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!llUv Nil'Mi.
.......... - .
llrou.' Itullillliir. corner i:irrnlti lr
nnil foinm.rrlnl nc Cnlm, 111.
I'lililMinl rrry nioi nlnp, Miiiiilny
Dncf.Ncltnol whut Psvr, llmnt uml Thought
Cnpt. Ilullidny Is nt St. John's.
S.iflonl Is "visiting around" in Now
Paul G. Schuh sells lUttlnger's mtdl
cinci. . tf
Many of our citizens nro absent nt tho
tt&te fair
Tho" Cairo Krilght 'TcmplHM lmvo
been Ion by tho wnysidc.
Shrlvo'ft celebrated II oVsJcrk luncli
oyesters nt Jorgcnse n s. If
A quorum of tlm city council could
not be obtained but night.
Tho telegraph wires were down last
night nnd we obtained no report.
The work of repairing the sidewalks
Is being rapidly proceeded with.
Judge Bakerndjourncd court yester
day evening until Monday morning.
The proposition to build a new jail is
gaining friend", It will be voted up.
The letter-list. In nil Its nrostlne t'lnrv
' . o '
tmd liveliness, appears in our columns this
Col. Taylor is still in New York.
Ho will return homo nbout tho middle of
next week.
The services nt tho Methodist church
last night were of a very interesting de
scription. Halley Is doing a rushing businc is in
heating stoves. IIo clh tho best nt the
lowest prices.
Work on the new Catholic church is
progressing rapidly. What has Hughey
to say about it? '
Business is becoming decidedly more
active. Our merchant "look ni smiling as
a basket of chips."
The St. Louis fair U. the convng sen.
sation. A largo number of our citizens
are making arrangements to nttend it.
Our minister has no hesitation in sy-
ing mat stratum & Hird s mnckeruls nro
the best he ever tasted, and hn'is a indiTc
Policeman Sumner bus resigned ids
position on too police force, nnd Henrv
Martin is an applicant for the vacant place.
Hooper, wlio made the twiijtcrnnee
talk ycterday morning before the Moth,
odut Conference, lm. a fearfully nnd won
derfully sing-i-ongio voice.
-When we get through with tl,c preach
(rs we shall take ooc.w,.n to reply to Mimo
o" the captious objections Hint have W
mule to the propo-ed ci-torn system.
City Clerk Howley was engaged yen
terday in removing the "city traps " to tho
new quarters of tho council, on the cornor
of Commercial avenue nnd Twelfth street.
Tlicro was not one ordinance breaker
before the police court yesterday, . A,ro wo
to httributo this gratifying fact to tire pre
fence of the Methodist Conference in our
-Brother Toll informed in ycjtordav
that since the, day Jw a whoo'l
mate, ho lias never been afraid of any
thing that walk, on two lecs-exceiit'a
"We stated IW Ti.,.4, n.
, . w was
tho oliest member of tne conference, but
mi-iaicen. U HouU Is thn father,
tW yenernUe Vantrees is tho grand father
of the conference.
-J. Burger, tho enterprising dry-goods
merchant, appears in our advertising col
umns this morning. Ho lm, one of the
net complete and finest stok of gi0.ls
evfr bnfbro brought to Cairo.
- It wat Miggvst.! by I),-. Hii,hC(lck
that one of hi, debtors would no doubt turn
" right A presiding elder responded
that be would, becnuso the debtor WB, n
nn?Afman. IMber go.,1 for ,,,.,,.
lug elder. 1
-Mcllalo is not being patronized as he
1 fioners com., to hi,,, ,UlW
cnly at long Intervals. He Is not mak
ng hu lt information which will, doubt
lei, wake the. breast of Councilman Wood
glow with intense satisfaction.
-Wo havo been asked to retract our
ertion that tho laymen nr.. udler men
than tho ministers. Wo can't, unle,, t ,
"umim-u mat "handsome h as handsome
de. Under thN rule
viiiww WUUiU
that tho laymen aro handsomer than
me prencners.
" ' " "wrney McCartney h Uon
very successful during this term of court.
None of ,U ,n(Vlctrncnt lmvo
" J ,a r'? 't.t0- hope ho mftyim.
body who l' "c,tweUlMM,4llKlil
ng and election arourc,undh0 ha. ulld
to beliovo what somebody hm lold
Miller.dear, lay not this flattcrlns unction
w;uur mui, iou cannot HU'Ceed. Yoi.
nru jiiuy jiarinr meat
Dr. Bond, of f)rmi Tnir. i. .i...
best looking lay doleg.to In tho city, nnd
jiruiuer noun tlio most comely minister
Wcaro unablu to decldo wblM. i.v
gate U entitled to tho credit of being tho
ugncn, out wo eimtcicntiomly believe that
Drotbcr Tollo can hold himwn In uncomc
lines among tho preachers.
