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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, October 22, 1871, Image 2

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il.V ..is.i.iu..
Dr-Attr infill kir.! of
rnniHTS Ynril nml stlnltllite
(Vr. WaOiiiist'iii-av nml Tweriticf h-t.,
r.vlli'i. Il.l,ls'n
CO V I..
K plrs.l 10 "p.ilj t.tin-r ulih tln beat
O'tl'ns left t IIMIIdny Tiros, nmoc, 70 OHIO
l.h hi, or nt the onl Ytrd below the St
Omul. lln'H, ill rr-uitt prompt abcndon.
I HETUO HON rA!K,rwill i."nitcol aok
ids steamer" nt ny hour. oc-!.it
TiBI.)!3 l-No. 21 Trir-e.-iidi !'!, be
J t '--o i Iiiukioii avenue an I W limit strott.
u.nt I.' 0minorcil Mtcnui-. up p-tnir.
C. Y. DUNNING, M. 1).
T.-irihNCE-cornTNinth nml Walnut
11 ) h o-ijo nor -ixlh street anil Ohio love..
OHioit hours-from c sun. to li! rn , nml 0 p.m
Trnn or Tut lUitv Iriiruv:
1 1. verlc, Dy enrrler, 2.',
Jaf venrliy c.rricr.lniiilvantp 10 00
r.e iionth hy i.inll 73
Tlrej ironiln, 2 23
" x inonlh", i 25
1 Voar -8 00
7 officio; jxiptrnj AltitmXtr count) awl of Ike eili ot
Cum; the oiuiimomin? tn ti'mtfttrn lllinhu;
11 in 'e.qiral' juarnni ; tmall, but fcnrUn ; o(
pK'.n ti nit mh)ret o) Merc! to the ynUie ;
iritk alitrjt nn I die, (an'117 etrttUition, the Iiutte
tin nlicitt thr. ptmnn t( ol inttUvpnt uaUrt mid
entcrpruiaj butmc't tntn.
John II. Obcrly A Co. imve rmluceil the nib
ncrliHion prif of the Weekly Cairo llullcti n,
On IMlar iit umum. making 't Hie pi.ipt p:i
perpuWIfhcn 111 southern Illinois.
J'or lUprpientnilre in Vj ire for the toilful
rp S. S. HAYES.
IlKMOCnATIi.' Cflt'NTV TICK 111'.
Kur TrpH'tirermiil Collcetoi,
Kor Surrey or,
(Iks. Kvixu,of Ohio, is poriously ill.
Thf. Anna Aiivkiitisku a won
derful paper in its way contains the
(pieer information that tlio treasury of
New York City is abmhent.
lir.s. IliTLKit, who is friondly n the
nilniini-tratioii, nrgucs that, instead of
the treaty of Washington being u bene
fit, it will result in positive injury to
the country. Senator Henderson, of
Missouri, who is opposed to Giant,
claims that the treaty is one 01 the most
brilliant result of his administration.
Which is right?
.SeCKETAUY liOUTWEMf? finaticial
statements arc taken dinvn by the Anna
.Ultrrltirr with a credulity positively
delicious. The current number savs :
One go.1 thing about .Mr. lioutwell's
finnii i: mat he cm nl ways tell cxn th
liow they innd sothat cveryhody can tin.
Ucf mid them. His policy has one mJ
tiiinr.lu feature ubyllt it it i. tho pav-up
p. .i.j.
Kxactly. Hut what of the not alio
gether insignificant sums which ho W
exactly tell all about the 8130,0011,
000 of five cent, bond-, for instance,
which ho stated in his Cincinnati
speech ho had issued and sold, hut the
payment of which in old,81.,!010(IO,OOIj,
tic fuile.l to make make mention of in
hi-i October statement of the publk
Tin: HAincAi, nomi.vek for state sen
ntor from this district has commenced
even now to taste the sweets of fame
The S.iriugfleld iier, of Thursdav,
caj'K .
irifi'T. huf 11,0 tlr'1 '"'itttorial dh
t , r , II ":,mi"""' C.o. Moor, for sen,
tor. rieell..n.h.in. K. (ilh.on, ileceiised.
And the Uiiieiunati Commerce', ol
the same date, sajs, ninei... otilcr teh.
graphic news :
At a convention held at (;lro, ,fc,t,.,
dHy, (Jeor.o.Uo-f, of .Mound Clu. Wu
noininutud us the republican cundiduic 1. 1
stHte senator.
Hut the Hon. George, if he has en-
lorlained any improbable dieauiH oi
Loldmf? forth at .Springfield the en
suing winter, will be n, comjletily
roused from them, that ho il eou
elude the o ly mistake wish ado i ot
makin j tLe teloram road Gctrge 7,'c
'I Mr, rJi.!ci. C .r..ll)'
From n private I-;. .-cr'tcd i'r "
former fellow elizen 1''tu'" , 'fI"
now it resilient of St. Louis. inula- i fin.
lowlnjr ltitorctln cxtrac1 -wi cor Hp if the
FollcooPinmtliin, liM i- o.. Lotil Ff-
(In; mid vmIi ''"' :
L. T. Jvera nml Joseph Arnold
!lcr i -entlilg t C 2iltlOl.tl I'liIiCO '
vchllcn wbWi Bsombli1 this mofiilfii; i
"Toiiiplf Hull " corner of Flith ami Vnl-
mil .i -pn Hrown, Mayor rf St. Lorn,
vn m i:. I nnl coii'ciitod to ct tt per
manent tiaiimitn ; mid tiimn In'lntr eon-
I lift ml t'i t!tc ehtilr. niMi'o.o(l tin- enliven-
tlnn from niiitiii'cript for tin- i-psoe of lmlf
nil liotir, M'ltiii' fortfi the purpoo lnnl in
low in eallin:; the convention, mid the
ood remit t littt might tio expected to fol
low if they neted wim'Iv nnd with dr-el.
Ion. He suggested alterations particularly
ill tin- vii;;rmit Ihsvs in fo.'pc in mint of our
chic, nml deplored the fact tli it no l-iior
protection nc-uint the coiiimiion of
crime lind boDii devised tlmn tliu ptitiMi-
i mint of liidivi.dtiaU wiiuu mi-fortunc wn
cltliur tliiiir in iliillty to perform or to pro
euro wiiil,-. Ho culled special nltciition to
tlio " social evil " mid spoky of in lavages
uion tlip phvticnl nnd inornl health of tlio
yoiuig men of the country, unfitting thorn
for Incoming husband nnd father,
mid pointed to tlio experiment, which hud
proven successful in St Loui, "tofcotch '
where experience had shown the impost!
bilty of killing the "fnnke." Ili whole
iiddrcs was tensiblo nnd practical, nnd
only needed to be well spoken Initend of
beitlg rend to make it forcible. At it eon-elu-iim,
u committpo on cretl ntiul i-nd
one to (suggest the order of buinc for
the 'Mnvention to pursue during its deliti-
ration, were on motion nppoinied by the
chair. Thwo prelitninatli'i being settled,
the convention adjnunmd until to-morrow.
