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T tlK TAIH.K or 1 II "n ' 019 CENTRAL II. R.
,,, ; ,.e- Mo ""' "' ,rl1 l,n'1 d,,,,nrl"
i,tef njrH am-, 1.1 Cairo!
-Mai I Iraln.-laill - "'TrP''"
Kipr.-.', daily - !"
, .hfi,ll,.llly 3:30 a.m.
Kipreaa, daily, otec.t Hun.lay 3:3up.m.
,N .t.lni,ceof.'arr from Obito to 8t. Louis, No
rl-anire i.ftr from Cairo to Chicago. Jiletant
I miK K""'" ilpmj cum nn mglil Irams.
h,,il X li cli-it iUluiKMlaut points.
T.. All.jll' o. 1)I'H'" especially
r llrd I"' c ii III I Ktlllt Express train will
D..rC.I-' iMi,IHt.ln expected, and will
in kt ib r in lr.ru tin riiy to Chicago In twenty,
tun hWt. JAS JOHNSON, Agent.
.Sr l.ori. I.ouhvili.k, Cincinnati, Chi
i'aoo, New York, Boston,
P -eiiip-r trains arrlrn at and le.ive Cairo m fol
Aasivt 3.30 K.m ''" ('"
DtPAKT :.. 1113 .Mil. '.ii3 p.m.
Hth trains eonncet At Centnlla wiili train on Hie
pane, Decatur, lllonmlnjlcn. Ill l''t l-Mie,
Mem ota, rrcepori, i..in, ;
M(an", wiaconaln and
ova. Ami with,
I.lnea running Kail and Writ for
; Mui. Hj.f nflelJ, Loiilarlllc,
...... mn.ll. Iii,enaioll, Columbus.
inJ it Chicago ilh Mlelilym Central. MIolilgAn
".uiiiern, and Ptl-burjf. Kort Wayne
AlltJ I mcso iujiioivb mr
iMroll Cleveland, Dunkirk.
AH,n'. lt..coo, Philadelphia,
.VmValK Krle. Ilultalo,
WYuik, I'llt'lurc, ll.ilnniore,
' ' Unshlmrton.
Iir through Held" nml Information, apply to
1,1""" C'Rtni ,MTn"1 lW!l. JOHNSON,
'Central Paueniier Agent, Chicago.
J, JOHNSON, Atsent, Cairo.
6a ami after Mnu Jay. April Slth, lhll, trainiwll
run ai lol.'owa :
Mail. Kxpreaa
IAre VifK'nia-....- t.40a.m l'A35 p.m.
" MiirinilirlJ " 3.0H '
Tatlornlkw.UWi " 4:0
Arme at I'aua 11:10 m 6:17 "
raAiiiooiao rortrwut.
IUpre Mall.
teare Paoa .4:0ua,m :i.3iu.m.
" Ta)lorT.II ..t:l t:M "
Arme at Sprliiitil.l...iiiU " ii.no "
Ire Spilhnliel(l.-...ii " 0:10
Am lout Virginia.... r-M " S.-U !
liftir EJgeooil b:it)n m 10:10 a.m.
" Xlora n:i' ' HMu
Aititc at ShAnectoh:i:Mp m ... 6:1.' p.m
IAAt 0.11.10 AI.CTIIWMT.
I.eaTei"luiwnc.louu.....Wl:5a.ni S.iOp.m
" FJom... .2.1i 7.(U'
Arrite At lMxeH.io.1 t.SO " t".!0 "
Ih S.M H.i.1. ir-i.. irutn K.k'rwoo.1, rnn'a only
Moo'ly,Wnlnrs.lajannil Kmlaja, ami :!' a.m.
train from SnawnMlown On Tueidaia, Thura.
ilayi aadbaturilaja.
C0'.nKt.al AHilinid Willi Jrl;,onvlle division
ufthr.voan.i Alton 1 llroa.l. for Jkaoiiille.
If tiMburu, Maon City, uC all nolnta weat.
At Hpnn.Bj Id.-with Chicago -nd Alton, and
T..Mo, VbaIi and Weatern Itailroad, r
Bluo tfexiK o, thlcafi'., and all p..nta north.norlh.
wei n I weai.
Ai raaa with Ind. and 3:. .out, orvl Illlnola
(.ultra! Railroad for all poinla wt, aouih and
,.Al Wg'io-d iili Chlo-i-i l.vilon Illinoia
Le...,jil KirroAfl.
Ainra,wlthOh-. av Ml.julp,,, llailroad.
J ifcr.'"'?, wU.' fur Uincin.
nail, Pailuviiliilrn.nKUt. ln.m.
, p J'Ht iK oJJITH, Oen'l8np"t.
Jcmi roi3iTr,.in.'HVt mid Ticki-i Au'i.
MOUND 01TV ANi7cAlH0."
Oapt. AVilliam H. Bandusky.
Lt.vvE Cairo,
Lkavk Mi. City,
At 7 A.M.
At 10 A.M.
At ;l p.m.
At O.l'.M.
At 8.110 A.M.
At n.ao a.m.
At.., '.',30 I'.m.
At 0.30! p.m.
at ill):
a1iLkn,mulki:y k AV1IKEL1SK,
?,'',1,n' J.Allen,
John H.Muiut.
Kamuel P.Wliul
in"jiV'tu,ll;..u''ll,l,'n l''d lo rivir undid,
- Y ",tf'0UB 7 ANI' 8 winter's iilock.
011KEN k lilMiKUTf
Williim H.flrren,
rn. -I
vriuiam ii uiibe
Mlle r. (Jllhvrt
TH,,eclal attention K.,, tn ,, .....
ne..ui.,t bmlnew.
!UIuia. w. . a ,
""ton At.mih i p0lUr ;,,rM.ti
Boot, ana Hkn, mJIT,,,
ton Aoimr tot
OtHUMMtol Avcnav, corner or VAuUiU
Uaiuo, Illu.oib,
fakticulak ArrnrnoN i-aiu to all ou
uui tn oorausn axd biioKK.
