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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, October 19, 1871, Image 2

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ii iri'U'incaU jo itnnl ; tmnlt, bat fenrttn ; out'
iHf ii on nit lubjetti vj interett to the jmMie ;
irifA alnrje nni ineiennnn eireiMwn, the Unite-f-n
Virtf the patrutwie of intelligent rtwteri ami
mterprhino tuiistn men.
Johji II. Oberly A Co. naro re.luceil the sub
crii"on pru'o f the Weekly Cairo llulletl t
One llinr per .t.tnjm. inttklntf t tne cheapest pa
periiuUMieii in -outturn till tot .
For He resentaltr In Cj tttress for the
Large, Stttte-at-
For TfeurrMnd Callestor,
TRSII)K.N No. 'l Thlttri'liili "t'ert, he
i Wlnnuiun nenu nn i Wltiul mutt
Ullit 'J'llnlliereiMl uvemi. ui -mir-.
C. W. Dl'NNINd, M. 1.
O K.-iMiNi.'K font' rNuitli hihI Winiii
IX ) (l-h eo.ner -ulli street mii I Oloo let
orncii flolir.-from t. in. to li m . nl 3 n in
MKSSAGE ofgovkknok palmek.
The Senate met at 10 a. m., thirty-five
.Senators being present.
Mr. Underwood offered the following:
WllKRKAK, Ilyu Joint rctolution an aU
Journed leinion of llie General Afteiubly
ws lo bo held in the city of Chicago,
and nlnees of meetini' there lo be fin mill-
e.l at hur exnonse. free of charge to the
.State, and tho recent fire in mid city hn
rendered meli meeting in mid city an uti
neee.sarv burden on 111 citizens and it I
utlierwiitu iniiiraetieable : therefore
llesoli-cd. b thu S-nate, the llouin of
Hen ociualivcs concurring iherein, Tliat
ulll loint remlution it hereby renjiided,
and that saiil adjourned sotinn of tlii
General Assembly bo held at t lit Capitol
in tint city of ijpringflelti, and Mild ad
journed ses-ion conmii need on tint fltl
Tiieiday of December. i. I). 1871, at 12
o'clock noon.
lt'iferred to the following committee:
Uoderwood, Jewett, Aluxandor, Whlt'-tg,
Ituh, Donahue, 'Wushburn, Early, l'.ddy
Vol is, Salomon, Sentvr, ami Van Dorelent.
Mr. Sentcr offered a joint ioolullon
providing for a Joint commiti.ee, coiisiiiiog
of thiee i'lotn tlie Senate and flvo from llie
lioiue, to deviie come plan by which a Cen
tral Helief Committee may bo oiganized
in each loiinty, with sub committed, to
rejeivo subscriptions for ll-e rllef of
Chicago and to jirepare an appeal to the
Adjourned until 4 p. in.
Tim House whs called to order at 10 o'
clock, S teakcr .Smith in tho chair.
Huv Mr. Hale otl'uied prayer.
Mr. I'lielpi offered the following :
Wheueah, Tho public records of deeds,
mortgage!, iudginents, lax tales, surveys,
subdivisotu, ie , which were kept in the
my of Chicago, haw been destroyed by
fire; utni ' J
AViu.kv.as, There are preserved and
now poiwMtd by cyuuln juivutu nersont
fl) "'ill CHl'"-- "tid aUtrael,
extant of tho public record. 0 dotroved
aud '
WllRKKAH. I'uriUM.t i v,1() ,j
nor iro?laiiiulion coiivenitiL il.i.
session, the nibjort of lillts u i,r,,er, v
III mo uuwuy oi lyooK ik inentleiiM for
the county of Cook I mentions! ;,t
ouri'oniiueiuuoii, anil
WllEI'.EAM. In kicininL' nroner lci'i.ii.
tlon in Ycgard to titles in mid city, it may
bucotno neceisaiy for the General Amem.
bly Ui have definite infurmation as lo tho
nature and qumiity ofcojiies, abstracts,
and maps so preserved and possessed by
tirivate fndlviituals , therefore.
lie it Jtentreit by tho House, tho Senate
concurring, thutn committee of two mem.
ben from this Huiiro una one from the
Senate bo unpointed to proceed ut once to
Chicago una obtain such information ns
rnny bo requisite and necessary concerning
tho conies, nbstructs, nd maps uforciuld.
o ii t laejiiiaie nnn ienect legislation in
- ' i i . . .
, .. ,. ..v. mm. in..l'i,.i.ni, nnil j)T.t.
uiiiini! titli- to property In mil c-.ty. nnd
VnltM committee be inlrucieil to report
the result m soon lis prAeticnble.
Mr Kin" in.-vcd t Insert 11 nnd County
of Cook wlu-rever It occurred in the reso
lution. , , ,
The (intendment was accepted.
jtr. Root moved, ns tin uniui 'lnicnt, tlmt
thn (i.iiernor bo liquefied to nppolnl n
commi'-ion of seven to iiivestlg.-i.e Hi-wln-le
ul.Ji-ctof lilies.
.Mr Pliulps snitl tho eiti-.en cf Clilefluo
dciroil. nii-ro limn nnyihing ele, nt the
iircH'iit lime, immediate iiction regarding
. . ............ I- I'.., A- Cnilnll-
IIIIV II JHI'J'Blfc I" wvvn wiiii;i
.Mr. Turner thought a speclnl committee
srtuuld b? sent on tlie next train to exam
Inetlie Rtn.nicn In the ptcion nf pri
vate firm.
Mr. Springer did not seethe neee'sity of
viiiing Oliiengo to investigate the mutter
of title.
Mr. King, of Cotk, said the nlntrnet
men were of the highest repeetiibility.
Mr. 1'pelp. mid the committee from
Chiengo requested him to pnent hi res
olutions. Mr. .Springer moved to refer to Commit
tee on Judiciary, ai.d it a seconded.
