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nut unit or rut: ii.i.inoih cential ii. n.
On and after funUy, la. Kill, nil, " ''-HHtrie-laUowlllgotcro
Ihoarrltat an. dep&tl
uiof rnegtr trains at Calroi
Mad train, daily : P-'"'
KipreM, daily 2p.ln.
jrnrc-Mall.dailr 3.30 n.n.
Kipreas, ncl'' eun' T 8.9) p.m.
No ehnit of w fromCaito lo bl. Louis. .No
change of rare from Cairo to Chicago, Elegant
Drawing Hovn sleeping cr on night trinK.
Hsggnge Ii'okcil to nil important point.
Hm attention of hlprrr In especial!)
(led lo Hi"" fart tint a Knill JlsprcM train will
Ate Cairo uily, Saturdays expected, and m ill
nltc tho r in Iroin this city to Chicago In Weill
two hour. JAS. JOHNSON, Agent.
Cait. William II. Sandusky.
Leave Md. ClTV,
0if I I IIOHtll tTRMT.
At 7 A.M.
At 10 A.M.
At 1 p.m.
At 5 r.M.
At 8.30 A.M.
At 11.30 A.M.
At i!.30 r.M.
At C.30 r.M.
at mr.
nor rACTonv, hawk' landinii, kv.
mouth or cache, maiu.sk ways,
William J. Allen, )
John il.Mulkey, J. CAIRO. ILLINOIS,
fcamucl l'.Whevlcr.J
0Trilculr attentior paid to rlter nnd ad
miralty business.
orricK iiooms 7 ant 8 winteii's iilock.
tVilium H.i.rcrn,
William II Hilt-en
Mile I'.oilftrt
-.eril attention ghen to Admiralty aud
bitimlxA! Umnejs.
orricK ciuo levee, rooms 7 and 8 oveh
ltfi tt'. 'ogton Avrnue nn l 1'opHr street,
M "l StK Mv) in Order.
)". U'rrkimn KinIn M.
iti-rction Vrrmcd,
l'atroosso PollcilcO.
.hi iiivi ri
aiiiicrrUl Atrniip, Corner or fUctilli
Caieo, Illinois.
jrB.rrl Aciiur, . iiIic i;o
and llnj ilutrn'H
CaIR-j, Illinoik.
',Xtt ta wr.or Itcl'lyMJe.
' ' I uft.'!tM of Mioei' nnd Lmlli-s
Km-'.t of tha latMt tylc.
C0HEto.tAi. AVENL,
'' full ana ptEilidI.rieo
1 M.
I kiom., liutim' nnd
i ''-niputp .icplc ot
iliilinerv and
I'.tiicv finntls.
. - i
l."., piu
T1r iiwtsT
lO wll t
AMI rt'.ICKk.
---vino CITY COAL
'4 .
"li tl.o t,
UHKIt9 Irfi t llallidujr llro.. ullicf, 70 OH lit
Ciirli' llim l, will r)vlii prompt iitli'iinoii
THKTl'O "MONTAUK1' m ill 1 tt v: c-t.ul mom.
(hie tti-Hiiinm nt ny lioiir, (u
OOOKH, 'tianif hlcls, lirlcls, catalogui-i, mui.
t paper, ttx llt, and rrfry TarlM) uf mm.
lite i.rmtlng eontraclod for. ami promjlly ami
FpMMfily exoctitril, In thu liiillctlii Ui.k, joi,
aad newspaper lading t'ialililiiiiriit,
i h A 1) VKUT 1 SI'jM ENTS.
1 0 N 1 C
or mr
The ttifiiibers of tho Ociiiinn t.tithernii Scluel
protiu'C to giu, pli-no
At '
I'liirii ;m ili'ii,
On Mii.miav, AumtftT liSrti, 1H71.
Tim Harden will he nut Hi lhilrft order tol
iil, una rcircsiiiiieiiiH 01 mi mum win r
tiitm in niiiintinnce. ri'Ci'Ciie. uiMriiiiicnuii mi
vocal Music, Jollltj nnl Tim will both," tinier ol
inn nay.
Com. of Artnwitmcntf Win. Ilcerttnrl, Fro
Wlnterliiirn, 11. Oi Thellecke.
A (5 It A X I)
mill nr. cmri uv tun
WWiool' Hull,
Fr.nuv, Sei'TEmiiek 1st, 1871.
Ticket f
Com. of Arraigtmtnh'V J.
Kerth, A. I.ohr, J.
' .V ItohilUOII.
I'll 111 tnlir' ctcry lnornlilK, Munibtj' ft
Tlioso Mound City follows will persist
in visiting Ctiiro daily. Aldcn, nnd sov
oral others, woro down yesterday.
Tnbor' Grnnd Opening
tilt .To-Night.
The police investigating committee
held n final meeting yesterday afternoon,
nt thn ollico of Alderman Cunningham.
Sinco tho first of January, last,ono hun
dred and fivo couplos have teen married
in Alexander county sixty-fivo white nnd
thirty-six colored.
The Evansville Courier recommends
Cairo to President Grant as a summer re
sort, nnd attempting to be witty on the
subject made an ass of itielf.
