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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, January 04, 1872, Image 4

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On and after funday, . '" ,hr fol'r'I
ng nrre-ub!e will govern the a-rlr l and "
ure of pAsungrr lrln alCilrni
Ptparl Mll train, da ly
Kxprp, daily
.IrrtK iUll.dnlIr
r.rlr.g ltoo- sleeping car. o nnrht tram
aggage cheeked (o oil Import-nt ""'""'
Ani'-Nl'S WANTED l-'OK
Tnrlvc Yciii-ji iniminr lh Willi Indian
of I In- 1-Jnlim!
4 m n.iti.
Kvpres. dally. ."TtS.m.l.y Mp.i.
ante of -at. from Cairo to 81. '
e'ea.-a from Cairo to CblcK". Mnl
V"m make, three, tr'.p daily,
iiinsa r' 1 LtotNoMnt-tnim
t 7........ -....Vin. At :W !.m.
51 11. ..;: .m. At isn P iii.
At iwl. -..p.m. I At o I'."'-
Fare each way, 00 cent! l' ticket for li W.
Will lni, when hailed, at any good intermediate
amiinff lor naiaenizer or neiunv. mm.....
. . ,. . , 11.1,1. I;.l .1,.
'- ' n,i tiepAinuaeeUbratcd warr.or. abound
... n.'- i n. I ,n (,riiMiff Rlfiitnro mill curious information,
.111.1 i-r dmelr lllustrntcd wilh new mid splr
hp i tM.ifjvinmol ndventurc and I ho manner
-nd ciftonm oftho Indian. The mo-! popul r
mi I niv.rrdil lok ol the year. Sell at right,
niii-mint Jut report H9 pmllt In one week. A
IU iik uiioular. will specimen page, a largo
poslpi with 30 lllntiatlon. and term to agent
sent ir. .-, by K. A. HlTCIIINsON . HO., UU N
nix it s-roct, hi. i.ouis, .mo. puimnij
IlKifrV IKrATJt,
The fincsUsincr
OVa FOWLEIl Master
Will leave Cairo for nvatmille every Sunday and
Thurxlav evenlnit. lit 6 o'cloct. P.m. ror
freight or p.s.agc, -PHr on om
.11 A II, HOAT.
Tho splendid steamer
Tlip(.'iiparliiprshlpliPrelof.irP exlttlng lietwpen
0:in-p -ehnpi'mpver A Amtlist Hrueclf, ha till
ri.iv In-i-n iHsanlted I') liiiillial-i'oiiMIit. Charlc
flupcnnipyiT a ill eollpjt nil outstanding bills am
ai-runnl', and nlc pay tho Indebtedness of raid
Arui Kt llat'rcK,
Ciiiki.rt r3ciin!Mn,c.
Calm, Hi , Jan. 3, 1072. Jnnl 3t
TER Of Wnukctlin, Wlnronnln,
Aeknottlfdgpdcnre of llrlglit'a Dlnoa'P, tlladetp
Droixv. nil nileiMloin ot Kidnry. llliMi'r am
Unmrv orj!an, hNo I.lrpr trouble. 8. r. CIirsp,
Clilpf'JiiKtieo of I ho Unltpd Stale, rcsloied to
IipaIIIi bv in lisp, in mi wcpks.
J. V. Willi., cvnpral acent lor the Ftnle ol 1111
nnl. Wlmlpnln and Uptail HuiidIv Dpnot. 73(1.
Wabah Atpniip, Chicago, Illinois. All ordpra by
mall promptly uuen.Uil lo. ficna lor circuiara.
Joe I'nn Irr, Jlrtntrr.
aps Hiiro nvitjV, (4imUy4 nxceptpd) at 4
in. For Irslihtor p'Wfl npili on board or
......... .........................
Ciimbprlntiil Illvcr l'acket
The splendid tlcamcr
TOM HAUMA.V...MftVpr 1 AI.KX. HAIU)....CIork
Will lure Cairo pTprv Tnurday at ft o'clock P.in
forClaikavlllP, and Nasbvillc. For freight or
parnge, apply on ooara or to
Jansif JAS HlOaS, Ag't.
ThProwlU b regular meptngof Delta
l.olge, No. W8 F. A. M., Ihta Thursday
uTcning. Jas. A. thiiler, Hpe'y.
The gallant alrampr
OWEN DAVI9...Jlaitr Clerk
Will leave Cairo eery Satunlay at 6 o'clock p.m.
for Nashtillc, CUrksTilte and all way points. For
freight or passage tpply on board or lo
Jan3if. JAS. HlfiGS, Ag't.
The good steamer
WIT.EY SIUM9...llaslor Clerk
Will leare Cairo ecry Mooilay nt ." o'clock, p.m.
for Nashville, nnd nil way porta For frpight or
passage, apply on board or to
jiaiilf JAS. Agt.
Tncsiln.v. WhIiipiIii', Tluirlny nnd
I rlilliy " "t "i nnu in-.
Illustrating the scenery, music and antiquities cl
ireianii. a new nrainauc episouc cnuiieu
heme n ilorv cf love, life and frolic In th F.mer
aid lflo. and replrto with soncs uml dance, will
ne renuereu oy ine iiioernitnn ;omeuy ;om
pany Ilan. Morris, Marie ll. MacKvoy, Mm Jo
rie Morn, Miss Kate Halpin, Mr. l.an. Dougher
ty, Mr. Charles MacUvoy.
