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0 ami .flrr fundv. V lM. f""-
,lir!l.e-tW,0,r"' """"
iirr of pnfr trail" at Cairo t
w-Mail dully Hi" p.m.
Kapreu, dally 2.-4S p.m.
,Uall,dally 3:aoa.m.
Etpresa, dally, except Sunday 3:30 p.m.
Ntiehnngeofcari from Cairo to bt. Louff. No I
eh .nee of cars from Cairo to Cblcacn. mt""'
rlng Itoo'n sleeping cara on Bight trains,
liitUf cheeked tn all IroporUnt point.
mi i. ,..i n. I HniH Comnrnr noa
oiler for eale the lollowInK described lots In.firs
Addition to the en j or uoru, i
tl block W. W " M,
M, " 31 Hi,'
rnn.ele. apply to
JAM KB JOliNiOr, '
ion nn.vr.
The Commercial Hotel rill bo rentoil on favor
aMotellim. 1-oaaeasion Kite immeinaipiy. up
ply to (ocusiij u. Miisaiuii.
iiualed on Eiihth between Walnut and Wash
ington foppos.te.the Presbyterian Church) Is for
Kor terms, etc.. anulT to
Ohio l.eret, Olro, Mm.
Alteltv laieamnat lie nal J before November 1st
.in which riite the lint of itelinntient taxes will be
nil rs TllCi- PA f'.TT'P. Jmbll'hed and cost charged. Cllitena will take
llLUt Ol-Jjni" notice and goTern thcmseleeeccordlnttly,
Will. Hill
City Treasurer and Co'lector,
Lkavk Caiiio,
i nor vr iioiitii ttitir.
At 7 A.M.
At 10 A.M.
At 1 P.M.
At 5 l'.M.
Leave Md. City,
At 8.30 A.M. i
At 11.80 A.M.
At 2.30 r.M.
At C.30 r.M.
tsoutii or cache, marine ways,
macs' it oat ,
or Clnetnnnll.
Atiets tM,'0 W
Solicits all Undid risks.
r. BROS.),
Agent, Cairo, Illlnola
Memphis. Vicksburg and New Orleans.
The fine learner
THE bulletin;.
Published every naornlna;, H ondajr
J.S. Neal Master. P.. K. 'eal,....Clfrk
Leaves Ciiro8turday, 2lli Inst., at 6 o'clock p.
rorjreigiu or passage appiv.in ooaru or to
Passerger Agent.
Weekly racket for Paducah, EfansTllU and Lou
lurille, the faTonte ateamer,
T. a. HYJf A, Master.
Leaves Cairo every SATUDIIAY at S o'clock p.m.
For freight or panage apply on board ur to
The aplendid Meamer
Joe Fowler, Muter.
m Clri nvtfiY, (Sindiya excepted) at 4
m. Fir IreUhtor pi apolj on boarder
. JAB. II 111(1 W, Aft.
The fiI. running, light diaiifht steamer
r.US FOWLEtt ,
(in plaeenf sleumcr bllf wili), ut 5 p.m.
JAS. UlfltlS. Alt'l.
(In place r the Arlc.Ilell),
I.EE IIOWKI.I,, Mawfrr.
Will leaie Cairo for Evannville eT:y WHDNES.
IH and BATUUPAY at o'clock, p.m. Kor
reixM or page apply on board or to
JAN. BIGON, Aar'l.
FOU SALE, ) Kor Sale , FOK SALE,
I For Kale J '
iare from lavEnpooL,
Fare from Lovdcndkxhy
Vro from Glasgow,
Fare from Queenstown
CAIHO, ::::::
Hatlor.l, Slorrn A Ca
$4 8' 2 0
Livtrpool New.Yoik ahd Philadelphia
Steamship Company,
rosra.rt ki, ih,TEb untrO" aami
For Carrying te jllf.
roi passag"k tickets
14 Droadway, NVw-York, or to
II. II iiit,
aninitton ATeniie, Cairn,
noli. 51
In the beginning, we beg pardon of our
male and female readen. "SVc know tho
tubject w liavo concluded to say a word
or two about it a touchy no.
The fact it, fair reader, who aro cow
handling this sheet with your dainty
hands and taking in those word with
bright oyes, we don't mean you in what
wc say about fomale dress in this city
it is your next door neighbor, or perhaps
sho lives a street or two away from you.
l'ou always dress with most exquisito taste
and look charming in the very latest fash
ion. Neither do we menn you, dear sir,
who aro now plunging into this article
headlong. We mean tho gentleman who
does business square or two away from
you, and whom you know, you have often
remurked, u a little slouchy and careless in
the matter of dress.
