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m renin nmMn rtrr.lof.ire eilstlnff 1et-een Al
I, t st ! ' ' 'sr M. Low, under the firm
lumtof tV.lft '-i i liereby dissolved by muliil
. Drmtl I. i, low win cimllnue me business, ss itn
mfix t lliUsM llllims and he will collect nil monies
due iM firm, nnd psy sll debts contracted by the Ulc
Cslsn, His i August ;, 1871.
irhln heretofore eslslln i
it F Keholseieo It hereby dissolved. Mti,
M'til li sltUIrn. I he Uninrss will be continued
hvlt r EeMs, sstroassnmesalljthe debts of the lite
fi m, nn-l whom all the eebts due the Mid firm mut be
n. 1. KCIIOLS.
In i , .mijiim 4th, i8;i.
V . hereby irlsen. llul on Tue.dis'. the Kill
A Mint nest between the h.Min of to o'clock In
. I re i m n 1 o clock Inthe afternoon olnaid day,
tlw 1st loiilence of Atieiiita Weil deeeatcd, in the
'fftf Ctiri, on the Ohio Levee, beteen Sixth arid
1. nn Mr.i. ...niiiiy ui .nt. aimer, iridic .u .uiuvi..
I' - rwtsensl property of the decedent, consisting of
li UKh ild anJ Witched furniture, fnecing machine,
i xinters and shelsln,;, show cases, liijnorK and cigars,
i indie and catidv Jars, also a leasehold estate In lot
N . in, in blocli No, 3, In the city of Cairo, together
with the hitV builbine on siM lot and other articles,
II 1 ld at public sale,
lermsof sale -Purchases of lew than five dollars to
be nald in hand : for that amount and over, on a credit
nf si mmths, the purchaser Kiting note, with ap-
grviseu security.
IXJUtS lUATTAU, Administrator.
Cairo, Inly as, 1871.
I'll hi Uliml every mornlnic, Hominy ex
Tkuth.-TIio power of Mn. Whlt-
cotriVs Syrup for child ron oro as posltivo
as the sunlight from heaven, and gentlo
mid soothing ns an nugol's whisper. atigS,
$25 Reward. Tbo I. O. O. F. of this
city offer $25 reward for tho recovery of 1
tho boJy of Charles Clyde, drowned en
Sunday night, by the disaster to tho steam
er Odd-Fellow.
A Farce. If our information is correct, 1
the recvet elimination of candidates for
the cadetship to West Point from this J
di!rict was n farce. "Wo shall nir some I
of tho facts connected with it to-morrw.
Dr. Itattingers Diarrhoea and Dysonte-
r i'on-dcrs will euro all kinds of Diarrhooa
nnd Djftentcry afflicting adults, quickly,
pleasantly and safely. For sale by nil
tirH class druggists and doalora. nug8-
ileun. Wood & Low, insuranco agenti,
have dissolved partnership. Mr. Low
continues the business, with his ofilco at
I'ulaskl, settling tho accounts of tho old
firm. Mr. Wood leaves Cairo for St. I
Louis, wiier bo will engage in business.
TnE CnmtTA.v Contuovbusy. "Wo
xMi coniidcriblo spaco this morning to si
comraunicttion from Iter. Jlr. Friend, of until .arrested by Holmes, was a rcsi
tho Christian church. It mav be nil ho lnt rPulaski county, find no attempt
Intends it to h' -forcible, witty nnd n
cruibcr. If it is satisfactory to him. wo
are latuuea.
Bio Mohet. Sheriff Irvin paid into
the county troasary, yesterday, ten thou-
sand dollars cash. This amount, with
what was in tho treasury, will bo nmplv
sufficient to pay all tho outsUiding in-
deUtdncss of the countv.
Docs. Cain.llie marshal, will go for tho
dogs in good earnest, 'o-morrow, nnd
i rtw the strwts with tho curcasses of nil
unmuezled dog, and untagged ones too.
So, every man who vitlties his dog will
rush for tags and and muzzles to-day.
Dbc.vk. Three honest, plain drunks
were paraded beforo Shanncssy yostorday.
"Sol" and T. Llyod and Jack Connors
poor Jack I Upon oach of tho inebriated
unfortunstos tho sqtiiro imposed $1 lino,
which they each paid, and loft tho honor
able presence soberor if not wiser men.
We would call tho attention of our
country friends who want to get good
pictures to call on J. J. Thomas, who has
very pleasant gi'llory on Commercial
avenue for thtj'ir accommodation, and is
really thobcit artist wdhavo lmd in Cairo
or a long time. tf
Tuutp and Pahtv. Mr.Chas.Thrupp
atd parly, who have been surveying
h&t is known M tbo central lino of tho
Kentucky and Tcnnesseo railroad, finished
tie work from flvo miles south of Colum
bus to a point opposite Eighteenth street,
In this city, on Saturday lust. Tho lino
i a little over twenty-four miles In
lng'.h. ,
Wife WiMiTEU. A man numod Mur
phy or Morphy, who has been in tho habit
of whipping the partner of his joys nnd sor-'uM-kicWng
her on tho shins, pinching
ber aims, hj,j (;0 forth, was arrested on
complaint of tho wife, nnd taken beforo
pqulreShannusy forltrliK . iA r er listen
'"gtotheovideneo with a great doitl of pa
"e. the squire fined tlm whippor und
l,,e dipped aVb dollars each. AVhich Is
d 1. Wiiitk if V..... n.inn.u i.n.