I wiii -urprinel to see so much intelligence
nml gontluniiinly bearing among
the delegates. Tlmir gunernl
iimke-up v.puld do credit to tiny profe-ion.
Myers l-i'leeply uuer. -led, mid it wn
throuli him 1 h ippcned to be picjeiit nnd
witnessed wlmt I did t-i-dnv.
Dmm up In Hlijtne by Ihp I.ou. Cour.-Joiir.
There was a young lady imme l Berwick,
The prettiest girl in nil France ;
She married n Count who was no 'count
An Italian she'd met ntn dance.
Count F won lier love just lis isv
As rolling liiiuself ofl'n log,
Hut soon he went gi.iublingind drinking,
And led her tlio life of a dog.
Then rushed in n Russian Count quickly,
And eiiiiii hi'd her nwny fiom her ,1011101
Shu loved thu bold Kusi!in dinet'y
They tuoku liep.tiluru Irom lluine.
They never htopped once, it U wiitier,
'i'o el tlio iill-lii tiling ilivurei!
(In ItiMa folns hi wily t ike pueh things
As ruilly inattei.- ot courie.)
Tlii-n they, liavng read Iloraco (ireelev,
S.. t out for tlio glorhni, West ;
They reiiu-d mid went to hnun-kueptiig,
AVitli )ieue-tlles nml unts Hue tliu letl.
They afierunrdi 111-hed hack to Kti-siii,
And buck to the grand i!u.ian Conn;
Tlio Cz irinn gnuidly received them,
And didn't luok i'Iowii on their sort.
'Twit, thus that the Count C.itiiciizy
And tho uilii of the ,ir n.iry Count
(!ot on with their malieis rig'ht einotlilv
Tl.ing wnt ik,i a Davidson fount. '
hold Count CiittK'u.y
i-. d over I ho sea :
Ag.iin travi
He went as a trrunt mini from Itm-in
To the Court of Flymen II. ti.
And Mad. Cut. c f eoursoslie went with him
To tile Court of tin-luiii elit (irinn ;
No doubt tliey were loa l.-d w tli pr. setlts,
Whatever Mich things may have meant.
At the heid of Gram's principal I imnes
Was a party named 'Hamilton Fish,
And lew things in Washington Imppeiicd
'flint II mi. wa not. into too dish.
This, fl.h we tlio sort they cull i- dllh,
He'd n w f w cm h'd innri lid 'cur-el,"
And .Mis. 1-ish l'.sun.d to i-o.sip.,
Wlio mini-how d lu-eii led to upeet.
I'licv told litrin how ttiey bad heard it,
'J hul luiiiiilo liom It us--tu un had ;
Sliii'il gone irom herpiiViotii bunliand.
Ami "ought 10 he 'cut' o slie had.''
iiio virtiioiis uilo ol (rant great man
W s -liorkeii nt tin- iiornhlii tale,
And up wei.t her proper o'd r. stii),
Fiom her nose might Inn o liiinga tin pull,
At tint tune the Joint II gh cinnnii-,ion
Had loin.-oii Ir.nn Eomloii iodine.
And nil I he b g lis. es nnd little
eie Uoiiig their oniiiulistto shine.
And thu it wiise'cnrly tin ;rovlneo
Of -Mrs. II. J-'ish to give i.tit
flu- fa. t ih it she'd give a bidliuur.
At such and such tlnn-, without doubt.
he dinner ..min nfl'nt the lime set,
And all the groa i e iple wvie theri',
l.i-t- Count nml M iit, Out icnzv,
ihe pets ol the b.g iiukslau Hear.
I'hi-so lind ii- i. .,f c- tirp, I cen invit-d,
lint low ihir, at thittuno knew why;
fho iiiiu. hii i o i II t.o I to thu gossips, '
Though ah die -erne I oinethi:g awry.
Count Cat. rip e I and sworu at the insult;
"Jiy if.-it, .uisntHi-(irunt, vut is dih V
How di.rnlu.v in-oolt my gieat gmintry V
.ny uon i vol it i.eet.e ol i- t-.it ! '
'I got troo do Mipcrnhoikney
lu Moscow or miyvi-ro dere,
Vnd not lind such beple as di-so 1 e,
I'ey put on a lam sight of air. '
And now this big fuss must be settled.
Or wn'll lm y a llt'ht on oiii- liaiiiU !
Count Cat. is a mini who has mettle,
nu nigni uoni-uct dangerous pi ins.
Alas, if for Fish-Catncazv
Our country should yet go to war!
We hope woure lo t rpiituso crn.y
We're uro none of tin are for gore.
Tin: I'lio1' vkhs:ox.
"AI.AMK lATACAV A l-KltslCfTr.il WO
Ki.foMKii i run wnir
: 1101'sK
tii km err
iiKAir'i.ovi:, no.
fC.rr.-.pot.denco ,,f ., , v Utk Commr, ft.
u r 'n'
IiitiiAws , ill, n. 0 mum'. ,U7i
ho intii l. I,,, n,.,.,, sal, Bl s ,t,u,U)i n,
ml s.ui.ieh wl I l. ,u lSl, j." rs.
urg, l,..for.. tl , p sh.(1,ir1Sy, or u i ro
pro .-rly, Mrs, I'i.n.Mndamu Uiitui zy
Uiuddlo, will ,o Hiaihteiifcrt out. tlttV St
.s j-- ,n t.i
nu- m-I Ii 'n t
i ii i uifc to h pjlilie
of the grnit ulp!onutl(!
Mm. F Oi, th wife of vjt AYah!i)
Preo'ler, threw down the e-iuntlp' to M
nine Ci tiie -.y on-.- year ngo in Wnshiry
'oti. At I'm tiuio M itl'inie Cntneazv r--
-'ved h , .-,-il stub whieh t irow the ltu
i M nistf-r on tho deft.ivp. nnd in nle
d- the 1 riHtli in the d'p onm ly e-n -;
ever cl ledyreTen f-ie'id. v relatloti
. lU'iiin raturn.