City Comptroller Utirnctt h&! pur
chased 74,000 feet of sidownlk lumber since
inc nrstoi Inst April, tit nn average price
of ilO.SOpcr 1,000, making the total cost
A fellow," whose name we could not
lern, indulged, yesterday uvening, in the
atnuemnt of whipping his wife, on the
levoe. He was Uken in the uct by Holmts
and Arnold.
LoiT. A pointer slat, with a collar
around her nock, with the name 11. Smyth
eogr&ved thereon. Any persvn returning
the same to the store of I!. Smyth A Co.
will receive a liberal reward. 1:
A Cairo man wss fined one dollar the
other day at Pdducab, for forestalling the
market. He inquired tot price of a wagon
load of cabbages and was instantly arrested
for tho otfense.
"We are sure the sidewalk gang it not
ubiquitous, but there is snrely a necessity
for its presence at at least a hundred places
in the city, and It ought to be present at
all these places at the turn time
An occasional Delta base-baller may
be een batting a ball on the Delta grounds
but ail who engage in the pastimo look
tired. Tho Trlui"Me tnmle tbetn wearv a
few week ago, ntid tho can't, somehow,
get rested.
Tin- Massac Journal apologizes for not
giving its theory uf earthquakes. The
world is not so rich that it can atford with
out emotion to lo to valuable a theorv.
Keally, the Journal must try and tell us
all about its theory.
The German I.utheMii School pic-nic,
at Floral Garden, on Monday, August -8,
must be held in rcinembruric, and patron
i'.ed liberal! v by the public. .Mi.-sim. liccr-
wart, AS'interberg stud Thielecke, are the
committee ot nrrangemenL.
Jack Winter will spread at tha New
Delmonito, this morning, at 10 o'clock, an
oyster lunch tho lunch of the season.
Tlioee who wish to placu themselves on tho
otlUidu of n dish of the delicious bivalves,
should make u note of thn hour and bo on
It Is a noteworthy fact that tho Cairo
tobacco market has this teaon held up
better as to prices and quulity than many
ot the more pretentious markets, and
shipments direct to Europe uro now being
mudu every week from tho llallurd wurc-
Shenil Irvin arrested n dctcrtcr from
the army, on Thursday, and yestordny re
ceived a ti legriiin from thu Assistant Ad
Jutunt General of tho Pnlted States, direct
ing hltn to take his prisoner to tho nearest
mlliury post, nnd deliver him to the mili
tary nuthuiitiu.
Friend Hylaiid's hogs great fat fel
luws Kj nt,j j)lu jiound yesterday, and
Hjliiiuldid not restrain his nheelliiL's. Ho
vTT'1 ,,u "Pinion of tho mitl-hog men
u,,,v.. ' l"uuruu n guiiviuuiaii,
"-leun. ymputhisc, with him
Mr.Uira,,, lxhvl,
si Jl
tt' Uharnwii from
he inuy imiku a bushnl of monoy.
in nt n,.v . a- ii. -i . i
to bqciiini. ,iUtticr , tllol,c' u,,, propose. sanitary condition of tho city. Pruvontivo
tor ,tid cumrv produce H '.k i U lklU'r l,m" cl,ro' ll,ld wo hoV lbo '""'or
tho city, In a few day,, on l( w, " ?V" wiU tM;" U,Q "PnriblHty of designating
through tho countrj- around I ' "no of l"" V0"' ,,l"U,h
V ir i in.,... . . ru' then requiring him, ou penalty of Uts.iiU-
" ...v.ii. iii.v, EULTL'IK. Ii ri 11 limwi
Mr. AVIIIInm II. Hull, fonnftrly one
of thu proprietors of tho Cairo Keening
Sun, will bo married nt "Washington City,
1). O., m Wednesday evening, August 23,
Tho ii (i. "' the to ho Mrs. Hull Is Miss
Ucsslo Iv. A. jrmy. Our congratulations
mny bo considered as telidnrcd.
Tin! mot pupnlnr shoo shop In town
Is on 20th Blreet opposite tho court house
hotel, where W'm, Ehlors manufactures
boot? nnd shoes for his cuitomi-rs, warrant
ed to bo of tho best French calf, hip or
morocco, nnd which ho gunnrnloos to give
entire satisfaction. Cull on him nnd you
will know how It Is yourself. Jy2fltf
Henry Wisdom, who was tried yestor
dny for living In open adultery, called on
Judge Ilros, yetordity morning, nnd
offered hltn $20 to decide tho case in his
favor. Tho Judgo respectfully declined,
and restrained his boot from Inflicting
sundry kicks on tho person of tho too-many
wived Henry.
Two Sets or Tools,
Ship Carpenters' and Jolnors',
will bo
lUlllcd To-Nlght
nt the
Corner of Elghtoetith-st. nnd Commercial
Only Fifty Cents.
At "Wotatig thoro is n panther excite
ment. Ills reported that a panthor hn
been seen on sovornl occasions, nnd that
tho beast is amusing itself by stampeding
cattlo nnd killinc calves. A puree of n
$100 has been raised ns n rewnrd for its
capture, nnd n grand hunting expedition
is boing organized.