The whole matter win thu rcfeired.
Mr. J!o', from the commltteo on stale
institution', to which vn rrfened tin
reoluiiin providing for the incorporation
of the Chicago K form tielu ol M ith the
statu institution at Pontine, repotted a bill
ptoviding for tho incorporallon of both
(nstltuiloiis. It also provided lor the ap
propriating of blank dollais.
The bill wa read a llrst time and or
dered to bo read a second time and o bi
printed. JUIJICIAL.
Mr. King offered ii lesfilution dlrcetinj:
the sccrujtry of state to supply the judgi i
and cleik of courts in Cook county will,
copies ot repoils of the supreme court,
iiession laws, &c.
lie U enacted ly the people of the State,
etc., That section 20 cf the net cnlitleii
"An act to regulate public warehouse?
and warehousing and inspection ot
g-nins, ' and to give effect to arliclo 13 of
the laws of thU stale, approved April 20,
1871. be so amended in to read as follow:
Ai y warehouseman of any public ware
house, who shall bo guilty of Usulng any
warehouse receipt tor any property no
netunllv in store at the lime of is'iiitm
such receipt, or who hhall bo guilty ol
bsuing nnv warehouso receipt in any re
spect Ira mill lent In its character, or dale,
or Ihu quality, quantity or infpeaed grade
of such proportv, shall, when lonMcted
thereof, bu deemed guilty of n crime, and
hall suQer, in ailUition to any oilier pen
alties, prescribed by this net, imprison
ment in the penitentiary for not less thnn
one nor more thnn ten years. That
Whereas, An emergency cxiita requir
ing this act to take effect immediately ;
therefore, belt enaelcu thai till ael shall
lake etlect ana be in loree lrom una niter
its passage,
n't... i.lu . i .. n... :n,A
printed, and to a second reading.
i iiu uiii aa icnit it uiet tuiit:, uiuuiuii
.Mr. names ollereu a resolution instruct
ing tho judiciarv committee to con dder the
expediency ot printing lor the uo ol tin
state those volume' of the supremo court
which were put out ol print by the lire.
Tho house resolution thanking the peo
ple lor their generoity to tho suUering by
the fire was umendid bv the semilo so as lo
make the thanks come from the peoplo of
the stale, instead ot lrom the legislature.
Concurred in.
Adjourned until 1 p.m.
STtir or Iiutois, F.irccTiVE liri'riMrsr, 1
M'KiNur ii u, Oft. li, U71. J
(ienllemcn ot tho Hera. a mel llunf of llejirt--teo.M.
tcit -.
On the eighth day of tho pre'enl month
a f.ro broke out in the oily of Chicago,
which, in a few hour, destroyed a Ifiri'e
portion of Unit city.
Jt H tl'eleM to attempt to uescriue the
awful and faddetiing i-iiectiiclo of llio de
struction of the most wealthy and pnpu
luus paiHof ourgreat city. The destroyer
came suddenly, aud under circumstances
well calculated to Imprc-i u with a sen-e
of our lilticnesi.
Chicago i situaled on tlie ih'iro of u
real lake : it is intersected bv riverg; it
wa provided Willi all llie means I'm' pio-
teclion against flro that uie the product of
the united efforts of the advi'iiced science
and skill of modern civilization ; yet, in
tho prexenco of the deUi'iiclivo element,
men were powe. less, ami it pursueu in
course until nothing was left for it to de
stroy. in t' o course ot mis remarKnuie conua
grallon, whic'ii Inn alieady taken iti place
in lnsloiy wiiu the gre.iie-i calamines mat
Imvu alll'ieted mankind, the flames, witli
unexamp'cd fury, swept over tlm ea'lei'n
hall ol the duvoiiiii ci.y, iie.iroyea many
live, consumed cliuvetie-, liosoiiitN, cliools,
dwelling'', waroiiousc, slo es, bridge,
utid sirueiures of every kind. Everything
pe.Uhcd at their touch, aud whole waidi
of llie city were lei'l witlioitt a hoiie or an
iniiabitalH. No reliable estiiiialo of the
number of llvd lot can in ye: bu made,
lm. the amount of p.opeilv' de-t oved h
e..tiiualeil at f !00.00(VIIM.
In view of the ciiviiiiiiance.', I felt it
lo he my duly to convene a eSiion of llie
General" Assembly, anil, ttcco 'dingly, on
the 10th day of Oetobor, ifiil, is-ueil the
irochtmiition which 1 liave had the lienor
to lav before you.
At lllu time oillio uiee.ing of tho Gen
e al At-euibly, all wtsu n fur under
the conttol o! liiu feeling c.tcited by liiis
extraordluarv cal iinilv, tllat no scheme
uai bee'i ."rined for llie employment of
thepottcisand reiouieei of tlie Slate to
meet the duller ihat ard impostd upon it
oy this unexpected conditn.il of atl'airs.
Rut before p.oceeuing lo invito your
atlenlion lo the detaiia of llie buiinc-i ol
the session, I tujt bo pe. uiilled, in llie
name of tho people. f tlio Sti'.te, to oxpt,e-.
their grateful Ih'iiikfulneis for tne ts litbi
i lull of oiupouiirg symp:iw!iy and benevo
lence that UlU g.eat mid midden ruh'niiiy
has excited in u'l civi'i.ed land-. Not
only luwo our own peopionnd the peoplu
ofoursietcr Suites distingunhed tliem
clves by an nclivo liberality ihat i with
out u purallel, but ill fn.'oign couulriei'. liiu
lieu i it, of men and women have th.'oubed
witli pity for Chicago, and their linnil,
lllled with contributioin, huvo openod to
itipply the wants of it suffering people.
