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On al nr Hiin l") . M; 11th, 1871, llir follow
ing innr-ulip II K'ern the nirirnl nml u part-
hi "f pMr irms i tauroi
r-Mml train, ilmlj 11:45 p.m.
Kxprrss, 1HJ 2;5 p.m.
4 . v - Miwl,dily , .1s.1QA.rii
UxprrM. .tally, cxerpl Hominy 3:) p.m.
X.i. hsngf of fnilii (,'Hiro In fct. I.otlls, No
rlin l r f""'" I" CilCKRo. J'lrpant
irni " " . Icfpina ears on night tMin.
Iumkii ' l-n"l i ' ll lmpirt.mt points.
to niuiiciiKs.
KK-in rKiiiN-i:ii!tiiii m-i.
I'rnt liinit alillh Kl n . ., ntnl T'j r. .
I'rujcr iii"l ng. Wclm l.ijr :il T! r. M.
un.l) Mi iol, :l r. x .1. M l.mu.lcn, Huper.
inlrrotent. !! C. II. I'ootr, l't-r.
MCTIIl)IilT-( "t. i: iiMIi Hint Wnlntit Ms.
I'n nrhin?, "nMfltli 1"', a. m., an J T i x.
rnynitMIK, Wtilnojilny, TJt r. i.
; iiilm M-liol .3 r m. I,. W. MtiUcll, Super
ntrndi-nt. Iter. I. L.Tltojirsox, Pastor.
UlltjuTII OF TUF. l'.IH)EKMEU-(Kplcopjt)
Morning pMjers, Mliluth I'D , m.
Kfcninfl pra) p. M.
fes.Mi.th School, o a. M.
Kpv. Mr. Coax, Ureter.
.St. P.VTItlCKS CIlUKCII-jor. Ninth St. miJ
VhiiiKt(in Avenue.
Public crrlec,!;abtMllit!4ani Kli,' . m.
Vrpfr 3 r. x.
bundsyfcchool.S r. m.
fctrvicc cicry dy, 8 p. i.
Itcv. l'.J. O'Hilioxis, I'rifl,
SaMmIIi School, 01 a. sc.. Siblsitli.
rtmotilny, .S.blmtli lojj a. ., nn.l r. m
l!cv J. FiurM, Pastor.
MH-ION StWDAV fcCIIOOl. In the Christian
Chumli, Kizlileenth Sirci't. Sabbath Smool 3
r. m.
J. I). lttti, Superintendent,
ttlar meeting second Motulav each month nt the
I'rayer routn t.f the Presbjterian Church
Weekly Iraer meetlnc, Friday, "i r. m., at
the I'rajer room of the IVcshy terlnn church
C I'a, Prc'sMciif.
ami Ctilar.
terriers. Nibbath. It a. v.
Sun lny s-diool. IJf r. .
Gas.1r. m.
Premium:, TJi r. y. Kcv, Win. JiicKon, I'nsto
SjECU.VI) HtKK-WII.L.llAl'TifeT-Fift.enth SI.
lietMcen Walnut ami Ceilar.
.-ervice Sabbslh, an I 3 p. m.
Her. N. Hicks, Pntor.
11EK-WIM, lUITIfTlIOMK Ml.-lu; rl'.V
HAT SC'lloOI Corner wn:nut and Cedar Sin.
Sundav .S-hool, 9 a. m
n' llarracl".
services, .-aMulh II a. m., 3 p. M. and TjJ r. x.
Iter. Vi'm. Kcllcv, I'tor.
vcenluthaD'HItli -troft, ntnr Cedar.
Prurhmf abtiatli 10" a.m., and r. m.
Prayer Meeting, WeJneday evening.
Preuhin. Fridav eveniiic.
."a'.baths hool, l;j p. m. John Van Ilaxterand
Mary "tepheiu Miperintmdent.
Ilt. TJ. Snor.r, 1'aito
Ooern ir, John JI. Palmer i
Lieutenant-Goiernor, John Llougherly ;
Secretary of State, Edward Kummel J
Auditor of state, C. E. Lipplncott ;
State Traurer, E.N. lutes;
sunt. Tublie Instruction, Newton Ilaleinan.
Senators-L, man Trumbull and John A. Logan.
Representative for the Slate at Ijirpe Vacancy, I
Ii. pre-, niatue Thirteenth Witnct John M
.M KM 11E1W G EN Eli A L ASSEM 11 LY.
Sen.i.ors, lt Mstrlct-T. A. E. Holcomb, ol
L'n .n, atids.K. (,i.Vnn,of Gallatin,
itpresi-ntatite, 1st Ii.ln I II, WaNon Webb.
Ur.l-TIT C'OCliT.
-1 1 J. lUker, of Alexander,
utinii Attorney J. F. MiCartuej,
Pt mine Attorney J. F. MiCartuej, i.
' r m i fieri. J no. tj. llartnan.
hner.ll-A. II. Irvin.
Wi, Martin, Aesor and Treamrer,
Judye P. Ilross.
Anx.a'.es J. K. McCriteand S. Mareh'bton.
' lerk Jacob G. l.Micli.
nr.ner lohn II. Oomnan.
.'liy r Johi M. lAniden.
Tteavuer J. B. Taylor.
i. imptro lr K. A. IturnettJ
1 ' rk M.clmel Uowlcy.
l rnal ndrew Cm.
Att .rut-P. H.I'ope.
l-ol e MigistratesF. Ilr0s n I II. Shan
neiy, ' lnei ol Police I,. II. Mjera.
T ' e C.in.table-Jnhn (ihethan. (dav), nnd
Jo II v'elrmn an 1 J. W.Sumner, (night.)
May .r John M. I.ansden,
1 '1' Ward I'. G. lehnh.
if o 1 Ward-C. II. Woorward.
l''i rd Ward Jno. Wood.
