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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, September 06, 1871, Image 2

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mil sale. i FrPwron saw:,
I 1
roit sa.
. .. I I'nr8l1 ,.
iLL.J orHle 1 1
on haw:.
Fare from J-iVKnroot, .
Faro from LoNiiCNPERRY
Faro from Olajoow.Li
Faro from (lvttXtTov.it
TO CAIRO, t'-'M-20
sflr,om i Can , H-m.
UMtA .VwToik and -).ll.UIh"
Steamship Company,
ForlCurrjInB the Maiic,
oi rcTiir. isfoaxiTioi
15 Broadway, New-Yoik, or to
II. Ho tip 1,
H VTuhinston Attntic, Cairn, lllinon.
(A '(ourneJ Joint Soion 01
" ' WOOD r WOOD M' WOOD ' .' '
The unJtr'Kl'"r""l'h
AoClirnpjrnol rlieniicr
,iiilir id Crtfro. I.eaie order
man ".'".. . i0.toflice and t uo-' foal
'JrJ on ciSmni' rci? ."Si". Tih nnd
TJlfth meet.. CHiro, llhnoit. I f Jjoo.l
F. -M. WARD, .
FM. U'AKI) i rrrr''' t0 M' tlic leM
, Kire Wood and otone Coal
AnJ Id any n.uimttty de'ired, on .hort notice.
COAL DELIVERED at J4.00 rut ton
OFKJCE-Ow Rcerrt, Orlji A Co.'. store,
tod.f alion tin' comer of Mghth nwl and
WEDNESDAY Mor.vi.vo, Seit. C. 1871.
I .IIS II. OBF.KI.Y, Huron ai I'm int.
r, km? or mi Unit Hi turn:
ii 4 wrk, corner
moyevtiy carrier, in aJronie - 10 oO
., xonth. by Mail - -. "5
TliV month,,... - - ! 25
S i mouth, - i '-'
it ,ji t 00
Tht itoru&pnjirtt Mrjtnmltr rmn'v m.f of tht nu, r,t
titro ; tht ontymttrnm tlcttv w $tuthtrn JUtimt .
ni'nle.attake jvutnal ; 'tU, but fotritl ; oaf--;ten
on aU tuLjittt oj intertit to the pitUie ,
"Vh ntnrfta! tetawy urfttUtma, tht liuttt
ttlinlinUtkepnlrovij'et th'tUtQliit unScrt ami
fil' imeing bututw men.
i 'm II. oiily ,v '". Mm- rlupt"l ih" 'lib-
t u i. in f th'i WVi-kly Clin, llulli ti to
w.i it tfiniAi. unking it mo I'li.HjM'.t pa
,4r jjfpti.-! in'outhcru IIIidcih.
Tor rrti'uUnt, 1872,
.1 A i E, ' R ! , D 6 0 L LT T JjE ,
S .'.t-ct to (Vcuirjif tha national dem
ocratic convention.
The ;i'eYurV World on Benaliir Ioolilllo.
"Ih rtcorJ. it ty consistent Aand untar
n.l,r.l that it ,tny be lil.ened to a straight
Ime ilratcn Mwt (i puzdc a clear beam,
i.ijiwrm by tht fluctuating atinonphtre
uf American pol'ttte-, through the U)t
ttccnty yean."
jit He
l liiMtl.r tlivSoiilttu-Ujinilllu .roi.o-ul to
! ih- i.i.l,. i.t luium llcr tliy had P
. I 4C4ii.t llimiu &uL liwl tMcn Mil iti,unt
mi.. oi tltul tiomcr. V!ti.f It, tiufbtioo
urj-i'iiithf i-iiit r 'Wlit lmll .. .luoo mtti
l,tnn tint lif ptijiii. or i.tmih UiMowi-ri-
I'll. .1.11 iiinr . iii mvuMI i .Mllii IIH 1
1J JIU I IIUl- llll ll, .(Of..", .'llli'lv Wll, llOK
II....M ilmt iln ul, At.iil.l httw iilii.U lli
.iri, tli. ifiHti rWXM. Illll Cllllllil, liu
- Ii if n mllIl' Ilil. 1.I4 tlllMlti Ills Illlllll llll
m irtni , mill- .-?ni.itor. trt ih initio thnm fi ll iw
i -. I'M lliuj h I tmlii. iyci iiiiiI Kloiy ot
in, ft. tii-ii iniy iinirtt iit itnuu in
. ,. .1 II.. f i.ill, .,t. uti I l(4Vr rfni'M 1 till
in i . ii t.i it,, iin. ait mi.l tin- il.ii' m.iki-ih
-. .iii.rii jitiuii. our ( Unit -. iti.j., uuil tliu
!nlit1lj Wine I,
c.ito.Ar-J:Wi. '
Invnp T.nnt.tnn tircfJlnfi.
Prn.onf.'rnnntncliAli., I Itigornld. lltird
T.n..in K-i.nl,. Taylor and AVood 7
a .n.niiim not bolng nrcicnt on motion
of Councilman IMrJ, tuo council adjourn
ed to meet t(if cvonmi; in
M. J. JlowLKY, uuy uierK.
joint aHsaioy.
Adjoiinieil Joint fo.9'on of llieC.lyCouiicll.
CovcitCiUM",C.ilrp,lll .'
eeil.l,l'il. i
His honor, Mayor Lnnsdcn prcilding.
CunnlnRbam.ritzgorftld, Hal-
liday, Hurd, Klcb, Lnt.sdcn, Metcalf, Rear
denistratton, Taylor nnd Wood 11.
