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On and nr flunday, Ma. 14th, 18TI, the roi'
nxtiRit-iaUetll govern the nirlval nnJ Tn"
or of passenger trains nl Cairo I
Apart-Mail Irnln, dally '1. ' ,
Kt1.trM.UMl7... .1,' .1
Express, dally. c'I' fii'lr '"
No change cfenr.irom Cairo to ft. Louis. Io
bang om from CAlro to Chicago. Meranl
rivltf Koo sleeping on night trains.
4UtM cheeked to lmporUnt tolnt.
Will make rip daily
41 11 . "
At 8:30 a.m.
At 1:30 pm.
At 0 p.m.
Al 4 )... I'.m
Fare each y, " cents', 10 ticket for 2 H.
Will Imc, when lulled, at any good lntenneillte
anding larpasaengerior freight. norZltf.
mar.n' nuATft,
The fincstfamcr
Will leave Cairn for Eransvllle evcrr Hundav Ami
Thursday evenings, at 6 o'cloo.i, p.m. For
fretgot or passage, apply on board or to
M A 1 1. ItOAT.
Tho splendid steamer
Jorl'oulrr, .Miislor.
iti clro rivtl.Y, Umltys excepted) at 4
tn. Kor IreWMnr pisija apMi on hoarder
JAS. lUdtJ.N, AK'I.
(Jnrnucrlnntl Itlvor I'nckcti
The (plemlid .trainer
TOM HAtMANMa.lrr Af.K.V. HAUl)...-.CltU
will leare Clro rrerv Tfiurxtay at oo clootc p.m.
forClaikavllle. and .Vaalmlle
partasr, apj ly nn ooaril or i"
ror nviK.it ui
i IllOfiS. Ag'l.
The gallant Meatner
OWK.N DAV13...Maitcr 1
. Clerk
Will leare Cairo prerr Satunlnv at & n'eloeL. n.'m
for rta.rmllr, Clarltsrilleand all way polnti. Kor
ireignt or paitage apply on hoard r to
J3tf. JAS. UIOGS, Ag't.
The good steamer
Wlt.ET 61MMS...Mater CIetk
Will leare Cairo etcry Monday at .u'clock, p.m.
for Naahrllle, and all wy .orts l'or freight or
ptisage, apply on bonnl or la
janStf JAS. IIIOOS, Agt.
' I Kerf-ale 1 '
FOR SALE. J for rule 1 FOR BALE.
Faro from Livr.nroOL,
Faro from LoxDCNDKitrtv
Fare from ULAbOOw,
"Fare from (che.vstow.n'
TO CAIRO, :::::::: $48-20
Saflord, Morns i Ca
, K'DIS.
Lirtrpool ew.rork and I'hilavJ Iphia
Steamship Company,
n coxrairr with cairto riir."iD siitiiu
For Carrjtng the JIalls.
oa rvatuta isroax.Tioi
15 Broadway, .New.VorV, or to
II. II o 11 ll ,
Washington Atence, Cairo. nnis. 51
roil nam:
The Illinois Ceitral 1U I ltol Cominny now
ofierfnrsletlief.oviiiigdescribed loin in hirs
Addition to the Cily of Cairo, vli t
Lot 2T block .). L.,t 21 block 2,
11 II " 211, . 27 ' M .
" o Pi, .' 'Ji
" 6 (!.'. 31
" 3 " u. .. n,
Kurtermi.ote. apply JAMKH J011Ni().
RliSIDE.NCE No. 21 Tlnrteenlh street, be.
,.. ,WS',a vy'"'llll,loneniieanl Walnut atreet.
Oltic-li.OomiiiTuialatemi. up Hinrs.
RKIfiE.VCE-eornr.Vinth ami Walnut sts.
(mJ.i?reoV,ar 'lu"' "lr0Hl nni1 Ohio loree.
Otriee hoiir.-froi,, c a.m. to 12 in., and 1) n.m
William J. Allen, ")
John II.Mulkey, V CAIItO, 1LI.IN01H.
Bamue 1 P.Wheeler. J
BWPsrtlcular attention paid to river and ad.
mlralty business
OFFICE Over First National Bank, Ohio I.evee,
William II Glib
William 11.
Niies r.Uilbert
SW8reci attenlinn ..ir .
tteambbatbu.lDe.s. " ' ,ou
ornci ouio levee, hoomb 7 and b oveii
etui okh, vmr 1XD irc04 ,Ti
Caiko, li.c
A Only Finl-Clim Jloute hi olC Qy
. sW Vsggaf conreyed to ml from th rjr.M
- ehage. sltevtl
,;.hirgton aienio,
.....jtrr the fool .h-e.
".Si. ami 2 to 1 p.m.
...... ...'Cr.-Corner MneUenth street
..... ... ....in., or
Olllco liour-J " "
. .... .. r..i.. II. A. I Hill-
A fOJMIlnr iy.nu.am it u. -
.1,,. cc.iM.lv owrnlnis. Jnurjr 1 1 Vim
ing compel 0tmty"$',
liy onlorof M. IS "1,1,JoU9,f,:Yi:it, Bcc'y.