K Jrtb Ward H. fitaals Tiylor.
. t at. Urge W. I' llalliday and IV, llutd.
110AHI) 01" ALDEllMKN.
KIKir WAUU Jam, llearden,
Leo Klrb,
liaao Walden.
fx JNUWAUD-U. ll.Canninshim,
E. Iluder,
Henry Winter,
Jamts Fayne,
TIIIHD WAUD-Wm. Slutton,
I'atilok Fltigotalil,
l Ol'KTII WAItU-Jamea Carroll.;
0. II.. ease.
7Vwif of Meeting.
Cllt tol'MIL.
Friday eitnii
I'he City Council meeta In joint n-jnon on
W.-H iiiuiiwi.
tr.trcr 101.MiL.
Tne Select Council meeta o tho lat Wedm-s-day
and Thursday, ntler Ihe aeond Monday in
I'oinii hi iMmn s.
I lie Hoard of tlderrnen meets on the firs
.) and Tuesday in evvry month.
' jm.mittkks ok thk council,.
'. ' fi-Me..rs. Taylor, Wilder. Wintir,
W'.ui ani Metealf.
'oii.e-Jlei Cunningham, Schuh, Fitrger
a' 1 h. a e aud Ualliday.
Cwi,i-Mn,f,. Wwd, Cunningham nnd Kleb.
b. Jc-Me.sr.. Carroll, Iluder and
.baeal-Mes.r,. IU.Men,b,'. and
den, Winter. Miration anJu' ,J ' H". K.ar-
I'Olt NAI.I,
T.ie Illinois Central Ita I Iton 1 Coni.any t.i,.
i"r ssii. uiv luiioMinuiieiicrioeu iota inn us
Addition to the City of Cairo, vii i '
Lot ST block 2i, li-it U block H,
" U " SO, ' V7 " H,
' " M, o .j, ii (.,'
' ' !!, " 31 ' Si,
" V3 " U, " 3t H,
Fnrrms.ele. apjily to JAMKH JOII.NiO N.
ei-'Vl.r ,',
A rlftlin of early ludia cretion, iuuir.g
debility, premature deca), e tc., having tried In
vain every advertised remedy, has ducotcred. a
simple meant of aelf.cure, which he will keatf
Ireo to hit Mlow.i(fcrere. J. Ji. Itmt., No.Tt
" afreet, KeMf-Vxrlc. aujMwJy
The rountie eoTpo". . the nrii.Kenfltorlalills
trlol, are reijneateil to n nd lt legates (on con
rent. op, lo beholden at Vetroi eli. on the 21st
day of October Inrtinl, for thcpariioaeof noml
nutiiiK n Di'inoctntie cin.'ldate for this illMrict,
tofilllhovjeniicyori Asioned t.y tlicilcnth ol lion.
S. K.Oibon.
Accord ngtutliebasi'ol reprwcntntlonadopte.l
Hie "Cicral eountle rill bo entitled to tho fid
lovting number of rfelefralea i
Al xander
llard'n ...
' I
. I
SAMuni. p, wiikkixii,
Chairman Senatorial Committee.
Maai' ...
IVIip -
I'lllii'Kl ..
.-lln-.. .
rnnii . ..
a xh;m.'i:m knt.
To tht nttmvt Iht rounfua oj (lallatin,Silint, liar
inn, Jbpc, Jonnwn Mtmae, Vnhn and AUxan'ler,
romprwing Iht Firtt Senatorial IHstriet of ItUnuti.
Knt.o i imtMi-Ilie object of thl circular
ii to announce to) on IliM I m a candidate for
the Mate annate, to fill the vacancy occaioned by
the untimely death of Senator Simeon K. Olbson,
aublecl, however, to the declIon of Ihe Hemo
crntlc Senatorial Convention, should one be held,
I'remng unties Ucmlving upon me, from this
time until the election, which occura on the 7th
of November next, render It Impossible forme
to c,auta's the dl-tuct, hence I take this means of
making my candidacy generally known. Should
I be the choice ol my felltw citizens for the
place t seek I shall endearor to make an honor
able, faithful and working representative, seek
In all things the advancement and prosperity of
the people through the ennclmeut of wholesome
and bent flcent laws.
I nm lltespectiully,
Shanneelown, Ills., Oct. C, 1371.
Tne splendid Steamer
Will learpCufro lo-div
at 1:' o'clock for Vicks
For freight or passage
burrand .f uriesns.
api ly on board, or to
George, the barber latelv with Theobald and
Kchbch. ha opened n Nr. Harder hiicip. r,n
Cominerelsl avenui , between I nd lsth streets,
for the accommodation ot ladies an 1 gentletien
onheupiiei part of the city. He Invitcj all his
old and new Iriends to visit his ft.oi., and !
ures (hem ,olito attention and unei)Uall d work,
either in .linir curlimt. cuttine. ahavinc or sham
pooing. oc!2 ml
The public la ll.Ti'br notified that the Onlinsnce
reutiirlotr hoc to bo Imnoiinded. whnn mnn.i
runningat large in the slreeN. will be rlrnrnii.li
enforced on anil afier October ISth, Inst Tina
uoiic) means wnai ii ears.
I.. II. MTEKS. Chief of Police.
Caro.Oct. 11. 171.
Agent's Ottlce, I.C. II. It.Co.,1
Cairo, October 12, lbTl,
I. X
drain in bulk, and lire stuck, will now lie rr.
celyed for shipment to Chicago.
jajim JLri.3U.. Acent.
In consenuence of tne bitu disastrous fin. in
Cnicago vru have decided to postpone until neit
spring the sale ot lots advertised to take place in
hvansville, on the 17th of October, lust.
lir.llJIvI.llACU 4 EI.SAS.