"Man'f uncertain llfo is liko a ruin
drop hanging oo tho bough among ten
thoiuaadof iU.ipirlllDg Wndrcdj which
L of V rn'.'. t.i. M.rt Ai.h.irctiirr. .lien
ift mi, lori'""''11"' or r trportUloiu.
l'lmi. inl crriilion fur Btrtm nnl Untrr
ror. If In luslrnl hsimnsiinirais, lor mm, i
Mdne or U'otfJm llmltf'. t'r Churelirn, Court
Dinar ir ii,n.t.. it.i.i.,... Bn,i
JwlllnR Ho""', IvilUgPsttr elc, lurnMicit
tlii'lr mome t drottnlni: 0" by one
.. i.ii. .i.u .,, . t i. o lt pn om
, ..ot t i.
liDld W'i ennnot gnoM j--v
sure jour life la tho " h(o As'ocintion of
America. '
Tne most popular shoe shop in town
Is on SOtll Street oppofiir mc muri nouac
wh.. Win. ilhleri manufactures
booU andfhocs for bis customers, warrant
i ... i... ,,f ilni lin.t French calf. K 1 1 or
yo it' " '
.m..oecd. and which ho giunralets to give
entire .itlsfiictlon. Call on him and you
win i nou- how It it voumelf. J.vtitf
Our friend, Ward, since he wm butch
ered by the radical clique, has become nf
inode.'t' n wo nro. He shrink from the
i... 1.11. .... ... ntol li ntlntiinttnt' to iinrKtiiide
hiinndf that it Is hi duty to kiss the rod
that (logged him in uch a ahaincful man
ner. A jint or two from the hand of Mutin
a little tmootblng down will bring him
to taw.
Mr. F. Hose has removed hit tailoring
establishment to hls.now.store, at No. 104
Commercial nvenue. He keeps on hand a
splendid iiMorlmont ot piece goons which
ho will make up for his customer in a
manner wkrrar.lcd to suit. He employs
only the best workmen, and gives his
personal attention to the business. Per
fect fits guaranteed. Price! rcasonablo.
Call and ico him. aug.llm
Tho man, Hooper, who sang n tern
nrrnnec snench before tho Methodist con-
forenco yestcrdnj, is like n fitnooth-boro
gun and scatters terribly. Starting on
tcmpcrnnco ho denounced tho Catholic
hurch and democratic judecs. and imfled
whisky-drinking sinners with lots of
monej To such sinners Hooper declared
he "swung on."
The Chicago Jleer Saloon. Wm.
Schick, proprietor, ITos. 20 and 58 Eighth
sttcct, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of "Weiss' Beer, Liquors of avary
description, and aU kinds of foreign and
home Wines. No ordinary liquors art
dispensed at the bar of the saloon only
tho very best, and guests find in attend
ance polite and accomodating waiters. A
freojunch is spread avery day at 10
o'clock a.m. nualTtf.
Brother M. L. King, who wanted his
sntchel. write, to us as follows s "As you
noticed in your paper of this morning
my inquirp after my satchel, I wish to
say that I have found it; nnd, aa l expected,
it was taken purely throuch mistake. All
right." Brother King must lwrmit us to
congratulate him. His sachel was neces
sary to his happiness. A Methodist preach
er without his satchel U liko a toper with
out hit toddv.
Peter Sauo has oncned a bran now ova-
ter saloon, 102 Commercial avenue, where
ho will keep on hand constantly fresh
oysters, tho largest nnd most dollcious in
thocit,,wbich he will sell tho by caso, ran
or dozen. Tho saloon has been fitted up
with tho express viow of supplying
gentlemen nnd ladios with a place where
they may enjoy a meal of thoso toothsomo
bivalvos quietly, without boing disturbed
by the bustlo nnd noisss incidental to tho
commonplace restaurant oyster room.
AniiESTKD. A well-known citizen of
this city was n dav. or two since.beforo onn
of our city magistrate, lor bclnc .trunk
and disorderly. Ho was lined tho usual
amount $0 CO. After tho trial was over
ho might lmvo been heard solilonuizintr.
thusly : " Now, this is tho second timo I
havo been up boforo n macistrato for tho
samo oflVnso. I might hnvo known it
if I had gone to Alba's in tho first plnco
aim got one ot tuoso smooth, clean, doll
cious shaves that Alba is known to civo
to every one who patronizes him, this
wouiu not lmvo ,lnpponc-d." Therefore,
reader,' tnko warning nnd nlwaj-s go to
Alba'sburbur shop, Commercial nvcnuo,
between huventh and Kighth streets, tf
'A Catholic," in this ii-suo of Tim
Bui.Li:Tl.v,iinys his resnects to tho Itsv.Mr.
Hughey, who, by lm ierUtont industry
knocking chips off tho shoulders of his
Christuin neighbors, lias earned the reputa
tion nt u very qunrrelomo "worker in the
vinej-nnt: Of late days Mr. Hughey has
somowhftt modified lit combative dlnposi
tlon, and oven announce that, in liisoplii
ion, a democrat may be u passably good
man honest and true. Tlicro!, therefore,
we vcntiiM topredlct,hop.'for Mr.Hughev,
nnd we expect that, when be has retired
from tho work of annihilating Catholi
cism and driving from iho earth King Al.
cohol and the devil, ho will Imvu tamed
down into a very gentle and amiable fol
lower of hi, Master, wliosu example of
meekness and love. .Mr. Hmrh.u-1.. ti,,,.
far iji life 'iitirely negl,vtisl to follow.
