " t J - A kfOn4ahs,NtoruI;ai '
1 I
i f h...L'L',j.). t , bi
,1. --
."a ii,l.u .....1., ..... ..
jwh.-, ;uii,fiii'ii., urqisiratfVluK.v10f ..fit"
O papers, tux lists, unit '(.very variety of citun
(iCStdloKiies. newa
Bewnpeffgr r ,iailliij utitsblUlnneni) i i t -
ySllltOMVriCl' woili jir'intmi "in many nmt
A )lm.d varlutl colors al ono Ininrflssloll. oil tho
:t . . 1 : rr 1 - zu i
t-aldbrntod eliroiiitttio'Bra-nat'Ii.lho Uullelln
.ml. kirlatlnii otlluo. fhl ts'lhe most remarKablu.
.VM.la.fiVdr,.llit;u.kLSri Au.lL-i..rni.A.M IMIhaBtlSV'
Ihrtmorttit U.rf
.vw.'inu lih i
J Tkaaaooad tbljkt ta. ioilSlaTrf May In a "
ara ososaat, bus is MM M praTOntaOorlt if& -
r fall, and winter, aaaauavaro JUI arnart rSti
- rlarfs-who teoommend thai'oourn.ioae tbali pa.t-
' becauto ther aro In tho houao Sbitf Tlrmit vudLl v
alt down quiet I ther muit walk about the raomr, I
ninoehand aaajta(aBeatreath will boa, to ' I
Ketunaa-ood circulation of bbKxt.r TMrpatltntau
SimiutlrmP'lntovarHtAtweMctraln i
TfclW'.TkTe ita-erM.-Mnrws-MkK-'
t)tc. snd u the tnit pulnttiigaiji. v. i nP .
it ra-aeapalr.or card after ldcti e-r9br!eo bi Ita
.poulDlllty.tn tho worM cnaaa.iaaa nagralicr
f tnlntrfn afrtitnTii;n kinful. Dr, Bchc ack'a Jer
I eonntntatcment in tbo FmIJ,'of 'nls oWrftliru
was In tlicso modest words: .bftamnu t"
ss i.o it...v,-F---f'.--.y.i----ia3-
HSU U It.. - .................! i r. l.lfM
UJ1. 4....AMM.t.)l...)..ft
,i (t::i:i!r;:::
l lBh;UilllAX.;M.'WU.'.I.W..W.Av
il ch- o ift,.r.- ..r ".. - "i ,oop.
Dll. HlUIIAll'S
Jlai'lliaa nnnuj'.n Hum. I.rntlli nml
WSnew, l,m rrwurTT or Anv enrt ot illeii, la
fitly b
ta(AviIilch they 111 to cure.
No. 1 nnd 3, nre , ho arcnti'it alloratire known
Is the grri.te(Yjll,,i()pt U tholnJl-
4fe iVij''lr i ri"r3p t il r 1 r 1 1 p. I to cur nil
rorrmlrflnll.Tinff lnnl nnni t Imt at Dnannteetl
toetfectk ra.lleal and penl.t cine In Ml iiaari for
wi.ieu ii.rr mrm rroQinmapurii. wi.l-ii nu ihit
It 'of
f tiM.i.sbila yearly
I loot all l.otw. and
iaM Wf the best of oar
tfo. 1, cures ulcers, ulcerated sore IhrnAt and
mouth, ore eyes, catnnuoua eruntlonf, topper
.rplonu Molali.fcorotsa, of hifwlp, sdroluln,
I'W.l tUltni(iTutet renavatnr. alteratlre and
htoo.l pnrlfler known, reonten nil mercury irom
win amii'iK, nnu lenrcs uia blood pure lulu
No. 2, euros meictlrUI atlettlon, rl.etimntisrn In
all Ita forms, nnd gie Jinme.llato rcllefln all
A Viultcal cure for nil urinary derangement.
I'rlce, H per battle.
A rtdical e.urenrnerous or (cnersl ileblllly, In
okl or. iroaha. tml.srtlair enarav wllh wi.n.leifnl
' Ffico tl tierbotlle.'or.lwo for 80.
a Un I coelfit of y,rlee,' these remedies will Ik ship.
vofresnon'.entsi Nonet'onnlue without the .mine
of Dlf. ItlCIIAU-HHOI.tiKN ltU)U:uiI, 1). II.
DeatoaD place, i ro.nri aiieniion ron. id an
jsucsunn, eoio .propriemr," o.own in iiisk hi
'jUIroiiJa'r tiffl8 aiilllU h n literal illf
luuiueaj ... l
Addceasrinvuii.KnmaMf.-rjs variCK-st
ffxaMnrf miiarv' hr avoreaa nr order tfooils
.through jouf i(t.f uur, ahit yoii will niw-t with
. . .---j I'l " 'n. 'I
i ,; -IL'i.l -.-.1 vnMlll' '
j'-iail' V. (," '
t. ".i ' ' i ; ' . J.