Thtee Illnckstniths wanted at the (iamble
ft''- Ca'r0' ' "
IMiMIsIkI every morning, Monday
liiathereil up in nil parts of the City.)
A great many peopio oppo-e tho
new jail propo-ition. They tny we have
taxes I'nough to pay, and that the present
new jail will answer all tho requirements
of the county for years to come. In our
opinion tho prccht jail i a nuisance.
It's an ill wind that blows nobody
any gond." In our walks about tho city
we notice that the highways and by-ways
pre'erit un unusually clean appearance.
If thU fact is attributable to tho "cholera
scare," of somo weeks ago, that little agita
tion was a messing 111 ill'uio.
A 1'iidiicah man iTerv liberal l'adu-
call man contributed u ten cu.it fractional
note lo the Chicago u'ul fund yesterday. Ho
will probably boast of the munificent con
tribution all hi life. Ho will havo i?ood
reason to do so. sinoo ho has contributed at
least ten eent- more than nnv other l'adu-
A pair of oxen in tho upper part of
tho city mistook thcm-elves Cor horse.
yesterday morning, and whi'ij under that
impre--ion attempted to nun nwav. A
vigorous use of tho lath and a few' ener
getic "whons ! " from the colored mnn who
hud them in charge, ,mm changed their
lapld loeomotioii to the sober puce becom
ing a respectable ox-touin.
Many of the iieoplo thrown out of
work by tho greut Chicago lire nro arriving
in ivurlu, ami many more aro cotnint:.
They are uU tlo.tltute, without money or
ability to go further south. Tho money
1,1 " "'d tho Chieago
sumirur noi lit no rutulnpi 1.1 )in.. ...,.1
xpended in paylrg for transporlatlon for
tho de-tituto who arrive hero en routo for
the .South.
Mis Ellen I), Knme'. formerlv of
Kulamazoo, having taken up her residence
in Cairo, Informs the public that slio is de
sirous of giving instruction in vocal and
instrumental music and in French. Miss
Lames comes among us with excellent re
commendations. During tho latu session of
the Northwestern Academy of Music, she
was among thu most proficient in piano
forto practico and vocal instruction, and
the conductors of the academy unito in
tholr testimony to her thorough knowl
edgo of music and her capability to teach
the same. Miss Karoos resides in the
formerly occupied by Mr.O. II. Olmstcnd-
".iiu sue win do nappy to receive pupils
ear t . y u"or""li'E if required in re-
bu"Iir'U'Uour'1 ttiriK t.) the
bu d igotaheeoriieroflhteenthstreet
So ,,k;;"!lt"" ' fr a primary
flowing-over c, m (1 JQJt ,to. r.
lll folks U undt, the charge 0( ol
tfitcher. A division will bo made, bv ...i.,..,
scholar from both rooms will attend n.
new aelinnl 111. .)...! 1. .
new school. It.ls designed to select aUe.eher '
iron mo present corps to tnko charge
of tho udditlonul primary and it is prolm
bio the vacancy will bo f0i) j,v jj,,.
llrownly of Villi Kldge. TI1I1 lad'
liltjlil.v rcecomuicndcil ni nil neconiplljlica
scholar, n grndimlo of heroy Kcnilnnry,
2S"cw York.
TI10 following prcuiiblcs nnd resolu
tions were ndoptcd by Iho Cnlro Tqrpslch
orenn club, nttlio ineetingof tlioclub hold
Inst night;
AViiKitKAx, In the nrovidonco of Ood. n
terriblucnltimlty has visited tho neighbor
Ing city of Chicago, thus huriylng into
eternity ninny of our most intimnto friends
ttiul relation!,
ami wimiKAs, Tills provlously un
henrd of los of llfo nnd nronertv bv llro
hns caused n deep gloom nnd sadness to
sexiin upon 1110 ciuiro nation, nna more
especially upon 1110 peopio ol our own
state, therefore belt
It'solrttl. That vro condole and svintm
tlilzowlth the sutlers, and recognize In tho
into lire n national calamity una an al
most Ireparable loss to the State of Illinois;
11 ml,
lie it further rcsolttd. That wo postpone
t mo initial party, 01 tno series to bo giv
en under tho Ausplcics of the Cairo Xcrp
siehorenn Club, until Tucsdnv evoning
Oct. 'JO, 1871.
Ono of tho firms that went down in
tho Chicago fire was Culver, Pago &
lloyne, who havolbcen furnishing to nil
Egypt blanks nnd blank books. A strong
erip had this firm on tho affections of
many county officers, who had taught
themselves to believe that if C, 1. it H.
should be snuffed out nil tho courts in tho
state would be compelled to adjourn sine
die nnd Justice put aside her useless scales.
And now that great exigency has come.
What nro wo to do about It 7 To those
officers who cannot, In any possible way,
recover from tho Culver, 1'ngo & Hoyno
diease, wo would recommend speedy ul-
cldo by throat-cutting or drowning, but to
tho philosophical fellows who bellovo
there aro in tho sea as good fish ns over
were caught, we recommend The IUm.lk
ti.v blank book manufactory and job
printing office. There U not n blank or
blank book which haa hitherto been fur
nished by Culver, 1'ngo & Hoyno to coun
ty officials thnt we cannot furnish nt
cheaper prices nnd printed or bound in
better style. In proof of till ossertion we
refer to Mr. .laccb Lynch, county clerk,
Mr. A. II. lrvin, sheriff, and Judge llros,
county judge, of Alexander rounty. Mr.
John (J. Ilnrmun, circuit clerk, will, wo
believe, also bear evidence that our blanks
and blank books are unexceptionable ns to
workmanship and nil that could be de
sired ns to prico.
Ubout th
Slayers at Home, the Comers,
doers and the (June.)
