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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, November 22, 1871, Image 4

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i" wnwor Tin: Illinois centual n,n,
Lf.n,ri"iin.iay, . ' fo,loM"
" "so'Vrn the Mrltal and depart
"j ,..in,Kr trains MCairni
" . S...I Ir.ln.dalll :'
w Eipre.s.daiiy 2-'",,m-
. st.il.Hsllr - !MO.ri.
Kipie as. dally, except Sunday p in
v, mijteof nr nomi;airo a oi, .u..
. - ...... ... n 1. 1 - I,
thmf f ears rroifU'irM iv jiv.t,".
rmlng Room ileeping cirj on nig'
Me checled tn all Important t;lr.'
r ns
Will make three trip' lol).
U"1" 1 . ... i i m .m.
At : ...
At i S"
'. "W.m. I At r
,', a.m.Ati !'"
V.iewch )t " " " .
w, .k-tiiiJl, ' ny k.I mienn-dlate
" . 1-1 ' . ..... rKl.thf nut?!!!.
nj,cj nrr""ii'"""
inuaK nATh
U'ttkly I'Mkrt for r lucih, Efnlll to l-of
T. O. ItYJIA.V.MiwIfr.
f fM Clro TMrAiTtfOKAT l oVIock p.m.
Th plfJiJ tmr
it !.V. 5nlyi excepted) at 4
Ir.iihtor pt' arplj onboardor
FOR SALE, ) for sale r FOK SALE,
1 KcrSalel
Fare from Liverpool,
Fare from LoNDCNDEBrtT
Fnro from Glasgow,
Fare from (Jueenstowh
TO CAIRO, $4820
StUorJ. Morn A Ca
Lmrpool .New.Toik and Phlladflphia
Steamship Company,
tuna (omin wirn vsiteo sriTHano taitun
For.CarrjmR tne Main.
fou ?assa"gk tickets
oa ribTHiE I.vrosamnx
liBT05y, Nen.Votk, orl"
II. II nit pi ,
Whinjton Avenue, Calf. soli, ji
prIIiKSCE-No. "1 Thirteenih stret. !).
J i twi-ei W..fhini!ion aienueand Walnut sireft.
o"i J l i:iiniiierciiilnier.i)., up Hair.
OKnlliKSl'R ornerNtnth ml W.iinul t
i V i II "n nr -'xi'i ti.t n
io liv-.
iiili 'e hours froiiii. nut tolJm
and '. p m
William J.Allen. 1
John II.Mulkev,
iamuel P.Wheder.J
Ctlltll, II.I.INOIH.
rl'snieulnr allenlion pill lo rncr and ad.
imulty hutment.
OFriCE-Oter First National lUnk, Ohio Lree.
Willia-n H, een, )
Jf ,i,ll"r'i t t'AlllO, 1I.MN0IH.
Miles r. Gilbert, 1
Bpesi. Rtlentii.n
Stesmboal bu.iiieis.
Iv.'M In Ailmlrally aud
Till DM PH."
" 1Uw,i t
ohim all liud.nl ritk.
r. nitOMN,
Ageut, Cairo, ols.
ivuiillLKil & BROTHER
Hate reopened the
i"u.?n "'t Trtu
k"P cou.umlron l..n.i ,k.i... '
.iifin a trial, sei.Ulif
Uiitcherau.1 1.
Healer In all KtoiW rreab
P hoi. rW '" -rs,w e.,,1,,
d-iimid for ire.i, !: " ! ! trpatrd 10 tin ,..'
T-SI1VM ....I ..
rK";.n.,ii'n.K ""mo. p-on,ii'ov;f,
Ull VIXlltL II
KlOIITii KmrvT Ilif-,. --v. sir.
AND CoviMEuriAi. ivvvnn
K?,l"l"l"r itllleiiliuiise A llan'siy'a.
af..eif. . un.r... .....;'.
vAl?iMte Cairo 'and
olt.'u of theroiiiin i'f.,"''' V hld it the
uiUar. Ilecember V. lni" ii ' ?. '""I". "Bt
Ihe ,,urp.nu( ratlyl.ig'u,..,".!.;.. for
Cairo. Nosemltf 3. Wi'.'1"' 1 '.
"WTANTKl) Uv a on''"' Kenm-i ", " " ","
1 ru in uni KnM. I" ' I'"''-
1 1 r iTPII "1 ' l.M 10 worn on MID ,.lil
V n.i'l si. Lone niilreuil. An ly un ihe uork
J7 miles form l..imr at Oottrthous.i hotel.
tw miles ""l)Avi! Mi:UWIN,C'uiitr.K.IOM.
st. n i7i.-ht .
1 1 riNTKD-COOI'KltS Eight Coopers wanted
io so lo Tlicl -, Illinois, to work on lard
mid prk barrels. .( paid for iiuik
(wit. I-. mill l 50 I "lil orUrdller.es. Ajply to
' Thebes, Illinois.
t... minnla tv.ntr.1 Uml Hun 1 Comii.nT now
oriel lr le the following described lots In r-ira
A.lillllun In tlie city or Cairo, vu :
tut i' Mock 2i'.
