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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, September 20, 1871, Image 4

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on and aHerSunday, M:' IIHi. I". ""'ow
ing tiroe-tsblo will gown tho nJ "'P'
nre of pa.ltigr trafn.'al CAIfoi
jnMrf-Mil lr'u. dally P-m-
Err,!"' Ji'""i"-',t r,mi
K-Jllll.iMlly 3:30 a.M.
,,,r bin v'"JVf pt Sunday 830 fvw.
.VJltilik""4'1 from Cairo 'tn '8tr Ldnli. Xo
ch'ne of fm from Crtiro lo Chicago. Flejant
prawiGff Ho""" leptng cf on night trains.
Uirgige cheeked Hi'nll ImporU'lt'f.'ilb.t.
'I he attfbUV VI snipper ir rsOTcuw
,rJ to the Awl tint u Fnilt YiXpren Iralii will
ve ORlro Iuljrf SfttirntnjrB upectcd, and will
ake tlte ruannmi Ihi city lo Clifritgo-ln twenty
iwohaiirs. J. JuIlMOH. AgetpV
'i " TO T- H '
.St. Louts, Louisville, Cincinnati, Chi
cago, New YoiiK,:Bboy,"(-
Pa.ieiigerttaJtu Arrive nl anil leave Cairo at fol-
xAttw it) J vxvmm.,
Amivi-.' i3inuii.m; na.i..a..-aiao p.m.
luritT llil.T p.m. .......... ,vjb ji.m.
Iioth trains e67!nJft-Jl Centralla with train on toe
1 164 -r.in.
Decatur, nionmlnglcn, Kl Paso, La Salle,
Mcmlota, Frocport, Oaten, Dubuque, and
all point In, Illinois, Missouri,
MJnneU,'Vooln 'and
loira. And ivllli,
Llnea running East andiWeat fori
St. Louis, Hpfngfield. Louisville,
Cincinnati, lin..inspolis, Columbus.
And at Chicago with Michigan Central. Michigan
houthorn, and 1'itt.burg. Fort Wayn
and Chicago Railroads lor . (.
Detfort,1 Cleveland, " Dunkirk,-
Mbiny, Huston, Philadelphia,
.Vi.vn Fall., l.rie, Ituttalo,
.Sen York, Pittsburg, llaltlmore,
For throngti tickets asdlrtfortaatlon, apply
Illinois Ontr.il Ilallroad Depot.
, . . v. r. aonxao.v,.
C'nfral TalenRer Agent, Chicago
. SON, Agent, Calro , ,u , (M k
On and after NooJar. April
iprllSlth, lS-l,.Uaina wll
I jniBiMIUUOWSli j
TallHl 001.10 COCTHIAIT.
Mail. Express
Leare Virginia.
.- C:tOa.m.
...... 90 "
. i...u p.m.
Arritent 1'ana .......ll.Im.
xnrs Wirt "Kwtnnrif r;
....... .3:31 p.m.
i faaJi
Leare Pins..
Leave Hnmfiit r. M
TEiias ooiso sorru-tsr.
Lcarc F,.lgowood , f;30 n.tn. 10:10 a.m.
Arrivo at fchawnccton3;03p.m 0:15 p.m
Leave Shawneetown Ma.m .. 6:!0r.m
" Flora. .2:55 " VM "
Arrivo ftt Kdgewood 4:iO " 6:20 '
ine o:jj a.m.
rain from KdEeood..ruaCtAflv
Mondays. Wtdnesdavoand Fridav..anil :t5fi.m.
..mil uuiti uituniiuciiinu, uu luumpii, AMUXB
ivs and SnturdaTs. '. .'
Connects at Ashland with Jacksonrlllo division
in uiucagoann Alton imfromt
liir u iLKHnr.v in.
v.-iurK, vu, n im nil 1O)IU0 weal
At JlprincflMdr'jrtth-phleago kJnlIAItpajphU
Toledo," VabW- and 'Western Raifroad, for
Illoomlngton, Chicago, and all points north, north
weit and west.
At Tana with lnd. nn-rw. Louis, and Illinois
Central Railroad for nil points ciut, south and
At Ktccwood'wHh Oiile.go' DKIslon Illinolf.
Central lUilrwid.- - p t
Atl-lora, with Ohio aid MIssIssIddi R.ulroad.
AttliawrTM.irfWrth 'stMtnWals'foVclffiiAiJ-
0RI.AN1) BMlTHi Tien'lSun'L
3 oim FnoaiTT. Ocn'.tTCT'athtt j Mrkol Ac'l.
THE mm W3tu
nii.ii u Aju
i dot or imiirii irjiwr.
At t m.j
At..,. 4"A.V
4.8.30 A.M.
At-.. ll.Vt).Aji..
A-t ' -A ti. t(
At ltta'A.:traM.H
At;.V..,.-lHfl'.C.30 T.'M.
I'M t lil
" . 'AW AVY' SfAty). ,
ittiivr T)ioi
Cairo and qGirQ I :
iiackot. t . i fit
' ' ' 1.,-orl rtjL. ' .11' . hi ' l-l!.
and K'age ai ly on hoard
...... !
Weekly I'aeket for Vaducah, r.vansvllli, and Lou-
'i.n.iHUUN, A(Tti
ma'I i
-rt en i
looFowlcr. MHHtfr.
Le-see Cairo .WdW tifiTptad) at 4
Illft fnkt.rtint.ln. II. I. .1 . :
djjui umujni steamer,
. 3ffAH4E Mm,
iiua iwiix.
Lil fit-"
(In place of tho Ark. Belle),
110.1 'i.ll V" f'l'' U '
..SAWtMW.W'A Ur, a 111 in
Will leave Cairo for EranUU every WEDKE8.
"M X'TT. BAY, Moil or,; ja''
BKHtokt rytntsattzrttuntn, 21th.
' ' i i
- ' Tie rall-lutf tWtQT .
U .nor
Jacoi). a rich mnior. Mr. I'r uesi.