Judgo Pidgcon, of Pulaski county,
was in tho city yesterday on otllciul busi
ness. Tho How Mr. Footo will probably re
spond to the call ho has received from a
congregation ot St. Louis.
Tho unliable Ilamblcton, of Mound
City, was in search of a lost opportunity
yesterday in the neighborhood of tho City
National Hank. He did not find it, al
though Col. Hyslop aided him in tho
Hon. II. AVatson AVebb left for Spring
field last night to bo present at the open
ing of the special session of tho legislature,
which will bo convened to-day, tho object
being to take into consideration the subject
of tlio great Chieago fire.
Mr. A. 11, .SatlorJ will ho at homo on
or about tho 15th instant. Ho lias been
absent from tho city nveru month. If ho
had remained at homo Chicago would not
havo been destroyed by llro. This fact
should bo to him a fearful warning, nnd
teach him tho importiinco of not wander
ing awny from Cairo.
Mils Mary Sntl'ord, well known to
many of our citizens, arrived in Xowi
Y ork, from Germany, u few days since.
Sho will probably accompany her brother
A. II. SafTord, Esq., to this city. Miss Saf
ford has spent time, labor and means,
both in her own and a foreign country, to
perfect herself in her chosen profession,
that of .surgery and medicine, jind intends
hereafter to devote herself to its practico
in tho city of Washington. Miss Snfl'ord
is a shining example of what her sex can
do, whim actuated by larce motive
nnd persistent determination.
( What is (iotng On a' the Court House.)
The proceedings of tho court nro be-
coming " flat, stale and unprofitable.''
A special grand jury hm been talked
about, but will not, in all probability,
Prosecuting Attorney McCartney, who
has been somewhat ill for a day or two
past, bus recovered his health. He is pale,
but firm'
Judgo Mulkey lmi not been verv
prominent during tho present term. Rest
ing, probably, and getting ready for an
it'iiivn campaign at the noxt term.
Chief of Pollco Myers and IMnctlvn
Jo. Arnold got into u little difficulty, out
"7 cauio with tholr purses
'busted" all to piece. Carried awav by an
irresistabh.de.lre to sco Chicago In ashes,
they lelt Cairo on Monday afternoon, bo
ing botli witnesses in a case that was on
trial when they loft. Yesterday morning
his honor, Judgo linker, fined Myers ?'J0
and Arnold 15 for contempt of court.
Maybo these fearful examples will teach
witnesses and juror, to attend to their
duties. They will, beyond doubt, if the
court will follow up tho precedent it has
thus established at tho expense of M vers
aim Arnold.
Tho, family grocery store of Illxby &
Koohlor Is being patronized largely by peo
ple wholiiioflnogrocories. Their location
on tho north sido of Eighth street, bo
tween Commercial and AVashington av
enues, it a central one, and their stock bn.
been selected with discrimination, there-
lore huh now candidate for public patron
ago meets exactly tho wants of tho pco.
pie. McssrB. Koohlor ie liixby propo.su to
keep up their reputation byalways telling
tho bust Of uU sorts of irrocnrli.s i H,n,-
patrons nd tho public, knowing tllt
plu generally aro awaro of tho fact that
"; K"" urucios ot any li ml nro id.
WM' 1,10 cheapest in the end.
OvuTKiis Louisllerbort husalwusoti
hand u ic,i, SUppIy of Haddbi ltock oys.
(To Which Especial Attention la Called.
-Send In your orders for Job "Work.
Three blacksmiths aro wanted at th
Gamble Wngon Factory, Thlrty-econtl
streel, In this city.
Thoso French Cherries, In syrup, so
popular with connoiscitrs nro sold by Jor
Jamc Johnson, ngent of tho Illinois
Central railroad at this city, gives notlco
tins morning that grain in bulk nnd livo
stock will now bo received for shipment
to Chicago
One hundred dollars invested nl 0 per
cent, for fifty years amounts to $l,8rJ.01'
One hundred dollars invested at 10 per
cent for fitly years amounts to 11,730.00.
New York companies invest at tho former
rate, the Life Association at tho latter.
Where nrc you going V To tho place
number C3, Ohio levee, whero they keep
tho best fresh oysters, fish nnd game, and
the flneit wines, liquors ond cigars to bo
found in tho city. Open nt nil hours, day
or night. J. E, Pakks.
Hcidclbach and Elsas, of Kvnnsville,
request us to inform the people of Cairo
thnt In conscqtienco of the late disastrous
flro nt Chicago they havo decided to post
pone, until next spring, the sale of lots
advertised to take placo at Kvnnsville on
the lTtli, instant.
Tno most popular shoe shop In town
is on 20th street opposite tho court house
hotel, whero AVm. Ehlers manufactures
boots and shoes for his customers, warrant
ed to be of tho best French calf, kip or
morocco, and which ho guanratecs to give
entire satisfaction. Call on him nnd you
will know how it is yourself.
George, tho barber, lately with Thco-
bold and Eschbach, has opened a new bar
ber shop on Commercial avenue, between
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets,for the
accommodation of people in the upper part
of tho city. Geome is a master of his busi
ness, and will give all h! patrons entire
Tho Chicago llcer Saloon, Wrn.
Schick, proprietor, N'os. 2G nnd 2S Eighth
etieet, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of Weiss' Ileer, J-dquors of every
description, and n'l kinds of foreign and
homo Wines. No ordinary liquors are
dispensed at the bar of tho saloon only
tho very best, nnd guests llnd in attend
ance polite and accomodating waiters. A
free lunch is spread every day ut 10
o'clock a.m. u'ual'tf.
