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On nod after Sunday, Ma 14th, 1171, the follow
ng time-table will govern the arrival an J depart
ure of pasunger trains at Cairo I
Dtpitt Mll train, dally i.non.m.
Kzpresa, daily z.t.sp.n".
.Irfir. Mall, dally 3.30a.m.
Express, dally, mm pi Sunday ZXy.m.
NocljDfof cftfi from Cairo 10 HI. LouK
chanf o'ee.-t fron Olr la CblcS- Klettnt
Mrlr.g Room steeping cars 00 Bifid trams.
ftX ehpcked to ill Important toInt.
Will make tlir trips dally.
;,,. a.m. I At :30 .m.
J, i . ,. a.m. At 1:30 p m.
At 4 3 - .-p.m. I At C -p.m.
Fsteeaeh ay, ' cental In tickets for 12 0.
Will liu, wlirn hailed, l any ;ood intermediate
alius or pasaeogera or freight, hottfltf.
WeiUy Packet for Padiienh, Kvansville tail l.ou
larllle, the favorite steamer,
T. U. IlY.1IA,.ttfVitr.
eaves Cairo every 3ATUDUAY lit S o'clock p.m.
For frentd or psi-age apply on boor J or to
jan. niuust, a'i.
The splendid steamer
Joe l'o wler, Mauler.
Oiirj (inlirs excented)
rr lreu'itar pii(i isp-ils on hoarder
JASi Sialism, AK I
I Ferrule J '
Fare from Liverpool,
Fnre from Londcndkrrt
Faro from Glasoow,
JFnro from (ueenhtown
TO CA1H0, :::::::: $4820
Sattorl, Morris i Ca
Liverpool NewYoik and I'lilladilphi
Steamship Company,
i. eocrtirr witii cmtkd riTt"iK6 ttm.H
For Carrying tn Malls.
or rvmiiiR mroiinniox
15 llroaJwuy, New.Yoik, or to
II. Ilnupl,
Wahlngton Atomic, Cairo. noit. 51
ron nr.NT.
The Oimmerclat Hotel -lll rented 1111 favor
aide terms
Possesiion giveimmediatelv. An
(orifirt v, wifcaruy.
ply iu
The lirge nnd commotions dwelling house
silualed on Knjllth li-Uven U'nlnlit and Wiikli
Inlmi (pio.tollio IVi'shyterinn Chiiruh) Is for
rul. Knr term-, etc., nnpfv to
uulMtf Ohio l.eie, Cairo, Ills.
ron nam:
The Illinois Cenlral Iti'l Itoad Coiupmy now
o.irri.ir stuo uir luiiuwing iieacriuetl 101s 111 i'lrs
Addition to the Cily of Cairo, viz:
Let '27 block 20. Lot '24 block 2,
" Jl " '20, ' '27 " 82.
.. tJ .. h,
' " 42, " SI " 8
" 8 " 42, " 32 ' 82.
Fortermi.ete. apply lo JAMES JQHNiON,
RF-SIIIBNCr-No. 21 Thirteenth st'eM. In..
twrin anhingiuii atenue and Walnut sire. t.
Oib''-l2 commercial avenue, up Hairs.
(J. W. DUNNING, M. I).
RVMItiKSCE-eornarNlnth and W.ilnut its,
,,-oiner Mzth street and Ohio levee..
Orhce honri-from 8 .in. to 1'2 m , ami 9 p.m
JVllllam J. Allen, )
Jblill if. Jlllll.i- t
orKK-K-O.er Fir.t nTuDd.I Bank. Ohio Levee.
ini ii,
illium II Jilbrt. I
MlleiKcillbert, J "". ILLINOIS.
"&ZTa B'"" ,0 A,"n""r ud
fcat ll.er
boii... V" ii.:,v ""' '"s-imeiTes
lb' U'L.I 1 .
treuipily. iri lite Ceti Vtvle ol h. V',nlD,f 1l
atran. i , them V,. .1 1 ,b ,r'j lOfU
whleh Ua.! ,h Si- , I'0"8'- "J t prices
Cauo, iLLlXOla.
OKr.f.C,,.42,, thf(,;ii
ftKAS,!,0M,to "df,om,lie lie.,01
B. 8. BlllQllAM.M.l),,
sen 'jxi:irs
O -TT 1? 3HE Xj IT ,
An lHutt rated Magazine,
Autlnro, tliller ftvrtt." " Kaihiina," " T ','.;
ivcomo t , rut," i;'t.
This inagjilne, which lira rlen rjpidlv In
pspnhr Mtiir, Iiki now been
and will Uialill furlli'r nnur.iv. it dm iiKihrcoiu.
ion yrar.
a mtikhoI papcra li Mr. HI lntoi.v, prime
mlnltr 11 KiiKland, will Klmrtly n p .r ; hUi,
an A ii- Ulaeiixion fit tlio Niit.onnl ttniikin Mv
tem (i I hi country ; a niw tory hy Mm. Oll
iilian l pnitnUpil, vto ,utn. 1 illl rury iiiiiii
Imt HI lu rich in thuilvr alnrlvr, III kiui.iImiH
t'lca of toimliir astenafr. ii.ipinn. p.nur.. i.iliinr nl.
and roriowi, pic.
ne aiiorcription priep I l.i per vrar, pija
bin in a nance.