iiic uiujKi j-atrtot raj-st ''A Sab
bath day in Cairo is not without Interest to
one who detdres to make human nature, or
total deptavity, a study. U is here wo
find the conglomerate, Incongruous nonde
scripts not elsewhere to bo found out side
cr 1 lie heathen Chlnoo can bo dls-
counted by tlireo-icoro in - ways that aro
dark," suy nothing of (rW.L. i. ..
vain. VOiUU- mil Htfauu. uro tluj or.
der of tho Sabbath day. I pont 0f
moral, Sxlom or (lomorra could beat
them by a baker's doen, and have a fw
left. Yet we are not severe on Cairo, as a
wnoio, for brother Oberly, Davis and
uoses tho gool, likewiso somo other (5od
HHnB, and, It is hoped, righteous nnd
"j.H-uiposcu persons aro around there."
This Is rascally abu.e, and we clmllenKo
iiie i u(no inun to !,,.. ,
, i"".vu .no jirooi.
i hero i, ,l()ti wo Uwrt u inow
rilv in ih.ir..,ohi...,i . .
.... ... ... umi)- Uian Ualro, or a city in
which there is less im
....... , "'I'ti.mo, too
1'atriot editor, hen ho vWts Cairo, seeks
... s.u.ojmmonsiup or debauches fresh
from Paducuh. and biv ...
their sins and vilcness, which ho is comne-
tent tn .11., i t , '
- .... a UUnur.eu per centum and
...... ucai liUl 01 S lfht Jill! .1...
be can .!. ' . "'"
of c.i, . B l" rc,"u'nt populat on
01 ""oanvtb nr. i li.
tiuri uf our, .it... " uciama
Turn. ,KW Mino. For yoars
our .labor. wor,t crow , , ;Byl', nnd
Our cltv now w't success.
Haney, . Ml.
ploasuro nnd justlfiei ui n c,' Brwt
and religious Journal of Egypt M
Ton Hunt. Five rooms i!vp ti.. ...
council Chamber.
. v. WI1VUU U,
-" ...
Confcrenco convened nt tho stated hour.
Minutes wero rend, corrected nnd ap
Brother Bobbins moved to roconsidcr
tho tiito by which tho rolntlon of Brother
.Tohnson wns llxod, nnd ho ndmittcd with
out a claim. Carried. On motion, the
Words "without n claim " wero struck out,
and tho motion to ndmlt Brother Johnson
adopted as amended.
The committee on examination of can
didates for ndmlsston Into full connection
wore permitted to rctlro for tho purpose of
examining Brother Cecil.
Brother Houts moved n commit-
too of three to extend the congratulations
of tho conforence to tho electoral confer
ence of laymen. Carried, and brothers
Houts, Corrlngton nnd Hill named ns
the committed.
Brother Hooper, of tho Illinois Confer
ence, wns, introduced.
Presiding Elder Mnssey moved that
Brother W. M. Owen bo rc-admittcd to the
traveling connection. Carried.
The stewards made ft rejwrt'in reference
to widows of ministers who aro benefi
ciaries of the conference.
A communication from tho Illinois Con
ference on the temperance question was
read, and Brother Hooper, the bearer of
tho communication, nddrcssed tho confer
ence. The communication was sent to the
committeo on temperance.
A communication in reference to tem
perance was referred to tho appropriate
A communication in reference to n Meth
odist daily paper wns sent to the appropri
ate committee.
A complication from tho book ngents
and bishops in reference to tho expenses
of delegates to tho general conference
was read Tho estimate mndo was as follows:
Expenses Ministerial Delegates..$25,000.00
Expensos of Lay Delegates 12,000.00
Expense of Delegates from Asia
Africa and Europe 8,000.00
Total $45,000.00
Of this amount, $1,350 were assessed on
Illinois, ns follows :
On Southern Illlnnia Canfnronrn 7r.n no
On Illinois Conforence 1,30000
On Central Illinois Conforence.. 000.00
un Koci: Jtivcr Uonfurenco 1,100.00
Total $ 4,350 00
Tho communication was referred to the
Presiding Elders with instructions to ap
portion tho amount nsesscd on Southern
Illinois Conference among tho districts.
It was ordered that Brother Itobinson's
confcrenco sermon bo published in tho
Central Advocate.
Nothing against him. Missionary col
lection, ?10. Committeo reported, and ho
was admitted to full connection nnd elect
ed to deacons' orders.
When tho case of Brother Turncv was
taken up, Presiding Elder Morris said that
ho could not give n full discrintlon of
the peculiarities of this peculiar man.
During tho past year Turncv had been
appointed to tho "Woodburn cir
cuit, and ho (tho elder)
soon became convinced that Turney was
tho wrong man in tho right plnco. " Within
four weeks nfter Brother Turney com
menced his work," miid the elder. "I re
ceived a communication signed by three-
fourths of the peopln of Woodburn circuit
asking tho young man's rcmovnl. I
couldn't remove him and induced tho dis
gusted pcoplo to ngreo to bear their bur
den. At tlie end of six months I was
coiiiHdIed to request Turney to resign.
lie complied, Turney Is a prodigy in many
respects. Ho has a wonderful knowledge
of the bible and of other books. It scorns
to mo ho Inn but to read a book to hnvo it
at his tongue's end. In an nrgument he
is able, but is too combative. Before
bo went to Woodburn I told him of his
failing and ho promised'tn be wUe, but ho
got Into troublo Immediately. Ho professes
to bo devoutly roligious, but I do not wish
io decldo that quostion. It
scome, to many of his acnunin-
that he is not ns good as his professions
iniitcatP. At one place ho conducted ser
vices without a word of prayer. He had
forgotten all about prayer. In short he is
Brother Houts moved to continue
Brother Turney.
