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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, August 20, 1871, Image 2

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IliiKB loft lit tho renlnpncn ol Mr, Kcr.neiir,
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ill n,-oeite prompt alien
SUFHATMtinSINO, AtihUT 20, 1871.
i US' j, ..liERLV, Ewm MPyMMt.a,
ru r rat Daim lluu.tin t - -f.Wj.n;i()ti.
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oirl7 earner, in ftjiaow. 10 ID
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(Hj 4 W
. or, S on
tm rirt" 'S' fi'WM'Wu inttUigtnt rta Hri ami
,ihB B. OWrl i Co. nate relucts! th sub
Mrlf'on f Wwtly Ciro llullrtl to
rt,(7rimj. m.iltlnf; It the clicnpfjt p.
rKrNWrrMl ss southern llllnol.
Fr rrtsidcnl, 1872,
StAitti to tht decision of the mttonal dan
ceratie convtntion.
T Vork World on Pntor Doollltle.
"WsTlCtrd it to consilient and toiMr.
ntiW thit it may be liktned to a utraigltt
lint cfriKti across apu::Ua clear beam,
uxsvtned ty the fluctuating atniosphcre
tf Arttruan politict, ViTOugh the past
tventy ttfC
IFrsn a m tk In .Uvitar WiCf, Mml al Dt
' trait. tr JSp.)
"Mfkfilj the South is CamiUuii propoieJ to
doiy l irJ of lilum ftor th-y luvl r
lri ittl'-i nml liml iioe n jmt down by
tAe.ni'i-" IMi timor. Wlii tlii qtietion
iwt IV .iini' "Whl Mrall Im Hrmo with
J.t.Mu otic tl, jwij.Io of I.ttlnmr tlierowerc
3enomi.f ho hftiile'l : "ConfljtH their
jiefoitj ; Ihonf i-le" " There how.
nor, .!o iht ijnyvrtio toui lino maJe them
hitv.ih.ri)irlte. II it Cnmllltis, ho;i
mruL "fetMlitr", 1. 1 .! mkc tliem fellow
ofttn. Tltmi to'hi i'er ftwl glory ol
Kra-t ' I-t u, nn trtt tlioy lute l&i.l tlowp the
iraiol iftelr rl-elliftn H1 "h-ive renewe'J their
o!lrtK lu tt union iinil the Am;, mulie the
HjUtru kii! onr f rw-t'iz;no. nl thus
Ji t -rf K'-rHBisliirT f.f iho ntinn.'-
!x Ai-EXA.NDKU II. ,yTKPiiENS as
sert that he aud his follower i-tand
tipoo the democratic platform of 1868;-
sad thitcauiCtiucntly thcy-aro the true
deni r"ra! of the, country and the departure-
tire bogus onw. Very well ;
then ike LogU'j ones are the most nume-roB-.
.,d they have come to the conclu
ncn tkej-sull havp nothinj-'to do with
the d.Kiriac? of such true democrats as
Stephen-. The platform and candidate
of l-'ifi'xere both objectionable, and
were accepted by iiwi-iml' of deino-crm-ai
a thoie f e.ik Tb.e politic
iso were permitted i' lmn''le their
wr. at New-York i.i in...' shameful
Jusniicr, nd their fb.ly cannot, with any
f.irdfis, be pointed at as a precedent. -
Ami now comes another of the dls
apjw'tjied applicant. forOol. Orclw' ca
dethip, nying lie has been wron-re'd by
jTw leelIon of the examining commit
tw. His-naido is B AW Pope, and he
it to be cumforli'il ''II
- - - - ti
tideuce in my superior jihyical de
velopment," he crie-. ' and thinking I
'knew a thing or two about grammar,
' hiilory, geography, leading, spelling,
'He., J presented mjelf before tho
'f aiuiittce." He au.-weiyd all the
p.eMi'.h..- and made n'n m'iitakos not
ot.t . and yet, the committee went back
oa Iii 111 ! Wherefore he ' 'proceeds to
itac Col. Uroln. Xow, Mr. Pope
be all that faiuy piettire him to
but we per-ist in riayiu-: tiiat Smyth,
! nut Pope, ii the injured party in
tb: transaction.
Uliate, nc li.'ivo lVefiieutly as-rti-J
heretofore, a high lenpeet ibr the
teneu oj the (Jhri.'tiuii religbui, and be
!e tint, if tho world were to square
-conduct by tho rules precribed in
hu ripturu,. v might ull bo, like
tho.e wh0 ,,, bvd tud risi, wrlyj
''Withy, wealthy and wise. But. f,Jr.
tuMtely, the Tvo"rld'haVi.6t vet beoued.
'" "ted up to a full appreciation of this
Ere." fact, aud 'pebiiUHin wagging along
' oiu suilul path, rejecting the
bieid of k.il vnlinn rm.l .1... I... 1.
f pleasure.
To caufccs contribute to this
1?.CU(, miniHten to ,e-'
t d r,U!',Wt.thcloo5e walk
'1 UK Huu.vtiv 1
noticed thi,:i:u,t5
of the priests of Kav.,1 J..un U,u lwl
offintov,r.(,l..:.t..:. T'N:,!U' "n.n
v iftiiipfrriitf AletaivUr ctnnty M eAi-ro
(fwo; t t OVV r0rn ( v drttu in Sm!,frn Wiu,
a rl-aal fomnal ! mill, but Mirf,- mt
jaltl m (tit nljtttl of utirtut to A fniiiti
2mitirrtintiiti cim!tion. tht BUl-
v" ,u,, ,irywaicI'itUudehord(jeti,.l il1 wo "avo not l;,11(Ml oiir'mis
dtsoussiouH .UH I1(,turaiy M J ' ion. mid j.oij.t with pride to the im.