"We have bcon away from home several
times in our life, once or twice at far as tho
great metropolis wo read some, and from
reading and observation we have reluct.
antly como to the conclusion that Cairo
isn't a fashionablo city by a long shot.
hcn you go to church (not to your
church, reader, but to one of the other
ones) on tho holy Subbath and with
thoughts firmly fixed on heavenly things,
glonco over tho congregation, what do you
seoT "NVu seo lmts of r many different
shapes as Joseph'" cont was of colors high
crowns, lovr crowns, pointed crowns, fiat
crowns, broad rims, nnrrow rims, nndsomn
with no .rims nt all. Wc fee wraps of
every fashion sinco tho flood the Inst
flood in Cairo, wc mean. Sacks, long nnd
short, circulars big and little, jackets tight
and jackets loose, made of every sort of
material and in all tho color of tho rain
bow. The fashionable short dress of oth
er cities f worn in Cairo, we aro glad to.
say, by everybody. As for allocs, the last
article of femalo dress we intend to notice
to-day, candor compel us to say, more in
sorrow than in anger, that some of our
ladies do wear the most outrageously ugly
boots ever turned off the last by the disci
ples of St. Crispin. So mo of our ladies
have largo feet tho fact can't be denied,
and these aro the onos who will decorate
their boots with enormous bows and im
monso buckles, Unix making a show of
what they should endeavor to hide. 'Why
not go to Elliott A Haylhorne's and buy a
pair of those exquisito velvet-topped hrots,
which, if thoy lit, will make any female
foot presentablo? or to our friend Dlack,
of the city shoe ."tore, who has a Uno col
lection of ladies' shoes of the very latest
As to the men of Cairo, they are worse
than tho softer sex. Wo havo had our
60ul vexed within u by seeing the way
iiunt men apparel themselves. In a group
of half a dozen men you will boo half-a-dozen
styles of coats, pants and hats.
One, porhap', whose short-Uilcd coat in
very nearly in tho fashion, will have on a
..! ...I . .1 .
jmir ui iituiu!UOi!S which, n uiey woro
0. W. DUNNlVf; n"
noun iromfl am. vllr'
" Q1 V ll. in
11 t-.T,e,i w-Ti" ? Thirteenth Mreet. b. eathcred 111 at tho bottom, mlebt tin tnU.
. mm nairw. i -.-.-. fii,iai uiuuiuura.
A ...1 . ,,
Auuiucr, Hiiuau uumcniionaoics aro so
lasuionaoiy tigut that walking appears to
bo an uncomfortable exercise, will wear
a coat whose long waist and longer tall
aro unmlstakablo evidence! that the gar
ment sprang into exiitonco about the
& WHEELER beginning of" the rabollUn. A third,
with both long-tailed cunt anJ wide panta-
K"llllamJ.AIIen, '
"rally timmj; P'd to rlter and id.
... """lllanlf. nt.l.TTTr,
"xr.hft & GILRERT
Ilamll. ei, ) 1 "I
loons might have served the puspose of
"dummy " in a fashionable tailors shop
of twenty years ago. As for hats, yo cods
and little flihes I there are not two hats
in Cairo alike. You. mv dour air. am tl.
nly man In this city whoso hat U in the
WiiiiHm it mitt
But what wo intended to sav in the be.
ginning, was this: Why can't vou. fair
ana gentle reauor, induce your friends to
uross iiko you do to wear a dress with
rumcs and things on tho skirt, a nofc-on-
ivj M.n;i ana to cot th ,i,,,u .t..
nSIS'L:"" 10 M-Uai,, aALy.UruUn'h ' the Ute.t fashion?
I V I1L1 WI l i-n'4 . .. f
i ' , " Juui"i b'"t your neigh
hors and frmn.l. .. r.ii ..
i.. V w ,u""w your wcl
-.own Kood tft,l8 n Uic of .u
, juvini? donn nup .Int..
10(.k fnr 7.-- -"VI
thortW "'""')n in this repo;t
iiuuill, UAXK,
City Atlornoy Fopo raked into his
capaclons packot book $30 fees yostorday,
and it was not a good day for fees' cither.
Our municipal macbino is running
smoothly. Tho lubricating oil of tho
"citizens' ticket." artnlicd lastSnrine. had
fa Ol
I a flno effect upon it, which statement, wo
hope, will not harrow up tho aoul of anv
of our lrlcndt our good friends who
waste all their substance In contributing
to our support.
Come, como, boys of tho sidewalks
nurry up. itusu things. You have no
time to Ioac. Tho street commltteo
manifesting signs of weakening in its effort
to make tho walks "as good as now, " and
will, In nil probability, begin to curtail
expenses by dispensing with a numbor of
employes. Wo make this statement in
tho expectation of infusing vigor into tho
men who aro likely to bo discharged.
But we may bo disappointed. Wo have
been before
We must havo a supply of water for
cur engines, and immediately. Tho coun
cil is sponding thousands of dollar each
month to provido against tho danger of
broken heads and legs, and why docs it
persistently neglect refuse, let u say-
to provido against tho dangers of the de
struction of the property of tho ci tir.cn s?
Take from the paoplo of Cairo their prop
erty and their necks and legs will' bo of
very littlo value to them. The Paper, The
Bulletin, and soven of every ten citlrcni,
aro crying loudly for cisterns a supply
of water for the engines, pending the com
ing a conflagration. The Sun has not
opened lis non-committal mouth on this
question. Is it afraid to speak ? Whose
dime's worth of patronage would boldness
on thii question drivo away?
Th ore seoms to be some uneasiness
concerning scrip and a fear prevailing
that it may depreciate to the old prioc.
There is not, wo bcllove, r.ny danger of
such a result. It is true the cost of re
pairing tho sidewalks, reparation which
has been almost a rebuilding, is a great
burden and keeps tho volume of scrip
great, but this expenditure will not bo
continuous ; and, in our opinion, the coun
cil should, as soon as the walk are pro
nounced passably good, knock off all u-
psrfluous hands, keeping employed a force
no larger than is sufficient to replace
broken planks, etc. If this is done this
drain upon the treasury cut off tho vol
umo of scrip will very speedily be absorbed.
