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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, October 15, 1871, Image 4

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f"il K E.'S GLIDE.
....T4i i-on ii k iuois central it. n
:,.? - s'"i,m
Biprss .la.ly. ejrrpt Sunday 3iMp.tn.
V,,h.irofrr.frmCVro.n M. Lo.il.. .No
ch.n f c frrwr r rr. . r nogo. I lep.nl
to, (MtR,.r .U-pm . night (Mil...
li.r' h-" f 'i""P'H'"'
tBHVrKm.N BMh-ir.n.
Prea-h-iw "ah-wlr. at !"', . 'H "
I'rsjer m We-hn-1')' Mt ;s p. .
vii).Jf "ill l. 3 J- M Ltn.ilen, Super-
1Li,d.Di. ; " K-K.tr, Plr.
MCTHOM'T-'"'- Hiehlli and Walnut Hts.
Plnns.twlUlli l"'j . .,nil 7 P. m.
Pryerme.l'it, Weilne-.lsy, p. .
SuDddt Mh' '" U'- Super-
nls-n-isnt- Iter. K. L.Tiiomi-sox, l'astor.
UlltltCll of TIIK KKOKKMKIt-(ienpl)
Mo-nir, praters, imWmiIi 1S
Kirnm irajervtf r.
iabbsth school, '.'.
I!ev. Mb. Gu, Rector.
ST. PATItICK S CHl'UCIt Jor. Ninth (St. anil
Washington A venue.
PaUic -crrrte,abbilli sj$ an-l I".',' . m
vtrr St. si.
StiOfUjSehool.S P. x.
itniteeierj day, Sr..
Hv. P..I. O'HiLuiaix, I'rltsl.
CHWiTIAN-EiShtwrnh street.
fct,btn school. !" i frabuath.
iVachinf, sbhathl",'4 and K f.
Iter J. FitD, Pa-tor.
MISSION S-l'M'AY SCHOOl. In the Christian
' Church, KighlMnth S-.tret. rwbbalh bonool a
r' ' J. II. Ilciti, Slip rltitendent.
tilar meeting seeond Mon-lav each month at tie
i-r.r.f rftt.m if the Presbyterian Church.
Weekly I'rtjer meeting, rt.Jty. "4 P.
I... fr.ver tcnm of the Prefbilenanehlirch.
C. I'aasuw, I'renJent.
and Cedar.
terrices, SibUalli, J I
Sunday s-'hnol, 1'4 p.
Cats 3 r. i.
Preachms.TVi P. . Ilev. Win. Jatkson, Pasto
SECOND rRF.B-wlLMIAITUT-nftifnth Hi.
kit ween Walnut and Cedar.
Serncet, iabb.lh. Vt J 3 r. m.
I:cr. N. Hicim.l'ailor.
nnE-wn.umpri.--T home mi-iu m'.n
ItAT sCHUOL Corner wa'nut ami Cedar Sn.
Sun l)y school, Oa. v
sirrae.,Mitlill . M.,Sp. M. and ,li r. x.
llev. Wt. Ki.ucy, l'(lor.
loth and lltli etttet", nearCinlar.
Pre hin; ?.&lh 1"! J . .( and Th' P.
I'pajer Meetin,: WeJncd.iyevpnini!.
Pr'vbmt, Friday eienmit.
pablrtths tiool, 14 P. v. John an ISaxlf r and
Mary -tephem tuienntendents.
I!ev. TJ.Miioati, I'ailo
Tli cotintlM mt iHin the flr fena Wrll dl-
Irtet, are rV)fif Kn to nd d.llw f on;
u'nt.or, 10 iH-htfMrn clroioh", on tin- 21M
day oftVtoher InManl, f hep..rpcof nnml
nalmxa IMmoc ,tt.c e.m .di. for IM Ulatrlrt,
tofllllhovuranc) oeca.loncd h, il.c .lentil ot Hon.
S. K. fillion. , , .
Aeeord ng to H e reprej-ntntlonarlopled
ll.o .ft.ral conntle will l' intltlwtto the fol
loHiag numherof dclfKte I
Al xander
Hard n
Jolinaon -
SAMUEL I', WIIEr.I.r.lt,
Chairman Senatorial ftominllleo,
Tu lh' toff rj of thi countictbj (lallattn, Saline, llnr
fin, Mift Johnon Mottic, Union owl AtunwUr,
eomprUin the I'trit Senntorial IHitrict of llUnou.
FfiLo t.mzr v : Tho ohjt of this clrcdlar
ii to announce to you tint I tm n candidate fur
tho Mate aeimte, to fill the vacancy occasioned hy
the untimely death of Senator Simeon K. Olbon,
auhjecl, hoaever, to the decision of Ihc Icmc
cratlc Senatorl:il Contention, a hould Ono he held,
TresunK Uiitiea uerolving upon me, from this
time until the election, nhirh occurs on tho'th
of Notember net, render It Impossible forme
to cai rass the ill-met, hence I take this means of
makinjj my can lldacy generally known. Should
1 be the choiic ol my felliw tltitena for the
place I seek I shall endearor tomako an honar
able. f.illhful and working rejiresentalire, seek
In all things the adrancement and prosperity of
the people through the enactmcut of uholeaome
and beneflcenl lam.
I am lltespect.ully.
Shawneetown, Ills., Oct. C, 1671.
Georije, the barber lately with TheoKild and
E-chb-ch.has opened a Ki Harber Siiup, on
CotninercUl nvenue, between IT nd Hlh streets,
for the accommodation ol ladie and Renllonen
o! the upper part of tho city. He InTltes all his
,.H ..nl ne Iriendt to Tisit his shop, and n-fu.--
llKtn ,iolitc attention nnd une'Uall.Ml work,
eiihir in.hair ' iirling, cutting, shrtTini; or sham
pooing oc!2 ml
The New Orleans Elevator all rlnht. Storasc
2 cen;s per bushi-1 for 20 day, No commission
lor snipping, neniy oi snips lor i ivcrpooi at
lid bushel of ii pounds i for .ev York or lloston
New Orleans, October IP, H71.
ocU.ll w . I.. J. Hir.IlE, Prest.