Last November Mrs. Fish gavo her
grand diplomatic dinner. Kvcry foreign
Ambassador nnd Minlstpr. with ihnlr in.
die, were invited, for the dinner was giv
en to the honor of the Joint lllsrh Commit
slon. .M rs. Cfttncnzv nlono was uninvited,
Tin omission fi-H Hk:i, a bombshell In the
rejiuniicati court nt A ashlngton.
' Why didn't yon nk M-idatno Calaca
zy?'' every one ukod Mrs. Fih.
"What is thu matter?"
Mr. Fi-h looked ominiou, tho gosip
were busy, the old scce-lon fnnillles of
Ihp N i-t hud, thoe parasitical relics of
mi ancient reaulnr nrniy nritocracv, were
ready lo hurl their darts of calumny nt
Miuhmic CafiPHzy; but tho dreadful se
cret wa'.kept close shut up in the booms
of -I few of t!m diplomatic mid old family
Soinetlmcs some go.!ppinir woman
would whisper nbout Blndenburg r.n
Italian Count, hut tho foreign lee-itions
generally maintnlned their friendly re
Intion with tho bcnutlful wife of the
lttiislnn Minister.
Mndiimo Cnticazy Is n French lady
her nmno was lierwick. Eitrhtecn years
ngo, while sho was scarcely in her tccn,
she was the most beautiful child-woman
In all Franco. Her father nnd mother
woro titled people, nnd tho Berwick blood
is tho best in Europe. At this tender age
ho was thrown Into the comp myof nn
Italian Count Count F . Ho wn h
handsonip, daling man of tho world,
knew all it wile nnd snares, nnd could
Rsstimc tho fiico and tono of nn angel.
Count F won tho love of this beauti.
nu. innnccni eiiiiu. .muio. lierwick, mm.
ned lu-r nnd tool: her to Home to live.
I hey lived happily lor awhile, when he
became ilissjp,,teil, gambled, nnd lii-c-ime
n lud in-m gi nerully, trcatim: Ids wife,
tlrt with inditliTciice, tlien ncglopt, then
Willi positive cruelly. Colonel llaria, the
Italian Charge d' Allaire, n vear or so
ago. knew the charnctcrof thlsWd Italisn.
nnd frequently Mild, " He vhii country
man of mine, liut he wn u very bad ni ui
and 1 do not tilame Malamn C-itn nv
when sho did run awn f om him. "
In Itonie, eighteen year ago, Mr
Catacnzv saw thn nhilied wife -then one
of the mixt hpiiiitilul women of the Italian
' in ii ii i women oi me Italian
felt a sympathy for her.
capital. He
Alterwnrd liiev
ny i oi in ran, when si,.,
tired nnd sicl; of the lind Count, her hu
linnd, had aiian-lotn-d hlmand sought shel
ter nndei her father's: roof
Mr. Catac-izy was, appointed by tlio
I'll'Sian (iovenitnent a Secretary of I.dlii-
tion to Washington under Minister Ifodis
c.i. Hi-fore he eame to this country a
warm iittai-liinent nirali-' tin between "him
and tin- unhappy CounteSF. Their fonil-
nc-s ripened into love wnrm. eiirfiilin.'.
and pure. IVom the French, and e-ieei-'illv
tin- Itossian r iiidlioint. where alto--'
ev.-ry .Miniter, n-id '-veil tliu Czir him-
If, supports li'urnlity of hoiiseliold, tile
Countess could nnver ho questioned.
When the time Pnino for .Mr. Catnciizv
to join K-alisi-o, her pour lover wns deso
late. What wn to be done'' She could
not live with 'ii-r hushaii.', mid she h-nl
tin divorce. To stay vn livinir d-etli
sin- could not brook the iniermittent visits
and iiluiie Irom her luih.ind, whom sin-depisi-il.
Tli" Western sky looked full
of happiiK-s. for there she could tly from
every rumor anil la- happy with one
whom she loved more than her life.
So they were married and eaino to
Aiinriea. This iinirrlage was notstriet
ly leg-il. f .r she was not divorced from
her llrt huhand ; but it was a morn I
mairintre. nml never his a doulitful riiin.ir
ever i-loml.-d tho nmrnl skv of th it eonve.
mint with .Mr. Oatacazy.
Tliy arrived In this eouetrv a .Mr.
liii'KMr. Catacnzy. Aflerstnyfiig awhile
in New York. Mr. Cniacnzy went on to
Washington, taking with him Mr-. Cat i
ciizv. The young secretary rented for
his bcntitifuK-ompanioli u pretty coltngo
in Illiiden.liiirg.eiylitmiles from Wnshing
ton. where he spent most of his time ho
witli wild, loose notions of a Uussioii
Count, Hi d she simply confiding in the
only m hp she ever loved nnd the only
iiiiiii, she thoiiL'ht, who could dare o
call her his wife.
Kiuht years ago Mr. Catueazy returned
to ltussia. They were both received nt
the Russian Court, feted l.y tin- nobility
and the little quit whieli had caused them
so much iinensine-'s was forgotten in tlieir
mutual happiness nnd prosperity
O.l... . .r. . it , . ..
i no v zariiia oi jiii'Si i is a tall, grnee-
iiii Horn in. nun mo iieeii or Denmark,
tenihly ih voied to the (,'cek church, and
payire; very l-ttlo iittelilinn to society.
Hut it is tf no that .he, with nil her ortho
dox scruples, n-i-elvod Madame Cala
ca;: v.
hack to wa-jIii.noto.v as mimstki:.
lnl8CS.Mr. Constantino do Catacnzv
wa iippointed by Czar Alexander as En,
voy Extraiir.'in iry mid .Minisier l'lenipo-u-nti
ry In tin- Unil'd .States Accompanied
by lii-, wife, lie arrived on the Villa do
I'nris, mid piocieded ntoncot.i AYashitig
ton, reli.'ving linroii Stoekl.
He wn received rvorvwhere in oflleiul
eire'o-; with :.,vat frieiuLlilp, Ids beautiful
wifii sharing in all thu honors of her hu--''and.
I myself h ivo seen them together
at IVe-Meni Johnson's, and also nt Secre
tary Seward's.
.Mrs. Jiiuu-s lliooks threw New-York
society into nil excitement by giving
Mda Catacnzv a recei'tion at her l.enu-
liful ri-sideni-e on Fifth nvcntie, near Thir-tv-roiirth
street, last autumn. Hero she
was greeted by the best blood of tlio me.
tropdis. Mr.. Judge Roosevelt, who hml
lieen presented to the Court of Si- James,
witli Limy Ou.lev, were there, and they
vied witli Mrs. Roberts, .Mrs. Hlodgeti,
Mrs. S'eveps, .Mrs. Wliitru-y, Mrs. Va
iiderblli mid Mrs. Stewart, in polite wel
coming mid benedictions to tint fair reore.