Hvid in Cairo. Hecomisti our citv with
, y ,lro"B tter and ti htiouials
' ",lf of h"lity. integrity and ekill
' th cure , n fo; , oI clonic
wimtisnilinBuu, nice
n, cancers,
iJI. w lit 1.. 1
an o-.perienco of
us 1.. f....
rroof f ' Z " furnishes ample
1 . . 'ui curei 111
llC PUPM in ht nf
He mav In. c..,.i .. . .1..
WCrcUl "otel- augr 2t
n - -
' HE AlWlSli fli u...i
f uuuuny morn-
raadr , IV'CC' 11,0 1Uv- Mt-
U. TalUt. mi vv , 1
- ir. v . i inon t, r rl 1
.....s- -1 - iiiiiwi suiu uiccieu t
suuir iucctM)T( Mcisn f5ft r
la. U. If. uhv vs-irvtw I
-t. Mlitt4UH Yeslcr-
um ruiti-es iw-i ... ..
replevin t oU.llriUlt-v- - wm ol
fromthirr. ...it.. s l. 01 'cburch
larwla"t Co"llU'b,, Arnold's
jis!runv ovtritm. 1
IiukQLAKY. Sometlmn '.Zi. I
day the residence of Mr. Win J 1
K yesler.
Twtnty-fourth street, w& i.t,....i,
1 on
tlliBTl-l hml .,... ......1. 1 , '
. ' , - "mm nnu urawcr in
oiivii ana runsuf nd a
young Udy, w,0 occupies a, port of the
bouse, I, opposed to be possessed of some
fWO or tlOO and this is what tho
thieve. w, mo,t probably after. Mr.
Newel and U,,,ny and the young lady r6:
ferred so are absent n UlHn on a visit.
Officer KoberUon w iIlfgTraild of Ul(J b
clary, stnd visited U i.retnlses. i. tJ
sucertaln nothing that wouW lead 0 i,r,
pprebenslon of the guilty punies.
K. M. Iloyd, Sholbyvillo, ICy.
Jnmos Itoupcnti, New Orleans, Ln.
Mrs. M-.ggio Hdrtiimn, Duitvor, Col.
K. L. Jones, Memphis, Tumi.
j:. 0. t'1.1, city.
Mrs. it. K. Seal, steamer Indian.
II. .M. Saunders, St. Louis, Mo.
Henry Kramer, do.
Wi.ll A. Hopkins, city.
K. W. HitllldHy, Columbus, Ky.
Ciitit. It. K, N'eal, steamer Indiana.
I). W. Rowland, Cliarlcslon, lnd.
1. 0. Wall, .Jr., Now-York.
1). McDowoll, St. LouW, Mo.
W. II. Eubituks, Marion, Ills.
A.N. Owens, " "
"W. N. Elliott, Memphis, Tonn.
K. F. Dyke, Chicago, Ills.
Pins. A Mound City pnper chuckling
over tho defeat of tho Di-ltits of this city
by tho Trlmblo bnso ball club of Pnducnh,
ndvl'es our boys to go to playing pins
ngain. This is vciy unkind. It is cruel,
It will uso us up boyond hopo of rccovory.
"Wo can't stand such orginnl soventy. It
Is too fresh. Hut let tu remind our friend
of tho Mor ids that it required iho com
bined influence of both Mound City and
l'aducnh to beat Cairo oven fit baso ball
Hint after tho hnrd blows struck nl the
Deltas by tho Mound City umpire, who
may havo tried to act Impartially but mis
crnblr failed If ho did, tho TriniMo club
had vory Jittlo to do to defeat our good
naturcd boys. I'in, Indeed I Wo'ro
dreadfully angry.
Your Money
At Homo;
Lifo Insuranco
Has corno to tho boiling point.
Carl L. Thomas,
.Special Agent,
Lifo Association of Amoricn,
Is tho Agent to Insuro "With.
Explanation. Sheriff Kennedy, of Fu-
laski county, claims that The Bulletin
has misreposcntcd him in so far as his con
duct in rofcrencoto David Victor is concer
ncd. Ho claims that ho was under no ob
ligation to arrest Victor, inasmuch as tho
requisition was addressed to Sheriff Irvin,
of this county. "When Sheriff Irvin in
formed Sheriff Kennedy that ho had n
requisition for Victor, Sheriff Kennedy
informod Sheriff Irvin that ho was rcadv
and willing to help him in making tho ar
rest. This was a kind offer; but tho fact
remains that Victor over sinco last winter
was' E far ftS wo knw, cvor made by
oncTln -n-enneay to arrest nim.
FntE.VD TniUMriiANT. Tho ltov. Mr.
Friend, of tho Christian church, notwith-
Ending tho prohibition of tho trus cos of
nischtirch.did preach on lastSur.dny morn-
inS nnd n'gbt, to n largo congregation
lI(J l)rovc1 bimsolf to boa clorical Lis-
mark n man of couroco, who. oven if ho
does gush occasionally in tho order of his
roligon teachings, knows how to hold fast
ton good thing when ho has oti' ' laid his
roligious hand upon it. Thetrustces who
didn't like him woro incontinontly oust
ed from tho duties of tho trustcoshlp nnd
kicked out of tho church, nnd, in their
stead, were elected throe friends of F.-lond,
wtio is by no moans friendless. Bully for
Friend. "Wo ndmiro him. His stylo
suits us. Ho docs not stop at small im
pediments, but lovcls, with 11 nonchalanco
most charming, mountains of difficulties.