Absont uitaor, uurron, otiiu.., -v--,
Svtayno, Wnldcr, V inlcr anu
ward 8.
Tho ipcclal cointnittco licrctoioru nj
polntcd to mako arringemcnti for obtain-
1 - . . ,7 iliA oil r rf-
ing now rooms for tno u vi
ported that they bad arrangw
1 ... . it., t.iitlifimr fit
H. Cimtiinglinra to rem i-
U,o (outb west corner of Loinmracre.-. -cnue
and Twelfth street, at the rate of 140
a month fir tho period of one year with
.. . .! (.,. ...lilliinnA years Jlr.
Cunningham to havo tho houic plastered,
Cas pipes put In nd the l.ouso generally
nut in good order. Tho committee fur
ow rcvoitod that suitablo seats to be
rilnccd in tho council chambor for tho nc-
cowniodatlon of tho public could bo pur
chased for SO cents each. Tho committee
recommended that somo of said so&U bo
purchased, and also tbtwt tho couimittco ba
ntithoriicd to nrrango tho building at tho
earliest moment for tho uso of tho city.
Councilman Hurd rnovod to concur in tho
recommendation of the committee.
Councilman Taylor moved to amend by
adding ,4and that the proper officers of tho
city bo authorized to execute a lease therefor."
Councilman llalliday moved to ntnond
tho proposed amendment by adding "whon
tho building is put in proper order. Coun
cilman llulliday's amondmont carried.
Tho question then bemg.ou Councilman
Hurd'a motion ns amended it was put and
carried unanimously.
Councilman Taylor moved to amond
section 1C of ordinanco No. 2 of tho nowlyj
revised ordinances by incorporating the
following therein, whi:h motion was car-
led by tho following vote : j
Ayes Cunningham, Fitzgerald, llalli
day, Hurd, Mctcalf, Roarden, Stratton and
Taylor 8. Noys Klob and "Wood 2.
That whenever tho holder of any order
lerwiftcr drnwn in pursuanco of law by
the City Clerk upon tho City Trcasuror,
shall present the eamo to said City Trea
surer for paymcnV, and thcro shall bo no
funds in tho treasury for tho payment of
said order, it shall bo tho duty of said
Treasurer, at tho request of tho holder of
tho order, to endorse upon tho back of the
saine the.timo of iU presentation in thool-
lowing words, lo-wit : "Jiogistcroa lor in
terest, this day of A. D. ,"
which endorsement shall bo signod by the
Treasurer, who shall, at tho time, mako a
minute or entry in a book to bo provided
for that purpose, of tho number and
amount of said order, the name of tho per
son to whom issued, and by whom and
when presented.
All such orders, so presented nnd en
dorsed, shall draw interest at tho rata of
ton per cent, per annum from tho time of
such presentation unu cuuursuiiiuiii mini
tho same shall bo paid, or tnko up by the
city treasurer.
Tho accrued IntoroU upon all such or
dcrs shall bo received in payment of all
sums of money duo thu city in tho same
manner and to the same etl'uct us the or-
derfs themselves are now, or may hereaf
ter bo rcceivublo; J'rovidcd, that in the
payment of such ordcra, or in their being
received in payment oi cay uuci, tuo prin
cipal anu interest snun not do scparaicu,
and tho one paid without the other.
uenover any sucit ordor is puiu, or re
ceived in payment, the treasurer shall en
ter lu said book tho time of payment, tho
amount paid, principal and interest sep
arate, unu itiu pursun lu wiiom pniu.
On motion of Councilman llalliday, Al-
ilermnn Kiel wus excused from tho meet-
Tho following section was, on motion,
inserted in ordinance No. 1, in lieu of a
pruvious section, OS, horotoforo stricken
nt. nr nt ik.ii .o).i.lU n ninV 00 USCd,
plnccd or donosllod tlioreon. Any ecnf-
fold which may otherwise bo oroctcu snail
i.. .1 -., ....i.nnm nnd nny lcrson
UM UUU1HUU U 111'." ' . .
who shall oroct or me, or cauio to bo erect
ed :or used, nny sc"'u w i"c
provliioni hereof, slial bo sul.Jout to a fino
!,r imi limn llvo dollara nnd not ox-
milnr. una liundrcd dollars, nnd to n liko
" . i. ii i
lino for ovory anv iiiu aiuuu aiian remain
after notice to remove.
Sec. C8. Kvorv Person within tho limits
oi tno city, who shall soli or otTcr to soil or
barter any coods. wares. ormnrcliandUn nr
other article on tho Sabbath day, unless it
bo provisions to cat rcfrcshmnntu fnrlriiv-
oiers, luoi and supplies for steamboats, or
uiluii-iiici ior inc sick, snail lorfclt and
pay for tho uso of tho.cllva sum not 1pi Ihnn
llvo dollar's and not mora tlmn twoiiiv.flrn
.1 1 1 r i a J
uuimn lur encu onunso.