Ilapbv relief for voting men Irom the etlectaof
errori ami hIhiscs in eirly lite. Manhood re
stored. Nervous r'chlllty cured. I.iipedlments
to marriage removed. New method of ireat
ment. .New and reinarkablo remedies, lluokt
and circulars sent free, In sealid envelopes. d
.ireis HOWAItl) A-SOCIATION, No. 2 South
NlnlhSt., Philadelphia., I'a. ocl4ditf
The BUblic i herebr notlfled that the Ordinance
requiring hogs to he Impounded, when lound
runnings lame in mc sireeis, win oe rnorousiy
cnforceil on and after .October isth, Inst This
notlci means what it says.
L. H. MrEltS, Chief of Police.
Ca ro.Oct. 11, 1671.
Gonrnor, John M. Palmer ;
L.euunant-Oovernor, John llougliert ;
becietaryif State, Edward Hummel ;
Auiitnrcf Sute, C. E. I.ipplncolt ,
StiteTrea'urer, E. N. Ilte i
Mairt. 1'uulie luflructlon, Newton Ilalenmn.
Fnalors-l.yman Trumbull an I John A. Logan
P.eprwntalne fur the State at Lirce ac.incy.
Ueprefmative Thirteenth District John M
ScnU(r, lit District T. A. E. lloli'omb, ol
l'nin, andS.K. OiV.snn.of OilUltn.
!'. preaentatiw, 1st lHtri t H. Wat.in Wel.h.
J.. I -D. J. Biker, of Alexander.
I' jii :iting Atiorney I. P. MiCartliet, o(
M I tf .
' r ii. t Clerk Jno. (j. Ilarman.
S'lenS A. II. Irvln.
Win Martin, Assessor and Teajarfr,
Ju.l, r. Hrof,
t-. ir.a'-e. J. E. McCrite and c. Mareli'ldon.
'''rii-Jacou 0. Lvnoli.
i 'r -aer loha II. Oossman.
M I'.N'ICIl'AI, 7T()V E R N M K N T.
jy.r Joha M. Lwlt-n.
i i ,-nri-r J. II.T.nlor.
' 'in;itr')Ier-K. A. HurnetlJ
' rk Michael Howley,
lar.lul Andtevi CjIc.
Alt roey-P. II. pope.
Mjjitra!es-F. Urais and II. Hhan-
Agent's Ofhce, I.e. II. II. Co.,)
Cairo, October 12, 1671,
firnin in bulk, and live stick, will now be re
ceived for shipment to Chicago,
In convenience of tne late disastrous firo in
Cmcago we hare decided to po.tpone until next
spring the sale ol lots advertised to take place in
Kransville, on the 17th of October, Inst.
Three Iilncksmiths wanted nt the Gamble
Wagon Faclor.t. Ilil ttreet, Cniio, Ills. Plenty of
work nnd go ut wages. lit
..-... ...,.. ..,...n.....Ma,.
I'lilill-licil -v-pj- liinriiliiK, Momliiy -x-cc-iileil.
' ''.hio! Police L. II. Myers.
P ' - Uon.taUcs John Hlie.han, (dsj), and
i - II v'drrun and J.W.Sumner, (night.)
M n t John M. I.an-dcn,
I m Ward-P. . -ihiih.
- iid Ward C. II, Moumunl.
I id Ward Jno. Wood,
I- irtti Ward S. Slants '1) lor.
' 'ui Urje-W.I' Hallidaj-and D. Hurd,
1I0AKI) OP AI.llintMKN.
!':-" WAIiD-Jkme. IliKnlen,
Loo Kk'b,
lute Walden.
i.cjMiVAIU-R. II.CunnimhHin,
E. Duder,
lltniy Winter,
Jain.s Swaynew
Patilok Fttrgetaht.
foi liTII W.MtD-J.iwa CArroll.;
O. II heo,
Tom tit Mutiny.
m eol-MiL,
r. City Courull insets in Joint session im
rril.y evening preoeilng the'fir.t Monday i f
l ie b itrontll. '
utter rutseii.
T'.eeletCunll melts on the Krst Wednes.
da snd Thursday, nter the second Monday m
' month.
kucd or Ai.i.i.twr.s.
I ne Hoard of Aldermiii meets en the firs
"'.may and Tuesday In eiery month.
.MrKi-Me..rs. Tajlor, WaMer, Winter,
iii sjeu-air,
''"ii'-Me.,.(:unnltll,,li1ln schuli, Kitrger
ail.tea.eaid IUin,lv. "
tm..-Me,s. Wood, Cunningham nnd Kleb.
Woodward J"'-5U-""' "U'T H
Hilildsy "MK'-M'-"r"' Uat""-and
"nan"-:"rv.,-.i utd.-iritoiiVn,r;..'' v
rir ... . ... T"-
deo, Winter, Hlrattoa andcVidii .Mt""-P-'
Trie Illinois Central 1U 1 Hon I Coinpuny uc
ofierfur sale the following described lois InJPirs
Addlllonto the City of Cairo, vixi
Lot -il Mock V). Lot it baick H,
" . H, " V sj,
' ' S2, " 31 " ti,
" 23 i, " 31 hi,
Korrma.eU;. apply to JAMEH JQII.N-0 N,
eefolif t....,!