Norvo is everything in ns well asoutof tho
pulpit. And Friond has norvo.
C.siko, Urn., uimt7(h, 1871.
Notioo is hereby given that sundry com
plaints inving boon mudu ns to tho con
duct of Eomo of tho police forco of tho
city, and tho udminist ation in soma res
pects iff tho police buslncis of tho city,
that tho undersigned, tho special com
mittno uppointed by tho city council on
tho subject, and the committee on polico
nnd juil will meet on Friday noxt, tho
1 1 tit instant, nt tho Council Chamber, nl
7J o'clock, p.m., to hear any statements or
complaints that any po on may wish to
make in lelutlon to the m Utor. And any
persons rlsb'ng to do so, cnu mako their
statement in writing concerning tho matters
to bo enquired about, said statement to be
over their own signatures and addressed to
any ono of tho undersigned.
S. S. Tayloh, (Special Com
Paul G. Sciiuh. J
W. UUDEf )
Iamks Cakkom., y Com. cn Polico
C. 1!. WooiiWAitD, J and Jail.
Tub Pomck Committkk. Tho action
of the council In appointing n special com
mittee of three, to iftjt with tho standing
committee on polico and juil in the inves
tigation of tho charges against oillcor Sum
ner and tho gcnoral condition of the polico
ntluirs of the city, will met tho hearty ap
probation of all good citizens. It is a step
forward in tho right direction. It was de
manded by the rumors of inefllcioncy nnd
dishonesty, directed at tho polico forro,
which havu of is to become current in tho
city. Tho committee should act promptly,
but not in haste. ith it thu longest wny
around may be tho shortest way to 11 wise
conclusion. !et tho committno bo orirnu-
Ized, and summon nnd examino witnesses.
Squires llrois and Shnnncssy know n cood
r" - "' 01 " wornings 01 1110 polico force,
.1. i . . ...
at,.t ...Til .!.. . .
, 01 "emulu 10 lc" 1110
viiiiiiiuiei) wnerein us worKlnus sro
s.uiwv;sivv. sjiitui Jiyors, niso, can
throw light on tho intricato subject, and
I" mlUido VMlc y dd a few rays
' s;j.ui iihwh nuu uusurvaiion. 111
Ml wai' o coinmittco cin arrive nt a
olCl,r understanding of the defects in our
I ,0'icu "rganlEatlon nni bo enabled to ro
siiweiiiiiieii 11 wou-uigesteci tiiitn or
Wr.lhK IlKKIl.-f!l,...l.,
,. ,. w. .b.lU,.(.IIIU , ,
at thu Kl'viii mi ...1 . . '
.!.. , 'i . """""""lis m constant rc-
IUI lUH SUIU.lv nf !, 1
freshii . .. ' " '" I'"""
n,V ,. m'oru Average lit fors
ordi -nhilhiritimr wlthom 1 t....
cooi arm Ueliclou,lust tho drlr.W t,.
t . . . " " All'stklllU-
1..0 uogKiay, with. Hosides Welfs lieor,
"...v.. ,,,uKe. n spoclally. he has ulsu
on hand an excellent stock of wines, 11-
luuraumi cigars. Call on him.
O.vmo, Ills., August 7, 1871.
Mr. Kditoii: In looking over The
Hulletin of Saturday last, 1 saw a piece
"the wau amono the christians,"
as if something tcrriblo had happened',
but, as the saying is, "thero is always two
sides to a story."
the piece
published has everything characterizing
It except Christianity. The spirit that
causod Its publication manifested itself
throughout the wholo story. Admlting
oven that I was wrong, littlo did they
think of tho Apostle's injunction,
"hide your iirother's FAULTis-.'
Thus they should havo hid the faults, if
thero was any, nnd not publish tho samo
to tho world. Tho world can soo enough,
sometimes, among christians, to keep many
from doing right, when, otherwise, thoy
would love nnd oboy tho Saviour. In tho
caso of
no ono in tho family wants any to know
of them but thomsclvcs. So it should bo
tho same among tho great family of God.
Now, this is
About tho 2Jth of March, by tho Invita
lion of Mr. John Talbott (ono of tho said
trustees, rnd deacon nt that time,) to hold
n protracted meeting. I came, aftor get
ting through nt Carbondalc, whoro I held
ono for tho church there, laboring somo
six weeks, with muoh good, as tho results
show, soma 105 being naded. Provious to
this, Mr. S. Hay sent to Philadelphia for
mo to como to Cairo and labor for tho
church hero, but ns I started previous to
lis arrival, I received it not. So tho pub
lic may sco for thorn selves
and kept so until I was half through my
mocting, which I commenced on tho 2Cth
of 31 arch last. Tho church was complete
ly dead, If I may uso the expression; so
much so that it took a wholo wcok to get
thorn together.
Many wcro playing cards, whllo some
had been dancing and going to places of
amusement, which every ono knows is
wrong. A Christian should not "conform
to tho world.'' This was
and yet nil ul'owed to go on, nnd when I
camo to tho conclusion it had to uo
stopped or clio such would havo to bo
turned out, somo opposed.
lmd only nineteen to twenty scholars and
four teachers. Thcso woro Elder Carpen
ter's family.