Admission M rcuU, Doors open at 7; com
menco nt 8 o'clock. Janl.Ct.
IJI.HItA.T TH'lim.
iMJiioitAivr TioKi-vrs
FOR SALE, 1 For gale t KOR SALE,
I l'cr Salo J
Faro from Livr.itrooi,
Faro from Lo.vdc.ndkiiuv
Faro from ULAhaow,
JFaro from Quf.k.s'stow.v
TO CAIRO, ;::::;:: $-1 8'
i 0
Sailor J, Morris i Ca
tirerpool Aew-roilc ahd I'lilladilpliu
Steamship Company,
For Carring,tho Mails.
15 llroadw.iy, New-Vork, orlo
II. II o II f ,
Washington Avenue, Cairo. nois. 51
run nam:
The Illinois Central llnl ltoi I Compiny now
orior for sale the lollowuig described lot In 1-ir
Addiiionto the City of Cairo, nz :
Lot 27 block iM. Lot 21 block Pi,
Xj io, -J7 .. .
'' " W, " SS ' hi
" 0 ' " 31 "
" 3 w. .. 3. .. hJ;
For terms.eLe. apply V) JAMKS J'JllNiO.N,
6'"' t A.'H i .
1'uMlilirU crry mornlnr, Monday rx
I'll VMCIA.V."-
Kl;-I?Ku-c,':r'No- '''"'rtcwiii. kt.e,i,
OtTca I )i ''lmKion avenue and Walnut hti
unio-l 2 , lomiiieipiai aieniie. iln .tair..
. U. W. J)ITXXLN'(j, .M, I).
". to is m , nnj a p in
it. s. imioi.AM.u-!).
Office, 130 Commk.kcial.av., '
Office hours. 8 to 10 a.m. anil 1 to 3 u Id m.
deuee. No. II lnlh street, Cairo III. dec'jif.
William J.Allen, )
Mpftr.JCA,B0' ,U',N01H
-I'srtlcular attc-ntiou i.aid lo river and ad
miralty tiusiness.
OFflCK-Orer First National Hank, Ohio Levee
Weather moderate.
Circuit Court convene? one week from
I lie Onirn liiwyorj nrs iiaurlr all nt
Ticre was a prize- lihttst in tho city
Remember Prof. Djnton'j lecturo nt
U10 Atlicncum to-niglit.
Regular meetiiif; of the city council in
joint session on Friday nt 4. p. m.
Tho officer clod of Alexander Lodge
No. 2'JI., I. O. O. F., will bo instnlled to
night. Steamboat arrivals jiLtho port of Cairo
aro numerous, and there is freight enough
In u;i;ily thorn with all they want.
Tho Ohio river nt tills port continues
to rio rapidly, nnd thi-ru is a good stngo
of water tie fur up ns Louisville.
(id to tho lecturo
at the
Atlieneum to-night.
Tho organization of a new temper
ance society is being talked of by u num
ber of gentleman of this city.
Phil. Howard has now on exhibition
at his meat chop, on thu levee, soino of
tho llnest beef ever slaughtered in this
- The chr.in gang aro still employed In
repairing the sidewalk on Poplar strcot.
Tlioy aro now at work botween Sixteenth
and Seventeenth Mtreots.
Tho Parochal reception by tho Rev
erend and Mrs. Co.m will bu givon this
evening, and not on tho20th as the printer
made us say in yesterday's paper.
The publication of tho proceedings of
thu city council excludes a quantity of
other mutter prepared for this issuo of
The Him.i.ktin.
Mr. Louis lllattonu desires to return
thanks to Messrs. Sshuh nnd Schleslnger
for their ul'orts to savo hs hoiischoJd
L'OO'J. On UlU Oun.ti,., ..Film n ....
. n w vitu mm uru OH
.Eighth street. ,i.U-
!Sterdav was a dull dav in imllr-n
Circles. Jnl.n,!,. ,,, ,l,1, .i ...
fluently tln,v w,,ru 1 . ,
belr.g neltlion.....!., r n,.lii f,,.,n
there werono utiv.
-Thirty cent, a vvwillsocur0 o..
icy for one thousand do h
AsKiclatlon of America. A 11 .
nndotber plncci it Iim broken out In Us
wvrst form.
Saloon keeper, grocers, etc., nro not
renewing their licenses as promptly m
they should. Not moro tlinn ntiout one
half tho uiual number of licenses hate
been Imicd. Como up, Ecntlivman, and
save yourselves trouble; your time Is about
Great Inducements to nny one wish
ing to buy n llrst-clnsi plnno or organ.
E. A- V. liudor otl'ei their entire stock in
tli n piano nnd organ lino nt tho actual
cost of tho instrument. Thoy aro desir
ous of closing out tho slock so that they
mny uso tho room for jewelry manufactur
ing purposes.
Tho second soolab'.o of tho
series bo civen bv the la
dies of tho Presbyterian church will
bo held at tlm church of that congregation
to-night. Hefrc'liincnls will bo served,
nnd n pleasant time may bo anticipated.