Snc.CO. Every person whoshnll soil with-
n tho limits of thocitvnnvdoad flesh which
was sick, overheated, or worn or run down
by dogs at or bo lor o tiio time when tho same
was butchored or slain, or which lias died
a nnturnl doath, out of tho usual manner of
slaying animals for food, or has boon killed
uy ncciucni or casualty, or wiilcli is blown,
smiled or in any wnv unsound, or shall sell
or offer to soli any unsound Ilsb, butter,
laru, or omor damaged artlclo oi provision,
or any impure unwholesome, adulterated
or diluted milk, shall forfeit nnd pay for
tho uso of tho city, a sum not less than llvo
dollars and not morothan fifty dollars, for
each and ovory olTonie : J'rotided, thai
tho sale or offer to sell to each person shall
conslttuto a separato'and distinct offenso
by tho person soiling or offering to sell.
sec. eu. i-vory petson wno sunn wituin
10 limits of tho city, sell or offer to soli
tho flesh of any bull, boar, ram, dog, cat,
or tho llesh of any nnlinnl not commonly
docmod wholesome or fit for food, without
representing to ovory person wishintr to
purcuasc, tuo nature ana quality, cnarac
tcrand name of such flesh, shall forfeit nnd
nav for the uso of tho city, a sum not less
than llvo dollars nor more than fifty dol
lars for each and ovcry offense.
Sec. 01. Whcnover tho mayor shall
deem it necessary for tho public welfare,
that any public house whero intoxicating
liquors aro sold, nnd whoro persons of
eunor sox congregate, matu or cauiu iu uu
mado any unusual nolso or disturbance,
either by day or by night, having caused
or likoly to causo a breach of tho peaoc,
riot, mob, or other disturbance, to tho an
noyanco of tho neighborhood, it shall be
his duty, and ho Is fully empowered and
directed to order tho closing of such houso
forthwith tho samo to bo kept closed for
such timo as tho public safety demands, to
bo determined br the mayor nnd city coun
cil in Joint session, convened.
Sec. 02. Anv person violating tho pre
vious section, being tho oirnor or kecpor
of such u house, who refuses to comply
with th'o dernands of the mayor, or any oc
cupant or participant, who may oppose tho
omccrs in tno atscnarge of tnctr autics in
r,., .t.
arresting parties ior violations oi too pro
vious section, shall forfeit and pay for the
uso.of tho city, in tho former case not loss
than fifty dollars nor more than ono hun
dred dollars ; and in tho latter case not less
than twenty dollars nor moro than ntty
Sec. C3. All trees placed in nny street
or avenuo in tho city shall bo set at a dis
tance not decoding ono root outsido oi the
outer lino of tho sidewalks, nnd all such
trees shall bo placed at loast twenty tcct
apart ; and any person violating tno pro
visions of this section shall forfeit and pay
to tho city not less than fivo dollars nor
more than fifty dollars. And any person
who shall cut, break or otherwise injuro or
destroy any shade or ornamental trco oth
er than his or her own(i shall bo subject to a
fino of not less than fivo nor moro than fifty
dollars for each nnd ovcry oucnsc.
Sua. C4. All able-bodied persons, whe,
not having visible means to sustain them
selves, are Idle, without employment, or
nro found loitering or rambling ttbout, or
wnnooring aoout, or ioaging in groceries,
SI'KINiiukmi U excited over tl
inptoriuui disappearance of u younj.'
II.. man, Catholic lady, engaged in mar
riae to a oiitk'tJiari uf the l'rotu.s
t.ut Kj.icojial faitli. "All the old-time
'rie of abductions, prickly interfere
ciicc, convent inynteries und tiuiiuerv
dungeons, ure attoat. Tlie young lady'n
betrothed diJolareii lii dtteriti'ination to
Rolyj!,thj mystery, and it t-viduiit
u tlrst claHs feiiHauoii, htarlling m the
hst half oi fiiji uitieteeutU century, ih
nt uat'.d.
Speaker IMaine. in a late epeeeli at
haratoija fciiniigi', was jiartieularly ko
vere ou Tannua'tiv. eo macii' ko tlmt
Home of UU uearer felt a eurioaity to
ttKaimne. tha. SjMMikor'n -.'owu financial
record and hee jf it wguld justify nueh
riKlltcourf inainatlon at the fihortcoin.
Sec. 03. Kvery railroad company, or
empluyo, or rvur.t of any railroad com
pany, or other persmi having churgo or
contrut of nny railroad ear, locomotive,
engine or train iieumging to any railroad
company who uliull viulnty any of the
pruviaiuhi of tho ln;t fivo tuetiuns ehnll
forfeit and pay to said city of Cairo a sum
not less than ten dollar nor moro than one
hundred dollars for euehand every ofl'onso.
oitui.v.vNtE .so. 1. (Coutinued.)
Sec. 61. Any railioud truck, switch
or turnout located on nny street or uvenuo
of the city, which i ur shall be luid, con
structed or umintnincsd othorwisu than is
provided in this ordinance, is hereby de
clared to bu a public nuisauce, und any
raiiroau company, who ahull keop . or
maintain any tucli public nuisance, shall
turieit unu pay lor thousu or tho city not
Im. than titty nor moro than one hundred
.1 . i .
uuuura ior encu and every day thut un
aucii riuirouu miuii iceep or maintain sue
. .
oce. iiit.
ployea of any rmlroKd coninunv nr ntlmr
person offending against tho 'provisions of
the previous twosectitns of thisordlnnrice,
shall forfeit and pay for tho use of tho city
a sum not lest than ten uor more than ono
hundred dollars for evory offenso; Pro
vided that. section 53 of
I iuii oruinanco shall not
drinking euiuons, tippling houses, beer
houses, out houses, nouses 01 ui-iamc, ves
sel", sheds or cavoi, or in tho opon air, or
shall bo found trespassing in tho night
timo upon tho privato promises of others ;
or w.tndcring abroad and begging; or go
ing about fronY'door to door begging; or
placing themselves in tho streets or otlior
thctoughfurcs, or in public places, to beg
or receive nlms; nnd all persons, who, for
tho purpoio of watch stuffing, travcl'about
or go from placo to plnco: and nil persons
upon whom shall bo found any instrument
or thing used for counterfeiting, or for tho
commission of burglary, lurceny, or for
picking.looka c-r, .pockets ; or. any galvan
(7.ii(l "watchui or stuffed watches, or any
thing used for obtaining money undor
false pretenses; or nny Mexican puzzle or
implement or devico mod by cheats and
swindlers, shall forfeit nnd pay, for tho uso
oftho city; u sum not less tlmn ten dollars
ndr morp'thnn ono hundred dollars, or bo
imprisoned in, tho city Jail for n term not
oxcecdine; thrco months.