Johanna, IiIk dA0BhUf.;...........i .. .Mlaa K'n.
iimnueiin, i;ngineer ijiuienni..ivucin nuuci.
TWU'crg, nn oTricer.....-i.C. Bclionfrnver.
'Jiargarot, millot' hooeltrir...MMi. Meclincr.
00 rent.
v ' . . YA-.I: "' ' a J
open at 7 n'ocloeka Fcrrormanco to w
gin at8 o'clock.
Inttlaltrl Vry msmltac, Monday
MA stale
PolIco.bmincM was
m flat
Prolate court is atill ia session, but
ttla .business of piblie! intotest has yet
Rev. BradloT bai ahot in.tho lockor
'for Iter. Shores, and proposes to flro it at
that gentleman through theso columns to-
morrbwmorriing1.' " "
13 OJFoiIp wro'wjcHyhkytf to
rianized a benoTolont aispclatlbn, and pro
poso to extend it over inonmcontn con-
j Henry Candeoandlady hao roturn
oxl from their summer acatloij. tl,onry
' l 1 .i . i.-.u'cn-
may bo seen ejery day novr athis'tfflce.aj
busy at thebtHy tco.
' ThoroVno utoEoTcitea ovtr.
the coming clectlorifor Vwl Wfs, baVl
wnoa -tut itmo comes, iooic oik for iiYeir.
mm, m wmcnaitiior ana Jnomi yrm -m
grounu up. t t tgy n
Tho Sun led us Into thotaistako of an
nounclng tho departure of Col. Linegar
fbr Sprincileld. Tho Colonel did not de
part. ,Hd ia still ih' the clty'dhirrmirig.tbo
potit jury of tho circuit court with his elo-
quenpe, nnd so forth. t
"The Boltjetix vmpfcthizes xtim
Mr. F. M. "Ward, who was not nominated
1. .. .1 l:.vir'vV LX'-4iii.'r
Liiu reuuiiia vuuvcu,iuui jumiuii;.
Uoc3 our noicntior thinic mat iriena
"Yard will feel flattored'on account of that
Tajpaty1'lp,---SMr -. . aj ad, n ( I ).t t A
Jou jiilg'hhor hag Ttd'daiatit'thM;
woUld havo been flattened if ho had been
nominated. 1 ' " ' 1
' Doputy ShoriltT 'Green "Motbo has
just returned from a search, after. thi ,1309,
Bo assassins', in' which ho wftS'nsnnslidcteSS
fill ns Sheriff Trvln had been. Ho could
find no cluo'fo Iho Vrlys'torfous shfriclo wai-
dri and'lts "bloodhlrkty 4;lTors Tho fflys-1
tcry of this peculiar almost a tragedy bO'
oomcuenBcr.cvory uay.
without noy considerable pcovocatloay
qr'-words to ( tnat oircct. xiio trial m ha
Italian who stabbed Cbh.-'Brke. somo time
nVn, tco tlinn prnrnpHeil vrlth, 'jti''fiV,f
notToon concludod whoif tlio C"ourthd-
omed.lMtnttft,'",r" !1AU
i "In another'' blo'eilln Ho-'dav's Sun
will he found a discussion of tlio cittorn
question from tho, pon tpf a practical
todahanic,, "SVo invito, a further diicuV
Slon of this ouc9tion nnd honn Hint thn
ItizoDg of Cairo will look, yyoll ;Wiro
ijiuj in., iii u niuiiur oi bo uiucu uio-
ment." Sun.
Better say that they should look cittern
hfeJrt)f before. thoy , not :ih)Ik"
matter of to many moments.
Tho democratic contention yesterday
riominutcd Mr. Win. Martin for county
treasurer, and Mr. 'John1 P. Uoloy for sur-
vcyor. Mr. Martin linn old citizen of
Alexander, honest at ihq dayiialong,iakV
has a host of friends in tlio ciuhtv
ty "whj
'villi ratly'tri his support on WcifAdaVJ
aiid (jiumplmntiy olect him ovor hfs' radi-
ciii compoitior, Anu us h mattoror courso,
lIelrryOwiIligotay'wjtH2IfillIS". II A
j Vard was thrown .overboard by,, iho
ndlcal cllquo because' ho' was known to be I
. friend In tlin colnrnd men nf flnlrn nl
expected to Veccfvo rroutfie'ra'ah1 enthu
siastic iuppurLjj If pc had fjoon a kd
glovo gentleman a moniod man n b'ank
of in search of deposits agon tleman, who
hkp Mr.,MUloc, would, mot coniescbMA to
ue contarainuteu by.contact withtho "man
ana orotlior," ho would havo received tho
favor of tho radical bllque'hhd'iholr nom-
Pauon- .nun ,
i-Mcssrs. IHxby &.Koehlor havo open-
j-i. ...tumiiy grocery storo on ,tho north
x.iBihii sircot, botwoon Commor-
CUll and Wnahlnr.lnn mi
, . - ,. ...b.uu uyuimya, ijicaq
gentleman are well-known husliutti, men,
(tad deserve and vm iinntU n i-tii ...'-i..'
! ... uu. mil 1UUUIVU
alibera),liaroof. public paUpnaco. Their
store room has boon flltodup In ox'cellonl
..'..1. ., - v 7' ' ""uuk
I V' ! !, " vy Pposo to doal In noltllllgAi
1 iimnii rArii i,Kii y n . .
hsnd con.Untly a full .took, and will ell
at lhejcry lovfcif fliV-M'i "t !imw
uuuy. .Jll'ltly.,
K. Hunsakor, foroman,
.inn t IVU L'n T-..
AToslov AV. Htnwart. vni,ii, 1
it. tj '
l'jirdlnand Thbobold, HoracoA. Mann,
L Mr. ..t ... '
iJ r ' HlHMi"cJcxaaaon,
14s found tho leaky 'b'riW c-i.tirs n
1 .... uuuin. n.