Tho Chicago Hecr Saloon, Win.
Schick, proprietor, Nos. 20 nnd 28 Eighth
street, is n fnvorito placo of resort with oil
lovers of Weiss' llcor, Liquors of ovory
description, nnd n'l kinds of foroigu and
homo Wines. No ordinnry liquors oro
dispensed ut tho bar of tho saloon only
tho very best, und guests find in attend
ance polite nnd accomodating waiters. A
freo lunch is spread ovory day nt 10
'clock a.m. nunl7tf.
Tho first hogshoad of tobacco of the
crop of 1S71 was delivered yesterday at
tho Billiard tobacco warehouse, in this city.
It was raised by G. T. Kltubro, of Ballard
county, Kentucky, nnd was sold at private
sale for $22.C0 per 100 pounds. This it
will bo remembered is tho first hogshead
of this year's crop delivered in the United
Tuber's Grand Opening
dlt To-Night.
Wiliinm Alba's barber si op is grow
ing in public favor every day. It is neat
ly fitted up, and can boast of tho most
skillful workmen in tho citv. Tho pro
prietor has hud many years' experience in
his business nnd is recognized as one of the
most expert shavers in Southern Illinois,
while young Alba is u master in his pro
fession. Citizens and strangors who wish
n painless shave, a luxurious shampooing,
or their hair cut in the latest stvlc should
patronize Alba. His shop is on Commer
cial avenue next uoor to iiunnon s ncwi
depot. dtf
The Carmi (White county) Courier
of the 17th inst says: "Mr. Nelson
Webber, who was lait week up at Norris
Citv attending to the construction of
Tom's mill, brings a very favorable report
in regard to the Cairo and Vincennes
railroad. He savs about a mile of the
grade in White county has ben restored,
and the contractors talk oi finishing up
that part of the road at once and putting
a construction train on it. The party is
still at work in this county, and they are
hiring all the hands tbey can get lo push
the work forward."
Taber's Grand Opening
dlt To-Night.
Col. Taylor yesterday received a letter
from Mr. Howland, the contractor of the
Cairo and St. Louis road, In which he says
the engineers were expected at East St.
Louis yesterday, at noon. Mr. Howland
has opened a suit of offices in the block
above, the German Hank, south-east corner
of Fifth and Market streets, and a force is
at work preparing the maps and profiles as
rapidly as they can, so as to lose no time
in commencing work. Mr. Howland says:
We expect to have open house to all our
friends on the lino of thj Cairo and St
road, and invite them to call when-
over thev visit tho citv."
Thu Unfile and Dance
Corner of Eighteetith-st. and Commercial.
Wif.ig's Band
Has llcun Engaged,
and n
Good Time
May bo Anticipated.
Everybody Invited.
"Although," says tho New-York
Xew, ' attention has been, of late, fre
quently called to tho practice of ball-playing
in our streets, it Is still permit tod to
continue in many of our thoroughfares. Its
continuance is n spurcoof groat annoyance
and of Homo danger to the public gener
ally, and should bo put u stop to immedi
ately." Cairo has thu sumo complaint to
make, nnd tho police won't stop tho flying
ball. Day before yestorday ono lady was
struck with u bull, and another hit In tho
hi east with u portion of u bat which broke
in tho hands of a boy who struck a ball ns
shu was passing. Wo hopo the polico will
no longer disregard tho complaints on tho
subject which com from nil parti of tho
Tho approach westward of the Asiatic
cholera from Russia, whore, as our dis
patches of this morning show, tho terriblo
pestilenco is raging with virulont dcitruc
tivoncss, has created great alarm in Now
York, Philadelphia mid Boston ; and It
was probably n desire to sot our house in
order for its vintntlon to Cairo that in
diicril tho mayor nnd board of hcnlth to
suggest to thu council tho othor night tho
necessity of immtdlntoly impruvltig tho
j'ttlifrom force, to sou that tho auuitaiy
I "rdliiuium of tho city uro rigidly onforcou.
f -i'ln Stay; 1800, turiry Wisdom, color
ed, was "marrlod with n)J duo regularity
llradloy sayi-to Mlnnio ltlx in this
city. Tho great. and good. Jacob tied tho
miiruni Knotin tho prosonco of ft lar nd
hsppy .cerapany; "tVlili" Mr. nr.u Mrs.
W isaom,tho courso of marriot life did not
run smoothly. In short, thoy fought and
sopnraieajworo roconcilcd nnd 'light
agnin ana ain. Mnttcrs tvont on in ihis
unsatUiracldy hianner until tho 18th Inst.
whn Wlsdolu concludodthat ho would
marry snothor woman, and ho did., On
that day1 tho Hey. T. J. Shores tied him
to Emily1 Walker, whon tho indignant d-
scrtcd wia una him and his now bride ar
rested on; the change, of living In open
adultery and fornlcallonT Tno'lrial came
on yesterday peforo Judge Btotr, in tho
presence of ft largo crowd of colored folks.
Llnegar appeared for the prosociitlon nnd
Webb for tho defendant. After hoarlng
tho cvldcnco, the Judgo bound tho dofond
ants over to tho circuit court.