Lot 24 block Si,
Is 20,
6 " M,
C ' K,
" " i,
Fur terms, ele. apply '
27 " $1,
" W " Si,
" SI ' Hi,
' Si ' ft!.
ATWO-STORV OCSK with lt C'I on
ihoiilli ..ilc "f Tflfih. bttKtta WhIiiiiI
.ii.i (VJiir .trfl. Thi hotnf i In coinplrln
r. der, t orny "!! fianhcil n I Pln -d Iwl.
nJ out i nuw om rmtn: of f 12 pr month ; will
I ml I for MOc.-h-for house im Wnt. Apply to
uoril.ln No. 97 Ohio Lerte.
GPOCEItr STAND, with full lock of Km-
crrie: eligibly mmitieii on on ninnion
renue, nu noingK gooo uu.ines;.
Apply at t ho
Bulletin Office.
on nr..T.
TlieCominercUl Hotel rill be rented on favor-
uhletermi. Possession kItj immedlalnly. An.
ply to (octMM) C. WINSTON.
ine urire anil commoiiioua dwell nir
situated on blghth between Walnut and Wiuth
Ingtoii (opposite tho Preabytcrlan Church) la for
ni. ror terms, eic. i apply to
oclKlf Ohio Leree, Cairo, Ills,
t l..MM.M.'S,,l,t,.,.l,...'l,,l,'l,l .
TO ONE is permitted to inako hills ruln .t the
Xi ateamr T. K. Eckert, and from this date no
bill) will b paid ualess made by inyaeiror upon
ray written orusr. it, , vuua.i, Piaster,
SoTemler2l, 1ST1.
aoriCE 18 HEItEBT GIVEN, That the Co.
Partnership hert'.ofore existing between W. II.
Thomas, E. W. Orecn and G. M. Alden, uader
the firm name of Thomas, Green A Aldcn, lias
thlii day been dissolted, br the mulunl consent
of all the parties concerned. The buamess will
hereafter be conducted by W, H. Thomas ond G.
M. Alden. under the drm name of Thomas A
Alden, by whom at tha hnslneas of the old firm
will be settled. W. II. THOMAS,
G. M. A I. DEN.
Ctuo, III., Not 20, 1871-tr.
now rrTi'ed io reipanJ promptly lo all de
mands for his stnlces.
III the Perry llonar,
McmphU, VlrknbiirKiiiiil Xcn Orleiinw.
The f.ne pa..erjer lemr,
STUT NEAI., ..Master. 1 It. E. NEI.
' Will leaie for the l,o, nnd all infni edmle
. ,m.,l.r IV In.,.,., r.,, y f,e,E,t
JA. lllfiQj. AKent
No. G-l Ohio Levee,
I'liblUlipd every imriiluK, Monday ex
eepleil. (5EXKUAIiArFAlUS.
-Ycsturduy wi balinv ami
-A guileful
mci-ting of tho Cairo
lii'ld this evening tit
Cusino will 111)
8 "'c'-
-Advcrtiso in the Cairo Directory for
1872, now being I'liinpilt'd. Tim edition
lll be litrge.
-Clmrlus M. Ilowo A; Co, linvu opened
a cenerul cornm n in and lVmvurilliii'
boufo at 01 Ohio Levi.,;.
A tingle gentleman itdvorlUcn tills
morning for a furnished room and board
in a .trictly private fumtlv.
HlankenWrg takes some credit to him
self for tho ingenious sign which ho dis
played on tho streets last Saturday.
Our proposed directory for 1872 will
contain a history of tho eltv of Cairo
from the 1818 to the present period, to
gether with much other information of
value lo tho public generally.
Tuber llrotliers are preonred to man
ufacture any pattern of jvwelry to order
In lilt . at. 1 I a aa
parties aim too purse. All
kinds of rlncs. aen). chasod and nlaln. to
"l i"" unger and the purse. tf.
I A. .1 .. - ' '
-Mr.Wn, Huder. who I... .1
i at the south on a bu.ine,. .,,-,.
six weeks returned i
' weh'i returned ytktcrday
x weeks, rcturi
Jno the worte
. , .
ned venerdni- ir 1.1-.
none the wont for wear and lllZrJxtTv fiT7 ' '
ready to .unnlv all "d.An,??a
I cuitom.rs will, ih. . , , . ,,rou'
g"ods lml "f ,,olidfty
Major, H. Goldman, Cincinnati, Ohio;
lni. J Tllom' ls 4 "'(" writer whoso Jo,m "Woods, Hannlble, -Mo., D. G. Hud
ability is rccognl?,d by everybody who on, Louisville, Ky.; Hotiry G. Dix, Quin
knows him. Ho now 1L.1..1 u .... in . ti... n,i.. 1 n .
I lo that L-n.l. ..p
-.v.iv, ni, in, imi) vj, UU,.,. .4vu6r, ..IIIUIIOUII, ill.j
Cll Of thtl nnlntnrl. ... -.ll.I-tV. 1'iiwnl 1 If till ntn 11 ir t II If, ..