III Vi 'TifT""1! wuo
now in
TYo havo not moJa roply fo his
nication this morning, but will takn th
Arit onnortunltv thaLnraaanU ,i
vordici,,yostcrdajj jnorh'ingi 'o'jijlty
qf an attempt' to commii bodily injury
DV,7. , W 'wul0lbohasbecn
tldi n rwanl r.a f
iM.ik uu Piupuotiiiiiun 01 woouen cikl
ooatMvorsy.. And wo ara glad to ind.that
tbo object has becn obtained.- Quinn, anu
tho bHclOria-SOTaTithlrbncV, havo mado
ihiihafcrof iiSi'KWamdnt ttgalnst tho.wood-
en cistern plan, but thoy navo not snaKon
our faith in lis practicality.
Tho following namod gontlomon nro
tho notit Jurors of tho present torm of tho
circuit court:
J Honjamln Doxtor, John Allen,
Ellia II. Iluntor, "Wm.Jsmoi.
Lewis Palmor, , win, Ellison,
James Andersotj, "W. 0. Tlughes,
James Hutchinson, H. A, Thorns,
A. M. Caublo, .Robert Ithoutan,
Uoo. Do uiiaor. At. j.uanam,
"Wm. Eddor, Fred. C. Fulton
Charles Fisher, Huston Barnott,
t Wilford Eamci, J.T. Carpontor.
(Tho arrivals at tho St. Charlos yestor
bk' WrVii.lfcJ.i6w. IJ. Mr Otfroro.V.XXl
btinuo, Iowa; M. Straniro, Chicago; Capt.
J. B. Moray, Johnson county; James
Morris, Capo Girardeau; John J. O'Brlan,
Y.; A. Julion, NowOrloans; 11. A
Durdrianville, same; Tibjjjtsu Ohicago;
At. iiennott, same; oonn uoisnouse,
.Dongola; Henry Molchor, St. Louis; W.
draham, Cumberland, 111.; H. S. "Whcolor,
Chicago; R. M. Dugan, SI. Louis; L. T.
ooro, Ccntralia, 111.; "VV. T. Piorco, Car
nvlllo, Mo.; Mr. Boatty and family,
me; A. Drindlng, St. Louis; L. E,
ucknell, same; A. K. J.'Crook. Snrlnc-
1 Miis Ellen D. Eames, formorly of Kal
amazoo, having taken up hor rosidonco ia
Cairo, informs the public that sho if desir
ous of giving instruction in vocal and in
strumental musia nd n, French. Miss
Eames comes among us with excellent re
commondationi. During tho lato session
of tho Korthweatorn Acadomy of Music,
ho was among tho most proficient in piano-
forto practico and vocal instruction, and
.L yuiiiiiun Jt Ijiiii -j'yllt olilCt ,
tho conductors 01 tho acadomy unito in
their testimony lo her thorough knowlcdgo
of music and her capability to teach tho
same. Miss Eames rosides in tho houso
formerly occupied by Mr. 0. B. Omstead,
wh5fo'haSH' bd hipW lo tocotTo'irapils'
and glvo any information desirod in ro-
rd to terms, etc.
Tho cards wore "slocked" against
ard in Linogar, Munn & Popo'i law of.
co on Sunday. Ho didn't ascertain tho
ct until 44 votes for Miller out of a to-
1 voto of 48rkaoid'hIitf iSWiucocked
at. Tbo philosophy with which he takes
0 buffots of tho leadors of bis party, who
010 hirA.b.yjkpey.ertfeward him, is rcalljs
charaaing, After-awhHe-he.will-beoote-i
so meek and tractably haJ bo will visit
tiho offlco of Linegar, Munn & Popo, daily,
and rcqaesj(dil(r 7ih kick
aim, and failing to obtain hit punishment
will havo no appoti$V Uo lacks gall
Sjo mako opprcsjlryhftor,, f Jnis party
ho has no independonco, but is tho "very
obedient servant' of tho cllauo ono of
thflP,hTjfjVCMI43ra0,'S Of WjB-"
lition If aespqiaaeditec)pf Tub Bulls-
!in, and will enter upon tho discbargo of
is duties to-day. Mr.'Willett noods no
eomman'dalion to rccdmrriond 'him to tho
favor of tho peoplp.offlajWjfrnd tho sur
rounding countryJIoii.widclyinown as
an nhlo nowspnper morand has a reputa
tion as n writor not circumscribed by local
boundarics!J'i)drinBl .4 yehr im-
mcaiatoiy j yrocempg Uirj,,wj j tho
was identillod Jwith the ,f owspnpor intor-
osts of Cairo, and added much by his pe
culiar talents to thoTSciness of tbo col
umns over whicliJimihadfcdntroh Ho re
turns to his old homo now to mako it his
Jonco and will rosumo his
iiDtf blltncmik "'who will! '
It may not be improper in this connection
to say, that now, '-hclng roliovcd from tho
drudgery of tho entiro control of TnE Bul-
1 I i U li M.U-I 11,11 it .Hi
Letin, wo hopo to do ahlo to add now fea
tJuros to tbopapxir, Mid render j.jgro ac
doptablo lo tho public.
1 -ii) ii:.,::.'W-rt1.:i...'v.'.r,j,H' i.v
i,i uuwini ssv vu 1 it aw w ittiTV a witsv vu
tlo Bross' brick atpte, qru Commercial nvc-
ue, second door from thi corner of 11th
street. Thev have added to their already
lkri5Q3rf?ofPpaWSr., wlrTdSwtgfa'W;
wan pnpor4nyo;,ziyiu, Yafnisncs, etc.,
ind invito tlio public genorally lo cull on
hem in thoir now riiilTAcra. Tlioy mako
a siMsiality.fithoaclalcit4dAluraiaHL
which they will stiptilysto, iiieir. customers
in quantities from a half pint to ten bar
rels, at much less cost than coal oil, and
warrant it not toiejipjpdts. 4 K As2pd)PT&h
1 No"P,VKWlM!fc..9Ci.th JW'VelTi
Ibws' Benovolont Association of Egypt"
havr4Moil-opeWedC und any -rHciHlieri'of-i
Alexandcr.lodgo. No.2-1, desirous ol lo-.