A VRF.sli supply of tho colobrated Dun
dee mnrmalttdu at Jorgonson's. tf
Paul O. Schtih, Esq., has bcon com
polled to movo into tnoro roomy quartori,
to nccomodato the largo stock of druggist's
and npothecary's goods ttit his Immense
businoss requires him to keep on hand.
Ho has fitted up, In an expensive stylo,
tho largo brick, on Commercial avenue,
lately occupied by II. F. Whiltnkor, and
is now ready to rocolvo his frionds In as
handsomo Ja store, and can show as com
plete h stock of goods, us will bo found
nnywhoro in tho stnte. Mr. Schuh gives
his porsonal attontion to tho prescription
department, which is n sufficient guaran
tee that no mistakes will occur in com
pounding medicines. Ho keops all of tho
bost patent modicincs ; is agent for Kress'
fever and ague modlclno, warranted to
euro; also for Hamilton's buchti, equally as
good and much cheaper than Holmbold's.
His stock of porfumory and useful and or
namental articles is unsurpassed, compris
ing everything from n gulvanlc battery in
full blast to a fine tooth comb. Tho doc
tor, satisfied with his present prospority,
and looking to still greater in the future,
has taken' tho right cotirs'o toassure this
by using half a column of Tri Bulletin
in a neat advertisement, to which we in
vito tho attention of ourjeadors.
The best Crosso & Blackwoll's essence
of shrimps, at Jorgonscn's. tf
Any person desirous of changing well
improved Cairo property for tho like kind,
in Anna, can hear of nn opportunity by
addressing box 20, Annn, III.
Five rooms and a kitchen to rent to n
good tenant. Terms reasonable. The
rooms ore located on Commercial nvcntie,
outh of Eighth street. Enquire of C. Win
ston. Wm. Ehlcrs, at his shop on 20th street
is still manufacturing every variety of
boots and shoes from genuine French coif
(he uses no other kind) which ho rolls
ready made or made to" order at prico
that defy competition. jy'JCtf.
Buggy Maker;
' Wheel-Wright ;
Carriage Smith,
P. Oadboif,
next door to tho Perry House,
Commercial Avenue.
Notice to Shippers. Until further
notice the transit sttamsr, Illinois, will ex
tend her trips to Hickman twice a week,
viz: Tuesday and .Friday morniogs, and
if the amount of freight will justify her in
so doing, she will make throe or four trips
per wek. For tho present, freight will
t receired on the Transit Wharf Boat
only on Mondays and Thursdays.
James Jouxsox, Agent.
Cairo, III., Aug. 18, 1871. dl
Shkovkk ic Beov 11 o'clock lunch
Uzoh 11 o'clock
spiced oysters at Jorgenien's.
IIkliahle and Safe. Dr. Henry
Boot and Plant Pills are mild and please
ant in their operation, yet thorough, pro
ducing no nausea or griping. Being en
tircly vegetable, thoy ;Can be taken with
out regard to diet or business. They
urouso thu livor and secretive organs into
healthy action, throwing off disease with
out exhausting or debilitating tho system
Try them and you will be satisfied'
Prico 'Jl cents a box. Sold by druggists
and dealers in modlclno everywbsro
Prepared by the Grafton Medicine, Comfit
f -..!. ir.
jAiuin, .nu. my jum
Fok French cherries in syrup go to Jor
gensen's. tf
Htkaykd on Stolen. $5 Bewaiid.
On lust Saturday, n stripped brown and
black enw, with a white faco and a streak
of white running from hoad to tall. Sho
is marked with a crop on tho right ear and
n crop undorbit and a hole in tho loft. Tho
hoof of tho foro foot lap. The above rc
wurd will be paid to any person who dc
llvors tho above described cow to tho un
dersigned, or furnishes information that
will enable him to recover bor.
Ill Jacoii Leiinino.
Ir you want Imported assorted French
plcklos, go to Jorgonson's. tf
When trio'Energies hava boon over
taxed and sleep-disturbed IIelmiiold's
Bucnu works wonders. It contains no
opium or niorphlno, yet it governs tho. in
terior economy of tho 'human system. It
is adniinistcrod for diseases of tho bladdor,
kidneys, woaknosi, foraalo Irrogularltios,
strangury, nnd'comphiints incldontui to
tho Urjnury organs of cithor sox.
rrH -' 1 ' 1
Ravkle. A flno kit of ship carpenter's
tools und ulso n eplondid kit of Joiner's
tools coinplote,iwill be ralllod ofi'on Salur'
dy evening, 10th inst., at tho corner of
Sovouteenth-st. nnd Commercial avonuo.
Tho chances will bo 00 cents each. A lino
string band will bo in nttondanco, nnd u
good tlmo may bo'nnticlpnted. Tho rnlllo
is for tho bonofttof Mrs. Murion, widow of
tho Into Thus. Marion, dtd
Milk Cowh rou Bale Two frosh
milk cows with young calves for salo. &
qulro of ' D. Hvrd A Son.
Cairo, August 17, Wl. Ill ,
AUGUST 19, 1871.
