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, sr.lM.Nn..l.'',
it f nr Sander, : jit. 171, ihcAMJaw-
.e-ablovpll govern thtrrhl .fl ir,'l
..re . ,' piMinxertrtlfl'i Ciltot
'irit r M l Ire -i. Ha r,... i!!? "I!1
I-xn r ...I 't- Mr "
I -IH !, l.. a1"1
Eiprrn. (laity, exci il Sunday ' I'
N"..th(i)g'i'f f.fr fnimfjiiro m HI. Jn
. miner p'ei.- frntr Orni to Cilr". Klppanl
"v'ri; Itwni .leepiiut ir w ng'1 '""
e elitcked t.inll impo''"1' ln'.
tVIH inn'.tn Hi ..p tnp daily.
uivixa rin
LcttiMi moi Mum
At nan - i.iii.
t l .n 111.
At 'i -p.m.
l II
At 30.,
Farn racli ). H.I pi'iiii 1 1 ll'ltpl for !.' W
Will lan(,uhcti iiillc.l, at niiv mf ojinn.l mip
andinglorpacnt;fror UAi, nnv.'lif.
The fine ate ntni'i-
0U3 KOWI.r.K Muster
Will lentcCnlro fjr l".vnvllle every Pimdny nml
Thuradny ienlnK, nt .' oYloct, p.m. For
frelKnt nr pinnge, nnply on board or In
Jan a If .IA". 111003, Ar(.
Wrikty Pivkcl fur Piidtic.tli, EvaiiMille and l.nii.
Im UIp, the fai onto atcaiucr,
T. . llYMAV,3lnslcr.
a. eavei Cairo pvcry SATUDKAY nt 5 o'clock p.m.
"Star"' 'r',,', or I1""! apply on bonrdur lo
' JAN. IIIC.C1N, At'l.
TIip ttlrnJlil Henmer
Jopl'nnlrr, -Muster.
Cilrj HII.V, (4mliri cxpeiitnli nt I
r..r Iraulitor pmm npolj onboardor
J.". Jill. WIS, AK'I
C'umbprlnud Itlvcr Pnckrt
The splendid ulcmner
TOM HAltMAN...Mn.ler ALEX. 1IAKD Clerk
Will leave Cairo every Thur.da .t A oVIopk p.m.
forClarksrllle, nnd Nashville. For tropin or
JA9 1II00S, AR't.
The Ra'.lant ateanier
OWEN DAVJ8...Mater I Cleik
Will leave Cairo every t-atiinlay nt i oVIock r.m.
for .aahvilie, Clnrkmilleand nil wiiy point. For
Jlf. .'AS. UUiUS, A(?'t.
The i;ood Blenmer
WII.EV SIMM9....Mi!ler -Clerk
1,'.lt, . . .
n 111 icvo vairo every .iioonny nt s o clock, p.m.
for 'ahvllle, nnd nil wiiy po'
r.. v.i.ti,. ..... ..
For frelRht or
,.rt-on, jipi) on uu;tru nr to
J If JAS. IlKiti ', Ait
tn.nian.AST Ticitrrs.
VOIl SALE, For Snlo roil SALE,
Foro from LiVKitrooi,
Fnro from Londcmikkky
Euro from Glasgow,
Faro from Qukk.vctown
TO CAIKO, ::::;::: $ J 8 2 0
Sallord, Morrn .t t'.i
l.nrrpool Keiv-VmU nhd J'hllndilphi.i
Stcnnishij) Company,
Bra coTatcT wirii imtro vnr"M puivuii
For Cirrjins tii Mill.
oa ii'tiTum i.roBMiviov
Vi llroalmiy. .Vcw-ioik, ortu
II. II o it i I ,
Wa.hinton Au-niie, c.nn. um..
I'Olt nai.i:
T , li
non ( nirul IU I Hon I Coino
Alt rtlA If.lln. v.r,,.. I '
ii y now
U " ' ''Ot ill block K.
' 3 t.J,
Hit ' '
RBSJIIENCE-No. '.'I Tlurteenlh Mreet. b...
trtven anhiiijjion avenue and Walnut Mrrit.
O'ttlftKXCE-corner.Vinth nud Wnlnill l.
IbMi'tf-xioriier nixtli lreet nnd Uhio levee.
oiti,;. Imura from n a.m. to lit m., nnd U p.m
R.s. imIgTi7vm7!m. i).,
OrncK, 130 Commerciai-aw,
dtnee Ao.ltMnlhatreet, Cairo III, deelMf.
John 11. Miiiiidv.
niiiiam J.Allen, 1
Bamuel I'.WheoJer..