North, Throng "",'m' ,fm
8o.it!., WvZ"" ,2'13 P-1"' 1,100 pm
" ThMimli N. O., Mem-
pl,l,n,c"".m.;n..' l''"1'
Ohm KHcr route, (except
Mim-h... 6;WP.ln. .t)p.m.
Iron Mi.iini.iiii It. K 2i3.ta.rn. Il:iip.in.
Miss. Itror route, Tiiei'dny
nrt Friday 6:lip.m. 7.00 p.m.
TlietKi, (iouje Ijlainl A Santa
IV, III"., Tlurilay i Krl
,ly j C:00p.m. ":Wa.m,
M.i lli-l I, II tilvil.p ai'l
l.otela.e, Ky UilWa.m. 4:00p.m.
unlet iioirif.
anieial H.I rny TilWrt.m.
(Huiiila) S tot) a.m.)
Money OiilTili-..v.tment 8:00 a.m. 0.00
ttecirtvr " " " 8:00 n.m. D.OOp.tn
Money Outer wvl KejintiT iH-pnrtliieni noi
open on Humlay.
Cairo ,CoxM.riir, No. IL-SHU'I AMim'ily
al llioA)liim.Mi-otni Hall, tint an l 111 nlJSai.
unlars In each inontl..
' Cairo On srii, No. siL-llegiilar Conioentionat
Mft-onlc llall.tlie accoii'l Friday In each montli.
Cairo Ciiapku. No. 71.-Heaiiwr uouioeauoi.
lit .Mi.nnic Hill, on Hie Hum i ui'.-ui., u, v. v.,
"1.'.n."': v v. X A. .M -Kpsnlar Coin
munlcalioiis at JlAonle. Hall, the. con.l ami
fourlh MonJ.ua ol each montli.
lirLtA l.iir. No.tM V. a A.M. HeRillnr Cpm-
miiiiloalioni at Maonlo Hall-.lrt aiu mini
Tliursiln) i in e.icn iiioim.
AirtAM.ra Ur, Wl.-Meel Jn O.I.I FellowV
ir.r? iT, Irl.r- , HuijluK, every ThuraJay iven.
riiMKIml cicry mnrnlnifi Moiitlny ei-
Stiiekt Taxks. Street Supervisor
Wiinl persistently giitliers in tlio etrcet
.Marrikd. At St. Loll!.', on JlonJny
last, Mr. F. E. Albright nml Miss Mngijio
Shnnncssv. Vo wish our friends n long
nnd lmppy married life,
Corn. Chief Myers goes ulxmt the
streets with llio pockets of his linen eont
full of corn, with which ho comes hogs to
tho imprisonment of tho city pound.
Orphan Asylum. A mcoting of tho
lady managers of the Orphan Asylum will
boli old on Friday afternoon, 11th Inst., at 3
'clock. A full attendance is requested.
Mrs. "V. I. IIalliday.
Goon pasture at rcasonablo rule?, for
horses and cattle, nt John Atelier's, near
Grectifiold's Landing, Mo. For particu
lars enquiro at.KUiott & Hay thorn's, 140
Commercial Avenue. A3 lw
For Sai.k. At a bargain, a Davis' sow
ing machine. Has never been used j is
entirely now j also, a now $80 Wilcox &
Gibbs, singlo thread, lnop-stitch, sowing
machine. Knrpilrc tit tho
ltui.i.r.TiN OmcK.
Notice. Tho lhinnco committee 'luwo
instructed Taylor to immediately proceed
to tho collection of all personal tnxos for
1871, and to notify all person? by circu
lar.', that they must loso no timo in walk
ing up to tho "captain'? otlico."
Thanks. Tho Dloomlleld (Mo.) South
cant Itepor.'cr thanks Shtrill Irvin for rid
ding tho country of Dave Victor, who, tho
Jlrjtorter fays, is "u de-pcato nnd unprin
cipled character, n c ol and dclibcrcto
villi m and n dead shot."
Tjii: Pirst. Tho I'linois Central road,
yesterday, recoived in thN city it car di
rect from Cincinnati, via Sandoval, loadod
with oil consigned to J. M. Phillips. This
is tho llrst car over recoived in Cairo from
Cincinnati. Tlioro Is now no break of
bulk between tho two cities.
Ukadlky'h Hakii kcl k. That upright
and cntnrptWing man of God, l'ov. Jacob
Jlrndloy, proposes to treat tho public of
this good city to a regular old-fashioned
barbecue. Ho will do this to show tho
llev. Mr. Shores that ho is nlivo to tho
neco.iity of showing Hint gentleman what
is what.
Gkt Ok Tho Illir.nU Central rail
road company liavo instructed tho resi
dent agent In till' cit, Mr. Johnson, to
notify all persons who havo erected
buildings or mudo anv other kind of im
provomont on the company s lands within
Cairo, that they must remove Ktich build-
ing?or improvements immediately.
Wantkh At tho Gamhlo wagon Imc-
tory, eornur of Thiry-second street and
Ohio levee, Cairo, Ills, two blacksmith
iornora: two wni'.in nnikci,. nml .inn wm-
on painter and striper. Nono but mon
tlmt liavo served a regular timo and aio
niHsteri f tlieir trade ueud apply.
J. 1. Gamiii.k.
Vv.tiv fuw remedies liuvu reached tho
Httmliir.l Hint has been awarded to Hki.m-
11'ii.i. h liiTim . for j n u to bo found u
j.Odid'iY curu lor diseases of thu bladder.
Mllliey. Ilriliurv l.r,...i. ,lrnliv ....I
... ft " '. ."'S"" wehKliea', aim lomalo
aLrillH.nr,' i . .
'egmariiiei. Thu has been frequently
:nekiiowlfgl by our loading physicians.
lli-i: Hall. Thn
lourtli ward Imvo chiillent-ed tlio baso ball
er "f all the other wards to meet them.
w-dny, In u .onte.t for a keg of beer. Tho
ciiullHiir,., wo hnvi. I....... l.,r. . ...i
, : ".-i, una uuuii
ateopwd by thu second ward, uml thu
km will bo played thin afternoon, much
to our .),...!, UIlllur t,(J w,ml(jw. (ifml.
coinpoMtion room.