Hki' (55. Anv porsort or persons found
within thu city limits loitering about com
mon ordinnrfei, bar-rooms, hoiuoi of ill
furrw,. nr wHiiduriiiL' ubout the streets,
either by night or by duy.'and 'iiOt hnviutc Journed
anyplucupt Kiiowivresiuuuvo tr niij -blu
iiicstiui.ur liveliliood and support, and
net boini; ublo to glvo any sntisfiictory nc
cohnt 'of lien.solvos, such person or per
sons, on conviction thereof, shall forfeit
..' . . ' - r ,1. .tl tin
and pay, Tor tuo uso oi tuo caj,
not to exceed twonty-flvo dollars, and in
dorault of piiymont be condnod in tho
ii un .ml fm nn bread and water only,
for any poriod of time not exceeding
"twenty days, nor less than twenty-four
It All 10
If any persun.snau attempt ,
thing, clthor In tho day or night timo, or
vu n.iij ..uu uiuivu in n iowu and ituiccAni
mnnnor, In nny such houso or place, shall
bo fined not 101.. than ton, nor moro than
fifty dollars.
HEC. CO. Any proitltuto.oourtosan, bawd
or lewd woman, or nny femnlo Innmto of
any bawdy house, houso of prof tllullon,
houso ot assignation, brothol, or houso oi
bad repute, who shall bo found wnndorlng
nround tho streets In tho night time, or
frequenting dram shops or beer house.', or
any such lowd women having tho reputa
tion of n prostitute, who shall bo found
employed as n bcor enrrier, or waiting, nt
tending or carrying beer, or nny other
thing, in nny boor or drinking 'saloon,
cither In tho day or night time, or who
may bo found employed in singing or
dancing in a lowd or indecent manner, in
such house or place, shall bo fined not less
than five, nor moro than fifty dollars.
Sec. 70. It shall bo tho duty of ovory
porson or co-partnership of persons selling
meats in tho city of Cairo, to kcop their
stalls, shops or places of selling or kocping
meal, in n clean and healthy condition,
and such places shall at all times bo open
to inspection by such porson or persons as
tho city council shall direct, nnd if nt any
timo such places shall be found in an un
clean, unhealthy or offenslvo condition,
nnd tiio owners or occupants thereof shall
not, upon notico being given them by tho
person or persons designated for the pur
poso by tho eltv council convened in loint
session, immediately remove nil impurities
nnd cleanse said'nrcuiiscs thov shall bo li-
ablo to a fine of not less than ton nor moro
than fifty dollars for every tuch offenso,
nnd ten dollars n dnv far nnrli nnd nvcrv
day said premises shall not bo cleansed af
ter a first conviction undor this ordinance.
Sc. 71- It shall bo tho duty of tho city
marshal nnd pollco consttiblo on duty
In dllV tltllrv llnill' tn villi nnil nrnrnlnn
tho different moat stalls nnd rooms in
winch fresh meats nro kept for sale and if
upon such examination thoy aro .found to
bo in an unclean, unhealthy or offensive
condition, to notify tho owners or occu
pants thorcof to put said places
in n cleanly condition immediately,
and in dofault of their so doing
report tho samo to tho city altornoy for
Sec. 72. That it shall not bo lawful Tor
any porson or persons to dig into, bore
into, rcmovo nny earth rrom, or in any
manner interfere with or impair the levee
embankment constructed or to bo con
structed on Lovco street, in said city of
Cairo, without having first obtained au
thority therefor from tho city council of
said city convened in joint session; and
ovcry person violating tho provisions of
this ordinanco shall forfeit nnd pay to
said city n sum not less than ono hundred
dolIar,'nor moro than fivo hundred dol
lars, for each nnd every offenso.
Sec. 73. That any person who shall
wilfully, negligently or carelessly brenk,
or causo to bo broken, injuro or causo to be
injured, or in anywise damage, or causo to
be damaged, any sidewalk, cross walk or
Slant road or any gas or lamp-post, or tho
xturos or appurtenances of any gas or
lamp post usod for lighting tho streets and
n venues or tho city ot Uairo, or thnll light
or extinguish without proper authority
any gas light upon tho streets or avenues
or turn on the gas on any such lamp post
wituoui proper authority shall rorrelt and
pay to said city n sum not less than fivo
nor more than lmy dollars i jr each and
overv ofi'ensc.