OFFICK-Over Fimtp,, Kan),, (jllo j,,.ai
William H. ecu, 1
M,ttSilSe,:r,'JCA,1,- LUN0Ih'
imipfjMs 7 AM) 8 oyKit
cmakles m. iiowe.hjo!,
No. 04 Oliio Lovec,
Nolice i hereby lren Hint on Tuendnv, the
liill ilayof Jntiimry. A. I) 1S72, liPtirccn tho
hmir nf Irn n'plork in Iho forenoon nnd live
uVlooii Mi Hip nf.po no in ofunlj day, nnd ccin'
liicia'lnx nt the lionr ol trn o'clonlt
uf mill dny, nt tlm l.ilp llnl
np li')iip nf niter A JUInnpv, mi l.nt 39,
n llli:k W, on fllihtroet, In tlir City nf Cairo,
lllliinl., Imll h II nnd dlnpniiii of at p lblio )'
lion, fur i iiIi, nil nnd nlnxular Hip hooiIh nml
plmMu prnpi'riy ol tne Into llrm of Wnltpr A- Mt
l.iiicv, i oii"-IImh it Two MhIp, ono wngnn, net
ol liiiiip.-. 1 1 it. (inn K-alo-, fprlnn b.ilancn
.SmIcj, ..uiii,i(,',lrliidprntid "tullor, Mnt Hock
or, plioppcr, tilocku, knlrc, fKwn, pornper, licnm
aon'p., uairr tank, Inrd prc,
turd cnn, choke pin?, Iinishp", torn
lieef IjOp, liriioniD, can, n",
lm'kt, and rnrinua other nrllcle, lmplenienla
and tool lol.e found In n llrt ela llulc.lcr Cf
tnbllthment ialo, tnio; lieiNiead nnd heddlnR,
trinlti, lnlle, clock nnd rundry other article of
(nr. lliirc ! nlo, the hflniiRliler IIoue of tlm Into
flrinol WutlerA .Mnloney, looth r with nil tho
lliinrpi. nnd nppnrlennnee, tlicr unto liPlonR.
Ini, allnnteil onmldn the Mi.it tralnpi Levee,
Cairo. Ilia .IncludinK the riKhl nnd Intereat of
anld Walter A Malnney In tne ground whereon
(nld (Inuxhtcr Iioiicp l. nituntu nt tenants nt auf
fpran.'ool Tn)lnr A I'nraotK, TriMtcoi of the
Cairo City l'roperty, nt tho renin! of f.1. per
inonlli i hI(i, IjiiHoik nnd aundry other nrliclea
ol fernmnl properly lm numcrnui to mention.
Sale without rp.ciVB, nnd orent lurcama mny bo
ctpeeteil, JACOU WAl.TKIt,
Mirvmnft piitlnrrnctlie lite firm of Walter
.M Unrv.
Cairo, tll... Dec. 30, 1P7I.
mill-. CnpnttneralilpexIMInK 1-elween the un
.l.derxijncd will expire on or beforo
the lft day of Anrll next. 1'er-
aom indebted to us nro renutat.
ed to settle their nccounli, h tho hooka on and
after that day villi bo placed in other hand tor
collection. OIIKEI.EV & l'ATIBR.
Cnlr i, Jnn. 3, 1672.
..... ....H.,.,(n,...,,,..,.M,,l(M,.
I'liblMiril vcry ninrnlnK, Slondnjr ex.
Now Year's dny was n very dull dny
in ivairn, ami passed oil very quietly.
Diiritir tlio past twenty-fotir hours tlio
Ohio river has risen thirteen inches.
Married, Decombcr 20lh hy Rev
lompiison, 3Ir. Lcnard J. Mitchell to
Miss Lucy Crane.
Tlio amount realized overall expenses
by Jiisn batlord'ulecttiro and to bo used in
nlloviatitig tho wants of tho poor of tho eitv
is about $145.
A negro had his brokon ycaterday
in linlnlnir (r.X,ln.t M . .
tlio ttoanipr Y'eargcr. Ho was sent to tho
hospital for treatment.
Mat. Hums has tnkon out murium'
license, paid for it, and gavo bond for theb
good behaviour In tlio Mim of $5G0. lint
U proprietor of a good Iioupo.
Thero was a joint s-ofeloii of tho City
Council Inst night. Thu pafsago of n num
ber of bills and some miscellaniotis busi
ness was all that como beforo tho meeting.
Young Indies mid gentlemen under
fifteen yenrs of ago, will bu admitted to
the Denton lectures fur half price. Re
served seats can be procured for '-'5 cunt
extra, each night, ofl). Hartman.
Only two cuscs wcro before llross yr
torday. Alfred Johnson nnd Rarny
Hudgers got drunk on ctt
Years day nml wore t tken in by the po
lice. Tlioy wcro fent to tho ciiluWfo to
fervo out nino days each.
Tlio Cairo Sun mado It appenrnnco
jesturuny cniurgeil, in nw form, and
containing much reading inattor. Wo
nro pleased to tet! thrs evidenco of our
neighbor's prosperity, nnd hope ho may
continuo to iloirUh und.grow rich.
At a meeting of tint Ladic' llonovo
lent SocVtty of Criro, n voto of thanks
w.n UHatiimously nwirded to Dr. Mary J.
Sallord for her kiudnen in deliverim' iho
leciuro or ni.i h.itunliiy night. Over and
above all nxpenscs, tho proceed of tho
lecture wcro $l ir.oo.
During thu month of December tlio
Amount of flue niu;nl ngninst persons
nrrcMcd by night polioummi Sheehiin was
$303; amount of Unc paid was SllGi
amount of lines uiiirtld S18C, and tlio com
mitiiiunts, woru, in I hu aggregate, JI6 dayi
A very good month',, work.