. . . . , . I'iruii
oown lull. Tho nearest approach ever
Jo in fair,, t a sermon savored
atlraolivi. I.,. 1. , ., .
-j ...u nmeiiy pi Jivclllicss,
wao deWed 0M last Sunday night at
V11. I, Thorn.
m, of the .Methodic church.- l.ead
of lecture on the trinity, ,w n
Kraco,.or backsliding, be attacked Sun
day wliVky selling and blP- up tbo
pulico. If( now, lio will pass along and
co for 'he sin of lying ami backbiting,
ami stu'ntlliiig. ami sporth, he cannot
. , . . ii ,
Ktiiiod- on thcc MilyecN would not ,
only do mucit goou out ol tlio ciiureii.
, . .. .
but in it : for, say what we may, one of
the groat drawbacks of Christianity is
the fact that Christians do uot, as a gcli J
crAlItliiii,ioliHbrie'lhu.fiicl'iingfi of the
Hook, hut disnjgard thoMlocolpguo from
10 first to tho last commandment,
delusive just like the barbarians of
the cmisidc world. ' To fpenk
plainly. 'fitrlit ititr. IviiiL'. cheat-
" II LJ C to "
ing, hypocrisy (which i the necessary
burden of villainy"), and other short
comings, visible to the naked eye of the
world, are altogether too common in
the church.
Tor rcveral years. ' Tit 1: lli'l.t.KTl.v,
.ccing tbo weak jdace in the efforts of
tho preachers of Southern Illinois to
make the world better, has hecu work
ing hard to correct the evils complained
of, and not in vain. We arc gratified by
the fact, very generally admitted, that
since the advent of Tirr. 15UM.KTIN a
deposition to bo peaceable Iiaf taken
possession of this community, and 'even
the excitement of politics uo longar in
cites men to a desire to out each oth
er's throat. Iu fact, durinj; the last
munioipal canvaa, we plaoed democrats
aud republicans, side by side, together
in fhuir little beds, and the
ouly persons who manifested a disposi
tion to uJc muscle and tongue in anger
werd'lhosc democrats who' Won't be
pleased with anything Ave do, and will,
persistently, throw pblitical brickii at
our innocent head. Thoso men arc in
corrigible. Salt, will not save them;
and yet, wc inteud to persist in our ef
forts for their regeneration, and iuvite
the cordial co-operation of the pulpit.
It is true, and we cannot resist the de
termination of our eve to gather mois-
jure ai wc refer to the sad fa'ct, that
Hev. Mr. Friend and his congregation
have not been greatly influenced by our
lessons of1 peace arid good will. They
contiuue to wrangle and fight ; but this
may be attributed to the fact that
the members of the Christian church of
this city have not been readers of The
Bci.i.mx untilwithiti -aftwwceks.
Before the fight none 'of them read
it, and tho conscqueucc was the spirit
of peace had not an opportunity to
brcatho upon their troubled souls.
Shortly after the difficulty commenced,
Friend. Alden, Hay and Talbot all took
to reading The Uum.kti.v, nud in a
very few days the effect of th habit be
came aiiparent. Thev cooled down
f'ro'in icd hfcr unger, ami arc' now on
the high road to reconciliation. In a
month, at farthest, wo expect to see
them billing and cooing in bird-like
communion. N j
Another effect Thk Bi i.u:t1n ban
had i-, visible in the greater truthfulness
of tho community, in and out of
iho church: ' -Before Tin: Bi'M.ktin
was established, the habit of falsifying
was not uncommon even in the churches
of tlu- city ; but all this is now changed,
and the most striking characteristic of
Cairo society i its truthfulness. This
is especially jip'ticable in tho" churches,
in which there is now visible very little
of the tii iff lyjng, w,0 cominqu among
pro'fe-wors of religion as well as umong
sinners. I'ersisteiit perusals ot J 1 1 K
Bru.KTlN, which has a right to the ti
tie of the great truthful journal, has
w rked this astonishing icsult.
But the mo-t striking evidence of
our infitiunQc in the cause of truth may
be seen in the astonishing f'a:t that our
life insurance agents never lie now, but
nlway.-speak the truth, the whole truth
ami nothing but the truth Before Tin:
n'du.rn.v shed its light over 1'gypt,
life iiisuraucu agents weic in the habit
of stretching the long bow. but now
they maybe triiited implicitly. There
i-. iinUaiitou"; tliem one who would uot
lather have his right or left arm pulled
fro 111 its socket than tell ui falsehood.
They are as truthful as young (i. Wash
ington with his little hatchet. Of
euHMO, Tin: Itri.f.v.frs ''takes 'all the
credit of the leforuiation to itself. Its
example did the work. .
llideqd, thuru is not 11 tin peculiar to
" the world," or the Christians, that
T'H'. ill'M.KTt.N has not attacked .with
effect, filling a gap, to tu speak, which
the preachers neglected, iu their sec
tarian zeal, to clo.-e up 'with warnings,
expostulations and good advice. We
have paid particular 'attention to the
sins of the Christians, and havo en
deavoicd to lead the weak nmoiig them
to tho high plain of love, truth, honesty
aim candor. Wo rest 111 tho calm be-
..i .1 . . . . .