D. Ltmpart has removed his shop
from Ohio Levee,to8th between Commer
cial und Levee, and ho now invites his
friends to one of tho best fitted shops in
the city, every thing is kept in tho nea
test nnd best manner possible; snow whito
towels, bright keen razor, pure water,
fragrant soaps, clear oils and fine perfu
mery j Smooth shave-, thorough sham
poos, fashionable hair cutting, hair curl
ing or dressing for gentlemen, ladies or
childrou, and polite attention is always
in rendines.- for thoso who favor him with
their patronage. ootodlm
PotcrSaup has opened ubran new oys
tor saloon, 102 Commercial avenue, where
ho will keep on hand constantly fresh
oysters, the largest nnd most delicious in
the city,which ho will sell tho by case, can
or dozen. Tho saloon has been fitted up
with tho express view of supplying
gentlemen and ladies with a placo whero
they mny enjoy n meal of these toothsomo
bivulves quietly, without being disturbed
by tho bustle and noises incidental to tho
commonplaco restaurant oyster room.
Xotice. Any persons desiring to in
sure their property in Companies that
havodono no business In Chicago, can do
so by applying to O. A. Topi'KL, f'orinsur.
anco in thu North Missouri Iimirnnee Com
pany, of Macon, Missouri, cash capital
$350,000; or in the .State Insurance Com
pany of Missouri ;ash capital, 052,1176 ;
both marine and lire.
October 12, 1871. lw
English Chow-Chow
Mona Ketchup
and a multitude
New Goods,
Jut received
liixby A: KoehlorV.
Dr. Itattingcrs Fover Drops havo cured
cases of fuvcr and aguu of two years clan
ding which resisted all other treatment;
these Drops never fail when taken as di
rected nnd no person need havo the fever
a second timo whero thero Drop-can bo
obtained. . "ctllidawlw
Phksii OvhTKiw. I nm now receiving
daily, tho celebrated ('. S. Multby's II. arid
M. brand of fresh oysters, which aro iinri
vailed, and for sale by tho can or case on
the most rMonnblu terms, try them al
ways warranted good and fresh.
lf W.M. Wl.VTKU.
Tin: iikst hiock or genuine French calf
in tlio city may be found at Win. Elders'
shop on Twentieth street, opposite tho
Court House hotel. If you Wat gooJ
neat-lltting pair of boots, shoes, slippers
made on short notice, and warranted, cull
on Ehlers.
IliiidK Stork run Kknt Tho brick
lore, .No. 78, Ohio Luvee, now occupied
by F. M. Stockllcth, Esq., is offered for
rent, and will bo vacant on the 18th Inst
Ari''y to J.vo. II. PiiiLMs
.Si.K:ti'i.su Hoomh pon lli:.vr. Ten
well ventilated sleeping rooms in CityNn
tlonnl Dank building, Apply to
At City National Hank.
It-M- JEkukivkd.-AV. w." Thornton
Iunth Krcot between Commercial avenue
and Poplar street, has just received nnd in
toro 1,1(00 doors and 1,000 windows and
Aii.vms,' dry corned fl.h, a mot dellcloua
article, in abimdnnco at Joigunsen'a gro
cery store. (c
Tut thu American club fluh, put up in
oil, to bo found at'jorgensen s.
Tub best East India dry preserved gin
ir at Jnroonsen'H. ,r
OCTOBER 13, 1871.
The following Interesting letter was
handed us by Mr. 0. M Scott, nn old
pioneer keel boatman :
Caiiio, October 12, 1871.
l'.ditar Cairo llitUelin :
It may bo of interest lo some of your
readers to know how low tlio river Is al
This placo In compnrlion with former
years t
In 1838, about tlio lCth of October,
dipt. John Hinej, Hat. Armstrong, Tom
Montgomery, nnd tho writer, (iho Ilrst
threo old bargemen beforo any steam
boats wcro on the river,) took n yawl and
went to tho Hock, (since known ns tho
Grand Tower Jtock,) to scltlo a bet ns to
whether it was n rock or snay, thero being
considerable dispute about it, amony river
Tho rock was found, nnd all of us got out
on it and satisfied ourselves that it was a
At that time it was 32 J inches under
water ut its highest point.
This morning I took n skiff nnd went
out to it and found that tho high-
est point of tho rock was onlv
two inches under water, making "n
difference of twenty-ono inches less water
this, 12th of October, 1871, than thero wa
on tho 10th of Octobor. 1838.
I also went over to tho rock known ns
tho Macon rock in 1838 it wos in tho dry
sandbar under Ilinl's Point nnd was not
known at tint time and carefully meas
uring found that it was thirty-six feet
north ond south, and twentv-eight feet
cast nnd west. It is a conglomerate or
cement rock, and tho steamboats have
broken off" tho high peak that came out in
1852. The part that now shows nover was
out of water before, but i now sixteen
inches nbovo water. I sounded carcfullv
all around it, nnd found nt a di-tnnce of
eighteen feet from tho rock from twelve to
eighteen feet of water. The deepest is on
the east or lower side. After measuring
around it 1 sounded to tho Illinois shore
nnd found n regular chain of stone extend
ing all the way to the sand
bar, nnd in a direct line with tho l.ock in
tho Mississippi thnt first appeared nbovo
wnter in 18C3. This chain of rocks is 100
yards East from where Uird's house stood,
or back that iuhcIi further from tho river,
and it (the house) stood at least 350 yards
from the bank in 1850. Now the rocks are
closototho Hur on the Illinois side of tho
river nnd bids fair to bo covered in n few
years. This ltock is now about !l feel out
of water.
C. M. Scott.
What WeSaw, Heard and Thought About Ycster
tcrday. The city is very orderly. Thero nrc
now but few visitors from -Memphis and
Piiducnb, nnd consequently very little
work for tho police force.