Wlioio all have aided, and nil have done
o much, it is impossible lo give tho names
of our Lenefacloiii. Their crumple, to
honoiablu to tliem and to human nature,
is wotthy of porpetual lemembraurc, ami
1 trust that the Geneirl assembly will
provide An- the publication of n memorial
volume, in which their names shall bo
preserved. The people of the Stale should
be permitted to kiiow tho names ol tnoo
who when their brethren wero hungry,
fed ihcm; and when they wero naked,
clothed them.
I lie llrst Question to lm decided he the
General Atkemlily, nfier a careful review
"i tuu summon, , Wml can bo done foi
ue teller of tho people, and for the (lis
jhuigtdorthedutlt.4 f Sllll(J? j
.n.!!'!5 "'...'"'wertoihis question, thiro
l11"" ""d caules of embar
raMim.,t tlmt urn yet to by Mated. SU.11U
oiiionu are tlmt tbu -,urt Imute I..I1 ,l
Dublin oliiees ut. 1 ,i , , V"' nlm
".ri !"jl Wdiity
sumed, solhat the collection r unpaid
tuxes cannot, without gteat dilllcnltv, bo
enforced, 'Ihu courts ur powerless.
The utmost confusion as to tlm titles of
lands, must soon prevail, All tho oliices
nnd most ofibe record ofthe titv of ('Idea.
.' arel n. M I, llie quelle n, what can
be dune by I n tule? prcse for nn rn-
wei, aml'iill the wisdom, experience nnil
pniienco ofthe General Asemblv Is l.i
yoked to furnish n full, colnpie'.o and
tftlifactory response.
The general politico.! proposition, that
that government is lo be regarded as llie
be,t that inierfnies with tlie people the
loast, will remain forever true; nnd t x-(u-rleiice
bus cohclu-lvcly shown that in
telligent men nnd women nre, under n'l
ordinary circumstances, more capiil''" of
pi'uViding fn.' their wn want", managing
their own affairs, nnd regtllutiug their oun
.onduct, than any government can lie.
however well organized or administered.
It seems to me, then, that tho peoplo ol
Chicago and Cook county, who liavo suf
fered loics, require notlnng from tho state
but to bo loft free lo employ their unexam
pled and unbroken energies in the great
work of rebuilding their homes.
Thev need no loans or gifts from the
UuiteA States or tho state of Illinois and.
unless 1 gleatlv mntaki' Ihcm. they will
ni. no more than Unit the st ile shall n
lUtno the dischargo of its own proper
luilev nnd relieve Inem from buident
that, fioin their peculiar sltunlion. were
always heavy, but have been cheerfully
borne so tlmt they may lo left to apply
.il! their re-o.irces to their own great link,
it Is primarily the duty of the State to
provide for the poor, the blind, the 'nsnne,
and all oilier helpless cht"c, and for the
nfcrccmeiit of its laws overywhcip within
its limit.". It is also its duty to provide
for tho construction of highways, building
bridges nnd tho support of schools. The
statu of lllino s has always recognl.-.ed tlie
obligation of thee duties, and for the more
convenient performance; of many of litem,
cuiitilics township", cities, towns nndoiUot
' irgani..ition have been ctublished by
law. They aio but parts of the machinery
employed in carrying on tho affairs of tlie
State, and tho authority nnd tho duties ot
o.ieh arc confined to certain we' I defined
territorial, pj well ns 'egal boundaries,
that may bo modified or dcs.royed, a" the
exigences of tho public mny demand.
And whenever, from any cause,
any of llieso agencies becomo un
unequal ti the discharge of the duties as
signed them, or tlie public duties imposed
upon them become to burdensome or op
pressive to llie peoplo embraced within
their limit", it is tho duly of tlie Slate lo
provide other iiiemii- for their perform
ance. It Is a lad that requlles no prool.
lhat the county of Cook and the cilv ot
Chicago, two of the most important of the
thi-io of public agencies to which they
epectlullv belong, ate, lrom cause" that
iru well understood, unable to continue
Lhe full dii-chargcs of all llicir duties that
wero impvi-cd upon them, l rom an inev
ilablc aciideiit their resources a re diinin
ndiod and their locnl burdens vitly i'i
c ea'ed, so that they are no longer availa
ble to tho State ns governmental agencies
lor nil the putpo-ci fur -which they were
created, and it f-dlows fiom that fact tliai
to the extent that the Requirements of such
duties nre in excu'9 ol the legal rcsouice
of tho counlv and ci.y sucli duties mu-t
be resumed bv Ihu Stioe, aud the (ji-ncral
Assembly must devise other methods for
their performance.
It is u remarkable illu-tration of the dif-
llcultvof providing for cverv posiibio con
stitutional regulation, that certain provit-
ioiis of the constitution ol IbiO, that wcr
iiitendetl lo le-Ulet the powers ot inunicii
h1 corporation", and wero resitted upon that
ground, will bo found lo operate to relieve
thecountvol ( ,mk nnd city ol uiiicagi
of what would olherwiio bo intolerable
burden. Kvety part of tho constitution
a bound" with proof that its framers re
garded the municipal organizations of the
State u-- mere adiiiioislrativo a 'uncles, and
that thev intended lo deprive them of all
emergent or discretionery authority, ex
ccj t withinjvery nurrow limits.
Itv tlie lath setion of the Uth nrticle
the couftitution. It t provided tlmt "no
county, cilv, township, school diurict, oi
other mutiic. pit to -poration, sliall
allowed lo becoini! mdebli il In nny lunii
n.-r or lor nnv purpose, to an amount, in
eluding existing Indcluedne., In lli-nggie
gato exceeding o iier cent jui ol t her v.i;o
of tlie taxable property therein to be
cenained liv the In't a-ses-uient f ir Stai.
and I'ouniy luxe--. ' And liv tin
II. li section of the same nrticl", county mi
llionth"- nre prohibited from esses-m-.
taXe, tlio aggregat j ol which i-li ill exeee i
seventy-five cents on the hundivd dolhu
valuation. 'Then, whatever potter t
raise money for necessary public purpoe
the Stale ha denied ils local or munici.,i
organizations, it Ii is reerved to itielf, t.-
be oxerei-iMi by llio tietieral As-embl.