In the meantime, all our merchants should
receive city scrip at par, giving goods for
it. They can well afford to do to. It
draws ten per cent, interost, and every
citizen who can lay asido in scrip the
amonnt of hi taxes will be drawing this
rato of interest on it.
Reading the revised ordinances twice
occupied the timo of tho city council in
joint session about four months, and ne
cessitated, according to our recollection,
about ten thousand meetings more or
less. On Friday afternoon tho select
council mot nt 2 o'clock, adjourned for
supper, met again at soven and before ad
journment had completed the first read
ing of tho same ordinances. Yesterday
aftornoon and evening tho council com
pleted tho second reading. This if tho
way to do business, and tho example of the
select gentlemen is commended by us to
the members of the board of aldermon. A
littlo dash, patienco nnd endurance, good
nldermanic boys, nnd your work Is dono.
But wo can scarcely oxpect all these vir
tues to bo developed in our aldermen.
Thoy aro such slow-going legislators that
tho suggestion of haste makes them turn
pale as grim death ; and so, in all proba
bility, a few of the more enterprising
members of the board four of thotwolvo
are enterprising will meet, curse .the
other members who wont attend when
they should, and adjourn. In this way
one, two, three, four or five months will
be wasted boforo tho ordinances which
were read in two days by the select coun
cil will be read by the board. Wo are
willing to bet a straw hat with each alder
man that it will take his board at least a
month from tho call of tho first meeting
to rend tho ordinances twice, and wo be
lieve tho reading will not be finished un
til next spring.
Judge Green returned home from
Metropolis yesterday.
Judge Bross proposes a visit to the
stato capital during the present week.
Capt. llalllday has accepted tho posi
tion of director of tho Cairo and St. Louis
Tho steamer St. Joseph carried away
from Cairo yesterday that eitlmablo gen
tleman, Grasshopper Samuel, Esq.
Thomas WiUon, Esq., who has been
at Springfield attonding the xosslon of the
state board of equalization, is at home. '
Alexin, the Russian, will probably
visit Cairo during his stay in this country.
In anticipation of this event, rooms in the
Dclmonlco aro being elaborately fitted!
up. Uartman is also getting the Athe
naeum into tine order; and arrangements
are Icing made to delight tho prince
aint ho a prince? with one ot tho unique
performances of the Cairo Amateur
Dramatic Association. To make J'la hap
piness entirely complete he will paobably
bo invited to listen to one of Mr. Friend's
sermons and make a flying vinit to Mound
The following were tho arrivals ut the
Dolmonlco Hotel Win. Wintor proprle
lor, since last reported : Oeorgo Schot,
Chicago, HI; Wm Craig, New Orleans,
i,a., 14. uurpen, jacriciian, JUIss. ; J, g,
Youngs, Missouri; D. It. Youngs, Mo.;
J. II. Ilahn, Cincinnati, Ohio: J. Benr
Ky.; Jamos It. Olhousen. Madrid Bond
Tenn.j Mrs. Raum and child, Vicksburg,
miss.; a. b, Poor, Dongoln, 111
n. Jtt. Kennclt, Memphis. Tcnn.
Danlol Boulder, Trenton, Tcnn
J. O. Warden, St. Louis; Christ Mattrcr,
ftvansvme, 11, jj. 1'ratt, St. Louis ; Frank
aro. Uhlcago ; N. Ilunsackor, Dogtooth
J. O.LIplant, J.Grlffin,OhtcogojJ.H. Mar
tin nnd family, Memphis ; 1). T. Llncga
city J J. M. Tattcrson, Charleston, Mo.i
Mrs. G. A. Do Baun, Ullln; Harry Clif.
ford, Chicago; Jas. It. Purcell, Marion
Furcell and trank C. Carroll, Cincinnati
Robert Smith Wheeling, Va ; C. E. Haw.
kins, Cincinnats, Ohio; Charles. Miller,
Evamville, Ind j W. E. Smith, Tamaroa,
IllD. D. Lockhorl,. .Kentdftky.; lt,.W,
Lockhort, Kentuckey ; S. B. Lcrdy, Chlca
111.; J. F. Vogol, St. Louis, Mo,
The express train on the Cairo .Short
Line is to be resumed:
The engineers of the Cairo and St.'
Louis and road have surveyed three routes
tnrough Jonesboro a'nd'aro now suiveylng
the Cavo creek route north to Mtirphys-
Tho Joncsboro Oazrilt of yesterday
Mr. Canda. of the firm of 11. 11. Pay-
son & Co., who have tho contract for build
ing the Cairo and St. Louis road, arrived
at St. Louis on Tuesday last, and will push
the enterprise successfully to completion.
Ills dwelling bouto ana also Mr. 1'avson
woro burned at tho Chicaco Are. and he
has been in that citv for tho past two week
looking after hi affairs. His largo rail
road bridge escaped tho tire. Jklr, Canda,
accompanied by Mr. Ferguson, chief en
gineer of tho roao, was in Cairo this week,
for the purpose of letting the contrcct! for
grading irom maiciiy 10 unuy, a instance
of fifteen miles. . .
