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On an I after (Mindiy, Ma; "li 'he follow
ing iiire-tMe w il gotern tlio ntriTftl ami dcpart
nrr of Wr trains ' CAiroi
,,(,rMsil train, daily 11:45 p.m.
Bx ten, ily . 2.15 p.m.
A, ,r-Mi!.dsil) - 3:80 a.m.
i:ipre !!. f.trr.t flnmlay .1;Wip.m.
S i iMtiit'of tmm Cairn to St. Louis, .No
cbii'l"f fwlw I" tPHeogo. Flcftnt
Iir"K !' 11 l"inic ear on night trsins.
tttw frm-seif i 1 all Important tlnt.
HK-HN rr.ltl IN i;ihlh-striel.
I' ii I, n kl'lnlli at m;, t. m., nnd r. m.
I'i)ri inei t Vp.lii .ln y nt 7!j r. it.
nudity rt Ii i.l, I f. v. J. M Lan.den, Huper
.ntrti'leni. P.tv. C. II. I'oott, Paster.
Mrri'IIOI'!"T-C"r. Kighth Mid Walnut Sta.
I'triK h nt, Hablnith lo a. .,nnd ? I', m,
I'ruyertnf etmp, Wednesday, )i r. m.
rsiwAiT rVtiool :te. m, I,. W. Mllwell, Huper
ntendmt. tier. I. L.TnoxrsoN, Pastor.
Mornlnx prajet", Sabb.ttli tJ$ a. x.
Kieiiing pr)er.;7)i'r. m.
Sabbath School,!) a. M.
llev. Mr. Cuax, Hector.
Sr. PATRICK'S CHUKCl!-:or. Ninth St. and
Washington Avenue.
Public fcorvlco,Sabb(Ulit;JAnd 10i; a. m.
Vespers, 3 r. .
Sunday School, 2 r. i.
Service, every day, s r. .
Iter. P.J. O'INlihiuv, Print.
CHRISTIAN Eighteenth street.
Sabbath School, OJf a. M., Sabbath.
Preaching, Sabbath l(iJ- a. m and y2 r. u.
Iter, J. Kmt.vD, Pnator.
Church, Eighteenth .Street. Hahhath Senool 3
r. m.
J. II. ltr.cn, Superintendent
tiUr meeting teconil Monday each month nt the
Prayer room cf the Prenhylenan Church
Weekly Prayer meetlnCi Friday, TU r. m., nt
the Prnycr room of tlio Presbyterian church
t . l'Ano., President.
and Cedar.
t-crVICeH, H.bl'Hlll, 11 A.M.
Sunday sdiool, ljij r. m.
c;ar. m.
Preaching, T! r. m, llev. Win. Jackson, PaMo
SKCONI) KltF.WILMlAPTlST-l'Iftecnth 61.
hetvf een Walnut and Cedar.
Services Sahti.th, mid 3 r. x.
Ilev. N. Kicm, Pastor.
RKE-WlLl-IlAPrirtTHOMB .MlSSiu. t'JS
I)AV SCHOOL Corner walnut and Cedar Sl.
Sunday School, t a. M.
KIlteT KltEK HIM, HAPTI.ST CHtinCH-Cur-rj'ii
Services, fahLutli II a. ., 3 I: u. and 7)-J r. u.
Iter. Wm. Kru r.v, Pastor.
ween luth and 11th street?, nenrCedar.
PrcAChlnf .Sabbath 10 a. m., nnd 7,'J r. m.
Prayer Jlec'lnp. Wcitnesdiiy evening,
flenching, Friday evening.
Sabbath school, 1JJ r. u. John Van llaxter and
Mary Stephens Superintendents.
Iiev. T J. Snocrs, Pattn
Governor, John M. Palmer i
Lieutenant-Governor, John Dougherty i
Secretary of State, Edward Rummel ;
Auditor of State, C. K. Lippincolt ,
State Treasurer, K. N. Ilate ;
Supt, Public Instruction, Newton llalemnii.
Senators Lyman Trumbull nnd John A. Logan.
Representative for the State nt Lnrpe Vacancy.
Representative Thirteenth District John M
Senators, lt District T. A. P.. Holcomb, o
Union, anils. K. Oibson,of Gallatin.
Representative, 1-t DUtnet II. Waton Webb.
Judge D. J. Hiker, of Alexander.
Prosecuting Attorney I. I". McC.irtuey, u
Circuit Clerk Jno. Harm.ui.
Slienll-A. II. Irtln.
Win. Martin, Assessor nnd Treasurer.
Judge P. I!r0"s.
Associates J.;E. JlcCrite and S. Mnrch'ldon.
Clerk Jacob G. Inch.
Coroner John II. Gossman.
Mayor John M. Lsnsden.
Treasurer J. 11. Tavlor.
Comiitroller E. A. Ilurneltj
Clerk Michael Honley.
Marshal Andrew Ciiu.
Attorney-P. H. Pope.
Police Magistrates K. llross and II. Hhan
nesy, Cluetot Police L. II. Myers,
Police Constables John Hheshan, (day), and
Jos H. Velrrun and J.W.Sumner, (night.)
Mayor John M. Lansdcn,
First Vrd-P. G.Schulu
Second Ward C. R. S ooannrit.