" im painter's an and
tiromnllv . j. . .. r " "i "M
promntlv a. ...
mado ni. , 7 . U tl,Rt uro
kouse. Co; ';,, . , U ' 'ry
i uicnue,
-The envac for our proposed dl
rectory of tho city, are meeting 'with con
idornble encouragement. They . ,,.ve
the canvas completed next weeW, and, if
m nuTuillDora icninjim llroimiiu.
hai; be ablo to distribute tbadi.in' ....
CbrLtmai, at the latest.
colvlng now goods not In tho lino of their j
own manufacture, uch n optical goods of i
nil kin.le, lino gold nnd silver lunttd
canes, music boxcrof nil kinds', toy music .
boxes for children, lomctiiing now ntul
very attractive. Silvr pintc ehenpir thnn
over, &c, Ac. tf.
"be til oT;l'ivrk' rittnurnnt was
tupped yesterday by ono of tho boarders.
Ilo was n good looking young mnn", with
auburn locks, nnd tho ono nmong ten thou
sand you would pick out ns honest. Hut
ho went for $12.10 of Park's money, "and
also," as our Informant states tho crtie, "a
few days bonrd unpnid.""
Tho firm of Thomas, Green & Aldcn
was dissolved last Mondays Mr. Green re
tiring. Tho business will, herenfter, bo
conducted by Thomas A: Aldcn. Mr.
Green will Immediately go into business
on his own hook." Tho Arm lust dis
solved was one of tho most enterprising in
Southern Illinois, and by industry nnd
business skill nnd probity built up n largo
nnd proutnblo business. Tho new firms
will, of course, meet with nil the public
favor Hint was extended to tho old one.
Luck bo with both.
A poet asks, " YVhoro d .veil the dend ?'
nnd replies to his own question in theso
touching verses :
Wheredothoy dwell J 'Neath Krny mounds, by
Lilies, and yellow-cups of fairest gold J
Near gray.grown walls, where In wild, tortuous
OU clustering ivy wr allies In many a fold :
Where In ted summer noons
Fresh leaves nro rustling,
Where 'ncath large autumn mopns
Voung birds arc nestling
Do they dwell there I
Where do Ihey dwell f In sullen waters, lying
On bods of purple eea-flowers newly sprung ;
Where tho mad whirlpool's wild and ceaseless
Frets sloping banks, by dark gre eg reeds o'er.
hui:g I
Wheie by the torren;'s an ell.
Chryslnl stones glitter,
While Bounds tho heavy bell
Over the river
1)0 they dwell there
No ; for in these days they slumber to decay,
And their remembrance with I heir llto departs;
They haven home not dark, nor larnway
Their proper home within our f.tithful hearts s
There happy sp'rilswcf,
Loving fnrcycr i
There with us, the dead,
Parting ah, nc-Tir-
Thcre do Ihey dwell '
Thu genial countenance of Hnrrl', of
Mound City, beamed in our sanctum yes
terday, . "
Effulgent Davis, of tho i'un, Vjth his
littlo carpet bng in his littlo hnnd, left the
city yesterday on tho p.m. train.
Carloton, who has been doing .tho
Irish commcdlan at the Athcncum, is n
fino actor. His personntions of Irish
character nre splendid,
Stockfleth is up tho rond on business.
He is ono of the most enterprising of our
business men always on thu go, driving
his trade with never-ceasing industry,
Hon, John ll.trton nrrivod in Cairo
Monday afternoon. Ho was with us twenty-four
hours, and during nil that tiino
was as sober ns nn owl, Notwithstanding
tho fact that his residence is in Carbon
dulo, ho hits learned t "touch not, tnste
not" tho flowing bowl.
Why havo we no long forgot len to re
member llntt Tom Pur 1 itr, In lliu old ttiuu
ono of us of C.uro hero, has been in tho
city for several days with rnco horses on
which be is nnxious lo pluco it tlake or two ?
Tom now puts p at Carlinvllle, nnd is
tho snmo old boy, with tho yonng!h look,
ho ever was.
Robbins, who is rehearsing "Tho
Operetta" for exhibition ut the Atheneum
on Monday and Tuesdny evenings next, is
u brother of llobbiuuho lends our i-jlvrr
cornet bond. Dolh upc yVry" lino mui
ciuns, but the Operetta Rabbins is tho
King I) of tho two. Hi. binine-i was to
tally destroyed by the Chicago lire.
Our old friend, Jcvyctt VIJcoj, culled
on us lust Saturday morning In u Aiell-per-erved
condition; and tho Item in which
we announcod tho fact was not knocked
into a cocked hat but into pi. Wilcox,
who ought to return o Cairo, and who
will ono of lhco days, proposes to go
to tho bleak hills of New Hampshire and
bo.'omo a manufacturer, of uewtpriut.
The business won't suit him tho peoplo
won't plcaso him tho climato, nine months
in tho year, will iiltllct lilui tlie recoil ec
tion of Cairo will dwv'll withhlm continu
ally, nnd he'll oonio bnck to us, sure.
