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On and ofifrHiiii.hr. Mr )"'. 'T !" , .
ink nmo-lable .III potern II. T(r.l and d-parl
lire of r new rln alCalroi
i lUm. .lallr 11 45 r-m
Ktprru. daily """
J .jU.lf. ,la(lr
!;,,,, .!, racept flundty S: i.m.
Vo ch.ti(t" of cr. ff mil Oiro In St l,OUl. No
rdamre of cart from Cairo to Chicago. F.I. f ml
Drawing lloooi tleeping cin en night train.
IW checked to oil important i,lnts.
The Attention of shipper ! e.peciall
,lrd to the fact that o Fruit Eipre.i "" ,tt
' te Cairo dally, Saturday expected, n.l "III
ake the run from this city lo Chicago In laenly-
two hour. JA9. JOHNSW. -V""
p.efMr!na arrlte ot onJ leate Cairo ot fol
k.u, unit.
Attiti .. 3i3l)a.m . 3i3Up.m
In rf lll3a.m 2i3 p.m
IWh train oonncet at Cntraha with train on tne
rn. Iatur. Illoominirtcn, El Pap, I.o Salle
jieo'ioia, i-roe port. iin, imimque, anj
all points in Illinois Mimoun,
Minnesota, 'it-oniln and
Iowa. And with
f.lne run nine Kat and Vfttt for
i 1Aui., Hpainpfleld, Louitrille,
Co nnati, Inianapolit, Columbui.
An 1 at Ctn'?o with JHchlsan Central. Michigan
ogwiern, a..', .i.-uutk. run .aa
and Chieaco UiIrov lor
ivtrult, Ceteland, Dunkirk.
4:bnt. lo!on, Philadelphia,
VMraFall". Erie, llutialo,
Nea r ..rl Pittubnrc, Baltimore,
F -t u.roash t elft and information, apply to
: bi Centra) Ita.iroid Depot.
. earl Pa-Menger Agent, Chicago.
J J' .IIS-i.N. tuent, Cairo.
uii TUr Monday, April Hth, 17I, Uainn.ll
rua a lolioiii
TiilM C,0tC OtTBrilT.
Msil- Exprett
tte ifnnia- a.m. ... lili p.m.
yr.ot4d V.2" ' . 3:0) "
" Ta),lortil.K..i ' 4.W "
Arr.ie at riaa....ll:4& m. ......; 'J:17 "
Tiit'ioriv aotrnvor,
Expre Mall.
t-n. t-f.ja.rn 3J!ip.m.
Tnlortdl4 IT ' ..4:2C "
Ar? i at ?pn&ffHM-fcU ' ... &) "
Le -'ft afS14 K " ...... .C10 "
A.t it w u;isia t ii ' s.J
Tlil- HItt fWIBHSl.
Ia.u E;rood lJfta.ra. lMOsm.
r.'.ia H .
Lr ; N.TwBli''f n; J.5 p.m
ttl'.M LTaUT.
-:,iaot ltli.a ' J'-p.m
" I'l ra S.S ' 7 .
i &ir.wl o ;..-v
T-.t 5 . a-m. ira: Ja lA;tw,l, nut cl!t
M . W.di,rt(a;. ai FrMtjt, aad a. t li.ru.
trva froo 'UriMtorE OS TctlaTi, Thur.
ar udsatiritTt.
. i ai A.tiasd mtt Jackon 'Je d r ioa
' .. Alu3f:.ilra. for Jl.t.et,t.
J' - j'r. KakOtCilr.aiidaH tifit. et.
M ?mrfW. .ti iro and Alton, anj
T .. Ualjuh aod W-.irrs Kiui-mH ...
B 'a-trtcc. (.tucag", aaj all toiatf Dortb.nonh-
MPans , iu, Jsi. an1 . lx.oi, and Uliaol
i"..ra. Kjlroa4 for a., j.iau .t, aouih aad
'f -!.
, tird "th A-.g Din-ioa IHiaoti
?!!,"".""''"' 1 M'-MMjppi Kailrovl.
ofcu:.,.nTii. iii.-up't.
Fwirr.qtt-' Fr'rt n J H-Vet As t.
i' El
Cah. William H.
L ave Cairo.
Leave Mi.. City,
van, imd
t ttuata mliit.
At ' A.M.
60 a.m.
.. 11.80 J.M.
'-'.31 P.M.
Id A.M.
1 KM.
5 P.M.
rAr-IOkT. HAWJ.'t lamso.vt.
II 'r ' 1 HE, UAUKli VATf,
' No. 1.
. I lU . hi
ai.4 I lb : p m. lu-iu.,
, .Vit) ittM-t
T- .tV,..
A. wadg v.ma jj, m. b
Til, .M. ).
Wa.3 cn afMimt.iwaliMit ttreii;
tw7iUNSIS, M.l)
on.- Uyiliu, a.u. l tiT, l" i ,,, '"
C'Jlt.SEI'. aiXTH anii WALNL'T-ST.
