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II .. .nd sfu-rflundsy, Ma Kill, J871, (lie follow
ing i i e-'sble will -jove rn the arrival an J dcpart
iii of MMiWr train. it Cairo I
) Mull train, dally . 11:41p.m.
express, iiany z.- p.m
Ull,dlly - - 3-30 a.r.
Kxpress, dslly, except Bundsy 3:30 p. m
Nj-jhr-nieof cars from Cairo to fit. I.onlf. No
Iihij of Jr from Cnlrn to Cilcign, Elegant
i n'H Rom'ii rleepmg jrs on night train".
U g- li'OkH to All luip'irt-int point.
'Uai-t. Wii.m-im II. Sandusky.
Leave Caiiio,
luor or rioiitii sraixv.
At 7 A.M.
At 10 A.M.
At 1 l'.M.
At 5 r.M.
Ij F.AVE Md. ClTY,
At 8.30 A.M.
Al 11.30 A.M.
At 2.30 r.M.
At 6.30 r.M
it in ok' no.iTj,
Memphis, Vicksburg and New Orleans.
The fine learner
J. a. Neat, ..Master. K. K. .Veal -.Clerk
leaves Oilro riaturday, 2Jth Inst., ati o'clock p.
in. For freight or passage apply nn board or to
oct20d4t I'asserger Agent.
Weekly I'acket for Paducah, Evansvlllts anal Lou.
ttvtlle, the favorite steamer,
T. O. RYMAX.Mnatvr.
Leaves Cairo every 9ATUDKAY at 5 o'clock p.m.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
JAM. BiaUS, Ag't.
The rplendid ateamer
Joel'ovtlrr, MnNlrr.
ei Cdro Intl.Y, (SinUya
excepted) at 4
r..r irei4U.ur p4HKS
i a pplv on boaru or
.HIU'UN, Ac'l.
a An
The hst-runnlng, light diaujht steamer,
tin plai-e nt utentner I Jlewlld), at r p.m.
JAS. 11KH1S, Ag't.
(in place ufilie Ark.lltll-1,
I.KE HOEl,I,, .Mualer.
Will leaie Cairo for Evannille eve.-y WEDNES.
KAY and BATl'HKAY at a o'clock, p.m. For
frniijlit orpatssge apply on board or to
JAM. BIU41N, Ak'I.
FOU SALE, ) For Sale t FoU SALE,
I For Sule I '
Fare from Livkiu'ool,
Fnrc from Lo.vdcnuerky
Furo from Olasoow,
Euro from Queksstow.n
TO CAIKO, $4 8. '20
riallnrd. tlorru A Ca , gnts.
Llvtrpool (w.Yolk ahd Philadelphia
Steamship Company,
tkfctk roxtatrv witu imtiu naTtsxo bsitum
For Carrying. the Mtlli..
oa ii antra isroUTioi
15 llrofldway, New-Yotk, orlo
II. II o II p t ,
Whliigton Avenue, Cairo. nol
R'ur01 21 TU'rieemh .trett.
... . '. J1 . -"bingion avenue and Walnut Mi
.. . v MiiiiiirmMi menue, up tlalrs.
0. W. DUNNING, M. I).
RK.JiKNCE-cotn.rN.nth aud Walnut at.
Oitme hour. -from 0 a.m. to 12 m.. an,( u .
filmiwl Ii m. : r
tnffiS!' ,MM l"iJ " rlwr and ad.
OFMPF-0.,Ki,.tN,ln,lnanit. 0h0 Urff
William II. een,
Willi, m ji uiibtr
Milea r.tillbert,
aTrSecln attention given tj a,!,,.!,.!,.
Btcamboat bu-ilneaa. 'Hi.liallT aud
OmCX 0U1O LKVEE, K00MH 7 A Nil 8 0vil
urn k aiiu.vaj. JIANK.
The undersigned, proprietors of the Dmvand
Wxisly IHttiiiK, have just received an assort
ment ot the latest styles of Job 1'rlnting tyres,
nnd have now" onorthemostcomplet lob offices
la the Houto and West. They Batter themselves
tbtt they post e is lacllitlea for turning out
promptly, to the best style ol the Art, all work
entrusted to them, from the smallest oard or
label to the mammoth poster, and at prios
which leave, wllb our business men no good ex
it so for sending their woik to Bl. Louis? Ol.'n
Chicago. JNO. If, 0 llERLV CO
p.. Illinois Central IU'1 Koail Compiny now
nTrf0r"Tfho folloli.K-lecrlbd lo.'s ln;Mrs
Vtdlllon to the City of O.ro, vis :
i.tt block 20. lt 21 Myck M,
I it n,, 27 " Si,
. fi l. .!' " " M,
i?n,;.'. "irrir Jamkh'joiiwon,
" (Kilt . AU n
otvm WIUiS. '
Imported direct from Oonnnny,
A large lot of
H' II ntli'tcJ for sale for a few dsy euly, at
Joint HnrkbrrKcrN,
No. 87 Ohio Lcvoc, Cniro, Illinois.