'dilative of tint nation which sood by the
..'overninont during a terrible war, and
carried our beloved l'arragut in bur arms
from St. I'-iersliurg to Mo-cow -drinking
the In-iilih nl' our Hived republic in every
own in Russia. Mrs. (i. imager, the gifu-il
singer of St. Thomas' Church, sang n
ong of weli-onie to her, nnd the fair lace
.f the ami nsadi -'s wife win too happy
or lltleruiice-
Mailamn Cat-icnzv's beauty wm the
theme of newspaper writers nn'd the gns-lp
.i-.i... ii-.. . i.'. ..I ii. i . ,'
-i no- i , t j. .oi, tier jniriors on t'ritlK-
n Square were thronged on reception
)nys with We-t aristoosatic rcsldonts nnd
ojoiirniirs ol the Capital.
They Lad l,..n jn AViihliiL'lon but n
lew ilu- f, when i,ov indoover to lilailei s.
tiurgtosco ne Inn. t lul vlnetlid cottago
.vi, i- o , i iii- before sholi id spent so ninny
li..ppy lioni-s, Eeveiy nook was oxaui-
ned, and, as thnent ui.lastio wife reeol.
U- ted the llouis of iovo nml i.niillili.ni.,. ulm
dip It tllcic, she siiiil tl... u-nnld 1.
hai'l y iide.i I lo live thorn again
r lie .In-? i. Imquet from tliy Utile yird
home, thy rode back to WaUilneton , hut
u i iii ii unr at wn vinuuKS Alpine
inn aV... rrwln I..M' t VI'... 1.1 .. ... ',....
!'"' 0,;f't, "") 'li Ilndc mvj Mr '
i.,f.l'n'J.,'",d..r,,,,?-"1 1(1 thu oid swcclhenr
-i uiu jius t .,i ,s,., ,.i ,r -
t " """"sion.
to work-tlmj.-aic. four,!,, mill nrv
I -n-l nnvnl bnrn.ic'-s ,vno l.y- in W n Ki I
! ''''''Kh'iuses, wear lonK, blik dres.es,
! I subsist on mis-ip l.ojt whin Mi-s
Line. in I Mr. BioltHii-.n ult do. Tln-y
i talk nbout Cipuili McC'ellan and " .h.n.'l
Lt-e. nnd only ,, ,piro t,, ,nrfV daiigliters
I I . higher titles tlmn lieutenants and cap
i tains in tho army. Thev don't know
that cantain nnd lieutenant ni -or got
nl ove Illeecker street In tho exc ut.ve m.
cl-ty of tho Jiietronolis. AYell. tliis set,
who flatter nround the C trrolls. nnd Itig
ge, torcoriiii, began lo breathe mildew
upon the fair (nine of the bca itiful wife - f
the Ilu.s'iati Minister.
Mrs. Oraiit nnd Mrs. Fish, who had re
ceived more than once, and who bad mor-'
th in oner, been tho ruelpent of hor warm
liuiaii vouitoy. were taken In two.
"It is drerdlul!" said one.
"Perfectly horrible !' cxelaimed nnotfier,
with her hands out like a great A.
'You ought not to receive her," said all
the'p female Wct End lucifer- nt once.
'It's an insult to end her here." A it
she who lull neon honored nt the lliisinn
Court !io who had been kled in the
Imperial White H om of St. Oeorgo In
itio Czarina and Diguiarnnd Grant Duko
Coiistnntlne, could oll thn characters of a
few gossiping Washington West Knders,
who heenin- self-appointed boardlng-houso
guardian, of the Niitloiial honor
ICS. Women urn nt trot Imimm r 1.
just us they Imvo been at tho bottom of
uoroinan one White House squabble,
riotii Mr. Elton down to Kuto Sprngue
and Mrs. Lincoln.
The COSsit) rnrrind fin ,1
dinner given to tho "Hi-'h Joint (.iiintni..
-Ion;' .Mw. Fi-h unoniM ilin )',, rrnl nf imu
dur, whifJi mnyyct blow up n war between '
I,.... i...... ...... .
uiis-in nii'i iimeriea.
Mr Catacnzv is mi ritimnlilo
when hi wife 'wm "oot" thu p-i'l-clv
what wot-der t!it lie tl -iv int-i u pa'-ioii
mil c tiled Fish nn old sardine, nnd swore
ov tlio bi.' b.. in Kremlin thai Fish mid
Mrs, Fi-h, mid everybody in Wnshingloo,
could be l.ought up like'n loud ol cuiuiii
hers in the Moseow suprHl.o.kfiey 7 Mini
ainn Cat.ienzy ln simply played tho role
"f Mrs. A. D. Kiehanl.ii. She com.-s
from a profl g ite court, tilie comes from
where but-i tiio Iiiissinn mni Freneli tradi
'ions urn loo-e on the subject of divorce
and iniirriii-.-e, nnd from where many wo
men think they nro s tints if they nre true
to ono man, married or not. In Uiis in 1
have often '.een inv ted to dine with, per-
nil.-, a ineiiiuer oi me notiinv, wli.-n I
I ,u..
would hul ii ton-k tho qui-lioii,nt whieli
Xw ,,,, ,u,-vt, i(1 . tlil,lllllinli,
.iiso, ior mo nun) Kept two houses,
muddle, it will be hard to get out. lint
wh itever trai.siires. rememlier madiiini
Citaeazy i-a beautiful woman; tiolmih
questions her purity, mid nobislv iloul.fs
the mtituiil devotion, the ab-o ut wot-hip
'f love whieli exist between tho .Minister
and hi wife.