Brother Van Winkle thought the con
ferenco would do itself an injury by con
tinuing Brother Turney. "Thero is' snld
Brother Van Winkle, no hope for him.
Iii tho committeo we asked him to give
Watson's definition of a miracle. He
turned to a book of manuscript of his own,
and read his own definition of u miracle.
Ho then Informed us that tho definition
was not Wagon's, but was u great deal
better. Finally ho became so disgusting
that the committeo wero compelled to in
form him that ho must not bo so Insolent.
Brother Turney will not do, Ho is a man
of too much uncommon senso for this con
forence. The Bishop hero put in a word about
Brush college
.Brother Hooper said: " Mv heart quiv
ers for Brother Turney. 1 onco conducted
services without prayer, and then went in
to tho wood nnd madoup for tho mistake."
And moro of tho sanni sorl, all of which
hadn't much to do with Turney.
Brother Corrlngton was for Brother
Turney. n thought ho might bo saved.
Brother Houts
Jrother Turner, who was a genius, a prod.
Brother Ilughoy had talked to Brother
rnrney. "Brother Turney is, I admit, ce.
cantrlc, but ho hns olemonts of power, such
ns no other young man In tho conference
ha-. Ills book upon tho Sal both is n won
derful book. There is hop. for tho man.
Ho knows hi, deficiencies, nnd Is trying to
Improve. Ho said to mo: 'I know 1 lmvo
no common .0i,0. ienrl, )lle ll0w l0 ,,nrn
Brothor Jllalr wanted to know.
Brother Phillips wanted to talk about
Brothor Tunioy's Improprieties In families.
"Thny aro terrible," said Brother Phillip,
and closed his eyes, while nn expression of
regretful horror Irradiated his counte
nance. As ho wns itbout to proccod ho wns
cut short by n motion that laid Brother
Turney over for futuro consideration.
Tho conference tlion proceeded to elect
flvo delegates to tho General Conforence.
Brothers Phillips, Hughey and Powors
wero appointed tellers.
Brothers Corriiiglon, tho elder, said he
had decided nine mcnths ngo to not be n
enndidnto for dulegnte, and he didn't want
a single vote.
It was decided that the fivo mouthers
receiving tho highest number of votes
should bo the delegates.
The first ballot resulted as follows:
Whole number of votc, 119: necessary
to a choice, CO.
P.. Allvn mo
J. W. Hughey 08
.1. VntiMiiiVrt
u. l'. Joy. ,
C. J. Houts
' ' - tit.
B. It. Pierce.
W. J. Grant
L. Mascy..,
J. S. -Morrison
.T. H. Kobinson
J. V . Lane.
11. Sears
,1. W. Phillips....
J. II. Eaton 2
jno. nut ,
W. N. Corrington
G. W. -Bobbins....
Jns. Johnson
A. B Nosbit
J. W. Lowe
.1. C. Green
F. L. Thompson..,
L.'A. Hnrper
1.. is. Dennis
J. D.Gillham....
I. B. Corrington l
J.P.Davis 2
L. C. English l
Brothers Allyn, Ilughej-, Vanclevc nnd
Joy wore declnrcd elected.
A second ballot was taken and Brothor
D. B. Pierco elected tho fifth delegnte.
Brothers Houts and Kobinson were then
(dectcd reserved delegates.
Who aro tho supcrnnuated preachers?
Brother C. F.Cliflord was laid over, and
Brother J. B. Curen madn etfectivc.
Tho present relations of Brothers G. W.
Cullmos, F. M. Woollnrd, J. W. Caldwell
Bnd Nelson Hawlcj- wero continued.
Brother A. C. Fiesher. Missionary col
lection, $10. Committeo reported, and lie
was admitted to full connection.
Brother W. M. Morrow, MU.-ionnry
collection, 20. Elected to elders' orders.
Brother Wcstman. Missionary collec
tion, SJG.00. Elected to elders orders and
placed on tho supernumerary list.
Messrs. J. B. Turner, D. A. Bond and
F. N. Waggoner, a committee for the
Electoral Conference of Laymen, appeared
before the conference and announced that
their body wns ready to receive cominiiiii
cations and advice.
The Bishop instructed tiie committee,
nnd they retired.
Tho committee reported on the follow,
ing brother-, who were examined for the
third year, nnd it wns announced that
thero was nothing against cither of them.
Brother W. II. Tiner ; missionary col
lection, $70
Brothor D- W. Phillips; missionary
collection, $50.
Brother W. S. Sly ; missionary collec
tion, $31 CO.