Third Ward Jno. Wood.
Fourth Ward . Staats Taylor.
City-at-Large W. P. Halliday and D. Hutd.
FIRST WARD-Jamci Jtearden,
Leo Klvb,
Isaac Walden.
ECOND WAIiD-H. H. Cunningham,
E. Ruder,
Henry Winter,
J iimn Sua) in'.
THIRD WARD Wm. Stratum,
Patrick FiUgetald.
FOURTH WAItD-James Carroll, ',
ti. II. SiMise,
7Vme of" Mctting.
IITV (Ul'M'll,
l'he City Council meet In Joint tension on
Friday etenlng preceding the tirst Munduy of
each month.
The Select Council meets on the tlrtt Wednes.
day and Thursday, niter the second Monday m
hlIi month.
iiimuu or ALIIIUUtS,
J'l.e Hoard of Aldermen meets en the firs
Monday and Tuesday in etiry month.
Oi &'frfi Mesm. Taylor, Wilder. Winter,
Wou.l aim Metculf.
mKyt-Me.rs. Cunningham, Schuh, Filiger
ala. heu.e ai.d llslliday.
( mmi-Menrs Wood, Cunningham and Kleb.
fW an I Jai-JIesr. C.rroll, ltuder und
Ortlminut-ilkum. Siase, Walder and Taylor.
Hun'id'yI'',r''''"(M'Mr" ltel'acll.Bviayne and
itatkltt Mhnii Hehuh. Winter uml Tfui.
HUt hAI.
The Illinois Central It, I Road Company no
otter for sale the folio mg described lots Inlhrs
Addition to the City of Cairo, tit :
Lot 27 block 20. Lit j Ll,ck e.,
" IS " 20, ' '.-7 j,
31 " K.
a n. :ii
Forrms.ete. apply to JAMKHJOHNiO N.
BOOKH, pamphlets, briefs, catalogues, newsj
papers, tax lists, and every variety ef eiten.
iv printlag contracted for, and proinytly and
rpeedlly executed, In the liulletiu book, lob,
and newspaper blading tatabllthmtDl,
The counties co"nposln the 1rt Senatorial dis
trict, aro requested to send delegates con.
ver.tior., to beholden at Metropolis, on the 21st
dnv of October ln-tni, tor the purrosnof nomi
natlnRn Dcinocr l ic csntl.ltt for this dislrict,
to fill tan Tacnnoy o s.idnrd by the death ot Hon.
S. K.mi.son.
Accnril mttotlicbasisof representation adopted
tlic .crcnl coiintie "ill Im entitled to the fol
lowirS number of dcletfute I
Al xnrtr
Hard n ...
Maoai' ...
I'nm-ki .
Chairman Senatorial Committee,
To the lottri of tht tounliu ot Gallatin, Snlinc, liar
111, ;, Johnnon Mntmt, Union end Mtran'Ur,
fompruinj tht lirtl Senatorial Diitrut of lutnutt,
Prito cmuss: Tha object of this circular
Is to announce to you thU I am a candidate fur
tho state senate, to till the vacancy occaioned by
the untimely death of Senator Simeon K, Gibson,
subject, however, to tho decision of the Demo
cratic Senatorial Contention, should oneboheid,
Pressing untie devolving upon me, from thl
time ur.tll the election, which occurs on the 7th
of November next, render It Impossible for me
to eanvass the dltllct, hence l take this moans of
making my candidacy generally known. Should
I be the choice ol my felltw citizens for the
place I seek l shall endeavor to make an honr
able, faithful and working representative, seek'
In all things the advancement and prosperity of
the people through the enactmcut of holesomo
and beneficent laws.
I nm IKespectlully,
Hhawneetown, Ills., Oct. C, 1B71.
Georne. the barber lately with Theobald and
Esehb.ch, has opened a N lUimrn fiiior, on
Commercial avenue, between 17 nd Iblh streets,
for the accommodation ot ladies and gentlenen
ot tho upper iart of the city. He invites all his
old and netv friends to visit his shop, and as
sures them polite attention nnd unequalled work
ennir innair curuug, uiuiuig, eiiiiviUK ornuaiU'
pooing. ocuc'ini
The New Orleans Elevator all right. Storage
2 cents tier bushel for 20 ilavs. No commission
or shipping, Plenty of ships for Liverpool at
ltd bushel of cn pounds i for Kcw York or lloston
New Orleans, October IP, 1871.
ocltdlw. L.J. IIlOrtR. Prest.
Happy relief foryoung men from the eflectsof
errors nnu anuses in early niv. .nannoou re.
stored, Nervous I'elillity cured. Impediments
to marriage removed. New method of treat,
incut. New and lernarkablo rerni-dles. Hooks
and circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes. Ad.
.MnlliSt., Philadelphia., Pn. ocliJ.xtr
The public Is herebr notified that the Ordinance
requiring hogs to be impounded, when loiind
runnlnirnt larco In the utrecln. will bo rigorously
enforced on and nfli r.October ltth, Inst. This
notice means wnai it snys.
i,. it. Mibi, tnici ot I'once.
Ca ro.Oet. 11, 1871.