(Entrance on Hiitl,-.t.,)
F J Oil',,, i " "
F. H- v, f
(MKR.C'AUTaco. Proprietors.
iossril bavlish, t , -. , . i.WjPW0fci
'JIIK HOUSE 18 NEWLY 1'L'Um.shki,
Andollfralothc puUie find-dan. w-tommooa.
tlona ut reatoiublo ran-.
waihlngtonaud Commercial avtLuvt,
Till IIOU.O Iia been thoroughly mer-haulcd.
rfurulhod and renotat,.i, at,3 ; now ' "
the rooapllpf. Of BUoal, Vh. loomSw. ,"ge
nnd well ventilated, and fnahituru m w. l L.?h
kept night and clay, " MIW. CAVFNF:r,
jeldlf tVoprUtiittw.
AIllilVE. Cf,03H
2.(n.m. 2.00 p.m
, 2.20 p.m. lljfnp.m.
12.1ft j'.rn. ll;n p.m.
North, Tlirou(i
" '
Hnillh. Wnj-
" Through N. t., Jlcin.
pliHnn.l Coliimlnn 2:30 p.m. 4:0.1 t tn,
Ohio HHr p.iite. Caerpt
Moadi) f'iOOp.m. cry) p.m.
iron Mi'iinln.n H. it lliWp.m
Ml... Iliver rouie, imf.inr
and Krlilty i):f)p,tn. 7.(.lp.m.
ThetHf, (ioo.p Inland A Hatiln
. III".. Thurdr A I rl-
,r ( C:(p.m. T:W.m,
MutfiHI. Hmnlrillc and
I.oifln'-r, hjr Il.ciam. t.fnp.m.
orrica iiuta..
Oflitral I)flifrj m. 7i3Unm.
Montr Ordr drpaittrtcnt 8;W a.m. COO
lter 8.Mo.m. too p.m.
Moner Order and Ilvf later drpaittnenta not
open on tiundoya
Cauo CoMMixataT, No. 13. "luted Antmblj
ol the Afjlum Ma.onil Hall, fir.lnn l IhirdCSaU
urdara In each month.
CiiaoOnircit, No. St. Regular Conrocationat for tho position of county troiiMMcr an
Maonlc 11.11. the fecond Krid.y In each month. nQlincQ u , j , , , , b
Ctao Cmfrra, No. 71. Rfgnlar Conroeatlon , ... b 1
at Mmonic Hall, on the third 1'ueadar of tytrj
Catan Iim, No. 237 F. t A. JI lingular Coin,
munlcationi at Maaonie Hall, the ncond and
rourtn Monuajt oi eacn monin.
iiiLTi Uni, No.WJt K. A. M. tVKUlar Com
munlcation at Maionlc Hall .1r.t and third
Thuradars In caeh month.
An, f i I ( I ir.ti..
Hall, in Artrr'a UuilJfne. ererr Thursday :n
incr. ai oo ciojk.
VEXTION. Acontfntlonof the Demotratie parlr It hereby
called to meet ot the court-home in Cairo, on
Tuesday the I9lh day of September, 11)71, ot one
o'clock, p in., for the purpose of selecting del.
ecatei to the Democratic State Convention to be
held in Springfield on the 4th day of October,
S71, for nominating candidate for Count)
Treasurer at the coming Norember election, nn
the transaction of such other business ai may
be deemed necessary by eald contention when
Fortheaopointment of delegates to saldcoun'
ty contention, the Democrat In the aetata! pre-
ln-t? in Alexander county are hereby notified
and requested to hold precinct meeting! ot
their rep,ctlte placet of holding elections on
Saturday tho llh day of September, 1171, at 2
'clock, p.m. The numper of delesaiea to which
each precinct I. entitled being at follow, tit :
ilaxlewood 2 L1er Creek 0
I mwi-. . 2 banta e 2
Unity ...... 4 Goose It land ..
yog loom .. . i Korth Cairo -...-.12
outh Calrj..
Uj order of
Publlolu-d cicry mnrnlnsr, Monday ex.
The Cocncil. No quorum last night.
Paul G. Sohuh sells Kattinger's racdi-
Go to Dr. McGaulcy for P.attingcr's Fe
ver Drops. Warranted to cure the chills.
Choice Teas
Delay Not. Convulsions, and colic,
and griping in the bowels of infants cause
death. Mrt. Whitcomb's Syrup it a tried
remedy, It costs only 20 cents, diwl w
County Courf. This court transacted
oonsidcrablo business vesterdar. The re
port of tho proceedings, kindly prepared
for us by cierk Lynch, was unavoidabiv
crowded out of this iisuo.
Slkki-ino P.ooiib rou Kext. Teh
well ventilated sleeping rooms in City Na
tional Bank building. Apply to
At Citv National Bank.
Dr. Sack h Catakhu kemedv It no
Patetit Melicine hurnbui: cotton up to
du; the itjr.orant and credulous, but it is
a rjcrfec! J?r,iifin fnr Vnihl C.tttnrrh.
in the head, '' and kindred diseas
es iIhwIw
OmmnNAirLE. Wliitij tteaebc-ra in
the colored irliooW hre objectioriablo to
rnhtiy of 0i colorl citUeiii. Mr. Shores,
in particulur, vtheunjiitly objects to the
olicyof hiritit; white personi to teach tho
young colurMl idea how to shoot.