i , tool! isA r-r.iVii Aiuijr-Xt
.coming u mctubor of tlio AssocTalfony
may do no upon" application to
tho SeeroUr-y-T f- a .Uie-,crA)eia-
flee, 1
lro Urn, nt Tiik Bulletik of-
befora Tuesday evening, Soptombor
2Cth, imtant
John II. Oiikuly,
1 tern,
Cairo, SepClO.Wl.
cfl from the sUbscrlbcrr-on'Hno-W oJf July
lajst, abaageLMaBvea.w.jiiShoiawouldiwaigh
about 0,100 poUftdi-Htxtbo,tiio abo wns
There aro nopoclal marks about
libr exbept Olt,her hftgJi.ufluauaUy lorfe,
win pay ton uoJiljrojiarAjlo any ono
oflng tnp abovo described cow, at rty
'it.' . "l'Wl i ,
, - , , - '
kiplal strooKiWro, Ills. .ri,i.y
Dr.BatUngor.fcrataQlt)Mi:uro Chills
fthd-F4ve-B4-tltber iUr4al-feve-t
ohco apd permanently ; thoy aro purejy
twithslandtrnr beinff-Bo
linbworful can
ippwerful can b,Vn,wl4vjvqj(ct safoty
Xi arfnrnringrWWr - Bept20dwlw.-
, Fresh Otbtxrb! t 1 ani rio'w Vicoi vine
dally, the'colobratod 0. S.Maltby'gll, nnd
vMlcd, a
tao most reasonablo.tqrma.. try thorn, al
ways warrantod cood and fresh.
.aiAituiAaK Guide. Interesting work
numerous engravings, 224 pagcJ. Prico
u. i'lKum .airoot, St. Louis,
... HWfmffNA, ,wuu,l., . 1 T
iOYBTEB.Eoh1t',Hethert'1iiihlWas on
101.1 ., ),t v t , , , j , ..If,
.1 i VEYOR.i .
1 C- L- -L v ' S
Ul. t. Catso. fiopUrnbcrlOlBTl.
At tbo nppointod hour, Mr, Richard
Fitzgerald, momber of Jlbo' domocratio
central committco, called tho mooting to
order, when
un motion, iur. ooun 11, uuoriy was
lied iov tbo. .chair and.Mr. Josoph Men-
tl appointod socrotnry.
Mr. W. W. Thornt'orf mbved that a
cprjBTfllttco of-flvo tm"CTCdontials-bo.-tP-pointed
by tho chair.,. srred. ,
Tho chair nppointcd-AIossrs. Thornton,
Howlov. McKenzie, GrcehVor and Thorn-
n 1 Martin as the cpmmilooion crodontials.
Mr. James Konnody. moved' n committoo
0 T throe to roport to tho convontlon tho
names of fivfl democrats as th'o domocratic
ccntisd commltteo of Aloxaqdor, county.
. Tho chair appointed Messrs. Kennedy,
Boiifnio'n nnd. Mulkahy ns Bald committco.
Mr. Vfmi Slratton moved that a com-
raiifM'of throobonppointed to roport to tlio
convontlon' tho dolcgates to represent tho
cmpcracy 01 Aioxanaor county .in iuu
omocratio state, convention to asscmblo
i j'rVrincfleld on tho 4th of October. Car
I Tho chair appointed Messrs. Slratton,
Byrne and Swayno as said committco.
An informal recess of a fow minutes was
taken to allow tho commitloo tlmo for
I Theiconvontlon was again oallcd to or
der, whon Mr. Thornton, from tho com-
.rhittco on credential,1 reported as follows:
"Wo, tho cpmmittce, flndjtho following
gentlemen duly1 appointed' delegates, to
wn : , 1 1 1 11
Anthony Ejchbacb,""L'6o"Klcb,
Joseph I. Able,- " Josoph Mondel,
Josoph McKenzio, Vf. T. Boorwart,
J; nurtt, V John Howloy,
.S.Hsrfll, JameS'L. Swayno,
paooawr, u. 1. vjiuv,
,'' 1 John School."
. Strattoh, I. H. Robinson,
. VT. Thornton, R. Fitzgorald,,
Jas.;ennqdy, Somuel Orr,
3am., "Wilson, Son., Robt. Rribach,
G. H. Grcoloyi D. O. Gallighnn,
Thos.G.WiUon, J. H. Oberly. -
Thos. Martin, O. Grocnlce,
Kobt. a. itoss, uoun xiougcs,
Jas. H. Mulkahy.
TV. R. Lano, Victor Trusell.
TVilliam Holdcn,
E. H. Hunter.
i TV. TV. Tuornto.v, Clim.
Ciaro, 1114., Sept. 10, 18717
I Tho roport was rccoived nnd adopted.
Mr. Kennedy, from tho committco on
county coutral committee, reported 'as fol
lows: , Your committco oppoint'ed to report to
tho convention n county central commit
ticoof five members, respectfully roport
the. following gentlemen as said commit
$c(Tf -
TV..TV. rThornton, Victor, Truselir
J.ohis Hovioy. ; J. u.;
C i Jolindl. Oberly. '.
r 3 uames a.u.icor,,
J. H. Rojjinsos,
m " J. JJ. MULCAlIYi
A motion Wns inado to reocivn find
T . t- 3
Jdopt Iho report, when Mr. Richard' Filz
eralijnovcd to recommit 'the- roport lo
tho committco with inttruction;to report
ojno co'mmlltcoman from "eaclrprccirrct.
Tho motion to recommit was lost, and -tho
motion to receive and adoptwas carried-.-
Mr. Stralton, fronr.th.commitco on
i elegates to tho stato iqnvEntion, reported
1 s follows:'
Your cphimitteo to report to ths"con
Tcntion dtfrccatcs to tho democratic stato
(Jarmmtion '.to bo hollnt'SpringtleldrbetH
voavo to sjigKcst.tiio.ioiJqwingaracs: r.