Sec. 74. So long ns tho Culro City Om
company shall bo required, us nt present,
to keep in repair tho gas or lump posts of
tho city, tho said company shall bo enti
tled to and shall receive as a compensation
therefor the amount assessed nnd collected
under tho previous section of this ordi
nanco for damages done to snd gas posts
or lamp;, and whcnover tho agent of said
company shall produco tho certificate of u
police in agist rato of tho city of Cairo,
stating tho amount so collected and paid
over by such magistrate to tho city treas
urer, toccthif with tho namo of each in
dividual from whom the samo or any part
thereof wts colloctcd, tho city treasurer
shall bo authorized to pay tho same to tho
said agent, and shall mako a report thereof
in his monthly stntomont to tho city coun
cil. Provided, That persons wishing to do
so aro authorized to erect lamp posts nt
tho edgo of tho sidownlk on any of tho
streets or avenues of tho city nt their own
oxpense, nnd tho city will furnish gns nt
lu expense fur tho same, during its pleas
ure, provided said posts arc not erected nt
shorter intervals thnn 200 feet, and erected
under tho direction of the street com
mittee. Councilman Taylor moved to amend
section -11 of ordinanco No. 4 of tho nowly
revised ordinnncei by striking out all of
tho section ns fur ns the word "also," in
clusive, whoro It occurs last in said section.
T. Filzgorald, 20 days' work on
sldownlks, In August 52
Frank Jlomis, 20 days' work on
eidcwnlkr, in August
W. .Minor, 4 dnys' work on sido-
wnlks, in August
Lire inhi!hax:e.
62 00
8 00
8 00
Frank Chorry, 4 days' work on
sidewalks, in August
jonn Jioaeu, i unya work on
sidewalks, in August 8 00
C. R. "Woodward, tools 8 23
Cairo Rook Rlndory, binding
stroct tax rccolpts nnd blanks
for pollco magistrates 31 10
C.il. woodward, repairing pump,
corner of 11th street nnd Com
mercial nvonuo 6 00
Jiuton Jonkins, 4 days labor on
sidowalks, in August, $ 12 00
Henry uryant, 4 days labor on
sidewalks, in August, 8 00
Alfred King, 4 days labor on lido
walks, in August, a 00
R. H. Cunningham, lumbor 304 00
Stratton & Bird, nails 68' 80
John II. Oborly & Co., publishing
council proceedings, etc S5 00
J no. II. Lansdon, 1 quarter' sala
ry ns mayor, to Sopt. 10, 1871.... 260 00
Jos. R. Taylor, Aug. sal'y, as trcas. 100 00
M..I. Jiowioy, " " cityciork lOo 00
A.Cain, " " "marshal 60 00
K. 11. Rurnctt " " comptroll'r 76 00
Ii. H. Myers, " chief police 83 33
John Shcchar, August salnry ns
polico cnnstnblo 76 00
Win. II. Robertson, August salary
as polico constablo 76 00
John D. Holmes, August salary ns
pollco ronitablo 76 00
Robert Rllllngsly. C dnys salary In
August, ns polico constable 16 00
Uins. Jicnnor, 0 days salary in
August, as polico constablo 16
Aug. Oast & Co., lituographlng x
printing 200 railroad bonds, nnd
express charges on samo 120 C'.'J
Michael Calvin, 10 days work on
streets with team, at 3 60 a day 35 00
M. Mahonoy, 25 days labor on
streets, in August 61 00
Tlios. nughton, zz days laoor on
streets in August
Win. Mcllule, 24 days labor on
streets, in August
J. O. Lynch, rent to August 19, '71
Patrick Corcoran, 10 days work on
streets with team 40 00
Thos. Median, hauling lumber 49 00
Thos. Mcehan, " " .. . 10 50
Jos. R. Taylor, stamps and envel
opes, iu distributing tax notices, 8 76
F. M. Su inner, July salary as po
lico constable, 76 00
F. M. Sumner, August salary as
police constable 75 00
Geo. Fisher, pump on corner of
Eleventh st. and Commercial
avonue 60 00
A. Cain, city marshal, killing and
burying 143 dogs 148 00
Wm. McUule, dieting prisonors
for August , 169 00
Alderman Under moved to allow. Car-
Tub most Succubtui. Litk Inhuranck Coiifoiiation " the hamb aok in
thu Worm.
Amount of Poi.icim in Forck Dkc. 31, 1870,
Total Incouk to, Hauk.Datk,. .
Net Jncrkahb of Risks in Forck, 1870,
T 146.055.740 00
t 3.974.788 80
- 20.000.040 00
Gko8 Ixckbahb .or, lliUKe, in Forck, J870, .... 3921,130 00
Only two Companies In the warl.l fitifJ tlila gioaa Inert during Istq,
Thi olr ComnnT which (iirantea, ai chartered right, tho crlncloU of LOTH invruv
UENW 1 KACll fifATK, (11 in-oportlon to It rremloin" r Bo.iJrn mTpAL Ift.VEHT-
Tkn only Company which, hr Its charttr,, (tiros VAC'II BTATK A HF.I'UKalENTATlVK in i-iib
Hknry W. Ilounii, Vico Prcsidont. Felix CoTKf.aupt. Missouri Dept.
Wm. Hanlkt, Secretary. John N. Pritciurd, Treasurer.
0. F. iJtmNKM Attorney. E."L. Lkuoine, M,' I).,. Med. Officer.1
Hon. AVu. Rarneis Consulting Counsel and Actuary.
E. P,
UURLIaQlIAW, Muungcr.
44 00
48 00
25 00
Tha following named (ntlainen hold or contra! li,) Insurance tacti, lo the I.if Aaastlation
P. V. Rarclay3,
H. W. AVkrh,
H. II. Cavh nit,
John Aktuiu,
of AmrrL-'u.