To rniblo nil partma I" wi.iikiio i tli tlie
cripa, wlneli p nro auiv II lit onli, i.ro.n
Tul pippr-atlon, p will -ph i 10 n) ilchitr nr
np uImi ribtT,ilip li iiiiinlp .1 villain. a I mid
II. for 41.111. or the II llilllllii. nr i.r lit J 11 11 1 v
1172. for f1.M. '
1 lie whole will contain
morp I hull MX) Hrllllnnlly Wrlttpn Aitlclp, and
nearly 10U CotnplctPd Storiea.Tn.ca ol Advpiitiirp,
wit ami Humor, I'opiim, At., comMnlng with
thpae tli hIiIpi cdltotlnln nnd the moat boailtlfnl
llllialratlnna, aomo of tliPin aald by the critics to
ho fully eo.li il to Hip work ufUilttare Oore.
Wo ijiioip, aa fulflv rrprpacmliig tlin genprnl
a pntlment o: the nowgpnppr preaa In regard to the
"onthlv. tho followlni; from the Ilmrnla Hum.
morclnl Advertiser:
'sCItlrt.Nr.ii'.S MONTHLY Is n splendid sin.
ccsi. It has tiiktn It." placo In the front rank f
the periodicals of the world. In tho benlily of lit
typographical appparanse, the pprfpcilon of iia
llluatrntiona, the taripty of Its rradlriK matter,
and tho vigor of It editorial", anil, In general,
Kood uni moral tnflupniio, II la a pubLcittlon til
which America should reel proud."
Remit in Checks or P.O. inonpy orders.
For sa'e by nil dealers,
054 Urondway, Now-York.
Foreign Literature, Science anil Art.
Katabllahed in 181, the F.CLECTICeatera nllh
the January numlwr upon the tvtenty-elglith year
of Its existence. Thia fact alone speaks much for
the character of the publication, for no magazine
could have lived an long amid the tierce rivalry
and competition to whirh it has been subjected
without possessing thigh degree of merit and
meeting a well-defined want; but it Is not too
much to say that, during nil Ihesn year, the EC
LECTIO has been recognized as theablest expo
nent in America of that vast Intellectual activity
which finds exprpaaion in the periodical liternturo
of Europe. The plan of the KCLK0T1O is to se
lect from the field thus outlined, all those arti
cles. Essays. Heviews. Tales. Htorles. and Illo.
graphical Sketches, which are likely to prove en
tpitalniog, instructive and permanently valuable ;
and it comment; itself especially to that groat
may 01 intelligent, readers wno seeK prom lis well
as amusement In solid nnd healthful literature.
Ilesides the longer articles, which themselves
represent every variety of subjects, the K-dectlc
has five editorial departments Literary Notices,
Foreign Literary Koten, Science, Art, Bad Varie
ties. Tho volumes for 1872 will not be less attractive
than thoe which preceded them. With merit
ing facilities and Increasing patronage, the com
ing volumes will bn more thoroughly renreienta
live than evr Iwfore ol tho test Intellectual
pregresa of the limes.
ii.it.iis single copies, 1.1 cents ; one copy, one
yenr, l.'i, two coping one year, Jj; five copies,
one 5 ear. $20.
genis wuntcu i get up clubs.
It. K. PKIrON. l'ul.lislior.
108 Fulton Street, Now-York
I'lilillslipd otrry moriilii, Mnudny ex
Jiomciiiber tliu oitter festlvnl nt l'.ov
Mr. Shores, church lo-tiltrht.
Tjjo chain gniilumlor Mulinlo, iro
(till engaged in milking rciiHirK on the
Nintli street sidewalk
Remember tho sociable to bo held by
tho indies of tho Frosbvlcrinn church, nt
tho pnrsonngo on Tlmrsdiiy avonlng.
Jolin Gocklo's now liousoon tho Inveo
ii now ready for necupntion, find Mr.
Gocklo will move into it in u few day.
Ruder Brothers tiro the agents in thii
eity for John Foley'.) eelobrated bank gold
pen and pencils. Tlioy nro a fuporlorfir
t.clf. I'liil Howard, llio populnr levco
slennibont butcher, yesterday purcliuscd a
beef, weighing on foot, 1,750 pounds.
Ootid weight, that.
Tho festival to commence nt the Rev.
Mr. Shores' church to-night promise to
1 bo 11 grnnd nffitir. (Jreat prepurntions
htivo been initdo to innko it a success.
Tliert) is an unusually largo amount
of freight being received and shipped
from tliU plnco daily. Tho lovco from
Fourth to Eighth streets Mined with piles
of hay, wagons, poultry, etc.
Ruder lirolhcrs
have for sale
lohti Foley's colebrated Hank Gold I'ell4
and 1'enciU,
The best urtlele of the kind iu tho world,
- -Tho Thalia society will give a perform
ance on tho 17th instant, for the boneflt of
the Germun school. It Is hoped tho ball
on thii occasion will be crowded. to over
flowing, us the school Is in need of funds
wherewith to pay tho tenchor, buy
fuul, etc.