Now thnt tho city authorities have
concluded to enforco thi hog ordinance
had they not better "go for ' tho infernal
bolls of perambulating cattlo7 An ordi
nance, the number whereof 1ms slipped out
of our memory, distinctly prohibits, the
clattering of cow bells within the limits of
of tho corporation, and yet, they do clat
ter, mnking noises thnt no living person
can tolerate, and which every body of
good taste must per force curse with hear
ty good will in a religious manner.
Chief of Police Myers, gives notico
through ouradvertising columns this morn
ing that tlio much-abused and entirely neg
lected hog ordinance that ordinance which
deprives the innocent porkers of the city
of tho right to roam in gardens nnd enter
open front doors will bo rigorously en
forced on and after tho 18th inst. Wo
knew this would como to this. AVu knew
Mr. .Miller, the radical candidato for county
treasurer, would at last mtiko this attack
upon tho rights of our honest hogs. Ho
ought to bo ashamed of himself. AVhero
are the draymen who wouldn't vote for the
railroad until thu liberty of tho hogs of
Cairo had been proclaimed. Let then)
now raise the cry of " Hogs, and no Mil
lor l'-
A iikkstki). A well-known citizen o
this city was a day, or two sincc,beforo ono
of our city magistrates lor being drunk
and disorderly. Ho was llno l tho usual
amount SO CO. After tho trial was over
ho might havo been heard soliloqui.ing
thusly : " Now, this is tho second timo I
havo been tip before u magHtrato for tho
samo offense. I might havo known it
if I hnd gono to Albas in tho first placo
and got ono of thosu smooth, clean, doli-
cious ihavos that Alba is known to givo
to ovory ono who patronizes him, this
would not havo hunponcd." Therefore,
reader, tako warning and always go to
Alba's harbor shop, Commercial nvenue,
between Seventh and Eighth streets, tf
Foi; Sam: on Hunt. Thu two story
framo houso situated on Commorcial-av.,
between Eighteenth ami N'incteenth-sts.,
owned by John Hegarly, is offered at n
bargain. Tho houso contains, on tho first
lloor n good and well arranged bar room,
neatly fitted up, a largo dining room,
kitchen and two sleeping rooms; and up
stairs rix rooms. In tho rear of tho bulbi
ng is a, porch with steps leading i i attilrs.
There is n good yard well enclosed at
tached to the promises. For particulars
apply to Juii.v Hkoautv,
at tho Gibson bouse, corner of Commercial
nvenuu and Fourth streets. Oct. 5, dlf
Kstmia v Notick ?10 Hkwaiu). Stray
cd from tlio subscriber, on tlio 31st of July
last, ii largo roan cow. She would weigh
about 1,100 pounds at tho time sho was
missed. Thero aro no special marks ubout
her except that her bag is unusually long.
1 will pay ten dollars reward to any ono
dollvci'ing tho nbovo described cow at my
shop on tho cornor of Nineteenth nnd
Poplar streets, Cairo, Ills,
scplfitf J A Mr KYNA4TO.V.
Foi; Sai.k oh Exciianoi: kou Cairo
PnopniTV. I havo Onk IIu.s'DHKD and
Sixty acres of first-class unimproved
land in Johnson county, which I will sell
on rcasonablo terms, or exchaugo for Cairo
city property. P. 11, Poi'i:,
(Itegular Meeting of tlio Hclctt Council )
OoiwctL C'lUMnr.n, Cairo, lit.., I
October 11, 171.
His honor, Mnyor Lnnsden, presiding.
Present-Councllmon llalliday, llurd,
Lansden, Schuh and Taylor 5.
Aboht-Counoiln.on Wood and Wood
ward 2.
Tho following bills', hnvlhg been al
lowed by the boatd of aldormeu, wcro pre
sented for concurrent action :
Cha. Gayer ie Co., relit of lot for
bog pound, from August 1st to
September 1st, 1871 $ 10 00
J. G. Lynch, rent to September 10,
1871, ono month 25 00
AVm. Mcllalc, dieting prisoners lor
September to the 20th Inclusive.. J2C 50
F. Itross, police magistrate, salary
September 0th, 1871, 3 mouths... 75 00
F. M. Sumner, salary as policeman,
21 days in September CO 00
Jno. Slieehan, Falary as policeman
for September 75 00
Win. II. Kobcrtson, salary as po
liceman for September 75 00
Chits. Mchucr, salary as policeman
for September 75 00
i'ob't Ilillingsly, suhry as police
man for September 75 00
L. 11. Myers, salary ns chiof-of-po-lico
for September 83 33
Jno. D. Holmes, salary ns policeman
for September 75 00
E. A. Burnett, salary ns comp
troller .. 75 00
A. Cain, salary a marshal for Sep
tcmber . 50 00
J. II. Taylor, salary as treasurer 100 00
M. J. Howley, salary as clerk 100 00
11. .Shatine-sy, police; magistrate,
salary for Augusturfd September 50 00
Thos. Mcohati, removing lurniture
of clerk's otllco and council
chamber to new building lo 00
M. Jenkins, 23 1 duys' labor on side
walks, in September c.i 75
Henry Itrvant, 2'J days' labor mi
sidewalks, in September IT. 50
Alfred King, 22) days' work on
sidewalks, in September 15 50
Georgo Ellis, 23) days' work on