Bross, Jrio. H. Ob'erlyund'Thos'.'TVilsonv
" wm. f3'ritA.TTof uuairmon.
I It having been suggested that, although
tlio stato' central qomrriiCWbfid.dci'iinatcd
ireo delegates as tho number lo which
Alexander was entitled, sho was really en
tied to four, It Was movod t1iatlU) roport
bo recommitted, with instructions to report
nn aumt onal doiecato.'.' it was moved as
nn amendment that tho additional dolcgatl)
mjo appointed in open convention. Th'o
amendment Wns lost and tbo motion to
1 rpt.n nA..Atll.A.,t.A.1 .1 t..
. aii vuiuiiii,vuv.iiijU niiu uiuiuafc 1111-
' 11.1.1.. . . 1 ' ' 1 . a ,
iiiuuiuiuiy ruiurui'u nnu reportooi'i Jir.
John Q. Harman as tho additional "dele
gate. The report, as amondod, was adopt
cil. ''
TJ10 chair announced that nominations
rccVuVy, "frfirfaar.cr worp then in )iqr.,
Mr. McKenzio nominated Mr, TVilliam
Thoro being no othor nominations, on
matlUnldLMA.Klob.Mr;. .Martin was; nota.
iL-i...i 1... ...1.. .MlSiMr ,
iiuivu uy ucuiuiiiBiiuni una was ucciaretl
bo regularly nominated candldato of tbo
democratic tiartv for cotintv treaaurnr.
i . . 1 f rr . . . . T
'JflM tlriaieausn MaHtsmiV All ttf ijdmlnav
ons for county surveyor were in order,
Mr. Mendel, nprataatqd,, Jplm strau-
Mr. Fitzgerald nomlnntod John P,
ntloy, , ' " " 1 '."'"; -
MrTMocklor nomfiiatod"Mrr Charlos
Thrupp. .tf,.;t
j Mr. B.S.Hnrroll movpd that tho voto bo
by ballo and that n majority bo necessary
to ciiolco. Carrlod. '
1 Tho chair appointed Messrs. Fitzgerald
Td Sw'ayno tollers,
The vote wa thon taken and resultod as
follows : i
John P. IIe.Ur.l.""'''. .10 voted.
jBht.w.Htr.w...(.... ::::.ivot..
Cfiarlea Tkrupp..(. Ovotos,
I ; MrJ'Holoy.uaTlng received a majority
of all tho Yotos cast, was declared tho regu
larly nonlnatad.deuipcrallo candldato for
strjfpyorso .MJcandor cpunty.
t '.All- ..-..nil 1 I ,
va inoiionitHuvuuvuiiiiuii uujournca.
I ',1 ,t VU JoBK'pa,MEsi)EL, Booretary.
. t.ua '11 ii.
'ki(ij'j!Fl!vo'rpps oydr'tho city
vclcirthamber. Ennnlro nfi.Taeob O.
r v . , .1.11 - A IT.. 1
SEPTEMBER 20, 1871.
Sco hor pallid countondnco, but a short
tlmo ago tho picture of ruddy health, tho
onvoy of tho school nnd tho prido of tho
hottsohold. Sho was always wolcomod by
hor schoolmatos, for her litlio form and
pleasing disposition carrlod choorfulnoss
Into hor ranks. Dilllgont, punctual, and
exemplary, obedient at homo, sho won tho.
hcorts of all, But alas, wo aro sorrowod.
Thoso rosy cheoka and ruddy lips aro
blanched by Consumption. Tho volco
onco 10 enchanting in laugh and song is
floblo, husky and supplanted by a hollow
cough. Let us'a'pproach her cough, gent
ly and take her hand. Do not shttddsr
because of the feeble and paMloaleea graip.
1 hejhand once so hearfy and plump Is
0 nueiated and shows loag outllnos, while
t io cords and tortuous veins are plainly
t lapped upon the surface. The pulse that
bound with repletion, carrying vigor, to
tho whole system and Imparting life, beau
tv, vivacity, health and strongth, is deli-
ckto to tho touch. Tho fceblo heart cannot
propel tho thin scanty blood with forco.
3 lust wo loso her while yet in hor teens?
ompanlonsand frlonds gathor around
With words of choor and consolation and
depart with moistened eyes and silent
slops. Must wo loso hor? No I there is
rpllof I "Wo;can stay this destroyor of our
uappincss and not suuar tho loss of to
bright a gom, Something moro is required
now than dietary and hygienic observance,
for naturo calls for aid and tho shall have
it. Takothls pleasant modlclno. It is in
vigoratiag. How lit allays the irritable
cpugh, Improves tho appotite and diges
tion and sands a' hoalthy tingle through
tho franib. Tho blood it onriched, norv
puB force increased, and tho hoart boands
with a new impulso. Soo her faco bright
on by degrees; tho color it returning, hor
voico is gotting clearor, andploasant word!
arospokon. Tho strongth falters yet but
it gaining. Lot us tako hor out in the
warm sunshine In a short time she will
bo ablo to go withoht our aid, a cheorful
girl. This delightful modicino must bo
God-blessed. It is restoring health to bur
loved one. Sho is emerging from her
sickness twoctor nnd nobler than before,
and Dr. Pierco't Golden Modical Dlscov
ory must havo the credit. It has ralsod
her. Sold by all flrst-claii druggist every
where C92.
Mr. J. Burger, tho enterprising mcr
pliant on Commercial arenue, aro rocoiv
ing their fall stock of dry goods. Tho se
lection has been mado with great caro, and
with nn eyo to tho wants of this market,
and will bo found to contain beautiful,
durablo nnd faihionablo articlos of an ond
lcss variety. Among tho dress goods may
bo found poplins, alpacas, empress clotbt
and many now styles of every color and
juahty. TVoolon shawls, singlo and
double, will bo in great demand tho com
ing soason, nnd Burger has laid in
11 beautiful selection. Thoy havo also on
hand a flno stock of woll-mndo shoes, com
prising gaitors,sido lacccongross kid and
cloth boots, and tho latest style of slippers.