I neiwcen
I.lhe same, he being auihorii'd to recede and
r.c"lpt Tor l clamis. Mr E. M. Titus will also
pay all liabilities. K.M.TITW.
K. M Victor.
VUUIlldgc, Ms.lJee U,lt71. JanlC-St.
The reglihr Cairo and Ncw.Urlenni packel
. n. NEAI.....Maler I J. STUTT NBA I Cietk
Will laateM alwralhla rlay, January ID, on Hie
at rltl of the tram. Kor freight or paaaijtr, appl)
onboard.orntthuonico or tuner wnnri.w...
jniili U Unit
State of Illinois. Alciander county, f . s
Public notice N hereby glcn Hint bv vlrliie of
mortag. ilt".l the imii ueyoi .-.oraniirr,....,
rxrcniiMl by Thomas A. llrown In f.ivor if Meillng
C. fool, the uiLlrralgiiril, lie will aril, on tho tenth
day of Jlinmr,,'.ls72. nl the postolllce oi.r nl
Tbelwi", between lilt hours nf ten n'clocK n.tn.
and auii-ft. tho following described properly:
t. irt.ni.in.i nnn.ln.irm thnleain ferrvbont or
tcel called the K11II1 of Thrbex. of burden of
21.100 tons! inenstirlng in lengin 01 ieci ,
In breadth, 10 .1.10 feel ; In dcplh, 2 Mo feet J to
gelherwllh all mid singular hi . onedmll of her
boiler, engine, machinery, laohie, npjiaiei mm
lurniiure, cic.
Tin. imi. day ---a;,sc.roor..
or nit
Krl.riinry B, 1871.
Tim Select Council of fools approves ol the
uairoiinmo nn i rms in lis unoounucu ;wisuom
reoled to celebrate the fifth ma.nuerado Ihi.
season, whleh will, as it eer has done, entirely
and completly eclipse any, and ot crythlnir here
tofore or hereafter to tw attempted. The mot
conspicuous fools In tho community, among
whom. 111 dear reaier. roll undoubtedly nre
cla.hcd, will be invited to demonstrate that vmir
presence will be fully appreciated, .No tickets
will be sold at the door and those wishli g tickets
can oijiotn mem or any member or the lustno.
l.Ol'lrt Hl.ATTKAU.
Committee of Arrangements of Cilro Casino
I'ubllalicd every mo nil tig-, Monilny ex
TI10 circuit court for Alexander coun
ty, Ilia honor Judgo David Hakcr jiresid-
ttiK, commenced its term veslordav. Not
much lusineu wa? nccompllhel, tho day
beinp principilly occupied with ruutlno
mnttcH and motion. The grand jury are
in oiion ntid to day bttiitiMi vi 11 ho re
giilnriy cnicred upon.
- Illinois Central RailrokdCo I
Agent's Oftke, Cairo, Jan. 15, 1j7.
I will tell nt public auction at the ttone
depot, in the city of Cairo, on Saturday,
tho 2"tb of Jnnuaryt the following prop
erty to pay char?, viz : 5 boxo bedding,
2 lounge', 1 bureau, i piecci carpet, 2 cop.
boardi, 4 tablet, 3 doz. chain, 7 itttnd',
2 trunk., 9 Uditead, 5 rnnttronoi, and
quto nn amount of kitchen furniture.
Sal poiitivc.
Inn. 17-lOt.
About C o'clock lint evening, n fire
broke out in n house occupied by n negro
named Dick Smith, who works on Hulli
day Uro'. wlmrfboat. Tho houso was
located on Fifteenth street, and with four
others, none of them of much
value, were soon consumed. When
first discovered thu door was forced
open nnd Smith's wifo wm found upon
the floor burned to death, as was mp
potcd from tho explosion of n kenni'iio
lamp. It is reported that n child was also
burned, 1ml with what truth, i not
known. Tho buildings consumed woro
small frnmo houses, mostly occupied by
negro families.
Alderman Swuyno is of tho opinion
that " struight tickeU" will bo run in thu
approaching contest for city oliices, I in
hnnkcra after 11 straight democratic ticket
himself, probably.
It is tald wo luvvo beard this told in
Uuth that Couu:ilman Wood is to bo tho
rcpiAAVcii,, enndidato for mayor. If to,
it not so, well nlso. Wo are opposed
l0"'l,arl' fortho munlcipnl offices,
and belkve vy ntorost of our cU
require, that thew ,houM bo (l uniou 0'r
S""8 h 8U,n. of Cairo to
gardlc.s of their politics ; vt f
publicans insist upon a politico, flht ,v
are ready to take, up the gauntlet
tho hind qunrtcrs oil- them. If Wooq. .
anxious to try his strength, lei him go In.
Kiimor publishes Mr. Patrick Mock
lcrasn cundidato for tho olllcu nf mayor.