From thf Tribunr, IVnlny.
tin: total aiif.a of tiii: citv
ef Chicago, including the minexwl t rrl
tory west of Western iivem.", and ..lm in-i-luding
st-ec-ls, etc., is over iS,-Juo neivs
Ot this thn South Division cmoraff-.M03,
..lid thu North Division '2,o'J.li. The total
niitiitiei' ol' buildings in the city wn nhoM
OlI.UUO, of whieli about li.ooil were on the
south, nnd 1(1,501) on thu imrih sii.'o of the
river, the best nnd io,t iest llie niu-s in
which Chiciig.i took the 11101 pride boin.
in the Soiitli Division- nnd north of Jncu
eon street. On thu north side lliero wen
niaiiy elegant dwelling liou.es, but they
were nearly nil east of Wells ' street mlt
north f Nortu avenue, those lying near
tin river, on Hieiuur, Wesson,. Larr.t'lee,
ii ml other streets, b ing of 11 vyry inferior
class. Tlieie were til.o laij.o sue ion on
tlio north side 'in which ti.ero weie 110
liou-ee. Tho district between tliu North
llratich and thu Ogdeu eniiitl, on one side,"
nnd Lincoln Park mid the old cemetery 1.11
win inner, wen- uiinceupieu, mill tilery Was
inik-Ii meant ground lurther up on the
.Miriu iimncii.
o.v tiii: soi-Tit sun:.
thn tire de-troyed nemly everything in the
iir.i mni seeoini warns, and u iigut jiortioii
in too noiiiiivesi corner 01 the tniru. it;
ouinirn 11111:1 on .tiicmgan nveliuo Was
Congress street ; 011 Clark, Hanison; mid
011 Wells street a point 11 litt.o below
Polk. The area of the burnt distriei is
16U a-.-res. Thcru weru destroyed :i,0uu
uiidiim, inciiKi.iig j.iiuu si jie, .-'S- lute u
and HU m.iiiufactuniig establishments, ami
il.iiUO person, wero tiirnel out of thcii
homo, thu gre.iler ntimi.er of whom
lived in the second ward, west of Stuti-
street, wlieru they were- closely jLiela-d.
Ihe residents in tliu lirt wi.d ueuei-.iliv
lived ill hotels or liu 111-ln d loom., execp'i
in the v.e.iern poition nl thn waul, wli.-rc
many pnunr lanolins wi-io e.ingri gated.
o.n tiik .voistii sun:
l,o(J0 acres wero burned over out of tli-i
.,01111 in ihatdivi-ioii, leaving int-tet a small
portion on Kinzii) street near the rivur,
audsevei-.il houses nun h of Division and
west of Uiehard, inclildmgso-i.y of tliu but
ter n-it .J disii-.ei up Ciybourno avenue,
fin- to.ni number of thu building de
lioyud was lll.UUO, including over six
hundred stores mid 0110 hundred inanu
fa tiiring establishments. About 7o,OuO
pel sous weie deprived of homes, and me
soj iiirniiig mi the west side, or Imvo li fi
Ih- city. Out of 11 population of 77.000
uiily .ifiout 7,01)0 hit vi) house, wlncii ihi-v
i-nii eliiiui 11. their own, and there nru n.it
over i'.OO houses left stiinding, r tn
irict Inirned' over embraced 111, i of tho
settled area ul thu imrih division,
lVKsT nivisios.
Whilo tlio amount of giu-.uid burned
over in tlio west division ws, not great
11 t miicli exceeding 'luO iiciL-s and
while much of that wn. oci-upii-d by )uni.'
her yard, ulc, yet the icoplo wlioilid live
llieru wore veiy closely packed together;
ami lieuvein ono and two thousand pu.iuc
must havii dwelt there. '1'ho value of me
Iioiih-s destroyed was comparatively
lighl, they being nearly all liaiiiu Uuild.
It appears, then, that out of the 00,000
buildings in Chicago, only bout l!!',i)o
b vn beili desiroytd, mid tlmt, while (I-.'
U00 persons have been driven lr.un their
home, over '-5,0(10 liave not been all'.cted
in that way. The whbi immense
urea of thn west dlvi.ion, wiili it, mi(..
of dwellling-houses, its su.res m
business blocks, is nlnm-t Intuit, ivldle
the south side relniii. the gi, nt mass of its
dw 1 ing hi.u.es of the laucr cl ., ninny
11 millfnelories. and Ihe 11 nit I1.1 ii. ,1 ,.. I .I. ...!
which Imvo boon erecting on Tw ntv-ee-
. ".i1 J ' ! 'J0 ".r,'l'l,"S " , nty-ee-
" 'trv-itmid Aicher nveiiiinaiirt nt o.lut-
lnnt, many of Its finest cliurcho, and t'te
hiitun rnimi ii. iiitifactories whicn abound
t sixth w i -d.
M -n t'i s .i..U of tic Are had cleared
nvny, ei,d peo,.i- be. mi to look about
-'"'"- L"V weres -irised to s. e whul thev
never 'jpiory o- e . d, tlie niiml or of tine
h ock-in the w-st dhisioti nnd the ecu
.rni pan of ilie ,u(i sidn. T Iimsm r,H- ,n.
m.lnlng lilm-stoue ir. ll; iclies of the
n u i'-wm iii .ji enaor 01 tjlllc.ig- Weiu
ooKtj with peytilmr allitcttoi., and tne
ojj iiMel: Lioek, v'lidi have
01 n lo-Kt-fi i.t oiiy r.h IniMtlVr
cnee, hecaiue vnluaiilu mid note
worthy structure!. While the btislties
nmises driven south, had, as a general
tiling, to take refuge In private dwelling,
mid .o put out their igns on street hither
to unpo.Iutod by trrtdo, those who moved
across tlie river found commnilioU stores
where they were utile to i.t once recom
mence npcritlion.. Thy h.rge buildings
on Randolph, Canal, MkIiSoii, mid other
sireet, winch had not been rented, except
for 11 trilling sum, suddenly becaii.utibji-cts
of competition and desire. It then b
cimu apparent that thu west side was n
city in iielf, mid fully able to tnke care of
useii! us residents Had shops and store;
coal mid lumber lards; tburches alio
manufactories. It had mile of paved
street, sewered nnd lighted, and
was deficient so far as water wa
concerned. It had tho only theatres
left in tlio city the Globo uiid various
German halls and hotels, which, with
changed names, tire accommodating the
rush of people now vis'tlng the city. The
buildings de-troyed In this diviioii by thf
fire weru of little value, and almost enough
will be pnt tij) this sea-on to replace them.
There ate, to by preei-e, nbout 00 churcbs,
1 COO it. ires, COO manufacturing establish
ments mitl workshop, :i,ouo saloon, ant.
2,000 dwelling hoiise, still standing in the
West Division, so there is let, no reuson
forcxee-lvoilcspi.iider.cv. Tin, N'tirtli nml
South S.do Roiling Mills are still furnish
ing employment to hundreds of workmen.
Tin same discovery was nlso inado on
the south uilo. Much as had been lost,
much remained. The widening of State
treet had stimulated improvement, fm
down on ih.it thoroughfare, while the east
ern part of A .-flier nvi-nuo mid Twenty.
s-e"ti. iic-l I. .d been grently unproved
Tnos.j railroad v hicli cnino 111 there wen
onni.l. d to carry on their business, and
th- re-aaininguii-vntors have been able to
manage ihe giain delivered to them. The
io 111 sulci! buildings ha uilo been light
only ono having been consumed, arid
Unity churches and over 13,000 buildings
in nil vi t r. -11111111. Elie.r street railroads
ate uiiiiijuied, and their ten distilU rb.-s
and breweries are 'till 111 full operation.