Dead Doi.s.ti,u ttotk uf ca,uo d(..
itructlon, under the i
"yor' hydroihobia
rl.,. ....,:.. J
i"vl-,""""lu"i i neon commenced. Yes-
mruuy morning n round down of untntu-r-ied
eiirs wore compelled to bin. tl...
I nd were drayed to their long resting pUL.0
I dlol..0. Ul'y Jra"""' wh ept as ho
nut . ' - "in
1 CUIIlllliilm.il 11.... (I... i: i
tuIuu " 1,U "rvM "t their truo
Tin; r1. ...... ii....
rnuJdlv r.r ...mL.ii . 01 l'"BWM ni
wish. It tl lv. . ' "'
rale of progress In tho work of
firry ln b... n. . !.. ' .. ,
(hI. . i B . CU" "ow VRt b)tww
Cairo and Mounl dty.
hltokhs ASSUHMl.
Tho executivo committco of tho Cairo
. ... , ,. ..1 .ni..ii.h.. tiinl vn.tlf.
nml St. i.oiiis rauruuui.u.iiji.iV
nynt Murphysboro, with Mr. nowinnu,
Im rnntrnctor. and -Mr. Tayson, tf Chi
cago, tho financial agent of tbo road, and
carried out tlio details of nn amended ngrco-
mcnt with tho contractor. Tlio counties
havo all made their subscription but two
-Mnnrna nnd lUndolnh and theso cotin
tics will, without doubt, bIso order tnoir
. ... ..... .. 1 1, n AAllllltf
bonds to 1)0 ISIK'U as booh us mo tv-...
courts can be convened. Col. Win. It.
Morrison, of Waterloo, Monroo county,
was appointed attorney for tho
railroad to assist In securing
the rlL-ht of way, oto. Tho contractors
named John E. Nuill, of Joncsboro, trus
tee to ropresent them in tho construction
of the road, and tho commltloo Col. S. S,
Tuylor to represent tho company, under
tho agreement which provides that "nil
subscriptions, stock and bonds which may
botindor the control of tho company shall
bo placed In chnrgo of two trustees, (one
to ha named bveach party), and thoy are
to pay them to tho party ol tho second
part as tho work progresses, nnd tho ma
terials aro furnished pro rata, ns tho
amount of tlio work dono is, In proportion
to the wholo work, mid proportion lo bo
ascertained by making nn cstimato of tho.
cost of tlio whole" Tho fact that both tlio
trustocs nro Identified with tho road nnd
nnxiotis for Its early completion is
evidenco conclusivo that tho contractors
moan business. Tho bonds, mortgages,
etc, nroboing proparod for delivery, ond
wo havo uvory lesson to boliovo that by
tho first of Soptombor n largo forco of
workmen will bo nt work on tho lino of
tho road nnd that it will bo pushed for
ward to enrly completion.
ThkCadethhip Examination Smith
and Smyth, ov Cairo. Our good neigh
bor of the Sun the effulgent orb of radi
calism nnd Ohio Lovco taking for Its
text tho falluro of young Arthur Smith, of
this city, to obtain tho recommendation of
tho Shawncctown committee, proceeds to
intimnto, in its peculiar slipshod language,
that Col. Crcbs inducod tho committoo to
givo It to Cochrane, tho successful appli
cant. Now, every pcrsdn who knows Col.
Crobs knows that hois nbovo thosmallness
of doublo-fucedncss. Ho U nn honest, out
spoken gentleman, and could not, even If
ho made an effort, sloop lo tho fool
ishncis of attempting to got an cx
cuso for doing what ho wished
to do and had tho unquestioned
right to do. It is true Cochrano had n
lotlor from Crcbs to tho examining com
mittco, but it was rather n letter of intro
duction than of recommendation. If mem-
bors of the committco were Influenced by
it, they, and not Crcbs, should bo blamed.
Hut, in any event, Arthur Smith had no
injustice dono him. Ho was not entitled
to tho nomination, llu did not pan out
as well ns thu o her Cairo applicant "Win.
1. Smyth who, wo aro credibly in
formed, stood n better examination than
any of tho other applicants. All of tho
committco said so, and on '.ho first
ballot after tho examination two
of them voted in Smyth's
favor. Tliis fact guvo to tho action of tha
committee n tlxed-up stocked appear
ance; but, it may be, that tho committco
wcro not ovon in tho enso of Smyth, to
blame. "Wo havo bcon informed, sinco wo
wrote tho "local" on tho endctship subject
which appeared in yesterday's Uuli.etin,
that young Smyth was born in a foreign
country nnd that his father has ncvor boon
even a resldont of tlio union. If this iHtruc,
and for this rum on tho committoo passed
over him, Smyth and his friends will, no
doubt, bo satisfied; but, ni for Smith, ho
has no good reason to complain. His ex
amination was very crodltablo to hiic, but
ho did not pan out as woll as Smyth, or
bettor tho Cochrane.
Tho .S'km, of yesterday evening ad
mits that it whs mistaken, and says Smyth
and not Smith was tho party thnt hnd
reaon If any body had to complain of
tho notion of the committoo.
Cairo, 111., August "ill, 1871.
Notice is hereby given thnt sundry com
plaints having been mudo as to tho con-
duet of some of tho police forco of tho
city, and tho administration in somo res
pects of tho polico business of tho city,
that thu undersigned, the special t-om-mittou
appointed by tho city council on
tho subject, nnd tho committco on police
and jail will meet ou Friday noxt, tho
lltli instant, at thu Council Chambor, nt
7A o'clock, p.m., to hoar any statements or
complaints that any porson may wish to
make In relation to the matter. And any
persons wishing to do so, can make their
statement in writing concerning tho matters
to bu enquired about, said statement to bo
over their own signatures and addressed to
any ono of tho undersigned.