Thcso vices wero changed before tho
four w ks in"-' 'i", that I ' ld was ovsr,
twenty-ono bu'ng ndd 1 tho church
and Sunday-school increased considerable
Hut whilo preaching or holding tho meet
ing, MR. ALII EN
wished to get tho key to lock me out, be
cause ho was disploasod with something I
don't know what.
for what I don't know exactly. So, by
the time tho meeting was nearly over, if
not qtilto over,
Thus I left them when I went to ltock
wood to hold n protracted mooting; but,
beforo leaving, tho congregation requostod
mo to como nnd labor with them for a
year. I told them I would
This they did, nnd held a business meet
ing to givo tno n call, when thcso persons
named opposed, but tho congregation still
insisted, when tho majority won tho vic
tory; but,
they liuvo never been contented since, and
linvu talked and done nil they could to
drive mo nway; but tho majority rules
yet. Against their opposition, wo havo
since I accepted tho call, which was on tho
1st of Juno. Onr congregations havo in
creased from a dozen to n houso nearly
full on Sunday nights, and in tho morning
good congregations. Our Sunday-school
has increased from twonty up to forty.
The average ntlondanco i about thirty
threo to thirty-five, and thrco more
teachers. Theso oro facts, nnd any
ono wanting information on thoso
things, can como to thu church
to sco for themselves. Had it not boon for
their opposition many havo sold they
would havo become members. Thus they
continued until
AVo thought it host to withdraw from
thorn, and so did on Sunday last.
will now ensue, nnd pooplo talk of joining
tho clu'-ch. Now trustees havo been
elected in their places, nnd harmony pro
vails. Nothing of their opposition will
harm us now, becnuso wo
who can alone deliver.
Somo statements nro
in their article, which aro theso "Six
months ngo." It has only been sinco tho
'J Ith of Marc) . That 1 torccd niysetr on
thu trustees of thochurob, which 1 did not,
its thoy nro not tho congregation. I w
culled by tho latter i.ndnot by tho former,
its the power of trustees is vory limned
only to suo und bo suod for church proper
ty. Tho christians, nstlioy say thoy were.
tried to got mo to lenvo ; but no one, only
thcso threo futntltea with thrco other per
sons, woro doing tho actions of tho "Wicked
Mr (
Cai-ppnUr, or liW. CurponU-
proforfdd Ihcf charges against Air. Hay,
and not myself. Alsoto incito tho congre
gation to rouol Against him, ns thoro woro
only seven persons thoro. Theso woro
mist nil offlcors of tho church thon, but nro
not now. Sayinc: I said I was tho onlv oIj
uer, is
Preferring charccs aialnil Mr. Al
den, is
F.ld. Carpenter proforrod thorn. Torn
ing Mr. Hny out of church that night
for ho wn not turned out untl Sunday,
wnen snq congrogssuon nil stood up nnd
with threo other persons, who wero oppos
Ing tho truth from. having its effect. Ho
says It is '
I know it Is for them,- but tho cnuso
looks brighter now than over, nnd has
bound my friends closer to me, nnd wo
hopo to do a glorloiu work in tho city of
Cairo in tho work of doing good.
On Saturday last, in tho ovening, tho op
posing parties
and opened tho homo, and I learn oxcludcd
tbo pastor without any authority what
over, but tho majority say I shall preach
for them, (and sol intend, Oodboing wil
ling,) which is two-thirds of tho congrega
tion. May God lead us In our labor nnd
toils. Hoping tho friends of tho causo may
rend this truo statement of affairs and glvo
us their sympathy, and aid us in doing
would never havo como out in tho papers
had not tho other, nnd wo havo moro yet
to publish, In caso tho opposite parties
conllnuo to meddle; but nt proscnt this
will suffice. Fratornnllv. J. Friend.
P. S. To this statement Kldcr Carpen
ter is willing to testify.
County Treasurer. Tho timo is near
nt hand when It will bocomo tho duty of
tho pcoplo of tho county to select a treas
uror nnd assessor, and, .even at this early
day, certain gonllomon, who never loso
an opportunity to get into any vacant pub
lic place, aro already easting their eyes nt
tho position, and commencing to "pull
tho wires" for tho purpose of obtaining
it. How tho two parties will net in re
ference to the office, wo havo no means of
ascertaining, but wo aro of tho opinion
that tho late railroad complications, nnd
other considerations of grcnt weight, will
rendern political contest for tho position
both unwiso and impracticable. It would,
in our opinion, bo bettor, undor tho cir
cumstances, to revivo tho Citizens' Move
ment of last spring, and carry it into tho
county canvass, but in this wo may bo
mistaken, and only throw out tho sugges
tion to awaken discussion. A year ago
last spring certain democrats, in tho
interest of ox-Mayor "Wilson, who hns al
ways, for certain reasons, been opposed to
regular nominations, broke down tho pre
cedent of party contests for city officers.
Lust spring, in tho city olection, this pre
cedent returned to plaguo tho Inventors,
who suddenly oven as nulcklv ns Saul
was struck by tho bright light becamo
loud-mouthed advocates of regular demo
cratic nominations. Thcso men and
thoy fill nil tbo gamut from tho low notes
of tho.guttor politician to tho high notes of
tho politician who ought to be nbovo very
small political trickory pursued to gratify
porsonal malico thcso men may, and prob
ably will, attompt to crowd to tho front
as treasurer ono of tho fossl' of their ranks,
but, in our opinion, tho attempt will full,
ns suroly as it is mado. If thcso mon, who
act as though no parson ought to be, con
sulted .but themselves as if thoy had a
ngui v) nnmo nil mo ouiccrs oi tue cuy
and county out of tboir own moss-covorodi
ranks attempt their old gamo this full,
wo nuvo no uouoi moy win no accomo
dated to u very lively fight. Tho day of
their power to dictate is gono by.