Agent's Office, I. C. It. R. Co.,
Cairo, October 12, 1671,
Grain In bulk, and live stock, will now bo re
ceived for shipment to Chicago.
imi Juu.9u., Agent.
In eonsequtnee of tne late disastrous Are in
Cmcago we have decided to postpone until next
spring the sale ot lut advertised to take place in
hi am Til lc, on the 17th of October, Inst.
2t lir.lDKI.llACU A EI.SAS.
Three Illacksmiths wanted nt the Gamble
Wagon Fnciorj,;i2d street, Cairo, Ills. Plenty of
work and good wages. lt
M,......i...,.,....... ..(..... i....,.,........
I'iiIiIIhIk iI ery liiiirnliiK, Mutitliiy ex
Xothing in particular was dono in the
circuit court yesterday,
The health of Cairo N remarkably
good. There i nobody sick except the
iV fine shotgun and riflo will bo raf
fled oll'this evening at the old Deliuonico
Tho tedious biiMticsi of rending tho
revised ordinance- in tho city council hns
ngiiin been resumed.
At least u thousand " wanderers " may
bj expected from Chicago penniless.
What ahull we do with them ?
Tim bill of tho Arab tiro company for
?C51 t Hiiiiintr expenses during three
months htuuiiud thu selcet council.
Street Supervisor Wnrd gives notice
that bo will proceed to collect tho street
tax yet duo by process of law. J 'ay up.
Oaten is ornamenting tho front of tho
Eldorado saloon with a fresh coat of puint
Iiisido he kccp:t a splendid stock of liquors
and excellent cigar.
At thrco places between Cairo nnd Ev
ansvlllc thero l not twenty inches of water
In the Ohio river. This little stream
might lut well "dry up."
The'lVrpslchorciin Club litis postponed
the first party of thu series of parties to bo
given by them, until Friday, October 20th,
and not Tuesday, as published yesterday.
The Ohio river continues to go down
down down 1 It fell ono inch and a half
yesterday. If it persist in this courso
much longer it will bo wherctho greater
part of Chicago is nowhero!
Ono of thodcitltutu women from Chi
cago applied to Capt. Hurd yesterday for a
new bonnet, und was Indignant when ho
diil not respond promptly. "When insol
ence comes in the cloak of distress what is
to be done about it ?
Coal Is colling nt 30 cents per bushel
ut 1'iiducah. Cause, low river. Hero, at
Cairo, low water docs not raise the price
of heating or eating etull'. Little out of
the way places, like l'aducnh, must suffer
in patience.
Mrs, Chs. Mehncr's bcnollt nt l'hilhar
monic hall on Sunday night should bo re
mombercd by all who desire to enjoy a
pleasant hour. The German Dramutlc
1 Ahtociataon havo propared a bill which
I will be a rich treat to all play-lover.
Hon. I). AV.Munn, Col. AVood. Soulm
MclUle, and nil the other Cairo visitors to
v-mcago, with the exception of Alderman
MUt, i.turned home yesterday after-
found Uitir friend, ,, ttnd tQum,
-The 1-adueah Kentucky ., tUu Det.
monico Hotel of thl. cUy UtlMll!i ,lyo
mcuia jiur uny at to j,er y,,.(1 Quq )f
these meals is furnished to a ft.)i1JW lj(,f(jro
ho gets up In tho morning, ami another uf.
tor be goes to bed at night. Jack Winter
Is responsible for it.
Yciterday Mrs. ltobert Cunningham
was astonished to meet n negro on the
front stnlrs In her residence Sho niked
him what ho wn seeking, nnd ho replied
that ho was In search of work. Tho lady
promptly nlnrmod the neighbors, nnd the
"man nnd brother" Incontinently loft for
parts unknown.
The OallHtln Gazette, speaking of the
Chicago fire, snys: "Tho citizens of
Cairo, among tho most generous nnd llber
nl on earth, didn grand work of sympathy.
The widely known and liberal firm of
Halliday Urolhers sent ono hundred bar
rels of flour. This donntlon has not been
surpassed. A city with such men, must
and will prospor."
A telegram was received In this city
yesterday afternoon by tho resldont agent
of tho Continental Flro Insurance Com'
party of New York, slating that ovory
dollar of the company's loss in the Chicago
flro will bo paid, nnd that then tho cash
surplus will bo larger than that of any
company in tho Union, with two or thrco
lllllv Downs yesterday found a young
nigger very young with an opossum in
charge, both asleep, under the sidowalk.
A woman supposed to bo tho mother of
tho young negro aftor taking tho matter
into serious consideration, concluded to
take tho young nig. in preforenco to the
young 'possum. Downs will sell tho 'pos
sum "cheap, for cash."
Tho arrivals at the St. Charles yester
day were: L.T.Moore, Ccntralia, 111.;
Kobcrt 0. Crawford, Mobile, Ala.j Chas.
E. Stllwcll, Lockport, Ky.; ltobert Gow
dv, Now York; A. i), Martin, Cincinnati;
Capt. Ju. Dawson, sir. Mary Alice; K.
Vf. Murtin, New Orleans, La.; J. N.
McClosky, Kelson county, Ky.; AV. F
Urcscikc, St. Louis ; Mrs.Tilley, Metropo
lis, 111,; CM. Edwards, U. S. A.; -V.
