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On and aflerflunday, ? '4,h' ,h I0"0""
i IimmIui , UI govern ho arrival .n.l depart-
n of passtnger trains at Cairo!
'::::: JESS
KipreM.daily, rxreptflunday 3:30p.m.
Kothnce'cft" from Cairo to 81. Louis. No
ciang. '"' from Cairo to Chicago. Kleinl
rrleg Boon sleeping cars on night trm.
mg'f bMked to all Important nolnts.
' Will ni-f. li'f' tlij Uilr
l , 111 I At V '"
n. w P
.. ..p in I A i - I''"1'
Will hiil.lM.I, nt miv good .ulcM.iedlat.
jiI.ii( or passenger. or freUht. not. nr.
Of tint" m'luoi I 'll i
OF OA 1 110, ILL.,
Al ilic lion' of business, December 1C, L7I.
iiist men's
I A . I lIlM-OIIII ...
liver .HM.i'
I' i Iiuim hi n i'iirr c r-uli.-tin
l, p. I I. Mini M-i'lllill s Ml
llrtll t
Utlit i ..ih l.s, Ismds.ii'id iinirl
g,g I'ue ironi udeeiiilng an. I it
seite rg'ids
UmciivIii oilier National bank'
Ihioirjlii kuik.nlid hnkei...,
lie I ..slat'
: iirinlllre mill llxturcs
Oih llt-ms, Including rrwi.uc
I?iirriit nxlense..
(.'null on hand. In coin
Carre ry
A I II -
llill.'l slucl; ...
liilptc I
mHI nml In.-
CircaUtlor, outstanding.
pilo l National ,uach.
Imlltldii.il deposit
Weokly ivki-l for Paducah, F.vanstill anJ l.ou.
I.vllle, the Livorilo steamer,
T. O. nYJIAX.MnMlcr.
iroi Cairo every SATUDUAY t 8 o'clock p.Hi.
For freighter p"ii)l npi'ly on board or to
JAM. HKXJ.t, Ak'(.
1,17 SS
Ti.ii'Jil t0
:i7 03
n.sit 7:1
liV.1.033 fit
ui.i. ..r lll.t.n'u rVinnti' nf Alexnnder. as.
I. O. N. Ilngnes, cannier "I inorirsi .s mum,,
HonL- i, I'nir.i ili anlemnlv swear Hint the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and ticllcf. C. J. HUilllhS, Cashier.
8ubcrlbel nnct pwoni io otiore me, uus ..k.
day ot December, 1871.
7 CM Ad. cfj.S.MNflllAM, Notary Puhtlfl.
Correct Atlent !
KoM.W. Miller, I ,
J. T. Ilennie, Ulrcct3ri.
I), riurd, J
The aplendid ateamer
Jor t' trier, Mnwler.
... R,ir iVIf.V. Hinliri excented) H
uj. K.,r Irjuhtor pt'itie apply on board or
j ah, uiuuit,
inHinrtANT tickets.
POK SAIiK, ) For Sale f FOR BALE,
' I Her Hale J
Faro from LiTBiirooL,
Faro from LoyDCSDRRRY
Furo from Olasoow,
Faro from (2uhknstown
TO 0A1U0, : : : : : t : : $4 8-
2 0
i ill
.,:i7C ti
3 am o
!,,lt 09
10.O.M 67
1,'Jj'l If
if-an a.
:!,7'Jl 7
1IK) oo
4: to
t;.c,o in.!ifl::ii8 '
7 TO
411 41
471 77-
fivi.osi iji
At Cairo, in the Mate of Illinois, nt the rlose o
I137.4M 4U
1,5'.J BO
I.miia and dmcount
Over drafts
U.c. llondt to secure circu
lation -
U. S. Ilonils on hand
Other stocks, bonds and
I)t ,o from redeeming and
receiving agents -t!4l,2.4 81
Due from other National
Bank 10,f.C9 47
Duelrom other tanks ami
tl.ti ! hnnao 'it.WW tM
OlherrSaleatnte 15,170 15- 40,170 15
Current expenses
Taxea paia - a.la ,7 1
Checks and other fii.li .,,.,
Items 7,814 31-
llills of National Banks 7,917 00
Fractional currency........ 034 19
Snecla. coin 7,.1'J Al
100,000 ("J
15,3i0 00
4,31!, 75
170,313 53
tender notes....
30,000 00 W.078 C4
.V."J,5J7 til
SMlor.l, Msrrii Ca
l.irerpftol New.Toik arid I'hlladtlplila
Steamship Company,
bis itmncT wiru vaiTin 8T1IeO" ams
For Carrying .the Malls.
or ruaruaa laroaMtTioi;
15 Broadway, New-Iork, art
II. Honpt,
Washington Arcnue, Cairo. nols. 51
Capital atock paid In .. '2? I"!
Circulation outstanding . . W,SO0 t )
Kxcliangc u'3'
in,r.i 1C.W7 ra
1'wfll and loss 10,8:0 73- 40 IW 70
Inditidualilepoiill.t lyLi . J.