Tho friends of tho church nro invited to
Mr. 11. T. Oorould has procure! tho
services of a bell hanger, who will attend
to nil calls for work.in his lino with prompt
ness. Ucll hangings repaired, ropes nd
justed, etc., in first class order. Lcavo or
ders at Mr. Oorould'n office, "Winters
block, corner Sovcnth street nnd Com
mercial avenue. dec.'JI-d-tf.
Tho Under Hrotncrs, cornor Eighth
street nnd "Washington nvenuc, liavo ro
polved a bran-new lot of tho liitest-stvlcd
brcast-nins. onr-rings, linger rings, brnc-
lots, watches, clocks, etc., und, invito tho
public to call nnd inspect tho stock. 1 hey
nro nlso ngonts for Vw Uavls' sowing tnn
chine, Uurdett organs nnd St. Louis piano?
nnd offer to the public tho bcstbnrgains to
bo obtained at nny placo in Southern 111
Go to tho lecturo
nt tho
Atlieneum to-night.
A number of tho young gentlemen o
tho city tro agitating the proportion to
orgnni7.o n military company. And w
not ? Tlicro is hnrdlv n town in tho stato
with k population n largo ns that of Cairo
that has not ono, and many of thorn two
companies. "Wo certainly hnvo material
sufficient to make up ono good company
Let thos most interested in tho matter
continue to ngitalo it, nnd our word for it
they will succeod in effecting tho organ!
zation of a company that viill Ic nlik
crcditabloto themselves nnd the city.
Un tho nrrival ot tho morning
train sovcral davs since, a thief
boarded the train at Sixth street
nnd informed tho passengers that
tho train was going to 'backjup"nnd not to
get out. Ho managed to get into convo
sation with nn old gentleman, nnd whil
talking to him got the old man's watch
out of his pocket and was endeavoring to
unscrew it from the chain, but failed
get it loose. Tho old gentleman caugh
tho thiof with tho watch in his hnnd, an
gave tho alarm, but tho villain uccno lci:
in making good hi c-enpe.
On nnxl. Tnosilny nvenilli; MneKvoy
Ilibcrnicon will open nt the Atlieneum in
this city. Tho Ilibcrnicon illustrates tho
scenery nnd muslu of ll.o Emerald Jsle,
and witli beautiful dioramic etl'ecH nnd il
luminated viows, mny bo seen its principlo
cities, towns, natural curiosities, rivers,
lovely lake, run?, mountain scenery, etc ,
showing all tlm places of beauty
nnd historic interest In tho
north, i-outli, east and west of
Ireland. Together with tho abovo beautiful
panorama will appear Mrs. Mario Dalton
MacEvoy, Mr. Dan. Morris, Mr. Josle
Jlorri, .Miss JCuto Halpin , . nd other
in a vurioty of song, dances, etc.
Tnblo showing dally and monthly
mean of barometer and thormomoter;
monthly velocity of wind and amount of
rainfall, with tho prevailing direction of
wind for the month of December 1671.
t3 Si H
Row Mr. Thayor, tho new pastor of
0 PresbUorlan church of this city, isox-
ected to nrrlvo hero to-dny.
Tho St. Louis 'J'tmci says s Colonel
ewett Wilcox has returned from Cairo,
nd will soon bo permanently settled In
mine's in this city.
Mr. R. Levy, brother lo our fellow
townsman, II. Levy, ni rived in litis city
from St. Louis yesterday. Ho will hereaf
ter bo connected with tho firm of II. Levy
Co., dealers in fur., hides, etc.
AV. II. Reeves, MUouri j T. IS. Val-
lotto, 111.; C. S.Alford, St. Louis; .1. "W.
Lake, Pittsburg; -Mi's Abbio Hatch, Geo.
W. Ham, City; IS. Frollck, Vinccnncsj
Mex Gardner, Joseph F.Tuckcr, Chicago;
ISaner, Paducah; S. Joseph, Cincin
nati; N. IS. T. Thistlowood, Mason; E.
ones nnd laJy, Dougoln; J. J. Tanner,
Louisville; Frank J Fltzpatrlck, Haiti-
more, wero nt tho St. Charles yesterday.
Tho following wero tho nrrivnlsnt tho
Uolmonlco helil, "Win. "Winter, proprietor,
01 tho twenty-four hours ending at 1'.
o'clock p. in., Jnn. a, 187ai James ISeck-
nth, "Wolf Island; Harris, Sir
as. Fisk, Jr.; Jamos l.Clcmsoi. Cnlo-
donln, Ills.; S. H. "Watson, Ashloy, ti'.
0. Hutchinson, Anna, Ills.; W. A.Alden,
McLcansboro, Ills.; J. II Spccrs, Ashley,
Ills.; IS. Frallck, Vlnccnncs, Intl.; Mo.e
Gray, river; 0. A. Smith, Du Quoin, Ills.;
C. H. Alford, St. I.otli'. Mo.;
,1 nines II. Specr, St. IiuU,
Mo.; Doctor II. "Wardner.cily.
Go to tho lecturo
at tho
Atbeno.um to. night.
It. LEVY A CO. M 1'ltICF. LIST THE 111(111 K.ST
MAi:i;i:r it.ici:.