1 d cun,,,t,0".9f fw evi-
IJZ'tu" '"lfimnw- "' W0 cmilJ
11 r lllUmni, ,.,.,1 , I.I 1
I "" ,'l'.r,m.,1".tvi-ro from St. I.i
: U,".';,,H: ''"'fl'.ond Mound City
the cny, i a lmlo timo, ul x"
with ita police force, and money drawTr"
be left open at night. UvoryWiy
would bp,f-pber, lightlp.is, truthful anil
fail to do niucb pooil. Jfiid ii the' h-Potntoos l.rhTfj .tf?3ohir nml njialf
other :opo..cN werti io pl.diPfHy liis ' InilbAirnil maket!
example, wc know our ity;woiil!i,)6!) , , -1;I''m I"ofi, Mipc"ld of ,!.
bo crcntly in -roved 'in' ulscl&init- ,lnS " German at&KtiiU'ld recently, linn
J ' n i , ,... ... 1,-11 iJ. ,(,J o
(l"ondeneil irotn oiirKtctieiige.)
ft, .,,,, . .1 n . 1
iii' inm win uo una n tne Boptemucr
. rm . - .
ivj vvuiim LUUIki
. f,.., k,
i uuru win uu icss iinp .uaii ft croi di
corn lu White county, owing to th dry
,.-6rl,lmlTiiA4y-i tW Vrhclaycrt of
the .St. Tenuis ami South hnstorn railway
laid t'lio' fhlin of' thq track through Cnnhl.
Tho citizens of tho town appreciated tho
occasion. Tho worknion woroTcmitod by
tbo Indies and bcercd by thoitmen. Tho
track Is now laid from Cnnnl to nllold.
wamasii countx;
It is expected tlltt'tho rnilrOdd bridge
over tho Wabash river will bd" cpmplotod
by the flrt of January next.'1.
At n rnllrcUd moottng Iriindciport
last week thirty thousand dollarip iwjare.
rahed to secure Ifibl'aris and Dsnvillo,!
road through that plco. Lawroncejrllltf, ;
which nlso' wants tho road, rMscd about
twouty-flvo thousand, on lasCStoriday. At
tho mooting, at tho latter .placo, & cannon
exploded instantly killing two voune;
mem and soverolv woiinJInir a tlitrd.
,Thp names of tho klllvd jV.ere- Charles
Jlyan nnd N in. Clark. 1 . ,
Thoro has not been ft circus Ifi ijnionj
county tbig season. i -situ
Mr.K. W- Colomkn Jiai fiold his
fruit farm, valued at $3o,00o'. Co r ecntle-
man : of .Chiongo.. ' i)')i
Dr. S. A. Forbes, of Cobdonl:i ma
king a collcctlon'ofthomlnorrtls'sru'nion
nnd ndjnccnt. counties for tho stato No'r-J
inal school.
frO UN tib COUNTY. I
It is estimated that thcro will b'
25,000 bushels of dried fruit sbippod t'rom
ilohnscn couuty,this fall. 'rx
Tho association of union unitod bap
tists, of Johnson nnd adjoining counties",
wilt meet at Hurricano springs, four miles'
south of Yjltyipa,, onttho Saturday boforq
the fourth .Sunday in Soptembor. ;'
A timely rain on Tuesday last, re
vived the drooping corn of Johnson court
county t
A hack lino has been established be
twc!h'Sparlit,hrid',CrjuUorvft'lo. '
Tho wifeof a l'ickneyvilli&n visited .
saloon'in that town 'lately and broke tho:
glasses out of which her husband took his
too frequent libation.
A Mr. Sullivan of Picknoyijule ion-,
trusted n packnge, containing fifty doljers,
to n man who had been boarding with'
hirn,rto give to ,tbe cxprcsi.agent. On
Inquiry Ofth'e latter", iwas' found that
the man and the packago had both disap
peared. The storm on Wednesday last did
considerable injury to the jail now being
built in Perry county. The varandah on
the north side, of tho building was lifted
by tho wind, carried across tho unfinished
walls, loosening and other. wUo injuring
"J. U. E. T."
1. it 1 ;
1 1 '
1 1
ffpiclat Cotrtsionjence of the Cmro IHilletln.'J '
MiliDtciit-aa, Vt An. IS, 1.71.
Tu the Editor of tho Cairo liuUctin.
On the evening of tho day that wo sent
you our last epistle, wo mado onu of tho
lar.tljrongwlfipbufilledhoi chu-ob, to
listen to the tpoukum who wore to tak!o
part in tho -
I'AltKKUlA.N rllUk: bl'KAKINO,
which taki-s placu annually during com-
nioncement week, uud in participated in
by tlieiFrcshmcn, Sojibmores and Juniors,
four of each. I ho prizes wero a gold and
silver modal to tho tWo most proficient, in
each class. Tho Freshmen nnd .Sophmoret
select tlieli own subjects, and tho prizo is
for the style and execution of tho speaker.