15J5.557 C I
Htate of Illinois, Alexander county, si. :
I. w. llv.lop, assistant casnier or mo uny .
tlnnal flank of Cairo, do solemnly swear mat Hi
above statement Ih true io me nsi 01 my Knum
edge ond belief. W. II Y.-iL,U', Aasi. tajuicr,
The Illinois Central Hail Iload Company now
. . . fcuu luiiuw in uoscnoea 101s m rtrs
Addition to the City of Cairo, vix :
I.M block 2U. I,ot 24 block S2,
" U " 10, " 27 hi.
. i ,, sj, " x.t 1,.',
- t 'i 8j, 3t m,
" a hi, at m.
Fur terms, etc. apply lo JAMKS JOHNSON',
ltl Agsu'.
IIF.SIHA11I.K IiWEIjIiI.NO, containing four
Z rooms, good out houses and other eun.
teiileiie, will he sold on reasonable, term". Ap
ply on the premises, corner Eighteenth nml Wal
nut streets. declCtf.
Iinvo concluded to noslnoho tnoir usunl
Thursday night Scdablo, so tlint tho Young
.Men's Chr!lliin Aifoclnlion may Imvo tho
use of tl:o house for Mr. Sltdtgliton's lcc-
tilrv. ThiTcfiiro thiTO will tu no mcinlili!
h.'lil this tvrok. Due liotleo will be givon
of thotlmo rtntl plnco of ilia not meeting.
Co tu thu Thunlor To-Nlght.
"Tho llidiluti Hand."
Last njipcnritnci! in Cairo of thu
Gilbert Sisters.
Our police magistrates did 11 rushing
business yesterday. Shcchaii, -Martin,
Hllllng-lv, .Muhnor, Robertson and tho
ret of tlie force, had between them, some
thirty persons under arrest and in tho
calabooce. Nearly all tho nrrcsl made
wero for lighting, or drunk nnd disorderly
Thu third ball of tho season under the
auspices of llio Terpsichorcan club camo
oil' at thu tit. Charles hotel on last Friday
evening, and was tt niojt enjoyable atl'air.
The company present was composed of
tho most select nnd accomplished young
ladies and gentlemen of Cairo and vicinity.
Everybody enjoyed themselves, and the
onlv expressions of regret uttered was
when It come time to break up and go
Tho scholars of tho Herman school
met at their school house on Christmas
evening, and enjoyed an evening of real
pleasure and recreation. A beautiful
Christmas tree, sparkling with jots and
bright colors, and its branches laden with
trinkets Intended as presents for the little
ones, had been prepared by tho parents
and teachers of tho school. Tho exer
cises consisted of recitations, declamations,
singing, etc., in which tho scholars gavo
amplo proof that tho effort" of their
teachers in their behalf hud not been
Tho ball for tho benefit oftheUerman
chool, which onnie off at .School's hall
last night, was well attended and
was an occasion long to bo rcmctnborcd by
thoso who participated in it. Dancing
commenced nt an early hour in tho even
ing, and until 11. J o'clock was kopt up
without Intermission. At that hour thu
qay company sat down to n most sump
tuou. suppor, prepared by Mr. John School
Suppor over, dancing was resumed and
did not stop until daylight broke upon tho
scene, and warned nil that it wn time to
On Sunday night Marshal Cain was
informed that it light had occured somo
where in tho upper purtof the city, and
that one of tho parties engaged in it was
then nt tho I. C. round house, bleeding
and In an'almost helpless condition from
wounds received in the fracus. "When
tho marshal found him ho was covered
with blood, and upon examination it was
ascertain! d that lie had been stabbed four
tlm0,t in tho back, two of tho cuts beinsr of
it severe and dunuerous character. When
Ri'.v. j. c. sToi'uinof
Will deliver his lecturo entitled
" l'AUTY l'OMTHJ, '
in this city on Thursday evening at 7
o'clock. I'laee Is lo bo announced In next
issue of this paper.
Head tho following tc9timonals:
"Tho lecturo nt the opera houso proved
Mr. Stoughton to be a man of great Intel
lect, nnd it thorough master of tho ftibject
under discission, and tho reputation ho
he has was fully sustained by his lecture,
Aside from the important subject of tho
lecture, it Is 11 literary treat to hear Mr.
"Ho commenced by nt onco grasping
vigorously tho mentality of tho audience,
T.. .... I ll.l.T.... I.!. !.l !.!. ,!.....
xstaousiiiiig ins loaikiuu tvitu i-wriimitj,
honoured ill a running flro of musketry
with remarkable precision, every shot tol
ling. Following this skillful tiro with
rapid advance, every available point well
taken, he opened ns by a coioi d'etat with
a swooping volley of heavy artillery, and
complotod a powerful intellectual victory
and unanimous applauso. '
True promise", unmitakablo argument,
and tho highest logical sequences.
"A fi no voice, graceful figure, trained ges
ticulation and cxccllceut elocutionary
powor. "
Tickots at "W. U. Rockwell & Co.'s and
II. A. llanuou's and II. C. Lollln's.
Y. M. 0. A.
MVSZLiSt.&r 0 iLnAND.:.'."'1 wked where and by whom he was cut, ho
' ' Vnlnrr P.ll.ll,. ..M.l... I.. l.