Where Du You
liny Your Orou-rlei 7
-Kr.VASTo.v.Th!t i,iiular butcher will
re-ujwf, hi, meat market on Commercial
Avtnue, next door to Cur roll's urocerv. on
.Saturday next, and invit- a ronuwal ol
the literal patronage ho hai heretofore re
ceived from the people of that portion of
the city.
DifM.LtiioN. The firm of Walker J;
Koehlcr hat been dluolved by mutual
whifcht. Mr. Walker, who hat fitted up
the St. Nieholai hotel in first-class style,
will have jole charge of it In tho future,
uuu it re.oiveJ to mak H tt permanent In-
HitutlJii of the citv.
Notick of ItEUOVAi..-J. C. Carson ha
"moved his agency to ,u building, No.
1M, near the corner of Tenth ttreot and
Utnrntrclal avenue, where may be seen a
lull ttock of mmlcal, InttrumonU, W
a.iu uonons. Aim d large lot' of tho
celebrated Wheeler it Wilton aewlr.g
""''"" toptClw
A Nw Stock
Teas, Coifeet and Sugars
AHI hOCIETY.-Tho hid lodoty of tho
ldle of the First BantUt churrf.
W Tenth and Cedar streets, will entertain
" win Pub c with h f.tu.ni
I'. Wo , .. i '47 ... "
the pastor , ' " J Mt' Hl,ort.
.i. '.. . tUul the aupucr will thr.,u,
log. Foley demanded tho dog for
daughter, but the owner would not
render him. The marshal it now
him with a long ahot gun, and wo
way make him Hu tho dust.
Viciou Doo. The oiw"i " .
Jog, belonging to u S ft8
Pourth Ward, attacked and bit M, I
ley, inflicting a -orlout wound .... V1'
Wholesale Pnicw. "Down, down,
hlcli prices I" Tliia la tlio motto of Klllott
& Ilitytliorn, tbb fopulnr boot nnd alioo
dcnlor!. Tlioy Imvo nccoruingly ninritoa
down their prices ngnln, nnd nro now ecll
ng coods tit wliolcsnlo prices nt retail.
Cull on tlicm nnd exatnlno their goodi find
ON packngo of l)r. Itattlngors tonic
horbi find roots put up with n cnllon of
good whisky 'makes nn excellent stomnch
blttorn, giving appetites, improving diges
tion; alio a preventive ngalnst mriliiril
favors and cipccially a tonic In cases of
general debility. Price per pnekago 25
cti. lorinlo by all first class druggists
and dealers in medicine. dawlw
1'lavoring Extracts
Yeast Powders
Why don't the astilrnn
press? Wo aro spoiling to pocket a few
of their dimes. Wo can't, you see, tol
rato bashfulncss in candidates. In edit
ors it will do. In thorn it is a jowol, liko
consistency or a quiet tonguoin a woman's
mouth; but in a candidato it is out of
Mackerel. Messrs. Straton & Bird
aro entitled to our thanks for a kit of
mackerel, a trial of which lias served to
strengthen our fondness for that kind of
salt fish. They aro larger, the meat is
white and of fine fiber, and is uncqualcd
in regard to taste. As a breakfast or tea
dish, wo know of nothing superior, and
recommend them to all lovers of good
mackerel as the finest article of the kind
wo havo tasted in years.
Hotel Armvals. -On the 6th Inst., at
the St. Charles : Capt. I. II. ISurk, steam
cr Antelopo; I. C. Delancy, steamer An
telope; K. K.Kirkpatrick, steamer Ante
lopo; James Barnard, St. Louis ; Com. W.
I. Kountz, Pittsburg, Pa.; J. A. Tipson,
Baltimore, Md.; Geo. Pitcher and wife,
Point Coups, La II. S. Wheeler, Chica.
go; 1. S. Haskell, St. Louis ; II. U. Penti-
cost, Cincinnati; Capt. II. Loucry, St.
Louis ; James Corgi!!, Now-York.
Concert and Suiter. The ladies of
tho German Catholic congregation have
determined to givo a grand concert and
'supper, at Scheel'i hall, on noit Tuesday
night, 12th Inst., tho procoeds to be used in
purchasing of the necessary furnituroand
ornaments far their new church building
now in process of erection. Tbeprogrammo
will cmbraco vocal and instrumental mu
sic, and furnish to the public an entertain
mcnt of great merit.
Fiied Koeiilek's Uorsk. Ytsterday a
resident of Caledonia, Pulaski county,
brought into the city the bay tnaro adver
tised by Fred Kochler as stolen. He had
taken up tho znaro wandering along the
Caledonia road probably in search of a
familiar stable. At one timo sho was own
ed by a man who lived near Caledonia.
The finder of thn mare Tcfuscd to give
her up until he received the Teward, but a
writ of replevin brought her, and now lor
a law sutt.