A correspondent of the Bellvllie
AdvotaU, writing from Columbia, in re
gard to tho progress of the work of grading
nnd constructing the Cairo and St. Louis
road says :
A larro force of men and teams aro
now at work cutting and 'grading on the
farm ef David Morgan, Esq., and at other
places, with order to complete tho road
oca rrom .Mississippi river to Columbia
in thirty 'day tbi beinr ono of the
stipulation ot the contract.
Tho road from Columbia to Kast St.
Louis will, it is thought, bo completed dur
ing tho comlnr winter, and our citizen
look forward with pleasure to communica
tion with St. Louis by means of the "iron
horse." Other portion of the route will
be spoodlly completed, r the director are
pushing matters so a to put on their roll-
nsr stock at an early day. rom present
appearances the people of the lower coun
ties will not have to wait two years, the
time allowed for its' completion by tho
terms 01 tne contract, Deioro tney can visit
their city cousin by railroad ; those who
know say that one year, or at least eigh
teen months, is all that i required to have
everything in completo running order.
The town council of Carmi lately
passed two ordinances. One rccinds all
contracts made with tho Cairo ft Yin
cennes R. R, Co. Tho other authorizes
the town clerk to subscribe to the capital
stock of tho C. & V. R. R. Co. fifteen thou
sand dollars in accordance with tho vote
of tho people at the election January ICth
1808. ' The contract entered into Ixtwccn
the town of Carmi and Winslow cV Wil
son is nbout the fame as that of the county-
Sent pi the late.I .t,t.J"J iftn lfr t
that thev noaseai ImViiiJlH' lJ.,.,e.'.'lir.'ntl'
'5 ;i'fU'V ''' ihe.ATaf.Mk1
entruated to them, from n,-
label to the mammoth pb.ter and ai Vr.nZi
ahlchlcare with our bunVea. rnen 110 i.t'SI?
u for aendlDK their woik to bt. Loula 1
Ohleagor iNO. H. O UKKlA
Til uruT u .
,1. ,U-Kr RBautne French calf
In the city may u fouml c" "
hop on Twentieth lUl ,? .,
Coilrt House hotel. If u SVod"
neat-ittlng pair of boots, ,hocs, sllppori
nude 1 on ihort notice, and scarranfeif, call
on Ehlers. 1
Peoria, 111.; J. C- Crow Chicago, III.;
Henry Parteu St. Louis Mo.; J. Spano,
bt. Louis, Mo.; U. F. Sehemrhrn, JJol
phi, Ind.; M. A Rollutt, Mound City,
III. j Ellzabolh Condor, Rockford, 111.;
. Mertz, Mound City, Ill
James Clark, str. IlllnoU; Trabo Artcr'
city; ltobort Shearer, str. J. J. Abort!
T. P. Roberts. Loulsvillo. Kv. 11 11
Lamb and family, Indianapolis; 8, W.
WUlte, How York ; a. 11, Scott, Indian
apolis, Ind.; Charles Williams, Columbus,
Mcllale has divided his jail laborer
into two sidewalk- gangs.
Thero was a horse raco yesterday ovor
the Cairo track. James Kynastou' horse
Those .French Cherries, in syrup, so
popular with connoiseura are sold by Jor
gen sen. . tx , tf
Charley Hardy had advertised yester
day as the opening day of his fall dancing
school, but was compelled to postpone tho
opening until next Saturday.
Go to Jorgonson's for imported Dun
dee orange marmalado, the celebrated
London crystal vinegar, in quarts, and
hoice Genoese figs. tf
The walls of tho vaults of the new
court 'house, now being erected at Capo
Girardeau, fell ono day last 'week, crip
pling two men, both of whom' are now ly
ing in a dangerous condition. '
The German Dramatic Association
will present to-night, at Philharmonic
Hall, tho roaring farce, by C. A. Goerncr,
entitled : "English," on which occasion
Miss S. will make her first appearance.
Whatever may be said about fine
beef, and howover thick praise of the beef
of other batchers may be spread, tho fact
romalns that Nick William will not ad
mit that any other butchor in the city
keeps for sale as fine beef as that which
he soil at bis popular moot market at the
corner of Poplar and Twentieth slreot.
Give him a call. tf
Inflammatory rheumatism has hold of
a number of our citizens and is making
them howl, They don't seem to onjoy jt,
and curse it as another of those d d Pa
ducah disease's (hat como down to Cairo on
the Fisk. The Intervention of the federal
government i to be Invoked In tho hope
that Grant's soldiers may be able to drive
mo disease away under a suspension of
the habeas, corpus. . , 4
Taber Brothers, .having obUined for
their wntcrt department some of tho verv
best workmen to be found, aro now pre
pared to turnout work In thai' line with
l'UtlUthj .delay. Those having fine and
difficult work requiring tho most skillful
workmen may nowbo asured of obtaining
aiwaciion, Ane .Biiost patterns of low
olry, an usual, are made to order' .t prices,
mai ueiy, conipciuion, oct20tf.
Ourunguardod remark concerning the
intention of the lady manager of the or
phan asylum to resurrect that concern,
m. . '
gave uneiisi-, wo regret to say, to at'least
number of them. This is i fact wo rocrot.