'" 3 - 1 ham mill no wnsun ins wny iiuniu, uiu uuihii
Correct attest t
W lMIalliday, "1
Liinninuuain. r i
O. I. Williamson, J
RF.SUJENCK No. 21 Thirteenth street, bo.
tweon Washington avenue and Walnut strett.
uttiielii Commercial avenue, up stairs.
R'JSIUK.VCE-cornerNinlh and Walnut ata,
) life-corner Sixth street nnd Ohio levee.
im.' hours-from o a.m. to 1 J m., and 9 p.m
R. S. URIC HAM, M. D.,
Omen, 130 Comhukcial-av.,
Dili jo hours, 8 to 10 a.m. and 1 to3p.ui. ltcst
Icneo No. 14 Ninth slroi-t, Cairo, 111. dec'Jtf.
Fust N'tviosAi. IUkk orCmo,l
December 20, 1871. 1
The annual meeting ol the stockholders of this
liank lor ni election or iiireniors lor ine en
snii.gyear, will bo del J nt its banking hnuo In
Cairo, ou tlio second Tuesday t January, Wi,
between tho hours of 10 n'cl iik a.m. and4 o'clock
u N. iiunitiis, casnier.
11F.IM HKI.FItlCK On Chrlstmns tvanlnu'.
at the residence ( Mr. Fred. Theobald, liy I.
Ilro.., Mr. (ius. llciin to Miss ,nn:i llellrick,
both or this city.
To the newly-wedded coiiplo we tender our
congratulations, nml wish them n I tig lilt' ol
happltiusa and prosperil).
IlEEIin HOLMES. At tho Ht. duties- hotel,
on Tuesday, December 2f. 171, liy tlx, Itev. Ed
win Coan, Mr. William lleeho to Miss Mollie
Holme, both nt Alexander count).
' Mty IhoT llto long ii'id prosper.''
vS'illinm J. Allen, 1
Mm ll.Mnlkey, . CAIHO, 1U.INOW.
rtsiullel I'.Whei-ler.J
oarl'srtieiiliir attention paiJ to river and ad
miralty tiusuiets
omoK-Over Fiftt National Hank, Ohio Levee.
William II. een, ")
JVilhsmll (lilbsrl, I OAlllO, II.I.lfJOlH.
li'es F.Oilbert, J
V.Spuo attentiongTvea to Admiralty and
rteimbjat business,
0r-nc-&1110 LEVEE, ROOMS 7 AND 8 OVER
7it n
"";!f"1ned.l'r)P"tora ot the Diltv and
, . nisi received an G.sinri
... . ,..,r.t sivies or joo I'rlntln
" iU"l" i'r' 'ut complete oTiofncei
.'bo hiulli and Wst. They Hatter themselves
'-t they possess lacllUUs' for turning out
frlipUy, "a ' lx-.t style ot the Art, BlTwork
, J "'lln' ff0;n unallesj card or
il to Hie mammoth pouter, and at prices
liiu'i l.jmi with our busiiiesi men no good ex-
rV sending their work lo bt. Uul, Clin.
Cliicago. JNO. U. OUERI.Y A CO
a stranger, had lost his route and stopped
at n negro house, outsidcjthn levee, to in
quiro which way to go. rto sooner wis
tho door opened than half a do.cn negroes
pounced upon him, and it was one of thim
that stubbed him. Ho seems to.ho unab
to tell just wheru it was done, and is tin
ftMo oc9Urfbu tho titirhov C'mt liflf tt.
Tho "Hidden Hand. '
Last Appoaranco of tho Gilbert',
(in no occasion sinco the appearance
of tho Gilbert Sister's dramatic troti e in
this city has tho Athcneum been so full ae
it was on Christinas nitiht the occasion
of Mr. John V. Gilbert's benefit. Every
seat In the hoti'u was occupied, and yet
many wero compelled to stand.
Tho play, tho " Octoroon, " was rendered
In a most satisfactory manner, and won tho
nppkuso of every one In that large and
appreciative nudlcnco,
In tho character of ''.o the Octuroon,"
Katio Gilbert, won tho pruUc of every ono.
Mrs. Jennie Grayson and Sirs. Fox were
applauded by nil. .las. Gilbert, as tho In
ventor, und "bustur up" of thu Terre,
bonne concern is iuimitablo, whilo Mark
Grayson, as .McClosky, has no superior,
Simcoe Leo did tho "big Ingin" in lino
style, as did al-o Ish Audcreon
the character of old " l'ele, " the nigger.
J.at night, the company gavo n repro
duction of the piny entitled tho "Ticket
ofLeuvoMan." As on tho occasion of
the first production it vm well played
To-night, benefit of tho Odd-Fellows
lodge, and last nppe.tr.inco of the company
in Ibis cilv, tho popular dramatization of
Mrs. Soutliworth's story of " Tlio Hidden
liana, will ha poriunncu. As this is
tho last night thu company will plav in
this city, it is hoped there will bo a
full lione.
His honor, Smilro Sliaiinessy, hud hit
hands full yesterday passing' judgment
on the poor devils who got drunk during
uiirislmas day mid night and wero "taken
In" by tho police. Up lo noon the old
Justleo had consigned nlno to tho citv Jail,
nnd allotvod ns many moro to go a:iult
upon payment of lilies imposed.