Chak. Oalkihkr,
J. M. PuiLLiri,
C. Hannt,
P.. S. Rrkihau,
Paul 0. Sciiuu.
Joun II. Onitx.1,
Wu. Morru,
T. J. Kkrth,
W. S. Eisosr.
lr ..r Ulr aud Plan. r.r. yon Isi.ar. I. mmy mtht Uuy.
Caul L. Thomas, "W. U. KxaygT.
auglS dim
S. WA.LT Ell S,
ol fttry deccriptiun,
ricd, tho ayes and nays thereon being ai
follows :
Ayes Ruder, Cunningham, Fitzgerald,
Kleb, Mctcalf, Rcardon and Stratton 7.
Nays, none.
Tho bill of Close & Vincent, for lime,
.. .. i ! .. 1 (in ..iu ..r.-..i l,i.l l..
said committee recommending payment of ComtncrciaUT, lot. 10th and llth-Ma.,
Steamboat Lu mue r,
Kutnlalivl on aliorU-.t nolle.
53.75 in full.
Alderman Fitzgerald moved to allow as
recommended. Carried, as follows:
Ayes Ruder, Cunningham, ritzgorald,
Kleb, Motcalf and Rearden C.
Nay Stratton 1.
Alderman Cunningham moved to recon
sider tho voto of this board ut its meoting
on July 3d, last, allowing nil tho bills of
tho Uns Company up to July 1, for street
lamps at 53.00 por lamp. Carried.
Alderman Fitzgerald moved to allow
all tho bills of tho Gas Company for street
lamps up to July 1st, nt 54.50 each, and
nil bills sinco that timo ut 5-3.60 each.
Carried, tho voto thereon boing as follows:
Ayes Ruder, Cunningham, Jitzgcrald,
Kleb, Mctcalf, Rearden and Stratton 7.
Nays 0.
The bill of Wm. J. Allon, amounting
to 1100, for legal services in the case of
Ann Rodman vs. tho city of Cairo, was
sent back by tho committee on claims
without report.
Alderman Cunningham rnovod to alow
560 in full of said bill.
Alderman Motcalf moved to table.
Alderman Cunningham s motion was
On motion cf Councilman Hurd, all of I then put nnd carried, by the following
section 66 of said ordinance was ordered to voto:
titrn r.iv
'f I pick pockets, or set tiro to nny building, or
bo' found in tho yard or out-houso of any
I ... ..... . ... .. 1 . n .nil fillil
A ...... II 1 I CitlZOn. Willi BllUUrUllW IIIVBIIk IU
IVny rullrtnd coinnanv or uin. I t'. ' . . 1 I. . 1.1. ......Un
....i . . 1 tiiiinriiir. or ft. nun iinva in in i"
1ni fnr liniisnhriiaklnir. or 111
for. soiling fire to nny building, or have with
mnn iiii itnrann concoaiou wunuuiioi v
(hall, on conviction thoroof, forfeit nnd
1 '.J 11. . . 1. J !, . a cum tint tn
bo stricken out.
Alderman Rearden moved to nmond
section 15 of said ordinance No. 1 by ill-
sorting after tho word "track" where it
first occurs iu said section, tho words 'Tun
ning parallel with or." Carried.
At tho conclusion of tho reading of sec
tion 74 of ordiiutuco No. 4, the council, on
motion of Alderman Fitzgerald, nd-
M. .1. lloWLEY,
City Clerk.
CofM'lt. C'lMHIIll I
C.lro, lllMcpt. 1, 1671. 1
lltcKUlur inftiiijiif the Hoard of Aldermen.
Aid. Rearden In tho ehiilr.
Present Aldermun Jltldor, Cunning
hum, Fitz'goruld, Kleb, Miitculf, Rearden
and Stratton 7.
Absent Aid. Carroll, Beino, Swuync,
"Wnlder arid "Winter 5.
Aid. fJntinlni'ham the
his possess on .. iPi ,llHiiscd
atoriuis 1 r "
Aya Ruder, Cunningham, Fitzgerald,
Kleb, Renrdu nnd Stratton C.
Nnys Motcalf 1.
Tho bill of II. II. Williams, amounting
to 5S0.37 for lumber, was ulso sent back
by said cominiltio without report.
On motion uf Aldermun Fitzgerald, said
bill was referrod to tho city comptroller.
No further business appearing, on mo.
tion of Alderman Cunningham, tho board
ndjourncd. W. J. Howley,
City Clork.
Willi lUKlnomy MlrnilnnlM, low lr-
ItM-cleiirfMHIon, invoumiiarir ruiinmu.,
ii.im uf aaineii. Hucrmntorrlitca. luaw or I
liuwcr. Ulzzy lieau, ioaa ui uih;i;ji
iiiul llirraloiicd Impotence" and Imlw
rlllly. Und Novrrrlsfn cure In Hum
proj'M Iloiiieuuullilc Npvrltle o,
Vwoiily-plKlil. Ootnpoacd of tho moat valtia.
Wo mint ana poioni vurauvca, 11107 amu
onco at tha roots ot the mutter, tono up the lyi
turn, arreat the UlaCharirea. amt Imnart yliror ud
enemy, life und vitality to lheentiro.mn, ;They
Office on Tenth St.,
Uclweru 'ouiiurreUI assd Maablactou
Avetiutx. '
A OKNTM lor Itnck Rivet Paper Company'
2. Hlimiliiimi hVltainiiuarumsBi
H. W. John's Imprvfcd ltoofliuc aUayi on
O X'lXO X3J.1X .