(Itrgtllar Meeting of thoScU'ct Council
Council Chumlior,
Cairo, Ills., August 10, 1 671. J
IPs honor, tho Mayor, pres. ng.
'rcsont, -Councllmon Hind, Lansdon
Scliuh and TAylor 1.
Absent, Councilmon Hallldny, Wood
nnd Woodward 3.
On motion of Councilman Taylor tho
reading of tho Journal was dispensed with.
Councilman Taylor movod to dispense
with tho rules, and proceod to tho consid
eration of bills and ordinances. Carried.
11 ills.
Tho following bills having boon allowed
by the Board of Aldermen, Councilman
Schuh movod to concur in tho action of
said board. Carried as follows :
Ayos llurd, Schuh and Taylor 8.
Morris, Rood A Co., for lumber...!
' 83 41
4 00
1 00
1C3 18
309 20
45 80
20 00
230 2&
5 00
8'J 86
4 00
15 00
152 76
20 no
75 00
80 00
100 00
100 00
25 00
10 00
55 60
Powers A Millor, for sharpening
P. Swooney, hauling drunken man
, Swocnoy, hauling lumber for
u. r. j.yon, roriumbor.,.
H. II. Williams, lumber
Win. Mcllale, dieting priionors
for July
P. Hwconoy, hauling 1 dead horse
Morris, Rood & Co., lumbor
Barclay Bros, modlclno furnlihod
Wm. Henry, tools
R. Woodward, hardwaro
Catro book bindery, tnx receipts
anu inx nonces uounu
E. A. Burnett, salary as city
comptroller for July
A. Cain, city marshal 60 00
Jos. 11. Taylor, city treasurer..,
M. J. Howloy, city clerk 100 00
li. Bhannoisy, ponce magistrate...
J. M. Vol run, polico constablo
John U. Oberly A Co., publishing
council procccuinc for July, etc
Tho following bills having alio been
allowed, as follows, by the Board of Aldor
mon, regardless of nn unfavorable report
from the committee on claims on tho bills
ot tho stroet and sidewelk laborers, coun
cilman Taylor moved to concur in tho ac
tion of tho Board. Carriod by the follow
ing voto: Ayes Schuh and Taylor 'i.
Nays-Hurd-1 :
Michaol Mahoney, 25 days labor
on sidowalks, in July $10 00
Tqos. laughton, 23 days labor on
streets and sidowalks, in July.... 4C 00
A m. McUnle, 25 days in cbargo of
chaingang, in July 50 00
N.A. Dovore. 25 days labors on
sidowalks, In July 75 00
T. Fitzgerald, 25 days labor on
sidewalks, in July 00 00
trans: lwnns, n cays labor on
sidewalks, in July , 48 00
L. 11. Mycr. cbiof of polico. for
July. ...i i 83 33
John bhoohan, polico constable, for
July 75 00
John Jiolmcs, polico constablo, 14
days in July 36 00
m. II. Bobcrtson, polico const
ble, 14 days In July 35 00
Close & Vincent two barrols lime
in full of bill for 53 2 00
1. li. iarrin, for lumbor, In full of
5172 48 152 48
Thomas Mechan, hauline lumber.
in full of bill for $25 bO 21 50
Thomas Mceban, hsfulinglumber,
in full ot bill for $74.Co. 70 60
Upon their firstrcading in this Board
"An ordinance to amend ordinance No. 49
and for other purposes;" arid "An ordi
'nance to restrain the running at largo of
'Cows and Goats, and for othor purposes.'
Said ordinances were read and laid over for
a second reading.
On motion, of Councilman Schuh the
Council then adjourned.
M. J. IIowlxt,
City Clerk
Cora cl L Caasna, Cnao, Ut.,1
August IT, 1871.
(RcgnUr Mt'nz ot the Btlect Council )
His Honor, Mayor Lansdon, presiding
Present Councilmen Hurd, Lansden,
Scbun and Taylor 4.
, Absent Councllmon Halliday, Wood
and Woodward 8.
Councilman Taylor moved that the rules
bo dispensed with and that ordinances
awaiting a second reading bo taken up.
Upon its second reading: "An ordi
nance to reitrain the running at large of
cows and goats, and for other purposes.')
Said ordinance having boon read, Council
man Taylor moved to adopt. Carried by
tho following voto: Ayes Hurd, Schuh
nd Taylor 3. Nay 0.
Upon its second reading: " An ordi
nance to amend Ordinance No. 40, and for
othor purposes." Said ordinanco having
bad its second roading, Councilman Schuh
movod to adopt. Carried as follows:
Ayos -Hurd, Schuh and Taylor 3. Nay
No further business appearing, on mo
tion of Councilman Taylor, tho Council
M. J. Hofftir, City Clerk.
Tub hotels uso Gilloi's extracts and
Phillii- Bacoh Is raastor of bis trade,
and warrants all of his work to bo of tho
very Lett material and manufacture; guar
antees a complete fit and entire satisfac
tion, ii not confined to anyfpartlcular style,
but makos ovory variety of boots and shoos
from tbo heaviest cowhido to tho flnoat
Fronch calf and morocco. Ho also keeps
a Largo stock on hand, of A is own manufae
lure, and any ono desirous of purchasing
good puttom work cheap should call on
him nt his shop on Eighth st., south sido,
near corner of Ohio lovco, Cairo. dtf
Titv Glllot's double-strength extracts,
.Notice. Dooming knowlodgo of
chemistry necessary to tho studont of all
icioncos and professions, ns well as to tbo
mechanic, I propose to open a class of
chemistry of forty losions, commencing
on tho first Monday in September noit.