Tho firm of II. Lovy & Co, 03 Ohio
levee, dealers in furs, of nil descriptions,
hide5, talloWjfeathcrs, wool, etc., nro build,
ing up a trado and earning for themsel
ves a business reputation second to no
house in tho city. In their dealings with
their customers, thoy aro honorablo nnd
upright, representing only fact. For
articles in their lino thoy pay tho highest
cnli prices. ISclow will bo found n list of
the nrticles in which they deal, together
with tho ruling prices in this market :
Itleiilar Joint Sp-."ioii of ilio Cl'y Conned
council t-'.:imi:r, euro, 111., 1
J.iu.l, 187'J. )
Proeiit--IIIs honor Mayor Lnnsden
and Fitzgerald, Kleb, Stratum. Swayno
and Waldor 0.
A quorum not bolnc present, on motion
of A ldermnn Swnyno tho council adjourned
to meet to-morrow evening nt 7 o'clock.
M.J. IIowtKY, City Clerk.
IA1IJ0111 no,! Ilegular Joint 8psloa of tho Clly
Council Chamber, Cairo, 111., 1
Jan. 1172.
Present His honor, tho maj-or nnd Cun
ningham, Fitzgerald, Hurd, Hchuh, Sense,
Stratton,Swayne, Taylor nnd "Winter 10.
On motion of Alderman Fitzgerald, tho
reading of tho journal wns dispensed
Tho rcpotts of tho fol
lowing named officers woro
presented, nnd on motion of
Alderman Swayno received nnd
ordered filed: Jos. IS. Taylor
city trcasuror, for Ducombcr ;
IS. Shnnncssy, P. M., for December; F.
Ilross, P. M., for November j Martin nnd
JSilllngsly, pollco constables for Novctn
her and Doonmhnr! Mhnnlinn nnd Mnrtin.
poiicn v.v.,tnbiea forDccembcr: nnd Win
Mcllnlo, c!tyjan. for Doeotnbor.
fcTKEET COMMIT mi; ,tEr0iiT.
I ho street committco rcpoi.vi n reirard
to a certain resolution adopted on tnu
tilt, concerning tho location of gas posts,
that although many of them nro situated nt
shorter intervals than two hundred feet,
tho prescribed distance, yet having been
reeled previous to the adoption oftho prci-
cnt city ordinance, in their opinion, tho city
council has no authority to order tho re
moval of said posts. On motion of Alder
man Fitzgerald tho report wns received
and tho committee discharged from fur
ther action thcroin.
Tho following ordinnnco wns submitted
by tho ordinnnco committco nnd on mo
tion of Councilman Hurd referred to tho
city nttorncy for lils opinion in tho matter :
Mink GOtoS'JOO
Raccoon 10 to .10
Musk rats u to 12
Wild cnt 10 to -10
Otter 1 00 to 0 00
Heaver oO to C5
Hear skins 1! 00 to 0 00
Deer hides 20 to 30
ISecf hides, dry salt 17 lo 18$
" " green salt 0 to J
Calf hides PJ to U
Tallow CO to Co
Feather Co to C5
AVool l!5to 05
IScnswax SI to i!8
:i'y block 20, wns road, nnd on motion of
Alutrmnn AVItitor, laid upon tho tabic.
A petition wns read from n number of
eltlztiiu nnd property holders on Sixth
street, representing that n certain framo
shnnty'on Sixth strcot, between Commer
cial nnd Vashlngton nvenues, is stored
with hay nnd being filled with that com
bustiblu material, is dangerous to tho
neighboring buildings. On mstlon of
Councilman Schuh unld petition was re
ferred lo tho commltleo on lira depart
Tho following bills wero presented, and
on motion of Councilman Taylor, referred
to tno committco on claims :
Rough & Ready flro company,
expenses lor year enuimr jjc-
cembcr 31. 1871 (291 10
11. T. Oorould, laying plpo and
erecting lamp posts nt city
Jail nnd cor. 12th street nnd
Commercial nvcnuo 76 45
R. II. Cunningham, rent of city
building for Dccombcr,1871... 40 00
Arab r Iro Co- cxponcscs for
quarter ending, Dee. !S1, 1871, $128 08
llnrclay liros., medicines for
prisoners, $2 SO
Thomas Fitzgerald, twonty
flvo days work on sidewalk.
tn December, $50 00
Peter Conlan. twenty-uvo days
work on sidewalks, in De
cember, $00 00
M. Mahcney, ten days work on
sowers, in December $20 00
"Wm. MoIIale, twenty days in
charco of city labor $40 00
Huso, Loomis & Co., ico for
Mcllnlo' s gnng sidewalk la
borers I
Huso, i-nnmls & Co., Ico for
and all impropor character suppressed
1th neatness, cheapness and dispatch. Ev
rybody knows that tho Excol9ior salo4kr
is at tbo corner of "Washington avenue nnd
Fourteenth street.
J'ror. nenfon .Inliviirml tlm second lect
tiro of thu course at tho Atlieneum last
night to a largo nnd intelligent nudienco,
nnd if such a tiling could bo, his second
lecturo was even moro Interesting Minn
tho first. Tho subject of geology, general
ly a dry ono, is handled by Prof. Denton
in a manner that make it interesting to
evory ono who hear him.
The third lecturo will bo given to-night.