Frank Marshal vagrancy, oltrhtcon
unys Hi calaboose.
Charlie Green drunk and disorderly.
Thirteen days In calnbooso.
Jack Robinson, for fighting was lined
flvo dollars and costs. Sent over lo Mc
Ualo'a for thirtcon days.
Mollio "Williams, a colored lady, was
up on a ciiargo ol vagrancy. Sho was
sent to tho calaboose for a term of
eighteen days.
Gcorgo Robinson, Joseph Travis and
Mollio Cole, wero arrested on it chargu of
vagrancy. 'I hoy wore each fined ten dol
lars and costs. Paid.
J..K. Parks nnd Charllo Williams,
wero arrested on n charge of disorderly
conduct. I hey wero each lined
$3 nnd coHs. Paid.
A drunken folldw made considerublo
noiso dtirmt; tho performance at tho
Athencum on Monday 'night. Ho was
requested to go out doors, nnd upon re
fusing to do so, was hutled out nt the rate
of about -: I0.
-Pal Hughes, Ostln Kolly, Calvin
Moody, John Sullivan and Ilcrr von Ills-
innrck wero arrested for Indulging in
"plain drunks." Huglios nnd Sullivan
wero dismissed, nnd tho other three sent to
help McIIalo repair the sidewalks.
11111 Rafferty, a laborer on tho Cairo
and St. I.ouU railroad, came to town to
spend Christmas, nnd meeting "some more
of tho bovH, " gotdrunk, Ho had nomon
cy, nnd would probably loose his situation
if ho was detained by lulng locked up in
tho city jail. Dismissed.
-Georgo Grimes', an engineer, nr.d Jas
Mrsllridc, a fireman, on llio Illinois Cen
tral railroad, weru urrcsted by Cain, Shce-
h.tn and Martin, for drunkenness and dis
orderly conduct. They were taken before
his honor, nnd n fine of 52 and tho trim
tilings assessed against each of them.
On Saturday night about 9 o'clock, in
front of the "Clipper saloon," on Commcr
clal nvciiue, a fight occurred between Mol
Ho Sherman and Iter husband, durine
which Molliu plunged tho blndo of it knife
into faherman s breast, inflicting a severe
though not dangerous wound. Mollie was
ing William Ehlcrs. boot nnd shoo maker, I
ns worthy of most liberal patronage. Wo
Know wnercoi wo speak when wo fay his
work is done In a masterly manner at the
lowest prices. Ho uses njlhlng but tho
best of stock, nnd ho cannot bo excelled In
thu tbllcito task of making an oxnet lit.
01 vo him n call nt his shop on Twentieth
street, between Washington tivonuo and
Poplar street, nearly opposito tho court
house, and wo will guarantee satisfaction
J ns. Kynnston tho popular Fourth
ward butcher, at tho cornor of Nine
teenth nnd Poplar streets, is acknowl
edged lo keep tho best meats to bu found
In tho city. On his rccunt trln lo St
Louis, ho purchased as finon lot of young,
fat beef cattle as was ever brought to this
mnrkct, two of which, weighing 3,000
pounds, ho Is keeping especially for
Christmas. Ho sells tho very best of beef
at from II vo to twolvo and n half cents per
pound. Ho hns mutton, veal, nnd pork
cquul to any found in tho city, and it will
bo sold ns low as tho lowest. Remember
tho place, corner Nineteenth and Poplar
streets. dlfidtf
On Saturday, tho 30lh day of Decern
bcr, I will sell at public auction tho fol
lowing property, left on my whnrfiKmt
uncalled for :
l'J baskets,
3 boxes glass,
1 gas machine,
1 box tinware,
'J boxes merchandise,
1 box glasswnre,
7 bundles saddlc-trccJ,
1 lot beer kegs,
1 lot felloes,
dlt. J. M. l'llll.l.li's,
Mr. J. 0. Carson, Coiitmereial-av., be
tween Ninth nnd Tenth streets has re
ceived his stock of holiday goods j and
when wo say that It U ono of tho largest
nnd best selected over brought to thu city,
wo nro net haying too much. Ho has v-
rythlng that should bo kept In a first-class
toy or fancy goods store. In thu way of
work boxes, he has them of every simpu
and form, ranging In price from fifty
cents upwards; and of glovo nnd hand-
erchlef boxes, holms thorn of every style,
In endless quantity, and at nil prices ;
pictures, of the lmndsomcst designs,
and plcluro frames of all sl.es and shapes
tit prices within tho reach of till. Knivex,
torus, spoons nnu plated waro are among
tho ittti'ncllons of Mr. Carson's stock. Ho
has dolls of every size, 'from tho mot diminutive-
to that.of a year old child In sl.o
in endless variety, and nt nil pricc; vaccs,
i mi lie corcrs, nnd in fact, anything and
overvthiiiL' menlionablu nro to bu found
there. Mr.C. is determined not bo under
sold by any other dealer In thu city, and
has consequently marked his goods down
lo tho lowest living prices. He respect
fully asks n compurl'ou of uoods and
prices. Givohim a rail. declOtf
fire on Saturday night the ICth, ono D.ty
Hook nnd ono Sales Hook. I will pay tin
dollar for both, or five dollars for cither
of said lioks if left nt Mr. C. llannv's
tore. II. S. Haiiiiki.!..