Not.cr I. hereby given, that on taturdav,the
2Sih Jry 1 1 October, 1871, a' 10 o clock a.m., I
will oil at public auction, to the highest bidder,
r,r msh, llm no tes a in numoer snuaieu on
Lot No. 8 In Block No. 37, In the city of Cairo,
opinion 13th at, lielween Poplar el and Washing-
on avenue wiro winnis ucuiorr i.u,
Oct2.Vltd J. Wl.siun
The Urge and
12 In
ualed on Eighth between Walnut and Wash'
item (oppos.ti-the 1'resbvLrlan Church) l for
nt. Kor term., etc., appfy to
Ohio Levee, Cairo, III".
All city taxes muat be paid before November 1st,
on which date the list of delinquent taxei will be
published and costs charged. Cilitens will take
notice and govern ,,,em,'yQ;j'y0j!ArYi;;
City Treasurer and Co'lcclor.
or Clnelntmtl.
A.se WW.
Solicits all Llndsot rlika.
oct27tl Agent, Cairo. Illlnoli.
PablUtaed every mornlni, M ottdnjr ex
Ed. Sision was in tlio city yesterday.
Judgo Allon returned from Metropo
lis "Wednesday evening, and Mr. Munn
Col. Taylor, preiident of the Cairo
and St. Louis railroad, yesterday received
from Gov. Palmer the commissions of
Capt. Halliday, Judgo Crawford and Mr.
Stohor, Hsdircctorc of tbe road.
It is rumored on the streets that Phil.
Howard has had a change of heart, and
will soon go into training for tho ministry.
Ho was converted in tho twinkling of an
eye, after the manner of the Saul affair.
James Mallory has became a Cairo
commission merchant, and advertises that
he will give cpccial attention to tho gale
of poultry, butter, eggs, apples, onions and
potatoes. Ho refers to tho City National
Rank, to Valentiuc Girbcr, St. Louis, and
to S. R. Lifors, New Orleans.
Mr. Cunda, ono of tho contractors of
the Cuiro nnd St. Louis railroad, with Mr,
Ferguson, chic! engineer of tho road, wcro
in the City yesterday to make arrange
ments for tho commencement of work on
this end. The engineer in cbnrco of tho
Cairo division is expected to arrive in
the city to-day, and will at once let th
work. Hully I
A. J. Miller, well-known in tho
Thebes part of Alexander county, died, on
tho 19th inst., tit tho residence of William
Simpkin , aged thirty-nine years. The
dcccaied was a school teacher, and for a
long time taught at Dickinson's school
house, near Oooso Island. He was respec
ted by all who knew him, and is mourned
by a host of warm personal frionds.
Tho following were tho arrivals at tho
St. Charles hotel yestordny : M. R. Fresh,
webes, Wheeling; D.J.May, Ccntralia;
J no. h. Uowland, St. Louis; F. M. Simp
son ami lidy, Vienna, 111.; J. M. Rrown,
umaliii; J'ulinor Cady, Little Rock; R
Casey, New Orleans; M. Luvy, St. Louis;
S. M. Drury, Hnrvcsbtirg, ().; John M.
Lansdcn.clty; D.U.Carter, Mound City;
J. L. UrW, Louisiana: Mm. Slmncm v..
trnpolU; A. Phillip.., St. Louis ; S. P.
Cope, cashier Firit National bunk, Padu
cah j A. G. Ferguson, chief enginesrof C.
A- St. L. R.j F. E. Canda, Centralis, con
tractor C. & St. L. R. R ; D. 0'Hrion, con.
tractor O. it St. L. R. R.; F. D. Roxford
and daughtor, returned ; Miss Lottio Sam
men?, Ulue Island, 111.
Mr. Nabhler Mertz, radical candidate
for tho senate, was in tho city on Wednes
day, and did not call on in. Wherefore?
We have dono nethlni; that limine.
George in thus throwing off on us. and wo
nope not again to bo put to tho trouble of
calling public attention to his
neglect of us. .Mr. Mertu
wa in thn city consulilnt Pono on
the situation asking that astute radical
leader to enrich him with advice ; but ho
went away empty-handed. Even Pono
don't know what to do for 'Squiro MerU
and doct not hcsltato to think, wo think'.
that the judge is a hard old case as a can.
uiaaio lor omce. Declaring or P, P. M.
MerU called on Fisher, but in yain. That
gentleman had other fish to catch nnd
wont back on the gentleman from Pulaski.
Even Iter. Mr. Shores, who has tho capac
ity to enduro any passably tolerablo thing
that is put up as a republican candidate,
turned his back on Mertz. who wnn,iMi
his weary way homo a sad man, very much
ThiJ following Were tho arrival. .1 u,
I Dolmonico Hotel, Wm. Wintor propria.
I fir TA f l,. i . . - . -.
v.., iem.y .tour liou.s eivdluK at
Ohio t tw.I.I... .I?. 0i Cincinnati,
, --.-..., jiunter nnd ludv. St
ker, Sunnysldo Ark.; James Clark .icil
Tilt f - - T tn I
uir Illinois; o. a. 'l nomas f!lt.