It. H.Cunninuiiam, "I
S. S. Taylor, Special Com.
I'aui. G. Schuh. j
AV. Uuder, )
Jameh Carroll, Com. cn Polico
C. it. "Woodward, J nnd Jail.
Dr. J. "White, of Now Orleans, has ar-
rlvod In Cairo. Ho comes to our city with
remarkably strong letters and testimonials
in bohalf of his ability, integrity and skill
in tlo euro of nil forms of. chronic
diseases, femalo aliments, ulcers, cancors,
ote. Dr. While has bad ah experience of
over forty years practice, la largo pltiesi
uolii norm ami souiu, aim lurnisuos nmplo
proof of the romarkablo curcj ho lias ef
fected. Ho may bo found ut tho Com
mercial Hotel. aug8-'Jt
ltArTi.E. A lino kit of ship carpentor's
tools and also u splendid kit of joinor's
tools completo, will bo rallied off on Satur
day evening, 10th lust., nt tho corner of
Nineteenth street nnd Commercial jtvonuo.
Tlio chances will bo CO cents each. A lino
string band will bo In attendance, and u
good timo may bo anticipated. Th'o rafllo
is for tho bcnofltof Mrs, Mnrion( widow of
tho Into Thus. Marion. dtd
Np.w ViioToaitAPH Gallery, We tio-
tho rooms lately oeeupled by "W.O.-Wortl;-
! doing excollont work that should cntltlo
,, i0 Mt ,bRru of prtt0BBfl.
tDkN'rnK JJos'R.'aWd tmk vo.
Wo havo said thnt tho Kev. Mr. Frlon
is n brlckjftnd now wo know ho is. Lnsl
night He actod In a innnnor that provoj
him to bo nil our fond admiration of hurt"
taught us ,hp' was. It was his regular
prayer-raccting night; nnd, anticipating
an assault from tho ox-trmtcet tho fle'rei
Hay, the war-llko Alden, andjha torribla
Talbot )o mado application fyr a good
and true- policeman to protocl4ilm In his
cherished rights. Chief Myors doputiacd
OfOecr Kobcrlson to act' as body-guard tq
tho Tovorjnd,gontiomnn, and, .ahYnys.obo
diont, Itoaortson forthwith attached
himself to Friend's staff. Thocorcmonies
procoeded regularly for n whllo. Friend
prayod and talked and read, and all was
lovely nnd tho religious gooso hung high.-
Suddenly, n young lady smiled and tha
storm broke. Friend pointed nt her nndj
ordered the olllcer to tako chnrgo of bor,(
but Kobortaon, belli" n mnrricd man, wlthj
a provious femalp contrnct on his hands,
fulled to obey tho order. In high disguiti
Friend then ainodnecd Wo blcctlon of n"
church clerk In order nnd somebody un
known to us.wfts chosen. Then n gontlo-.
man nrosq and meekly inquired'
by what rig lit tho reverend gentleman!
had ousted certain gentlcmon from mem
bership. Mooting tho oxlgoncy in tha1
proper sptrlt, Friond ordorod tho meok in
quirer to sit down, informing him that ho
had no right to bo heard. Tho mook gth
llomnn substded, when Alden arose and re
peated tho inquiry of his mook, Triond.
Tako vour soat." shouted Friond:
"your mdutli is locked. Mr. OQloor, I or
dor you to arrest this gentleman ; lit is dis
turbing tho peace." Kobortson then ap
proached Alden and requested him to bo
quiot, but' Aldon could not see it in those
lamps. "I demand to know," shouted
Alden, "by what right you, Mr. Friend,
liavo excluded mo and tho other trustees
wuuout trial." ".Mr. Uluccr," exclaimed
Friend, "1 order you to nrrcit this man."
Then confusion ensued;-nr.d tho ligbts
wore put out all- but two. As darkness
grow upaco, Friend's excitement increased,
nnd ho cried out in a loud volco, even as
John crlod in tho wilderness: ''Got our
of this, all you fellows," and set an ex
ample by getting out himself. Over men,
womon and children, benches and stoves,
he made 'his triumphant' progress to tho
door; nnd, like Justice In search ot her
minister?, with tho swiftness of tho wind,
ran down t'.io street In sea'uh of Chief
Myers and tho entire polico forco of the
city. Asltobcrtson and tho congregation
walked down "Washington avenuo, thoy1
met Friend returning to tho battlo field,
reinforced by Myers, Shochan, Holmes
nnd Arnold. liol orison Informod. the
Chief H at all was quiet on tho. Potomac"
and nobody hurt nnd tho affulr endod.
The Police Committee. Tho police
investigating committco will meet to-morrow
at tho council chamber, to hear com
plaints about and suggestions in rofpronco
to tho polico force of tho city. "Wo fear
that few citizens will care to Invito the
enmity of members of tho forco by vol
unteering to go beforo tho commi.tce, but
wo hopu that considornblo good may re
sult from tho investigation. City Attor
ney I'opo could, undoubtedly, make somo
valuable suggestions to tho committee, and
Mayor Lansden probably throw somo
light on tho polico business.
Personal. Col. Taylor returned yes
tjrduy from a visit to Murphysboro, Jack
son county, whore ho attended a meeting
of tho oxocutivo committoo of tho Cairo
nnd St. Louis railroad company. Judgo
Mulkey, who is in ill' health, proposos n'
visit to Crittcndon Springs, to recuperate.
Judgo Allen has two murder cases in
Jofforson county, which will requiro his
nbsenco 'com horn i for it week or two. J
Col. liurges, ono of tho Normal School
commissioners, was In llie city yesterday
on a business vlilt to Cbl. "Wood, brio of
his colleagues.
Phillip Hauoji Is master of his trade,
and warrants nil of his work' to bo 'of" tho
rery bent material nnd manufacture ; guar
antees n complcto flt and-entire-satisfaction,
isnot coiiflnodtqjinyjparticula stylo,
but makes every variety .of .boots and shoes
from tho heaviest cowhide lo tho' flneat
French calf nnd morocco. Ho also kcesa
n largo stock on hand, of his own vianumi
lurr, and any one dosiroui ofpu"(ahnsing
good custom work cheap should' oil 1 on
him at his shop on Eighth st.i MUth", 'side,
near corner of Ohio Iovoo, Cairo. dtf
Notice. Deeming n rkn,owlodgo of
chemistry necessary to tho 'student of "nil
tclenco nnd professions, ns woll as to tbo
mochanic, I proposo to open a clnss of
chemistry of forty lossons, commencing
on tho first Monday m September next.