Wo did tot Intend to bo offensive, but, on
4lm itintrnrv flitt..!..
...v ...........j, .Muiigm our comment on
the probable action of tho managers very
wapiimoiuary. xwas always thus from
1 i,i j,. 1 . . .
cuiiouoou uour; u was, wo vow, as sure
as thunder; whene'er we tried to be polite,
wo tuade-a fcost cggTogiou blunder. Wo
beg pardon. We'll never, do so any more
Jorqenson has Just roeeivoda largo sup.
ply of Portland blue berries. Try them, tf
County affairs aro in very good shape.
The treasury has monoy in it.and nil tho
county debts havo boon paid.
No Information In regard to tho cs
caiwd county jail birds Iibs yot been re
ceived by Sheriff Iryin, who Is as buy as
a bee lit his efforts 'to recapture them.
circuit uicrlt Hnrman is making out
the record In tho Cob, Blalsdell & Co.
vs. 'Alio llltnois'Contral Railroad compa
ay sun lor tne supremo court. 116 in out
or inimor about It,, loo of course!
Judge Hrus, of tho county court, Is
economical and compel ovcrybodv. who
gels' qtya put of tho trea'stirV to s'quoezo
It out. Associates McCrJlo arfd Marchll.
don are ditto lo Bros ; but Mnrchlldon Is
a great dea' more so,
Tho bridgos now iu .oourse.of eon.
tructlon .throughout the county are cct-
f.'" H"eiy: wncn the Pulaski
county contractor finishes Jii, Bridge there
is to be a big blow out. '.Jiirfgo' JJr.oss Is
preparing for this occasion-by .flvlng an
abstemious life. .'
Thero was a rumor in tho c'.tv. il doll hp
about in tho air hero, there, itvorvwhero-d
'.v. . !. '
uunng me cany part or last -week, to tho
cirect that ono of tho county "people, Tn
some way connected with tho county poor
farm, had, in a drunken spree, kicked un a
de-'II of a row and smashed thing in the
puor-iiouse. Judge Bros would do well
to investigate the affair of tho poor farm
and ascertain whether all the people con
nected with it.hro what thoy should be
sober, kind nnd discreet.
Tho' county jail, which tho sumo is a
confounded' nuisance If our crand juror
aro nut confounded liars, is very unpopu-
ar wiin mo county othcors, and thoy want
a new'ono. 80 do we: but wo fear the In-
fluenco boing now thrown against tho pro
position to authorize lao.OOO.bonds for the'
purpose of building a now jail, mny dofeat
LInogar, Munn and Pope, Councilman
Hurd and Wood, nnd other republicans
havo declared against it. Wo havo also
met a nurabey of demoerdts -who do not
believe the county should take Upon Itself
tho now burden proposed. The objections
to tho proposed new jail, outaido of tho ad
ditional tax objections, are not very forci
ble, are, in fact, woak, but may be, in tho
protent condition of tho public mind, thoy
will be fprciblo.cnpugh to defeat the jail
bond authorizing proposition.
Speeia' meeting of the Select Council c alled by'
me aiyor wr ine reading 01 ordinance.
CocwMCiiiMaia, Catao, Ills.)
October, Xl, 1871, 2 r. m.
Present, Hi Honor , Mayor Lansdon,
Councilmon Schuh, Hurd and Taylor 4.
Councilman Woodward appeared in his
seat during the mcoting.
Tho clerk proceeded with tho first read
ing, in the select council, of the newly re
vised ordinances, beginning with ordi
nance No. 1, and having read as far as or
dinance No. 0, inclusive, the council, on
motion of councilman' Taylor, adjourned
to meet this evening at 7 o'clock.
M. J. Howley, City Clerk.
(Adjourned special meeting of the Htlect Council.)
Coi-xcil Cxmata, Cnao, Uia 1
October 27, WI, 7 p.m.
The Council met pursuant to adjourn
Present Hl.JUonor, the Mayor, and
Councilmen Ualliday, Hurd and Taylor 4
Tho Clerk proceeded with tho reading.
of the newly revised ordinances, beginning
with ordinance No. C, and read as far a
ordinance NolS inclusive, which comple
ted the first reading or tho newly rovlscd
ordinances in the select council. I
The following additional section was or
dered to to be incorporated ia. ordinance
No. 14 of said ordinances, viz :
Sxctiov 20. That in tho construction
hereafter of sidewalks on the west sido of
Levee street, tho sidewalk shall be so
placed that the outor odgo of it shall bo 14
feet'from tho front lineof the lot abutting
upon that Bide of said street; that six feet
in front of the line of each lot may be oc
cupied for areas and entrances to base
ments, which nreas and entrances shall be
protected by substantial iron grating or
railing; mat tne space ueiwecn tno outer
edge of the ldewlk, as fixed by this sec
tion, 'and the present cmbank'tnont on
lievc street snau 00 mica up witn eartn
so as to bo level witn tne said embank
ment and afford a roadway outside of said
sidewalk for tho passago of drays and
waeons: that brick walls nino inches in
thickness and of tho same height as said
embankment shall bo constructed at right
angles to the front lino of each lot abutting
on said Levco street in front of each lot,
the outer edge' of each, of, said walla to bo
parallel with each of tho lines dividing
said lot from tho adjoining lots or streets
running at right angles to said Lovoo
street and to extend lo feet into said Levee
street ; mat rrom tno outer cnu 01 cacn or
said walls, commencing at the ond often
feet from tho front line of said lot a
brick wall .of similar hight shall bo con
structed of circular form, 20 Inches at baso,
tapering on inside to 13 inches at top, to
bo arche'i outwardly, tho outside of tho
apex of the arch to be 14 foe t from the
front line 01 tne lots anu tnroo buttresses
to ba.bulHagalnstthe Insido of said arched
wall, said buttresses to be 1R inches on tho
surface and to project 0 Inches from said
wall; that similar brick wall ahall be
constructed, of sanio hight to extend 8
foot into each cross street at its intersection
with Levoo streot, one .ofsaid walls to be
so extended 'on V line parallel withrtho
fiontlino of said lots abutting on Levee
streot and the other on a lino 10 feet from
said last mentioned lino and parallel to it.