A. Meisonbeimer, Dongola; Thomas V.
Weavor, St. Louis; O. Townsend, Ullln;
O. A. Do Dann, Ullln ; Judgo Pidgoon,
Mound City; Klohard 8. Horr, Ballard
county, Ky. W.1I. McGowon, Toledo, O.;
Christian Schultz, Grand Tower, 111.;
Nick Ponnlngton, clerk stcamor Umpiroj
J. J. Puntroy, Grnyvlllc, 111.; John Mil
ler, Thobos; James ltouso, Evansvlllo;
Thomas J. McshowColumbus, if y.; Wm.
Ten, stcamor Indiana.
Tho famous ltov. Mr. Turney compll
mentcd us with a call on last Tuesday
Tho Reverend gentleman, now on tho Me
tropolis circuit, had been In the direction
of Chicago looking aftor his great book on
tho Sabbath. lie ascertained with regret
that tho plates and MSS. of the work had
been destroyed by tho lato Chicago flro.
This a fearful misfortune. Mr. Turnoy
had labored on tho book three long years
had risen with tho lark, or tho earliest
bird of this neck of woods, andhadbiirnod
the midnight oil; and think of it I In a
moment, so to speak, tho results of his la
bor wcro destroyed. Ills loss Is great, but
not so groat as tho loss to the world In be-
ng deprived of tho rcsu'ts of Turncy's
weary work. Mr. Turney, although some
what eccentric, has an intellect which
may bo called gigantic. It is much rnoro
gigantic than Preacher Hughoy's. All
his Intellect he bad brought to the prepar
ation of bis book, nnd, beyond all doubt,
it nxed tho Sabbath question fixed It in
the Immovable position of ascertained
truth. But now as tho work is destroyed,
tho Sunday question Is again unfixed, and
must remain so until tho learned gentle
man can go over tho Immense Hold of
learning heretofore traveled by him, and
again cull from that field its great crop of
Sunday knowledge.
Around Thebes all Is quiet. Every
body in that patt of tho county Is for Mar
tin, democratic candidate for county treas
urer. Tho boards of registry for tho two
city precincts, will meet in their respec
tive prcclntcs, on Tuesday, October 31, to
revise and complete the poll books.
The county court declare the county
too poor to fill the court house squaro to
grade. Of course tho court knows herself,
and wo submit to its judgment, but the fill
ing of the square would add so much to
tho appearance of tho courthouse that wo
shall over pray, etc.
County Jailer Fitzgerald is tearing
mad. Ho lias always boasted that no pris
oner could cscap: his vigilance. During
tho past five years ho has held tho keys of
the county Jail, and, in all that time, un
til "Wednesday night, has succeeded in
keeping his paws upon tho prisoners placed
under his .charge. But Murry and Wil
liams wero too sharp for him, and they
arc gone from his gaze like a beautiful
Tho proposition tonuthorizo the coun-
tv court to issue bonds to build a new jail
is meeting with considerable opposition.
It is argued that tho present jail is good
enough for sovcral years to come, and that
the pcoplo of Cairo and Alexander county
aro already taxed to the very limit of their
ability to pay. If thcro is any county in
the state in greater need of n jail than
Alexauder wo are nut aware of tho fact.
Every grand jury that has bcon in session
foryesrs has denounced tho present jail as
n nuisance. But, we rccognizo the forco
of tho too-much tux argument; and, If tho
proposition should go by tho board, wu
shall not weep a bucketful of tears.
Chief of Police Myers entertained the
public near Thk Bulletin office yester
day with u free 'possum exhibition.
A funeral of three persons passed
along Washington avenue yesterday af
ternoon. It was small but solemn.
The sinking of tho stoamor, "Sallie,"
in our harbor yesterday' was nn event
whleli gavo great pleasure lo tho juvenile
portion of tho comniully.
'J ho rise of a drop in tho Ohio river
has ntiade navigation between Cairo and
Paducuh sufu. On this little fieod, tho
natty "learner, "Fik," nails over the rocks
of thtr chain juH as easy as pulling n tooth.
111 1 .. a.
vv c navo neen peiiou witn nbout a
dozen heavy ruin showers slnco last Sun
day ; Imt yesterday uftcrnoon the weather
clearud, und we had n magnificent even
ing, Talk about pleasant woathcrl We,
of Cairo, can beat tho world In tho article.
In comparison with our full weather, that
of Italy is scrub stock.