Army, Jr, citv; lluuli O'Donnoll, St
Louis ; L. L. Fobes, lloston ; J. 11. Vol
Utte, Horse Shoe; "William Carletoti
Vicksbttrg; Tom Burton, Vicksburg
Samuel C. Ham, Chicago; II. C. Law
rence and lady, do; M. T. "Wakefield and
lady, Sklpworth Landing; J. A. Hem
mingway nnd lady, Alabtmn; Miss How
ard, Chicago; Miss Foster, do
Miss Ellen D. Eamcs, formerly of
Knlamnzoo, having taken up her residence
In Cairo, Informs the public that sho is do
sirotts of giving Instruction in vocal and
instrumental music und In French. Miss
Fames comet among us with excellent re
commendations. During tho Into session of
the Northwestern Acndomy of Music, tho
was among tho most proficient in piano
forto practice and vocal instruction, nnd
the conductors of tho academy unito in
tholr testimony to her thorough knowl
edge of music and her capability to teach
tho snmc. Miss Eamcs resides in thohouso
formerly occupied by Mr.O. U. Olmstcnd-
where sho will be happy to receive pupils
and givo ntty information if required in re
gard to terms. tf.
The Carbondalo .Veto Era advocates
tho policy of penning the hogs of that
thriving town. Of course, the hog owner,
who desire to fatten their porkers nt tho
expense of their neighbors, object. Tho
Era attributes tho following " pome " to
ono or tho dead-bent swine owners:
(), marshal, spare Hut hog,
Touch not his lenghty snoot,
Hut kill that ugly dog
And let the pmker root,
lie's only hunting grubs
And chkinplnirliille shrubs
j nere, unuer npuoneva ittnce.
That srn't worth Li ft e en cents.
You say ho'll " spile that yard
And peel that little tree,''
Hut ihen he's falnln' lard
It makes him plump, you seo.
All of my hogs are lut
And I'vogol fifteen head,
And some weigh more than that
And don't cost me a red,
Fur I never keep a pig
Unless he's on tiiu root,
And willin' for to dig
His Hun' with his snoot,
rmi say the walks are sights,
And many foiks object ;
Hut ain't a hog got rights
That people should respect 1
I want my sliosta to run
And fttten on the street,
So I can make some luonoy
Hull In' ol their meat.
For buyers there's a host,
And when they want a slice,
The folks who feed 'em most
Shall pay t.ie highest prlcu.
(Ilegulsr Meeting of the Select Council.)
Coexi'ii. Ciiamhii, Cairo, In.., )
October 12, ls7I. j
His honor, tho mayor, presiding,
l'resent Councilmen Halliday, Hurd,
LsnFilen, .Schuh and Taylor 5.
Absent Couticilmon AVood and Wood
ward 2.
" AKAlll' " HILL.
Tho bill of thu Arab fire company,
amounting to (051.16, for expenses from
July 1st to October 1st, which was allowed
by tho board of aldermen less $27.50 for
express fhnrges and 57.15 for repairing
ling, whs taken up.
Councilman .Schuh moved to concur in
thu action of tho board of aldermen, Cur
ried as follows :
Ayes Halliday, Hurd, Schuh and Tay
lor 4.
Councilman Taylor moved to reconsidor
Olfaction of this board at its lnt meeting,
referring to the finance committee nnd the
committee on Are department tho subject
of allowances to fire companies. Carried.
No further business appearing, on mo
tion of Councilman Taylor, tho council ad
journed. M. J. Howi.kt, City Clerk.
The family grocory store of Itlxby &
Koehlor is being patronized largoly by peo
ple, who liko lino grocories. Their location
on thu north sido of Eighth stroet, bo
tween Commercial and Washington av
enues, Is a central one, and their stock has
been selected with discrimination, there
fore this now candidato for public patron
age meets exactly tho wants of tho pco
pie. Messrs. Koohlcr & Jiixby propoao to
keep up thoir reputation byalwuys selling
tlio best of nil sorts of groceries to their
patron nnd tho public, knowing that peo
ple generally uro nwaro of tho fact that
really good articles of any kind nro til-
ways the cheapest in tho end. tf
Tut: tiKuT htooKor gutiuino French calf
In tho city may be found ut Win. Elders'
shop on Twentieth stroet, opposltu the
Court House hotel. If you want u good,
neat-fittlng pair of boots, shoes, slippers
made on short notice, nnd warrunfKf, coll
on Ehlcrt.
Mayor Lansdcn Is absent from tho
city nt Ccntralia. He loft yesterday nftcr-
The l'aducnh lientuckian rccomonds
Copt. John Newman, now master of tho
steamer A. Uakcr, as "n perfect gentleman
and a reliable stcamboatman."
Mr. John P. Heely has just completed
an cslimato of the cost of constructing the
Junction road on tho last lino surveyed by
Mr. Thrtipp nnd his corps of engineers.
Mr. H.C. Urndsby, formerly of this
city, is now the secretary of the Hloomlng-
ton and Ohio Kiver railroad, with his
linadquartcrs nt Elllngham. In n few
weeks tho II. fi 0. It. It. It. will bo com
plctcd from Windsor, III., (crossing thero
tho Indianapolis and St. Louis road), to
Chicago. Tho charter route of the road is
from Effingham to Chicago fin l'ontlac.