Iijun ropy 3 tunc
II is true that lihinkciiburg's Excel
slor saloon is now one of thu Institutions
of tho city. All drinkers who liko really
excellent liquors whiskies, wines, beer,
etc. go to tho Excolsior stlooti, which is
fitted up In splendid style, llluiikunburg
who knows how to keep a saloon, spreads
a tine freo lunch every morning and eve
ning, nnd, as ho forcibly exposes it,
'Sweetens tho lunch with music. '' Ho
has cmployod tho services of a ttnt-rale
pianist, who makes the grand piano
which stands in ono end of tho saloon
speak out In musical tones. Everybody
is invited. The best order is maintained,
nnd nil improper character suppressed
with neatness, cheapness and dispatch. Ev
erybody knows that the Excelsior stloon
is at tho corner of Washington nvenue and
Fourteenth street.
Foil Salk. A cottago on l'Jth street
containing 7 rooms, cistern and out
houses complete. Apply to
Vf. AV. TiloitNTov
uhtt.n. KEXFOiti) -Proprietor.
Cairo, Illisois.
'H loasca ohio lint 4X6 licoiD IT.,
Tha in
regret to
ted .State.
prospectus W. Vlxmaim Home hi (Jit Ctiti
company which has throw
thu English market. Of co
Ister'i name thevo is used for n fr4Ht.crt.tIr- a
ptn( than to ratlify tho English capitHlliUi
rtlbl K:osl every moriiliiiT, JIiiily
Last night of the Gilbert'
l'euieuibur tills is llio last night of tho
Gilbert troupo in thi city. Go.
R. Y. Pierce, M 1)., of Ilull'alo, N. Y.,
will send his little book on Chtonic dis
eases free lu any addruts. l&wll. fi'JU.
ChrhtmtiH was a day productive of
an unusual number of "plain drunks,"
Otherwise it passed oil' very quietly.
The ndjmriu'd term of the Alexander
county probate court cunvoned yesterday.
Tho term is likuly tu" stretch out " rs
thcro Is a largo aniuiuil of tangled business
to bo uutnnglcd.
Tho county court has removed Mr.
Sniily from thu overseerslilp of tho poor
farm mid placed Dr. Gibbs in his stead.
Tho doctor is snld to be tho right man in
tho right place.
A ring containing threo koys was
picked up on Seventh sticet on Sun
day Ian. Tho owner can have thorn by
calling at this office, describing property
and paying charges. d, It.
The Gilbert SLtors dramatlojruupe
will to-night appear for th'j last time in
this city. To-night they propose to glvu
an entertainment, the proceeds to bu do.
natcd to tho Odd-Fullow's lodge of this
city. Let there bo a full house.
Mrs, M. J, Whlto, lalo of tho South,
em hotel, U re-opening tho Commercial
hotel, on Commercial avenue, near tho cor
nor of sixth street, Mrs. Whito has hud
much experience in hotel business, and
will bo sure lo command a liboral sharo
of tho public patronage.
On Christinas day wo received from
Mr. Jack "Winter a mpply of the finest,
largest und best flavored oyler wo haro
euten this sea.on. Mr. Winter i dally in
receipt of oysters' of tho mum brund, and
If nny ono wishes to make euro of a can of
700(1 oyttnrs, lot them go to tho Old Del
I monico.
1 The 1 idles of the Pre.bi tori.in i hureh
-Mr. Alden, of the firm of Thomas &
Alden, has just returned from a four
weeks, trip south.
-Mr. John J. McGiuness, city oditor
of Willinmsport, Ph., Gazette ami Hid'
Miu, and -Mr. T. H. AVhipple, of tho
Jackson, (Miss.,) I'dot, called upon us n
day or two since.
J. P. Dunlevy, Str. Esporanza ; S. A.
Toms, Str. Mohawk j G. N. Orton, Chi
cago ; Jas. Henderson nnd wife, Cincin
nati, O. ; Jas. Coreau, Miss Mary, Tipton
ville, Tenn. ; J. A. Simmon?, .Memphis,
Tenii.; Henry llrady, Tiptonville, Term, j
AY. A. lleebe, Oakland, Ont.j F IJ. Ynl
lete, St. Louis. Mo,; Miss Molliu llolmef,
rnity, III. , Miss. H. Efllrown, Thebef,
HI. sK. It. Chester, .Mound City, Illinois,
.liio. A. Hiui'er mid wife, St. Louis; .las.
MorrN, Capo Girardeau ; N. S. Penning
ton, Evansvillo; I. S. Yorbsyeh, Shroto
Port; E.C. Priuco St, Louis; A. W. Rob
ins, MudUou ; J. W- Hall, Paducah ; L
A.Sabun, Vitlparini; S. M. Parcell, Padli.
call; Janioi Clans, Contrnlia; W. II.
Owen, E. M. Dudley, Chicago; Geo. N.
llcred, Marion county, 111.; J. AV. Ilrooni
tleld,St. L'jiiIs; Chin. .1. Weeden wlfoand
sister, Chicago.