Tho Juniors compose their own themes,
anil their prizo is lor the subject as well us
elocution. Among the speakers of the
uvening, no ono was more uuthutlaslically
received than
joiix i'. nouNiis,
uf tho Sophmure clafci, a native of tho.
southern part oftho'state;who cha'r7ncd
every onmby hi. gracefol gestures and
model delivery. Ho boi;o. off .tbo, gold
mddal ami ntimurous boquots were show
ered al his feet.
Little did niiVj j,bon think, that, with
in a short 'twenty-lour hours, his cold, stark
,1)IAD JJOfilfi "'
would bo lyinj; within sight of tho walls
that then resounded witlr bis matchle'i
r 'i'he.iext morpfn aftpr rnasterly and
polished oration by Prof. Kellogg, (a for
mer graduato of the l'blytoellhic Institute
of Jtrooklyn, New-York, boforo tho Alum
ni), tho latter adjourned jtq piddlson
houso for dinner, nnd wbilo nu
joying tho feast Of reason and
fl )w Of soul uo'di HvIiik" ovrfp ingiiin
old collxgo rumlncBConcei, word caino that
It camo upoumi like n ithundorbolt. In a
moment ovpry.ono vas on tho" way to the
river, n short 'distance from tbo villago,
and julftjsliorftipirj nJjftftkS jdf thA.'jOt
tor wero lined with people
It seems that young Ttouft'ds had1 gono
Into tbo water to batho with some of bis
ihumi'. and; In wadllig ln,'llo stepped Into
i deei lio) v and sunk immediately. On
coming to tho burfuco hu cried for help.
One of his companions told him ho could
suvu him if he would not grasp tilm, ibut
tho poor fellow at onco seized him by tho
leg nnd both went under. Vty almost
siiforuumau exertion his friend' ux'triited
iiiiiituu unu iiiiiuu inn nanx in meti nu ex
liiiuiuid.et.tu'tlml 114 Umt Ui 'ha tnUen 'dnt
by .force. Jlut poor Uoumls: sunk, to the
, liottom. V UCli wo' reucDoU tho rlv.jr, a
t tin
was mucrioithAus fit i, proper to
state here tbalpurto of "over 'olio hun
dred dollars hatalncn been raised to vur-
reacnea me snore every effort wm mado
by tho flflsln present and his
companion, tb Vosusltato hltn, bit Jn
vain j for ovar two hours overythlni aj
.dbrtoltbat-arjman lby.bdLWirlt)'nv(
A" llWWJJWlfVlAdM uprlgttm
a wagon, his arms over tho sbocJdtrl
of two of bis classmates., and driven to
hlrbsldence, whrfr'AHwaJrilacod In It Irtt1
bath, his lungs InfiaUd but the (vlitft
Tft W'M-u Ti'fflf-it Bwq"B Wy,
beroro tho exorcises of thograduatlngclass
commenced, tbo funeral ceremonies .took
placo. The proceJ.forf was precoded by Gil
moro's band of Ronton, and as tho tnagnYfi-'
cnt brtt'mourrifuVnbtcV of io'y'ors.hymn
fify Iwkitki oyer t4q-VlaBe,"j'n,thoitlll
4uTot of tbo morning air it caUiod many a
rojponsivo throb In abMng heAtti. I Ills
ontiro class actbd as 'pall boar era, Iftor
wbjpli camoIjo tjaoco of , t)iq itujlcntt,
Uia acullv-i'ani al largo 'tKroiig of
citizens. At tli d6rKtl thf tnerribera, of
his class formtd a somi-circlo about tho
hearse, and as the coffin (cjyoted With
beautiful Arcaths an'i crosses of whlte
dwor.a apd' muiorlolloe) wit .conveyed
from (banco to tha'carl, to tho ladr-awcet
:tralnnbf thd music, it catiaed rnahy an;
nil ...1 i ..,.'A'v'. I
jo ,vuu,aiiu iddii o urui,unuieu lo wtU9p
In a moment tho'cars1 rdlled on. tho bi&
'ccisidn to-forped and'tnarclicd back to thf ,
cburcb, 'nnd, although tbo:bnndtruck up
a lively .air, yet it seemed a (uockory and
a pall wal spread over tho-balancb'df tho
'day's proceedings' In'plaeeof tbo bright
blue Tibbonlbat u4ur1lylWtor at 'the
button bolq of .the gfaduute, .theieo'njbro
drooping crape, art tne tell arm, was terri
bly suggestive, of tho sad occurrence. Tho
blow 'fell,'wthj'crushlng weighrl upon (t fee
faiborof:vouni' Rounds.1 who'tmlv.tbo!ov-
cningt pnjvldiUfWM'enfoytog tho tridmphij
of-his' oriIJat,,th'-oihibltI6T(.' -Within
tho pait four1. Vears fio.iias lost "his own'
.Wthor and juothcr, his wife, a child,- two
brothers land two sisters and now tbo
prido and prop ofJ his 'old, age. I'Miiy
whb', ''tempers : Vjiiltp'tbpali
tinib,"' be bls'stay'nud. ,f uppprt to tLjs
last dreadful affliction. - a
' In oar Utt lotUr' wegave y'oa a desctip
ilon 'of a jaunt to ' I " ,
10 miles In a northwcitorjy direction fruoo
Ibro. Tho'noxt day wo'hmde' a' trip! to
10 miles in a southeasterly direction.