Mr. Modeler would, no doubt, receive tho
support of Ills friends, and might bj elec
ted If all effort wero not put forth to so
euro his defeat. Wo regret to say it, and
hope thorc Is no llbol in the do:lamtlon
thus publish) J, hat wo do not bollavo ho
Is in nil reipocts fitted for tho high office
to which ho nsplros. Ho has nil tho dig
nlty, suavity or manner nnd beauty, nnd
for that matter most ol tho nbllitv, de
manded by tho office, but tho fat,, objec
tion to him is tho fact tint ho U not it
mathematician. Thu mayor of Cairo
ought to bo a mathematician, nnd Mr.
Mockler Is not. This is tho consideration
which would lend us to oppoeo Mr. Mock
ler if lie should announce himself as n enn
didte for mayor.
Titus Vlctoi l. this day dls-.dvcd 7. "
full consent, Mr' r. A. Vlc.or rellr up. All per
m...-.r,..in.h nlicrn'.otoro exi:wi
I'io Hibernians got first water Inst
n drill, bttt'nro not jiroml.
niuillliui II. .1111111. .... .ui.."
day for Now Orloi i.s wllhotil full.
rri.n tl, . II T...1!..n ' ...Ill 1fln.r In.
II Tho wenthor horcaljoti's, during the
lnil eight or ten dnys Inn boon lino.
A regular convocation of CniroR. A.
Chapter, No. 71, will bo held thu oven-
.Mr. Cltito, or tho Cairo .V St. Louis
rond, was in tho cily Sunday nnd yester
diy. Just received by Stratton & lllrd,
from Angelina plantation, Louisiana, 75
kegs of cliolco Cano Ooldon Syrup, a very
finunrtlclo for family use.
A horso raco Is on tho tnpls. Next
Saturday, at 12 in., Kynaston's curt horse,
" llulclior," nnd Ilocplo's raco horso,
" Limber Jim," will try their speed. Dis
tancp, 800 yards stake, $100.
Vnccinntion. Justrccolvcd, r supply of
genuine English cow virus. All who wish
to bo vaccinated, call at my olllco from 1
to 3 o'clock In tho afternoon, Olllco,
Seventh street, near Washington nvenue,
fit. A. Waduymak, M. D.
Wo had a call yesterday from Mr.
Worcester, resident nssistant engineer for
this end of tho Cairo & St. Louis road. Ho
says work U being pushed forward rapidly
and that, as soon n9 tho wenthor will per
mit, n much larger foreo will bo placed on
thU end.
Last night tho Arnbcr.gino company
whllo passing nlong Fourteenth street,
along tho high sidewalk in front of tho
Church of tho Redeemer, wero brought to 11
Btand-.tlll bv tho hugoboll of tho church
which obstruct, tho walk at that place.
Of course, tho Arabs had to back out. If
tho Roughs luul como upon tha bell, they
would havo iot away with It, or their
reputation as bell men U unmerited. Tlicy
would' lmvo said: Zuick ; presto change I
and it would havo followed a cortuln
steamboat bell tho tongue of which never
told half It know. ,
In canvassing tho city to sell "courso
tickeU" for tho scries of five lectures to bo
delivered this winter undor tho nuspicies
of tho Y. M. C. A.jSomo persons could not
bo reached by tho committee, and for tho
accommodation 4of those who wish to pur-
chaiu tickets and havo not dono so, we
leave a supply nt Messrs. AV. R. Rockwell
& Co.'s, II. D. Hanncn' bookstoro nnd II. C
Loflin's news stand, where such persons
may ohtnin them before .Intiuary 17th, on
winch date the lirst lecturo of tho course
will bo delivered by Rov. Robert Collycr.
Course tickets may bo also had at tho City
National bank. Single tickets for Mr. Col-
Iyer's lecture for sale at tho designated
book and nows Jtorcj. Reserved seats may
bo secured nt tho Atheneum Wednesday,
Jan. 17th, between 5 a. m. and 12 m. and
between 2 nnd u p. 111.
Lectui:k Committf.e.
3t. Y. 31. C. A.
Father O'Haltoran, who was ahsect
from tho city last wk. has return.
John I'atton, of G. D. Williamson &
Co., hat left the city on a benlth-ieoking
vtU to Louisville.
Frick, who ad Alexander county in
the Unit! StaUs court for i,000, has
heer. sntout of the court at hit own coat.
Wo learn from ths Sun that .Mr.
McCartney it in the city attending to his
dutie as prosecuting attorney in the cir
cuit court.
Harwood and Inscore-, of Anna, were
both in tho city yesterday. Anxious to
entertain them in n proper manner, n con
flagration was prepared for their nrntisc
ment. They xeemod to enjoy it; and have,
no doubt, n duo appreciation of our
thoughtfulness .
Mr. Samuel Owen, n colored gentle
men, denires in to notico tho fact that ho
was promptly on hand nt tho firo last
night and helped to carry tho remains of
Mrs. Smith, who was burned tu death, to a
homo in thu neighborhood of tho confla
gration. His description of tho big blazo
and tho appearance of tilings generally,
possesses tho merit of originality. He
knows how to do things at a firo, and is
corlninly worthy of this notice, which ho
icqtiostcii tit vory particularly tn not
neglect to givo him.
Tho following wero tho arrivals at tho
Dulmonico hotel, Win. Winter, proprie
tor, ending 0 o'clock p. 111., .Inn. 10, 1872
.Ins. . Rookon, Cairo; Win, Milllkan
1'aduLah ; J, L. Jones, Evansvilluj P. II.