BOOKS, pamphleta, bncls, cataioguea. new3
papers, 1st lists, and every variety of etten
ire pruning contrtwtfld for, and pn mylly and
ppeedily t-xecutod, in Dm llulletiu book, lob.
lid newspaer blading eslabllsliiBKiil,
The letter lUt niicsira in utiotlicr col
umn Oils morning.
Tlio "lik-sscd rain " of yotcrdny even
ing was n bully g("l tiling.
What i Ilrutinscliwuiger '! (jo to
fv-lieel's l.all this afternoon and tibccrtain.
Tliosu French Cherries, in syrup, to
popular with connoiscurs are said by Jor
gensen. tf
Jult;i) Ilnm retiirnwl from Ottawa
yesterday, where he Itaa het-n attending the
fccs-ikm of the (imtid l.fl"o of Odd Fel.
Iter. Fred. I.. Thomson will preaeh
at the Methodist eliureli this morniriL' :
anil, his health lifrinittin-'. aUo in the
Go to .lorgenaen's fur imported Dun
dee oruri( marnmladu, the celebrated
J.undori crystal vincirar, in quarts, nnd
choice Genoese llgs. tf
Tho reniaics ofTliomn Kenned v, who
(omniitted suicide mine time ago in the
WomU above Cairo were sent by express to
tils parents in I'eiin.ylvannia, ye-terday
tviiariie lillanif, u white man, was
arrested by .Sheehan and Holmes, on i
e'arc of being drunk and disorderly
Vnilo drunk he atti-mpteil to break into a
house un Fourth street.
--Whore are you tioiiig'? To the plac
number M, Ohio levee, wliero tliey keep
the best fresh ovtlera. li.li nnil tnitni. nnd
llie liiiost wines, lifiuors and cigars to bp
tonncl In tliu ity. Onen at nil hours, dnv
ht. .1. K. AI1KS. '
Wick wire and liovle distributed t8000
among their workmen on thn Rnutlinrn
Normal l'niersity lust week. Tho
Curbundnle correspondent of the .lonesbro
I'tizttte says lie heard of none who refused
t) receive their stamps.
-Wo am informed by .Indue llro-.?,
ruiuetu agent of the Illinois Mutual In
SJranee comtiimv. that, notwithstanding
. i 1 rj
the heavy lo-ses hustnined liy tlio Cliicago
lire, it . ul tMlt, , losses are being ud
justed and paid ns fust as possible
It having boon announced thnt the
Rev. I red II. Wines, of . Springfield, would
preach in tho Presbyterian church to-day,
are rc-picated to ttato that, owing to
pn ning auile, h Chicago, he will be un-
suie to fulfill hi engagement. There will
u no services In the church to-day.
The mo,t popular shoe shop in town
l on iOth ureei (1pp0ite the court home
W.'ur? T Wm- KWw """'ufuctures
e, ntd:. Tfu1r,'i''"-s, warrant-
"u " ' tench calf, Ulp or
' . " " no guanratees to give
en re satl.faet.on. QM u ,,., mA
will know how it is yourself.
There Avill bo a grand sacred concert t
John .School's "Washington JmU, th, jHun
duy) nfteriioon, nt a o'clock, on which oe.
casion will bo spread n lino lunch for his
friends and patrons, connittlng of fresh Im-
or nl
porlcd Jlrnunschweiger, I.cvcr Wnrst nnd
.Magdcnbiirgcr Sour JCrout.
About one hundred nnd fifty flrc
robed people from Chicago linve nrriveil
at Cairo within tho past two days, nnd
huvo been passed nlongto tho south tome
going to .Mobile, others to Now Orleans,
others to Louisville, nnd the majority to
Tho following telegram was received
ycilerday :
Chicago, Oct. 13, 1871.
.. M. Ltinxleii, Mayor of Cairo :
Ood oles you for your kindness to our
suffering people. "W need 'money moM,
and next Hour nnd clothing.
11. U. Ma?ox, Mayor.
Mr. Pitcher hni been fattening nshccp
for some time pnst nnd had it in most ex
cellent condition. It wns n benuty. On
Friday night a sheep dog got into tho yard
and killed it Htono dead. It will novcr
blent again. And now tho dog ought to
bo sent to kingdom como after hi unfor
tunate victim.
The resldenco of Mr. Coleman, on
Second street, wns entered by a couplo of
women n few days since, and n number of
valuable articles stolen. One of the parties
was arrested and tnken before Squiro
Shanncssy, but for Homo reason unaccount
able, tho squire discharged her.
The chances that your life will fall
within n year is two per cent. The
chances thnt your house will burn within
a year is less than ono quarter per cent.
Why Insuro tho latter nnd neglect tho for
mer? Delay no important duty for n
slnglo hour! Insure your life in tho
Llfo Association of America.
On Thursday night, between eleven
nnd twelve o'clock, on ono of the wharf
boats, Kd. Logan, a negro, and J. W. Gil
lespie, n whlto man, got into a qunrrel, in
which the Inttcr received several stabs that
ninv prove lata). J.ogan, uiu mgr--, u
arrested nnd committed to tho county
jail. Gillespie was taken to the hospital.
Tho Chicago Heer Saloon, Wm.
Schick, proprietor, N'o. 20 and 28 Eighth
sttcet, is u favorite place of resort with all
lovers of "Weiss' Peer, Liquors of every
description, nnd aU kinds of foreign and
home "Wines. No ordinary liquors are
dispensed at the bar of the saloon only
tho very best, nnd guests llnd in attend
ance polite and accomodating waiters. A
frco lunch is sprend every day nt 10
o'clock a.m. aualTtf.
m There will bo a Special meeting of
7VCairo I.dgo No. 237 A. F.& A. M'
on Monday evening Oct. ICth A. L.JJ871,
tit 7 J o'clock. Business of importance and
interest. A full attendance is urgently
solicited Visiting brothers invited,
liy order of the W. M.
"W. U. Kek.vev Secretaay.