Arrivals at thu St. Charles hotel weie
ns follows- Wm. .lonos, St Louis; E. T
lludges, Washington, 1). C. ; 1 Levailn
gen and wife, IMuburg ; C. M. VulsoyJ-
New-York; L. (I. Willlums, Chicago;
Wm. Allen, Detroit; S. A. llondrlckson
Philadelphia; K. McGce, St. J,ouisj Far
men, New-York; 0. F. -Meyers nnd son
Alton, HI,; T. O. Doss nnd wife, St. Louis
M. Fitts, Frankford 111. 5 0. O.Lawrence,
Chicago; Geo. A. Freer, wife and child,
Ann Arbor, Miuli.; A. MuCreuvy, Du
Quoin; ,ln.T. Mllligaii, Du Quoin; A.M
Putnam, Centrulia; S. A, Kooken, St,
Louis ; Chas. V. Roberts, Chicago; II. 1).
Cleveland nnd Lcwi, St. Louis; Miss
Hall, Rosa Clare.
The following worn tho nrrivnls at
tho Dolmonico hotel, YVni. AVintor, pro
prietor, yestorduy ; Thomas "W. Gilllland,
St. Louis, Mo Cant. M. .). Harman,
N,hvllle, Ten,,.; F. E. Albright, :
K"Jt"T' V, at. i.ou..,
1lo. Ai Wi foru, isnngnmon uo.. II ;
' ... . .. ' . '
Miss.; Newton it, Rates, Chicago, III;
G- I'ink, G. M. Sanders, F. Kdel, H.
- v.. , . ...Bu.
,on und wlf0 Newport, Ohio ; J. It. Kink.
r-trlck, river.
Notice. TI10 best entertuiniiicnt in
tho city is ut tho St. Nicholas hotel, saloon
and restaurant. The belt music that can
no had violin and piano. Good lunch,
evcrv mornlnif and nb.lii A 1 1 ,,r u...
... , , n -. .... ... iiili
finest brunds of cigars, and the beu St.
lait lager beer, ulways fresh nnd nice.
I l.tv. ,1. . ..nil
The Methodist church, tindor tho enro
of Rov. Vrcd. 1,, Tliomson, jogs nlcng In
the lonr oi Uoil. doing good nulotlv nnd
shoing ilmoso into llio business of nc
Rector Coan has succeeded In nwakon
ing groat Interest In rellglnus matters
among tho members of his Hook. Ho
grows in the affection of ills congiegntion
every day.
Doing the great rollglnus organ of
Southern Illinois, it is our duty to keep n
shnrp eye on tho "goings out nnd comings
in" of tho churches of Cairo, which wo
hug closer to our breast thnn any of tho
churches of tho cities which nro nround
about us.
"Wo have been requested by Mr. Yo
cum, of tho City National bank, to say
tlintn gcntlemnn of this city, hitherto con
sidcrcd n good nnd faithful steward in ono
of tho evnngolical denominations, has been
converted to the Jewish faith, Mr. Yo
cum says tho convert U rather soro on tho
Father O'Halloran's sovcro discipline
is working good results. His congregn
tion is becoming moro zealous, nnd its
membership is increasing. If ho wcro to
indulge soniowhnt in the chenp morlt of a
libcrnllty that does not frown on cvory
one who does not bellovo ns ho does, be
would be more popular than ho is witli
"tho barbnrinns of tho outsido world."
Tho Presbyterian congregation, slnco
tho going henco of tho Rov. -Mr. Foote,
1ms been doing without nn ollicinl ebene-
zo r, nnd nro noxiously seeking to 11 nd out
tho minister who, in accordance with tho
wishes of the Lord, is to be "called" by
them, Tho Rov. H. 11. Thyaer, who
preached to the congregation on Sunday
last, Is spokenof by good judges of(prcach
ing gentlemen who linvo had opportuni
ties to becorus very fnmllinr with this nr
ticloof religious commerce as well up in
his business, an eloquent orator, n sound
logician and a thoughtful and very inlor-
eiting oxpounucr oi tne word, ilo is u
large, good looking gentleman, and has
tho appearance of a man who has become
very proficient hi the difficult art of
minding ono's own business.
Tlie ufl'alrs of tho Christian church
have not yet been induced to How in the
channel of christian fellowship. They
nro yet in nn uncertain condition. The
storm which the Rev. Mr. Friend nnd Col
Hay succeeded in invoking in that eon.
gregntion yet rages, and threaten to break
out in n new place evcrv few days.
Hrother Carpenter nnd his friends, who
nro the friends of Friend, arc not satisfied
with the decision of tlie council, nnd pro
pose to ho'd the church in their lutiids, all
In desplto of Col. Hay. Td-mbrrow night,
nt tho prayer-meeting, Brother Carpenter
will lead tho service", or know the reason
whv. Ho will not restrain Col. Hav from
attending tlie church, but he will diputi-
the colonel's right to exerci'e in the church
any authority. Peace, therefore, depends
upon the conduct of Col. Hay
No quorum could bo squeezed i.ut
the board of nldermcn last night.