Ilittonnn, Eldorado; John M. Snow, Snow's
Landing; R. Levy, J. W. Speglo, W. J
11f. lt I 11 1 (fl . n. . .
nine, . v.. uriiuioru, f. .1. icasunles,
. . Kotilnson, .St. J.ottis; J. F. Davis
1!. A. Louroy, llnliard county ; AV. II.
Jttnifro, I'. (Jtirnlck, ripriiiglield ; A. 11.
hvans, II. liuylor, river: Win. Citrlcton
nnd wife, ,1. (. Klju, Capo fJirardenu;
Win. Warn, Fnyottu county ; .1. H.Haii...
ions, Hiekman; Tom Winter, City; II.
Ferrcdltig, P. E. Haul, Mound City; A.
Loweiithal, Jits. Carroll, Sam Rosontleld,
Evansvlllo; John Stringer, Win. O'ilrino,
Caspar Spnnglor; 11. 11. Singer, M. M.
Young, Str. Indiana , J. P. Davis, Odin;
John Jackson, Abraham ilrunor, Metrop
olis ; J. 0. Willifinis, Piiducah; dipt. Dcn
cvor, Clias. Cooper, Str. Champion ; S
Alkenson, Drcon's Point; Clias, Roper,
Mayvllle; Thos. Doylcs, Torrchatito; F,
A. lair, Mound City; Jack Malcntor,
B,th Rend.
)v M.Kyan, St. Louis; II. A. Stoword
U. C. Slttw, l'.olla, Mo.; W.
L. Pretty man, Chicago; L. W. -Alillor,
New Orleans; M,..V v. John.i.n
Memphis; L. Kimball, Mol)IIc A)n n
bhimiiilek, Cincintnal ; DuvW' v A...
Now York; 8. J. Kn.tman
Anna; James Price, Anna; Ml.,
Willnrd, Anna; Alex Gardner, Chlcagm
J. N. IJIIIinghnm, Chicago ; 11. Campbell
Hickman, Ky.; John R. Upshnm. Illek!
unn; Joe. Dill, St. Louis, Mo.; A. W.
Tieklin, Charleston, Ills.; John Shields,
St. Louis; A. Hine, Keokuk: E. O
Prince, East St. Louis ; 0. L, Stovcnson,
East St Louis; J. A. liozicr, St. Louis;
H. E. Austin, city; J. L. Curby, St.
.uui, u. a. unwklnu, Cincinnati; J
Straus, St. Louis; Capt,. Thoj. W. Singer
Str. Htinlsvlllot Dug. Iticlmrdson, ht.
Louis II. Rowing nnd wife, i-reeport,
Ills.: .I.F. McCartnoy, Metropolis-, O. K.
I'ny'ic, M. AO. R. R.; J. 11, anone, Louis-
villa ; E. U. Pcrrlck, Alnbnmn; .1. D.
D.ivls, Texas: L. W. Stillwell, cily s An
drew Ferguson, Louisville, Ky.; Mm. W.
J. Morgan, Ccntrnlla . Mrs. C. House,
Cenlralla, and ,T. K. Forbelt, Chir.igo,
wcro tho arrivals at tho St. Charles hotel
on Monday.
Our Methodist reporlor had soro eyes
and was unable to attend services nl that
church. Wo shall cudeavor to havo him
In church-going condition by next Sun
day. Tho services at the Church of tho Re
deemer on Sunday woro well nttonded.
Rector Coan preached carnoit nnd olofpicnt
sermons, tho distinguishing characteristic
of which werodepth of thought nnd sound-
noss of logic.
A very largo congregation sat under
tho drippings of Mr. Thayer's pulpit on
Sunday, and his sormons gavo vory gano-.
rnl satisfaction to godlynnd ungodly nllko
Tito reverend gentleman Is altogether r.
suecossnt his bus!nos, tho only drawback
being a sing-songiness In Ms uttorunco
-a lingering 01 u.o vo.,u ,.. ... .
of each word that Is not exactly agrccnblo
to tho person who hoars him tho first tl.no
a linccrln of tho volco on tho tall nnd
but which bocomcs rather an nttrncllon
than n drawback when ono succeeds in
getting mod to it.
Wo nro fetching tho pooplo of Cairo
into tho lino of religious duty leading
thorn to tho religious trough and inducing
thorn to feed upon tho liny, oats and corn
of tho Into faith. This fact is becoming
obsorvablo to tho most casual observer,
nnd wns particularly notlccablo on Sunday
lust. At C o'clock on tho morning of thnt
day, ovcry man, woman nnd child in
Cairo got out of bed, and n number prayed.