The tinancial rcources of muuieipal anil
local organizations are necctsarily 1 milt -i.
lo their powers lo coiilinct debts and t'
linpo-u laxei. When tlie-e powers have
been exerled to llio iiuno-a icgui or iosion
limit, and ae inadequate to tlio complete
performance of their duties to tlioSi ite,
llioy 11111-11 bo relieved of nucli Julies alto
gether, for theaccepted construction ot ihu
conktilutiou forliiili tho (iciiela1 Assembly
to pay, itiinu! lo pay, or lo becomo respons
ible ior uio loan orexienu us cretin loor in
or in aid ol any public or other corporation
or individual. jSeclioii 21). Aiticlo 10.
SiUic Conutitulionj.
This pi'ovi-iou of liiu con-ititulioii va
adupled 1'or rn.iMili'" well tiiide--stooil, ntid
but few will doubt ils policy or wisdom,
and no one will, I nppiehcnd, bo Milling
to lolux it Btringency or narrow its inter
pretation by con-itruclious however ingen
ious or plain-ilile.
It has also been proposed to imme
diately aid the cilv of Chicago, by discharg
ing tlio lien of the city upon llio Illinois
aud .Michigan Canal, authorized lo bu
creeled by llie act approved February Hi,
lUGo; and it i claimed that if tlio Slate
should now rul'ui-u to the city tho amount
of money secured upon the iovchuck of llie
canal, with the interest tlieruon, (which
would be, in round numbers, about three
millions of dollar"), tho city would be en
abled lo rebuild lis bridge-, and public
structures, icniove tho ob-lructions and
rep.ur its circi-i., pay tho expense- of ils
government, and oilier expences pertain
ing to it own organization nnd dn-eharge
it- genet til duties to the Stale.
1 am not prepared lo express uu opin
ion as to whether even tlmt sum
of money Mould lie ruilieient to supply nil
the es-M'tttial wants of the citvj but" my
impre-siun inclines mo to admit that it
would; and lam prepared to nay tlmt
while, under ordinary circtiui-tance-, in
fluenced itloiio by my viows of tlio prnpui
policy to he pursued" by tlie Stale, 1 won1 1
not uitvi-u the acceptance ot llio option
secured lo llio State, in tho Oth section ol
llie act of 1 80,1, to refund to thu city tlie
sum oftwo million and n half of dollar,
with inleiett thereon under present cir
cumstauces, if tlio niiiney can bo raised
by nny t-alinfactory means fur tlio purpo-c,
it seems to mo piopcr tlmt it should be
done. The County of Cook iiluiie has
heretofore contained nearly ono-sixth of
tho taxable property of tho State, and a
proportion of litis which fall very littlu
slioit of tho whole, wi.s siiuatcd in tho
city of Chicago. Now, iirarly one-1 ulf of
tlio productive property of llie city i-dei-ttoyod
nnd lis present resources tiro crip
plcit; but thu day is not far distant when
it- walls will bo rebuilt, its witlth and
population not only restored butinciu
used, and instead' of requiring aid from
the Treasury of the Stuie," it will bo
again its chief resource, and money now aii
I ro it luted to meet Us necessities will 'lie
"r,'m L'"Hl "I""1 waters, lo be gathered
again alter 'not many .lays Itut wliito
policy, as well as dulv. concur In Mitmiirl
of Hut prooiiety of appropriation from the
Haiti treasury ellliur li discharge thu
duties heretofore Imposed Upon llio t t
nnd which, uunlded, It can u longer per
form, und tor that reason they now tie
voHo directly upon the state oi to refund
1 1 tho city thu sin,, 0f money used bv U t'
deepening Um cniml, nnd for wnlch 'it ha
n lien upon tlm property of the stale it
rein n ns t0 bo considered how llio money
Is to bo raised lo meet the npproprl ition.
x wo methodi have been suggested for
tlio nccotnplMimont of this object. 1 am
inlormed tlmt tho amount of the tn!:nble
property, as reoorted to the nuditor for
I8il, I' nbotu liv,, hundred millions of dol
I Hi-", which s probably imn 0ne-tcnh
in i .enciuni can value of nil the property
In 111" stale, lrom ihnt nm tl,n,J ,.,iit
probably bo deducted fifty milt;,.,,. ,.
uccotint of thu destruction of property in
tho county of Cook. Calculating, then,
upon tho basis of an nctutil nsscsstnont ot
four hundred and fifty millions, the rate of
t lXatlotl reotlircd to raise tliren mlllll,,,,.
of dollars is slxty-ix and two-thirds runt.
upon ma nu.iurcd dollars; nnd when to
this is added tho probable rain of fillv.fivi.
cents, lhat may bo required for revenue
purpoes, mo raio ol taxation for tlio year
Ihilwin bo one dollar anil twentv-oiie
and two-third" cents upon tho hundred
dollars. Anil I confess lo a preferenco foi
this mode of raiing nil monoy requited
lor public purpose, it Is simple, diroci,
and, of all modes tf rnl-ing money, it is
tlie cheapest. Jt propoes that each
generation lhall discliargo it" own duties.
and it conn rms to tno goiucn ruie ot uusi
nes morality : " Pay if you go,'
Rut the demand of tlie city of IChicnco
lor whatever sum may be appropriated for
its use arc urgent nnd immediate, and
month may elapo before the proceed ol
taxation can be realized, nnd it may be
tlie judgment ofthe repreentntivei of thr
people that tlie rate of luxation lhat it may
be neceary lo impoo I", tinner pre-eni
circumstance!, too heavy to bo conven
iently borne; nnd for some or nil oi these
reasons, some other met hod of raising the
reqiiMto sum may be preferred.