- If firo should visit Cairo now how
could its ravages bo stayed ? "We have no
public cisterns that hold water, and the
wiseacres about tlio city know too much
to npprovo nny effort to secure a supply of
water. I f tho council cannot adopt the cis
tern plan lately t,uggeited by The Bulle
tin, wo insist that it should nt least provide
cieterns that will hold water and linve at
least eight or ten of them.
Peter Saup tins opened nbran new oys
tor saloon, 102 Commercial nvenue, where
he will keep on baud constantly frcah
oysters, tho largest and most delicious in
thocity.which ho will sell tho by case, can
or do.en. The Ealoon has been fitted up
with the express view of supplying
g.jntlcmen nnd ladies witli a placo where
they may enjoy u meal of these toothsome
bivalves quietly, without being disturbed
y tlio bustle nnd noises incidental to the
commonplace restaurant oyster room.
-Tho National Police Convention will
assemble at St. Louis on the 20th mst.
lames McDonough, chief of police of St.
Louis, has sent to L. II. Myers, our chief,
an invitation to represent Cairo in the
convention. Cairo, being a very promi
nent point on tho Ohio and Mississippi
rivers, ii frequented by thievish birds of
pat sage, nnd the co-operation of our police
officers with the policemen of other cities
is iilrnost a necesitv. This consideration
should induco tho city council to accredit
Chief Myers to the convention at St. l.ouis
and make an approprinton to pay his ncc
i -tiry expenses.
D. Lamport hn removed his shop
from Ohio Levee, to 8th between Commer
cial and Levee, and he now invites his
friunds to ono of tho best fitted shops in
the city, every thing is kept ill tho nea
test and best manner possible, snow whlto
towels, brignt keen razors, pure water,
fragrant soaps, clear oils and line perfu
mery ; Smooth shave-, thorough slinin
poof, fashionable hair cutting, hair curl
ing or dressing for gentlemen, ladles or
children, and polite attention is always
in readiness for thoo who favor him with
their patronage. octOdlm
The Carbondala correspondent of tho
Jonusboro Gazelle says: "Joe Rubarts,
from The Caiko Bulletin, bad charge
of the A'tui lira oflleo laBt week while both
editors were absent from their posts. It
appeared early on Saturday morning. Its
column were crammed full of live local
nutter, nnd was pronounced by all the
best paper ever Issued from tho A'eio lira
office. If Barton & Co. would employ the
services of Joe, in tho courso of human
events it would compare favorably with
tlio Gazette. "When Oberly converts Joe
Into u Democrat we will hot him up in op
position to the lira as editor-in-chief of a
democratic paper in Carbondale. "
Miss Ellen I). Karnes, formerly of
Kalamuzoo, having taken up her resldenco
in Cairo, informs the public that alio is de
sirous of giving instruction in vocal nnd
instrumental music and in French. Miss
Humus comes among us with excellent re
commendations, During tlio lato session of
tho Northwestern Academy of Muaie, she
was among the most proficient in piano
foi tu practice and vocal instruction, and
the conductors of tho academy unlto in
their testimony to her thorough knowl
edge of music and her capability to teach
the same. Mils Eamea resides In thohouso
formerly occupied by Mr.O. II. Olmstend-where-
sho will bo happy to receive pupils
and glvo tmy information if required in re
gard to terms. tf.
The following wore tho nrrivnls at the
Dclmonlco hotel "Wm. Winter proprietor
For tho twentyfour hours ending nt 10
o clock r. m. Oct. 14lh; 11. B. Mulletl,
Louisville, Ky. Jno. McTighr, l'inkny
vlllc, 111. i .1. -v. Butledge, Dayton, Ohio ;
Ed. It, Barker, St. Louis ; Dancel Rngon,
Memphis Tcnn.; Cnpt. Colo Borcn, St.
Louis; D. K. Mason, nnd lady, Logun Co.
Ky.j J.S.Smith, Logan Co. Kv.t Mrs.
D. fl. Dalton, Ballard Ky.j Alex. F. Sith
ig, Chicago, 111.; J. K. Terrell, Omro,
Wis. : Sam. B.Laughlin, Evnnsville, Did. j
John K. "Wheeler, Cliicago, lit.; George
Burns. City, ; Jnmes Smiley, Ballard Co
Ky. R. S. Herr, Ballard Co. Ky. ; Henry
Hunsakcr, Dog Tooth III.; John Gntes,
City,; J- M. Bolen, Smlthlnnd Ky.
A brace of thieves entered tho jewelry
storo of Herman "Wilier, on Commercial
avenue, about ten o'clock last night nnd
asked to be shown somo wntches and rings.
While ono of them, it fellow by tho name
Arnold, was examining tho rings, the oth
er, calling himself Johii6on, appro
priated ono of tho watches. As
they passed o.it "Wilier demanded
his watch, when Johnson drew
n revolvor and fired It off, lntiiintingthat
Wilier had bcttjr not follow them. The
shot nttrnclcd the attention of officers
Robertson and Mnrlin, who, nftcr a short
search, succeeded in capturing the thieves
in a saloon near tho postoffico. and lodged
them in tho calaboose. They will liavo n
hearing before Bross to-morrow.