Our road followed tho winding banks of
tho Otter; tho hot sun wis temp-red by
the cool mountain breeze, rind 'our' folj
blooda'dBlack Hawlr spun, along ovof "the
smooth plain at a rapid rate., Ibe'apprpach
to the lake, like that to Grand View, li en-
.tirely bidded by a pino gror until you
emerge at onco upon it. This beautiful
sheet of water, about four miles In length
by one and a half In width, lies in a batia
completely encircled by mountains the
base of which is wwbed by the waters
of the lake, except on tho west' side, whero
the mountain'U'es a'-few hundreij fefct'back,
and tho. spaco "bttwcea, Is filled vlM a
beautifal!grs.sy lnwn,.akping to the wa
Ui1 edgd. ' At;the?tipp4r'porlidri of tho
same is erected a 'magnificent modern.
bulltotc, afldftHolsirk the lawn aro
filled with cottages, alL now occupied
iW'uh gjaostiwbo bcrd-atjoJopgiand
rent tuo cottages uy tuo season.
A fino croquet -ground, bowling alley
and dnnumerablov-. uleMure boats
Hlngthis lvolypoU " ' ,.
l a v ui , tin
, , (ruitAKie
as named, nioriy years' agb'in tho early
tiitory 'ofrYe.ionJViDy a,Scottlih noble
man ,whp,i wlth bis retinue,' wai rowed 'to".
tho cdntro, bf tho lake,1iToko a bottle of,
wlno (and drank it for, all wq know) and
christenbd tho lake 2)riWc. , '
After dinnor a the hotel, wo procured
ono of the boatsiand wtfp a votcran oars
man to Vow'us.Vfno assured Us ho hadboin
living thoro " moro an forty years' wo,"
were sdjiTuilbat oh its silvery surface.- The
trip of all pilgrims to this placo is the.
" Cascade ' on the opposite lido, and hither
our footsteps were directed. Aebortiwalk
through the woods, up among the rocks
and down among tho ' firns," brought ;us
to tbo spot. The vlo'w was' 'magnificent,
Thecascado tumbling down injaigg
courwi Irom the. top of tho lofty. mountain
full one hundrtti feet, wlth'a roar that was
distinctly licard on'tho oppojtto'slcobf4ho
lako, was a sight long worth romeii)bjrinfl'.
Tho water, comos' flown with such fqro'o'
that It has nowworri awarcthd "H6lIil
flinty rock a number of fcot'of jU'chtiro
ii. 'Iho placo.wp sat and viewed this
wonderful ptacnomundrf Was a dark nnd
orfuf phenomondit was a
rocky glen, tho rocks- hanging over our
very heads mapy JiundredfCot.a)xvepov.
ored with beautiful green moss, lichens
and ferns, and tho atiuosphoro was so cold
that wo'.daro not (aki ofToar ccU,attbopgh
fn tbo 's'linill Wt"tdrr!Mv tinf. rrl.ti if.
fact (ask .Hyslup, yp unbellevors). After
enjoying tho many beauties of tho gorge-
iinnnr F lrhn Tal 1 t -
. .iriifi rr r f u"10 i,m.
wu fui,u4 uii VtJU TUCKS til nu
side, painted In a fair round band, the
"LOOK 00,711 BNAKKS."
Tho many crovlccs In the rocks about us
wero terribly provocative of rattle snakes
nndiVslcli," andt we TuUdly remarked to
nyslop'that.whid'tceri'alt'ihero was 'of
ItliBrcst'.'tb'eko, arid .prtpcj' ,y 're'trp'at,
which was at onco accepted. Pn our 're
turn to tbo lako wo found our "veteran"
awaUlng-us,-and,we were soon on purr way
acrifes.bo water. 1 On the 'way wVlot out
our pickerel lino several hundred feet, just1
toildt'o'dr friend Hyslop, too itho hooks' re
volve. No pickerel "saw It," however,
nnd with the oxtoption of a single porch
ouHabprs wore in vain. Owing to, tbo
,lutunenof the hour wu woro not able to
vifcit ono of tuo lions of the' plaoo, a re-
iMmborrftta MDUworo diving
body; but wUtiouTsaccMS. Atla?t
1" JW1rSLK IIU8!I l,ovi
not ofawaltfcrAi'df stripped, nnd
phTMwHJ:aif JnVa-'ftw moments aiy
poared with To bodyi Ujlilahb. found lr)
r 1
markahlo echo on tuo east eldeUcdtr the
aiuun'taln gjbttkribj edlM b .1-i'tiO
feet from tbo' shore, aid a fodt'wut of tha
AUGUST 20, 1871.