About forty destitute people f.'om
Chicago arrived In tho city yesterday, and
wore compelled to lay over for want of
transportation further south. Mr. John,
son, tho Illinois Central agent, has tele
graphed to southern railroads for jiermis
sion to send these unfortunato people to
their friends in Memphis, Now Orleans
and Mobile, nnd nnswers will probably be
received this morning.
This is what Goodall's South Chicago
Eagle tays about "minohost" of tho St
Charles: "F. D. Kcxford, proprietor of the
St. Charles Hotel, nt Cairo, s visiting his
relatives nt IIluo Island. Mr. Itexford
has a wido circle of acquaintances made
in his connection with tho Central roads at
Calumet and has demonstrated to a ccr
tainty the proposition that ' he knows how
to keep a hotel."
Cairo sent two car loads of provisions
to Chicago on last Mnday. They arrived
nt their destination on Tuesday morning
in tho train with four car loads sent by St
Louii, which city was mean enough to
claim the Cairo cars as well ns her own
Tho nows ot tho conflagration reached
Cairo at ten o'clock Monday morning, and
tho two car loads of provisions were sent
forwurd in the three P. M. train. Did any
other city act moro promptly?
The Columbus, (Ivy.,) Dirjiatch of the
12th instant, savs: "J. H. Jones and J. C
Crawley havo both lefltho steamer Illinoi:
and their places nre now filled by .Mr,
Itobt. Ford and J. W. S. Emerson, both of
whom nro well and favorably known in
this community. The latter, liko their pre
decessors, nre estimable gentlemen, and wo
take a pride in claiming them as among our
'public institutions." Tho ;Illlinois can.
not help being popular with the public
while controlled by officers like those at
present in charge of her."
Two thieves were arrested yesterday
on ono of tho wharf boats caught in tho
Chief of Police Myoru gives notice to
the citizens of tho presence in the city of
ninny thieves, nnd advises housekeepers
to guard well their doors uiid windows.
Mayor Lansdcn has appointed a num
ber of special policemen to aid the regu
lar force in looking after tho thieve3 who
havo been crowded out of Chicago by tho
Although there is now present in tho
city a large number of Chicago, ht. Lcuis
and Memphis thieves, business iti tho po
lice courts is very dull. There was but
ono oll'emlcr against the ordinances beforo
Squiro Shanncssy yesterday n stranger,
on tho charge of carrvinp; concealed
weapons. Ho "soaked " his rovolver for
the fine, and was allowed to depart in
AiiltKSTKD. A well-known citizen o
this city was a day, or two since.bcforo ono
of our city magistrates for being drunk
and disorderly. Ho was lined tho usual
amount ?9 CO. After thu trial was over
ho might havo been heard soliloquizing
thusly : " Now, this is tho second timo I
havo been up before a magistrate for the
samo ollensc. I might havo known it
if I had gono to A lba'a in the ilrst plnco
nndgotone of those smooth, clean, deli
cious shaves that Alba is known to givo
to every ono who patronizes him, this
would not haio happened." Therefore,
reader, take warning rnd nlway.s go to
Albn's bin her shop, Commercial avenue,
between Suventli and Eighth streets, tf
Fon Sale ok Kent Tho two story
frame house situated on Comiuereial-av.,
between Eighteenth and Ninetconth-st.,
owned by John Hegarty, is ottered at a
bargain. Tho luuisu contains, mi thu first
floor a good and well arranged bar room,
neatly fitted up, n largo dining room,
kitchen and two sleeping rooms; and up
stairs six rooms. In tho rear of tho build
ng is a porch with steps leading upstairs.
Thero is a good yard well enclosed at
tached to the premises. For particulars
apply to John Heoaktv.
at tho Gibson house, corner of Commorcial
avenue and Fourth streets, Oct. 6, dtf
EhTUA v Notice 10 llKw.utn. Stray
ed from tho subscriber, on tho 31st of July
last, a largo roan cow. Sho would weigh
about 1,100 pounds at tho timo sho was
mlesed. Thoro aro no npecial marks about
her except thut her bag is unusually long.
I will pay ten dollars rownrd to any ono
delivering tho ubovo described cow at my
bhop on tho corner of Nineteenth and
Poplar streets, Cairo, Ills.
t-oplStf James Kynaston.
Notice. Any porsons desiring to in
suro their property in Companies that
havo dono no business in Chicago, can do
so by applying to O. A. Toitkl, for insur.
nnco in tho North Minouri Insurance Com
pany, of Macon, Missouri, cush capital
?350,000 ; or in tho State Imurance Com.
pany of Missouri cash capital, 5052,'J76 ;
both marine and lire.
Octobor 12, 1871. j w
AvEitr the evil, If mothers would
givo Mrs. Whitcomb'ii Syrup to their
children when sick, mortally would bo
less among them, It costs only twenty.
ilvu cents. oet 12 dw lw
Foit Hent. Five rooms over tho city
council chamber. Enqulro of Jacob O,
Lynch. scptHtf
OrrAWi, III , October 10. 1871,
Editor Cairo llulletin ,
Tlio grand lodge of the Independent Or-
ler of Odd-Fellows commenced lt session
In thi city to-day. Tho absence of the
entire Chicago delegation, which is kept
away on account of the great calamity that
has befallen that city, detracts much from
tho Interest and llfo of tho session.