In the Hearth and Home, of Septem
ber 23d, we find tho following: "There
are many legless and armless soldiers of
our Into war who remember -Miss Jlnry fanf
ford with gratitude. Her labors In tho
hospitals of tho nation, undertaken ns n
matter of love nnd charity, served to tnnko
the littlo woman, whoso soul is so much
bigger than her body, a more than or
dinarily skilled surgeon; nnd her chosen
life-work might have been hopefully be
gun when she was graduated. But with
her the work was one which demanded the
fullest posiblo measure of skill, and ac
cordingly she has devoted tlio years which
have come and gone since tho close of the
war to the study of her profession in the
great hospitnls of Europe. Wo now lenrti
that sho U expected in New York at an
early day, and that when she shall come
sho will devote hcriclf to the c-lnblishrnont
of the great woman's hospital, to found
which litis been her cherished purpo-c dur
ing all theso years. Mis Saffurd'c family
is both wealthy and influential one of her
brothers being governor of Arizona, and
another a leading banker in Cairo, Illinois ;
and she will be able to enlist, in behalf of
her charity, such influence ns will make
its success an nurcd one. 1
Foit Sale or Bent. Tho two story
frame house situated on Commercial-av.,
between Eighteenth nnd Ninctecnth-st-
owned by John Hcgarty, is offered at n
bargain. Tho houe contains, on tho first
floor a good and well nrranged bar room,
neatly fitted up, n largo dining room,
kitchen and two sleeping rooms; nnd tip
stairs six rooms. In the rear of the bttild-
ng is a porch with steps leading up stairs,
There is a good yard well cnelo-cd at
tached to thr premise!. For particulars
apply to John Heoaktv.
at the Gibson housf, corner of Commercial
nvenue and Fourth streets. Oct. G, dlf
The family grocery store of Bixby &
Koehlor is being patronized largely by pco-
plo who lino fine groceries. Their location
on the north side of Eighth street, be
tween Commercial and "Washington nv
enues, is a central one, nnd their stock has
been selected with discrimination, there
fore this now candidate for public patron
ago meets exactly tho wants of tlio peo
ple. Messrs. Koolilcr A: Bixby proposo to
keep up their reputation by always selling
the best of all sorts of groceries to their
patrons and the public, knowing that pco-
plo generally are awaro of tho fact that
really good articles of any kind are al
ways the cheapest in the end. tf
Ortiwa, lit., October II, tl.
IMihr Cdiro llullctin ;
But little 'business of Importance wns
transacted In tho Grand Lodge to-dav, ex
cepting the appropriation of two thousand
dollars lor tho relief of our brethren nnd
their families in Chicago, tho money to bo
paid at once.
A committee, consisting of Past Grand
Mn-tcr, J. AVard Ellis, Fast Grand Repre
sentative, John P. Rogers (now judgo of
tho circuit court of Cook count v) nnd K. B.
Sherman, wns nppolntcd on tho part of our
order to receive and dispose of nil dona
tions received from our brethren in tho va
rious parts of tho United Slates, intended
for our suffering friends in Chicago.
A telegram was received to-dav from
tho Grand Mnstcr of tlio Ornnd Lodgo of
Ohio expressing sympathy for our Chi
cago brethren, nnd stating that a meeting
of nil the lodges of Columbus and vicinity
would be called together to devise means
to nssist in their relief.
A dispatch was al'o received from the
Grand Encampment of New Hampshire,
stating that that bedy had donated two
hundred dollars for the samo purpose
Similar dispatches wero received from n
number of other places, stating that appro
priations had been made for the Odd Fel
lows of Chicngo.
A resolution was adopted by tho Grand
Lodgo to-day instructing tho rcprosonta
tlvcs of tho various lodges in this body,
upon their return homo, to use everv
moans in their power to solicit sub'crip
tion from tho members of tho order for
tho relief of the victims of the great ca
A di-patch from the Grand Ma-tor of
tho Grand Lodge of the Cnited States,
asking in what manner thev can best ns
sist in relieving tlio members of tho order
in Chicago, has just been received.
The following otiiecrs have boen elected
to serve for tho ensuing venr :
John C. Smith, of Galena, Grand Ma
tor; Samuel Magler, of Carbondal
Deputy Grand Ma-ter; James H. Miller,
of Danville, Grand Warden ; J. C. Nason,
of Peoria, Grand Secretary ; A. S. Barry,
of Ottawa, Giuud Treasurer j Theodore B.
Needle1, of Nahvllle, Grand Rcpresenta
tive. F. lino-
(Adjourned special joint session of the Cttv Co in-
UOC.HCIt Ciumiikh, CAiao, lit., I
October HI, 171. )
Present Cunningham, Hurd, Melon Id
Fitzgerald, Schuh, Sense, Strntton, Swnyne,
Taylor find "Wnldor 10.
We havo just received a large stock'
of heating stoves for either coal or
wood or both, suitable for office, halls par
lors or dining rooms. HV icii duplicate
any Uincmnati, l-.cantmle or .V. .okis
retail price Hit for cither cooking or heat-
imj stoeei. Orders by mail will receive
our prompt attention.
No. 130 Commercial avenue.
At public auction, on the 23th of Octo
ber, nt No. 73 Ohio levee, all tho lurnlture,
hooks, pnpers, etc., apertaining thereto,
without reserve, for non-payment of rent.
Dan. Haktman, Auctioneer
Jokoenson has just received a large sup-
tilv of Portland blue berries. Try them, tf
Fop. Rent. Five roon)3 ever the city
council chamber. Enquire of Jacob G
I-ynch. scptlltf
Foi: Sale. A cottugo on 12th street
containing 7 rooms, cistern and ou
houses complete.
Apply to
AV. "W. Thornton.
Reliable and Safe. Dr. Honry Root
nnd Plant Pills nro mild nnd pleasant in
their operntion, yet throrough, producing
no nnusea or griping. Being entirely
vegetable, they can be taken without re
gard to diet or business. They nrouso the
liver and secretive organs into healthy
action, throwing ctf disease without ex
hausting or debilitating the system. Try
them and you will bo f atlslled. Price 20
cents u box. Sold by druggists and deal
ers in medicine everywhere. Prepared by
tlio Grafton Medicine company, St. Loui",
Missouri. myOdm
Esthav Notice 10 Rkwaud. Stray
cd from tho subscriber, on the 31st of July
last, a largo roan cow. She would weigh
about 1,100 pounds at tlio time she was
missed. . There are no hpecial murks about
her except that her bag is unusually long.