Uhoin of our readers who will havo
the pleasure of examining tho New Amer
ican Cyclopedia, will need no rocommcn
datlon from us to bocomo subscribers to
this valuable work. Its character will at
oncueJilUt an interest in it ns well as tho
excellent nnd thorough manner in which
tho pli.n has been carried out. It is a li
brary, complete in itself, containing full
and ruliablo information on overy known
subject. History and Biography, tho arts
and sc ieucos, literature, tho professions,
trades, inventions, politics In short overy
conceivable Bubject is explained or des
crlbed, in terms plain, practical and in
Innt.lu tn f n.n.l I lirt t'lin rrnrtxa C n.l lln.j
among whom will be fonnd tho most distin
guishod. scholars and writers of our ago
and country, woro selected each for IiIh
own special work, which plan has been
found to havo tho most admlrablo results,
as eai;h subject is treated with
an accuracy, interest and truthful
ness which could havo boon arrivod at in no
othor way. In typo, sizo, bindlnc, etc.. no
pains hiwo been spared to make tho vol
umcs attractive and convenient. Tho
work is sold to subscribers only and the
prico lbt ranges from 5 00 per volume
extra cloth to $0 00 fur full Itussla louther
binding. Tho prico is remarkably low,
considering the merits of tho cyclopedia
and tho vast amount of pleasure and profit
Its possusslon cannot fall to bestow. Mr.
Henry W. Allen, tho agent, is now in tho
city and will canvass for tin work.
HLKicriNo Hoomb you Kent. Ten
well ventilated sleeping rooms in City Na
tional llnjtk building. Apply to
At City National Bank.
r.scAnt or two misoNF.ns trom thk
Our rcadors will recollect, that, about
two months ago, a daring attempt was
mado to rob tho grocory store of Mr. D. Ar
tor. Thobuglar'snamo is Jnmcs L. Murry,
anu no is evidently an oxpcrlcnco cracks
man. At nbout four o'clock in tho morn
ing ho entered tho storo room nnd was in
the act of blowing open tho safe, which ho
had loaded, when Charles Artor discovered
him at his dangerous work, and, raising
an alarm, succeeded In offcctlng his arrest.
Judgo Bross bound him
over, and, at tho last term
of tho clrciut court, ho obtainod a con
tinuance by making affidavit that Impor
tant witnesses of his were absent from tho
county and their prcsonco could not ,bo
procured In tlmo to go to trial. Ho is n
small man, with sharp gray eyes, high
cheek bones, unshaved face and whiskers
about four inches long on his chin.
On Wednesday night, with Charlio
Williams, nnothor thlof , Murry succeeded
In breaking out of tho county jail and ma
king his escape. Understanding their
business, they managed, in some mystori
ous way, te pick tho lock of tholr cell and
get Into tho ball. They then went noiseless
ly to work, and effected an exit through
the wall. brcaklne a hole
in tho brick masonry largo enough to ad
mit tho passage of their bodies.
lostorday morning, Jailer Fitzgerald
found tho cago of his favorite birds cmp
ty,and raised tho alarm. Sheriff Irvin had
hand bills printed immediately offering
$100 roward for the apprehension of Mur
ry and $25 for the arrest of Williams.
Tho pursuit is being vigorously prosecuted,
and tho capture of the rascals is confi
dently expected.
Before Police Magistrate Jlross.l
John Solsbury was arrested by Shee-
han for being drunk. He was fined' and
not being able to pay, was sont to the cal
aboose. Ho will assist McIIalo in repair
ing the sidewalks.
A printer, named Carotbcrs, having
indulged too freely in Barclay's Saratoga
water, was mistaken by Officer Shcehan
for a drunken man and was arroited. Af
ter being placed in tho calaboose, Carolh-
ors woks tho echoes by crying flro at tbe
top of his voice. Mcllale, who has a pe
culiar persuasive way about him, soon per
suaded tbe noisy man to bo quiet. Yes
terday Bross lined the inebriate $5 and
costs, nnd City Attorney Pope agreed to
not collect tho money provided tho unfor
tunato man should immediately ovacuate
tho city. Ho traveled.
As will be remembered by many of
our readers, some time during tho year
18C7 ono of our police magistrates united
a couple in marriage in a commercial
avenue livery stable and that the particu
lars of the affulr were mado the subject of
an elaborate and flaming illustration in tho
National Police Gazette. After their mar
riage thoy left Cairo and went to Grand
Tower, whero they wont to housekeeping,
and, lo all appearances, lived as quietly
and comfortably together as mnrrlcd peo
plo generally do. About a year ago
howover, tho woman " got tho devil in
her, " nnd it is alloged attempted to poi
son her man and camo noar making n
good job of it. She then left him and
camo back to Cairo. Yesterday morning,
Crooks, for that is his name, came to
town and went to sec Mrs. Crooks. Bo.
foro thoy purled they had somo high old
wordss and Mrs. Crooks declared she
would have him arrested. She went be
fore tho magistrate who had married thim
and sworo out n warrant against
Mr. Crooks for abusivo
language. The warrant was placed in
tho hands of an officer who wont in search
of tho accused man. In tbe meantimo,
howover, somo of Mr. Crooks' friends pre
vailed upon his "better half" not to appear
against him. Crooks was brought into
rnnrt. but ns his wife was not there to
swear against him, the esse was dismissed
at tho plaintiffs costs. His troubles did
nnt mid here, however, for in ono or his
pockets was dlsoovercd a hugo revolver
a regular young buttery, and ho was fined
85 and tho costs for carrying concoaled
weapons, which ho paid. As Mrs. Crooks
was not in court, nn execution for tho
coats in tho first case was issued and
placed in tho hands of an officer forcollcc
tlon. Lato in tho afternoon Mr. Crooks
and Mrs. Crooks camo marching down
Washington avenne, arm in arm np
parcntly the most loving couple in tho
world. Hut at tho corner of Tenth street
thoy met tho officer who held tho execution
and ns Mrs. Crooks had not tho ncccssnry
"whorowith" to liquidate, alio was in liou
thereof locked up in tho calaboose. Mr.