I'OU HA Li) at V
un:e 01 J. 3.
AiiU Nortli Ul.jlilli SU, I'lilUil.
Vegetable wfl'
1 1 ll. A -II
VI Ullllil UIIIA ' I
i tan t. i nn lifiir nr 111111 ru un
Ta 1 A. aaIa
ll .
-i Imtil Mi r IIIA TWMUinnil
preparations do.
Ya. . .1 aininvMi 4V.A t'
U.. ,,.,AtAittiiw nnuf liltu ami Vlirnr
v .nnnn.i - nv imam rrrfiwi i
of soft, fino hair.
. . . -i
over offeretl.
niojin and
Sold everywhere.
Importer nnd Wholenl ISenlrr lu
Agent for tho boat trauJa of
riu.A ..ittilnn .if Ilnnrv 1 1 ur rU. lvlilnh.011
pay; ftftho uso of iWoUji n "ff $ iho 37tli ult was referred by tho council in
exceed fifty'dollars, ahd bo, n' Uefonlt 01 " ..... ......
ivroont, imprisoned in tuoi city. ja, joint sesm
sine fed on broad nnd water1 'only, tor a ftmi reaj.
' 1 I . ... lllll" tllf 1 ... ,1 . 1 1 . .
Aid. uuuor luovou 10 jjruiii,
paytuont, ImprUolied in thoi city, jail, joint session, to this board, was taken up
piy 10 tho making up of pusiencer tralm l,be ngieu on oroau a yi
at'the depot qf tfeo IlHnoS SnSLt nil ! pico oftime iiot exceeding ono day for
road, on" Uvco street below Fourth street : lry dollar of Ono.
liaro cured thoilaands of case. Prico. S;Tei
puckaKa of tiro boxoa and larije U vial, yhmn
.tn... lintinrmnt In nliattnntu or old caaea. Or 11
.... .inula Lit. Hnlil ll all llru9llt. Ud ODt
by maifon receptof prfco. . Adureia Jlumplinr'
Bnecino Homeopathic MeUlclno uo., rou.
1 way, N. V. I. BCIIUII, Agent.
ugl-uoow wewiy
ImjiorteU Alei uf
i' i
75 Ohio Levee,
l ' . i i i i
svccsisoa nun stucKrLxiu
I . ! I ,
IHeeliryer aaat Wliolesale Draler
Vorelsfn and Douicitllc
OIIl- 1 ahull ,m " " '" V" "fumunco
& of others. Tl,eU kIiowh that y Pt MS TrJS n Jr'uS
. nnri unu iir,n ,.r -
m ine year lrj'il, tlic total valuoV V'sV. 7 if '" niiotii street
Mr. Blaie'M,tyKrl.in ,,U h()lll0 thocra
Mi.. .! . . ... I ,1..,.,. ,,r ...i.i..'., ., ,Vui llllu
""fa "" CI.IUU. HIB
prd)orty;tlieru thin ytar is auMl at
837,000.. Ikijiden tli'n, he owua teal e-
tatu iu tiiu.btutert oi' Virginia und l'euu-
nylvaniu,iau interutt in u l.uke Kupe
riqn copper miuu, qmj, p, yVashiiigtoii
rfg'ulcuca,; wortli gfi0,0fJ0. , , I u. thu year
18G1 and 18(!2 he was a. representative
HijniineTnlalureTjr'jraihe niitl for Ihe
last cijht years lM'"bt?6h'a inemher of
congress at a naJsry of.?D,000 per year.
L'rom.Uiiieurcj it in pjaiu that the
boatu iri 'Speaker Blaine's eye is of
hucIi a that it iu a matter of surg
priso how l)p cau perceive the mote iu
that of Lw ;ncitjlbor.
yjUX Bi&. Thavany por.n able to work
ui't" o i.oveosireetaboveFourtcenth I V"", "7 '
r.y.u''a.I,rov.Wed,'nlso, this ordinance .C'V" "?P?"U'?..,'V. "YiTE
I. ft e I &DD1IUUI W UUIU Hlkum w muni.!.. .......
5i L.u.11 .ul,n .liall n fnnn A Irilt Afltli.
1011 Or !1UIBI,, n " " .v-.. .-.. (,
or strolling about in any atroet, alloy or
common, ,or any publlo or private placo
within tuo city, or who shall bo an idle or
dWoluto porson. or who shall uo about bog
ging in any part of the city, not having
any regular, lawful business, or shall occu
py ior lliopurpoau oi louKiiiKur Buy umcr
nn in
employe of said road Aaiie "upon t
.term or platforin of any brui.r' j '
w . ie ii.o samo is in motion within the
.... w. vuiio, sr it any iiorKjn, LoltiL' nn
.n wbVUiaof tho city of Cairo, and1 not
HbVtmitof tho city of Cairo, and5 nol purpose, , any barn, shod, shop, vessel or , ioIllt Boslon, on tho 27th ult.,
emuloye of Said roud, shall gU ploco other than such as is kept for tho j th ,)ftVment of Interest ou
'S to uny iiurt ,,r or aiivlhlni. iiiit. i . purposo of lodging, without pormlsslon of oorninb i .
y .t.retJllnB,n'i pa,"e,J1Ker car f elht iho owwr or. tho party entitled to tho pos- duo bonds and bonds to become duo
Aid. Mctcalf moved to table. Amend
Aid. Rudor's motion to grant wus then
put and carriod as follows:
Ayos Ruder, Cunningham, Fltzgoruld,
Kleb und Koardcn 5.
jf,iyjMotcttlf nnd Stratton 2.