Deciimbcr 1,.
" -J
" 0..,
" 10,..
" 11,.
" 15,.
" 10,.
" 17,.
" 1H,.
. " lit,.
" 20,.
:to.:!7. ..
21, 30.20....
30.12 ...
I. 08
H.'.M) ,
II. 48
i.2 1
ISr.o.vntiTi. This is an irritation or
inll immatlon of the bronchial lubes which
carry tho air wo breatho into tho lungs.
It arises from n cold settled in tin throat,
from catnrrh extending to these parts,
from scrofulous nflection, and from sovcro
uso oftho voice. Tho irritation from this
lattor causo commences in tho larynx nnd
ylotis, which nro tho organs of thu organs
of tho voice, and, extending downward,
produces hoarsonos, coughing, and spit
ting mucus matter, sometimes mixed witli
blood. It is chielly dangerous from its
tendency to spread into tho lung, and
terminate in consumption. It is in tho
euro of severe nnd obstinato cases of this
dlseaso that Dr. Piorco's Golden Medical
Discovery has nclnoved unparalleled suc
cess, and won tho loudost pralso from all
who havo used it. It is sold by all res
pectable druggists. . daw-It,
To Tuai'I'ehs and Dealers. Wo will
pay St. Louis prlco for all kinds of furs
brought to this market. Tlicro Is no need
of sending furs oil", when you can get just
ns good prices at homo. AVo also pay tho
highest prices for lildef, tallow, etc. Re
member tho place, Thornton's block", Tenth
street, nt tho sign of tho black boar.
en, )
w 11 lAm II. ...
Wilium 11. Oiltcit
Miles r.uiiberi.
BtebolTfu.S0'" 10 A"m""" u"
omen 01110 lkvee, rooms 7 and 8 ovku
F. D. REXFOItD Proprietor
coKnia oiiio Livtr. axd atroau sr.,
Caiko, Illinois.
The Only FirtUCUm Jloutc in (he City.
Hg conraytd lo nd from Dm De po
rMofchsige. decft
mcnt for a young man. For w.,i..i.
nnnU.ln f'...l 1. 'IM , "TUCUla
IV J ""inns, H'eaw uta,
.Vnr Br.i'i.ril .1..a . ..
-- j - ' iwu or i iron
well-known gamblers nnif thieves hava
boen making this city their hoadquartors.
They aro known to tho polico, howover,
and a close watch Is (tupt over their move
ments. There was but one case beforo hit
honor, 'Squire Shnnncssy, yesterday. Jack
Robltiion, a negro, filled up with blue
blazes, got into n quarrel and wns arrested.
Ho wus sent to tho calabooso for tho spaco
of ten daye.
A lady whilo sitting in tho ladles"
room nt the Illinois Central station in thin
clty,;nwaiting tbo dopnrturo of tho train
night befi.ro last, had hor pockot book and
nil tho monoy tho had stolon. Tho thief,
as tifual, escaped.
Tho small pox has not inado it up
ptarunce in this city, and if proper
precautions nro taken, wo ncod hnvo no
fears rcgurdlng ll. llut in some of Mm
river towns Ookonda, Molropoli,
Monthly Moan 20.23.
'Total Rainfall . 55
Prevailing Wind, AVest of North.
Total Number of Miles Traveled 5,8j0.
Thomas L. AVatpon
Obsorvcr, Signal SorvLo U. rs. A.
, 7"J''ho Reverend and Mrs. Coan will
M1 l,'v,r second annual reception at tho
rectory, "ushin'gton nvenuc, cornor,
rwinty-tlxth ,v.(.ti on Thulsdavovoning
January 1th nt , .q,ock wJ bo
huppy to wolcoiiwuUthrtr friends without
furthor invitation.
If... .1 -1
iii iiiu uwuiiiiiiuuaiitm ol norsons
wishing lotako outlleoni-o for 1872. 1 will
boat tho ofllco of I. Walder, cornor Sixth
at reel and Ohio Levee, every evening
during tho week, commencing Mondav,
Jnnuarylst nnd ending Saturday, Janu
ary bin, to receive money for tho lame.
J. U. Tayloii, City Treasurer,
Jmi'oktkd Malaga grapes at Jorgon
son's, cornor of Twentieth street aud
"Washington avenue, tf
dec'10 diw.
III'!!.' HI I- .V (JUi
jnotice. Tho best entertainment in
the city is at the St. Nicholas hotel, saloon
and restaurant. Tho best inusio that can
bo had violin and piano. Good lunch
every morning and night. All of tho
finest brands of cigars, and tho best St.
Louis lager beer, always fresh and nlco,
Givo us a call,
Hakky AValkeu. Proprietor.
Slkepino Rooms rort Rent. Ton
well vontllatcd slcoping rooms in City Na
tional Hank building, Apply to
At City National Dank
liiuuK Sroi you Kent. Tho brick
store, No. 78 Ohio Levee, now occupied
uy x Ji. btccklloth, Ksq-., is ollercd foi
rent, and will bo vacant on tho 18th Inst
Apply to J.vo. IS. Phillis.
Foil good photographs, porcelain pic
lures, or old pictures to bo copied, call ot
Thomas, No, 124 Commercial nvcnuo. lh
as good workman. Givo him a trial.