For particulars inquiro at my office, 142
Commercial avenue, Cairo,
dtd ' A. Waduymab.
Foit biliousness, costivenoss and impuri
ty of tho blood, uso Dr. Itnttingor's vogo
labia livor pills. Those pills contain nolth
calomol nor any othor mercurial prepar
ation, act quickly and produco no griping.
For salo by Dr. M, J, McQauley, Cairo,
lUlrJoIs, ' - ouglBdnwlw
Lost Ellhor on Walnut, between Sov-
onth and Klghih stroots, or on Sovonth
stroet, bolwoen Wnlnut street nnd Was! -Ington
avenuo, n long, l10avy, rolid gold
...nn. .iBrvou h. i O. Asultublo
rownrd will bo paid tho party leaving lbo
At Klchhoir Bros.,' Factory.
Homo Industry,
Soil Furnlturo for Cash;
Twenty per cent.
Lowor than any other Dcalor In Cairo.
Our Furnlturo
Is All
Mndo otito'f Scanned Lumber,
nnd will bo
Insured for Six Months.
A llaro Chnnco
. For
Boardinc houses uso aillotV ngia
Ten Flrst-Class.Conpors.
Apply nt
Pnnons, Davis & Co.'s (uociiBwnre Houie,
0 & 7 Tenth street,
Cairo, Ills.
Oillet's washing crystal makes wash
ing easy. Bg 13
J. J. Thomam has lilted up the room
laloly occupied by W. G. Worthlngtons
on Commercial nvenun, whom ho is doing
a good business. Go nnd seo him nnd
give him a trial. Ho is prepared to do nil
kinds of work in tho photocrnnli line, and
docs it woll.
CoN.suiiiAi, Felicity. Nothing tends
moro to connubial happiness than cheerful
and healthy infants and children. Mrs.
Whilconib's syrup is the grout uhlldrens
soothing remedy. augl5dawlw
Ask your grocer for Glllot's snow whlto
powdor. agl32m
New Piiotoouaimi Gallkuy. We no
tice that Mr. J. J. Thomas has titled up
the rooms lately occupied by W. O.Worth
Ington In vory good style, and, ns an artist,
is doing excellent work that should entitle
him to a fair share of patronage.
Bkautivi'l biscuits follow Oillet's bak
ing powdor. ag!3
Notice. From August 1st until further
notice, the faro per transit stcamor Illinois
plying between Cairo and Columbus will
be as follows : Ono way, $1.00; round trip,
2.00. W. A Lowth,
aug2dlm Matter.
Money refunded if Glllot's goods don't
picas 0. agl3eowdaw2m
We would call tho attention of our
country friends who want to get good
pictures to call on J. J. Thomas, who has
a very pleasant gallery on Commercial
avenue for tho'.r accommodation, nnd is
really tho best artist wehayo hud in Cairo
or n long time. tf
Well regulated families uso Gilloi's.
Kindling. 500 " glass boxes " for ialo
at 5 cent each. W. W. Thoiinton.
J.R.Golladat'k fiftieth monthly draw
ing will tako pluco at Harrodtburg, Ky ,
August 28, 1871. Among tho lit of prizes
arc $1,000.00 in greenbacks; splendid
building lot in Bowling Green, $750.00;
seven and one-fourth octavo Clabler piano,
$000.00; horse and buggy, $000.00; build
ing lot in Bowling Green, 1300.00; Balco,
a thoroughbred Durham bull, bred by tho
Shakers, South Union, Logan couuty, Ky
$300.00; gold watch and chain, $200.00,
lady's watch and chain, 200.00; diamond
ring, $150.00; diamond watch, $150.00;
S100.00 In gold ; also, 4l othur prizes,
coniistlng of diamonds, gold and silver,
greenbacks, sowing machines, furniture,
carpots, gold nnd silver wntches, dry
goods, finu paintings, standard books, etc.
Statement of drawing und prizes forward
ed promptly. For salo nt H. O. Iillin's
postoffice building, Cairo, Illinois.
Orders by mail shouid bo addressed to J.
R. Oolladay, Bowling Green, Ky.
a uiirt'Kli.
Steamer Mnllio ltngan, Evansville.
wciavia, nt. jouis.
Ella Hughos, Louisville.
Junius Fisk, Jr., Puducah.
Illinois, Columbus. .
Susio Silver, St. Louis.
A. Baker, Capo Girardeau.
City of Vicksburg, St. Lcmii.
Gluncoo, Now Orleans.
Argonaut, St. Louis.
Stcamor Malllo Ragan, Evansvillo.
Octavia, Mounu Uity.
Elln Hiigbos, Louisville
James Fisk, Jr., Puducah.