Crojks could not bear to see his devoted and
afTectlonato wifo thus treated, and at last
accounts was making overy effort to bor
row tho amount necessary to purchaso her
freedom. "Slch is Ufa" with the Crooks-
Aqkxuy toh Howe's Skwino Machine
yorSale. To parties wishing tocntcr into
a good paying business, with n smalt capi
tal, I will ssll the agency of tho Howe
sowlnif machine It is a standard ma
chine, und all tho uachlncB I have sold
give entire satisfaction. The reason for
selling is, my other business will not allow
inn to glvo it all tho nttention it needs
Porsoiui wishing to purchase will apply to
tho Howo machino sales room or at my
auction room, 185 Commercial avenuo.
oct23-lw D. Hartman
Waktkd to Kxcii anue For Improved
Cairo property, ICO acres of good land,
within ono milo and n half of Hickman,
Kentucky, with good brick liouso and all
necosshiry out buildings. The place also
has on it ono thousand fruit trees. For
further information apply to
,KA8. Mallohy, Steamboat Agent.
Economy. By using Mrs. Whitcomb's'i
Syrup for chlldron many a doctor's bill
can bo saved and much sufforlng averted.
Road the advertisements hi another col
Tho suggestion of a glass of bcor for
tho stomach's sako, took away tho breath
of Mr. Millor, rndlcnl eandlduto for clork,
and his rocovory was for somo tlmo doubt
ed. Boor nnd niggers nro his aversion,
and ho doos not tako cithor ovon In small
doses. So say his christian friend ,.
-Tho friends of Mr. Millor nro prom
ising tho pcoplo of Cairo, tha', If ho
should be elected county assessor, their
property will be assessed down nnd tho
county precincts bo assosscd up. Thoy
say Mr. Martin is not a Cairo man ; that
ho has lived in tho country and sympa
thises with tho country pcoplo; that Mr.
-Hiiicr, on tno outer hand. Is omtihatlcnllr
a Cairo man ; has never been out in
tho country precincts of tho county, nud
will favor Cairo and sco to it that tho
county is loaded to tho guards with her
share of taxes. Now, this is a moan way
of electioneering, and Is Intended lo win
votes for Miller In tho city, and may do so;
but, nevertheless Martin will walk Miller's
log. If Miller wishes to mako an issue
between tho city nnd country ho can bo
accommodated. Martin Is ready to mcot
hltn on any issuo ho may scare up,
Those French Cherries, in syrup, so
popular with connoiscun. are sold by Jor
genscn. tf
Go to Jorgcnscn's for imported Dun
dee orango marmalado, tho eolobrated
London crystal vinegar, in quarts, nnd
hoico Genoese figs. tf
Where aro you going? To tho placo
number 63, Ohio lovec, whero they keep
the best fresh oysters, fish nnd game, nnd
tho finost wines, liquors and cigars to bo
found in the city. Open nt nil hours, day
or night. J. E. Parks.
Whatover may bo said about fine
beef, and howover thick pralso of the beef
of other batchers may bo spread, tho fact
remains that Nick Williams will not ad
mit that any other butcher In tho city
keeps for salo us fine bcof as that which
ho sells at his popular meet market at the
corner of Poplar and Twentietlt streets.
Givohim a call. tf
Taber Brothers, having obtained for
their watch department somo of tho very
best workmen to bo found, nro now pre
pared to turn out work in that lino with
but little delay. Those having flno and
difficult work requiring tho most skillful
workmen may now bo assured of obtaining
satisfaction. Tbe finest patterns of jew
el ry, as usual, are made to order at prices
that defy competition. oct20tf.
Tho Chicago Beer Saloon, Wm.
Schick, proprietor, Nos. 'M and 28 Eighth
stiect, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of Weiss Beer, Liquors of every
description, and aU kinds of foreign and
homo Wines. No ordinary liquors aro
dispensed at tho bar of the saloon only
tho very best, nnd guests find in attend
ance pollto and accomodating waiters. A
frco lunch is spread overy day nt 10
o'clock a.m. aualvtf.
Peter'Saup has opened a brannew oys
ter saloon, 102 Commercial avenue, whero
ho will keep on hand constantly fresh
oystors, the largest and most dolictous in
tho city,wbich ho will sell tho by case, can
or dozen. Tho saloon has been fitted up
with tho express view of supplying
gentlemen and ladies with a placo where
they may enjoy a meal of these toothsome
bivalves quietly, without bolng disturbed
by tho bustlo and noises incldcntni to tho
commonplaco restaurant oyster room.