Tho following wero tho arrivals nt tho
Dulniouieo hotel, Win. AYinter, proprie
tor, since last report to ! o'clock, p. rn. :
John F. Mcginnis, W. M. Dictrick, Wil
linmsport, Pa.; T. J. Presaloy, Puhibkl
Co. ; E. Y. Hathawii'p, Princeton ; G. AV.
Patrick, Mt. Carinel, 111.; Mrs. Dobbs,
Goose Island;.!. G.IIrowno, AVm.l Strieker,
lt'ver: Geo. Clark, Louisville; AV. L.
Marsh, Centralla, III.; A. F. Protein,
Jiiekson, Tenn.; I. J. Abrahaiisoii, Liltlo
Roek; W. It. Neal, City; Louis Heel. with,
Wolf Island ; J. H. Nunneley and wife,
Middle-town, O. ; J, 11, Morohead, St. Lou
is; Thos. R. H.Goslie, River ; M. John
AVard, St. Louis; .1. W. R. Herford,
Lynchburg; Joseph Thicker, Fvaiisville i
H. C. AVilkos, Now Madrid ; J. S. Daven
port and family, Little Rock ; II. A. Hof
finan, John Gllllii, Str. John Kylu; Geo
A. Habbltt, Chicago; M. Hor.og, It. II. L,
Jaques, Frank Utile, St. Louis, Mo.; Juek
AVilllams, Paducah; H. Fornedlng, .Mound
City; A. R. Phillips, Now Madrid;
Harry llranwick, St. Louis; A.
Moesohheimcr, Dongolu ; S. S, Hite,
Hallard Co. ; Co. J. G. Harris, River i
S. II. Watson, Now Orleans; Jno. II
Sorntttg, Evansvillo; Geo. AV. Harringur,
Jonesboro; T. F. Walker, and lady,
Moud City; Geo. A. Slockton and lady
Mound City ; A. It. Phillips, Now Madrid ;
Tliad Sederborg, river; F. M. AVIlliains,
Jonesboro; C, M, Feirell, Elizabtthtown ;
A, .1. Carroll, Evansvillo ; J. Kreshett and
lady, Puluski ; J . A. Slinmnnf, ilcmplils ;
II. T. Athlon, river; II. llotipt and family,
city; Jno. Roiintou, Haltimoro; J. il.Caf
fery and wife, LouUvlllu ; A. C. Slovens,
Mllwaukuo j Shepard lluekman, St. Louis;
A, G, Andoson, Str, lvato Klnnv; E. A,
Yost, Mt. Areruun.
The "Hidden Hand"
At tho Athennum.
1 will sell on Thursday, Dec ''Sth, 1871,
at Cairo, Illinois, for tho benefit of whom
it may concern, the machinery saved from
tho wreck of tho str. Virginia us follows:
1 boilers, 1 steam drum,
1 nigger and engine, - cylinders,
4 slides, 2 pitmnns,
Lot hog chains, T heads,
Camrods andjbrasscs complete,
li shafts, flanges and cranks,
Doctor and heaters, 1 nigger engine,
1! copper steam pipes, cargo wheels,
2 iron " " 1 anchor 850 lbs.,
Lot chimney guys, 1 whistle,
Lot escape pipes, engine boll,
U pillow blocks and c:ip.
250 feet inch chain,
1 Pilot wheel.
D. Haiit.man, Auctioneer.
In view of tho many complaints against
tho conduct of lnuranco companies lately,
whether founded or unfounded, the uiider
Mgncd tako plcasuro in bearing witness to
tlio lair adjustment and prompt payment,
in cash, of our claims against tlio Andkh
and Amazon insurance companies of Cin
cinnati for building and mcrchandiso and
dwelling and furniture insured by thosu
companies ami destroyed by flro a few
days since. Tho money comes lo us on
tills day, tu it were, liko n Christmas gift.
H. S. Haukell.
JIus. John St'i.i.iVAN.
Cairo, Ueeombur 'J,',th, 1871.
C. N', Hughes, Agent nbovo mimed
companies, at Cairo.
It has been definitely settled that Ml.s
Dr. Satlbrd's Ieeturo will bo delivered in
tho Athoiicum on Saturday evening next
December 30th, To urge tho lecturo go
ing pcoplo of tho city to turn out on tills
cccasion would bo folly, for not only that
class who attend lectures, no matter by
whom delivered, but nearly every person
n tho city who know anything of Miss
Snfi'ord's career, will bo at tho Atlionoiiui
on Saturday ovmlng. Soaiiro scats in
Piano Tu.vi.no. Parties wishing thoir
pianos tuned will please address C.
Kobbins at postotllce, or leave word with
his brother. Price 1,01) or $3,00 a year, In
cluding nt least two 'linings and ordinary
repairing, strings, &o.
Ukiuk Si'ov- ron Rknt. Tho brick
store. No. "a )liio Lovce, now occupied
by F. M. Stccklleth, Esq., Is offered fot
rent, und will bo vacant on tho 18th inst
Apply to JNO, II. PillLLIH.