Illinois Columbus.
Susslo Silver, Now Orleans.
C. B. Church, Now Orleans.
City o( V'cksburg, Vicksburg.
Glencoo, St. Louis.
Argonaut, Tennossoe Itlvor.
Steamer Belle Memphis, Memphis.
" li. 1. nan, oi. uuuii.
" James Fisk. Jr., Paducoh.
Arkansas Bollo. Evansville.
" F.ddyvillo, Louiivlllo.
Illinois, Columbus.
' . Commonwealth, Now Orleans,
Uoretho river is still falling slowly.
The Ohio has rison 10 inches during
the oast 24 hours at Cincinnati, with G
foot 2 inches in tho channel by tho wator
mark. Tho Mississippi lis stilt falling at St. I
t rot.. -Art..i..t..i r. Ai.,.., i
AJOUIS. AIJU Ullliur iUIDIlsail'l'l la uuuw.
Tho Illinois Is falling, also tho Arknn-
Businoss on tho landing was vory ac
Tho weather was cool and pleasant.
Tho Malllo gon M following re
.,.. r,iotrlit: 000 bftcs corn, loB
cook stoves, 330 stovo pots, 60 1 Wei . of
ay and 137 bags or wneai lor vin.i.s"-"
rrk Kiln Tfucrhcs. frirm
Loulsvillo, had
about 0 tons roshlpp'lng freight. She re
ports baving had no trouoio coiumB
Tha Jaa. Vlak had 10.000 StaVOS, 10 bbls
hoadlng for Qaillghor, 9,000 foot dresicd
flooring at I. O. R. It., nnd for Now
loans0 hhds tobacco, 00 bbls flour.
Tho Susie Silver broin-hl out a snlon
inp. HUo had a bargo in tow.
Tho A. Baker, from Capo Glrarde
mm i,m uois. Hour and 60 bbls. 1 mo
NuW Orlonna. Hl.n ,,....i a., i.-.i.
hard uground at Jaekot lattorn.
Tho City of Vicksburg had n fa'r t
and received considerable hero.
Tho big low-wutor boat, Glencoe,
charged a few packugos hero. Sho I
r... t. r ...1. ....1 ...ill 1 1 .1 ir
i no 10m iiues succceueu 111 eeiiini:
Church's bargo over Grocnleaf. T
Church will tow it as far as Vicksburg.
Iho Charmer, recently inspected
Evansville, was allowed 140 pounds
Thu low boat, Doxtcr, belonging to t
V..-.I.. . , . . ,
1 ...
hur shaft Sunday nbovo Montrose. S
has lately boon used by tho company
. .11 L'l L ur.l lllKI'L IUIIIIIHI, T. Ul
lowing barircs ovur tho uppor rapids.
tHy, was In our town yestorday.
, I
'I'll., a - e.. m .1..
had a fuir load. Sho has had $7,000 wor
or rupuirs sinco sho was laid up.
dipt. Charllo Ditlman, now pilot on t
Arlington; has been in tho omploy oft
r ..m.. ...n 11.... .t. . .
.v.-,.,,v ,,m,( tiuv .Ul WJt, l.ail it vn
Ho U'gnn steamboatlng ,ln 1888. Cspta
Sam. Hildreth nnd dipt. Jacob Bemel
aril inu on v o nicer 11 Lonnocimi witu 1
mull line, nt present In active service, wl
....... ..111. . l , ' . . . . I , . . T I . .
null: iT.Lii li.u hur wnnii i.mii. iiiiirn
Cnpt. John P. Keiser, superintendent
tho St. Louis and Memphis packets, is
I ,tll l..l.l .L. . ....
completion of tho new steamer, City
Tno towboat Warner, with barges
Iron, is hard nground at Fish creek.
w. .au.iwB Tina . ,n.v.lV. till tUUtl
of icksburg yesterday.
Cincinnati, August 18. Rivor fallen
incites ; u iel 10 Inches in channel.
Weather clear.
Thermometer 81.
Louisville, August 18. Elver raise
.h.I r , a 1 il . 1 . a a .
"Weather clear and pleaiant. Mrcury 7
to 81. IJuiIdcss dull.
r11t VI.,. .a .1 .. l t.-.l a. t r.
"VT AV1 a Tfi 0 .
la Ul I lu A J UL'I. UU LI L11CU LU 1 OA V R 11
Aiun wrAUHiiii UMiuiirruw. r.iiLnriiaiisisi irsii
V" ft. It..-. .....1 l . -1. T--
auw J i leans hltiiui u sai. r runizu iiinn
and Is being lighted.
I'll Nnlloiinl lUiik BnlldluaT.
h'ltl'lal allfntton rtld to nrilftra from lMt.
nignt ani uaj.
..,11 I I. .11 ..I I , r. V. Ilnn.l 1 1 .. n 1 Unb
lift), fci?iiti"nHT 4th. for tt.fl rlPCtIon of teiei. di
fAivlurd I'illi ut.avn ffArn ln in Iuaivii tt'rifw
Mi-lS.lttl Treasurer.