Ten prisoners all forlorn nino in the
ei'y jnil, and mourn boenmo tho day of de
liverance cometh not.
A number of impounded hogs wcro
sold yesterday. If tho snlo had been pla
carded, we 'might have secured our winter
purl; cheap lor cash.
Mcllalo is working one gang of Padti
call jail birds on tho sidewalk cm Eighth
street, nnd nnothergangon Twenty-eighth
street. Tho.gaugs nre not largo only
three in each.
Juck Shcppard. a youag man ambi
tious of n certuin kln'3'of distinction, was
arrested for knocking down3tat Parker,
thu proprietress of n house of 111 fume, nnd
taken before Judge Iiross. lloWks fined
und cu)boosed, '
From the Cairn Evening Sua.
Dn.iJ. White. Wo are glad to learn
thnt Dr. J. "Whito it receiving pulls for his
udvlco and romcdies which bid fair to re
tain him in Cairo nil c inter. Dr. White's
skill In so promptly delecting, us ho does,
every ailment nnd tho truo condltion'of
the, entlro body .of the sufferer s often tho
wonder of tho sufferer himself, und every
ono who witnesses tho cures.
t Poisons curoless or lndifferont 'to this
opportunity for restoration to health' may,
'regret their uoglect for tho balanco of
their Uveal Wo udvlso tho early cnll of
diseased on Dr. White, with confident ex
pectation of permanent relief.
His rooms nro at tlie Southern hotel,
Ohio levee. nov7-lm
Thu Ruder Jlrothers, corner or Eighth
street und Washington avonuo, havo re
ceived nnd had placed in their manufac
turing rooms several pieces of now and
valuable jowclcr's machinery, nnd uro now
prepared having tho machinery nnd
skilled workmen to manufacture rirg,
watch chnins, breast pins, ear rings, and
all other kinds of jewelry, in any manner
ordered, on short notico and at pricoi so
very low they will ninko tho
prices of other establishments of the kind
actunlly nshnmed of thcmsolvcs. Their cn
gi nver and cnnineler, who has just arrived
Irom tho east whore he has held In the
most extensive jowolry manufacturing es
tablishments tho most responsible posi
tions, prepared to ilo any work In his
line nnd to guarantee satisfaction, Per
sons wishing hair jewelry manufactured
fur holiday prcsor.ts, nro requested to hnnd
In their favors nt us cf,rly a day as possible.
The Sample Room Mr. P. Fitzger
ald's sample room, nt tho corner of Four
teenth street und Commercial avenue, is
supplied with as fine a stock of wines
Scotch and Irish whiskies, cigars, etc., ns
was ever o tiered for tale in this city. Mr.
F. Is doing n wholesale business, and be
ing thoroughly -acquainted with tho busi
ness In which ho has embnrked, feels con
fident of his ability to sell his goods ns
cheap, if not' cheaper, than nny other es
tablishment in thu city. Ho solicits n
rharo of the public patronage, octlSlt',
Found. That (the choicest buttor is
at Jorgon-cn's Staple nnd Fnucy Grocery
Davis & Morwln, contractors, advur-
tlsc this morning for twentvilvo teams
to work on tho Cairo and St. Louis rail
road. Applications must bo made on thu
work, two miles from the cilv, or nt tho i
couit-house hotel.
The Si. Louis llrnulliran. snvs : Tho
Cnlro nnd St. Louis railroad, running
through the river counties of Illinois, hns
n gauge of thrco feet, nnd is tho ploncor
nnrrow-gaugoroad running from St. Louis,
ine work or construction is progressing
rapidly. Tho grading from opposite
Cnrondelot to Columbia has been com
pleted, and a largo force is now at work
from Columbia to tho Randolph countv
lino. A similar force is nlso nt work from
Cairo north. About twolvo miles are now
ready for tho superstructure. Tho engin
eers nro busy locating tho line, nnd the
work or grading Is put under contract ns
rapidly ns ready. Mr. Payson, ono of tho
contractors, is now in Europo purchasing
tho iron. This is to be hero by February,
nnd it is expected that tho cars will bo
running to Spartn, in Randolph county
fifty miles from St. Louis by tho first
of Mny, nnd to Murphysboro, in Juckson
county, thirty miles further, by tho llrst of
July; after which time St. Louis will be
supplied Ly it with Dig Muddy coal ntcolledgato nnd door spring. Asagatennd
twonty-llTu por cent, less cost than nt pros
cnt. Tho work of construction will pro
cecd from Cairo north, and St. Louis south,
simultaneously ; nnd the road will be com
pletcd throughout its wholo length by-
next fall. Messrs. Payson, Canda & Co.,
the contractors of tho rond, nro nlso cm
ployed on tho Northern Pacific, having
been engngtd this year in the construction
of flvo hundred miles of that road.