Avkhttiik Evil. If mothers would
glvo Mrs. Whitcomb's. Syrup to thoir
children when kick, mortality would bo
leu among them. It rosti only 25 cents,
To have magazines, periodicals, news
papers, or books rebound, try Tin: Hui.lk-
tin bindery. AVo are prepared to turn
out work In first-class stylo at prlce3 ns
low as can bo obtained in St. Louis, Chica
go or Cincinnati.
Whore aro you going? To tho place
number 03, Ohio levee, where they keep
tho best fresh oysters, llsh and game, n:iJ
tho finest wines, liquors and cigars to be
found in tho city. Open nt nil hours, tUy
I or night. J. E. Paukh
Ho ! for Hally !
NewStoro! New Goods!
Host assortment of
Cooking nnd Heating Stoves
over brought to Cairo,
on Washington avenue, three doors nbovo
Tenth street.
Alderman Fitzgerald has just received
from Ireland, a lot of tho finest Irish
whisky. Tho sample rooms nro becoming
quito a popular place of resort, and it is a
fact well known that at no other placo in
tho city is there to bo found bettor whis
kies, wines nnd cigars.
Mr. H.T. Gerould has procured tho
si'i rices of a bell hanger, who will uttend
lonll calls for work in his lino with prompt
ness. Hell hangings repaired, ropes ad
justed, etc., in first class order. Leave or
ders at .Mr. Gerould's office, Winter's
block, corner Seventh street and Com
mercial avenue. dcc.'JI-d-tf.
Great inducements to any ono wish
ing to buy a first-class piano or orgnn.
E. iV- AV. Huder oiler their entire stock in
thu piano nnd organ lino nt tho actual
cost of tho instruments. Thoy aro desir
ous of closing out tho stock so that they
may use tho room fur jewelry manufactur
ing purposes.
J. 0. Cntson,
Has a Fine Stock of Holiday Goods,
Fancy Goods,
Commercial Avenue,
Hetwcen Ninth and Tenth streets.
Mrs. .McGoo having njhirgu Ktock of
millinery goods of fall and winter styles,
has determined to sell thorn oil' at tho low
et prices. Hats from sovnnty-llvo cents
and upwards, among which may bo found
lino French fol worth two dollars apiece
which will be sold for ono dollar nnd
twenty-five cents. All sorts of ribbon
trimmings, good velvets, llowors, etc., nil
of which aro offered at cxtremoly low
prices. declOtf
Tlio Under Hrothcrs, cornor Eighth
street and Washington nvonuo, have re
ceived a bran-now lot of tho latest-styled
breast-pins, ear-rings, finger rings, brae
lets, watches, clocks, olc, tmd, invito tho
public to call and inspect the stock. They
nro also agonts for 'ho Davis' sowing ma
chine, lluidett organsar.d St. Louis pianos,
and oiler to tho public tho best bargains to
bo obtained at any placo lu Southern Ill
inois. Thk JIui.lctin printing establish
mentis now prepared to rccoivo ordors for
blank books of a'l kinds, largo and small.
Merchant, bankers, ofilcors and business
men generally who deslro now sets of
books, tliould hand in their ordors, Our
facilities enable us to compote with the
first blank book lnanufalories in tho AVost,
both In quality of work and prlco. Par
tics desiring any description of blank
book work nro invited to call mid examine
bonks and pikes.
We have no hesitation in recommend-
the twentt-sixth or dkckmiikh fixed
Determined to dispose of all the tickets
in his lottery salc.Mr. F. Vincent has con
eluded to postpone the drawing until the
2Cth of December. Ho Is now civing tho
matter his devoted attention, and is meet
ing with the most gratifying success on
evertr hand.
There nro six prizes, the principal
prize, as is well-known, bring a splendid
reidencc, that was erected at a cot of $10,
000. 1 ho rcmainin'r 11 vr prizes are
follows :
Lot 31, block I, 3d addition to tho cltv
of Cairo, valued al iMO.
Lot block 4, 3d addition lo the elis
or Cairo, valued at $300.
Lot 30, block I, 3d addition tho city of
L'airo, valued at 5300.
Lot 83, block 1,3d addition to the clly of
Jairo, valued at t-JOO.
Lot 17. block 13. In tho citr of Cairo
Illinois, valued at .?300. octGdtf
H learner.
Where from.
Where lo
Mary McDonald, St. Louis
St. Joseph, .Memphis.
ir Kansas llelle,... .....
Heu, Memphis.
John Kyle,
.N. ()
1i'itir EtkM.xn, Dee. 20, 1871
Tho general market i in a Mack con
iitlon, induced by several causas. Prepara
tion for the holidays has had 11 tendency
to make trade, except purely local, some
what dull, and as a consequence.
our reports of sales nro meager
Tho lack of tonnaco to
Now Orleans prevents activity in Grain
and Hay. Tho demand is good, but even
nt tlio present hiuh rato of freight, it is
nlmost impossiblo to proeuro shipping
For this reason, business hns been almost
at a slntid still for tho last fow days.