This city, and this part of thestute, have
been the scene of great excitement ever
ino e tlio great flro In Chicago. When the
news reached this city nearly all the busi
ness houscssuspended business for tho day.
lesterdny, ot tho court house, an immenso
moss meeting was held for tho purposo of
devising means for the relief of the suf
ferers by tho great calamity.
Tho lodges hero and in this neighbor
hood had mndo preparations for a grand
turn-out to-morrow at noon, and extended
an Invitation to tho grand lodge to par
ticipate. At tho session to-doy, however,
the grand lodge declined to accept the In
vitation on account of tho misfortune nnd
suffering of the brethren in Chicago.
F. ilitoss.
The city council of Shawnetown
appropriated $500 in aid of the Chicago
Charle3 Carroll, Esq., u possible can
didnte of the democratic party for senator,
is n Shawncclowii merchant.
The city gave .Mrs. Pool, of Kentuckv,
S350 for twelve acres of dirt, to bo Used in
tho construction of the proposed levee
nround Shawneetown.
a man named Jieiser stubbed n man
named Jce Sanders nino or ten times on
last Sunday, leonuo Joe would not give
him liquor. The wounded man will die,
and Jtoiser should swing
Mr. Lusk of the Shawnetown Mcrcu-
rysuys: " Tho editor of this paper I
not n candidate for thu State Senate, nor
will he become one. His 'private btti
tics' is such us to compel him to decline
Oils distinguished honor. There will bo
no Kepublican candidato from this city
ine unit renows ot I'aducah gave a
grand ball at St. Clair Hall last night.
A drunken man, visiting a house of
ill fame in I'aducah lately, becatno enraged,
and threw a woman through n window
and n man after her.
Tho Padueali schools employ 'JO tench'
ers and boost ot iM scholars, un averago
of .10 scholars to each teacher. Tho total
coat of tho schools during the month of
September amounted to $1,6'JC 61.
(Spiclal Joint Mcssiou of the City Council,
liy the Mayor for the Reading of the
CatBJ, Ul , October 12, 1671
l'rc-ent Fitzgerald, Halliday, Hurd,
Lansdcn, Metcalf, Schuh, Settle, Swayno
and Taylor '. No quorum.
On motion of Councilman Tuvlor, ad
journed to meet to-morrow evening nt 7
o'clock. Mt J. Howlev, City Clerk.
Paul (I. Schuh sells P.attinger's
Little Muck
Llanu (quahaugs) tit
The be-t East India dry preserved gin-
gor nt Jorgcnsen's. tf.
Tut tho American club fish, put up in
oil, to bo found nt Jorgcnsen's.
The finest vanilla chocolate, paste in
glass, at Jorgenson's. tf.
Co to Dr. McOauley for Kattinger's Fe
ver Drops. A itrranted to cure the chills
Oysters. Louis Herbert has nlwas on
hand u fresh supply of Saddle Itock oys-
Adam.n' dry corned il-h, a mo-t delicious
article, in tibiiridarico tit Jorgonsen'i gro
cory store, tf.
r or. bALE. A cottago on 12th street
containing 7 room, cistern and out
houses complete. Apply to
W. W. Thornton.
For good photographs, porcelain pic
tures, or old pictures to bo copied, call on
Thorn , No. IL'1 Commercial avenue. Ho
s a goad workman. Give him n trial.
Jcsr JUx'kived. W. W. Thornton
Tenth street between Commercial avenue
nnd Poplar street, has just roceived and in
toro 1,000 doors and 1,000 windows and
SLE.sriNu ItooMt. yon Kent. Ten
well ventilated sleeping rooms In City Na
tional Hank building. Apply to
At City National Hank.
JIkick Store ron Hent. Tho brick
store, Ko. 78, Ohio Lovce, now occupied
by F. :u. Stockfletii, Esq., is offered for
rent, mid will bo vacant on tho 18th inst.
Apply to Jno. 11. Phillis.
For fjAi.K oit Exchanuk kok Cairo
Property. I havo One Hundred and
Sixty acres of llrst-cla.ss unimproved
land in Johnson county, which I will sell
on reasonable terms, or cxehnngo for Cairo
city property. P. II. Pope.
Hapi'li:. A lino hot gun and rlllo will
bo rufiled oil this (Saturday) night, 14th,
instant, nt tho Old Dolmonico. Sporting
and tho lucky men of tho city, who desire
to obtal n n good, flrst-rato gun for notb-
fng, aro invited to l o present nt 0 o'clock,
New Meat Market. Nick AVIlllauis
will open his now meat market this morn
ing at tho corner of Poplar and Twentieth
BtreoU, where ho will koop constantly on
hand all kinds of meat nnd tho very host
In tho market. Ho will not pormlt any
butcher in tho city to excel him. Nick
knows his business, and earnestly Invites
tho public to givo hiui n cull nt his row
.itund, tf
OL'K cm-
During tho past two days n number of
well known thieves nnd confidence men
have arrived in tho city, evidently for thu
purposo of plying their colling. Citizens
aro therefore notified to bo upon their
guard, and look well to tho fastenings of
their doors nnd windows. The Mayor hns
taken the precaution so appoint a number
of special police contnb1c3 in addition to
tho regular force, and 1 will take especial
caro that the entire force shall faithfully
perform its duty. s
L. H.Myeii", Chief of Police.
Cairo, Oct. 13, 1871.