a wall to arch outwardly with similar but-
trteaet and orsimlir nigut ana sizo to be
con'strucUdfrom'onoof theso walls to the
other, the outside of tho apex of said, arch
to bo 10 feet from tho line of said cros
itreet at its intersection with said Loveo
street; that across said walls parallel to
tho front lino of laid lots white oak joists.
3 inbUbs byO inches ia' size, shall bo placed
and let into each wall 12 inches apart, and
under tho middle of said joists, at right
angle to them, shall bo placed a white oak
girder, 10 by 12 inches in size, to bo sup-
porieu uy 111 roe wuiio oaK posts, equally
paced, 8 by 8 inches square, resting on
,CU VVUHI, UIV juyitot, Ut TCUllO
oak sills, said Joists. to bo covered by whito
6k plank, 2 inches thick and not over 8
inches in width, and well spiked on to said
joists with twenty-penny nails.
On motion of Councilman Hurd, the
council then adjournod to meet to-morrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
M. J. HowLKY, City Clork
Adams' dry corned dsb) a most delicious
article, in abundance at Jorgemon's gro
try itore.
When Mertz wns in tho city t'ie last
tlmohonttomptcd to put ot. soi inl airs,
but failed, lfhalmil rmitinti .1 tlm nt-
twipl an hour longer he would have been
m-uu uruillt. '
Miller, Miller. lt,,l.,,M him... .1
liko the race? Don'tV u see, now, Mlllor,
wUU.,, imu you cannot win? thnt U,,r.
un, Jiartin, Hilly Alattln runs with
swifter pnec? 1
Davis, of till! Sum. Is tml iiinU.. .'1.
headway in his cnnvas for tho city, irfar-
Biinisnip, out expects to have it worked
sKiiiiuiiy. btJoro the cloollwi In n.xt
February. Ho would, wo.bayo nodmihl,
make a very efficient marshal,-
Tliti discussion- of thu urDsldetfil.il
tcit that is lo bo next vcar U iiow In nrrlfir
and. everybody is beginning-to. mix In It.,
aiio ratis nroan torurnni, oftourstr, Thty
dare, not lie for anybody else! ' r Tho demo-
It,., . I .....' ...1 . .
viinipiutuu umo "inixeu. ' lie, Chicago
fir'oiiad n depressing effect on thoiii. 'Wc
th,lnk' it wn's tho' Chicago' fire At. all
ovi'iits.tliey are depressed lust a little
but thoy aro wonderful fellows to cpnib ujf
to the .scratch on time, itml wlU bcthoni
hl ...... . r.tl . r ... ....
juhi.u- mil 111 miunu niiu'iury vim
and vinegar pluck and 'vigor, ns they
over were. Here in Cairo tho iirolmhlo
cniididalu Is often guessed at, and hero is
ono guoi from 11 proiiilnont democrut of
1110 city who sign hiiiiscll "A Working
Man." He-writes t
Mil. KlllT(IR!Tli..rn ,v!ll I,,. ........ .
lltlcnl fight next year. There will .bo up
now tiartV. -It will li(uli.ln,rr,inv
Ing radicalism. If tho millions who repre
sent labor can sec- their true interest, they
will uo the democratic organization, and
under its banners, emblazoned with tho
legend "Progress and no look Imckwatils,"
thoy will succeed. Their succeis will mean
tho triumph of tho pcoplo-.ovir tho cor
morants who lira rurihliii' tlm I'livuriimr.in
for their own intcn-Ht MMil iii,'(;r.inili.eiiient
The best man 1 can think of to hind in
tho conflict of next voir un tlm itil
true democracy is Governor Oral. Brown.
of .Missouri, lie has the confidence of tho
Workinif rliitux. Kit u-lml.. iw.llll...! lif..
shows him to In- singularly pure and up-
rigm. - j V OIIKINII MAS.
Thomas Quinn, drunk. Fine
Frank Shcclun, drunk. l-'inc,Jt.
C. Gray, black; assaulting and strik
ing. Fine, $' and costs. In jail 11 days.