w i.V, and no echo, but within a cortsfn ra
d us. Tho same Is wounderful wbun tbo
nlrls still, and a, numbrr ofvocca hurrnh
Ing at tho sarrio? llmo, tho miiwer comes
,hiM:k,'swtAuil$.ojA palr of
f,,di'iotiah"hb'r?;forcst' arid. Up the
Imodnlain eldo ''Tio tfte'Jvril night, par
'tkuTariy, ls" 'positively stftUlIbg. ( Onco
moro on "terra firma' wo started tor
borne, and In just ono hour wo were
driving through tho village, having mado
t'ii on rlillos In that llmo, without tho aid
of whip or spur. ,
cannot ciosaour nlioady too lcngtny
tikMM ViflfouA'rtferHng to; the
trmny typographical errors in our lotter of
Hha.UU)riWMs1ieirMrtuLlrrtfor tho
Itll hhb Hibcf M W-dayyai
f6 TllT nwaTS tnil our lottot. aro wr
cr,iptf not..iinoi MMiesLniOYiioiioir,
and some error. wlll"!(!trj,b,ut jout
of tho many fn tho last, tho oii
that M'MU .ridiculous, I wai
tho very one. wo took, tho most palna witHj
oanymutakc. Wo. refer to tho v oil
khVjwn 'tlnSiotafron.1 I'r0tcat in
pace," -which your more than usually I be.;
foggtd cbmpoit6r mado reafl, uf;'jmi(ia,"
etcn and terrible "m-a(" ho has nindo
pf((tiiphe profit icaifriqfittd wol qayo
scon since Jim Tscbudls namo was turjnod
upsWo down,, and wo cau but ro-ccbo! bis
'adv'fcrja't tliat'llfn.cwhl'cij was lo "goto
As evrf confidingly,
J. U. K. T.
mixiim EMPERORi
V t . y
2 1 1 n BOUKBONH.
I t lo it'
Atrfonthuo recntrrivUfrom EuroDe
III eUllVIU ! VlVlUUVl iyuuvWVLikQUIUt.llt
VWdurihg hlvTdcqntiXJpurn kbroad bd
ted with tbo driti of public opinion, as Wa
as with tomoof tho pr'ocnineDt1 actors in
recent Rrironoin'rivarjli. ' Soma of thnrno
sult'6f bis i pbscTTatiohr aro'told t thd suo-
joincd report or a convortation wnlch ha
had with ono of bur reporters :
"Well. Colonel, ir is understood. that
you have rvislted tke Jiaapamt Napoleon! at
ChUelburitBd lb: World isanxlooato
obtain. fco.jQU;any, recollection; ofyduf
reiationa.witaiaim' mihch tmaj 'tn repea
ted." , itti .1 t d f ' j
"I cannot' Ull vou much without Tlola-
tinc the'courtaaiM.ot prlvata Jifa. :tYdu!of
course aeft tnativ.wouia -oe Skcpiy impro
per to repeat anj.matter I, heard Jn c6n-,
.iinif 'Tr nii'ttrolfI'nrlTtn."-' " ' I
"Of course, itilj thej are many impre'ss
lons - which' you hard "doubtless , farmed
which there ii no Indelicacy in relatiodof.
a public person., Is the Emperor,' health
satisfactory at present 7
"Yes. 11 o appoared to be In excellent
health and quiet (cheorful. ' lie was on a
yachting excursion,. with mo," and wbilo bn
board the yacht Jnf.moved about, obsorving
everything, and enjoyed himself qulcttas
rnucn as any oi ine party, pernaps moro
"Isbeln eood tpirlts? Do you think
him doieeted at hit retersa'of fortuno?'
"Ha Is in fair spirits and 'an! to hopeful.
I do not think'that he is 'much ''disturbed
at tho loss of his position, and doubtless
neither honor tna'Krnpreu would caro to
regain It 'wjarfejinpf athelr on. The
ineratitude of many of those who ought lo
have boen their friends has inclined tbem-
nesonally more and snora to'priyala
"What, hones ararentertalncd of their
restoration? is It not believed tbat the
Napoleonic cams Atone up "
"Noi.at.all. .Shortly bclore I Uft.LoDfc.
dohTdtuW With1 ir nrember-1 of the fmfeo'r-
imilv.' Whol asclalaad to mo seme bf
tho views which aro now held by the
Imperialist,- It- is looked on as certain
that tho imporlal government will bo roe
torod Praneq hri b'nt two" ' partlcr, .the
imperialist;-ana1 tire lien itepupitcans.
Tbe'Bourbons'aTo'l,ndwherry., 'ETerythlng
KxiKi'iavornuio' tor a rcawornnou ui ino
imperial poirer. - The government of Xu
ronaiard In favofoflt. for thcV soe that
tn aisturoeu"conaition,oi franco is a
'.M.t...t W.na-nll. It ..MkA.M Al .M .'n
v.J'Vumi iiiuiihi.v .vj ijui un.(iiv ui yivi j uiiu
they know'that' Nkpoleon'was'able .when
at '.no neau orauairs to Keep tno eiemenu
of aisoVdcf uh'der." 1 have, gatbered this
Impression from1 manjr of the foreign
uipiuiiituuu vriiutn x iiiru mov auruuu.
Itis tho opinion of oar own Jogatlon that
th.1 Emperor is-likely td.be". restored, and
that it would be popular with the Europ
ean potentates. " '. '
" ' Rat:do not'the1Imnerlallsts rccocnlzo
now unpopular tne imperial government
uas oecomo r,f
;"OfebuTse: but this unnoDularitv will
disa'ppdir'in the light of tho fqTclatlone
which Mi Davefnois and othon are ma-
kinK of what1 France lost by ovortbrowlnrr
tho empire aftori tieptembar 4tb. Tho re
sult of the Russian; revelations must bo
favprablo-toitbe Ewperorj for'it is clear
that KassUiW ready to interfere in his
favor but for tho decheahct. For. .a .bun.
drtd. other roaspna it. is but natural to -ox.
poet, a s.ttppg.ro.yulsion.Qf feeling in favbr
!Qf'the.e.mpirp,...Th.ft army,'.toHai itronfely
, In, Ufa r.un. o r . I
" Vil -i ll,' I
J r;iY.nau,iuQUhF.or,ine unieni govern,
noent?". , , -j - Jti j t . u ,
"Kvory ono socs that its only a make
shift government and that it cannot last
any timo. Tliqfcblef ix.cullvo Is an old
man and may dio at any llmo.
mont, if not sooner,-Franco will be plunged
into anotnor,cjyii,war. ,.. . , t , .