Poh Sai.k.a cottage on 12th street
containing 7 rooms, cistern nnd out
houses cotnpWto, Apply to
AY". AV. TnoiiNTON.
Oysteiis. Louis Herbert has nlwns on
hand n fresh supply 0r Saddlo Pock oys
An Ordinance piovlding for the contraction of
certain aiuewai. lie 11 or.iaiuvu uy ine tuy
Council of tho City ol Cairo.
Src I. That sidewalk ho constructed as fol
low vii ; On tho F.aterly side of Washington
Ateniie, in front or lots numbered is (l-.igtun n).
l i (Nineteen), SO (Twenty), nnd 21 (I'weni)-one),
in llloek numbered 21 ( lwcnty-f.iur) In tho Clly
of Cairo. .Si.no of Illinois, according to tho ro-
corded plat tlicreot and on the said kasterly side
01 Sam alllDKloil rtienuc iruui iuu -.uiint-rij
line of aid lot numbered ISIHiiihlftnl'tirod'iced
Kdheline ttxed by ordinance. atbo outer edge of
tbo sidewalk constructed or lo btcontructe,i, on
t l,o Somberly sido ot bevetith street in said City of
Un the side of lxth street from Wash'
ington Avenue to Walnut Sired, to connect ultli
thn sidewalk on those street,
tin Hip Northwlv side of Croi Hreet from
Wthiiigton Avenue to Walnut rilreet toconnici
with tho sidewalks on those street.
Src. 2. That In con-tructing the said sidewalks
on the Fa.terly side of Washington Avenue and
on tho said Northerly side of Cross street, sills ol
Mack 1.00111, Mulberry or Ked Cedar may bo
uied a tbo Street ComtiiilWe may direct and
where tho ldalkis elevated above tho stir
f.ieeof the natural ground on tliasaid Northerly
sidu of 4id Cross street it shall be only so rlevn
ted tn a bn tno feet below the general grail of
llio I uy ano utaWMied uy ordinance, proviu
cd that'where an portionot the natura. 'ground
upon which said sidewalk arc to f constrtnti'd
I above tho said general granu of the City. ald
sidewalks shall bo bud on .tid natural ground
wjinoiit excavation,
Mr. .1. That the etimaied eoi ol the con
strueiioii of eadi of s'ml sidewalk bo n'sessed
upon and collected from tti- property bemtiltcd
ll'erel'i- i,"'iiiiei ipr tjy the eharler and
.....nlrn..et ttier.-iu .n, finlinuiu'M. .r P.m
The snme committco nlso submitted the
followiim ordinnnco which was read and
laid ovor fur a second re.iditnr, viz .
An ordinance to provide I ir entcnn nnd wells in
ccnain loeainn s.
He it ordained by Die City Council of ihe City
or euro :
Src. 1. That wells slmilir 10 Ihe one now ei
Istlng on Die wot sidi. of Ci.mmtr-M.ti aveiiue near
to tho corner ol the Seventli street be sunk in the
vneiintstiace uoon which the Mlbh1 rnirket bouse
wii lormerly located, onf ominercial avenue near
me earner ui J wenueui sireei, anu on Hasiiing
ton avenue near tbo corner of Division street
8rc. 'J. That cisterns to bn constructed of ev
pressor pine lumber in circular lorm and well
Irfiind with iron hoop, and to hold not less than
IM barrel of l'J gallon each be located and 'nk
in tho ground on Commercial avenuonear the
corner of Twentieth strejt and on Wa.blngton
avenue near 1110 corner oi um.ion street.
Hrc, .'I. Tint Ihe snld wella bo so located that
thn niiblic cltern now existing or to bo here
after constructed can be conveniently filled from
them ami that said wells hall be unk nnd local
ed and the said pitern an constructed and ar.
rauued under the direction of the comtnltteo on
street, provided the cost of each well shall not
exceed ,ii, aniline coi 01 eacncisiern stinu
not exceed fwi.
Said committee submitted Mieir report
for December showing that thoy had dc
stroyed, by burning, city orders to tho
amount of (3,858.7G and coupons to tho
amount of $110. On motion of Alderman
Fitzgerald tbo report was received and
ordered on llio.
Tho special committee on tbo revision
of ordinances reported Mint in conjunction
with tho printing comntitleo thoy had
arranged with .Mr. J. II. Oberly to print
503 copic. of said ordinances, together
with such other ordinances as aro still in
forco aud somo general laws ntl'ectlng th
interests of tho city, nnd to prepare sid
notes nnd n suitublo index for tho 6ame,
the wholo to bo bound In boards, with
loutho l'nuii., f...' ti.o ainti of sr.no, nM
work to bo finished by tho 25th Inst. Tho
committco recommended tho adoption of
tho following resolution, viz :
lit solved, that tho contract entered Into
by tho specla' commltteo on tho revision
of tho ordinance, nnd tho printing com
mittee, with J. II. Oberly, Esq., to print
500 copies of tho revised mid other ordin
ances and of general laws applicable, to tho
city govorninont with sido notes and in
dex, and bind tho wholo in boards witli
leather backs for tho sum of $500 bo nnd
tho same Is hereby ratified nnd confirmed.