Great inducement!, to nny ono wish
ing to buy it llrst-cluss piano or organ.
E. A- W. lludur ollei their entiro ftock In
v)nn nnd organ lino nt iho iictii.il
M)U ol the insmimoiiv,. TUny nr.. du.ir.
0111 of c)(itlt! Ollt tho fctnlt- en ll,..t !...
I 'nay ti!o tho room for jewelry manufactur-
,nU vurposes.
v' II. T. (ierould has procured tho
bull hanger, who will attend
Unllca .fotVorkj ,lWlino wuhprolnpt.
nos. Hell lmt,tf repalwl, ropes ad.
J -ted, etc .. lnllr.UVlird8r Lelvo or
dors at .Mr. (ieroubw o(llc(. wlntor.8
bcV, corner Seventh Com.
m-Tcial avonu... c.2i-U-tf.
Not many of the guntlem of thh
criy observed tho etmiom of making Vow
Tunri,' call on Monday. Wo have be
informed of uevcrnl ltulics who prepared
tables of refreshment which waited in vain
fop tho expected visitors. Wo ..imply
inf.ntlnn tlm r.... .1.... .... "
" gcnuoinon mny
ninin .mm uioy nilSKeu,
Oir .Monday morning, between tlvonnd
six o clock, llvo or Is iun entered
whei a snioon, on Ohio loveo, and nttnek-
ii Mr. jirown, tlio bnr-kooper, who was at
thu time behind tho bur. Thoy doubled on
him, nnd gavo him n most murderous bent-
uig, mulcting leverc, If not clangorous in
Juriei. On tho approach ofhclp tlio attack-
i.g piiriici lieu tho euloon, uud as yet huvo
succeeded in eluding thu i.Jllcers, '
I Tho Ruder Jirotiicri, cornor Eighth
iroei aim nsiiitigtoti iivoiiue, have ro
colved n britn.now lot of tho latost-stylcd
bruuit.plns, ear-rings, linger ring, brae
leu, watches, clocks, etc., tmd; Invito tho
public to call aud inspect tho stock. They
chine, Hurdott organs nnd St. Louis pIntio,
nnd oiler to tho publio tho best bargains lo
bo obtained ut anv plnco In Southern Ill
inois. 'For tricks that itro dnrk," nnd wnys
thntnra uicen, the henlhcn Chinee can't
hold n camllo to tho villain who got flvo
dollnrs from u poordovll who wanted to go.
toEvnnsvillo tho oil r day, for this "lick
' Deoember Sfltli, 171.
" I'nsa tbrcotrnckinon over tho. St. Louis
& Southcastorn Railway. East St. Louis
to track front. Oood thrco days from
dale. V. W. Gahdinkii, .In."
Tho poor fool bought It tailoring It
would tnko him from Cairo lo Eransvillo
on tho sleatncr Idlowild.
The Indy managers of tho Orphan
Asylum,.. ha vo In chargo n beautiful and
intorestingv1litlo orphan girl, whom they
wouUl like to have adopted by somo worthy
pcr.nn who would bo kind toiler and train
her in n proper manner. The child Is
about two years old, is spriglitW nnd of n
good nnd lovnblo disposition. Any per
son wishing to sco tho litlho ono or
to learn furthor particulars concerning
her, enn do so by applying lo JIrs.,1). llttrdi
on Seventh street.
31ns. AV. RiTrr.xiioUMK, Sec'y.
Under tho head of Rlggs' boats, In to
day's Rui.i.KTis will bo found tho now ad
vertisements of tho steamers John Lums
don, Tyronoand Talesman of tho Nahvillo
and Cairo packet line, ar.d of
tlio beautiful steamer Idlcwlld, of tho
Evansvillo nnd Cairo lino. Theso boats
nro all known to tho public as first-clnss
steamers, nnd to bo ofllcored by true and
tried gentlemen. Mr. Jns. Rlggs, the
agent at this port, is well and favorably
known ns astoamboat agent. For info r-
mat'iun regarding freight or pasago, ap
ply to Rlggs, or on board the boats.
R. 0. Thatcher, Columbus ; " Flint
Roy,'' agent, MucEvoy's Iliberniuon ; A.
G. Hunter, Dyorsburgj D. II. Morey, "W.
A. Rrown, St. Louis j F. R. "Waggoner,
Mound City j R. "W. Dugnti and family,
Covington; Charles M. Howe, Natchez .
H. L.Shattuck, Conconlaj N. 11. Hatcher',
.1. H. Carroll, Sir. Tom Jasper ; L. Kudo-
lelt, Centraliaj 0. Frank Lccbke, Alex
.eiglcr. C. R. Zeiglcr, F. J. Munger, St.
Louis ; M.Fitls, Frankfort j J. Poor, C. S.
Atkins,.!. "W. King, Chicago ; J. M. Healy,
Champaign; S. L. Rurncll and wife, Mil
waukeej Thos. Rrown, Grand Tower; M.
Evnns, Relvlder; C. L. Stevenson, Eeat
St. Loui, wcro tho arrivals at tho S t
Charles yesterday.