Ju.tT received by National and Blue
Line from New York and Boston ;
60 bbls. A Sugar, ' '
20 " Extra C,
15 B, ,
100 sacks Prime and Choice Bed' Coffee,
25 pkgs, Java, vcryfinc, n
150 pkgs, new raackarel. '
Alio. a largo Jot of .sides, .shoulders und
hams of vory superior quality of which
we offer at low figures to tho trade.
6ep5-2t STBATTON & BIRD.
TiieTurnek Anniversary. ThoTurn
........ t
r society have concluded to celebrate
their jiinlh anniversary one. wpekt sooner
than tho dato heretofore selected. It will
take placo at.Schecl'a, hall on .the 18th
intt. Tho proceeds of tho celebration will
be upplicd to the erection of tho proposed
T timer hall, and ovory effort will bo tnado
to make it ono of the grandest nffaira ever
beforo witnessed in Cairo. Tho tickets
will bo placed in thu hands of tho commit
Uo tomorrow, 'and'every citizen Ia in duty
bound to purchase cue.
PiiiLi.ir Bauoii is matter of hit trade,
und warrants all of his work to be of the
very iimteriiil ntld tiiunilfucture ; guar-'
antccs a complete fit and critire satisfac
tion, it not conuneu to anypariicuiar style,
bat makes every variety of boots mid shoes
from the heaviest cowhide to thu finest
Proricli calf nnd tnorocco. lfo alto keepi
u large stock on harid,o hit own manufae-
lurf, and any ono detlrout of purchating
good cUatorn "work cheap should call on
him ut liis shop on Eighth St., south tide,
near corner of Ohio levee, Cairo. dtf
Notice. Chris, Authoa has opened his
new meat market in Paul Schuh's old dry
goods ttore, two doort below tho pott office,
on Commercial avonuo, and Invites all his
acquaintances to a trial of his cut moats.
Beef, pork, veal, mutton, sausage, dec, Jcc.
Also cornod beef, pork and bacon. His
shop is kept in tho best of stylo, and his
customers served with neatness and dis
patch. Tho proprietor, Mr. Authos,. him
self attends to the shop, and silt cuatom
ort may. always feel attured of fair and
honorable treatment, full ivtiyhi, and tho
rip IU cltang'e back, whether they sorid their
children, or torvaatt or attend market
thomtolves. sept6dlm
Notice. I will pay a reward of.$10 for
tho discovery of tho whoreabouts of my
duoghtur, wlio it it reared by mo wus kid
napped by a partyor parties unknown on
Sunday lost, and brought to Cairo from
her homo near Carrictto'a Landing, Ky.
Bho Is about olgltten year 'of ago; air
coinplexloncd, light hair, has a small scar
on the forehead, and had on whou sho left
a cotton homespun dron, and nn old stylo
sun-bonnet of tho same material. Her
iiuinu It Mary Aon lludton, Irjfonnatlon
in rcroronco to her may bo loft at Phil,
llpt' wharf-boat.
. J, A. HuuaoN.
i Cairo, Sept. 5, 1871. " c0d3t
-Shrivo'i celobratod U o'clcck lunch
1 gotten nt-Jorgcnsen a. tf
The (Juestions of the Sun, Tho lit
no luminary of tho lovoo desires us to In
lonn our "colored friends" whon nn
"iierome uemocrntio party of this city
'nuo any sncrniecs for tho Improve'
monl and hnpnlness of tho colnrn.1
This qtiostion It nsked to divert nttontion
from tho issuo wo Jmvo rni ad with iho re.
publicans of Cairo, but it cannot hi used
ainst us with nny cllcct. Tho democrats
of this city owo tho colored men nothing
Led by whito radical domngoguct they
hitvo been most malignant traduccris o
democrats, nnd havo obeyed tho ordors of
their political masters ns meekly ns they
obeyed tho orders of their overseers In
slavery. Ignorant of their trtio interests
blind as bats In daylight to tho solflsh
designs of tho republican cllquo that leads
th cm Incapablo of tbnt independence
winch ail largo bodies of voters should
havo with great persistency thev have
struck the democratic hands that wcro
day after day putting bread Into their
mouths. A o havo no favors to ask of
them, except that favor which would re
suit from nn appreciation by them cf tho
necessity that exists for tho destruction of
radical domination in tho country, so that
tho institutions of tho republic might be
presorved. They may, however, tnko their
own course The democrats, whilo they
. it. a. .
wouiu uo glad to sco tuo colored men
break looso from tho loading strings of the
whito radical clique, can get along without
thorn, nnd if they will porsist in voting
wrong, let tho responsibility rest with
But how. Mr. Sun, Is it with tho whito
radicals of Cairo ? Only two hundred In
number, they stand forward nnd say to
tver threo hundred colored republicans,
"You may vote for a whito radical, but
you must not insolently ask tho whito rad
icals to voto for a colored republican. All
tho offices even the smallest belong to
tho whito radicals, nnd no black man shall
approach tho flesh poU. Stand back!"
The white radical! of Cairo know how to
tako, but havo not yet learned how to give,
and tho colored men nro stupid asses if
they much longer tolerato their dictation.