I will pay ten dollars reward to any ono
delivering tho nbovo described cow at my
shop on tho corner of Nineteenth nnd
Poplar streets, Cairo, Ills,
teplotf James Kvnabton.
Notice. Any persons desiring to in
sure their property in Companies thnt
have done no business In Chicago, can do
so by applying to O. A. Toppbl, for insur
ance in tho North Missouri liiiuranee C'oxi-
pany, of Macon, .Missouri, cash capital
350,000 -, or in the Slate Insurance Cum
pany of Missouri unsh capital, ?fi52,ii75
both marino and lire.
October 12, 1871. hv
New Meat Maiiket. Nick Williams
will open his now meat market this morn
ing at tho corner of Poplar and Twentieth
streets, whore ho will keep constantly on
hand all kinds of meat and tho very best
In tho market. Ho will not permit any
butcher in tho city to excel him. Nick
knows his businoss, nnd earnestly Invites
tho public to glvo him a call at his now
stand, tf
Uapkle. A lino shot gun mid rillo will
bo rallied oil' this (Saturday) night, 14th,
instant, nt tho Old Dclmonlco, Sporting
and tlio lucky men of the city, who desiro
to obtain n good, firt-nito gun for noth
ing, uro invited to bo pnent at 0 o'clock,
The hedt utock or genuine French calf
in thu city may bo found at "Wm, Killers'
shop on Twentieth street, opposite the
Court House hotel. If you want a good,
neat-lltting puir of boots, shoes, flippers
made on short notice, nnd warranted, call
on Killers
Foil Sale. A Grover A: Baker sewing
machine, in perfect order ind but little
ut-ed. Anv ono wishing to purchase may
make a good bargain by application at this
oiucc. tt-
Tho mayor being absent, on motion of
Councilman Taylor, Councilman Hurd
was elected president.
On motion, tlio rending of tho journal
was dispensed with.
Councilman Taylor moved to nmend
section 30 of ordlnanco No, 'J of said or
dinances by adding at the end thereof thu
following1. "Provided, tho city council
convened in joint session may at any time
appoint such number of pollco constables
for spccinl purposes as thoy may deem ex
pedient, nnd fix their compensation.''
On motion of Councilman Taylor, sec
tion 13 of ordli.nnco No. 13 wns amended
by adding nt the end thereof tho following,
viz: "Provided, each nnd every report of
tho street supervisor shall bo published nt
length with tho minutes of tho proceed
ings of the city council."
On motion of the snn.c member, section
10 of ordinnneo 14 wnsnmended by adding
nt tho end of the same tho following, viJ
" Prodded, that in such cacs as tho city
council may so direct, where the estimated
cost will not bo more than a third greater,
it shall bo lawful for the sidewalk to be
constructed of hard and well-burned btick
or of stone flagging of the samo width as
the sidewalks hereinbefore provided for,
said walk, if of brick, to be laid in the
manner provided for In section 12 of this
ordinance, and, if of stono flagging, to bo
laid in a like stiitablo aril workmanlike
Councilman Taylor moved to amend
section 22 of ordinance No. 11 bv adding
tho following at the cud of -aid teetion, viz:
" Provided tin allowance shall bo made
to each nnd every regularly organized fire
engine company and hook and ladder
company in said city of Cairo, in the sum
of two hundred dollars pur annum, paya
ble in quarterly installments, to be applied
to the ordinorv expense of said compa
nies, and thnt for anv other expenditures
of said companies to be paid for by said
city, an order of the city council of said
city, convened in joint session, shall bo
first hud and obtained.
Alderman Cunningham moved to amend
the amendment bv striking out tho words
two hundred" and inserting in lieu
thereof the words "three hundred.'' Lo-t
The question then recurring on Coun
cilman Tavlor's motion, it was then put
and carried.
Councilrnnn Taylor moved to -trike out
tho present section 13 of ordinunco .No. I
and to reinstate the former teetion, -aid
former section reading as follows :
Sec. -13. No railroad company or em
ploye of any railroad company, or other
person, shall leave or place, or catte, or
suffer, or permit to bo left or placed, any
locomotive engine, car or train upon any
railroad track nt the ero-ing of any trav
eled street intersecting such railroad track.
so as to obstruct the free pa-.-age-way over
and ulong said street ; provided, that an
opening not less than twenty feet in width
shall be left near the eentro of ei.eh block
between Fourth ard Tenth streets.
The live nnd noes being called for. the
motion was declared carried by the fol
lowing voto:
.l.yM Cunningham, Schuh, Sense, Strut-
ton, and Taylor .1.
AViKitzL'crnld. Metcalf. Swnne, and
Walder 1.
Tho clerk then proceeded with tho sec
ond reading of the newly revised ordi
nance-, and having read ns far as ordi
nance No. 3, inclusive, tho council, on
motion of Aid. Straiten, adjourned to meet
on .Monday evening next, ut seven o'clock.
M. J.IIowlev, City tlerk
Ames was coining down tho bend nt "Wn
onnftolen n vtt nr.fr.tn .t...1ln.., ..In
twelve inllos alove bore, l.er rudder i
tlio bank nnd censed Ibo u s wl, J
wirl with great velocity S.m lli
caugiu one oi ine (jMiaes, an I in ilzi t
a nioiiienl tho whe. -1 didntha.c it 1
left. Every tingle pjkc wni stripped fri
inn linn! -mi l omne lea 10 iv l)V u ri.
temporary 'tiering machin.
Robert Mo-c. porti r on the Utair.