"-Yau'thlnleidl -VUI thlstioa red War
again 7 Has Oanlbotti ' still rctaln'od his
" Uo is still active, and be tidei with the
Republicans that, is, ho will advocate a
republie'of which 'the chlSf, will W'J
unmueun; - wo
'coUrse', the'ne
tV, His dfdtaferlal
'by every 'one."'' n'eertairily.-'l
codpd'oial.tb'Jn, and I maume'W'his;
ln6tforr'bttrfn'Kfstlrok4t'.,, ; 'I-' .
lilUVhnt l.oUlnr..,. lin'l'l'W
. lY6u lin'dw'there Is 1 a'' scblsra ' In tlio
roncn armyat. prescn.x t ,yv nop, no , om
oiUcers wore in prison Gambelta' lu'nplldd
their plarccs by new men, -Now tuo old
mon coming ba'ckraror ditnusted to find
these in tliuir'plalW. I Tlloi veterans aro
attached lo tho empire, tho now mon to
Uambctta. Of courso no wlll also bo sup-
ported.byjthe-RopiibJlpans.'lir,.,. t,
'"6n supp'osoj.howayer, that at tho final
eettlolng down tlio Ho'iiftpartes will roturn
to mince anu to power t"
"1 have no doubt of it. Of courso tin
Kmperot-caiiUl'not rdttlrn' noW: 'rmd a
tempt .another Bdulogrtd rdapetlbn. I
hw unsnwie at'uenevaiaiv winTeri-'unu
ttemhade hU verytiKiinipoiHb'aatd'tbit1; u
Vraa-titM.iulo fori-th'e'aiie'wK.taoWre
now to putlilarttlfat.htltaktrlie hlaaTtny
and call for the allegence of tho French,
that is not exBttly tho way ho will return."
"How do the Imperialists liko llazaino
and his conduct nt MctK?"
'Well. llirV thlnk hn donn nil
As to his fighting at Mct!, Gambvtta has
.done much.td dlacrodlt him, buijlto bollovts
that" history w'll sot him right, and men of
.over 'sixty, with great wealth, cares little
for anything clso except tho verdict of his
lory lld.fought tho battle of Urnvulotto
so as to win, tho admiration of tha entire
Prussian slnn they admit tha' nothing
httt tit iile. inn t.ina t.. . I e i .
uj.. .u,, iUi luren couiu navo beaten
him. As to hist gelling out of Metz, tHo
feeling now is that bo could not havo
dono so. Chsngarnlo has sustained his
reputation in that respect."
"Woll, ho ti'bkasV'Upon aa a wretched
croature." ft ' , '
"To return to the Imperial family what
Are your Imprecate) f tat Imprest ?"
"M It hardlBaeaaaary to obmrve what
the world bM.reaarnrCed that ilia U
,woman-of great' force of .character, Sho
aoot)tiegre now 'tbat aba mado a mli
take ln otllowlrisPallkao to put down
Ma rkit which deTToped into tbo rcvolu
7ai6ouia have done that by shoot,
lat-fowii flvaor sir hundred men. Her
mm Irkbod, oxoept perhaps, occasional.
ly;alih,t houralglo arTectlon. She Is of
emrtOjlder looking now, and, indeed, io
la tb jSmperor, but they aro both In good
haaltb; and cheerful."
u "Havt tho'y many visitors?"
"Yea. The royal family of England
y tall thorn constantly. Tho Crown Princo
of Sweden and tbo Russian Grand Duke,
recently in England also visited thorn'
Ttwnoblllty to a certain extent visited
them' also, but the Emperor does not liko
o TecoWe too many, and restricts his re
captions, lo those who have been intlmato
with him. When I was at Chtselhurst.
Lady Durgoync, in whose yacht the Em
poror came over io Angianu, was on a visit
with his majesty,"
4Aro the Nanoloons ronular with the
people T Is thcro nv orushlnc ofeaplne
crowds,-of which it Is said tho Emperor
complains so strongly that ho proposes to
teavo x.ngianu r
"I saw none of it. In fact, on that oc
casion lo which I havo alluded, when the
Emperor accepted my 'invitation fur a
yaebting oxcursion, 1 had an opportunity
of judging how tho people, felt toward him
i saw tnoy weroquita rcspectiui. l saia
to him that tho English evidently had not
foreotton bis friendship for them. Uo satd
that ho had perceived that and was grato-
iui lor it.
IrThll fnollnir It iip.IIu iui,liun,n.,l
"Yea; and 1 may remark that In many
quarter! It is looked on as a favorable
omen, aoo z.ngusu upper classes caro nut
.little for a linking ship or a setting sun,
and if they took to cultivato Napoleon
now it is in the hope that be will acaln
'Uiow ia tno rrince imperial iiKeai
"Venr much. 'He i erowlnc uu to bo
a fine young fellow. Ilo is wolf received
at reviews and other public gatherings.
u le studying bard, l lie hmprcss told
me that aba was anxious that when he was
a little older and ablo folly lo appreclato
lit advantage no should mako a lour or the
United States."