The ladies of tho Presbyterian church
will hold sociables, nt the residences of the
members of the congregation, every al
ternate Thursday ovoning. Tho object of
holding these social gathering on alternate
Thursday evening only, is to avoid
having two tnoctlngs ofthesaino character
on the Fame evening. Tho lint of the
series will bo hold at tho parsonage,, on
next Thursday ovening. Tho membors
of the congregation are requested to nt-
I tend, and u general invitation is extended
to the public.
Mr. Samuel Wultors, tho lumber dotti
er, is the owner of tho right for Alexander
county, Illinois, and of Mississippi county,
Missouri, for a new patent window Mido.
T-iiU arrangement is, without doubt, the
mov convenient articlo of tho kind now
In uso. Uy It the top sash inuy bo lowered
without Interfering with the lower saih,
or tuo tower can on rautu without molest
Ing thouppor sash ; or both ran bo adjust
ed at the same time. air. Walters Imi
window In working order, nt his oflloo at
the lumber yard for, inspection I
those who wish to examine it. 1
fit lNtQtl4
tli Uiolceit butter
-Judge Wm. II. Green and 1ml v
turned to tho city yesterday.
Hon. 1). W.M'uniileftfor Waahlr.gton
by the afternoon train yesterday.
F. M. Stockfleth has gone to (Jlnoln
nnli, to replenish his slock of liquors, wines,
S. P. Wlieoler and Win. 11. Gilbert,
Esq4.', left for Joticsboro yesterday, to at
tend the Union county circuit court.
Tho following were tho arrivals at tho
St. Charles hotel yesterday : James. II.
Parks, str. Colorado: Fred. U. Houston,
Evansvltle, Ind j S. I!. Hoag, Pulnskl, III.;
M. II. Williams, Chicago; Cnpt. I. II.
Mclveo, St. Louis; C. C. Orconley, Chicago;
John G. Dickliaus, St. Louis; Jus. J. Sim,
Golconda; Jn. R. Frlek, Evansville; Jno.
Maxwell, New Orleans; II. Shaw nnd wife,
New Orleans'; Hon. A. Hnnnlyer, St. Lou
is; W. II. Rollnger, St. Louis; D. P. In
graliain, New-York; F. F. Kerr, Md. City;
Cnpt. A. Lamoille, str. Arkansas; C. Uer
sonn, Uojton; O. Palmer, Cincinnati; T.
Herman, Mattoon, III.; A. Mitchell, Supt
I. C. R. R., Chicago; Miss .Minnie Jaekson,
Eaton, Pa.
From tho Chicago A'cio Covenant, of
December 5th, wo clip tho following in
reference to Miss Dr. Mary J. Saflbrd :
Tho readers of tho AVio Covenant nro no
well acquainted with tho works of Mary
Safford at homo and abroad that we do
not doom It necessary to allttdo to them in
this greeting of wclcomo to her as a citi
zen of Chicago. Thoso of us who havo
followed her through years of unceasing
energy nnd toil combatting ngainst preju
dices which in Americn hedged in her am
bition, but which melted like frost before
sunshine in tho old world, whero her zeal
for, nnd lovo of scienco wero duly ap
preciated, and who rcallzo that she re
nounced for her lifo work nil that holds
the majority of women enptivo tho pleas
ures that wealth nnd case can command,
we can but feel that she is one of the few
appointed to tho great, wo might almost
say, thvino work or making sound tho
casket that holds the spirit which makes
us akin to him in whoso image wo arc
made. Wo feel confident thnt hnr untir
ing effort! to perfect herself for the work
In which she Is engaged will bo amply re
warded by the huccoss thai ulll attend
her as a practitioner."
-Thu following were the arrivals ut the
Delmonico hotel, Wm. Winter, proprietor,
sinco tho last roportcd to 'J o'clock, P. M.(
Dec. list, 1871 : Fred. W. Maulsly, Pt.
Pleasant, Mo.; L. "W. Uurgcss, Dongola,
111.; John F. Umback, Evansville, Ind.;
Win. Rannbcrg, Str. Uakcr, Geo. W.
Olmsted, Little Rock ; T. P. Stoop, St.
Louis, Miss. Annie Moore, Du'Quoin ; C.
O. Davis, John II. Satining, Evnnsville,
Ind.; Jacob Heard, H:rbondnlc, 111.; 11.
R. Roush, Racine, ().; Frank. J. Snoll
Cin., O.; J. Hindle, llinkleville, Ivy. 5 1)
Moring, Chicago, 111. ; S. L. Vance,
Rloomington, III. ; AV. P. Anderson, San-
dusby, Ohio ; Alex. Young, Str. Kuto Ro
binson ; "Win. Colby, Tennessee : llcnrv
Mclchcr, St. Louis, Mo.; .Isaac S. Grubcs,
Ion, J. Alfred, St. Paul, Minn. , H. Fisher,
St. Louu, Mo. ; R. Rains, Scdalin, Jfo. ;
Ed. Stout. Omaha, Neb. ; Milton Reed,
River ; dipt Dovoro, R. T. Russell, Str.