Glasgow, It an holiest fellow On tlu n
rival of that boat at this port night befo
lust, it lady pi s etigcr in pacing him gt.
mm, us Alio fiijjpufi'.-ii, n onu uoimr uiu, u
Mill r i-il II tit-l mi mp mi ifnL'n limil fill
flic lintl left tlio boat ; when tho porter
I a. . tt 11. . I . .
instead of n one. Bob hurried out on t
wharf boat whore ho found the lady a
corrected the Mistake. Stick to it Ii'
and you will find that honcstv is nlwa
tho best polky.
l'rom Jlicktu
Me mphis A Ht. Lotus Packet ( 3 )
ts. '
Hen. V. Oray. I
Appellee brought this suit to recover
wharf at Kentucky City from Febrnat
1808, to July, lt-GO, of which wharf
landing he claims to be the owner. T
answer denied that appellee owned t
bnnk where its boats lauded, an 1 uvcrr
that they lauded at a wharfboat kept
front of the bank owned and possc.sed
the .Mobile mill Ohio Railroad t'jmpany
depot ground", which wharfboat was kc
t... .1... ... .l ...... i.. .t. i...
of that railroad.
Maukiaoe Guide. Interesting work
numerous encravings. 221 pages. 1 rice
CO cents. Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary
No. 12 North Eighth Street, St. Louis.
51 o. Seo Advertisement. tf
Foit good photographs, porcelain pic
tures, or old pictures lo bo copied, call on
Thomas. No. 12 1 Commercial avenue. Ho
s r. good workman. Glvu him a trial.
Jcst Received. "W. "W. Thornton
T tilth street between Commercial avonuo
amu Poplar street, has just received nnd in
t.re 1,000 doors nnd 1,000 windows unu
sleeping Rooms rov. Rent. Ten
woll ventilated slcoping rooms in City Na
tional Bank building. Apply to
At City Nntionul Bank.
English Chow-Chow
Mmn Ketchup
nnd a multitude
New Good?,
just received
.Bixby A; Koehler's.
Steamer A. Baker, Capo Girardeau.
" II. S. Turner, New Orlenn-.
Illuioi.-1, Columlm-.
Steamer, Fall- Pilot, Dog Tooth.
" Silver Bow, Vick-dmrg.
" Belfast, New Orleans.
" A. Buker, Capo Girardeau.
' II. S. Turner, St. Louis.
" Illinois, Columbus.
Glencoe, New Orleans.
Lust night the river at this point wrisou
ahtand. It i-now 30 feet 10 inches in
low high watermark of 1807 "just think
Previous to the venr lHjj tho land
which Kciituckv Oily is now situated w
owned by the appellee, and he, during tl
I'A.,,. .ati1.lt. t,l t,i flirt Ifltbittnn rtt,t
nt.net ti I n .- .ill' n,l ,..t til.:, alt tliit frti
which tho court, by an order, procee Jcu
do, nnd appointed trustees In Augi
the United States a largo map of K
l,ir.t--i. Iitv nl nrmitvietl cith lit,, ttri
laid off and the space between tho n
and the lots and streets represented
"rruiil i.utt, unu wiinuub uu itsert
linn of wlinrfiiL-o tinvlle!es thereon 1
man was accompanied b nn ndverti
ment of n public sale of the lots of tl
town, to take place in October thereaft
After this advertisement, and in beplei
ber, thn Mobile and Ohio Railroad c;,
pany purchased of tho appellee a JMJrti
of "tho ground in thu propc
town, for depot purpo'e", runni
to tho brink of the river and
eluding the bank whero the wharf-bi
aliove relerred t was n.oorc.i l lie ui
reserves to the appellee all ferry prl
leges, except for tho transportation of ca
passengers nnd freight, A:c, from and
other roads. After this sale, nnd in Oc
ber 1833, the sale of the lots took place
advertised, una a smaller map oi tne to
was then u-ed. on which tho sfuco mark
.... ot.'.nfit Trtw .in tlw lnrf-er hii1 n res.
vt. t in, i In tin, nntudlee of nil whlirfafe u
ferrv privileges. A trial resulted in u v
diet and Judgment for the appellee.
jlcUl The larger map must be tiiKen
tho written and recorded reprscntation
tho town, of its l'.eulities and divisions,
Bircui?. iiiiv,;, mui.'i.Bttt.tv,
and public grounds, sj far as they i
indicated bv if, and in lhco rcspe
must bo regarded as liming entered
In .mil formed r. tiart of CVerv ontP
for the sale oi lot' in ino iv.n u rumo-
or po-ition in the place anil as liavl
.ten ndontcil a id coMiriu n in tu-n i
vevanceof a lot den-r.l-.1 by a in.i
reference 18 II. Men. -j An I
purchnicr of a lot pun In- 1 nu l aid 1
in HiiDiirti.-niint therct" i M-ry e. h mtu
.ii . . .
privilege and casement repn --emi i en
map as belonging to it. 1 1. -m-i-nr u
is without htt". and i n t li-n O b
lots in October lh.",. lhd l fr- to i
..11..,. ,.. !,.. Mttltllu nnil lllllc. ILMlirfi
rtiilnntilil' 14 luted Senttmbcr 17 18
v.....,....v . . - ,
wmcu was uu-:r wiu iuumi u -
semination of the larger map, and as tin
i. ..,. . ,.,. .r tin, nvi.t.nee nl 1
smaller one. then tho larger one must
regnrdisl us tunning a pari oi ineir ci
.... ...,,1 tl,tn ..rnnfmi tArk tllA tit'O II
of anv reservation of wharfage for lui
'"P- .... ...
1 i . k in .i. tin i-i tuts cn-o is
... . .. .
,...nni,.f u-iifi trie lernis un wiiiuii uiu I
.. . i :.. i.: 1. .n ... ,
puiieu jirujiuei-u, in ' ,,,.,,.......- .
linn wiiii uiu iui- w. ...-j vwm.. ........
claimed and allowed in the order
Appellant I- not concluded ny inojui
..r . I. ., ..Luc vi ftrnv Ittl
I7C), as tt wo- neitiier n party or prn
it n Mnr.. 323).