Handkerchiefs, colr&rs and cuff's, the now
cst etvles of fancv lewolrv. and an in-
rlum'orable stocks of ''notions," aro among
tlio many attractions of this establish-
hent. As for price, an examination of
Burger's stock: will convinco evory
pno tnat "quick sales and very small
profits" is thoir motto. tf.
' Prom Sec: 3, Ordinance Mo, 112 Extract:
It shall bo tho duty of the city comp
troller to provido the meant for romoving
irom tbo front of all nouses In tho city all
vegetables and dry kitchen offal, of every
description, providod tho samo is placed in
uoxos or uarreis, ana placed in convenient
locations in front of said houses, before
tho timo fixed for tuch removal, and that
no'tlco shall bo given by Bald comptroller
of tho time of such removal, bypublica
tion. in tho newspaper publishing tho or
dinances of tho city.
, In comnllanco with tbo above prdinanco,
rjotlco'Is horoby'givon ih'at carU will run
in all parts of. tho city on Tuesday and,
Friday of each week during tho month of
E. A. Burnett,
Sept. 12 Ct. City Comptroller.
. AaiHi'a Oitici, j
. . Ciino, Iu., September II, 1971.
j To porsoiu wishing to attend tho Illin
ois Stato fair, to bo hold atDu Quoin, from
September 25th to September 30th, wo
Will sell excursion tickets at $3.80 from
Cairo to Du Quoin nnd return.
Salo of tickoU will commonco Soptom
bor21th and discontinue, after doparture
Jf Train on tho iriornlng of Sovptorabor 20th.
Tickets will -bo good until October 3d.
On nnd after Septembor 18th tickets will
bo on salo to parties going with stock or
articles for exhibition, but to nono others.
dlw James Johnson, Agent.
' Tub 1 New TVilson. Smith ,& Brink-
i i.l 1 r. 1 , . , 1 11 ill.,
moyor, cornor Commercial avenuo and
Eighth stroot, aro soiling tho Now TVilson
Undor-Foed Shuttlo Sewing Machino, tho
host and cheapest machino in tho world,
t is sold $20 chcapor than any other ma
qhino. Some of tho many advantages
claimed for it nro as follows :
I Ml'" durablo, well flnlshod. and
costs as 'inuoh ,to tnanufaoturel'at .Other
First-class Machinos; but tells for tome
'M. rot uomming ana louing n jsun-
aurpnssedt ')( 1 ,t 1
j 3d.' That it is tho simplest shuttle ma
dhlno mado.
I iltli Tt haa 1n Wfinrlnrf'Tinrtar '
..... ... -1 a 1 -
Cth. It has no grooved cams, halt joints,
compound cranks, or cog whools.
Cth It is adapted to a larger rango of
work, without change, than, any othor ma-
Fou Sale or Exchange yon Cair.0
Propeuty. I havo One Hundred And
Sixty acres fof ,flrst-clast unimnrovod
land in Johnson county", which I will toU,
onroaaonablo terras, or exchangofor Cairo
a . 11. rori.
Pal G, Bchuh 10IU attlngera ,raedl-
Kinodou Coui-Tho following notet
of a sermon, which was to havobeon, or
hat boon, delivered by tomo preachor from
somowhero to some denomination or nn-
nor, navo been picked up and handod to
us. TVogive tho notes as writton, com
mending them to thoso of tho brethren
oiorou or otnorwiso) as wish to proach
wai. sast vnu UUVKi
matlhow Och la torso
t, ... hy Kingdom oome
Practical tubleet thn LnanlU. 1.
the beautiet of heaven the mlSqr would
Pick ud a eco Of ro1H mnli .t.t'lil..
away how many penont will enjoy
heaven aany ehinees have comtf mui
united sUtes they are building a church of
their own what thall we do to ttop this
thVtViiih.iPu.eT 1U0 Brow wc" na
It it apt oftea that we are permitted to ea
ter tho African arcana, and the abovo notes
give us but a faint glimpse of its mvtler
1st. It it possible that the African ele
ment can come into cellitloa with- tho
Mongolian?, Ia it rwf possible that "grpoaT
oacxt may prevent tuch collision ? ,
Card or Tiiankb. Tho ladles of Bt
Josoph Socloty dosiro to return their heart
felt thanks to Mr. Eltcnbore't ttrintr band
for their kind and liboral etsiitanco at
their lato festival and concert at Sch eel's
Hall; also, to Mossn. Schlotonger, Schub,
Bolznor, and TVeimeq to.Mr. John Bchdel
and family. By thoir efforts and thoso of
other friendt our festival wat made a suc
cess, and for all favors we dosiro to roturn
our slncoro thankt. '
Mas. Bross, )
Mrs. Mueller, I Commltteo.
Mrs. Rxis, J '
Delays are Danqxrous. Mothers as
you love your offspring don't fall to nta
Mrs. TVhitocomb't Syrup for toothing chil-
aren. ltead tbo advorlisomeht in anoth
er column.
topUpdwlw. .
TV anted to Rent. Any person hav
ing piano to, rent, will find an, applicant
by informing Miss Ellon D. EamWi.1 her
residence on TVethington-avonue, between"
Eighth n?Iln(K'.l.l. 3 vZ
Houest TVAXTXD.-A cottage hotuostj,
four toslx roomB, wanted to rent.,. Apply,;
t - j rr , 1 rT
at m is once to Edward TViujrrr.i
te. .. . (i
4f J ff
Boardinc houieante Qtllet't. agis "J
, Jorgenten hu a groat run for Capt:
jVtiitVt oriental pickles. "l 'c if 1
-Go to Pirtof 4 Mtake't'VoYJVih'a!ow
glui,.putty, tci ' " augiodlni
I Gillets washlng-'crys'tai 'rnakct' wash
inir:casy. " ,'H'
' Shrlvo's cc'Ieb'ra'te3' ffo'elcclrf lunc
oyesters at Jorgenscn t. tf
DEAVTiiruL'blseuits" follow Gllletfs Imk-
ing: pdwdw. r ; . x; -e&m ,
Go to Parker AiBJakt't for wall pa
per, window shades, etc. nug'2Cdlrrf "
RY Gil lot's double-strength extracts.
egl3 ,
TVxll regulated families tiso Gillct's
ag43cowdaw2m '
Everybody goetto Jorgcnson's family
gorccry lor tlio llallord Licicnostcrsbire
sauce. , ... : tf
Money refunded if Gillol's godds don't
please. agl8eowdaw2m
Thoso French Cherries, In syrup, so
popular with connolieur' arc told by Jor
genten; , . tf
1 Go to Parker fc Wake's for lamps
lamp cbimnoyt, paintbrushes, etc.