Marhlo City ; Clias. Kennedy, Longnn-
sport, Ind. ; Cnpt. James Clark, M. Ruth
Ian, Str. Silver How ; Hon. Stallard, Alex.
Smlly, Hollnrd Co., Ivy, ; Cha?. L. Dic-
lutche, St. Louis, Mo., Win. Hnllowoll,
Chicago, III.; ltobt. O'Niel, Str. Ilolford;
A. Smith, Rallard Co., Kv. ; L Young,
around City; G. A. D'Raun, Ullin, III.;
Geo. Hlair, Cincinnati, (J. ; "Win. Haythorn,
Sandusky City, O. ; Geo. T. Pohlo, Mount
Vernon, Ohio ; Joel Cook, Joseph Cook,
St. Louis, Mo.
In cue uf the ficnll towns not many
miios from Cairo, on tho lino of tho Illi
nois Central railroad, thcro lived, until re
cently, a young lady about eighteen years
of age, who, because the man to whom she
was engaged to bo married, deserted her
and married another young lady. Out of
respect for the friends of the parties to
this sad occurrence, we chull mention no
Tho particulars of tho story, in detailed
to U8,a3 near as wo can recollect, are as
follows; About a year ago tho young lady
roferred to was living with her parents a
short distance from tho vlllugo of .
Sho was being waited upon by a young
man who, at the timo, was engaged in
business in town. Their friendship for
each other day by day grow stronger un
til in tho couro of time it ripened into
genuine love at least on tlio part of tho
young girl. Thus matters stood for a
time, and the young man offered to mako
her his partner in lifo. Of courso tho
proposition sho readily accepted. From
this time forward sho was happy, because
(ho possessed the lovo of ono whom sho
hold dearer than all clso worldly, as
tho sequel will show. After tt while,
however, tho man for whom sho
cared so much told her thnt ho must part
with her for a time, as ho was compelled
to go to his former homo in Ohio on im
portant business. She believed In him, and
although it was hard to bo separated)
If it was necessary sho would not object.
Ho left tho vlllogo nnd wont to Ohio. For
a whllo he wrote to her rogularly, and all
was well. A short timo since, howovor,
whon tho day on which tho should havo
received a lotto r from him arrived, Bhe
went to tho postofflce, and instead of a lot
tor, she rocolvod a papor containing a no-
tlcoof tho marriage of her fnlthloss lover
to n young lady arhls homo in Ohio,
Tlio poor, dlstractod girl wont homo, read
tho notice over, and In less than two days,
was a raving maniac. Sho Is now In this
city, and although every effort has been
made to restore her to her reason, she Is as
crazy at evor, with little hopo of ever
being bolter.
Kon Salk.
containing 7
A cottngo on lUlli street
rooms, cistern and out
Tito many friends und ncqiinlntanccs In
this city of Mr. F. M. Morklc, the piano
tuner, havo become thoroughly alarmed
nthls mysterious, disappearance. About
two months ago, ono ovoning Mr. M. wont
heme at tho usual cupper hour; nothing
umiiunl wu noticed nt thatimc, ho appear
ing to be as well and in as good spirits as
was uiual with him. After supper he
went down street nndstoppod nt Ilannon's
book store, whero ho remained chatting
with tliojo about the establishment a good
portion of the ovening. From the time
ho left -Mr. Harmon's store to tho present
day he has not been seen or hoard from.
If ho intended to Icavo town, ho failed to
mention tho fact to any one, so far as is
known. That ho loft tho cily, howovor,
docs not teem probable, for all his winter
clothing are yntnt -Mrs. Schuh's, at who4o
houso ho inado his homo ; and that he had
any causo for leaving the city quietly, is
nut believed. So far as his friends have
been ablo to ascertain he
was Indebted to nobody.
Mr. Mcrklo had engagements wit'i n largo
number of persons In this city to keep
their pianos in tune, for which ho received
ton dollars a year per instrument. Ho
sides these, ho had engagements of a stmi
lar naluro at Mound City, Dongola, Cob
den, nnd other places. Hardly u day
posses that letters for Mr. M., addressed to
tlio care of Mr. Hannon, nro not received,
nnd inquiries by porsons desiring his ser
vices nro constantly being tnnde. Whut
has become of tho missing man? Does
any 0110 know, and will they tell? Who
will speak?