'The only oilier modo of raising money
that lm- ccurrcd lo me, is that of borrow
ing the amount icquircd. Rut it hns been
ked with somo degree of unxioiy, under
hut claims of the present constitution i
the oxercl-o of tho power to contract a
greater debt by the bfito than ?23D.ooo, to
be lustitlcd Cl'nnd to find n ntlfnctory
nn-wer to the question, l a tnk not alto
gether l.'eo lrom diiiicuiiv. rno provision
f the constitution iclied on by tho-o who
quctliol! tlie power ofthe Geneial Asem
blv lo borrow money (and thereby contrite)
t debt) to a greater ninocm man iwo uun
Ired and fifty thoui ndd-li irs. is found in
the proviso ibtlie .Sixteenth Section of the
1-ourth AHiele. l lie mnguago oi mis pro
viso 1 "The Stall) may. lo meet caltal
deficit- or failuruin revenue, contincl debts
never lo exceed in ihc aggregate two hun
dred nnd Oftv thou'nlid dollars; and mon
eys thus borrow ! shall be appl ed to the
nurpoo lor which thev were obtained, or
to pay the debt thus cicnled. nnd no other
purpose; and no other debt, except for the
purj.oo of repelling invasion, sujiprcs'iiig
insurrection, or dulcmilng llie Mate in
war. " shall be conlrai ted. unless
tholiw authorizing the same shall hnvi
eon submitted to llie peop'e at a general
ek-ctmn.' Thoiewho question the power
1 1 contract a debt to nine money lo dis
chargo tho lien on tlio canal, insi-t thai
ihu amount ot monov e'.pjndou by tne cny
of Chicago lo deepen the canal does not
when tested by the provi-o oi me ;iin sic
tion of tlio 3rd arllclo of tlie constitution ol
1848, eonuiiulo a debt against tho Slate
md that now to borrow monev to di-
charge tlio lien of the city would be to
create a debt in violation oi the inn see
lion of thu Ith article of llio constitution o
l70; and they contend lliet llie words em
ptoved in llie section last rcfeiicd to, that
prohibit the Genera! Assembly fiom con
raeliug delil-, "except for ihu purpose
repelling invasion, suppressing insunei
t.ou. or defending tlie Slate in war." nre i
uu construed literally nnd smelly, and
hat their elluet is to ab-tduiely prohil
no Stale fro'tl contracting tlul excep
for lb very p arpo and under thu precise
IICUIUS...1K-09 Siec,le(l.
It must bo confessed that if thoo ttli
lius reason .iru coneel. the on. y mode ihai
-.ill bu adopted to afford uiiln-r dltect
ndirnt aid lo thu city ol Chicago ( tlm
liln.i t tuxalion; aud it I- an nrgumem
i, favor of thu last mentioned modu ol
ai'iiig money, iliat we l.eiohy avoid tie
a.-ce-sny of giving any other than tho tl'm
- ii, e and literal cons ruction to llie wolds
a thu proviso tlmt is to be voted upon
Jut, ns has of leu been suggested, v.iih
.elurciico to other instruments, tlie tun
0 'iistruution is the only one thai is udmis-.aloe.-,
and u literal construction is not nee
-saiily true, for the object of construction
is to uaceriain ihu sensu aud purpose foi
which thu word in quesliun wero intro
duced Into the instrument; and that eciisi,
when discovered, is lo be accepted ; and in
thai seme llio Instrument, if n constitution,
is lo bo obeyed and enforced.
I do not believe that tluso who insist
upon confining the power of tlio gunenii
assembly to contract debts lo thu pre Ue
occasion of invasion, instil reetioii, or War,
10 jinticu to tho purposes of tlio frames
of llio constitution. They lid intend, be
yond all doubt, to deny to the general us
smbly the power to contract (loots beyond
llie bum nf 2oU,Ouo, which they have an
thoii.ed it to, sub-ianlially, at its own di
col ion, except under circumstances of ex
treme peril to thu state. In defining the
degiuuof peril that they intended siliould
warrant thu exercise by thu general assem
bly of n power that lind been so line It
abused, iney employed liiu tl.'ongesl lr i
gtl ige ; but'ii caiilio't bu infei ied Hint they
1 ilended Hint the s'.alu should bu ilulcuded
from invasion that it might employ its
rcouice- lo suppress an iiisurrclion or io
pio-euiito a war but should bo puWSFv
10 resist thu greatest evils or prevent the
most threatening dangers thai might nrisu
from nny oilier po-sibtu ciiuse. It scums to
mo tlmt'lhey intended to define thu degree
of urgency, "rathei than lo express thu par
ticular octasion when the power in queh
lion might bu employed. Tho ftatuers uf
tlio constitution were statesmen lauiiliar
uith thu practice as well as tlio seiunco of
government, and well understood, from Ihu
example in which hi-loi'v abound, thai
occasion.-, might ari-u in um future of tho
Slate when uiuiiuy wou.d bo required lo
be raised buforu tho people could bo con
sulted at a general election, to meet other
exigencies than tho-e of actual invasion,
insurrection, or war. . 'They knew lliut
dangers sometimes impend over Slates,
and evils overinku tliem to which tlio dan
gers and evils produced by invasions, in
surrections, anil war are but types nnil ex
it uplcs), that might require that all its re
nin "ce sliuuld ho al onto employed lo pre
eni or remove them; und'with thai
knowledge, it cannot he presumed that they
intended that tlio States, abounding in
wealth, should submit to an unhappy
late, or invito an invasion, excite ils peo
plu to insurrection, or engaged in war, to
11 it il ii prutuxi foi employing its own re
sources to avert It.