It was on the North Side that tint lo
was greatest, for there it was tho most
thorough; but the Water Works ure
there, tliu sewers are there, the filled streets
a e there; the churches nru ruined, but
they are still holy points, thuflist to be re
built, nnd around which buildings wl.l
rapidly arise. Two si hools remain, nnd
thy perplexing question of tho Kinzi.
school is 'ett.ed for the t mo being: whili
ihe problem for opening and straighten
ing strcits call In- satisfactorily snlvct .
The ga works nr.! left, and are ready 1.
iipplx the Ninth mid South ."side, whin
much of the lumber and coal laying lien,
the ba-in has gone through tihliarmc .
Tho bridge on the Ninth if ranch are liu,
uiaterbilly injured; and, while nony r.--n
itined oh tile river, yet there i the La
Sa.le stiect tunnel.
In IsjiiO thcciiy had 10(1,000 people, 01
less than nre now conilortably domicileu
in tho We-t Side alone. Wo "had no lake
tunnel, nnd the canal had not been dct p-t-n.
il. The nn an. of v.tos.iiig the nvii
and the South llraneh i.t Li Salle 111 1
W.ishinlon MtM did not exist- Thui
ihe Work of raising thu streets to grad
hud hardly begun. Now. more than hul.
of those in the burnt di'iriet have bvi 11
tilled in. Then th.;ie were les- thnli
thri K miles of block pivemciit, wli .0 now
th.ru nru forty, a . oui aratively large jior
Hon of which i In tin; burnt liistriit, mil.
dnmagPil tlioiigh it i. tliu streets are 11.
uulter condition llinn iln-y were ten year,
ligo. We iiave wat-r-p pes' laid, and sowers
bu 11, nod wu ho vu i.ilrunds mid oihci
mull rial re,ource which did not tan
Mst. liiocity tin. been put buck it bu
m.-t Wltll 11 soriuus blow lint it is furihi
ndvniict J than in ISO J, and il reeupeiu
ityu powers are j greni tiial it will not
taku it long to leg.nii the ground that
has lot mid to rins.uuio its proiiiincut
po.111011 uiiiui.g me eitics 01 Uiu unite
' All 1 not lo.t, the nni onq-u-rnb!'- will
Ai.deuiiiHi.-e inv rl'i il n. tor y.el.l."
(Kroui tho N ... Times.)
.pi. . .1.. .. .f
too grenv iiesirueiion 01 business)
house, ol elevators, vessels and ull other
labilities t.i eonduci the great grain trad
01 unicago, win necessarily divert a larg
Ji.irtlon ol that trade to l. Louis, iso
doubt many of tliu largo operators wh.
have I een burnt out will timisfer theii
nusiness, to iiiat city in order to execute
their contracts- A resumption in Chiengi
f.-r the pr-sent year is imtussili-
Heforo tho thbrii of the great conllagi.
lion can ou removeu tnc n,uU winter Win
bo upon the people, navigation obstructed
ami 111c railroads greatly hampered in
ineir means oi irailporiullun.
Ti 0 immediate elled of this state of nt
fairs w-ili no to divert tlio exportation oi
the northwest toward thu .Mississippi riv
er. .-51. j.oui, niu-i neiieiii eiiurmously hv
this devastnt.on, and Nuw Orleans woub'l
come in 1 -r a largu share there ,f. if
wiser nnd nu.ro liberal lioliy could be
adoiited f.v our governiii-nt and caiiiinlisis.
1 oiu j mvj ii. 111 1 11 11 a an anoiiiion or great
in , 1 . . , .
re 111,11011 in o.,r 11 iitcnargcs. 11 we do no.
einhi.ice siiell a I) diev. tho shrewd mini.
i.gers oi tin- railroad, running east will
s -
11)1)11; their grtut loiotirces. and their su
gicity, and en. ei prise, to draw off tho ex
pori iradu to the Atlantic ports.
'Thev will reduce lreight 10 such a ...
tire a. to tempt shipper in lliat direction.
nc iiiuti pruparu countervailing meas
ures. u havu ynorinous ndvui.tii.Fi.i i,
tins riva ry 111 our cheep water trmisnortiu
tion, and our uxemptiiin from tho obstruc-
uons 01 cold weather. Hut of what avail
win inusu uo 11 wu conuiiiie our Present
ruinous system of burdening our com
liiuico with such enormous ami oniiressivu
..... . ... . ...1 1,-... ...
eniiit-e wiieii, 11 u werowien and re
gardful 01 the truu condition of thu cltj,
wu would otler bounties to steamboats and
ship that bring pioducu to our wharves.
Certainly that condition ought to warn
us ot thu Inevitable deuliuu into which this
cily inii.t f H, if soinethiliL' is imi iliine to
rid Inula ol' this hiirduu.
Wu do ma think that even a leductlnii
of -wharfage fees or of licenses wou.ii
satisfy the uinei-guuey. Wo ought to go
farther and make this a free port, us it
w, : iiitonucii to ne ov nature and n- tin.
ntract ot thu treaty of icion. All tin.
iiwclleis on the Mn,jijpi,i nnd its tribu.
tares ought to lie allowed, without mointy
and without in ice, to inuku fast to thu
11 inics ol thu liver mid land their cargoes.
T11eru01uh1n.it to be a dollar exacted
from them f -r thi. 10111111..11 r ght. If wu
havu erected co t y wharves, 11 has been
for tliu ooiivouiuni-o of niirselves, of our
trade and liii.lui"s, nnd wu ought not to
compel our m-ighb ns mid strangers to
inyfiiriho same Wu havu long situo
I ecu liaid for th -se wharves, or 1 ighl to
have been, and wo otulit nut to nek to
sliulllo upon mm.resldenis tho burden
thereof. Th 'iei no equity, and oven a
(loubirul Inutility in to s charge; mid if
hero U either legal ty or equity ihoroln,
olio nil J sourd w-i.iloiii, espic.uily at
this o.i.i , demand their abolition.
(Kntrhmo on Hixth.M ,)
I. J. O.iUsj,
i'. C. 1 t.l.
1'.. I). I.ojwick
OAKI.?. CAHV A CO rrnt.rlftirii.