Alderman Fitzgerald moved to rccoivo
tho report and adopt tho resolution. Car
ried ns follows: Ayos Cunningham,
Fitzgorald, Hurd, Schuh, Scase, Stratton,
Swnync, Taylor and AVinter 0. Nay 0.
A petition from n numbor of properly
holders on Sixth street protostlug ngalnst
tho building of a sldownlk on tho south
sido of said strcot. botween AVashlngton
avonuo and AValnut strcot, was road, nnd
on motion of Councilman Schuh referred
to tho city attorney.
A petition from tho Rough and Ready
llro company for 1000 feot of lioso, was on
motion of Councilman Hurd referred to
ho coinniittco on flro department.
A petition from thu Hibernian llro com
pany for 500 feet of hoso and a 20 foot suc
tion, wns road, nnd on motion of Aldermnn
Fitzgorald, referred to tho committee on
flro department.
Apotltion from Joseph Swoboda pray
ing pormission to romovo tho framo build
itifronlov 2 In city Week 30, to lot li in
Devoro's k"k..
Cairo City Gns Co., lo. con
sumed tor thrco months, u,
Dec. 1st, In engine houses
nnd city hulhlintr $81 00
C. R.AVoodwnrd, nnlls $20 00
Thos. Mcchnn, hauling lumber, $39 00
Stratton & ISird, nnlls $140 35
Jos. 11. need, nails $40 00
1. J. f.nt, lumber, 131 41
AVm. McIIale, dieting prisoners
for Dec. 1871, $288 00
Cairo lllndory, ono liccnsobook
nnd ono llccnso receipt book
with stub $15 00
John McNulty, for hauling
drunken man to jail $0 00
Cairo City Gas Co., gas con-
sumcd in 81 street lamps, less
six night not lighted $228 C5
Morris, Rood & Co., lumber,.... $90 45
Jno. II. Oberly v Uo, publish
ing council proceedings for
December and two copies of
lSui.t.ETiN, and notice for licensee,
$1G 24
Btcamer. Whero from. Where lo.
Illinois Columbus... Columbus
Jas. Fisk, Jr... ..Paducah Paducah
John Lumsdcn,...Evansvlllo
Geo.S. AVooks Memphis.
Tho riso in tho river nt this colnt Is
slowfy drawing to n closo. During tho
past 24 hours tho rlso has nmountcd to
about 2) Inches.
Tho riso in tho Monongnhcln continue
with 12 feet In tho channel.
At Cincinnati nnd Louisvlllo tbo river
is rising slowly.
At Evausvillo tho river continues rising
with a good stago out for this point.
Tho Mississippi is falling nt St, Louis.
Thoro is now a fair boating stago to St.
Louis say seven feet, Tho Cumberland
Is rising very fast, with 0 foot on Harpeth
Shonls. The Arkansas river at LittU
Rock, Is fulling again. Tho Mississippi is
rising at Memphis, Vicksburg and Now
Orleans. The rains throughout "ine
country havo been genornl and every lit-
tlo stream is doing its part toward flm-
proving inu cnanncis.
Tho landings yesterday had a quiet ap
pearance and no great amount of businoss
was transacted.
Tho sun shono brightly throughout tho-
cntiro day with tho wind from tho north
west mnklng tho atmosphere rather chil-
Cairo City Gas Co., gas used in
0 street lamps, in Novem
ber, $270 50 nnd nt citv jail,
to 25 ..
Thos. ISoylc, hauling 15 loads
brickbats for streets
Thos. Hojlc, hauling 21 loads
brickbats for streets
Morris, Rood & Co., lumber
E. A. ISurnctt, Deccmbor sala
ry as comptroller
. Cain, December salary ns
Jas. IS. Taylor, December sala
ry as treasurer
31. J. Howloy, December snla-
rv ns clerk
Jno. Shcchan, C. Muhen, AV.
11. i.obertson, Ilenrv T. .Mar
tin, nnd R. F. ISillingsly, police
constables, each ..
Jno. D. Holmes, police consta
ble. 18daysin December, 1871
L. II. Myers chief of police,
for December
$72 CO
$281 76
$11 25
16 75
172 70
75 00
50 00
100 00
100 00
t . 1-.
IS. Shanne'sy, P M., salary for
December, 1871
?5 00
15 00
S3 33
75 00
25 00
to the
Councilman Taylor presented
council nn application, indemnity bond
and affidavit ofMathew Laflln, of Chicago,
for tho reissuo of ccrtiiu city orders
burned in tho great flro in Chicago on Oe
tobor 9th, 1871. On motion of Council
man Hurd, rtferrod to tho finance com
Tho mayor presented tho resignation of
Jno. Holmes as police constable which on
motion of Alderman Cunningham was ac
On motion of Alderman FiUgerald th
council then adjourned.
M. J. IIowlky, City Clerk.
AVhcro aro you going 7 To the place
number 53, Ohio levee, where they koep
tho best fresh oysters, fish nnd game, and
tho finest wines, liquors and cigars to b
found In tho city. 'Open at all hours, day
or night. J. h. Parks
Ho! for Holly I
NowStorol New Goods!
llcst assortment of
Cooking nnd Heating Stoves
over brought to Cairo,
on AVashlngton nvcnuo, threo doors nbov
Tenth street.