.While Mr. Chas. Hardy, in preparation
for the reception of his dancing ola yes
terday afternoon, was having his hair cut in
the mnnner of the very latest fashion, by a
barber who knows all about such things, n
thief unlocked the door of his sleeping
room" in Winter's block and rilled his
irunk of a cold watch and chain, breast
pin, sleeve buttons, shirt studs, and half n
dozen napkin rings, which he had pur
chased In anticipation of mnrringo and
housekeeping, all of tho value of about a
hundred dollars. As soon as ho discover
ed Wis loss, he gave the alarm to the po
lice, and Chief .Myers soon succeeded in
spotting the guilty man ttnd recovering
the property. And Charlie is happy.
At a fashionable colored partv, in the
lower part of tho city, un Friday night,
ono of tho gctitlmen, Hon. William Oli
ver, a radical member of tho Arkan-as
legislature, kicked ono of tho ladies iu tho
stomach, slapped her in the face and
damned her roundly. Miss Williams, tho
lady thus courteously greeted, responded
with a razor and gavo Mr. Oliver a ulash
that cut hi face from the tip of his noso
to tho chin, furnishing him with a four
cornered mouth. Sho also oponcd his
body nbout six inches under the left arm.
While these courteous passes wcro being
mado, Joo Strickland, Fred L. Thomas,
Kdward McNcaly, Joseph flcntry, Fred
Williams, Robert Hall and Andrew Jack
son, began a'discutsion which they con
cluded should be carried on in the open
air. While it was in progress, officers
Sheohnn, Holmes, Rillingely and Cain
made a descent uion them, and they and
Oliver ond Miss Williams woro lodged in
tho city jail. Yesterday, thoy wcro all be
fore Judge Bross who disposed of them
gently but rapidly. They all paid their
fines except Miss Williams who must pino
in jail 29 days.
Where are you going? To the place
number 03, Ohio levee, whoro they keep
the best fre.ih oysters, fish and game, nnd
the flnoit wines, liquors nnd cigars to bo
'ound in tho city. Open at all hours, day
or night. J. K. Parks.
Tho Chicago Bor Saloon, Wm.
Schick, proprietor, Nos. 20 and 28 F.lghth
stioot, is a favorite place of resort with all
lovers of Weiss' Beer, Liquors of every
description, and n'l kinds of foreign and
homo Winos. No ordinary liquors aro
dispensed nt the bar of the saloon only
tho very best, nnd guests find in attend
ance polite and accomodating waiters. A
frco lunch is spread pyorV.' day at 10
o'clock a.m. itunl'tf,
Piilor Saup has opened a brannow oys
tcr saloon, 102 Commercial avenue, whero
ho will keep on hnnd constantly fresh
oysters, tho largest and 1110H delicious in
tho city, which ho will sell tho by case, can
or dozon. Tho saloon has boon fitted up
with tho express viow of supplying
gentlemen and ladios with a placo whoro
thoy may enjoy a meal of theso toothsomo
bivalves qulotly, without boing disturbed
by tbo.bustlo and noises incidental to tho
commonplaco restaurant oyster room.
D. Lamport has rotnoved his shop
from Ohio Loveo to Kigth, bolweeu Com
mercial and Loveo, and ho now invites
his frlonds to ono of tho best fitted shops
in tho city. Everything is kept in tho
neatest and best manner ponnlblo ; snow
white towols, bright, keen razors, puro
water, fragrant soaps, clear oils nnd lino
perfumory. Smooth shaves, thorough
shampoos, fashionablo hair-cutting, hair
curling or dressing for gentlemen, ladles
or children, and poltto attention Is always
in roadiness forthoso who favor him with
their patronage. octOdlm,
Oysters. Louis Herbert has alwas on
hand a fresh supply or Saddlo Rock oyc;
rs. tf
1-r... ..
r.u ;j unwAitD. frayed (.
about two months ago, from tho Acn!
of Lorctlo, ono red . , about 0 ycnu
endof tall white, nnd wlih mnler
hollV. I Will tmu It.-, -t - ... -I I-..
rou.rn ia wio academy. AV hen sin
Cairo shn wns 011 the point ofralvlng
MfrrliDh CI,. .
... r ,, r.i. I-1 1 u,,; 1 A,
.' . ' II' illllUCII
WaSTKII TO KxritANdt' -V,,r linn.
Cairo property, 1C0 acres of good
wIi1iiti,iinii.I1 .I.. 1..iir,.r tit-i
hciiiiickv. Willi L'ootl lirifk imisc an
necossarv out ImllcliniM. Tlm iiImph
has on It ono thoii'.nnil fruit tries,
further uifvrinatloii upply t0 .,
- ,Ia. M 11 ti,v yi..ii,,,. A...
AoKNCYrOR Howk'h HKwixri Mai
" nej witiung loentc
a good iiavlnir buoi lll-.. lullli 11 itnull
1 n 1 t.i 1 1 . .11 .
, - ..... r.-n iim ni'cncv Of tlm
sowing machine. jt tUlifan
ciune, and all tho machines I have
glvo'cntlro-satisfaction. Tlm rnn.,.
Sl'llillir m ,iit, nll.A. 1 I . ...
" ' -".iiur. will llUfc
Illl'-tO .KlvOlt ,H Um H!f.i(t ll .
Persons wishing to purchoso will npi
1110 nqwo ninehino sales roonuor a
nticllnn rnnm (. f 1 ,
'" vwiiiiiicrciHi aveni
't"W-w D.Hautm
heavy-set muro mule, about 1 1
ing", years old, yellow note. .1..
arouml, tail nnd main very bushv.
tasi heen lind a halter 011. Sit..i
f?tilrn tti r a t ...