Again. How stands the Sun on this
question? It has not dared to oxprcss an
opinion in regard to tho policy of putting
colored men on tho sidewalks; und if it
dared would donounco it in the
hope of gathering In a dmio or two
from somo prejudiced and Bour-
bonlc domocrat. This exposuro mav
forco It into a declaration of endorsement,
if, indeed, it docs not stand in two of the
whito radical cllquo that controls It.
Sudden conversion of tho white radi
cals of tho city to tho policy of putting
colored men forward for public positions
will not do. The fuct is still fresh In the
mindsot the colored men Mr. Davisaud
hit littlo body guard of intriguing office-
oekcri, arc attempting to b.imboor.lc, that
only last spring, at a meeting of colored
men held in P.cv. Mr. Shore' church, Col.
Wood and Mr. Fisher, the head and front
of whito republican offending in Cairo,
told the colored people to their teeth that
they ought to be glad to hnvo tho opportu
nity to voto the radical ticket and had no
ight to osplroto office. Mr. Gladney and
Rev. Mr. Shores have a distinct recollec
tion of this incident.
But if the radicals desire to convince
the colored men that U.-v do not
with to uso them as tools they havo
now a splendid opportunity to do so. Let
them, on the 18th Inst., nominato John
Gladney, a representative colored man,
for treasurer, and thus prove by their
works what somo of them aro now assert
ing for effect that thoy regard the colored
man as their political equal. John Glad
ney it a better scholar than any radical
seoking the offico of treasurer can write
better, spell better, count in oro accurately.
He is at industrious and would make a bet
ter treasurer and osseuor. If a white man
is preferred to him, it will bo because Glad
ney has a black skin, and for no other
Now, good white radicals, show your
hands. But why say this? If tho color
ed radicals tvill chow their hands they can
win the game. They can nominato their
man If they please, and should turn out on
tho 18th and do to. Three hundred col
ored radical electors can out voto two hun
dred white rndicitl olecton. But the col
ored rudiculs havo been cowed. They daro
riot assert their Independence) nnd will
continue tu permit the whito cllquo to
crack their whips und they will obey.
Thoso French Cherries, in syrup, to
popular with connoiseura nro sold by Jor
gcnsen. tf
i'i'hk CllitihTiAN lMiiitoni.10. AVo did
not, wo nro informed, givo tho details of
the scene in tho Christian church last Sun
day correctly. Tho Hayitc determined to
hold it praynr meeting in the afternoon,
andjprocurcd tho koy of tho church. Mr
Priend, ascertaining this fact, uppointed a
prayer meotlnj: of his adherontt ut tho
tamo hour. When the II nv lies had taken
their places, Mr. Prlcnd opened with pray
er nnd asked the Lord to fuvo him und his
fretids from their enemies, who had como
there to d'thturh the mooting, after which
hd exhorted for a time, nnd concluded by
tolling everybody to leavo tho house so
that tho door might bo locked. Officers
Bllllngsly and Sumner wcro present to pro-
servo order, and, wo nro glad to say, no
dltturbanco occurred. Tho nffalr wont off
very quietly, nnd Friend carno out nhead
as usual.
A Fino Assortment
Fancy Groceries
tho construction of n new Catholic church
will bo taken till Monday, September
11th, 12 o'clock, ti.m.
Plans and specifications cun bo scon ut
tho rotldonco of Father 0 Hullornn, Culro.
Further information to bo given by tho
architoct, A. .Druldin-;, St. Louis, S. E,
corner Ollvo and Fifth. Lowest biddor
will get tho contract, on giving security
for the holo'nn.Dunt.
Wanted At tho Dclmonico Hotel ono
I'lmndrod weekly boarders, Vivo meals
each dav. l.rico to tier vc k
w&m Wm
SEFTEMBER 0, 1871.
Cairo, Ills., Sept. ft, 1871.
AVi'for Cairo IiuUetin.
Sir: I read with intorost In vour edi
tion of this dato, nn editorial accusing tho
wtiito rauicnis ol denying to tho colored
. o. uairo meir equal participation
thn nfT,.lri nf il. ,..vi! ... mi
At.l. .1 , ....
- " .uijuuiiuun iiariv. ihbi
is nil so, and all the thinking colored men
of Cairo nro wldo-awako to tho fact, and
nnvo been watching that point for tome
The dodge that the reoubllcnn
. . ......
.1 i i ...
murine iu mm
...u vwiuiw UlOU II B B DDI
been forgotten, or their actions In the olty
tuuntii aiierwarus. inoy wcro to hnvo a
.... . f. . .
colored Jailor nnd a colored pollcoman,
but they have not only failed to havo
them, but tbo Hon. Mayor Lansdcn re
fused to put a slnclo colored man in uom
inntion, being afraid that ho might loto a
few votes of tho weak-knoivl ron.il.tl.,,..
and if the colored men who aro now work'
. . , r .