D. Lumpert has removed his shop
from Ohio Levee to Eigth, between Com
mercial and Levee, and ho now invites
his friends to ono of the best fitted shops
in the city. Everything is kept in tho
neatest and best manner posstblo ; snow
white towels, bright, koon razors, puro
wator, fragrant soaps, clear oils and flno
perfumery. Smooth shaves, thorough
shampoos, fashionable halr-cuttlng, hair
curling or dressing for gentlemen, ladies
or children, and polite attention is always
in readiness for those who favor him with
their patronage. octOdlm.
Tho city boot and shoo store, Is now
being stocked with its fall supply of boots
and shoes, from tho renowned manufac
turv of Hrolaaki & Co., St. Louis, Mo.,
.ml urcsents attractions in tho line of
hand work never before presented in this
Tho (roods, embracing all styles, nnu
w ...
mniln nf tha best imported stocK, oi
French nnd Curraccy kid, Tampcno peb
bio and It. grain Goat, French morroco,
Gloru kid, Calf serge nnd vclvot scrglng.
Every pair of boots and shoes bearing
the guarranty, aro wnrranted to bo in ev
ery pitrticular as represented, and if pre
ferable tho customer may lenrn nts or nor
moasuro and havo made to order, nt a
small advance over retail price.
Tho irenernl stock of boots and shoes
now being daily opened at tho city boct
and ahoo storo is tho most varied in
tho city. Tho attention of our patrons is
ospocinlly culled to this fact, ns tho
want of n good and non ripping uoot nuu
shoo has been long felt in our city; and to
tho other fact that nowhore in tho city will
tho ladles find a moro completo and fash
ionable supply of ladles' fancy goods, jow
elry, ribbons, hosiery, etc., etc.
An inspection of tho samo is respect
fully solicltod by tho publlo gonornlly,
boforo purchasing elsowhoro. For
Fisherman and Hunter's a lot of rubber
hip boots havo just been opened out at
the city boot and shoo store. 1-t
For Sale. A Grovor & Baker sowing
machino, In perfect order and but little
used. Any ono wishing to purchaso may
mako a good barguin by application at this
office. tf.
For good photographs, porcolain pic
lures, cir old pictures to bo copied, call on
Thnnins. No. 124 Commercial avotiuo. lie
s a good workman. Givo hltn a trial.
Adams' dry corned fish, a most dollcious
article, in abundance at Jorgenson's gro
cory store.
Joxoxnbon has just received a large sup
ply of Portland blue berries. Try thorn,
Reliable and Sate. Dr. Honry Root
and Plant Pills nro mild nnd pleasant In
tholr opornllon, yet throrough, producing
no nausea or griping. Being cntiroly
vegotablo, thoy can bo taken without re
gard to diet or business. Thoy arouse tho
nvor and sccrcllvo organs Into healthy
action, throwing off dlsonso without ex
hausting or debilitating tho system. Try
tlient and you will bo satisfied. Prlco 25
cents n box. Sold by druggists nnd deal
ers in mcdlclno everywhere. Prepared by
tho Grafton Medlclno company, St. Louis,
-iiissoun. myOdm
Tho family grocory storo of Blxby &
ivoouior is being patronized lnruely bv oco-
plo who liko flno grocorlcs. Tholr location
on mo north sido of Eighth street, bo-
l..H 1, 1 -
"" wimiiureiai anu Washington av
enues, is a contral ono, and their slock lias
been selected with discrimination, there
fore this now cnndlduto for publlo patron
ago moots exactly tho wants of tho pco-
pie. Messrs. Koohlor & Blxby proposo to
keep up their reputation by always selling
tho best of all sorts of groceries to their
patrons and tho public, knowing that poo-
plo gonorally nro nwaro of tho fact that
roally good nrticlos of any kind aro al
ways tho cheapest In tho end. tf
The Samtlk Room. Mr. P. Fitzger
ald's samplo room, at thu corner of Four
teenth street nnd Commcicial avenue, is
supplied with ns flno a stock of wines
Scotclt nnd Irish whiskies, cigars, etc., us
was over offered for salo in this city. Mr.
F. is doing n wholcsnlo business, and bo
lng thoroughly acquainted with tho busi
ness in which ho has embarked, feels con.
fldent of his ability to sell his goods as
cueap. ii not cnenper, innn nny oilier cs-
tauiisiirnent in .no city, no solicits n
sharo of tho public patronage. octlStf.
Auction Sale or Furniture. I will
offer for sale at public auction on Friday,
Oct. 27, at 9J o clock a. m, at the resi
dence of Mr. Rhcutan, on Wnlnut streot,
between Ninth nnd Tenth streets, a largo
assortment of housohuld nnd kitchen fur
niture, consisting of bedstends, bureaus,
chairs, sofa, looking glasses, flno steel
plate engravings, stoves, crockery, mat
trasses, pillows, etc., etc.
d-t-d D. U. Hartman, Auctioneer.