sidewalks, in September 10 50
Georgo Ilritton, til j days work on
sidewalks, in September I 60
Cairo City Gas Co., gas consumed
in 71 street lump, in September 218 50
A. Cain, marshal, fur killim; and
burying 10 dogs, in September... 10 00
D. W". Hamlin, for partitions and
and doors in new building 20 00
N. A. Devore, 21 days' work on
sidowalks in September 72 00
T. Fitzgerald, 0 days' work on side
walks in .September 18 00
Frank Itemis, 23 days' work or,
sidewalks in September 40 00
AV. Minard, 25 days' work on side
walks in September 50 00
Frank Chcr-y, 2 da' work on
sidewalks in September 1 00
John Koach, 'J I J days' work on
sidewalks in September 10 00
AV. (Juinn, 14 J day-' work on side
walks in September 20 00
II. T. Gcrould, gas fixtures for
council chamber and clerk's of
fice . 00 87
Thos. Median, hauling lumber 35 50
Thos. Mcehan, hauling lumber 17 50
Thos. Median, hauling lumber 21 00
M. Mahonoy, 25 days' work on
btreot in September 50 00
Thos. Naughton, 25 days' work on
street' and sidewalks in Sept, 50 00
Tho-. Fitzgerald, 10 days' work on
sidewalks in September.: ' 32 00
Peter Connelly, 15 days' work on
sidowalks in September 30 00
Michael Galvin.l'J days' work with
team on streets Cli 50
AVm. Mcllnlc, 21 days in chargeof
chain unrig 48 00
II. II. AVilliunis. lumber for sidewalk-
700 02
Cairo City Gas Co., gas for street
lamp- in Almost 2:18 00
Cairo City Gas Co., gas usi-d in en
gino huuse-, clerk s oflieo and
council chamber from May lo
September 1st, OhOO feot nt SI.S0
per M before Julv 1st, and 3.50
since July 1st... ' 30 CO
Morris, Kood tfc Co.. lumber 7C 00
Stratton cc Hird, nail 181 70
Jno. II. Oberly A: Co.. publishing
eouireil proceedings, revised or
dinnuccs, etc 121 85
Cairo liook llindery, receipt book
for city treasurer. 8 00
C. Feuchtor it Co., largo tub for
hog pound 15 00
G. W. Hendricks, carpenter work
and glazing in clerk's office and
council chamber, in full of bill
for 520.20 20 20
Councilman Hurd moved to concur in
tho uction of the board of aldermen and
allow tho bills. Carried an follows:
Ayes llalliday, Hurd, Schuh ami Tay
lor 1.
Nay 0.
The bill of John H. Oberly & Co.,
amounting to $27.15 for 51!) extra copies
of Tin: Ili'i.i.KTix, containing revised or
dinances, nt 5 cents per copy, which was
allowed by thu board of aldermen at 3
cents n copy, was presented.
Councilman Taylor moved to allow
tho bill at 5 cents a copy. Carried
by tho following vole :
Ayes Hall'iday, Hurd, .Schuh and Tay
lor 1.
Nay 0.
The lull of the Arab lire company for
$051.15 for expense from July 1st to Oc
tober 1st, 1871, was presented, and, on mo
tion of Councilman Hurd, laid over until
the meeting to bo buhl on to-morrow even
ing. Councilman Taylor moved to refer tho
subject of allowances to llro
companion to thu finance com
mittee and tha committee on tiro de
partment, for them to report at tho noxt
joint meeting some modo of regulating al
lowances to lire companies. Carried.
On Jmotlon of Councilman Taylor, tho
council then adjourned.
M. J. IIowi.ky, City Clerk.
Lost. A pointer pup, about soven
months old; liver-colored with some whito
on noso, breast nnd fore feet. Information
ns to tlio wleroabouts of tho nbovo de
scribed pup will bo thankfully recolved
by O. P. Lyon.
Go to Jorgensen's for Imported Dun
dee orango mnrmulado, tlio celebrated
Loudon crystal vinegar, hi quarts, nnd
choice Gonocso figs. tf
Fon S.u.K. A cottugo on 12th street
containing 7 rooms, cistern and out
houses complotc. Apply to
W. AV. Thornton.
Avert thk evil. If mothers would
give -Mrs. Wliiteomb's Syrup to their
children when sick, mortally would bo
less among thorn. It costs Duly twenty
flvoivntt. oct 12 dw lw
For good photographs, porcelain pic
tures, or old pictures to bo copied, enll on
Thomas, No, J2i Commercial avenue. Ho
a n good workman. Give him a trial.
Wo hnvo just received n largo stocl
oi neaiing stovos for cither coal
wood or both, suitable for olllce, halls put
lors or dining rooms. II V will diwlical
any uinnnnnn. r.eunnctllc or M. I.oui
- "J I.IU,
iny Aores. Orders by mail will rcceiv
our prompt attention.
llKKItW.VHT, Oiitii & Co.,
No. l.to Commercial avenue,
At tlllbllo nuiNltni, .... II... n-,1, ,,f ff,
!.... n X.. S.I I , .... . I.
. ., iii .so. io uiiiii lovce, an mo lurnnun
books, papers, etc., aportalnlng thercfi
reserve. lor non-lmvmoiiL or ren
Dan. Hartman, Auctioneer.
New Meat M.vitk-i-.T Vint? wtiiin..
will mint, bla ,,.,,. ..,. . .11.
I,,,. ... .1 . ..
-. ....... ... , (,w ,,,i:. IIIIIII.I.L LUIS Illliri
,, mu i-uriiur oi l opiar nnu i wonticl
streets, whero ho will keen constiiMLlv n
llfind fill L'lmU nf t.wml ..e,.l It ..Y.
in tho market. Hu will not permit un
lilltMinr It, ll, ts.. ... t t .
knmi'l tilt 1iiiatfwt.au Ank 1.. I !.