AVo hnvo no hesitation in recommend
ing William Ehlors, boot and shoo maker,
as worthy of most liberal patronage AVo
know whereof wo speak whon we say hi
work Is dono in a mastorly manner at tho
lowest prices. Ho uses nothing but tho
best of slock, and ho cannot bo excelled In
tho dellcato task of making nn oxact fit.
Givo him n call nt his shop on Twentieth
street, between AVnshington avonuo and
Poplar stroot, nearly opposlto tho court
house, nnd wo will guarnntco satisfaction
Mrs. .McGco having a largb stock of
millinery goods of fall nnd winter styles,
has determined to sell them off at tho low
est prices, nuts from sovonty-flvo cents
nnd upwards, among which may bo found
lino French fol worth two dollars nplcco
which will bo sold for ono dollar and
twcnty-ilvo conls. All sorts of ribbon
trimmings, good volvots, flowors, etc., all
of which aro offorcd nt cxtromoly low
prices. doelotf
It is trtlo Mint ISlnnkonbtirg's Excol
sior saloon is now one of tho institutions
oftho city. All drinkers who llko really
excellent liquors whiskies, wines, beer,
otc go to tho Excelsior shIooh, which is
fitted up in splendid stylo, lllankonburg
who knows how to koep a saloon, spreads
n lino froo lunch ovory morning' a1" zo
ning, nnd, ns ho forcibly expresses it,
Sweetens tho lunch vrlH music." Ho
hns employed tho sorvlcci of a flrst-rato
pinnlst, who makes tho grand piano
which stands In ono oud of tho salooa
speak out In musical tones. .Everybody
is Invited. The belt order h maintained, ,
Tho John Lumsdcn arrived from Evani
vllle. She lays here until Saturday when
sho will clear for Naihvillo and bring out
a trip should tbcro be enough water.
Tho H. C. "i eager discharged her trip
and will load for Now Orleans. Bho had
2779 bars railroad Iron for tho Blooming
Ion and Ohio river railroad.
About CO tow boats with coal barge
containing about 0,000,000 bushels of coaP
aro cxpeelcdlo lcavo Pittsburgh on tho
present riso.
Capt. Lukcr recently In charge of tha
Marble City, has taken command of the
The Geo. S. AVeeks cleared for Mem
phis with the City of Alton's Memphis
The Grand Tower coals to-day and will
lcavo for St Louis.
For the position of wharfmaiter at
Memphis there aro 23 white and 2 colored
Tho wreck of tho old steamer J.J. Mon
lp.tt, well known on tho river many years
beforo tho war, lies whero she sunk ten
year ago, abovo Jacktonport, in AVblto
river. She onco.mado tbo run from New
Orleans to this port inside of 3 days and
OS houn.
aiio Muunu ony ropcired dur
ing tfco year 1871 17 steamers, 3 tags, 3
barges and 1 wharfboat. Built the steam-S.
cr McMullin, 1 United States snag flat
transfer barges No. 1. and 2. and the tow
boat R. A. Itabbage.
Tl.n Tt 1... . ..!...! 'II 1
J "-" pal lm
The cyllndors aro 20 inches ffi
soven feot stroke. ,
Dr. Thos. Griffiths, sul '
Charge of tho U. S. marine iC.
Louisville, Ky., reports the folsjf JV
the condition of tho hospital undor Fli""
charge, during the month of December,
1871 : patients remainiog tha lsstflay of
November, 02 ; patients admitted during
tho month of December, 70; patients
treated during the month ef Docember,
132 ; pationts discharged during tbo month
of December, 68; patients died during the
month of December, 3; patients remain
ing on last day of December, 74; private
patients troated during month of Decern,
her, 12.
City National Bank Ilnlldlnr.
aa.Hppclal attention paldtoorden from steam
oats night or day.S
Piano Toninq. Parties wishing their
pianos tuned will plcaso advress C.
Robbins nt postofflco, or lcavo word with
his brother. Prlco $3,00 or $5,00 a year, in
eluding at least two 'unings and ordinary
repairing, strings, &c.
Maihiiaoe Guide. Interesting work
numerous engravings, 224 pages. Price
60 cents. Address Dr., Butts! Dispensary
No. 12 North Eighth Street, St. Louis
Mo. Sco Advertisement. tf
Twkntt-Fvik Oknts. This amount
will buy a bottlo of Mrs. AVhltcomb's
Syrup, tho great soothing remedy for nil
diseases incidont to infants and children.
Jan 3-d & w-Iw,
Peck, Freak, & Co's London biscuit
always on hand, cornor Twontioth and
AVashlngton avenue. tf M
r- tut
Crthtal vinegar from London at Jor
genson's, corn;r of Twentieth street iT0Ki
AVashlngton avonuo. f
Go to Dr,
ver Dropa.
- a a -.T" J
. fiDnvuuiv v. a mi xinHRL an
Hnanl.h In the C tV. T" '"Y"3 "
Trv thatm
- -1 ,i
. T-,nnson'.. Rlanln nnd FftOlC0St butter V
id Fancy Groceslr
Found. That tho choice
New Fronch prunes,
raisins always on hand
grocery storo
sfl I. n 1 T.
cineg. ?K
41s ltattlnL'or'A rAodU
Yarmouth WorUm
. a ,

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