"Ihe Operetta," a beautiful fairy
spectnele, now in course of preparation bv
nearly two hundred young ludlc, misses,
etc., under the direction of Mr. Robbins,
will be performed ut tho Athcncum, on
Monday and Tuesdny evening', next. It
will be produced, Professor Robbins tnyt,
" in tho most perfect manner, ollering the
citizens of Cnlro a treat seldom eritnved. '
j .
Tho array of beauty which this prcscutn
tion will bring into requisition, independ-
ent of tho splendid costumes, scenic ctlocts,'
ctc., snoiiui oesuiiicieni to nil the Athc
ncum to overflowing.
Farini, in u letter to a friend in this
city, nssurcs him thnt he intends to return
to Cairo at n very early day and " settle."
Y'o hope so, for several reasons. Fnrini,
as all who have heard him piny nnd sing
can testify, is no slouch ut any kind of
music. Ho can make n piano talk as few
others enn, nnd ns n singer, be is nwny up
in tho pictures ono of tho big ones of
tho country.
Tho Rergers will delight our people
on Saturday night next. Tills family are
favorites with tho Cairo public and will
drnw n crowded houc.
Robbins, on Monday night next, will
present his fniry spectacle, "The Operetta. '
ut the Athcncum, useistcd by nil thu good
looking good vocalists in the citv. Of
course the houso will not hold the crowd
that will rush to see nnd hear.
Tho lecture of Rev. II. R. Thayer, at
tho Prcsbytoriun church to-morrow even.
ing, may not corno properly under this
head, but all who enn tnko In u combination
of amusement, entertainment and instruc
tion will not fail to hear the rovcrend gen
tleman's lecture.
Adjourn J Mevting of the Hoard of Alder
men. 1
CotsciL CiuMsta, Csino, III., 1
November 21, 1b71.
A quorum not being present, on motion
of Alderman Ruder the board adjourned
to meet on Thursdny evening next nt "J
o'clock. M. J. How ley,
City Clerk,
Poi'Ci.Ait Lectuisi:. Rev. II. R. Thayer,
who Is spending a few days in our city,
will, at tho request of many citizens, de
liver his popular lecture entitled tho
"Triumph of Mind,1' in tho Presbyterian
church, on Thursdny evening, Novumber
2ild, nt 1 J o'clock. I n every city wlicro this
lecturo was delivered the press spoko
of it in tho highest terms of npprovnl.
The Chicago Kvcning Journal, especially,
gives it 11 most flattering notice. Mr.
Thayer delivers tills lecture for tho bene.
fit of tho Prosbytorinn church, nnd it is
nopeu mat 1110 ciiurcn society, congrega
tion and tho public generally, will bear
this fnct in mind nnd giv.i him a crowded
house. Admittance, 5 conU. 2d3t
i-u.Twr.n. a.-wi nujcii.-iiemcmoor,
.,.... i 11 ...
that hero is a free concert every night ut
If In n L d-h hArrr'. l vAAlaiAH - 1 , . a t,,. I...,
Jilnnkcnberg s Excelsior saloon, tho best
fitted, most comfortable cosy saloon in tho
city. A lunch is sproad nightly, nnd tho
public Invited tonttend. 21dlm.
Attention, Casino I Tho member of
tho Cnlro Casino nro requested to nttencl n
general meeting this (Wednesday) even
ing, Nov. 'J'Jd, nt 8 o'clock.
Reinhold V. Relzneh, 0. ih
Sleepinii Rooms fou Kent. Ten
well vontilntod sleeping rooms in CityNn
tionnl Rank building. Apply to
At City Nntionnl Rank.
Ton good photographs, porcelain pio
Iutos, or old pictures to bo copied, call ot
T'.ionins, No. 1-4 Commorclnl nvoiiuo. H'
a a good workman. Givo him a trial.
i soptictr.
Just Received. W. W. Thornton
Tenth street between Commercial nvonue
unci Poplar street, has just received and ir.
toro l,00u doors and 1,000 windows nnd
Foit Sale, A cottage on 12th stroet
containing 7 rooms, cistern nnd out
housos complete.
Apply to
W. W. TllOllNTON.
Edam nnd Sap Gago clime nt Jorgcn-
Paul G. Schuh sells Rattinger's raodlj
ah the day o.v which the miawino
Dotorminod to dlsposo of nil tho tlukets !
in Ills lottery sale.Mr. V. Vincent has con-
eluded lo postpone tho drnwlng until the
2Cth of December. Ho Is now giving the
matter his devolcd attention, nnd Is moot
ing with tho most grntifying success on
every hand.
Thoro nro six prizes, the principal
prize, ns Is well-known, being a splendid
residence, that wascrccledntacostof Urs
ouu. 'i no remaining live prizes nro at
follows :
Lot 31. block I, 3d addition to the eltv
oi uairo, vaiuea ni tuiio.
J.ot o'A block I, 3d addition to the city
oi uniro, valuta ni juu.
Lot 30, block I, ltd nddilion the eltv of
Cnlro, valued at $juo,
Lot 83, blcsk 1.3d nddition to tho city ol
v.n ru, yi... jurtwy. I
Lot 17, block 43, 1 1 tho
of Cairo
Illinois, valued at $300.