Your Money (
At Home;
Life Insuranco
Hits como to tho boiling point.
Carl L. Thomas,
Special Agont,
Lifo Association of Amoric,
Isstho Agont to Insure "With.
Very few remcdios havo roached tho
standard that has bocn awarded to Hxlm
DOLD'a Uuciiu ; for in it is to bo found is"
poaitive euro for diseases of thejbladdor,
kidnoys, urinary organs, dropsy, gravel,
strangury, organic weakness, nnd female)
irregularities. This has boon frequently
acknowlogcd by our loading physicians.
St. N icholas. Day boarders can o
curo good accommodations at tho St. Nich
olas (formerly tho St. James) at $4 per
wock. Tho house is nt tho corner of Ohio
loveo nnd Eighth street, a contral location,
and Is proprictorcd by Hany "Wnljcer,
who is nlivo to tho wants of his patrons.
Turtles desiring boarding nnd lodging can
loam torms on inquiry, at tho ollkc.
mny3dtf '
For Sale or Kent. Tho Hotel Garni,
situated on Commorciul nvonuo between
Seventh nnd "Eighth streets, Cairo, 'ills.
Falling Iioath of tho owner roquircs him to
mako this change. The houso is doing a
Py,l4K .business, is largo nnd commodious,
built of brick nnd well arranged. For.par
tlculars, uddross .Henry Harris, Cairo, Ills.,
or apply on tho premises.- jy20w2."
v n e.n ioo .energies nuvo neon over
taxed and slcop disturbed IIelMbolD'h'
Uuciiu wort s wonders. It contpins no
opium or morphine, yot It governs tho jn
torior oconqiuy oflholhumnnsyitcntf 'It
is ndmlnlstorcd for diseases of the bladder,
kidnoys, weakness, fomalo irrcgularitios,
strangury,' Umd complaints incldoiital to
tbo Ufjnjiry.org""8 of cither sex.
ForSalk. Ataibnrgnip, n Davis' aow
ing miichlnd. Has novor boon used ; is
ontlroly now1, ; iilso, ft now 80 "WilcoxT&
Glbbs, single thread, loop-stlteh, sowing
machlno. Kriquiro nt tho
Hulletin Office.
Notice. Mr, Uochnodel Is prepared, to"
pay ut onco all claims against him, nnd do
I sires thoso who aro indebted to him to
como up and wttW. Ugl7Xw,
A UGUST 8, 1871.
A total loss two lives LOST NARnoW
: " """""s. r.ur the CREW.
On Sunday ovonlng about nlno o'clock
ns tho steamer Odd-Fellow, with a barge1
in tow, wns roturnlng from Grconlcnf,
whero alio had boon to assist tho A. llakor
that wftsaground thoro. She llankod down
on a snag in making tho crossing from the
Illinois shore to Grcenflold's ferry landing,
nnd knocked a holo In her hull nnd sunk in
flvo minutes, and as sho sunk capslrod.
All tho crew succooded in saving thnm
aelvos oxcept Charlos Clyde, tho elnrk, and
tho chamber maid. Tho last that was
seen of Clyde, ho wm trying to launch tho
skiff, nnd before ho dono to thn Ln.i
shod, taking htm. with It. Tho chamber
maid was Just gottlng out of her room
where sho had been aftor hor cloth6s when
tho boat sunk, and as that is tho last that
was seen of hor It is supposed that sho wont
down with tho wreck. Captain Samuel
Archer, who was on board nt tho time, had
a vory narrow escape Just as ho attempt
ed to got on tho barno tho boat cavo n
aurgo and wont undor tho bargo taking
him with it. Ho went tho cntlro longth
of tho barge, undor it, and as ho camo to tho
top ho caught a ropo t'jnt was hanging
ovorboArd off tho bargo and hung
thoro until ho was pulled on
to tho bargo by tho fireman,
who had boon forlunnto enough to got on
tbo boat capsized. Tho captain says ho
could not hold on mcro than n minuto
longer, ns ho had got strangled when un
der tho barge, and his strength was nearly
gone. Tho pilot, Mr. Coulter, swam to
tho bargo and was saved. Thomas Coul
ter, tho onglnoor, jumped ns tho bont.cap-
sized and swam to a snng somo dlstanco
off, and was takon from his position by
a skiff sont out frctu tho steamer A. linker,
which was somo dlstanco behind at tho
timo of tho accldont. A young man by
the namo of Crawford was on board tak
ing a pleasuro rldo, and when she sank ho
was helping Clydo to launch tho skiff. Uo
was caught under the cabin, but succeeded
in gotting clear, whon ho caught a bench
as it floated past him. He floated down
tho river until ho was picked up by tho
yawl of tho steamer Henry Ames, which
had just left this port about a half hour ar
tcr tho accident. Tbo balanco of the crow
saved themselves by swimming ashore.
The Odd Fellow was a small stern wheel
boat, and was used by them as a jobboat
Sho was built about two years ago, and
was valued at about 4,000. Sho was not
"Whereas, it is provided by section No-
252, of tho " Roviscd Ordinances," of tho
City of Cairo, that, ""Whcnovor tho
mayor shall be of opinion that any
dangor of hydrophobia exists in tho said
city, ho shall issue his proclamation, re
quiring all persons within tho city to con
fine their dogs, if any thoy havo, for such
timo as he may designate ; and all dogs
found running at large in said city during
tho timo designated,, without being pro
perly muzzled, shall bo killed by or un
der tho direction of, tho city marshal, and
romoved'ftom the city.'"