Strated $15 reward. A black,
heavy-sat more mule, about 11 hands
high, 8 years old, vellow nose, shod all
around, tall and main very bushy. When
last seen had a halter on. Stravcd from
Cairo on or about October -1th. 1871. I
will pay tbo above to any person or per
sons wno wilt return or give nny inlonna
tlon of her whereabouts.
John W. Murphy.
Octl92wd. Twelfth street, Cairo, Ills.
Army Clothinoand Blankets. The
Government has just mado another large
salcof surplus Army Clothing nnd Blank-
ets. and Ticknoi & Co. cl iit. .Louis can
now fill orders for Ovcrconts, Pants, Jnck-
ets, Shirts, Blouses, an! Blankets, either
by the case or dozen. For price list ad
dress, TtcKNon & Co., St. Loul Mo.
The iiest stock of genutnu French calf
in the city may be found at AVni. Ehlcrs'
shoo on Twentieth street, opiio-lte the
Court Houso hotel. If you wunt a good,
neat-fitting pair of boots, shoes, slippers
mado on short notice, und warranted, call
on Lhlers.
Fresh Oysters. I am now receiving
daily, tho celebrated U. S. Maltby's II. and
M. brand of fresh oysters, which tiro unri
valled, nnd for sulo by the can or case on
tho most rcasonablo terms, try them, al
ways warranted trood nnd fresh.
HI.. 1,f
Brick Store for Bent. The brick
storo, No. 78, Ohio Levee, now occupied
bv F. M. Stocklleth, Esq., is offered for
rent, and will be vacant on tho 18th inst.
Apply to J.vo. B. Piiillis,
Marriaoe Guide. Interesting work
numerous encrnvinirs. 2'Jl paces. Price
60 cents. Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary
No. 12 North Eltihth Street, St. Louis.
Mo. Sco Advcrtiscnif nt. tf
Twenty-five cents. This nmount
will buy a bottle of Mrs. Whitcomb's
Syrup, tho great soothing remedy for all
diseases incident to infants nnd children.
Oct. 18, 1871. diwlw
Just Received. W. W. Thornton
Tenth streot between Commercial nvonue
nnd Poplar street, has just roceived and in
toro 1,000 doors and 1,000 windows nnd
For Sale. A cottneo on 12th street
contninlnir 7 rooms, cistern nnd out
houses complete. Apply to
W. W. Thornton.
Wanted At tho Dolmonico Hotcr one
hundred weekly boardors. livo meals
each day, price $0 per week.
au(;20tf Wm. W inter,
For Rent. Five rooms over tho city
council chnmber. Enquire of Jacob O
Lynch. scptllti
Ovhters. Louis Herbert has nlwas on
hand a fresh supply of Saddle Rock oys
ors. U
Go to Dr. McGuuley for Battlnger's Fo
yer Drops. Warranted to euro tho chills
Try tito American club fish, put up in
oil, to bo found nt Jorgonsen's.
Thk finest vanilla chocolate pasto in
glass, at Jorgenson's. tf.
The best East India dry preserved giu-
eor ut Jorgenson's. tf,
Little Muck Clnms (quahaugs) nt
Jorcenson's. tf
Is hnrnbr slvcn that default having been made
for more than sixty dava in the payment of a
portion of the amount aeoured to be paid by a
certain mortgage executed ny J-.rnsi weuer m
Samuel HtaatsTayioranU Edwin Parsons, trustees
of tho Cairo City property, dated March ltd".
1KC0, recorded In the Recorder's oftic-e. In arid lor
Alexander county. In tho Ktato rr I linpla. In
bookl', of deeds, pago 183, Ac , We til o iinder .
signed, aa d trustees, will on Haturday, the 4tn
muo i. -M. . n i7i n inn'cloclc In
tho lorenoonoflhat day, under nnd by virtue f
tho power f sale contalnod In said mortgage, se i;
X. n'niilln miction, to tha lilehust bidder, for cash,
at the olllce building of said trustees, corner i
Vi...i.i.i,, n.i mill street, in the1
city of Cairo, In Alexander county and btate
111111018,101 numuereu su iiuru.i .""- !!''"';
Ured I (one,) In the Tnlrd Additloo to the city of
uiiro. accord ins to ino (uiuiu. y" .niv..,
with tho appurtenances, to atlsfy the purposes
andconultlonaot aald mongave.
Dated Cairo, 1.1... Octoberlsn
.. 'Trustees of the Calio City Pioperty.
tcswiuia. .
Steamer St. Luke, Momphis.
uinpiro, i.viinsvillu. I
Glasgow, Vicksburg.
Ad'i iluiluiiin, .Memphis.
aoitiuwcsiurii, rioworlcai
Siilllo, St. Louis.
Alice, Memphis,
t. mixer, napo ucrarucii
Ocoiinus, St. Louis.
Indiana, Noworlcuns.
Illinois, Columbus.
Mountaineer, St. Louis,
las. Fisk Jr., Paducah.
lleyurger, Noworlcans.
Stonncr St, Luke, St. Louis.