Brother 15. Falls; missionary collec
tion, $20 ;
Brother B. Thatcher; missionary collec
tion, 125 ;
Brother C. E. Clino; missionary collec
tion, $31.50;
Brother J. . I. Boyer; missionary collec
tion, 9.75;
Brother W. F. Whitakor; missionary
collection, $20 ;
Brother (.'. W. Sabiiio; missionary col
lection, $20;
Brother J. B. Beef; missionary collec
tion, $20.
, KKTIIiEll.
Tho Bishop placed Brother Corrington
in the chair and retired.
Several petitions for permission to sell
church properly were rend, and tho
prayers granted.
It was ordered that Brother Allyn's ad
dress on ministerial education ao spread at
length upon tho in unites.
Tint committeo appointed y apportion to
tho several districts tho amount of $1,300
asked for to liquidate the indebtedness of
the missionary treasury reported ns fol
lows :
To Lebanon $225
To Alton 225
To Vandalia 200
To Olnev 225
To Mt. Carmcl 200
To Ml. Vernon 173
To Dtt Quoin 150
To Cairo ". 100
Confcrenco adjourned.
IJikIrii Davit! J. Baiter, nreilillnKS J. 1 Mc.
t.nrincy, iroaiH.-uiiiiK imunii') ; Jno. IJ. Jr.
man, clerk J A. II. Irviu, shunt!.
Most of the day, yesterday, was con
sumed in tho argument of tho caso of tho
pcoplu vs. M'Elvoj-. At about 5 o'clock
tho caso was given to tho jury, who re
turned 11 verdict of manslaughter, and fixed
tho term of confinement in tho peniten
tiary at tliroo yoara. A motion for a now
trial was mndo.
A full panel of potit jurors was ordored
to bo uummoncd by tho shorill", and court
adjourned until Monday morning next.
Jubt Bkckivjsd. AV. W. Thornton
Tenth street betweoi Commercial avenuo
and Poplar street, has just rocelvcd and In
toro 1,000 doors and 1,000 wUdow and
Tho Electoral S. 1. Conforoiieo of Lay
men went into seion nt U o'clock nt tho
Frcuhyturinii church.
The business of tho body was preceded
by n prayer meeting for 0110 hour, con
ducted by Brother B. li. Smith, of Eddy,
vlllc. Tho singing wns licnrty, and earn
est prayers wero sent up to tho heavenly
throne for that guidance which would en
ftblo the coiifurcnco to do all things in
their deliberations to tho glory of God nnd
tho furtherance of tho Inlorcsts of tho
Immcdlalcly following tho devotional
exercises, Brother Col. Peters, of Metrop
oils, was called to tho chair and Brother
E. Callahan, of Bobinson, nppointed tem
porary secretary, after which a committeo of
eight wut f elected on credentials, each dis
trict selecting 0110 committeeman. Tho
following members composed tho commit
teo: Lebanon, Judge J. B. Manners;
Alton, E. Butler ;
Vnndalin, Dr. 11. F. Hamilton ;
Mt. Carmcl, Wm. Kingsbury;
Du Quoin, Win. Easterly;
Cairo, V. G. Kimble:
While tho committeo was out, by order
of tho conference, n collection for inci
dental expenses was taken up.
Tho committeo examined credentials
of delegates nnd made their report, which
wns accepted.
On motion, 0110 from each district wa
appointed on n committeo on permanent
organization. Tho following members
were chosen :
Lebanon, J. Loter;
Alton, Thos. Kfrkhmd;
Vandalia, D. AV. AVood ;
Olnov, Jason Cnrfon ;
Du Quoin, Chas. T Pace;
-Alt. Vernon, AV. AV. Peck ;
Cairo, John Mitchell.
After consultation tho committee re
ported the following officers, which wero
unanimously confirmed by acclamation of
tho houc.
1'resident, Benj. Hype, of Lebanon;
Vice President, Braxton Parih, of Ben
ton ;
Seeretary, E. Callahan, of Bobinson ;
Ain't .Secretary, Jas. P. Turner, Shaw
neetown ;
A committee of three was next appoint
ed by the chair to wait upon tho South Il
linois Annual Conference now in session
at tho M. E. church, to notify them of
tho permanent organization of the Elec
toral Conference of Laymen.
Dr. Bond, Bro. Turner, nnd Dr. AVng
oner, were selected ns such committee.
Tho following committee on resolutions
was clioen, and ordered to report at 2
Lebanon, Benjamin Hughe-;
Alton, John Smith;
A'undalia, Isaac Bunday;
Mt. Carmcl, J. B. Turner;
Du Quoin, Win. Peck;
Mt. Vernon, Win Stoker;
Cairo, AVm. Looney;
At 11 o'clock, a committee, composed
f.f Bev's C. V. lloiit,.!. Jl. Corrington and
J. B. Hill, from the Conference of Minis
ters was presented, nnd extended their
grateful greetings to tho lay conference.