Tin: Housk is Nkwi.v Fuknisiikd
Vn.f oSers to Iho public firM-clA Accotnmodii
M n hi r.-snnrit,V r.i !.
m E
o i
r-1 ? K
- a
k i:
Wsxhliigtoii.av. mill lllli.il.
- u: s. m
1 C
FOR SALE, 1 for--i,. t
' I r-rsali. I
Faro front Livkiu'ooi
Faro from Lonpcmikiskv
Fare from Olasoovv,
Fare from Qi'kkntov.
TO CAIRJ, $ 8 . ;
SnlloM, Uorris A Cn , gvulf.
I.irtrpool New-Toik nnd I'hiladi Iphu
.Steamship Company,
eni.rn cotct with iMtro stitm ikh siithm
ror.Cjrrjins.lne Mslls.
on lunnim iMronxtTinv
13 Hro.odirity, Nrw-Vork, or In
II. II o lift I ,
Whlni;lfin Avenns. Osirn. nnl.
71 (SKCONII F 1.00 It) OHIO I.KVKF.,
t'AlltO, ILLS.,
JJtrv and Sku, Hkai. Kstath,
A' I prppari. Convet snces of Kind".
lltJTOIEr.lt S,
Iiave ropenrd the
I'OI'I I.llt MIMT .MAItli l"l',
Itelvieeii Xliith nml Tenth Nirt
and Ail) k ep const mtly on hand tlio I.e. I im-ais
'lauuhtero. 111 ilin fair 111 irket. Tliey del) coin,
petlti..!! (livu ihi-iii 11 trial. soptSHI
Hotelier nml Driller In nil Itlmls I resli
.11 em,
Cl)ru .ViNr.Ti.rNtu asp I'oi-Lstt SjTan.r.
BU 1 S and si niKhters only the vsry bmt rattle,
iiohm n nl sheep, slid I prrpared to fill wiy
I.-11111 d for Ircli me it from one iinnnd to ten
Ihinisiind pounds. .lerlltf
and tirsitR it
EioiiTii Stkkf.t. IIktwukn AVarhinoton
Ailjoliilmr IIKteiilioiiNP de Ilnnny'u
Mil Oil llA.I nt lt.,.r lln.lr fnt nr. V.nl.
L'linli, Hituiige, Pic, irid me jifeptr. it to serve
niiuii m tin- most ncci-piaoiB uiauncr rvn
11 i wmsia hi!
si.Mir.i a otvtti 1...
M.s'iij.iuiji3 UUHAN i
!f A-iMlo.. .
.IWLUKJ J. ill 111 CM'ijUlI' j
MA,;,!5..!'r"rf'i'. 'rnm u.osl am pie
c. 11- M lfei llv nflni! , ,1 .A".' '. " ." 0'!0ni7 I
. . .1 ' f 1 I U 1 1 1, I H I Illtl. A ,
iv i u'n in - "i ikck run tt ..
... ' u TiU I
'. '-I'""' iron, dnnu,.r. m
e-ilhs h irhesi . f.in n.-inlstioris fiom ifu. n,
,.-1 in. r , nl ,1. ii Ik.. ......
., n,r ritlininei Ull.
Nil". (
..v.o.-s M-iiT.,iTr:n.un, iri'nlnrr in
" onus, wnr a I ver. u ..... i,
i' ' ,;',r,,,:",iln)oliniHnt
J, " IMrrlioen. of ch hirt-u nnd nduli
o, " Itvsenii-r.v. it inii?, lehoii. erp
s iioii-rii tinirii s, loin oni
" I'liolt-rn. o ii., tin aih in
V .. .. ..! I...... r .
Il,i.lit,.li... ...I, I... .....
... ....... ... - . ... ,,v i. ... ,rii
M'inr t iio.js stoniaeli ..
FtMiirfisf-ii,nr i.iii.IiiI periods,
Vlllc, ton urohl-e p rlo s
'rniii eoiiB , diulcult brestlun
ltll.lf mn. !.. .........
- ...... .wnr. e ii in isirr.av
I'llrsj, blind or l.l..piliinr
. nrc n, ileum nr .-hron c, ntlne
AMI ....... . . ....
: . i.ic i. TiniriiiL-iiiii
iJir IHm-Ii irue, m, ,,ir,.,i ),,,
. . nru k lino, sw.-.i
t't-iif-rnl Ilrlilllt-, physical .
Itropxy ni s-miiy Scerstions
NlrknrsM .ickass fmni tld
J MP nno llrstt'l
frsoiiH II lilllty, si-inluitl
t'us.le iiiliiniurT ilisel.Hrfie...u
...ii.srr... tr... , .., . ...
..t-ry nr csary n senna, case.
rsttrr .ti.iiiiii, eni.K.-r,,
I rlnriry Mriikn u, uruinit I
I'iiIiiIiii t-rliMl., wuh .pn.ni,
Stllli'rlllK. t ehMiiK-t 01 1 Ii-
.a, M. ..i.a.f,.. Ml V ......
...illli-rinuir, ern'sil sure thr
rMii.i i A"I..
r.W to (10 Inrm- iIiiIn, niororro
or roitiiiil rn.p roiitiiliilnu- it
"Pi-eltlf Ittr ewry onilliinr)-ll-fllst-lt
lltlillly I. niililrrl lo. mill
iioolt ortllrn lions .. .. iii.m slot
Riiisil r iiiiill)-una Trni rlliiKCK es,
Hp oitie lor si! I'rltrtlf Klsrnses,
.. .... .... . i.ri.iK ni.n ,or i-n ti'ii.
ilf irealrnei.i, ,n rail and pue.t-1
c:..t . s,.
.. ,. l'i.l.Mil KX I ItAlT
i.iires Hum., linns... , i.nmriir. ,. -oti-nssf .
I hrunl. Hi. nil ..T...I....I.. I.-....I... ...
IllieiiniRti.m. I.uilt.n, Piles Hoi Is. Ml
pore i,ie. II lcc.lieL-.il ihs f.unua. v ... .
eh. nr of I'll,., i ...... i ,.,.. i, i .'...'
(it in f-s nr .n.tf.s. I., v , . , , . .. .. . ..
.....-...i.nrv, in. ll or cxt v.., ,. - cl i
uii I'veipi in ii,,, pner. A nlri".
it -ii ui.r.ir. ei-i.i. irn
iiomi:iji'atiiu .Mi:iiicis-Kf
OHIee and Dtnoi.No. ! llrna.lw.. . V..-.T
t-r.l u . f t. .. . .