A fino black marc, n good spring wag
on nnJ 11 ,ct of now llIirncs. fr "lo choP
for cn,h' Knaulro nl J. ,'Hurgeri, 141
Commercial avenue.
Adams' Dry Corned Fish for sale nt
Jorgcnscn s.
Hnlloy has something now at his tin
slnrn. It Is tlin Diiillev .V Ln colubrated
door shutter this sprint; Is about three
length's ahead of'any other spring over
cn vented.
Fkksii Scguln mnckorclon hand at Jor
gcnscn s.
-The rnlllc for the Hibernian fire
company's old engine house will come oil
without fail on Saturday evening, ovem
ber 'JGth. The rattle will be held in the
new engine houo on Thirteenth street.
Tickets CO cents. dot
Invest ono dollar in llarr's Pectoral
Eliier. nnd stop that troublcsotno cough.
A member of tlioew lork com.
mittee of seventy passed through thu city
yesterday, and was shaved at William Al-
ba's shop, Commercial nvenue, near tho
corner of Eighth street. Ho says it was
tho smoothest shave he has receive! for
years. Alba has n new and experienced
barber to lend him a helping hand and
Cftn accommodate all hi patrons prompt-
WniniiT.'. no plus ultra minced men
prepared expressly for fomlly ue, nt Jor
gsnscn s.
The Ruder llrotliers, corner Eighth
street and Washington nvenue, have re
ceived u bran-new lot of tho Intcst-styled
breast-pins, ear-ring, finger rings, brae
lets, watches, clocks, etc., nnd, intite the
public to call and inspect the stock. They
nro nlso agents for the Davis' sowing ma
chine, Rurdctt organ sand St. Louis pianos,
nnd offer to tho public the best bargains lo
be obtaircd U any place in Southern 111
Wo have no hesitation in recommend
ing William Killers, boot and shoo maker,
as worthy of most liberal pittronatre. We
know whereof wo speak when we say his
work is done in a iiiaitcrly manner nt the
1 nvest prices. Houses nothing but the
b'st of stock, ami ho cannot bo excelled in
tho dellcato task of making an exact fit
Give him a call at his shop on Twentieth
street, between Washington avenue nnd
Poplar street, nearly opposito tho court
house, and wo will guarantee tntiefuclion
Oystehs. Louis Herbert has alwas on
hand 11 fresh supply of Saddlo Rock oys
ors. U
The merchant tailoring shop of Messrs
Lehning & Kobler, on tho south side ol
Eighth street between Washington nnd
Commercial avenues, opposito llannys
dry-goods store, has been open only a fow
wccjs and already these gentlcme aro ob
taining a fair sharo of the patronage
of the public. They nro both practical
men firut-olass mechanics und aro will
ing to guarantee satisfactory work. They
keep on hand always k full lino of pleco
goods, to which they direct tho attention
of nil who wish to havo mudo clothes
that are worth the money paid for them.
Clcanin-' nnd lennlrine: donu neatly at
low prices.
Go to Dr. McGnuley for Itattlngor'. Fo
vor Drops. Wurranted to cure tho chills
Reliahle and Safe. Dr. Honry Root
nnd Plnnt Pills nre mild nnd pleasant in
their operation, yot throroiigh, producing
no nausea or griping. Doing entirely
vcgotnble, thoy can bo taken without re
card to diet or businoss. Thoy arouso the
liver and sccrctivo organs into healthy
nHlnn tlirmvinir ntV disease without CX-
.-.v....... - - -
t,. -,i..i,im.Inf. Um avatom. Try
th d ,.0l wlll l)0 satisfied. Prico 36
I .....
cents a box. Sold by druggists und deal
ors in mcdicinoevory whore. Prepared by
the Grafton Medicine company, St. Louis,
Missouri. myuum
Thv the Wonderful Japanese
Gheen Tea Pile Cuke It has nevor
fulled in tho most stubborn cases. It
cures by absorption. No pain. No in
jurious substances. $5.00 given for ovory
authenticated failure. Sont by mall to
nnv mlilress on receipt of prico ($1.00)
and 20c extra to pay postage Orders
must bo nddrossod
William W. Monnis & Co..
Koi nrnnricton for United States nnd
itritlsh Provinces, 01 Fourth Avonuo
l'lttsburir. Pa. novlood3m.
Hoi for Hnlly!
Now Store I Now Goods I
Rcit nssorlmcnt of
Cooking nnd Heating Stovoi
over brought to Cairo,
on Washington nvonue, thrco doors abovo
Tenth street.
UtticK Stow" fou Hent. Tho brie
storo, No. 7 Ohio Lovcc, now occupied
by F. M toekflcth, Esq., is offered for
rent, nn 11 bo vacant on tho 18th inst
Apply to Jno, R. Piiillis.
Call on Jorgeuson for cliplsa Loadort
Hlwrncr. where from. wheie Id.
Indiana New Orleans..
It,.,. .St. IiOUll....,
...St. Louis
.. .Pnducnh
Jus. Fisk, jr Pnducnh
Illinois uoiumuus....