... t on mo BiunrniK uau not boon sup
ported by domocrats and men who aro for
the right, tho mayor and hit cllquo novor
would have put a colored man In noml
nation ; but they will havo to do ono thing
or tho other, and that is, loto tho week
kneed republicans or tho voting colored
men of Cairo, not that tho colored men of
Cairo want to asplro to office, but they aro
tho controlling power, and they havo a
right to n representative.
lou desiro to ask tho San if it endorses
the action of the council in appointing
colored men as laborers on tho sidownlks
Tho .Vu,i it dead, and can't speak. It hnt
no editor to speak out. Tho Sun would
go down nnd novcr shlno again if it were
to speak in favor of the colored mon
I havo given tho views of tho majority
or tno colored voters of Cairo.
A Colored Voter
Brevities. Col. Tavlor
nnd Capt.
Hnlliday are in St. Louis.
Ward has announced himself as a can.
didato for tho radical nomlnr.tion for
Not a prisoner was confined in tho city hand a frcth supply of Saddle Rock oys
1 yesterday. Dull day. Tti
1 iretncn s mass meeting at the Bough
nd heady eng.no house on next Monday
Yesterday was a hot day.
Tl . . , . .
Aim city council inienu 10 procuro a
now council chamber and clork' office.
Tho cistern proposition becomes more
popular the more it is discussed.
Tho Sun plumes ittelf in having sug-
csted tho resurrection of tho chamber of
commerce, its sutrccstions nmount to
Its succcstions amount
ttlc, but when The Bulletin concludes
to ndvocato the resurrection tho rcsurrtc-
will tako place sure
Is tho Sun in favor of Gladney or Ward
ror county treasurer
Certain whito radicals fearing a mutt in
n tho radical cirnp, nro endeavoring to
ndueo Clndiioy to not seek tho radical
nomination for cO'intv Irenttirer. Thev
mav succeed.
Sells Cheaper Grocerici
Cun be Bought
Notice. Parker it Blako havo removed
to Bross' brick store, on Commercial ave
nue, second door from the corner of 11th
street. Thoy hnvo added to their already
largo slock of paints, oils, window glass,
wait paper, hhades, lamps, varnishos, etc.,
and invito tbo public generally to call on
thorn In their new quarters. Thoy mako
a speciality of tho celebrated Aurora oi),
which they will supply to thoir cuttorners
In quantities from u holf pint to ten bar
rels, at much lest cost than coal oil, and
warrant it not to explode. nug2Cdlrn
At Eichhoff Bros.,' Factory.
Home Industry.
Sell Furniture fur Cash ;
Twenty per cent.
Lower than anv other Dealer in Cairo.
Our Furnituro
Is All
MkiIo out of Seasoned Lumber,
nnd will bo
Insured for Six Months,
A Raro Chance
Tin: New Wilson. Smith ii Biink-
moyor, corner Commercial nvenuo and
it a .
Eighth ttroct, nro selling tho Now Wilton
Under-Feed Shuttlo Sowing Machino, tho
bctt and cheapest machine in tho world.
It it told $20 cheaper than nny othor ma
chine. Some of tho many advantages
claimed for It uroas follows:
1st. It Is at durable, well finished, and
costs as much to tnanufacturo ns other
First-class Machines; hut sells for somo
$20 lets.
2d, For hommlng nnd felling it Is un
3d. That It is tho simplest ihuttio ma
chino mado.
4th. It has lets wearing parts.
nth. Tt has no grooved cams, ball joints,
compound cranks, or cog whoels.
Oth It Is adnptcd to n largor rango of
work, without chniigo, than any othor ma
We would cnll tho attention of our
country frlonds who want to get good
pictures to call on J. J. Thomas, who has
a vory pleasant gallory on Commercial
avonuo for their accommodation, nnd is
rnully tho lost artist wo havo had in Cairo
or u long time. tr
Fresh Oystkkh, I nm now receiving
dally, tho eolobrated C. S. Maltby's U. and
M. brand of fresh oystors, which aro unri
valled, mid for salo by the cun or caso on
the most rcasonnblo terms, try them, al
ways wtirruntcd i;ood and ires 11.
tf Wm. Winter.
Wm. Thiers, ut his sho,, on 20th street
isatlll manufacturing every variety of
imota and ,i,n. f,, ..i; v.t. .ii
(ho uses no othor kind) which ho olU
roadv mado or mado to order nt nrlco
I that defy competition
wi r INANCEH. Sixth Slolemonl
novonue, by Josonh II. Tnvlor.
TrCttJllrnr. fmn a......... .of. . 4
31, 1871, Incluslvo:
1, .. . . 1 "
" ainnnn. ". .,"".r'
- - 'iimi.
M. ... . "ul",u
in liy nm't rec'.i from SnAT??,"
. I lor. collectnr. nn .,.... Ji'. fF-
I 1B.U
i ,
T? f'P pwVnd MnMUeVi"".'"
,n g,ner'1 fun"
275 00
11149 Ol
ttWU 24 Itor.J 24
Br balance aa ni..i,.,i
IS6I9 64
i - amount reel.. r.n,n i n
.. ;"' """:". urn. iaie
i t..i.. . " '.'..'
By am'i reo;d'Tro'm"jT lirTailor',
collector, on account taiea for
To am't couponVpiid 'and'canl
'ell.ei1 - 1M1 I
To balance 7147 w
n. Iltfi
1 07
117 10
tetw it istw VI
roi, iiowaui, 4 co. mttaur 11 an.