On Sunday afternoon a man by tho
nnmo of Otto Keller, went aboard Iho
steamer Alaskn, then lying at the wharf,
and unobserved entered tho captain's room
nnd stolo therefrom n pair of pants, a vest
and several other articles of value. The
theft was soon discovered, and mado known
to Marshal Cain. The marshal immedi
ately set about working up tho case,
nnd it was not long until he
saw n fellow carrying a bundle, who he at
onco "dropped on" ns tho nuthor of the
robbery. Keeping a cloio watch over tho
stranger, tho marshal followed him for
several blocks and at last cornered him
in tho saloon on Commercial avenue, be
tween Eleventh nnd Twelfth street. The
marshal accosted him and charged him
with tho crime, nnd at the same timo
placed him under arrest. They started
down town nnd near tlio corner
of Eleventh street his thiefshin
broko awny and attempted to escape. Mar
shul Cain guvo fha.se, at the snmo time
drawing his revolver nnd ordering him to
stop; but as the rascal paid 110 attention
to tho command, tho marshal fired one
shot at him, which had no other effect than
tu cause the thief to double his speed. Pel-
moll, through Thornton's lumber yard
o'cr bourd piles, and everything and any-
Ifiinjf thnt rrifii In flinlr w.t,.( tlio Amfl
and chasor went, until Tenth street was
reached. Tho thief crossed Tenth 6treot,
ran nroiind Powers' blacksmith shop, into
tlio house, up stairs and under the bed,
whero lie was caught nnd marched off to
1 no cuahooo.
Their stock of books embraces tho
standard pools. hUtory, book of travel
biography, bibles, prayer book, hymn
books, novels, music book!, and it large
and very attractive assortment of Juve
nile books. All of which nro in rich nnd
handsome binding, making thorn very
suitable for holiday presents.
A full lino of nil tho best nianufaetor-
rics, ranging in price from fifty cents to
twenty dollars each.
A large assortment made of tho Unest
rnntcria), such ns paper madia, roowood,
mahogany, walnut and cherry in inluid
polished and plain flnijh and of various
sizes. Prices ranging from ono dollar to
twenty dollars each.
Pearl and shell.
ch.ovk noxu.s,
Handkerchief boxes and Jewel cases a
good assortment and very handsome.
Cigar stands, wntcli stands, stereoscopes,
stereoscopic viuws, ivory tablets, ivory
and pearl paper knives, and fancy ink
Gold pencils, gold tooth picks and gold
ersnoons of M. W. Fairchild's make, and
all warranted to be of the very best quol-
Tlio largest and best stock ever brought
to Cairo, made or bnst material and of tho
latest styles.
A good assortment nnd choap.
Tho most popular of the day.
Engravings and photograph picturos
all tho leading publications.
Wall pockots ond clock shelves of beau
tiful designs,
Guitars, violins, nccordeons, llutos, fifes,
harmonicas and Jews harps all of tho best
mako and at low figures.
for 1872, of various styles and sizos, toned
papor nnd vtry cheap.
NoTici:. Tho -best entertainment in
tho city Is at tho St. Nicholas hotel, saloon
and rostnurant. Tho best music that can
bo had violin und piano. Good lunch
every morning and night. All of tho
finest brands of clgnrs, and tho best St,
Ileitis lager beer, always froth and nice.
The Athcnciiin was crowded niralu last
night to witness tho porforinntico of thu
Jickot of Leavo Man,'' by tho
Gilbert troupe. MIm Katie Gilbert
appeared as Sam Wlllotigbby, a
character stMch sho suftaincd in a
manner to win tho applause of every
ono present. In fact, evorv character
represented in tho play wns noblv ren
dered, nnd whero nil did bo well It is hard
to individualize. This company has now
given our peoplo threo porformnncci.
which havo been enough to demonstrate
that It is tho cquul, If not tho superior of
any troupe that has come among us for
years. This being tho case, it Is to be
hoped that somo means will bo dovlsed by
which tnoy may bo Induced to
remain with us nt least three or four weeks
To-night August Daly's great New York
actuation, entitled " Under tho Gas
Light," will bo performed, with Mils Ka
tie Gilbert its Laura Courtland. Tho play
is a good ono and wis not fall to draw a full
houie. Relow wo givo a synopsis of tho
performance :
Act 1st. Now Years : Good nti'lit ! A
visitor nnd an unwelcome intruder; The
man 111 uiack ; ijoclclv'i wiles triumph
ovur vlrtuo; "'tl heaven's own blow. "
Act. 3d. Povortv and innocence : an
nuvo.-tiacriiorii nriawerctl a wolcoinu visit,
or ; "you can't shcct-of-tmntr mo. mill 1
ain't to bo enveloped" Hvko nnd Judas
uuoxnectcdly appear ; ain't I good to tnko
you oaek alter so many long years; " pic
ture. ACT. 3d. Tlio tiolico Court: "lmfi.
dead drunk"; "do you want tho services
01 n rcsncctabio lawyer, sir? tlio good,
kind judge; struggle between innocence
and guilt; triumph of the man whom the
mw cannot to jcii ; jJerrnudas after n nnrt-
ncr; tho pier scene; "don't run from a
ono nrmed man'; "toss her over, Judas' ;
Act Uli. Hyko and Judas; Snorkev:
tho betrinnliii: of tho end: tho rull-niid
stntion; "going to put yo.i in vour littlo
bed' ; Snorkoy tied to tho track ; the night
express on time; thrilling denouement.
A.f r..l. . Cl . 1 it
-.v. uiu, uivujij , witie-awnKu; dia
monds extracted without naln: dWcov.
crod ; seized; Hcrmudas: tionv ixnress:
worked tho oraclo this time; startling dis
closures; escape of tho man whom thu law
ennnot touch; happy finale.