Bov. C. .1. Houts snid ho was authorized
by the Convention of -Ministers to extend
the greetings of that body to tho Confer
ence of Laymen ; that ho wns willing to
give laymen a trial in the general confer
ence, and heartily welcomed their presence
among tliem ; that tho present state of tho
church demanded their co-operation ; thnt
ho congratulated them upon this their first
lay conference; that ho was authorized by
tho Bishop to say that ho would be glad to
receive n delegation from the laymen and
hear anything that they might wUh to say,
and wanted the laymen to engage in a
united meeting to exchango congratula
tions and fraternal greetings of brotherly
Eov. Mr. Corriiiglon, said that tho lay
men's conference wns in its inclpencj its
unformed stngo; thnt ho voted for tho lay
delegation; that they ought, in his
opinion, havo a voice in tho business of the
church ; that they have talented men, etc.,
among them, which they nro willing to
consecrate to the church, and ought to bo
represented ;" that thoj will operato as con
servators. IIo heartily and cordially
hoped they would havo abundant success
in all thoir efforts to help promoto tho in
terests of the church through this channel.
liav. Mr. Hill said ho was glad to meet
tho lay delegation, with Brothors Corring
ton nnd Houts; that ho voted for tho lay
delegation, and thanked God for gnthoring
around them such n company of laymen.
Ho wns glad to have their co-operation in
extending tho gospol over tho world.
A committee of thrco was then nppointed
to convoy fraternal greotings to tho S. I.
Confcrenco of Mlnistors, nt the head of tho
body of laymen, nt 3 o'clock.
Brothers E. Callahan, Dr. Bond nnd
Johnson wero nppointed ns fucIi commit
tee. Adjourjicd to 1J o'cloch. Tho session
clo-t'd with tho song, " A Charge to Keep
1 Have."
Tho conference met nt half-past 0110, and
iuiiiiedlnteh proceeded to elect two dele
gates. The firsl ballot resulted ns follows :
Total number of votes, 83: necessary to
a choico, 42,
E. Callahan 11
J. B. Turner 13
BenJ.IIuglics 23
John Stoker 20
J. P. Johnson 18
N. Bond 4
E. Lllllston 2
Jno. AVIlsoi 2
Jno Mitcludl 2
S. K. Turner 1
A'. Kimball 7
Ar. AVaggoncr 1
B. Peters 3
H.T. HniiiHn 1
W. Peck 1
Dr. McCurdv 1
Dr. Parrlsli...'. 2
E. Easterly 2
E. Callahan, having received a majority
of all tho votes cast, wns tloclarcd duly
olectcd, and tho confcrenco proceeded to
voto again. Tho ballot resulted In tho
election of AVm, .StoU-r, who, on motion of
J. P. Johnson, wns declared tho unani
mous choice of the conference.
Dr. Bond moved to proceed to tho elec
tion of two alternates, and .that the two
member receiving tho highest number of
voles bo tho alternates, tho ono receiving
the highest number to bo first delegate.
The ballot resulted as follows:
.1. l". .loimsoi
J. B. Turner .,!.,."'.;i.,".
11. Jlllghes "
V. ICImbcIl ""'
B. Peters "
N. Bond
. ..50
.... li
On motion of Mr. Turner, tho election
of Messrs. Hypes and Johnson was made
After n rcce-, tho conference met and
proceeded in a hotly to tin; -Methodist
church, where It was formally received by
the Bishop and ministers.
The confcrenco rc-assomblod, and, after
devotional exercises adjourned to meet in
the evening. t
The evening session was presided over
by Dr. Bond, nnd became a cross between
a lovo-fcast nnd prnyor-meeting. After
a season spent in experience telling,
prayer and song, the conference adjourned
sine die.
. . -
To the Editor of the lluUctin.
Mr. O. AV. Hughey, n gushing member
01 tlio conference now in session in this
city, notifies the world that In; has
prepared a work of one hundred and tutu-
five pages, upon Catholicism, it pernicious
cueet, lis degrading inllueiicc, etc, etc,
in fact a work certain death to Catholic
tenets and the n plus ultra of Catholic
poison. This liu adds will bo sold for two
bits per copy. Wo have no doubt but each
and every copy of this valuable volume
i charged with posltivo Methodist hate
Catholic blasting powtler sufficient to
shatter Catholicism from turret to founda
tion rtonc, nnd havo heard it rumored that
Dr. Dollinger has nlrcndy sent Pore Hy
acinthfc'Mpon a mission of congrntulntion
to tho Confcrenco of Southern Illinois
which is so favored as to enumerate among
its members the gifted Hughey. In viow
of these facts, as well as tho unquenchable
anti-Catholic ardor and total disregard
of filthy lucro, characteristic of tlio author,
whom providenco has seen fit to inako tho
"humblo instrument" of his vengcanco
against agninst Borne, wo had hoped that
Mr. Hughey .would havo dispensed his
doses nt confcrenco prices say two for
five cents or three for n dimo initcad of
tho enormous sum of twcntv--fivc cents per
head, fo ns to cnnblo enen and every mem
ber of the protcstant churche to obtain nt
least ono copy. NoM to man's duty to
board preachers and feed them on
yellow legged chicken-, lies what
duty if not till of pitching
into Catholicism at ovcrj- opportunity' By
all means, Mr. Ilugbny, put down your
prices; for, if it breaks you,-oii will always
be able to realize that yon wero "busted
in n good enuo.
AVe would a-k Mr. Hughey if he was a
member of tho Mctbudut Conlcrcnce Inch
as-emblcd In Chicago some two years ago.