U!J Hi"'),'"1'''1 fro "iTaVior,"
f?i xKr,on oocounttaie.fof
uhwhd laxa ior
1 U
.,..u... vu.iKjoi paiu anu
cance d .....
to b.i.nce;:;z : z isi ;r
IC13S 24 14130 24
frieiAL rrxi..
"y 'mount rn-elred from John
i ian.i, .amount Uue to th
citv ,ir elm
Ily ain't ree'd from K M." Ward",
To Mnce'.!'.'.!?.
... . T ""u'i amouni co.
311 30
Dll 30 4(311 :
City Ooinplroller.
Money refunded if Glllet's coods don't
P1010- agl8eowdaw2m
Wei.', regulated families tuo Glllct'i.
Try Glllet's double-strength extract.
Gillkt's wathing crytlal raaket wash
B6 13
fhe bett placo to buy school books is at
. 11. nockwell & Uo.'s.
-At Jorgenscn's may be found tho pod-
ulftr French assorted pickles.
Oysters. Ioui Herbert hai alwai on
Go to Parker ic Blake's, corner
mcrcia, BVcnuo nd ,ub Jt
Go to Parkjr A Blake's for window
glatt, putty, etc. nn2Cd!m
Go to Parker & Blako't for wall pa
per, window shades, etc. nugSWdlm
Jorgcnsen has a great run for Capt
v n'le s oriental pickles. tf
KlNDLJNO. 000 " glatt boxct " fur talo
at 5 cents each. W. W. Thornton.
Go to Parker it Blukc's for lumps
lamp chimnoyi, paint bruthea, etc.
Everybody goet to Jorgcntcn's family
gorccry for tho Hnlford Ijlchctterihirc
tauce. tf
Go to Jorgenteii' for imported Dun
dee oraniro marmalade, tho celebrated
London cryttul vinegar, in quartt, nnd
choico Genoese figt. tf
Notice. Tho undersigned will pay no
debts contracted in her name, unloss her
written order for tho goods can bo re
turned with tho bill.
Mr. C. JIcGkk.
Cairo, Sept. 2, 1871.
Tne most popular shoe shop In town
it on 20th street opposite tbo court house
hotel, where Writ. Ehlers manufacture
boots and shoes for his customers, warrant
ed to be of tho best French calf, kip or
morocco, and which ho guanraloos to give
entire satisfaction. Call on him and you
will know how it is yourtolf. Jy'JCtf
Mr. F. Bote hat romovod his tailoring
establishment to his new store, at No. 104
Commercial avenue. Hokocps on hand a
splendid ntsortmcnt of piecogoodt which
ho will make up fur his customers in a
manner warranted to suit. He employs
only tho best workmen, and gives his ,
personal attention to tho businets. Per
fect fits cuarnnteed. Prices reasonable.
Call and sco him. aug301m
Tho Chicago Beer Saloon,
Beer Saloon, Wm.
Schick, proprietor, Nos. 2''. and 28 Eighth
tt.eet, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of Wcist' Beer, liquor or every
dctcription, and aU kinds of foroign and
homo Wines. No ordinary liquors ara
disponted at tho bar of the saloon only
tho very best, und guetts find In attend-
Bnc0 polite and accomodating waiters. A
I "
freo lunch is spread ovory day at 10
o'clock a.m. aual.tf,
Homo Bitten.
Tho greatest known remedy
for prevenlation
and euro of
Chills, Fever, Aguo, I.Ivor Complaint
Buy thorn ; try Hum.
Stratton & Bird, General Agonts,
Cairo, Illinois.
Chas. II. Evans, Wasblngton-avonue,
botwocn Eighth and Ninth strcots, has on
hand a iplondid stock of family grocorioa
of all klndt, which ho is selling at tho
lowest prices. Re is dotormined not to bo
undersold, and challenges comparison of
tho quality of his goods Willi nny houto in
tho city. His shelf goodi aro of every va
rloty, fresh nnd seasonable, and anything
and everything tho market affords can bo
purchased nt hit storo at tho lowest rato
Givo him n call. tf
William Alba'a barber l op is grow
intr In nubile favor ovory day. It Is noal
lv fitted un. and can boast of tho most
skillful workmen in mo city, xno pro
" . . 1. 1. 'nn..y
prietor has had many years' oxporlonco in
his business and is recognized ui ono of tho
most export shavers in Southorn Illinoii,
whllo young Alba Is a tnastor in tils pro-
C,M nnd (tr.n"Borf w" wlsu
Plnlcis sl.nve, a iu xun . ou ...ami S.
or thoir hair ut In tho latest itylo should
I All.- Tlla alin An
vonu' noxt door tcTUfcnnon'a nowi-
irom F.
1 ..,." . Jo. 11. T.
.... cuurcior, Oal. .,.,'
I dopot.
of T1. 111 ,
Cllv J.llnrrrr, 1 i...;i..i.i.u...
. I .. . : .
I" b.v. v, ta v.ull.lllurll.1 11
. .... ... '
..-.I lr . ... '
...i. ii.BL iul nn in n nnv nr
bin nlnrt-. will A.
naitiruay noxt. ftu,,g.