Kate Jackson, a colored lady, was ar
rested for nbusivc and offensive language.
She was fined the usual amount, $J nnd
tho trimmings, which sho paid.
John Warnemovcr, took on loo much
lightening whisky a.id became noisy. He
was gobbled by the polico and taken be-
foro his honor, who fined him two dollars,
and ordered hlrn to th cnlaboose for six
Josoph Siebly and John Lemon for
being drunk and disordly wero fined each
five dollars and costs. Siebly paid, but
Lemon, not having the "sccsds ' to sottlo
tho amount, was sent to the cnIaboou for
eleven days.
Yesterday business was good iu polico
circles tho court licing in session ncnrlv
tho wholo day. Persons of nil sizes, nges
nnd colors wero beforu his honor, to havo
juujjiiieui iasscu upon them lor tlio sins
perpetrated againn tho cily laws the day
William McCormick, proprietor of a
den on Commoicinl nventic, between
Fourth ond Sixth streets, was arrested on
a charge of permitting gambling in his
house. Theevidenco was conclusive, nnd
McCormick was compelled to pay a fine of
ten dollars nnd the perquisites.
John Wilson, a colored chap, who was
a witness in tlio case ngainst Mr. William
McCormick, for permitting gambling about
his premise!, had somo words with that
gentleman, in tho course of which ho used
language not very complimentary to Mr-
Mc. Ho was nrrcstod, and tho Judge itssejs-
cu n line of llvo dollars nnd cost-ngainst
him. Paid.
John M. Lowls, n darkey, was or
rcsted by Hillingly for " shaking chuck
luck." Lowis is a shurper and has been
bfating tlio less knowing negroes, who
frequent tho haunts of Third and Fourth
streets, out of their hard.earned dimes.
Lowis wbb found guilty and a tine of ten
dollars and costs assessed against him. Ho
could not pay, and was sent to tho cala
boose to work on tho streets for sixteen
days to conic.
Haptist Hudson, a colored gentleman
who bears n good reputation for honesty,
nnd industry, was arrested on complaint
ot a colored lady fornbusivo nnd offensive
language Raptist was looking for a fol
low who was indebted to him, and be
lieving him to be at the houso of the wo
man referred to, went tlnre in senrcli of
him. lie wns denied udmiltance to the
promises, and in order to soo his man, went
for nnd "busted" tho dojr oil its hinges,
and went In. The lady of the houso
"punched" him on tho head with n shovol,
nnd he knockod tho tho bark off her fin
gers with a club. After hearing tlio cvi
denoc, pro and con, thojudgo decided that
Haptist was entitled to at least fifteen dol
lars worth of Juatico, which, together with
tho casts, swellod his bill to about $2L
Baptist thought this rather steep, but an
ho did not seo how ho could get out of It,
he would pay the amount and bo careful
tho fttturo to avoid "that wench."
Mrs. Anna Lung has removed her
large and elegant stock of millinory goods,
toys and fancy articles, to tho storo room
recently occupied by Mrs. Rnrbor, on
Eighth street, three doors from Commor-
clal avenue. Sho has addod larcolv to hor
Htock of toys and fancy artlclos ; and is
receiving now goods of ovory variety, of
tlio latest fashions, ovory day, Hor stock
is full nnd complete, and is offered to tlio
public at tho lowest living prices.
Fou good photographs, porcelain pio.
lures, or old pictures to bo copied, cull or
Thomas, No, 1'Jl Commercial uveiiuo. llr
s a good workman. Glvo him a trial.
For new citron, ornnnu nnd lemon
IKAY (1001)1.
Mr. C. Carson, Commercial iivonuj, bc
t roen Ninth nnd Tenth streets has re
ceived hU stock of holiday iron.!.. n.i
whon wo say that ills one of tho Innrcit
nnd best selected over brought to ttio city,
wo nro not saying too much. Jio iin ev
erything that should bo kept In 11 llrst-clnss
toy or fancy goods storo. In tho wav of
work hoxcj, ho has them of every shnpo
and form, raimlnc In nrien from flftv
L. , .
cents upwards; nnd of glovo mid haiid-
kurchlcf boxc, helms them of every style,
in endless quantity, and at nil prices ;
pictures, of the handsomest designs,
nnd picture frames of all sizes and shapes
nt prices within tho reach of nib. Knivds,
forks, spoons nnd plated waro nro among
tlio attractions of Mr. Carson's stock. Ho
has dolls of every size, from thu most ill
mlnutlvo to that.of a year old child 1 11 size
In endless variety, nnd nt nil prices vnces,
music covers, and In fact, anything and
everything mcntionable are to bo found
there. Mr.C. is determined not bo under
sold by any other dealer In tho city, and
has consequently marked his good down
to tho lowest living prices. He respect
lully asks a comparison of goods and
prices. Givchlm a call. declOtf
Tnber Brother nro prepared to 1111111
ufacturc nny pnttern of jowulry to order
to suit tho parties nnd tho purse. All
kinds of rings, sanl, chaod nnd plain, to
lit the linger and the purse. if.
m l . ....
in nave magazine,, periodical', nowt
papcr, or books relHiuiid, trv Tin: Hcli.e-
tin bindery. Wo are prepared to turn
..... 1. I ...
uui. wora. 111 iir.si-cm.ss stvio at prices as
low as can be obtained iu St. Louis. Cliica
go or Cincinnati.