For particulars inqulrp at my ofllco, 142
Commercial avenue, Cairo.
dtd A. "Wadovmar.
' i 1
St. Nicholas. Day boardors can so
curo good accommodations at tho St. Nich
olas (formorly tho St. James) at $4 per
wedk. Tho houso Is at tho corner of Ohio,
)qvco nnd Eighth street, n central location.
and is propnotorcd by Hariy WaiKor,
who is nlivo to tho wants of his patrons.
.Parties desiring boarding and lodging can
learn torms on inquiry at tlio oiuco.
NoNT-but' tho bAJtmnnuraotuTd"of
goods sold at tho Jlostonj Shoo Store. "Wo
uro roceivlng fresh oods of Uio latest
stylus every day.
Elliott & Haythorn.
.Notice. From August 1st until further
notice, tho faro per transit stcamor Illinois
plying botweon , Cairo and .Columbus will
boas follows: Ouo way, $1.00; round trip,
$2.0(). AV. A, Lowth,
iug2ditn" Master.
Look to Your Children. Diarrhea
Dysentery, and Summer Complaints aro
cured by Mrs. Whltcomb's' Syrup, which
is tojd for 20 cents a bottle. Boo advor
tlsomont. lw
The cheapen placo to buy your toots
nnd shoes U at tho Boston Shoe Storo, 140
vuuacrciai avenuo. '.
i u ' i A8.1W.
1 I
AUGUST 10, 1871
an anti-ballist denounces tub oame
and strikes a hlow at the sun.
Cairo, III., Auk. a, 1871.
5Tb the imtor, of the Cairo Lnllctim
Mr. Editor: In,tho Sun, of tho 2d, wo
soo quito n dofonco of baso ball, and rather
begging pcpplo, to holp support.tboso w),o
put In thoir timo at tho business. Ho
gives vdry poor reasons: "In myhumblo
opinion, other cities do assist thoir balllsts,"
etc. Is it any vrorso to have faro banks
and hot your money a little moro secrelly
than to have oxoltlns; games of baso ball
and bot your m6riy publltly n the pres
ence of your children; and what aro baso
ball clubs but gabbling Ihstliultons ? Thil
canri'otr bo .'atpUUd.anarBfny (fmos our
city officials do bet their money as woll as
others, oven whllo iworn to stoball kinds
of gambling, If the editor Of the crcat
luminary is anxious to sivaa wav Atuirttm
of his loose cash, thore Is a far hotter
chanta arid oljoct iri hk "direcilon of tbo
Perry House, and prybnblyho ladles who
aro now feeding loyoral sick and hiinrrv
children thorcln may givo h'nn a call.
Uaso ball, for cxorolso, whore tho Wys
havo no wood to 8aw,ls admisinblo. '
Kctpectfully, L.
n . ' .. i t i . fi
Tho Cincinnati Commercial, of a late
date, says : "Tho Louisvlllo nn 1 Cincin
nati United States Stail'Llne contemplate
organizing a daily lino of packets betweon
Cincinnati and Cairo, upon the comple
tion of tho work on tho Louisvlllo Canal.
Tho 11 vo elegant stoamers now running to
Louisvlllo aro to bo thoroughly roQtted
and placod in this trado, In connection
with two new boats."
Twr.NTY-i-ivjt Dollar; Kkward. A
reward of $25 will be paid for tho recovery
of tho body of A. U.fClydty ,who was
drowned In tho Mississippi river, opposlto
Cairo,. on Sunday night last. AH expenses
of delivering the body in, Cairo will also
bo paid. By order of Aloxandcr "Lodge,
224, 1. 0. O..F. S. K. Slack, N.G.
F. M. Stockflkth, R. S.
Truth. The power of Mn, Whlt
comb's Byrup for children aro as positive
as tho sunlight from heaven, and gentlo
nnd soothing as an. angel's whisper. aug8.
Dr. Ilattingers Diarrhoea and Dysente
ry Powders wlU.CUtdall kind of Diarrhoea
and Dysentery afflicting adults, quickly,
pleasantly and safely. For sale by all
first class drogglsts nnd doalers. aug8-
Tho. mosfjpopular iboo(shop in town
is on 20th street opposlto tho court house
hotel, where "Wm. Ehlers manufactures
boots nnd shoes for his customora, warrant
ed to bo of the best French calf, -kip of
morocco, and which ho guanralee to givo
entire satisfaction. Call on him and you
will know how it is yourself. lySOtf
"1 1 . .. v ! . i t ;
ii iic.- iuu j-.uurgiua ubyu ueen over
taxed and sleep disturbed Helmiiold'h
Duchc works wonders. It contains no
opium or morphine, yet It governs tho In
torior economy of tho human system. It
is administered for diseases of tho bladder,
iktdncys, weakness, fomalo irregularities,
strangury, and complaints incidental to
the urinary organ of either sex.
JCeliahle anij Save. Dr. Henry
Itoot and Plant Pills aro mild and pleaso
ant In thoir opcratiooyet '.thorough; pro
ducing no nausea or griping. JJcing on
tiroly vegetable, they can bo taken with
out rcgnrd to diet or business. They
arouso the livor and socrotlvo organs Into
healthy action, throwing off dlscaso with
out oxhadsting or' debilitating tho system
Try them and you will bo satisfied
Price 'J5 cents a box. Sold by druggists
and dealers, in medicino ovcrywbero
Proparod by tho Grafton Medicino Co- St
Louis, Mo. myOdm
Fivo hundred dozen No. 1 Tin FRUIT
CANS at the nkw-york btorf, at $1.00
per dozen. Largest wholesale and retail
stock. in tho city.
Greeley & Patikr.
Invoices of now goods just received at
tho Boston Shoo Store.
Elliott & Haythorn.