Umpire, fcvansviiie.
tn. ........ c, r .,..i.
" Occanus, Noworlcans.
" Boo and bargos, St. Louis.
Mohawk, Noworlcans.
niinois, Uolumous.
" Mountaineer, Memphis.
Jas. Fi,k, Jr., Paducah.
Heyarger, St. Louis.
No chango lias occurred in the 0
this point during tho past 24 houri,
being stationary. Dispatches fro
Paul to Shrcveport say that all the
aro now rising, and a speedy, resun
of navigation is looked for in tho
thnt lint,.. l...nn I ,
"- vii uumi ns urieu u
bliroveport tho river has risen fin
und is still coming up. Tho lale rise
II lin l,n. I.......1 . I I .
...... .... ,.. v , I.. .,u VIIBIlfiU, lu a
uxlont that the Tudncah packet Ii
arrivu in good icatuti,
A rlo is reported ut Evaruvllle
DfliPfl (lb linvn r"irn n f pMn n..AM -f .
Thn Ilr.nn1u..l 1.. i
Willi lnfis..l.,knl. .1. .!... .t l
1)11 ft I list I a wnm a 1 t..1 1 ,1 A II at.-. .
"-aWMV UUHIIL 1,11 U VliLirn U
ivtaj r.riciniiu. iiii win I
nrrlving nnd departing had good
Thcro woro 12 steamers lying atour
niAnl 1 . 1 1 . 1 . . b n . - . 1 1 i
lovec a look of animation. The. w
wilt rb-nr tvltl, n lL.tit . l.t
from tho north.
Tho St. Luke, from Memphis
charged C7 bales rotloa for tho cast.
Thnt 'r I r,C. .!,,! VV...-I... !-.-
V.. 111.. ...1,1. . r..t. .-!..
..n-l. .... ...... 1 ...I.,. 1 f r
11.,. ... r. .... ti..i..i
- l.w k.llirwn, ..VII, f tU.aUUIlT. L 1
nn.- .1- 1 1 t 1.- e r
brought up 155 Ink cotton. Sho !i
lug for Memphis nnd will leavo t
Cnpt. Hull says ho I doing a good
.1 1. II .-.!.! I ...fat. .1.-
..... -a- 1
Tho Southwestern came up light
New Orleans to load here for a rctur
.ji. i , 1, . .
?nu i-umiiii'iii:i:u loauing on oor a
nnd will iret nil thn freight tho wnn
leave plenty behind. Wo hope ih
Im) limn rnrtunatn Umn ahn tvn. in.
and not catch fire again.
The Sallio when coming down the
.Iuli'a 111-. 14 T.tn .Iv-tiftl nn fAntrlm
t innin t-inil whii-li tnrn hf-r.Lftf Irw..
n.ilr li.tr tf.t'n -,(II .irf rr. liln u'ntnr.
was run over on tho bur in shallow
nt flr.t thought and she was brought
port. She will repair hern without
in I, in ii.tt, nil u'nv. ii. u ii ni iir
tended to do.
I Im 1 inti L- A-irn.l Tnr Afill' II
... i i r
... ... 1 .1 .. .l.t
Columbus in tow.
The Alice ftom .Memphis had a fai
stream trip, which consisted of 700
in niiinn iiiiii rar bii mi rifi iui .n. xti
and 200 bbl. lime for various points.
Tho Occanus put in nor noso for
Orleans, partly loadod with Red
Itml Hvfir Slii. rictivd lnri.nl v lmre
i no inu ana camo un wim u luu
. i ... in i i . . i
n.p in. in . nu .im win iwi-iii in in.
New Orleans this morning, and will
r- -o
Tl, Tlllnnta t.-nilnVil III. Cllim Illl-V
Tho Mountaineer came down well
od for Memphis; she dicharge 310
iiwu. 'J " " " I o '
kansns rivor.
Tbo James Fisk Jr., came in on
ii-iii ii m.mtim imwi nn rniiiriin.1 I
,. . . . t .
Tho Heo returned to St. Louis
froiglit and barges brought up by tho
had n moderate trip for St. Louis.
rj ,
was brought in tho United States
j -o
iu i in snfTimin, iinpi; i,n.. lur u. uu
J.&.2Ua 3'J witn interest nmounting in n
nbout Si.WU. xuo nmount is ciaiuiou
. n.t . f. , .1
Tho Great Ronubllc. Bismarck and
tineutnl will probably como out on
llrst rise.
Tontli street, where the highest cash prico
bo paid for Hides, Sheep l'elts, Furs and
low, vvowiii pay ingucr prices im-.ii ws ?m
foro paid for the same articles in this city.
Como and see us,
SJl. iJ Aixis-i.. VV ll.LU JlillJl.J.1
DroHM Bnildlnir, corner Eleventh
as Maps for Counties, Districts or Corporatio
nr (Tivii KnuiimAp nn inn Aroniipmiiri..
nouses a-d nth. r I'll dim uu a nil, liusinrss
niiuri-. nuuve. I'-mi?

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