Tho Sample Rooms of Alderman
Fitzgerald aro a placo of popular roort
Ho dispenses from hisbar only the choic
est of liquors. Drop in, n von pass the
corner of Commercial nveiiue and
Fourteenth streot.
here aro you going? To the place
number 63, Ohio levee, whero tlmy keep
tho best freh oysters, fish nnd game, u'iJ
the finest wines, liquors and cigars to bt
found iu tho city. Open at all hours, day
or night. J. E. Parks
Alderman Fitzgerald has Just received
from Ireland, a lot of the finest Irish
whisky. Tlio sample rooms are bccomln
qilito a popular plnco of resort, nnd it Isu
fact wellLknown that ut no othor placo in
the city is there to bo fouud better whii
kics, wines nnd cigar.
ick illiaiii, nt thu corner of
Twentieth nnd Poplar street, has onu of
tho best meat markets in tho citv. Nick
understands the butcher hitsino-n to per
fection, nnd has always mi hand thu belt
of meats of every kind. Of jnirk, lie lias
as good as can bu found nt any other shop
in the city, and sells it three pounds for
twenty. llvo cents. duclOJlw
An oyster fetlval for the benullt of
the church will be held nt the Frt (vol
ored) Haptist church, corner Tenth nnd
Coder streets, commencing mi TuetJay
evening 12th int. The t-th
lea will he epread with tho
choicest delicacies of tho season, ft is the
purposs of those interuitod in getting this
festival, to nnkoit the fotlval of thu sea
son. Supper CO cents.
George, tho fourth ward barbur,
succeeding beyond expectation. His busi
ncis line increased no rapidly that ho ha:
been compelled to employ an asiistant
which he lias found in one of the most
skilful barbers in Cairo. Everybody
therefore, can now patronio Guorgo'
shop, assured that they will bu terved
promptly, politely, anil in tho highest stylo
ol the tonsorial art. Shop, corner of com
morcial nvenuo and seventeenth street.
All kinds
Jewelry .Manufactured
thu Ruder Hrothcr.
Tho muuufaeluru of
Hair Jewelry for Holiday Gift
made n specialty.
Iho Under lirolhcrs, corner Eighth
street and Washington avenue, Jiavu re
coivod n brnn-now lot of tho latest-styled
ureast-pins, ear-rings, linger rings, brae
lets, watches, clocks, etc., tiud, iii'.ito tho
public to call and inspect tlio stock. They
aro also agents for thu Davis' towing ma
chine, Rurdett organs and St. Louis pianos,
nnd offer to tho public tlio best bnrgnins to
bo obtained nt any placo iu Southern 111
inois, The Hi'i.lktin printing establish
ment is now proparod to receive ordurs for
blank books of all kinds, largo and small.
-Merchants, baukurs, olUcers und 'business
men generally who desire now sots of
books, should hand iu their orders, Our
facilities enable us to compete witli tlio
first blank book manufalories in the West,
both in quality of work und price. Par
ties desiring nny description of blank
book work are invited to call and examine
books and prices.
Mrs. McGeo having n large slock of
millinery goods of fall and winter styles,
lias determined to soil thorn oft' at tho low
est prices. Huts from sovonty.flvo conts
undtpwards, among which may bo found
fine French felt worth two dollars npioco,
which will be sold for ono dollar nnd
twenty-Uvo ccnls. All sorts of ribbon,
trimmings, good volvcts, llowors, etc., all
of which t nro offered at cxtromoly low
prices. declOtf
Wo havo no hesitation In recommend
ing William Ehlors, boot and shoo maker,
as worthy of most liberal patronage Wo
know whereof wo speak whon wo sny his
work is douo in u masterly manner nt tho.
lowest prices. Ho uses nothing but tlio
best of etock, and ho cannot bo oxcollwl In
tho dellcoto task of making an oxunt fit.
Glvo him n call nt his shop on Twonlioth
stroot, botweon "Washington ayonuo and
Poplar stroot, nearly opposito tho court
house, and wo will cuarautco satisfaction
lowing property, loft on my wharfuoat
uncalled for : 1
12 baskets, '
0 boxei glass,
1 gas machine,
1 box Un..re,
'J boxes merchandise,
1 Lot glassware,
7 buii'lles saddle-trees,
1 lot liter kegs,
1 lot felloes.
d,t. J. M. P11 1 i.li iv.
It is truu that Hlankenburn's Excel-
slor saloon is now oim of the Institutions
ofthecity. All drinkers who llku really
excollent liquors whiskies, wines, beer.,
oie gototno J-.xcolslor saloon, which I!
fitted up In splendid stylo. Ulunkonburg
wno Knows how to koop a saloon, snrendsf
a lino freo lunch every morning and eve
ning, ami, ins no forcibly expresses it,'
'Sweetens tlio lunch with mutle." HH
has employed tho services of a flrt-rntc!
pianist, who makes the grand pluruJ
which stands In one end of tho sulooir
speak out in musical tones. Everybody!