' ' ' ' AS-lw
Kindlino. 600 "class boxes " for salo
at 5 cents each. w. "W. Thornton. ( (
jo21t. ' 1
. Lioblg's colobratod oxtract of meat at
Jorgehs6n's'. f " ' jy2Clf.
Gonuino walnut and mushroom ketch
ups, at Jorgonson'e. jy20tf
Guava jelly and Bosnia prunes at Jor
gohsOn's. Jy20tf.
Tho best fruit jars in tho world for
salo at Parson, Davis & Co., on Tonth
streot. jy25d2w-
Imported London biscuits at Jorgcn
sen's. Jy20tf.
East India proiorves at Jorgonsen's.
i , .m?0
Shriver'a Ly'stor ketoliilp 'at' Jorgon
sen's. jy20tf.
Gcnuino .Spanish olives at Jorge n
son's. Jy26tf.
Importod gherkins, chow-how, plcca
lillo and onions, nt Jorgenson't.
Ancniorvis, 'lnipicanj, uii.or.ea.v,
Jorgonsen's. jy20tf
"Vm. Khlors, nt his shop on20thstroet
la stlli.msuufaoturin(! evory variety of
boots and shoes from gonuino French calf
(houses no othor kind) which ho Belli
roady mado or made to ordor at price'
that defy competition. jy20tf.
"William Alba's barber si op is crow
ing in pulllc favor ovory day,. .It.is JiOftt-.
lv fitted up, and can boast of tho most.
skillful workmen In tho' city. Tho pro
prietor has had niwiy year" experience in
his businoss and is recognizou as ono oi tue
most expert shavers in Southern Illinois,
whljo.young Alba, Is a; waster n hi,pw
fosston. Ultlzons und strnngors wno -w.""
a painless shave, .luxurious ihampoolng,
or tucir nnir cut in tho latest sitio euuuiw
.palrpulze Alba. His shop is on Commof-
lal avenue noxt door ta ilwinon s news
depot. dtf
(ItfBUlir Meeting oflholk.tr.l of AlJcrmcn.)
Cocicll. CiiAMnr.n, Cairo, lt.w.1
Allgtmt , l7t. J
Aldorninn ltonrdon in thu chair.
A M SCnl Ahlnrtnnn tliwln- Molpnlf.
Ronrdon, Slrattnn , nn,l
Vinter-7. ' '
Absent Aldermen . .....i-
vuiiUII, V.UII.....U-
liar... Fitzgerald, Klob nnd Scaso-C.
AN ordinance.
t Anill. 1 .1 C ... A
In rqlation to obstruction in streets and
maermnn Mctealf moved tn tnl.ln r...
A (J ...
aa follOWs: Av.-11
HKTI Hnar.Inii Ui..n ct
A1drrnon "Winter mnve.l In
oruinanco uy adding tho following:
v 11111VIIU IUIU
wi i. al suaii not bo inwf.il r.. ti...
whTld In the C.tv of ri,n .Z .r"!
of t'..e streets, without bolng In closo prox
Imlty to tho same, said vol.Trdo. u-M,
ftlpnnti ..ilt.A..l l.f.. f.
niicucu, unless tne iuirn r,r ,....i... ....
, . ......... ......
unhitched Inn proper rnnnnorsons to pre
vent Occidents by runnlnL; away; nnd nny
, ,,u,oull ou uuuiiuing 1110 pro
visions of this section, shall, t.poif convic
lion Dororo anv roll Aln,.l.i-nin ,.r ...1.1
city, forfolt and imy a sum not less than
nvo nor moro than fifty dollnrs und costs
or prosecution fur each and ovcry offunsc.
Tho nmcndmotit was adopted by thu fol
lowing vote: Ayes Motcnlf, Itirdcn,
oiranon, owayne, Wnldoratid Winter
Nay Uuder 1.
Thoordlnnnco as nmondod was then laid
over for a second rending
Tbo Comniltleo on Printing, to whom
was referred tho bill of John H. Oborly &
t0., for $55.00, reported tho somo back.
rocomraonding payment of tho satno,
iiiuorman v inter moved to concur
Carried as follows: Ayea Under, Met
calf, Rcarden, Strntlon, Swoyne, AVnldcr
and Winter 7.
Nay 0.
Alderman "Winter moved to refer tho
ordinance in relation to obstructions In
streets and nTeuues, hercinbeforo men
tlonod, to tho Ordinaneo Co.ntnlttce for
revision. Carried.
On motion of Alderman Stratton the
board adjourned. M. J. Howi.ey,
City Clerk.
iv x would call me attention or- our
country friends who want lo gel good
pictures to call on J. J. Thomas, who has
a very pleasant gallery on Commercial
avenue for thoir accommodation, and
really tho best artist we havo hnd in Cairo
or a long time. tf
"When tho constitution tins been under
mined, and lifo nndcrcd miserable, by tho
errors of youth, and thoso distressing dls
cases which effect tho bladdor, kidney
and genital organs, Helmuold's Dec 11c is
tho only reliable curativo agent that cm
be administered. In removing organic,
weakness, strangury, gravel, dropsy, and
female irregularities, it is almost eminently
Steamer John Luinsden, Kvansvillo.
" Holla Memphii, Memphis.
" liiimurk, St. IariIs.
" City of (Juincy, Now Orleans.
Illinois, Columbus.
' Jos. Fisk, Jr., Puducah.
" Florence, Island No. 1.
Steamer John Lumsdcn, Kvansvillo.
" Bollo Memphis, Ht. Louis.
" City of Quincy, St. Ixiuls.
Illinois, Columbus.
" Jas. Fisk, Jr-Paducah.
" Florence, St. Louis.
" " Mary Miller, Now Orloun.
" A. Baker, Capo Girardeau.
Steamer Ulsuark, New Orleans.
" Indiana, New Orleans.
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
Malllo Ragon, Evansvillc.
11 Jas. Fisk, Jr., Puducah.
" Illinois, Columbus.
During tho past 21 hours tlio river has
raised about three inches, but not mucli o
a swell is expected as it is cau3od by the
late rise in the Mississippi.