An attcmptnt rape was made on Mon
day evening, n littlo after seven o'clock, on
Ohio lovoe, near Fourth street. A voung
lady who resides on Socond street near tho
St. Charles hotel, was returning homo
from tho potoliice, when, near tho place
abovo mentioned, a big, burly negro, ac
coated and told her to stop. Sho attempted
to pass on, hut the negro took hold of her,
and in tho scuflla that ensued tho poor wo
man had her clothing badly torn nnd hor
rms nnu neck badly bruisod. An on,
ployb at tho tobacco waiuhouso canm t.
tlio nsslstanco of tho woman, and knocked
tho negro down, but beforo ho could. ro
curohelp tho dog succeeded In inuWng Ids
escape. As no ono can givo a detcription
of tho villain, of course ho will go unpun
ished. Tlio following wero tlio arrival at tho
Delmenico h'-tel, Win. AVinter, proprietor,
for tlio twenty-four hours ending nt 0
o'clock p.m., .Inn. a, 1872: J.W. How
ard Rlandvilloj Jas. Iluckinct, AYolf Is
land ; Jas. Dugan, City; Thos. J. 3lchcn,
Columbus; J. C. Medley, AVolf Island i
AV'm. Duton, Ronton ; Garrett Rowy, AVash
ington; (1. A. Unbuilt, Henry Adkin, Jns.
AW Snaekus ; C. E. Heath, J. G. Cluley,
Paducnb; G. A. D'llaun, Ullin ; AVm.
Miller, river; M. Iarh, Str. Reaver;. Ins.
-Morgan, I red Gosner, St. Louis ; W. J.
Hough, Paducah; Frank Rogur., Wolf
Island; H.Lovy, City; Jno. Schmuck, F.
Shuck, JIndison; Clias. Crawford, Peoria.
Geo. Alberts, Sir. Commonwealth; A. R
Evans, 0. M. Kvans, City; R. Roen, Mem
phis ; Thos. Sponer, river ; Thos. R. I).
Goslin, Newport ; J. I'. Richetisson, Louts
villo; J.C. Krnpp, Chicago ; Fnyetto Colo
Tho annual Now Year's ball of tho
Rough and Ready lire company, which
came oil" at Sshol'a hall on .Monday evo
ning, win mi occasion long t. bo reinom-
Lered by those who participated in it. At
an early hour in tho evening partloh
began to arrivo from nil parts of thu citv,
and by eight o'clock thero was a large mid
gay company present. IsonhcrgVexcol.
lent siring bund, led by Isonberg himself,
was iu nttendanco and furnished tho inn
sic. At tight o'clock diwicimr commenced
nnd from that time until eleven o'clock
was kept up. Supper was then torved
nnu sucliu supper-exerythmg one could
wish for win thero In nbundaneo ; and
John Sehel was the recipient of many
compliments from those who partook ol
it. After supper dancing was resumed
and only stopped when daylight cmno nnd
warned all that It was time to flop.
The nlnrm or Urn on Monday ovening
was ocensioned by the breaking out ot a
flro in tho family grocery stord on Eighth
Btrcol between AVasliington and Commer
cial avonues, ownod by Koehler A- lllxby.
Tho fire companies wcro on tho ground
oon enough, but owing lo thu noiso and
confusion, did not got to work for at least
'"Wn or twenty mltuitos, Oneo to work,
howotT ti0 Rro was coon quenched,
How the i, orign(limi j, n myttory no
one I nbloto explain, unless it was tho
work of mica or rata with loos matches.
Messrs. Koehler & x,ya lo wil I10t
full short of between tlx ami seven hull
dred dollars, Thoy have the sympa hy
of the community, as thoy had Just got
fairly Marled and wore building up for
themselves u profitable trade. Thoy are
of those men who never say die, however,
and will at ouea open up their storo and bn
ready to supply their customer and
friends as heretofore,
AVothis morning publish a couimunl
cation signed "Clti.on, " to which ,vo do.
siro to call tho attention of our read
ers. Tho suggestion with which
tho communication rnnni,.,i.,.
Is ono which would remit In incalculable-'
1 1 t. n..ni J
upon to accedo to such n proposition. As
sho is one of tho world's workers, v are
impollod to belluvo that she
would not regard srch an un
dorlnklng othcrwiso thsn as it pitas
uro if'sho felt that sho had tho tlmo lo
spare from other duties. In view of tho
universal ignoranco of women upon tho
.latomy nnd physiology ol their own
bodies W3 beg tlia ladies' pardon,
but wo cannot sacrallco truth to
politcnrM we thlnls n course of lecture
on theo subjects would bo of invaluable
bonolit to tlio Indies, and honco wo hearti
ly endorse tlm suggestion made by " Citi
zen "and adviio that tho hint bo acted
upon. Much of the ill health ,to which
women as a class are subject, is
the result of ignoranco of tho laws which
govern their being. Even a partlnl know
ledge of these would savo many of tho sex
from much physical suffering, and trans
form palo nnd spiritless Invalids Into
hcnltliy, happy women, than which thero
Is no ploasanter sight In tho world. Miss
Safl'ord Is ontlrelv comnotnnt to In.tnw i
her tor. AVo 1envo tho subject to bo fur
ther agitated by thoie whom It concerns.