And, whereas, tho mayor of the city Is
or the opinion that- danger of hydropho
bia exists In the city.
Now, therefore, I John QkL Lansden,
mayor of tho City of Cairo, do Jssuo this,
my proclamUion, requiring ail persons Jn
tho city owning desj to cob tao, or proper
ly muzzlo them, on nnd aftor Tuesday, tho
8th instant, until tho 15th day of Bcptem
pornoxt; nnd nil dogs found running at
largo (during said time, without being
properly muzzled, wifl bo 'liable to bo
killed,- and .tho owners tborcof will bo
liablo to be fined undor tho ordinances of
tho city.
Tho city marshal will see to tho strict
enforcements of tho tho requirement of
this proclamation.
John M. Landsdkn, Mayor.
Cairo, III, August 6,1871.
Phillip Dauou Is master of his trado,
and warrants nil of his work to bo of tho
very lest material and manufacture ; guar
antees a complcto fit and cntlro satisfac
tion, is not conflnod to nnylpartlcular stylo,
but makes every variety of boots and shoes
from tho heaviest cowhido to tho finest
French calf nnd morocco. Ho also keeps
n largo stock on hand, of his own wanuac
turr, and nny ono dosirous of purchasing
coodcubtom work cheap should call on
hirn.nt his shop on Eighth St., south side,
near corner of Ohio lovee, Cairo. dtf
Kbliidle and Safk. Dr. Henry
'Hoot nnd Plant Pills nro mild nnd plcasp
antjn tlioir operation, yot thorough, pro
ducing no nnuson or griping. Ucing on
tlroly vegetable, thoy fan bo takon with
out rcgiird to diot or business. Thoy
nrouso tho liver nn'd'socrctlvo organs Into
healthy option, throwing off disease with;
out exhausting or dobilitating tho systom
Try them nnd 'yoHi wlll'bo satisfied
Prico25 VicntaiSr box. Sold by druggists
nnd dealers in mcdlclno overywhero
Preparedly tho Grafton Modiclno Co., St
.Louis, Ma. my Odm
Wllluim Alba's barber, a, op is grow
ing In puUlio favor ovory day. It is neat
ly fitted.up, and can boast of tho most
skillful workmen in tho city. The pro
prietor has had many years' experience in
his business nnd is recognized na one of the
most export shavors in Southern Illinois,
whllo young Alba is a mastor in his pro-
Jcaslon. Citizens nndtrangors. who wh
a painless suave, n luxunous'snampooing,
or tholrJiair cut in tho latest stylo should
pntronizo Alba. His shop is on Commer
cial avenue noxt door to JJannon's nows
dopot. dtf
I M.I " 1
1 Tlio 'rqost popular shoo shop in town
is on 20th street opposito Ujo ppurt house
hotol, whoro "Wm. Ehlors rhnnufactuTcl
boots nnd si joes for his customers, warrant
ed to bo of tho best Fr'onch calf, .kip or
imoroccb, and which ho guanratoes to glvo
cntiro satisfaction. Call on him and you
will know how H Is yourself. . Jy2fitf .
Invoices ;of now goods just rocolved nt
tho Uoston Shoo Storo.
Elliott & Haythorn.
Kindling. 601) glass boxes " for solo
AVoconts cap; V w. "W. Thornton.
A Visit from Dk. Victor. On Mon
day morning, early, Dr. Victor, cnllcl at
The Hulletin ofilco and entertained us
by rondlng over in, our hearing nn aitlclo
on tho Lindsay-Victor homicide nnd call
ing to our itttontlon certain passages
bich contained inaccurancos of statement,
"o was oxtromciy courteous nnd seomed
to speak moro in sorrow than in Hiigor.
Ho snld that If Lindsay wcro n doctor the
knowledge of tho f.ct had never como to
Mm before; thatLlnd.ay wa, ft iftrgo, rod
faced bully, while hi, ., av,j,wa8
small man, unable to copo with his oppo
ncnt physically; that Lindsay had a load
ed pistol on his porson whon tho light
took place, nhd flrod It twlco nt Davo
before Davo fired tho fatal shot; that his
son Abo was not prosent at tho light ks
stated, sinco the only son Abo ho ever had
was born about tho time of Prosldent Lin
coln's aasaslnntlori, and was namod after
the martyr, whom ho soon followod to tho
grave j that Dsvo had boon n
union soldier nnd Lir.dsav a
rebel guorrllln, and that Davo had to
kill or bo klllod, sinco sooioty was so
consltltuted in that part of Missouri,
that rofusal to fight with pistols was regard
ed as cownrdico nnd'eowardico resultod
In death or oxllo; that nil Davo, and Indeed
nil. tho Victors wished, wns tho right to
Hvo peaceable In tho south ns in tho north,
nut mat, being among mon of tho pistol
nnd tho knife, pistols, and knives had to bo
used; that aftor tho difficulty Davo fled to
Pennsylvania, whero ho lived until lint
Wlntor or Fall when ho returned ns far ns
Ullin, Pulaski countv. and star tod a sa
loon; that ho has frequently been in Cairo
with tho intention of giving hliP'olf
up for trial, nnd would havo dono so
long ngo if it had not happened lli ; whcn
ovor ho wns hero to surrender himself,
Shorlff Irvin was not In tho city; that ho
(Dr. Victor) was not disarmed on tho
journey to Hloornfleld by Sheriff Irvin, or
compelled by that goutloman to rldo with
him, but that ho offered his pistol to Irvin
who refused to accept it ut thu timo, nnd
that he rodo with Irvin becnuso that gen
tleman kindly pormittod him to do so ; that
Dave, his son, was compelled to do what ho
did, or act Iiko a coward, and ho (tho Doc
tor) would sooner sco him stretch hemp
than be pointed at as a coward; that ho (tho
Doctor) bcllovcsTJavo will get jrstico at
Bloomflold whero he Is well known and
whero no unjust prejudice ngalnit him ox
tits. Tho portion of theartielo which scorned
to givo tho doctor the most pain, was that
portion in which, ho says, tho impression
was convcyod that ho nnd his boys wero
ferocious men not nmenablu to the laws
and setting every person at defiance.