Go to Jorgenien'r forjImnortod'Dun
dce orango marmalade, lV?o eolebrated
London crystal.. vinegar, in quarts, and
Choice Gonoeso flg. r tf
TVm. Ehlcrs, al.hlt'ibop on 20th stroot
is still manufacturing every' varioty o.
boot and shoos from gonuine Fronch calf
(houses no other kind) which ho tells
rotdy'm'adoor made tofordor 'at price,0
nat dory competition,,,,!', jyow.
Xh; mos'; popular ,h'( thoj'intown
Is on 20th struct opposite the court houae
hotel, whero TVfmlt jshlere (manufactAtn,
toots and shoos for hit em'tpmorij warrant
ed to bo of tho best"Fremiji calf, kip or
morocco, and which he guanralecs to givo
entiro' tatisfaction; Call on 'him and you
will know how it i yourself. jy Ctf
Mr; F. Roso has removed hit tailoring
establishment to his new storo, at No". 104
Commercial avenuo. Ho kdopt on hand a
tplcndidas'sOA-tTHbrltrjieetf gfctfat whjch
ho will make up for hit customer! jn a
manner warranted ,to 'adit. He employs,
cnlr the best workmom and civet his.
personal a'ttonlion.'to tho JlminesOl?Wr.
fect.llU guaranteed, .rricos rcasonaoio..
Call and sco him. .' aug3 Ira
- Furniture, ',.'r ,';.J,'
At Eichhoff.BpiVir'wtory.
1 : . ...Encourago . i .o
Homo lndqstryi 1 - ;
,- ' TVb ' 1 . . ,.
' Soil TiirnTluro for, fcash f'
Lowir 'tl'ian any';'o'thbyVDeMe' ifl it'a'frfy.'
..'' '"'.'ourKuriilturcTir "ill
la All it 11, m 1 . I Ik nil
1 - Ma'dp put ;of ;SoMoiwd Lumbefi""
' " TninmiT ftiii ftl? ttoiitrit. '''"M
I A Rare 1 Chance
, H'Ti FoH .'I ;
1 I , Ill vl I
1 1 1 '.uargaini. . ,. , i,,-i
-The Chicago ..'.piloon,
ick, proprlotarot..OiaBf JBJflghU).
trMtii U: faTPrif Fa94'9.iMo',with all
verf of welts'. Beor.. Liquors of every
omcj'TVjncB. No-ordinary -liquors 'are
ispentod at iho bar of the saloon only
iho very best, and Writ's find in attend-
O'CIOCK a.m. , ,,, ,nmiilff""
William Alba barter stPlJ gow4
inr In nnwin favor ovory..day.....It is MSV,'
ly flttod up, andcw-boart'f thp most
kllliul workaien in the city.L Th? pro
prietor his had.luony.year&, oxperieaco Tn
bis Ijuslness and is rocognisp jp.'gap of tho
most export ihavert . in. Simthorn lllinoltj;
jivhllo young Alba it n toaster in hit pro
fottlori. CitlEent and istrangert who wish
a painless shave,
or thoir hair cut
bataonlzo Alba,
fetal avenua ne-t
, a'luxiiriotsnampooiuit,
in tho. latest stylo should I
, JUtnopison i;ommer-.i
Tn hoUlt uia Giliot's extracts fantl
Go lo Dr. McGaulty for Rattlnger's Fe
ver xvrops. warranted to caro tho chills.
The storo of Goldsllnofc Rosonwator is
crowucu witn customers from morning
B; 11 , . . septis-et
FoRSAi-iA'CotUgem 12th ttreot'
qontaining 7 roomt, cisWrn and out
housos complole. Apply to
TV. TV. THbmxToir.
JXfHKtrAt tho Delmonlco Hotel ens
i'liuu w per woqk.
gWt m TVm. TTixtie. ,
Just REcxivxD-TVi TV. Thornton,
Tenth ttroet between Coraraefclal avenua
tiid Poplar ttroet, has jut t received and la
ttoro 1,000 doors and 1,000 wlsuJowt and
.niou.dingi. .1"
WANTED A good cook, or a wotetn te
do general hom work. Enquire at'ikeK
jMlcholas Hotel, Coaaatrclal aveau'e.
, ' , ITAajix TVALkxr, Proprietor.
teptlOtf 1 '
Notice. All pertons an laenby In
fbrmed that, after this dale, September 13,
1671, 1 will not bo tesponiible for any
aoDtt contracioa oy my wire.
, PHILUfBAVatt,,
For good photographs, porcelain pic
lures, or old pictures to.be copied, teaU'eja'l
Thomas, No. 124 ComraeTclal avenue. He
it a good workmtn. Give bin a trial
.1 , M ylttt.
Koarding. 'A" "
, Eight ot Ten' Good Boarders,
TVantod, " , ' "'
At the heoee known at taatj Cettrt it
1 fH'ou'sbHotol.,'v''""J
Teris,' ' .'