It was not llio purposes of tho friimers
of llio constitution to deprive thu State of
the power to discharge i'.s vital and ossein
tin function, as tlm narrow Interpretation
of ihc constitution I um disputing undoubt
edly does; and tho circumstance of tho
caio of thu city of Chicago, now under
consideration, serves all llie purposes of
the most complete mid halisfaelory illus
tration. In Hint cily, within it fuv bourn,
many millions of pmpeiiy wa suddenly
destroyed; ni-aily or quite i)il,U0'l ol Ils
inhabitants weie deprived o' fool and
Btieliitr ; llio ordinary agencies untitled by
tlie Sin to worn, by ihc same ovei wlinliiiing
calamity, deprived ol their power nnd re
1 sources, nlid were he iiiusx 1 1 feud or shel
li'i" lliom Th Le nit iro ol thu Statu
m ,s c livened Ho
thu in -tiuvs In thu 1
(i. v.trmir. thuy llnd
ensury 1111111 'quato vo
Hit el ihu tl' iniiiil ouoii itiu.Siate, but it
credit is pr.icii miy limitless, and llie
tnoitin to le 1 and give protection to tho
hungry tnultiludo abound on every hand.
'Tito" gin-ral semb1y ear 'tit, us !
claimed, draw ur n tho resources of tho
tale or nnlieipali) Its revenuo beyond nn
amount llmlled not by thu urgency of Its
dtitlc, but by certain technical words con
tained In tho constitution. If this Is the
proper conclinlon nnd tho peoplo wore not
otherwln relieved, ono of tho conditions
upon which the power to contract debts i
aid todepen ' would soon bo supplied, for
tho cravings of hunger will madden nny
population on enrth to Insurrection.
It I to bo borne in mind that the stnto
of Illinois Is so far independent of nil
other governments that it must nt nil
times bo equal to the perfect dischargo of
its own obligations. It cannot rely upon
iho voluntary ch'irlty of the benevolence
o feed or give shelter to It destitute nopu-
i'"t, without at tho snmo time ceasing to
it cannot nnd has not abdicated iho most
essential function of its existence, of rais
ing nil moneys required forjtho discharge
of its most Important duties, bv regular
moucs, lor the snluly ol all tlio Interests ( 1
me pcop;o loruiu il to claim that the peo
ple ofthe State have locked up their prop
erty, so it cannot be reached by constitu
tional methods, to bo used for themot
urgent purposes of government, nnd dis
chargo tho highest social obligations, is
not only to do injustice to their humanity,
. .i ,...,., .. '
mil io ineir intelligence anu discernment,
for the onwer to raiso money tomeei reai
and eudden emergencies in tho affairs of
a lutes, n e-sential to their existence.
Entertaining these views of the nroner
obstruction of the language of the pro-
.1 I. - I. . 1. .. .l
iso oi tne uiguiucuMi section oi tuu louriu
rticlo of tho constitution, I feel no hesita
tion in recommending that if that course
leemed by the general assembly most
judicious, that tno amount necessary to
meet the urgent demands upon tho re
sources of the stnto bo borrowed, and at
the same time provision bo made for its
enrlv and promnt repayment.
it ts proper that 1 should also invito the
attention of tho general assembly to the
necesitv ot providing bv law tor me
re-nssesment of property in Cook county
or stuto and countv purpocs, nnd it n
nrobablv truo thnt some legislation will
he necessary to enable the authorities of
the cilv of Chicago, nnd ot tho school and
other minor districts of the county, to en
force the collection of taxes,
I am not prepared lo express nn opinion
H- to tt lint ll'l-ltttloil lo iiltci-,ni,, unt iui
that my duty Is discharged, though imper-
l.... 1...-: tn,i.. 1. !... fn1
tcctlv, bv communicating the matter to
your attention.
'Thcro is too much reason to apprehend
that tlie destruction of the public buildings
and records that pertain to the countv oi
Cook nnd the city ol Chicago, havo resulted
nt producing much irrcpumiiio miscm!
How far such anticipated mischief, losses,
and inconveniences can bo remedied by
Icgnbitiori must remain n matter oruncer
tnintv and doubt.
Invoking votir sympathies for thnt nor
t'on of our people who have suffered such
unexampled loes, I can only express my
most earnest desire to co-opcrato witn you
in any proper plan that may bo doviscd
for their relief. .loii.v .u. talmer.
Montreal, Oct. 12. Official informa
tion lias been received hero to the effect
that the Fenian General O'Neill, with a
force of men (number not stated), crossed
lIic border at lV-mtiinn and seized the
Canadian Custom House nnd tho post of
he Iltnl-on It.sy Company. They were
flerwnrds attacked bv "Cnitcd" States
troops nnd dispersed, O Neill being cap
turc'l. It I re o ti d that n large part)
ins croed at St. ,lou. llie people
.Manitoba are greatly excited, and every
ble-bodh-d I' nil is under ,rnn.
Ottawa, -.i.st., Ojt. 1.'. Ti.u followinr
da. m ot. i'iuI, 7th inst.. has been recoiveu
,.v Hie L'ovutnmunt :
Fenians, under the command of General
O Donahue, attempted to cross thu border
linu on the otli nl Georgetown, nnd or,
M inlay morning captured the Canadian
Uu' in llousu and the Hudson Jiay post
t I' -mbitia.
'1 hoy went ultacked nnd dispersed by
Cniled Slates troops, and OcJUTtl O Neil
who was with them, was taken pritonui
together with 200 stand of arms. Tlie
main bodyoi the Fenian annv of invasion
lias crossed tlio border lino near St. Joe,
Minn. United States troops tiro afte
tliem, and it is reported that all the able
bodied men ol .Manitoba nro undstr arms
' TWAS IIOTII ok them.