Tho Ohio Is rising very slowly at Cin
cinnati, with flvo feet In tho channel.
Business still continues brisk on tho
lovoo. Tlio weather was in usual extreme
ly hot.
Tho John Luiiuden brought out a very
rood trio which sho trannforred to tho
Tho Bolle Memphis-lJad n few packages
for hero ond ndded somo law tons for St.
Tho Bismarck brought out nil sho could
carry on the water and will fill out hero.
Tho City oftlulncynuaniair up stream
trip of froight and people.
Tho Jamos Fisk had a good trip, con
sisting of tho following St. Louis froight!
i34 aheots of iron. 153 bundles oriron, ojj
bars of Iron, 3 balo3 of broom corn and 78
packages of wagon- stuft'r for' Now Or
leans, 20 hogsheads tobacco and for tho
city 2 crates of cabbage and 1 hogshoad of
tobacco. i
Tho Floronco passed up tho Mississippi
towing a bargo load of logs.
..... -i.l- ...1 1....B ..1
Tho Mary jmiieriuopaneu iniuiuvuiiiiig
with all ehc wanted, which wai about 700
Tho Umpire is undergoing a thorough
ropairing on the docks at Paducah.
A sldowhcel canoo. is boing rigged at
Smithland to run up tho Cumberland until
tho next risq. Bon Eagan, captain, nnd
Jay Vco Scystor, pilot.
"Tho Colored Baptist Church" is on tbo
docks nt St. Louis.
r Tho Bayard and ferry boat Ed. C. "Wig
gins colldod in tho barber at St, Louis day
boforo yesterday. Tho Bayard had a
W,.o In tow. Her larboard gtmrd was
.damaged to the oxtont of $500; tho ferry
boat was unhurt, x"" -& "
wcro given and answered but a, miscalcu
lation of the dlstanco was tho causo of tho
The wharfmastor commenced dredging
and ropairing tho city wharf at Louisvlllo
yestorday. Tho work will bo complotcd
in about ton days. The city council has
appropriated $50,000 for that purpose
The towboat. "Walkor Morris and two
.1.n.1n u...''.m Miartnrntl fnr II.a ...a-L-
t tho' Bello lico Is having her shafts
rnlsod two nnd n half foot to work n whcol
llvo moro feet in diamotor, with lnrgor
buckeU. It u clnlm'od thnt Iho alteration
will mnko lior burn less ftiol and nt tho
satuo timo alio will bo fader.
Sr. Louih, August 0. Rlvor rising
slowly; upper Mississippi still swelling;
vory warm.
Arrived Rob itoy, JUoiiio JicriKo anu
Utah from Keokuk; Bollo St. Louis from
Vickiburg; .Mary McDonald from Kan
sas City.
Departed Pokln, for Peoria; Johnson,
St. Johns, and Mollio McPikc, lor Jioo-
kuk; H. C. Yacgor, for Now urieans;
Nile, for Missouri river)! NOrlhwostorn,
for St. Paul; Grand Towor, for Motnphli.
VicKsiiuito, August 0. Down Tho
Rubicon tr tsed down at 0 o'clock this
Up Carrlo V. KounU.
AVcather is warm. River falling.
Cincinnati, Aucust 9. Tho rlvor Is
four feet nlno Inchon. "Wcathor clear.
ll National Itnnk Uiilldlas;.
- a
Hiclal allentlon pal.1 lo urdera from toiLj,
lUlit and day.
la prepare I to aiipidy cnt..inen will, tha lt
ui;ly of
OIlUKItS left al llatllday Ilroa. ofBee, TO OHIO
l.hVKK.or at tha Coal Tanl below Iho M.
Cnarlra Hotel, will repeir prompt atleotlnn.
aide ateamera at iny hour.
USTAUK " will M,M i.
Thla Uwrh Hair Dye la the hit latniWoaLt
Perlectlr llarml.-ii, KcltaUe and lnithaBteou.
No dixiipolntment. No KidlcnlnaaTlnta or Da
pleiMnt Odor. The Renulna W. A. Ilachelor'r
llalr Dyn produce! IMMEDUTKI.Y a apleudid
lllark. or nMurl Drown. . Ioeinet, atmm ttf
Hkin. lint IcAtMlhr MaIf Clraa. Hft mil It-.iiii.
.t lora. ianrlluollwly
MY DJl. .1. II. SC'IIEX'K,M.D;
......I. .. MUlll... .-.-111. I.M UJ WM. ,U(
death there m no other reaaon than the neglect
of known anj Indl.poubtr pn.Ttn mean l or core.
T1....U near an.) dear M latnlijr and friends aru
li-.-.lrifc- ilie.lrean.lclt alumber Into which. Lad
thvy cairn I j aduflcd
lilt. JO-Kl'II II. HfJlir.NCK'H8I3IPI.F.
T It HA T31 EN T,
and aralled lhcmelTe of hli wonderf ally efllca-L-loui
m.-illcino. Uiar wuukl not htrve fallHO.
Dr. pchenck haa In lit tiwu cue pruved that
nli.-reir.-r aunielrnt vlulltr reoialni, Lbal tiui
Itr. I.t l.la tuedlclnea and lilt dlrretlona for Lbelr
um, ! quickeniMi into neaiuixui vior.
In tl.l itatement theru li nothlnc Dreanmp. ;
luoui. jo mo nun oi ioq invaiia is itiaav utt
rcirnlAllou that 11 not a thousand time
sui.ti.iiei or iiTintr and tisidiu works, -rno ;
tiu-.,rr or tt.u rum dt it. duiidci nuaicioea
is nt simpio as u 11 uuiaiuna;' its pnuoaoiHij r
i:uirr. no unrnmont. it 1' sclf-uiurlxia.sliuii-
, luring. -
. i n. l.......J.L.niil..ii. i
o.iisuiopuon originaio in a, toe pen bob iuoc
tloiuilly il.vir.lered lifer. With ton ooadiuon
Iho UonchUI tauet -iraapathlM'1 .wtlh tt
rton.ach. Ther rt-tp-md tu Lha worbtae action
ol ti.o lirer. flora then cornea the, cutoluMJun
H-tult, nnd tha aelUiic In.wlUt U1U OlsUtu-
l.y lU..UUi Ul I
Th e Mandrak rills are eompotd of tin of Hi- !
tiire'anoklett iil(u-thi rodopollloaa I'dlaMm. j
Thar iMteta all the bkx.ManitliMi. aHarattra I
"LKAVB KO 01110."