I ut I I. ,mi1i. if mt mv fifliep. until 12 o'clo,!.
if l.Alro.
l'urllrn biddies hill Aiilimll the am 1st, For
all rnh In haii'l. Vd. 1'ort'W in I'uliskl count;
bondi., and f o In personal ubscrlptlons, niade
in aid of IIib building of laid bridge, and guaran
tied hjf I'ulaikl cuantjr; the Ulnce cmti lo
The contractor will be required to complete
itll l,ide on or brf'iro tha lit day of Januarr,
IHI, to mo tatlAfaction of tho Count; Courts of
Alrxandfr ana I'ulaikl countlai. rament wtllV
mads on completion oi inn wora.
Jacob a. i.YNcn,
Auk. Wlh, 1671, County Clerk AlexanderCoi
T.i M. M. RawlinoAi Tou irfi hcreWr notifl.
il Hint ntnxalenf real citato made by the shcrill
if Ah'Otndtii cnuntr, at tho door of the court
lion, in mo town or i.airo, AicianuHt count;,
llllnom.on the Wlh da; of June, A. I). IITU.U.
Win.ton Durchaaed tho lollowir.u deacrlld real
c.til", Hltuut), in aald count;, lor tho taxes, in.
tiri'Ai nnl cot nun tncrcon lor trie year a. i,
lbTii, to. wit i Kroctional weatJ po. l.T. 1TH. It.
I W., iiaaoned in ths namo of M. M. ItawlinKi,
and tint said C. Winston has aMigoed all tilt
right under tntd purchaa to tha undorslf ned,
and I hut tho tlmo allowed by law for the rrdrm.
tionol stld rcul citato will fipiro on thn VTtll
lay or June nn. i'. uai.i.ilmi.
Cairn, Juno :trd, 1172.
Nntiri, i licrtdjy Kl'n that, whereat, William
.) Vfi.i dlil, on the tenth dayof March, A. D.
IMi. liv l,i riTialn chattel morluace conver to
H.iruli (.'. Kelloirg, tho two ator; brick aloro
nnimo Kiiuaii'ii on 101 nuinuer aix iuj, in
bUrk niimU'r twnit;.flre (), In the eft; ol
Cairn, county of Alvaander and atale ol Illinois,
tuKHIitr Mith tho Iraiienold of aaid lot, runninc
uutil thn l.t day ot January, A. I). 1S7S, with all
tlm nppurtcnancoi thereunto belonging to aecqre
id 11 i,avmr.i cl n certain nromiaiarr note bear
ing otcn date thurnwith, glren b; raid William
J, tout to mild HarahC Kellogg for the sum ot
tweniy-lliieii nunurvn unnara ..j-vj, uayaoia
nni yrnr niter the dato tliereof. And, whereas,
il.r.iult hit been made In the tiavment ot a nart
of nald nole, to securu the payment whereof aald
morlgngawaa oaecmeu. i, tno unueriignen, 11,
WalHun rt'ebb, attorney for i-ald Hrah C. Kellogg,
mortgagee, will under and by virtue of the pow
er uni authority contained la saI,I mortgage, on
Monday, thu lath day of September, A. V 1871,
i,,.in..i.ii tho bourn of lu o'clock a.m. and it
o'clock p.m. of said day, at the premises, pro
ceed to sell nt public mlo, to the highest bidder,
lor chhIi in band, thn above described home and
leane, to aatlsly the amount due on aald note.
II. nil,".
Attorney tor Sarah C. Ki-llogg, Mortgagee.
Cairo, Ills., Aug. IC, 1871.
Whrriai. William U. Ilurke and Hoeanna Ilurke
liia uile. did on the 'J2d dar of June. A. 11.1,
execute their certain mortgage or deedol trust
to IxhAiu N Haynieto secure cortain notes there
in mentioned, which deed of trust was duly ac
knowledged anil recorded in book "D" pages 333
nnd Ml in the recorders office of Alexander coun
ty, Illluols. And whereas, default has been made
in the payment of aald notes. Iow. therefore.
In accordance with tlo provisions of said deed
and by vlrtuo of the powers therein contained, i
will, on Friday, the latdai of Betitember, A. D.
1871. at the front door of tho court house of Al
exander county, HUteol Illinois, at V o'clock tf
aald day proceed lo sell tho following desorlped
property, situate lying in the city of Cairo, to-wlts
1IIS llllinwreil aeeiuceu v.,;. t"
nineteen lla) in block flfty-lour (), the aaino
Taylor and Bavia.the aatiie helne descried in
said deed ol truat, for cash In hand lo the nlghost
i,i.i,inr. and will execute to the mirchassror pur-
p)nierfl a deed for thn aame.
dinners ow KL1.AIIKT11 O. UAVNIE,
Administratrix lor isliam n. itayniu
July 29th. Wl. ivaO-gOld.
for. Nlli.it. nml Coutiiierelnl-Av;
THhnrp Jtaiom,
OB-Cleau Towels aad
wsitlllfuli Workmen
OVLadtcs' and children's hair cut and sham,
pooed, either at tho shop or at their own homos,
aWClcatlemen'n whiskers and hair dyad a
clcntltio manner, tJntlsl&gtlon cnWrUitccd,

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