Will iiuv th.i nbovii I., ..'.'.. .
:, ,", "-iu.il or give anv iu
mm ui ncr wnerenbouts.
)ct.02wd. TlZ&Z1
j nr. .-jami'Li: Room Mr. P. Pi
aid s sample room, at the corner of
tccntli street and Conimctcial av.i
supplied with as Una 11 .stock- r,f
Scotch und Irinh whi kics. ck'nr. o
... 0
was ever oiiered ror salo in this city
. is uuuig n noiesaio business, n
ill'' thorotlL'hlv nrnnilnl rA 1 1. I. .
IIP If! Wllil'll lift link r.t.il....b.. t
------ - ri;u. iUUs
IKiL-IJL tJI Illl nilllllV fit .0 l.In
. - ...... rvil ijin I'll
cheap, if not cheaper, than anv oil
lit I tl I all tn nt Its li nil .. 1 r. . ,
niiuru ui uiu jjuumc paironngv. (ct
ItrMAiit i ivtiVive ri 11
. .H..v in uju iniiu nnu nioiii
iiiuii Liisji iiliiiii. ici inrn-niiisii t-tn.
n r r n 1 1 s (1 n m 1 1 e
vpcrfntiln fUv nsn l.n BuAK .tt..
rna.l ,11. mi
lsVP find llVtplltt'A rw,.rm t. t
4trtnn fTiPmarln.. lT .ll ...t.l
nauiung or ucbilitatinc the Bvitcm.
tlinrrt ntitl mrttt I.a atl.A..1 11.
uu T V 14 Kill WM Itt.4JUL'U. If
nnnlt a. UaM t .1
cm In medlcinoevcrvwhero. Vret
the Grafton Mcmcino company, .St.
misouru ni
Tho family grocery itoro of U
Koohlcr h leliif patronizrHl UnrMv 1
- . 0"rf
tiln IV (in ItL'tt firm rrpuiit,a T I . ! - t..
nn itiA nirlts Af L!..1.tl. .a
tvc n Commcrcinl nnd Waehlni!t
liinn inlirtrwl trltli f1IantsntrntAn
" V w 'ilka M ISSIIlKlelUIl,
fore this new candidate for public
ni. inloll nvanlln lit., ii'nnl. r. t ,1,
W it
Mil. .iKaie. IIUVIIIVI U. .fALI oril
keep up their reputation by always
tho host of nil sorts of frncerin. i
patrons and the public, kiiowim; th
plo generally arc awaro of tho fut
really cood articles of anv kind i
ways inu vnuupcsi in uiu unit,
1 v M . . I II t' T ...
" .1. . I. Abort, Bird's Bond,
" ht. Juke, St. Louis.
" St. Joseph, Memphis,
11 Illinois. Columbus.
, ... . tl ll.TI I , T 1 1
sieuiuur jiarv jicioiiuiu. il-kiii
'" Soutfiwcstcrn, New Orlca
11 nt. l.tikc, Jicmjihis.
" St. Josoph, St. Louis.
' Illinois, Columbus.
tin... l. rl..i. 1... C.lt.,., O tn.t...
our last rcio.'l, making a fall of 3
altogether, Tho Mlssjsilppl steadil
tinucs on its downward courso at St
Tlioro is now nbout four feet wator
channel from that port out. To M
nloul 5 feet 3 inches enn bo found I
fjl piloting. At Cincinnati tho
n,'iun statlonnr, likewico at Lot
... . . , . . , .1,,,
Xiiu iiiniuisao O Bill. JillllU liliu I.U
fair stagn of watsr to Little Rock
Missouri and Illinois arc in as bad
ditlon as at any time, Thero is
..v,-.. D-
riti.nr limitod and conscaucnti
news tiro very scarce. Business
ini.iin iima wiini rnirrnr nn rnu
The weather was as flno ns any
could wish it to be.
AMI: l t t 4UVWVMHI" w ..... -.
. -r- t l l
ni ititsiii i mm .sr. i.nmi. uniwiij
, ...b..v ..w 1
ctnt loot, auo was ngrounu iwun
hours fli rowore isianu, mm
..4 linr Innil in llirt Lnnl' lllfl
l ' SIVI V w (,w v -
could get off. Ono of hor pilots,
Partee, recolvcd a dispatch here,
his wilo was very Bick'at St. Lou
loft tho boat and returnod by rail
Tho Southwestern elenred for
lOatlH WIVIl U liuiijiin mm
..91. 111. ..V. ....
and load again.
Bird's Bond among tho snags, und i
a great deal ot good,
Tho Illinois brought up 50 bales
for tho cast.
Tho St. Luko from St. Louis cam
glJIIU HIIIW, " iv'wti; liv Mv,.,. n
. I CM . ...II 1 I
freight hero and left with a good tr
Tho St. J oa oj ill from Momphis h
bales cotton.
Tho Andy Johnson will bo hero
nnA sail II 1s.ail Iiam fny IMa-iW Mr 1 stri n L?
Col. Merrill, who has been horo
i ii. t . i - ft v. r
wham ho will establish an'othcr cau
Tho Indiana has completed hor
and lf"nvi'1nlnv for NewOrlcani

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