Ono man, who is n constant reader of Tiik
Bcllktin, prayed In n cold room before
ho had jumped into his pantaloons, which,
wo tako it, was an amazing instance of
religious zeal. During tho day somo of
tho pooplo devoted themselves to silent
communion with their own hearts and bal
anced up all tho wickedness they had
been guilty of during tho week nnd par
doned themselves; others smoked their
matutinal pipes nnd thought what they
ought to do; many did not think at all,
boing perfectly satisfied with their own
acts and doingi and to "carried their
own Insurance with them ; " somo made
good resolutions which they did not intend
to live up to. Many attended worship at
the churches, and, to bo brief, the reli
gious goose hung very high. Wherefore
wo rejoice, and rise up to our great work
confident of our ability to perform the
task we havo set ourselves to do the
tusk of nuking Cairo the great religious
center of thecountry. Wa are at this
moment directing all our btitterWs of the
religious kind agninst thecitalel of the
A'icked perverseaes of one of the alder
men of tbe second ward, and if we can
bring him, and then gobble Phil. Howard,
our way is clear ur ihip is ready and
the winds are fair and we are bound to
mooui own Mrj Ann. We add this bo
eaot it it onr habit to conclude oir elo
quent articles with an appropriate stanza,
and where is one more appropriate than
this" We are bound to see our own
Mary Ann !
Rev. .Mr. Ilradley called on us yester
day to explain why ho had failed to irn
rnere Thomas Johnson in tho waters of
tho Ohio river, and wo cttecrn it our duty
to say that tho responsibility of tho failure
rests upon tho shoulders of Shoriff Irvin.
Mr. Uradley, anxious to obey theordors of
tho Spirit, but fearful of tho persecuting
spirit of tho laws, sought among his friends
to ascertain whether he would bo hanged
or imprisoned if ho were toimtnerso John
son, and Johiton, who is bed ridden by
sickness, wero to die immediately after be
ing plunged beneath tho flood, lieing his
most Ultimata friend, Mr. Uradley con
sulted us first. Wo uro a luwyer as well
as a religionist, and informed llradluy that
no responsibility would attach to him In
the suggestud exigency that, in fact, ho
was In duty bound to put Johnson under
tho water, if tho spirit had so directed,
oven if man's law, lit dellnnco of tho
Lord's wish, should insist on having lilm
hanged five minutes nftor thu Immersion
ceremony. Hut Mr. Uradley, after his
conversation with us, called on Sheriff
Irvin, who is his " next friend, " and was
discouraged by tho gontleman, who told
him Unit, if Johnson should dlo in live
minutos or half an hour after
tha ceremony of immersion, tho
law would surely demand that tho ofllci
nting minister should bo hnnged ns high
ns Daman. This decided Mr. Uradley
Ho said ho wus willing to bo hanged rather
than disobey tho order of tho Lord, but it
was asking too much oflilm torcquirotlmt
ho should run tho risk of bolus; linngod ns
high ns Hainan for baptising Johnson.
Tho consequenco wns, Johnson was
soused In his own bed chnmbor, und the
requirements of tho letter of tho Lord's
law thus satisfied. Whether it .will stick,
that is to say, is n truo immersion ono
thnt will onablo Mr. Johnson to got into
glory, is not exactly clear to our mind;
but wo lmvo no doubt it will aid him con
siderably in his efforts to rench tho king
dom. At nil events, it is bottor than no
Immorsion at all, nnd wo congratulate
him ; but wo tremblo for Sherltf Irvin.
Ho Is in a dangerous predicament has
upon his shoulders a heavy responsibility;
which can only bo washed nwoy by ru
pontnuco nnd Immersion nenr tho Mono
depot by Rov. Mr. Rradloy.
II. Levy & Co., at No. 911 Ohio lovoo,
havo on hand nnd for salo in quantities to
ult purchasers, ono thousand pounds of
good feathors. Thoy will bo sold nt pricos
within tho roach of tho poorest. Families
'"I'pli.'d ut reasonable rutcs. dec 12-tf
Et'o.s-OMv i(y using .Mrs. Whitcomb's
syrup fur clmdron,mony n doctor's bill can
ho saved, and much suflbrlng averted.
Read thoadvortlmcntin (mother column
Huro tho river has
" 'i eoiiiu iniiu 10 coma
At Pittsburg nnd Cliteltinntl u,',, rvcr
Is reported rising.
At Evansvlllo tho rivet- coiitlnuca, (0
fall rnpldly, however thcro is plonly of
vatcr for tho packets.
Cumberland river Is falling tteadily.
Red rivcrreniains about tho tamo in last
Tho fall in tho Mississippi continues
and tho channel has got down to I feet
and hard to llnd.
Tho rivers nbova St. Louis nro all on tho
decline, nnd no prospects of their rising
ngaln for soma time. Thcro is every
prospect of tho Mississippi becoming its
low as nt any llmo Inst year.
Thcro is n good stago of water below
horo for tho largest boats. Abovo hero
tho Ohio has not becomo troublesome as
yet, but if tho decline continues as nt pres
ent, but n fow days will pass before tho
bars begin to show.
During tho two days just past tho land
ing has worn n look of animation
Freights continuo to nomennd go, ntid tho
rntos nro fulr. Thcro woro sovcrnl bonts
lending yesterday for various point', and
, flnJ ( f , , ,
. . ';ca her yesterday was rnthcr cold
with tho wind from tho north nt dark.