Is Invited. The best ordor in mnlntalncdr
and all improper characters suppressed
with neatnofS, cheapness nnd dispatch. KvW
cryhody known that the Excelsior taloori
is ut tl'o corner of Washington avenue ani
Fourteenth ttrcet.
Steamer. Where from.
Jns. Fisk, ,lr Padiicnh...,
I llinoin Columbus.
Arknnset Holle.... Evansville
Where in
noucrt Hums
N. Orleans:
R. C.Grav.
.Ark. Rlv'ri
Eirima Flovd.
..Cincinnati Memphis.
-Marble Citv
Mary Alice
Kale Kearney..
John Lumsdcn.
E. Henslcy
St. Joseph"
..Evansville EvnnsvllliS
..N. Orleans Laid up. I
..Clnrksvillo....Clarksv 0
..N. Orleans..... Hclmont.
Dog Tooth
St. Loul N. Orleans
At this point tho river was on a stunu
Sunday, but t.ncu then It has risen abou
2J inches. From here to Paducah there it 1
feet. The river continuot to fall at Evani
vlllc. At Plttsblirc the river contiri Ilea ti
fall and navigation remain tuspended
J Here Is C feet in tho channel and fallln
at Cincinnati.
At Louisville tho river is falling tteadil
with lets than 3 ftet on tho falls.
Cumberland river is rising vorv 4lowlj
and tho rise in tho river at this point mi
bo attributed to that river.
Tho Arkansas river is slowly falling
Littlo Rock.
1 ho Mis-issippi is fulling at St. Loui4
mill ,n n.t.l . I, n Q P..., I l'
w ...... ...u.u bliuil .J iiHior wuuld
bo a hard task. '1 hero is but very littlo
leu running at prcienl out of tha'. rirer
There is now about M f,.0t from hero o
Memphis and ut Reeves' bar; below there.!
but 0 feet it reported. Theao is 5 feet at'
Cache island Rtid Grand Chain.
IIuIuo4s continuot splcnJId. Our largi;
"imriuoais are mntieu to their greatcsta
capacity, nml the lovec is crowded wit!
coops of poultry, hny, pork and wagons"
-it:.ougn inero is n large nrnount here fot
shipment, freights nro not dotained atn ,
length of time, but nro tent forward nil
fast ns it nrrivc.
Tho Idicwild came down with 107 bact
wheat, 132 bbl. potatoes, 72 bales hav, 050
tacks corn, CO coops poultry, 11 bbl. whis-J
'in', ..:.... ...... 1 1... t . 21
, !'"..' H.vat uiiu 101 01 lurnituro.
flic liurksville, from Clarksville, hud
6'5 coop, poultry, '' bulls and lot plunder.4
J lie lvnto Kearney had for the north:!
2LM bids, molasses and 03 hhd. sugar
J no ! Hk came in with -I hhd. tobacco."
3 bales cotton and boxes handles.
The Marblo City cleared for Vioksburg.
with n good trip.
The Alaska grounded at Cache Island
nnd had to tend hero after tho Eckcrt to
lighten her oil'.
The Lumsdcn left for tho steamer Ar
kansas which has been aground at Dog j
loom lor somo time, nnd will endeavor to ,'
ngiiioii iter so unit the will be able to
get oil'.
The Kate Putnam is on the rocks at
Cuclio Island, but wo could not learn
whether she is injured or not. L
Mr. William Rofllngor, of tho St. Louis
and Now Orleans Packet Company, is
now stationed in the city and will rcpre
tent that company. Ho has an offico on
tho railroad wharlboat.
The Hurksvillo was unablo to go nny
farther up Cumberland river than Clarks
ville on her last trip,
Tlio Kellogg leaves to-day for Now
Orleans with threo barges. Sho will get
two lumber barges at Hickman.
Tlio Great Kopublic Is still aground and
in a bad position ot Reeves' bar. She is
being lightened off by tho Little Alps.
Tlio Sullio was fifteen days out from St.
Louis to Memphis.
dipt Dunham of thu Mary Houston
has been very sick but is better now.
Tho Koto Kinney is aground at Reeves1
bar mid tlio Tollo at Horn Luko.
Tlio Idlowild has succeeded in getting
off of Platin rock and Is now lying at tlio
Tlio La Rargo and Hollo Memphis are
still ut Powers' Island and all right.
Tlio lluro grounded her tow of locomo
tives at Wolf island and had to send back
after rigging &o., to spar thorn off.
Tho Glcncoo is now loading for New
Orleans and will leave about Wednesday.
Tlio Paulino Carroll will bo tho next to
Thero is no more indications of tho Silv
er Row leaving for Red river ns reportod
by tlio St. Louis papers than n paper collar
is of u clean uhirt.
The W- IL Brown is at Mound City
being repaired.
Cily Xntiottiii llnnk Itnlldlua;.

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