(tin TIM 111 IV ffl olfn t.I... .. ,..11 "t it
- o' ' v ww inn nt;
Ataml. tf
JtKi.iAiiLK ami .Sakk. Or. Jlonry Hot,
rind PU nt Pill. i i.l i ..i a
. ...... mi, un, mini llllU IMUUMUil 1
tlmir mwirnttnti vm ,i.,.,i..,.t..
no muiicn or KriplriL'. HoW cntlrcl
VI'L'mfllllf. I OV liih fx tnL'nn 1 1 1.
f ii r i 1 (n Hint ftp i.iiaWi... 'Vi .i
...... ...vw uhoiuvis. i iiu v ii run in ii
liver nnd rccrctivo orenns into health
linitfifi l irnu' ins ,iT
....v..t t.MuiMUL v 11 UlSl'Iiau WILflllllL ft
linii'ting or debilitating the r-vstem, Tr
wiem arm you win bo satisfied, Price 2
conn u oox. ftoiu by UruguliU and ilea
or In medlclnooverywhcre. Prepared b
mu vimiioii .uciiicinc company, at. i.oui
MMouri. ' ,yodm
Wantkd At tho Delmonico Hotel on
lin.wlr...) ,..nnl.l.. I" .
,,i-uii iu.iiuurp. r ivn Minn
each day, price ifi per week,
ingulf Wm. Wintkii.
IV,. It-r ..
. ,i, j.r.i. i i,u rwiij ivcr wio C 11
council chamber. Enquire of .Jacob (
Eyneh. cptHtf
(In to Dr. Mrdnllll.V fur lintllm.i.r . t.'.
vr llrntu V,.rr,l..,l in ). At.lil
.v. ., ........ .. v VI. IV .11 ,J lllll
'I'.... II-.., I III.. .1 I..- . ... .
i hi. . iiiui-k i iiin.i'i:uu ia-ii; ii
gins, nt Jorgenson'i'. tf
j.itti.k Jitick Ulaiiu njualinu-;! a
Jorgonson'j. tf
l'aul (!. Schuh lolls ltatllnucr medi
cinoj. tf
Steamer Olencoo. New Orleans
' Mnllio I'agon, Evansvilic
" Colosnl, St. I.oui-.
" St. I.uke, Memiilii-
In-. Fik, dr., l'aducah
" Alice, St. I.oiii.
" Illlnni-. Columbus.
" Agonaut, St. I.oui-.
" Mollio Moore. Ni w Orb an-
" St. ilosQpll. hi. I.IIOH
Steamer Mnllie I!i:n. Evnnisi
' .'olotnl, New Orleans
' St. I.uke, St. I.oui-
' .la?. Fik. ,Ir.. l'n'lu - i
" Alii.e, .Memphis.
' Illinois, Columbii-
Mollio Moore, M. Lotus
St. .lo-epb, Mciiiphll
" Andy .liplin-im. New Orieac-
' Florence, St. Latiis
' Here the Ohio is about statiumirx A
I n..t....!1t.. .1... 1, ...ii r..t.. nit.
iignt tiiat it win not improve the cluinnc
III ill,. Iah.. ..,I,P r..f.t ' .... l.r., ia ..11 .),.
UUdLI ll'lllll I 111 lllll I7III1 II Ill'l 1 III, IL'IT
...... ....I,., I .. I...... .... .. ..Ii ll t.
etj arriving and departing with good trip.'
ml - p i . r
.U.. (VI. . ' ... .1 I.VIMIU ."II , U.,
iiiii'tr.n.t..,, ..!. 1....1. l.... IPI... A.I.. 1T..II
man, an Ohio river boat, located here
account ol llie liml eoml linn ..I tlm rivi.r
above, nml I- bv this titm. in Mi.mnlil.
H.,,1 clw, ,.oi... mi. i,..rii.:.. .1... .......i.i ...i..,
blv bo slickiiiK on ono of tho uumcrou
Clwl I... -J 'I'l... 1 lK.ir .l i..t
nt. 1.0UI- pacKei', turn duck irom Here in
..rr.C. p.. ...... ... In Ul t .... Pa.a.
I ---- - a c.
from hero are as good, according to the
.. i i i. .. ... .
w t iiioow niri. us hl .i. l.nins. m o n
boat can load hero while she would be going
and returning from St. Lmiij, without the
clanger of encountering the many snags
nnd and bar-.
'I'ho (ilencoecamo up light for New Or
lcami nnd commenced receiving immcdin
tly after arriving for a return trip.
TlioMallie Kngon from Exausnllo came
down with nn assorted trip for the South.
Tlio (.'olio--nl had several disputes with
tlio ban on her wnv down. Sho was
aground sometime nt (Jreoleafs, Capt. Itil-
ley was taken very tick while sho laid
there and had to eeml to this place for med
ical aid. In rounding the point below hero
6 ho run aground and wa detained about
two hours.
Tho St. Luke discharged at tlio Illinois
Central railroad wharfboat bale? of
Tlio .las. Fisk is baring hor eliaro of
trouble, Sho was detained long enough on
tlio Chain to mako her loso AVcdnesday'i)
trip. Sho arrived on timo yesterday with
tlio trip of tho Eddyville, which boat
turned back from l'uducuh.
Tlio Alico caniodown with all sho could
bring on tho water. Sho received consid
erable freight here.
The Illinois brought up 101 bales of cot
ton. Tho Argonaut brought out n load for
tho Andy Johnson.
Tho Mollio Mooro, from Xew Orleans,
had a medium cargo on board.
Tho tug Montauk got aground night be
foro last on a log tit tho mouth of the
Slough, which bent her fchaft 60 badly that
she had to go on tho dock for repairs.
Sam Laugbllor, formerly a clerk on our
wharf boats, is now In our city. lie was
clerking in n Morn in Chicago which was
burned by tlio latu lire, Sam says it win
m'ujhty hot for a wliilo.
Tlio St, .Joseph came out with a fair
trip, Sho was aground at Turkey Island
and Urooke. She reportea tlio Ghifgow
aground at Goose Island.
Tho Andy Jolin9on was dolaincd here
until yesterday waiting tho Argonaut

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