Tho resolution introduced by thollnanco 185 & 187 Commercial AvOIiUQ
comnilttoo, and adopted by tho city coun
No. 78 Qiuo Lkyee,
Srmsarii.u lluios, OUKO, 1 LI.J.NOIB.
cur, or Uut cur. whii. r, ireignt
t on. Miihii, n;.. r."" "".. ' in mo.
shall be lined l , y , I"f
nor uioru than ill." ,ot L" one
nvnrv ,......,. "4""Ur 'or
soJilon'thceof, or who shall lead nn idlo. paynblo during the year 1871, was read,
ox me, s inn j 0 ,notion of Alii. Cunningham adopt-
E keeps on hand constantly a full stock of
mil (iln,
1 inaoif
Old Kentucky, UouiIiod, Jtyo. and MonoriK
wiiinkii-a.- irrencn iiranaics. iionauu !
Ilhlno aud California Wines.
each and
7Vila t.rilllinnee ....If . . .
apply topcrtgmiJufftlX'I'alr'1 "'
! Sec. 67. All seufiolds erected it, thu clv
for uso in erection of stone, brick )r ,, .
i .. . s i .1 . i. ii '..i "f oilier
uuiiuiilK0, .M(it i'w null unu EUluly u,v
Ported, and of.sufllcient width una proper.
iy iu:urcu so us to insuro tue saiuty or por.
immoral or PToflicato courso
no uoemoa angiM anu u,., uo..v ot on followlnc voto :
not toss i j , ' -
thereof, shall bo fined in n sum
man nvo nor moro man uity uoiiars ior
ovcry such offense.
Sac.. All vagrants who shall bo
found within tho oily limits, upon convio
tlon, thall bo fined not less than twonty
tlvonor mora than-onn liundrinl dollars'
for each und ovory oMuiiao,
h EC. 03. m nav any deeper or a uraui
thop, saloon, boor house, or other placo of
iii . n. . i ... 1 1 n i , .i
sons working thereon or passing Lndor or having he putulloS iff n Zt
by Um t Mao, and gaJut (ho falTlng there- I tu m a Srrkr of boor, or nnyother
Ayos Uudor, Cunningham. Filzgernld,
Klo'b, Jdctcnlf, Rearden and Stratton 7.
Tho following bills having been roferrcd
to tho Couimlttoo on Clulms woro roportcd
back by said committee, recommending
payment of tho samo:
N. A. Duvoro. 'JO days' work on
sldownlks, In Aiutust f 78 00
fitcnm EnKiiiet,
riourondarlxt Mills,
Huw Minn,
Tiio "Tuppor" Patent Grate liar,
, AUCTION RS; , , ,
. CA1UO.ILLH., i-
Buy AMD SKIit, Bbai, Estatjs,
AM prtp Comeyaaccs of Kinds,
li.. -ri.lli,ir. nl nronrialai all anaBWMWI
n,. r- j.....
,1410 FQciB.Tnt-oTt
. M.. ....... . v n ranp
Ar tho champion medlclM for VtMhJSV.
4ml IM1I ' nii." .mm ua-.i. " .
malarial Ierera.t,a'iilr JWlJm,'l, Fu'
quiCKir ami we 1 1 1 1 ini r. j . ' r-1 " .
" -ii ..-'u r :'i. i . r L lu. Ll j
A ..A..ll&a. aatl vaau rf AAall aftkaaaaia .11 UU
U C 1 1 U AT I . Ul V IM uui BluvaaMI aJVSTIPI IP UTHm
f tn as A' J M al 1 waal ' - wti mn
Prlc lie, l.ni aSCBBta. Aak.fojratl.HlXlAAr
I . mmr.l,TllO T4T ft WTTilV A
lilL BAiiinuiioa . vi,aw
- : . ....... ytvar U P
i . . . .... .... -. . - - - .
LI..I. ,)li...l.n.. nd 1 .aallw mill
E-.7." Zlr , aoT nC.'JIak: r,tor. Tit.
linger1 pjarrSPftiiaOI PMfrMMPrTlf
1 1'
irinumnw il l f.--r,!TTTj."
luAnMinuu i tri rtra ararnun
UUlllfl. I nwahaiiaihMMock.
mvaterieannn reveiai on oi in aeiuai tbi
TEllllllK UII7PIIHK, WWlU,l"a ,"l'.,'l'll''f'.T.I
.rut. ...i... i. in numiifiui iflmim
. - 1 ... . i .Im rn .1
' TMUaou, jninw
n.r.nnlmnlt I
book that ouatit to be nedot Iook S
laid carelessly ahoulltie House.
boiii lo any
Aildreia .
Eighth aireet
ar...n nriipincri m ina nDuinuaii uumr mm
..Lur! ao In tne uuiiuo papers oruaini
what your
"r.VMu ii t... i
ur. uuu caji in, vvujBu;
twenty-four pagea. with numetbtt; w
and contain raloiile'intonnallto for
.r.luMiilhfi home.
niWInii lo ihe notonou Quack i
.. Ilv llnll.l r,. n,. ..... 1 1
I III.IWW w ..." w . wu. ...
(a cn be consulted!1, i
ma) , on thedlaaOT' wQa
offlci.flo. If N,Elirhtlrtiert,i
Uiiestant fjt touis, Mo,
.I.rr n, i
iit or
kit at

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