Determined to dispose of nil tho tickets
in his lottery snle,.Mr. F. Vincent has con
cluded to postpone the drawing until the
2Cth of December. Ho Is now giving the
matter his devoted attention, and is meet
ing with tho most gratifying stu coss on
evorv hand. During a recent trip l Grand
Tower and other neighboring towns he
disposed of nearly oiie thousand tickets,
and the demand i rapidly increasing, the
drawing will nut fall to come oil' on tho
day named.
There arc six prize, the principal
prize, as is well-known, being a splendid
resilience, that was creeled nt ft cost of $10,
000. The remninliig five prize- are :i
follows :
Lot 31. block t, 3d addition t" the city
of Cairo, valued at $500.
Lot a'J, block I, 3d addition to the city
of Cairo, valued at $C00.
Lot 30. block I, 3d addition the city of
Cairo, valued at $300.
Lut 83, block 1,3d addition to the city of
Cairo, valued at $300.
Lot 17, block 45, in the city f Cairo
Illinois, valued at $300. octOdtf
Phillip Hacgii is master of his trade
and warrants all of his work to be of the
firry best material and manufacture; guar'
antces a completo fit and cntlro satisfaC'
Hon, is not confined to any'particular style.
but makes everv variety of boots and shoe:
from the heaviest cowhide to thu finest
French calf und morocco. He also keeps
a largo stock on hand, o Amoicii mamifac
lure, and any ono desirous of purchasing
good custom Kvork cheap should call on
him ut Ids shop on Eighth st., south side,
near corner of Ohio levee, Cairo. dtf
P.eliaiile and SAKE. Dr. Henry Hoot
nnd Plant Pills aro mill and pleasant in
their operation, yet throrough, producing
no nuusea or griping, lieing entirel
vegetable, thoy can bo taken without rc
gard to diet or business. They uroii-o tho
liver and secretive orgims Into healthy
action, throwing elf disease without ex
hausting or debilitating tlio system. Try
them and vou will be satisfied. Price 2
cents a box. Sold by druggists and deal
crs in medicine everywhere. Prepared by
tho Orafton Medicine company, St. Louis
.Missouri. my Odin
-D. Ltmpert has removed his sho
from Ohio Levee, to 8th between Cummer
ciul and Levee, and ho now invites his
friends to one of tho best fitted shops in
tho city, every thing is kept in tho nca
test and best manner possible; snow white
towels, brigat keen razors, puro water.
fragrant soaps, clear oils and tine perfu
mery; Smooth shaves, thorough sham
poos, fashionable hair cutting, hair curl
ing or dressing fur gentlemen, ladii
children, and polite attention is alway
in readiness for tho-e who favor him witli
their patronage. uctodlm
-Peter Saup has opened a bran now ox
ter saloon, 10J Commercial avenue, where
ho will keep on iiand constantly fresh
oysters, the largest and most dulieious in
tho city,which ho will soli tlio by case, can
or dozen. The saloon has been fitted up
with the express view of supplying
gentlemen and ladies with u place where
they may enjoy u meal of these toothsomo
bivalves quietly, without being disturbed
by tho bustle and noises incidental to tho
commonplace rcstuurant oyster room.
Tho Chicago Deer Saloon, Wm.
Schick, proprietor, Nos. 'JO and 2S Eighth
ettcet, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of eiss' lieer, Liquors of every
description, and ii'l kinds of foreign and
homo AVines. No ordinary liquors ara
dispensed at the bar of tho saloon only
tho vory best, and guests find in attend-
anco polito and accomodating waiters. A
frco lunch is spread every day nt 10
o'clock a.m. auul'tf.
Tho most popular shoe shop In town
Is on 20th street opposite tho court house
hotel, where Wm. Ehlcrs manufactures
boots and shoes for his customers, warrant
ed to bo of tho best Frencli calf, kip or
morocco, nnd which ho gunnralocs to givo
entire satisfaction. Cull on him and you
will know how it Is yourself.
Ono hundred dollars Investod at 0 por
cent, for fifty years amounts to .fl,81'J.0t'
One hundred dollars investod at 10 per
cent for fifty years amounts to ?11, 730.00.
New York companies invest at tho former
rate, the Life Association at tlio latter.
Where nro you going? To tho plnco
number 63, Ohio lovce, whore they koop
tho best fresh oystors, fish mid game, and
tho finest wines, liquors and cigars to bo
found in tho citv. Open at nil hours, day
or night. J- I'".
Go to Jorgenson's for imported Dun
dee orange mnrmalado, tlio coieurateu
London crystal vinegar, in quarts, and
choice Gonocso figs. tf
Those French Cherrlos, in syrup, so
popular with connolscura nro sold by Jor
Wanted At tho Dolmonico llotol one
hundred wenklv hoarders. 1'IT J110OI3
each day, price $0 per week.