Not many nights since n Incident
occurred nt a AVasliington avenue nl0on
. i .... j. . '
mm. nils uccn mo cause ot a iroocl deal cf
morrimcnt nmong thoo who "know all
nboul it."' A gcntlcmnn, who, ucnornllv
keeps very scasonnblo hours, full in
with n pnrty of friends, and they ad
journed to Iho aforesaid saloon to enjoy a
social gamo of "pitch." Timu passed and
before thoy wcro nwaro of it, tlio hour of
midnight had.gono by and stl.l they
thought not ot brenking up tho game.
Tho wife of tho nforcsnid dutiful gentle-
man uccn mo uneasy nnd ftnrted out in
search of him. She enmo to the saloon,
and high nbovo nil tho rest she
henrd her husband's voice. .Shu did
not liko to go in, so sho would
tnko a stono and pitch it against tho door.
just hard enough lo attract his attention.
Sho pitched tho stone, but unlortunatoly,
sho throw it too hard, and bang it went
through a pano of glass. Then thoro wns
a scone In the houso It was resolved then
nnd there to mnko mlncn meat of tlm
wretch who hnd thrown that stone. A
rush wns mado for tho door, and tho first
man to pass cut was thu husband of tho
lady. Ho approached her, and began to np
ply epithets a good deal tnoro forcible than
elegant, when, turning her round, ho saw
tho face of his own wife. Ho willed, nnd
taking her nrm in Ids left for homo. Ho
docs not go nbout much now.
A young man, balling from Mound
City, came to Cairo on Monday with n
view of nttonding the Rough and Rcndy
fire compnny's ball, n friend in this city
having ngrccd to procuro for him n part
ner. It wns Into in the ovening when ho
nrnved in town, nnd when ho met and
was introduced to tlio young lady who
was to be his partner for tho ball, it wns
rather dnrk, in fact so dark that ho
failed to get a good look at her. Tlio
hour nrrived nnd they started for the ball
room, where they nrrived rnther oarlv.
no ieu nis lady at the door of tho ladies'
drcisiug room, and went himself to the
r-nriff... , , .
, " urossing room to put away
his coat nnd hat. Ho took up a poiuton
near the entrance to the ball room to
awnit tho coming of his part
ner. Lady after lady passed him
until tlio last ono had left tho dressing
room but hm lady was no where to bo
found. Ho was not suro that ho would
know her noiv if ho saw her, nnd, worst
of all, had forgotten her name. Hu walk
ed through Iho crowd, but tho object of his
f earcli was nowhero to bo seen. "What was
ho to do? A happy thought struck him.
Ho ut least could find tho houso from
which ho had brought her. Ho sought the
asslstnnco of a friend nnd explained tho
dilemma ho wi. in. W ith tho nid of his
friend ho soon found his partner, nnd
' you bet' ho did not loo-o eight of hor
ngnln during tho dance.
Tho Koverued and Mrs. Conn will
hold their socond annual reception nt tho
rectory, Washington avenue, corner,
Twenty-3lxtli treet, on Thursday ovening,
January 211th, nt 7 o'clock, und' will bo
Imppy to welcomonll their friends without
further invitation.
To correct mi-apprehension. of thu bus
iness relations which have existed for somo
tlmo between tho undesigned, they dosiro
tostato thai thoy nro not now, nnd havo
not been heretofore, iu Cairo or elsewhere,
partners, or in any other way together in
terested, In the building or contract or
other buM'ncs, except In the construction
of thnSmitlieri Illinois Norrnul Univer
sity at Carbondale.
AllTlIflt Uoyi.k.
Cairo, Hi., Jan. I, 1872.
For tho accommodation of poron
wishing to take nut license- for 1872, 1 will
bo at thu oflleo of I. AVnlder, comer Sixth
street nnd Ohio Lovoe, every evening
during tho week, commencing Monday i
Jnnuary 1st nnd ending Saturday, Janu
ary Oth, to receive nionoy for tho'sanio.
J. H. TaYloii, City Treasurer.
-uerennnts, runners, saloon keepers,
drnymon and all others interested aro
liorcby notit'ed that city licenses for 1871
will oxplrooi Mio 1st day of Jnnunrv. 187l'.
A prompt rctwival will bo required with
out further notice. ,
M. J. Howlkv, City Clerk.
H. Lovy A- Co., nt No. m Ohio lovec,
havo on hand nnd for sale in quantities to
suit purchasers, ono thousand pounds of
good feathers. They will bo sold at prices
within thu reach of tho poorest. Families
suppled nt reasonable rates. dec 12-tf
Fou uoy citron, orango nnd
peel, go to ilorgonson's cornor of
l i--.nl ..n I M'n.hlnr
JANUARY 3, 1872,
Ivlilor llullctini x.