. i
Florence at. ''"
The flno nnd fast passenger steamer I
Indlnnn will leave this evening, on thol
arrival of tho train, for the southern port.
Tho splendid passenger stoamer Greatl
Republic will leave for Memphis, Vicks.1
burg nnd Now Orleans this afternoon.
Tho neat littlo Fisk is the regular patkttl
for Paducah tivdny, at 4 p.m.
The river at this point is again rillou
and hns risen two inches during tho put
21 hours. Tho news from all othor plac
it discourfliflnff
The Monongaheln Is Hill falling, tsd
o " O
has only OJ feet of water In it.
At Cincinnati tho river has risen aboul
two fect
M u
IxuisYille the river Is still falllef.
Tho Mississippi river is again falling 1
St. Louis. The upper Mississippi is rillni
a very littlo at St. Paul, but that will col
help it as far down as St. Louis.
Thoro is 3 feet 3 inches in tho Missoar
Rclow hero tho Mississippi is itaLionar
with about seven feet to Memphis.
At Cincinnati there it six feet In th
channel, and some of the tow boats mil
be able to roach there. It would be rotun
on them if they cannot get out, and a coll
snap closes the river up.
The Arkansas it falling again.
To St. Louis there it about 6 fit
water, and boats loading to that depth 1
comu out without delay.
The weather yesterday was cleat M
quite cool all day. All indications of I
storm havo vanished, and fair wealhl
maybe looked for. The nights are coll
and a heavy frost can be seen early in tlj
Rusinos on the landing was the dull!
that wo have had to record for A lo
time. Thcro was but little froieht mtrfli
forward, on account of there being not
X no Indiana was tne only boat rt
Ing freight during the day.
River newt as scarce as hen'i ttb,
items op caaoo.
The Indiana had 6G Wis. bide, 62 VI
The Fisk had a light trip, consisting!
52 ball, hides, '.' boxet handles, and!
bell Iron.
The Illinois brought up 23 bales Cott
100 pkgs. hides, nnd 20 baft of feather!
Tho Reo took one of the Mitt. V.
Co. barges to St. Louis.
miscellaneous and oeneual nkwiI
The towboal Fair Play sunk one of 1
barge, of coal at the Sleubeiiville brldJ
The 1 udiuna reported some boat agrou
at No. 20, and us it was dar' whn
patted she did not know what boat it '
Morris Wiley returned Monday
his fair bride. We with him much bapl
nets and welcome him into our ranks.
Tim tmats loading at Cincinnati
New Orleans each advertises as being 1
fir.t boat of thu season'
John Lmglnls will come out again!
second clerk of tho Richmond.
Stanley Ryland has severed hit conol
lion with the Journal of Oommtree
goes 011 the Illinois as second clerk.
is loading nt St. Louis for Ouachita rit
While on the docks tho Mary McDei
will have new wheclhousea, fUnges, tt
Passenger and freight steamers are 1
required to havo fire extinguisher! 'as :
Iowa: Steamers of 600 tons, 2; 500 I
under 1,500, 3; 1,600 and under 2,W0J
2.C00 and over, G. The local insr
are to designate tho locality on boar4.!
Thu iron propeller built at KtUfc
for Drown & Jones, of Memphis, is
onty-flvo fect long, with twenty-six
beam. She will be used to tow coal la
harbor nt Memphis.
Red river at Shrevesport was eight
and a half fect above thu lowest wattfl
this season on the 14th.
The crew of .the James Howard jural
her at Memphis detaining hor'toma til
That is ne new thing to happen da
thoro. Roats expect to always have ttpl
lc of toino kind when tbey arrive thir
Thu Potomac was the first depart!
from Now Albany for NcwOrleant.
left there on tho 19th init.
Tho Peninah is lying above the mol
of Sioux river in a disabled condition '
both her hog chains and her rudder
Thu Florence reported the Great Bpi
lie over Devil's Island and at the head
Power's Island with her yawl out ton
Tho ilee came down in seventttn ban
which it the fastest time of theieuon.
Tho Floronce came down after colli
of barges of coal for the St. Loult Gat (
Clly KntlostAl Btusk llaila.
mvBpecial attention paid to orders ir
boats nlcht or dr."t
Wanted toKxciianok For ImprofJ
Cairo nronortv. 100 acret of eood lM
within one mile and a half of llickma
Kentucky, with good brick house and.i
necessary out buildings. The place All
has on it ono thousand fruit trees. Fl
further information apply to
Jas. Mallort, Steamboat Agent.
Insuro vour Ufa In tho "Life Ata
atlon of America." Do you lack
motive ? Think of tho dying wordt of til
lamented General Rawllngs; "I kno
that I m to die; and my only regret
that I leave my family paupers.1'
Where aro you going 7 To the pUJ
number 63, Ohio lovce, whero they kod
tho best fresh oysters, fish and game, an
the finest wines, liquors and cigars to
found In tho city. Opon nt all hours, d
or nlcht. J. K. Pa1c4.

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