...ll... .1.. v......,, .-,
. .,. oil,, iii i-. ri.iii li. ri ail ii,.
mn iuTfwti rtui.tiii-rrii n than (he nrjit-
FUl-t-lOu' UMMlrt-HfrilfM t.UIIl f It.lO Hlllth. I
(-- -irm ami uinir t'i imnitr mii 1 iritni tt
-' J VstllMi M'S''1SU4
ci'tii m.it(.lni . Uity wouU n-u turn lullert.
WllKrMVfP inmflnnt wltulltv
U. I (Mlti-LstniHt I nli hunlihfnl t-i..,..
In 111 Ii4 1 i nri I lhr.rn la niJolms n a ..
v..., iiMiinnj uit ii-i-, u iimiujii tlmt? Ill
I.I r 1 1 jllsl l.V llltl .... a.- . . 1 .1 . . .L. . " SI
s. , .- t viiiutiji'i im iiij ra&iT l itis n rs 1 1
lusiuijr i hs.i)II. Ttrti third 4 ti tnm tt ,
ttill.tl.V nHanf-tlairiMt 1 1 r a. ll'ltf II. I. u....lll.
rummvit. incr rti(MintS tn t.tu tiiorbltic uctlt-
lif tut lircr. lion ilti.ti si , it, tl.. iii.,l.ti
-...j ""''.I JI-" rilillULIIIlO Willi II
'i-"" ' "nil m jiiftt. jwii.'), litvy
"i.i:.ivu :.o sri.vfs iinwixi)."
.su ri Lit .t ii. ..i iM'MlllIi , ?2c 1 "IT T II I.
l.Ilmnliir nt n. i.lst.-tsi rs... .u- 1,1.
i (Mi urn i niUftliti. ,.,.isi m it ) lt Mull n ;:l III t .
n cluik. li n.Mii. it,., it ur utw frmu it t -ri-u
Hr. ..,... . a .t-s ...... .,......
iMtlent U.;iii t f.t . i.ut ii it (fiiim. in i
A Si:iIMV OI? (iOOI) IlLOOt).
TliiT. Cu4.trnAil T,.nf lH ... . I .. I - .. I.I. . I
nn'. ixTiin'iiit' mni iioRirniiuiPi Willi 1110 10
.. iimi tis r---Mit wniiiini liu nr
iimj vuriv it wtn in w in ii iimi, i jiiTu li imi ran
Now ciiiniM thn crrpntPfttTllAAfl nnriflnpa-A-.
II f iiiiclli.ria uit.1 f. . ..i. i r...
lUrf. It cnLlTS 111 ItllfM llfmn If, sai.vk Vulns
em itt.t b cltif. It oillt'ot nnl iiitMii Hi
imiairon una llMiuud lurilut. ,t ih h.nK
........ ntsuiiiiks,i. I'liriijiiin l ll fill in
ttrciinlril i riMtVltliHl unit nixln nu .
' ' 'iiM""ri(, urn iwilfll IlirUl U IllllL I
i'.in iv,njui tuu luaunuvu ur nuuuiu iihhi iiiu
Tl.l ann,1 ll.lnn!. , l, .... I... .
ITIirni riuitt, . ..Ill ,1.... ..... U..I . . .. ... . ....
ts.s.ll.ln lit nrvnt (i.lt.n .v.l.l wt.nn .... ...
inn mil uo tll.'ClPtl. r re.li mr am ri.llm. .
1.111 llll'l ninli.r u.i.ai.11. nri. nil w ,
irf.1-;....., II. a., urn . .in. I. ....... ......
,. uiu uwi.tr iiisi-ufi'ii i linn ...
must Hi-en iii KiMH si.lr ts-tisf.slcrmlni.1 t.i l-
well. 'l liM liu.ti L-ri.ut , n.nl .,, .li, ..in, .i.a .......
M l J-.-. i"ii.i,,ujtuiii,
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a week: tlien.llku a dri.wnlinr mini mtriiinir nt
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a iK-rlcrt i-iiro of mo, It seenu-il to mo tlmt I
nii'i Icel them penetriitu jny wlmlo urstero.
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Inucli. 1 soon Kiilnt-d lay slrcnglli, and iniTO
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nailed tlio llnctnr, "tlien lunkinK llko a mere
skelemii) my ivuluht ns only nlnety.si-rr-n
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loved lllilnl.-rriit.li.fl liciilth .'
(ir, K'liiinck tut dli-.intlnueil hi. profitlonl
visits tn Niiw.Viirlc inni II. .slon. lie nr III iu,
tients nt lliulrunico. No. Nurth hlilli Hlrt-el,
I'liUiiilehiliiu.eri-ry ISiitiiriliir Irnm'J A.tl.tnJ l-.M.
Tlioso vilm wish it tlturiiuuli txuintnullnn wlih
tin. Hesnlriinit'ter will be clmrpi-d 15. The Itra
plrnrnetcr ileclarc tho emit condition nl tho
bines, mid piillonta run n-uUlly learn whether
tai-T urn cariiblo or not.
Tho direction for taking tlio medicine urn
nrtupted tn tlio Inlelllftcnro even of u child. Fol
low tlioso direction, nml kind Nature will tin tho
rcsl.eirciillnu tlmt III ss.nio uianii tho MHiulniko
1-llls ure tn l.o taken In Incrou.ed dose) tho
tlirt-o medicine neel no other uccnrniNinlmenl
than tlio iiniplo liutrucllons that acennnmny
tliiimi First crciiio uppcilto. Of returnlnit
lieiilth, liiniKi-r I Iho must welcome trmptorn.
VVIien It cniiies, a It will come, let Iho despair
liar hi linen lin nt Knnd cheer. HikhI lilood lit euro
Inll.iw, Ilin coiiuh I ens, thu nlulit awrut Is
almteil. III it short limit l.oth of tlicto morbid
symptom urn itono fnrovcr.
Ur. soh.'iick'. meillelnr urn conrtnnlly kept In
ti-nsnf tlinus.inils nt liimlla-s, A it luxatlvo or
piirtfutlvi,tl.o.vhindrnko 1'lli am a standard pre
paration) whilo thn Pulmonic tvnu aa u euro
or emit:!! and cnld. inuyhQ rr-kurned as a pro
uhylnctcrlo up.lnsi coii.unip'.lon tn any oi It
1'rlco rf the 1'iihnnnlo firrup and Soa-weed
Tonic, H.Wii li.itll...nr7)iiijf doton. Man.
nmko l'llls. ii cent a box. Kor ula by ull drug
u and dealer.
nr. J. 11. siclicncu. Jr.. ill 1 ts.nl line In - na-
tuMi ricTiums or
enm Knginei,
rioarond (int Mills,
6w Mills,
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