FLOCK. Firm and in sood demand
Sales wero
COO bbls. various grades, on
orders ?fo t0aJ8 f,0
1C00 bbls. various grades, .... f 50a$'J 00
H It AN. 100 sacks $21 00
CORN. Tlio demand is good at previ
ous quotations, but sales aro few for tho
reasons abovo slated. Sales wore
1 en , strong White, in sacks, del 50c
1 " " on orders Olc
OATS. Prices nio unchanged. Sales
1 car in bulk on track 'Mo
3 cars In sacks, delivered 4fica4u
200 sacks, on orders 17c
HAY. Tho market is flat. Thoro is n
largo stock on thn tnarkot but nuno mov
ing, on account of tho scarcity of ship
ping facilities. Sales were
Scars, Mixed, dol 32 00
1 Choico Timothy.del 23 00
U UTTER. Arory dull for all sorts nnd
prices tend downward. Silos woro
30 pks Choico Nor. Roll 23ec25
C " 'J4o
10 " Common 10clGc
EGGS. Easior. Thn demand is good.
Quotations unchanged. Sales wore
27 pkgs shippers count 32c35c.
POULTRY. Tho market is over
stocked and vory dull. Sales woro
7 coops live Chickens 2 00a2 CO
10 dox dressed " '-! CO
71 lbs " Turkeys.... :.15o
7 dor. " Geeso '. ! 50
MEAL. Sales woro
100 bbls Steam Dried on orders $.1 15
.POTATOES. A'ury little doing. Sales
58 bbls Choico Peach Ulow SX&O
APPLES. Prices have an upward ten
dency. Sales woro
18 bbls. ropacked, 011 orders $5,00
PROVISIONS. AVo qtioto I tlorco
sugar cured llams,12c, 11000 lbs. Clear sides
dry salt, 7c, lOdrossod Hogs, 4JcaCo.
FRUIT, 10 bbls, oranges, 15 CO
SUNDRIES, 200 bid. Lime, del.
$1 25
Tho river has risen about onu foot ilno
Sunday; on that day it was 10 inche
lower than it has been any time this year
iik v.iiitiuuati iiiu in er win nbuiiunui
yesterday, with 7 feet two inches in tin
slowlv. The -Monongnhcla is reported to
Hn if ri ti'n.fll tnrtir4 Al KvilHri Vlll
.1 r.ll:.... 'I'l.. fi.i.
sippi has probably risen' a fow inches but
.1.... . I.... 1 1 ...tt.. -.t .,1 ...
mains closed. If It it open why don t
i . .1. .1 X
BUJI1U Ul iUU UVIt.ll bllilV v
1 -.1 1 .1...t
anco ? Tho McDcnnld reported but
. . 1... !.. il I .! FT!. i
pniwirfnd tmrtit nt 1 AhottV UliimL AVllLTi
' bu,bv .
.1 .i . . n ft ft I. .
below Cairo.
XV KAT11 Kit AM) IILhI'Kii.
uurtng th crnftt?r purt or yefcterudv lu
kuaru !uiiiij uiu any wua luikuu im
for It.
I. .- .1.. . L .. ,.-..
Kuarncy bound from this port to .Now
OHrflnv with n rrmil Imiil if rniscmluncous
freight had struck a tnu night liefore
last at Island 82, touring n largo hole in
her hull causing her to sunk in 12 fie', wa
ter. AS'e were unable to learn any parti-culars.
After a week of trouble tho .McDonald
arrived from St. Louts. Sho had to lay up
at Grand Tower several days on account
of tho ico. She reported tho river ns being
in a deplorable condition.
Capt. J. Lusk well known in this city is
confined to his room in St. Louis by a
severe spell of sickness. AVu hope soon
lo hear of his being convalescent.
Tlio Kato Kinney went up to Mound
City to bo taken out on tho ways. Sho
will have a few repairs put on her hull;
when sho comes oil' sho will return hero
and loud for New Orleans.
Tho Quickstep is on the docks nt Padu
cah liavingher hull corked. She hns had
all tho oakum torn out of tho scams by
snagging on thu sand bars.
Tho Arkansas Hollo rccclvod u load for
Memphis nnd left Christmas evening.
Shohndto withdraw from the Kvunsvlllo
trndo on account of tho scarcity of water.
Tho John Lumsden has again entered
tho Evansvillo traJe, in place of tho
Quickstep, during tho low water.
The Hco returned from Memphis, with
part of tlie tow of tho Crescent City. Sho
loaves to-day with a tow for Now Orleans.
Tho P. AV. Strador and Occnnus aro load
ing for Now Orleans.
Tho Hollo Memphis has laid up. dipt,
Crane, Hilly lllanker and the rest of tho
crow hnvo gono home.
Tho Malllo Ragon has hernowchliiiiiii's
placod in position.
Tho John ICylo cleared for Now Orleans
last night with n good trip of freight and
Tho machinery of tho Virginia will bo
sold to-morrow at auction.
It was reported by a St. Louis contem
porary that tho T. F. Kokcrt would com
mence removing Haconrock yesterday.
Thu roport was incorrect. Cnpt. Dugaii
is ready to romovo it if ho can got enough
nionoy to satisfy him doing so.
Go to the Athenoum To-night,
Last Night of
Tho Gilbert Sisters dramatic troupe.
Clfy Xnf louitl Iliiuk Hiilldliiir,
s.Speclnl attention i aid to orders, from.,, tarn
boats night or day.-SU

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