AniiEsTEH. A well-known citizen
.1 , -f... . ...... ... (...a e ,inn I.Al.l.tl tl
1,113 .ll .1.1 ,. i....,
of our city magistrates lor being drui
11II10I1I1 L J O UVi . .l.u ......
1. ...I..1-. l.nnn tt,.,-,, C fl I 1 I fin 1 1 1 Z 1
II1J IJIIljl.l, ..t.tw ..x... .
lliuslv : " Now, this is thu second lime
, i V..r .. .rtn..lj,rfti Cnr f
samo oiienso. i migui uavu iwiun n.
t i nan gone to aiuiib m u is i""
.1 . . , nil... fl .1 ....t I. ....It In.. 1.. let. r I i f nlnn,i tie
Ol lliai. J UU .11I--IS-IJI1" "a bv'""'i 1 ' nllU got OI1U Ol lliusu iiiiwtii, i.ii."i
niitci; SwntE ron Kent. Tho brick
store. No, 78. Ohio Lovce, now occupied
by Y. M. .Stocklleth, Ksq., is ollercu ior
rent, and will bu vacant on tho 18th Inst
Apply to Jno. 11. PniLLis.
Foit Sale oh Exchange ron Caiko
Puoi'ep.tv. I hu vo One Hcndiied and
Sixty acres of first-class unimproved
lund in Johnson county, which 1 will sell
on reasonablo terin.s, or exchange for Cairo
city proporty. P. H. Poi-u.
Dr. Rattingcrs Fo ver Drops havo cured
cases of fovur and ng uo of two years stun
ding which resisted .all other treatment;
these Drons never fit! 1 wlieu taken adl-
reeled and no per-nli need have lists fovcr
a second time whero t hero Drops enn bo
obtained. octP-'dawlw
Fkesii Oyhtehh.I u m now recolvlng
dally, tho celebrated C. M . Multby's II. and
M. brand of fresh oysters, which aro unri
valled, and for salo by tho can or enso on
tho most reasonable terms, try them, al
ways warranted good and fresh.
if Wt. Winteh
and lower everv day, and in a short time
St. Louis will share tho same fato that
Louisville has, that is having navigation
from tho south by wnter cut-off.
Business mi tho landing was on tho
iuict order, liio arrivals were
limited, owing probably to tne iiign winu
that prevailed during the day.
Tho A. Baker came down lioin Cape
Girardeau and returned during tin- fore
noon to tho same port.
After the Virginia had struck tho snag
that caused her to sink, Mr. Len Miller,
the first clerk, returned to thoolllce to try
to save tho money and papors of the
boot, and while going upon tho hurricane
pome per
son, supposed to bo n deck passenger, who
intended to roll him, but was foiled in the
attempt. Mr. Miller was thrown into llio
water, nndbaroly cseapod drowning.
Thu Belfast cleared for Now Orleans
with a good trip of frolght and passengers.
The Fulls Pilot took some coal Hats up
to tho Hello Leo yesterday morning, wlioro
they will bo .sunk under her so as to en
able her to got out. She has been kribbln
all tho way down.
Tlio Gleiicoo dopartod lor-sow urn-ana
with n splendid trip of freight and a good
ly number of passengers,
Mr. Wood Maliii, at ono tlmo receiving
cleric on Phillips' wharfboat, is lying dan
..nrnnalv nick ut his homo in Brandon-
burg, Ky., with consumption, nnd is not
expected to live
At n lato hour last night thu James
Flak hail not arrived detained by tliO
high wind.
The Momphlslvafartcir, of "Wednesday,
nys: "Ou Sunday last as tlio Henry
cious shaves that Alba is known to gl
Ir. r.vnt.1- 1,1111 U'llO TllltrOn Z03 II I II). H
,i . i l... .. nn....i 'I iinrrtifi
re.tdor. take warning and always go
--. i .1 4 ft
between Seventh nuu r.igiiui sirccw.
Wanted At tho Dclmonlco iiotei u
hundred weekly boarders. fio
each day, prico $0 per wook.
nug20tf WM.
Adams' dry corned fish, a most dollcio
article, in abundance at Jorgoiucn s gi
eery store.
Oykteus. Louis Herbort has oiwns
.. tVn.li stmtilv nf Saddle Bock o
era. u
llr. frt l,r I I- I V lOL J.U.HMh"- "
.U lu '. - ' " . ..
i-r mm. warrantuu iu -
Thy tlio Amorican club Hub, put up
oil, to bo found at Jorgonsen's.
''ui-; finest vullilhi chocolate paste.
glass, at .lorgenson-e.
The best East India dry preserved gl
gor at JorgensenV.
LtTTI.K Muck Clams (quauauga;
Paul G. Schuh
sells Battlngor's
.1011 I'lUNTINU.
pi, nn.inriiir.neii. iirctirietors of tlio Pun Al
WtniiY Hi-Lima, hau Jut reeeiveil an nssor
ment nl tlio Litest stili-s of Job I'rinlinK IJ M
in HioHoiilliiinil West. ..They lliller tin ins. Iv
lllfll lllOy IlUI-S'rn (iivMisun niitn v
iir.iini.tlv. in tho besi stjle nl thn Art. nil "0
eniruste'l to them, from the smallest card
liujei to uiu iiiiii-nitj.il j-w-in, Hu-t tt. t..
WllU-ll I.QIO Willi lllir uunuu-SN nirii II" iiu'i.i i
r. - ..lln tliMir MOik Limit. Clni-i
" ' ' n.lnr.i.r," JNO. H. fUIKHLV i, CU

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