Tho doctor is mistaken. Tbo article docs
not say this cither directly or by infer
ence. It Is simply a statwnont of what
Sheriff Irvin and his deputy Mono say are
facts. Tho information for tho articlo was
derived from tlidrri ; but, of courso, ho
knows his and his boys, respect for the law
better than anybody else, nnd his word
ought to out lalnnco tho words of idle ru
mor or unjust malice.
Your Money
At Homo ;
Lifo Insuranco
Has como to tho boiling point.
Carl L. Thomas,
Special Agent,
Life Association of Amcric
' Is the Agent to Insuro AVlth.
Casey Sfrinos. Tho Mound City
Journal, of Sattirduy, boasts of n pleasant
party at tho' above named springs on tho
lstinst. Tho party wus glvon by tho
nmlablo proprietor of tho springs, who
can never bo forgiven by The Bulletin
for his oversight or forgetfulhcss in leav
ing us out in tho cold on that hot day. "Wo
wore hustlofl into this determination to
obtain revenge for neglect by rending tho
following bill of fare, dished up on tho oc
casion of tho party, Aid- participated in
by gormands(liko Uambleton nnd Potter t
strsT. Drolled Middling, llrolled llntn. Ho Jol.
, ) SICTitltl'',
TomatoeniDd"Onlons(Vfne)r(fiI.) Itoitel Po
(atoe. Musk Melon;, llrolled Middling
Ash Corn Cake. Cihoj'h Corn Dodger, llrolled
'Middling. Koasted Corn (In thu chuck,)
Drolled Middling, Onions, Ash CiU, JIeri'
Broiled Middling, Soft Tcacbci, Anil dike, Co t
Watermelons, llrolled .Middling, Kstract of Corn,
(flavored), JIuxU Melons, Onion row,
Drolled DfCon.(I'rlcis9e), ltoact
edCni.i(in cum.)
SflNCJ iui.)
Wnleky, Whisky Cobblers, Whisky niKht,
Whisky Jiillpc, Whisky runcli.
' , MtSMlOVBJ.
Brcnkfi't.fitoll, Ilancr2to3, Snpier,8 to 11.
N. K.CABEV, Proprietor.
New Photoorafi Gallery. "Wc nj
tlcojhftt Mr5 J. J. Thomas has flttod up
tho rooms lately occupiod by "W. G.Vv'orth
ington in very good style, and, ns nn artist,
is doing excellont work that should cntltlo
him to a fair sharo of patronngo.
Good pasturoat rcasonablo rates, for
horses and cattlo, nt John Atchor's, noar
Greenfield's Landing, Mo. For partial
lars enqufro at;Klliott & Haythorn's, 110
Commercial Avonuo. A3 lw
Notice: From August 1st until further
nntico, tkd faro per transit stenmor Illinois
plying bot'woon Cairo and Columbus will
be ns follows : Ono way, fl.OOj,, roundup,
$2.00. I ' ( ) f t W A, Lowtu, '
China, quoenswarc, cutlory, lamps,
glasswaro (of all kinds, frijlt Jurs, silver
plated waro, best quality nnd rcducod
prices at Parsons, Davis & Co's., Nos. 0
nd 7, Tenth strcot. jy3Cd2w
FlYD'hundrcd dozen No. 1 Tin FRUIT
CANS at the hkw-torkstouf, nt $1.00
por dozen. I Largest wholesale nnd rotall
stock in'tho city.
Non but the best ninnursoture of
coods sold at tho Boston Shoo Storo; "Wo
aro receiving fresh goods or tho latest
stylos every day.
Elliott & Haytuokn.
Stenmor Arkansas Hello, Evnnavillu.
" II. 0. Ynegor, Now Orleans.
" Ada llollman, Louisville.
City of Alton. St. Louis.
City of Vlckaburg, St. Louis,
' Henry Amos Now Orleans.
11 Illinois, Columbus.
11 A. linker. Capo Girardeau,
llurksvilic, Nashville.
" Florence Loo, Kvansvlllu.
" Julia, Vlcksbitrg.
" Glasgow, St. Louis.
H. J. Lock wood. St. Louis.
" Grand Tower, Momphls.
" Capital City, Momphls.
11 Andy Johnson, Memphis.
" Jns. Fisk, Pnducah.
" Indiana, Now Orleans.
Minnie, St. Louis.
Steamor Arkansas Hollo, Evansvillo.
' H.Cl. Ynr.r-er.Kt. Louis.
" Ada Ilollm&n, Louisville.
" City of Alton, Now Orloans.
" City of Vlcksburg, Vicksbu
" Henry Ames, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
" llurksvllle, Nashville
" Floronco Loo, Evansvlllo.
" Julin, St. Louis.
" Glasgow, Now Orloans.