Tho Iccturo of Dr. Mary SaiTord on last
Saturday nigh may bo regarded ns n
favorable solution of tho question whether
a woninii may proporly appoar as n public
speaker. She spoke as an earnest wonan,
without tho assumption or imitation of
mnseullno names or mode if thought
Lecturing by such n woman Is not a de
parture li-om hor proper sphero and an In
trusion upon a Held of labor best filled by
man ; It is " occupying and possessing " a
new department iu tho Intellectual
kingdom, whoro woman only can success
fury rule. Most of tho women who Icc
turo to tho public nro females
nplng tho ntlltudcs, gestures,
voice nnd stylo of men, nnd
seeking, with their utmost cfl'ort, lo pre
sent the masciillno view of their subject,
Religion, philosophy, ethics, history, medi
cine, indeed every subject of human
thought, is consldcrrd nnd discn.cd by
woninii differently from innn. And tho
world will rccclro great benefit, when
these subjects aro themes for lectures by
virtuous, intellectual, and educated wo
men, who nro pruned to talk to us as wo
man. Vtli this vlow of Dr. Sallord ns n lec
turer, It is M..Dnront sl,0 cmi Jo grCi,t g0od,
If sho will only con'ionttogrntlfy the wish
of many who only knw j,cr bv her lec
ture, nnd deliver scvernl lecttu. tu the wo
men of Cnho upon Anatomy and Phytto-
logy. "Will not somo association of ladles
invito her? Citizk.v.
Jnn, 1st., 1872.
A FT Kit
St 000
llOOAHDUS $500
A tllK.
"Mr. llogardus, Elkhart. III., challen
ges any man In America, to shoot against
him any two wcuks iu November or De
cember, the party accepting tlio challengo
to clioo.o tho kind of gamo to bo hunted
and cacli man to select Ids own trim. Tho
conditions nro from $500 to $1,000 aside,
each par.y to furnish n judgo and compan
ion ior mo oiucr, to seo lair play. Tne
party killing tho most cmno to tnko all thu
stake money nnd tho game of tho other
party, or tlio proceeds thereof.
Tho abovo challengo was never scon or
heard of by Pat Kelly until ono week
ago. As soon as ho did hear of It, how
ever, ho had tho following acceptance
written, and witli tho hopu of inducing
Mr. Rogardus to waive the question of
time, forwarded to him :
Caiiio, December 30, 1871.
Ma. llo.J.vnnt .
Dkak Sin: Having by accident seen
fit this late date u challenge from you to
shoot against any man in America for
$500 or if 1,000, I nowtako pleasure In ac
cepting your challengo, and ns you have
given mo tin privilcgo of choos
ing tho kind of game, I would
suggest thr.t wo shoot duck or gceso
or any water fowl that nny bo available ;
and as this is tho best locality in tho coun
try for hunting, it would givo mo much
pleasure to havo you come here. 1 will it
you wish pay your faru to Cairo, and en
deavor to inako you as comfortable as mv
humble homo will nll'ord.
Hoping you will como without fail, I
remain, dear Mr,
Tuui,,, lloi.(octfully,
Address your letter to 15iit.Erjmvfhe
& fV., Cairo, I llinois, for P. Kelley. "
Tho lecture of Prof. Denton last night
nt the Athcnoum was listened to by n very
large nnd highly intelligent audience ;
nnd if wo aro allowed to judgj from tho
expressions of all those who henrd
him, wo must say ho is all that has
been claimed for him. His expression is
clear nnd distinct, and for real, gennino
eloquence, his equals aro few, if indeed
there nro nny who can como
near him. His description of
tho eruptions of Vesuvius and
-Etna, mid the destruction of Pompeii
were truly magnificent. As has been said
before, " Mr. Denton straws tho rocky pith
cf geology with choico flowers of poetry
aud literature nnd lightK nnd warms tho
the lark caves of tlio earth with thu con
ftanl llri'ji of hls glowing imagination."
To-night .Mr. Denton will deliver tho se
cond lecture of tlio course in this city, nnd
wo feol suro that all who heard him Inst
night will bo present to-night.
JIi.k.ki) aro they who seek relief from
" Liver Complaint, Ulliousness," Rad
Rlood, Pimples, Rlotches, Eruptions
Rough Skin, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas nnd
Scrofulous diseases, by tho uso of Dr.
Pierce's Alt. Ext. or Golden Medal Dis
covery, for they shall bo happy iu know
ing that tho euro is completo. Sold by all
druggists. o'Jljau-3.
payWt. Louis prico for nil kinds or furs
brought to this uinrkul. Tliero is no need
of sending fur oil", when you can get just
as good prices, nt homo. AVoulsopny tho
highest pricjs for hides, tallow, etc. Re
member th o place, Thornton's block, Tenth
street, at th0 sign of tho black bear.
Ruit.vi:TT & Co.
di ctlOdhv.
Twkntv-Fvik Cknts. This amount
Will buy n bottlo of Mrs. AVhltcomb's
Syrup, tho grent coothlng remedy for nil
diseases incident to Infants and children.
jnn 2-J A- w-lw.
iMfoitTKii Malaga grapes at Jorgen
son's, corner or Twentieth street nnd
AVasliington avenue. tf
AVitKiiiT'.s nu'pius intra mincod moa
prepared oxprcssly for family use, nt Jor.
I'kck, Fit k as, A Go's London biscuit
on hand,' cornor Twentloth
AVasliington avenue.
Ciiystai, vinegar from Loudon nt Jor.
genson's, corner of Twontioth street nnd
AVasliington avenue, tf
Go to Dr. McGauloy for Rattlnger's Fe
ver Drops. Warranted to euro tho chills
JoitoK.sso.v has tho host
preserves for salo cheap,
The best French nncJiovIcs n tho city
Mo.snAV F.vr.M.No, January 1st, 1872.