If so, ho doubtless remembers how our
Methodist brothers opened firo upon C11
tliolicism, nnd gallantly charged upon
what they supposed wero unoccupied
works. Ho will nlo doubtless remember
how tho Bcv. Dr. , las. McMullcu, a Catho
lie prict of Chicago, popped up his head,
otrerina: it as a target for
Methodist arrows, and requesting 11 few
rounds with "any college bred" member of
their sect upon the nicriU of Cittholici-m,
abo how the challenges of tho priest met
with no acceptance, tlio heaviest strikers
making exit through holes of microscopic
dimensions. If anv member of that confer
ence had been provided with one. of Mr.
Hughey' productions how ditl'crcnt would
havo been the result! Thoy could have assail
cd him upon all sides and battered him into
oblivion, and havo " put a Mcthodit head
on him," at least. My all means Mr.
Hughey put down your price. Signed.
Uaiiio, Sept. 20, '71. A Catholic.
Tlio following wero the arrivals at the
St. Charles Hotel yesterday : A. J. Davis,'
Chicago; Bobcrt Carter, Lebanon, J II.;
Miss L. Carter, do; E. Callahan, Bobin
son, 111.; B. .St. James Fry, St, LnuU, J.
T Anderson, Now Vork ; J. Purry John
son, Chester, 111.; M. It. Claneey, Chicago;
AVm. AVheclcr, do ; AVm. Donoho, Trov,
111.; A. J. Paikson, Hyland, 111.; Henry
Drun-, .Mason, 111.; T. A. Edward', Me
Leausboro, 111.; Joseph Englemau, St.
Louis; J. I). AVilliams, La Sallo, HI., .1.
J. Husbttelil, New Vork ; B. O. Timber
lake, Cincinnati j B. Donit.er, St. Louis;
Wm. Mitchell, Cincinnati; O. M. Par
sons, str Silver Bow; S. Cook, Golcondn,
111,; A, Calender, Pinckncyville, III., E.
Mark, Edwardsvillc, 111.; E. J. Ingeivoll,
Carbondale, III.; D. AV. AVood, Elllngliam;
J. D. Manners, East St- Loiii; E. M.
Dudh', Now Orleans; G, K, Bobcrt, do ;
J. H. AViitt, AVillow Hill, HI.; W. A.
Dolton, Paducah, Kentucky.
Tho following wero tho arrivals at tho
Dnlmonico hotel AVm. AVinter, proprie
torfor tho twenty-four hours ending at
12 o'clock, p,m, Soptombor 20, 1871: J.
C. Clymoro and lady, Metropolis, 111.; E.
S. Boyd, Enterprise, Ind,; Charles AVright,
Metropolis, 111,; J, E. AVilliams, Padueah,
E. P. Holland, Paducah; C. B. Cochran,
Paducah; G. B.Bobnrts, Paducah; Thomas
Mooro and lady, Metropolis; Mrs. Luklns,
Metropolis; John B. Smith anil lady, Gol
conda, III.; Mrs. J. L. Allard, Paducah;
Mrs. Hobbs, Paducah; AVm. E. Graham,
Evansvlllc, Intl.; Mrs. B. Cochran, Padu
cah ; John Nownian, Mt, A'ornon, Intl.;
James II. Bees, Pltsburg, Pa; Frank M.
Truck, St. Louis; John M. Snorlns, Mis
sissippi county, Ark,; P. G. Hlnies, Tip
tnnville, Teiin ; John Gates, city; David
Stallars, Ballard county, Ky.j O, Groonly,
Goosh Island, III,; dipt. AV. H, Sandusky,
Mound City; 11. B, Spencer. Pulaski, 111.;
11. Jameson, LouUvlllo; AVm. Ashmvad,
Macon, III. ; Wm. rcclnm, Odon, 111.
Thn Fair steamer It. P. Walt, Capl.
II. Blake, will leave Cairo Sept. ilO, at
o'clock, p. 111., for Si.' Louis, nrrhlnir
Monthly innriiliig,
srpt30d!!t Sol, Sua eh,
x upsenier iijjen
Steamer Colorado. Vlcksburg.
" James Flsk, Paducah.
" Ocean us, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus
" John Kyle, Now Orleans.
" Virginia, New Orleans.
" A. Baker, Capo Girardeau.
.Steamer Colorado, St. Louis.
" Jas. Fisk, Jr., Palucah.
" Occauus, Now Orleans.
" Illinois. Columbus.
" Virginia, St. Louis.
nu uuer is run inning niuwiy, iinu niie
our last report has fallen one-half lm.'
witli ten and one-half inches on Bact
rock. At Evansvlllu tho river has risen
a couplo of inches, which is caused by
TI.. fll.l.. I- ...111 ....in .1 1 1 -t...
slight rise 111 urcen river. At Loulsyil
it I 011 a steady decline, with less than
feet on Portland bnr. The Mlssisslimi
again filling.