Tlioworkof mralsnowbaarhinlai;. Tk vitia
ted and uiucuusdepoalla In tha howelaud talk
alimentary canal aro ejected. The llTir. 1UM
a clock. Is wound up. It arouses froat tU torptd
Ity. The stomach acta raeponalrelr. and tM
paUcnt beglni to feel that bo It gettijaf , at last.
Tha Pco-waed Tonle. In conjnneiton with the
Tills, iiermeates and assimilates with Lb rood.
Chrlincatlon is now prof resting wliboal IU pro
Tloiia tortures. Dlfestlon bocoinea painless. and
tho euro Is aeon to at hand. There la no mora
flatulence, no exacerbation of the SUimatQ. An
aoiietllti sets In.
Iren hi- an Ind
...... UJ.l.O. ...w ,
honck'a lulmonf.
euro. It enters at onen upon Ita work. Nature
cin not bo cheated. It ccllecta and ripens the
Impaired and dlseaeed portions of tha laaca.
In tho f ono of (atberlnsa. It prepare strait for
riiwctoratlon, and lot In a Terr abort Udm tha
m.iladr Ii vanquished, tbo rotten throne that It
occupied la ruuoTatcd and mads new, sad the
lutlent.ln all tho dlxnltr of ret AlnadTlfor.ataaa
forth tu enjoy tho manhood or womanhood that
us runctiona ana
Th lecond thine la, tha patients most star la a
warm room tntll ther tfet well I It la alsooetlaa
laissiblo to prarent Lulus; cold whan tha laaaa
an. dlseisod, but It must b prevented or aears)
can hot bo effected. Fresh air aad rldlast ovk
in inn aecuon or ina coanin. in iaa
ranath a
vet up u aood circulation of blood. Tha I
must knvi. In aood iDlrlta be datarmlnad
ad to ci
well. Thla haa a great deal to do w Ita the apt-
tlio. and lstheirreat oolnt to aaln.
nosa hi Itr In tha worst caaaav and moral eer.
to ueapair vinra anar aucm aieAWtcai or lw
lalnty In all other, la sinful, lir. Hcheaek'a par.
ronnfslatemont to the Faculty of bis own car
was In these modett jrordii .
'aianr year a asn i was in tno
consumption! routined to mr bed. and at one
u week, then, llko n drowning man eatchlaa
itmwi, 1 heard of and obtained tha prepantlo
lime hit piirsiciana mouiiui uu
Bit 1 could not lira
II man aatehlaa at
ibLaltied tha nrararatlbna
which 1 now offer to the public, aiM they saad
a porfrnt euro of me. It seemed to .aw that 1
eouid fuel tnem pensiraio mr wao
them penatrato mr whole sratsun.
They toon ruwnco inn
i matter In rs r laof . and
than a plnfof ofciliTIl
jrnlna for a lona? Lima.
I wou
snlt ud moro
jellow matter ercrr inornlns; for a long t
' Aa anon ua that heffan to auhalda. mr anuah.
feror, pains, nnd nlnlit sweat all began to leara
mo, and mr appetite becamo ao great that it was
with difficulty that I could keep from aauag too
much. I toon gained my atrenifUi, and haro
grown In rlcth oyer alnco, ,
"1 waa welzhcd ahortlr after mr raeorerr."
milled tho Doctor, then looking like a mere
akeletoni mr wolght
only ninety. seren
for year I hat tan-
.a two nunare i ai.u
discontinued bis profaatlonal
Tltils to New-York and Untton. Ha or hta eon,
Dr. J. II. Hchenck, Jr., itlll oontlou to ee pa
tients at their offlco. No. U North Sixth Street,
1'hlliulel phia, orerjr Saturday from 9 A.kf.aoS P.
Thoso who wish u thorough examination with
the llesplrometer will o cbargad M,
ptromotcr declares the OAact conditio d Lr1?
on us, and patlenta can MfidUylearn ajhether
i : . k I .... mnA klnrf MaAitM WlH IU SUe
rati. oxroni.ntf uianin aoineiBaaB ...n w-rr-ri
Mila -- -c7.t-t.-i ngn1 cvisaii Lneii
throo 'odlclno.WntaOP"';
i MU IrnnU ". uu UUIfir tVwWkwj
-i'JU inf a,-- aw- a i-qi
l crej
Tor la
JOB fti
0 Of A7Y
f9iio--t, tho MifirvbT. .ochKiflJf-v
i ir. i-if enck'i ,n7i...5ve 7 U'P1
I'u'Xat'. SlS!cWn'-
paratloiS'i wjiii. ?59'?e WiiVarii'.'MfPyo o
of couKSByja oi tf i uimpBio-aii Pre
IiTiacicairio luiTn'I'twreaaitr. " cur.
Tonr!c?ll'loh. Wmonlo Br
..-WiauiuMl.ivr.-w ww nro.
2r? ani'taVr w KVTr'tt--id
-""anameaiera. hbjfjjg
Wrrr or fa' '
nnd hnvo
In th South
mat tney
intrukt! to ll,Tm"!' yie of V"g
label to the, ijnrn,I?,'B 'ha emajuft tJ11 "Ork
iu.i snu tinw. icuvu, iuu au wruo. wnjmf
elana who recommend that eowaa loea their pa
tient!. It their I unci are badlr dlaeaaad. aid eei,
because ther are In tha hone ther aasaaa ao(
tit down quiet i tbay mast walk aboat tha rooaa
us much and aa fast aa tha atranath wlu feaar. to
therarccuranioornoi. . - i
Tho directions for Uklngt m4li5lil
ah 1 sflAl '-1

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