R " ! l i i-
" THIS watoi.u tie,acktnwlnlfi-iletirc of the In
!ta;M and IpcUial.tc dueare knovbas Urlel.t r
diBuain an.1 dtalrflea lr
f llaiHM'edtaeBJta Is fatal iotf.e kklney.the '.kxIi
J7j(E(ri,ttf, 'WW M1 J aurtalloaaf the
paaswaferjJVraati tli.'tst, ooastillon, loss of
. .nw.w.,BBannscc8 Willi irc-iut-ui.uriiirn iu
airepEMianantyiiii,.,! r--. lit .
-Astodijlilbtr-rtiri oMroH.y liare.bven effected,
iknok-doitt uikiii,'lu(Ii.iilon'of tho ue'ek ot the
biajdni-..aiki,winfi Kstyi.svm.iis:f, rur the
lifer lUsniPsuraajuicfi H wlllsllar nlljnRliiia-
t.t.nof th6'kiiliiry'kiiittirlnnry'orKUiIn tunnl)
fouebours'ulvlav linifW.HIe relief J'atko a s-ar
let faTpr.lt urotcnlitliaruidber frdmeoOiest nir.
nntfrrinOTcsall IrVf 0r,allmiueicril. Kwilj
k.to-reirei innii un.rs oi it.ic.i lev.er. .
Deneral Aaent ut tliein-ioifj. Waukesha. fi.
Itcadi'r, II yoi are atliictc.1 "ill. auy D ,the lore-
going'iiscasi, wrtlo 10 me unuersixneu. ins
adrice will poat yoiinotlifnr he fan by chumlcal
analysis possess Muire'ol a clear. knouWdic of
iifeiOl a clear, Knouisuic oi
-uo matter ol how Ionic s tand
(lis. ue r' UrihesiLiMlnirul
any inUlYiulc.i uo matter oi how lonx stand.
inui -itiswDiiacnui uis. utery i)einvsta.iinrrui
Water ia a ii.uaitlre rri.ie.lr' for tlio foreiMinir.
allmcntsltlt luu l.ut'er falle
lor it Where eter .uteil. Tnu water lias tlio Mine
'il to uo wiiat ho claims
K4.IXI ellect nt me remotest Jiart or lhe country.
calpMu rorjltr,lnal .pialitlci l.y parkskra or trims,
jmrlatloit." Dlreotious boyr una, ,lliu watdr am
olrcutRT -;lli Beeomtmoy e.tci: tutckaije onleii-.l.
Address, MtlCIMItP IRtHllAlt,
li.ub it lias iiiv nuruilil .v neirr ioitb n....i,i
. . 3Wi'mnjlrunljk-v.. WaahuiKton. I. U.
DrKdwafd I'. Ilui.Ur. General Manaiier at the
er.K wninnin, wis.
AHvnts araotea vsrwiiure. jriuuu.
iio.mks pou. yvJt: iiomklhss
W It
It '
, e . y
t"-.-f- ,
i .-i . . ..'.i i. Yl.v I' i
LcIut v 1 (laliliw sw" i')ul - ' ' 1
r.t2rc-.a..i.I."ieVi'!.. T. ' '
: a , t:i v -
,g; , -,31X-It. It. f.tsK I
j'sb.r ' t '' ' ''
t r . i . ! TiJm. '.II ' ,
From LanmietfaailluinaaaVily ant psit tliert-1
' ' ' ' ebrattf.l 0);e roji.try,
I n r.i.;' 'S 'f ' 1 t
Thb GAnnKJf'sVoT of K AKsaj.
. ' .A -V.
ai '
r t ,
l-t . f :
.10,'; a
i ,f '.,!!! fl . " '
IlnrlnKroceutlV ailaJm.
thfniiltmfikWfrxkV ,
iiCeurd, knOlrcnhir typrt
i. niir. uifetuy iuui unu.
fake cleniiirn'1ii Unnotme'-
! Ii.i; to (...yiri iiJi'fs Ural wo
i'.lla .'I
do ftlt.kjiitlsi uf Job work,,
aucli as. . ', . . . , i,
,,. Ijjllib.iu.I f
' . vfj tf it teoi . J i
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KstftMlNliclinlRV) nt il chnrlere I in 1 ..1, f.irt
treatment of Ml
DIHKASHS or a I'ltlVATK NAT!1 lib
A euro Kimtnnlee.I In every ensn
JVairsiile.l lo removiioUtriiellons, etc.
I'l lee, 12 perl) IX.
ia ifasija, ;
3Uf At.o. n r.t.l n..n.t.H... ... .. . .