Thcro was qttito n licet o boats arrived
from St. Louis Sunday and each ono had
its talo of woe to tell about their troubles
coming out. Some had been aground for
a week r.r.d othors n day or two nt n tlmo
nnd nil pronounced tho .Mississippi river
in n tcrrihla condition for navigation.
Thoy woro not ono third loaded nr.d if
somo of them don't como out nt tho little
end of tho horn then we nro no judge.
Tho Mary Alice, Ileo nnd Mohawk suc
ceeded In getting out with eight barges nf
tcr hnvlng n tough time nmong tho sand
bars. Tho threo tows will bo converted
into one nnd will be taken south probably
by tho Mohawk.
Tho Argonaut camo out with n bargo In
tow containing about 400 tons New Or
leans freight, which she reshipped at this
port. Sho proceeds on her way up Ten
nessee river, being tho first departure for
that stream for a long time.
Mr. Jones the engineer of the Charles
Bodmann, who was injured by tho acci
dent on that boat last Saturday, was sont
to Cincinnati on the Robert Burns yester
day morning, and was doing very well
when ho left here.
Reed fc Mann are making the new cyl
inder heal for the Bimmn, and will
have it placed in position to-day, when she
will proceed oa her journey.
Hy. Warner, engineer of the tranfsr St.
Louis, displayed his powers as a pedes
trian by wilkiag from Mound City to this
place in one hoar and fourteen minute'.
Hy. says he was ia no hurry or be could
h.ive aernmnlUhMi it in U4 time. Dist
ance sTen mile.
The J. H. Bigley, the tint boa: to ar
'ive Uom Pittsburgh with bar-ei of coal,
msseil down Sanday afternoon having
Lf,t 14 lrge In towr for New Orleans.
The Storm No. 1 arrived from Pitts
burgh, with a tow of coal nnd coke for
St. Louis.
Tho Pink Varble is treading for .Mem
phis which shows that her captain is a
sensible man.
Tho Oon. Anderson passed up for Me
tropolis with twobargesin tow where thoy
will bo loaded with lumber for St. Louis.
Soveral of tho best boats belonging to
tho St. Louis & .Memphis packet company
havo boon laid up on ncconnt of tho bad
condition of tho river.
Tho Uisrnarck is reported laid up at
Now Orleans.
The Salliu from Arkansas river did not
come to tho landing but stopped at tho
point and coaled and then went on her
way to St. Louis with a largo trip.
Tho Sam. Halo lias been ratted and will
bo lowed to Cincittnati whoro sho will go
on tho docks for rcpulrs.
Tho Talisman arrived from Nashvillo
with n fair trip. Sho returned last even
ing with n fair list of passengers.
Tho City of Chester and St. Joseph
ndded considerable froight for Memphis.
Tho Look Out enmo down from Capo
Oiradenu witli n good trip and returned
yesterday to do it again. Sho had better
" Look Out" for tho snags and sand bars,
wflich nro vory plentiful in that direction
Tho Paulino Carroll and Tollo cleared
for Now Orleans having all tho frieght
they wnnted.
Tho Ileo will return to St. Louis nnd tho
Mohawk goes to Now Orleans with n tow.
Tho Lady Leo got all her freight over
Jacket Pnttorn nnd left for Now Orleans
deeply laden.
Tho wind yustoraay was fierce on Ornnd
Chain and waves roar high however tho
Jnmcs Fisk Jr., braved them nil nnd camo
down with n fair trip.
Cily Nmloiml Itiink Iliiildliic;.
BjuSpeelal attention paid toorders from (team
oats night or day.'Sa
Pat. Fitzgerald, of tho Sample Rooms
has recolvcd tho nppointmontof ngont for
tho salo of tho Hummondsport, N. Y.,
Urbnnnn Winu Company's wines in this
city. If tho bottlo with which wo woro
yesterday presented is it snmplo of tho
quality of tlteso wines, then wo nro pro
parod to say that thoy nro among tho best
wo havo over tasted. Ho has just
recolvcd a largo consignment, which ho is
propnrod to soli at tho lowest flgurors.
If o has also on hand a largo nnd complete
stock of tho various brands of Irish,
Scotch and American whiskies, and wines
of ovcry varloty janl2dtf.
It is truo Unit Iilatikcnbttrg's Excol-
slor saloon is now one of tho institutions
of tho city. All drinkers who liko really
excellent llquora whiskies, wines, beer,
etc. go to tho Excelsior euloon,which is
fitted up In splendid stylo, Blankonbiirg
who knows how lo koop n eoloon, spreads
n lino frco lunch ovory morning nnd ove-
tilntr, nnd. ns ho forcibly uxnrossos It.
'Sweetens tho lunch with music." Ho
hns employed tho services of a flrst-rnto
plan, st, wlio tnakoi tho grand piano
which stands In ono end of tho saloon
ipoak out In mini cnl tones. Everybody
Is Invited. Tho host order la maintained
nnd all Impropor characters suppressed
with timiino'i-, cheapness nnd dispatch. Ev
o'ybody knows that tho Excelsior saloon
H at 11.0 corior (f Washington nveutio and
J'curlconil, street.