" J.F1veDollMt iwek. -
, 1 1 -
1 8LEXMa, 'XiZXiSwad:' &aV.rr.
ilt Ventilated sleoplng nioms WJfir$ft I
uonai uanx Duuuing. Apply to
j iv. vuj xaiionai iiani
, MEtsm. GOLDfTINtl ' RotwrtrATBtil
ljave sUUUteirUr roetaa, up'aUiWattl
down, witu the.bett Mlect'tTMntl
Winter stock ever brovgkt ehli mSSCl
Tbei'rlaelTeiL ltiVUL'UA
ety ef frh 'ge4!, wlilem vaeyVeettefetil
at prices- OiAt'btmc'JUa'Ai
wry but vaateml tiiilriiiaiieeiift gaei-l
tintees a complete fll and eaHr1 WtufM-1
tion, is not confined lpjsnyparticular style,
but makes every variety of boot and shoes
from the JMttvlctt. covrkrdoctothe, finest I
French calf and morocco. He alto keeps
lure, and any oho detirouVoT purchasing
good custom work cheap should call on
him at his shop on Eighth it, south tide, I
near corner or uio levee) vasts. uu
I Rxliajilk ad 13A.rx.-nDr. Henry I
Koot and l'lahV Pills aro "mild' and1' pleatol
ant in their operation, yet thorough, pro-1
ducing no nausea or griping. Being en
tirely vegetable thoy carl Iho Uken.Wlth-
out regard lo diet or business. They I
aronse tho liver and tccrctlve orcant Into I
healthy action, throwing off dlscaso with
out flxjutjng pr doljItatJnB 1)0 system
Try them and jr,pu Will ho tktrslfod
Price 25 cents aTJox. Sold by druggists
.nil denlora In medicine ovcrrwherol
Pre'psrcdby the GraftA Kodlcine'Cfl, Btl
Louli, M; Tt ' Mml
I Noticx to BimmMVm til" further I
notico the transit ttwrne'r, Illinois, will
ox tend her. ttipa tOfeksaM twkjtAF
vl ii Tiiesaav and TrloJiT'''tobrB'' atj
, if tbo amount ffrekfht willTuttlW-Aeej
1 1 .. ..... . ; .. ' jA..irv.j
ap-aoingf tne .wui-tBiyta iartwur,f,icif-i 1
per wsfkrt , Vot tho present, freigkVnrill
bo received on tho Transit Wharf ii Beat
I'."- '1 i m? ".'-Ail
qmyjonoionuayi ana Asunaayi. , a ara. I
prcpartd.td sign through Bllh oflatiialg-l
' :a mcKmua w promiiwatjjssHreasetwi.i
1 y tho N. and N. TV. KailrdsA"'ai.du,Iit
eoljnctloni in the statfejP ' eAjkseky,
Tennessee,' Geergw (. Jtrs 'juatellna,
South CorollM, Alabama 'aria' Florida.
$m w Jauxs Arentj.
I 'Mii.fiRoBETiwATxa, (ifisbtllmefeMl!
i tf no & Rion water, .rstutfled'ftlefli.'
Xoti, lo-dayjerp h has been JotfJ:,
!ral wooks past purcnasing gooesfwr,
pnreUated - btfprtJhr- reeeat advenee i'l
froM.bottor'.1lr-,'''w' ""ttd'wlaier
roods tnan was wver oeiore onere-unie. .hhn
T .Now it the timo to mako purcMet.
(3opt, 13-0t
II inil
f ifilv
,'owo-Chrli. Anlbe4'.hs;oRtjtln 1
hewmeat markettii Pahl Bchuh't iW nnf
store, two doors ' below 'Che' post 1 oMee
in Commercial avenuo, and Invites all hie
Bocf, pork, veal, mutton, sausage, &c,'Ae.-
I.. 1 1. 1 ta TTta I
Alto cornea Deei, por u "r?
ihop U kept WUcWf Vf ityre7nd'''lle
iiminmnra sorvod with neatness and dls-
lonorable treatment, ttAtVasi:tsa-J
right change back, wlvetker thoy send tneir
!, mi . . . a..ia..v tai InawlTTiaTICQt
iiuurcn, lor'mBwmmm'f
homtelvctjr; ,T T II tflf&3i
onirfl lo I11llu1e.it n 9ifal 1
nnill 1j owT I villi kml
ol YianaSOit IM f .
ai.oboill asulxniiol atill
lirtiom-t luia v,Ulupl
,yiiJ oi'i rinl.iiMi'i ,y!lifl
..tii,iTr. 1 Tjfw,
JjlM lwutiH
vituiii J lui'.w .iififiiiaU
7 ..iiili.to IU 111. it vlll.i-.in It iiiinal,vvl.l eiHI
rr . , ,U19(U01 Kill 10
olltaitt 1 a , oM,iVftOol e -.r.aiu Ha i-'t
Intn ,alar,jii(U iiiiijiiitiitO l-li.l 5i ' . i'i
,'! I f . , , illOl'il .'I'lUUIOl tlT ,IH 1 -Jill
nn ,oiii(.'f i,i ,tyiitumm: .mojx ... ti tn "
Iiua x.t 7ar(litt(.t4tMleaisMHU "
Iu r u ,m nil! itllvr iii9liii oill q "not
,11'it Kir- , jro io ,Ii.ii1I niiiiunaeiilli U
in 'lit t. n'l.itellinill .11 l Jililij5llo: j.I
vuii d lnui Tlaeiarteit iloek t nta jaili .111 tn
ilKiliI minr m fHYag fltfTJ.Ir',9,Ml ,uin. iJk ,.114 41
" 1 1 nip iiiiiiii iii iim .una
,'JU H .'I .1 I BIITBIMffai) mfi t.i Momtt
i, ,i .1' yji-ii m ii'.'iii ui:.:mi tu
OOKS, pamphlet, briefs, catalog, newa
Bapors, VUUl.W,lVI.'W.'IV.krlMa!
Uia tyti
if x.
1 11
depot, . :.,nA dtt
IB .JOUItUlfJ Wld II I ill 1 , J J M luiu
MJll j 'l'1 1l "' I I HIW 'I. 4W IIII9U 1 1 I II,
-?alr.tt ,at
I.H .
' lil.nJ If .-Aftf I
isla irll -' ok. ,1 T(asifciijMU,ri'
Sildli'ij HJf vtl lli tiU .l.'.ijiiSJO

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