We havo Just received n largo stocVJ
of hooting stoves for either cool o
wood or both, suitable for office, halls par
lors or tuning rooms. wc mil duplicate
any Ci'ifiMiai, l.ransvillc or St, Lout
retail pner lift for eMcr cookviy or heat
iny sores. Orders by mall will rccclv
our prompt nHentioti.
No. 13ij Commercial avenue.
iU public nuctlon. on the 25th of Oct
ber, nt No. 75 Ohio levee, nil tho furnitur
books, papers, etc., npcrtalnlng therct
without reserve, for non-navmeiit of rcn
Dan. Hartman, Auctioneer.
For Sale. A Grovcr & llokcr scwln
machine, in porfo.'l order nnd but lilts
used. Any ono wishing to purchnso mnj
make a good bargain by application at thfl
ollice. tf.
English Chow-Chow
Motin Ketchup
and n multitude
New Goods.
jut received
Ilixbv A' Koehlcr's.
Dr. KittiiiL'crs Fever Drum bnvecurd
0 . ,
I' ICIT llllll UUUU Ul iwu vcurs SIUI'
ling which re-isted all other treatmcu
... ,.! 1 .... . I t
rt-f'ii-ii null in, iif.r.rm mii n n v in 1,'Vu
ii eeennu timo where there JJrops can I
,.1.l..!..n.1 ... , 111.1 1 ...
J'kk.hii OvsiTERs. I am now rcceivli.
.u. oninu oi ircsn uvsicrs, which ar uiu
vailed, and for sale by the can or caso i
the most reasonable tcrm, try them, t;
ways warranted good and iresh
tf Wm Winter.)
Marriage Gcide. Interesting wor'
u-f wi,.,. ..uiiivr. .... ..u.ka r ii,.,, r,n,
Ad .1 ,i , J ,l,l.,u, ll ttt,la' lll.ni'.iuii.
w. A ill'i'.hin,,,. ,,, 4 1'
.iuuiir..MiA nas nm receiver a inrire-' ,
ply nf Portland bluo berries Try them,
Steamer .Mary Alice, New Orleans.
.uuuiiiuiiiucr, oi. j.uuis.
' Su-ie Silver, bt. Louis.
" Illinoi-, Columbus.
" domes Fisk, Jr., Pnducah,
" Silver How, St. Ituis.
" Gla-gow, St. Louii.
Steamer Mnry Alice, St. Louis
" Mountaineer, Memphis
" Susie Sliver. New Orleans,
" Argonaut, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus
" James Fisk, Jr., Pudui ah
Glasgow, Vicksburg
The Ohio at thi- point is foiling agn
and has fell 1J inches sin. -o nir lust rcjv;
It is now 50 feet lOincho- biK w high wa
mark of 18C7. Thero is only 10 tncl
water between Evons ille and Lotllsvil
and bti-inesj i nearly plav 1 The Miss
sippi river still falls, with nbotlt fourft
t:ii indies to St. Louis.
Jlusiness on the landing was very acti'
During O.o afternoon the levee w
thronged with Chicago butl'vrcrs who h
passes nnd were going South. Hardly a
of them had more than n small bundle
clothing, and n great many had only wl
thoy had on their back. The weather w
cloudy and the night so dark thatstcaim
under wav had to tie up and wait for da
The Mary Alice, from New Orion'
brought up a tow of barges Capt. Da
son, who has had a severe spell of slckm
at St. Louis, is well again and came lit
to meet his boat.
'I'lirt Mniiiilniiinfi. limt n nnrt tsil f
.Memphis and added here.
Tho Susie Silver arrived well laden f
V- , . T' it.
tion of first elerk, mado vacant by t
death of Alf. D. Armstrong
Tho Fisk came down with a lighter
1 1 1 ...t.l. I ...1.1.11. l .
that sho had a scaley trip.
Tho liclfast and Glencoe nro fast fill!
out, and will lcavo for New Orleans to-d
with good trips.
Louis where sho went for repairs, and
.. ..T,..li.l M...,IIt..,n V in -fill I.L'A I
freight left bv tho Eckert saved from 1
when she sunk a short timo ago.
dipt. Frank Hicks, of tho Hello L
came down on tho fa liver How to get
couplo of ccal flats to take up to tho Leo
Dog Tooth. She has four nlongsldo bu
Hill Ulllm ,H .V .. - .-
j no itamages to mo smut oi mu '
Moiitauk nro such that it will require
new one.
Tho Cadio towed down from Mou
Citv a large mcdol barge.
Tho new Citv of Helena, just finish
1 T II. I - l l.vo flirt I .(III
nn.l Memnhis Packet Company, mado
trial trip last Wednesday, and gavo enti
satisfaction. She will ntivo to awiiiv mi
in tho river beforo sho can como out.
Tho Glasgow was aground at Jack
Pattern, nnd was 1 rrlltenod 011 I1 '
Molllu Mooro.
....... . . ...... ....nwrt i VI r,.
Is now receiving a bemitiliil assortment of
Fall Millinery Goods,
Including Hilts nnd Shapes of the latest style
Itlliliersi, I'lovtcrs mill l'entliers.
Mrs. Lang '.Mil also show customers the l.irg."
seiecuuu ui
Woolen Yiirnt
To bo found in tho cily.

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