Monday K.n i. ,
Dealers report tho inorkotrr fjra'ln ntid
liny improved. TIihjo staple, command
linllnr f....l. .1 .. . .
I'lim ... i mi, nouiiiurii iiuirama Imro
thon ntonyothor plnco. Our report of thu
transactions In corn, Includes tho bust,
ness of last Saturday. Country Produce
continues mill. Tho weather is vory- line,
FLOUR. Tho market Is materially tin-
cnangeii sinco our last review. Sales
uob uuis. various grades 00a 8 7fi
TOO " on orders
300 " spring supor
300 " spring XXX
7C0 " Uhl'sTriumpI
WHEAT. Thcro is littl
6 75 11 8
fi 2f.
C 75
i in tho tnnr
ket nnd very lltllo coming in. Prices
continuo tinciintiged. Sales wcro-
l car io. I, spring $1 3.'
BRAN. Sales were
10 tons, del $22 00
CORN Whito is Fomowhat moro tic
live, thcro being n good order demand u
i i .,, , , . . ..
uui!iiione. .uixcu is stow nnu null ant.
gon off slowly, selling according to
quality at i;icfjrl5c in bulk. Sales wero
cars V hlte, in bulk, on track.... !8o
0 " Mixed " He
iOO sacks " del o3c
17 cars " In sacks, del o35ic
1 " Yollow 6
" Jiixou " "onorden.. 6Cc
COO sacks Whito " " o85'Ja
OA la. Tho firmer feeling noted at on
last review continues. Sales wero
6 enrs, in sccond-hnndjsncki, dol....
17 " Unlcnn in " " ,.
3 " Southern Ills. ...
0 " in ' " ...
20 " in burlaps " ...
500 sacks
3c ars Choice Catena " " ...
. 15c
60 sacks Hrown seed oats i8rnJ0c
HAi. under the influnnco of fuvor
ablo reports from below, tho market for
choice is bettor, but tho lower grade, mix
cd and redtop aro neglected. Quotations
aro unchanged receipts fair. Sale
2 cars Mixed, del t!8.00
Timothy " i20.0021.00
Slightjy Mixed, del 20.00
Choice Timothy " 21.0023.00
" " " 22.00
" on track 20.50
Timotbv, del 21.0Oa22.00
00 bales Mixed from 'tore
50 " Choice Timothy, del...
HL'TTER. Unchanged and
Sales were
800 lbs Choice Roil
10 tubs solid Packed
400 lis Prime to Choice
10 pkgs Chiles Itoll
$23 00
22 00
2 fir Prime 6c
EGGS. Are in fair demand for home
consumption. Salfs were
, . ,
I p(j, nrneu 2uC
20 " 23aS0c
1500 doz 30c
POCLTR i'. Tho supply does not ex
coed tho demand. Pricos unchanged
Sales were
20 doz Chickens $2 50a3 00
10 coops " 2 50x3 00
300 lbs dressed turki-vs 1 Icnl5c
MEAL. .Moderately uctlve. Sales
100 bbls steam dried del $2 00
300 " city mills " 2 'J0n3 00
150 " " " on or
dors ;; oO
PROVISIONS. Aro reported by ilea
ers as rnodcrativcly active. Prices range
ns previously quoted. Sales were
s,500 clean sides, dry salt
500 bis., Green Hams
800 " uncaiivusscd hams
smoked 12
50 bbls., .Mes Pork f 13.75
GA.ME. Is scatce. Wo remarked
low rabbits und pralrlo chickens but
scarcely enough to mako quotations. Sale
0 deer rjJic a
10 Wild Turkoys "$1
SUNDRIES. 10 dressed hogs 5
MAltKKT PitlCK.-i,
Tho firm of II. Levy & Co, 03 Ohio
lovce, dealors in furs, of all descriptions,
hides, tallow,feathers, wool, etc., nro build
ing up n trado and earning for themsel
ves 11 business reputation second to no
houso In tho city. In their dealings with
their customers, thoy nro honornblo nnd
upright, representing only facts. For
articles in their lino thoy pay tho highest
cosh prices. Bolow will bo found n list of
tho nrticles in which they deal, together
with tho ruling pricos in this mnrkct :
Mink r,0 to $2 00
Raccoon 10 to 50
Musk rats 0 .o 12
Wild cnt lo to 10
Ottor 1 00 1 j 0 03
ileavor 50 to G5
Bear skins..... 2 00 to COO
hides run POUND.
Dcor skins 20 to 30
lieof hides, dry flint 17 to 181
" " green salt 0 to 0?
Calf hides 12 to ll
Tallow 0 to 1
Feathers. 50 to 05
Wool 25 to 05
Beeswax 25 to 28
Tho ubovo quotations aro subject to cor
Notice. Tho best ontertainniont In
tho city is at tho St. Nicholas hotel, Baloo"
und restaurant. Tho best mujjo that can
bo had violin nnd piano. Good lunch
ovory morning nnd night. All of thu
flnost brands of cigars, and tho best St,
Louis lager boor, always fresh nnd nico.
Givo ill n call.
lUnuT Walkeh, Proprietor.
YAnMOCTii bloaters nt Jorgcnson'i.