The innrkct has sho'vn no special activi
ty since last report. The goncrnl supply
has been Insufficient for tho demands of
trade, but n chango for tho hot
ter is expected. Thu rlvors aro
rising rapidly and there will soon bo
plenty of wntor frjm hero to Memphis
und Now Orlenns. Hence, tonnngo will
bo easier nnd tliero will bo Increased fa
cilities for shipping from this point. Tho
rates of freight nro materially reduced.
Our dealers aro now enabled to
compolo with other markets, and J wo
may confidently expect an Improvement
In nil branches of business heretofore crip
pled by Iho high rates of freight.
Tho weather is cloudy nnd moderately
FLOUR Is firm nnd In good demand,
There Is not enough coming In to supply
tho demand. Snlcs wcro
1248 oils, various grades, $-5 00a$8 CO
IJRAN. 50 sacks, $23 00
CORN. The supply in tho market Is
small, tjuotntlons unchanged. Sales
1 car lellow, in sacks, del., &7c
100 sacks Mixed &9c
f,00 sacks AVhltc, OOo
OATS .Moderately active, with a pros
pect of greater activity. Sales were
1 car iu bulk on track JOc
7 " In sacks del !5ca4Cc
ro t-icks, on orders del 47c
HAY. Tlm market l flat. Tho Now
Orleans market is fully supplied by ship
montsby rail from Cincinnati nnd Louis
ville. Sales wcro
1 car, Timothy, del...
R UTTER. There
Ruttcr. Tho market
thero is no demand.
1 box Choice Roll...,
lflpkgs " " ...
$2!1 00
Is nothing doing in
Is overstocked, and
Sales wero
5 " 20c
5 " Cooking 10c
EGGS. Aro quiet with a downward
tendency. Tho supply is equal to tho de
mand. Sales wero
2 pkgs. shippers count 32ca33c
C tubs, " 3
POULTRY. Very dull and prices aro
low. Sales were
6 coops Chicken $2 50 (tf $2 75
200 lbs., dressed Turkuys 10 12
.MEAL. Active and in request. Sales
loO bblscity steam dried $3 lo
100 " " on track 3l5
IT. " " 11 $3 20
POTATOES. Quiet nnd unchanged
Snlcs wero
100 bbls. P"cach Htowf, $3 OOa'J 25
CO " " " del 3 50
GAME. The mnrkel is well suppliodj
bales wcro
50 doz. Rabbits f 1
00a 1 2,
60 "Qmils
30 Squirrels
3 Deer, per lb
PROVISIONS.-Snlcs wcre-
I casks Shoulders, dry salt
1 " Clear Sides, '" '
'! tlurcoa .Smoked Hnriu,
25 kegs Leaf Lard
ruKK.. Hales woru
50 bbK Mess
00a 1 25
I (X)
....$5 50
$7 25
$14 00
SUNDRIES. 30 bbls. Cement... S2 5
hero are you going? To tho placo
number bi, Ohio levee, whero they keep
mo best iresh oysters, fish and carno. anJ
tho finest wines, liquors and cigars to be
lottnd in the city. Open ut nil hours, dr-y
or n'S'"- J. E. Pauks
Ho! for Hnlly!
New Sterol New Goods!
Rest assortment of
Cooking nnd Heating Stoves
ever brought to Cairo,
on luhington avenue, three doors abovo
Tenth street.
AVo hnve no hesitation in recommend
ing AVilliam Ehlers, boot and shoo maker,
ns worthy of most libernl pntronnco. AV
know whereof wo speak when we say his
work is dono in a masterly manner at tho
lowest prices. Ho uies nothing but tho
best of slock, mid ho cannot be excollwl in
tho dellcato task of making nn exact tit
Givo him a call at his shop on Twentieth
street, between AVasliington nvcnuo nnd
Poplar street, noarly opposito tho court
houso, and wo will guarantee satisfaction
Mrs. McGco having n largt, stock of
millinery goods of fall and winter stvles.
has determined to soil them off at Iho low
est prices. Huts from soventy.flvo cents
nnd upward, among which mny bo found
l..o lVfl.icli ret -vortU two dollars aplaco
which will be sold for ono dollar and
twcnty-llvo cents. All sorts of ribbon
trimmings, gbod volvets, fiowors, etc., nil
of which aro offered Ht extremely low
l,r,ccs- deolOtf
It is truothat Rlankenburc's
slor saloon is now one of tho institutions
of tho city. All drinkors who liko really
excellent liquors-whiskies, wines, beer,
otc. go to tho Excolsior saloon, which is
micu up m spiondld stylo. Rlankonburg
who knows how to kcon a saloon. mrenH.
a fine freo lunch ovory morning and eve
ning, nnu, ns no forcibly oxprossos it,
'Sweetens tho lunch with music." Ho
nns employed tho services of a flrst-rnto
pianist, who makes tho grand piano
which stands in ono end of tho suloon
spoak out In musical tones. Everybody
"invueu. mo oost ordor Is maintained.
-11 I . '
n,m ii improper characters suppressed
wiui neavnoss,cnoapness and dispatch. Ev
erybody knows that the .Excolsior saloon
is at Ibo corner of AVasliington avenuo nnd
Fourteenth slroot.