1 ll;
1'OltT LIST.
AUBIVKtl. ..
Sleamcr It. P. Walt, VkksUrp;.
iiurasviuo, uiarkavllle.
Illinoii, Columbu.
City of Chtvrter. HLlajuU
it. v. iegw,at.-hcai.
R. P. Walt. St
Illinoii, Columbui.
CitT of ChisUr. Memphli.
C. V. Kounlr.. til. T..i.
.1 v k-.11 "1
Steamer pick Johmon, Evanitlllt.
11 lull. TTI....I ..
wui.n, T .UKBUUrfr.
ITItv nf Vlnl.V.n. c. T
.,"'"rr,i A-aaucan.
Illinois, Columbus.
II. (' Vftn v l. I
b".i vi 1 call
The rlvor Is tteadllr rltln bora.
ill.lll.lnril li .till -lit 1.. t ,
Cincinnati tho Ohio It rltlntr fu
e ..1 ... ...... .t .T . "
... ... - ..... BH.(.uK U.. UJU.
iruiii an niuicaiiont mere will be a
30 go or water In the Ohio,
.II.IaI . a will l. . . 4... 1 4 . . I .
or arrivals.
The weather was modlfiWIr warm
Tho K. P. Walt from
but little freight.
Th Hnrktw IIaI a.tn I. u t
or trade. She broueht out 22 lusrar ka-
81 crata Lor, lr.fl iMllnUwa .rA rk
leather. She had a lirbUr In tow sta.
porttd 2C India ovor tbo br In Cum
lnd river.
Tha J. W. Kellff o. .tit. .
1 om -
" ,mBn ge..
ino risic naa a Hgnixnp.
Tho 0. V. Kountz diDarUdfotScL
v 1 tn J . r ?
Tho City of ChMter arrfvod 'm
with fair trim and aniia .Waut E
noro. uer omctra raporied litis cat
0,ulncy aground at Ltbortjr Island.'
Tha II. C. Yaeter brrnirni n'nt'a n
erato trip. Sbo takot all tho ualajl.
freight of tho Kountr
Tho Eckcrt went up to tho wroek of
Antelopo and brought down all her c
furniture, 1104, belt, etc. Sh has I
given up as n total lost. Itlaprobt;
that the Falls Pilot will tow bcr byge
Now Orleans. '
Tho Dorter hat laid up at St. Louil,
will hnvo tome altorotiont mado with
boIUrt. ' 1
The mcrchanti of Yazoo City have
titioned tho Yickiburg chamber of c
-.1 ...i. 1. ....... r 1 1. . .,l..m.
against the policy of holding freight
000 boat againtt the interctt of cooigt
and competing boat. I
Goorgo A Williams having disposed
hit intcrcttt nt Vicktburg, hat taken;
Intercut In tho wharf-boat business,
'i tinn ai ami itinnn air ivnin. rasi m .
will removo thcro at once.
wexlc nrlne a lirnlina ruddar. Khnwill
....1.. ... 1.. ..I.... . .ln.i t .
11111 JXU T IJlVXXOlAilUIIAt At.
H 1 ...IB! S l.J ..II1I4.1... I.IA.rBI
O A XiiawiUAJi-f X AJU A -.AAXiAl
City Xatlanal Btttak UmlUimt.
hr.sK-iaU ftUention M k) -tdtt froM HV
Tha Dtrtnerahlu haratofare exlattoar belwtu
hi mutual content. Mr. Walker takioa tht aat.
11.- waiaarana jonn noouer naa uaaa n aaaii.
control of the HI. Nicliolaa Hotel.
Ciioo, BeptemUr 1, lni. dlw ;
1 !
U, IT.... W.TWP ( a. ..Mn.id IfiM IOA. Jllff
lAi Hotel from the comer or JUgni nratt
location or the rormer tiiabiitntsrai. ! r.
atenue, tawhtrelie intltet nil rriNMatai
fling public inerJij.
lihed.the table U be tuppfled with rtti
Tim hotel haa been antrrelf renilad ana
itle and manner to aoak It a
IIMI l.vi.l, , r. . .,
..... ...... ....
Hutetter and Dewier la all Hlatala Vwf
riDv.a N,v44fj4iwTH Avt, Port ao Htmaar. v
- j
CAIRO, iLMltQlfl, 4.' -
.... 1 . . 1 .
v-w.rv.1 ...I . .unlil.r. nnlw tha vjnr baai c
thousand pound 1 uii .tl sy a
'-a r
" D ,
No. 87 Couhkroial-av.) hit,
KtT A 4.11'
uiu dtjjbzti.
ap aiiiiMta
Kiohth Street, Betwmx WABAiNaioir
and Commercial aybvum,
AdJvlala.v BltUaUaaoLM MW
Ki the best of Beef, Pork, Uu'tloo, Vl,
Lamb, Boutajte, eto,, and ore prepared to sett,
ci tiito la (be ai&il accepUUe smatl,
M. I
4J AI,J 1 A. Ul
t.i h
VSaiaVlaHtaVl AV

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