Paul 0. Schuh soils Rnttlngor's mcdl-
clnos. " 1
RuhsIAN siirdolles nt Jorgcn'son'e j try
thorn. "
Tin: best French anchovies 11 tho city
nl Jorgenson's.
Joiiokncon lias tho best East India
rosorvos for salo cheap, U
Go lo Dr. MeOnuloy for Rnttlngor's Fe
ver Drops. Wurrnntod lo euro tho chills
JoiMiKNHON bus tho finest supply ol
Spanish olives In tho city. Try thorn
Found. Thnt tho choicest butter Is
nt Jorgcnson's Staple nnd Funcy Grocery
Otktkiis. Louis Herbert has nlwas on
bund a fresh supply of Saddlo Rock oys
or. tf
Wiuoiit'h nu 11 mm uurn mlncod imi'i
prepare ! expressly for family use, nt Jor
gcnscn's. Farina lloqucl
Paul G. Schtih's.
New French prunes, currants nnd
rnlslns always on hand ut Jorgcnson'i
grocery store. tl
1M pouted .Malaga grapes nt Jorgou
son s, corner or Twontlolh street mm
Washington uvenuo. if
Peck, Fiikan, & Co'h London biscuit
always on hnnd, corner Twentieth and
Washington nvenue. tf
Tho Prldo of tho Campbell's S.
P. 0. fichu Vi.
Crystal vinegar from London at Jor
genson's, corner of Twentieth street and
Washington nvonuo. tf
Foil new citron, orange and lemot
peel, go to Jorgonson's corner of Twen
tieth street and Washington nvenue. tf
For Sale. A cottage on 12th street
containing 7 rooms, cistern and out
houses complete. Apply to
W. W. Thornton.
AV anted, to rcntn piano for n short
time. Any person having a piano to rent
wlllpltaso address Bulletin offlco, stat
ing terms. janl2d3t
Wisp brooms
Great variety nt Schuh s.
Tho fourth danco of tho Cairo Terp
sicborean club.wlU be held Friday cvenln.g
January 10th. Tho prjee of ndrninlon It
this ball will be $1 50. Jan. 12-St
Marriaoe Guide. Interesting work
numerous engravings, 221 pages. Prico
50 cents. Address Dr. Butts' Dlspenbary
No. 12 North Eichtli Strcot, St. Louis
Seo Advertlsctncnt.
Duit.'rs nnd Brushes
Great Variety
At Paul . Schuh'i,
Oil. Pur, Winter Strained Sperm
oil, can be had at Tober Bros. In any quan
tity. Excellent for sewing machines, and
nil other purposes. Janl2dlw.
For gooU photographs, porcelain plo
lures, or old pictures to bo copied, call ot
Thomas, No. 121 Commercial avu,c. ID
as good workman. Givo him a trial.
Sago's Catarrh Remedy
I'rico's Golden Medical Discovery
Sleeping Room? yor Rent. Ton
well ventilated sleeping rooms in City Na
tional Bank building. Apply to
At City National Bank.
Piano Tuning. Parties wishing their
pianos tuned will plcuso address C.
P.obbins nt poitolllcc, or leave word with
his brother. Prico $3,00 or 55,00 a year, In
cluding at least two 'unlngs nnd ordinary
rcpniring, strings, &e.
Tho Finest Selection of
Toilet Soaps,
Musk, Roso, Cologne, Rondclia, and Cash
incro Boquct Soaps
At P. G. Schuh's.
W hero aro you going? To tho placo
number 63, Ohio lovce, whoro they keep
tho best fresh oysters, fish and game, nnJ
tho finest wines, liquors nnd cigars to be
found in tho city. Open at all hours, day
or night. J. E. Park
Thirty cents n week will sccuro a pol
icy for ono thousand dollars In tho Lifo
Association of America. A good invest
ment for a young man. For particulars
npply to Carl L. Thomas, special agont.
of nil kinds nnd at all prices
nt P. O. Schuh's.
Groat inducements to any ono wish
ing to buy n first-class piano or organ.
E. & W. Budor offer their cntlro stock in
tho piano nnd organ lino nt tho nctunl
cost of tho instruments. Thoy nro desir
ous of closing out tho stock so that thoy
may uso tho room for jowolry manufactur
ing purposes.
Goto P.O. Schuh's
Nilsson Boquct, Ess. Boquet
Cnlticeso Boquot Perfumery.
Wo havo no hesitation in recommend
ing William Ehlcrs, boot nnd shoo maker
as worthy of most libornl pntronngo. Wo
know whoreof wo speak whon we say nu
work ia dono In u masterly mannor ut tho
lowest prices. Ho usos nothing but tho
best of slock, nnd ho cannot bo cxcollod In
tho dellcnto task of mnklng nn oxact fit.
Givo him 11 call t 'lis 8,,0P on Twentieth
street, between Wellington nvonuo nnd
Poplar stroot, nonrly opposito tho court
houso, "J wo w'" gunrantao satisfaction.
exiling in
wooi,, i'i:atiikim. kto,
93 ohio.lbv21b,
Caiko, Illinois,

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