ToifNTo, Oct. 12. Further advices
havo been received confirmatory of the
account of the Fenian nltnck on Pembina
on the Mil inst. Thoy met with no rcsls,
lance there, tho pluce not being garris
oned. It appears thnt O'Donahuo has been
planning an attack on Fort Gurry nil sum
mer, relying upon receiving support from
llie French hulf-brceds. Tho rn!d was
intended to inspire them with confidence.
He has been intriguing with workmen on
the line of tho Northern Pacific railroad,
counting on their help when work on tho
road stopped. Ho is said to bo accom
panied by O Neill, n Southern general,
and had only about fifty men with him nt
Pembina, nnd they nro now being driven
bnck over tlio bordor. O'Neill Is said to
havo given himself up.
Mnnuhiclurc-r ol all kinds of
ah liiuiu or
mill IlFMilrliiK
I'nHilpr, Bitot, Cap and nil sorts ol Crtrlils
e 'nnn'N fe Imnil. trVut
. I, rtKKI.lt. B. r, Et.Akl
. I'AHK Mil & liLAKE,
I'llllj', Iteiizlnc, CillkolllIP,
Vll.NIlOW ollAIlKK,
And tlio cflfthrited illiiininntinfl
IlllO.f,' HL'II.DINII. COll. llTH-ST. Jt COM
HL'lI.DINtl, COll
i nitciAi.
Ciho, - - - .
It. l.l.SOIri.
(Kntrsnci ou Hlxth-st ,)
OAKIW. CADV A CO. PrnnrlHorii.
CAi.no. ILLS.
The House is Newi.V . FunNisiir.i)
nJ oflera to the public flrst-clsss sotommodt
it n m rssons'iir ruf-s.
-3 sr
-C r.
Cor. WswshlBRton-nv.Biirt lllh-sst.,
- B
Formal f FOR SALE,
l-T (-uie I
KJIfor hale.
Fare from Liverpool,
Faro from Londcnderrt
Faro from Glasoow,
Fare from Queenstown
CAIRO, ;::::::: $48.20
SJaltnrit, Morrn t Ca , tent-.
I.lnrpool Nrw.Toik and I'ltlU'lilfhti
Steamship Company,
eanta conTairr with cited srsTrnsaa lima
QvTcanMr STB
Fur;Carrjlog;ine lall.
o ri anira utroiMSTioi
IS Ilrosdway, Ncw-Vork, or to
If. Ilonpt,
Washington Assails, Cairo. nnis ;i
Uti v and Sell Real PIhtate,
A' t prrpart ConYevatiCM of Kind.
Have reopened the
Ilftweeu Nlsstti aud Teulls NlrcctH,
and tfill Vrcit consiintly on hand tne bent mrala
alatiuhtered in thfl Cairn marltet, Tlif y dely eeim.
;iun, (live them u trial.
llnlrlirr and Drnler In tall Hindis rrrb
OTlll I, It-MNOH.
1UVH and alaitRhtcra only tho Tyit"Lr.,'Jfv'
I) iioai and ahoep, and I prepared lo nil any
.bona, d for fresh ineul. from oiib pound to ten
lliniisand pound,
EifiiiTii Street. Retwken Wasiunoton
and Commercial avknui.,
Adjolnlntr lllttenlioiisio llnnny'a.
t . i i , b-l nf Heel. Pork. Met o. V, al,
l.ainh, Kattsnfce, itc.flud are firepsr-d to serra
cititeas lu the most octivpuble maunf r. tgW
HAVK proved, from the most am pi
lence.nn enure uc-css. Himpti
iir; nni utisntio-s ennnni ie inane in u
so nnnnie"s n ii re nee iroin uitngi
ej the luhei comtiu-nilfltlon from nil
'tiipii-.,tn to tie niirntii rei An n jni?v
a'ttnvs rentier mii'iueiion.
I, Ultre I t'll'rs, cnnesiiun, innainn
SSIirill.m'liiil' , to vtuiii, ,
llirriliicni ui ni'i'imi
Iy urnlcr.v, KilplnK. bdiou
jB.. .. n..lrf. I.rnnliillli.
.riir..lKln, toutluclie, fact
IIPIKlnrlart. siok neauactie,
kwHHMlM. I . I n , t iinmii'
. . . 1 ' . . ( . .
Isurnntl Anur, chill Ittt
a-iipsi, iiiinu or niecatng.
a n arsn. u.,ns n, p irnn p. t
Kiir Illarfasinira, lin-ntred
...!. rniirxsii planus, s
nn ,
Hrn SSIckncsM sloknsss ftm
Kidney. lUra, (IrKtsl..
nipsT snu acftntT iswreuo
"m,iii,uiuiM.i, iiisvi.nrrSM.
vr ns, iiiMMrv fn f,r,n,i. .
Mots Month, rsnksr
li'rlnnrr Wrtshncsn, wtt
H.lHh.1 . u .... . . . I . .
....AvSHaM . .. I . . . . . , I
rriinas, nun D
i:iillriaiy,Hptrn, hi Vitus'
llHlirrlauk, eralrd sore
rA.-in.i OA.ir.i.
... w ... .... ...rK.i .n.Fj. .r
wr msrwumi rtii-. raniaininiT
apfclllr for rtrry oiuHimrr di
iMMiks orillrrcllon from
oaiHlli-r Snmlljr anu Trutrllnif c
tu os Tiais H..trOlll
' ,ri"'i i-o io m ritHir flsistr
1 1 vi treatnitr.t, in rials and ic
t;as,-s H
Curea Uurn, llrutse-i, l.atnrnrs. Horr
I hruat. Hnrnln. Turieharlifl. Karachi.