' It. J. Lockwood, Kd Kiver.
" Grand To wor, St. Louis.
Capital City, Now Orleans.
" Andy Johnson, Now Orleans,
" Jas. Fisk. Paducah.
" Minnie, Jacksonport.
hoats leavi.no to-day.
Steamer City of Chcator, Memphis.
" Hello Memphis, St. Louis.
" John Lumsdpn, Evansvlllo.
" Jas. Fisk, Paiucab.
" Illinois, Columbus.
Iho John Kylo was released from b
position on tho rocks, at the mouth of t)
rivor, by iho steamer Tom Jaspor, and r
turnod to this port. Sho will unlor h
freight and go t Mound City and go t
tho ways. Her injury is not so great
was supposed. Tho flour in her hold wi
sj . . .
uamagou somo ; about so bogs woro scab
Alt In .1 II. 1... ' 1
wuraiu uy uiiu oi nor sypnon pumpt
her bow was raised by tho rock about thn
feet, and it is a great wonder that she di
not sink.
Tim nt.. . t.t.l ..!. .Jj .
- w viiu.vtt lUUIkCU IJUllO UUU WHO fjl
fctlt.t nlilMnn.i. I. I . 1
iiuv; nuu 'ieisui.uu is tquasi
Cipt. John 11. "Weaver, an old sUass
boat captain, dlod, on Sunday aiWnooi
at bt. Louis, of an nbeess of tho liver.
Tho Indiana turned over all her frelgh
unu passengers 10 mo aus neiimsn. Hi'
Indiana will probably load hero.
'Iho Henry Ames, fronvhew Orleans
was nearly light.
... Mnv. " ( ...SI4U U MVUII HI
f.rirnlnA1 . isnrl hurl tn srnil Lap Irs rtM
Tim A llnl'A. w.t wMin,1 Id t,ma .1
........ " t-.
lighters. She brought a load of flour and
corn from Cape Girardeau.
xuu -iitnivi univi his; gesjuuu ns
Tho Florenco Lee had a good trip of
freight nnd passengers.
Tho Julia arrived about 30 hours be
hind time. Sho was light.
i uo it. J. Liockwoou nuu an sue could,
carry for I'ed river. Her gaurds wero In
the water when sho left here
Tho Andy Johnson and Capital City
... . ! .1 T I S. . 1 .
navo wiwiurnwn iron, idu jvcokuk irrwro,
and will run to Now Orleans during low
water. Thoy both bad all they wanted
when they left bore.
Ed. Hawks, lato clerk of tbo Olive
Branch, is now clerk of tho Capital City.
Tho James Fisk had 15 hhd.. tobacco and
sovoral other lots of froight for the south.
The loss of tho Odd-Fellow is referred to
in detail in our local columns.
Tho Ohio is still falling and since last
report has fallen eight Inches.
Tho Mississippi is rising at St. Louis, hut
not much of n rlio is expected.
Tho weather yesterday was very hot aad
In the evening there were good Indica
tions of rain.
Our loveo presented an animated ap
pearance Thoro wcro flvo largo itoamors
receiving for Now Orleans besides tho
local packets.
Tho Ada nollman brought 1,900 bbls
potatoes. 110 bbls pork and 50-tuns sun
dries for tho south. Sho had a hard time
gottlng out. Sho was aground twonty
hours at Oil Creek and lost thirty-six
hours at French Island by grounding and
lighting, nnd was aground at Henderson
somo timo. Sho was eight days coming
from Louisvillo to this place.
Tho Arkansas Bolln had a vory good
trip, which consisted of 21 bbls of whisky,
25 pork bbls for St. Louis, and 188 bbls
whisky, 200 bbls flour, 27 bags oats and 45
coops poultry for Now Orleans.
Tho City of Alton had to lighten over
Turkoy Island. Sho reports flvo feet
threo Indies there. Sho filled out here
with nil sho wanted.
Tho City of Vieksburg had all sho
could bring out on tho wator and filled out
St. i Louis, August 7, Arrived Mo
hawk anil Yaoger, Now Orleans ; Lake Su
perior and Groy Eagle, Keokuk; Flor
ence, upper Mississippi,- St. Luke aqdr
Nile?, Missouri rivor; Julia, Vlcksburg.
Departed Bismarck and Mohawk,
Now Orleans ; Lucy Bortrara, Keokuk j S.
S. Morrill, St. Paul; St. Luke, Missouri
rivor; Floronco, Cairo. ,
Rivor falling again ; wcatkor clear and
vory warm.
Pittbiiuro, August 7.-081.0 sultry i
with indications of rain. Monongahela
30 inches and rising slowly. NorriTl"
or departures. i
. MBtnHis, August 7r Cloar. Mercury '
02. 1 lttvor Calling slowly. Dspsrted
Bolle Momphls, for Bt. Louis, D4nell, "
for Arkansas River. , 1
Little Rock, August 7. "VYwrtber
cloar nnd vory warm. Thqrmomelor .00.
Tho rivor fell ono foot' nod is still falling
Look to Your CmubRKN; Diarrhea
Dysonlory, and Suinmor. Complaints aro
cured by Mrs. "Whltcomb's Syrup, which
is sold for 25 conts n bottlo. Soo. adter
t'.semont. lw ''
The cheapest plivco to buy your boots
and shoos is at tho Boston Shoo Storo, 140'
Commercial avonuo. 4
. . , -.i A3ilw '
Quay ft jelly itnd Bosnia prunes at Jor
onion's. jyWGtf.

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