MM ..!....!.. 1 .1 . 1 . .
a iiu tin ivnis nun utMMiriuri'n wvru so 1111
ittd yesterday that tho leveo presented
dull appearance. Tho weather wns clca
and cool, witli n slight frost In tho mon
The James Fisk did not arrlvo until 11
early hour yestordiiv morning on In
'i'i,i,.j.i.... ui. .....1. .1.. . . e .1
, III. -till. .III'. .JIIU 1001. liiu Lrni III Ll
1.1 1.1 ....
wick oounsoii 111 j'aiiucan, anil start
.1. I I ....
v.v. 11, ... 11 . mg rui villi llll'liur) inure lilt
!..... .1 - II. 1 .1
.till ...... .1... ..... . ... .1 I .1
f-u, "II-, Till; 1I1UU1IM nun wits tli
tallied about thirteen hours. Her tri
consisted of nbout 100 tons assorted
shipping freight.
MM. il. 1 I ... . . .. 1.1.. . .
1 iiu vuiorntio c u e uniiL'iii irom leu
'1 hero is only 2 j inches water in th
.1 1 . f . V t . .1
iiuiiiiii ii sjs,. ajsmis niiiti 11 it i mil tiiu iv
water of 1803.
Giptnin John Crnne i n lucky rnun 1
more tliaii ono M-nco of tlio word. He
tuf.f't ti. s..tit. mini nf tw. fltii. clnnirt.
I'biiv .'ti uti'iii- utiles ii wti'i yj ijiivi iiiy-
populnr bont on tin; river. Lucky Wau
ho lias tlio people favoriteJllly Jlhinkei
for hi cahiirf and lncky apiin because h
1..... 1 1 1 ...
..If. ... 1 t .1 . 1I
ten dollar.
Ml 1 .... II.- !. V.M .1... n...
t if tin fclirt nriL' Tfn U nnu' In niir rutv nn
ticntly awaiting her arrival.
Tl, 1 II. .1.1-" ,lf III. II II ..I A.
every Mcwner mm conic mm mu ion
" What I know about music (not In
I.OOO.OO') roph struck oft", o that each o
his friend nuy K't unc
Th" Virginia reported C leet to .Mem
IiMK. fLIHl VeilOW II'VIT llfbl III l(U4Iltiri
and Xatche?:.
- - I - - -
il l 1 I t CM.
i iriniini nt utififii rnni n tru iiim tinrn. .-"sin
landed at the silver JIow and reportet
iiiiii mh P'in iii phsiiiv rniPfi i iin whip
i. ' t. ... i t- mi. .
um iioi yui over our mimi ucth, uiu juf
. t f. 11 I . . . I
tlmt In tho hold will bo damaged.
ml. I t. .. ir ..t 1 .1 ! 1. .. ft -
I iiu ijuiiii is tiu hum vs ttuiinj tuunitci'
. ... 1 . 1 . 1 . . . . rf . . . a .
board, fehr will not go to bt. Ihup, but
lient. 'i ne .McrMIl i d not deiiHrt ai wm
wuu nir liiu iiu nnu rusiiiii ins iriii u i
her. Tim Jlcrrill will probably bo put in
t . i i f. t. . i . . .
ikilwim'ii iiiTis iiiiii .-1. ijiiiiis. iii urinr tint
freight for tho U.ivldson line.
Tim M .111.. lf,i,...t, umi Iw.lilnil ,il I'.i.ln.
..n.l l.l.nn.1 l.n,.1 C....1 ill... .. n.l wn
shipped her trip on tho Fish.
The Kellogg is still here, awaiting tho
arrival of the Atlantic. Sho will take the
three barges being brought out by the At
lantic, and the Atlantic returns to St,
Tho Virginia discharged hero 30 bbls
oil, CO bait's rags nnd 11 bills hides.
'J ho Louisvilio lmdgototV as she pnsiod
Point J'lcnsant.
Tin: best medicine for chills and fever
is Dr. Itnttingcr'M fovcr drops. The best
mcdlcino for biliousness, costlvcr.css and
impurity of tlio blood is Dr. Rattinger's
vegetablo Liver Pills.
so fJ7d&wlw
lm Sai.b on Kxchanok for Cairo
PnopKin v. I havo O.vk Hu.vmiKi and
Sixtt acres of llrt-clas unimproved
land in Johnson county, which I will soil
on ruasonnblo terms, of oxchango for Cairo
city property. P. H. Porn.
ul in
.Sr.KKi-i.va Jtoouis for Ken72 Ton
well vontihited slcoping rooms in City Na
tional Hank building. Apply to
At City National Dank.
Cin:.i'Ksr and H'ust. Mrs. Whit
comb's Syruy for children is sold by drug
gists for '-'5 eonts n bottlo, and is nn admir
able preparation for infantilo disordors.
"Wantkh At tho Dolmonico Hotel ono
hundred weekly boardors. Fivo meals
each day, prico fl per wcok.
nug20tf "Vh. "Winter.
"A good man loaveth an inhoritancc'
Insuro your llfo In tho " Llfo Associa
tion of Aniorlca." septdlw
Kverybody goes to Jorgenscn's family
gorcory for tiio Halford LolchosUrshlro
suueo. If
Jorgeiisen has a great run for Capti
"Whito's oriental pickles. tf
Monit rofundod if Oillot's goods don't
pleiiso. agl3eowdaw2m
At Jorgenscn's may bo found tho pop
ular French nssortcd pickles. tf
Oo to Parker & lllako's, cornor Com
mcrcial avenuo and llthstroot, for Aurora
oil. nttgJ6dm-

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