RhUlnltitii. i.uinbamj. f'llrj. Iloil
ach, or of I'llf": Coins, I h era, Of 1 Hnr
T. .1 TJI I'm a fAt 1 1 n
"llieso ntnedlf. riretit I'oml
liy the ca or slnls Iwr, Ms tnt to a
mo country, or manor fxiuvs. iren
on r'cipt ol Ihu price, AOUtris
llt'Mlolt-s V,t'Ci n il;
tornl, Nrrtotu rrtil ty currl. lai
rnni rt r w ami rrniarKao c rfrnsn p
..... IHlU'lHti i.slll-ttTillV Nil
in a auiu-ri, liatr liye ma itsr l
Vo disappointment. No KtilKuloca Ti
.i'sm Odor. The e nulita W. A.
a r urn nrouucr-i l.MSir.iatir.1,1
llluk or nalurd Hrowii. Ikira not
ktn, but learesthe Hah Clean, Son a
nl. Taonnl Safe mil Pslfe. 1 lire.
n a -r- t r t f TVIlT X-
Ul ijUJIl Jl Uli .
Mnr nl.umaft lint? ha tmmod atrar
Tliirun ntnr unit ilxnr lo famllr inil fri
ftlt-Hi.itii llii flrennilisBai lnt.itM1 lnLi m
nnu aTniiiii iiifntwur iti 111 wimnprn
lie arlionrlr hsiM In hi iiwm (u am nn
It r t7 til nietllclnv unl ul Olrectlons
in iui (tiJU'inni intra 11 n-'imng
lU'iun. To tho rmth of tho Invul.tl U
ii mi iimiiiu nn il i uniauini;. it uniiu
culrfinunruuiDctit. ItUtfvlf-ttMurti g.
i ue rwa.wia ionic nnn .iianarai'ii
IfitlAajT tt uaMllifd. '1'TU Ullftlt of tti
iiwuaiij uiisirnurea iitit. vun tnia
the bronclilal tuh irmuMthliH M
saijSfiuHii. l iirr riiiNinu iiih luorDi
reautt, iuiU liiu ottlng In.witli U ttt
iiia iiupiuuia ui
lurc a tiouieii iirii-uitt riKiopiiiitum
Tlif j iHiMf nil ihp Ijl'MMl-irHrthlnn.
iivMniiuinir iitiaa.ru rtJiuiMifi riin
The work of fiiro la now berlnnlnr.
Itr. Thtf atoioacli acta ntiKinilTlr.
Tho Poft-wMM Tonic. !n conjunction
j'li t. ixsrtnciun and aasirunaU'a wiiti
t JtiTiinciitKin la now immreiminit wunuu
thu euro li teen tu bu at IimhI. There la
Tioun loriurt". ii ueit ii iwixhiim iimi
flatiihiir!fi. no txrirljiillttn (ir tlm ituii
utiisotltn acta In.
irn limn inniihnnt rsslliatr fit an tTsari
scnnncE a I'utinoniu nrruDCiimoa in 10
1LH lUIlI'lltjnB SOU IU Ll HI It'll KI1U CO III
cure. It imtnra nt nnrti uixm Ita wnrk.
enn not uu cncaien. il cm u ecu ana n
ei pectoral I on, ana Joi in a Trr ahort
occupied la renuraled and made now,
Tho aocond thlnf Ii, the patlenti ma it
wiirm roiitn i nl 1 1 Ihnf tret wnil I ll ll at
ixiiiititln in tirHVpnt takinir sold wuea
full unil winter aeuauii. oro all wrong.
lur.ai aim rntmniftnil that rouraa luiti
tlentt. If their lunuft uro bull? dlieaieut
rn much and at fast ai the atreniUi will
utt un uiiood rlrculallon uf blood. Tne
tlteand latheffrcftl point lo train. ..
,r.iMin,.,ni ,m tA i.-iifsiiiir nr 111a u
a,r.aiimi,l nn I AnnHnuil 111 tflT IlPa. Btn
time mv nhralctant thought that 1 could
iruw i iiAiird nr ana iintainea ine vre
ntultl fool them Dtsnetrate in? whole
- ..fn aimpa 4W ma It lliflmMl in lli
Aiinr matter crerr in or ill na for a long l
fflTer.Dalna.and nliiht aweaUall begtn
. unnikMtn liSltttnM all aTrPMl VII
much. 1 aoon gained my treaui,
arrnvn In flsjiih vfr alllCfl.
thAii liMikinff i
twentrdre (2U) iounda, and for ycura 1
Intwl nnlnlAeriinlaul liAiilth l
wlftll in NMmr.Vnrk and Unitin. lit) Or
J)r. J, II, Hchenck, Jr.. continue to
tlunta at their offlco. No. U North Blxtb
I'lllUtUVIUIllltaHTVrj PIIUIUUT liwi"
pirometer d eel area the 0xuclpondltlrn
lunsi. ami mtienta cun rcauiij loaro
Ihey are cu ruble or not. . ,
Ml.. 41 m.jtl W.rsat sr.ip IflKinar in. rntnisl
ii.w Hiiish dtrnctlnna. una kind Nature wtl
smi. Mxruminii inni in muo msvi ina pi
tkua mnnirinot nniMi nil nmvr imimnii
lis.Hitii. ntinLriF ii mo iniiii wflicomn it
wiion it coiuei. as it win come, lei trie
I up ut i ui co boot irood cheer, (iood blood
abated. In u eluirt time both of tbeie
symptomi nro mma forever.
J)r. Hcneiick'it mcdlclnea are constantly
tens of thounaiuH of families. Asaluzu
purtiatlve, tho Mandrnko I'll Li am h standu
imrutlon t whllu tho iulmonlo Hjnip, as
or couuhs und colds, may ho rcKarded us
ptiyluctcrto utfuUi&t coimumptlou in any
'".'. . .... n, I., a
Tomo. wijou uotiiu, or 7.ooa half Uoseo.
i ricu iin. at uiiutmiu oiruii inn
uremv -iii, m iwuia a vvA, k ur aaie dt h

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