The conversation of our reporter with
Colonel Duncan then returned to tho rev
olution in Europe and that which threat
ened the iKngliih ijovornuient. Colonel
iBarrcan-aatd notMng'could exceeu in im-
porlanco tne ogllsti revolutionary move
ment, lit was quite clear that tho Gov
ernment could net cope with the maisri,
who are daily becoming moro desperate
and more dahng. He said that there was
no doubt tbat a serious revolution was at
hand. Tho Government, he understood,
did propose to take seme measures to con
ciliate the people but no ono was satisfied
that they would oc successiui.
r !A I HO.
DAMP.!, HUni). Pri.ldent :
110BKKT W. UILtfiR, Viee-rrelJonl ;
'.-W.-HUOHEa,-CaiWer; -
,' '
EXCHANGE, coin, htnk notm and Uoiled
ritalet aecuritle. bought and .old.
latere! Aliened en Time Depoalln.
'linrlrrHl Murcti 31, 1HH0.
A. II.HAKKOUD. I'reBlilent i
8. ti. TAVI.OIt, Viee-I'rranlent i
W. HVrtLOl', rkcretury nml Treasurer.
I. W. IUbclav,
Ki It, hn in.MH,
I'.ilO. Bo iii ii,
W. 1'. H.uw.r,
J. 11. I'liauri.
DpomII r any Amount Itrrrl veil from
Ten Oi'iilM I'ltuurilH.
NTKItKST paid on ilenoaltH al the rate ol nix
nor cent, per annual, Starch lit and Hepu-m.
tier Int. Intercat not withdrawn U mtileil linnie
dlately to the principal of the ilei-oaKi, thereby
giving them compound Interest,
Open eory businete day from 0 a.m. to a p.m.,
and Baturday eyenina: lor bAVlMJ PKl'O.IITri
only, from t to a o'clock.
suWhii t- , ,W. HTBLOP, Treasurer.
I llf II O I Ull . " . .1
W. P. IIAM.IDAY. l're.ldentf'
f ' t i' )
A. II. HAFPOKD, Cnahlerl
WALTER UYSLOP, A.fl"lnt Cashier.
- v ( , I I - j f.
W;Si. D Braniaiiiiuw.
A. II. BArruiu. jt-
'jnaItruiKsv flols ,-JWl
Ilond Oongnt sssstt Hold.
D,rflT,rTc1elve,y,'ani a general tanWs
buslntsa done.
W. II. MOItllld.
Notary I'ubiic.
No. Tub. nmtt,'. 8.-i.
rillft, llUJiU OA (UU. IjIVK HTOU
J ' ( - -:
Aiiet. ....
u - tS kit Mil I
- 2,TU,0)IO I
i i
, ..ilf.ziu ,
Asol. ...,
i....M....i.s3.nfii l
n.iir,i, 115,073
- S1S.I
A"'l ..),(""0J
Ail- ...1,MO,0(
AaitM ... ....or),(J0
Aaaolo.. A . aviii-i
71 Ohio Leveo,
Cily National Rank, CAIRO, II. U
(J fcrt I J rfj A. INJ f ;
-It AO AHA, .V. Y,
Al..'l .
umviA.viA rr. y
KRPuni.ic, jr. y.,
AsmI ......,.,. ..7H.ClM
CVi-nprllD(t Ihe Undrwrltr' Af-oey.
YOS'KKR.0, .V. Y.,
AitoU... ....,.ln....S7),4M
Aota - - ...SM.1S3
fiiieiiem'h ruxt), a. rn
AMetn ......678,tJ
Aiel.....i.........i -.1 l.i,M'J
luirmin.nl .OOIIFHV 111 trrAAt
1 reipectlully atk of the eltlteos of Cairo,
anare.oi tneir paironae
net... U1... Malli-.wat TI Pi W
aa iinniiviaia a aeBesa ap r
Agent fur Ihe beat branda of
Imported Alee of IHITereut Kli
75 Ohio Levee,
.iTiin IT I TNnlQ
ai-ccuioa roan a iTocartita
'Hecllfyer d tVholeeale Dealer
i Ferelsa d Domeelle
lll(U VW " I
No. 78 Ohio Levisb,
HraisornttD llwc, C.llRO, ILLINOIS.
ri-i.' ii..n.nn hand eonitantlV a full 'stock
... i . . . .... . ,1 Mniion
. w ... .... .. . . 1 I , a 1 11 1 .1,(1 I.
I h nu ami u&iiiorDia n luea. .... t-r
BUTOIfssnS.- i
mrrn TllJlTlT Vio HfVAm If 1HK
A 1111 X A.V.A. X4AJ J .Jo-
v ' ' PMrittrroiiiv'
Mr ivm........ u.. ..... .- J,
V1T-II .... .1 .1.. ...... , I, . nORl Ol UK
iiurv. iiiu.iuu. ifl.i. lomu. oouoooi. r
hee'f, etc., always on hand. ' ,
..... . , -j Ji u i '
thousand pounua. e(f
(J. Ws HUWNINU. M.i D. A
-mCltneNCR eorniirNinlh in,l lu.l....
itiumce coiner mxfn eireet and Ohio leva.
vmvo iivm. iivmv ..ill. aa in,, ana v p,in

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