Piano TiNixci.partiM wishing their
plnnos tuned will plonso address C.
Robblns nt postofllco, or leavo word with
his brothor. Prico $3,o0 or $5,00 n year, in
cluding nt loast two 'unlngs nnd ordinary
repairing, strings, Ac.
Maiiiuauk Guide. Interesting work
numorous engravings, 224 uagci. Price
50 cents. Address Dr. Rutts1 Disnensarv
jno. 12 north Eighth Street, St. Louii,
Where from.
City of Cairo.
j .......
N. O
City or Alton St. Louis
Samson No. 2
Illinois Colombo
Jas. Flak, Jr Paddcah
City of Chester
Stislo Silver St. Louis....
Minnie St. Louis..
Tom Jnsnor O.I
M. J.AVlcks N.O 1
Tho river nt this point continue
and during the past twenty-four hod
risen nbout 13 inches.
Iho Ohio nbovo hero is lmpnl
groat deal by tho lata riso and J
now a fair stage to Louisville.
Tho Mongaheia river is rising i
prospects for a fair stage of water is yorj
good. At Cincinnati yesterday there '
fifteen feet in tho channel and rlslti
Tho river nt Louisville is rising.
Evansvillo tho river it rising after has)
fallen several inches.
ltio uumberiund river is nsini; with 1
fair stage in tho channel.
The Mississippi rlvor continue rising
and thoro is now seven feet at Powcrl
Island. That river Is now clear'of lc
open to St. Louis. Rolow here the
good stago of water.
Reeves bar below Momphls has'c
bo troublesomo to boats. EverytT
looks favorable for a continued fair boat
ing ttngo of water in both the Ohio and
Mississippi river.
Ruiinoss was active yesterday and the
. 1- ..... . 4
uay ociorc. rrcignis aro ppimy ana
there is plenty of tonnage at hand.
The weather vcaterdav betokened rain.
Tho wind was from tho south-east and late
in the evening began turning cold.
ThobCkjinning of tho new year 18721
opened favorably for this port in the way
of arrivals and departures. On Ne
Year's day thero were IC arrivals and Jfl
departures, and a big amount of business
was dono at tho landings. The first to t;
rive in tlo year 1872, wns the trar
steamer Illinois. She came into port ai
minutes after 1871 had passed away.
The City of Alton nrrived here in 1
ablcd condition yesterday morning.
AVhilc on her way down from St. Louis
and when opposito St. Gcnevlo she struck
a large log that Jy directly in thu chan
nel breaking 80 or 90 floor timbers.
The log tho bit is tho same that the Com
monwealth sunk her,barge on. The Al
ton will havo to give up her trip and will
probibly return to St. Louii for ropalrs.
She turned over all her Memphis freight
to tho Geo. S. AVceks and her New OM
leant freight to tho Commonwealth. Her
pilots report C feet wator at Powers It-
land, that being the shoalest place. Ev
ery other plnco 8 to U aet could be
found. W-
Tho Andes rchipped about 500 tons of I
froight, and will probably load hero foa
return trip to Now Orleans.
Tho City of Quincy cleared fon
Orleans with all the wanted.
ino uny ot Uneiter raised steam
put out for St. Louis.
Tho Hello St. Louis gavo up tho idea
going to Now Orleans nnd went to
Louis. Cnpt tin Elako did not tako hi
thoro because ho could not get a load her
as one or the St. Louis papers reported.!
t'lljr Xntlonal Hank nnlldlar.
suSpecial attention paid toordera from attt:
oats nkht or dav."
isotice. Iho best ontertalnracnt in?
the city is at the St. Nicholas hotol, saloorf
and restaurant. The best music that can
bo had violin and piano. Good lunch
ovory morning and night. All of t
finest brands or cigars, and tho host b?
Louis lager beer, always fresh and nice.
Give us ncall.
IlAiinr AValkkb, Proprietor.
bLKEFiNa Rooms roil Kent. Ten
well ventilated sleeping rooms in CityNf .
tlonal Rank building. Apply to
At City National Bank,
For good photographs, porcelain
lures, or old pictures to bo copied, cal
Thomas, No. 124 Commercial avenuo. Ik
as good workman. Givo him a trial. I I
septlfitr. 'l
Rhick Stojv i for Rent. The brick
store, No. 78 Ohio Lovee. now rwnntad
1... T.1 ir P,..i.n.,i i . .
uy -tj. oiccKuem, jisri., is offered foi
ronl, and will be vacant on the 18th Inst
Apply to jo. B. Pjiillis.
For Sale A cottago on 12th street
containing 7 rooms, clstorn and out
housos complete. Apply to
Oysters. Louis Herbert lias.alwas on
hand a fresh supply of Saddlo Rook ojti
ow. If
Jokq knbon has the finest
Spanish olives in the city.
Try then
Found. That tho choicest butter
at Jorgonson's Staple and Fancy Grocej
New Fronch prunes,
ou'iranti and
raisins always on hand
U f .11 mrm (H iJm
grocory storo.
' Paul G. Schuh sells Rattlnircr's modi.
Russian sardollos at Jorgonson'i
Yarmouth bloston at Jorgo. u sofii

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