A MRhlCAIi rAJil'linKT,
OonlalnlriR an jlnlKiraio treatise on ll.ealH.ve.lis
eifles. a hs f.w H..I ...... .1.. ...
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Cause, elfecl ami lr..aiinni .r .
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el.owii.a theiflilemnt sues,cte.
dwu. iu nvniru wrapper on lecoiptof cent.
Address r "
Fo. 3 West Jetrrson-sl., I.OUIHTII.I.i;, Ky.
umco ci j, 2. D.'2PUiS,
A2C"N0rtI. Rljh li bt. . Iil'rt I t.
Ddbbhis U MM
A color nnd dressing that will
not burn tho httir or iiiiuru tiio
It doon npt produce a colo.
mechnnicnlly, aa tho jio'ihoiiou')
preparations do.
It gradually refltorca tlio ln.s
tc ita original color nnd luHtrv,
by supplying now life nnd vigor.
It causea a luxuriant growth
of soft, fino hair.
The beat nnd aafest articlo
over offered.
Clean and Pure. No sediment.
, Sold .everywhere.
'WII0I.IA1.B nf!lOT!
N. w. coitNKit niTii Ami hack sts
l'lillitileliililn, I "a.
Ills a rellaUo Family MiMlk!inc nnd ran I'
aken by either Infant or iu lilt H.tli the lahie n
Hclal res.ills. It is nerrtain, prninptand spee r
emtdy lor diarrhea, dysentery, liowcls rnmpli. 1
dyspepsia, l.mnrsa of spirits, fainting., s
itomacli, headaeliK, I't.:, Forcliillsaml ferer i
ail Kinds, it is 1 u- ix-tirr and asier li.sti ouin u,
eitliout anr of Its pernicious enVrts. It ill,.
an append), proves a powerful OlKistor off. 1
sod Mill touuliract the etlreta of liquor In a
minutes. As Indisputable csldt nee of Its tne I
cal properties, vie append a fr of tl. many it
llAcatrs in our Jtoisesslon t
Jolinsou'a Depot, I-Ust Tenn., and Va. IU
JicoaScnsrrz, V. IwarHir: I nvensr.l 1
Hitters I l.ave ot.'.iinnl Irorn Jul., an.1 find .lit
lo bo all they are, recommended tole. I r.nii.
one bottle. 10 atlord mecoutidiraUe n.ll.-f. I le
uthouib I rnnnoldo very wt II vtilliout ll m, 1
ray present state 01 neaitn.
I). MK.SIOK. mSvi.tliCth st.,riilla.
I'nstor llsptlst rusyunk I'hiireh.
riolJ by W. I'. Allen, SS Jlmn street Inibuqun
IlllM.lly ANII .macmim: SIHIP.
I:t K. OKKK.VWAlslJ.
Coi-l'KIt AM) SlIKKT IllMK AV'oilK.
No. 248 East Pearl Street,
Hoard ami Tuition, per annum .'li: 00
iKti'.iiuATrn nv 11, b. 11. i-nixcr. aktiii'r.
ll.Dril nn 1 Tiutisn, per nmiuin t u '
1'r.i-ldent-Tlio Very It. V. I. llellmutli, I). D.,
' llenn of lliirtu. .
For particulars, apply to Major Kvans, London,
Osns.ll West
1'AllKKlt & BLAKK,
pritui IN
WTIT'P"tf T.-IHATi VTV1-1 rtTT O
1 1 .1 1."
1 ,
I , ' UltWHKH,
I -
. 1 , . OAIItO, IlI.MNOIS.
01- TIIK
(Jon. Oiikhtnut and SKCOxuS'iri ,
St. LOUIS, 1(0.
BWDlhGawljrwIlm: donu In a flrsl clasB mm.
per la tlio Wlciln blii.lory. TliU Uep "rt.
ment Is complete, and now fin y prcpard for all
klndsofwork In Hie biudlnfi lliuV 1 or
;Book, nowapaper anil job typo of every stylo,
uiado of tlio voeletiratoil Hard ami Toiiub Jlelal
peculiar to llio Unslon Type. Koundry, brain rule,
lend", metal furalturo, bluelc ami colored lake
circa, atanils, cpinposltWiiBtfcks, presses, roltur
opinposltlim. irallcya, ley briial.oa, roltorini ina
chines, paper and varil ctitlt-n, etc, q .kept
constantly oa hand. A.lilrrss orders 1
' JAMII3 A.rl'.J0llN,Mii.')aKer.
t.Ix)ull Hrauuhor m Boston Typo roiiudy.
8(, LQiila, Wo. ' yj uOil 1 ui '
ivr ui wuih tun rurjr ivur ratv.

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